Chapter 1

Part 1: The Academy

Terran Confederacy Ghost Number 24601 walked down the white corridor, her boots clicking loudly on the paneled floor. Loud banging noises echoed behind her as even heavier footsteps strode in her wake — the Ghost did not need to turn to know that her marine escorts were there, because she could feel their thoughts buzzing around from their heads to hers… simple, stupid thoughts for simple, stupid men.

Like all Ghosts, 24601 was a psychic. She could read minds and, with effort, control them. She could project energy, both electric and kinetic, and she could warp light and sound with ease. She had been taught to do this… she didn’t remember when, not anymore, but she still remembered as that she knew how. Ghost 24601 knew how to pick up a man and crush him against a wall just like she knew how to fire a weapon, or to hack a thousand different computer systems… even though she couldn’t remember being trained to do any of it.

Even through the Neural Inhibitor she had been implanted with to prevent her from hurting herself with her psychic abilities, reading minds was something the ghost could not help but do — it was entirely reflexive for her. It didn’t take a telepath to know what these marines were thinking, however. They wanted her… all three were almost painfully aroused as the beautiful ghost walked ahead of them. She could feel them thinking as they watched her red ponytail bounce behind her as she stepped, watched her ass twitch in the skintight Hostile Environment Suit she wore. There was a sense of lust in the trio of soldiers, boiling around them as they watched her walk in front of them, and 24601 could not blame them — she knew that she was desirable, for the Confederacy considered that beauty a weapon. Her fiery hair was even the only thing to look at, the only spot of color in this white wasteland — Colorless walls, Colorless floor, colorless bodysuit… even her skin was pale enough not to stand out.

Still, even know her training about the way men would look at her, and how to use it, the convict marines disgusted the ghost. They were so crude, so worthless — they could contribute nothing else to the Confederacy but their deaths in battle against Angus Mengsk’s rebels. All of them were criminals of the worst sort — Murderers, arsonists, rapists, and traitors — all serving under death sentence. They walked in her shadow, armed to the teeth even inside their own installation with heavy needle rifles, and even if they didn’t wear full power armor the lighter version they were equipped with still had enough servos and drug dispensers to increase their strength and endurance tenfold.

Still, even unarmed, Ghost 24601 did not fear them. Like all Confederate Marines they were equipped with aggression inhibitors that allowed their superiors to turn them on and off like the safety on a weapon… and in fact, that was all they were now. A weapon… just like she had become.

Ghost 24601 was not serving under threat of death, though. She had volunteered to serve the Confederacy… or at least, she thought she had.

In truth, the red haired woman didn’t remember that, or anything at all past ten minutes ago. Her memory had been wiped — standard procedure for all ghosts, she knew. Although she was told that she had been here for over a year, she could no longer remember any of the time. 24601 continued walking down the hallway, going somewhere specific by muscle memory even though she no longer remembered where the place was… but she must be going the right way or her escort would certainly have stopped her. She passed another door without stopping — white, like everything else in this god-forsaken place. It smelled of disinfectant and saline, somehow incredibly bleak in in its cheerful brightness.

Ghost 24601 could not remember anyplace to compare this corridor to and she already hated it anyway.

Without understanding how she knew, Ghost 24601 stopped in front of a door and turned to it, punching in a code on the keypad without stopping to think about what it was and put her hand on the door to push it open… then she suddenly stopped.

Pain resonated from this room, rippling outward like a psychic bow wave that stagged the woman back a step and made her dizzy. Anger, hatred, humiliation, and agony hit her like a physical blow, and her mind reeled from the shock of the intense emotions.

“Stop stalling and get in there cunt!” one of the marines growled the instant before he shoved her, the servos in his powered armor whining as the man pushed Ghost 24601 far harder than any mere muscle could account for and the woman stagged through the door while she was still stunned from the mental shockwave.

She landed in the arms of a uniformed man, his badge that of a lieutenant. “Careful Sarah, we wouldn’t want you to get hurt now…”

Sarah… Sarah Sarah Sarah why did that name sound familiar? Had she known that name before her memory was wiped? This man’s face looked familiar too, and this room looked familiar, and…

This room.

Even as stunned as she was, the analytical training she had received at some point took over, and her green eyes flicked around as she took in the room. It was dark, but not too dark to see. The three marines were entering the room behind her and closing the door. There were two beds, arranged against opposite walls… a dorm room for two people. Three people were on the bed further from her. Two of them were marines, based on the numbered tattoos on their naked chests, backs, and arms. The third girl, a young blonde thing, was also naked and…

“I see you started without us,” one of the marines behind her laughed.

Ghost 24601 blinked. They were raping her! The girl was pressed belly down against the bed as she limply lay there, her hands tied beneath the frame so she could do little but cry while one of the huge convicts lay on top of the sobbing girl. She was thoroughly impaled, the red haired ghost could see that every time her man pulled back in order to slam his him forward again, slapping against her soft ass with a wet smack. Meanwhile the other marine, with darker skin and smoking a cigar, held her hair in his hands like reigns as he forced her mouth down on his crotch, gagging her cries with his cock.

The conflicting ripple of feelings from the group stagged her and made her vision swim. The juxtaposition of absolute thrilling pleasure and satisfaction with absolute misery washed over her like a tidal wave and left her disoriented and confused. Ghost 24601… Sarah… could do little but watch the blonde woman’s abuse while the uniformed officer held her.

How was this even possible? Their inhibitors shouldn’t let them attack someone like this…

“Lieutenant Rumm, do you need assistance with the prisoner?” one of the marines that had entered with 246 — no, Sarah, Sarah — asked as he began to strip out of his metal armor, discarding it where two other sets already lay on the floor.

“No,” the man holding her said, smiling as he squeezed his hands around the limp ghost just the slightest bit harder. “I have her under control. Go have some fun with November over there.”

Ghost 2—  SARAH — was still dazed, but she was aware enough to note that the man didn’t require any encouragement to walk head to the bed where the poor, slim blond girl was being raped, even as she was being dragged towards the other bed. “Don’t worry Sarah,” the Lieutenant whispered to her as he sat her unresponsive body down on the bed, reaching down grab a set of metal cuffs already attached to the steel frame. “What your feeling is psychic shock from your roommate’s pain — it will wear off in a few minutes.” He chuckled, and the sound made the ghost shiver. “It always does.”

She couldn’t make her muscle focus and work together, her brain still feeling numb and unable to work coherently. Rumm quickly bound her ankles in the manacles, then shackled her hands behind her back and tied a rope around her neck to the a ring in the white ceiling, forcing Sarah to sit upright as she watched the blond girl, November, suffering further as the other men began to crowd around her.

At abruptly as it had come the fog around her mind cleared again, and she was immediately struggling against her bonds, unbelievable rage filling her and making her blood boil beneath her skin. “Get away from her! Release me, you bastards, you cowards-”

Grinning a savage smile, Lieutenant Rumm swung out and slapped Sarah hard across the face. She gasped, her cheek turning slightly as she flushed red in increasing fury. Before she could scream or threaten or calm herself, he swung his hand back and slapped her again with the back of his hand.

“Go on, little ghostie… what were you saying?” he asked.

“I said,” she spat, “That you are a damned co-”

Again Rumm swung his hand and slapped her across the face. This time he repeated the process three times instead of two. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t quite make it out. What was that again?”

“You’re a cow-”

Again Rumm slapped her, four blows this time, and harder. While she gasped he wrapped the fingers of his other hand around one of her breasts, feeling it through the thin synthetic fabric of the Hostile Environment Suit. He squeezed, and a bellow of intense rage flooded through Sarah.  “I’m really sorry Ms Kerrigan, but I simply can’t understand you…” he said, continuing to maul her breast. “You need to learn to enunciate…”

“You cowar- you’re a pitif-” She tried to gasp out her words in between his slaps. The Lieutenant continue to pinch and twist one of her breasts while he used his free hand to slap her face, which was already showing the effects of his rough treatment. Finally, the red haired ghost’s face had turned the color of her hair as she began to cry, her blank mind simply unprepared for the torment.

Once she had stopped twisting in her bonds Rumm released her tit and stopped slapping her. She sat in her chair, gasping, while the officer smiled at her. “I guess it wasn’t important after all, huh?” He slid onto the bed with the tear-blind ghost, sitting behind with Sarah between his legs so he could rest his head on her shoulder, watching the the abuse of the other ghost trainee.

Sarah could feel the girl’s mind, twisting and screaming in horror as a new man climbed onto her. This one was pressing his cock into her ass and it burned incredibly, sliding into the dry hole — the young red haired ghost could feel the scream of agony in her head even as the man in her mouth gagged the physical scream. The blonde woman’s brain burned with dread — Sarah could see the entire sequence of coming events in the woman’s mind clearly.

November Terra, for that was the girl’s name, was terrified, but what really scared the girl was not the abuse that she was suffering now, but what was to come… she was going to be raped for hours and hour to put on a show for the fire-maned ghost. The men were thinking the same things. They were eager to get to work on Ghost X41822N, “Nova,” and they were looking forward to the thrill of raping her unwilling flesh until they could do the same to…

She gasped. “You… you c-can’t!” she stuttered, her voice failing her as the horrific through played through her brain, echoed in every other mind. “You can’t r-rape me I’ve n-never… never had sex before…”

Raucous amusement filled her ears as Rumm laughed directly into them, his body shaking against her bound form as he cracked up. “Oh, Kerrigan… you’re hilarious.” His hand came up with a red gag and when she resisted he grasped her breasts with both hands and twisted savagely, crushing the firm globes through the thin white fiber. Sarah screamed, and the Lieutenant took advantage of her parted lips to cram the gag between them and fasten it behind her head, the coarse strap agitating her swollen cheeks.

His ran his hands over the pale fabric of her skintight outfit. “Enjoy the show whore… you may remember something valuable.” Even as he said this the darkskinned marine roared and came, covering Nova’s sobbing face with creamy paste. A stray memory came to Sarah Kerrigan then, and she had a horrible feeling she knew why she hated the color white so much…

She twisted and turned in his grip and her bonds, but neither left her much room to move at all. His hands kept mauling her tits through the thin, shamefully form-fitting fabric of the suit, fingers digging greedily into the firm, round orbs, drawing little pained whimpers from the shocked, gagged girl.

Suddenly, Rumm’s hands vanished from her tits, but before Sarah could even feel relief she felt him tug at the small, hidden zipper at the nape of her neck, pulling it down with a swift motion. There was a sigh as if from pressurized air and then the front of her suit simply fell away, exposing her breasts to the warm air. A surge of shame erupted within her mind, made stronger by the knowledge that behind her, Rumm’s lust increased…

Though by that moment, she did not have to be psychic to notice, feeling his erection brush against the small of her back as he settled back into position after pushing her suit down properly so that her upper body and belly were bare, his greedy hands wandering over her body, exploring her curves and the smoothness of her skin.

” Ok, there is not enough space for all of us to have some fun!“ the dark-skinned marine said, lightly brushing his still-leaking cockhead over Nova’s crying face. His arousal had only ebbed slightly, his cock still semi-hard. From the feverish impulses Kerrigan picked up from his mind and that of the others, she inferred they were under heavy stimulants, no doubt meant to increase their sexual stamina.

Their motions were frantic, driven by barely-contained sexual greed, their hands all over Nova’s beautifully-shaped athletic body as they undid the shackles holding the girl’s hands, keeping a tight grip on her wrists to keep her from escaping. Panicking, the girl struggled hard against her violators, but they simply grabbed her more tightly. There was such an air of practiced routine about it, it simply terrified Kerrigan. How long had this been going on? And how often? She simply could not fathom this being done to her!

Though she only needed to look down at where Rumm’s hands had ended up to know it was only a matter of time before they would start to turn to her for their satisfaction. Rumm’s hands were on her tits again, his left hand squeezing the orbs together, the other tugging painfully on her nipples. Kerrigan winced at the pain he caused her, but even more devastating was the psychic stink that filled the room, growing worse with every second now that she had come in, the sight of the new victim stoking the fires of the men’s lust.

” Take a good, long look”, Rumm whispered into her ear, “ and think about how it will feel to take these cocks up your tight holes…it will be a good way to prepare for the rest of the night…” He laughed as she sniffled back a sob, the first fat tears running down her cheeks.

Helplessly, she sat there, unable to help this other girl, unable to protest through the gag, suffering under the man’s brutal attentions. With one hand remaining on her chest, happily mauling her tits, the other went lower, sliding over her flat, firm belly to grab the secondary zipper, sliding it downward along her thigh, thereby exposing her bare, shapely legs…and what lay between them. “ And here we have the treasure chest!” Rumm exclaimed, forcing his hand between her legs, ignoring her pathetic attempts to close them, his calloused fingers rubbing brutally over her snatch.

“ Still so tight…” he whispered, once more alluding to something too terrible for Kerrigan to think through…

On the other bed, Nova was being squeezed tightly against one man, held in a crushing hug while the other men repositioned themselves. One lay down on the bed, in the spot that the blonde ghost had just vacated, and was now being lowered back down onto. She gave a little cry as the rough man grabbed her hips and jerked her down, forcing her ass down onto his greedy tool. They laughed at her while he cried, striking the tears from her face with slaps that filled the air with glittering specks of the girl’s sorrow. She blubbered harder and more pitifully each time she was hit, even as she tried desperately to struggle away from the strong men holding her.

Kerrigan felt her terror. Nova was reaching her mind out to the red-haired ghost, begging for help that she was completely unable to provide. Lieutenant Rumm has two fingers buried deep in her pussy now, sliding around viciously in the dry hole while his other hand squeezed her breast. She was humiliated to sense that the officer wasn’t even paying attention to her… just idly playing with her body while he watched his men rape Nova.

The hands tore painfully at her cunt, but she couldn’t tear her eyes away from her roommate’s abuse any more than Rumm could. While two of the soldiers held her legs wide, the smoking marine ground his cigar out on the bottom of Nova’s breasts, provoking a terrible scream that echoed in the tiny, sealed room. Her pale limbs thrashed in the marines’ savage grip, unable to resist more effectively as the soldier climbed between her wide thighs and slammed his cock into the weeping woman in one thrust, his cock completely filling her cunt in a single, terrible instant.

He plowed into the still-screaming blonde, wracking her body between the two men filling her hole even while the rest of them groped her body, squeezing her throat and limbs and breasts, making her scream again every time they touched her fresh burn.

“Oh shut up you dumb whore,” one of the grunts laughed, grabbing her ponytail and tugging downward, forcing Nova’s back into a arch between her two abusers… just in time for the soldier to ram his cock into her screaming mouth. Her completely exposed posture gave Kerrigan an unblocked view of the bulge sliding down her throat as the marine raped her vulnerable face, and she shuddered as she felt his giddiness at the action.

The soldier was the kind of man who pulled the wings of insects for fun as a child, she knew. He delighted in the suffering of others, and always had. She felt his viciousness, his complete hatred of this and every other cunt in the entire galaxy, and the strength of his feeling almost drove Kerrigan catatonic. Only the sharp feeling of pain she felt from Nova with each twin thrust into her ass and pussy kept her from blacking out.

“You feel that, don’t you…” Rumm whispered to her, both of them watching as the remaining pair of soldiers wrapped the blonde ghost’s hands around their cocks and made her jerk on them, forcing the poor young woman to service all five men at once. “That’s what you’re good for, dear Sarah.”

The officer twisted his fingers inside her before ripping them out, both of his hands going to her ass and lifting her up and…

“Nnnn!” she shouted into her gag as she rested on his lap, his hard cock pressing into her tender flesh as he maneuvered her on top of him and slowly began to force her down onto his member. Kerrigan made her entire body go rigid, helplessly doing all she could to keep her legs from collapsing and lowering herself onto the waiting cock below her, trying to stand as much as possible… but slowly, inexorably, gravity did its work and the ginger ghost found her dry lips parting for his the head of his cock. She slid painfully down onto him as he tugged at her, first with her hips and then, after she was halfway impaled, by tearing at her breasts and making her scream almost soundlessly. The intense feelings of pleasure and satisfaction he felt made it even worse for her, contrasting violently with her own horrible pain and unbelievable humiliation.

“They did a good job with you, Sarah,” the Lieutenant grunted as he pushed her further down on him. “The doctors made you just as tight as you were when I first met you…”

At last, he managed to press himself all the way into the sobbing, suffering Sarah Kerrigan, the ghost’s ass resting again on his lap with his cock fully impaled in her pained, writhing cunt. He let her rest there, completely filled and weeping in fury and anguish, while he played with her breasts and her clit to the music of Nova’s choking. The blonde woman was struggling to breathe around the rock hard weapon raping her throat, the cruel soldier’s complete lack of regard for her live evident as he left himself completely in her throat for long seconds at a time while her tormented her tits, pulling the nipples away from her body and pinching the tiny cigar burn to make her throat shake with new screams. Oh, he loved it when she screamed on his cock, Sarah could feel that perfectly well… it gave him the greatest thrill to be physically pleasured by tangible evidence of a woman’s pain. In his mind he was comparing the tightness of her throat against other woman he had raped, the other pretty faces of young women he had fucked…

Kerrigan shook her head, desperate to get the thoughts out. She knew too much about him already, so much more than she wanted to. His name was Garren, and he had been born on Tarsonis… where had had raped a dozen girls, starting with his older sister when he was fourteen. Her had brutalized and abused his way through the capital world before he was at last caught, and offered a choice between execution and service to the penal legions… and it was there, while he was being fit with sedatives and aggression inhibitors and monitors, Lieutenant Rumm had read his file and pulled him aside for duty in the Ghost program… where he had served ‘faithfully’ by raping and torturing another two dozen trainees.

Exactly like the man fucking her now, the brutal Lieutenant, had wanted him to.

Gripping her hips now so tightly that he was flushing the blood from them, making her skin grow white, Rumm began to pull her hips slowly up and down on his cock, raping her by inches as he watched the show of Nova’s abuse. The blonde ghost was the razor’s edge of consciousness now, being smothered between the five huge marines. Every thrust of the huge cocks beneath her drove more precious oxygen from her lungs, and the abusive cock deep down her throat stopped her from getting any more no matter how hard she thrashed, her golden mane swaying back and forth above the face of the man in her ass as she slowly choked.

Rumm wasn’t even paying attention to HER, Kerrigan realized with a humiliated blush. He wasn’t so much raping her as using her body to masturbate, bringing her hips down on his cock to bring himself pleasure as he watch the show Nova was giving him, as she suffered beneath his men… the taste of her tears was bitter in her mouth, flowing down her dry lips and past the gag to touch her tongue in cruel mockery as Rumm’s abuse of her shook the bed, making it rattle on the floor.

“Yeah, you give it to that bitch! Give her a taste of what’s in store for her!” one of the marines being jerked off by the crying, miserable Ghost on the bed next to where Kerrigan was raped exclaimed, giving Rumm a thumbs-up.

“Remember your position, convict!” Rumm responded, clearly not happy at being talked to confidentially like that, especially not from those he considered his lessers. Kerrigan felt his contempt bubble up even through the joy he felt at witnessing the brutal rape in front of them.

The marine, a dumb brute named Kessler, convicted of thirteen counts of aggravated assault, grumbled something, turning his attention back to Nova – and to abusing her tits, mauling the orbs which were already turning red and, no doubt, sore. In his mind, he was comparing Rumm’s ancestry unfavorably with various farm animals. Kerrigan closed her eyes tightly, weeping bitterly as she attempted to shut off the outside thoughts, but the pain from her rape, the sensation of having a hard cock inside her pussy for what felt like the very first time of her life, even though it obviously was not, did not grant her even the minimum of mental discipline she’d need for that.

How much worse might it be for Nova?

The poor woman was still trapped between the men, held tightly as they used her body like she was just a set of holes to get off in – which, to them, she was, even though they took her obvious terror and misery to be an added bonus.

The thrusts of the one inside her tight cunt – Stanton Williams, murderer in seven cases – shook her entire body, meaning that neither the one with his cock buried inside her clenching anus – Jim Burnett, serial rapist, murderer and arsonist, originally chosen for Firebat deployment until someone realized that giving him flammable materials was a hazard for everyone involved – nor Garren needed to work much, her ass and throat sliding up and down and back and forth on their hard rapetools without extra effort.

Continuously, their hands pawed at her soft skin, gripping her tits, pulling her nipples, slapping them or her thighs and belly, making her cry and scream around the cock down her throat, much to Garren’s enjoyment. She cried bitter tears, the psychic taste of her misery like bile upon Kerrigan’s tongue, almost making her forget her own predicament…though Rumm made damn sure that did not happen. When he was not guiding her up and down his cock, he was using his hands to torture her tits as well, apparently knowing how sensitive her nipples were, pinching, twisting and pulling them until she almost screamed herself hoarse into the gag.

It was Kessler who actually came first, groaning as his cock began to jerk in Nova’s hand, spraying his load over her trembling fingers, her arm, her side and her right tit, covering it with long white lines of his seed. “ The bitch is really starting to learn!” he said, spitting onto her squirming figure, stepping back, slowly stroking his cock back to hardness while he watched the gangrape go on.

Kerrigan shuddered at the satisfaction this man felt at seeing another human being so degraded. There was enough in his mind-muck to signify how often he had done such things and worse to Nova… and to her, she realized, with a shudder. Rumm groaned, her involuntary motion making his cock shift within her. His breathing had become more ragged and Kerrigan felt his pleasure build up more and more, forcing her body up and down on him even while the marine Kessler walked over to her, brushing her red hair from her face. “Wouldn’t want you to be missing the view Kerrigan…” he muttered, and just as he did Rumm grabbed her hips again, slamming her down on his length as hard as possible, the pain eroding what little was left of her mental walls.

Kerrigan did not want to see into the minds of these monsters, not at all. Having a vague sense of their thoughts, their emotions… that was awful enough. To actually be inside their heads would be to be tossed into a pit of snakes, so deep that she might never climb out… but when Kessler touched her, the memories came unbidden and unstoppable. Kerrigan could see herself on all fours, crying bitterly, her face covered in several thick layers of cum. Leaning down, she lapped at a massive puddle of sperm on the floor while around her, men laughed and jerked off to the sight. Her left hand held the handle of a thick dildo which she pushed deep into her own ass, crying in pain as she did so.

The memory shifted, and now she was strapped down to some kind of chair, naked and spread completely. Her entire body was covered in a sheen of sweet and she was trembling, her head shaking frantically back and forth as she mouthed the word no helplessly. Meanwhile, a robotic arm of some kind was approaching her, it’s point growing white hot and crackling with arcs of blue electricity. She made piteous whimpers as the arm came closer and closer, and Kessler’s view bobbed as he moved closer to the window, his lust growing… just before the arm pressed into the soft flesh of her thigh, and Kerrigan could hear her scream shake the window.

Her sight shifted again to her laying on the bed, Kessler’s cock pressing into her throat upside down while Nova lay between her own spread legs, lapping at the white slime leaking from her cunt and ass. She could feel the sadistic glee that filled with every time her throat convulsed around him, especially when she screamed… and since Rumm was bringing a whip down over and over again on her pert tits, she was screaming every few seconds. Nova wasn’t being let off easily either… someone was raping her from behind, causing her tears to mix with the cum on Kerrigan’s crotch.

The red haired ghost frantically shook her head, breaking contact with the cruel marine and bringing herself back to reality. She was frantically screaming negatives into her gag now, desperate to get out of Kessler’s head and end the memories that he had of her… memories she no longer shared herself, mercifully…

“What’s the matter slut? You don’t want a nice, long look at my memory… don’t want to see what’s going to happen to you?” Kessler mocked, his hand again reaching out to touch the Kerrigan’s face. She writhed helplessly, desperate to avoid it but completely unable to do so. Memories flashed through her head again as new tear flowed from her eyes. Kerrigan on hands and knees, her long hair in his hands, screaming helplessly while he rammed his cock up her ass. Kerrigan hanging by her wrists, her entire body covered in burns and whip scars… limp and unconscious and vulnerable, but still groaning under the marine’s hands as he touched her. Kerrigan completely covered by the marines, buried as she was gangraped much like Nova was being used right now while Kessler waiting his turn. Kerrigan screaming…

The memories abruptly stopped, and Sarah Kerrigan’s eyes flew open to find the marine stumbling backwards, where he had been shoved by the Lieutenant. “Cut it out you stupid fuck,” the officer was yelling.

Kessler was finally finding his footing again, and started to glare at his officer. “What the fuck LT?”

Rumm drove Sarah’s hips down on him as hard as he could, painfully filling the ghost and holding her there squirming while he continued to berate his subordinate. “Why do you think we wiped her memory, you stupid shit?” he growled, crushing Kerrigan’s breast in her hand just so she would scream. “I want this all to be new to her again… I’ve been saving myself for this cunt for days now, and ancient earth help me, if you ruin this for me I’ve have you reassigned to be a one man boarding party of the next Protoss ship that shows up to burn a colony. Do you understand me?”

When the marine grumbled something affirmative sounding, Lieutenant Rumm snarled at him to get the fuck away then, and continued his abuse of the beautiful ghost. Kerrigan felt so humiliated as her tight cunt clenched unwillingly around the painful member, her dry hole bringing the cruel commander incredible pleasure. The skintight fabric on her arms and legs seemed to her agonized mind to be squeezing her, constricting her, as much a part of her bondage as the cuffs on her ankles and wrists or the officer’s hands on her breasts. She felt so utterly helpless, when mere minutes ago she had felt so assured, so confident… the utter speed with which her situation had collapsed was shocking to the pale ghost.

She clenched her green eyes in agony as Rumm slammed her down onto him again and again, raping her more and more viciously as his pleasure mounted to a peak, using her tight body like she was a cheap whore. She was nothing but a sex toy in the officer’s mind… despite her inability to see his memories, his conscious thoughts remained perfectly clear. To Rumm, she was nothing but a thing, a possession of his that he happened to be able to enjoy greatly… but was completely replaceable if he should happen to break her.

Like a child’s doll that came in plastic wrapping, one like the one she’d had…

The memory stopped there, just a tiny snippet remaining to something the ghost felt had once been a happy memory… and she cried again as she began to doubt how much of a mercy her lack of memory really was.

Groaning in pleasure, Rumm pressed her all the way down on his cock and ground her against him, moving her slight from side to side as he cock swelled and exploded inside her. Even as the nauseating wave of pleasure from the officer hit her mind, Kerrigan’s own thoughts filled with despair, and the contrast between the two almost robbed consciousness from the bound ghost. She wished it had, if only so she didn’t have to feel his hot cum painting her insides, filling her entirely with her rapist’s seed.

The thought of getting pregnant had barely even occurred to the sobbing girl before Rumm’s thoughts cruelly quenched the worry… he was perfectly secure in the knowledge that the doctors had seen to it that Kerrigan, like all ghosts, would never have children. Even with her complete lack of memories, she felt the vicious assault on her identity… her mind aching in horrible pain at the thought of part of her femininity being so casually stripped from her. She barely felt it when the Lieutenant’s cock slipped out of her sore cunt, but she couldn’t help but feel the massive wave of misery that rolled off Nova as the man in her ass came, his hand clenching at her soft cheeks hand enough that Kerrigan thought his nails would draw blood.

Then she realized, to her growing horror, that the cock beneath her had grown no softer at all… and she could still feel Rumm’s lust for her, his desire for her pain…

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