Game of Thrones: A Feast of Roses

Commission for Dhemius

For clarity, the following story is written to take place during A Feast For Crows. Where applicable, the following story is written primarily from the cannon of the Books where it differs from the TV show, but for reasons of taste we are going with the Show ages, so Margaery is 18 rather than 16.

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Now, Enjoy.

Flea Bottom stank of shit and decay, but so did Jasper so the cutthroat barely noticed as he moved through the human tide of the poor, pushing smaller men out of his way when they didn’t move fast enough to suit him. Jasper was a giant of man, close to seven feet tall and three broad at the shoulder, with a face that looked like he’d be kicked by a horse and an attitude bad enough to make it likely he had kicked back. Dirty red hair cascaded down his back in tangles, half black with dirt and oil until it looked like clotted blood stuck to his head. The streets here were twisting and treacherous, filled with dark corners and darker minds, but no one would try to drag Jasper into an alleyway… not unless they were hungry enough to have a true deathwish. Now that the war was over, there weren’t many who did, so no one bothered the huge man… him or his companion.

Compared to Jasper, Tick was all but a dwarf. About five and a half feet talk and no more built than an orphan boy, Tick was the sort usually preyed upon by men such as Jasper. If he wasn’t such a clever thief, he probably would have been… but Jasper had long since learned to appreciate the smaller man’s quick tongue and quicker mind. Since they had begun to work together, Jasper had done quite well for himself… especially since he took half of Tick’s share, usually. The man had a completely forgettable face… neither handsome nor ugly, it took even Jasper a moment to recall what the man looked like sometimes and he had seen him daily since shortly after the mad king had been offed.

“You sure about this?” Jasper asked, not for the first time. “Still smells like a set up.”

Tick sighed. “On the streets isn’t exactly the wisest place to be talking about it, you know. There could be gold cloaks about.”

Jaspar narrowed his eyes as he walked. “I thought you said the guards had been paid off.”

“The ones guarding her have been,” he sighed. “I doubt they arranged to buy them all, Jasper. There are more than a thousand of them.”

“That a lot?” Jasper asked, and if he could have seen the way Tick shook his head in disbelief behind him, he probably would have punched the smaller man. Jasper didn’t like feeling like an idiot.

“Too many to buy, my friend. Trust me… they paid me plenty up front to arrange this… no one pays a king’s ransom in gold dragons to piss them away setting up some nobodies in Flea Bottom. For that kind of money, this is real… now quiet, look up there. There they are.”

He didn’t need to point… Jasper couldn’t have missed them. As they crested the top of one of the rises in the uneven street, he could see clear over the crowd and easily see the palanquin ahead… a large wooden conveyance of gold and green and rich wood, held by a dozen servants and surrounded by another dozen guards in green cloaks. The crowd parted in front of the armed guards, moving like water around the prow of a ship. Jasper paused at the rise, a small smile on his face. “I don’t believe it. She’s really is here… what the hell is a silver-spoon fed brat like her doing here?”

“At least once a week,” Tick said with a grin. “She loves visiting a few of the pot houses each week. Makes the common folk love her.”

Jasper just shook his head. “Just wait until we show them her tits. They’ll really want to love her then.” Then he started pushing forward faster, eager to catch up the group escorting the palanquin.

They stopped at one of the pot houses before the pair could reach them however, and they only caught a glimpse of a bright blue dress through the press of peasants before their target disappeared into the old, rotten building. Tick look down the street both ways, recognizing several familiar faces and receiving nods in return. There were 6 gold cloaks in sight, two at the ends of the streets and another pair on patrol, a sword and an iron cudgel in hand. Perfect. He put his hand on Jasper’s should, which requires him really stretching. “It’s time. Let’s do it.”

“You better be right about this little man… I swear if I get skewered, I’m going to make sure you don’t walk away from this either,” Jasper growled as he began to push forward through the crowd. All around them, Tick could see another two dozen men begin to push through the street as well while the gold cloaks at either end of the street turned around and walked off. The street in general was smarter than the green-cloaked guards… when the goldcloaks choose to disappear, they knew better than to stay in the open. Quickly the street began to empty as the group of thugs began to close on the palanquin from all sides.

“Move aside, peasant,” one of the men said as he saw the large cutthroat approaching. He wore polished armor emblazoned with a rose and rich green cloth, but no helmet and no gorget. Jasper made him regret that a moment later as he thrust a dagger deep into the man’s throat and up into his skull. Before the guards could even process what had just happened, the giant had torn his knife free and slammed it into the eye of another guard, even as swords began to come free. Everyone’s attention was focused on him though, and the other thugs fell on them from every direction.

Still, these were trained soldiers, well armed and armored, and the thugs were not. The element of surprise was mostly gone now… two more of the dozen guards were cut down in the opening seconds by the ambushing mob, but then their swords were out, and they were cutting down attackers as knives struggled to find purchase in their armor. The shouting had started now, and what had begun as a stealthy emptying on the street had become a frenzied stampede as the uninvolved peasants tried to get as far from the sudden violence as possible. Jasper now moved through the fight like a ghost, waiting for green-cloak to be occupied with another before driving his dagger into an armpit or an exposed throat.

Thirty seconds later, all of the servants that had carried the palanquin were dead, and more than half the guards were as well. “Raise the alarm!” one of the green cloaks was shouting. “Raise the alarm! Raise the alarm!” Tick followed his gaze to where the two patrolling Gold cloaks were standing, watching without interfering. His cried died in a gurgle as Jasper’s knife opened his throat, and the gold-clad soldiers turned and walked the other direction down the street, no doubt imagining the coin in their pockets.

A minute later, the street was quiet again. Fourteen of the thirty men who had attacked with them were dead… small payment for the dozen guards and 6 servants who had been slain. Wordlessly, the survivors began to pull the bodies off to the side, throwing them through an open door even as they tore weapons, armor, and boots from the corpses, looting them of their valuables. Tick’s attention, however, was on the door leading into the pot shop. Jasper joined him in his gaze, a bloody smile on his face. “You ready friend?” Tick asked.

“The gold cloaks really stood down,” he said, his voice small and still disbelieving. “We really are going to be rich.”

“Yes we are, Jas.” He punched his friends shoulder. “Yes we are. Now, let’s go celebrate.” He put a hand on the door and pushed.

The pot shop was far from empty… there had been a dozen inside sipping on bowls of brown from the ancient, huge soup pot that had been simmering for decades. They were mostly pressed against the side walls now, cringing as the door pushed open. The man who ran this potshop was an elderly man, sixty or so by the look of him… but Tick’s attention was taken by entirely by the pair sheltering behind him. The first was a woman of pale skin and red-orange hair, wearing a simple skirt and pale green top. She was one of the most beautiful woman Tick had ever seen, but the handmaiden faded almost entirely into the background when compared to the woman beside her.

The young woman was clad in a gown of blue silk that clung perfectly to her slender figure. Long brown hair, restrained only by a braided coronet of hair to keep the bangs from her face, cascaded down her shoulders in smooth waves, cupping her perfect breasts as it continued down almost to her hips. Her skin was almost impossibly clear and smooth… Tick had never seen a woman with such perfect skin, unblemished by scars or pox or insect bites. Her face was small, her almond eyes wide as she looked at the thugs pouring through the door, large, brown deer eyes staring directly at him as he looked at her with naked lust.

Tick had never seen a woman to equal Queen Margaery Tyrell… not for a single instant.

“What are you doing here?” The owner demanded. “Leave this instant, before I summon…”

“Shut up old man,” Jasper spat, taking one heavy step towards the silver haired proprietor, making him cringe backwards until he bumped into the handmaiden, trembling on weak legs and knocking her down.

“Toss her to the idiots by the wall,” Tick ordered, pointing at the men trying to sink into the side of the building to avoid notice. “Let them have some fun raping her once we get started… may as well give them some fun too.”

“No!” the Queen snapped, and to Tick’s surprise the thugs who had started forward actually stopped. There was a… surprisingly strong tone in her voice, one that commanded obedience. “Leave Sera alone!”

Her orders just pissed Tick off, but he did his best not to show it. “You don’t give the orders here, your royal whoreness.” More than one of the men snickered nervously at the poor joke, and the unofficial leader knew that this was becoming real to some of them. Murder was one thing…. What they were going to do to a monarch was quite another. The king would turn the city upside down looking for them and put their heads on spikes. Tick needed to get them back on board, and quickly. “You should be worried about yourself, your grace… not that bastard slut.” He took a few steps towards Margaery, clenching his fists. “What those pussies over there will do to her is nothing compared to what I am going to do to you. I’m going to turn you inside out with my cock, and then every single other man here is going to do the same, until we send you back to your Red Keep with a new bastard in your belly for your king to raise as his own. Hell, maybe it will be my kid who’s king next?”

The men laughed at that more easily, but they stopped when the queen talked again. “You will not touch her!” she insisted.

Tick wanted to slap her, but he stopped himself… Margaery wasn’t to be injured. Instead, he narrowed his eyes. “You really think protecting her is worth your own hide?”

The queen’s eyes were wide with fear, but she still met his eyes directly as he stepped closer to her and her voice didn’t waver. “Would it save my skin not to?”

Jasper laughed behind him. “Not a chance, whore.” Again, the men laughed.

“You know what?” Tick said, smiling. “Fine. We can tie your precious Sera up and leave her alone… if you do something for me.” He was right next to her now, and he could see that she she trembled. She kept it under control, but this close her terror was unmistakable. He moved in a circle around her, shifting behind her and running a hand over her bare shoulder, lifting her hair up to his face and sniffing it. “You smell like roses…” he mumbled. “Of course you do.” Then he walked around back in front of her, letting her hair slowly trail out of his open fingers. “I wonder what it feels like to have a queen suck my cock,” he said with a smirk, and again, the men laughed. “I’ll make you a deal. You open those pretty lips of yours,” he told her, lifting one dirty finger to run across her soft, pale lips, “and swallow my dick, and I’ll have your handmaiden spared.”

She shook her head briefly, a very short, abrupt shake but a firm one. “You’ll have to do better,” Margaery told him, looking right into his eyes. “I bet you all want to know what a Queen’s mouth is like?” she looked out over the men, and Tick could almost feel the force of personality behind her voice. It was like… like she was physically wrestling with him for control over his own thugs. Once again, he wanted to smack her, but he couldn’t. “I’ll suck you all off,” she promised, and she even managed to twist her face into a smile. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you? I promise it’ll be much more fun that way. Maybe the first one to fuck me will be having a good time, but what about the next man, when I’m all sloppy? What fun would that be? It would be far more fun for you all to have a queen wrap her soft lips around your dicks and suck the cum right out of you, wouldn’t it? You can all know that when I next kiss my king, he’s touching the same lips you painted with your seed… how does that sound?” The men were mumbling now, and Margaery continued. “But there’s a catch. When I’m finished, you let me go. You’ve all had your fun… and I won’t even tell anyone. Our little secret what a whore your queen is.” She smiled warmly at them. “So what do you say?”

Tick wanted to badly to beat her, slap the shit out of her before pushing her to the ground and plowing that royal cunt while she wept as one huge bruise, but he didn’t dare… the man who had hired him was very specific that she not be harmed, and when that man was capable of paying as large sums of money had he had, and buying off the guards enough to ignore the murder of the Queen’s guards in the open streets and the rape of the queen, he would be a fool to defy his instructions. “Agreed,” Tick said quickly, before she could keep talking. He reached out with his knife, pressed it to her dress, and cut down so that her perfect tits fell free. “On your knees… now…” he growled as he could feel every eye in the room, including those of the helpless bystanders, focused on Margaery’s pert breasts. He put two hands on her shoulders and pushed down hard, forcing her to collapse down to the rotten wood floor as he fished out his dirty cock from his pants. He hadn’t washed in weeks, and even then it had only been in the Blackwater, not a proper bath, and his dick was almost black with grime.

He looked down at his victim queen, and saw her eyes glaring up at him with hate as she opened her mouth. It startled Tick… he hadn’t been expecting that kind of strength to her, for her hatred and anger to outweigh her fear. It pissed him off as well, and he pushed his stiff shaft into her mouth, making her gag with the taste. Then she started to suck him, and he almost forgot he was angry. Holy shit… Tick had had his share of whores, but this bitch could suck a cock better than any of them. Her tongue danced over his shaft as she slowly bobbed her head, slowly sucking the dirt from his cock. Margaery Tyrell had by far the most talented mouth he had ever felt, and oddly that made him almost angrier… it was unfair that a rich cunt like her was so damned good at this shit.

Instead of letting her continue to suck him, he gripped two handfuls of her auburn hair and slammed her head down onto his cock, enjoying the gagging sound she made as his cock forced its way down her throat. “That’s right you filthy Tyrell whore, he whispered to her while he held her down on his cock, her brown eyes wide as they looked up at him. “You think you’re better than me? Who’s the one who asked to choke on a mouthful of cock. You don’t belong on a throne… you belong in a brothel. You’re not even worth my fleas you slut.” Tightening his grip on her hair, he pulled Margaery half way off his dick before slamming her back down, making her violently gag yet again. Then he did it again and again.

“Take it your whore,” Tick growled, louder now so that everyone could hear. “You see this everyone? This is how the greatest whore of Highgarden sucks a cock. She can’t suck for shit any other way,” he growled as he slammed himself into her throat over and over again, leering down at her tortured face. “Take it cunt, Take it!” He pulled he off of him, letting her gasp for air as he gripped his cock… noticing that it was clean now to his amusement… and jerked it off until he came, spraying a stream of white jizz all over her face while she cried out in surprise.

Tick waited until she had caught her breath before he squatted down in front of her, meeting her eyes now red with tears. “Let me tell you a little secret, your whoreness,” he said with a smile. “I’m a thief, and a fence, and a rapist. I’m a murderer and an assassin and a kidnapper. I had your guards and servants killed, and now I’ve fucked a queen which makes make me a traitor too probably.”

Jasper laughed as he picked up the weeping handmaiden Sera and shoved her to stumble towards the men against the wall… all of which had enormous tents in their pants now. “So why wouldn’t you think he might not be a liar too?” the huge man laughed, and to Tick’s relief the other men laughed with him.

“No!” Margaery yelled, but Tick reached forward and gripped her torn dress.

“Yes,” he whispered as he pushed her backward. The already ruined dress tore as she fell backwards, splaying naked on the ground on her back as Jasper climbed on top of her. “You’re nothing but a whore, Margaery. Nothing but a whore.”

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