Chapter 5

They arrived at the door to the dorm way too soon for Kerrigan’s liking. Despite the memories of rape and abuse filling her mind whenever she touched Williams, she knew that the night that awaited her would be a thousand times worse. And she would not be able to do anything but try and somehow endure.

As the door slid open, the first sounds she heard were all too familiar to her by now. A soft, wet gargling reached her ears, interspersed with the unmistakable sound of someone gagging hard on something. It sounded very much like her roommate and partner-in-suffering, Nova.

Of course, it was Nova.

The blonde trainee sat on her knees, naked, of course, surrounded by the same group of men that had violated them both last night. Rumm was present as well, although he did not have his cock out, unlike the others, whose shafts were glistening with precum and what must be Nova’s saliva. Judging from the amount of drool on her chin and her glistening tits and the lines and droplets of cum on her perfect, toned body, she must have serviced each of them at least once already.

Currently, she was doing exactly that to Kessler. The vile marine had his hands on each side of her head, fingers entangled in her pale blonde hair, and was pumping his thick, engorged shaft into her throat as hard as he could, his balls slapping her drool-slick chin with every thrust. Helplessly, the ghost trainee gagged and rolled her eyes, eyelids fluttering as she fought against unconsciousness, the vicious oral rape blocking off her air supply. Kessler’s face was red with excitement and arousal, his thrusts frantic, a clear sign that he would soon cum.

“Look who’s here… and just in time, too,” Rumm said dryly, nodding to Williams, who grabbed Kerrigan and roughly threw her onto the floor. The red-haired ghost groaned weakly as she struck the cold, hard floor, knowing that the impact would leave nasty bruises. Not that anyone here cared. As long as she performed — in the experiments and at night — they did not spare a thought about how she felt.

Before she could manage to stand up — which would have been no mean feat anyway, with her arms shackled behind her back like this — Rumm grabbed her and forced her onto her knees. A wave of cruel sexual greed washed over her as his fingers touched her bare shoulder and she had to bite her lip to suppress a whimper. Words could never describe how much she loathed and hated this man already, even with most of her memories of her ordeals at his hands erased.

“Oh fuck, yes… I’m cumming, bitch!” Kessler roared, withdrawing his cock slightly, a moment before he grunted, his cock starting to shoot his load into Nova’s unwilling mouth. It did not take him long to deposit his sperm and when he pulled out, a small strand of cum still connected his cock to her lips, until he wiped it off on her hair. “You know what to do now, cunt!” Garren snarled, smacking the back of her head.

Shuddering, Nova leaned forward and Kerrigan watched in morbid, disgusted fascination as the blonde parted her lips, letting the entire load slide out, over lips and chin, the seed splattering messily into a small bucket Kerrigan noticed only now resting between Nova’s spread legs. Once she had emptied her mouth completely, Kessler grabbed the gagging, sputtering ghost, throwing her onto the bed, where she remained, trembling and obviously too exhausted to move.

Kessler then proceeded to grab the bucket and placed it onto the floor, directly in front of the kneeling Kerrigan. One look at the contents was enough to make her empty stomach churn. The bucket contained nothing but a disgusting mixture of cum and Nova’s spit, no doubt collected over the last rounds of brutal mouthrapes her roommate had had to endure.

“What’s this?” Kerrigan asked, trying to sound angry, trying to make her voice sound less weak, less exhausted… and failing miserably.

“Dinner, whore,” Rumm calmly stated. “You have not eaten all day and we thought it a nice gesture to provide you with the nutrition you need so much.” The others laughed at his words, already starting to stroke their cocks again, aroused by Kerrigan’s misery.

“No… forget it!” Kerrigan half spat half whimpered. She was not going to drink even one gulp of this.

Rumm sighed. “Don’t be like that again, Sarah. It’s not the first time. You’ve been emptying buckets like these for weeks before the last memory wipe.”

“Yeah,” Kessler said, then suddenly grabbed the back of her head and slammed her face down into the vile mixture. “Eat up!”

The wave of memories that overcame her nearly killed her. She shook herself loose of one of Kessler’s favorite memories of raping her ass while she was held completely stationary by the other men, in order to allow Nova to eat cum out of her ravaged pussy, just in time not to breath a lungful of their slime. Even thinking of such a cruel fate, to drown on the issue of these monstrous marines, was enough to make her shudder violently.

Still, she could not shake herself loose of the grip on the back of her head as bound as she was, her face held down in the mess… and she could feel the psychic pressure of his touch building on the back of her mind. The next memory she got lost in could be a lethal one, and while she was at least half convinced she longed for death, she was not willing to die like that… not even from the price of her dignity. If her face was above the surface, she would be weeping. Instead, disgusted, she opened her mouth.

Her tongue immediately made her violently regret the decision. She wanted to vomit, but if she did, she would only be putting herself closer to drowning. Instead, hating herself from every single movement of her body, she swallowed, and opened her mouth again.

The next minute passed as a nightmare. She managed to zone out, moving her lips and jaw like a robot, gulping down the seed of her rapists, fighting for her survival until, to her unbelievably horror, she realized that there was no more to swallow. She had, in fact, emptied, the bucket. The horror of that simple fact was almost enough to make her throw it back up, but with effort she didn’t. She was certain that, if she did, they would make her swallow it all back again, and that would be more than she could bear.

Around her the men were laughing, mocking her. It made her feel weak and pathetic, and she hated them all the more for it. Kessler picked her up from her perch on the floor and threw her on her own bed, rough hands suddenly all over her again.

Kerrigan tried to twist away from them, but she already knew her efforts would be futile. Still, what little of her dignity remained after having obediently swallowed all the cum demanded a struggle from her. And, of course, all it got her were brutal slaps to her face and her tits while the men groped and molested her. Slices of memories assaulted her mind, too small to really allow her to see them but so charged with malicious intent and sexual violence they still made her sick, each of them digging into her mind like a knife.

Hands were all over her, squeezing her tits until she cried out, pinching the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs, seeking out the places were the needles had been to slap and rub them, increasing her agony already. Someone, she did not know whom, forced her lips apart and jabbed two fingers down her throat just to hear her gag. Eventually, she felt strong hands on her legs, forcing them apart, a wave of obsessive desire washing over her, making it very clear who was touching her now. With a dark smile, Rumm climbed onto the bed, grabbing her throat and pushing her down onto the mattress while the others continued abusing her tits or went back to Nova, who began crying out in pain within moments.

“I hope you did not miss my cock too much all these hours,” he said, wasting no time aiming his cock at her cunt and pushing in. Kerrigan grit her teeth, feeling his hard shaft scrape against her inner walls, still sore after the numerous rapes by the “scientists” earlier. Of course, he could not care less about her comfort, groaning in pleasure, his obsession fulfilled once more.

“So soft and warm… I really am addicted to your cunt, Sarah,” he whispered, leaning down as his hips began to thrust into her, driving his cock deep into her sore pussy, his thrusts pushing her body back and forth on the mattress. His hand on her throat tightened ever-so slightly as he reaffirmed his absolute dominance over her.

“F-fuck…you…” Kerrigan spat, pulling her hands from the grips of the marines holding her and pushing against him… but he was too strong and she was still weakened from her earlier ordeals, all muscles in her body limp from her constant, pain-induced cramps. All she got from him was laughter and even fiercer thrusts. Her resistance always excited him, she bitterly remembered. But what else could she do? She certainly was not going to just lie there and take it.

Again, she felt hands on her wrists, pulling her hands away from Rumm and then, someone wrapped her fingers around two hard cocks, forcing them up and down along the thick, veiny shafts. From the glimpses of violent memories that pressed upon her, unbidden and vile to the core, she knew the men to be Williams and Stevens, bored from watching.

“Don’t keep her all to yourself,” someone grumbled – Sarah recognized the voice as belonging to Burnette. “There is work to be done upon her.”

“Oh… shut it marine… if you need it so badly, fuck her face,” Rumm spat, completely enraptured by the sensation of her tortured folds gripping his cock. If she ever went away… something vital would be missing in his life, he knew it. Already his balls churned and he knew he would not be able to stand fucking this beauty for much longer… but the night was still young.

Burnette took his advice to heart. Grabbing her chin, he forced Kerrigan’s head to the side before slamming his cock past her lips. “You filthy whore…” he snarled as he began to pump his shaft past her lips and down her throat, fucking her still cum-covered face. “Take my rod and be cleansed…” he whispered, closing his eyes in exalted pleasure while Kerrigan cringed under the taste of his cock and the weight of his deranged mind.

On the other bed, Nova screamed into the sheets while Kessler rammed his dick into her asshole, grunting like a beast, his hands pawing at her asscheeks while he assraped the helpless ghost. Kerrigan would have felt pity, but her own ordeal occupied her mind too much… and the psychic effluvia of so many diseased minds around her also prevented the only other sane and human person in the room from even registering on her mental radar. It was as if she was slowly sinking into an ocean of sexual depravity…

Then, suddenly she wasn’t on the bed being raped anymore. She was standing in a high rise apartment, the windows looking down on the beautiful city of TarKossia. She should have been thrilled to be away from the men, thrilled to be anywhere but back in that room, at the mercy of Rumm and his men. She ought to have been singing praises to any god for her deliverance… but she wasn’t. Instead she was horrified, terrified, trembling, and she had no idea why.

A smell filled her nostrils, something like burned meat. ‘Don’t turn around,’ a little voice in her head told her. ‘Don’t turn around. You’ll regret it if you turn around.’ She slowly began to spin, terrified that when she did, she would find herself again in the room with Nova and the marines, or back with the scientists, or anything, sure it was better to know than to not know…

She was wrong.

Behind her was just a normal apartment. The smell of coffee filled the air, competing with the burning smell. A holographic projector was showing the news. Two adults, a man and a woman, rested on the couch, their eyes open but blank, staring mindlessly. A little bit of actual smoke rose from the woman, a beautiful red haired woman in her late thirties.

This was wrong, this was all wrong. How did she know what an apartment was supposed to look like? How did she know what coffee smelled like? How did she know what the television was, or the news? How did she know that those people were her parents… because she remembered. She remembered how she had killed her mother in an instant, the first time her psychic abilities flared up, crippled her father. She remembered how she had gone for help, and ended up being taken in the ghost program in the first place. She remembered… and almost wished she didn’t.

For the first time, she understood Nova’s perspective on why she wanted so badly to be mindwiped. There was some things worse than having your memories taken away… like keeping them.

She came out of it screaming, choking on a cock and making her throat vibrate around it while she screamed and screamed. It wasn’t Burnette’s shaft, though. It was Kessler’s, from the physic pressure of the sadistic, stupid marine. Sometime while her mind had been elsewhere, it had been replaced, and she could taste cum on her tongue. Rumm was no longer fucking her either, but someone else was filling her tightly clenched ass… Garren, she thought. She felt sore, bruised, friction burned and tormented. How long had it been? How long had she been out?

It felt like hours before Kessler finally let her breath well again by flooding her throat. About fucking time… she had begun to think the moron would never finish, and just choke her to death with his thick cock. Practically as though on a schedule, he pulled out immediately and another of the marines stepped up to her, his rod already held in his hand. For just a second she caught a glimpse of Nova, curled up in a fetal position on the bed and covered with thick, ropey lines of jism before her view was again blocked. For some reason, while she was feeling exhausted, weak, and tired, she no longer felt helpless or humiliated as much as she felt enraged. Rage was a much more comforting emotion, and she held onto it as tightly as she could.

It took the group several hours to rape their fill of the sexy redhead, using her body for their pleasure as they abused her one after the other, sating their lusts of the abused ghost trainee until their cocks were sore and their balls empty, on and on until when she at last was left to pant on the bed, Kerrigan felt half dead. Her eyes only partially focused, her mind only half inside her head, she watched while Lieutenant Rumm grabbed Nova by her blonde hair and pulled her up to her knees, bringing squeals from the other raped girl before he had brought her face up to his, staring into her eyes. “Get your ass over to the bed, slut,” he said in a growl of a command, “And clean up your friend. And use your fucking tongue, dumb cunt.”

Turning to the other marines surrounding the exhausted and thoroughly-raped form of Kerrigan, he said, “Hold her down… you know how she gets when we make them play with each other!” Immediately, the others grabbed Kerrigan’s arms and legs, pinning her to the mattress, legs spread, cum leaking from her holes and covering her body in splatters and thick ropey strands.

Nova, in the meantime, staggered over to Kerrigan, groaning weakly as her limbs and her holes protested against her moving. She more slumped onto the bed than actually climb on top of it, being so close to Kerrigan that Sarah could barely suppress a shiver. She knew what was coming next and the prospect made her stomach clench with nausea.

“Get to it, you filthy whore!” Williams yelled at Nova, his hand descending to slap the blonde’s ass harshly enough to make her yelp in exhausted pain. With another tired sigh, she began to roll over, coming to rest between Kerrigan’s legs.

Frustrated, Sarah tried to free herself to avoid the sensations sure to follow, groaning in rage as she discovered their grips to be like iron, unbendable and unyielding. With an angry cry, she let her head fall back onto the mattress. A moment later, she felt what was undoubtedly Nova’s nimble, wet tongue dance over her folds and, going lower, over her cum-drenched and cum-leaking sphincter and made a face in disgust. The slurping sounds that came from between her legs as Nova worked on cleaning her cunt and asshole of cum made her shiver with revulsion again. “You fucking bastards!” she hissed, but the men were too engrossed in the sight of Nova lapping the remains of their abuse from Sarah’s holes to care.

But at the moment, all she could do was to endure it and endure the ribald laughter of the men surrounding her while her degradation went on. Her hands balled into fists, impotently trembling in the grip of their tormentors. Eventually, Rumm smacked the back of Nova’s head, growling, “She’s not your lover, stop eating her out and get to cleaning the rest of her!” Nova obeyed, sliding up along Kerrigan’s body, her head dipping down wherever she spotted a drop or line of sperm to lick it up with eagerness born from desperation.

While Nova licked and lapped, Kerrigan felt Rumm push a finger into her sore cunt, probing around for no other reason than to cause her pain. Glaring at him, she tried to focus on that bastard and exclude everything else, most of all Nova. But it did not work, for eventually, the other ghost reached her face, which had received its share of her rapists’s loads during the last few hours.

Kerrigan could see Nova’s tired eyes, knowing that the other ghost only wanted to rest and avoid further torments, becoming an accomplice in their vile schemes just to be left alone. But that knowledge was not enough to silence the voice of pure anger at the other ghost for playing along. When Nova leaned down again to lick up a thick strand of sperm adorning Sarah’s chin, Kerrigan violently threw her head to the side.

“Hold her head, bitch!” Rumm yelled and Kerrigan found Nova’s fingers grabbing her chin, forcing her head around so the two victims were face to face once more. Then, keeping Kerrigan where she was, Nova continued to run her tongue over Sarah’s face, leaving trails of saliva where before there had been sticky white sperm. She even went so far as to take one of Kerrigan’s locks that had become completely clogged and drenched in sperm into her mouth and suck it clean, an act which brought a gasp of disgust from the redhead’s mouth. That anyone could sink so low…

But then, finally, it was done and Nova rolled off of her. Garrett and Burnette released Kerrigan’s hands and grabbed the blonde Ghost, carrying her over to her own bed. Kerrigan harbored faint hopes that it would be over now, that they would heed Lictir’s advice and let them sleep… but, to her horror and disgust, she saw that the men were grabbing Nova’s wrists and ankles, holding her in the same position she had been in. Her suspicions were confirmed when Rumm withdrew his fingers from her cunt and pulled her to her feet. “Time for you to return the favour, don’t you think?”

Sarah just stared at him with hateful eyes. “Fuck you! If you think I’ll do this…”

She did not get to finish the sentence. The backhand strike from Rumm was strong enough to send her flying practically on top of Nova. “Always the same with you! If you only knew how often you’ve licked the cum from her ass or kissed her with my sperm on your tongue…” He stopped in his tirade – for which Kerrigan was glad, for the images he conjured made her sick to the pit of her stomach – and looked at Williams. “She either licks Nova clean or she gets her cunt whipped.”

“NO!” Kerrigan howled, scrambling to get off of Nova, to get away from the girl’s cum-soaked body. She didn’t even want to think about it, but half the men started grabbing at her. Nova, mostly freed from their restraint, didn’t struggle, but just laid there beneath them, submissive, defeated. Kerrigan hated her for that in this moment, hated her for her simple logic of avoiding punishment. The men simply did not have enough hands to pin them both down into place and then hurt them until they behaved… this was only possible with the help of, or the weak, willing acceptance of, one of them. If she struggled…

But she did not. November Terra, ghost trainee, lay whimpering on the bed, barely moving despite the hands no longer pinning her down, unwilling to resist the cleaning Kerrigan was going to be made to perform on her because she simply didn’t care enough to stop it, unwilling to care enough about the humiliation to risk further pain. It didn’t mean to her what it meant to the red haired ghost, for whatever reason, and it wasn’t worth it to her to struggle.

Damn her blue eyes.

Heedless of the hands on her, of the brutality they displayed digging into the pale skin, the red marks and bruises already forming on her recently cleanses flesh, she thrashed like a lunatic, calling on more strength that she had ever suspected she had… and to her surprise, it was working. One of her arms tore free of the man holding it, his curses filling the air beneath her frenzied screams while she lashed out with it, pushing him away, striking at the huge marines holding her in place.

“Stop it you worthless cunt!” one of the men, god knew who, snarled at her, but she couldn’t hear, couldn’t care. As she was touched, held down, struck at men, she was hit by memory after memory, invading her mind like a plague, not giving her a moment of freedom from their sick, twisted desires, the evil in their minds. Kerrigan, on her knees. Kerrigan, tied to a bed. Kerrigan, being whipped, spread on a table. Kerrigan, dressed like a whore and made to dance. Rape rape rape rape fuck fuck fuck fuck pain pain pain pain… on and on, unending, a thousand days of torturous treatment with no beginning or end in sight…

A lesser mind would have broken under the abuse, the utter hopelessness of her never ending train of suffering.

Kerrigan, instead, exploded.

A wave of kinetic force blasted out from her, knocking all of the men, Kerrigan, and Nova away to opposite corners of the room and flattening them against the walls. There was no resisting it, no struggling against it, no chance to deny it. One moment they were standing over Kerrigan, and the next they were thrown across the room as if toys hurled by a giant, the pulse of psychic power hitting like a speeding Vulture.

Rumm was the first to recover, groaning as he picked himself up off the ground and shaking his head clear. The beds had been all but destroyed, flung across the room as thoroughly as his men as been. He growled, stalking over to where Kerrigan lay against one of the walls, muscles completely limp but with a small, somewhat satisfied smile on her face. One by one, the others picked themselves off the ground, some limping, some dizzy. Garren, especially, looked like he had certainly banged his head.

“I need to tell the damned Doctor to turn up your Psi-Dampener again…” Rumm snarled between clenched teeth, picking the group up by her hair and dragging her across the room. Her limbs, completely exhausted, completely limp and weak, offered no support, and she felt the agonized tearing at her scalp… but she was unable to do much more than grimace as she was pulled over to Nova, the Lieutenant clearly determined to make her finish what he wanted…

Only to stop, frowning, at the clean girl. The pulse of every had burned every last trace of cum from Nova’s skin, leaving the blond unconscious on the ground, naked and clean, purified by Kerrigan… if not the way her captors had wanted.

“Fucking happy now?” she spat.

Rumm remained silent for a moment, though one did not need to be psychic to see he was almost trembling with rage. “You fucking cunt!” he snarled finally, “It’s always the same with you! Don’t you ever learn?!” Grabbing her by the hair again, he backhanded her a few times viciously until her vision swam.

“What now?” That was Williams. Like the rest of them, he was unsure what to do. Apparently, none of them had ever witnessed such an explosion of raw psychic might from her. With a sudden, painful clarity, Kerrigan realized that Dr. Lictir probably not only knew what was happening to her each night very well but was actually counting on it, given that traumatic experiences increased her power.

“Nova is clean,” Kessler stated needlessly.

“I see that!” Rumm barked, allowing Kerrigan a slight, weak smile… which brought another harsh slap from the enraged Lieutenant.

“She did clean her, yes… but I say she gets punished anyway. She did not use her tongue, after all,” Garren chimed in.

To her, and probably Nova’s horror, Rumm slowly nodded. “Good idea. Lictir wanted them to have some sleep but I don’t think he expected something like this.” He nodded again, grabbing Kerrigan’s chin and forcing her head up so she had to stare at him. “I will make you suffer for this… I will make you BOTH suffer for this!”

That brought a shocked gasp from Nova, “But I did as you told me!” followed by a slapping sound and a shriek.

“You whores don’t speak unless you’re spoken to!” That was Williams again.

Unbidden, a shard of his memories she’d picked up intruded on Kerrigan’s mind, filling her with the certainty that he had forbidden his daughters to speak, often for days, severely punishing them for every sound that emerged from their mouths. Even during the violent rapes had they not been allowed to utter a sound. Kerrigan shuddered, trying to forcibly eject the stolen memories again. But, like tar, the filth she’d picked up from her tormentors, would not be washed away so easily.

“Get me electric clamps, the whips and the magnetic shackles,” Rumm ordered. For a brief moment, both girls shared a worried look. Kerrigan and Nova both remembered the usage of these things on their bodies and neither was keen to experience the agony again. But, weakened as they were by hours of rape and Kerrigan’s blast, they could do little but hand helplessly in the hands of their abusers, enduring the questing, groping hands and slaps while Burnette went and got the desired items.

He returned sooner than either girl would have liked, carrying with him four sets of metallic clamps connected by chains, each set also connected to a palm-sized generator. Also, he had two sets of magnetic cuffs with him. “Shackle them to the wall… with their fronts to us,” Rumm ordered and within seconds, the helpless women were affixed to the metal walls, the cuffs humming gently as they adhered.

“You know, we could go the usual route to just punish you for what you did”, Rumm explained, “but not this time. I think it is time for others to feel the consequences of your actions. Maybe this helps making you more compliant.”

He took one set of clamps and stepped closer to Kerrigan, who eyed him with a look of pure, black hatred. “Did I scare you?” she spat. “Are the big bad marines so afraid of me now I have to be bound?”

Rumm made a dismissive gesture. “Shut up, Sarah,” he said rather calmly, his anger having cooled into something rather more unpleasant. With quick, deft movements, he brought the clamps up and closed them around Sarah’s nipples. Kerrigan could not help but cry out as the metal bit into the sensitive nubs, the generator’s weight dragging the clamps down and making them tug on her tits constantly. “Stevens… Nova here gets the clamps on both tits and cunt. She pays for Kerrigan’s misbehavior!”

“No… please… I did what you wanted!” Nova exclaimed, but Stevens did not listen. The clamps closed around the blonde’s nipples.

“Yes, but SHE did not. And now we are making YOU pay for it,” Stevens explained, a moment before he reached down and closed the second set around Nova’s sore cuntlips, tearing a pained scream from her mouth.

“Very good… and now… switch them on,” Rumm ordered with a smile of grim satisfaction. Both he and Stevens pressed the buttons on the generators which hung from the chains… and current raced through the ghosts, making them shriek in agony.

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