Chapter 6

For Kerrigan, the world around her vanished into an almost hypnotic haze of agony. She had thought it had hurt when the clips had fastened around her perfect nipples, the sensitive flesh trying to vain to all but crawl away from the sharp edges, but even the harsh teeth digging into her flesh couldn’t match the anguish that came when the Lieutenant turned the device on.

“Aiiiie!!” cried Kerrigan clenched teeth. The electrical current was coursing through her nipples and into her body, seeming to dance over her skin and light it on fire. The pain perhaps did not quite match up to what she had felt earlier today, at the hands of Lictir and his machine, but it was far more personal, more intimate, and at the moment it seemed like the worse thing that had ever happened to her. She wanted to scream, but she couldn’t take in breath, couldn’t even open her mouth to let it out — every muscle in her body was tight, clenched into rigor by the coursing current.

The poor ghost was subjected to a pain that she would not have believed possible, yet she understood the current was too weak to damage her body — too low of amperage for it to burn or hurt her heart, but high enough of voltage to make her muscles instantly become a painful cramp, her form jerk with the pain. In some ways, in the back of her mind, that was the most terrifying part — if, like the doctor’s machine the torture wasn’t actually injuring her, there was no limit to how long it could go on.

Rumm had targeted two of the most sensitive parts of her anatomy, watching with undisguised glee as she tried to cope with the pain, the men roaring with laughter as they watched her. “Look at her dance!” Garren said with a dark chuckle. Kerrigan didn’t see how it could be considered dancing in anyone’s mind — her legs had stopped supporting her entirely, and she was now hanging from her shackled wrists, jerking and spasming as she hung in the air.

Suddenly the pain ended, the electrical device shutting off with a beep, but there was barely enough time for her to hope for an end to her torment and draw a strangled breath before her tits were again lit on fire by the clamps, the electricity sparking blue from the metal as it flowed through her nerves like a liquid blaze, wiping away her sanity and everything else for another few seconds of blazing anguish.

Next to her, Nova was suffering even worse. At least for Kerrigan, the current was localized… it was a tiny mercy, but a mercy nonetheless. For the blonde ghost, the clamp on her nethers added another level of agony as the electricity arched between the triangle of metal receivers, painting her entire body in varying shades of pain from “Agonizing” to “oh god please kill me.” In between bursts of electricity, when thought returned for precious moments, Sarah knew it was her fault the other trainee was suffering, but she couldn’t bring herself to feel sorry for it when she thought what she would have had to do to avoid it.

And Nova could feel that from her, she knew. Slowly her sense of the other girl was being blocked off as the blonde closed herself off, until all Kerrigan could feel from her was a black sense of sullen disgust, resentment, even hatred. The red haired girl wished she could ease the other girl’s pain, even wished hopelessly that she could have taken the punishment alone even if she had to experience the greater pain that Nova was feeling, but she still couldn’t help but feel that even this was preferable to what she had been asked to do.

The electricity coursing through the trainee’s sexual extremities was untiring and never ending.  Her body broke out in a sweat that was so intense that droplets of moisture soon began to pool on the floor beneath her, leaving the metal floor glistening beneath her limp limbs as she writhed in agony, causing her already extended limbs to pain her unbelievably.  Vaguely she could hear Nova screaming between bursts of her own torment, the other girl somehow finding the breath to beg for mercy. “Please stop!” she begged, frantic, pained. “Stop!  Stop!”

She began to scream in agony, totally oblivious to the undisguised glee of Rumm and his men. To a one, even the exhausted men felt a powerful stirring in their crotch once again as they watched the pair of ghosts suffer, until they were again hard. At some signal Kerrigan must have missed through the haze of agony, one of them tore the tight clamps off her nipples with an almost obliterating burst of pain as blood flowed back into the tortured nub, then Garren’s cock was in her again. She, mercifully, was too out of it to feel much of anything, even from his mind and memories, and it was the most merciful thing to happen to her all night.

Beside her, Nova’s cries were muffled as Stevens plugged her throat with a cock, riding the agonized girl’s mouth like a cunt as he pressed her against his bulging shaft without a care for her pain. Sarah had no sense of how long the torment had gone on, or how long it took the group to again sate their lusts, but she was certain that each of the six had gotten off again on one or the other of the two trainees before they were unfastened from the cuffs.

Rumm kicked her in the side, bringing only a grunt to the exhausted, pained girl. “Maybe this time,” he snarled, “the lesson will get through your thick skull, you worthless bitch. We are supposed to be teaching you, after all…” he snickered. “Maybe you’re most suited for a career as a border-world whore than as a ghost, Sarah?”

He spat down at her before he turned to leave. “Though I wouldn’t pay for a cunt as well used as you.”

Then they were gone, leaving the pair alone in the darkness as each tried to push herself to her hands and knees, enough off the floor to crawl to their messed up cots.

Kerrigan could feel the anger of the other girl, swimming over her like a wave and beating against her even through her exhausted senses. Her psychic powers didn’t want to function right now — her brain felt like it was worthing through a mess of cobwebs and wanted nothing more than to relax — but even so, the projected emotion was too strong for a telepath of her strength to resist. When it at last boiled over, the red haired ghost was not surprised. “You couldn’t just fucking do it, huh?” Nova snarled, finally managing to climb onto the thin, shitty mattress. “You couldn’t just suck it up for five minutes so they would go away and we could sleep, could you? No, instead you had to get BOTH of us tortured all over again… What the fuck is wrong with you, you stupid bitch!”

Sarah wished she knew the answer to that question herself, but November’s approach put her instantly on the defensive. “And what about you!” She spat back, failing to climb up onto the bed for the third time. Her limbs just refused to work properly… she couldn’t remember ever having been this tired.

Though be fair, she couldn’t remember much.

“How can you help them!” Kerrigan snarled, her own anger and disgust coloring her words. “How can you do what that scum wants, help them humiliate me like that. How can you do that to me!”

The spike of anger coming from her roommate was red hot, an emotional blaze. “I didn’t do anything to you but try to save us both some pain… and you fucked that up royally, didn’t you?” On the other side of the room, she could see Nova rubbing at her brutalized clit, cupping it with her fingers. “I can’t even fucking feel my legs, you dumb whore… and for what? So you could keep your fucking tongue clean?”

“Shut up!” Sarah screamed suddenly, her frustration boiling over completely. “I won’t do it! I won’t do it, not now, not ever. I’m not some fucking dyke for their amusement… you can go fuck all the women you want, but I’m not doing it, do you understand me!”

Nova didn’t answer, though Kerrigan could feel a moment of shock and hurt before it was covered back up with anger. She regretted the words, the tacit accusation, the moment they were out of her mouth, but she also couldn’t bring herself to take them back. She didn’t understand why, but the though of laying with the other woman disgusted her more than the worst of things that Rumm and his men could do to her, feared it more than Lictir’s tests and experiments.

The blonde ghost fell sullenly silent after that. Kerrigan at last managed to climb onto her bed, only to find the sheets ruined and wet with sperm. In disgust she peeled them off the bed, making it as clear and usable as possible before curling up on the thin pad and covering herself with the most dry material she could find.

She heard a sob from across the room, but said nothing to comfort the other girl as she cried herself to sleep, stubbornly holding onto the shreds of her anger to stop herself from feeling guilty. Instead she closed her eyes and, mercifully, fell almost instantly into a black oblivion.

– – – – –

The next months passed for Sarah much the same. Rarely did she escape a full day without at least one person finding the time to rape her like a whore, and usually Rumm and his men took the time to entertain her. Nova was never again as friendly as she had been the first day, and while they never spoke of the earlier incident, there was always a distance between them, some ice in her voice when they spoke.

After her test results and the news of the psychic blast she had thrown, Lictir had made her his star pupil and saw her nearly every day, devising some new test for her, some new anguish to measure her potential and increase it. He was more and more excited every day, as she broke record after record. He kept remaking the scale for measuring psychic power, and she kept breaking the upper limits of it… orders of magnitude stronger than any other trainee he’d ever had. He was adjusting the psi-inhibitors upward almost daily now.

Even as the inhibitors were turned up, however, her powers seemed to grow faster than their abilities to restrain them. There was not another incident of her breaking through enough to toss the men around, but her telepathy kept growing stronger… and it began to bear unexpected fruit. Each time she was raped, each time one of the men forced a memory of a previous experience onto her, it unlocked parts of her memory, her personality, the true Kerrigan that the mind wipes had been meant to erase. The meek, confused submissiveness was disappearing completely, being replacing by the furious, witty, fiery girl she had always been before her parents death, before she’d been trapped in this hell.

Dr. Lictir could only guess why this was happening, but he couldn’t bring himself to actually order the men to stop abusing her… not when her trauma was increasing her potential so much. Still, however, the sheer unrestrained nature of the girl was growing dangerous. He had her mind wiped again only two weeks after her last one, but to his amazement and horror, her blank, victim state lasted even shorter than the few days it had last time. Within a week he had to wipe her memories again, and this time it took her true self even less time to reestablish itself.

She was becoming a risk.

Lictir sat at his desk, typing on his holographic projection, the robotic face of his adjutant waiting patiently for instructions. Kerrigan, naked and covered with a sheen of sweat, was unconscious on a table in the room, half hidden in the dim light. The doctor was not happy with the news, but he knew what he needed to do. He needed to graduate her… she was already better trained that most of the men and women here, demonstrating a natural affinity for the skills of a covert operative matched by few. While the scientist in him badly wanted to know how much greater she would grow, he was enough of a realist to realize that any further growth could be lethally dangerous. If he couldn’t suppress her memories, she was simply too big of a risk… and the only way he could think to stop her from gaining them back was to wipe her mind then remove her from everyone who knew anything about her past.

He needed her out of here… and he was pretty sure he knew the perfect job to start her off with.

– – – – –

Terran Confederacy Ghost Number 24601 walked down the white corridor, her boots clicking loudly on the paneled floor. Loud banging noises echoed behind her as even heavier footsteps strode in her wake — the Ghost did not need to turn to know that her marine escorts were there, because she could feel their thoughts buzzing around from their heads to hers… simple, stupid thoughts for simple, stupid men. They were guiding her somewhere. She didn’t know where, didn’t need to know where. The minds of the escorts were blank, disinterested. They must be psi-shielded, or she would be able to read their minds completely, without a whisper of effort, the way she had been able to the tech’s who had wiped her mind.

It wasn’t her first memory wipe. She didn’t remember anything at all past ten minutes ago, but the thoughts of the tech’s had been clear… they had seen her before, worked on her before. More than once before. Was that standard procedure for Terran Ghosts? 24601 didn’t think so, but it didn’t seem important to her either. All she knew was where she was supposed to go, even if she wasn’t ure exactly how she knew the correct route through the disinfected, sterile bleakness of the pure white hallways.

She hated white.

Ahead of her was her destination, she knew without understanding how. There was an old man in a lab coat waiting before it, his mind a complete blank slate. His name tag identified him as a Doctor Lictir, and he gestured for the red haired ghost to stop. Obediently, she did as she was told, stopping right in front of him in her white Hostile Environment Suit.

He looked up and down her with his normal eye and the one with a mechanic set of lenses over it, before nodding judgmentally, apparently finding her good enough. That pleased her, the thrill of a subordinate earning the approval of one of her officers. “24601,” he said, tone sharp. “You are here to be tested for a mission. The person in this room is going to be deciding if you are good enough. You will do everything he instructs you to, answer any question he asks… do you understand?”

Immediately, without thinking, the ghost nodded. “Yes sir,” she said instantly, her voice cheerful and excited. Her answer came instantly, the obedience conditioning completely unopposed by Kerrigan’s usual stubborn, fierce personality. Lictir smiled, and opened the door.

Without hesitation, 24601 stepped through, hearing the door swish closed behind her as she surveyed the room with the quick eye movements of a professional.

It was bare, the four walls the clinical white of the hallways, forcing her to fight down a sudden rush of nausea the source of which was strangely unknown to her. Cold light shone down from the lumen globes in the ceiling, making this room seem like an operating chamber more than anything else. It reminded her of the room she had woken up in after her memory wipe… though the young ghost did not know if this thought should reassure or disquiet her.

A single, empty table and an accompanying chair stood within the room’s confines, looking almost forlorn amidst the featureless white. The chair, however, was occupied by a man whose presence seemed to fill the room all by itself. With thick dark hair and a short beard to frame his stern, patrician features, he effortlessly appeared as if he automatically owned everything around him – which, at the moment, would include her. In his strong, tanned hand, he held a dataslate which, as a quick glimpse confirmed, held her file and biometric information.

“Ghost designate 24601”, he read aloud, clearly having noticed her entry but not acknowledging her presence with a glance yet, “ name: Kerrigan, Sarah…is this correct?”

The girl, assuming a position of polite readiness, hands clamped behind her back, standing ramrod-straight, responded, “This is my designation, yes. The name has no meaning to me.”

“Ah yes, freshly wiped, as per request. This installation deserves a recommendation”, he said, placing the dataslate onto the table and turning around to look her over. Apparently, he liked what he saw, taking a moment longer than necessary to let his eyes wander over her form. “Let us get down to business, as it were. Your mission will be one of assassination.”

24601 nodded. That kind of mission she had been trained for extensively. Though she had no identity, the scientists had made sure that she never forgot about her trained skills during the wipes. “Target?”

“A man named Angus Mengsk. He is the leader of a rebel faction the Confederacy needs taken out.” He motioned her closer, then slid the pad over to her, after typing in a few commands. Quickly and with a professional, coldly calculating eye, Kerrigan took in every detail of the portrait the slate now showed, then pushed it back to its owner.

“I will need further details about the mission parameters, if I am to be 100% successful”, she calmly stated.

“And they will be forthcoming. But beforehand, I need to see if you are capable of performing this mission at all”, came his response immediately. “What kind of training did you undergo?” he continued after a moment of thoughtful silence.

“Demolitions, hand-to-hand, melee weapons, sniping, heavy explosives, underwater combat, survival, zero-g-combat, small to heavy firearms, missile launchers…” she began, until he held up his hand to silence her. “It says here that your psychic abilities are way beyond average…”

Again, she nodded. “I have been trained in their use and am capable of projecting psychic blasts, cloak myself, aid my aiming, read minds…” Again, he held up a hand, apparently having already gotten the necessary information from her file. But the young ghost did not presume to wonder why he was asking her if he already knew what she was going to say. Her orders had been very precise and none of them had included second-guessing him.

“Alright. Here is the mission. You are going to infiltrate Angus Mengsk’s base using a cover identity. Mengsk is visited regularly by prostitutes sent to him by his associates. You are going to pose as one of these prostitutes. Do you understand?” 24601 nodded again, briefly wondering why she thought she’d felt a twinge of apprehension at the thought.

“That means you are most likely going to have to perform one or more sexual acts to maintain your cover identity. I am here to make sure you are capable of performing them well enough to pass for a professional prostitute.” Again, the girl nodded, again wondering why the idea left a pale shadow of a bitter taste in her mouth. It should be nothing to her. After all, ghosts were trained to do pretty much anything to achieve their objective.

“Good. Then get down on your knees”, the man commanded, nodding towards a spot between his legs. His right hand reached into his pants and freed his erection. The young ghost hesitated for a moment, not wholly certain she liked what was about to unfold… but the Doctor’s orders had been very clear. Obey without question.

Her initial hesitation overcome, she quickly stepped between his legs and knelt down, his sizable cock now only a few inches away from her face. With a sly smirk, he grabbed it and tapped her on the nose with the glistening head. “Open your mouth and show me you can suck cock like a good whore.”

The girl searched her mind for the appropriate skill set and found it, wondering briefly why she had such an elaborate archive of sexual acts embedded within her brain. Most likely these skills would come in handy for infiltration missions like this one… but she still found it mildly disconcerting. That did not stop her from obeying the order, however. Parting her lips, she moved her head forward and closed them around the shaft, just below the head, letting the bulbous tip rest against her tongue, precum leaking onto it.

Almost immediately a wave of nausea washed over her, a sense of creeping wrongness that she did not understand, and she wanted to wretch. She fought the urge down, suppressing it mercilessly. She had a duty to do, what was wrong with her… but still, as she worked her tongue up and down the bottom of the length in her mouth, she felt that something was wrong, that she shouldn’t be doing this… but she should do anything her handlers instructed her to, and they had given her this task, so it couldn’t be wrong.

No matter how wrong it felt.

The thick cock was being pushed deeper into her with each passing second, the contented sigh coming from the man tangible in her mind as she forced her own lips the slide further down on the hot shaft of meat. His thoughts invaded her mind as she did, unstoppable through the physical content. He was enjoying this vastly, and while part of her was thrilled that she was doing a good job, that she was living up to expectations, for some reason that same fact also made her want to die. She attempted to shake off the feeling, but it was persistent, the pernicious thoughts creeping through her mind like a spreading disease.

It didn’t help that his own thoughts of her were so disgusted. The man clearly though of her as the whore she was asked to be, and his disdain for her was almost complete. That shouldn’t bother her — he wasn’t her superior, and like most that the ghost program had to work with, he served the confederacy for his own, personal reasons rather than out of any sense of loyalty or obligation — but the fact that she was being thought of as a whore made the whole experience worse.

He was not a good man, she knew that clearly and instantly. He was not psi-blocked completely, not nearly as well as the doctor outside was — to a psychic of her strength, he was nearly an open book. He was utterly self interested, and everything he did was measured by how much it benefited him, regardless who else it hurt. He had hurt people, killed them, done things to women… he was an ally of the confederacy in that he also wanted the death of Angus Mensk, and had the access to help infiltrate the confederacy’s assassins… but 24601 understood instinctively that if, no, when, she succeeded, it likely wouldn’t be long before she or another ghost was sent after him.

“Not bad, agent,” he said in his silky smooth voice, and the red haired ghost winced slightly at that voice. It sounded almost like the devil talking in her head. She had no idea why that thought had come to her, where it had come from, but she shuddered slightly. Everything was so confusing. His hands were wrapped in her silken hair as he pulled her forward, his cock pressing against the back of her throat. Immediately the ghost trainee swallowed, letting it slip into her throat just as she’d bee taught…

Taught. She had been taught this, hadn’t she? The man was practically vibrating with pleasure in her mind… this was something she’d been trained for, just for missions like this one, right? She wasn’t sure which thought bothered her more, that her teachers had made sure she knew this sort of thing, or if she just was good at it naturally, understanding what to do to please him. She wasn’t sure which made her feel more like she was, in fact, the whore she was supposedly pretending to be. 24601 tried not to think about it.

It didn’t help that her interviewer wouldn’t shut up. His thoughts were far harder to tune out of her head when he was talking, and she could feel the mental images and ideas that came with them. “Very beautiful, and very talented. Oh yes, the rebels will love a little slut like you.” They would, too… 24601 could see clearly some of the parties they had had before, bringing in a group of professionals to service a couple dozen of the men, providing entertainment for a weekend. Some of the girls were willing, if jaded and worn down. Others, often younger and prettier, were less enthusiastic participants. He had seen many such parties, participated in more than one himself, and a cloud of what happened to the dozens of women assaulted her mind and she just wished they would. Go. Away.

“A master in unarmed combat. Good…” he said. The bastard was reading her file again, idly moving her head back and forth on his cock while he did, feeling the pleasure as a background while he worked. Somehow, it made the ghost trainee feel even more degraded for him not to even be paying attention to her as she humiliated herself by taking this test. “You might need to fight like that, no telling if we’ll be able to smuggle in a weapon for you. You’ll need to be able to kill the guards between you and Mensk, then kill him, all without a weapon if necessary.” His hand patted her head, like an obedient dog. “But you can do that, no problem, can’t you?”

24601 felt a sudden flash of anger as her treatment, a desire to throw this assignment back into his face. She wanted to badly to prove herself, to become an active ghost and graduate the academy, but she was only partially convinced that this was worth it. She choked the anger down along with the cock in her throat, letting her slow gagging please him.

Then suddenly his grip on her hair tightened, and he started to frantically dragged her face back and forth against her crotch. “Control your fucking gagging, bitch. No fucked out slut from the border worlds would have such a hard time getting their face drilled… you’ll blow your cover.” The man was virtually snarling as he fucked her face with brutal speed, spearing down into her throat in completely disregard for the woman.

24601 was gagging frantically, choked by the shaft. She tried to do as she was told, to stop the retching in her throat, but it was pointless — the cruel treatment had put her body into survival mode, completely unable to breath as he stroked himself off using her mouth and neck. With a cry and a red hot psychic flash of ecstasy, the man yanked her from his cock and jerked it twice in front of her before coming, spraying her beautiful face with white ropes of slime, hitting her nose, her lips, her eyebrows. The trainee had to close her left eye as a glob of the filth struck dangerously nearby, and she knew it wouldn’t be long before the jism would drip from from her forehead to cover her other eye as well.

“Good job, agent,” his voice came again, happiness evident in it. “You could pass with a throat like that, and you look the part well, too.” 24601 shuddered in complete disgust at the degrading words and thoughts even as she felt a flash of pride that she had met the goals her handler had set for her… even as she wasn’t sure that she wanted to. What was wrong with her?

“Of course,” the man continued, “You’ll be required to do more than that. Stand up, let me have a look at that suit of yours…”

24601 did as she was told, standing up, her skin tight suit hiding not a single aspect of her body. Approvingly, the man nodded, his eyes wandering over her body, over the mounds of her breasts, her flat abdomen, her crotch and her legs. A slight smirk crossed his face, but it was gone in a heartbeat, replaced by the previous expression of smug superiority.

Of course, this was not the first time she had been appraised and the doctor had even commented on her perfect shape, but back then, there had been no feeling of distress associated with that. But now… this was different. Threatening. Again, she banished that thought, wondering if she should talk to the doctor again prior to the mission. If the mind-cleansing process had been imperfect, memory fragments could seriously affect her performance.

“Turn around,” he said, a hint of eagerness in his voice. Right now, 24601 was relieved that with her dampeners, she needed physical contact for his thoughts to affect her. Though she already knew what she might find inside his mind, given the thought shards that had pierced her mind during the oral session.

The young ghost did what he wanted, turning around slowly until she felt his hand on the round globes of her ass. “Very nice… you will certainly be a favorite. And thus get into a perfect position to accomplish your mission. But before we can even think about that, we need to see if you are as good with your other hole as you are with your mouth.”

Again, the girl felt the rush of knowledge as her brain reacted to his words, filling her mind with information on all kinds of sexual poses, the mental images making her shudder. She was practically, if not biologically, a virgin, but some of these concepts triggered a vague sense of unwelcome familiarity she could not understand. Her disposition was supposed to be neutral, no matter what an objective might require her to do… but she could barely suppress the nausea rising within her. Speaking of which…

As her hand rose up to wipe the sperm off her face, one drop hanging perilously from her eyebrow, as if ready to drip into her eye, he grabbed her hand, a sudden sensation of sexual greed surging out from him and through her. “No. My cum stays on your face. You’re supposed to be a whore and whores get used to having their face full of sperm. Understood?”

24601 nodded slowly, although she was fairly certain this order had had nothing to do with her mission but simply served to reaffirm his power and grant him the pleasure of seeing her degraded. But still, orders were orders. And she had been told, in no uncertain terms, that she would be expected to perform, any personal feelings aside.

His hands on her ass turned her around again, where his eyes fixated on her chest again. “Good. Now please open the front of your suit.” This order came as no surprise to her, especially after what he’d just told her. With quick, deft movements, she grabbed the hidden button that, if pulled down, would open her suit seamlessly. In one move, she opened it, exposing her breasts, perfectly proportioned, to his callous, greedy eyes. She could see his desire to touch them, no psychic ability required, but he restrained himself. Instead, he stood up and grabbed her shoulder, turning her around again. “Hands behind your back.”

Again, she obeyed, despite knowing that she would put herself into an extremely vulnerable position. The man nodded his approval and grabbed the hem of her suit, pulling it over her shoulders, then tugged on her sleeves. With a few quick motions, he had used the excess length of her sleeves to tie her hands together behind her back. “ Now, you’ll get fucked like a whore!” he almost snarled. Way more violently than required, he shoved her against the table, then pushed her upper body down onto it.

24601 hit with an exhalation of breath, her abdomen and breasts pressed flat against the cold metal of the table. With her arms restrained, she had no ability to cushion her impact, to protect herself as he pushed her down. She wanted to tell him that the restraints weren’t necessary, that she would, of course, do whatever he wished, as she was ordered, but it wasn’t her place… and she was beginning to have a sinking suspicion it might not be true.

This felt wrong, truly wrong. She didn’t want to do this. She couldn’t do this.

The man grinned.  “That’s it bitch,” he said. He pushed forward just a little, letting the reluctant girl feel the glans of his cock as it parted the lips of her cunt.  

“Please,” 24601 begged at last, “don’t do this.”  She shouldn’t have said anything, but she didn’t care. “I turn down the mission, I’m not qualified. I can’t do what you want, I’m sorry sir…” She was almost beside herself with fear, hardly able to believe what was happening to her. With every breath she became more and more sure that she couldn’t let this happen, that this shouldn’t happen.

His dick was removed from touching her, and the ghost let out a sigh of relief. The man turned her over, resting her on her awkwardly bound arms, her legs falling awkwardly apart as she hung off the table and he looked into her face. “Dr. Lictir warned me this might happen, that your memories would intrude. Thankfully for your worthless ass, I’m only evaluating your performance… I don’t really give a shit what you think about it, slut.”

24601 opened her green eyes in shock, unable to believe what she was hearing. She immediately brought her legs up, but the strong man was standing so close to her that she could not kick out at him.  Instead, she wrapped her powerful thighs around his waist, trying to force him away from her crotch.  The grip of the ghost trainee’s legs excited him immensely, and he grinned, bouncing his cock against her groin.

Crunch gloated over his prize, hardly able to believe the beauty of the women he was about to violate.  She seemed so helpless and pure, and that excited him even more.  Her body glistened with a thin sheen of sweat.  She was clearly frightened almost out of her wits, confused, lost. As he deliberately hesitated her rapid breathing revealed her fear.  He leaned slightly into her, parting her soft vulva and letting her know that he was ready to penetrate her.

“Oh, please no!” 24601 pleaded.  She was almost sobbing in fear, her entire body shaking as her “examiner’s” massive sex organ pushed against her.

In reply, he grinned cruelly.  Wiggling between her thighs, he slipped the tip of his phallus between her slit, and then began to push into her. She gave a sob as she felt him begin to rape her.  On the verge of panic, 24601 tried desperately to collect herself. This was supposed to be happening, she tried to tell herself — this is what Dr. Lictir wanted her to do. She now faced her greatest test.

Above her, the man began to slip himself in and out of the lips of her pussy, attempting to lubricate them with the clear, thin fluid leaking from the tip of his cock.  The technique succeeded.  Bit by bit he worked his way into her tight sex. In no hurry to get the job over with, he was content to gain a millimeter with each thrust of his swollen organ.  As he gradually penetrated her, the pleasurable sensation provided by her hot, tight slot excited him even further.  His already swollen organ expanded further, reaching what felt like inhumane size inside her tightened, restored body.  24601’s vagina was stretched wide as the massive rod probed her sensitive body.

The red haired ghost turned her face away from the examiner.  She could not escape him, but she did not have to look at his sneering face while he raped her.  She felt the painful sensation of her cunt being slowly forced to expand under the attack of the invading shaft.  He was now half of the way into her, splitting open her tight, almost virginal body. Desperately, she squeezed her thighs against his waist, trying to hold him back. She strained to prevent her violation with every fiber of her being, but inexorably, he drove deeper and deeper into her.

“Ugh!  24601’s agonized grunt was the only indication as she was split fully open, his shaft sliding ever deeper into her. With a sob, she felt him fill her, sheath himself in her to the point she felt like she couldn’t breath, like there wasn’t enough room inside her for air, and he still had a quarter of his cock to go. Already it hurt more than she would have believed possible.  He now began to pump into her with a smooth rhythmic motion, each thrust widened her tight slot even more until he reached her cervix. Fully impaled on her now, he began to use her in earnest, using her tight tunnel to bring him pleasure, and all 24601 could do was try to endure as he ravished her.  

24601 gathered her remaining strength and fought back against the cruel desecration of her body.  Her body bucked as she strained to expel him from her body, but her tightness and thrashing did little but grip his giant, raping cock like a vice. He groaned with pleasure above her as 24601’s futile actions resulted in even greater pleasure for him.  Instead of easing the situation, her struggles had made it worse. Try as she might, she could not dislodge him.

The tabletop was now wet with the sweat from 24601’s dripping body as she sweat in panic, even half dressed as she was. It was terrifying, the way she was used – even more so, that she had been sent into this by her handlers. At first, she had been able to refuse, to back out… but now it seemed like she couldn’t, that she would endure this whether she wanted to or not. Almost exhausted from the horrible ordeal, 24601’s breath came in huge gasps punctuated by grunts of pain as the examiner worked his way deeper.  

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” Each powerful thrust brought forth a corresponding grunt.  24601 was experiencing terrible pain and humiliation. 24601’s abuse and tight body had excited the man to his peak.  He had never experienced a woman so wonderfully tight.  Using all of his willpower, he held back from cumming, attempting to prolong the occasion for as long as possible.  But he was now within her as deep as he could go.  Gazing into 24601’s agonized face, he experienced such pleasure that he could no longer hold back.  With a shout of undisguised glee he reached orgasm and blew his load into her womb.

The ghost trainee screamed in humiliation, in pain, in disgust as he flooded her insides, the spilling heat leaving her with no doubt what had happened to her. She shuddered around him, body jerking on his cock. She felt so destroyed, so disgusted. Spent, her staggered back from 24601’s heaving body and collapsed into the chair he had originally sat on, leaving her hanging off the table with her cunt obscenely spread and reddened, semen dripping from her violated hole.

After catching his breath, he stood again and smiled. “Not bad, cunt. You’ll do.” 24601 didn’t want to know what she would do for, but she knew that she was not going to be going on the mission he was supposedly wanting her for. If she was going to have to pretend to be a whore, there was no chance. She would get the Doctor to take her off of it.

– – – – –

With a chuckle, the man left the room, finding the old man in the lab coat resting against the wall. “So?” he asked.

The “examiner” chuckled. “Yeah, I’ll take her. She’ll work well. Angus and his men will love that slut. They’ll let her right through. But I have to warn you…”

Lictir interrupted him. “I know, I was watching. It won’t be a problem.”

“And she won’t remember me either, right?”

The doctor laughed. “No Arcturis, she won’t know she ever met you. You do your part, and your father’s as good as dead.” He looked down at his data tablet, consulting his notes. “How many more do you think the mission will require?”

Arcturis Mensk, son of rebel leader Angus Mensk, gave a lecherous smile. “I think two more will do it. Introduce me, will you?”

Lictir gave an answering grin before turning to the Marine guarding the door. “Williams, take her back to the memory center. Wipe her clean, then lock her up somewhere. I don’t want her within range to touch anyone’s mind… and Williams?” He leaned closer, one visible eye flashing. “Don’t fucking touch her after the memory wipe, understand me?”

The marine swallowed. “Yes sir.”

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