A Pirate’s Life Chapter 2 – Taken Hostage

Watching the fires of the burning ship disappearing on the horizon, Celia embraced Eliana. She didn’t care that one or two pirates noticed it and whistled at them or made lewd comments. Her lover needed her and that was the only thing that mattered.

“Don’t worry dear, they’ll pay. They’ll pay.” she whispered to Eliana’s ear.

“They will” Eliana said and Celia was both relieved as well as saddened to see Eliana’s sadness being replaced with cold determination. That was useful of course, but Celia would prefer if Eliana had time to grieve for her ship – and for all that it symbolized to her.

The two girls stood for a longer while, on the main deck, surrounded by the pirates. They were left alone but how and where they were supposed to escape? Even if they managed to grab one of the life-boats, they could be easily shot by the ship’s cannons. Besides, Celia did give her word that she remains a hostage and intended to keep it.

At the moments the crew of the schooner was busy doing their chores, minding if there is no pursuit behind them or if no ships are coming to intercept them. And even though they left the two women alone, focused on their tasks, Celia did not like the lustful stares they were giving them. She was innocent when it came to men but she was no fool and seeing how Raudur was a man who followed the letter, not the spirit of the promise, she realized that there was nothing to prevent the pirates from hurting her and Eliana once they were far from Constantos.

If only Eliana wasn’t with her on the ship, Celia would accept such a fate without too much regret – after all her becoming a hostage did save the remainder of her man on Constantos. Now however, her lover was also in danger and she didn’t intend to allow anything to happen to her. Of course, she was practical enough to realize that she may not have any say in the matter.

She was proven right quickly – much too quickly. As soon as the crew was certain that they were relatively safe, she could see the raven-haired female captain approach her, followed by the man with whom she parleyed. She quickly glanced at Eliana, but her lover’s tears have already dried and she was looking at the pirates fearlessly… though Celia who knew her so well, saw that she was not as confident as she wanted to show.

“Welcome to my ship” the female captain bowed mockingly. “My name is Damara and you are on board of the Banshee’s Wail. You may have heard of me.” she said.

“Celia, Marine first class,” Celia introduced herself again.

“Eliana, captain of the Sacred Star,” her lover said, defiance in her voice. Her words only made Damara to chuckle.

“Sacred Star? Isn’t it the ship that has tried so ineffectively to catch us? Isn’t it the ship we just blew up?” she smiled at the fiery-haired captain.

Celia could sense her lover go tense, as if she was going to lunge at Damara… but, with effort, she relaxed.

Damara, however, did not finish. As fast as an attacking snake, her hand shot forward, slapping Eliana hard. The captain took a step back, raising her hand to protect herself and Celia stepped between her and Damara. The majority of the pirates drew their blades at it.

“Raudur here,” Damara pointed at the one-eyed pirate Celia parleyed with, “has kept his promise, but sadly he didn’t specify what can or can’t happen to the hostage.”

“Most civilized people believe that the hostage is not to be killed if his side keeps the deal,” Celia said, stressing the word ‘civilized.’

“True…” Damara said “Though much can be done to you without killing you.”

“Do your worst” Celia said, looking Damara straight in the eyes.

The two women looked at each other for a couple of seconds that seemed to last an eternity… until Damara finally looked away, focusing on Eliana.

“This whore, however,” she snarled, “is not a hostage. She’s just a prize. Hence I can and I WILL make her pay for this…” the pirate lifted her fingers to her face. The wound given to her by Eliana stopped bleeding but it was clear that there would be a visible scar there for the rest of Damara’s life.

“Cap’n I strongly advise…” Raudur wanted to object but Damara interrupted him.

“I strongly advise you keep quiet” she hissed. “I too know something about honouring the letter of the accord. And this whore isn’t protected in any way – neither is she a hostage, nor a man… as you’ve said.”

“But Cap’n, a Navy Captain is more valuable alive than dead. We can either ransom her… or use her as leverage in case the Navy catches up to us.”

Damara fell silent for a moment, looking at Eliana with barely contained fury. “You may have a point Raudur…” she said slowly “I won’t kill her… but I’ll make sure she wishes she was dead,” she added with a cruel grin and then pointed to Celia. “As for her… she’s all yours, do with her as you please!” she yelled to her men as she turned around and stood towards her cabin, down the stairs from the castle. “Annabelle has the watch.”

“You heard the captain,” a female voice said from above her. A blonde woman whom Celia had not seen before had walked up behind them, standing against the castle railing and looking down at the two of them. She was pretty, but her features were sharp, hawkish… and there was a look in her eyes that Celia didn’t like. She should expect no mercy from this woman. “Tahm, help the captain out. Take the redhead down to her. Raudur, make sure you don’t leave the sails unmanned when you take that marine doxie below decks. It’s a weeks hard sail home, and we don’t want delays.”

The corner of Raudur’s mouth gave a small tick before he looked up at the woman and nodded once, sharply. “First thing’s first. We’re away from Constantos now, you human cockroaches. We’re not being chased now, so get out your loot and make sure the quartermaster gets it… all of it. I’d hate to have to take any hands on this happy day, understand?” The pirate reached over and grabbed at Celia by the arm… with her arms still bound behind her back, there was little the soldier could do to stop him from pulling her to him. “First watch, on duty. Everyone else, once you’ve turned in your take you can join me below decks, and not a second before.”

Celia’s eyes narrowed slightly. It was dark on the deck… there were no lanterns lit on the deck of the ship, and even the white-painted deck wasn’t enough to catch enough of the moon to let her see well… but she had been sure Raudur was about to argue with the other woman… Annabelle, she thought. It seemed that her kidnapper disliked being given orders… something she could use perhaps? It was something at least.

Still, as she watched her lover disappear down the stairs and then into the door leading to Damara’s cabin, it felt like a distant comfort indeed. Eliana was at the mercy of the dark haired girl who hated her… and unless Celia missed her guest, the captain was more than half mad. Bound like this, she could do nothing for her love… but perhaps she could find a way to help her… she had little choice but to stay calm and wait for an opportunity to present itself, no matter how hard that seemed…

Raudur stood behind her, holding her arms as he marched her down the narrow staircases on the sides of the deck that lead down to the maindeck of the ship, past the cannons that gleamed ominously in the dim lantern-light as he marched her forward on the ship, further and further away from her Eliana. Past the cannons, she could see the mount for one of the masts, and around it were clustered hammocks and the detritus that told of this as the crew’s quarters… and that dispelled any doubts Celia had left about what her fate was to be.

“Treacherous letch,” she spat softly, trying to stop her voice from trembling. If he was going to hurt her, rape her, she was not going to give him the satisfaction of seeing that she was afraid. A marine was better than that.

“Sticks and stones, missy,” Raudur laughed as he shoved her forward. From the way the ship narrowed, they were clearly at the front of the ship here, and the sides of the area were lined with curtained “doors…” officer’s quarters, it seemed. Raudur guided her towards one to the left… or port, she supposed… and shoved her through it.

The room was small, of course… the Banshee’s Wail was not an overly large ship. Raudur’s cabin had little room for anything but a chest for his belongings, a bed, and a small bit of space to stand in and stretch. Her shins slapped against the bed, and with her arms still bound she couldn’t correct her balance before she toppled down onto the bed face first. The pirate was on top of her almost immediately, her thin clothing completely insufficient to protecting her from the feel of every contour of his body. “You have one chance to save yourself,” Raudur said with a bit of amusement in his tone. “If you’re a virgin, you’re valuable. I can probably make sure you get spared…”

Celia didn’t quite manage to hide her shudder as she felt his rough fingers slid beneath her loose shirt then slip down past her pants, gripping them and pulling the too-loose things down. Pinned to the bed, her ass in the air, she could do little to stop him from tracing one of his fingers across her shaved pussy. “Not looking good for you,” he observed, and Celia blushed a little at the thought her shaved sex visible to him. She had cleaned herself up when Eliana’s sails had been spotted on the horizon, not for the pirate’s satisfaction… but it made it no less humiliating now. Of course she wasn’t a virgin. She had never been with a man, but she and Eliana had been sleeping together for years now, and anything left of her hymen after a lifetime of exercise, training, and swordplay had long since been obliterated by her lover’s questing fingers and toys.

Then his finger was pressing into her. Celia winced slightly, glad that her face was into the sheets so that the pirate couldn’t see it. Her hole was dry, utterly unprepared for the reality of what was being done to her, and that wasn’t likely to change. Still, inch at a time, he pushed his rough finger deep into her pussy and she could feel it moving around. “Damn,” Raudur spat. “Too bad for you. If you’d been a virgin, a beauty like you would sell for an incredible amount. Too bad you had to go and be such a slut, right?” He chuckled once. “Well, not so bad for me I guess.”

Celia could hear him exposing himself as he pulled off the rough garb the pirate called “clothing,” and she absolutely felt it when the head of his cock slid against the dry cleft between her legs, rubbing up and down. “Just get it over with, you disgusting coward!” She spat out, glad she didn’t have to look at her rapist as he took her.

As if the pirate had heard her thoughts, his weight abruptly left her, his hands gripping her thighs and bare ass as he manhandled her, flipping her onto her back, her own weight pinning her arms thoroughly beneath her, and Celia was forced to look into Raudur’s dark eyes, his face masked in the shadows of the dark cabin. “What’s that, little dyke?” Raudur reached out and grabbed a handful of her large breasts through her slim shift, squeezing hard until Celia needed to work to avoid flinching from the pain. “You think you know how to handle a sword, and that makes you better than I am? There’s only one kind of sword you’ll need to take from now one… Just lie there like a good whore and we’ll see how you handle this one.” His taunt still ringing in Celia’s ears, the pirate began to press his cock between the tight folds of her barely used pussy.

The feeling of his cock touching the most private and intimate part of her body, which until now was reserved for Eliana, finally made Celia lose her nerves – even if only for a moment. She tried to shift her body, moving away from his cock and tried to kick at Raudur but bound as she was she couldn’t get a good angle and she just struggled with her legs spread and kicking at the sides of the pirate. Raudur just chuckled at it.

“Finally… for a moment there I thought that it won’t be a challenge!” he smiled as he suddenly slapped her hard.

Feeling her cheek burning Celia just spat at him. “If you want a challenge, untie me and we’ll see how well you’ll do,” she hissed.

“No need dear I have your exactly where and how I want you,” Raudur said with a smile.


The pirate didn’t answer just yanked her shift up, exposing her breasts completely to his eyes… and hands. Celia’s tried in vain to escape his touch as his strong hands grabbed her large, perfectly shaped breasts and squeezed them hard.

“Damn, they’re perfect!” he said as if to himself as his hands kept kneading and mauling them “Perfect mounds…”

“Let me go, you scoundrel!”

Raudur didn’t pay any attention to his victim’s protests, focusing all his attention on the woman’s tits. He grabbed each of her nipples and twisted them and was finally rewarded with a muffled moan of pain.

“Mmm!” Celia tried her best not to cry out, trying to avoid giving him the satisfaction of making her scream, despite the terrible pain of her abused breasts.

Celia has always had sensitive breasts and nipples in particular – something Eliana knew and used often in bed. And now the pirate has been abusing them and his touch was both more foul and rough than Eliana’s. Finally however Raudur couldn’t keep himself from fucking her any longer.

Raudur yearned to fuck her already, his cock still rubbing against the entrance to her pussy but the anticipation made it all the better… at least for him. “Hope that was enough for foreplay,” he whispered to his victim. “I’m going in. You ready?” he smiled to her and looked her in the eyes as his hands grabbed her hips. Celia barely managed to look away from the pirate’s face, unwilling to be looking at him as he took her. Seconds later, Raudur push his hips forward, ramming half of his cock up Celia’s unwilling and unprepared pussy.

“Nnnn!” Celia moaned as her body tensed and bucked, reflexively trying to escape the pain that erupted in her pussy.

“Oh, by the Dark Dwellers… you are tight!” Raudur muttered to himself withdrawing his cock a bit before pushing it in.

This time Celia almost managed not to give any sound and just hissed from the unwelcome intrusion, while in a couple of thrusts Raudur managed to push the entire length of his hard, thick cock up her pussy. For a moment he remained in her, motionless, savoring the feeling of her tight cunt gripping his cock like a velvet glove.

“Oh yes…” he whispered, his hands grabbing her breasts again. She was incredibly tight… Raudur had to doubt that she had ever really been fucked before by a man… possibly no one other than her red-headed lover. Perhaps she had never had anything up inside her larger than a few of the navy captain’s slender fingers before… and certainly nothing using her roughly enough to stretch her out, to break her in. He tightened his fingers on her nipples, noting the look of discomfort on her face. The pirate had noticed, of course, how she had managed to keep from reacting all that strongly to his cock skewering her… but she had still shown reaction to his abuse of her tits. “A bit sensitive, are we?” he mocked her, smiling at her obvious discomfort. “Lets see if we can make you sing for me…”

He kept her nipples clamped between his fingers but stared into Celia’s eyes, pinching down harder and harder. Celia was obviously trying to ignore the sharp pain shooting through her chest, but Raudur tightened his fingers more and more, and eventually it eventually became too bad for her to contain. The blonde girl left out a tiny cry of paid and bucked, trying to pull away from Raudur’s fingers… to no avail. Her efforts to escape only made him clamp down harder on her nipples and tug her back towards him.

Raudur knew Celia’s type, could admire the strength in the woman. She was no doubt trying to keep the tears from breaking free but he had guessed right about her weakness… the pain in her sensitive tits was so constant that she couldn’t hold out forever. A delightful, musical whimper escaped her lips as he first hot tears trickled from her eyes and down her cheeks as he stared into her beautiful blue eyes. Her tears just made him pinch harder and twist back and forth at her bright eyes silently begged him to stop.

When Celia’s cheeks were sufficiently damp with tears, Raudur finally relented. He could see even at a glance that they were already swollen and painful looking… the fleshy nubs had to continue to throb painfully even after he let go. He wasn’t content to let her troubles end like that, however… he was still too filled with frustration over their aborted duel. She let out a muted scream, more of surprise than pain, as he slapped her across her tits with the back of his hand. The real pain came a second later as the pain of her abused nipples hit, and she dropped her head and squeezed her eyes shut tight, trying to deal with the agony of her throbbing, swollen skin.

Raudur’s hand slid around to cup the cheek of Celia’s ass and he lifted her up so he could pull back and more viciously drive his stiff cock into her unwilling cunt, it might have been a small mercy… anything to distract from the abuse he’d given her breasts. If it weren’t for the humiliation, she might have preferred it… but her cheeked colored beautifully, showing Raudur clearly how much she hated everything that he was doing to her. As the pirate drove into her with growing force, Celia began shaking her head, her hair flying in a vicious denial that this was happening to her.

Eliana walked on her heels as the brutish pirate behind her marched her down the stairs… the way he held her arms, it was the only way to walk and keep her arms in her sockets. Damara stood down in the cabin just below her, a vicious smile on her face, and the red haired captain was being herded towards her with sure steps, every single one of them taking her further away from the other person on this ship she could trust to help her.

“So…” Damara said as she entered. “Eliana, you say?”

“Captain Eliana,” she said with emphasis.

“Oh yes, how could I forget?” Damara mocked her. “Remind me, where is your ship again, captain? I seem to recall reducing her to splinters on the bottom of the harbor.” The dark haired woman snorted a breath out through her nose. “Captain makes you sound like my equal. You’re barely the equal of a cuttlefish stuck to the bottom of Banshee’s Wail.”

Eliana opened her mouth, building up her venom for a retort, but the man behind her spoke up first. “Captain, if you don’t need me anymore, I’m going to head below decks.”

Damara’s eyes flicked to him. “Why would you want to do that, Tahm? The blonde whore is going to be passed around the men down there for hours until she could almost drown in their cum. Why bother… wouldn’t you much rather stay here? I’m sure we can find someway for this piece of Navy trash to amuse you.”

The simple, calm hatred and bile in the woman’s tone silenced Eliana. Celia was a protected hostage, taken captive under an agreement. She was defended by Serena’s Code. Eliana, however, had no such protection. As much as she wanted to scream for them to not to touch Celia, she was brought up silent by the chilling thought. If they were going to do that to Celia, what did the hateful captain plan to do to her?

Damara smiled at Tahm behind her. “Help me tie her down to the table on her back, then bring me my cat,” she ordered, her eyes glittering. “Then we’ll see what we can do to get you some entertainment, Tahm.”

When Tahm grabbed Eliana she suddenly redoubled her struggles. She managed to free herself from his grip for a moment, but Damara was with her in one leap driving her fist into Eliana’s belly. The Navy captain didn’t fall, just doubled down, but before she could react Tahm backhanded her with a powerful blow that made Eliana fall to the ground, hitting the floor next to the table. The large man grabbed a fistful of her fiery hair and yanked her head up. He grabbed her arm, effortlessly lifted her and pushed her on the table.

“Ugh…” Eliana gave a small moan as her back connected with the hard wood of the table.

“You watch out for her, Tahm,” Damara said with a lazy grin that somehow made her look like a satisfied cat “We have a feisty one here.”

“You barbarians! What have you done to Celia! She is a hostage…” Eliana’s protest was cut short as Damara slapped her again, before backhanding her hard.

“Don’t worry, she would be taken care off. My men will give her plenty of good time. But while worrying about your comrade is sweet, we’ll soon give you plenty to worry about.” As she was talking, Damara with Tahm’s help was tying Eliana to the table. Each of her wrists and ankles was tied to one of the legs, leaving her spread. Eliana glared at her and her gaze barely faltered as she saw the pirate queen produce a sharp dagger.

“You said you wouldn’t kill me,” she said, “But then again I should have known that your word is as worthless as you are.”

“You really should keep your mouth shut,” Damara said slapping her. “But no, I won’t kill you. This is to make you more… approachable.” Slowly she touched Eliana’s neck with the blade before moving it lower, cutting through the bound woman’s shirt with the tip of blade. Pushed the two parts of the cut shirts to two sides, revealing Eliana’s perky breasts. “Really nice,” Damara chuckled and squeezed one of the orbs, digging her nails into the pink flesh as Eliana hissed in pain. “Really nice. Don’t you think, Tahm?” she turned to the man.

Eliana could clearly see that the man’s eyes grew large as he devoured her breasts with his gaze and the lusty, cruel grin on his face told her that he did appreciate the sight.

Meanwhile Damara kept cutting going through Eliana’s pants and underwear. Soon the Navy Captain’s pink pussy was exposed and Damara wasted no time ramming two of her fingers in it. She smiled evily as Eliana cringed with pain, her body moving desperately against the bods as she reflexively tried to move away from the unwanted intrusion. “Nice and tight,” she said, while idly fucking the woman with her fingers. “I think you’ll enjoy it, Tahm,”

If Eliana had any doubts about the fate that awaited her, those words would have dispelled any illusions she may have had. “You pirate whore!” she hissed.

“That’s priceless, dear,” Damara said with a smile, finally removing her fingers from Eliana’s pussy. “But soon you’ll be a whore for pirates. But first… to warm you up a bit.” The pirate captain put the dagger away and took the vicious whip handed to her by Tahm.

“This is going to be so much fun,” she said.

“Dark Dwellers take you, whore!”

“Oh I HOPE they will,” Damara said, chuckling “And now… sing for me.” She swung her whip, landed a vicious lash of the multiple tails across Eliana’s breasts.

“Argh!” the Navy captain’s entire body bucked at the impact as she redoubled her struggles, the bonds biting painfully into her wrists and ankles. It hurt so much worse than it should have. As a sailor, she had never felt the kiss of a cat on her skin before, but she had seen them a hundred times, even needed to use one more than once for formal punishment. Made of nine strands of plaited cotton rope, knotted dozens of time to make it a weapon of pain and punishment, the Cat o Nine Tails was a common means of punishment… but far from the most severe, even in the navy much less a ship full of savages like this.

But the standard Cat was made from rope. This one was woven of strands of knotted leather, and it burned like the kiss of a jellyfish.

Damara laughed at her pathetic efforts to break her bonds. “Like that’s going to work you dumb cunt,” she chuckled as she drew back the whip again. The knotted leather slashed across the woman’s thigh next, striking furious red lines across her pale skin. “Look at how she squirms Tahm,” Damara said through her wide grin as she pulled the whip back again. “This is the best painkiller I’ve ever gotten… watching a righteous cunt like you suffer is a delight. My eye barely hurts anymore.”

Another scream escaped Eliana’s clenched teeth as the third lash landed on her belly, the very ends of the tails licking at the bottom of her full breasts. The red haired captain felt the first tear slip from her eyes… just before Damara pulled the whip back and smashed it down between her legs like a hammer. The angle wasn’t fantastic, so only the body of the whip landed instead of the tips, but the sheer force of the lash she bought down on her pussy made Eliana’s eyes go wide and crazy as she screamed. The red-head frantically shook her head back and forth, hair flying as she tried to curse Damara and beg for mercy all at once, her words a jumbled mess of pained sounds.

Damara grinned, then handed the whip over to Tahm. “I’m being selfish, I know… Your turn. I’m sure you want to beat the bitch too.”

The big man leered down at her. “Don’t mind if I do captain. Don’t mind if I do.” He brought the whip down right on her bare pussy again immediately, sending a new layer of crimson welts over it over the angry lines Damara had painted. Eliana thrashed again, but Damara had already walked over to her head, gripping her hair fiercely in her hands and pulling it until she needed to watch here the whip fell. The next blow landed on her right breast, and it bought new screams from her… Eliana couldn’t believe how much it hurt.

The navy captain tugged at the manacles binding her wrists and ankles… desperate to escape from the lashes, to wriggle away from beneath their assault. She knew it was pointless, but her body reacted anyway, desperate to get away from the near constant stream of pain that Tahm and Damara were forcing her to receive. He lashed her again and again, even as Damara slapped her face and occasionally reached out to twist one of her swollen, sore nipples or play her fingers over a fresh welt. There was no stopping her tears now… Eliana sputtered out curses at the pair of them with each kiss of the many leather tails she felt… and the entire time Damara kept laughing.

“You shouldn’t have pissed me off whore. Me and my boys are going to beat you until you’re covered in bruises and welts. We’re going to rape you until each and every one of your holes are stretched open and leaking cum. And we’re going to ruin you until you can’t even remember being free, until you can’t imagine you were even a prissy little captain bitch, and your ship is nothing but a distant memory.” She spat in Eliana’s face in the pause, “And that’s just the beginning. Your girlfriend is going to go through the same, and you’ll get the watch the whole thing. And that’s after I pay you back for what you did to me and my friends back on Constantos.”

She looked up, meeting Tahm’s eyes as he drew back his arm for another lash. “Tahm, rape this bitch.”

“With pleasure cap’n,” the brute said with a wide grin.

For a second there she felt the shortest pang of relief that even if she was to be taken now, at least he would stop being whipped. Immediately she felt shame for even thinking that and seconds later there came utter terror. Pain, as terrible as it was, she could deal with. She was hurt before, she was in pain before. But rape? Being defiled in such way? That was much, much worse.

“With pleasure cap’n,” Tahm said again and then added, “But first… two lashes more!”

“Sure,” Damara chuckled, more than happy to oblige him.

When Eliana saw Tahm bring his hand back in a swing, she already knew where the lash would fall. She gritted her teeth, trying to prepare herself for the agony that would come. Still, when the whip fell on her pussy she couldn’t contain a loud, tormented scream from escaping her mouth. “Aieee!” she shrieked, her body bucking again “You bastaaaaaard!” she yelled as another lash fell on the exact same spot.

When Eliana stopped screaming a few seconds later, she saw Tahm put away the cat and pull out his cock. For a second her eyes got wide as she saw the length and girth of the thing. Damara however was quick to make her mind focus on something else. As one of her hands grabbed one of her sore nipples and twisted it hard.

As Eliana gave a small cry of pain and redoubled her struggles against the bonds, Damara pushed two of her fingers in her sore, whipped pussy. “Mmm, she’s nice and tight there… enjoy it!”

“Oh I will,” Tahm said, laughing to himself.

“Don’t you dare! You cowardly bastard! Untie me and I will show you… ugh…” Eliana’s protest was cut short as he backhanded her hard. His large hands quickly grabbed her whipped breasts and squeezed them hard, kneading them roughly as he put the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy.

“Ready, whore?!” he asked and pushed his hips forward. Even as he pushed hard, he was only able to ram one third of his shaft up Eliana’s unwilling and unprepared fuckhole. He didn’t stop, however, and with fast, powerful thrusts he fit the entire length of his cock inside. Each of his thrusts brought a cry of pain from the bound woman.

“Feel that navy cunt? Well, you should consider yourself lucky. Your friend there will get fucked by dozens of hard cocks… you only by this one… for now” Damara said with a lazy smile.

“Go to the Depths!” she hissed between moans of pain.

Tahm ignored her protests, keeping fucking her in a relentless, brutal rhythm. Eliana’s whipped, sore pussy was magnifying the pain of the forced intrusion a thousandfold, each more forcing her to use her entire willpower to stop herself for pleading and begging. But she was strong, she wasn’t going to give them this satisfaction. She had to be strong like Celia… and for Celia.

Damara reached down and slapped the red head’s breasts as they rocked from the powerful thrusts Tahm was pushing into her, shaking the table with each and every slam of his hips against her vulnerable body. “Worthless piece of trash. I can’t believe a thing like you was able to kill my men. I wish they could all see this now… their murderess turned from a captain into a pleasure doll. This is going to be the rest of your slut life, at least until every single man on the ship has gotten tired of you… then who knows?”

“Get… fucked… by a… Leviathan…” Eliana managed to growl out between clenched teeth as she was raped. It felt like a knife was being slipped between her legs. The red haired woman was no virgin, far from it… in her time at the academy, she’d taken quite a few lovers, men and women both. She certainly had never been opposed to some fun between the sheets even before she had fallen hard for Celia, and the two of them had certainly explored one another thoroughly. Despite that, her body was utterly unprepared for what was being done to her… pain wasn’t even close to her idea of foreplay, and neither was fear the or panic she tried not to admit she was feeling.

“What was that?” Damara laughed as she reached down with both hands and crushed her breasts in her fists, her nails digging deep into the vulnerable, whipped flesh. “Girl, you aren’t on your own ship now. You’re on mine. You’ll be my whore for as long as I choose for you to be. Raudur promised your girlfriend quarter, but that’s his concern… I’m content to allow it, but it only helps her… she hasn’t done anything to piss me off.” Damara emphasized the final three words with savage squeezes of her tits, enough to bring pained moans to Eliana’s lips.

Eliana couldn’t even manage to come back at her with another insult… all that came out of her lips now were choked-off whimpers as she desperately tried to keep herself from screaming and sobbing as her tits were tortured, as the big pirate violated her… it hurt, hurt her more than she ever thought possible. Her earlier desire not to give them the satisfaction of her struggles forgotten in the pain, Eliana pulled against the ropes holding her down, squirming, writhing beneath her rapists. Neither of the two seemed bothered by her pathetic attempts to fight, and why should they be… she was tied down too thoroughly to do more than hump back against Tahm’s plundering dick. All the pirate did was grin down at her, his eyes shining with frenzied lust while he punished her pussy with hard, deep thrusts, forcing his cock deeper into her each time he pushed.

“You on the other hand… you killed some of my closest friends.” Damara continued. “You almost cost me my eye… can you imagine how ridiculous I would look with an eyepatch? I have a score to settle with you, Red. Your lover can be Raudur’s fucktoy for as long as he wants, until he gets bored. Until she dies of old age for all I care. You, though… you’re going to get fucked silly by every single man on board this ship, then I’m going to find something even worse for you.”

Tahm grunted hard as he slammed into her even more brutally a few times, groaning with the pleasure of fucking Eliana’s unwilling cunt. He was rapidly approaching his climax, the navy captain’s obvious misery fueling his arousal as he plunged his thick cock into her again and again. “Oh yes Cap’n… this one will make a fine fucktoy. She’ll keep the crew happy for weeks with this tight… fucking… cunt!” he growled as he felt his balls tightened, her cunt clenching around him, milking his cock in its attempt to force him out, pleasuring him against her will. “Take it you whore… take it all!” he growled, gripping her hips and holding the struggling woman stationary as he felt his cock spray a huge load deep into her.

Eliana gave a small shriek against her best intentions as she felt the hot seed splash against the tortured walls of her pussy. Shot after shot of cum soaked into her, and she felt every single drop… she wanted to weep in humiliation. She had always considered sex an adventure, a pleasant diversion… sought it out. Now she was tied to a table being raped by a filthy pirate. At least she had been drinking Rennis Tea to control her cycle, so there wasn’t yet a worry of being knocked up by one of these filthy animals, but it felt like a shallow comfort to the woman at this point. At least Damara had stopped trying to squeeze her breasts flat.

She was shaken out of her self-absorbed pity when the cold steel of a knife pressed against her cheek. Green eyes flew open as she stared up into Damara’s insane gaze and her damned mocking grin. “Now wasn’t that fun, little navy whore?” she asked cheerfully as she slapped the flat of the blade against Eliana’s cheek again. “That was a joy to watch… seeing you suffer made me feel loads better, but I haven’t even come close to being satisfied yet. You see this?” She asked, tracing her finger over the scar by her eye again. “I’m not over it. But I think I know what will help.”

Eliana felt the knife cut into her skin just below her right eye, and she forgot all about not screaming.

Celia cried out as Raudur’s teeth bit down on one of her sensitive nipples. The pain – which had begun to fade into a dull ache – spiked back up as his teeth pinched down. She yelled louder despite herself, her beautiful cry ringing through the small cabin and out through the ship. She was certain he would tear her nipple off if he bit down any harder. The pirate’s thrusts into her grew harder, fingers clutching her ass tightly as he pounded into her unwilling cunt. Raudur growled his pleasure as he rode the blonde bitch to his climax. The sound of her pained yelling only drove him to fuck her faster and harder, his balls tightening in anticipation, moments away from release.

With a final hard bite, Raudur released Celia’s abused nipple and stepped back. He disentangled himself from the her long legs and gripped his slippery cock, pumping it quickly. He grunted, shooting stringy lines of pearly jizz up the length of Celia’s slender belly, nearly to her cleavage. The warm cum drizzled down her body, making her feel disgusting and worthless. New tears came against her will, her crotch throbbed from the rough fucking and stretching she’d endured, and her nipples felt like they were on fire. Looking down at them through half-lidded eyes, Celia could see both of them were incredibly swollen.

Celia had never felt so… low… in her life. It took her a moment to process that Raudur was talking. “You’ve made quite a mess of me, little whore,” he mocked her, a grin on his face. “You should clean me up… it’s the polite thing to do. You ever sucked a cock before dyke?”

Celia wanted to laugh, but couldn’t quite bring herself to muster up the energy to do so. “You have to be kidding me,” he spat at last. “You just raped me like a filthy coward… you can do what you want to me you piece of trash, but if you think I’m going to help you, you must be as stupid as you are filthy.”

Raudur’s smile had vanished halfway through her words. “No, I think it’s you who doesn’t understand, little Celia,” he said, narrowing his eyes. “You have no leverage here, not anymore. You’re a hostage. I promised you would stay alive and reasonable safe. I made no such promises to the red head who’s enjoying the captain’s mercy right now… and you’ve already heard plenty what she wants to do to her. I protected your cunt-licker once… but if you piss me off, I won’t do it again.”

Celia shuddered slightly at the words and hoped that Raudur didn’t notice.

“So if you want the cunt to keep breathing, you better keep me happy. So get on your fucking knees or I swear your lover will be in a Leviathan’s belly by morning.”

Even despite her situation, Celia looked like she was going to jump at Raudur. With some effort, she finally managed to calm herself, but not before shooting Raudur a look that was full of disdain and contempt instead of raw anger. “Truly you are not only cowardly but also pathetic,” she said with venom in her voice, even while she went to her knees.

The sudden tension in the pirate’s features, along with the slightest shift in the position of his body, told her of the coming blow seconds before his hand connected with her cheek. “You really should learn when to shut your mouth… or rather when to use it for something other than talking.” he barked, his eyes narrow.

“I will obey you… for Eliana’s sake… but if you think that by hitting me you can keep me quiet… then you are for a surprise.”

“Fine with me,” Raudur said, but the tension in his voice told Celia that it was not entirely true and that at least this particular pirate desired something else then her body… or at least something more as well. As if to try to assert his dominance again, Raudur grabbed a fistful of Eliana’s fair hair, yanking her head backwards, so that she was forced to look up at his face. “Listen to me carefully, whore. If you know what is good for your friend and if you care about her at all, you will now open your mouth, take my cock in it and suck it well.”

Some of the disgust Celia felt hearing those words must have been reflected on her face as the pirate smiled cruelly. “Never done it before? Doesn’t matter… as long as I feel your enthusiasm to it, it doesn’t have to be the best blowjob I have ever experienced. You will have a lot of time to train, after all.”

With a small chuckle, he released Celia’s hair and pushed his cock towards her face. Reflexively, Celia moved back, looking at the cock with disgust. The entire smell and sight was revolting before, but now – covered with a mixture of her juices and his cum – it was even worse.

“Don’t like what you see?” he asked with a smirk “Well, this is why I want it cleaned. Cleaned nice and well.”

Celia shot him another angry glare, but didn’t hesitate further. As much as she hated her situation, the cruel fact was that Eliana’s wellbeing did depend on her cooperation. Like all those times in her life, when she was supposed to jump into the middle of fighting, she knew that waiting too long will not help. She had to do what needed to be done – as she always did.

Slowly, with the slightest hesitation she parted her lips and took the tip of his cock in. She almost wretched at the horrid taste but her mental discipline proved as useful in this situation as in the heat of battle. Trying her best to ignore the terrible taste, she began running her tongue all over the tip. She didn’t have any experience in such things but tried to imagine and behave as if she was teasing that sensitive spot on Eliana’s body…

Even despite her lack of experience and – regardless of Raudur’s threats – real enthusiasm, she could feel her efforts working as his cock began hardening and the tip began oozing pre-cum on her tongue. “Yes, you’ll have lots of practice… but we’ll make a good little cocksucker out of you.”

Only the knowledge that terrible things will happen to her – and more importantly to Eliana – stopped Celia from biting the disgusting meat in her mouth.

Instead, the marine commander ran her tongue beneath the shaft in her mouth, wrapping it around, swirling her rapists cock around in her mouth. She hated it. The taste, as she continued, wasn’t as awful as its initial impression was… it wasn’t pleasant, but after the initial shock of Raudur’s cum had gone away she could taste herself on his shaft, and it was far from the first time she had tasted herself on her tongue… it helped reinforce the illusion that she was laying with Elliana, playing her tongue over her finger instead. No, it wasn’t the taste but the size… it kept making her gag every time she moved her tongue wrong, every time the pirate shafted his hips in pleasure as her mouth suckled him. Every time she almost wretched, she lost the ability to pretend she was doing anything other than what she was… and it disgusted the lesbian.

Eventually, Celia found she could no longer taste herself on Raudur, and her cheeks flushed with shame as she realized that she really had sucked him clean… that nothing was coating his cock anymore but her own spit. The pirate realized it too… sighing with pleasure, he held onto her head and slowly pulled himself out of Celia’s mouth, his cock glistening as he stood before the kneeling girl, a sickening smile on his face. “There you go. Not so hard to be a proper whore, is it? You’re a natural blondie.”

Celia swallowed uncomfortably, trying to get the taste of him out of her mouth… She wanted so badly to retort, to make him swallow his words and wipe that smirk right off his face, but she couldn’t find anything to say. The fact was that while she had all the good reasons in the world to cooperate, while she had been forced to do it, the shame of having cooperated didn’t go away… she felt like a slut.

Raudur took a fist full of her hair, dragging her head even closer to him as he took the silky blonde locks and used it to dry his cock off… her hair, already mussed from the fight and her own rape, becoming further soiled by the pirate. “Good girl,” he said with a smile… but there was a bit of growl in his tone that made her want to shiver. “Keep up the good work, and your friend will keep breathing.”

He grabbed onto her arm, hoisting the nearly naked girl to her feet. Producing a knife from his own belt, he started cutting through her shirt sleeves, peeling the sole remaining clothing off of her before pushing the nude and vulnerable girl back through the curtain, sending her stumbling out of his cabin.

Celia’s breath caught in her throat as she regained her balance, her wide eyes taking in the room. When she had passed through, the mess of hammocks and bunks and gear had been empty. Now it was full… pirate sailors covering every surface, every eye on the naked girl as she stumbled into view. Sometime during her rape they had filtered in, having turned in their goods to the quartermaster, and they had sat here, listening through the thin curtain as Raudur raped her. The marine captain blinked rapidly, trying to keep herself from crying as she saw what was coming.

When she passed through the cabins, she knew she was going to be raped. Combined with the captain’s words and the crew’s quarters, she figured she was going to be given to the crew. It wasn’t really a surprise, but knowing that it was coming and seeing the horde of unwashed sailors glaring at her with lustful eyes were two very different things.

Celia swallowed again, choking down her fear, and hardened her gaze… projecting a confidence she didn’t feel. Celia was a kind woman, but kind souls didn’t make great leaders of men if they couldn’t harden themselves. In drilling her soldiers, in leading them, she had learned to fake a toughness well beyond the usual for her… because it was what her men needed. Now she needed it… and it still came to her call. She was defeated… but she would be dead before she let them see how afraid she was.

“Fuck you!” She spat out, glaring around the room in the second before a laughing Raudur pushed her again, and she stumbled into the middle of a dozen grabbing hands.

“No, it is you who will be fucked!” one of the pirates yelled and the rest responded with laughter.

Celia might have just been raped and force to degrade herself for Raudur’s enjoyment, she might have been tied and outnumbered, but she was far from broken and helpless. Her first blow came as a reflex, an unplanned reaction to her being in a threatening situation. When a massive pirate grabbed her from behind and lifted her in order to quicker bring her to the middle of the group, she used it to kick with both of her legs, hitting one of the pirates in front of her. Even before he fell with a grunt, Celia yanked her head backward, hitting the face of the man holding her. He let her go and she landed on her legs, effortlessly catching her balance.

For a second she froze, as sudden fear hit her – what if she was expected to be a willing participant of her own rape – or at least a helpless victim – and now Eliana would suffer for her disobedience. It took her however one look at Raudur’s smile to realize that she needn’t worry about this. The pirate was observing everything with a thin smile as if the sight of her kicking his comrades was just a spectacle organized for his enjoyment. Or was he relishing in the fact that he had his way with her while his men were having problems forcing her to submit to them?

Celia didn’t dwell on that any longer. Of course she knew that with her hands bound and outnumbered as she was, it was a matter of time before they overpowered her… but she wanted to go down fighting. Immediately she rammed her knee into the groin of one man, evaded a clumsy attempt by another one to catch her and kick the back of his knee, causing him to fall. One pirate didn’t waste time for subtleties and just lunged at her, falling together with her to the deck.

She groaned as she hit the deck, the pirates weight pinning her to the ground but quickly she jabbed her forehead into the man’s nose and got free from under him. That was the end of the fight for her though. Still on the ground, she was unable to avoid being grabbed. And strong and agile as she was, tied she was unable to break free from the many hands grabbing her. The hands were everywhere. It seemed as if every pirate on this damn ship was struggling against the already significant crowd to get his hands on her. Some held her down, pinning her legs and arms, while other used this opportunity to grab and probe her body. Strong, rough fingers grabbed, mauled and pinched her already sore and sensitive breasts. As much as she tried to keep silent, she was unable to stop herself from making small moans of pain… to the laughter of her assailants.

Somebody lifted her ass for a moment and immediately her asscheeks were grabbed and squeezed roughly before she was lowered to the deck again. “Untie me and I’ll make you…” Celia started but a pirate with a bleeding nose silenced her with a vicious, backhanded blow. Two hands grabbed each of her ankles and her legs were yanked wide open, exposing her helpless raped pussy. Immediately some pirates began caressing her inner thighs… while another man pushed two of his fingers into her tight slit. “Nnn!” Celia moaned at the unwanted intrusion.

“Damn, tight!” he exclaimed.

“Let me check!” another said, pushing his fingers in. The hard, rough hands probed her insides, hurting the tender inner walls of her pussy.

“Let me go…” she muttered.

“Yeah!” one of the pirates said “Stop fingering the cunt and let us fuck her! I’m sure the whore is loving it but we aren’t here to make her cum…”

“Right! There’s plenty of us ready for her and the sooner we rape her, the sooner we start a second round with her!”

“Like hell…” Celia barely had a chance to choke out before she was slammed back down to the deck flat on her back.. The marine captain fought viciously as they forced her down, the pirate with a tattoo of a serpent on his hairy chest standing right before her quickly stripping his pants off. She barely caught a glimpse of his cock other than an impression of it being large before he climbed on top of her, virtually crushing her beneath his large frame. The monster of a pirate was easily a head taller than her and had to weigh twice as much, built like a bruiser or a bouncer on the docks. The blonde girl fought against the hands holding her down, feeling her shoulders bruise in the shape of the fingers pressing into her pale skin, her body being pinned helplessly to the wood by his hairy chest.

The pirate wedged his lower torso between her lean thighs and probed around until he felt Celia’s sex against the tip of his gigantic cock, then began to press into her. She had already been spread out by Raudur, but the pirate hadn’t cum inside of her. At the time, that was something she was slightly grateful for… now she regretted the lack of lubrication as the man forced his way into her dry hole, untouched by any more of her cunts juices than what it produced in a desperate attempt to slightly ease the pain. It hurt horribly… perhaps worse that Ruadur’s rape had. She was swollen now, sensitive… Even though she could not see it, Celia could feel just how massive and agonizingly thick the pirate’s cock felt inside her swollen tight hole. The added pain of the pirates grip on her body, the bruising on her back, the way her arms dug into the skin of her hips beneath her, and the still sullen glow of her bitten nipples added to Celia’s torment. Needless to say, Celia was find no pleasure in this disgusting man’s mating as he forced himself into her, viciously cramming more and more of his cock inside of her sex.

As soon as he began to fuck her tight pussy, Celia began to weep. It wasn’t much, and she wasn’t sobbing, but despite her attempts to be strong she couldn’t help it… the sheer frustration of being so helpless against the pain, held down by a dozen men with several dozen more around her. She fought harder, trashing and bucking wildly beneath the pirate raping her, but she feared she did nothing but add to his pleasure. Still, she couldn’t help but try…

“By the darkest depths of the seas this bitch is tight! Ugggh…” the pirate groaned in pleasure as he squinted his eyes against the feeling. “Fuck you are so damn tight you little Empire whore. Where you a fucking virgin when Raudur got his mits on you? Gods of the sea, she’s squeezing me like a fist!” he roared, reaching down to grab a fistful of her tits and pushing her down with them as he fucked her.

“Get off! Get off of me, you sorry son of a bitch!” Celia screamed, her tears not showing in her voice at all as she struggled feverishly against her rapists, trying to get free as the monstrous sailor brutally rammed his dick into her.

She was distracted by her attempts to struggle by the slap of a cock against her cheek, splattering the line of tears. “Open your mouth, pretty thing,” one of the pirate’s said with a cruel grin. “Your cunt hurt? Maybe it won’t hurt so much if you use that dirty mouth of yours to get me off instead… then I won’t have to plow you.”

Celia immediately thought to bite that fucking cock right off and spit it into his face, but she cooled that flash of anger. Raudur might have been amused by her struggles against the sailor, but he had already made his thoughts of her biting more than clear… it might bring her some satisfaction, but it would be a death sentence for Eliana. Instead, she clamped her teeth shut, her jaw quivering as she turned her neck away from the man.

“Come on, slut,” the pirate said, grabbing onto a fistful of her hair and twisting her head back to him. It hurt, and she wanted to cry out but she forced herself to keep her mouth shut, refusing to do more than grunt in time with the rhythmic thrusts of her rapist. The tattooed pirate had first had to fuck her tight pussy methodically first, but now he was entirely in her and comfortable so he could cut loose and plunge his dick into Celia over and over again violently.

“Stop being so stubborn, cunt,” the pirate by her face snarled, gripping her jaw in his hand and squeezing… trying to force her to open her mouth. Celia clenched her jaw tighter against the pressure. It hurt… but it was nothing compared to what was being done to her slit, and like hell was she going to let these monsters do as they pleased with her.

The other pirates were all only partially dressed now, laughing and making crude comments as they watched their fellow brutally rape the beautiful blonde. With a ship that put into port so infrequently and rarely took on captives, the crew rarely got to get their cocks wet, and they were to a one eager to rape their new plaything. The look of absolute misery in the girl was obviously a large turn on for the lot of them. Celia hated them all for that more than anything. She felt like she was going to die as the huge pirate viciously fucked her. Her swollen pussy was unprepared for him, even as it tried to lubricate itself his fucking shaft ripped away what wetness she created with the next thrust. He was literally ripping apart her agonizingly sore sex every time he slammed into her and the pain was unbearable.

“Yeah you got a real tight pussy slut, but don’t you worry one bit… It ain’t gonna be so tight for too much longer! We’re gunna show your dyke holes what they’re good for and loosen them up before long, trust me,” her rapist growled the threat out beneath grunts of pleasure as he continued to fuck Celia’s tight hole.

“I’m starting to lose patience with this whore,” the pirate by her face said, slapping his cock down several times against her face. It felt like small punches, the heavy, stinking shaft pressing against her cheek. Then he pulled back and viciously slapped her. “You hear me cunt?” he snarled. “You think your precious lips are too good to take some dick? Open your Gods. Damned. Mouth. You. Whore!” He slapped her with each world until, on the final one, another pirate caught his wrist. “Hey! Rashet, what…”

The other pirate… Rashet… all but threw his arm down, so hard did he drop the other man’s wrist. “I don’t know about you,” the muscular, dark man said, “but I’d like to fuck her while she’s still pretty. So fucking stop that.”

“She won’t open her fucking mouth!” the pirate complained. “Uppity marine cunt thinks she’s too good for us.”

Their argument was interrupted by a a roar from the first pirate to rape Celia. He gave one last brutal thrust and buried his entire shaft into the blonde’s cunt just before his cum gushed into the beautiful fuck-toy. Celia gave a wounded cry, muffled by her unwillingness to open her mouth, as she felt cum flooding into her tight pussy for the first time in the lesbian’s life, squealing in negation and dismay as she redoubled how hard she was thrashing, trying wildly to buck him off of her, to get his cock out of her and stop anymore of his disgusting sperm from being forced into her.

The pirate laughed at her struggles. “Don’t fight it bitch! This is what you were made for right here!” the tattooed man mocked her, his eyes glinting madly as he smiled down at Celia while he drained his balls into her aching, swollen hole. “You’ve been wasting so much time with that red haired wench… we need to get you caught up with where a woman of your age should be.” Finally, his cock stopped jerking inside of her, and Celia wept bitter tears at how he had deposited an entire load into her. It seemed to her that her rapist was reluctant to pull out of her, but he finally did… dragging some of his cum with him so it wet her thighs.

“Okay then,” he said, slightly breathless with how hard he had cum. “Who gets the bitch next?”

“I do,” said the dark skinned pirate who had stopped the other man from slapping her… although too late to stop her cheeks from burning. He turned to the other pirate. “You just need to be imaginative… I’ll show you how to do it.” He reached down to grab the girl and wrenched her over, flipping her down onto her belly, a dozen hands pulling at her until she was up on her knees, her ass in the air while her head and chest was supported by the pirates, stopping her from falling on her face. The new position spared her arms and shoulders from additional pain, but it put even more of her body on shameful display to her rapists and gave more of it to them to play with. “There are other ways to make her open up,” Rashet said with a dark chuckle from behind her.

Hands were on her thighs, then knees as well. “Spread those legs you pretty little thing,” Rashet ordered as he pushed his lengs in between her own, pushing the lean, strong legs wide as he nestled up behind her. Celia couldn’t see what he was doing, but she couldn’t meaningfully struggle either… she was literally held in place now, not even pinned. Her thrashing to one side or the other barely moved her, and she didn’t feel like she was even making her cum-drenched slit a moving target for him. Celia heard him spit and then her eyes went wide in sudden terror as she felt him reach down and pry her ass-cheeks apart with his hands. A wave of abrupt panic flooded through her… she could face battle without flinching, spill blood or die in the service of the Empire, suffer humiliation and pain to spare her lover, but she had never even considered this… it simply wasn’t done! She almost opened her mouth to protest before she saw the vicious pirate who had been beating her kneeling right in front of her, his eyes narrow… she forced herself to keep silent save for the muffled cries of protest she let out.

Slowly enough to let the dread build, Reshet began rubbing two fingers up and down her crack and onto her asshole, smearing the opening with his saliva. His every movement lead Celia to try to writhe away from him, but to no effect… and her efforts only doubled against as she felt the touch of an enormous cock against her tiny asshole. “Going to fight me bitch?” Rashet chuckled again. “It won’t do you any good. Real women… they get fucked in their pretty little boxes. You’re not a woman, you’re not even a real whore. You’re a fucktoy, and this is what fucktoys get… cock everywhere it can fit.” With those words, with the other pirates holding Celia in place, he began to force the tip of his dick into her amazingly tight asshole.

Celia felt her tears become genuine sobs as she felt the pirate’s huge dick working its way into her ass. Even in her most adventurous with Eliana, she’d never using either her ass or her lovers in her life, and the idea of it was so disgusting that she’d never even came close to considering it. It was a practice she was, dimly, aware of… but it was so far from civilized life in the empire that she had only heard whispers, and assumed them racist legends of the kinds of things savage islanders got up to, tales to make new recruits uncomfortable. It was unfathomable to Celia that she was about to get raped her in her ass by the huge black skinned man… it would never fit…

Then the cock popped into her ass through the tight opening, sinking an inch into her in a ruinous push.

“Aaugghhhh! Noooooo!” Celia cried out in agony. It hurt so badly, it drove rational thought from her mind. It made her forget Eliana, made her forget her attempts to keep her mouth shut, made her forget anything but her need to scream and to get away from the enormous cock pushing its way deeper into her. “Take it out, take it… mmphf!” Celia’s attempts to scream and beg were abruptly ended as the pirate before he thrust forward, his cock slamming deep into her mouth even as she screamed around it.

“That’s what I’m talking about!” The pirate groaned in pleasure.

“See?” Reshet said with mirth in his voice. “Creative.”

The other pirate didn’t even pay attention to his words. His mind was solely focused on his cock inside Celia’s mouth and the divine pleasure her war, wet, unwilling mouth was bringing him. With the first thrust, he pushed almost half of his thick shaft into her mouth with a push so sudden and strong that her building scream was quickly transformed into frantic gagging.

Celia didn’t want to be that woman, didn’t want to be a victim, but she couldn’t help but have her throat constrict around the invading shaft. The pirate sighed as her constricting throat felt as if it was massaging, milking his dick. As if to make the entire experience all the better for him – and all the worse for her – her protesting tongue unwillingly caressed the bottom of his thick shaft.

“Mpppffff! Stttpppp! Stttttpppp!” she hated herself for begging and as she heard the surrounding pirates react to her pitiful pleading with evil laughter she hated her weakness even more.

But she couldn’t help this. Never before has she felt such pain. She had suffered wounds before, but this pain was equally intensive and much, much more intimate. It felt as if a sword was buried in her ass up to the hilt. Her tight ass, unaccustomed to any form to intrusion was stretched around the thick shaft far beyond the point of comfort, far beyond it just hurting. She felt as if her entire ass was on fire and with each passing heartbeat, the blazing inferno covered more of the lower part of the body. It felt as if she was being torn apart and more tears began to swell in her eyes.

They were turning her into that woman, the frightened woman who can only scream and cry and beg as she is being hurt.

And that was when the pirate was holding his cock relatively still. She even stopped her struggling, as each time she moved the cock shifted uncomfortably in her ass. She knew, he wouldn’t remain still in her for long.

Of course, she was right.

Reshet held his cock inside for a couple of heartbeats long, cherishing her ass gripping his shaft like vise covered in velvet, before grabbing her hips in his strong hands, digging his fingers into her sensitive flesh.

“I hope you’re ready whore… you will remember this fuck forever,” he said and Celia immediately realized that he was right.

There was no way for her to return to the woman she was.

“Here I come whore…” Reshet said, withdrawing his cock so that only the tip remained inside. With all his strength, he pushed back in.

“Nnnnnn! Mmmpfffff! Plssss!” even the thick shaft inside Celia’s mouth wasn’t enough to completely muffle the scream that escaped her throat. “Nnnn!” the woman’s scream turned into a long, tormented, unending banshee wail as Reshet began pounding her mercilessly, settling into a brutal rhythm.

Even against the strong holding her, Celia’s entire body was bucking in the rhythm of the thrusts, each push rocking her body. Celia barely cared, barely registered that. All she could focus on was that with each push another wave of white-hot searing pain traveled from her abused ass throughout her body. With the pain that she was in, she barely registered the cock filling her mouth but even now she couldn’t get rid off the disgusting taste that began as the bulbous head began leaking precum.

“Oh yeah…” the pirate fucking her mouth moaned in pleasure “Keep pounding in the whore! I love how she screams around my dick…”

“Mpfffff! Mpffff!” Nnnn!“ Celia kept protesting against the intrusion, only dimly aware that with her pleas, her warm breath was massaging the cock in her mouth. The man also didn’t remain still for long. Grabbing two fistful of Celia’s beautiful fair hair, he began push with long, slow strokes.

With Raudur she was forced to pleasure him with her mouth, degrading as it was, she could at least retain some semblance of control of this demeaning process. Now, the disgusting, unwashed brute was pounding her mouth as if it was her pussy. He kept fucking her, enjoying her gargling against the invading shaft. He would push his cock deep, reaching up to the back of her throat, cutting off the airway, making her open her eyes wide as she desperately tried to catch some air.

“Oh yes… and you keep doing that,” Reshet sighed, “When she gags, her ass clenches around my dick!”

Celia’s scream of pure agony was ear-piercing as his cock was shoved into the clenching asshole over and over, and she had lost almost all sense of herself as she tried frantically to escape from the huge pirate. He was literally driving forward as hard as he could, but as she choked her ass got too tight even for him… on his last thrust he had only managed to get about half of his cock into her tight body. Now, as she choked on the cock in her throat, he was forced to struggle to hold her in place while he prepared to rip into her again. Despite his huge size compared to the smaller blonde, Celia was in so much pain that she was almost a women possessed, fighting inhumanly to do everything she could to get away from Reshet.

“Let me get some help over here,” the huge man requested with a smile, turning to his friends. “Grab her for me.”

Practically the entire group of surrounding pirates moved forward, fighting to put their hands on the beautiful captive and assist Reshet. Two of them quickly grabbed Celia’s legs and spread them painfully apart. Another pair wrapped their hands around her shoulders firmly, holding her in place as the man continued to drive his dick frantically through her tight throat, fucking her like a wild animal and choking her with each thrust. Celia screamed in terror and denial around the muffling cock, the sound emerging as a pathetic groan as the four pirates held her completely in place, negating her struggles and preventing her from barely moving an inch.

“Nnn! Sttp!” Celia pleaded around her the gagging cock as she felt Reshet wrap his massive, powerful hands around her small waist. Her ass burned each time she choked, as she involuntarily tightened herself further on the shaft impaling her asshole, gripping it with sore flesh.

“This is going to hurt me,” Reshet growled down at her with amusement in his voice. “You’re too tight for it not to. I’m just going to have to make sure it hurt you even worse…” And he thrust savagely forward and ripping the rest of his cock back deep into Celia’s incredibly tight ass.

At that moment, her rapists cock was mostly out of her throat, so the entire ship heard her soul-wrenching scream as her ass was violated to the core. “Aaaauuuuggghhhhhh!” Celia screeched, writhing around in horrendous pain as her asshole was viciously stuffed full of the pirate’s enormous dick.

Now that his crewmates were holding Celia secure, her rapists were happy to focus solely on giving Celia the most excruciating fucking of her life, nailing her from both sides. Still clutching her waist in his hands, Reshet used his mighty hips and legs and began furiously pounding into the miserable blonde, while the other man wrapped his fists in her hair, using it like handles to pull her face onto his cock again and again. Celia felt like she was dying as she screamed in complete agony and thrashed around like she was being stung by hornets.

“Goddamn her mouth is hot! I’m gunna fucking cum,” the pirate growled as he drove his shaft deep into her throat, gagging her. “Oh fuck yes, fuck yes!” he growled as Celia’s eyes went wide with surprise and dismay as she felt his cock start throbbing, felt the hot cum pour down her throat to her absolute disgust. Then her hatred and nausea was forgotten as Reshet pounded her again, even harder.

Plllse! Stppppp!“ Celia begged, tears of misery coursing down her cheeks as the man’s cock remained locked in her throat. Celia was sure they were going to kill her. Promise or not, hostage or not, she was sure she couldn’t survive what Reshet was doing to her… it hurt too damned much. It felt like the dark skinned man’s huge cock was completely shredding her apart, and the burning sensation in her rear was unlike anything she’d ever experienced. He was mutilating her hole, and she was going to bleed to death from the permanently torn opening.

The man finally finished cumming, and pulled his cock out of her just in time for Celia to scream again despite herself. “Oh Gods it hurts! Please, please stop this!” the Marine captain wailed pathetically, continuing to struggle as Reshet ferociously hammered away at her asshole.

“Fuck!! I’m cumming!” The brute screamed, slamming his entire cock deep into Celia just before he started shooting his semen inside of her. To her absolute shame, Celia found herself almost grateful that he had cum… anything to mean this was over, as disgusting as it was. Reshet was practically quivering in complete ecstasy as he held the blonde girl’s ass tightly against his body while he pumped her full of cum, burst after burst spilling into her violated asshole while he stared down at the defeated, bound girl and roared like a triumphant tiger while Celia wept bitter dears as the feeling of the man’s hot jism flooding into her bowels.

Reshet remained inside Celia until every drop of his cum had been emptied inside the girl, panting heavily. “Such a tight fucking slut,” he groaned. Celia groaned too, misery overwhelming her as the hairy giant slowly extracted his still-erect cock out of her raw anus. It seemed to take the man forever to pull it all out, and when he finally did there was a horrible, wet popping sound that made many of the pirates laugh. Even with the huge shaft removed, Celia could feel how hideously wide open her asshole was… was sure she could feel cool air on the inside of her ruined body. Behind her, Reshet laughed in appreciation as he stared down at the blonde’s gaping, raped hole proudly. “Now that’s how you fuck an ass properly… break an uppity bitch in.”

Suddenly Celia felt the pirates’ hands leaving her alone. She wanted to get up, to use her training and skills to rain havoc on those brutes, but to her shame, she couldn’t. It wasn’t even the case of following the deal of offering herself as a hostage. No, after the vicious rape she only had power to helplessly collapse onto the ground, gasping, hurting and moaning in pain. Her entire body was on fire, from the aching of her jaw to the terrible agony radiating from her sore, thoroughly raped ass.

“Damn, you really raped her good,” one of the pirates commented, patting Reshet on the back.

Celia barely followed their conversations. They were standing around her, looking as if she was some juicy meet piece of tasty meat waiting for them. Which, in a sense was true. Unwanted, words came out of her mouth:

“Please… no more… please… leave me… alone…” her voice was barely more audible than a whisper.

“I see how after being fucked by a real guy you know no other cock will satisfy you,” Reshet commented, “But you really should give those guys a chance.” He laughed.

“Yeah, whore,” one pirate yelled, “There’s a lot more cocks waiting for you.”

“No… no… more…”

“Oh yes, plenty more!”

“Stop yapping, start fucking!” someone said.

That was the cue for the rest of them. They descended on her together. Hands grabbed her again, almost lifting her from the deck. The raiders behaved as if they were a group of rapid dogs fighting for her, pulling her in different directions. She tried to fight, to push them away, to wiggle out of their grip but there were too many of them and she was too weak. Again and again she felt their hard, rough fingers grabbing her body, pinching her sore, sensitive breasts, her abused ass, being pushed up her raped pussy.

“Damn Reshet, you had to make such a mess of her?” one complained.

“What do you want? She looks hot like that.”

“Yeah, but I’m not into sloppy seconds.”

“Your loss I’m not letting her go without givin’ her some.”

“Let me go!” this team in Celia’s scream there was pure frustration and anger.

That didn’t help her much. She was lifted up immediately. Immediately a new pirate lied down beneath her, his cock erect. Despite Celia’s struggles, she was helplessly lowered onto it.

“No!” she screamed as she felt her pussy impaled – agonizingly slowly – on the thick shaft. Inch by inch her raped fuckhole was filled with the cock. Her back was pushed and she landed with her breasts on the pirates hairy chest. Immediately afterward she felt strong hands grabbing her asscheeks and spreading them as another thick cock was positioned at the entrance to her asshole.

Celia felt like she had no pride left… she screamed in hopeless, panicked despair as she felt another cock push into her asshole. “Not again, not again!” she cried, pathetic tears slipping down her porcelain cheeks.

“Again and again,” the pirate laughed as he slipped deeper into her tight asshole, forcing her down on the cock in her pussy as he shoved. “Again and again until for the rest of your life, or until you get ransomed back to your Empress. You’re a whore now, and this is what whores are good for you filthy tight cunt.”

“Nooooonghgg!” Celia screeched as the cock sank deep into her asshole, her scream cut off brutally as a new pirate slammed him dirty cock into her mouth, making her gag as he hurried all the way to the back of her throat, choking her and silencing her scream in the most violent fashion.

The poor blond woman wept bitter tears of defeat and suffering as she was buffeted between the three pirates, the laughter and cheers of a dozen waiting rapists surrounding her. When she woke this morning, the lesbian Marine captain had been a happy virgin, never have known the touch of a man and never wanting to, eager to feel her lovers hands on her again and secure in her life. Now she was stuffed full of unwashed cock, raped and beaten in the hold of a filthy pirate ship, her body violated and made so unclean that Celia felt all the water in the sea couldn’t wash it away… and she knew her lover was trapped here with her.

It was hard for Celia to be sure who did what to her, who made what hurt, who’s hands were on her body. Her tits were being crushed, her hair pulled, her thighs and ass slapped, and cock slammed deep into every tight orifice of her body. She felt like she was going inside, battered between the sailors like a dockside whore, weeping openly and helpless as they abused her airtight body.

The man in her asshole came first, her tightest hole milking him to a groaning climax deep into her, adding his hot filth to the cum already pumped into her bowels. He hadn’t even finished cumming when the pirate choking her with his cock joined him, pulling out before he came to jerk his cock once before it spat a load right onto her face, forcing her to close her eyes just before a shot of the sticky slime would have landed in them. Her eyelids felt heavy as she forced them open after he was done, her tears already washing away some small bit of the cum around her eyes.

Her sole remaining rapist was holding onto her tits from beneath her, squeezing, but with the man pulling out from her ass she was no longer being driven down into him, annoying the pirate and teasing his pleasure rather than providing it. He growled for a second before slapping Celia hard. “Useless slut,” he growled, holding her throat as he flipped the bound girl back onto her back, keeping his cock in her and resuming pounding hard into her tight cunt, slidding her along the planks of the maindeck before he finally came.

Celia sobbed in agonized despair as the first load of cum was pumped into her cunt… so many nights she had lain with Elianna, her flower aching for the touch of the readhead’s soft tongue or strong fingers. Now the core of her womanhood had been been despoiled, her violation completed as a man’s hot slim coated every surface of her cum and poured into her womb, leaving Celia was little choice but to desperately pray not to be given a child.

And that was how she was when Elianna was dragged in.

Celia turned her cum covered face to watch, eyes wide, as a wide-shouldered pirate walked down the stairs, holding the sagging redhead by her arms. Immediately Celia could see the cum-stains on her raped lover’s thighs, but it barely held her interest compared to the blood on half of her face, the wide, savage cut that had been sliced into the right side of her face, above and below her eye… a cruel mirror of the wound that the pirate captain had suffered.

A strange thing happened to Celia then. In the years to come, she would see many women suffer and break, lose hope entirely, and she would look back on this moment and wondered why it hadn’t happened to her as it should have, as it did so many others. For Celia, however, when she saw her raped and broken lover being carried into the hold, her will didn’t break… it hardened into something harder than her saber.

Right then, Celia decided she didn’t care what happened to her. She was going to see Eliana free from this place, no matter what it did to her.

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