Chapter 10

After what she had just gone through, Kerrigan had little doubt that he would be true to his word. Still, she said nothing, too exhausted and in pain to do much besides lie there and try to regain her strength and composure.

“But I am not dirtying myself with you again… for now. Your presence disgusts me,” he spat, putting on his pants again before calling in guards. Kerrigan was about to ask him why he raped her if she so disgusted him, but decided against it. She had endured enough punishment already. The idea of his guards moving in, however, was worrying, to say the least. Another rape by these brutes was something she was starting to genuinely fear, despite all her training and self-control. Nothing had prepared her for this.

She did not know either of the guards, which was at least somewhat of a relief. Seeing one of the men who had taken her before would have added the weight of memories to any new abuses. The men both seemed very ready and willing to use her body, judging by their greedy gazes and the openly lecherous expressions on their brutish faces.

Fortunately, it was not to be so. Arcturus nodded towards her and said, “Time for her to learn what her masters are really up to. You know where to take her. And no detours or stops.”

Patiently, Arcturus waited until the men had removed and loosened the bonds, prompting a pained gasp from Kerrigan as the returned blood flow into her hands and feet announced itself by painful, insistent prickling. Even with his orders, the men could apparently not stop themselves from cupping a feel as they freed her, however, groping her tits and her ass roughly.

Nothing she hadn’t expected.

The pair of men dragged her up off the bed, supporting her when her feet, still numb from the bindings, refused to let her gain a sense of equilibrium. Kerrigan tried to struggle, be her efforts produced only laughable results. She was simply too exhausted, too weak and in too much pain and discomfort to mount a suitable fight.

Were she in her top fighting condition, she could have killed both of them in the blink of an eye. Which made her predicament even worse. Kerrigan knew how superior she was to them in every aspect and it helped nothing at all. Right now, all her training accounted for nothing. She was still helpless, dragged between them, forced to endure the greedy grasps at her tits and her round ass while they pulled her away, Arcturus following suit.

Through poorly lit corridors they dragged her until they arrived at an unmarked door. By now, Kerrigan was able to walk on her own, but they did not let go and kept dragging her. When the doors slid open, Kerrigan gasped, the men both chuckling at her reaction.

The room was small and round, empty except for a low seat in the middle of it. Anyone who’d want to sit there would have to kneel. The seat itself was round and had a large opening in the middle. Through it, attached to a piston-like device were two large phallic objects, spaced in such a way as to enter both the pussy and anus of any girl unfortunate enough to kneel on it.

Now, Kerrigan attempted to struggle again, understanding what they were trying to do to her. She actually managed, despite her weakened state, to break free of the grip of the man to her right, snapping his wrist in the process, her martial training and pure adrenaline finally coming to her rescue. Unfortunately, before she could turn to the other man, she heard a sharp crackle and then, every muscle in her went rigid as a painful cramp engulfed her entire body, making her scream out as she flopped to the floor, stunned. “Bitch,” the guard spat, putting the stunner away and reaching down to grab her.

Limp now, unable to struggle with her muscles electrocuted into uselessness, Kerrigan was forced to kneel down in the center of the cell. Her wrists were released, but then were quickly secured once more to the shackles dangling from the ceiling. Her limp jaw was parted, and a thick, rubber ball gagged her, one of the marines tying it tightly around her head. Her ankles quickly followed suit, secured to the floor on either side of the cruel fucking machine, her legs forced wide slightly open. Then, smiling cruelly, they pushed her down.

As she went down onto the machine, her already sore holes were dragged down on the dildos, being forced entirely into her as gravity and the marines’ strength forced her down all the way, sheathing their wide lengths inside of her. The twin shafts were cold steel, and froze her as they pierced between her the ravaged edges of her cunt as ass, pushing into her. They kept kept pulling her down until they sank into her complete, then they took the pair of leather straps and tightened them around her calves, so she could barely twitch.

By now, Kerrigan felt some strength returning to her body, but it was too late. The chain was pulled, raising her hands taut about her and the bindings were too tough to allow her to full free of them. The ghost could only moan as she was filled completely by the hard, cold metal, pushed uncomfortably deep into her.

The next item Arcturis handed to the soldiers was a steel frame constructed from two steel tubes. These were bent at two spots, such that when they mated up together, they formed a horizontal eight. The two tubes were hinged together at one end, and screwed in place at the other. The marine loosed the screw and separated the tubes slightly. Then he placed the tubes over Kerrigan’s hanging breasts, for the first time the ghost realized that there were small teeth on the inside curves of the metal as the soldier began to screw it shut. Her heavy breasts were squeezed in between the two halves of the press, and then he turned to the other side of screws to tighten it further. The jaws of the press were brought steadily together, crushing her breasts in between them. The man kept turning the screws even after Kerrigan was screaming in pain into her gag.

“MMMMMMMPPHHHHH!” she screamed as Mengsk pushed the marine aside and took the screws in his own hands, tightened the clamp until her breasts were squashed between the two halves, the teeth biting deeply into her soft, tender mounds.

“That’s right assassin bitch… Suffer!” the rebel leader said with a snarl man said.

Kerrigan was in hell. Her screams had fallen to pitiful moans from the pain in her breasts, and the thick dildos were filling her completely. She couldn’t resist, couldn’t move to relieve the pain, couldn’t even twitch her body without causing her tits to sway agonizingly in the teeth. When the dildos started to move within her, pumping in and out of her. She gasped as they pulled back and then, as one, drove into her, filling her to the brim once more, tearing another scream from her.

She almost wasn’t aware of Mengsk handing a final object to the marines. When he showed it to her, it looked like an iron mask, but there were no eye-holes. It had two short hollow stubs that would enter its wearer’s nostrils. There was a large black rubber-coated facsimile of a cock penetrating inward where the mouth would be. The ghost shuddered as he approached her with it, focusing so completely on it that she didn’t notice the second soldier coming up behind her.

The second marine pinched her right eyelid, and peeled it back up against skin over the top of the eye socket, just below the eyebrow. Using two pieces of medical tape or something like it, he anchored the eyelid in this position to the face. Then he did the same with the other eyes, leaving Kerrigan staring helplessly, wide eyed, unable to close her eyes or even to blink. Finally, the soldier took the gag out of her, but she could barely get out a syllable of protest before the mask was being pushed against over, over her beautiful face. Her mouth was forced open to accept the cock as it penetrated past her lips and teeth, impervious to any attempts to do it hard or stop its progress.

He tilted it up, and it fit into place over her. It not only fit over her face, but also over the crown of her head, as well as her chin. She could hear the creaking as the tool was tightened, securing it in place so there was no danger of the mask coming off. It only came all the way around and covered her ears, so once the tightening was finished, she was instantly not only plunged into darkness but also into silence.

For a moment, there was only the sound of Kerrigan’s own laboured breathing. She was, for a time that felt like an hour but couldn’t have been more than a second, left alone with the agony in her brutalized breasts, the cruel rods of the machine fucking her. Then suddenly, light began to flicker in front of her face. At first Kerrigan did not understand what was happening. Then she realized that small screens had been fitted to the eye pieces of the mask, a bit like a virtual reality visor. The flicker of lights solidified into images – images of a place she distantly remembered, a clean, sanitized, septic place…

Unknown to her, when Mengsk had been in the ghost academy, he had been recording everything he was, everything he did. He wanted to have a record of what went on them, how the trainees were taught, how the facility was used. It was this footage that he showed her now… focusing on the female ghosts. He knew that Lictir had been afraid of stimulating Kerrigan’s memories, and he felt that exposing her again to event after event that she had lived through a version of might help him remind her exactly how bad it had been at the academy… just how lightly she was getting off now.

Because he needed her. It made bile rise in his throat to think about it… he would have rather killed the slut rather than recruit her, now that he was finished using her like a tool to take over the Sons of Korhal, but her display of psychic might had changed his mind. She was, simply put, too valuable of a tool to be disposed off before it had finished being useful.

And a gun is only useful after you are certain it won’t be used to shoot you.

Kerrigan did not want to watch, but the tapes held up her eyelids, keeping her eyes open. Even if she were to roll her eye-balls, the screens before her eyes stretched around them. Everywhere she looked, she would see women, other ghosts, being used like whores. The video filled with sounds of cruelty, the slapping of flesh, the buzz of tazers, but her own moans and gagged screams added wonderfully to the soundtrack of the endless of violation and brutality.

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