Two – Introducing Imoen

When Viconia opened her eyes, she was laying in the cellar again. She’s never thought that she would be so glad to lie on this hard, cold floor. At least she was far from the wheel and the merciless Sun.

They have left her there for almost an entire day. She was laying there, spread-eagle on the wheel, feeling every bruise on her body, covered in sweat, cum and teats, writhing as her whole body felt to be on fire under the burning sun. Only in the late afternoon Alius came, gave her some water and, of course, made her drink his cum again. She begged him to bring her home, to tie her up in the cellar, she offered him her mouth and ass, her speech barely coherent after keeping the large wooden dick in her mouth for hours. He just laughed, slapped her face and left her again.

The night was cold, but for her it was a relief. She even slept, images of her capture and rape tormenting her even in her dreams. And in the morning the sun came again, filling her with pain and agony. When at the morning Alius untied her and took her to the house she was barely conscious. She wasn’t even able to suck him off, but for some reason he didn’t even mind – he just brutally face-fucked her and shot his entire load down her throat to her belly as her throat just worked swallowing dose after dose of the liquid. Then he left her and she slept again resting.

He came twice more, each time bringing some food – scraps of his table that she was usually fed,  mixed with cum. She ate it nevertheless and then, as he ordered thanked him as a good little doggie, licking even his feet. The last thing the priestess wanted, was to anger him and spend some more time on the wheel.

The next day both Doran and Kalin returned. Of course the first thing the whole trio did was to rape her, again. This time she was laying on the bed as Kalin was doing her pussy, unleashing his frenzy that he had to be without her body for a full day.

“I had to hire a whore, you know? She wasn’t very good looking, far from you” he said, thrusting furiously into her tender pussy. “But I imagined it was you. She complained that it hurt, ha! You don’t complain. You take everything! Everything!” he shouted, twisting her nipples and moving faster and faster.

“Uggghhh!” Viconia could only moan in response, as her head was dangling from the side of the bed and her throat was being mercilessly fucked by Alius. In this position he had no problems of pushing the entire shaft of his cock into her mouth, slapping her face with his hairy balls and forcing the muscles of her throats to massage him. “Nnnn…” Viconia sobbed around the huge cock as she felt Kalin shoot his loads in her snatch. When Alius came it was Doran’s turn who took her ass, as usually.

Only after they’ve raped her raw, Alius looked at her and said. “My boys were in the city and spread a word among some of our friends. We’re going to have a party in three days time and you’ll be the guest of honor.” He smiled as her face became pale in terror “You’d be amazed how much people are willing to pay to screw a sexy fuck-toy like you. You’ll see” he said, as the boys dragged her back to the cellar, leaving her to wait for the party – a waiting interrupted only by the family coming to feed and rape her.

So, Viconia was left to languish alone in the cellar, dreading the moment when Alius would take her upstairs again for the …party. She had been brutally surprised when he’d announced it…she knew he was depraved but this…this she hadn’t expected…and the thought of being forced to service a dozen people terrified her. Each waking moment when she was not eating, being raped or recovering from another brutal violation, she tested her bonds, hoping against all experience to find some flaw in her restraints or something in the barren cellar tzhat was usable as a weapon…but each time she tried, she ended up more disappointed than before, often quietly crying herself to sleep again. It was hopeless…no matter how much she tried to deny it…she would have to suffer through the…party.

So it was with a mixture of utter dread and resignation that she looked up when the door opened once more on that fateful third day. “Rise and shine, darkie!” Alius announced as he went down the stairs, holding something in his hand which she recognized as a leash and a collar. “Time to get you ready for the party!” Viconia swallowed hard, looking at him as he came closer and began to work on her bonds. “Please…don’t…Just…rape me and be done…I can’t do this…”, she whispered desperately. “And disappoint all my guests? No way!” Alius shook his head, freeing her hands, absolutely confident in her inability to fight him…and he had every right to be…weakened by the constant abuses and knowing that his sons were probably close by, Viconia would not dare raise a hand against him. All she could do was groan as her wrists and ankles began to painfully prickle, blood flow fully restored. “Now…wear this and follow me…”, Alius said, fastening the collar around her neck, tugging at the leash. Giving an approving nod, he turned around and started to get out again. Viconia tried to get up to follow him, but the moment he saw her trying to stand on her wobbling knees, he tugged hard enough to make her fall forward with a pained groan. “On hands and knees! This is a dog collar, so behave like a good doggie!” Viconia glared at him, not wanting to believe what he’d just said, but his next words once again brought terror to her heart, “Or do you want the wheel again?” “No…no…I’ll do it…I’ll crawl…” „Good”, he said, then walked up the stairs, tugging at the leash, forcing the drow to hurry on all fours in order to follow him.

Outside, she closed her eyes again to shield them from the sun, now only led by the leash…and soon finding out that they were not going back inside. Instead, they marched into the fields, the rough ground hurting against her hands and knees, small stones scraping her. Were they…were they heading towards…no….” Oh goddess, no…not the wheel…”, she whimpered before he cry was cut short by Alius tugging hard on the leash, nearly choking her. “You’re not getting the wheel…yet. And you won’t if you behave. But the place is big enough for our party. So stop whining and follow!” After a few more steps, she could hear the sound of other people gathered, whispering to each other in hushed, yet expectant tones. “My dear friends…may I introduce…your fucktoy! We call her darkie and she’ll service you today!” Cheers went up from the crowd and Viconia, holding back tears of fear, opened her eyes for a moment, if only to see what she would be in for…

There were about a dozen men with the youngest being around 16, the oldest around 40 or so…it was hard to say with humans. They all looked down at her and she could see, with horror, that some of them were already growing great bulges in their pants. “A fine bitch you have there!”, “Never seen a drow before…damn, she’s hot!”, “That’s a dark elf? Fuckable, yes, but scary? Phhhf!” These were among the things she heard as she looked down, closing her eyes again. Alius knelt down next to her, whispering, “Now,, listen, darkie….I’ll tell you how this will happen…you will now crawl around and tell me dear friends here that you want them to use you like the whore you are. Then, you’ll kneel over here and we will see how much cum we can get on that hot body of yours…afterwards, you’ll be raped, raped and raped till sundown. And then, everyone who wants to can whip you until you pass out. And if you even think about hesitating or not doing anything we tell you then it’s the wheel for you…for the rest of the week!”

Viconia gave Alius’ a terrified look but seeing his steely glare she lost all hope. Slowly she began crawling,  on all fours, with her tits swinging as she moved, dragging the end of the leash behind her. She crawled to the first man, a towering, bearded figure – a lumberjack or a blacksmith maybe.

She hesitated for the shortest moment, shooting a glance at the wheel and whispered slowly “Please, fuck me”.

“Can’t hear you girl” the man laughed.

“Please, fuck me.” She repeated louder and seeing as he nodded crawled to the next one. “Please, fuck me.” The drow was so resigned that she was looking down all the time. It was a mistake – she didn’t even notice the hand coming, meeting her cheek in a loud slap. She yelped and looked up.

“Alius told us how to treat you. Look at me when you say it!” a fat, bearded man, looking like some kind of a merchant, ordered.

“Please fuck me.” Viconia said, trying to look into his eyes, despite the blinding light. Another slap. “Please fuck me, sir! Please!” she shouted and finally the man smiled.

“Please, fuck me sir” she whispered looking at another large man. How she could survive being raped by all those… monsters.

“Oh, little darkie, I won’t fuck you…” the man said, kneeling next to her, with one hand gently touching her cheek. “You’ll fuck me, right? And you’ll do it good, right?!” he asked, grabbing and pinching her tit.

“Ahh… yes sir” Viconia said hastily “I’ll fuck you, I’ll make it good, I’ll make it best” she assured him weakly.

She crawled from one man to another, asking them to fuck her sweet, delicate body. She heard their lewd comments as she was crawling “Ha, Alius! How did you make her be such a nice doggie!”, “Damn, look at her back, whipped thoroughly!”, “Her tits the same!”, “How it must have hurt her!”, “What a tight ass, can’t wait till I fuck it raw!”, “I’ll make her suck me off, love to feel her gagging on my tool!”, “Imagine biting those tits as she fucks you?”.

Viconia made no sign that she heard those words, just crawling and saying what she was told to. Some men were… imaginative.

“Why should I fuck you?” one asked, surprising her. “I can whip you until you bleed. Why should I waste my seed on you?”

“I… aghh…” she cried as Alius landed a lash on her back which caused the man to cheer and applaud. “I need your cock. I beg you to fuck me, like a whore I am. I deserve to be fucked, please!” fortunately she knew all too well what Alius and his family expected her to say. “I’ll fuck you! I’ll suck you off, I’ll slurp and gag and moan around your mighty cock as your son is fucking my tight, warm asshole!” she almost shouted to another guy, who wanted details, while his son was twisting and pinching her nipples. “Please, I need your cock, I’ll be writhing and twisting beneath you, I’ll be a good fuck, the best, I’ll wrap my legs around you… what… aaah! Yes, I’ll kiss you, I’ll put my tongue in your mouth, I’ll shout and moan as you’re entering me…” she begged another.

Finally, all men were satisfied with their humiliation, their need for sexual release stronger than the need to humiliate her. Alius pulled the lash, making her choke. “She’s hungry for cum, aren’t you darkie?” he asked with just a hint of threat in his voice.

“Yes, I need your cum, please, I’m hungry for it” Viconia begged again, barely preventing herself from breaking into sobs.

“Heard her boys, give it to her!” Alius said unbuckling his pants as the men surrounded Viconia stroking their hard members.

Viconia lowered her gaze as she knelt down, unwilling to look at their hard, angry cocks being stroked, unwilling to wait for their seed to splatter her face. But unfortunately, things wouldn’t go according to what she wanted…It was Kalin who slapped her face hard, tugging on the leash hard enough to cut off her air supply, which once again brougth a series of cheers from the men. “Look at us while we’re working up the cum for you! And don’t you dare close your eyes!” He backhanded her to emphasize his point and Viconia, once her head had cleared, slowly, hesitantly looked up, opening her tearful eyes. At least six cocks loomed in front of her, stroked rapidly by the groaning, grunting men. “Hey…why don’t you give us some incentive? Grab those tits and jiggle them for us…play with them like the whore you are!” It was the fat merchant again, standing very close to her, his fat, glistening cockhead almost touching her nose, his hand a blur as he worked his member hard and fast.

Sighing in defeat, Viconia grabbed her breasts with her hands and began to squeeze and move, cringing at the pain her own touch caused her, the welts from her last whipping still fresh enough to be extremely sensitive. Jiggling her tits for them brought even more cheers and it did not take too long for the first man to cum. It was the youngest one, the boy simply stepping forward without any comment, his cock aimed at her face…and then he came hard, his cock splattering her face with cum, thick drops landing on her right cheek, her nose and her lips, painting her dark face white. He had a lot of cum for her, spraying it all over the right side of her face before aiming lower, at her tits, the last drops landing on them, sliding over the round orbs and her fingers lazily. Viconia shuddered with disgust and shame but had no time to reflect on what was happening here, as the sight of her being so humiliated caused the merchant to cum. He aimed higher, most of his sticky seed landing on her forehead, her eyes and in her hair. Viconia gagged as the smell of fresh cum assaulted her nostrils. The fat merchant grinned as he came, then stepped around her, tugging at her hair as he proceeded to wipe his cock clean with the soft, white strands.

“Open your mouth, whore…stick our your tongue…”, she heard another man rumble and, without thinking, did as he said, the fear too great to allow any thoughts of defiance. Her lips parted and she stuck out her pink tongue. A moment later, both he and another man to her right groaned and a surge of cum hit her tongue, making her whimper and gag again at the bitter, salty taste suddenly assaulting her. The other man decided to cum all over her tits, glazing them and her fingers with even more sperm. From behind, she suddenly felt someone else tug on her hair, hearing him grunt frantically…he was obviously using her hair to jerk off with, having wrapped a few strands around his cock…moments later, he came, shooting almost his entire load into her hair, making it clump together messily…more drops fell onto her back, sliding down onto the soft globes of her ass. Shuddering, she pulled her cum-coated tongue back, thinking that he had meant for her to swallow, but a kick in the side made her stop. “Don’t swallow…drool it over your chin!” the man grunted…

And so she did, parting her lips to push the disgusting fluid back out of her mouth with her tongue. She could feel it slide down her chin, a revolting mix of cum and saliva, forming a long, sticky strand hanging from her chin. “Oh,how filthy you look, darkie!” She heard Doran laugh, “And we’ve only just begun!” Viconia couldn’t answer, too caught up in the horror of the situation, softly crying, her tears mixing with the cum already caking her face….and more was added as one man after the next came, their cocks exploding with huge loads, splattering her face until she was barely recognizable underneath the layers of sperm…then, as it got boring, some just came onto her sexy back or her ass…or just at her tits…she could feel cum slide down her entire body, pooling between her legs, between her asscheeks, in her bellybutton…it was everywhere. Viconia didn’t know how many had already sprayed their seed onto her or how many were still waiting to do so…for her, it was one long chain of cocks being jerked in front of her, of men enjoying her degradation and cumming to it, splattering her features and her body even more. For her, it seemed like an eternity…but eventually, it stopped. Suddenly, there were no more grunts, no more rude comments…and there was no more cum splattering across her skin. She could no longer open her eyes, thick layers of cum lying over her eyelids and so, she could only blindly wait for what new horrors would be inflicted upon her….

“That was nice…but how are we supposed to fuck her like this? She’s filthy! I’m not touching that!” one man complained, much to Viconia’s relief, but he was quickly interrrupted by Alius, casually dashing the drow’s blooming hopes of getting out of this without the dreaded gangrape. “As if I hadn’t thought of that…what kind of a host do you think I am?” Viconia heard him come closer…and then shrieked as a bucketfull of ice-cold water was dumped over her, washing away most of the cum from her body…not to mention making her skin glisten and her nipples stand out from the cold…She gasped, panting at the sudden shock, her heart jolted in her chest…when the second bucket was emptied over her, finishing her cleaning. “Better now?” Alius asked, laughing.

“Oh yes!” the man said. Viconia heard him step towards her and a moment later, her head was grabed and her chin forced upward. “Look at me!” Cringing, Viconia opened her eyes to his sight…and, once more to the merciless sun….oh, goddess, at the moment she would have given anything to be back inside, even in that awful cellar. The man holding her head was the one who’d made her promise that she’d fuck him. “Time to make good on your promise, little drow…”, he said, lying down on the ground, his cock sticking up in the air, large and long. Viconia looked at his throbbing member, waiting for her, knowing all too well what he wanted from her. Sobbing quietly, still shivering from the cold, she crawled over to him and climbed on top of him, to the cheer of all the gathered men, many of whom were jerking their cocks again to get them hard after cumming over her. Slowly, she lowered herself onto the cock, hesitant to let it slide into her pussy…too hesitant for ther man, who simply grabbed her hips and forced her down. As she felt his cock invade her tight cunt in one single stroke, she cried out, whimpering as she felt it throb inside her. “Now ride me…ride my cock!”, the man commanded, punctuating his words by a few hard slaps to her abused tits. Cryng harder, her eyes cast down and closed, Viconia did as she was ordered, slowly moving back and forth and up and down on his cock, squirming at the painful sensations her own motions caused in her lower body.

Confident that she was doing all the work for him, the big man reached up and began groping her breasts with large, callused hands, the rough skin making this treatment even worse, adding even more pain to Viconia’s already miserable state. “Hell…that’s too much for me! Mind if I join in?” she heard another man say and the one she was „serving” simply said, “Sure…go ahead…” One moment later, she felt her chin being grabbed and the head of another hard cock push against her lips. Obediently, she parted them, her body trembling with sobs, letting the cock slide in, immediately beginning to slurp and suck on it like the whore she now well and truly was….she did not even resist when he began to violently fuck her throat, making her gag and drool around his cock. The one in her pussy and the one in her mouth came almost simultaneously, filling her mouth and pussy, respectively. Being ordered to, Viconia swallowed like an obedient bitch, the taste making her shudder…but before she could reflect on what was happening, she was thrown to the floor and another man violently took her pussy, slapping her face until she wrapped her legs around him like a lover, enduring his kisses and the way he bit her nipples as he took her, pounding into her already sore pussy with all his strength, soon releasing his load over her tits after pulling out. “Now us…come on, Pa!” she heard the 16-year-old boy say to his father excitedly…before she was forced onto hands and knees and felt the son’s hard cock push into her asshole. Her cry of pain was interrupted by his father’s cock being forced into her mouth, just as she had promised him during her rounds of humiliation earlier. Together, they began to fuck her, making her gag and howl and clench around their cocks in a painful double rape that seemed to last forever…both the boy and his father thoroughly enjoyed her holes but seemed to have limitless stamina, not tiring and, what was worse, not cumming for a long, long time…

And then, everything changed. Suddenly, there was another voice, one she had not heard among the men, shouting a series of foreign syllables, followed by a hissing sound and a blood-curdling scream…which led to more surprised gasps and screams from the gathered men. Suddenly, both cocks were withdrawn from her holes, allowing her to look up and see what was happening. One of the men – the fat merchant, Viconia noticed with no small amount of satisfaction – was on the ground, a burning hole in his back…and over his corpse, four men stepped, armed men with murder in their eyes. To the right, his hands still smoking from ethereal fire, was a tall, red-robed, bearded man with a sardonic glint in his eyes. Next to him stood a dwarf, clad in chainmail, his long black beard obscuring one entire half of his ugly features. He was grinning broadly, brandishing an axe. By his side stood another man, clad in black, spiked armor, his face obscured behind a horned helmet, holding a heavy, two-handed blade…but the most dangerous of them all was the fourth one. He, too, was clad in plate armor, but his was pearly white, inset with silver runes. His shoulder plates were formed akin to snarling dragons and he bore a steel shield showing a symbol she had never seen before, a stylized woman in chains. As Viconia looked up, she could see his unhelmeted face. There was a face that had seen a lot, a strong, determined face, with eyes that spoke of one thing and one thing only – an unquenchable lust for power. His short black hair accentuated his somewhat pale features…features Viconia remembered. “Therion?” she whispered but neither the warrior nor the rest of the group had heard him.

“What in the name of the gods do you think you’re doing?” Alius was the first one to speak up, having regained his composure commendably fast. Seemingly unafraid, he stepped forward…and was cut down without a word by Therion’s master-crafted blade. “I am ending this”, Therion said calmly, then turned to his companions, “Kill them all…”

For one instant the villagers didn’t know whether to run or attack until Doran suddenly cried “You killed Pa!” and rushed towards Therion, all the other men following him. It was a slaughter – magical fire from the robed man scorched four until they even got close and then the dwarf was between them, slashing with his axe, almost surrounded by a bloody mist. The man in spiked armor fought – or rather killed – without the fury of the dwarf but he was even more effective. One slash. One kill. Therion didn’t even need to raise his sword again, only when Kalin came screaming in fury, he knocked him out with strike of the handle of his sword.

“I hope you don’t mind interrupting this… party, ah Viconia?” Therion asked silently, when all was over.

“Thank you Therion, thank you” Viconia gasped, not believing that the terror is over “You saved me again. I’ll repay my debt, I promise. I’ll will go with you, be of any assistance you need!” she promised, finally rising to her feet and taking of the collar.

“Oh yes, you will” the dwarf chuckled but the tall man hit his helmet with his gauntlet, silencing him.

“I’m sorry that I didn’t go with you, when you were going to kill Sarevok, I should have, but I’ll repay this to you, I’m at your service now” Viconia said, putting on some villager’s clothes so that she could cover her nudity. She didn’t know why, but at her words the dwarf chuckled again. “If you need me against him, I’ll help. Or have you defeated this Sarevok already?” she asked.

“He sure did” the tall, spiked man answered, with just a hint of amusement.

“To be honest I was kind of angry, when you left” Therion said slowly “Thought about doing nasty things to you, but well, past is past. And as for my welcome gift… this one is still alive, I guess” he gestured towards Kalin, whom he had knocked out. “Have fun” he said, tossing the dwarf a dagger, and watching as he knelt near the villager and returned him to consciousness.

“What would you say about payback?” Viconia asked with a devilish smile and started cutting.

“Why don’t we just tie her up already? (Must I always think of this)” Edwin muttered to Therion, his words unheard because of the anguished screams of tortured Kalin.

“And why should we?” Therion answered with a question “She’ll go with us willingly, haven’t you heard? Much easier than dragging her.”

“Yeah, that was quite funny” Korgan chuckled “She told she will be of assistance. Ass-istance, get it?” he laughed as the party sighed.

“Viconia, need to get going” Therion finally said “We err… left Imoen somewhere.”

“I’m almost done” the priestess responded and finally left Kalin. He admired her job – she cut the man’s tongue off, eyes, all the fingers, castrated him and left him to die from bloodlust. She gave the dagger back. “Ah, almost like new!” she said. While it was far from the truth, she still felt completely exhausted, after exacting at least some degree of revenge she felt a bit better. And she didn’t want her new partners to think that she was weak and useless. She knew that she had to work hard, just to make up for being seen naked and raped by those men.

Finally, when they were going back to the camp, where Imoen had been left, Viconia asked the men. “I’m grateful for your help as well. My name is Viconia, how should I address you?”

“Korgan” the dwarf simply responded, grinning as if he knew something funny she didn’t.

“My name is Edwin, master Edwin. (Surely she must have heard about me, surely!)” the mage started mumbling to himself.

“And I’m an old friend of Therion’s.” the man in spiked armor answered. “Ahh, there is the camp!” he said, showing a small clearing, surrounding a single tree. No tents or fire were in this “camp”, but Viconia could see, some silhouettes – orcs maybe, or hobgoblins.

The sun was still blinding her so only when she entered the clearing she noticed Imoen and when she did she stopped rapidly. She remembered Imoen as a young, pretty, a bit naïve and too cheerful girl. Now, the red-head was quite different – in fact her state was similar to that of Viconia not long ago. She was tied to the tree, upside down. Tears were smeared on her face, face that was covered with dried cum. A gag was placed and tightly secured in her mouth. Imoen’s perky tits were covered with lashes and bite marks. Her young pussy was so filled with cum that it was simply drizzling out of her, flowing down her body, around her tits, and on her neck. A whip was sticking out of her cunt, its handle pushed deep. Six hobgoblins where surrounding her.

“They got Imoen!” Viconia shouted, stating the obvious, but quite sure that the party will deal with the monsters in a matter of seconds. But as she said this, the hobgoblins disappeared.

“A simple summoning spell” Edwin said.

“Must’ve used them to make sure she doesn’t get away” the armored man said, causing another chuckle from the dwarf.

“Who has done it?” Viconia wondered, as Imoen opened her eyes.

“Mpfff! Mpfff!” small whimpers came from her gagged mouth as Viconia turned to Therion. She only saw a fist.

“Aagh… what?” she asked disoriented, falling to the ground.

“We did that to her” Therion calmly stated as the tall man grabbed Viconia by her neck and raised her and Korgan began to tie her hands “And we will do this, and more – much more, to you as well”

“Yeah, you’ll be of ass-istance” Korgan laughed evily.

“And by the way… my name is Sarevok” the armored man said, taking of his helmet.

Viconia watched in terror and confusion, as Therion approached Imoen and put his hand on her breast, squeezing it.

“Missed me, sis?” he asked.

Imoen’s weak, sobbing protests were muffled by the gag but Viconia could see the stark terror in the girl’s eyes. What had happened? She struggled as the disgusting dwarf tied her hands tightly, nearly cutting off all the blood flow. “Well, at least you had some…company in the meantime”, Therion said, chuckling, “how about thanking us for not leaving you all alone, my dear sister?” Smiling coldly, he unfastened the small leather string that held the gag, pulling it out from between Imoen’s trembling lips. The young girl stared at Viconia for a moment, both surprised and shocked, before a harsh backhanded slap from her brother brought her attention back to him. “That was an order. And you know I do not like to repeat myself.” She shrank back under his gaze – as much as that was possible with her still being bound to the tree. “T-thank you…for not…leaving me…all alone…t-t-thank you f-for summoning the…h-hobgoblins to k-keep me company…”, the girl whimpered, her eyes cast down, her body trembling with faint sobs.

“Therion…what happened…”, Viconia whispered in shock. When she had first met the man, he had already been ruthless and determined…but he had treated his younger half-sister fairly…and he hadn’t had this aura around him…this presence of unremitting, merciless evil that would have done any high priestess of Lolth proud. Her hands now tied, she suddenly felt the dwarf’s greedy, thick fingers grope her ass, making her yelp out in shock and disgust. “Hmm…I’ll love having my way with you, elf…”, he chuckled, “You remind me of a wild elf lass down south…she used to scream so lovely when I raped her ass…” The pride with which he said it made her shudder and she squirmed in Sarevok’s grip to escape his fingers, but the armored giant held her tightly, his grip like steel. “I showed him the truth about himself”, Sarevok chuckled, the dark-skinned man looking over at his half-brother. “He killed me…but in the end, I won.”

“Oh, please…stop giving yourself more credit than you deserve. Without me, you wouldn’t even be alive anymore.” Therion had turned away from Imoen, stepping towards Viconia, his hands gripping the fabric she hastily donned and ripping it open to expose her abused breasts again. “Part of it is true. When he died, his power drained into me. It was the best thing I ever felt. Pure, unbrindled power. And…I learned that i could actually become a god. I could truly step into my father’s footprints…only that i would not be the god of murder. I have other…preferences.” he reached out and grabbed a hold of Viconia’s left breast, squeezing it so hard his fingers left darker imprints. The drow cried out in pain and fought harder. “Please…Therion…don’t…I beg you…don’t do this to me…not again…I…I can’t take it anymore…” tears ran down her cheek as she thought about having to go through it all again…and maybe worse, if the sight of Therion’s half-sister was anything to go by. Therion frowned. “That’s not the Viconia I remember…by the gods, how far have you sunken?”

“Hrm…used to be more feisty, eh?” Korgan asked, chuckling, “I’ll take her anyway…” Therion looked at Viconia teary, cum-encrusted face and shook his head. “I don’t want another wreck. I want the haughty drow priestess I lusted after for weeks. Edwin!”

”(Always these interruptions…and again, no word of thanks for my ingenuity…ungrateful swineherds)…Yes?” The wizard came closer, taking a moment to let an appraising eye wander over the drow’s half-naked body. “You have a scroll of Wish on you, right?” The former Red wizard looked at Therion, then at the drow, his face filling with disdain. “I am to waste one of my most precious possessions on a…dark elf? On this lowly piece of…meat? Surely that’s a joke…(and a bad one at that)” “No, Edwin, it is not. You will use the spell to return her spirit and mind to its unbroken state. Of course, she will still remember her rapes…but as a distant memory, akin to a dream.” Edwin listened to Therion’s words, seeming half impressed, half scowling. “This is still a waste. These scrolls cost a fortune!” “They do. I know. But I know what I want. And I will not be denied. Get to it, mage!”

“(Always orders, always orders, did I ever get a reward for all this?)” Edwin started muttering as he was preparing to cast the spell but Therion quickly interrupted.

“Quit mumbling mage” he snapped finally “You got your reward, remember that bitch Dynaheir? We gave her you. Pity she managed to provoke you so hard, we wanted to have a sixth round with her” Therion said with small smile , then turned to Viconia and explained to the terrified priestess “He put a wand of fire in her ass. And now proceed with the spell, Edwin!”

(Always orders, but yes, I’ll show my exceptional skills)” with these words he began his incantation.

“Damn, those rituals are so boring” Korgan yawned “Come fuck-slave, going to take your ass again”

“Wait for the drow” Therion simply ordered moving to the hanging Imoen. “Imoen is now mine” he said simply, unbuckling his belt. Imoen’s head was directly on the height of his crotch.

“The hell she is yours” Korgan raised, drawing his axe. He shot a quick glance at Sarevok, but the tall man just shrugged.

“Are you sure, you want to… challenge me?” Therion said, almost calmly putting his hand on the hilt of his sword. Even with his unbuckled pants, there was something in him that made Korgan move away.

“You can have her, yeah you can. But I’m so banging darkie’s ass in a heartbeat!” he said, glancing at the drow.

Therion simply smiled at touched Imoen’s lips with his cockhead. She tried to wiggle her head away but quickly made a long moan of pain as Therion twisted her nipple, took off the whip out of her pussy and rammed it back again.

“No sister, it’s the second time you make me repeat myself today. You will be punished, of course, but pray that you won’t make me repeat myself again.” He made a small sigh when Imoen took his cock in her mouth and began sucking it there, still hanging upside down. “Oh yes, suck me sister, you know how I like it… oh yes, suck it long and good, make it good, make it good and I won’t give you to Korgan, yes… like this. More of those slurping noises, yes… Try to move that pretty head of yours, I know you’re tied… yes, this way, take me in, take me deep… slurp some more… oh, good… now lick my balls, yeah play with them with that sweet little tongue of yours… yeah sis..!”

Meanwhile purple light was beginning to form around Viconia, filling her with a feeling of great power, making her feel really good for the first time since her capture. For a moment she forgot about the family that held her, her ordeal, abuse, repeated rapes and the fact the she maybe has fallen in an even worse situation. She was Viconia de Vir, priestess of Shar and she wouldn’t submit to those surfacers – sons’ of a god or not.

She felt utter disgust at her helplessness, when she remembered how she crawled and begged her captors to let her suck them. She’d survived the tortures of the Underdark, even the merciless sun couldn’t break her. For a moment she saw Imoen again but  instead of fear her fate made Viconia feel only utter disgust. How pathetic she was! She was weak, while Viconia was strong. They may rape her, yes, but she woulnd’t be broken, not again. She would find a way to escape and to exact her revenge and her revenge would be swift and terrifying to all who wronged her!

She already saw possibilities opening before her, learning from Imoen as much as possible about the weaknesses of her captors for once. Creating jealousy among the party, jealousy for her, that’d be second. Sarevok… he had been Therion’s enemy once, maybe it was possible to turn him against the party leader again and if not, maybe Therion could be convinced that his half brother had betrayed him again.

Finally the light subsided and Viconia looked at her captors – Edwin, standing there in a pompous pose, with a scroll in his hand, Sarevok holding her strongly, with an indifferent face, Korgan looking at her with a hungry stare and, of course, Therion having his balls licked and cock sucked by the crying Imoen. “Do your worst you freaks” she said quietly and spat on the ground.

“Don’t you… oh yes, yes sister, don’t you worry darkie, we… yes… we will.” Therion said as his moans were becoming more intense.

He was jerking his cock rapidly, slapping it against Imoen’s chin while she lapped at his balls with her trembling tongue, tears running over her forehead. Groaning, he focused all his attention back towards his crying sister and her attempts to please him.

The dwarf, however, had his sights on Viconia, his excitement stoked by the drow’s new attitude. While Edwin threw his now-useless scroll away with an indignant grumble, the dwarf stepped closer to the drow. “Hey, Sar…let her down, I think it’s time she got her ass pounded by a real man!” Sarevok shrugged, opening his hand to let the drow fall to the floor with a pained grunt. With her hands tied, she had no way to catch her fall and only barely avoided landing on the floor head-first. Metallic rustling indicated the dwarf getting rid of his chainmail, his hands trembling in eagerness and his face set in a leer. He was almost drooling into his beard. “It seems you really took care to only take the most pathetic with you, Therion”, Viconia remarked, pure acid in her voice, “your dwarf is almost tripping over himself to get to me…” Korgan snarled upon hearing these words, Therion being too busy playing with his sister to react. The dwarf stepped towards her and grabbed a fistful of her white hair, pulling her head back painfully, eliciting another surprised and pained yelp from the captive drow. “First off…I’m not ‘his dwarf’!” He backhanded her across the face, her right cheek turning darker with his handprint. Viconia, though she felt the slap sting terribly, grit her teeth, unwilling to give him the satisfaction. No one would ever see her in tears again…especially not these low-lifes!

“And second…you think THIS is pathetic?” He had reached inside his pants and was now pulling out his cock, the head only inches from Viconia’s face. The drow had to admit…it was impressive, especially given the dwarven’s size. While not very long, it was quite thick, possibly thicker than any other cock she’d had in any of her holes yet…and just as ugly as the rest of its owner. If he really tried to fuck her ass with that, she’d have to expect a lot of pain…but, determined to live through this, she simply looked at the member, then at Korgan. “Is this supposed to impress me, dwarf? I’ve seen halflings with bigger cocks than yours!”

Now, Korgan was well and truly furious. Using his hold on her hair to keep her head straight, he slapped her face a few more times, turning her cheeks into stinging infernos. “Let’s see how feisty ya are with my cock up yer ass!”

Finally letting go of her hair, Korgan stepped around her, snarling at Sarevok, who was still watching from behind, “Outta my way…I said i’d take her first!” “Whatever pleases you…”, the giant reumbled, stepping back so that Korgan could take his place behind the drow. Her knees scraped against the rough earth as Korgan’s hands landed on her ass and pulled it back and up for easier access.

Feeling him spread her asscheeks, his thick, throbbing cockhead against the sensitive opening between them, Viconia focused her eyes on Therion, using her hatred to shield herself from the pain that was sure to follow. Therion was groaning loudly at this moment, his cock erupting in a spray of cum that splattered across Imoen’s cute features, her tits, her hair, pooling underneath her chin…

As he came, he grabbed the whip handle again and started violently pumping it in and out of his sister’s snatch, his cock still spraying his seed all over her…

And then, Korgan pushed his fat cockhead into her asshole…

Viconia gritted her teeth and barely contained a moan of pain, from escaping her mouth. The dwarf grabbed her hips and thrust himself in with one, strong push, overcoming the resistance of Viconia’s clenched muscles.

“Aaagh! That’s all you can… agh… do?!” Viconia cried out, as Korgan found his rhythm and began fucking her mercilessly. He pushed his fat cock in and then pulled it out, so only the tip of his dick was inside… and then rammed it back in one push, causing Viconia to arch her body forward, her abused tits scraping the ground, making the drow to cry loud in pain, through her gritted teeth. In and out, in and out, the dwarf was pounding Viconia’s tightest fuckpole. Once again she felt as if she was torn apart, her lower half aflame with pain. It was as if Korgan’s dick was made of fire, it hurt her so much, stretching her tightest hole as wide as it had never been stretched before. The only good thing was that it wasn’t so long and didn’t penetrate her as deeply. Nevertheless with each thrust the priestess cried with pain. What was the worst about Korgan, was that he fucked, raped her ass so savagely, as no one had done before. “Aaagh… Aaa! You… aaagh… goddess… aaagh… you sick bastards”.

Therion, Sarevok and Edwin, were standing there and watching the rape. Although Viconia still shouted and insulted her rapist, at least when she wasn’t crying in pain, the dwarf didn’t mind. He didn’t mind that his victim still feisty. He just wanted to hurt her, to give her as much pain as he could. He cherished her cries, the way how her body rocked in the rhythm of his violent thrusts almost as much as he loved the soft, tight feeling of her asshole surrounding his prick.

“Hell, I love you elves, ughh… all so tight… so sensitive to pain… ugh… and you stubborn drows… ugh… always looking down on everyone… ugh… and yet you scream and beg and plead the same… ugh… as I pound your sorry, pathetic asses…” he mumbled between his thrusts, listening as the drow cried in unison.

“Hard… to… aaaa! Up… on… you.. hard… aaa, nooo, aaa! Hard to stand… aaa… next to your smell!” Viconia gasped, feeling unwanted tears gather in her eyes. She didn’t allow them, she let her rape, her anger at the filthy dwarf fuel her power, give her strength to withstand the torment.

“And this… smelly dwarf… is… uggggh! Cumming… up… your… ASS!” Korgan yelled as he started to flood Viconias bowels with his jism. “Cumming in your tight… ass… drow… can you feel it… yeah… take it!”

While watching Viconia’s assrape take place, Therion was idly pumping the whip handle in and out of his crying sister’s pussy, loving to listen to her cries as a backdrop to the events playing out before him, a thin smirk twisting his lips. Korgan was useful for breaking them in properly…sure, the dwarf was obnoxious, loud, ugly and not exactly clean, but his arms were strong and he was brutal enough. The man had no scruples whatsoever and he lived for rape just as much as for the opportunity to sink his blade into his enemies. That made him perfect for their group. The way he handled Viconia was simply wonderful. “Hnnngh…hnnngh…”, he groaned as he pounded the drow’s ass with hard strokes while his balls emptied their load into Viconia’s bowels. The drow bit her lip to keep herself from feeling the full brunt of shame and indignity that was being visited upon her, successfully holding the tears at bay for the moment, even though she still grunted and cried out with each thrust, hoping that this ordeal would be over soon.

It was, after a few more hard thrusts into her sore, overstretched anus. Korgan sighed as he pulled out, slapping her ass a few times for good measure before stepping away. “That was a great ass! Not as good as Imoen’s but still…it’ll be great to fuck this daily!” he laughed while Viconia, still on her knees, her face in the dirt, her ass raised, could only glare at the three men watching her. “Was that it?”, she hissed, “I’ve had worse” She knew she was probably on thin ice with comments like this, but she had to project confidence…if she gave them any indication that she was broken already, that she was this weak…she wouldn’t be able to live with herself again. They had given her a second chance – if only for their own pleasure – but Viconia DeVir was certainly not going to waste it.

She heard a loud groan of pain, followed by Imoen’s whimpering – which was already starting to grate on her nerves – as the young human girl was cut off the tree and fell to the floor, drawing her knees up against her chest, the whip handle having been pulled out by her brother. Now, the redhead tried to make herself as small as possible, trying to avoid being noticed by anyone. “So, great fearless leader…are we going to stay here or shall we seek a better place for the night?” Sarevok asked, looking over at Therion, who absent-mindedly played with the whip. “Good question…I think we should try and get a few more miles behind us. Athkatla is still a tenday’s travel away…and as much fun as we had so far, I do wish to get to the city eventually.”

“Not a bad idea but… no.” Therion said approaching Viconia. “I don’t think I could wait so long to fuck this bitch.”

“Damn, it seems I have to wait a little longer for my turn” Sarevok laughed “She’s all yours, brother.” With these words he moved back as Therion stood above Viconia, who was still laying on the ground.

“Oh, the mighty leader finally decided to do something himself instead of sending his lackeys” Viconia smirked, looking up “You were afraid that even now I can hurt so you send the dwarf first? Ughh..” she fought back her scream as Therion slapped her.

“That scroll was expensive but it was a good investment” the leader smiled “I’ll enjoy taming you” he grabbed Viconia and threw her so she fell on her back. This brought another short cry of pain as her back hit the hard ground.

Therion was next to her within a heartbeat, forcing her legs apart with his knees, easily overpowering her. His hands groped and squeezed her breasts as the priestess hissed in pain and try to twist her body to escape the inevitable assault.

Viconia was quite shocked to notice that Therion’s cock was hard already, as if he hadn’t just flooded his sisters face and mouth with a river of cum. She grit her teeth and started wiggling even more as she felt the cockhead of the man’s huge, hard, long and thick cock touch her pussy lips.

“The dwarf may have taken your ass first, but I’ll enjoy screwing your cunt even more” Therion laughed in Viconia’s face as he grabbed her hips and pushed his huge dick in, with one powerful thrust. The drow’s body suddenly jerked in pain, trying in vain to push him off and to escape. “Oh, yes… so tight… so warm…I’ll enjoy fucking you and filling this beautiful hole with my divine seed. I’ll be doing it often” he hissed as he continued pumping his cock in and out of Viconia’s dry and still sore pussy.

“Aaa… to… Nine… Hells… aaa! With you!” Viconia still remained feisty and managed even to spit in her rapists face. In respone he only laughed and grabbed one of her breasts, twisting her nipple hard. As her body twisted in pain, each move of hers aroused him even more. It was almost as though she was fucking him back, she realized but she couldn’t help it – he tortured her tits so hard that she had no choice but to twist and writhe her sensuous body underhim, as he fucked her and fucked, plunging his cock in, withdrawing it and pushing it in one thrust again. “Aaa!” she shouted as once again she felt his cock stretch her tight hole, causing her pain with every rapid thrust, with every push filling her with even greater pain.

“Oh yes, Viconia, oh yes… you don’t know how long I’ve been lusting about you… dreaming about fucking your sweet body. Dreaming about how you twist beneath me, how your warm cunt envelopes my dick, how your tits feel once I’m squeezing them and twisting and pinching…” Therion gasped while still pounding his victim mercilessly. “I don’t want to be a god of Murder you know… rape… and slavery… that is so much better… more pleasure… taking your victim… uggh! Taking her, fucking her senseless as I’m doing with you… keeping her for your own, torturing, using her whenever you wish… ugh! Making her life’s goal to serve your every whim, that’s what will become my domain!” he was speaking faster and faster, still fucking Viconia with a steady, merciless rhythm. It seemed as though Therion could control how long he lasted – maybe another gift from his divine father?

“You… mmmpfff” Viconia’s curse was cut short as Therion did something completely unexpected – squeezed her left tit, and when she opened her mouth, kissed her, pushing his tongue deep inside her mouth, probing it, filling her with an even greater humiliation.

Viconia twisted beneath him, trying to move her head to the side to avoid the humiliating kiss, but she was compeltely trapped underneath his pumping body, his tongue exploring her mouth against her will. For a moment, she considered simply biting him…but then thought that she had no diea what his blood might do if she got it into her…as much as this hurt her pride, she couldn’t take any risk…

He groaned into her mouth, changing his pace, now sliding in and out of her at torturously slow speed, making her feel every single inch as it slid in and out of her, allowing all but the head of his cock to slip out from between her warm, dry folds before slowly forcing his entire lenght into her again, eliciting a loud, muffled groan from her. With drawing from her mouth, he laughed at her obvious pain and misery, even though she still tried to swallow back tears.

“That’s hnnngh…why I’m raping…Imoen…every day…as my…sister she…has the divine…spark as well…and each time…I sink my…cock into her…I rip it away…piece by piece…”, he said, groaning in between , relishing pumping into her time and again. Gritting her teeth, criying out in pain, Viconia looked at the others who were simply watching, though she could see a huge bulge underneath Edwin’s robe. The mage was just as easily excited and distracted as the rest…that would be useful…if she could remember it amidst the blazing pain!

“And even…now…when it comes to rape…my powers grow…I can last as long…as I wish…and I never…have to rest…as long as the girl I…fuck is…unwilling…”, he continued, leaning down to clamp his teeth around her nipple, making Viconia cry out loud again, her body bucking under him as she soughs to escape, his teeth sending spears of pain through her upper body even as he violated her cunt.

Even though the pain made her dizzy, her mind raced and a faint sense of dread dawned upon her. If he could do this without tiring…he could literally rape her forever until her body failed…oh goddes, this was not good…it would probably be the most horrible death she could imagine…and he knew about the unspoken threat he had just uttered. “Hnnn…but I think…we’re finished…for now…after all, Edwin and my brother want their turns, too….”, he said, smiling happily as he looked down at her angry, pain-scrunched face, humping her cunt for a few minutes more before finally pulling out with a loud moan…just in time to spray a huge torrent of cum all over her belly and tits…

It wasn’t long after Therion stood up when Sarevok and Edwin were next to her again, the mage’s nervous hands, so calm when casting a spell, now trembling with lust groping her tits and probing her ass and pussy.

“She’s mine mage!” Sarevok hissed.

“No, no, no! (I’ve waited long enough, haven’t I?) I’ve cast the spell? My scroll? My turn! (Bad enough that I have to get sloppy seconds after the dwarf).”

“We don’t have all day” Therion decided, stopping the quarrel “Can’t you two, for once, share?”

“So it will be, brother” Sarevok nodded, grabbed Viconia and untied her hands. Once again she hissed when she felt the blood rush but as she wanted to insult Sarevok she was thrown brutally to the ground. She managed to use her hands to soften the fall and landed just as the tall warrior wanted – on all fours.

“You need back-up to take me, warrior?” she mocked Sarevok but her grin disappeared when Edwin spoke some ancient words and she suddenly stopped feeling her hands. When she glanced at them, she saw they were hard and grey – like stone. “What did you…” she started to yell at Edwin but as she raised her head, eyes blazing in fury he rammed his cock into her soft, warm and moist mouth.

“I’ll dispel it… oooh… after the…. Yeah, yeah, bitch… after the fun” Edwin hissed between moans of pleasure. “Suck it bitch, suck it good, yeah, make it good.. you whore, yeah…”

“Why so vocal?” Sarevok chuckled after having finally removed the last part of his armour. He grabbed Viconia’s hips and raised her cute, tight ass high.

“Ughh!”  the drow hissed as he rammed first his fingers into her swollen pussy, then withdrew them and touched her pussy-lips with his long, hard cock.

“I can share you… for now” he bent, whispering to Viconia’s ear “But soon I’ll fuck and rape and torture you all by myself. You will be begging for the dwarf’s cock before I’m finished with you!” he laughed and plunged his cock into her cunt, with two strokes burying his huge cock so deep that the drow could feel his balls slapping her ass.

“Nnn… mpfff… mmm…” Viconia hissed and moaned around Edwin’s member in her mouth, feeling the taste of his pre-cum on her tongue.

“Yeah… bitch… suck me… if you want me to cum… down your sweet throat… and dispel this nasty little spell…” the mage chuckled, slowly moving his cock in the priestess’ warm mouth. Her moans, caused by Sarevok brutally plunging his cock into her cunt aroused him even more.

“Mmm…!” Viconia moaned, feeling intense pain radiating from her abused pussy with each savage thrust. But what was worst was that while she hated how different men had taken her face, literally face-fucking her, she was astonished to see that Edwin, as impatient as he was, didn’t do anything like this. His moves wore slow and not very deep and he could be going for hours… unless she sucked him off. So the drow slowly began licking the hard prick, caressing it with her nimble, dexterous tongue, moving up and down the shaft. He couldn’t make her lick his balls or anything like this, she still had the will to fight… but also wanted him to finish as quickly as possible as the lack of feeling in her hands terrified her. Even worse was the fact that now, she effectively could move now only her face (up and down the cock, that was her choice) and ass (rocking backwards and forwards in the rhythm of Sarevok’s pushes).

Under her oral ministrations, Edwin groaned, holding her head with his hands while moving in and out at his slow, steady pace, loving how she actually tried to get him off. This always worked, their fear being the best motivator, no matter how feisty they acted. In the end, magic was supreme to brutal force, even though brutes like Sarevok or Korgan would never understand that simple fact. It was pure irony that the drow who worked on his cock, slurping and sucking on his hard shaft, coating it with her saliva as it slid back and forth between her tight warm lips, probably understood the power of magic far better than her new masters.

Sarevok had leaned over her again, having no need to hold her now that she could barely move anything besides her ass and head, his hips still slamming into her, driving his hard shaft into her unwilling cunt deeply and mercilessly. His calloused, combat-experienced hands reached down beneath her and grabbed her tits, squeezing them hard, making her moan even louder around Edwin’s cock.

Therion watched them impassively, only a slight smirk indicating the joy he found in watching his comrades force themselves upon her. Viconia hated him with a cold, stark passion that fuelled her willpower, giving her the strength to resist despite the blazing pain the long cock driving into her caused her.. Lapping along the underside of Edwin’s cock, she loudly slurped on it, trying to focus on the degrading task to ignore the stabbing, burning pain emanating from her sore cunt…but it did not work exactly as she’d hoped, the pain being far too great and too intimate to be forgotten.

“Hmm…yes…so tight…so warm…take my cock, slave….”, Sarevok hissed into her ear, “that’s what you are now…a slave…and…hnnngh…we will never…let you go…” hearing the muffled protests from their victim, he chuckled…then sank his teeth into the soft skin of her neck, his cock twitching at the horrible scream that followed. “Watch it, you imbecile! She nearly bit me!” Edwin hissed, glaring at his comrade with blazing eyes. “Oh, can…hnnngh…it…mage…you’re…always…complaining…if we didn’t…hnngh…need you…”

“Blah blah, we would’ve killed you long ago…hmmm…oh…that’s better, don’t stop…keep this up, drow and I’ll cum soon…and maybe give you your hands back….stuff the threats, Sar. Therion..needs my magic. And my expertise..he can…always hire dumb…oh yesssss!” Edwin never finished his sentence, feeling his balls churn, he grabbed Viconia’s head tightly as his cock began to bathe her reluctant tongue in his cum, the taste making the drow heave and gag with pure disgust. “Hmmm..yes, take my cum…take it all….and swallow….” For a moment, she considered simply spitting out his vile seed but she was quite sure that they would punish her…there was no use for a small act of defiance if it didn’t get her anywhere…she, she worked her throat, swallowing down the huge mouthful his cock left in her mouth just as Edwin began to withdraw from her mouth.

“Show me your mouth”, the wizard said once he’d wiped his cock clean with her hair…another indignity the drow would never forget. Still being rocked from behind, she parted her lips, allowing Edwin to see that she had indeed swallowed all the cum even though her stomach was still churning from the taste. “Happy…now….mage? You…got your…hnnngh…pathetic…little…wish…hnnn….aaaaaa….goddess…..nnnhggggg….” she snarled, her words interrupted by pained cries as Sarevok pummelled her cunt even harder now. “I like it when they’re still…feisty…make it much more…fun to break them…” he whispered, biting her again. “Hnnaaaaaaaaaa! Becssue…you couldn’t….get any…woman to do as …you want by…asking her…can you?” the drow spat out, making Sarevok laugh…then groan as he began to cum. Viconia hung her head, a pained gasp escaping her lips as she felt his hot seed splatter against her sore insides. He pounded her pussy a few more times, delighting in her cries before pulling out, slapping her ass with as much force as he could. “That was…quite well done, bitch…but I am not sure if you have yet earned the use of your hands back….”, he began, but this time Therion cut him short. “Enough, Edwin…we can play more later…now we should get going. I don’t want to spend my life on the road!”

Edwin raised his hands to cast the counterspell but Therion suddenly approached him and whispered something. The mage nodded and started to cast another incantation. Soon a glyph of green light appeared in his hands and slowly flew to Viconia. The drow tried to twist and avoid it, but with her hands useless and heavy she had no chance. Overcoming her spell resistance, the rune touched her forehead, feeling a bit warm but not unpleasant and disappeared.

“A simple geas spell” Therion explained with a smile and Viconia cursed in her mind. “Tell her the conditions, Edwin.”

“(Simple spell? My spells are never simple!) Well, its easy, even a drow domwit like you will understand” the mage said while putting his now limp cock under the robe “If you hurt us – you will be pierced with agonizing pain. If you try to leave our company without our permission – the same.”

“Shar damn you!” Viconia cursed “Four against one and you still need magic to keep me in line? You sure have to be afraid!”

“Just want to keep things under control” Therion shuddered. “Lil sis, has the same spell” he added pointed at Imoen, who was still laying, curled to a ball “Release her Edwin!”

Another short gesture, a few words and feeling returned to Viconia’s hands. Her situation was worse than she  had anticipated, but the geas spell could be dispelled… but she didn’t have the ability to pray for power to her goddess. But she did notice one tiny ray of hope, one phrase that slipped Edwin’s mouth.  If you try to leave our company without our permission – the same. Our – not Therion’s. That made all the difference. Sooner or later she’d manage to turn those fools against each other and secure her freedom, it was enough to convince one of them, not all. Now she had to learn and observe and finally decide which one would be the easiest target. The barbaric, quick to anger dwarf? The arrogant mage? Sarevok who had to have some hard feelings towards the brother who had killed him?

Her thoughts were interrupted as Sarevok grabbed her and helped her to her feet. He threw her a backpack with sleeping bags and some other items (no weapons, of course) and ordered her to march. Viconia saw that Imoen was also forced to carry some things – in a bit cruel irony she carried a case with whips, shackles, dildoes and such tools of rape.

“Lets go, finally!” Therion ordered and the party started going towards Athcatla. The march was quite fast and the tired and abused girls had problems with keeping up. Fortunately the party wasn’t do brutal in this matter as in others – no motivating them to go faster with a whip or things like this. Probably the team didn’t want there to fuck slaves to loose all their strength too fast.

Finally when the beautifully dark night covered the sky, freeing Viconia from the merciless sky, Therion ordered the party to stop and set up a camp. Imoen was quickly forced to set up tents and a fire. Of course Viconia knew that Therion won’t allow her to pray at midnight for power, but she also knew that sooner or later their caution would slip. Viconia was especially surprised when she and Imoen were thrown sleeping bags, it seemed as if their captors had some shred of decency after sall. Or what was more probable, didn’t want their slaves to get cold or sick during the night.

“Damn, we have to find them some nice outfits” Sarevok said, watching the two slaves as they tried to wrap themselves into their sleeping bags for protection from both the cold as well as the lustful glares of the party.

“Are you dumb?” Korgan laughed “Outfits? Too much to do with stripping them off. And I like to see their titties jiggling!”

“If someone is dumb dwarf, it is you” the warrior calmly responded.  “I thought about outfits which will only emphasize their shape… with easy access to their… strategic places, revealing much but keeping them warm…ish.”

“I’ll think about something like this when we’re in Athcatla” Therion agreed.

“Yeah, yeah, quit talking, let’s start fucking!” Korgan laughed and made a few steps towards the slaves. Imoen curled her body even more, looking at the dwarf with absolute terror until a short word stopped Korgan.

“No” Therion said calmly “No fucking today. They have to rest, Edwin’s already asleep and we have to discuss some plans”

“You two can plan” Korgan barked “I want only to swing my axe and fuck those whores”

“Not today.” Therion repeated, piercing Korgan with his gaze and then turned to Sarevok “Problems with this… brother?”

“No… brother” Sarevok responded slowly and turned back.

“Thank you, thank you…” Imoen started saying as much to Therion as to herself.

“Shut  up slave! And address me as master!” her brother barked angrily and approached her.

“Thank you mas-“ Imoen started but Terion grabbed her neck, took of his cock and only after her pushed it deep into her throat he let her neck go. “Grrlll!” Imoen gagged, taken completely by surprise.

“It seems I have to fuck you just to be free from your chattering!”

Seeing as Therion began fucking his sisters throat on the eyes of his two henchmen who were denied the same pleasure Viconia understood much better than Imoen what has just happened here. “He didn’t do it because of you, you naïve girl” the drow thought “He got a new slave and had to reassert his authority. Such group can only be led by someone with an iron fist”.

All this was useful, each piece of information was to be used when time comes in a bid to gain freedom. “And now… I’ll get even more pieces. I have to talk to Imoen.” The drow thought seeing as Therion began shooting gallons of cum into his sister’s throat.

When he finally left her and went to sleep (waking Edwin only to summon some ogres to stand on guard), Viconia crawled to Imoen. “Psst!” she whispered “Tell me what in the Nine Hells is going on here? He is your brother for gods’ sake!”

Imoen just stared at the priestess impassively. “Why do you want to know?”

“It may be… useful.”

“You’re thinking about running away, aren’t you?” Imoen made a tired sigh which annoyed the drow even more “Forget about it. You would never succeed.”

“Let me worry abour it” Viconia hissed “Tell me what is going on here?”

“Its Sarevok’s fault” Imoen started slowly, whispering so no one else would hear her. “Therion resurrected him just to learn more about the divinity… they talked. In private and long. When he returned he was… different… he was always driven… hard… but he was my brother, my big brother and he took care of me. And then, he just threw me on the floor of the temple of Bhaal below Baldur’s Gate and ripped my clothes…”

“I…I didn’t understand what he was d-doing…”, Imoen continued, her voice trembling. There were fresh tears in the corners of her eyes and Viconia had to suppress a derisive snarl at the redhead’s weakness. Instead, she nodded and motioned the girl to go on. “I…asked him, I…I begged to him to explain…but he just…he just s-slapped me. Then, he took out his…his cock…and pushed it into me…”

Now, the tears were flowing down her cheeks, glistening in the moonlight. “I…I was a virgin…but he didn’t care…I tried to fight him off but…but he was too strong…and it hurt so much…I screamed and screamed and screamed…and he just l-laughed…I saw…Sarevok come out of the temple….he s-smiled as he saw me under his b-brother…”

“It went on and..on…I just cried and screamed…i begged him to stop…and he…he said…that he would…never stop…never leave me alone again…that I had just stopped…being his sister…and would now be his…his s-slave…” It was then that Imoen began to sob again, too quiet for the ogres to hear, but still annoyingly loud for Viconia. She bit back her anger, though, as there was no need to antagonize her fellow slave…at the moment, at least.

“I thought he would never s-stop…it hurt so much…Viconia…it hurt so much…”, Imoen mumbled, subonsciously clenching her legs together as the memory of her first brutal rape ravaged her mind again. Viconia sighed. Of course she knew how much it hurt…she’d been raped only a few hours ago…” And then…then he came…in me…” Imoen sobbed. “And then? He must have given you an explanation eventually…”, Viconia asked, now getting impatient. If she’d have to suffer through more of Imoen’s whining about how terrible her rape had been, she would forget her good intentions and try to seek something to stuff that blabbering mouth with.

“He…tied me up…and, together with…Sarevok, he dragged me out of…the catacombs…and out of Baldur’s Gate…and then…they both….raped me again…and that’s when he t-told me…that he….needed to…take my divinity…as well…but he didn’t…want to k-kill me…after all…since he had better…uses for me…” Imoen’s voice had taken on a bitter tone. Viconia nodded slowly. Sarevok had gotten him started on the idea…and apparently, it had worked quite well, given Therion’s physical and sexual prowess, far removed from the wannabe warrior she had met long ago.

“Do you still have a divine spark?” Viconia asked after a moment, frowning in thought. If she somehow got Imoen to kill Therion…to backstab him or something like that, the tables could be turned…

Imoen shrugged. “I don’t know…sometimes I can feel…it inside me…but it’s getting weaker each time he…rapes me. I’m just glad…he has stopped…giving me to…to Korgan…” The girl cast a frightened glance at the tent to the right from which loud snoring emerged.

“Hey!” both women jumped as the voice boomed over the campsite. One of the ogres had turned to them. “Boss said you be silent at night…no talking from you, elf!”

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