Chapter 14: Identity

25 years ago, Maithum Falls

“Presenting, Princess Lissa Tel’orine of Silas.”

Applause rose up, and the druid forced a fake smile onto her face as she blushed beneath the gown she wore. It was a ridiculous thing. Completely impractical, and if she had to run it would tear in a thousand places… not that she would ever be able to run in these ridiculous torture devices humans called shoes.

Lissa looked down at the heel in appraisal. Perhaps it could serve as a weapon if she were suddenly attacked. It could happen, there was a war on after all. The druid looked around the ridiculous room and decided that, unfortunately, it was unlikely that a fortunately timed assassination attempt would occur during her presentation.

Which was a shame really, but what’s a girl to do?

‘Stand there and take the honorary adoption,’ she reminded herself dutifully as she fell to one knee, no doubt appearing ridiculous, allowing the king to place his sword upon her shoulder. ‘It will make him happy.’

This entire thing was ridiculous.

But when she felt the warmth of the hands on her shoulders, holding her from behind, it suddenly didn’t matter to her how silly it was, and a smile that had nothing to do with propriety graced her face.

Several miles to the north of where her pursuers found refuge from the storm, another exhausted traveler fought the elements. With the freezing wind roaring in at her from the right, Alassiel plodded along, ducking her shoulder and head against the constant icy press. She was on a high pass, and though he didn’t like being out in the open, this windblown stretch was the route with by far the least snow, and the only way she might still progress towards Caladwen in this weather. She knew that her quarry might spot her from miles away, a singular spot of darkness against the vast expanse of white, but hoped that the storm would shield her presence.

Indeed, what she was hoping for was she could in turn catch a glimpse of them, for how else might she find Lahk in this vast range, where her sight was always limited by the next mountain, and distance was all but impossible to determine. If she could not find and intercept the high priest in the mountains she had little choice but to hope to beat him into the pass to Caladwen, the solitary land route through these snow-blown peaks.

More than once the elf considered turning back from this course of folly. The mountains were all but impassable during winter at the best of times, and in all likelihood the storm had closed any hope of either her or Lahk reaching the crater. She felt a fool at ever walking north from Haven’s Ford, and again at continuing into the winter blow. It was impossible to succeed, and in all likelihood, if Lahk tried he was dead.

In all likelihood was not good enough.

Alassiel shielded her eyes from the wind and the blowing snow and carefully picked her path. He’d have to continue across the open facing to the larger mountain, then make his way down its steep western side. At least there were trees along that slope, against which she could lean her weight and slow her descent. If she tried to go down from this barren area and got into a slide, she’d tumble a long way indeed. Alassiel put her head down again and plowed on, leaning into the wind.

That lean cost her when she stepped upon one stone which, beneath the snow, sloped down to the right much more than it appeared. Her bare feet, numb from the cold, found little traction on the icy surface, and the overbalanced revenant couldn’t compensate quickly enough to stop the skid, and her foot flew out from under her.

She was sliding, her arms grasping desperately for a hold, but the elf could find nothing to grasp. She had no way to slow herself and was soon bouncing more than sliding, going into a headlong roll and clipping one large stone that turned her over sideways. The straps on her pack fell loose, then tore free. She quickly left it behind her, its flap opening and a line of his supplies spilling out behind it as they slid in diverging directions.

Alassiel continued her twisting, bouncing descent and left both the pack and the top of the pass far behind.

25 years ago, Maithum Falls

Lissa had never cried so hard.

The light of the moon poured in through the window, casting a pale light on the ravaged wreck of a room, a room filled with the carvings of the six gods and the golden crest of Silas. A room filled with ashen dust that coated every surface, drifting down through the air to land in her hands as she helplessly grasped at them. A room filled with broken furniture, broken tiles, broken dreams and a broken heart.

It might even contain a broken druid.

It had been an eternity for Alissandra. Her body was naught but raw nerve endings, every one of which was on the verge of explosion. She had been moaning constantly now since the second hour of her torment, though she had no real way to reckon time, bound as she was. Every inch of her body was on fire with waves of tortuous pleasure, and yet, as hard as she tried, she could not cum.
Her only recourse was to cause herself pain, and after three of four times thrashing against her bonds, she was too scared to even try moving again.

She had drifted in and out of consciousness, in spite of the pain from her bound hair — her body simply could not withstand the strain. But her journeys into sleep were brief and restless, and troubled by dreams unlike any the erinyes had experienced before, nightmares of helplessness and pain. Even awake she was no longer capable of any rational thought. She was simply a creature in agony, longing for the release of death.

Her shoulders had ceased aching long ago, as had her pussy. Her sexual euphoria had drained all thoughts of physical pain from her body to be replaced by nothing but pleasure so pure it was agonizing. Her screams were barely audible through her gag, since her voice had long ago been scraped away by continuous over-use.

And that was when here torturer returned.

She sensed his presence and began to gurgle through the phallus gag when he untied her hair from the ring above her head and let it fall all around her leather covered head. She took immediate advantage of her new freedom and started moving her head around, trying to ease the stiffness in her neck. Aion let her for several long seconds before removing the hood, causing Alissandra to blink at the dungeons dim light that suddenly seemed so harsh to her eyes.

Her face was damp with dried sweat and tears and there were dark circles beneath her eyes from lack of sleep, but her chestnut eyes, even bloodshot as they were, still shown with the same inner fire and hatred as they had the day before.

She thrashed her head in Aion’s direction, her hair spinning outward in a perfect arc as she vented her furious anger silently to the chorus of her chains moaning. Aion understood that Alissandra was trying to threaten him and laughed in the erinyes’s face. “My, aren’t we a tough little whore?”

The priest’s condescending tone sent the girl into a fit of anger so fierce that she started to thrash in pain, her movements aggravating the spiked dildo inside her. After that, she rapidly calmed down to a seething, smoldering anger, rather than a violent, thrashing one.

“Well, my fiery little plaything,” Aion placed a hand on the perfectly beautiful woman’s hip. “Are you ready to fuck your master?”

She shook her head back and forth, looking right into his eyes the entire time, although the pleasure in her was all but overwhelming. His smile grew even wider then, and she could sense he was glad she still had it in her to resist.

He put his mouth right against her ear.

“Too bad,” he whispered.

Two Months into Captivity, Maithum Falls

When she opened her eyes hands, were all over her body, and the elf tried to scream but someone’s lips were pressed against her, kissing her deep while at least three pairs of hands were grabbing her bare tits. She felt her hands come free as someone unshackled her, and wept as fingers were forced up her cunt.

“Damn,” one of the soldiers said who now surrounded her. “This is the bitch who attacked Daggerport? She’s fucking hot!”

“Yeah, a real elf bitch!” another added as he fingered her pussy, “and a druid too, look at the ink!” He was practically moaning. “Damn, she’s still so tight down here! I’d have figured she’d be loose as shit by now!”

“It’s these elves,” his friend laughed as he held her now unbound wrists. “They stay hot forever. She’ll still be a fuckable piece long after we’re old men, boys!”

“Fuck yeah!” said another, his hands still roaming her tits. “Got to love a well whipped bitch!” he laughed, rubbing his hands over the whip welts on her skins. “Wish I could have seen that!”

“Why not have a repeat show?” one asked, and Athuum could see him heft a bullwhip. She squealed around the mouth gagging her.

“Nah, we don’t have time for that,” the man holding her said. “We have to be back on duty soon.”

So reminded, Athuum was pushed to the middle of the cell without delay, and five soldiers surrounded her as she scrambled to her knees. The elf looked at the men — all of them leered down at her, their cocks hard and pointing at her like spears, and again she felt tears well up. Even after months of her treatment, she couldn’t stop crying.

Athuum didn’t think she’d had more than an hours uninterrupted sleep since she’d arrived at the temple of Sanguinar — everyone wanted a piece of the high priest’s new catch, the red haired elf. Everyone wanted to take a chance to rape a representative of their enemy.

“Stop just looking as us you stupid slut!” the guard directly in front of her yelled, driving his boot into her stomach. She gasped and heaved. “I had friends in Daggerport! Who knows if they’re still alive, thanks to you you little piece of fuck meat!” he kicked her again and again until she was properly sobbing, curling up in an attempt to survive the brutal beating.

When the kicking stopped her abuser grasped her by her scarlet hair and pulled her forward, forcing her to again go to her knees or have her hair torn painfully out. “Lick me, whore!” he yelled, pulling her head forward to his crotch, never releasing her scalp. Tilting his cock up, he held it with his fist as he pushed her mouth against his smelly balls. “I know you’ve done this before. Now!”

Weeping, the weakened elf opened her mouth and ran her tongue over his balls, shuddering at the stink of his sweat. “That’s better bitch. Lick!” he chuckled while she lapped away, feeling his cock twitch every time her tongue touched him.

One of the other guards kicked her legs, pushing them open. Kneeling down, he began to roughly probe her pussy with two fingers, pumping them in and out of the sore and swollen hole at a very painful pace. Athuum whimpered against the first soldier’s balls, much to their combined delight.

Not wanting to be left out, one of the others reached down and grabbed a wrist, bringing it to his hard cock. “Jerk me off you slut!” He yelled, and the sobbing elf did so. Another man, inspired by his fellow, grabbed her other wrist and forced her to wrap her delicate fingers around the shaft. Her hair burned savagely, as the grip on her mane was the only thing keeping her balanced now.

Athuum could barely concentrate on what she was doing, so humiliated was she with a man’s heavy balls resting on her tongue and her entire body being subject to some kind of use. She felt so utterly miserable and used that she wish she could just die from the shame. Weeping hard, she stroked her tormentor’s cocks clumsily even as she hated herself.

“Best for last!” the final guard said before reaching down and spreading her ass cheeks, then she felt something hard pressing again her asshole… the man’s fist.

“Nnnn!” she groaned around the cock being slowly stuffed into her mouth as the fist began to push at her sore ass, alternating between strokes as a whole fist and insinuating fingers into her tight back hole until he forced the entire thing into her, cum from multiple rapes providing lube for her abuser. With each push of his hand she moaned more and more, her sobs and cries driving the man fucking her face wild with arousal.

Alassiel started to slip yet again as the wind threatened to rob her feet from beneath her, but a furious growl rose in her throat and she fell flat to the snow, reaching her arm up and grabbing firmly onto a jag in the little bare stone she could find. She waited until the gust had died, and had just begun to pull herself back to her feet when a voice surprised her from behind.

“You’ll never make it back up there in this storm.”

Her head turned, incredulous, to see Shevarn standing in the snow behind her, hands buried deep into pockets on his robes. Behind him a shimmering blue doorway stood, and the elf could see his study in the tower far to the south on the other side.

“What?” the astonished Alassiel started to ask, but with her shocked surprise came distraction, and she wound up sliding backward several feet towards the Archmage to crash heavily into the snow by his feet. Spitting curses the revenant pulled herself to her feet again. “I hardly expected to see you here,” said Alassiel.

“No less than I expected to see you,” Shevarn answered. “I told Dorn you weren’t actively suicidal. It seems you cost me a wager.”

“Would you like me to reimburse you, mage?” Alassiel snarled, turning again to climb the slope.

Behind her, Shevarn shrugged. “Another time, perhaps. I have no desire to remain in this gods-forsaken storm any longer, and I want you to accompany me.”

The red haired elf spat on the ground and resumed her climb.

“You will die out here,” the mage stated simply.

“Once Lahk is dead I will.”

Shevarn watched with dismay as Alassiel resumed her attempt to climb back up to the peak she had tumbled from. Her lithe form was all but frozen solid, yet still she refused to yield an inch to necessity when her vengeance stood before her. He sighed. “I just want to help you,” he said softly.

“Then take me back to the peak,” she said without turning, “and help me kill Lahk.”

Shevarn winced and looked regretful. “Please, Lissa…”

“That is not my name!” she spun and roared, the effort causing her to slide another food down the slope.

“Do you even know who you are anymore?” the Archmage said, pleadingly. When she did not answer, he stepped back through the portal and waited until she showed no intention of joining him.

Then it closed, and Alassiel was once again alone.

24 years ago, Caladwen

Hero, they called her.

Lissa didn’t feel like a hero.

She had failed at everything.

Failed to protect the innocents.

Failed to protect Silas.

Failed to protect the Royal family.

Failed to protect her Queen and goddess.

Failed to protect…



“Too bad,” he whispered, and she could feel his hard cock pressing into her back.

Alissandra began openly sobbing, ashamed of herself as she did. She was certain no demon had ever wept as she did with Aion looming over her from behind. She could sense the blazing lust in his mind as he freed his cock from his pants. She wanted to beg, she wanted to thrash, she wanted to roast this world in an inferno but deep down she knew nothing she could do would change a thing.

Aion gave a small chuckle as he ran his hands up and down her flawless body. “You ended up in the perfect place, Alissandra.” His hands rested on her ass. “No better place in Silas for a whorish bitch like you than one of our brothels.”

“I bet your really not looking forward to being raped in your sour cunt, all wounded from resting on your little friend all night,” he wiggled the pole with a hand, causing new screams to escape her as the spines dug into her one again, and her world exploded into agony. “Lucky for you, I have another plan,” he whispered, voice so cruel it was like the promise of the reaper.

And then he pressed the head of his cock to her ass.

A scream unlike any even the demon had ever heard boiled from her lungs. Alissandra had never been penetrated in her ass, and never would have if she had had any say about it. The entire idea was degrading and beneath her. The erinyes suddenly wanted desperately to close her legs but the chains held her firmly in place, firmly exposing her virgin ass. Millimeter by millimeter he forced his cock into her. “What a tight bitch,” he growled as he pushed into her unused hole.

She tried to fight him, clenching her ass but the effort made her pussy tighten on the spikes as well. Her world again vanished into a haze of blazing agony and tears ran from her face in disgraceful screams as she bucked uncontrollably on the spikes, the priest’s huge member continuing to invade her tight hole. In the instants of clarity she had, he could sense the pleasure that the sensations her fighting him brought to the priest, milking him with her ass as she bucked and squirmed in agony.

Aion smiled as he continued his relentless assault on the erinyes’s shitter. “Does it hurt my dear?” he whispered. “Then you are really going to love this,” and he gathered his monstrous strength and bucked as hard as he could, burying his cock entirely into her in one swift motion, shattering any pretense of resistance.

Alissandra wailed and twisted from the pain in both her holes. The agony was excruciating — it turned the lower half of her body into a single raw nerve ending as her body clamped unwilling down on the pair of invading cocks.

Then she came.

Two months into captivity, Maithum Falls

Finally her weeping was too much for him, and he grabbed her head in both hands and pushed hard, filling her whole throat with his long dick. His balls slapped Athuum’s chin as he began shooting streams of slime directly to her stomach. Athuum tried to struggle, to wiggle away, but the soldiers held her firmly. For a second she felt relief as the man, who had just cum withdrew his limp dick and the fist was pulled out from her ass, but then strong hands began to lift and reposition the elf girl.

“Please no more…” she mumbled, barely audible.

Men laughed at her pitiful begging as they began to lower Athuum on their flat comrade’s rigid cock. Athuum tried to twist her body but it was of no use, for she had no where to go. She made a small whimper as the cock touched her pussy lips and a loud sob escaped her lips when she was lowered on it, feeling as the hard member filled her tight abused cunt

“Ride him you dumb bitch!” one of the soldiers yelled to the laughing of his fellows. He twisted the elf’s bloody nipples, causing her to cry in pain again. “Do you expect your betters to do all the work? Typical for a whore!” He squeezed her swollen breasts again which caused the druid’s lithe body to jump in pain

“Just like that whore!” the man beneath her sighed.

To Athuum’s horror the whip again crashed against her, snapping with a loud crack on her tender skin. She screamed and jumped as the second stroke hit her back, jumping as she rode the cock beneath her. “Please, not the whip again!” she shrieked, the sound ear piercing in the small room, and the whip struck her again.

“Oh, yes, you’re fucking like a good whore now,” the soldier beneath her moaned in pleasure, while Athuum on top cried in agony. She moved up and down, riding the hard cock inside her, burning with shame as she raped herself on the soldier but unwilling to anger him further. When suddenly one of the soldiers suddenly came before her she opened her mouth and he rammed his prick between her lips and started to fuck her face like it were her pussy, not even allowing her to suck him off at all.

Athuum’s muffled cries began to grow more frantic as she felt a man slowly insert the head of his cock at the entrance of her tight ass.

“I think my fist really opened her up!” he laughed as the cruel weapon pushed into her bleeding asshole, the pain incredible as it again hurt the wounds his fisting had inflicted. Howling around the cock in her mouth, Athuum squirmed, trying to get away to her rapists’ delight. Her struggles were thrilling the man in her pussy as she rode his cock even harder now, unintentionally.

Athuum gargled and screamed as the cock in her mouth was pumped in and out, submerged completely in a river of pain flowing over her entire form. The fresh whip welts on her back burned and her cunt and ass were sorely overstretched by dirty, thick cocks raping her anew. Crying openly, she no longer even needed to rise off of the cock in her pussy, the thrusts of the one in her ass rocking her body back and forth as his huge cock drilled into her, forcing itself into her despite all resistance

It was as if she was merely an object for them. She wasn’t Lissa, not a person, not a druid, not a hero of her people, nor even a criminal to the church to be punished. Athuum was just a set of holes and curves designed to get them off.

In the end, she couldn’t climb anymore.

She didn’t have the luxury of comrades to stand watch while she slept, but even the paranoid elf hardly expected many enemies would be able to find her on a stormy night like this one. Alassiel did settle back against the rear wall of a covered nook and closed her eyes, shivering badly by the pitiful fire she had raised She had dug out this nook, and so she was flanked left and right by walls of solid snow, with the rock wall behind and a rising snow wall before her.

Alassiel knew that even if no one who wished her ill would likely find her, she had to take any sleep in short bursts. If she didn’t regularly clear some of the snow from the front, she ran the risk of being buried alive, and if she didn’t occasionally throw another log on the fire, she’d likely freeze to death on this bitter night.

To the elf, these seemed like only minor inconveniences at the moment, pitiful things to the former druid who had been trained for most of a century to live in harmony with nature, in any condition, and who had then been hardened in the fury of Lahk’s brutality.

So close now…

The wind sang a mournful song across the small opening of Alassiel’s rock and snow shelter, a long and melancholy note that opened the doorway to the druid’s battered heart.

In that cave, in that storm, Alassiel’s thoughts were sent back across the span of time. She recalled her childhood so long ago in Caladwen, and her brief time with her mother. She remembered when she had first started her training as a druid, and could still recall the prick of the thorn, emblazoning her tattoo to follow eyrn eregdos through her body.

She recalled the beginning of the foul war, and serving beside her goddess. Her thoughts dwelt on her horror at seeing real combat, and on the first time she had seen another meet a violent end. She could still remember the eyes of the first man she killed. She remembered boredom and terror and fear and… happiness. Then nothing but sorrow.

That same road, the path that had led her to both the highest point in her life and the lowest, had landed Alassiel in that most awful of all places. Outside, the wind mourned and called to her soul, as if asking her to turn away now on her road of memories, to reject all thoughts… But Alassiel, tormented, could not turn away.

She remembered the brutality of her treatment in Daggerport, her foolish motives that put her on the path to destruction. She remembered torture lasting months, twisting her like hot iron in a forge into a new shape. A shape she hated. She remembered escaping, and when faced with a choice between attempting to make good her escape and death, she had chosen the long plunge.

It was a place from which she could not grow, but she instead had shattered against the hard surface into a jagged edge, dangerous to both herself and any around her. A broken wretch, a shell of her former glory. If only her place in Caer’s eternal song had ended with a graceful dive into the falls beneath the capital… The wind wailed its dire warnings, calling to her to abandon her thoughts, but Alassiel held onto them, guided by Shevarn’s words.

“Who am I?” she whispered to the wind, but it had no answers.

Ten years ago, Caladwen

Don’t you dare turn your back on me, Archdruid!”

Lissa did not face the woman. “I have made my decision Elide. I will not help you in this madness.”

A snarl bubbled from her throat, giving lie to the ornate garb the elf wore. “You would turn your back on your people?”

“As always, I serve Caladwen and the goddess,” she responded, still refusing to look. “In this case, by leaving.”

“You are a coward!” Elide shouted at her.

“No,” she whispered. “I have wisdom you refuse to heed.”

“You are the Archdruid no longer then!”

Lissa walked away, turning her back on her friend, her people, her home, and more than
seventy years of her life. “So be it,” she whispered. She still knew who she was.

The hours and hours of agonizingly blissful sexual torment overwhelmed her then. Now that her body had something to clench on, the anguish seemed only a passing concern to her body’s desperate need, completely overwhelming her brain’s unwillingness. Alissandra screamed in blissful orgasm, as Aion found a rhythm and began to steadily bugger the erinyes. All the while she sobbed and kept cumming for what felt like hours.

The girl thrashed in her bonds, her back arched and the pain of the spikes overwhelming any conscious thought as rivers of her juices flowed down her legs to form tiny puddles on the floor. Alissandra’s cries of torment, the twisting and spasms of her writhing body as she climaxed aroused Aion even more as he plunged his hard cock into her tightest fuckhole, a hole that had never been used by a man before. Each thrust was rewarded in a loud shriek as Alissandra jerked her body pointlessly trying to find a way to stop the assault even as she came again and again.

In this position she felt exposed as never before and the invasion of her ass was much more painful than even her torment earlier had been. The brutalizing cock penetrated her deep, stretching her tight hole and hurting her more and more with each time it was pushed in. To make matters worse Aion reach forward and grabbed her perfect breasts through the silk of her gown, adding more torturous humiliation to the demon’s savage rape.

“You’re so tight!” Aion cursed in moans. “I’m going to cum in you soon bitch!” He shouted into her ear, his self control slipping in the ecstasy that she was providing his cock as his thrusts became stronger and more frantic. He felt climax approaching. “I’m going to fill your perfect little fuckhole with my seed…”

Two months into captivity, Maithum Falls

“Good girl… good girl…” the man before her whispered as he continued his merciless rape of her face, pumping into her mouth and throat even more violently than before. His balls slapped wetly against her chin as his cock gagged her, the desperate convulsions of her throat massaging him.

Amidst all the pain and degradation, Athuum barely noticed the other man grabbing hold of her breasts and crushing them cruelly. “What a prime catch,” he muttered. “So soft and firm…” His hands mashed her tits painfully against her chest as he tormented her for no reason but the sheer pleasure of it, causing new screams in the elf’s raw throat.

Her gang rape continued, being fucked by three men at the same time, taking her in the most unimaginable, painful and humiliating way possible, turning the once proud elf into a mindless fuck-doll. The worst, was the man raping her tight ass of course, lubricated but for her bleeding. He pounded hard into her, bringing cries to her lips and causing her whole body to rock forward and backwards in the rhythm of the thrust, fucking her on the man beneath her. He only need lay there and cherish the sensation, watching as Athuum’s round, perfect breasts were crushed by savage hands. The redhead’s pussy squeezed his hard cock each time the man raping from behind pushed deeply into the girl, and also as arousing were the gagging noises coming from her abused throat, interrupted only by her moans and screams muffled by hard cock.

Finally the man fucking her face reached his climax, her screams too much for him to take. He shot the first bit down the girls throat before he withdrew and began spraying his load all over Athuum’s crying face and ratty hair.

The man in her ass was next, the tight hole crushing his cock as he raped her. Her cries of pain with every thrust were too sweet for him to last any longer, and he began pumping faster and harder as he flooded the girl elf’s bowels. As Athuum began to cry even louder and tears began flowing down her eyes more visibly, the man below her also started cumming. She sobbed in defeat as she felt another dose of the filthy, warm liquid filling her intimate hole, each drop causing new heights of humiliation.

And then it was over and they were gone, leaving the abused druid to curl into a ball and cry.

Only scant weeks ago she had been a druid. She had dedicated her life to a principle.

She had been beloved by her people once, a hero.

A hero.

And now this, trapped in a dirty cell, being raped in more disgusting ways than she could have thought of… crawler through filth.


What had she become?

Lissa Tel’orine. She was Lissa. Archdruid. Mentor. Friend. Hero to her people.

Athuum. She was Athuum. Crawler through filth. Fuck meat. Whore.

Alassiel Le’lorinel. She was Alassiel. Revenant. Abandoner of friends. Sworn to a Demon Queen.


Tilting back her head, the elf sobbed and screamed her pain to the heavens, her cry carried miles by the wailing of the storm winds.

The closer he got, the harder and more violent his thrusts became, his balls slapping against her soft skin as he violated her ass hard, pounding her hole with all his strength, making the demoness writhe and wail in absolute agony through her gag. It felt to the erinyes as if someone had rammed a burning, spiked steel rod into both of her holes, and she was helpless to do a thing about it as Aion enjoyed her suffering the same way she had consumed the suffering of thousands of others.

Alissandra could do nothing to prevent the rape of her ass, and her helplessness and shame burned her as deeply as the agony below her waist.

“You’re making me cum, whore!” Aion laughed. “Didn’t you know this is what your asshole is for you stupid cunt?” He’d raped many women in the ass before but this was by far the best he had ever had, the tightest, and the way she squealed and thrashed as he hurt her made him enjoy it all the more.

Above her head, Alissandra’s hands had balled into tight fists, her knuckles white as her fingernails drew blood from her palms, and were it not for her raw, abused throat she would be releasing a keening, continuous wail of pain. She heard the priest laugh as she felt his cock begin to expand, closing her teary eyes tightly and shaking her head as it began to shoot its load into her ass. Wave after wave of filthy mortal come shot into the erinyes, polluting her sacred body and desecrating her as Aion pressed himself as deeply into the woman as possible.

“Take it, whore! Take it up your worthless ass!” he whispered to her, voice cruel as he punished her a few more savage strokes until his balls had emptied. Then he pulled out, a torrent of pink cum leaking from her abused ass.

Alissandra couldn’t take it anymore. When Aion walked around her, her face was bright red from exertion and shame. Aion walked around in front of her again, but she could not look at him, and hung her head in shame, looking only at the floor, beaten. She didn’t say a word when he removed her gag. When the priest ordered her to look at him, she did not move. She barely heard the order.

Then he started to lower the spiked monstrosity from her cunt. As the spined dildo, which had been embedded inside her for almost a day, started to pull downward she screamed again in agony, her raw membranes crying out in fiery waves of pain as they were reminded of the brutal device. She screamed and screamed, her voice given new life by the removal of her gag, but he ignored her cries.

When the dildo was finally out of her, Aion ordered her again to look at him, and this time she obeyed, her face covered with streaks of tears. He leaned forward and licked her cheek, drinking in her sweet pain.

“Who am I?” he asked.

The brunette girl closed her eyes, and her head fell. Then she turned toward him and looked him right in the eyes. As her pure, deep brown eyes met his own, she knew he could see the rage, the pride, and the resistance all crumble. She spoke as a slave should, completely submissive.

“My master.”

He unshackled her arms and she fell to the floor from her suspension, landing in a pile on the ground. He undid her ankles as the erinyes lay there, passive, silent, broken.

“I think you should get on your knees and suck my cock, slave.”

Alassiel punched and thrashed her way out of the overhang that had become a cave, that had become a snowy tomb tomb overnight, crawling out and stretching in the brilliant morning sunlight that struck the mountain.

The path back to the peak was clogged with powder. Completely impassable. It was as if the gods themselves were telling her to turn back. Alassiel nodded.

Or perhaps the storm had been no more than an analogy of the roads now facing her in her life.

The easy way out was to take the way south, out of the mountains and away from Lahk. That road would kill her as sure as any other, for eventually Kardas would come for her soul, but at least then she could take the coward’s way out and live longer. That was the road Shevarn would have her take.

The revenant laughed at the symbolism of it all, at the way nature herself seemed to be pushing her away from her road.

She turned north. She knew another route.

“I think you should get on your knees and suck my cock, slave.”

Aion couldn’t be happier. His brother’s armies were prepared, he had the entire brothel at his command, and he had now claimed the single most beautiful woman he had ever seen. This one was too precious for the brothel, he thought. The beautiful brunette should spend the rest of her life by his side, ready to be raped or tormented how he chose.

He watched with happiness as the broken form of the tortured girl slowly pushed herself to her knees, his cock already twitching with anticipation of her sobbing mouth closing on it…

Something was happening to her, he noticed suddenly. Her body was recovering from the wounds he had inflicted right before his eyes.

The dark circles under her eyes faded, her hair straightened itself into soft waves like it had been before she had been captured. Her tears dried up and faded away, as did the juices on her legs. She was suddenly clean, neat and perfect. She opened her mouth to speak, revealing razor sharp fangs. Her brown eyes literally glowed with rage. “You think…” she hissed, the noise like that of a threatening cat.

A pair of black feathered wings erupted from her back, suddenly filling the room with her enormous wingspan. “If I want your opinion,” Alissandra spoke with a wave of fury that buckled the priest backwards, “I will read it in your entrails!

Aion started screaming, the noise vanishing into the chorus of female screams throughout the brothel.

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