Chapter 7

Act II

‘Tonya’ grunted loudly as the dick plowed into her anus once again, drilling deep into her tightest hole. The man behind her grunted, too, but where she was merely trying to deal with the rising discomfort of having yet another cock rammed up her sore asshole, he was clearly enjoying this.

Sweat trickled over her dark skin and her large, firm tits swayed enticingly beneath her as she was fucked, her hands digging into the old mattress while she tried to ignore the pain and stay professional.

The man who was fucking her had just won her exclusive use in the ongoing card game he and his rebel comrades played, and he was attempting to make the most out of this opportunity. Tonya almost felt glad it was just him fucking her for now, for the other girls were in even worse positions.

‘Mary,’ the dark-haired girl who looked so delicate one might fear she would shatter if touched too strongly, was almost invisible amidst the tide of unwashed flesh that surrounded her. The men did their best to stuff the girl to the fullest. Right now, both her cunt and ass were filled with thick cock and two pushed their dicks into her mouth, laughing as she struggled to fit them both inside. Two others stood next to her and were being jerked off by her nimble hands. While she put effort into her role, her eyes betrayed how exhausted and disgusted she was, not unlike Tonya.

Each time he thrust into Tonya, the dark-skinned girl had to fight off the urge to kill this ugly, rude bastard and all his comrades as well. But, the mission took precedence over their personal sense of dignity and comfort and if that meant taking another dozen cocks up her holes then that was what she would do, just like the others.

The third whore, a redheaded beauty going by the name of ‘Mira,’ knelt underneath the table where the perpetual poker game was going on. One by one, they made her suck and deepthroat their cocks, the slurping and gagging sounds eclipsed by the lustful groans and the laughter of the men.

Mira herself had already lost count of how many loads of cum she had swallowed. Her face was well-covered in sperm by now, thick white drops dangling from her chin and splattering down onto her naked tits. Of all the three, she had to fight down her disgust, contempt and hatred for the men the most. Still, it was a testament to both her willpower and the effort her handlers had taken when conditioning her for this mission, that she still performed as if she was at the very least willing to degrade herself for credits.

Without exception, the men were drunken louts and bullies. Scum, brutal and sadistic, hard men living on the edge of space and beyond the law… they weren’t in the rebellion for the cause, but for the cash. They knew the whores did not like being treated like this, like mere fucktoys, and that only made them abuse them harder. The two men fucking Mary’s mouth had started to slap her cheeks until they were shining red and there were other bruises on her petite body slowly starting to show.

Suddenly, Tonya – who had closed her eyes again, hoping to ignore at least the goings-on around her, if not the constant invasion of her ass – found her chin grabbed and a cock pressed against her lips. “Open up, bitch!” one of the men snarled, slapping her face hard enough to make it sting. Swallowing down her feelings of anger, she parted her lips and allowed his cock in, sucking on it like the good little whore she was playing.

“And fuck back against me!” the other rebel yelled, smacking the back of her head, pulling out half his length. Knowing what he expected, Tonya forced herself to relax as she pushed back against him, impaling her rectum on his dick again.

The man behind her sighed contentedly as she reluctantly pressed himself back against him. He sighed with pleasure behind her, and again she had to fight the urge to simply kill the scum. This would be so much easier if she could feel how much he was enjoying herself, the psychic stink of his brutal pleasure licking at her mind like the waves at a beach. The experience of gagging on a cock was her only distraction from the diseased mind pressing at her, and it was not a pleasant one.

She couldn’t break her cover this early… there were far too many men in the room. Even if they could overpower them all — far from a certainty — it was almost inevitable that someone would manage to sound an alarm. That would negate their entire reason for being here, for enduring this treatment in the first place. It would scrub the entire mission, and the mentally conditioned responses at the very idea of failure had her shuddering at the thought.

Her sudden, violent trembling must have felt thrilling on the cock in her ass, because he groaned. “Yes, like that whore! Take it! Take it take it TAKE IT!” he screamed as he grabbed her ass hard enough that her dark skin became almost white, bloodless, as he drove himself into her tight backdoor and came. Mary fought the urge to retch as she felt the cruel heat of the disgusting seed spill into her… with the cock gagging her, she was sure the retch would turn into full blown vomit if allowed to begin.

Over in front of the TV, Mary felt like she was being torn apart. Only the psychic contact she had with her teammates kept her sane, kept her from trying to defend herself from the constant onslaught of violent rape. She could remember nothing of her training, of course — all of her time at the Ghost Academy had been wiped away, as it was for every ghost — but she could remember that she’s lost hand-to-hand fighting sessions that left her less bruised, less battered and broken.

Like all ghosts, she had a pretty clear idea of her strengths and weaknesses. She was small, delicate — she was never going to be a great fighter in hand to hand. She made up for it with her talent for electronic intrusion, her skill at reading minds and finding lies, her expert marksmanship. None of those talents helped her now, buried beneath an avalanche of sweating bodies and cruel cocks. She felt stuffed, filled beyond imagining. Two men, laughing and slapping, managed to both fit their cocks into her mouth. Meanwhile, she was sat on another, drilling its way up towards her womb, and a fourth was frantically fucking her ass, dragging its way in and out of her like he was on a schedule to cum. The hard, rocking motions he forced on her kept the lewd machine she had become working, pushing her onto the shafts in her mouth when he thrust forward and back onto the cock in her cunt when he pulled backwards. Barely aware of what she was doing anymore, both of her hands were wrapped around lengths of meat, stroking them while they waited for their turns to invade one of her tight, well used holes.

Mary barely felt the change of weight that signaled a slight change of position in the men, so exhausted and worn down was she, but she certainly felt it when yet another cock started, impossibly, to press into her ass. At first she though, hoped, prayed that it was a mistake. There couldn’t possibly be room, she wanted to scream, but she was too well gagged on the cocks, now taking turns raping her throat one thrust at a time. Then, with a sickening surge of pain, she felt her exhausted ass give and the second cock stretched her wide.

Even around the pair of shafts in her mouth, the scream was loud. “Can’t you shut that whore up?” A voice came, annoyed. “I’m trying to watch the news here.”

The news. A woman was being raped to death right in front of the rebel piece of shit, and he was watching the god damned news. She could hear the broadcast, and it wasn’t even real news – it was god damned tabloids, something about an insect like alien being seen on Chau Sara… like that was possible. She wondered what could make men so cruel, so cold, that he could ignore her obvious suffering and focus on such tripe. It made Mary more dedicated than she had ever been to crushing this rebellion once and for all, to completing her mission… no matter the cost to her delicate body.

Meanwhile, at the table, a large amount of yelling suddenly started. Beneath the table, Mira tensed as the cock she was sucking was suddenly pulled from her mouth as she stood, his hand leaving its grip on her hair. She spat the foul taste from her mouth, pausing to think. Mira could feel, rather than see, the anger, the volitile rage and fear that betrayed the drawing of weapons, the tension above. “You fucking cheat!” one of them roared, and the redhaired whore had a sudden mental image of his standing from the chair, a pistol in his hand pointing at one man while a dozen other guns were trained on him.

“You lost far and square Mattis,” one voice, surprisingly calm said… the man on her left, the one with the birthmark on his cock. Idly, Mira was disgusted that she was identifying the men above her by what their cocks looked like, how they tasted, how large they were… she remembered that far better than their faces, their voices.

“Yeah, he doesn’t need to cheat to beat you,” another said, laughing. “You’ve been chasing inside straight and drawing dead all night. You’ve been generous with your paycheck tonight.”

Mira could see in her mind the expression of frustrated rage on his face, and knew she wasn’t imagining it. She was the most powerful psychic of the ghosts on this mission by far, and had trust in the aggregated impression, even if she didn’t consciously form them. He knew there was nothing he could do – he was outgunned and outnumbered, his paycheck gone, nothing left to play with, which meant…

His hand returned to her hair, dragging her up from the table to her feet. Too late, she finished her sentence in her own head, that he would retaliate against the only person within reach weaker than him. “Well how am I supposed to concentrate with this little harlot’s mouth on my cock? You hear that slut? You hear what you’ve cost me?” He snarled, slapping her fair skin with his other hand hard. “I’m going to take it out of your ass, bitch!”

He slammed her down on the table, tits pressing flat against the cold metal of the table, bare ass in the air. She grimaced as she felt his spit-slicked cock find the crack of her cheeks. So far she’d been fortunate enough to avoid needing to do more than suck one cock after the next, but it seemed her luck was about to end.

“Hey, hey, are we going to play cards or what?” one of men said. She didn’t know his name. Left side, the one who came quickly.

The men still sitting, the winner of the hand, waved a hand. “Aww, relax Idrin,” he drawled. “This is mighty good entertainment.” Mira grunted in response, and then barely choked off a full throated scream as the cock began forcing its way into her tight ass. A thousand trained responses to anal sex came to her mind… she’d been trained for this, even if she could remember none of it. Idly, she hoped that her handlers would be quick to mind wipe her again after this mission.

“The whore is making a mess all over the table,” Idrin grumbled, sitting back down and attempting to look annoyed, but to a psychic like Mira, his deep lust in watching her anal rape was plain as day.

The winner laughed again. “Easily fixed,” he said, standing up at last. He grabbed a handful of her thick red hair and started dragging it over her face, wiping away the layers and layers of caked cum, turning her red hair into a white-gray with the foul seed. “Now there’s that pretty face,” he said, and all the other men laughed as his joke.

Mira wanted to sob – the feeling of the sticky cum in her hair was, in a way, even more degrading than them all watching her have her ass torn open by the vengeful loser. For the sake of the mission, she held it together. A whore would be used to treatment not too much better than this, she reminded herself. She had to stay tough. Not content with merely one way of humiliating her, the winner grabbed one of the black poker chips he had just taken off her rapist in the last hard. “Here darling, kiss this for me. For luck,” he said with a laugh as he put his hand of her jaw and popped it open, throwing the large, sweaty disk into her open mouth. “Give it a nice kiss with tongue, you dumb slut!”

Obediently, Mira worked her tongue around the chip, the taste of the man’s sweat making her gag as surely as one of their cocks could. Eventually, after a minute or so, she spat it out again, now sining with her saliva. Mattis had cared little about the exchange going on on her other end. Instead, he was happily drilling his cock into her asshole time and again, grunting with exertion, his balls slapping her skin loudly.

The entire table was rocking back and forth under the violent thrusts, Mira’s tits scraping against the rough surface. The winner looked around the room. “ Been some time since I had her mouth on my cock…getting really horny again”, he muttered. Much to his delight, he found that, while Mary was more than occupied, Tonya’s lower holes were free and just now, the other one of his comrades was spraying her face with his cum.

When he was done, the winner walked over to the mattress and lied down on it. “ Ride my cock, you dumb cumslut!” he yelled at Tonya, who, swallowing her utter hatred for the man, climbed on top of him and let his cock impale her sore cunt, well-used after many hours of ‘service’. As she began to move on top of him, he laughed and started to slap her large tits in rhythm with her motions, loving how her cum-encrusted face scrunched with pain every time he hit her.

Mary was feeling more miserable by the second. With the pain and discomfort of having five cocks within her holes at the very same time, her constant gagging from the two men trying to fit their cocks into her throat and the smarting and stinging of their slaps , it was becoming harder and harder to ignore the psychic stench of them wafting over her, filling her with barely-glimpsed images of the dozens of other girls who had suffered similar fates. These men were scum, the lowest of the low, and they deserved to die. Mary just hoped she could somehow be able to watch them burn.

When one of the men inside her mouth finally came, she choked on the massive load of cum he spewed down her throat, gagging and nearly fainting before finally managing to swallow it all. The other one came soon, as well, though he preferred painting her face with yet another load, making sure some of his sperm got in her eyes, laughing as she tried to avoid that.

“ I’m beat…I’m going to turn in. Have fun with these cunts!” One of them said, leaving the room…just as Mary found her mouth stuffed with one of the cocks she’d been stroking. The second one did not waste much time either and within a heartbeat, she found herself fully stuffed again.

Fortunately, the others were getting exhausted as well, having spent themselves wholly on the three women. Mira suffered through two more assrapes after the first before they finally left her alone, though not before spraying her face with cum yet again.

The session ended when the remaining three who had had some vigor left in them had Tonya clean Mary with her tongue while jerking off over the display of unwanted lesbianism. Then, they left, too, leaving only Mattis to guard them until they were either needed or allowed to leave. The man grumbled, but since he had lost the most games, it was him on watch.

“ Just so you know…if anyone of you takes so much as a wrong breath, I’ll kill you. Plenty of whores where you come from”, he spat, taking out his frustrations on them once more.

“ You seemed to find me quite…singular”, Mira responded, seemingly unconcerned with the gun in his hand. Hips swaying, her face half plastered with cum-soaked hair, she stepped towards him, knowing his eyes rested on the mounds of her tits, splattered generously with his own cum.

“Get back to the others. I’m done with you filthy cunts”, Mattis snarled, spitting at her.

The transformation was instantaneous. It was a subtle thing, really. A change of posture, a tightening of muscles, straightening of the spine…and the woman before him had no similarity to the one he had anally raped only moments before.

He never got to wonder what had happened or what mistake they had made. In one move, Ghost 24601 stepped towards him and her fingertips struck out, crushing his larynx.

She found it a very fitting image how he died, gagging on the floor, trying to breathe or beg for mercy without anyone ever intending to show him any.

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