Ten – The Hunt for the Halfling

After Ssatha had gotten rid of the cum on her face by – as Therion had commanded – scooping it off and eating it in front of Hendak after he had sprayed another fresh load over her features to add to the humiliation, she relayed Therion’s orders to the group’s slave hunters, who immediately fanned out across the city in small groups of twos and threes to search for Mazzy. And, even though they did not notice it fully, since Therion had returned to the city, each of them had felt a surge in sexual energy and greed, their search for Mazzy leading to dozens of rapes all throughout the city…

Young Lily had been on her way back to the Temple of Torm, a happy spring in her step, her heart full of joy in light of the good deeds she had done this day. Having only been ordained a few days ago, the 17-year-old girl with the pretty, heart-shaped face and long blonde hair had been quite busy feeding the hungry or lending strength and health to wounded and sick farmers on the outskirts of town, reveling in every thankful word or smile.. Unfortunately for her, her happiness made her blind to the dark figures shadowing her. Lily only noticed them a second before they dragged her into a dark alley and immediately proceeded to rip her clothes off. A wooden ball-gag muffled her screams while the three men took turns ramming their cocks into her cunt and ass, all the time asking her if she had seen a red-headed halfling girl. Later, she would be found stumbling through the streets, her clothes in tatters, her hands still tied behind her back, her face covered in sticky white sperm…

Kendra had expected to get fucked tonight. Given that she was one of the best and prettiest prostitutes at the docks, it would not be too long until she would find a client. Lately, the appearance of cheaper whores all across town, pretty girls who were too afraid to say “no” to practically anything demanded of them if the prive was right, had worried her a bit, especially since she had no idea where they had come from. But still, people would still appreciate quality, she was certain of that. And indeed, only a few hours into the night, a man had approached her, asking for her services. He’d looked like a ruffian, one of those people she would not normally deal with, but the gold he’d showed her had changed his mind. She had a private room at one of the cheaper taverns where she entertained the clients usually…and it was there that the man showed his true colours, overpowering her before she could even scream. Soon after that, she was lying on the bed, his cock deep down her throat, making her gag harder than she’d done ever before, hands and feet tied to the bedposts. He took his time raping her, only asking her about a red-headed halfling girl when he was done, having shot a huge load into her mouth and forced her to swallow it. Under tears, Kendra told him she’d seen such a girl skulk about during the last days but that was all she could tell him. He left her tied up, one of her own dildos stuck deep inside her anus.

Silvara had only recently arrived in Athkatla. The young adventurer and her band of comrades had just gotten into the town after a particularly harrowing excursion against a nearby troll tribe. Of course, now that the lights of civilization had welcomed them, the group was taking every chance to relax after the hardship of several weeks travel through the wilderness – which meant a night-long trek through the various alehouses, festhalls and brothels of the city. And somewhere along the way, young Silvara – an accomplished sorceress and fighter who, on account of her bright red hair, her predilection for using fire spells and her distant genasi ancestry was often called “Fiery Silvara” – had become separated from her comrades. Not that she minded – she knew they would eventually all gather back in the Mithrest Inn, nursing bruises from drunken brawls and sizable hangovers – but unfortunately, the young heroine was pretty enough to attract the eyes of less suitable company.

Three of Therion’s men managed to grab her outside of Waukeen’s promenade when she was trying to clear her head. Being quickly overpowered, she did not have the chance to cast any spells, especially given how drunk she was…but when they ripped her clothes off and began ramming their cocks down her throat one after the other, she quickly sobered up…not that it helped her much. With her, they did not even pretend to question her, merely fucking her in all holes, her own panties stuffed into her mouth to keep her from screaming when two of them forced their cocks up her ass at the same time. Later, they used rope to string her up by her hands, naked, crying and covered in cum.

Lara had snuck out of her parent’s house after nightfall, disobeying her father’s direct command. Her father, one of the wealthiest merchants, knew very well how alluring his daughter was and had no intention of losing her to some scoundrel or adventurer when he could marry her off to someone else who could increase his fortune. Keeping a close eye on her, he barely let her out of the house. Fortunately for her, she had inherited his intelligence as well as her mother’s good looks – full-figured with an impressive chest, an ass that turned not only male heads and a face that lit up whenever she smiled – meaning that she always found a way out from under his watch. She was 16 now, well into marriable age, and had had trysts with several young men, a secret that would probably kill her father. This night, she was on the way to another illicit meeting when she noticed two men following her. Fearful, she tried to shake them off, thereby being lured into one of the most destitute parts of the city. There, they finally caught up with her. And there, on the ground, crying as one of the men fucked her tits, she answered their questions, telling them that her father had heard of a halfling with a powerful artifact trying to get protection within the city. Unfortunately, giving up this information did not prevent them from raping her and come the next morning, she would be found in the alley, cum still leaking from her mouth and ass.

Smugly satisfied, Kyianna smiled to herself after finishing the last brushstroke. The picture – a beautiful rendition of the Thunder Peaks under a swiftly rising sun – was perfect. Kyianna knew her art was nothing special, but it payed for her small room and it meant the world to her. The desire to create beautiful things had been something she’d gotten from her elven mother. Her father, a gruff woodsman with a heart of gold, had never cared much for artistic pursuits but had given in under her mother’s constant nagging. And now, Kyianna was here, in one of Faerun’s big cities, creating art and even making decent profts doing so. Sighing, she turned to the side to view herself in the big, artfully fasioned mirror – another inheritance of her mother – she had crammed into a corner of the room. As she watched her petite form, she could not help but giggle. Despite wearing an apron, she had gotten paint everywhere. Even her long dark hair had some red spots in it now. Lyianna sighed, closing her large, soulful eyes for a moment. It would be hell to get it out.

Her troubles would be of a much different sort a moment later, when three men broke in and, without much ado, began to force themselves upon her, putting her through a terrible ordeal of pain and degradation finally ending in an hour-long anal rape during which she would be forced to lick their cum off her own paintings while they took turns ramming their cocks into her tight, round ass…

It was going to be a good night for Nila, she knew it. Ever since something happened to that whore Kendra and she disappeared from the streets, Nila felt her luck was getting better. Kendra was probably the hottest prostitute in the docks and all of the wealthy ship captains and travelers from abroad who had some coin came to her… and they always came back to her wanting more. Nila was also very pretty, short but with full breasts, perfect lips and nice hair – but she couldn’t have afforded the clothes and make-up Kendra was always wearing… and also didn’t seem to have that “thing” which attracted men so well. But then again, no one of the other hookers had chance to compare. Chasing her out was also out of the question as she was protected by a pimp who belonged to the Shadow Thieves.

However, now Kendra was gone and while no wealthy customer has approached her yet, she was waiting. Maybe if she was lucky, Kendra’s protector would take her under his wings? Who would be better? That bitch Weera? Or maybe Darisa? On the other hand Nila heard some ominous rumours regarding the brothel in the Copper Coronet. One of her friends, Violet went to work there as a serving wench and Nila didn’t hear from her since then. Probably she just forgot about a hooker friend but then…

Her train of thought was interrupted when finally a man, looking like someone who had some money and was willing to spend it. A tall slender half-elf, with a quite pleasant smile and a golden ring on his finger, confirming his status. Of course showing wealth wasn’t wise in the night in this part of town, so she wasn’t surprised by his two bodyguards – a half-orc and a large bald man. Fortunately they were discreet, observing from distance.

Soon the transaction was settled and she led him towards the place of her “business”, however as soon as they disappeared from the eyes of the other whores the man hit her in the belly and when she gasped for air gagged her with a dirty cloth. Then she was dragged towards a dark alley when he proceed to pull up her skirt and using the fact she wasn’t using any panties, rammed his dick in her unprepared cunt. He kept fucking her while standing, resting her back against the dirty wall of some building. Her pleas were cut short by the gag as he kept pounding her cunt and biting her neck. Only when he was finished, his cum drying on her thigs and inside her, did his bodyguards join in. The gag was quickly removed only to be replaced by the man’s dick, while the half-orc was driving his dick into her ass. Then they proceeded to ask her a bunch of questions about some Halfling girl with a jewel. She didn’t know anything but that didn’t stop them from fucking her again – finally they left her tied there, with her legs spread, mouth gagged and a sign hanging from her neck “Free fuckslave” and a small sign that in the secret tongue of thieves meant the Copper Coronet. Advertisement was always useful.

Inire and Shiafa were finishing their work, as most of the customers have already left the “Sea Bounty” Tavern in the Docks. Inire was a timid farm girl that came to Athcatla looking for better, easier life. With her looks – long brown hair, shapely legs and nice chest she at least managed to attract a lot of tips. Shiafa was a calimshite woman of uncertain past, which she didn’t speak about much. She was tall, slender, her exotic complexion made her even more appealing and her large green eyes almost mesmerized man. She could have earned much more on tips or even landed a rich trader effortlessly, but for some reason, undoubtedly connected with her past she shied man’s attention, working in the kitchen and coming out when most of the guests were gone. Apart from them only the Tom “the Finger” – the owner of the tavern was here and three dead drunk sailors.

And then, everything went to the Nine Hells. Five people – all thugs that were no stranger to violence and death – you could see that, walked into the tavern. When silenced the owner by pointing a crossbow at him, the others locked the doors, drew their daggers and began to forcibly strip down the girls, without even as much as a word. The girls were begging, pleading, tears in Inire’s eyes, while Shiafa was almost completely petrified by fear, staring blankly. The men just laughed as the kept pushing the girls from thug to another, ripping their cheap clothing as they proceed. Soon the girls were completely naked, bent on the tables and the men started to mercilessly fuck them.

As Shiafa was fucked mostly in her tight, warm cunt, the exotic girl wasn’t even crying, just trembling and whimpering something in her tongue, in a barely audible voice, panic on her face arousing the men even more than her wonderful fuckhole. In the same time other thugs were violating poor Inire’s ass, driving their cocks violently into her asshole, relishing in her cries of pain, as they tore into her and abused her tits. Soon the impatient men forced the girls to make them “ready” using their sweet mouths. When each of them have shot a load they proceeded to to insert bottles into their cunts and keep fucking them with it, while questioning them and the owner about some Halfling chick.

When they were leaving they forced to owner to participate in the crime by raping Inire, though in truth they didn’t have to threaten him much and he was so hard from watching the rape that he came very quickly. Meanwhile the leader noticed that one of the drunk sailor was awake and was staring with his eyes wide opened in shock, unsure whether everything isn’t some drunken dream. As he was quite drunk and not entirely aware of the situation, they made Shiafa kneel before him and suck his smelly dirty dick until he was rock hard. Then they’ve proceeded watching as he kept pumping her ass in drunken haze. Because of his condition it took him quite a long time to cum and in the meantime the girl’s screams became so loud and piercing that they had to gag her with her own panties. After everyone had a second round on the poor girls – including the owner, who again “was forced to”, they’ve tied them together in a 69 position and left.

Tyene was coming back home, from her work. She was helping the main archivist of the paladin Order of the Radiant Heart in the Temple District. As she was the only aid to that elder lady and the knights although corteous and nice preferred to train with swords than to help with the scrolls, she was quite tired. She didn’t complain though – the paladins gave her honest pay, she wasn’t worried that one of them would try to force herself on them and in those rare occasions she had free time the archivist taught her to read.

It was afternoon, in fact not very late, the sun was still up and she was in one of the safer parts of the town so she didn’t worry much. After all she was going to have a few days off and simply have fun. She was quite a beauty, with long blonde hair, very large, innocent blue eyes and a lithe but pleasant figure. Tyene was thinking whether to visit her friend or sister first, when a man approached her.

He looked quite well, ruggedly handsome with a bit of rogue-ish looks. A scar crossed one of his eyes and he had an emerald placed there – the other eye was also strange, it reminded Tyene of a serpent… bu he was quite corteous towards her. He asked her whether the building she has left was the headquarters of the Order, then leaned forward and whispered something to her ear… and Tyene suddenly realized that she is following the man to the slums and entering with him – and three of his vicious-looking companions – a dark abandoned warehouse. She didn’t know why she did it, it was as for a moment her mind blacked out while her body obeyed him. When she regained her sense it was far too late to escape.

The men were on her immediately, their hands grabbing her, tearing her modest clothes, groping her medium-sized but perky breasts, yanking her hair. She felt their mouths on her neck and chest and when they torn her brassiere of – also on her tits. She cried loudly when one of the men bit on her pink nipple and then someone pushed his tongue into her mouth, giving her a sloppy wet kiss. At that moment she felt her panties being torn to shreads and fingers of not one but two men being brutally inserted into her tight, virgin pussing probing her insides.

As soon as the men realized she is a virgin they let her fall to the ground, laughing evily and naïve Tyene for the moment thought that they had taken pity of her – an illusion that was shattered when the leader, the one-eyed pulled out his cock, placed himself between her legs and rammed his dick into her cunt, tearing away her innocence. He kept pumping her brutally, shattering all of her dreams of the glorious romantic first love, until he shot his load, cumming while he kept biting her tits. When he stood up the rest of the men came on her and started taking turns, fucking her in the most imaginable and vicious way they could think of.

She was so sweet, that they took her twice before starting questioning her – and she told them everything about a redheaded Halfling that found sanctuary in the Order and that she must have had some artifact as the paladins were browsing the library far more often then usual.They’ve also learned that the person they were looking for found a strong ally in a famous paladin Keldorn.

The leader listened with a smug smile then forced her to suck his cock as he was pondering.

“We’re taking her to Therion, can’t have her warning the paladins.” He ordered “And the boss will want to hear this himself. But first she is ours for a bit more. Yes… ours!” He said as his dick sprayed another dose of cum down her throat. “Oh and you’ve mentioned a sister…” he asked her with a cruel glare in his eyes.

Vala hurried towards the door when the knocking became more and more frantic. She wondered who it was. It couldn’t be her husband, he wouldn’t be home from the shop till dusk. Maybe her sister Tyene…but wasn’t she supposed to be at the temple today? Oh no, Tyene would have half the day off today…maybe her younger sister decided to pay her a visit. The thought put a smile onto Vala’s pretty, slightly frckled face. With only 2 years age difference, the two were very close, almost like twins, despite the fact that Vala was taller, auburn-haired…and just a tad bit prettier, with shapely, long legs, a nice round ass and beautifully-shaped breasts, attributes that turned many a man’s head – though they would no longer have any chances with her, given that she was married now, and to a wonderful, hard-working man at that.

When she opened the door, she smiled at first upon seeing that her visitor was indeed her sister…but then gasped in shock when she saw what state Tyene was in. She was dressed in a shabby, tattered robe which was slightly open in the front, showing that her sister was not wearing anything underneath. A few bruises were visible through the rents and gashes in the robe. Her tears were red from crying, her head was lowered…and when she looked up to whisper a choked, “ I’m s-sorry”, Vala could see that the entire lower half of her face was covered in…sperm!

But Vala had no time to speak or to ask what an awful thing had happened, for suddenly, her sister was shoved forward and against her with considerable force, sending both tumbling into the house just as the three men stepped in after them, closing the door. Then, the nightmare started. They wasted no time with talk, instead punching Vala into submission and dragging her into the bedroom, where they cut apart the clothes of the hysterically screaming and struggling girl. Hands were all over her, groping her tits and ass, fingers pushing brutally into her warm, dry cunt, making her cry out in discomfort and pain.

Soon, her cries were silenced effectively by a cock rammed down her throat, forcing her to gag on it, even as her legs were spread and another cock plunged into her cunt. They raped her for an hour, cocks pounding all her holes, always making sure that she could see her crying sister, who was constantly abused by those not raping Vala. When they were getting tired and could not get themselves up anymore, they proceeded to force Tyene to lick Vala’s cunt while probing the younger sister’s ass with a variety of household items, from candles to cutlery, laughing at the crying, horrified sisters and mocking them even as they violated them as brutally and cruelly as they could imagine.

Only when they were finally growing bored did the one-eyed man suggest the two sister be taken to Therion. Weaving a quick illusion spell over them – the man’s specialty – he and the group carried the bound and gagged girls through the city and below the Copper Coronet, there to await their further fate…

From beneath her hood, Marina kept a close eye on the Copper Coronet’s clientele. The young shadow thief did not like being here, not at all. There was not a single guest in here that did not radiate a palpable aura of danger and lecherous greed. Most of the guests were men of rough countenance and demeanor, but Marina could see a few noble faces mingling with the crowd as well. She consigned their names to memory. Renal Bloodscalp would like to have some leverage against them later. The rumour along of them being here, guests of an establishment that was already the subject of increasingly darker stories, could destroy reputations forever. But gathering dirt was not her sole reason for being here – it was not even her main reason for coming into this place.

Her goal was to find out who exactly had taken over the Coronet and turned it from a low-class dive with a few illegal gladiatorial matches a month into one of the fastest-growing businesses in Athkatla’s entire underworld. By now, the slavery ring operating from the Coronet had eliminated all traces of rival rings from the city. They ruled the sewers and, according to rumours, had half the city guard on their payroll. But, apart from Hendak, who seemed to run the day-to-day business, little was known of the new owner of the Coronet – except for the fact that it was not Hendak. There were rumours about a group of rich adventurers, a cabal of demons, a mind flayer…it seemed the more people were asked, the wilder the stories became. And those concerned only the new owner.

Then, there was the little detail about women and girls missing which coincided exactly with the change in leadership…and the appearance of new whores on the docks and in the slums, whores with frightened, wide eyes and a willingness to do practically everything for their clients if the price was right…

Renald wanted to know what exactly was going on right, hidden right under his nose…and since the rumours all pointed towards a rising trade in sex slaves, he chose Marina as the perfect infiltrator…simply because sex was her specialty. There were few things the raven-haired beauty had not done and few she had not enjoyed. Being gifted with a beautiful, perfectly-shaped body, shapely, middle-sized breasts, a round, heart-shaped ass and a face that hid her true lustfulness behind a facade of complete innocence and youth, she had used sex to get what she wanted ever since she had reached the age of 15.

While others might be ashamed of it, Marina was proud of having reached her current position amongst the shadow thieves by offering her body to her superiors several times, just as she had finally done it with Renald. In fact, she had received this mission while bouncing on his cock up her ass, but despite the intense sensation of being fucked anally, she had remembered his orders clearly: Use whatever would be necessary to find out who ruled over the slavery ring and get whatever useful information could be acquired while doing so. And that was what had landed her here, her beautiful face hidden underneath a hood, voluminous robes keeping others from perceiving her sex, which, given the lustful stares the frightened whores got from everyone, was preferable for the moment – although she had already chosen one of the guards to try and seduce later.

What surprised Marina was that, besides the few pretty but terrified whores and her, there were actually a few other women present – usually strong types with a sadistic gleam in their eyes. Most likely they belonged to that rare breed which preferred the touch of a woman to that of a man. Marina herself had sampled that fruit before and found it likeable, though she had no preferrance regarding the gender of her partners at all. Just at this moment, a tall, blonde-haired warrior grabbed one of the whores – who seemed more and more like slaves – and forced the woman to endure a hard, passionate kiss while her hand squeezed the whore’s tits hard, much to the delight of the males and the few females gathered…

Marina really was not comfortable watching all of this. It was not that she cared much for the whores, no matter how frightened they looked – she was a shadow thief and compassion was not something she was expected to have – but she certainly did not want to end as the plaything of all of them at once. No matter how much she loved sex, this would certainly be beyond her capacity to enjoy. And if they found out there was a beautiful woman sitting in their midst who could not hold her own in a fight against more than one opponent, they might well try and have her for free.

Still, she needed a bit more time in order to observe the guard she’d singled out. He seemed rather young and, given the way he eyed the whores, quite hot-blooded, whereas the others wore expressions of detached cruelty, which were even more frightening than the lustful gazes of the other men and women that crossed the room. The young guard would most likely be the weakest spot in the slavery ring’s defense. If she could get him to talk – after a bout of hot, passionate sex, of course – she could give Renal back a lot more than simply the layout of the Coronet’s common room and information about its new clientele.

“ H-hello”, a soft female voice suddenly interrupted her train of thought. Looking up carefully so as not to show her face, Marina tried to see who had adressed her. It was one of the whores, a young, slender half-elvish girl with long dark hair, dusky skin and delicate, sensuous lips. Just like the others, she wore a dress that barely covered anything, showing off her slender, well-formed body in the most humiliating way possible without having her walk around naked.

“ Not interested”, Marina muttered, letting her voice sound deeper, hoping to make herself sound like a young man instead of a woman, “ get gone.” “ Please…give me a moment…I am sure I can…create interest…”, the girl responded. Marina looked at her face again, having heard a slight tremble in the whore’s voice. The girl was afraid. Deathly afraid. She tried to keep it out of her voice but barely managed to. “ I will…let you do anything to me for just a few coins…”

Marina was not exactly adverse to the idea of sleeping with a woman – she’d done it several times and it had always been an enjoyable experience – but she certainly was not going to pay for it. Besides, she had other things to do. “ I said I am not interested!”

“ But…look at me! All this can be yours!” Slowly, the girl turned around, allowing Marina to look her body over, from the pretty round ass to the small but shapely tits. “ Please…”, the half-elf began again, “ I can take your cock deep, I’ll lick cum off the floor…you can stick anything into my ass or cunt…just take me and pay me…” By now, the voice sounded positively desperate. “ You d-don’t know what they’ll do to me if I don’t make enough coin….”

Now, fat tears were starting to slide down the girl’s cheeks. Marina sighed and waved her hand, “ I said get gone! That’s not my problem!” After taking one last look at the hooded girl, the half-elf moved away, trembling in fear. Marina shook her head. So the whores were indeed more akin to slaves. Renal would be very interested in this. But now it would be time to investigate further. Apparently, the young guard had just finished his shift and was moving towards his quarters upstairs. Time to follow him…

She rose from her place and without delay went upstairs, almost catching with the guard. Using some of her thieves’ skills (and the fact he was looking at one of the whores, who was kneeling on the floor, begging to be fucked and whipped for some coins) she managed to slip past one of the guards, who stood next to the entrance to the quarters.

She went slowly behind the guard, slowly looking around. At the moment it seemed no one was in this corridor, with everyone probably stationed in the rooms or in the dungeon she suspected lied below the Coronet. She suspected that there was some passage from the guards rooms to the dungeons, but that was just another thing she would have to learn from the guard.

Suddenly, an ear piercing cry sounded from one of the rooms, an unmistakable cry of a women being abused far beyond her breaking point. Marina shuddered, instantly realizing that the only reason why such screams weren’t heard in the common room was some kind of silence spell placed in the inner part of the brothel – which made sure the clientele wasn’t bothered by the screams, while at the same time allowing the customers of the brothel to listen to them – as Marina quickly was coming to the conclusion that the clients of the brothel belonged to the group that loved to hear the whores cry, not necessarily in pleasure.

She gave a slight sigh, as another cry of pain was heard, enough for the guard to notice someone was behind him and turn around, his hand on the hilt of the sword. “Sir, this area is not for visitors. If you want to hire a whore choose one of those in the common room or ask the madame of the brothel.” He said, slightly confused but quickly.

Marina though didn’t waste her time. She knew if she was kicked out of this quarters she may not have another such opportunity soon. She quickly pulled down the hood of her robe, revealing her feminine looks and beautiful features. As his eyes widened with surprise and – and Marina was certain of it – lust and admiration, she moved to seize the chance. Before he could alarm anyone else she moved forward, silencing him with a wet kiss, pushing her nimble tongue into his mouth, exploring it teasingly. At the same time her skillful fingers, undid the buckle of his belt and slipped under his trousers, her hand wrapping around her dick.

“I have a proposition for you” she whispered to his ear seductively, her hand with few strokes making his dick go hard. “If your room is empty than I suppose we should rather discuss it there.” She added.

Soon after he was on his bed, while Marina was riding him hard, fucking him eagerly, impaling her wet cunt on his dick. She didn’t even undress completely having just pulled down her panties and unbuttoned her vest, so her tits were exposed. The guard also has only pulled out his dick, completely surprised by how quickly the situation went.

“But what do you…” he wanted to ask for her intentions but Marina quickly silenced, him leaning forward and kissing him again. She could feel his body tremble as he was approaching climax, though still he lasted more than she gave him credit. Also she was surprised how vicious he was – even now when she was fucking him, her tight cunt squeezing and gripping his dick, his hands were roaming round her tits, kneading them hard enough for her to moan with slight discomfort – and pain when he twisted her nipples. She wouldn’t have guessed there was such sadistic streak to him, but nevertheless she didn’t protest and kept moving her sensuous body up and down, until finally, gasping loudly and twisting her nipples hard enough even for her to gave a small cry he came, filling her cunt with his hot cum.

Marina smiled slightly and lifted her body, a tiny bit of white liquid dripping from her cunt up her thigh. Only then, she told him what she wanted from him.

“You want me to tell you… what?” the solder asked in disbelief.

“Oh just leave me a few tidbits of information” she murmumured seductively into his ear, grinding her hot body against his as if she was still hungry for more. “I can assure you that I will reward you.” She smiled, running her tongue against her full lips.

“But I may get into trouble” the guard protested weakly, though his eyes were still transfixed on her exposed tits.

Marina sighed slightly, impatient and disappointed that he was making so much trouble – it was supposed to have gone much quicker. Not allowing her frustration to show on her face, she lowered her head and took his limp penis into her mouth, running her tongue around the head in circular motion, licking the entire shaft of it until it got hard again and then sucking and slurping on it lovingly, before allowing him to deposit his load in her mouth, drinking every drop while looking him in the eyes.

Only then did the guard finally agreed to help her but instead of telling her what she wanted to know he offered something better – showing her.

Wiping the last few drops of cum from her chin, Marina agreed. Even though her nipples still hurt from the rough treatment, at least now she would have something good to show Renal for it. „ Where will we be going first?” she asked, pulling up her panties and closing her vest again, denying him the view of her tits which he had enjoyed all the time.

He smirked slightly as he closed his pants again, hsi cock still wet with her saliva. Marina wasn’t sure what it was, but now that his gaze lingered on her face rather than her tits and she could meet his gaze, there was something unnerving about the way he looked at her, something completely at odds with his obvious youth. It wasn’t just his slight sadistic streak…it almost felt as if he was…inspecting her, much like a merchant might inspect a mare. Marina had sold her body for money and favours often enough to know she was just a toy to some men and she enjoyed sex enough not to care about that…but this was different. Meaner. Deeper. She felt herself shiver slightly. Something was wrong about this place. Renal had good reasons to get nervous, it appeared.

„ Oh, I think you should meet with our boss first. He can explain things much better than me”, he said, opening the door and waiting for her to go through, even bowing a little, though his mischievious grin and the way he stared at her ass made a mockery of the noble gesture. „ Alright”, she responded, „ lead the way…”

And that he did. Now that he was with her, the other guards did not pose any problems. He merely mentioned that he was taking her to the boss and the guards were almost frighteningly quick to make way. „ Hmmm…your boss must be a real frightening person”, she said to him as they walked down a flight of stairs towards the deeper „private rooms”, as a small sign at the door had called them. „ Oh, Therion is…to some people”, the young guard responded with a slightly crooked smile, „ though he’s a great leader and pays us well. Also, he’s always fair to us. And then the parties… I’m really glad he hired me.” Marina frowned. There was a slight undertone in his voice that she could not at first place. Only a moment later did it dawn on her: it was reverence. The young man obviously held his employer in awe, more than even a loyal guard should, at least in this line of business.

“ He must be pretty impressive”, Marina carefully continued their conversation, trying her best not to be too disturbed by the occasional screams of pain that echoed from the rooms above and below them. Was there any one who did not hurt the whores they had hired? She was fairly certain she had heard a breathless “ No more…please…” through one of the doors they’d passed, followed by a loud gagging sound, the source of which she could imagine all too well. “ He is, yes. There are pretty wild rumous about him, too…that he can’t be killed, that he already owns half the city, that he is the son of a god or maybe even Bane reborn…but that’s all talk. In the end, he’s just a really great man. Wait till you meet him, I’m sure you’ll understand it better then.”

The trip did not take much longer, though Marina heard enough cries and screams to make her feel very worried. Maybe this had not been her best idea after all. But there was hardly any choice for her to turn back. Especially since the young guard had just reached another door which was guarded by two of his comrades. “ I’m here to see Therion…I have someone who wants to meet him.” The two looked at him, then at Marina…then grinned broadly and very disturbingly. “Sure, go ahead…”, one of them said, opening the door – allowing Marina to hear the desperate sobbing of a young woman, a series of wet gargling sounds and the sound of a leather strap repeatedly striking skin. Marina did not really wish to see what was inside the room…but the moment the door had been opened, the young guard had grabbed her arm and was literally dragging her inside to see…a vista of horror.

The room was filled with a variety of torture devices, a large rack dominating the wall to the left while the right wall bore a large shelf filled with a variety of whips, dildos, shackles and ropes. Beneath the shelf, a large ring had been set into the wall and chained to it by her hands was a pretty blonde woman, kneeling on the floor and crying her eyes out. She wore only the tattered remains of her clothes and much of what was exposed of her body bore either bruises or lines of dried cum. She stammered something unintelligble between sobs, her eyes fixed to the floor – except when she did not cast a desperate glance towards the rack.

Shackled to the rack, her legs and arms stretched so far as to cause her great pain without doing any permanent damage, was another young woman, an auburn-haired naked beauty whose soft, immaculate flesh was criscrossed by a series of whip marks, most of them centered around her tits and cunt. The man responsible for these, a tall, broad-shouldered figure, repeatedly lashed out at her, the whip landing on her nipples or right between her legs, even while he was busy holding her head with his other hand and ramming his massive cock into the poor girl’s mouth and throat, fucking her face viciously, snarling, “ The offer still stands…either you talk or the whipping goes on…”

“I-I-I told you everything!” the girl cried in desperation “Stop!”

“Everything?” The man who could only be the semi-legendary Therion smiled “That’s good… it means I can continue.” He said with a cruel grin as he brought the whip down again, landing the lash on the girl’s exposed pussy lips.

Marina could see how the woman’s eyes went wide with pain and how she moaned pathetically around the cock gagging her mouth… only for Therion to ram the dick deeper, pushing the entire thing in, making her gag and gargle on it.

“I’ve told you everything!” the kneeling girl cried desperately “The Halfling girl is with the paladin Keldorn!”

“So tell me more about that Keldorn. Any week points? Allies?” Therion barked at her.

“He-he…” the girl couldn’t bring herself to say it, which only angered the man more.

“As you wish.” He said and turned to the woman whose face he was raping “You can thank your sister for this.” he said smugly and brought the whip again and again, marking her cunt and tits with red stripes.

“Mmmmm!” the woman bucked her body frantically, her agonizing wail of pain audible even through the huge dick gagging her.

“Please stop!” the younger slave cried and seeing that Therion is not reacting to her pleading she finally gave in and started talking, speaking with trembling voice “Keldorn is of the Firecam family and has a mansion in the Noble District. He… he… lives there… with…” she stopped for a moment, which Therion of course used to whip his victims cunt yet again. “He has a wife… and two young daughters… whom he loves above everything.” She finally said.

“Now we’re getting somewhere” Therion stopped whipping for a moment, concentrating only on fucking his victims face, relishing in how her unwilling throat gagged on his dick when he pushed it in, almost cutting off air to her lungs.

“I’ve seen enough” Marina whispered to the guard holding her, planning to leave this madhouse as soon as possible and report to Renal. Maybe if the thieves manage to slip the information about Therion to that Keldorn – and Marina has heard much about the famous paladin – he and his order would be able to defeat this madman… all without shedding a drop of the Shadow Thieves blood.

“I disagree” the young guard said and called loud “My lord, we have some fucking spy here” Marina, confident in her control over the young soldier turned to him rapidly, only for him to shove her hard. Her great reflex allowed her to prevent falling to the ground and she immediately reached for the dagger hidden in her sleave. She decided however against it, certain that she won’t be able to hack and slash her way out of this dungeon. Her wits and tongue were her best weapons here – and the latter of which could be used in two ways.

“Good day” she nodded respectfully at Therion, who pulled out his dick out of the girl’s mouth and looked at Marina with interest as his victim was sobbing and crying pathetically. “You must be Therion, it is good to finally meet you. I’ve heard much about you.” She said, as if she was expecting this meeting.

“Indeed it is good” the man said, watching her, evaluating her body as if she was merely a thing or one of his whores. That meant he was simply a man, cruel – but nevertheless a simple man – and Marina knew how to manipulate them. “Soldier, unchain those whores and bring them to Sarevok and tell him I want him to continue the interrogation and learn everything about that Keldorn and his family.”

“Yes boss” the soldier eagerly said and proceeded to obey the command.

“Oh and tell Sarevok that I gave you permission to participate in the interrogation. I think you would like it” Therion said, slowly approaching Marina. Even though he was naked, he moved smoothly and with some kind of grace and dignity, as a stalking panther. His cock, still erect as he didn’t cum in the girl’s mouth yet was oozing precum, as Marina observed.

Behind him, she heard the woman sigh in relief as she was finally freed from the rack, only to cry out again as the young guard pinched her nipple and then proceeded to drag her from the rack. He literally had to drag her, given how weak she obviously was from what seemed to have been hours of whipping and abuse. Once outside, he called for one of the guards outside to bring the other slave and soon, the other girl was dragged to her feet from her kneeling position, unchained and then marshalled, still crying her eyes out, outside, leaving only the naked, yet very menacing Therion and Marina.

His cock was still oozing precum, glistening from both it and a coating of saliva from the poor girl he had just mouthraped. Marina could not help but marvel at his size. He was the most well-endowed man she had ever seen…and she had seen a lot. In fact, she doubted she could fit his entire length down her throat or into her ass…though she hoped it would not come to the latter. But then again, once she had his lips on him, he would do anything she wanted…men were like that if you treated them right.

“ Now that we have this out of the way…”, Therion began, slowly walking around Marina, inspecting her, his eyes wandering over her body, his gaze so intense she could almost feel it crawl up and down her shapely form, resting on her tits and ass for a longer time. It wasn’t very hard for her to imagine his thoughts. He wanted her. He wanted to fuck her hard. Like all of them. “ Arndt tells me you have come here to spy on me. Is that true?” His voice was calm, but menacing all the same.

Marina swallowed down the lump of fear that had nestled inside her throat. She had been in worse situations and gotten out of it, usually by using – or having someone use – her body, so why was this man almost paralysing her with dread? He was a greedy, lecherous male, just like the others! “ No, I…I was jut curious…I heard a lot about this place and so I tried to sneak a peek into the back rooms…”

Therion moved quick as lightning. Before Marina knew what had happened, his hand had reached out and delivered a vicious backhanded slap across her face, strong enough to send her to the floor again. This time, she landed on her ass, grimacing at the jolt of pain racing through her spine. “ If you know what is good for you, you will not lie to me again, bitch”, Therion snarled.

Marina rubbed her cheek, shocked by this sudden outburst – and Therion’s calmness. His eyes blazed with anger, but he was not out of control. This backhanded slap had been suited to punish her, to hurt her without injury. This man was certainly not a mindless berserker. Though capable of and wanting to inflict violence, he was calculating. Planning. Which made him all the more dangerous. And, it seemed, he knew she was not telling the truth. Swallowing again, Marina stood up again, stepping closer to him, trying her best not to shiver with unease. “ Forgive me…sire. But I had to see if you…already knew of my presence here. I am Marina, emissary of the Shadow Thieves of Amn. We have noticed your growing power and we might be interested in an alliance.”

The last part had been another lie, but one that was believable enough for him not to see through – at least Marina hoped it was. She had no illusions – at the moment, he was in power here and if she did not get him under her sexual spell, things could end very badly for her. She had no desire to end up on the rack. “ Hmm”, he responded, thinking, alm ost making her breathe a sigh of relief. He had bought it.

“ And what exactly would be the upside to it? As you see, we are doing fine without the dubious help of the Shadow Thieves. I might even think they merely wish to have a hand in controlling my actions…or do they wish to be certain to stand on the side of the victors once the underworld of this city is mine?” Stepping towards her, mirroring her move, he now stood only a few inches away from her, his eyes transfixing her. Marina was reminded of a snake hypnotizing a young hare. Still, she heard and understood him clearly. He had ambitions. Just as Renal had suspected. Therion wanted more than just his own little brothel. He wanted it all. The Thieves would have to act and they would have to act soon…but first, Marina had to make it out alive.

“ I am certain there will be…ways we can mutually benefit from such a collaboration”, Marina responded. She knew she had to act now or maybe lose her only chance. Therion radiated menace and power. If she were to divest him of that, now was the only opening. Keeping her eyes on his, she slid one hand down, slender fingers wrapping around his throbbing, massive cock, slowly beginning to jerk and stroke it. She was certain to hear a moan or at least see a reaction now, but he simply kept staring at her, his cock throbbing in her hand.

“ I am not convinced”, he coldly remarked, not even the slightest quivering in his voice, despite her best efforts below his waist. “ Then how do I convince you?” she asked, giving her voice a seductive timbre. “ By getting on your knees like a good whore and taking my cock down your throat”, he suddenly snarled and then his hands were on her shoulders, pushing her down with all his considerable strength….

At this point Marina knew better than try to resist and allowed him to push her to her knees. After all getting any additional information that may come from convincing Therion of her cooperation would be highly appreciated – not to forget the fact that satisfying him could be the only way for her to get away with her life. Also it wasn’t as if she was some prude who has never blown a man before – in fact she was quite certain that as resistant to her charms as this man was, even his will would melt under the caresses of her skillfull tongue.

She kept stroking the cock with her fingers a bit longer, while she started licking the man’s ball, running her tongue all over them, lapping them with it, soaking with saliva. All the time, one of her hands was stroking the shaft of Therion’s cock when the other teased and touched its head. Her attempts were rewarded by the slightest moan of pleasure possible – but still it was a sign that she was doing her job well. Soon however Therion casually grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head up.

“You are quite a skilled slut…” he said and despite the “compliment” the coolness in his voice made the thief less certain whether she was getting on his good side. “Now start sucking.”

“Yes… master” she added, guided by instinct and for a moment there saw some delight in his eyes, delight that even her efforts were unable to bring. What kind of man was this?

Despite these thought Marina obediently opened her mouth and ran her tongue around the tip of Therion’s cock, this time allowing her hands to play and massage the man’s balls. As she kept sucking and slurping, making all the loud wet noises she knew men loved she felt, as hard as it was to believe, the man’s dick grow and harden a bit even more.

She kept sucking on it a bit longer, feeling the precum on her tongue all too well. The dick kept oozing as, almost filling her mouth with the strong taste. Finally when Marina began to feel that her efforts are providing effect and at the same time Therion was beginning to get impatient, she opened her mouth wider and took more of the dick into her warm mouth. She planned to take it in all in one move, but she was unable to, choking and gagging like a beginner when she tried. Her attempt only made Therion chuckle.

“I’m quite disappointed whore” he said almost playfully “I’m sure you can do better than that”

“Mmm” Marina moaned around his dick in response, relaxing her throat and pushed her head a bit more. She was quite confident she won’t be able to get the entire meat in, but keeping more than a half seemed hard enough, as she felt her mouth straining as they were forced to remain open wide.

Despite how uncomfortable the position was, Marina only redoubled her efforts, moving her head backwards and forwards, licking and sucking on the cock, her tongue continuously caressing the bottom of Therion’s shaft as her throat gagged and constricted around it, each time she took him a bit deeper.

She heard a soft sigh of pleasure escape Therion’s mouth but still he was keeping it up longer than she could expect- especially taking into consideration he was raping that woman’s mouth before she started servicing him. However instead of relaxing, she felt him grab her a fistful of her hair.

“Quite well… but I want you to take it all in… ALL!” he hissed.

“Mmmm… nnn!” she moaned in response, his cock successfully gagging her.

In truth however Therion didn’t require a reply as he simply pushed her head towards his crotch, impaling her throat on his cock as it was forced almost completely in.

“Mpfff!” for the first time she really tried to protest, as she felt her throat gag around it as he almost cut off her air. As her eyes began swelling with tears, Therion only grabbed her head stronger and rhythmically started fucking her mouth as if it was her cunt.

Marina had been facefucked before, but there was a brutality to this that she had never felt. Therion’s cock slammed down her throat as forcefully as he could, his hands gripping her head in a vise-like grip that did not allow her to escape at all, no matter how hard she might try. Quickly, within seconds, her throat, so used to taking cocks, was sore and the first tears were running down her cheeks. Things were getting out of hand, the young thief realized, fear gripping her heart and refusing to let go.

Just as he did, his grip on her head never wavering as he pounded her poor, sore throat for what seemed like hours but in reality were only seconds. Marina began to feel dizzy, her throat constricted by cock and gagging so hard she could not breathe anymore. Black spots were dancing before her eyes and she hoped that maybe, he would fuck her into unconsciousness and she would no longer have to feel any of this. Her hands were now pushing against him, trying to get him to relent, no longer caressing his balls, which slapped heavily against her drool-slick chin as the young, daring shadow thief was faceraped for the very first time.

Only when her gagging began to subside and her body was starting to sag down did he stop, pulling out his cock just a heartbeat before she could truly faint. Gasping, a thick stands of precum and her own drool connecting that awful cock to her chin, Marina gulped in deep, greedy mouthfuls of air, feeling her head clear even though her throat hurt like hell. „ Please…”, she gasped, shocked at how hoarse she suddenly sounded, „ not so…deep…give me time…”

His hand was a blur, striking her before she even had the chance to end the sentence. It would have thrown her to the floor were it not for his other hand still tightly grasping her hair. „ Who do you think you are, whore?” he yelled, a fire in his eyes that was wholly inhuman…it spoke of power, of an insatiable lust…and a desire for dominance that was beyond understanding for someone like her. „ Do you really think you can give me orders on how to fuck you?! That you can beg and expect me to listen?”

The very notion of this was angering him in such a way that she was starting to cry harder and it was not just the pain this time. This man…terrified her beyond rational thought. That he was personally offended by her…thinking she could make him be more gentle….it was something she could not comprehend, no matter how hard she might try. Oh gods,,,what had she gotten herself into?

Again, she opened her mouth to apologize, to try and calm the fury she saw before her, but the moment her lips parted, he rammed his cock past them again, pushing it deep down her throat without pause, making her gag harder than ever before. “ You have no idea who I am…I am Therion, the son of Bhaal! In my blood runs the might of the divine! I will erect an empire of screams and terror…and there will be the day when whores like you will scream upon the mention of my name! Do you hear me? I shall be a god! And you…all of you…my slaves!”

He was yelling himself into a frenzy, his thrusts becoming even more powerful, if such a thing was indeed possible. And, in a tiny part of her mind that was not paralyzed by fear, panic and pain, she noticed that his rage seemed to have lent even more size to his cock. Every inch sliding in and out of her throat hurt, long strands of drool hung down her chin and she was gargling desperately around his shaft…but he would not stop, his frenzy continuing…until it finally crescended into a loud groan from him, followed by a massive eruption of cum that flooded her throat, her mouth and, when it spilled out between her lips, her face.

He kept on raping her throat even as she coughed and gagged on his seed, trying to swallow it down before it drowned her. Only when his last shot was out did he stop, pulling out, several strands of cum bridging the distance between his cockhead and her trembling lips.

Looking up through teary eyes, Marina saw Therion smile for the first time….but it was an expression that terrified her even more. And her terror only grew when she noticed that his cock was remaining fully erect…

The next hours were indeed the worst of her life. Seeing that they were already there, Therion forced the crying thief onto the rack, face down. Then, after making sure she was stretched out just enough to be in constant pain without actually harming her permanently, he patiently and thoroughly raped her asshole, forcing scream after scream from the terrified girl, who had lost all taste for sex and would probably never truly regain it.

When he was finally done, he tied her hands together behind her back, jerked off onto her face one more time and hung a sign around her neck that said “ Rape whore”. That was the way she was thrown out of the Coronet and told to run back to the Shadow Thieves and tell their master never ever to mess with Therion’s business again…if she ever made it back to the docks…

Therion smiled widely. Nothing was getting him in such a mood as raping a slut. And this one was priceless. So long she was convinced that she has the upper hand, that she can use her body – and a cute body it was, he could agree – to control him. Never before has a slut’s body given her more than just a more vicious rape. He regretted that he didn’t make any bets whether she will get back to the Thieves’ hideout or will be raped along the way.

It was high time to go back and take care of business again. He left this dungeon and started heading where the guard had taken the sisters. He had quite a good idea where Sarevok may be interrogating them but that was not all – he felt their suffering guiding him through the corridors of the Coronet underground level. Soon he started hearing their muffled screams – to him as recognizable as their faces.

He open one of the doors, greeted with a respectful bow of one of the guards and entered this part of dungeon. Immediately his smile grew wider as he encountered a wonderful situation…

The older sister, Vala, was standing – her body straining as her hands were bound by chains coming from the ceiling. Edwin was standing behind her, with a cruel and sadistic grin on his usually arrogant face. He was fucking the girl with rapid, short strokes. She didn’t react to the thrusts too much though… as her mind was clearly occupied by the wizard’s hands, covered in green flames, wondering around her body, caressing her breasts and ass. Although she was gagged, that couldn’t muffle all of the moans of pain that were escaping her mouth. Her tears-covered face and tormented expression also gave an inclination in what pain she was… not that anyone here cared – or anyone other than Tyene.

The cute blond was kneeling on the floor, locked in some kind of frame or device. Sarevok was standing behind her, holding her hips and fucking her tight and sore ass with long powerful strokes. Each time he pushed, and he tried to bury his entire cock in her ass with each thrust, a pitiful moaned escaped Tyene’s mouth, muffled by the young guard’s cock in her mouth. The soldier grabbed a fistful of her hair, fucking her face, making her gag on his dick, pushing it so deep and hard that for the poor girl it must have seemed as if Sarevok’s and soldier’s cocks were trying to meet in the middle of her abused body.

“Mppffff! Nooo!” Tyene shouted towards Therion, somehow managing to free her head “Stop hurting her! I’ve told you everythingggfff” her scream was cute short as the soldier grabbed her face and pushed his cock deep, reaching the back of her throat, making her gag on it.

It wasn’t easy to surprise Therion but an idea of a woman asking him for help seemed so absurd that it took several more heartbeats for him to notice another guest in the room – Viconia, who was kneeling in the corner, her legs spread wide as she was fucking her cunt and ass with a cruel double dildo. Her eyes were looking at the men with utter hatred.

“Darkie!” Therion laughed loudly “It has been some time since I’ve fucked you, I’ve almost forgot how I love those stares of yours” he complimented her, emphasizing it by a vicious slap that made the drow fall to the floor.

He wasted no time and immediately yanked the dildo away, switched it and rammed the wider end, that was reserved for her cunt into her ass – all in one brutal move, making the priestess cry loud in pain. Therion grabbed her head and forced his dick into her mouth. It took him only a cuple of thrusts to get completely hard again. Therion switched the drow to her back and rammed his dick up her cunt.

“Oh yes… I have to fuck you more often” he smiled “I almost forgot how good you fuckholes feel. And have you missed me darkie? Have you missed my cock raping your cunt? Have you missed my hands on your tits?” He asked, as he kept pinching her nipples.

“Ughh… you… bastard…” Viconia moaned.

“A bastard I am” Therion chuckled, twisting her nipple harder “But a bastard of a god, don’t you forget it!” He said with pride, forcing the drow to wrap her legs around him as he was pounding her snatch, the dildo still sticking out of her ass.

“Nnnn” Viconia moaned, but Therion ignored her completely.

“Brother, is that true what the blonde bitch says?” he asked Sarevok “Has she told us everything?”

“I guess so” Sarevok said as if disappointed that the interrogation was so short “Keldorn and Mazzy left Athcatla with the stone. They are seeking for a way to destroy it, maybe throw it to some volcano or something like this. They have taken the elite guard of the Order with them, I doubt that even with our power we would be able to hack our way through them.”

“I’m not planning to… yet” Therion whispered “Anything on this Keldorn?”

“Quite a legend in the Order. An older paladin but still more than capable of kicking ass. Inquisitor, specializing in battling the cults of deities that are against Helm. But…” Sarevok smiled “He has a family in the nobles district. A wife – Mariah and two daughters.”

“I like what you are suggesting. Maybe a visit?” Therion said, the very thought of it arousing him and making him fuck the drow even harder. “We can take hostages and lure him, the Stone – and Mazzy – to a place of our choice.”

“And have some fun along the way” Sarevok smiled.

“ I really enjoy the idea”, Therion remarked, his voice calm and collected even though he was busy brutally raping Viconia. The very act of forcing himself upon a woman came so naturally to him now it did not even impede his thoughts or his speech…in fact, it lent him greater clarity of self than ever before. “ By the way, whose idea was it to have darkie here fuck herself while you were busy with the …interrogation?”

“ Uhm…mine….”, the young guard said somewhat hesitantly, as if waiting for Therion to chide him. “ Excellent! I see you have potential!” Therion said, sounding truly cheerful and approving. “ I shall see to it that he gets a raise and more responsibilities. No need to waste talents like that.”

“ Thank you, lord”, the young man said…and then stopped talking, for his brutal rape of Tyene’s throat had finally pushed him over the edge. With a loud groan, he rammed his cock all the way down the crying girl’s throat and began pumping wave after wave of sperm into her, laughing as she gagged and sputtered around his cock.

Therion barely took notice. Removing one hand from Viconia’s tits, he grabbed the end of the dildo again and started to ram it up the drow’s ass in rhythm with his thrusts into her cunt, tearing a few truly delightful, pain- and hate-filled screams from her throat. “ Hmmm…i could go on like this for hours! Remind me never again to neglect you like that,” he said to Viconia, who grit her teeth and tried to spit into his face.

Edwin, too, had just finished with Vala, leaving her hanging from the ceiling, crying bitterly, her ass and back splattered with the mage’s cum. “ That was…decent, though I’ve had better. What now, what now…maybe I should try that summoning I have studied for the last week…”, the Red Wizard muttered, tapping his chin, completely untouched by the suffering of the girls around him – and, most likely, even aroused further.

“ No, Edwin”, Therion said, never taking his eyes off of Viconia’s face, enjoying her enraged, hateful glares too much to miss them, “ place a geas on the younger whore so she does not rat us out. Then, we’ll have Viconia here heal her of the worst injuries and send her back to the Order. She can be our spy…and to make sure she does not try to break your geas by any means…the other bitch remains here, under our tender care…”

“ NO! NO, let her go at least! I’ll do anything!” Tyene’s voice was shrill as she begged, knowing what fate would befall her sister every single day while she was here. For a moment, she even forgot about Sarevok, who was still fucking her asshole and the cum that leaked from her mouth and down her chin. The young guard, using her hair to wipe his cock clean of cum and drool, laughed. “ You’ll do anything anyway…you’re ours now…”

“ Out of the way, boy!” Edwin exclaimed, shoving the youth to the side. “ Be glad I had a geas memorized today. What would you do without my spells, hm? This operation could not function without me. One might assume I was treated better than just an equal here….”

“ You are not even an equal, Edwin”, Therion snarled, cutting the wizard short. “ I have the blood of a god in my veins. All you are is a pompous mage with a talent for summons and pain spells. You are replacable. I am not. Even your sexual prowess is a result of my proximity. And now stop yammering and get to it!”

“ One…second…there…”, Sarevok said, holding up his hand while he pushed his cock deeply into Tyene’s ass, making the girl scream so loud half the guards in the entire dungeon heard it. Grunting, he closed his eyes as he came, filling the crying girl’s anus with his cum. “ Now go on”, he said when he finally pulled out.

Still grumbling, Edwin went to work, placing a geas very similar to the one Viconia suffered under on the crying girl. Afterwards, Therion forced Viconia to heal her most obvious bruises so she could be sent back to the Order…with detailed instructions to find out exactly where Mazzy and Keldorn had gone. Her sister, as “promised” by Therion, would remain here as a prisoner…and rapeslave… during the whole time.

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