Chapter 6: The Initiate

In which positions are established,
secrets are revealed,
and pieces are lost

The pale haired elf hung from the ceiling of the wooden hold, feet dangling helpless in the air. Long hair flowed down her form, partially concealing the breasts and tattoos of her naked, bound body. Liriel squinted her striking red eyes as she tried to ignore the burning in her wrists and strain just a little bit harder, stretching her lithe body out just an inch or two more. If she could only get her foot on the deck…

The young druid was terrified. For the last hour the ship had been filled with the most horrible founds, audible even through the think bulkheads. Screams of feminine agony cascaded through the seasoned wood, causing the young elf to shake in fear.

At thirty seven, the druid was the youngest crewmen on the Viridian Dream, barely more than a child by the standards of the elves. In fact, she never would have received such a post at her age if she hadn’t shown so much potential as a druid, and been routinely spoken of well by her mentor, the legendary Archdruid.

Her wrists blazed in agony but she strained harder. She needed to get the winding tattoos in touch with the ground, and they covered her entire right foot. If she could get even a toe in contact with the deck, she could summon the power of the earth to her command, and maybe escape.

And she had to escape. Minutes ago she had been sure the screams were Nessira’s, and if something could make that blond veteran suffer so, she had no chance.

A pair of hands wrapped around her from behind, startling her. She flinched in her suspension as a pair of solid hands cupped her small breasts from behind. “Get off of me!” she screamed, wriggling away and completely ignoring the shackles as they cut into the flesh of her arms. Her wriggling brought the man into sight, the demon who had boarded the ship, the one with the blue fire, naked from the waist up. She shuddered.

He put his hands on her again, hot against her cold, exposed skin. They traced the coarse of her druidic marks gently. “Such beautiful work…” Lahk said softly. “These are beautiful, you know. How many years were they being worked on?” When the elf stayed silent, the high priest continued. “Do you know what I did to the last druid I had?”

Steel suddenly flickered in the dim light, and pain blossomed below her right breasts, but she couldn’t move. Lahk wrapped one arm firmly around her, preventing her struggles with tremendous strength while he drew a knife across one tendril of her vine tattoo curling beneath her breast. Liriel screamed as he flayed the skin shallowly, then again as he reached his fingers greedily into the bleeding cut.

Then her breath left her as she felt the greatest agony she had ever known. She couldn’t cry, scream, or beg. She couldn’t think. Liriel could do nothing but widen her scarlet eyes, her mouth opening in a silent scream as a torment purer than any she could imagine consumed her entire awareness, a screech echoing over and over in her mind. Her world faded to nothingness, and she escaped into the black.

Seventeen years ago, Caladwen

“Focus, Liriel.”

The young druid did anything but. The voice robbed the elf entirely of her concentration and the spell collapsed violently. She had time to think of a curse before the sphere of water she had been hovering collapsed on top of her head.

Wispy white hair glued to her scalp, she glared at her teacher. The elder druid was trying to hide a smile behind her hand. “Interrupting me is not helpful,” Liriel said, a little petulant.

The smile was in the Archdruid’s voice as well. “Apologies, Liriel. I’m sure all your foes will be so understanding.” The older elf withered not in the slightest under Liriel’s gaze, and eventually the apprentice druid relented, sighing as she reached for a piece of cloth to dry herself. At least she didn’t have any clothing on to get wet.

“Your problem is you’re relying too much on your own internal energy. It’s far too slow, and takes your focus away from where it’s needed. You need to draw the power from the earth —” she poked at the piece of the small black web of tattoos just starting to appear on the initiates naked body, then gesturing to the tangle of tendrils on her own bare leg, flowing down to her right heel. “That’s what these are for.”

The initiate rolled her eyes.

“Now that you’re awake,” the Archdruid chuckled slightly, “Shall we complete another inch of eyrn eregdos?”

Liriel looked down at the incomplete network of tattoos on her pale flesh and sighed. “I guess so.” She looked at the older druid as she also stripped, revealing her own network of dark vine-like tattoos across her skin… far more of them than the young initiate could imagine. “How much longer will it be?”

The elf looked over Liriel’s tattoos in appraisal, her eyes clouding as she started seeing the patterns on some level beyond the purely physical. “Your tree is growing well,” the Archdruid stated. “You began on your fifteenth birthday yes?” Her eyes refocused again, a smile appearing at the edges of them. “If you work very hard, you may be done by your twenty fifth.”

Liriel sighed, rolling her eyes. “Why must it take so long?” she sat down in a huff, only belatedly assuming a proper ritual pose on her knees.

The Archdruid could no longer contain her amusement as she knelt down before her pupil, blue eyes glittering behind scarlet hair. “Creating new life takes time. There would certainly be far more non-elven druids if it didn’t.” She smiled. “Now focus, or you’ll never be done in ten years.”

When Liriel awoke Lahk was no longer alone. “She ‘wake,” a rough voice called out from somewhere behind her.

The high priest turned back to her with a sadistic smile on his face. He raised a hand before her face, revealing a pair of pale slender shafts, not unlike the roots of a plant. “Athuum passed out when I started tearing these out of her, too.”

He smiled, and Liriel’s blood started running cold as the meaning of his worlds struck her. She craned her head and could just barely see the bleeding cut where Lahk had torn apart a piece of eyrn eregdos apart. Fresh tears came to her scarlet eyes.

That sacred plant was the key to druidic magic. More than twenty years ago her teacher had planted a tiny seed in her chest, and over the course of ten long years the two of them had made it grow, slowly blossoming into a mature eyrn eregdos, linked perfectly with her nervous system.

The symbiosis between them made it possible for her to draw power from the earth, to weave complex druidic works. It connected her to the natural world in a way that she had never imagined before the process had begun, but now she could never imagine being without. The piece he had torn out was only a small part of the whole, but the agony she felt at having it removed was as much mental as physical, and far out of proportion to the damage done to the pattern. The roots of the holy plant formed a network through her body beneath the ink of the druidic vine pattern, binding her to the earth even as it freed her from the shackles of isolation.

And the high priest was so casually threatening to rob her of the labor of a decade.

“It took me a full day to do this to the other druid cunt, breaking the tattoo every few inches,” he smiled at the memory, “waking her every time she passed out. She had a lot more roots beneath her ink, though.” A sinister smile took his face. “I bet I could do you in half that time.”

Liriel could do little but sob. “Why?” she managed to croak out.

“Why?” Lahk grinned. “Because you’re mine now. Because I want to know everything about Caladwen. But most of all,” he grasped her nipple between two fingers and twisted it, squeezing. She scream. “Most of all, because I can, that’s why. And that’s not all.”

His hand drifted down her body to cup possessively over her crotch, his touch gross against her untouched femininity. “We want to fuck you. We want to fuck you in every hole you’ve got. We’re going to break you wide fucking open, and then if your lucky we’ll let you tell us everything you know to make it stop. That’s what we want with you, little bitch!”

The tears ran freely down Liriel’s cheeks as she began begging in a trembling voice. The thought terrified her. She didn’t even like men. “Oh, no! Oh, please no! You can’t!” she sobbed. “I… I’ve never… never done… it! Please don’t…”

The rough voiced man behind her laughed. She sucked in her breath and whimpered as he reached up and stuck his hand between her legs as well. She futilely tried twisting away from him as he squeezed her crotch. “Tha’ good.” he said. “Th’ real good. His holiness love bustin’ up tight holes. An’ I like feeling ’em jump and hearin’ ’em scream as I rip ’em open and make ’em fuckin’ bleed!”

Lahk smiled. “Oh, and I’m going to enjoy ripping you open, too.”

Liriel struggled, crying and screaming, as the man behind her fastened another pair of cuffs to the young druid’s ankles. He was a dwarf, she saw, his filthy red beard covering half his face. With grunts of effort he pulled on a chain and her legs flew back even as her wrists lowered, suspending her horizontally between the two men. With another adjustment her legs were forced apart, allowing someone to stand between them. Liriel was completely immobilized and at the mercy of her tormentors.

“Help me!” Liriel screamed at the top of her lungs. “Someone, please!” Lahk laughed as her screams echoed through the ship.

Lahk stepped around and bent over so his face was in front of Liriel’s. “Go ahead and scream, little cunt. “No help is coming for you. We can do anything we want to you, make you scream like you’ve never screamed before, and all it will do is attract more people to use you with us.”

“Oh, please let me go! …please!” Liriel begged as tears flowed down her cheeks.

Lahk chuckled as he straightened up and moved around behind Liriel. “You should consider yourself lucky I haven’t had a good fuck in a while.” He smiled. “Otherwise I might start right in on that tattoo of yours again.” She trembled in fear as he ran his hands over her thighs and buttocks. She felt his rough hands on her soft flesh, completely exposed to the rapists.

“Stop it! Leave me alone! Don’t do this!” Liriel screamed as Lahk ran his finger between the lips of her vagina, gradually working it into her. He slowly stroked his finger in her until he felt her getting wet. Pulling his finger out of her, he pulled out his stiff cock.

“NO! Oh, Goddess no!” Liriel screamed as she felt Lahk rubbing the head of his cock between the lips of her untouched nethers. She was filled with terror as she felt him forcing her open, pushing the head of his cock inside her.

“Get out of me!” Liriel screamed as her panic rose. Lahk paused for a moment with just the head of his meat inside Liriel. Then without warning, he grabbed her by the waist and drove viciously forward, shredding Liriel’s virginity as he tore through her and sunk his entire length brutally inside her. Every muscle in Liriel’s body snapped taut from the pain. Her head snapped back and an agonized scream escaped her throat.

Tears poured from her eyes as Lahk pounded into her trembling body. She was screaming and begging as Lahk raped her with long, vicious strokes. Between the sobs that wracked her, Liriel pleaded with him to stop, pleaded with him to get out of her. Lahk grinned as he repeatedly drove into the warm, velvety wetness that was the young druid.

She had never known a lover before. She had been interested once… but nothing had come of it, and it wasn’t with a man, anyway. So much of her life had been dedicated to learning the druidic arts, and she was proud to have come as far as she had in so little time. What was the delay of twenty years against an eternal existence? Her innocence was being shattered beneath the savage cock of the high priest of Sanguinar.

Cormac felt himself grow hard as they watched Lahk brutally rape the elf girl. It had been so long since he’d had a piece of elf pussy, since Athuum killed herself. Hearing the girl scream in pain, watching her trembling body jump and jerk each time Lahk plowed into her, brought back wonderful memories of watching the red haired druid suffer beneath his cock. He could hardly wait for his turn to brutalize this young elf, to cause her pain and humiliation.

Lahk felt his balls begin to swell and tighten. He knew that it wouldn’t be long, the bitch was too tight and it had been too many frustrating days without a chance to tear off a piece of a woman. He was groaning in pleasure as Liriel screamed out her anguish. “Time to… fill you up cunt!”

“NO!” Liriel screamed out in panic. “Goddess, no!” She was suddenly disgusted beyond belief, the spectre of the high priest polluting her pristine body suddenly overwhelming.

Lahk was driving himself into the elf with relish, enjoying the feel of her trembling flesh, the taste of her her agony. Her pleading with him was exciting. His cock started to throb inside her, and with a low groan, he drove himself deep and shot a long stream of thick, hot cum deep into Liriel’s young body.

“Nooooooo!” Liriel screamed, instinctively recognized the meaning of the heat spreading through her. She felt him spraying her insides with a fresh stream of cum each time he drove into her. She felt nauseous, as if she were going to vomit.

Finally, Lahk slowed the pace of the rape, and with a sigh of satisfaction, pulled his softening meat from her. Liriel sagged in the chains, crying as she felt the mixture of blood and cum leaking out of her. Almost instantly, before Liriel even realized what was happening, Cormac stepped up behind her and the dwarf drove himself into her in a single, violent thrust. Liriel wept in revulsion as she realized her assault wasn’t over.

“Enough! Oh, God enough! Please stop! Oh, please STOP!” Liriel screamed out, and the echoes of her own pleas came back to mock her helplessness. Her body twitched and jerked involuntarily with each vicious thrust into her depths. She felt as if she were being torn open, as if her insides were being shredded. She had never experienced such pain in her life.

“Oh, but yev’ got a nice tight cunt, elf. A real tight cunt!” Cormac told her as he fucked her with deep, hard strokes. “It feels like your milkin’ my cock.” Liriel flushed red in shame and embarrassment at his words. No one had ever talked to her like that before. She strained ineffectually at her bonds, trying to break free.

“Having fun?” a new voice rang through the sound of the vicious mating. To her side Liriel could see another muscular man enter the room, wearing nothing.

“Come to join us?” Lahk smiled.

Aion snorted. “Might as well, brother. The blond cunt can’t suck worth a damn, and I can’t properly instruct her until the wizard tires of the whip. He’s taken quite a liking to her, I think.”

“Half brother,” he corrected coldly, turning back to brutal rape of the white haired druid.

Nessira, Liriel realized to her horror… they were talking about Nessira. “Goddess help me!” she screamed uselessly, to a dead deity, praying for salvation for both of them. Her body began trembling as Cormac used her still harder. His excitement was growing. He was groaning deep in his throat as he felt the swelling in his balls.

“Oh, Goddess don’t!” she cried out as she felt Cormac spray her insides with his foul liquids. She dropped her head and sobbed in despair as he pumped more cum into her. She felt as if she wanted to die.

The elf heard Cormac sigh, and then he was pulling his shaft from her swollen pussy. She sensed more than saw Aion move up behind her. “Oh, no. Oh, please not again! Oh, please don’t do it again!” Liriel begged as Aion jammed his cock up inside her. Liriel hung her head and wept as Aion raped her brutally, driving deeply into her body.

Aion gripped Liriel by the hips and pulled her towards him as he thrust viciously into her. He loved seeing her jerk in pain each time he impaled her on his cock, loved hearing her plead and beg for the torment to stop. Over and over he slammed into her, listening with relish to the screams that echoed through the vast ship as he violated her helpless, lithe body.

“Oh, please! Please not again!” Liriel begged as Aion started groaning deep in his throat. He was driving into her more feverishly, slamming his pelvis against her with each thrust. She felt him throbbing inside of her, felt his meat twitching deep in her body. Aion moaned in pleasure and Liriel cried out in despair as she felt him shooting his load into her battered vagina. The feeling of warmth spreading through her was revolting. Aion slowed his pace but continued stroking in and out of Liriel as he slowly softened. Finally, satiated, he withdrew from the young, brutalized body. Liriel trembled uncontrollably, tears spilling from her eyes, as she felt the fluids leaking from her and oozing down the insides of her thighs.

Liriel had wanted her first time to be special. She had dreamed of a special time between her and a gentle lover, a beautiful courtship. She wanted to be with someone she loved. Physical virginity meant nothing to the woman, but the druid would have wanted her first time to be with that special person. Instead, that chance had been stolen from her, ripped away from her by the evil slavers who cared for nothing but their own perverted pleasure.

She couldn’t dream why Caer had made this her fate

Fourteen years ago, Caladwen

“The key to a druid’s power is balance.”

The pale haired druid initiate sat in the lotus position, but not on land. That would have been too easy for the Archdruid to be satisfied. Rather she sat on the water over the lake, willing the water to support her, sending down her desire through the growing network of tattoos across her slight body. The effort wasn’t especially hard for the first minute, but it had become progressively harder to maintain a level of rigid support as time wore on, the continuous drain of power exhausting.

“We are not priestesses. We worship a goddess, but she does not provide her blessing on us. We have no infusion of power from the over world, no Grace protecting us from harm. Our power comes from the elements that surrounds us. Spiritual perfection is not our path.”

Gone were the days when controlling a simple globe of water was a challenge worthy of her. Instead an entire pool of the liquid had risen out of the lake to hover above Liriel, it’s form continuously changing from one shape to another as she directed it, taking on the sigils of the six gods one at a time, flowing smoothly from one to the next, holding each shape for only a moment. ‘Focus was the trick,’ she told herself. ‘You need to stay focused.’ She reached the end of the sequence, breathed out and in, then began anew.

“We are not wizards. We do not study the arcane languages and precise movements they use to bind the elements to their will. We cannot command the world to behave any given way. Nor do we lock ourselves away from the world, studying old tomes and scribbles of hidden secrets. Intellectual perfection is not our path.”

The focus required to continue to exercise was tremendous, and rapidly tiring. Even a few years ago Liriel had no appreciation of just how exhausting it could be to truly think without pause, how keeping your will in perfect alignment was more tiring than any of the physical exercises her teacher made her do, no matter how grueling they were.

“We are not warriors. While we do not dedicate ourselves entirely to an intellectual path, nor to we devote our attention to a physical study. The forms of every weapon, the perfect dance of blades and styles… it is not for us. Physical perfection is not our path.”

Breathing hard now, Liriel closed her eyes, trying to remove the rest of the world from her awareness. Maybe the removal of distractions would help her keep her thoughts in line, strengthen her will.

It didn’t.

Liriel fell into the water as the surface suddenly stopped supporting her. The cold lake was a shock on her senses, but she didn’t dare rise to the surface until the weight of water she had been supporting had finished crashing down around her, the roar of its impact thunderous beneath the surface.

Gasping and sputtering the initiate broke the surface, treading water in place as she tried to keep from blacking out. In a way, the sudden release of the mental effort was almost worse than the labor, and now she had relaxed her will she wanted nothing so much as to curl up and sleep like the dead.

“The key to a druid’s power is balance,” the Archdruid continued as if Liriel had not fallen into the water, the golden specs in her blue eyes betraying amusement. Despite the splash of the water around her, her hair and clothing remained inexplicably dry. “Mastery of nature cannot come from any single path, for nature cannot be mastered, and is no one’s servant. Druids are not rulers, but rather diplomats. Druids seek coexistence, peace, the balance of forces both inside and out.”

The Archdruid sat on the water the way Liriel had, but her poise was completely different. While Liriel had sat upon the water like a rigid surface, her teacher bobbed and sank with the ebb of the surface but never sank beneath it, the surface tension somehow agreeing to keep her upon it. All around her sigils of water underwent rapid change from one to the next, not held firmly in place but seemed to float on the breeze, swaying softly in place but never deforming.

“Understanding of body is important, but not the rigid adherence to form. Understanding of self is important, but not the dogma of faith. Understanding the elements is important, but we cannot command them to do anything,” the red haired druid smiled, looking down at her swimming apprentice for the first time. “We can only ask.”

“Focus is not the secret,” she continued, her gaze wandering to the shore of the lake.

Liriel’s eyes followed her teachers, and she saw not five feet before her a bug land on the surface of the water to drink, only for a fish to snap it up. “Discipline is important, but being perfect is not the key to unlocking nature’s potential.” Faster than the elf could blink an eagle struck the surface of the water, grabbing the fish firmly within its talons before gracefully ascending back to the sky.

The red haired elf followed it with her eyes for a moment before turning back to her student. “The trick is to really understand what balance means. Nothing exists alone, Liriel,” she smiled. “Everything is connected.”

“You lasted twenty two seconds longer than yesterday. Not bad.” Her eyes twinkled mischievously, and Liriel had just enough time to flinch before one of her mentor’s watery sigils crashed upon her head with a wet splash. “But you still have a long way to go,” she laughed

Since all three of her attackers had violated her, she assumed that they would be finished with her. “Please,” Liriel whimpered, “please just leave me alone”

Aion stepped in front of Liriel and squatted down so he could look her in the eyes. With an evil grin, he said “Just what makes you think you’re ever going to be left alone again, little elf?” His eyes shined with malevolence. “When we’re done with you, Master Lahk will just stick you in one of his whorehouses. How would you like that? I bet a bunch of peasants and sailors would pay good for a elf cunt like you.”

“Oh by the goddess, you can’t!” Liriel screamed in terror.

“Can’t?” Aion laughed. “Who will stop us? There is no ruling house anymore, no one enforcing the law. We can do anything we want with you.” He grabbed hold of his dirty cock, still covered with her blood and the cum of her previous rapists. “Let me show you.”

Liriel watched in horror as he stood straight, moving his hip towards her. She felt a chill run up her spine as she realized what he was intending to do. “Goddess no! Not that!” Liriel tried twisting her head away, but the priest grabbed her by her pale locks and held her steady. She pressed her lips tightly together and squeezed her eyes shut as Aion rubbed the head of his dick over her lips. He brutally twisted a handful of her hair, causing her to wince in pain. He was now between her lips, but she kept her teeth clamped firmly together.

“AAAGHHHHHHmmmmpphhh” Liriel opened her mouth in a vicious scream as Lahk drove his boot directly between her spread legs, the steel toe digging into her abused cunt. Immediately, Aion sunk his cock deep into her mouth, savagely cutting off the pained protest. Liriel gagged on the swollen hunk of meat that was being forced into her throat as Aion grabbed the hair on either side of her head and held her still as he started fucking her mouth with long, deep strokes. Liriel was gagging and choking. Her stomach was convulsing in revulsion at what was being done to her. She felt nauseous as Aion raped her mouth, forcing himself completely into her. She felt her nose being buried in his pubic hair as his hips pounded his dick into her. She strained futilely against her restraints as the assault progressed. She felt a wave of shame and frustration wash over her.

Liriel screamed around Aion’s cock as Cormac stepped up behind her and the dwarf once more rammed himself into her tortured vagina. She felt as if she were being torn in half, as if the two cocks buried inside her were going to meet in the middle of her body. It was nearly more than her mind could stand as the two rapists fucked her brutally from both ends. Liriel felt Aion moving faster, driving ever deeper into her throat. Her gagging and choking was causing her throat to constrict around his cock, exciting him even further. She heard him moaning and was sickened by what she knew was coming. Her mind was torn between the revulsion at the cock in her mouth and the pain of the one in her abused pussy.

The young elf retched as Aion shot a stream of thick cum straight down her throat. She continued retching as she felt the cock in her mouth twitch time and time again, and with each spasm another stream of cum shot into her. Aion held himself deep inside her until the last of his fluids had drained from his dick. Liriel was sickened by the taste and feel of the residue that coated the inside of her mouth. She felt her stomach turning and she continued gagging even after Aion withdrew his meat from her. Her stomach and throat were constricting and then she vomited, emptying the contents of her stomach on the filthy deck of the slave ship as the men laughed at her.

She continued heaving after there was nothing left to throw up, sickened by the memory of what had been done to her. Slowly, as the nausea passed, she again became aware that Cormac was still inside her, still driving brutally into her. She once more became aware of the pain as Cormac assaulted her with increasing savagery. “No…” the druid whimpered as she felt Cormac pumping his cum deep inside her tortured body. She felt the warmth spreading through her, filling her. Her body trembled and she wept in despair as Cormac pulled out of her.

“No more. Please, no more.” She whimpered as Lahk once again stepped up behind her.

“Whatever you want, cunt. Prefer something new?” Suddenly, her eyes bulged and she was filled with a new horror.

Ten years ago, Caladwen

“What do you mean you’re leaving?”

Liriel looked at her mentor is shock, the words still not processing correctly. Leave Caladwen? No one leaves! This was their home, she knew, safe from the ravages the war wrought on the world outside of their borders.

“I’m sorry Liriel, but it’s decided. I depart tomorrow.”

No one leaves. Certainly not a war hero, a great woman like the Archdruid! Elves like her are role models, looked up upon by everyone. Elves like her are respected and loved, trusted. They do not abandon their people!

“I… I don’t understand…”

And she was her teacher! A tear ran from her eyes, crossing one of the whirls of her dark tattoos. Eyrn eregdos had years ago outgrown the need for ritual, but the druidic tattoo could not be said to be finished. It would continue to grow and strengthen for the rest of her life, Liriel knew, as she herself would grow and strengthen. Like her mentor had taught her. She had taught her so much…

“I knew you wouldn’t. I’m sorry, my friend. I cannot make you understand…”

Taught her! Who would teach her now? Eyrn eregdos may have grown, but she was still only an initiate. She had at least ten more years as an initiate at the minimum, followed by perhaps another decade of practical experience before another druid would be willing to name her a full member of the order. She had learned so much, but there was so much more to be taught, and she thought the red haired elf before her would be the one to teach it.

“Try?” Liriel begged, She knew her voice was filled with a childish need, but she didn’t care. Tears ran freely from her eyes now, blurring her sight, but she refused to wipe them away. Such an act would be an acknowledgment that they existed, and she would not be weak. She had been taught better.

The Archdruid’s eyes were filled with sadness, she knew despite the tears. It was the same look she had worn so often over the last months. “Liriel…”

“You owe me this!” the initiate roared, her precious self control slipping. “You are abandoning us, abandoning me!” she sobbed, her voice raw with emotion. “You owe me an answer Lissa!”

She looked away, unwilling or unable to meet her apprentice’s gaze. Long seconds passed in silence before she spoke again. “Our people are becoming something I do not like, and cannot abide. Do you understand?”

Liriel did not, but she believed if she remained silent, the older elf would continue. “We are all equal under the Goddess,” the Archdruid quoted, her voice solemn. “That has always been our most precious belief, for thousands of years before I was born.” Her hand moved in a vague gesture before her face, as if warding off an insect. “But now, that is changing. Dozens of individuals are seeking the throne, and their politics are polarizing our people.” Her fist clenched, squeezing her pale knuckles completely white.

Liriel started to speak, then hesitated. Her teacher was talking about what troubled her, after nearly a year of suffering in silence. It was best to let her continue.

“They say it must be done. They say that when Sanguinar and the goddess slew one another, it changed the way we must exist. We need to gain a new ruler, they say.” A sound escaped her throat, maybe a sob. “What they don’t say is what we’re losing. We are becoming something we are not, turning against one another. Things that never mattered to us before, such as wealth and lineage, are suddenly being used as excuses to put elves atop others. The priesthood and the order of druids are just one step shy of open conflict as they compete for influence, and Elide…” she let her voice trail off.

“You are a hero!” the words escaping Liriel before she could stop them. “You fought in the War of Ascension with honor, and bravery, and your power saved many who would have otherwise perished. You are respected! Surely they will listen to your wisdom!”

The sound that the Archdruid made was neither quite a laugh or a sob. “Were that true, I’d not be leaving,” she said flatly. “I have tried, tried for so long.” She turned once again to face the white haired initiate. “They see me as a symbol to be used to lift themselves above their rivals, rather than a source of wisdom to be heard. No one is listening.”

Blue eyes hardened behind red hair, the golden flecks within them shining. “But they will notice if the symbol disappears,” she finished.

Liriel opened her mouth, and closed it again. She repeated the process, but again she realized she had nothing to add in the face of the Archdruid’s statements, and her determination. “Take me with you,” she finally said.

The older elf put her hand to Liriel’s face and slowly traced the whirl of her druidic markings. The young druid shuddered under her hero’s touch.

“No,” she said at last, her voice regretful. “Your place is here, with your family, with the other druids. There are others who can instruct you, likely better than I.”

“But I don’t want to be like them!” She shouted. “You said it was about balance. The world exists in harmony, no element rises above another. I want to stay like that. I was to be like you, Archdruid!”

Her teacher smiled as she unclasped an icon from her cloak and dropped it to the ground. “Archdruid no longer,” she said, the smile growing wider as she looked at the elf she had taught for nearly two decades. “We will meet again one day Liriel. If by then you still wish to be a fool like me, you can tell me then.”

“No! Don’t!” she screamed as she felt the high priest press his dick against her rectum. “Goddess please!” Liriel screamed in pain and jerked at her bonds as Lahk forced her rectum open and pushed the head of his cock into her, lubed only by his spit. He began thrusting against her dry, tight ass, forcing his way deeper into her. Liriel screamed repeatedly as the invading organ moved deeper and deeper into her. She begged him to stop in screams of pure agony. Then, with a vicious thrust, Lahk tore an animal wail from her as he drove the full length of his cock deep into her bowels.

Liriel couldn’t believe the pain. It felt as if she were on fire, as if she were being flayed from within. The druid initiate was sure that she would die, sure that no one could survive this much pain. Lahk maintained the viciousness of the rape, thrilling in the pain and distress he was causing Liriel. Her jerking, trembling body, her screams of agony pleasing the sadism that was at the very core of the high priest’s being.

“Stop it, You’re killing me! Oh, Goddess, you’re killing me!” Liriel cried out, her voice filled with anguish. Lahk was relentless, driving as deeply into her bowels as possible. He felt the light burning feeling in his organ that told him he was getting close to orgasm, his balls swelling and tightening. He drove into Liriel with increasing violence and she screamed out her agony and frustration.

“Suffer cunt,” he moaned as he flooded her bowels with cum. Over and over he sprayed her insides with the thick, milky liquid. Liriel felt revulsion at the heat spreading through her, felt revulsion at the perversions being forced on her. She prayed that Sirae would allow her to die, that she would stop her heart and end her pain.

Gradually the high priest came to a stop, standing with his cock buried in Liriel’s ass and enjoying the feeling as he slowly softened within her. Finally, he stepped back, pulling out of her. Liriel whimpered as she felt the fluids leaking out of her.

“Clean up the floor where she heaved.” Lahk instructed the dwarf. “And wash her down, too. She’s getting a little sloppy.”

Cormac grinned as he picked up a rusty bucket and threw the water onto the floor under Liriel’s head, washing her vomit away. He left the room only to return quickly with a second bucket. Liriel involuntarily sucked in her breath as he poured the ice cold water over her buttocks, washing the blood and cum from her rear, her vagina and from the insides of her thighs. Liriel started trembling from the cold.

“Go and help the damned wizard,” Lahk instructed the band, twirling a knife in his hand. “I need some time alone with the druid cunt. We are going to finish what we started earlier, and then we are going to have a discussion about the location of Caladwen.

Liriel started screaming even before the blade touched her tattoo again.

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