Chapter 4

In her weakness, Kerrigan only managed a weak groan of pain as he slid into her, his cock stretching her folds, the water not nearly adding enough lubrication to make this new violation of her dry cunt anything but painful and uncomfortable.

“Hmmm…oh yes, this is good…” the scientist muttered, leaning over her as much as the thin threads connecting the needles to the infernal device allowed. Sliding his cock further into her, he reached out and began to grope her right tit, which made the needle in her shift a little, sending a wave of blazing agony through her body.

Kerrigan’s eyes opened wide and she shrieked through the gag… and actually felt his cock shift in response to her sound of pain, as if her torment was arousing him even more.

The man kept on molesting her tits, taking full advantage of the needles that caused her so much pain. “She’s even better than the blonde…” he kept on saying, looking at Kerrigan. “I missed you… you and your cunt. It’s been weeks since I got the right shift and a few moments alone with you…”

Slowly, he began to thrust his hips forward, her dry resistance not allowing him to slide in deeper without any work. The motion sent a shudder through Kerrigan’s entire body, which made every single needle shift in her body. Kerrigan’s eyes opened wide and her scream was barely silenced by the gag. In the throes of agony, her nails dug into the armrest of the device so hard her nails splintered.

Tears shot into her eyes as her entire body screamed. The pain was like a storm, washing over her without allowing for any resistance, shattering any defenses she could have formed against it.

Behind the man currently violating her, she heard another say, “ Look at those readings! This is a thousand times more effective!” The others laughed. Through a veil of tears, Kerrigan noticed that by now, most of them had their cocks out and were jerking to the sight of her rape.

All it had taken was Dr. Lictir to leave and they had immediately turned into sex-crazed maniacs. Was this all she was to anyone here? Just a thing to to be hurt and used? The answer was blindingly obvious but it still hurt her terribly every time she thought about it.

Of course that was all she was. And until she finally completed her training, that was all she would be.

In desperate denial, Kerrigan shook her head, but each motion made the needles in her neck and at the junctures of her jaw shift inside her body, creating new sources of pain. Her knuckles had turned white and she kept on shrieking and screaming into the gag while trying in vain to remain stationary, despite the more and more powerful thrusts of the scientist into her helpless body.

He had worked himself into a frenzy, slamming into her dry cunt with all his strength, his cock ramming into her unwilling hole time and again, his hands roaming her body, teasing at the needles or groping her tits while he grunted in pleasure.

Trapped in her pain, Kerrigan did not notice the other scientists approach and in fact only realized they had come closer when she heard a loud moan from the side…a moment before the all-too familiar feeling of cum splattering across her tits forced her to acknowledge their presence.

“It’s just too hot to watch this one squirm, hm?” her rapist said with a chuckle while his colleague stepped back. To her other side, another one stood, jerking his cock. It would not be too long before he, too, would cum over her body. His disgusting cock made a gross, meaty sound as he stroked it over her face, staring down at the beautiful, agonized form of the ghost trainee.  Sarah was in too much pain to squirm, or to try and struggle away from either the man raping her or the cock that was about to erupt all over her face… even the tiniest movement brought an ocean of agony flowing through her body from the inserted leads. She had no choice but to accept the brutal humiliation of the doctors’ use of her.

Tear ran down her face, just before the scientists stroking himself grunted and plastered her face with another load, mingling with the salty streams of sorrow on her cheeks. She wanted to die.

The cock in her was tearing at her dry flesh, the harsh friction almost mercifully masked by the sharp sensation in her breasts as they were squished, the needles digging deeper into the soft tissues of her pale body. He was fucking her faster now, using her body as a toy to bring himself off as he stared into her crying face, enjoying the mask of humiliation and agony she wore. With a roar of pleasure he came, making her scream anew as she felt the hold seed splash into her wounded tunnel.

Even after a full day of this treatment, even after seeing all too many memories of the last year in this hell, she still couldn’t believe that this was her life. The idea that she would never know another life, and that she had been stripped of her memories of any better life before this, was crushing… the sense of despair that washed over her was almost enough to make her pass out, but the same damnable mental strength that made her attractive to the Confederacy kept her awake and conscious as the next demon in a lab count stepped between her legs and pushed himself into one in a single, violent movement.

Her second rapist, if possible, was even more violent than the first. While the first seemed to enjoy hurting her while he took his pleasure from her, the second was raping her specifically to cause pain. “Arrogant mutant bitch,” he snarled as he pulled all but the tip of his cock free from her hole, then slammed it back in at a slightly new angle, finding a new unlubricated fold to stretch and abuse. “Fucking whore, worthless cunt.” He kept insulting her and swearing as his hands clenched tightly on her thighs, digging the needles in her legs deep and grinding them into her muscle.

Kerrigan was screaming, unable to stop herself. It felt like he was cutting her legs in half, so vicious was his assault… and far from reigning him in, the other doctors were cheering him on! “Show the bitch her place Mavoy!” one said.

“Yeah, give it to her!” said her previous rapist. He stepped up to the bound girl’s face and slapped her over and over until she choked off her screaming. “Shut up!” he yelled, looking down at her cum covered face. “Shut your whore mouth! I’m so tired of your fucking screaming, you loud bitch… it’s like you’ve never been fucked before.”

“If only… you… knew…” her rapist hissed between grunts of exertion and pleasure, “how… often we’ve done this…” Kerrigan could hear him and the others laugh at her plight. It did not matter how often they had fucked her… she could not remember any of it and it was just as bad as the last night had been.

Back then, she’d had to contend with the unwanted thoughts and memories of her abusers, which were now absent. But the needles more than made up for it…

Someone – possibly her previous rapist, maybe her current one – spat into her face, expressing his disdain and hatred of her, but by now, Kerrigan barely possessed the ability to feel even further degraded. Every single motion was pain, white-hot and pure and with him thrusting into her cunt, there was no way for her to avoid being moved.

Hands still roamed her body, squeezing her tits or her thighs, with the obvious intention to cause her pain in addition to cupping yet another feel.

Halfway through her rape, she felt another wave of cum splatter over her body, hitting her tits , the vile sperm pooling between them and, despite herself, she shuddered in disgust, the needles immediately sending another shock through her, making her shriek into the gag.

Eventually, just when she had begun to sunk into a deep numbness, the man finally came, shooting his load into her sore cunt with a final grunt of satisfaction. Immediately after he withdrew, another man stepped up to take his place and Kerrigan started to weep.

But her deliverance came in the voice of one of the other scientists who said, “No time. Lictir will be back within the next five minutes. Let’s get her cleaned up and ready for the next session…”

They were only half done when the doctor reentered the room, waving his hand before his face to dismiss the smell of sweat and exertion. “God you made a mess,” he complained, his nose wrinkling in distaste. “You have no respect for the scientific process.”

The ring leader of the group looked at his fellows, concern plain on his face. “Uh, sorry sir,” he muttered as he turn back to the task of cleaning up the raped red head. “I’ll…”

“Oh shut up,” he said, walking up to stand before Kerrigan and peering down at her face. She was wet with the water the doctors had scrubbed her with, but the tears on her cheeks were fresh, and still plain to see. “Hello my dear,” he said, smiling widely down at her. “How is my little angel holding up?”

Sarah didn’t know what to say, wasn’t sure if the doctor was insane of just mocking her… but at this point she didn’t care anymore. “Go… fuck yourself…” she managed to choke out past her sobs.

His smiled widened, a bright gleam in his eyes. “Oh, don’t be like that,” he said, his voice unnaturally cheerful. “I’m here to give you good news.” His hand rested on the side of her face, finger tracing its way through the soft locks of her beautiful hair. “You never cease to amaze me Sarah, do you remember that? I’ve told you so many times before… nevermind, it’s not important. What is important,” he said, sliding is finger down the edges of her delicate bare throat, “is that we just had to redefine the scale we use to measure psionic power… you broke it.” He smiled even wider, unnaturally so. “Again. For the 5th time. There’s never been a ghost like you, Sarah.”

He walked several steps away before turning back to her, raising his hands to excitement before rubbing them together in glee. “You are one of a kind, Sarah. You’re going to be the best there’s ever been by the time I’m done with you.”

Kerrigan was having trouble following what he was saying. The salt water the men used to clean her was seeping into the tiny puncture wounds the needles were holding open, and the pain was driving her out of her mind. All she wanted to do was close her eyes and let the world go dark — until today, she had no idea how exhausting being in pain was. Still, the thought of the insane scientist not being finished with her filled her with dread. “What… what do you mean?”

There was something positively foxlike about his smile, like the grin of a predator staring down at trapped prey. “I mean its time for us to start over again.” He turned to face the holographic panel. “Adjutant, shall we resume? Please begin us at 10%.”

– – – – –

Hours passed in a haze of unbelievable agony, where every second felt like days. By the end of the first five minutes, Sarah Kerrigan couldn’t scream any longer — her throat had grown too raw, burning like it had been rubbed by sandpaper. After a half hour, she would have been begging for death if her voice would work. After an hour, she couldn’t even think anymore… and by the time her vision finally went black, a full fledged Protoss invasion of the complex couldn’t have woken her.

She had no idea how long had passed when her eyes opened again. The lights in the room had been dimmed, and it was quiet.  It took her several long seconds to realize what was different… she hurt a lot less than she had the last time she’d been awake. The needles were gone. Rather than pain, she felt numb — the shock of a serious injury, or perhaps just extreme exhaustion. Dr Lictir sat in front of his holographic desk, typing silently on the floating keyboard in the darkness. Other than that, she was lone — the other doctors had all gone, as had the guards.

She struggled to move, only to find that her entire body was sluggish, slow to respond… it felt like she was swimming through thick syrup, almost like the air was resisting every move she made. Besides, she felt cold steel on her wrists, showing she was still found to the tilted chair. She could do nothing but watch as the scientist manipulated a hovering image of a brain — her brain — lit up in many shifting colors in mid air. It was practically glowing with activity… she wondered if a normal humans brain looked like that, or if her damnable mutation made hers like that.

It was seconds later that she realized why she’d woken up — someone was approaching, someone who, unlike the scientists and doctors, was not psi-blocked. To her horror, it only took her a few seconds to recognize the mind — Williams, one of Rumm’s men. She shook in terror at the thought, at the possible meaning, her body coming awake again in fear.

The door to the dim room opened, sliding into the ceiling, and bright light flooded the room. Kerrigan flinched away from it, and the cuffs on her hands rattled as she instinctively tried to bring her hands up to shield her eyes. “Oh, so you’re awake, Sarah,” the doctor said as he turned his head. “These are very exciting results.”

The marine cleared his throat, and Lictir looked over at him, annoyance plain on his aged face. “Sir, Lieutenant Rumm sent me to fetch the trainee. He says she’s needed back in her dorm.”

Dr. Lictir let his breath though through his lips, making an exasperated sound. “Rumm should remember he takes order from me, not the other way around. He can have his toy back when I say so, and not a second before.” He sighed. “But I am done for the day. Take her back… but make sure she actually gets some sleep tonight. Sedate her if you have to… tomorrow is looking like a very exciting day.”

Kerrigan began actively trembling as the huge marine walked towards her, the servo’s in his armor whirring as he stepped towards her bound, naked body. “Hear that slut? We need to make sure you get some sleep. I think I know how we can wear you out…” He grabbed her wrists, and memories flashed through her, the vision of one of his daughters bent over a table and getting gangraped by a pack of drunken miners that had paid him 50 credits a head… only instead of Mary’s face, the poor whore wore Sarah’s.

By the time she shook herself free of the memory, she had been taken from the chain and rebound with her hands behind her back. With a mechanic squeal of effort, Williams threw the abused ghost over his shoulder and walked from the room, heading back towards her dorm and another night of rape and torment, being trapped in memories every time her head brushed too close against his exposed skin.

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