Game of Thrones: The Silence

This story takes place in sometime during A Clash of Kings, using the much more interesting book version of Euron Greyjoy and the Silence.

A one shot story.

The Silenced Pirate

Kiera couldn’t do it. She didn’t have to, and she wouldn’t.  She didn’t need to wake up, didn’t have to open her eyes and see the world… the world full of people that knew what had happened to her. She could just stay here, in the dark, and not talk to anyone. Maybe they could take her tongue too, so she couldn’t. She would stay in her bunk forever if she could. Not that it was safe here, of course… There was no safe place. Her ordeal replayed behind her closed eyes, over and over, endlessly.

Her name was Keira, or it used to be. Keira Flowers, born a bastard daughter of a father that was too good to cast her aside but not good enough to take her fully into his family. He had intended to marry her off, be rid of her… she had decided to leave instead, to see the world, to make her own way… to crew the one ship that went where it wanted, did what it wanted. It had seemed like such a good idea at the time. That was before she knew that the captain only let such others onto the Silence as a game… she knew that now, but it was too late… far, far too late.

Kiera sat in darkness, cross legged, and wished that it wasn’t so damned hot below decks. Of course, it was at least partially the fault of her clothing… the damn overcoat and breeches were for standing in the wind on the fore-deck, and weren’t really suitable for the sweltering heat down below. She would have taken them off if she could… but her arms were too tightly tied behind her back for her to move them, to take off her clothing. At least the captain had left her with clothing, even if he had tossed her down here… It could be worse, Kiera supposed.

She hadn’t meant to take it, really she hadn’t. It was just that she felt so alone on this damned ship… one of the few people the captain kept around that could talk, one of the rogues and freaks he collected for boarding so he didn’t need to spend the lives of his crew, the mute freaks. When she had seen it, it made her feel alive… she had to take it. The tiara that the merchant ship had been carrying had been so pretty, she had just wanted to see how she looked it in. It bore the marks of old Valeria, and the workmanship was truly something wondrous… maybe something for the new Queen, or for a member of the court. Something truly special. She really hadn’t meant to keep it, to hide it away from her brothers and sisters on the crew. No, not Kiera… she was an honest pirate, a real team member. It had set off her dark hair so well, the way the diamonds and the platinum glinted in the sunlight… and the emeralds made her eyes stand out like glowing stars. She was going to give it to the Quartermaster, of course… she hadn’t meant to take it.

She hadn’t meant to get CAUGHT taking it, anyway. If she had known what it would cost her, she would have thrown the Tiara against the wall… if she could have done it before throwing herself overboard.

Kiera could feel its weight on her forehead now. The captain had left the crown on her… more than that, really. He had pinned it there, having the Bosun fix it in her hair with twine so it couldn’t be shaken free. He obviously wanted the crew to see how fine the piece she had stolen was, wanted to show off its beauty to the others. Wanted them to see why she was being…

There was a hard thump at the deck beneath her legs, and Kiera shuddered.


She had seen crewman thrown down the Krakens before. One of them, a thief like her, had been nearly catatonic by the time they had pulled him up, bleeding from half his body and his face. It had taken him two weeks before he had opened his eyes or moved again, and he had never really been the same. The other was thrown down at night instead of at dawn, and when they tried to pull him up, the beasts had fought for nearly an hour before he had come up. The man had drowned… and been partially eaten.

Kiera swallowed, and prayed silently that the captain was waiting for dawn.

She couldn’t tell how long she had been in the darkness when the door cracked open, and a sliver of impossibly brilliant light stabbed into her green eyes like a sword. She shriek and closed her eyes as tightly as she could as footsteps came into the room. The light wasn’t brilliant, but just candlelight… her eyes just weren’t used to any light at all. The man didn’t speak, of course… he couldn’t after the captain had ripped his tongue out, but his hands and the way he pushed her forward spoke plainly enough. It was time.

Kiera was brought out on deck, and almost sagged with relief to see that it was morning. Relieved… she was relieved. By the seven she hated herself for that. The pair of mutes dragged her to the middle of the ship, and as they did she caught sight of the captain, watching her from atop the castle as she was brought before him. The wind whipped Crow’s Eye’s brown hair, revealing the eyepatch he wore over his left eye and showed his piercing blue eye staring at her. He didn’t say anything, but he nodded to the mutes, and she was brought far forward.

She was almost certain that she couldn’t have said anything that would have mattered to the vicious captain, but Keira still hated herself for not trying. Maybe, just maybe, something could have been different. Probably not, but any chance was better than no chance. At the time, her pride has seemed more important. How foolish.

Ropes were wrapped around her midsection, the pale fibers shining against her dark skin as she was brought before a gap in the deck, the grate that usually covered the hole open and exposed. Dark water glistened below. The Silence wasn’t like other ships… most ships would be horrified to have a section of the ship flooded. Not Silence. Silence didn’t fear the ocean… the ocean feared her. Kiera had once heard it said that the ship had captured something precious from the seas and dared the bitch to take it back. At the time, she hadn’t listened, but anything seemed possible to the pirate now.

The water below wasn’t attached the sea, she knew… but it churned anyway, black and dark and horrible. For just a moment… too late… her pride flickered, weakened, and she looked up at Crow’s Eye, hoping he might be merciful. And then the mute kicked her forward. The water was freezing, and she hit it hard… she almost lost her air just then, as the shock of the cold washed over her.

People in the cities of Westeros scoff at the idea of monsters beneath the waves… but what do they know? Kiera knew all too well how real they were. She had seen the other crewmen tossed down… and now she knew for herself how horribly real the monster the Greyjoy took as a crest were.

Keira struggled as she felt rope like limbs wrap around her in the darkness, all rational thought fled, her mind on one thing only… escape. She tried to kick, to push her head back above the water, getting a gasp before she was pulled back beneath the surface. Her clothing clung tight to her body now, wet and heavy, and she could feel the leathery creatures in the darkness grinding against her hips, her back, her ass as dozens of limbs raked at her. The tentacles had teeth… they caught in the fabric and ripped. Keira had a horrible moment of fear when she considered what would happen to her if they tore into the rope attaching her to the surface, so she couldn’t be pulled out of the black water again. A tentacle ripped at her jacket, tearing a sleeve all but completely off, ripped a dozen slashes in her pants, opened scratches on her bound arms. Then one of the tentacles grabbed bodice and ripped sharply, tearing it downward until her breasts fell out. Quickly she felt the suction cups and teeth and horrible pressure of monstrous limbs on them, pinching, squeezing, hurting her as her air ran out, as she sobbed in the darkness beneath the black water. She kicked, frantically forced her head back above water, but only got a gasp before she was yanked down again by her legs, hard enough that her pants came most of the way off. It gave her enough leverage to fight back up, to draw in a ragged breath… and scream once, a sharp terrified reply.

Then her head vanished again beneath the waves.

She could feel the tentacles raking over her body, pressing against her ass, her legs, her neck, and realized what was coming… the monster was going to… going to… oh by the seven no… Then her head was yanked back, and her mouth opened to let of a bubbling gasp of escaping air… and a tentacle slid past her lips, plunging her Kiera’s mouth. It was so big that her jaws felt like they would break. The pirate girl couldn’t even bite, even though she tried… it was that big. She was choking, gagging as he pushed it deeper into her mouth, then into her throat. Retching… she couldn’t even breathe through her nose, but the black water seeped into her through it anyway.

Kiera was frantically struggling, kicking, but without her arms she felt pathetic, helpless as the tentacles molested her, battered her… she was slapped by heavy blows of the long, hard limbs, about her head, her shoulders, her back… hard bruising slaps. Kiera fought like a hellion… as hard as she possibly could, but everything hurt, every muscle was shaking with fatigue, and she couldn’t breathe… couldn’t breathe…

Then she felt the tentacle against her pussy lips. She tried to squirm away, but she could barely budge in the black water and the grip of who-knew how many of the monsters. She couldn’t even get her head above the water. With each rubbing pass of the Kraken’s limb, the cock-like tentacle pushed open her water-slicked pussy lips further… until he abruptly shoved hard, shredding her pussy as he ripped apart her virginity in a single moment. By the Seven it hurt… the monstrous thing was impossibly huge inside of her. It felt like the tentacle was literally tearing her apart as he drove into her again and again, slamming my hips this way and that beneath the surface. Kiera was more than half convinced the beast was fucking her with a tentacle with teeth and hooks, so much did it hurt. She could do little but squeeze her eyes painfully shut and try to concentrate on forcing her head just enough above the water to get an occasional gasp through the water and the tentacle raping her throat… if she could just breathe, she could stay alive, and she could escape, she could be pulled free…

The thrusts in her throat were getting harder, faster. The tentacle swelled, choking Kiera even more. And then it exploded in her mouth. Kiera wasn’t sure what, if it was cum, or ink, or something else altogether… but it was hot and sour and by the new gods and the old there was so much of it, and it tasted so bad. It poured into her mouth and down her throat, and she had to swallow the sickening load as her stomach twisted and heaved and protested. Then the tentacle abruptly was yanked out of her, and she fought her mouth momentarily to the surface to breath in one blessed, smooth gasp of clear air… and saw a dozen mutes staring down, their eyes dead as they watched her. Gods why weren’t they helping her… had they no pity at all?

Gasping helplessly at the air, Kiera was dragged back below as the remaining tentacle inside of her began to slam into her in deadly earnest, fucking her harder and harder. She felt her orientation shift, move, and she became convinced that in the dark water the beast was now fucking her downward, each thrust dragged her deeper and deeper into the black depths, the sun above lost completely to her view… her breasts heaving and bounding with each ruinous thrust as he drove her down and down into the water. The pain was overwhelming in her cunt, and the terror was even worse… she had no idea where the surface was anymore, which way was up. Her lungs burned, her eyes were forced wide open in the blackness but seeing nothing, as the other tentacle began to spit forth a loud of the same foul liquid into her bleeding pussy. It burned horribly, and Kiera could feel that tentacle twitching grotesquely inside of her… and it was horrible, but she needed air, needed air!

Then the cock-like tentacle was gone and so were the grips on her breasts, her legs, her waist… she was alone and untouched in the black water.

Not really alone… she knew that. She could feel the gaze on her, could feel the predatory attention. They were around her, all around her. Sobbing fresh salty tears into the saltwater, Kiera struggled, dragging herself through the water… kicking to inch herself around through it, desperately seeking the surface, hoping she was right… hoping that the tugging feeling she was feeling was floatation and not gravity, that she wasn’t swimming further down. A flash of bright light… the sliver of sun overhead. Blessed air… her face broke the surface, let her breath…

Then the Krakens were on her again.

The limbs were all over her again, wrapping her, squeezing her, and pulling her down, down, down… She couldn’t scream, she couldn’t breathe… no matter how badly she wanted to cry out as another tentacle, huge and hard and thick and horrible, pressed against her virgin asshole. She could only buck wildly, trying to escape, trying to fill her still burning lungs, but she could do nothing but aid in his rape of her tight hole as the tentacle slowly forced its way all the way into her. Bubbles were driven from her mouth and nose with each and every thrust now, her legs spread wide in the darkness, knees bucking as she kicked, trying to fight up as her breasts were savaged by tentacles yet again. Kiera couldn’t get back to the surface, and she remembered that it was then that she really realized that the beasts were going to kill her… that they were smart enough to be playing with her, denying her air, taking pleasure from her… enjoying her somewhere between the way a cat does a mouse and her father had her whore mother. Squealing, writhing, kicking and struggling and swimming, she put everything she had into an effort to force herself back to the surface… and was effortlessly overpowered by the beasts. Then another tentacle was thrust into her bruised pussy, and she screamed… a proper scream that sent her lungs contents bubbling up to the surface of the black water. They were tearing her, tearing her wide open as the thrusts buffetted her sinking body this way and that in turn. She could remember wondering if they were still 2 different holes, or if the fucking tentacles had ripped her apart and made them one. Then her lolling head was jerked to the side and a third tentacle pushed past Keira’s swelling, hurting lips and down her throat, scraping painfully against her teeth as it did and showing her just how tough and powerful the tentacle was.

Keira’s memory got hazy from there. The last thing she could clearly remember was when the tentacle in her ass filled her… she remembered the cramping, the pain getting even worse than the rape had been. Even after the tentacle had pulled out, it hurt, made her feel full. She could feel her holes bleeding, her tits bleeding, her legs and arms and belly and ass bleeding. She was choking, dying, drowning…

She couldn’t remember how she had got air, but they had to have let her… she couldn’t have overpowered them and fought back up from this deep. She could remember perfectly the taste of them, though… the horrible, rotting taste of the Krakens, how their limbs felt on her skin. She remembered more struggles for breath, the fight to keep her head above water, remembered that the water began to grow warm-feeling as the black sea had drained the heat from her body and blood. She was still being raped, or beaten, or something. It all felt the same. Like pain. It was just a question now of what would kill her first… if she would freeze or drown or bleed. She could barely remember feeling warm in the cell beneath the decks of the Silence, could barely remember what happened to her, but she could remember the feeling of the pain all too well.

And she remembered, with painful clarity, the weight of the tiara still on her head. No matter what happened to her, it wouldn’t come free, and how she hated the cursed treasure.

They had reduced her to nothing but an animal, a weak, pathetic thing who’s world had shrank down to the next breath, to flinching away from the next pain. There felt like nothing left. Then the rope around her waist began to tug, pulling her out. No, no no no no no no… she wanted to die. She couldn’t go on living, not after this, not after being reduced to this. Keira wanted the Krakens to kill her, to end it. But this was the crown jewel of the pirate’s punishment… they let her live with what had been done to her. She would bleed to death if she didn’t freeze, if she didn’t drown… leave her here, damn it, leave her… please Seven let them leave her here.

But they didn’t. They dragged her back on deck. She saw the Kraken on Silence’s huge sail above her, gold on black, and couldn’t stand to look at it anymore, couldn’t stand to think about what it represented. She closed her eyes, and refused to open them again as the mute pirates bound her wounds in bandages and wrapped her in blankets as the beasts black cum ran out of her holes.

So Kiera lay in the darkness now, still wearing her crown… purchased well and proper now with her suffering. The captain came to her bunk that night, and she opened her mouth for him, let him thrust inside of her, but she still didn’t open her eyes. Maybe, if she were lucky, Euron Crow’s Eye would take her tongue soon. Then she would never have to talk about what had happened to her. She could just be one of the mute madmen that the Greyjoy captain used to crew his ship. And wouldn’t that be nice…

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