Chapter 5: What Roads We Walk

Alassiel worked defensively as usual, letting her opponent take the lead. His twin blades wove a lethal dance at a furious pace. The revenant parried and backed, dodged easily and twirled aside, letting Dorn’s furious charge go right past.

Dorn stumbled, and cursed under his breath, thinking the fight lost, and already preparing himself for the elf woman’s insult, ready for the inevitable complaints and moans about his deficiencies as a combatant. He closed his eyes, waiting for the strike of a sword across ensorcelled back, or his rump if Alassiel was feeling particularly petty this day.

No blow came.

Dorn turned about to see the fire haired elf leaning against the wall, weapons sheathed. “You do not even bother to finish the fight?” Dorn asked, and Alassiel regarded him absently, as if it didn’t matter. The elf stared up at the lone window on this side of the tower, the one that lead to Shevarn’s study in the tower he currently hid in.

Behind that window, Alassiel knew, the wizard was searching for the last of her answers.

“Come!” Dorn bade, and he clapped his swords in the air before him. “You paid me for one last fight, so let us fight!”

Alassiel eventually got around to looking at the impatient warrior. “We are done, now and forever.”

“You paid for the last fight, and the last fight is not finished,” Dorn protested.

“But it is. Take your coins and be gone. I have no further need of your services.” Dorn stared at the elf in abject disbelief. They had been sparring together for many months, and now to be dismissed so casually, so callously… it was not what he expected. “Keep the swords,” Alassiel remarked, not even looking at Dorn anymore, but rather, staring up at that window.

Dorn stood there for a long while, staring at the elf incredulously. Finally, having sorted it all out, the reality of the dismissal left a foul taste in his mouth and he tossed the blades to the ground at Alassiel’s feet and stormed off, muttering curses about elves and bitches.

Alassiel didn’t even bother to retrieve the scimitars or to glance Dorn’s way. The fighter had done his job — poorly, to be sure, but he had served a useful purpose nevertheless — and now that job was done.

Second day of captivity, Daggerport brothel

“Aaaagh!” she cried as Aion once again pushed hard, ramming into her sore ass. “Aaa- mpff..” as she opened her mouth for another scream, Cormac grabbed her head and rammed his cock into her mouth, reaching the back of her throat almost with his first move. When he withdrew a bit to push it again, she felt a few drops of salty pre-cum land on her tongue. The druid moaned in pain as Aion continued the restless assault on her ass, her cries of anguish muffled by the large member filling her mouth.

“Suck me, ya bitch!” Cormac ordered but Athuum could only sob around the member in her mouth. Nevertheless, her body rocked forward in the rhythm of Aion’s brutal thrusts, impaling her throat deeper and deeper onto the dwarf’s invading cock. As it raped her face deeply her throat constricted around it, massaging it and bringing further pleasure to her rapist.

“She can’no suck worth a damn,” Cormac complained, “but ‘er mouth is crazy hot!”

“She’ll learn,” Aion laughed as he drove deeper into her, “All elf whores are great with their mouth, so brother says.” He insisted between his thrusts, striking her ass with a whip over and over as she screeched around Cormac’s cock. He reached forward and grabbed one of her tits dangling below her body and began to play with her tormented flesh.

“Her ass is great, tight and warm. I guess she hasn’t gotten used to being buggered yet.” He smiled and twisted her nipple hard, groaning it utter pleasure as he drove his manhood into her clenching asshole again and again. He especially loved hearing how she sobbed and squealed around Cormac’s cock.

“I shou’ try it so’time!” Cormac responded, pushing his cock deeply into Athuum’s gagging throat, enjoying her tight warm hole. “You ‘ere that, bitch? When we get ye back to the temple, I make sure ever’one knows what a great ass ye got… I make sure ye get ass fucked by ev’ry single priest and soldier in the place!” Aion laughed at the dwarf’s words, smacking her ass as he began to ride her faster. Looking at Cormac, he grinned and began to sync his thrusts with his comrade so that she was always being impaled fully at the same time, her gagging causing her to clench hard around his massive member.

“By lord Sanguinar, Lahk was right… no way anyone can last long in this whore’s ass!” Again, he slapped her perfect cheeks, turning them glowing red with his hand prints even though Athuum could barely registered it amid the pain of her ass being raped anew. “And to think she never allowed any man to take her ass before the high priest!”

“Yeah… wha’ a selfish bitch! Always wandering around, swinging ‘er hips and shaking ass… and never lettin’ anyone to push a cock in!” Cormac agreed, his words turning Athuum’s cheeks red with shame.

A matter of moments after Dorn’s dismissal, Alassiel stood before the door of Shevarn’s study, hand raised to knock but hesitating. Shevarn wasn’t pleased by her course, Alassiel knew, and had grown increasingly sullen since the elf s return from Danith.

Before Alassiel could find the nerve to knock the door swung open as if of its own accord, affording the elf a view of Shevarn sitting behind his desk a gray hood covering his hair, several large tomes open on the oaken desk before him. Between the books on the wizard’s desk, and partially beneath one of them, was spread a parchment that Alassiel had written out for the wizard, recounting the exact words Danith had used in his divination.

“I told you that I would call to you when I was done,” Shevarn, who seemed very surly this day, remarked without looking up. “Can you not find a bit of patience after all of these years?”

“Dorn is gone,” Alassiel answered. “Dismissed and departed.”

Now Shevarn did look up, his face a mask of concern. “Did you kill him?” the wizard asked.

Alassiel smiled. “Do you believe me such an evil creature?”

“I believe that Danith might think so,” the wizard answered bluntly. “You are obsessed beyond reason. Perhaps you fear to leave witnesses behind?”

“The wretch deserved his fate,” Alassiel responded simply, her voice cold.

The wizard glared at her for a few more seconds before he shrugged in acceptance that the facts were what they were. “But Dorn has left?” Alassiel nodded. “A pity. I was just growing fond of the young and able warrior. As were you, I had thought.”

“Not so able a warrior, actually,” the elf answered, as if that was all that truly mattered.

“Not up to the standards you demanded of your sparring partner, you mean. Not an equal to Lahk,” Shevarn replied immediately. “But then, who would be? ”

“I grow weary of this game. What have you learned?”

“Danith was correct,” the wizard spoke simply. “There is a berth in Daggerport in permanent readiness for the Bloody Keel, and by all reports there is a pair of priests aboard, commanding a wizard and a dwarven mercenary.”

Alassiel gave a frustrated sigh. “Difficult crew to be fighting, ” she said slowly, “but at least they are all together.”

“You need not go, you know,” Shevarn said, and gave a sly smile. “I would enjoy your continued company,” he explained. “You have time yet. And there is the other matter…”

“It is impossible, you damned fool.” Alassiel bit, her voice cruel to hide the pain. “I cannot give you what you want.”

“Alassiel…” he started slowly, resolved to try one final time. He prepared himself to go over the same argument again. “You are the last member of the royal family. If you die, the house dies with you.”

“The appointment was honorary,” she responded, as that was the truth.

“But real!” the Archmage argued. “When they rewarded you for saving the prince by naming you into the royal bloodline, they had no idea that not a single other member of the lineage would survive the war!”

“I’ll have no children!” Alassiel nearly screeched, and the pain in her tone made the old wizard flinch. The elf breathed deeply, calming herself before she continued, quieter. “Lahk stole that future, along with the rest of me.” She looked up at Shevarn, sitting still behind the desk. “The line is already cut.”

“You could wed,” the wizard dared continue, his voice quiet. “A husband to serve as king after you go may provide some stability…”

“No,” the elf replied, and there was no barter in her tone. “My path lies westward. I’ll not walk another direction.

Silence stretched between the pair for long minutes. “I wish,” Shevarn started, his voice fading out as the enormity of his desire occurred to him. “I wish you had not sworn your life to that demon. I wish you had chosen a constructive pursuit.” Shevarn recited sincerely. “I wish that you had never heard the name Lahk.”

“I wish many things,” Alassiel agreed.

“You are a prisoner of your hatred.” the wizard warned.

“And I suppose it’s not too late to chose another path?”

Silence stretched between them again.

“Sarcasm is not becoming.”

“Honesty is oft painful.”

Shevarn began a response but just threw up his hands. “Enough,” he said, and the silence stretched again as Alassiel left the room, seeking her bed for the evening.

She had had many lovers in her long life, but never had considered taking it up the ass before, since it seemed like it would hurt. One of her partners had been interested once, but Athuum had refused and he had let the matter go.

Now that had changed, and she would probably be raped up her ass again and again if she didn’t escape. ‘Oh Sirae preserve me. What have I done to deserve this?’

“We’ll make sure to punish her for saving it so long later. Right now, I just want to cum in this tight ass!” Aion grunted, reaching down to push three fingers at once into her cunt, never stopping his fucking of her ass. He sawed them in and out of her at a brutal pace, and the knowledge that he increased her pain by doing so was enough to send him over the edge.

His cock flooded her bowels with his seed, and he continued to pound her hard and fast for as long as he could, until he was completely spent. Cormac, who’d just at this moment forced her to deep throat him, suddenly pulled out, leaving only a thick strand of slime and saliva between her lips and his erect cock. “I’m going to paint your face… white… whore!” he said, jerking his cock rapidly into her crying face. Sobbing loudly, Athuum tried to avoid his gaze but he grabbed her chin and held her head in place, and a huge load splattered across her elfin features.

Cum landed on her forehead, nose, lips, and chin, forcing her to close her eyes as a few strands landed on her lashes and in her red hair, sticking the strands together and making her look even more disheveled than before.

Aion also withdrew his cock from her tight ass, allowing the girl finally to fall on the ground, crying, tears coming from her eyes and smearing the cum on her face. “Damn, she looks pretty now” he commented.

“Yeah. No idea why bitches waste time with make up when we’d be happy to give them a pretty look for free.” Cormac agreed. “I have the feeling the elf cunt here will be getting a lot of it.”

Athuum barely heard what they was saying, concentrating on nothing but her misery and the burning pain radiating from her ass. The two men secured her hands to the lower chains so that she could remain lying down and left the cell, still laughing.

The girl’s voiceless sobbing followed the soldiers.

Shevarn had come to like Alassiel a great deal over the years. He had come to think of the elf as family, a friend even… but he found this self destructive determination disconcerting and disheartening, a shattering reality against his hopes and wishes. He wanted much better for the wounded druid, but in her despair she had chosen a dark road… and he knew well that some roads, once walked, could not be turned away from.

He was still trying to think of a way out to offer the elf the next morning, when Alassiel found him outside the small gray tower. She softly adjusted the bow slung over her back, the weight of the quiver pushing it out of place. “I beg you to turn from this road,” he tried one last time, his voice soft.

“I will not.”

He sunk his head. “Do not become something that you are not, my friend.”

The elf, who had already turned to leave, stopped and looked back at Shevarn. Her black mask shifted as she seemed to really consider his words for a second. Then she said, “I think it’s already too late.”

“I do not much like who you’ve become,” he said, honestly.

She walked down the road, never looking back. “I don’t think I do either.” The road stretched before her. “But it doesn’t matter much anymore.

Athuum lay on the straw weeping for goddess knew how long, attempting to regain her strength after the merciless rape. She didn’t even have the strength to think about escape. She knew that it was priority, and that things would only get worse for her if she didn’t manage to get out, but she could concentrate on nothing but the pain.

Finally the elf fell into a light sleep, waking with a start whenever she heard a scream somewhere in the brothel. They were all the terrified, piercing wails of other women, much like her own. This was one of the church’s brothels, packed with unwilling women having their flesh peddled to men with spare coin. Many had gotten free thanks to her, but enough had been recaptured it seemed.

‘What monsters are these people?’ she thought. It occurred to her that it was for the best that the church had recaptured some other victims to play with, then she immediately felt guilty for the thought. The thought was despicable, especially since she had freed them in the first place. The elf’s bitterness aside, she realized she would willing take the abuse for all of them if only they could have slipped away and made good their escape.

Her sleep that night was not easy.

The wizard watched, much saddened, as Alassiel vanished down the road.

“She is beyond reason,” came a familiar voice behind Shevarn a few moments later, with the wizard watching the empty road where Alassiel had already gone out of sight. Shevarn turned to see Dorn standing there, quite at ease. “I had hoped to dissuade her, as well,” Dorn explained. “I believed the three of us could have carved out quite an existence here.”

“The two of us, then?” Shevarn asked, and Dorn nodded, for he and the wizard had already spoken of an apprenticeship.

“Alassiel is not the first one I have heard grumble about high priest Lahk,” Dorn explained as the pair walked back to the tower. “They practically rule the kingdom now, and those who don’t relish their depravity are far from happy.”

Shevarn gave one longing glance back over his shoulder at the road Alassiel had walked. “Indeed,” he said, his heart heavy. With a profound sigh, the old wizard let go of his friend, and of a large part of the last years of his life.

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