Chapter 2

Rumm pushed her off his lap, the rope around her neck nearly choking her. “ Oh…we can’t have that…not for what we’re going to do next…”, he quickly said, his hands reaching up to undo the rope holding her.

“Now…” he whispered into her ear, forcing her upper body forward with one hand while grabbing her hips with the other to pull them back, positioning her on her bound knees, bent forward so her tits would rest on the ground if not for the grip on her hair… her hands, still bound behind her back, could offer her no support. “…you are going to stay like this… and you are going to open your mouth for each of us in turn and suck our cocks.”

Kerrigan could only stare up at him. His cock was still hard and the vile desire radiating from his mind was so awful she gagged…which only provoked him to laugh. “Nothing in there yet… but there will be… and you’ll be surprised at how deep you can take cocks down your throat…”

By now, the man raping Nova’s throat had climaxed, shooting his load half down the helpless, crying Ghost’s throat and half onto her weeping face, taking great pleasure in aiming for her eyes to make her feel even more miserable. He, Burnett and Kessler stepped towards the bed where Kerrigan was held, still helpless, now on all fours, crying with terror and shame.

“And you can start with me,” Rumm said, getting off the bed and stepping in front of her. Reaching out, he grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her head back so hard the muscles in her neck protested, bringing a small shriek of pain from her.

“Before we get started… since you pulled that trick once before… you are going to open your mouth and let my cock in. You will suck it slowly and do it good. And when I want to push it down your throat, you will take it like a good girl. If I feel even a HINT of teeth, I will make sure that you will never use them again. Do I make myself clear?!”

The last words he had yelled and Kerrigan felt the fury radiate from him. She must have managed to hurt him before, when he’d abused her… and his wounded pride and a shadow of his pain were still within him. She also knew, with absolute certainty, that he would do anything to prevent that from happening again. And he would mutilate, maybe even kill her, to punish her if she tried to harm him.

Slowly, Kerrigan nodded, afraid of the consequences and knowing that they could be a lot worse than simply being gang-raped. She had seen Kessler’s memories and somehow she was sure these were only the tip of the iceberg.

“Good”, Rumm said, releasing her hair and at the same time pushing her head down so that her cheek brushed against his erect cock, a thin trail of cum left from his last climax smearing over her soft, immaculate skin. Upon seeing her revulsion, he laughed again. “Don’t look so disgusted… before the night is over you’re going to have an entire face full of cum!” In a gesture of mock affection, he patted her head, knowing full well that she felt his lust and cruelty, his joy at seeing her degraded like that.

Knowing that she felt it and could do nothing about it.

“Now open your pretty mouth and take my cock,” Rumm ordered, gripping her hair again to steer her face into the right direction, his cockhead rubbing against her lips, the smell alone making her cringe, especially since she knew some of it was her. Still, when he pressed in, she parted her lips, trying to prepare herself mentally for what was to come.

But without memories, how was she supposed to?

The first taste of his precum and the cum still left on his cock sent her into heavy retching and gagging, her tongue attempting to curl away from the offending member almost on its own, much to his amusement. “You’ll get used to the taste again… after a few good facefucks, that is.” He looked over to the marines who had already finished with Nova. “That’s why mindwipes are such a good idea…”

At first Kerrigan just held her mouth open and tried to avoid the cock entirely, but that was a worthless attempt. No matter how hard she tried, her tongue still touched somehow on the underside of his cock, pulsing in her mouth as it grew harder. “That right, whore,” Rumm growled, pushing himself deeper into her and making her gag again as the cockhead bumped against the back of her mouth.

Mid retch, the Lieutenant grabbed her nippled and twisted it to the snickers of the watching marines. “I don’t want to just fucking jack off with you mouth, Sarah. I want you to suck me off.” He twisted the other way now, prompting Kerrigan to scream around his meat and start trying to do what he asked. She felt like a child… no idea what was going on, no experiences to guide her, only nausiating half-memories of previous abuse and sicking lust surrounding her, and a group of soldiers who seemed more than happy to brutalize her if she did not do whatever she was asked. She sucked on the cock in her mouth like it was a vitamin feed, feeling the fleshy member fill her mouth. It seemed to be entirely hard now, for it had stopped growing… and it no longer all fit into the red haired ghost’s mouth.

Rumm pulled it out and held it against her lips. The strong officer enjoyed the sight of his hard on pressed against Kerrigan’s mouth… during the girl’s absence he had fantasized about this exact site a thousand times… arrogant, defiant Sarah Kerrigan, helpless and weak and docile before him. Of course, it wouldn’t take too many days until she was back to being a hardened veteran again, and she picked up enough memories from her handlers to regain her personality. When that happened her defiance would return along with her utter lack of willingness to give him anything, but for a few days after her memories were stripped she was always this pliable… and Rumm very much enjoyed taking full advantage to enjoy the slut.

“Look at my cock slut,” Rumm said, popping it against her cheek. Kerrigan had little choice when he held it against her like that… it was hard and throbbing, covered with bulging veins and the round, fat head was slick with her spit. It seemed like the first time she had ever seen a cock up close, and while she knew that must not be the case, she could no longer remember any of the other times. She closed her green eyes and turned away, her face angling microscopically in his grip. It was nowhere near enough to stop him as he slipped the tip of his cock back between her lips and began to piston in and out of her mouth as if her were fucking her. Each time Rumm’s prick would hit the back of Kerrigan’s throat, she gagged and choked, bringing more laugher from the other soldiers.

Kerrigan gagged as a reflex, but also in utter revulsion of what was happening to her. She hated this… hated it more than she could have imagined before she began. The absolute only mercy was that touching Rumm didn’t give her any more specific memories… but still, the waves of lust and hatred that rolled off him stank like an open sewer, and the mere thought that her actions with her mouth could be serving him brought her no though but pure disgust. Kerrigan knew from what she had seen so far that the men wanted to shoot their seed into her mouth and onto her face, and she could tell by her own, instinctive and visceral reaction to the idea that it was something only the lowest of sluts would allow men like this to do… and yet Sarah knew she was helpless to stop the officer from making her do it. Just the thought made Kerrigan want to throw up.

Rumm kept pumping in and out of her mouth for a long while, ramming to the back of her throat, then pulling out when she would gag. All of Kerrigan’s choking and gagging left her chin covered with drool and spit that ran along with her tears onto her pale skin, between the sterile while fabric of her stealth suit. It made the skin glisten wetly in the dim light of the room, and she thought that she must look like a complete mess… but she could also feel that the men liked the sight, and it made her hate it even more.

Her jaw was beginning to ache from the abuse Rumm was giving it. When he stopped briefly, Kerrigan gasped for air, praying that her ordeal was finished. She was, however, quite mistaken. “You’re going to need to do much better than that bitch,” Rumm said, grabbing Kerrigan by the ponytail of hair. “Open really wide stupid virgin cocksucker, I’m gonna fuck your throat Sarah.” Before Kerrigan could react she felt Rumm slam his cock past her parted lips and back into her mouth. It hit the back of her throat, unused in her memory and completely inexperienced. The tight tunnel steadfastly refused the Lieutenant passage, trying to expel the invader… but he had done this many times before, and was not going to give up so easy. Rumm simply held the ghost trainee firmly in place and rammed his cock in harder, this time forcing his way past her protesting throat muscles.

The pain and sudden fear of choking caused Kerrigan to fight wildly, but Rumm held firmly onto her head. When Rumm pulled out, Kerrigan gasped wildly for air, and the officer laughed. “Better learn over again how to breathe through your nose slut… and I hope for your sake you do it quickly.” The tall officer’s voice was mocking as he slammed his prick home once again. Over and over, Rumm deep penetrated Kerrigan’s mouth, assaulting her throat mercilessly. She could feel his heavy balls slap against her chin repeatedly as he raped her pretty face.  

She was totally unprepared for an activity like this, and he was taking advantage of the panic her “virginity” was causing her. In truth, Kerrigan wasn’t much of a cock sucker… without her memories, her lack of any knowledge as to what she was doing crippled any attempt she could make to make it feel better. Even if she had been willing, there was no chance. Still, the whole process of raping her face, of abusing this girl again for the first time when the suffering was freash for her had him pushing close to an orgasm almost from the start. Actually seeing Kerrigan’s lips wrapped around his cock as he fucked her face, hearing her panicked gagging as she struggled for air, was too much for the officer. Rumm could feel the cum in his balls begin to pump out. Quickly, he pulled his prick from between Kerrigan’s lips. “Keep your mouth open,” he commanded, his hand rapidly stroking his cock just an inch away from her face while she coughed uncontrollable.

Kerrigan had only the briefest moment to process what was about to happen as she felt a sudden spike in the pleasure the Lieutenant was feeling. He was about to have an orgasm, which would mean… She never got to finish the thought. Rumm let loose the first volley of cum from his cock. It was a perfect shot, directly into Kerrigan’s mouth, causing her to wince in shock and move slightly. The next stream splashed across her left cheek, getting into her eye. She turned away to avoid the stinging spray and got a third shot right across her nose. By now, the disgusting taste of Rumm’s sperm had registered in the ghost’s mind… salty and slimy, causing her a fresh fit of gagging.

The officer held her head perfectly still so that he could finish splashing Kerrigan’s face with his spurting jizz. Seeing the expression on Kerrigan’s face and knowing from experience what her next move would be, Rumm barked at her. “Don’t you dare spit it out slut. Swallow my cum like a good whore.” The words, and the violent intent that came with them, flashed quickly through her mind and brought another wave of tears to her squinted eyes as she rested on her knees, still tightly bound and now swallowing his cum. The new tears fell down Kerrigan’s cum streaked face, mercifully wiping the foul slime from her eyes while the bitter, sticky fluid went down her throat. The solders stood around her smiling, laughing at the complete humiliation of the most powerful psychic the human race had ever produced… transformed into a cum dump for their pleasure, and legally! The high and mighty Sarah Kerrigan… she didn’t look so special anymore, tied to the bed with cum running down her face and streaking her scarlet hair.

The officer let go of her and let her collapse, her tits pressing against the cold steel of the grated floor. “Ok,” Rumm said, finally stepping out from between Sarah and the other men. “Who’s next?”

A quick argument ensued, which Kerrigan payed no attention to. She was too wrapped up in her own misery to listen, although she did feel the waves of lust and anger and competition coming from the men without even trying. She wept for her fate openly now, fearing in earnest what was to come. Sucking on the officer’s cock had been traumatic enough… how much worse would her fate me when she had to feel their memories while performing?

Apparently a winner had been decided, for Burnette was now right before her. Up close the psychic stench of him was almost enough to knock Kerrigan flat… his mind was diseased beyond belief. He had raped dozens of women, far more than those he had been convicted for. Many of them he had killed, burning them alive in their own house in his sick belief that he was on a mission to purge the galaxy of all whores, one at a time. The insanity of his mind was like a plague that overwhelmed the young red head, and her vision swam. He reached down and grabbed her silky hair, now stained with cum, and dragged her up to put her face level with his crotch. He waved his dick in her face, and Kerrigan nearly vomited already just thinking about how that had been raping poor November’s ass.’

She would give anything to not have that cock in her, to not need to see more clearly what lurked in this psychopath’s mind… but her pleading would make no difference in the galaxy.

“Come on now, whore,” he yelled, slamming his foul prick between her soft lips. “Show me what you can do, little ghostie slut.” Again, cursed with mind-wiped inexperience, Kerrigan tried her best to fight her absolute disgust and work on his cock, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked, teasing his hard shaft with her tongue…

…and suddenly, she was hanging by her wrists in the room, his hard cock pushing up her ass with agonizing slowness, making her whimper. But worse than the anal intrusion was the small, antiquated lighter he held, letting it flick open and reaching up with it to let the flame play just underneath her tits, sending hot agony through her chest. He never got close enough with the flames to actually burn the skin, a testament to his experience with fire, but he managed to make her feel like it anyway, ripping loud screams from her throat again and again while he raped her ass…

The memories of the insane marine completely overwhelmed her, unlocking the last remnants of her own wiped memories, letting her feel the pain even though it was not her own memory. She felt it mixed with his own mad pleasure at taking her like this, an amalgamation of sensations that made her gag and retch even harder around the invading cock in her mouth and now, her throat.

Kerrigan barely felt it plunge past her lips again and again, her body running on autopilot, still pathetically trying to please him with mouth and tongue, while she suffered under his memories of previous torments. All she had seen had happened to her before… and it might well happen again. It made her ready to beg for a quick death, but such begging would be futile. It might in fact arouse them even more.

For Burnett, simply sticking his cock past her lips and fucking her face had apparently been enough. “Drink… and be cleansed,” he hissed as he came, filling her mouth with his vile-tasting cum. Kerrigan gagged loudly, the taste being even more awful than Rumm’s had been, as if all the flammable substances this madman had handled had somehow seeped into his body. Already, cum dribbled out from her lips around his cock, which was still shooting his seed into her. “I said drink, whore!” Pulling out his cock, he tilted her head back and clamped a burn-scarred hand over her mouth, keeping it in place until he saw her throat move, indicating that she had finally obeyed and forced the disgusting liquid down.

With a satisfied grin, Burnett stepped away, leaving Kerrigan to cough and gasp, cum and spit dribbling over her lips as she tried to recover. She was not given that much time, however.

Kessler was next. Much to Kerrigan’s dismay, his cock’s size was proportional to his mass. Grabbing her head, he did not even pay any attention to her coughing, sputtering pleas, merely pressing the head of his cock against her lips and ordering, “Suck it!” before slamming it into her mouth. It instantly hit the back of her throat, making her gag, much to his amusement. Her lips tightly stretched around his girth, her tongue plastered underneath him, she barely managed to try and suck him and her efforts were certainly even less effective than before… but Kessler did not even care. Holding her head steady, he didn’t rely on her to do any work, effectively using her mouth like he would her cunt, thrusting his cock into her again and again…

And once more, unbidden and unwanted, another memory assaulted her mind. Kessler’s hand was on the back of her head again, but this time, he was not fucking her mouth. His cock was inside her cunt, punishing it with deep, hard strokes. She was on the bed, on all fours, his favourite position to abuse a girl in, her tits swaying underneath her in rhythm with his thrusts… and in front of her was a low, shallow bowl, filled with cum from him and some of the others. He was using his hand to force her head down into the disgusting sperm, laughing as she gagged and fought to stay up to breathe.

Then she realized she really was drowning as the marine erupted in her mouth, spraying the back of her throat with enough slime to choke her. Kerrigan started coughing, her struggling for breath only amusing Kessler as he came in her mouth. His hands wrenched at her hair, pulling her firmly against against him as he thoroughly hosed down her insides with filth, while the poor ghost choked for air.

When she had finally coughed up what seemed like a lungful of sperm, Kessler at last pulled his cock from the girl, and she would have fallen limp to the ground if it weren’t for the Lieutenant’s hands holding her from behind. Kerrigan was barely conscious when the next man stepped up to her, the vicious soldier named Williams. The moment he touched her, however, she miserably came back to awareness as unwelcome knowledge flooded through her, and she filled with utter disgust as she learned how he’d come to be in the penal legions.

His daughters. He’d raped her own daughters, turned them into whores on Mar Sara to pay for his own colonial visa. He was a monster — the only things he appreciated in the entire universe was the complete defilement of everything worthwhile, the destruction of something more beautiful than himself. The only reason he’d even been caught is that he’d not paid for a visa for them, leading the marshal to track them down and learn of the man’s crimes.

Sarah could see she reminded him of his elder daughter, and while he rammed his cock past her parted lips he was remembering the first time he’d forced Mary to suck his cock like this. She was only sixteen, and they had just arrived on their new colony… and Williams was slowly learning to his dismay that while he may be further from the oppressive confederacy here, he was actually expected to work. His frustration slowly began to boil over, until one day his beautiful daughter dropped a plate full of food and it pushed the lunatic completely over the edge. The next thing Mary knew, she was on her knees, naked and being whipped with his belt before the sobbing girl had a cock thrust into her mouth and down her virgin throat.

It hadn’t been too long after that before she and her sister had become whores. Williams had sold their virginities to the local upperclass, paying immediately for his own immigration. The men, living on a outer rim work colony, had been starved of sufficient women for too long and treated the two girls roughly, using them as fresh meat dozens of times a day. They were forced to perform lewd shows for watching men as well, licking the sweat and cum from each other’s young bodies as their whip marked bodies writhed against one another.

Then suddenly, the scene changed to Kerrigan and Nova performing the same act… and it was clearly no more a fantasy than the man’s memories of his daughter’s were. The thought was even more repellent to the fire haired ghost than the cock she was being forced to deep throat, and her gag reflex found renewed strength as her body wanted desperately to heave away the filthy image as she lapped away at the blonde ghost’s bare cunt like an obedient dog…

The man came in her, pushing himself as far down her throat as he could go and dumping his slime right down the pipe into her stomach. She was grateful even as she gagged, glad that she didn’t have to taste the seed and that it was over. She wanted to be as far away from the degrading, lesbian memories as possible. She didn’t understand her own visceral reaction to the idea. The thought of Mary and her sister laying together did not bring her any disgust — or at least no more disgust that she felt for the idea of any woman being forced to degrade herself for such evil men. And yet, when the idea of her being made to do the same was put into her head, it made the young ghost feel sick, her stomach roll and her eyes water.

Kerrigan was actually reaching for the next man’s mind before he even touched her, desperate to obliterate the cruel images running through her mind. Her eyes kept flicking towards the bed where Nova lay weeping, curled up and covered with cum and bruises. She looked so similar to the Nova in Williams memory, in so similar a state to when he had made Kerrigan clean the other ghost with her tongue while she retched…

At last, Garren’s cock pressed into her mouth and her mind was carried elsewhere… not that it was much of a relief. The dark skinned marine’s mind was as foul a place as existed anywhere in the galaxy, a fetid tarpit filled with rotting meat and skeletal remains. The monster actually considered himself a connoisseur of rape, comparing the feel of Sarah’s throat now with every previous time he had fucked her face, and his dozens of previous victims both here at the academy and outside, free in Tarsonis. His memory was actually impressive, much to the red head’s dismay. She could practically feel the struggles of a score of throats around his cock, savoring the differences between how each resisted his entrance and how each was overpowered in turn.

Cruelly, he pinched her nose shut as he continued to rape her face, and Kerrigan’s overwhelmed gag reflex began to flare up again. She could feel the hated marine’s satisfaction at this result, and knew it was what he had hoped for as he choke-fucked her throat, not permitting her to breath at all…

She saw a girl in a seedy alley in the poorest section of the planet-wide city of Tarsonis, on her knees weeping. The young girl couldn’t be out of her teens yet, blonde and beautiful despite her tears. She had tape over her mouth, and Kerrigan knew from the marine’s mind that her own panties were beneath it… only her wide eyes were allowed to express the poor woman’s complete terror. She had been bound to the waste retrieval scaffolding with zip ties, and was already covered by an impressive set of welts from Garren’s belt.

The ghost could feel his lust as he walked to her and picked up her legs, dragging her into the air before impaling her virgin cunt on his member, feeling her body shudder in a silent scream as her innocence was torn away from her…

Sarah might have blacked out. The next thing she remembered she had a disgusting load of sperm on her tongue, and she could breath again through her nose and mouth. Garren was gone, pulling up his pants as he stepped away from the heaving ghost.

“Swallow it…” Rumm’s voice came from behind her, and although it made the young girl want to die, she did so.

Four marines. Four of the soldiers had raped her face now, five including the officer. Kerrigan was just realizing that there was one left when the final soldier stepped up to her and slapped her across the face three times, without pause. Sarah cried out, and when her mouth was open wide Rumm pushed something into her mouth and pulled her back with it. A large metal ring was now holding her jaws parted, and no matter how hard she tried Kerrigan couldn’t close her mouth.

The final soldier, Stevens, was a sadist even beyond the others in the room… the ghost could see that clearly about him. His job had not changed even slightly from what it had been before he was arrested and forced into the penal legion — he was a trained torturer. The only difference was that instead of serving a criminal gang, now he lent his talents to the Confederacy.

“The usual, Lieutenant?” he asked, stroking his cock idly with one hand as he slapped Kerrigan again and again. Each time his hand made contact with her face, she was further punished with a momentary fragment of a memory.

Her and Nova, hanging from the ceiling, spinning freely as a crowd of men whipped them…

Screams pouring from her lips as the sadist stuck a needle into the back of her knee, grinding it against her…

Her own eyes wide and terrified as Stevens tightened a garrote around her neck, enjoying the way it made her cunt clench on him…

Her nipples tied tightly together, pushing her breasts right next to each other as he slammed a cane across the pale orbs again and again…

“Yes,” Rumm said from behind her, at last pulling Kerrigan from the horrible train of memories. This man had already abused her so much, she was amazed that she was still alive, let alone unmarked. The confederate doctors in this facility were truly incredible… or else she would surely be a corpse by now. Sergeant Stevens was completely insane — of that Sarah had no doubt — and if left to his own devises would make her die in agony. Only the will of his commanding officer and the skill of the medics kept him at bay.

She was terrified of him. All of the soldiers here considered her more of an object than a person — just a set of holes to use to pleasure themselves at her expense — but Stevens’s disregard for her went beyond even that. He saw her as little more than a target, looking at her the same way a painter looks at a blank canvas. When he saw her, he wasn’t inspired to fuck her but rather thought of new ways that he could hurt the ghost trainee, seeking for a way that she had not yet been made to suffer.

She abruptly realized that Rumm was spreading her ass cheeks from behind. “Nnngh!” she tried to squeal, to plead with the Lieutenant, but the gag prevent any more than an inarticulate wail of denial and dismay. His savage cock started to press into her, slowly forcing apart her tightly clenched sphincter in none too gentle a manner, ripping her reconstructed hole apart. Kerrigan knew from the memories she had seen in other men’s minds that that was not the first time her ass had been fucked, that raping her tight shitter was one of their favorite activities, but to the mind wiped ghosted it felt like her first time.

It hurt unbelievably badly, worse than she could have imagined. Kerrigan shrieked and bucked, her entire body lurching away from the violating member, as she screaming wordlessly for mercy, begging uselessly through her gag from the Lieutenant to take his cock out of her, to spare her. The entire time Stevens was watching her face, laughing at the way her beautiful green eyes bugged out and filled with fresh tears. His hands gripped her by the hair and shoulder, immobilizing her like a sacrifice on an alter, her anus slaughtered like a gift to a pagan god. Kerrigan was shoved full of thick cock while she screamed, blubbering into her gag up until the second the marine sergeant slammed his cock past the gag and again skewered her face.

The memories would have been a welcome distraction from the pain if they had belonged to any of the other marine… but all of Stevens’s memories were of pain as well. Burning her, whipping her, electrocuting her, beating her. Sarah Kerrigan watched herself be hurt in a hundred ways in just a few seconds, watched a knife be drawn slightly across her soft flesh, creating a tiny line of scarlet anguish while causing no injury. She watcher herself whipped raw, until her sweat-stained body was trembling uncontrollable and  criss-crossed welts were weeping blood.

Every few seconds she was brought back to the horrible reality as Stevens’s slapped her again and again, beating her face savagely as he raped her throat. Kerrigan understood the need for a gag… with the anguish of her ass being ripped to shreds and the punctuating pain of his open handed assault on her cheeks, she was unconsciously biting down as hard on the gag as possible. The ghost was torn back and forth between the cruel reality and Stevens’s memories of her torment, the repeating transition between her perceptions making her dizzy.

She was lost in an ocean of torment, her perception of space and time slowly eroding under the constant onslaught of both cocks and memories. For a while, she was only a vessel of continuing suffering for these men, well and truly nothing but a toy as she gagged, bit on the gag and shook under her own sobs and the constant thrusts into her ass and her throat.

Relentlessly they fucked her for a seeming eternity. Some of Stevens’s favorite memories repeated themselves, invariably those in which it was obvious she suffered the most. The inward pain was almost enough to eclipse the violent, raging torment of the rape of her ass and the soreness of her throat, but unfortunately for her, her dampeners kept her from buried entirely within the memories, ironically allowing her to feel both torments simultaneously.

“Hnngh… oh yes… very good Sarah, you’re making me cum again!” Rumm panted, groaning in absolute pleasure as the pain, both real and remembered, made her ass grip his cock with a vise-like grip, milking it, making his balls churn. With a loud yell of triumph, he rammed his entire length into Kerrigan’s anus, his cock starting to spray her wounded insides with his hot, sticky sperm.

“Such a… magnificent whore you are!” he exclaimed, proceeding to violently pound into her until the very last drop of seed had coated her bowels. Only then did he pull out, leaning back with a relaxed and disgustingly satisfied sigh.

Stevens came a few seconds later. With a grunt, he pulled out of her mouth, stroking his cock rapidly while using his other hand to undo the gag, almost tearing it from her mouth, making her jaw ache even more than it had before. Gripping her chin, he silently forced her face to face with his cock… a split second before it began to spurt a massive load at her face.

Drops landed on her cheeks, her chin, her lips, a long line landed in her hair and the bridge of her nose… he even aimed at her eyes, which she barely managed to close in time. “Take this, whore…” he snarled, finishing with another hard backhanded slap to her face that slammed her back onto the bed.

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