Chapter 7: The Isle of Caladwen

They had spent all night raping the shit out of her while the ship echoed with the screams of poor Liriel and the other women of the Viridian Dream. The wizard had been joined by a priest and a dwarf, and together the three of them made a fuck doll of the elf warrior for hours. They had raped her again and again, using her cunt and ass and mouth until she was swollen and screaming, and then they had left her to sleep, resting on the filthy wood of the filthy ship.

Many times during the day the blond woman had woken as another piercing scream shook her from her slumber, and she wept for her friend. The elf had no idea what the slavers were doing to Liriel to cause her to make such agonized sounds, but she was shamed to admit she was just glad it wasn’t happening to her.

The wizard was the worst. He had some magic about him that could practically obliterate her mind with torment, making the elf hurt worse than anything she had experienced in over a century of life, and then seconds later he could do it again, tormenting her until her only hope was that she would suffer a heart attack and perish to end the suffering.

“Wake up, Nessira,” Helios said cheerfully, his arrogant voice pulling her from her slumber as he rubbed his cock all over Nessira’s pretty, soiled face. “Time to wake up, little slut.

Eight years ago, Caladwen

“Why do I get stuck with her?”

“Where would you like me to start?” Alyssa bit back in a tone that would have earned any other sailor a lashing. As the captains first mate since the war, however, Alyssa had long earned the privilege to get mouthy in private. The dark haired warrior raised her hands and began ticking off her fingers impatiently as she spoke.

“First, We have to have a druid on board to sail from the rocky harbor. It’s too dangerous without one.” Her foot tapped impatiently as she continued. “Second, Galdwen,” she said, referring the previous druid who had served aboard the Viridian Dream, “is a supporter of Steward Elide. She needs all the political support she can get if she’s going to assume the throne, so she wants him here. Third, the girl was an apprentice to Lissa, which means the steward hates her.” Her voice was raising slightly with every point. “Fourth, you refused to support her yourself.”

“What she’s doing is wrong,” the blond captain mumbled.

Alyssa continued as though the captain had not interrupted. The woman was practically shouting now. “And fifth, Steward Elide makes the assignments, so she solves one problem with another, and assigns us the youngest and most useless druid she can find.”

Nessira lowered her head in defeat, gesturing for her first mate to lower her voice. “I suppose it could be worse.”

“Goddess tell, how?”

“Lissa did train her,” Nessira said. “She probably knows what she’s doing.”

Alyssa scoffed. “Having been the student of a traitor is hardly an advantage, no matter how competent she was.”

Nessira privately disagreed with the assessment of the druid as a traitor. Nessira had fought alongside the Archdruid in the war, and she had impressed the blond elf many times with the young woman’s calm competence and bravery. If she had, as Elide asserted, left Caladwen to never return the captain did not doubt that it was for a good reason.

Still, Nessira did not voice her doubt, and when she came into view of her ship and the young albino elf waiting by the gangway, she had to suppress a sigh.

A stream of piss burst from his cock and splashed over Nessira’s features. Helios guided the stream of his piss so that it poured between her parted lips and shot up her quivering nostrils. Nessira came awake choking and coughing, and as her eyes fluttered open, Helios aimed his stream of piss at them, making her cry out in anguish as her eyes filled with pain.

“Rise and shine, toilet bitch!” Helios shouted, waving his cock back and forth, soaking her beautiful face in his stinking piss. After her lovely features were drenched he stuffed his cock between the ring gag between her lips and pissed straight down her throat. “Wake up, you dirty little cunt. You think you’re tough? You’re nothing!”

Nessira spluttered on Helios’s piss, trying desperately to swallow it but not able to keep up with the blast that flooded her throat and filled her mouth. Piss poured back out over her face, soaking her even more thoroughly in his waste. Piss shot out her nose as she choked on the stinking liquid. And she swallowed huge gulps of the noxious broth. She was surprised at how welcome the rush of piss was, at how her dehydrated, exhausted body craved any drop of moisture it could get.

It wasn’t until Helios squirted the last of his piss onto her tongue and made her lick his cock clean that Nessira had a chance to see where she was. When she realized the new position the slavers had bound her in, she began to cry anew. She wasn’t sure what they were going to do to her, but the way they had her strung up now she would be vulnerable to any kind of torture that came to their minds.

Nessira was bound to a series of leather straps hanging from the ceiling. One strap circled under each knee, pulling them high and spread wide. Straps crossed her shoulders, each one circling under the arm on the other side to make her body stay firmly in place. A thin strap circled her middle in a noose and connected to the ceiling with the others. The five straps were what held Nessira bound, what held her in the air. And they left every flawless inch of the captain’s tortured young body available to her tormentors.

Her cunt and ass were spread wide by the position of her knees. Her long, lean torso was stretched and left bare by the thin strap that circled her waist, and the straps that crossed beneath her arms tilted her just enough so that her whip-striped back was still positioned for more abuse. She was only inches above the floor now, but she could see the simple pulley that controlled the straps, and knew the slavers could pull her as high into the air as they desired.

“I can’t take anymore!” she cried in a very small, trembling voice as soon as the wizard removed the gag from her lips. Her mouth couldn’t close right anymore. “Please, just leave me alone. You already raped me, you already got what you wanted,” the elf said, trying not to weep. It was astounding how a day of non-stop rape and torture could turn even the wildest of women into mewling little kittens.

Helios laughed at her before pushing her with both hands, sending her rocking in the swing. “You want this to end, cunt? All you need to do is tell us where Caladwen is, and my Master,” he spat the word like a curse, “will be so happy with you that he might even give you a blanket to sleep on.”

That was the one thing she wasn’t about to give up. “I don’t know!” she sobbed, letting her agony and terror bubble to the surface. “Only the captain knew, and you killed her!” Nessira thanked the goddess she had managed to fool the slavers into thinking that the dead first mate was the captain of the ship. If they had known she was the only one aboard who knew where her homeland was, they would have no doubt concentrated all of their efforts entirely upon her, and prideful as she was, she doubted she would hold out against their concentrated abuse. “Please, just let me rest or I’ll die! If you fuck me to death now you won’t be able to have anymore fun with me!”

A soul-crushing scream echoed through the ship as Liriel suffered again, punctuating the elf’s words.

“So what?” Helios asked cruelly. “There are plenty more sluts where you came from. And sluts with bigger tits, too.” He laughed, slapping her breasts. “So what’s the problem, elf bitch?”

Nessira stopped pleading and stared up at Helios with crying eyes as the dwarf came back in, followed by that mad priest Aion. They had fucked the life out of her, tortured her until her spirit was all but broken. The brutal series of rapes the night before had pushed her as far into depravity as she could possibly go.

Helios smiled thinly, slapping his huge fat cock down across her passive face. He knew what Nessira was thinking, and he knew how wrong she was. Nessira hadn’t begun to scream and cry yet. The dwarf produced a bundle of bound twigs and Helios lit them with a wave of his hands. Nessira’s eyes went wide as the dwarf pressed the flame closer to her, fire sparked and fluttered against her breasts. Aion grabbed a bundle of long, sharp needles from the collection of tools on the wall and smirked at the bound, helpless beauty. It wasn’t until Cormac touched the lit flame to her pussy-hair that the tortured captain realized how wrong she’d been about pain.

“No! Nonononononononono!” she moaned, desperate to get the words out as fast as she could in a mad attempt to make the dwarf pull the flame away from her tender cunt. The flame was causing her pussy-hair to crackle and sizzle.

Aion stuck one of the needles into the shuddering flat plane of her belly. He caught the lip of her navel and pushed the needle right through it. He pierced her flesh no more than an inch, but the pain was awful, the sight of the needle sticking straight up out of her body even worse. Nessira writhed madly against the strips of leather that held her dangling from the ceiling.

Cormac brushed the flame no more than a quarter of an inch from the fluttering lips of Nessira’s cunt. The sexy elf bucked and shuddered in terror and pain, unable to believe the cruelty of what the slavers were doing to her. She had thought she had seen the limits of suffering and degradation, but she’d been wrong. Suddenly she felt very naive to have believed that she had suffered the worst. Caladwen’s location was not safe yet, the followers of Sanguinar would always have some new outrage to commit on her helpless, sexy body

Seven years ago, aboard the Viridian Dream

After the first five days of the storm, the crew had more or less given up on trying to keep track of time. Mostly, they kept busy between shouted orders feeling too sick to think coherently — the rolling of the sea in this blow was enough to purge the stomach of even a hardened sailor. The winter gale was violent and relentless. The Viridian Dream did not simply rock, but rather swayed desperately as it was tossed by the storm, rolling wildly as it pitched back and forth. Most of the time, only the lines the crew fastened around themselves kept them from being thrown from the ship.

Between the clouds and the short winter days it was dark almost all of the time. Lights were only permitted to be lit when absolutely necessary, and had to be closely monitored. A fire on a ship, during such a storm, could easily cripple a vessel and leave it easy prey for the ocean’s fury. In the howling wind and driving rain and sleet, the sailors of the Viridian Dream could barely see what they were doing in the dark, shouting and laboring continuously to obey bellowed orders from Nessira.

And in the middle of it all, Liriel knelt on the deck to put as much of the surface of her tattoos in contact with it as was practical. She needed all the help should could get. The wooden ship on the sea made it difficult to draw power from the earth, but she’d had plenty of time to practice the art — even so, she had to rely more on her own life energy to power her spells that she would have preferred. The inefficient process wasted a great deal of energy, and exhausted the young druid. Raindrops that hit the albino druid literally boiled into steam, so hot was her skin with the wasted energy. Liriel had been forced to strip her clothing off days ago, and the freezing rain took its toll on the elf. Never before had she felt like she was burning alive while encased in ice before.

Still, Liriel labored on. Her efforts were critical to the ship’s survival. In this part of the sea, stone reefs were prevalent and if she was not attentive, or if she was not strong enough to control the swells and keep the ship away from those murderous rocks, the Viridian Dream would be shattered upon them, all hands lost. In between that effort, she had to strengthen the mast and the timbers of the vessel, convincing them to strengthen and flex rather than shatter under the pressure. She hadn’t found time to sleep since the third day of the storm, and after goddess knew how long, everything was a blur. Liriel just closed her eyes and pressed all of her focus on the task at hand.

Liriel opened her eyes to a strange sensation, and it took her long moments to realize that the difference was the ship was riding smoothly on the sea. Some kind soul had draped a thick blanket on top of the naked elf. She unfastened the line from around her waist and stood up, limbs shaky with fatigue as she held the quilt around her shoulders. It seemed unbelievable, but it was true — The Viridian Dream rode steadily across the waves, no longer tossed and shaken by wind and wave. The sea looked strange, so calm. It seemed flat as a sheet of glass, hardly rippled by the mild breeze in the still air.

Liriel walked cautiously across the wet deck. Lines had been strung up in several places on the ship to provide handholds for the ship’s crew during the storm, running between elements of the superstructure, and the druid took advantage of them to support herself as she walked. All around her elves lay on the deck, passed out asleep in their wet clothing. They looked dead, and Liriel was struck by the strange sensation that she was the only survivor of the storm.

A calm voice came from behind her. “This was your first storm.” Liriel turned to find the ship’s captain stalking carefully across the slick deck, avoiding sleeping sailors as she moved steadily to stand next to the druid. “It’s always a lot like this after a blow that long.” She looked much the same as she always did, calmly competent and relaxed on the deck, but her eyes were under-shadowed with weariness. “Everyone’s been working as hard as they can without proper food or sleep for days,” Nessira continued, adjusting the blanket to better cover the shivering druid. “Once it ended, they just dropped to the deck and slept. I couldn’t even get them back to their bunks first.”

“Why didn’t you?” Liriel asked.

“I’m not as tired as the rest of you,” she said. “Mostly, I spent the time watching you all work.” She was lying, Liriel knew — the elf looked ready to collapse, and had worked as hard or harder as anyone else she had seen in the storm — but the druid didn’t call her captain on it. Nessira continued, “Someone has to keep watch. I’ll sleep when Alyssa wakes up.”

Liriel cleared her throat. “When did I…”

“When the storm ended,” Nessira interrupted, “and not a second before. You worked right until the end.” She chuckled, smiling. “Then in between one moment and the next, your head and down and you were gone. Blanket was all I could do for you.”

“Oh.” Liriel was not sure what else to say.

“You did good, girl.” Nessira put her hand in the much younger elf’s hair, mussing the damp white mane. “Lissa would be proud.”

Tired as she was, Liriel couldn’t help but smile. “Thank you.”

“Kiss my cock, elf slave,” Helios said, slapping her wide-eyed, pain-twisted face. “Give it a big, wet kiss. Plant those cock sucking lips on my big cock if you want me to make them stop.”

Nessira stared up blankly at Helios, barely comprehending the words he was speaking. After a moment she kissed the underside of his cock just behind the bulge of his prick-head. Her lips were parted, her tongue teased out to play over Helios’s heated fuck-flesh.

Cormac set her cunt-hair on fire, sizzling so much at once that a flame erupted over Nessira’s crotch. He beat it out before she was burned, but the flash fire had reduced her silky cunt-hair to burned stubble. The dwarf played the flame a quarter inch from the tendons that lined her inner thighs watching the muscles jump with involuntary contractions just as Aion plunged a pin deep into the muscle of Nessira’s right thigh, screwing the needle around until a drop of bright red blood oozed out to flow over her silky skin. He plunged another needle into her leg just above her kneecap, a third up into the soft pillow of flesh where her thigh met the curve of her ass. A fifth went high on her hip as Aion methodically tortured the elf’s girl’s right leg, one inch at at time.

Nessira stared at Helios’s huge, stiffening cock, not wanting to see what Cormac and Aion were doing to her helpless young body. But Helios wanted her to see, and he twisted her hair, forcing her head up as she kissed and licked his fat prick.

Her leg was dotted with needles. Their silver heads shined so cheerfully in the light of the torch that Nessira was almost hypnotized by them. At least twenty of them poked into the soft flesh of her right thigh. There were a few more sticking into her calf. As she watched, Aion stabbed one into the super-sensitive flesh just behind her knee, and before her screams had stopped ringing in the slaver’s ears the priest had driven in two more.

Cormac was running the flame up and down the crack of her ass now. Every few moments he would jerk his hand upward to splash the flame right against her tender asshole. When he let the flames dance against the reamed out pucker of her asshole, Nessira howled like a banshee and jerked around like a madwoman, but she couldn’t escape the searing pain the flames were causing her.

She kissed her way up and down Helios’s thick prick-stalk, trying to please him so much that he would make Cormac and Aion stop torturing her. The hope that he would keep his word seemed foolishly faint, but it was the only one the elf girl had. She slithered her tongue all over his wrist-thick prick, lathering the fleshy pole with her spit and then lovingly sponging it away. She even pressed the big cock between her lips and pumped on it, slurping up the silvery drops of slime that would ooze from the head.

“That’s it, whore,” Helios said, twisting his hands even tighter in her hair and jerking her from side to side.“

Nessira obeyed every command the wizard gave her as the other two made her suffer, licking at his cock, and when he told her to suck the fat weapon between her lips and bob her head up and down, she did that too. At the angle she was hanging it hurt terribly to take the full length of Helios’s cock down the narrow tunnel of her throat, but after a dozen tries she managed it. It made her gag constantly and rubbed her tender throat raw, but her captors didn’t care. Nessira’s sexy cheeks hollowed as she applied suction to the invading cock, squirming her tongue all over the fat rod as it pushed back and forth through the warm wetness of her mouth.

“Ugh!” Nessira squeaked around the thick cock as Cormac plunged one of his thick fingers into her cunt. The dwarf began fucking the full length of his finger roughly into the captain’s pussy. He scratched at the sensitive inner walls of her pussy and ground his hand against her whip-tattered cunt-lips. At the same time he was waving the torch across her ass cheeks, making the creamy flesh glow a bright pink. He smiled when the first trace of fresh cunt slime began to coat his finger. On the next stroke he pushed another finger up beside it.

Aion was plunging one pin after another into the tensed, burned cheeks of Nessira’s rear. The beautiful elf’s ass tensed hard as rock with each new pin Aion stuck into the silky cheeks, but they couldn’t clench tight enough to keep the pins from slicing into her vulnerable flesh. Nessira tried to jerk away from the pain that filled her backside, but that only ground her pussy more violently onto the fingers Cormac was sticking up inside her… and all the time Helios fed her his cock, pushing it past her stretched lips and the warm hollow of her mouth, not stopping until he was filling the tiny, swollen tunnel of her throat.

Nessira did her best to suck him but he was fucking her throat too fast and hard now for her to apply much suction to the fat rod. She would let her mouth fill with spit,and then swish it over the thrusting prick, squirming her lips around it as it speared through them.

Suddenly Aion thrust a needle into the ring of her asshole. Nessira cried out, jerking her hips wildly from side to side in a wild effort to dislodge the awful steel. Cormac took the opportunity to slip a third finger into her swollen, squirming cunt. Aion pushed ten more pins into her tight shitter, saturating her tight asshole with sharp needles.

“Stop, oh goddess, stop!” she gasped as Helios pulled his spit-soaked cock from her bruised lips. “You can’t do this to me!”

“We jus’ startin’, elf,” Cormac said, drawing his fingers out of her cunt, curling his hand into a fist and pushing back in. “Shit, there’s things we’re going to do to you that you haven’t even imagined yet.”

“No!” Nessira screamed as Cormac’s clenched fist pushed relentlessly at the mouth of her pussy. Her cunt-lips began to stretch under the ungodly pressure, and she thought she felt something begin to tear. The pain was overwhelming. “You can’t!”

“We will, Nessira,” Helios said. “Now lick my balls.”

Nessira moaned with passion and disgust as Helios draped his sweaty balls over her parted lips. She kissed the hairy, crinkled flesh, letting her tongue play out over the dirty creases. Helios angled his cock against Nessira’s nose and hunched it back and forth over her forehead while her tongue flicked over his sweaty, dirty crotch.

Cormac waved the torch over every tender nook and cranny of Nessira’s sleek body. The flames licked against her armpits and into the hollows behind her knees. The dwarf teased the fire up the center of her back, touched it to the soles of her feet and the palms of her hands. He even played the flame over Nessira’s face, making her cry out in terror.

Aion was turning her left leg into the same kind of pin cushion her right already was. He drove the needles into her hip and thigh and calf. He even stuck a needle into her big toe, making her howl pitifully.

Cormac laughed mockingly as he finally forced his fist fully inside her ravaged pussy. Nessira’s cunt-lips stretched to the limit around the huge girth of Cormac’s fist, and Nessira was sure she was being ripped apart. The dwarf’s fat hand pulled her cunt so taut that they were like a tiny band of elastic. Finally the swollen, abused little cunt-lips simply could not stretch any farther, but his hand was inside, popping deeply into her already-battered cunt. Cormac could not stop his sadistic laughter as his entire hand pressed deeper and deeper into the blond elf.

Aion turned his attentions to her cunt then, spiked one needle after another through her quivering, splayed lips. He also pushed needles into her shaking, jerking inner thighs. He ground one needle after another into the quaking muscles that lined the insides of her silky legs, pausing only to gather a fresh supply from rack on the wall. By the time he moved on Nessira’s pussy sprouted dozens of needles and her legs were lined with more than a hundred.

All the time Aion was working, Cormac was driving his hard fist in Nessira’s cunt. When he fucked the rest of his arm up inside her, the tiny pocket stretched in ways it had never been meant to stretch. Nessira moaned through the cock Helios was dragging over her lips. Her eyes crossed from the unbearable pressure inside her slender body, and she was glad she couldn’t see what the dwarf was doing to her delicate flesh.

Cormac had been laughing for over a minute now, covering her moans as he fucked his arm deeper inside her, his fist punching against her cervix. His face twisted with the effort of fucking his fat fist into her tight pussy and he could feel her cunt stretching further inside than it was ever supposed to go. “Look at this,” the dwarf proudly bragged, slamming his fist into her cunt once again. “Look at the way her fucking pussy is swallowing my damn arm!” Cormac didn’t let up, raping his arm into her faster and harder.

Aion lined her silky flanks with needles, driving them deep and twisting them to get more of a reaction from the girl. He drew a line with the needles from her hips to under her arms. Then he followed her arms down, sticking needle after needle into her slender limbs. He stuck a needle through the soft webbing between each finger, then returned to her toes and did the same. The pain was awful, and combined with the agony of the Cormac’s assault is was more than the slender elf could take. Nessira cried bitterly as Helios’s stuck his cock down her throat once again.

Finally Cormac managed to pop his arm inside her all the way to the elbow, and the blond elf whined in agony. Her legs flopped and shuddered, spread even wider by the giant intrusion of Cormac’s forearm than by the leather straps that held her airborne. Her flat stomach bulged with the unnatural invasion, and each time Cormac slammed his fist inside her Nessira’s stomach would puff up as though she were with child, and then each time he pulled his fist back out the bulge would collapse.

“Suck me harder,” Helios said, and instead of waiting for Nessira to do as he asked, he grabbed the elf by her ears and pulled her further onto him, impaling her sore throat completely on his cock. “Do it well and I might ask the priest to keep his pretty needles away from your slutty face.”

“I might even listen,” Aion said, laughing as he pierced her flat stomach and muscular shoulders with the sharp pins.

The huge cock filled her mouth, and she had to squirm her lips and tongue painfully to try to catch even a gasp of air into her spit-filled cavity. With the wizard entirely in her now Nessira’s beautiful face was distorted, her jaw stretched unnaturally wide.

“That’s it, Nessira, blow me good good.” Helios rubbed his finger, filthy with her spit, over the elf’s forehead and leaving a trail of slime. “Shit, I knew I could teach you to suck cock properly with the right motivation. I’m going to ask Lahk to let me keep you. You’re mine now…. you understand?”

Nessira nodded her head up and down, tears and spit staining her soiled cheeks. Aion pierced each lobe of the elf’s ears three times, driving needles completely through the fragile flaps of flesh. When he came back with another pile of needles, he started in on the elf captain’s tits. When he stuck the first pin deep into the upthrust little mound of her right tit, Nessira screeched loudly enough that the wizard thought it wise to remove himself from her mouth.

“Not my breasts!” she groaned pitifully as the balls slipped from her slimy lips. “Not my breasts! They hurt already! Please don’t hurt them anymore!”

“I thou’t you learned no’ to whine so fuckin’ much,” the dwarf said in disgust. He touched the flame briefly to the firm mounds of her breasts. “Maybe we shou’ all work ‘n you pretty tits a bit.”

Helios pulled Nessira’s head up by a fistful of blond hair, making her watch the double torture of her firm young tits. The enslaved elf screamed and thrashed as Cormac toasted her nipples with the fire. He never dipped the flame close enough to blacken her flesh, but by the time he stopped waving the flames over her flesh the skin of her swollen, silky tits was stained a bright pink with burn, and while he worked over one breast, the sadistic priest was busy turning the other into a pin cushion.

Nessira whimpered, crying at the obscene, degrading spectacle of the pins sticking out from her ruined breasts. Helios made sure she kept her eyes open for every moment of the outrageous assault, pulling her eyelashes and pinching her lips and cheeks every time her eyes fluttered shut, forcing her to watch the abuse his fellows put the elf woman through.

Aion saved the best for last. After Cormac had stopped burning her tits and gone back to fist-fucking Nessira in earnest, Aion pulled a pair of thick needles from the wall. Nessira watched with terrified eyes as he held the needles up for her inspection. She feared she knew what he was going to do with them, but she tried to convince herself that she was wrong.

Elsewhere on the ship Liriel screamed again, and Nessira was sure she’d soon be making the same sound.

Aion grabbed her tit with his left hand, holding it still in spite of Nessira’s frenzied thrashing. He steadied his hand against his side to make sure he pierced the hard bud of flesh at the proper angle. And then he pierced her nipple with the fat, sharp needle.

“No!” Nessira wailed, her beautiful face twisted with pain and terror. The tip of the needle disappeared into one side of her nipple and a moment later it popped through the other, drops of blood clinging to its glittering surface.

“Take it, you stuck up little elf slut!” Aion growled, sticking the other needle through her left nipple. “Your tiny tits aren’t worth too fucking much! Put a couple rings through them, though, and they’ll be a real fucking attraction!”

“No!” Nessira whimpered. “No.”

The wizard laughed. “You really don’t get it yet, do you?” Helios asked, jerking Nessira’s head back until she was staring up at him. “You belong to us. You’re our slave. We own you, the same way one owns a dog, or a house, or a meal.” He slapped her viciously across the face. “We can do anything to you, and anything we do to you is our fucking business.” He twisted one of her pointed ears by the pins impaled in the pale flesh. “Your only fucking job is to be happy about it. Your going to be mine soon, and no matter what I do to you, I expect you to suffer without deluding yourself that you can change your fate, understand?” Helios yelled, then swung his leg over Nessira’s head to straddle her face. “Suck my ass out, elf whore!”

Helios parted his ass cheeks with his hands and settled down on top of Nessira’s face. He sat on her face, making the straps of leather that held her up cut deep into her flesh. His weight almost snapped Nessira’s neck, but it didn’t matter. The musky aroma of his filthy ass crack made Nessira heave, but she obediently lapped up and down the filthy hole. She lathered the shitty crevice with her tongue and slithered her lips up and down the crack to suck away all the spit her tongue had left behind.

The taste of Helios’s ass was ten times worse than the smell, and Nessira was suddenly grateful that she hadn’t eaten since they had kept here here. Even empty, her stomach heaved and twisted until the pain wracked her whole body.

“We’re done here.”

Four years ago, aboard the Viridian Dream

This was awkward.

Nessira stared at Liriel’s flushed face, her lips still wet from the kiss the young druid had planted on her. She tasted like the first breeze of spring, spicy and full of life… and Nessira had pushed her away.

Liriel looked away, averting her red eyes from the ship’s captain. The bright red flush of her embarrassment all but obliterated her pale skin tone on her face now, overwriting it in crimson. “I- I- I’m sorry,” she stuttered out, staring out over the sea at night.

She turned to leave and Nessira grabbed her wrist to prevent her. “I’m sorry too, Liriel. I didn’t mean to react like that, you just… surprised me.”

“I understand.”

It was Nessira’s turn to stutter now. “I’m j-just not l-li…”

Liriel put a slender hand over the captains lips, softly silencing her. “I understand,” she said again before she turned to leave, and this time Nessira did not stop her.

She didn’t understand at all, Nessira knew. The blond elf may not go for women, but… Liriel was one of the most fantastic elves the captain had ever met. She did her mentor credit with every breath she let out, and Nessira was ashamed to remember that she had once not wanted the druid aboard her ship. She wished she could make the druid understand how beautiful she was, how talented and priceless, and how neither Nessira or the rest of the crew would tolerate another druid to replace her on the Viridian Dream.

But she couldn’t. It would be mistaken for pity at best, and hollow lies of reassurance at worst.

She sighed out at the rolling waves, sure the gods were laughing at her. Why did life have to be so hard?

“We’re done here.”

All three of the tormentors turned to see Lahk enter the room, Blackwand in his hands. The steel glowed blue in the dim light.

“The druid gave me what I wanted to know.”

Cormac pulled his fist from Nessira’s cunt, causing the gaping hole to drip her cunt slime onto the deck. The dwarf stepped away from the elf as Lahk stepped up to her, the blue steel of his terrifying sword still in his hand. “You elves are clever cunts, you know that? I was impressed, to be honest. I never saw it coming.” The high priest stroked the blond hair, in the gentle manner that always promised violence to follow.

“The other one told you where the isle of Caladwen was?” Helios said, disappointed. He had been looking forward to forcing the blond elf to tell him everything she knew, and then sharing it with the high priest himself. The condescension would have pleased him greatly.

“No, she insists only the captain knows how to sail there,” Lahk admitted, “and I believe her.” Violence bubbled to the surface as the high priest punched the blond elf in the face. “But what she does know is the the Isle of Caladwen is not a damned isle.”

The blond captain wept. How had Liriel even known that? She wasn’t supposed to have… No one crossed the mountains surrounding the kingdom and no one left except on ship. Only the ship’s captains were ever told the truth, since they held the charts they needed to navigate and take the elves to and from their concealed home. The deception of Caladwen’s location and nature had been maintained for thousands of years.

“She told me how she once watched a friend leave the kingdom on foot, traveling out past the mountains.” Lahk slapped the sobbing elf. “And she knew who her friend was going to contact, a merchant in Daggerport. We’re going to go see this merchant.”

Aion smiled. “Then we have our course, back for the mainland with seven new elf whores for the brothel.”

“Five,” the high priest corrected. “These two know too much. No warning can reach Caladwen of our plans. I have already given the druid her reward.” Lahk raised Blackwand above the elf, the azure glow on the blade beginning to fade in the wake of Liriel’s murder.

Nessira whimpered softly, closing her eyes.

A hand grabbed the high priests wrist, and gasps filled the room. “No,” Helios said.

The high priest turn his head to look at the bony hand on his wrist, the movement lethally slow. “You would dare dictate terms to me, thrall?” His other hand slowly reached up to an agate hanging from his neck. “You forget your place.”

Touching the medallion, Lahk sent a sliver of the fury he felt at being touched and Helios’s entire body spasmed, assaulted instantly through the the soul shard of his that Lahk carried. The wizard screamed, his kneels almost buckling as he slammed his teeth shut to avoid biting his own tongue, but for all of that he did not let go of the high priest’s arm. “She… is… mine…”

Lahk briefly considered ramming Blackwand through the wizard’s chest, but he was still a useful tool. He relented in the pain, his will retreating from the soul shard and allowed the wizard to straighten.

It took him a minute to regain his breath, but when Helios spoke his voice was as arrogant as ever. “If you need her silent, I can rip her tongue from her mouth myself. But you will leave this one to me.”

Lahk stared at him mercilessly for thirty long seconds, his eyes dangerously narrow, before tearing his arm from the wizard’s grasp and sheathing his sword, its blade now completely black once more. He turned to stride from the room and paused. “We take her with us,” he snarled. “One day wizard, you will no longer be needed.” A sneer crossed his face. “And you will pay for your arrogance.”

The four left in the room let out breaths they hadn’t realized they had been holding, even Cormac. In that brief second, both slaver and slave were perfectly united by their terror of Lahk.

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