Chapter 11: …Goes Around

In which the remaining pieces fight for control,
sacrifices are made,
and someone loses

Lahk had never needed to visit the brothel in Haven’s Ford before. The last time he had been here was before Sanguinar’s shadow had fallen the fair city, but he had to admit the local priests had done excellent work.

Each brothel reflected the city it was in. The temple at Maithum Falls was as vast as the city itself was, and it had to be to contain both the army of Sanguinar and the number of women the structure contained. Daggerport was a brutal city, and so it’s brothel was equally brutal, equal parts dungeon and fortress. Haven’s Ford considered itself a learned city, a sophisticated place, so the brothel was more civilized.

The high priest scoffed. In this case, civilized meant you were required to buy the lady a drink before you raped her.

The main area of the temple was a lounge where men bought alcohol and sat around smoking expensive powders before selecting a serving girl to walk off to the back with. The collars they all wore, collars enchanted to cause them agony if they tried to leave, and the way their makeup kept running with their tears gave lie to the entire display, but he supposed that sometimes all people needed was an excuse to be willingly blind.

In a corner of the lounge sheltered by a series of curtains that wafted in the smoke, a blond teenager sucked on his cock while he watched the display. Lahk was glad that this brothel was working so well, because his hunt for Caladwen was not. If the high priest was going to be honest with himself, he may have set off prematurely, hoping that the knowledge that the trail led north from here would be enough to find Caladwen, or perhaps that he could follow the years old trail of Athuum now that he knew she had walked this road once.

It was not, and he could not. There were thousands of passes through the northern mountains, and most of them lead into the untamed lands. In the middle of winter, exploring the many passages with no idea of which route to take was little short of active suicide. Additionally, no one remembered the lone elf from years ago, and Lahk wasn’t even sure when he was supposed to be looking for her. Bellany had only known where the red haired elf had arrived in Daggerport, not when she had passed through Haven’s fall or when she had left the elven homeland. Anytime since the end of the War of Ascension more than two decades ago was possible, and the frustration of it ground at him and he drove himself deeper into the gagging young girl, making her suffer as the frustration played out for him.

The girl, looked up at him with hate filled eyes as he pressed her deeper onto his cock. This girl has spirit. Some of his retinue enjoyed this kind of defiance in a woman, his half-brother first among them. Lahk found it endlessly annoying. The resistance displayed by such women disgusted him, showing him little but that they couldn’t accept reality. The last law of the land was that the strong took what the weak could not defend, and the church had taken their bodies. It was done and finished.

Lahk had to admit however, as he grabbed Karla’s blond hair in a firm grip and pulled her up and down on his cock, that it was even more pleasing to see the defiant ones fall into despair. He savaged her throat, forcing the girl to bob gagging on his rod, laughing to himself as he masturbated with the whore’s tight throat.

He leaded back smiling in his chair, allowing the girl to catch her breath. He waited for only a few seconds before he cuffed the sobbing blond, and she regretfully resumed her ministrations on the high priest’s cock. Lahk could swear that the flash in her eyes was a little dimmer than it had been earlier, and that pleased him.

He sighed. Caladwen was so close that he could almost taste it, yet it remained out of touch. There had to be a way, there was always a way, but for the life of him the high priest could not divine it. His father would be disappointed.

Sixteen years ago, Sanguinar’s Temple in the countryside outside of Maithum Falls

Lahk was nine the first time he saw a woman raped. It wasn’t even much of an event, although to be fair the girl wasn’t much of a woman either. He simply walked into a soldier’s barrack room in the temple one day and he saw her.

Her name was Guinevere, and she couldn’t have been all that much older than he was. A girl in her early teens, the young human woman had certainly matured early. The brunette had the face of an angel but the breasts of a succubus, huge fleshy mounds that made men’s mouths water for a taste. Those tits had doomed the village girl when the soldiers had seen her on the road, and they had taken her with them screaming all the way.

Now safely within their barracks, they had tied the girl tight with her arms together behind her back. As young as he was, Lahk could see that the soldiers had hurt the girl. Gwen’s tits were purple with bruises, and angry red tones across her flesh told of their abuses. As Lahk stood in the doorway, transfixed, one of the soldiers climbed onto the cot lay on top of. He wanted to fuck Guinevere badly, and as he spread her legs he grabbed onto her tits and squeezed tight then tight. The fresh abuse elicited a pitiful wail from her, then he forced his knee between her legs and spread her completely. Lahk got his first view of a woman’s pussy then, sparse brown hair covering the delicious fuckhole of the young teenager.

As soon as her cunt was exposed the soldier rammed home, brutally slamming his dick in to the hilt. Gwenevere’s body bucked off the bed and she screamed till Lahk thought her voice would go. Other soldiers cheered as the man rabbit fucked the girl, her legs splayed wide as they spasmed and kicked at the air. Lahk was hypnotized at the wonder of the sight before him as this beauty was completely destroyed by the men. There was absolutely no gentleness in the way he fucked her. Another soldier pushed his cock against the sobbing girl’s lips and the next time she screamed he forced it into, driving himself so deep into the brunette that Lahk could see her throat bulge.

Gwen made the most amazing sounds to the young boy. It was partially a squeal, a high-pitched whine that made clear her humiliation. It was partially a gagging noise, as Lahk knew that the girl certainly couldn’t breath with the thick cock sealing her throat. It was also partially a sob, as her abused body expressed its sorrow the only way she could, painting her angelic face with tears.

For the first time in his life, Lahk’s cock was so hard that it actually hurt.

The bed creaked loud through the barracks and the raping soldier grunted with each thrust, driving his full weight onto Gwenevere’s hips. It didn’t take long for him to bellow, driving his dick deep, and then spending his load into the tiny girl’s pussy. Lahk heard the girl stop crying out in pain around the dick her her mouth and groan, shuddering in abject humiliation as the soldier lay atop her, savoring the cushioning of her huge under his chest.

Before long, however, the man driving into her face had made a sound a triumph and pulled his cock from her mouth, spraying the perfect face with white lines of slime. The sobbing girl looked so hot like that, Lahk actually started to pant, unnoticed in the doorway.

Seconds later the woman was being flipped over, her body covered in sweat from the exertion of her rape. A soldier went beneath her and two of his laughing fellows forced the girl’s hips down onto him, her tight hole enveloping his cock. Guinevere started crying in earnest now as a second man went behind the teenager, spreading her legs wide and forcing a finger into her… into her asshole, Lahk saw. The act confused the boy, but he liked the way Gwen screamed like a slaughtered pig at the invasion. The soldier beneath her had taken hold of her tits and was squeezing the bruised flesh, twisting the huge tits one way then the next.

Guinevere turned her head to look at the man behind her, and Lahk watched amazed as the soldier ran his tool over the crack of her ass. Positioning himself outside of her nether hole, he grabbed Gwen by the hair and arched her head savagely back. “This will hurt less if you don’t resist, you stupid slut.”

From the way she screamed and squirmed, she was obviously not taking the advice. He grinned savagely and spit onto his cock, then pressed the head of it against her cute little butt. Real screams of agony and terror were coming from Guinevere now as he started driving forward. The improper violation amazed Lahk. She was so tight, and her ass didn’t want to give, but the soldier kept pushing the head of his cock against her till he started to get some penetration. The man beneath her had pulled her sobbing back down to him and had his mouth locked on Gwenevere’s, forcing her to kiss him.

Slowly, almost centimeter by centimeter the man was forcing his prick in her ass. Gwenevere’s body jumped with each little bit he moved forward. She was so tight it had to hurt even the soldier, and he smacked her on the ass repeatedly, driving his cock deeper with every blow. “That’s it village slut, open up for me!” The strikes to her ass must be having an effect to loosen the Gwen slightly because the man was taking advantage, successfully forcing more and more of his dick in her hole.

Once had had gotten halfway in he started fucking her slowly, barely getting much movement. Even so, it must have been like heaven for him based on the look on the soldier’s face. Meanwhile, his fellow beneath the brunette team thrust methodically into Gwenevere’s pussy, arching his hips and completing the double penetration. Soon the two of them got into a sort of rhythm, timing their fucking perfectly as they drove in and out of her in sequence. Guinevere was balling uncontrollably, feeling every inch of the two raping cocks in her holes.

The soldier in her ass took hold of hips, trying to gain more leverage. Her ass was still resisting his attack, but he wasn’t going to stop. Instead, he gripped the girl tighter and started pumping faster and faster into Gwenevere’s ass, and though she was obviously still so incredibly tight, she seemed to be opening up little by little under the ruthless abuse. He held tight to her hips and used them to fuck her harder and harder.

The groaning, weeping teenage impaled on his cock was obviously too much for him to take. When he couldn’t hold on any longer he yelled in praise of Sanguinar and drove himself as deeply as he could, grunting like an animal. Completely rammed home and with his entire dick stuffed into her, Guinevere wailed as he filled her with cum.

Lahk didn’t know how long he stayed buried in the girl before he finally pulled out with a gross wet noise of suction. When he was free, the other soldier started driving his hips up furiously, his arms around Guinevere to pull her down against him. Her enormous tits were squashed flat against his chest as he fucked her like a demon.

Lahk couldn’t take anymore. He turned and left the room, unobserved amid the feeding frenzy surrounding the beautiful young girl. He never knew what happened to her, and it never seemed important.

Karla looked up, her blow job slackening as the priest sighed, thinking he may want something else from her… but she immediately received a sharp slap across her temple. Her sky-blue eyes redden and swell as new tears come to the blond. “Did I tell you to look at me?!” he scowled down at her.

She clenched her hollow eyes and whimpered as she pushed her tired mouth down his shaft a little further. She had no idea who this man was, but she knew he was important, and if she failed to please him her punishment would be even worse than usual. It was important that he be pleased — it mattered to the young girl more than anything else.

He reached down, taking a fist of her hair and wrenched her head back, he looked straight into her eyes as they made a silent plea for mercy. With an evil smile, he spit all over her face. A lump of slime made its way out of her eye socket, and traced its way across her cheek to her lips. He slapped her across the face.

“You sicken me, did you know that?” He smiled, forcing the slut to nod yes by pushing her head up and down. “When I look at you my stomach rolls. I think of all the whores in this place, all of the destitute, filthy wastes of life that fill this place, and I know that you are the most disgusting of them all.” Lahk’s smile widened as he slapped the girl again, drawing fresh sobs. “Now apologize to me.”

A tear rolled down her flushed cheek, and she opened her mouth to speak, to beg for the high priest’s forgiveness, but before she can utter a word he slammed her face back down into his lap. With a sickening gulp, his cock burrowed deep into her throat, and her gag reflex started fighting the invasion too late, succeeding only in milking his shaft as her body desperately fights for air. “That’s right bitch!” he snarls, “Apologize to me the only way a whore can!”

She started bucking in his grip and her bound legs began trying to kick out, but it was to no avail. He wrapped his free hand around her throat and jerked himself off through her neck. Her face was turning blue and the girl started heaving, so he popped his cock out of her for a moment, just long enough for her to suck in a half of a breath before her stomach revolted and she vomited. As the vomit flooded her throat, however, Lahk drilled his cock back into her, and the thick slime went up her nose and was forced from the corners of her mouth.

Lahk laughed as Karla as he happily slapped her face down into his wet crotch, Karla going limp in his hands as he savagely raped her throat, and he intensified the barrage of abuse he leveled at her, using her even harder while he struck her tits again and again with his fist. This girl was once the prettiest girl in her little town, Lahk knew, but the church had found her and stolen her away to this place of nightmares. Now she was a piece of trash, covered in spit and vomit and tears, little more than a receptacle for any fluids that a man might be urged to dump into her. Like some kind of sea dwelling animal, her slime covered face gurgled and choked on the raping cock until he stops suddenly, pulling out and letting her collapse at his feet, gasping and retching and sobbing her eyes out.

Lahk ran his hands through the girl’s luscious hair. That’s a good whore, Karla. You’ve been a good whore, haven’t you?“ He leaned over the girl, tenderly stroking her worn and sticky face. In her delusion, she looks up imploringly at the high priest.

“Yes, yes master. I’m a good whore. I’ll be a good whore for you.”

Lahk laughed and kicked her, the steel cap of his boot driving into her gut and striking her womb. She gave a breathless scream and curled up, doubling over into the fetal position and gasping for air. He was bored now: Lahk simply lifted her by her throat back up to his lap. While holding her forehead he forced her jaw wide open with his other hand. With no ceremony he ground her open maw back onto his cock. Her tongue hung lifelessly out over her lips, causing the abused whore to unwillingly lick the high priest’s ball with each pump.

With a final burst of sadistic energy he tore into her throat; bashing his cock past her tonsils, bruising her throat and tearing her hair as he gripped her savagely. He pounded her face into his lap like the lifeless rag doll she has become, nothing left of her except the sound of her face and throat. With each guttural sound he ripped from the suffering whores throat he felt his balls clench a little tighter. Each time she choked on the invading cock Lahk hated her a little more and made her suffer accordingly.

Thirteen years ago, Sanguinar’s Temple in the countryside outside of Maithum Falls

Lahk’s first woman fell to him the same night he murdered the high priest.

His body was still warm when the twelve year old boy declared himself the new high priest, and no one dared gainsay him. Lahk stood in front of an assembled mass of soldiers, making a carefully considered speech about the glory of Sanguinar and the course the church would follow. No one was really listening, he knew. Most of the soldiers were not the faithful, they just wanted to be safe and to be paid. The ones who were faithful, and who did care, on the other hand — their input would come later. If they agreed with him, they would quietly meet with the boy later and pledge their allegiance to their new master. Those that didn’t agree would likely meet and pledge their allegiance as well, but would be looking for an opportunity to stick a dagger between his ribs at the soonest convenience.

The trick would be to sort them out… but that was a challenge for later. There was nothing he could do about it at this moment, addressing a group who didn’t really care what he had to say so long as it didn’t effect their pay or rations. Still, saying the words was something expected, something that had to be done.

Then Lahk did something unexpected. As soon as he was finished with the address we walked down into the crowd and walk straight to a sobbing blond girl in the crowd. She was the former high priest’s daughter, Serena, and precisely his age. She would do perfectly. Lahk wrapped his fingers through her hair and pulled her abruptly from her seat, dragging the screaming girl from the room by her mane. Even then the boy was stronger than most grown men, and the twelve year old girl’s resistances were pitiful to the new high priest. Soldiers stared at them as Serena wailed, her hair ripping as she was pulled from the room. Some of them looked confused, others disgusted, some amused. Most, though, wore a thoughtful expression — one containing lust. Lahk smiled and tried his best to remember which face was who’s. The information would be useful.

Serena was a virgin the same way he was, but by the end of the night neither of them had a virginity left. Semen dripped from her tight holes and coated her face by the time Lahk was done with her. He took particular joy at forcing the young girl to suck on his cock — inept as she was, the utter humiliation in her eyes as she serviced her father’s killer was more arousing than anything Lahk had ever seen.

The entire night Serena never stopped crying, and Lahk couldn’t have been happier.

When he at last wiped his cock clean in her hair and went to his door, he was surprised to see a body on the ground outside the door. Standing over the fallen priest was a red-bearded dwarf, bald with a savage scar up the middle of his forehead and onto the top of his skull. The axe he held was bloody, and he waited in a tense readiness with his back against Lahk’s door.

The high priest took this in during the first second, then cleared his voice. “What happened here?” He tried to put as much authority into his voice as he could, but twelve-year-olds never sound very tough, even when they were.

“One o’ the ol’ guard objected to yer treatment of Serena. ‘E intended to kill ye.” The dwarf turned his head to look at the boy, never moving from his ready stance. “I objected.”

Lahk smiled appraisingly. “Cormac, isn’t it?”

“Ay, milord. I served yer father ‘n the war.”

“I know,” Lahk said, his grin widening. He nodded his head towards the well-raped teenager sobbing on his bed. “Would you like to come in?”

The cruel smile on the dwarf’s face turned lecherous. “Don’t mind ‘f I do.

With a roar Lahk drove his foot into her whoring cunt, making her scream around his rod as he fucked her face like a rabid dog would fuck a pussy The high priest slammed his cock deeper, bruising her face with his hips as he bashed her skull into his pelvis. Lahk could feel the rings of her trachea giving his cock head a massage, milking his manhood deep in the whore’s neck until he was ready to explode. He spit into her bulging blue eyes as he came, releasing the first surge of his bitter cum into her skull. Flow after flow followed it down her throat, and each time he thrust himself into her again it flushed the foul substance deeper in the broken girl.

Karla’s sobs were turning him on, making him cum hard as he humiliated the girl by dumping his load directly into her stomach, knowing that she was completely helpless before the high priest and could do nothing but passively kneel there and hope that the savage had tired of her.

With a shudder Lahk withdraws from the sobbing mouth and wiped the last droplets into her eyes, letting the blond fall to the floor. She squealed as the vile cum scorches her eye, and she frantically blinked, trying to allow her tears to flood the poison from her sockets. She lay gasping as her body began to remember that it could now breathe, filling her lungs for the first time in long minutes.

Lahk gestured to one of the guards. “Take this useless whore away. She can’t do anything right. Make sure she gets double the usual punishment.” The guard smiled and dragged the protesting girl away, her pleading eyes looking at the high priest as she was pulled from the room. There was no trace of defiance in those eyes now, and Lahk smiled. Many men’s eyes followed the sobbing girl as she was dragged into the back of the brothel. With luck, more than one of them would choose to pay the abused girl girl a visit tonight.

“Now that your finished sampling your property, milord, I wondered if I might have a word with you.”

Lahk’s head snapped to the side, locking onto a beautiful woman standing against the curtains and meeting his eyes evenly, without fear. She was gorgeous beyond belief, possibly the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, and suddenly Lahk wanted her with a primal need not muted in the least by his recent release. He shook his head to clear it and noticed Cormac still standing outside of the silk curtains, completely unaware of his guest. Curious.

The high priest cocked his head slightly. “I must confess, you have me at a loss, miss…”

“Alissandra,” the brunette purred, her voice making a thousand promises of carnal pleasure to come. “My name is Alissandra”

The high priest smiled. “How did you even get in here?”

“My turn to confess,” she gave a small laugh. “I sneaked in. I’m sorry.”

The smile on Lahk’s face grew predatory. “If you don’t have a very good reason for being here, you certainly will be.” He waved his hand, gesturing to the room around him. He could be mistaken, but he thought the woman shuddered the slightest bit, and it looked like arousal rather than fear. “This is no place a woman wants to go freely.”

“I bring news of someone who wants to kill you, high priest,” the woman said, draping herself sensually into the chair next to Lahk. She plucked a grape from the bowl and wrapped her lips around it before biting, the liquid flowing down her red lips like blood.

“That is hardly something new,” Lahk said, changing his position in his own chair. The damned wench was teasing him. “A lot of people want me dead. If that’s all you have…”

Lahk was starting to turn to gesture for Cormac when Alissandra spoke again. “How many of them are revenants?”

That got the high priest’s attention. He had dealt with the chosen of Kardas before, but her embrace could turn even the the weakest of men into a deadly foe, and he would always prefer to avoid them when possible. He turn back to the woman and steepled his fingers in front of his face, thinking. “And for information on this assassin, you want what, precisely?”

The beautiful women ate another grape, the effort somehow using every muscle in her body. “I met the revenant while conducting business, you might say. I ran a band of slavers out west before she skilled them all,” she smiled impishly. “We mostly captured and sold women… I would like to serve you in a similar capacity.”

Lahk did laugh now, the sound attracting Cormac’s attention. He started at seeing someone unexpected so close to his charge and reached for his axe. “You lose an entire band to a single warrior, a woman at that, and you expect me to reward your incompetence?”

Alassiel’s brown eyes flashed and darkened as the dwarf started pushing through the silk curtains, weapon in hand. “I warn you milord, you underestimate this elf at extreme peril.”

The high priest’s eyes widened and his hand flew up, palm open. “Hold Cormac!” Lahk yelled, and the dwarf obeyed, lowering the axe fractionally. An elf revenant? That was different… Kardas only granted her blessing on someone who had been personally wronged — him being the leader of their racial opponents would not suffice. Lahk had interacted with few enough elves in his life that he could remember each one, and the high priest could not think of couldn’t remember any would still breathed who would trade their own life for revenge against him. In fact, he had never heard of an elf making a pact with the Demon Queen — to have driven one of the elves to such desperation, he would have had to…

He would have had to destroy her.

His breath caught in his throat as a thought occurred to him.


“Her hair…” Lahk whispered, his voice hoarse. He could find enough voice to speak louder. “What color was the elf’s hair?”

“Red, milord,” Alissandra ate another grape, seemingly unconcerned for the threat of imminent violence. “The color of the sky at sunset.”

It couldn’t be.

Red hair was shockingly uncommon among elves, even less common than it was among humans. Lahk had never seen or even heard of an elf with auburn, much less truly red, hair… save for the one. “Athuum…” he breathed, his voice barely audible. Both Alissandra and Cormac were leaning in to the high priest, eager to hear what he was saying. “She lives.”

He stood in a rush, nearly knocking the dwarf from his feet. “Athuum lives!” he roared, the voice echoing through the lounge. His shocked expression twisted into a sadistic smile. “By Sanguinar, this is perfect!”

Alissandra smiled, completely unworried by the stares of dozens of men that had latched onto her beautiful form. “So I take it the information is useful to you, then?”

Lahk laughed and laughed, his smile growing wider. “Oh, yes, yes it is.” He offered the woman his hand and she took it, rising from the chair and following after the high priest as he walked. “I think we can give you a place in my church, Alissandra.”

He opened the door to the employees section and gestured for the lady to go first. She stepped over the threshold with a smile, and a blaze of light forced Lahk to close his eyes for a moment, the arcane runes Helios has drawn on the floor blazing to life as the brunette stepped upon them. Her face twisted into a mask of shock as she collapsed into a boneless heap on the ground, blasted instantly into unconsciousness by the stunning force of the ward.

“Did I forget to mention that this area was men only?” Lahk grinned down at Alissandra’s still form. “How forgetful of me.” The priest kicked at the downed woman, drawing a groan from the unconscious whore. “The only place in my church for you is on your back.”

He turned to Cormac and instructed the dwarf to take her to a cell, and Lahk stood there smiling as his bodyguard complied, honest — if sadistic — happiness filling his mind. Twists of fate like this reminded him, from time to time, that there was good in the world after all, and that with enough faith and perseverance, he could win.

He could win everything.

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