Chapter 4 – The Viridian Dream

The wind and salty spray felt good on Lahk’s face this day, as his ship slid into an easy pursuit of the Viridian Dream as it fled across the waves. Helios had not disappointed — this time, the intercept was perfect, giving the elven ship no time to turn back into the dangerous waters it had come from.

Today, it was his.

As his long cloak trailed behind him, Lahk felt the same rush of adrenaline he had two years ago, the same day he’d realized the value of what Athuum had told him of the elven kingdom and its throne. He had spent years trying to find another way to reclaim what had been stolen from him by the elf’s death, and now that triumph was again with his grasp the exhilaration could not be denied; this was the way of the one of Sanguinar’s faithful, the proud anticipation before the start of war.

And the War of Ascension was about to rekindle, he had no doubt. He was striking the first blow of the new war right now, when that ship sunk beneath the waves and her crew was in his hands. Not so far ahead now, across the shimmering waters, Lahk watched the sails of the fleeing ship grow closer. With nothing but open water ahead, the ship had no chance of escape. No vessel in Silas could outrun the Bloody Keel, not with a wizard of Helios’s quality atop the flying bridge and summoning wind to fill the swift ships sails.

‘Soon.’ Lahk took a deep breath, and another, but found little in them to calm him. He fingered the hilt of Blackwand, steadying himself with the promise of imminent violence. Lahk clenched the rail so tightly his knuckles whitened, and again took in a deep and steadying breath, letting it out as a growl. ‘Sanguinar accept this tribute,’ he cast his thoughts to the heavens. He would soon be among the elven scum, overwhelming his enemies. No hesitation, and no remorse.

Second day of captivity, Daggerport brothel

The stone was cold beneath her skin as Cormac dragged her forward, ever deeper into the dark fortress of depravity. The elf wrinkled her nose against the smell coming up the stairs – sweat and sickness other scents of human misery. Cormac didn’t exactly smell pleasant either, his calloused, dwarven hands holding her firmly in place. At least the gag holding her mouth open made it easy to breath through it. Doing her best to ignore the surly dwarf dragging her down the stairs, she focused on the bindings they had used to tie her hands together behind her back.

Thick, sturdy rope tied in multiple knots bound her arms behind her, squeezing the tattooed elf’s fresh scars painfully. She wiggled, ignoring the burn as she tested her bonds. They were nothing she could squeeze her hands out right now, but in time maybe she could at least get one hand free, and then…

Suddenly, her focus was drawn away from her bindings and to Cormac, as he spoke to one of the men following behind him. “Why I ‘ave to carry this whore, ‘nway?”

Lahk’s voice came from behind her, chuckling. “Well… I guess you don’t.” The druid looked backwards, meeting the dark eyes of the human for a brief second while he smiled. Then Cormac threw her forward and the former druid went tumbling down the stairs.

She shrieked and curled into a ball as much as her bonds would allow, trying to protect her face and neck as she bounced down the stone stairs. Each impact causing her new scars, each step giving her a new reason to cry out in pain. It was mere luck that she landed at the feet of the stairs with all her bones intact but her head swam and she felt as if her entire pale body would soon darken to the color of her tattoos, her dead eryn eregdos.

Lahk was laughing as they casually followed her down the steps with Cormac. The elf tried to scramble to her feet, but the the dwarf laid his boot against her neck, pinning her to the ground.

“Enjoy the ride, bitch?” Cormac barked as the elf finally wiggled free of his boot. “You going to real love the ride I gun’ to give you when me cock’s in yer mouth, elf slut!”

Dragging her head by the scarlet hair, Cormac slammed the elf’s frail body against the stone wall of the hallway. Lahk walked past briskly. “Bring her all the way down when you’ve finished. And Cormac?” he said, putting his hand heavily on the dwarf’s armored shoulder. “Make sure you don’t kill this one.”

The ugly dwarf didn’t answer except to pull open his pants, dragging his prick over her delicate lips. Without any warning he jammed his prick deep into druid’s mouth as she breathed heavily, trying to catch her breath still from the fall. The back of her head slammed again into the stone. His cock slid cleanly through the leather ring forcing her jaw open, slipping into the back of her throat and causing her to wretch. She tried to pull back as the cock invaded down her mouth but his crushing hold on her hair kept her still and pinned to the wall.

Cormac began violently jerking his hips, thrusting his cock in and out of her tight throat and delighting as thick strands of drool oozed out from between her wide lips. She gasped what few breaths she could when the brutal jailer withdrew for another thrust, but the furious face fucking soon made Cormac’s crotch swim in front of her, darkness creeping into the edges of her vision.

Cormac continued the brutal blow job until his captive’s eyes started to roll back in her head, and only then did the dwarf relent and released the elf’s head.

“So what it feel like to suffocate ‘n cock, elfie?” Cormac laughed as the druid gasped and heaved, trying to breath through her clogged mouth.

“Pgh,” she coughed, gagging, “Nagh moh!”

Cormac ignored her and grabbed hear head again. The druid wailed as the man forced her all the way down onto his cock, and he laughed as he turned her wail into a continuous, gurgling scream. Again he brutally fucked the elf girl’s face until she was close to passing out. Cormac looked down at the ginger pinned against the wall by his cock, the black swirls on her facial tattoos covered in spit. Her bright eyes were bloodshot and brimming with tears as his eyes wandered down her beautiful body, admiring Lahk’s artistry in how he ruined the perfect patterns of the ritual tattoos that flowed across her pale skin.

The dwarf smiled as he pulled his cock from the sobbing elf’s mouth. “I canno’ wait until ye spread dem legs for me, cunt.”

Stars exploded behind her eyes as Cormac struck her head against the wall. A second and third bright flash of pain followed before Lahk finally turned the corner, losing sight of the abuse.

The swift caravel gained quickly on the elf vessel over the next twenty minutes, and soon it could be seen clearly with the naked eye. Pummeling blows from the forward ballistae rained downed upon the Viridian Dream as Sanguinar’s ship approached, and whatever pitiful protections were conjured by that ships quickly torn to shard by the efforts of Helios.

“Fire again!” Aion bellowed the order from the bridge. The ships crew briskly worked to obey the priest, loading more bolts into the enormous launchers on the foredeck. “Any issues, wizard?”

“Not in the slightest,” Helios replied, arrogant as usual as he waved his hands at the sails and blasted them with wind again. “They’ve a druid aboard, but his efforts are pathetic.” He sniffed, managing to imply without words that he considered the effort beneath him. “Move me into range, and the ship will be crippled soon after.”

Aion nodded and lifted a spyglass to better see the fleeing ship — he could make out the individual sailors on board now, scrambling as they adjusted the rigging in an effort to coax further speed from the doomed ship. Bloody Keel closed with every passing second, her sails gathering up the wind greedily as she cut through the water far more smoothly than her prey.

“Let fly for the mainsail,” Aion ordered, watching the crew aim the ballistae carefully before loosing. This time, the massive bolt clipped the sails, the chains trailing behind the missile cutting through the cloth and rigging of the Viridian Dream, who was bending hard into evasive maneuvers far too slowly. Behind him chanting began in some demonic tongue as Helios prepared his own magic.

A moment later the voice reached a fevered climax and there came a brilliant flash, and a column of flame as thick as a man was tall lashed out from the wizard’s outstretched fingers. It streaked towards the running ship, and Aion watched as a screen of water rose up to deflect the hellfire, no doubt the work of a druid.

It was not nearly enough. The flame boiled the defense out of existence without seeming to lose any intensity and struck the mainmast, igniting even the wet cloth with no difficulty. Aion smiled. No matter how badly he may hate the wizard, no follower of Sanguinar could be less than pleased to see a fellow so badly outmatch his competition.

The Viridian Dream continued its evasive turn, but with the damaged to her sails the move was sluggish. The Bloody Keel, more nimble by far even before the damage, cut right her angle, closing rapidly. Aion smiled as he considered Helios, the wizard nibbling his fingers together eagerly, ready to drop a series of spells to counter any defenses, followed by another devastating blast of fire to consume rigging and sails, crippling the ship permanently.

Then the fun would start.

She managed to catch glimpses of the cells she was dragged past. Many of them were empty… but many more where not, filled with freshly sobbing women who flinched away from the bars as the elf was hauled past. How could they have recaptured so many, so quickly? Had she been captured to accomplish nothing? She wept for herself, and for the women who had not managed to make it to freedom

After a short while she stopped, and the dwarf pressed her painfully against the bars of a cell while he unlocked the door. She screamed in protest as she was roughly thrown into her cell, and the sound was echoed by an anguished screech from one of the doors further in the corridor.

She fell on the dirty, cold floor, her fall softened only by a thin layer of straw covering the hard stone. Two rats fled the commotion from beneath the filthy hay, vanishing into small cracks in the wall. The bare cell was featureless save for a small hole in the corner for a latrine and four chains hanging from the wall furthest from the door.

Footsteps echoed outside the cell and the elf saw Lahk and his brother appear besides the dwarf. “Helios be re’troducing himself to the blond bitch, ain’t he?” Cormac laughed as the agonized screams down the hall reached a new height.

Lahk nodded. “Her screams are so distinctive. He is very glad that we got her back.” The high priest dropped a set of shackles on the floor and tilted his head to Cormac. “Chain her to the wall” he ordered.

Strong arms lifted her, pushed her against the cold stone and almost immediately she felt one of the chains close around her wrist.

She screeched through the ring gag and the dwarf slapped her face hard, causing her to sag to her knees with the chained hand hanging above her head. Her cheek burned, and the dwarven mercenary was quick to seal her other hand in the manacles despite her struggles, screaming in defiance and rage.

Lahk was upon her in an instant and he drove his fist into the elf’s flat stomach, causing her to gasp as the air was robbed from her lungs. She felt his rough hand grab her face hard by the chin. He moved his face only few inches in front of hers. “Shut. Up.” He spoke slowly, his voice cold. “You’ll want to save those screams for a few more moments.”

His hands drifted down her naked flash, and the elf shriek as he pulled hard at her left breast, squeezing it roughly. The high priest absently slapped her again as he raised a whip in his other hand, showing it to her. His smile made her heart freeze in her chest.

It was the satisfied expression of a man utterly without conscience, the smile of someone who knows he does not do good works, and willingly, chillingly chose the dark of evil. As she looked on the man there was something… familiar about the pure, undiluted darkness that she saw in his eyes. She had seen those dark eyes before, somewhere…

The wounds across her body where he had slashed the sigils tattooed across her body began to burn. The dwarf was foul, the wizard cruel, and Aion was always thrilled to find a new way to please himself at a woman’s expense, but Lahk…

Lahk suddenly terrified her, in a way nothing she had faced in the long war ever had. Not even Sanguinar himself.

The high priest raised the whip slowly as he backed away, and the elf mentally prepared herself for the pain, but it wasn’t enough. No training or meditation could have steadied her against the barbed leather, its head slashing across her chest in a streak of blazing agony. She raised her voice in a pained cry as an angry red welt began to form right across her exposed breast. Tears welled up in her eyes and her vision became blurry as he continued, and through the watery veil the druid could still see the whip rising and falling over and over again, just before another stroke hit her chest, tearing into her breasts with alternating strikes, forming new welts over her pale skin. She screamed again, rattling her chains as she sought to escape her bonds despite the impossibility of escape from the steel bonds.

Lahk smiled as the whip cracked again, and again she cried out, the pain tearing the breath from her chest. The stroke had landed between her glorious breasts and down her belly, painting another slice of her body the color of her hair. She could think of nothing else but the struggle for breath, and of the pain that was robbing her intellect, drowning her rational mind.

The watching slavers cheered, shouting in pleasure as another stroke landed on both breasts, sending them jiggling to the sound of Cormac’s raucous laughter. Tears ran down the elf’s pretty face as her knees again gave way, leaving her dangling from the chain on the wall as the whip cracked again and again, her perfect breasts bruising before their lustful eyes.

Suddenly as the assault began, it was over.

Panting, the elf forced her eyes wide, looking at what her captors were doing as she prayed to Sirae that they had finished with her — then Lahk crushed her hopes by handing the whip to the dwarf. His eyes lit up greedily, and the former druid wept anew.

“Wait.” Lahk said, caressing a hand gently through the elf’s tangled red locks. The knotted stands tugged as his fingers, but the slight pain was almost gentle, like that of a lover. Carefully, he removed the leather ring from within her mouth, loosening the ties and letting the gag fall to the floor. “We need a name for you, love. What is your name?”

She could not tell them that, she knew. They couldn’t be allowed to know who she had once been. The elf looked at them, unsure of what was to follow as she remained silent.

Lahk sighed. “And I was hoping you would be smart by now. Pity.” His grip in her hair turned savage and she winced. “Speak your tongue to me, bitch. I’m sure you have something you want to say to me.”

“Ell ier tallant en’ ndengina, ar’ amin olos tanya lle gurtha imya athuum vee’ lle nalla.” Her tongue blazed almost of its own free will without bothering to consult her brain as the string of insults left her throat. ‘You are a miserable piece of filth, and I wish that you would die crawling through your own shit as you bleed,’ loosely translated.

“Athuum. Crawler in shit. I like that.” He smiled. “That will be your new name now.” He slapped her again, turning to the dwarf and his brother. “Turn her around first. We don’t want to ruin her tits just yet.”

“No — p-please,” the elf whimpered as Cormac stepped closer, “p-please… stop…”

The mercenary laughed, then punched her right in her bruised breasts, drawing fresh tears from the screaming elf. He grabbed her hips and roughly turned the druid around, the chains giving her barely enough room to move, and twisting her arms painfully above her head. The position forced her to bend to relieve her arms, and placed her face only inches away from the dank dungeon wall as her ass raised in the air.

“Please,” she whimpered weakly between cries, “leave me. Let me go…” All that her soft begging achieved was for Cormac to step back and slash her back with the whip.

“Aaargh!” she cried with pain.

“Stop ‘yer speaking and start ‘yer shouting, stupid slut,” Cormac laughed, whipping her again. The stroke brought a new anguished cry, and she could hear Aion laughing behind her.

“The elf bitch sure can howl!”

The whip rose and fell again and again, flames rising on her back as the dwarf laid into her a dozen times in quick succession. He was not the skilled artist that Lahk was, however, and his arm began to grow tired quickly. Huffing, he passed the whip to Aion as the druid cried in the chains.

“I beg you, don’t do this!” She shrieked again in fresh pain as the lash landed on her back, hard enough to drive her into the wall before her face. The rough stone scraped at her abused breasts as she twitched against the rock, lines of fire erupting behind her as the priest tried his hand.

Aion began working his way downward, slicing the leather painfully against the elf’s ass as she screamed in pain. Her thighs also felt the priests attention, causing her to almost collapse time and time again. Each new pain was causing her to shout even louder, beg even more desperately and to twist her body in an even more awkward way.

Finally she begun to feel as if her pain was somehow subdued, the sound of lash striking becoming more silent with each strike. Her sight was failing her but now even the wall was feeling nice and soft. Consciousness rapidly fled her…

A row of archers lined the port side of the Bloody Keel as it pulled alongside the limping elven craft, raining arrows down on the frantic crew. Elven soldiers retaliated, their own bows singing, but their numbers were few. Lahk paced anxiously. He wanted for the ship to move slightly closer. Blackwand’s hilt seemed to tremble under his touch. The blade was as thirsty for blood as he was.

A moment later twenty bowstrings hummed as the archers let lose another volley, cascading over the disorganized elven ship. Many elves fell, as did a few of Sanguinar’s faithful, hit by the exchange of arrows.

They were close enough.

Lahk tensed his legs, seeing Cormac beside him do the same. He heard the name of Sanguinar pound at his skull like a battle cry, goading him into a lust for blood as his legs began to move. With a roar that caused even his own men to flinch in fear Lahk, high priest of the fallen God of Suffering, charged for the rail even as Helios filled the air between the ships with another fiery blast.

The roar of fire exploded around him as he sailed through the short distance between the two ships, his Grace shedding the magic painlessly. Other boarders, the dwarf included, followed in his wake, their battle cries rising as they landed upon the deck of the hostile ship, to the shock of elvish sailors.

Cries of protest and terror sounded around him, but the only shout the high priest could hear was his own.


Her first sensation upon waking up was pain… the pain of a Lahk thrusting his cock deeply into her pussy. The elf was pinned to the wall and Lahk stood against her, pressing her as he grunted savagely, raping her with pent up desire from watching the druid suffer. She screamed in pain and rage, and the other slavers cheered.

She cried out again, feeling the bite of the shackles as she struggled. Her cry was cut short and then redoubled, when the high priest rammed his hard cock harder into her tight pussy.

“No, please I beg you, not again!” the druid pleaded in vain, feeling his hard organ moving in and out of her snatch, savoring her tightness. “No, please,” she tried to beg when Lahk forced his tongue into her mouth again and then began to bite her lips, all while viciously pounding the vulnerable druid.

The pain radiated not only from her mercilessly abused pussy but also from her breasts and arms as she virtually hung from the iron cuffs. Finally, when the pain on her strained hands was becoming unbearable she unconsciously wrapped her long, slender legs behind her rapist’s back, crossing her ankles in a desperate attempt to hold herself up and spare herself further pain. When the pain on her wrists faded, however, she immediately became aware of what she’d done and, humiliated, tried to release her legs. Cormac, however, had grabbed them and was laughing as he held them in place, roaring his approval of the sluttish posture. “I think she miss you, m’lord.”

“You like it, you elf bitch, don’t you” he hissed accusingly, admiring her lips inflamed from his bites. “What was your attack for, your cunt crying out for attention?” He drove into her especially savagely as he taunted her. “Well, you have it now. This is what you were made for. Like any of my other whores, you are just fuck-meat, only good for what’s between her legs.” He laughed mockingly as he continued to bite her, running his mouth down to her neck. “This is what you deserve for what you cost me in whores. You’ll need to make back the money for every one we don’t recover.” She tried to twist her body away or to push her rapist somehow away but all of her writhing and twisting made her an even better fuck, arousing and pleasuring the high priest as he continued the vicious rape.

How miserable the druid felt hanging there by the chains, wrapping her legs around her captor as though the monster where her lover, embracing him as he stole another tiny piece of her soul with his cock, pounding in and out of her sore pussy. Her only salvation was the knowledge that most of the women she had freed were still out there, and that the church hadn’t recovered them all. It seemed a pale silver lining at the moment, however.

Once she had been a hero, a mighty druid and one of the best, and a favored of the goddess of growth. How far away that seemed now. The elf felt like little more than fuck-meat, a sex slave for the filthy followers of a dead god. She could only beg and whimper in pain as her rapist grabbed her breasts and pinned her harder against the wall.

The elf wept under his cruel attentions as her body was pushed back and forth by his brutal thrusts. She could feel every single inch of his hard, throbbing cock slide in and out of her dry, unwilling pussy, stretching her most intimate place painfully. It felt as if her entire lower body was in flames, and no matter how much she squirmed and twisted, there was no escape from his grip.

She cried out as he suddenly bit her neck hard, his teeth almost drawing blood but stopping just short of breaking the skin, leaving an angry red mark behind. The guards behind Lahk were laughing, laughing at her plight and her pain. Tears were streaming down her face as she was banged into the wall again and again, crying out with each thrust into her sore cunt.

“Stop it…”, she eventually managed to whimper when his pace had decreased somewhat and his tongue was licking at her neck, “please… just… stop…”

All she received was laughter, from him and the others. Grunting, he reached out to squeeze one of her bruised tits so hard she shrieked. “That’s what I care about, whore! The way you suffer.”

The elf could only wince as he began to nibble on his earlier bite marks again, her tits jiggling from his constant thrusts. He was relentless in his assault on her unwilling, tight pussy, each thrust chipping away at her dignity. “You are nothing but filth, Athuum.” He spat. “That is your name, isn’t it?”

Another wave of tears to her eyes and her cries grew louder and more desperate, much to her rapist’s enjoyment. He leaned back a bit, his cock deep inside her and backhanded her face again, aiming for her already swollen lips, the blow hard enough to throw her head to the side, making her dizzy.

“Isn’t that right, druid bitch?”

She didn’t answer, her heart pounding, sending waves of pain through her cheeks and lips.

“Answer me you whore!” This time Lahk used the other hand, sending her red hair flying as another slap rocked her head to the other side. Pumping into her, he leaned in and said, “I’m going to beat you to death if you don’t answer me, worthless cunt,’ he promised, and the cold sincerity of his voice sent ice through the elf’s spine.

“Bailika de’tla!” As terrified as the druid was, the words Lahk wanted her to say were so disgusting that she managed to gather some hidden reserve of strength, spitting vicious elven curses into his face. She soon had cause to regret it as she saw his hand coming and after this another wave of pain surrounded her face.

‘Ugh, stop! Stp!’ her cries were muffled as Lahk forced his tongue again into her mouth, twisting her nipples all the time and savoring as she cried and tried to plead into his mouth with his tongue deep in her throat.

“What is your name, bitch!” he screamed at her

“Please!” the elf cried, her sobs transforming into moans as Lahk crushed one of her tits in his grip.

‘Say it, or I’ll crush your tits to pulp!“

“Athuum.” she whispered, her face burning with shame that erased even the burning pain.

“Louder!” the high priest roared.

“Athuum!” she screamed out as he again abused her poor breasts.

“That’s right, cunt. You were born to be fucked and raped!’ Lahk barked pushing his hips into the elf’s tight hole even faster. “You are nothing. Your entire life before was nothing but preparation for this.” The priest continued, looking her in her watery eyes as he continued. “Everything you were, everything you’ve done means nothing compared to how you feel when you hang from my cock.”

Athuum felt miserable as she hung there, hurting all over her body, and the obvious pleasure on the high priest’s face only made the experience worse. He smiled at the feelings she was bringing him with her delicious cunt, tightly embracing his rock hard member as it moved in and out of the elf slave. Cormac had released her long ago but still her legs wrapped behind him trying to get at least some degree of balance and ease the pain. She whimpered and sobbed as he used her for his own enjoyment.

The cell was filled with the wet slapping sounds of his cock into her unwilling, tight cunt, her sobs spurring him on as his cock throbbed to the sounds of her misery. Athuum shook her head as his cock slid in and out of her rapidly, trying to forget it all…

Lahk’s feet struck heavily as he landed aboard the Viridian Dream, his armored impact making the deck creak beneath his weight. Immediately, on came elvish swordsmen, rolling gracefully forward like the water to swallow him up — but he was up and ready for them, a sword in each hand.

The closest sailor slashed out and scored a hit against the high priest’s blackened armor, but the steel stopped the assault cold. Lahk quickly raised that forearm and pressed up and out, deflecting the thrust as he pumped out a riposte with Blackwand, smiling as the lightning fast cut blew past a mistimed parry and sliced through the elf’s chest, a blue glow filling his eyes as the priest spun. Lahk raised his foot and kicked the man hard in the chest, lifting him from his feet and throwing him across the deck, where he lay broken and burning from within. Steel rung out in a chorus around him as he instinctively parried another pair of blows in as many seconds, the soldiery of Sanguinar about him equally pressed. His swords snapping and slicing about, Lahk roared to his god and lunged forward, Blackwand cutting into another sailor as the berserk combatant flung himself forward.

The priest’s strength and speed scattered combatants before him. They had never seen anything like this in their lives, an invulnerable black knight surrounded by a shield of blue fire. The flames licked around him, desperate to reach Blackwand from the burning bodies left in the his wake.

Most fled before his thunderous charge, and those who didn’t met the full might of Sanguinar’s chosen. Out went a blade, the short stab forcing a parry, then a strike from Blackwand crossed him up, allowing a third blow from his offhand to remove the elf’s head from his neck. A spinning backstroke sent Blackwand cutting through an elf’s arm and the priest twirled, stabbing the now glowing blue steel through his heart as the sailor fell.

Around him the carnage was not much less. Cormac waded heavily into the melee, protecting the high priest’s back as was his duty. Blow after blow rained down on the dwarf but his shield caught every strike, striking out to drive combatants from their feet before his axe cut them to pieces. Other soldiers were less spectacular in the carnage they wrought, but no less lethal. To his left he saw a man drive a sword into a very young elf male, perhaps only twelve or thirteen.

“Flee!” a call went up as the combatants began to surge away from Lahk. “He is a demon!”

An elf woman leaped at him then, her pouncing adding speed to the fine sword she thrust at his throat. Lahk leaped forward and cut fast to the side, slamming his armored form into the elf whore and pushing her heavily against the rail

The woman quickly bounced back, black hair flying about her face as she regained her balance and leveled a slash as his neck. The high priest jumped back out of reach, then reversed stride with another roar. She raised up a fine shield, but never before had the woman faced a warrior of Lahk’s might.

The priest’s twin swords pressed heavily against the shield, the impact numbing her arm, and the second blow bent in the top of the shield and forced it low. She desperately attempted to strike out at the man, but his offhand contemptuously cast the strike aside. One final strike from Blackwand robbed the woman of her defense altogether, and the cold steel of his offhand drove through her heart, pinning her against the wooden rail.

Around him the elves stopped fighting and stood straighter, dropping the weapons and raising their hands as the Bloody Keel anchored itself against the ship.

The Viridian Dream had fallen.

“You’re making me cum you whore!” he snarled, slamming her into the wall with the force of his thrusts, “Beg me for it!”

Athuum swallowed. The druid knew what he wanted to hear. Problem was, she realized with alarm, that her pride had no intention of backing down and allowing her to degrade herself further. “Please don…” she began but stopped when he raised his fist.

“Beg me!” he barked.


“You must have a fucking death wish, whore,” Lahk snarled as he pounded his fist into her, never slowing his rape.

“You can probably put your blades away now, brother.” Aion said to Lahk a short while later, the blue flames long since having died and the steel returned to its customary shade of black, the azure glow disappearing along with the fire.

“What was the take?” He asked, turning to face his half brother as he continued cleaning his offhand blade. As normal, Blackwand’s fell flames had burned the mess right off the dark steel.

“Seven females.” He answered, a nervous smile on his face. “Including the ship’s druid and the first mate. They are being brought aboard now.”

“What of the captain.”

The anxiety on his face increased. “The captain is dead. She was the dark haired one you pinned to the rail,” He explained, waiting for the explosion.

It didn’t come. “Now I truly wish that Blackwand had tasted her blood,” he said, his voice even. “If one of the others doesn’t know how to find Caladwen, I will be very angry.”

He turned to look at the other elven prisoners, being forced into the sea with their limbs bound. “Very angry.”

Lahk faced his half brother once more. “Burn the ship. Leave no trace.”

“Please just leave me alone!” she screamed as he brought his fist down on her again and again, pounding her tits and chest and arms, causing cascades of fresh torment to assault her mind.

“Beg me, you slut! Beg for my holy seed!” Lahk pounded into the elf even faster and more viciously. Lahk pulled at her darkly bruised breasts, pulling them in opposite directions, twisting her savaged nipples.

“Please! Please!” Athuum sobbed, unsure if she was begging for mercy or her rapist’s cum. Any further begging the druid may have offered was drowned in a flood of tears and moans, unable to continue as her rapist tormented her breasts and raped her pussy.

“Whatever you want, whore!” Lahk shouted, the girl breaking into sobs each time she opened her mouth too much for him combined with the tight warmth of her cunt around his throbbing cock. He grabbed Athuum’s ass with both hands and pushed deep into her with one powerful thrust. ‘Take it you cunt!“ he laughed maniacally.

The druid tried to protest but her sobbing denials were stopped as the high priest forced his tongue into her weeping mouth again. She gave a long moan, muffled by the forceful kiss, as she felt his throbbing cock release waves of hot cum in her pussy. Never before has Athuum felt so humiliated and dirty. This man took her brutally, not even acknowledging her as a living being, but rather as some kind of broken toy for his entertainment, and the kiss was the final peak of humiliation.

“Sanguinar above but you’re a great fuck, elf.” Lahk whispered as he pushed his cock into her a few more times, milking the last drops of his cum from within him. He withdrew his dick, and let the elf go. The girl gasped in pain as her legs hit the floor and pain again filled her chained arms. A small drizzle of cum came out of her snatch and came down her thigh and leg.

Athuum almost sobbed as the priest started to release the cuffs that cut into her wrists, small lines of blood dripping down her arms. Lahk released her hands, allowing the helpless, raped elf to curl into a ball to protect herself, her body shivering on the straw covered stone as she sobbed. “P-please… I can’t take anymore!”

“Of course you can.”

Below decks, Nessira sat unarmed next to the sobbing pale haired druid, her arms bound behind her backs. Liriel’s bondage was much more elaborate, designed to keep her tattoos from making contact with anything as she hung from the ceiling. The captain felt for the young druid, but there was nothing she could do for her at the moment, and tried to tune out the sounds of her suffering and think.

Her first mate was dead, she knew, but she was still alive, her identity concealed by the woman’s sacrifice. ‘Alyssa, I will sing you to your rest one day. I swear it.’

But first she had to escape.

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