Chapter 8

“It about fucking time,” ghost 24506 said with a snarl, paying no more attention to the dying man than any of the other woman did. Now that she was alone, separated from the men, the subservient persona she had worn as Tonya sloughed off of her as easily as the cum that she was now wiping off her skin, scraping at it with the case she had torn off one of the room’s pillows, frantic to get it off of her. “Pisses me off we had to wait that long. Wish we could have just killed them all.”

“I wish that we hadn’t gone in this way at all,” said 24718. The faked weakness had vanished from the slight girl every bit as quickly as it had from Tonya, and now she looked furious. “This was just a bad idea. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m thrilled to know I wont have any memories of this mission once we’re finished.”

“Quit complaining,” “Mira” ordered as he kicked the fallen man, ensuring he didn’t twitch and was dead before she walked over to the other end of the room where the small bags of belongings the hired “whores” had been allowed to bring with them. “It got us in clean… we can’t really ask for more than that.” Even as ghost 24601, the mission’s leader, spoke, she still shuddered at the memory of her assault, the way the cocks felt as they battered their way up her tight ass. It made it hard to walk, but she worked as hard as she could not to change her stride, her pride forbidding her from letting them make her show weakness.

Inside the bags was a variety of trash, barely relevant items that no one would think twice of… had they not been cunningly prepared by the handlers at the academy to be far more than they appeared. Most of the equipment was technical and security gear for 24718, but some was generic gear. Sighting goggles. Monofiliment knives. Tiny burst communicators.

The red haired ghost handed two of the tiny earbuds to her fellows and put one into her own ear, then set the rest of the equipment down on the table, brushing the chips aside. To disguise it, it was all in pieces. They needed to put it all together. She and 24718 worked on them while the dark skinned ghost began to search the room. They weren’t provided with any notable weapons, or a way to disguise themselves aboard the rebel ship. They would need to find those for themselves.

– – – – –

“Hurry please…” 24601 ordered as she tapped her foot, keeping a lookout down the corridor. She tried to keep herself from jumping with every little noise. The truth was, she was unused to space travel, and the aging Battlecruiser Hyperion made more noise than most small shuttles she’d been in. Still, no one walked down the corridor… yet.

“Quit rushing me,” the slight ghost answered, annoyed. “You rush a security bypass, and you get security. Is that what you want?” Like the rest of them, she was dressed in a female cut of an midshipman’s uniform, a common sight aboard the ship… although not quite in these areas. 24601 didn’t want to think about what had lead to a set of women’s uniforms being left behind in that foul break room, but her mind couldn’t help but visualize how these clothes had likely been removed from their owners, and why they had not been returned.

The dark skinned 24506 was clutching the assault rifle, the strongest weapon they had managed to scavenge, eyes flicking back and forth as she covered the hall, clearly agitated. “I hope someone does come…” he whispered, breaking the silence. 24601 could feel the hate and rage boiling off of her, and wondered if her handlers had correctly judged the other ghost stable enough to be on this mission. “I hope its one of those rapist pigs…”

The red maned mission leader silenced her just in time to hear the beep as the security on the door by bypassed, the portal sliding soundlessly open. “Cover the entrance,” he whispered as she stepped into the darkness, sealing the portal behind her.

She remained still and silent in the stygian black, listening as she flicked her goggle out and the world was rendered in brilliant shades of green. The large stateroom was empty, save for an occupied bed… just as they had planned on. 24601 swallowed. Nothing else to delay, then. She slide across the darkened room, silent as her namesake as she slid over the bed occupied by the rebel leader Angus Mensk, monofiliment knife raised in her hand…

– – – – –

The blaze of the automatic rifle rang in her ear as she ran down the hallway, fleeing from the soldiers chasing her and putting dozens of holes in the wall of her own ship. The clip of ammo she had for her stolen pistol was long since expended, leaving her all but weaponless as she fled.

It had all gone to hell the second the rebel leader was dead. For some reason completely unknown to her, the alarm had started blaring, and she had sprinted outside only to find the other two ghosts already having been pushed away from the door by a set of rebel marines. She couldn’t link up with her teammates, so she fled down the hall in the other direction, chased by the less-than-steller soldiers… but the law of averages would account for their accuracy soon enough if she let them keep shooting at her.

The plan was to steal a shuttle and escape, but that didn’t seem feasible for her any longer… nor did catching up with the other two ghosts. She had to make it to an escape bay, make her own way off the ship. They were in orbit over a colonized world, so if she could make it to the surface, she could disappear until she could summon her handlers for a pickup. It was the best option…

She rounded a corner directly into the butt of a rifle, the hard stock of metal smashing into her gut and knocking her to the floor, gasping for air. No matter how well trained she was, the completely lack of oxygen stifled her ability to fight back for a brief few seconds, and that’s all it took for the soldiers behind her to catch up, pinning her down to the floor.

“Well well,” said one coarse, amused voice. She 24601 didn’t recognize it. “I guess little Mira wasn’t just a whore after all?”

“I dunno,” said a colder, angrier voice, weaving from the effort of chasing her even in the powered armor. “She looks mighty like a whore to me, don’t you think?”

24601 studied them. Neither of the men was familiar to her, though she suspected that the first speaker had probably watched the whole session over the security cameras. They both looked no better than their comrades. Thugs, nothing more, stuffed into expensive, probably second-hand power armor and given guns.

Truth be told, there was hardly any space for hatred or fear within her mind, given that everything else was given over to contempt. Not that she had any intention of underestimating these men. From the way they talked, however, it was quite obvious what they were inferring. And that was one thing Ghost 24601 had no intention of repeating.

“Yeah… and she should be treated like one… before she faces… due justice,” the first one agreed, moving to undo a few seals on his armor.

“You would not survive the experience,” 24601 snarled, trying to wiggle out from under the second rebels reinforced boot. He simply applied more pressure and she found herself groaning, fearing he might accidentally squash her innards into pulp.

“Oh, we will see about that,” he said, reaching down to enclose her throat in his armored fingers. As he lifted his foot, he increased the pressure around her throat, slowly choking her as he began to lift her off the ground. “I like the mouth on her…”, he mused, eyeing her up and down and noticing, to his not-too-small satisfaction that she wore little but the attire of one of the ships crew, whom he had fantasized about more than one member of.

The Ghost felt the lack of air keenly, especially since she’d not been able to draw breath properly once they had knocked her down. Already, her fingertips and feet were tingling. Still, she was not truly a whore but still a Ghost. Ignoring the pounding of her heart, she focused her strength and used his grip as a lever to push herself upward, her leg scything through the air…

To hit the other marine’s outstretched arm. “How bloody stupid do you think we are, bitch?” the other marine asked, “I’ve had my eyes on you the whole time.” He had apparently also managed to loosen the crotch plate of his armor.

The first marine did not say anything. Instead, he merely slammed her against the wall hard enough to knock the last bit of air from her lungs again before he grabbed the front of her outfit and yanked it down, exposing her completely in the span of one heartbeat. “So, shouldn’t she be on her knees?” he asked, grinning, showing that, to him, dental hygiene was something that only happened to other people.

“No time… this is going to have to be a quick and dirty fuck… right here, right now,” his comrade said, stepping forward and 24601 noticed he was already out and hard.

“No…” she managed to gasp out on her empty lungs.

“Yes,” he said, and thrust forward against her, pressing her hard against the wall as his cock slide into her well used cunt, still slick with the juices of the previous men to make use of the faux whore. 24601 screamed. The man was not as large as some of the others she had taken, but he was certainly not small, and in the powered armor, he was capable of fucking her with far more strength than she had anticipated. It seemed like her cunt had been struck by a hammer as the metal pelvis of the suit struck her just as his cock was completely impaled inside her body.

“Oh yeah,” the marine hissed. “That’s what I’m talking about.” Gripping the red haired girl just barely gently enough to avoid smashing her, he pulled back and drove himself forward once again, using her tight hole as a sheath for his sword of a dick. If anything, the second thrust was even more violent, and to the ghost’s shame it tore a second scream from her throat.

She couldn’t help but feel ashamed… what would her sisters think if they could see her now, screaming like a weakling?

Over and over the huge man drove into her, taking her with more force than she could have imagined. She felt like she was being fucked by a siege tank, and in a real sense, she supposed she was — in that suit, he was less of a man and more of a machine abusing her, raping her tirelessly, fiercely, like a mechanical piston driving itself into one over and over and over again without pause, hesitation, or mercy.

“Give it to the whore!” another soldier called from somewhere in the hallway.

“Plow her open!” another suggested. “Ruin the assassin slut!”

“Confederate trash…” the man fucking her snarling, spittle flying from his mouth as he continues raping her, and it seemed like she managed to take her even harder if possible. “I had family on Korhal, you fucking bitch! I bet a murderess like you had your finger on the button herself, didn’t you!”

“I want a piece of the cunt too,” the other marine snarled, the one who had grabbed her leg. Obligingly, the first soldier stopped fucking her for a moment, taking her off the wall and gripping onto her legs to hold her up while the second pushed against her from behind, sandwiching her between the two huge suits of armor. His cock was hard, and slowly began to force its was up her ass as the original rapist lowered her slowly onto him.

“Wait a second,” one of the observers remarked. “Won’t that kill her, taking her between the two of you like that?”

“Fuck if I care,” said another. “The assassin deserves worse if we could give it to her her.

“The brass wanted them dead or alive,” a third called. “No tragedy if the murderess doesn’t live to be executed.” By the general jeers of those in the crowd, they agreed… and it was then that the cock popped into her ass completely, making 24601 groan.

The first marine stared right into her face, into her green eyes. “Now you’re really going to get it, whore. We’re going to make you regret that you ever heard of the confederacy. This is how the Sons of Korhal handle traitor cunts like you!”

With a roar, both marines started fucking her at once, and her world dissolved into white agony. It was like she was being crushed by a trash compactor, or struck by a hovercar over and over. Her body was battered and bruised between the two impossible forces, practically smashed to pulp. She let out a keening wail with the last of her breath as the cocks impaled her completely from both ends at once, and the ghost felt something in her break.

But not in her body.

In her mind.

Something gave way, something that had been solid a moment before, and her breathless screech echoed over and over in her head, onto infinity. She felt an unbelievably pressure as she screamed, felt psychic force flow through her like she never had before. She felt, rather than saw, the armor on either side of her be crushed like tin canes. She felt the hallways twist, crushing, gnashing, smashing…

Then her world went dark.

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