Eleven – Leverage against Keldorn

After forcing Viconia to clean the girl by first licking up all the cum on her body before dunking her into a basin of ice cold water, Tyene was thrown out onto the street, giving the group a moment of peace, only interrupted by Vala’s desperate sobbing. “ So, brother…what are you thinking?”

“ Well…at first I thought about sending our men to kidnap the girls…but then I thought…why not get our own hands dirty?” Therion asked, a malicious grin on his face, his eyes almost gleaming in the dim torchlight.

“ I like the idea”, Sarevok said, looking over at Edwin, who also nodded. “ And the whore we just sent back was kind enough to let us know exactly where they are living. It is actually quite convenient…the nobles’ district is far less cramped than the docks…and the guard is not as…attentive to loud noises coming from the houses unless someone cries for help. After all…we know many nobles have their own skeletons in the closet.”

“ Hard for the whores to scream for help with a cock down their throats”, Therion said, putting on his pants again. “ Tell me more about the girls…”

“ Well, there is Mya, the younger one…she is 16. And there is Veronica, of 18 years. She is the fiancee of Baron Galway, a minor noble and supporter of the church of Helm. And, of course, his wife, Mariah, 44 years of age…if you ask me, a bit too old to be a regular slave but she is rumoured to still be rather pretty”, Sarevok concluded.

“ Well, this could be very rewarding indeed…”, Therion mused, scratching his chin, “ and I suggest we go right now. There is no point in wasting time when new victims…and the stone…are within my grasp…”

“ Not to mention the halfling, brother, right?” Sarevok cut in, smirking as he caught the lustful and vengeful glare in Therion’s gleaming eyes. “ Oh yes, indeed…”, Therion whispered, closing his fists tightly. “ I will have her and I will make her pay for stealing from me…where is Korgan?”

Sarevok laughed. “ Deepest dungeon. Last time I saw him, he was making a trade with Hendak. Hendak could have Aerie while he got to fuck that orc girl in the ass.”

Therion grinned. “ Good thing Grahka is getting the attention she deserves. That whore needs to be raped as much as possible, if only so I can find out when her spirit will finally break. Anyway…Edwin, get him away from her. I am sure he will enjoy our little…endeavor.”

Edwin was not too happy being given the task of getting the loathsome dwarf away from the screaming and cursing slave, but the prospect of fucking a group of new victims quickly brought him out of the angry tirade he was spouting at the mage. And so it came that, after a quick briefing from Sarevok and Therion, the group moved out, sneaking through Athkatla’s night and into the noble’s district.

At night, this place was quite well guarded, with the guards – who were paid more than the ones keeping watch over the poorer districts – looking out for anyone not belonging here, unless they had a noble vouching for them. Unfortunately for Keldorn’s family, however, one of the guards, a man named Thurson, was not just on the city watch’s payroll. He had a rather dark past, unbeknowst to anyone but Therion, who sensed the misdeeds of the past and knew the man as a regular customer at the Coronet. Upon seeing the group, especially Therion, the man simply stepped out of the way silently, letting them pass.

Contrary to the other districts, the noble’s quarter was silent at night. Since there were no taverns within and all the high-class establishments closed at midnight, few people were out, most of them drunken revelers seeking a way home after hours of slumming with the poor folks. It was ridiculously easy to escape notice. Therion smirked to himself. It was sad, actually, that they could not do this more often. Given that most noblewomen could afford to take care of themselves, many of them were very beautiful even when older. Unfortunately, enslaving those would lead to more undue attention…and at the moment, that would be a bad thing. He needed more power, more men and a strong base…a true cult. Until he had that, some women were actually safe from him…a fact which actually caused him physical discomfort. He shoved that sensation away, remembering why they were here tonight…

Finding the mansion of the Firecan family wasn’t too hard. Tyene, in the foolish hope that it might save her sister, had given them all the information they needed to find it. And if there had been any doubt, the holy symbol of Torm above the main entrance quickly dispelled it. They had found the right house. Therion grinned savagely. Already, he felt his cock stir at the prospect of violating new victims. Quickly, he motioned Edwin to open the door. The mage obeyed, apparently caught up in the exciting prospect just as much, given that he did not complain as usual. Instead, he pressed one hand against the door and muttered the “knock” incantation, soon being rewarded by the ‘clack’ of the lock being released.

Unseen and unheard, the group moved in.

“ So, what now?” Korgan asked, his impatience obvious, though Therion did not berate him for it. He felt much the same way. To desecrate the home of a Paladin thuis way…it was almost as vile as raping a paladin in their own temple. “ You go and get the whores. Edwin, take the oldest one, Veronica. Brother, you get Mariah, the mother.  And you, Korgan, get the younger one, Mya. DON’T fuck them yet. Bring them to me first. We should do this together.”

“ Why don’t you do anything?” Edwin asked, raising a brow. “ This way, if the noises get too loud, you can just disappear, leaving us with this mess…”

“ Because I AM the godchild here! Now, get to it, mage. Bring them into the dining room. I’ll be there in a moment after I bar the door to the servant’s quarters. No need for anyone to disturb us. Now get to it!” Therion snarled and the group dispersed…
Waiting for his men to bring him the whores, Therion started looking over the dining room, watching large portraits of both Keldorn’s and Mariah’s noble ancestors. A cruel smile was on his lips – his ancestor was a much greater force and he wanted to capitalize on anything his divine blood could give him.

He was just browsing through the silver cutlery, when he heard some noise and Sarevok entered, effortlessy carrying the paladin’s wife over his shoulder. Her small fists were trying to hit him, but he barely seemed to notice.

“Here you are brother” he said as he threw her to the floor.

“Ugh…” Mariah sighed when her body hit the floor but before she could react, Therion was next to her. Grabbing her by her neck and hair he forced her to look at him.

“Not so bad… I was worried you would look more like a hag” he smirked, ogling his prey. The woman was still pretty, with an aristocratic aura about her. She had long hair, brown with just view strands of grey in them. She was tall, the long dress she was wearing emphasizing her curves in an attractive way. Therion also did notice how Mariah, partly because of bearing two daughters, had an ample chest.

“So… paladins also can be perverts and Keldorn likes them young…” Therion smirked

“You must be 20 years younger than he is. I wonder if he is also doing his daughters”

“Don’t you dare speak about my husband like that!” the woman replied, anger in her voice trumping even the fear “Get out now and your lives may be spared!”
Therion didn’t answer, just slapped the bitch hard. It would really be fun breaking that one. He raised his hand again, but in that moment Edwin came into the room, pushing Veronica in. The mage’s hands were balizng the familiar green flames as he used it to force the girl to go where he pleased.

“Well… well…” Therion said, looking at the older daughter “I’m sure the old pervert is fucking that piece of meat.” He commented, watching the girl’s body, only inches shorter then her mothers, with long shapely legs and also a larger than average breasts, almost visible through the nightrobe she was wearing. The clothing ended at her thigs, allowing the men to get a glimpse of her legs and ass. As Edwin grabbed her long, brown hair Therion relished in the fear he saw in those blue eyes as well as the tears running down her cheeks – a testament to the efficiency of Edwin’s spell.

He didn’t have time to even approach her as he heard another noise, a cry of pain and Korgan entered, dragging Mya, the youngest daughter. She was built quite different then her mother and sister, rather medium-height, with more full shape, though by no means overweight. She had great curves, her round ass clearly visible against the fabric of her clothes. Her tits, were even larger then her sisters, Therion’s party could say this as the front of her nightgown was completely torn, exposing one of her full, perky breasts with a dark nipple.

“You just had to?” Therion smiled, watching her breast rising as she was breathing quickly in fear.

“The bitch tried to kick me” Korgan shrugged as he forced her on her knees and grabbed her tit and squeezed hard.

“Don’t you dare touch her you brute!” Mariah yelled rising to her feat “You’ll all pay…” she tried to say but Therion was next to her in an instant. He slapped her again, cutting her short, grabbed her by the neck and pushed her on the table, already positioning himself between her kicking legs.

“Oh yes, we will touch them – and you for that matter – a lot this night” he said, as Edwin started casting the silence spell, the same one that he used during the temple infiltration. “We are going to teach your husband a lesson and then leave him a message… and you will help us with it.”

“No! No, you will not touch them!” Mariah exclaimed, trying to get up, to kick at him, but Therion easily pushed her down again, thereby taking the opportunity to give her ample tits a good squeeze, making her whince with pain and discomfort. Using his other hand to push her skirt up, he exposed her cunt to their eyes, chuckling. „ Keep on struggling…it will make this all the more worthwhile”, he said to her, holding her down easily while opening his pants, releasing his cock, already fully erect at the prospect of causing her pain and degradation she had never felt before.

“Let’s get started”, Therion said once Edwin had finished the spell, covering the entry area in a dome of silence that would not let out any sounds while inside the house, everyone could still speak and be heard, thus ensuring that they would still be able to enjoy their victims’ screams without the chance of anyone interrupting the rape.
Edwin and Korgan both flashed savage grins in response. Muttering a few words in draconic, Edwin let his hands flash with green flame again, placing them on Veronica’s shoulders, making the girl cry out in pain once more. „ Get down on your knees!” he snarled, pushing her down so that she was now kneeling back to back with her sister, each of the girls faced with one of the group who certainly did not have her best interests at heart.

Both Korgan and Edwin wasted little time in getting their own cocks out, laughing as both girls recoiled from the sight. Quickly, both grabbed the head of their respective victim, keeping her from moving away, their mouths only inches away from the hard cocks. „ You know what we want…so open up!” Korgan snarled at Mya, reaching down to squeeze her tit again.

„ No! Be strong….”, Mariah said, looking over at her girls, pain and despair in her eyes, „ if they try…bite it! Father taught you to be strong in the face of evil….” Again, she was interrupted by a hard backhanded slap from Therion. „ I’m sure he did…so only he could fuck all their holes!” He looked over to the girls, nodding to Korgan and Edwin to release their heads for a moment, knowing they would look into the direction of their mother immediately.
„ Listen to me, you whores! If one of my comrades so much as feels your teeth lightly touch his cock, your mother will suffer the consequences!” He snarled at them, grasping Mariah’s throat and squeezing until she gagged and gasped, ragged, wheezing breaths escaping her lips. „ Am I understood?”
Neither Edwin nor Korgan waited for the girls to respond, instead grabbing their heads and forcing them to face their cocks once more. And, to no particular surprise, the girls hesitantly opened their mouths for the raging, throbbing erections presented to them. Therion noticed that Mariah closed her eyes, stifling a sob as she turned her head, unwilling to watch the degradation of her daughters, her body shuddering as she heard Veronica crying softly and Mya gagging hard as the dwarf forced his thick meat into her mouth, stretching her lips wide.
„ Let’s see which one can take it deeper!” Korgan suggested, starting to push his cock further into the girl’s mouth. Tears were running down her cheeks as well and she kept on gagging on his shaft, the tip already touching the back of her throat. Edwin was not far behind, holding Veronica’s head with both hands while slowly forcing more and more of his cock into her mouth, his shaft pinning the crying girl’s tongue down, forcing her to taste his precum, already flowing freely from causing her pain earlier. Whereas Korgan pushed with short, hard thrusts, he simply kept going in one long shove.
Therion laughed, grabbing Mariah’s chin to force her head to the side, making her face the scene unfolding next to them. „ I’m sure you want to see how your daughters perform…I wonder which one was trained better by her father…” „You…filthy…swine! You will…suffer…divine…retribution…”, Mariah spat, twisting and squirming helplessly in his grasp. Therion shook his head. „ I doubt that. If that was possible, I would have been struck down when I fucked that dyke paladin in the temple!” Still laughing, thinking fondly of this incident…he rammed his cock all the way up Mariah’s cunt in one mighty trust!
Mariah’s response was a scream of quite satisfying pain and volume, a sound Therion forced from the woman’s lungs again and again as he began pounding her unwilling, dry and still surprisingly tight cunt like a madman, his balls slapping against her skin, his hips a blur, driving his massive tool into the screaming woman again and again.
And a moment later, that sound was joined by the gagging and gargling of her two daughters as Edwin and Korgan began forcing their cocks down the crying girls’ throats, laughing at the misery and discomfort they caused Keldorn’s beloved daughters. It was actually Korgan who succeeded in getting the entirety of his cock down Mya’s throat, grabbing her chin and the back of her head to hold her firmly in place while she retched and gargled.
„ Listen! I can make this whore quack like a duck!” he yelled, rejoicing in the way her throat squeezed his cock while she tried to get away, fat tears rolling down her distended cheeks, her lips stretched tightly around the thick dwarven cock.
Soon, Edwin, too, had managed to get his entire length in, which was met with gleeful approval by Therion. Turning his attention back to the screaming woman he was raping, he said, „ Seems Mya has been trained much better than her sister…her father must have been busy making her suck cock from an early age!”
With raging eyes, Mariah tried to spit at him, her pain forgotten for the moment, swept away by indignation and anger…though she could not even turn her head much, his hand still making her face her daughters’ ordeal. „ You’ll all…hnngh…pay for this….Torm will…deliver…us”, she hissed through clenched teeth before erupting with a tortured moan again, her cunt already sore from his vicious assault.
Therion laughed again, keeping up the mad pace at which he was pounding her cunt. „ Torm will do nothing! Every moment, cunts like you are being raped, pleading to their pathetic gods for help…and nothing happens! I can feel it! A whore like you is beneath their attention…”, he said, grinning at the renewed tears he saw in the corners of her eyes.
Both girls suffered a brutal throatrape that only stopped when Sarevok interjected, having grown tired of simply watching his comrades having their way with Mya and Veronica. After a moment’s consideration, they quickly changed positions so that Sarevok was sitting on the large couch with a girl on each side. Every now and then he would grab either Mya’s or Veronica’s head and force it down on his cock, raping her throat for a few strokes before turning his attention to the other sobbing girl. Edwin and Korgan were kneeling behind the girls, Edwin pushing his cock into Veronica’s tight, unwilling cunt while Korgan gave Mya the first assrape of her life, making the poor girl howl in absolute agony whenever her mouth was not wrapped around Sarevok’s cock.
When Therion had climaxed for the first time into Mariah’s cunt, joking how he would plant the seed of darkness within her – though he had no such intention – he threw her onto the floor and, after tearing open her nightgown, fucked her tits to get himself back to full hardness, watching the rape of her daughters with delight.
After the three men had cummed all over the girl’s faces and Therion had forced a crying, heartbroken Mariah to lick up the cum from the faces of her own daughters, they had them stand with their hands against the wall and used Therion’s favourite cat-o’-nine-tails to literally whip the clothes off their backs, the girls’ desperate screams bringing them all back to hardness.
For two more hours they raped Mariah and her daughters as hard and brutal as they could, making sure that each had their turn with each of their victims, only stopping when Therion noticed that dawn was near. So, after a final, brutal throatrape of Mya and Veronica, they shot their loads into the girls’ mouths and then, using Edwin’t spells and the threat of the whip, forced them to spit the cum onto their mother’s tear- and cum-stained face.
Therion stepped back, admiring his handiwork. Mariah and her daughters were cum-covered, trembling wrecks. Mya was trying to crawl into a corner and Veronica was simply staring into space, not even noticing the thick drops of cum hanging from her chin. Mariah trembled and sobbed, her face almost completely hidden under a mask of spit and cum. „ Tie her up”, Therion said to Sarevok, who quickly tied Mariah’s hands together behind her back and then sat her onto the couch where only moments ago, her daughters had been violated. „ Now, you will wait here until someone finds you. And when they do, you will give them a message…a message for your husband. Tell him I want the stone. I want a meeting place that is not full of Paladins. If he agrees…then he will see his daughters again. If not…” He paused, the hesitation meant to make his meaning very clear.
Mariah managed only a weak, „ N-no…leave them alone…”, her lips pulling thick strands of cum between them. Therion did not even listen. Korgan and Sarevok each grabbed a girl and, after Edwin cast an invisibility spell, returned to the Coronet with their spoils…
…A few nights later…
Lina shuddered in the cold night air…and not just because of the fresh breeze wafting over from the docks. She was still nervous, knowing she was not, as her mother so often said, „ the right thing”. Why had she allowed her sister to talk her into this? Oh, wait…she hadn’t. It had been her own idea.
Lina and her sister Alora were huddled together in an alleyway behind the Copper Coronet. The shadows and a couple of half-rotted crates hid the two halfling girls well as they worked on the lock of one of the shutters covering a basement window.
To be exact, Alora worked on it while Lina looked on, trying to stay focused as her older sister – 40, making her look like a miniature 25-year old human with wide, friendly eyes, full lips and a sharp-featured, soomewhat exotic face that not only drew halfling looks wherever she roamed – applied her thieve’s craft to pick the lock.
The older halfling had tied her reddish locks together into a tight braid to keep them from hanging into her face. Her body was covered in a simple set of leather armor which offered a maximum of flexibility while granting her at least some minor protection against daggers and arrows. Incidentially, it also showed off her well-built body, her shapely chest and bubbly, heart-shaped ass. Alora was a beauty and Lina had always been jealous of her sister.
Alora had always been prettier, more adventurous…and, it needed to be said, much more flirtatious. There was no counting the many times she had given their mother Nephele, herself a devout cleric of Yondalla, headaches. But what had gotten Alora into trouble also made her an object of admiration as well as jealousy for her younger sister. Lina was only 22 – which, in human years, would have put her just above 17 years – and she still looked up to her older sister, who, unbeknownst to their mother, had started a rather successful thieving career in Athkatla, managing to escape the guards as well as the Shadow Thieves, who did not like competition that did not pay its dues.
And of course, when Lina heard of it, she had been giddy with excitement, nagging her big sister until Alora finally gave up and agreed to teach her the thieve’s arts. After a few quick break-ins and a few picked pockets, she had finally decided to try her hands at some of the bigger fish. The Copper Coronet was getting a really ominous reputation with even the Shadow Thieves not touching it with a 10-foot pole ever since the new owner and his comrades had arrived in town. There were whispered talks of a special brothel being opened in the cellars of the inn…a drow had been sighted…a Red Wizard was involved…and, of course, the most pervasive rumour…that the owner was a child of a god, sired during the Time of Troubles.
To Alora, who shared the same daring attitude as many halflings and who trusted her natural luck, all of this had meant ont thing…a lot of coin and no competition. She was certain she could outwit the „big people” with ease…she’d done it often enough. Where she was confident, however, her little sister was nervous beyond the usual fidgeting.
Lina shuddered again. The building they were trying to break into oozed malice. Unlike her sister, she was not particularly dextrous by her people’s standards – although it was certainly enough to liberate the bigfolk of a few coinc every now and then – but she had inherited her mother’s aptitude for sensing the unseen forces of the world. She’d have made a great cleric, as her mother had always said, had she not considered service to Yondalla intensely boring. But still, her gift was real…and right now, it sent shivers down her spine. Evil was lurking here…palpable, brooding evil. Like a flower of absolute darkness that had not yet begun to bloom.
„ Alora…we should not be here”, she whispered under her breath, for maybe the sixth time. Her sister scowled, shaking her head. Between her lips, she held another lockpick, her hands both busy with the shutter’s heavy steel lock. „ Shhtop yammring…you’re dshhtrcting me…”, she hissed, sighing in frustration. The lock was masterfully crafted and extremely hard to pick. Whoever owned this place now was determined to keep thieves out. All the more reason for Alora to get in.
Lina shrugged, seeing that there was no point in trying to convince her sister to stop. Instead, to combat her growing unease, she concentrated on watching her older sister work. Even now, with tiny beads of sweat on her brow, Alora was a true beauty. Lina herself always felt somewhat inadequate. Sure, she turned heads as well, but most men would consider her cute rather than beautiful. Her bright blonde hair was cropped short and she had an open, round face with ruby lips made to smile. Her body was somewhat more plump than her sister’s, with a less ample chest but a round, inviting ass. She definitely was not ugly and no man would ever pass her by without a second look…unless her sister was present in which case she was almost completely forgotten. Her sister seemed so much more gifted and talented than her…
Just now, Alora’s face lit up and she grinned. „ There you go”, she hissed…and with a sharp turn, finally opened the lock., proving her sister’s point exactly. With a swift motion, she opened the shutters and climed through the glassless window into the small cellar room, possibly a storage chamber. Lina, not wanting to be left alone, followed, although in doing so, she felt as if she had given up on the chance to see daylight again…
Quietly, the two halfling girls slipped into the dark, cramped space, their eyes quickly adjusting to the dim twilight, the room being only illuminated by the light creeping underneath the doorframe. Besides a few crates and boxes, there was little here that was of immediate interest to either. Alora quickly moved to one of the larger crates that seemed to have been brought into the room not too long ago, the dust not yet having settled. After a quick lifting of the lid, she snickered and turned to her sister. „ It’s true…this IS a brothel.” Sneaking her small hand into the container, she pulled out something the sight of which made Lina blush. It was obviously a strapon and a rather large one at that.
„ Put it back…before anyone notices it’s missing”, she implored her sister, who, after another chuckle, did exactly that. „ No need to steal one of those…I could get one from Waukeen’s Promenade just as easily…BUT where there are whores, there is gold…and usually lots of it”, Alora reasoned and Lina could not help but agree. After all, this was one business that would never truly fall on bad times.
Closing the lid on the crate, Alora tiptoed towards the door and peeked through the keyhole, conveniently located just within height of a halfling’s eye. She tried her best to appear calm and collected, but, as always, she was giddy with excitement. All halflings had that adventurous streak inside them – even their mother had told them of some of her more…interesting…years of her life – and where it was rather subdued in the case of her dear sister Lina, in herself, it was overwhelming. These moments, always on the edge of discovery, knowingly doing something that could seriously get her into trouble, these moments allowed her to truly feel alive. It was even better than making love.
Quickly, without even turning her head, she gave her sister a quick handsign signalling that the coast was clear. And, fortunately, the door seemed to be oiled well, opening without even the slightest bit of squeaking. Looking around, the halfling thief found herself and soon her sister in a long, lit corridor that seemed to end at a stairwell down a few metres away.
Given that only few people ever stored their riches anywhere but the cellar, she nodded in this direction and headed onward, her ears straining to pick up any suspicious sound. What she heard was…strange. Of course, from down below the sounds of male moaning wafted upwards…but apart from that she could only hear screams…and they did not appear to belong to women enjoying their work…but whatever was behind that should not be her concern. Getting in, grabbing as much gold as possible and getting out again with her sister was her primary objective…and, currently, the only one worth focusing on.
Quickly, occasionally making sure her sister was still following, Alora headed down the stairs, finding herself in yet another corridor that had several other hallways branching away from it. At a corner, she stopped, listening. There was a sound…a creaking, again and again…like wood being worked. For a moment, Alora hesitated, looking around, trying to see if there were any signs by which she could make out the quickest way to the treasury. But, alas, none presented itself. So, she decided to follow the strange creaking sound, given that it was as good a sign as any.
Following the sound quickly led the two halflings to the end of the corridor where they faced another door. Rising on tiptoes again, Alora peered through…and gasped in shock.
The room behind the door was rather small, almost like a cell. The only things in it were a simple bed, a chair and a wooden table. Currently, only the table was occupied. A drow female was lying on top of it on her back, her beautiful, slender body completely naked. Her legs were spread and between them stood a giant of a man, tall and muscular, with a dark, scowling expression and brooding eyes. He had grabbed the naked drow by her hips and was driving his massive cock into her pussy with powerful thrusts, thus causing the table to creak in protest. The drow’s hands were gripping the edges of the table, so tightly her skin had turned a lighter shade of ash. The skin around her tits was slightly darker than the rest, suggesting bruises. And, judging from her expression, the way she grit her teeth and her grunts, it was obvious that she was not enjoying this at all. Alora was just witnessing a rape!
„ What is it, sister?” Lina asked, typical halfling curiousity winning over the sense of dread she’d had ever since they entered this place. Alora simply shook her head, trying to ignore what she’d just seen. It was not too uncommon for a brothel’s clients to take things too far, although she never thought she would ever see a drow in such a position. „ Doesn’t matter…but there’s no coin here…let’s go this way…” She pointed into the direction they had come from and down another corridor.
That corridor led deeper into the cellar, which more and more felt like a dungeon, albeit a well-lit one. As they moved on, they came across several more doors…and the sounds of grunts and screams and the occasional sob increased. Even Alora, who, until now, had been too caught up in her desire to prove to herself and the damnable Shadow Thieves that she was the best thief in the city, felt that something was wrong here. Most clients expected prostitutes to at least pretend they enjoyed making love. She needed to find out what exactly happened here…and so, began to peer through the other keyholes….and the sights she saw truly horrified her.
…An athletic and surprisingly very attractive orc girl sitting on one man’s lap, his cock buried deep inside her cunt. Her hands were shackled together behind her back with heavy chains. Behind her, a truly ugly dwarf was half squatting on top of her, using the braid of black hair hanging from the orc girl’s head like reins while he drove his thick cock deeply into her ass. Apparently, the doors were thick enough to block out most sounds, for the orc girl howled and screamed profanities at the men, squirming between them in a desperate attempt to get free as she was raped.
…A young half-elven girl kneeling in the middle of a bare room, tears streaming down her cheeks while a group of men stood around her, jerking their cocks and spraying her already thickly-covered face and tits with their cum.
…a brutish, although not exactly ugly looking woman lying on top of a crying human girl, no older than 16 or 17, using a strapon to brutally rape the young girl’s cunt.
…a dusky-skinned girl with long brown hair kneeling before a man with her legs spread. Crying, she pushed a thick wooden dildo into her cunt while at the same time lapping at his balls with her tongue.
…a lithe, beautiful elvish girl on all fours, lapping up a puddle of cum on the floor while a man stood behind her, using his belt to whip her back and ass.
Alora never allowed Lina to see any of this, but by the time she had seen through the last keyhole on the right, she was shivering. This was no ordinary brothel…these girls were slaves! And if she had Lina were caught…by Yondalla, there was simply no way this could be allowed to happen.
„ We need to get out of here. Now!” she hissed. Lina frowned, looking at her. „ Why? What about the gold?” „ Forget the gold. This is too dangerous!” Grabbing her sister’s wrist, she dragged her along back up the corridor…only to stop dead in her tracks when she heard voices.
„ My feet are killing me. Feels like this shift is never going to end”, a male voice said. The footsteps were coming closer. Alora quickly grabbed her sister and pulled her to the side, into the shadow of a crate standing close to one of the doors. Not a moment too soon, for only a heartbeat later, two men in thick leather armor appeared. One was rather young but he had a wild gleam in his eyes while the other seemed older and, for lack of a better word, weary. Both were armed. Guards.
„ Then get better boots”, the younger man said, „ we get paid more than enough.”
„ You get paid much more than I do”, his older companion answered, „ what did you do to get into the boss’ good graces anyway?” The younger man shrugged. „ I made some suggestions he liked”, he said, winking.
The older man sighed. „ I can only imagine what kind. Son…are you really sure this is what you want for life?”
His younger companion looked at him, puzzled. „ Of course! We get paid well, the finest girls to fuck, meals and two pints of ale on the house…and not the pisswater they serve the guests.”
„ No thinking of starting a family? With a girl that doesn’t cry when she sees you?”
„ Pfff! Don’t think I could even if I wanted. I just have too much fun making them scream…”
Slowly, the older man shook his head. There was a certain sadness in his eyes. „ You haven’t been like this when he hired you.”
„ That’s the boss. He changes you.  When i started here…I did not think he was all he’s cranked up to be…but he was. He truly has a spark of the divine within him. Too bad you can’t see that.”
„ Look, son, I’ve been here ever since Hendak owned this place. I don’t mind the slave-trading or cutting up someone who’s wronged the boss. I’m certainly no saint. But this…all of this…it feels wrong.”
„ Just be glad the boss doesn’t hear this…and I don’t squeal….and speaking of squealing…” Quick as a viper, the young man lunged forward, grabbing Lina’s arm and dragging the halfling out of her hideaway, followed by Alora. „ When you hide, you should make sure no one can see your shadow…hmmm…what say you…shall we take them to the boss first or have some fun?”
A voice from behind him answered the question for him. „ They go to Therion”, the large man who’d been raping the drow – whom he shoved forward so hard she almost fell to the floor – said, looking the halflings over. „ He has been quite…looking forward to trying out another of that size…”
“What… what do you mean by this?” Lina opened her eyes wide in surprise and fear.
“Leave us alone!” Alora yelled fighting fiercely against the hands holding her. She knew all too well what the man meant – she saw what a place it was. And she couldn’t, simply couldn’t allow her sister to be subjected to the same fate that those poor women were forced to endure. It was her fault that they got into this mess but she sure as hell wouldn’t just allow it.
Twisting her body, using all of her almost preternatural agility, she managed to slip herself out of the guard’s hand. Immediately she unsheathed a dagger concealed in her sleave and hit, again and again and again. Lina could believe and Alora reinforced that belief that thievery was all about sneaking in to well-off places and romantic chases on the rooftops… but Alora while not keen on bloodshed was no stranger the battle and violence.
The first blow hit the guard in the abdomen, the second struck the armour the soldier was wearing, while the third also was buried deep in the man’s flesh. He cried loosening his grip, allowing Lina to free herself, as he fell down, grabbing his wound.
“Kyon!” the older soldier shouted, drawing his sword… but as only Lina was in range of his blow he hesitated a moment… a moment that was enough for Alora to grab her sister and pull her out of his reach.
“Lina, run!” Alora cried desperately but it was too late. With speed unfitting to a man of such size and posture, the large man who ordered the Halflings to be delivered to Therion, plunged himself on Alora.
The man had a two-handed sword strapped to his back but didn’t even grab it. He just swinged his fist, narrowly missing the small thief’s face.
“Lina, run!” the red-haired Halfling repeated her cry but although Lina made a gesture as though she wanted to run to the door… she stopped, turning over, not willing to move without her sister. “Run!” Alora cried once again, attacking her opponent with her dagger. This time she knew he wouldn’t be able to dodge her blow and because of him raping the drow before he wasn’t wearing any armour.
But Sarevok didn’t have to dodge – he simple grapped the blade of the dagger in his left hand, barely wincing as the blade cut through his flesh and drops of blood fell to the ground. He raised his fist…
And the next thing Alora remembered was that she was lying on the floor, her head killing her, as the older guard tied her tightly with ropes. Lina was covering over in the corner, one glimpse of the tall man – as well as seeing her sister captured – making her forget any plans about escape.
“Whore!” the tall man turned to the drow “Heal me and then Kyon” he ordered flatly.
Alora watched as the drow crawled to the man, her bruised tits swinging beneath her as she went on all fours. She took the man’s injured arm and incanted a healing spell. Alora has seen divine healing before, sometimes even was on the receiving end… but she had never seen something like this.
As the man’s wound began to glow and disappear, the drow priestess gave a small whimper, and the Halfling could clearly see pain reflected on her aristocratic features. As soon as she finished, she crawled to the younger guard, who was still lying on the ground, trying to stop the bleeding from his wounds. Now Alora could see the same bizarre healing again, but as Kyon’s wounds were much more serious than the previous man’s, this time the drow could not stop herself from a cry of pain escaping her mouth as she kept the healing spell. The thief could see the drow breathing heavily, her abused tits raising and falling in the rhythm of her breaths.
When the spell was finished, Kyon rose and approached the tied Alora.
“You’ll regret this bitch!” he said “I’ll make you pay!”
“Only when Therion says so” Sarevok replied flatly. “Now, let gets going” he ordered, grabbing the drow by her white hair. Meanwhile Kyon lifted Alora, while the other guard took Lina and they all prcoceeded further into the dungeon.
While Lina was frozen with terror and did not move as the guard carried her, Alora tried to escape, both her bonds and the clutches of the guard, who glared down at her small form with murder and worse in his eyes. She did not really wish to know what would happen right now if the large man – who, much to her detriment, was quite adept at tying inescapable knots – hadn’t told him to leave her alone. Still, she twisted in his grip, but he simply grabbed her more tightly.
The large man kept on dragging the drow with him by her hair, forcing her to keep up with him, her shapely tits jiggling as she hurried, her steps somewhat uncertain, making it obvious that she still had trouble walking after having been raped only scant moments ago. Somewhere along the way, he opened another door, looked inside…and then tossed the drow in, locking the door behind her. „ Get cleaned up, whore! We’ll have need of you later!” he said, then turned away, beckoning the guards on, along with their living baggage.
They moved on, accompanied by the unnerving echoes of screams and sobs of numerous women. The guard named Kyan chuckled. „ Listen closely, you little cunt”, he hissed down at Alora, who did her best not to listen, not to dwell on what might happen to her and her little sister soon, „ soon, you’ll be crying with the rest of them!”
Alora glared up, hoping he would mistake her trembling for anger instead of abject terror, „ Give me one chance and…I’ll…I’ll finish what I started!” Her voice sounded a little higher than she would have liked, telling him that her defiance was merely a facade. He laughed. „ Oh, I’ll make sure to ask Therion for some alone time with you…but this time, I’ll do the…stabbing.” He grinned, fully satisfied with his attempt at humour.
The trip did not last long, just down another corridor after which their eyes fell upon another door with two guards in front. „ S-so…your big…b-boss needs more guards to…protect him?” Alora asked, wanting to sound clever and sarcastic. With her voice trembling like that, it did not exactly work.
„ Sarevok….”, one of the guards said, „ Kyon…hey, what have you got there!”A broad, lecherous grin appeared on his face, sending shivers down Alora’s spine. „ When did we get halflings?” Sarevok motioned him to step aside. „ A few moments ago. These two tried to break in”, he said, prompting the guard to laugh. „ Oh….well, you chose the wrong place to break into, you little cunts!” he said, reaching out for Alora, but Sarevok stopped with him a glare. „ Therion gets them first. Now move aside.”
The guard bowed and stepped aside, allowing Sarevok to reach and open the door, the small group quickly moving through…
Lina, who, until this moment, had been mercifully spared the true horror of their situation, gave a startled, horrified cry as she witnessed the scene in the room. Alora had to choke back a scream herself, her fear rising to new heights as her worst thoughts were confirmed.
On the right-hand wall, a woman stood, chained to the wall via heavy iron rings and shackles, her back to the room. She was tall, ample-chested and very beautiful, her long brown hair flowing over her back…which was criscrossed with numerous whip marks. She was crying bitterly in pain and it was obvious that, without the shackles holding her, she would simply collapse to the floor. A few feet behind her, a man stood, brutish in appearance, though with a devious twinkle in his eyes. In his hand, he held a long, braided whip, which he used to rain blow upon blow onto the shapely back of the poor girl.
Before him knelt another naked woman, a sensuous, exotic beauty with scaly skin and long dark hair. Her long, nimble fingers were wrapped around the man’s cock and she was jerking it, aiming it at her own face – which had already received at least another load before, cum hanging from her chin in long strands, the sticky sperm smeared over her cheeks. The way she glared at the man made it very obvious that she was not enjoying this at all.
The room also contained a large bed, but that was empty. The table, in, however, was occupied. Another girl, a somewhat plump and very curvy girl with reddish hair, had been bent over the table, her arms and legs tied to its legs so she could not move at all. Behind her stood a man whom Alora immediately identified as the mysterious „Therion” their captors had spoken about. He radiated menace and power, his eyes almost glowing the with need to dominate and degrade. He was, by far, the most terrifying individual Alora had ever seen. In his left hand, he held a thick wooden dildo, which he was slowly sliding in and out of the poor girl’s anus, each thrust making her cry out in pain. „ Confess and it will be over…come on…”, he said to the poor girl, grabbing a handful of her hair to force her to look up at the whipping of the other woman in the room. „ How did he fuck you? Did he fuck your ass like I did yesterday? Did he make you drink cum? Just admit it…and I’ll tell him to stop…”
“I… I…” the woman tried to respond, her voice breaking as her eyes, opened wide, were watching what the other girl was subjected to.
“No… no! No… aaaieee!” the chained girl started protesting weakly, only for her pleas to be turned into a pained cry as the whip fell on her back… again… and again… and again. “No… no…” she kept repeating in a voice so desperate and pitiful that Alora was not sure whether she asked her sister to remain strong and not tell what she was expected to… or simply pleading for her abuse to stop.
“See what your sister must endure because of your stubbornness?” Therion said, as he spit on the face of the girl that was tied to the table. “Tell me… or I’ll have Hendak unchain and start working on her front. I believe her tits would make an excellent target.”
“All right!” the tied girl cried “I admit!”
“Admit to WHAT?!” Therion hissed as he suddenly rammed his dildo up the poor’s girl’s anus, making her twist her body against the bonds holding her. Alora could only wish for her hands to be free – if not to allow her to fight than at least to cover Lina’s ears to prevent hear from hearng the ear piercing scream the girl gave as the brutal instrument was shoved deep into her ass.
“He… oh gods… forgive me… he fucked me…” she said silently.
“Who?” Therion insisted, still pumping her ass with the dildo.
“Oh please… stop… take it out… aaaa! Keldorn! Keldorn! My father, my dad!” the girl finally gave in, her twisting body jumping and bucking widely even as she was tied up. “My dad fucked me! Fucked me… in my ass!” she cried.
“Yes, yes, I knew it!” Therion smiled widely and gestured towards the man with the whip “Unchain the whore… for now. And you keep on!”
“He… fucked my ass. Hard. Oh gods… he fucked my ass every night. Fast and brutally. I kept begging daddy to stop but he had kept going…” she cried, tears of humiliation and despair running down her eyes.
“I know those paladin types… so holier than though by I knew when presented with a piece of ass they have to take it hard… yes keep going. What else did he do?”
“He made me suck him… suck him off… He made me drink… drink his cum… or he sprayed it on my breasts…. My tits…” the girl kept saying, her face becoming red with shame.
Alora watched as the poor girl struggled to find some disgusting words that the man torturing her wanted to hear. The Halfling didn’t know what kind of pleasure did he get from it, obviously knowing all too well the confession was forced and fake… but clearly he was getting off on it. Meanwhile Hendak unchained the other girl, but as her body almost fell to the floor with exhaustion he quickly secured her wrists in the chains again.
“Well, it seems you got yourself a short break from the whip” he smiled to her… as he grabbed her legs and lifted then, forcing his body between them. Alora looked at her sister, whose mouth was trembling as she saw the man force his hard, fat dick into the abused girl’s pussy. “Oh… yes… so good…” he said licking and then biting the girl’s neck as with short thrusts he began pushing himself in.
With a quick moved he clasped his hand on his thigh and Alora watched as the woman who was jerking him off, glanced at his back with hatred and then crawled to him obediently and started licking his balls with her long, dexterous and forked tongue.
“Keep going…” Meanwhile Therion pinched the other girl’s tits, forcing her to focus on him again. “And tell me how he fucked your sister.”
Alora wanted to say something, to either tell Lina – who was staring at the terrifying scene with absolute shock and horror, tears glistening in her eyes – to close her eyes or to beg someone to end the torture of these two innocent girls, but the moment she opened her mouth, Kyon backhanded her hard, hissing, „ Shut up, whore!”
Therion either did not notice the scene playing out or did not care. When Mya hesitated, he started pushing the dildo deeper into her asshole again, making her whimper softly. How much he loved hurting her! She was the perfect victim…and despite the message sent to Keldorn, Therion knew his two daughters would never be free again. „ That was not a question, you dumb cunt!” he snarled at the crying girl, speeding up his thrusts with the dildo.
„ I’m sorry!” the girl cried out, „ He…he fucked her whenever I…was not around…he…he beat her…and made her beg…him to fuck her…and she…she did…he…fucked her pussy…and her ass…and…and he made her tell him how much she liked…being raped..and she did…” the younger girl „confessed” under tears, eaning at least a moment’s respite from the dildo pounding her anus, although, of course, it stayed inside her ass. Therion grinned at the humiliation and misery he heard in her voice. Of course, he knew these confessions to be fake, but the sheer horror and degradation it inflicted upon the girls was like a fine wine to him.
„ That’s a lie!” Veronica shouted, whincing at the force with which Hendak was raping her cunt, each thrust forcing her aching, whipped back to rub against the wall, only adding to the pain the rape was causing her already. But still, hearing these things from her sister, made it so much worse, she simply could not take it anymore.
Immediately, Hendak silenced her by placing a hand over her mouth, his thrusts becoming stronger and deeper, much to her detriment, tears flowing down her cheeks while she twisted and squirmed in the shackles and his grip. Hendak kept his hand where it was, but looked down, glaring at Ssatha, who, due to his stronger thrusts, had failed to keep on licking his balls. A well-placed kick spurred her „enthusiasm”, her forked tongue playing over his balls again while she glared up, hatred burning hot within her eyes.
„ A lie, hm? You are lying to me?” Therion asked Mya, pinching her tit and ramming the dildo in as deep as he could. Mya cried out in torment, straining against her bonds, but Therion had tied the knots way too tight for her to have any reasonable chance of breaking free. „ If that wasn’t true…then i guess I did not have any reason to free your sister from the whip, hm?”
„ No! No…it’s true, it’s all true…please….”, Mya whimpered, screaming loudly as he kept on pumping the dildo into her ass. Therion looked over at Hendak, who, getting the hint, removed his hand from Veronica’s mouth. „ Is it?” he asked the older girl, who, seeing the misery and pain her sister was in, finally nodded, shame turning her cheeks red.
Therion laughed and finally pulled the dildo out of Mya’s ass. „ Good to hear you value the truth so much…just like your father…”, he said, chuckling. „ Now, Hendak, finish fucking her and then have them being taken to the cells. I think we have new guests…”
„With… pleasure…” Hendak Said grinning and began pumping Veronica’s cunt even harder, moving his body between her legs. “Hear it cunt? I’m going to gush you full… with… my… CUM!”
“No, please… not in ME!” the poor girl shouted, shaking her head wildly, straining her body against the chains holding her. She could all too well feel his throbbing dick moving faster and faster in her, raping her abused cunt.
“Don’t play a virgin” Hendak spat at the girl’s face and bit her lower lip, gnawing at it until it was inflamed “You were supposed to tell the truth… and I’ve fucked your cunt so many times that it must by flowing with cum” he laughed.
Alora could see all too well as the girl gave just another pitiful sob and closed her eyes… and soon after Hendak’s pushes became even fiercer. In the symphony of his grunts and her moans the man kept pushing his dick only to pull it out after a while… and the Halfling could see that he wasn’t lying in this regard – white liquid spilled from the poor girl’s full pussy, flowing down her thighs and legs.
As the girl kept sobbing, Hendak unchained her and called the two guards standing outside the door.
“Take those two bitches to their cells” he ordered and then turned to Ssatha “And you will soon have the chance to lick her cunt from my cum” he grinning, as with a kick he encouraged her to move. For a moment he watched her ass and tits as she crawled out of the room, then he bowed slightly to Therion and left the room… but not before he winked at the two Halfling girls and whispered “Have fun”
“I wouldn’t count on it… but then again I know I will have fun and nothing else matters.” Therion who must have heard Hendak’s words smiled as he approached the two terrified girls, his manners almost calm and lazy… as if he knew they weren’t able to escape – which as Alora feared was all too close to the truth.
“Please leave us…” one look in the Therion’s eyes was enough to convince Alora that begging for it will be in vain but stubborn as she was, she continued – with a slight change “Please leave Lina alone. Release her… I have gold hidden and…”
Without any apparent emotions, save for some mild curiosity, Therion cut her speech short by delivering a brutal slap, that would make the lithe Halfling  fall to the ground if she weren’t held in a strong grip.
“No!” Lina cried, watching as Therion, for no apparent reason slapped her sister again.
“You see…” Therion began as if he didn’t see nor hear the commotion “I have lusted about one of your kind for some time now… and I have promised myself that I will make her curse the day she was born. But since she isn’t here and you two are… well, you have to be thankful that there are two of you. One could not make it…” he finished ominously, which made Lina go pale with sudden terror.
“You sick…” Alora, infuriated by the very thought of her sister being hurt and slowly realizing that she may not have much to lose after all lashed at Therion… only to be dealt a powerful blow to her stomach.
“She reminds me of Mazzy” Sarevok mused as he allowed the Halfling, still coughing and fighting for air after the blow, fall to the floor “Even the hair is similar”
“Yes she does…” Therion smiled to his thoughts ”I like this fire. I will have few things in store for you, feisty one… but before we begin… “ he turned to Kyon “Soldier, get the fattest dildo and ram it up the younger’s halfling’s ass.”
“Yes sir!” the young soldier saluted, released Lina who was immediately grabbed by Sarevok and approached the stand with dildos.
“No! Please, you can’t!” Alora shouted, trying to get to her feet, as Therion made her fall again by landing a vicious kick on her side.
“Oh I can… But maybe I won’t” he said “Now as you know what is the price of disobedience you will obey. Kyon, you can leave the tool.”
“Yes, sir.” The soldier was clearly dissatisfied but obeyed.
“Now… I want you to strip before me.” Therion said looking Alora in the eyes…  and after that you will undress your sister. Understood?”
“You…” Alora started, her eyes blazing with fire.
“Kyon!” Therion said, not even turning.
“Yes! I under stand!” Alora shouted quickly, seeing as the solder picks up a nasty looking dildo…  
“ Then do it. I am used to getting what I want and I doubt that is going to change just because of a dumb, worthless whore like you. So, get to it. No stalling, no begging and no hiding of either your tits or your cunt”, Therion said calmly. His demeanor had not changed significantly. He was still calm and collected, although the growing lust in his eyes shook her to the core. Next to her, she could hear Lina whimper softly, the younger halfling’s body trembling like a leaf in the wind. Obviously, simply being this close to Therion filled her with utter, mindless terror. Even Alora, who had inherited practically nothing of her mother’s spiritual leanings, knew in her very heart that this man was the source of her sister’s horror, that he embodied the darkness that filled this place.
And here she was, completely at his mercy. Alora knew what was going to happen…and she had no choice whatsoever in the matter. She would not be able to prevent it. Maybe all she could do was keep her sister as safe as possible…but for that, she had to obey. Reflexively, she cast another frightful glance behind herself, shuddering at the size of the dildo the guard had chosen. Alora was fairly certain Lina, while not a virgin, had never taken a cock up her ass. She could not imagine how painful it would be for her little sister to have this one forced into her…
For a second, the man called Kyon met her gaze and grinned, a huge bulge in his pants already. The young man was enjoying this just as much as Therion and the tall warrior, only he was showing it. A snap of fingers brought her attention back to Therion, who tapped his foot on the floor, indicating that he was running out of patience.
With trembling hands and avoiding the gaze of this terrible man and his companions, she reached behind her and, after nestling around for a bit, undid the first clasp that held her leather armor in place. It hid a cleverly concealed zipper, which she then pulled down, her cheeks already burning with shame, her breathing still a bit laboured after the brutal punch Therion had thrown. She knew she wore nothing underneath, the tightness of the garments making underwear very uncomfortable. And so, when she had pulled the zipper down to its base, allowing the upper part of her armor to be removed, she also exposed her breasts to the lustful gazes of those around her.
Therion whistled. This little cunt was better endowed than Mazzy! Her tits were just a bit smaller than Viconia’s, which made her pretty big-titted for a halfling. He turned to Sarevok, who nodded with a slight smirk. This would be a very entertaining night indeed.
When the upper part of the armor fell to the floor, immediately, Alora’s hands wandered to her breasts, wanting to cover her sudden nakedness, but a sharp glare from Therion…and a strangled cry from Lina, whose throat was suddenly enclosed by Sarevok’s large hand, reminded her about the slaver’s warnings. So, with her cheeks crimson and the first tears appearing in her eyes, she lowered her hands, allowing their gazes to focus on her bountiful chest again while she, with hands trembling terribly, sought out the buckle of her belt and opened it, then proceeded to undo the buttons that held her pants. Soon, she would be fully exposed to them…and then it would be Lina’s turn….The thought alone made her want to cry from sheer misery.
“ Now it is getting interesting”, she heard Therion say and the sheer malice and lust in his words made her pause for a moment. If she did this, if she pulled down her pants…she had lost her last source of protection…her last feeble, skimpy protection against being raped. “ What are you waiting for? Do you want to see your sister take the dildo up her ass that badly?” Kyon asked mockingly, laughing. “ maybe I’ll make YOU push it up there if you want it that much!”
„ No….”, Alora said, too horrified for further words. It seemed that every single moment she remained here, they intended to surprise her with even deeper levels of depravity. „ Then stop stalling!” Kyon yelled at her and, intimidated as she was, did as she was told. With the first tears running down her cheeks, she grabbed the hem of her pants and tuggled them down, exposing to the others her shaved pussy and her round, perfect ass…
“Niceeee!” Kyon whitled, his lustlful gaze fixed on Alora’s exposed cunt and perfect rear.
“Indeed…” Therion mused, watching as the Halfling girl dropped the pants completely. His eyes wandered, watching her legs, long as a person of her stature and, as the rest of her body, perfectly shaped. “I believe we will have a lot of fun with this one.” He said and before Alora could feel even a tiny spark of hope, that they have forgotten about Lina, he added “With her and with her sister of course.”
“Speaking of which…” Sarevok gaze finally travelled upwards from the halfling’s breasts and the man finally looked Alora in the eyes – and his gaze was so angry, brutal and hateful that for a briefest moment Alora wished he was still staring at her chest. “Stop trembling and start stripping the bitch.”
Alora shot a very short glance at Therion, not sure what she was expecting to see on his face – but of course she didn’t see even a slightest hint of mercy. Slowly she approached her sister.
“Forgive me…” she whispered to Lina’s ear, but the younger girl was so petrified with fear that didn’t show any sign of comprehension… what was even worse she didn’t seem to understand Alora is doing it for her, to spare her at least some of the pain.
While, as Alora advised her, Lina also chose to wear dark clothes during this “heist”, she wasn’t a thief and it wasn’t a full gear. Instead, the younger girl had only tight black trousers, shirt of the same color and on top of that a dark vest. Slowly Alora started untying the strings of the latter.
The thief’s usually so nimble fingers, which were calm and steady even when she was disarming a trap or picking a lock in the middle of a battle, now kept trembling and it took a number of tries before she could finally untie the vest.
“Hurry on!” Kyon muttered, bulge in the front of his pants still growing as the young man kept devouring the two sisters with his lustful gaze.
Therion shot a short glance at the guard but didn’t say anything. While he understood the man’s need for sexual release, he was very entertained by this show… it was the first time he found out that forcing victims to humiliate themselves and each other was almost as tasty as the act of sexual violation itself. Now however still lusting about Mazzy, he also wanted to fuck those two bodies, to punish them for her deeds…
“Keep stripping her!” he ordered.
Alora sighed, grabbed the bottom of her sister’s top and pulled it upwards. The shirt was tight and it took some effort before Alora was able to take it off – inch by inch she was revealing her younger sister’s immaculate skin. Only when she did uncover the girl’s breasts she felt the tiniest feeling of relief as her sister was at least wearing a bra. Soon however the relief vanished, as she knew all too well this piece of clothing won’t stay there long.
Tossing the shirt aside, she hoped to save this for last, her hands reaching down for Lina’s pants, but Therion stopped her with a bellowed, „ You are not finished up there! I want to see her tits!”
Upon hearing his words, Lina began to tremble, tears gathering in her eyes. Still, she was too frightened to even form words, her eyes transfixed on Therion, who, to her sensitive eyes, appeared as a towering giant of darkness, as metaphysically evil as anyone could be without actually being a god. Her heart pounded in her chest, fear gripping her spine so tightly she could not flee, dooming her to whatever fate this monster had in store for her.
Alora, hearing him, reached for the simple clasp holding Lina’s bra in place, but hesitated before unhooking it. When she had stripped, it had been hard enough, but the thought of exposing her dear little sister to their lustful gazes filled her with bodily revulsion. The guard named Kyon noticed it all too well, stepping behind her within a single heartbeat, grabbing a fistful of red hair. „ Either you do as your new master tells you or we will simply whip it off her back! The choice is yours!”
New master…the words echoed in her mind, hitning at the true extent of what they had gotten themselves into. After all they had seen, it was very obvious that none of these women she had seen were here of their own volition…they were slaves…and if she and Lina did not get out of here in time, they would end up just like them…raped in one of those cell-like rooms again and again…the thought made her sob, tears running down her cheeks, much to the delight of the men present.
Even more delighted they were when she, having heard the truth in kyon’s words, unhooked the clasp and let the bra fall to the floor. Lina was still paralyzed with fear, not even covering her exposed tits, which, while not as large as Alora’s, were very well-proportioned, fitting the bubbly cuteness of her sister perfectly.
Sarevok nodded appreciatively. „ Nice rack on this one, too!” Therion grinned, obviously agreeing. While he was still more in control than Kyon, he felt his arousal grow by the moment, the anticipation almost too much to bear. A part of him wanted to simply toss the redhead to the floor and ram his cock up that perfect ass, make her scream and beg to compensate for the betrayal and escape of Mazzy. But he could wait…he wanted to enjoy this degradation fully before he commenced with the rape proper.
Still grinning, he said, „ Nice tits indeed…hey, why don’t you reach around and squeeze them for us, little whore?” He glared at Alora, making it very clear it was not a request. The redhead gulped, shaking her head. There was a limit to what she could and would do…and she certainly would not abuse her sister for the amusement of these men!
Therion did not even have to say anything. Only a heartbeat after she had finished shaking her head, the crack of a whip echoed through the room, followed by a scream as burning, white-hot pain erupted across her back, the shock bringing her to her knees. „ Just so you have an idea how it will feel for her when we whip your sister. And now that you are out of the way…”, Kyon said, raising his arm again.
„ No! I’ll do it….”, Alora whimpered, hating herself for it…but she had never been touched by a whip before and was not sure she could take another lash. Biting back another sob, she reached around and gently cupped her sister’s breasts, her nimble fingers squeezing slightly…
How could she help those men degrade her own sister? But she knew she had no choice. Also, she rationalized that wasn’t doing it only in fear of the whip, her would be rapists made it clear Lina would taste the whip as well and knowing how it felt Alora wanted to make sure her sister is spared this fate.
Little did she know that in the following days the man would use and abuse their tiny young bodies in every way imaginable.
While all those things were running through her head she approached Lina, standing in front of her.
“Shh… it will be allright” she whispered to her sister’s ear, as she heard her sob. Slowly Alora reached and took Lina’s mounds into her hands, touching them with her gentle fingers, squeezing them softly, just as the men wanted.
Or so she thought.
“Aaaiee!” she cried in pain as she felt a lash land on her back, burning hot pain emanating from her back. As a reflex she instinctively squeezed her sisters breasts harder, hard enough for her to yelp in pain.
“That’s more like it!” Sarevok laughed.
“Yeah, we don’t want any gentle touching. Squeeze her breasts hard! Make her feel it when you twist her nipples!” Therion ordered.
That was too much… not only did they force her to humiliate herself and her beloved sister, but also they wanted her to hurt her. But having no choice Alora had to comply. ‘Forgive me sis…’ she whispered as she grabbed her breasts again, squeezing them this time harder. Lina only hissed in pain, but didn’t move a bit, still transfixed by terror, looking with a blank expression on her face.
Her gaze only became more conscious and she looked at her sister’s face with a look that almost broke Alora’s heart, when the latter grabbed one of Lina’s pink nipples, and after briefest hesitation, twisted it slowly, pulling it.
‘Please… don’t…’ Lina whispered in a barely audible voice, knowing all too well that her sister couldn’t stop.
‘I’m sorry’ Alora repeated, touching her breasts gently for a moment, as if to apologize for causing pain… but knowing the men are quickly becoming impatient, she turned her attention to Lina’s other nipple, grabbing it and pulling, hearing Lina sob louder…
‘Now you bitches grind your tits into each other!’ Sarevok ordered.
Alora sighed with the slightest relief. While humiliating beyond measure, that shouldn’t cause her sister any pain. She embraced Lina and pressed her perfect tits against Lina’s. She began moving her body, caressing her sister’s tits with her own, their breasts flattened as their pressed to each other. At least in this way she was able to comfort Lina…
‘AAA!’ Another whip lash made her cry in pain.
‘That’s all nice but we can do it later’ Therion judged ‘I want to sink my cock in one of those fuckholes. Finish stripping the whore’ he ordered Alora.
Alora swallowed hard, looking into her sister’s frightened expression. Lina knew what would happen next and Alora knew it, too…they were tired of playing around, there was no way for the two halflings to escape and very soon, both of them would be raped. Thinking about the inevitability of it caused a fresh flow of tears to spring from her eyes. „ I’m s-so sorry…”, she whispered again, not even sure if Lina could hear her.
Lina stayed still, save for a faint tremble, staring once more at Therion and Sarevok alternatingly, her fear transfixing her again as the pain in her nipples abated. It was not so much the prospect of being raped, even though it scared her immensely…it was more the aura of utter darkness that surrounded Therion and, to a much lesser extent, Sarevok. They radiated pure, unadulterated evil and Lina didn’t think she could stand being touched by even one of them without screaming.
Which she would anyway, though she lacked the clarity of mind at the moment to consider it…
Fighting hard to keep her own hands from trembling, Alora fumbled with Lina’s pants, the threat of the whip always present. In fact, she half expected it to land on her already sore and whipped back again any moment. But this time, the men decided that she needed no further „encouragement”, for which she was infinitely grateful, instinctively knowing it would be the last time they would show both of them anything considered „mercy”.
Slowly, she began to pull down Lina’s black pants, exposing her shapely legs and the simple black panties her sister wore. As she bade Lina step out of her pants, she felt something fall onto her back….cold and wet.
Her sister was crying, streams of tears runnong down her cheeks, her lips trembling as she sobbed inaudibly. The realization of what was going to happen had finally, completely sunk in. „ No….don’t…do this…sis…”, she pleaded, forcing Alora to bite back her own tears again. Lina knew they had no choice, just as her older sister did, but she pleaded anyway, breaking her sister’s heart.
„ Now the panties. Let us see how your sister is built!” Kyon laughed. Alora, crying in tune with her sister now, opbeyed, gripping the waistband and beginning to pull…only to be stopped by her sister, who held her panties fast within trembling hands, her grip so tight her knuckles were turning white. Silently, Lina shook her head, the trembling stronger now. „ D-don’t let them do this to me….”, she whimpered, desperate.
„ I…I must…”, Alora said through a haze of tears and misery. With a rough yank, she tore the panties down, being stronger than her sister thanks to her traning as a thief. Lina let out a shocked yelp as she was suddenly exposed to these men, who devoured her with their eyes, from her round, nicely shaped ass, a little less toned than her sister’s but still very inviting, to the tuft of light blonde hair just above her pussy.
Sarevok whistled appreciatively. „ Brother, it must be your divine influence…how come the prettiest girls practically fall into our lap every day?” The man grinned, the expression making Alora’s and Lina’s hearts stop for a second.
„ Just wait till we have the stone, brother. My powers will increase a hundredfold! But now, enough talk! I have been hungering for some halfling cunt and ass and until I lay my hands on that whore Mazzy again these will certainly suffice. Kyon, tie the redhead up!”
Kyon stepped forward, quickly grabbing Alora and dragging her backwards, despite her frantic struggles. Grabbing a length of chain, he forced the halfling’s hands behind her back and chained them together as thoroughly as possible. „ No! Let me gooo!” Alora screamed before being silenced by a backhanded slap from the young guard. „ Shut up! We’ll make you open your mouth again soon enough…”
„ Indeed, but first she will watch…while we all have a go at her sister. It is so lovely to see innocence shattered…I’ll make her witness it to show my gratitude for bringing her and her sister here…”, Therion mused, looking directly at Alora with a smirk that would make angels weep in despair…
Alora gasped in terror, squirming so hard Kyon had trouble holding on to her. „ Noooo! Leave her alone!” she shrieked, much to their captors’ amusement. „ You should have thought about that before you brought he here, cunt”, Kyon said, slapping Alora’s ass. Then, after getting confirmation from Therion in the form of a curt nod, he dragged the squrming, thrashing halfling towards a large metal ring in the wall, affixed in a way that would allow any girl chained to it to barely stand. Alora, however, was far smaller and when he hooked the chains into the ring, she dangled helplessly a feet or so above the ground, unable to do anything but watch in terror.
Now free, the young guard turned his attention back to Lina, who stared at the men surrounding her, crying softly. Therion chuckled, grabbing the young halfling’s chin and forcing her to look up at him. „ You know what happens now, don’t you?” To his surprise, Lina nodded, crying even harder than before. Therion stared into her eyes, having seen the recognition there. „ And you know…what I am, don’t you?” Again, she nodded, terrified beyond words. „ Wonderful! This will make it all the sweeter!”
And then, without warning, he kicked her in the stomach, making the girl fall down, wheezing as she gasped for breath. Alora screamed in rage and sympathetic pain, but no one paid any attention to her. Instead, Therion grabbed the gasping Lina and forced her first onto her knees and then onto all fours, the pain from his kick having drained all resistance from her…if there had been any to begin with.
„ As usual, I get to have her first”, Therion said, grinning evilly as he took place behind the trembling girl. Compared to her small size, he looked gigantic and Alora could not comprehend how he intended to fit his huge cock into her sister at all…only that he would try and that it would cause Lina more pain than she had ever felt before. „ Don’t do this to her! DON’T! YOU MONSTER!” she screamed but again, her words fell on deaf ears.
Gripping Lina’s hips, he knelt down behind the blonde halfling, one hand guiding his huge cock to the entrance to her cunt. „ Nice and dry…just the way I love it”, he mused, rubbing his cockhead against the opening, relishing the soft cries of misery he heard from the terrified girl. „ I wonder if she is as tight as Mazzy…”
„ No better way to find out, brother!” Sarevok laughed, stroking his cock to the sight of the naked halfling about to be raped. „ Indeed, brother, indeed….”, Therion said, then turned to look at Alora. „ I hope for her sake she is no virgin…if she is, it’ll be all the more painful for her…” He laughed as Alora tried to squirm out of her bonds again, yelling insults at him, her terror and frustration growing even more when she found herself being ignored a moment later, Therion’s attention  having shifted to her unfortunate sister again.
„ If I’d care about you at all, I’d tell you to relax…but this way, it’s much more fun for me”, he said, more for Alora’s sake, it seemed. Smirking evilly, he looked to the side once more and winked at the squirming, thrashing redhead.
Then, he gripped her sister’s hips tightly and began to force his cock into her.
“Nooooo…” a long, desperate plea escaped Lina’s mouth as she looked at her sister, her eyes pleading for help despite the fact she all too well knew that it would be in vain.

Alora however, ashamed that she has brought all this on her sweet sister, could not look. Held tightly she looked away, her lips whispering “forgive me”.
As impossible is it may have seemed, Lina’s cry made Therion actually stop, only the very head of his cock in. He smiled with delight and slapped Lina’s ass, rewarded by another surprised yelp of pain.

“Damn that whore is not a virgin!” he barked, his good mood gone. “Well, you may think you are lucky and that won’t be as painful… but if your are a fucking harlot who keeps screwing around you would be used like a cheap whore!”
“Stop it, she’s not like that!” Alora tried protecting her sister, but she was punished when Sarevok viciously squeezed her nipple, a jolt of pain racing throughout her breasts.

Therion grabbed a handful of Lina’s hair and yanked her head backwards, forcing her to look at Alora. “Listen thief” he addressed the older sister “You are going to look into this whore’s eyes while I ram my dick up her cunt. If you look away or close your eyes even for a moment, I will whip the skin out of this whore’s back!” he threatened. “Understood?!”

Allora, swallowing hard, only nodded.
“Good” Therion said “I’m sure it will be good…” grabbing Lina’s hips harder, his gingers biting into her tender skin and pushed hard, ramming his huge dick as far and deep as he could.

Only with an extraordinary effort of will Alora could keep herself from shutting her eyes, when Lina gave an ear piercing wail as the large member was rammed up her dry and unprepared pussy. The young halfling wasn’t a virgin but her cunt was tight and it gribbed Therion’s massive dick like a soft glove.

He moved his hips backwards and then pushed again, even harder. Lina’s eyes went wide with pain as she felt another wave of pain explode in her most intimate place, her entire body immediately feeling as if it was on fire.

“Noooo!” she wailed, trying to crawl forward, clawing her fingers on the hard floor, somehow trying to escape the brutal assault – all of which of course was in vain. Grabbing her by the hips and using her hair as the harness Therion started fucking her mercilessly, pumping her young, tight snatch, all too well aware that each thrust of his rock hard cock hurt the tiny girl as if a knife was buried in her insides. “Sisteeeeer! Save meee!” she cried, her eyes, already full of tears focusing on Alora, on the thief’s pale face.

“Oh, yes!” Therion laughed out loud, still pushing, still fucking his victim. That was life… after Mazzy he learned to appreciate halfling cunts as they were so tight that the very thought of pain the girls must feel brought him even closer to climax.
At one point he pushed as hard as he could, filling the poor girl’s entire tight snatch. As for some reason part of his shaft was outside the fuckhole he made three frantic thrusts, each one bringing an even more agonized scream from Lina’s mouth… until Therion burst into laughter. His dick didn’t fit in the poor girls cunt! He already was hitting her cervix, his barely over two thirds in. This only made him ride her harder, her incoherent sobs and pleas music to his ears and the sight of Alora’s terrified face only adding to his arousal.

„ This…feels…great!” Therion exclaimed, looking at Alora with a cruel smirk on his face, knowing that with each thrust the older halfling was dying a little inside. He felt his arousal grow even more, feeding off her misery and despair, almost as much as off the pain her poor sister felt as he plunged his cock deeply into her, forcing as much of it inside the small, wailing halfling as he could, if only to hear those exquisite screams again.

„ I think…Korgan should have a go at this one…”, he mused, grinning as he imagined how loud this little bitch would scream with Korgan’s thick organ stretching out her tight cunt. The thought of it made shiver with pleasure. These two cunts had no idea what was in store for them! Their pain and terror would feed his darkness for days! Groaning, he rode the squirming, wailing halfling as hard as he could without damaging her, his cock pistoning in and out of her unprepared, unwilling cunt so fast it became a blur, the sound of skin slapping against skin filling the room, only eclipsed by the loud, miserable crying of the older halfling and the heart-rending screams of agony erupting from the younger one’s mouth.

„ Not…much longer…now”, he said, his head turned to Alora again, „ and then…I’ll have my way with you….while your…little sister…will have some…fun with Kyon and my brother…” Even as Alora’s eyes widened, Therion felt Kyon’s anticipation, shining brightly in the back of his mind. Sarevok was quite anxious to savour the little slut as well, but his brother’s desire was muted, much more in control. Fortunately for him, it did not mean that he’d be any less brutal once he got his hands onto Lina.

Alora’s entire body trembled with the power of her sobs, the chains holding her rattling. She wanted to avert her eyes from the horror but dared not to, knowing that Lina, not herself, would suffer for it – even though it was hard to imagine what could happen to her sister that was worse than this…raped by a human who took extra care to cause her as much pain as possible and who was so well endowed that hurting her little sister came easy to him. „ Gods….whyyyy?” she finally broke out, venting her misery in one long howl of despair.

Therion laughed. „ Because I can, you dumb bitch! Thought you two could steal from me? Guess…hnng…what…I’ll GIVE you more than you’ve ever…wished for…” And laughing, he finally pulled out, Lina collapsing on the floor into a trembling, crying heap, not even caring for the sudden torrent of cum that soiled her little body as Therion jerked off furiously over her, defiling her even further…

When he had finally finished, he lifted his gaze from the crying halfling on the floor and turned to the crying halfling hanging from the chains. Alora noticed with absolute horror and astonishment that he was still rock-hard! „ No….”, she whimpered as he stepped close to her, shaking her head in terror, „ no…please….don’t touch me!”

Therion shook his head. With one hand, he grabbed the chains and unhooked them from the ring set into the wall. Easily, he carried the chains and Alora with one arm, stepping over to the table he had used to violate the human girl with the dildo when they had come in.  His other hand he slipped around her and began kneading her asscheeks, his cock throbbing in anticipation. „ Have fun with her sister…I am going to enjoy this one now…”
“No… please… not THERE!” for a moment there Alora forgot about her sister, as he felt Therion’s rough hands spread her asscheeks and the tip of his cock touching the entry to her tightest hole. “NOT THERE!” she yelled, panic gripping her heart.

She’d never tried anal sex before, generally with their tiny bodies, it was especially painful for the halflings.

“Please!” she cried again, feeling the head of the hard dick pressing against her anus.
“Oh I’m soooo going to enjoy it!” Therion said with a smile, grabbing Alora’s hips and without hesitation ramming his cock as hard and far as he could.
“Aaaaieeee!” an agonizing cry of pain escaped Alora’s mouth, echoing in the chamber and through the corridors, adding to the mixture of wails and screams that filled the underground of the Copper Coronet.

Meanwhile Therion pushed again, causing Alora to cry out once again, her trembling body tensing as pain shot from her ass throughout her. She had never expected that being fucked in her ass would be SO painful… but then again she never had thought she would be at the mercy of a cruel rapist, who wanted to fuck her as hard as he could.

Therion smiled, her screams feeling as music to him. Even though he rammed his cock as hard as he could, her brown hole was so tight that he managed only to ram it halfway… not that it kept him from trying harder.

Again and again he pounded the poor halfling’s fuckhole, each thrust harder and more brutal than the previous. Suddenly he noticed that Alora’s eyes were closed shut from the pain, tears flowing down her cheek.

“The bitch isn’t looking!” he yelled to his brother… and Alora opened her eyes as she heard a loud smack followed by an ear-piercing scream from her sister, as Sarevok brought a whip on her perky

“Look at her bitch!” Therion ordered, grabbing Alora’s red hair. Alora obeyed, her vision still blurry from tears in her eyes. “Yeaaasss! Aiieee!” she managed to grunt between cries of pain.

The halfing could only watch helplessly as Sarevok effortlessy lifted her already abused sister and as Kyon lied down on the floor, his hard cock pointing upwards. She could see all too well as the large man lowered her trembling, sobbing sister on the young guards dick and when he heard a desperate, muffled sob coming out of Lina mouth, she knew the cock slid into her tight, deflowered pussy, stretching her already sore hole.

“Now… which hole will I fuck” Sarevok wondered, his gaze travelling between Lina’s tight ass and enticing mouth…
Lina barely heard him, crying once more over the pain her stretched cunt caused her. Kyon’s cock was not nearly as large as Therion’s, capable of fully fitting inside her dry pussy, but it still felt more awful than she could put into words. Through a veil of tears, she could see her sister, screaming and crying as Therion raped her ass, Alora’s eyes fixed on her shame, which made it that much worse.
Therion grunted loudly, ramming his cock into Alora’s tight anus again and again, driving it as deep as it would go, feeling her ass clench around his cock, massaging it against the young halfling’s will, her anal inexperience causing her even more pain. He relished every scream of agony he ripped from her, how her fists curled into tight balls, her entire body going rigid every time he pushed into her again.
„ Hm…I guess…I’ll have her mouth first…”, Sarevok finally decided, grabbing Lina’s chin with one hand, his cock with the other. Alora was glad for a moment, thinking that at least it would be a lot less painful for her sweet, innocent sister…before she was reminded by the cock drilling into her asshole that there was no limit to how imaginative these monsters could get.
Lina was still crying, her lips trembling as Kyon grabbed her hips and forced her to make circles on his cock, each shifting of his tool inside her sending new waves of pain throughout her lower body. Sarevok held her head firmly as he began slapping her cheek with his massive cock, chuckling mirthlessly as she flinched each time his precum-leaking cockhead connected with her cheek with a wet smacking sound.
„ Open up, you little bitch”, Sarevok snarled when he had gotten tired of it. Lina, still crying pathetically, looked at him with big, terrified eyes. „ You heard me the first time! Open your fucking little mouth or I’ll change my mind and start fucking your ass!” That did the trick. Trembling, hesitantly, the young halfling, her eyes shifting between the man demanding her oral service and her sister being anally violated, parted her lips wider and opened her mouth for the cock presented to her, already dreading its touch.
Sarevok let go of her chin, only to grab the back of her head, holding it in place as he placed the fat head of his cock against Lina’s trembling lips, starting to shove slowly. Immediately, he was rewarded by a hearty gagging sound, a sure sign that Lina had tasted his precum – which seemed to have been the first time she had done so ever. „ Hmm…nice, warm and tight…just like I like it…let’s see how tight your mouth really is!” With that, he turned the shocked halfling’s head sideway, thrusting his cock against the inside of her cheek, laughing as she helplessly stared up at him while her cheek ballooned with the pressure of his cock against it from the inside. Her muffled protests aroused him even further and he began thrusting against the inside of her cheek a few times before forcing her head around to do the same to her other cheek. „ Needs some training…”, he remarked before allowing her head back into its original position, only to start slowly fucking his poor victim’s small mouth.
„ Hey, you worthless cunt! How about you start working here?!” Kyon yelled at Lina, reaching up to squeeze her tits, making her squeal in pain around Sarevok’s cock. „ Start bouncing on my cock, you lazy whore!” To emphasize his command, slapped her tits and then her ass before grabbing her hips, waiting for her to obey his command.
Lina sobbed around the cock in her mouth, her body trembling with pain and exhaustion. But nevertheless, she slowly began to move up and down on the cock buried deep inside her halfling cunt, whimpering pitifully while Sarevok enjoyed the little vibrations her sobs sent through his cock. He had grabbed her head more firmly now, wanting to keep her from moving away and his cock from slipping out between her lips, slowly thrusting in and out of her warm, wet opening, his massive shaft pressing her tongue flat against the floor of her mouth, the taste of his precum constantly on it, making her shudder with revulsion.
„ This is…very interesting…my brother”, Therion remarked, his fingers digging deeply into the skin of Alora’s hips while he drove his cock into her ass deeply once more, ignoring her pathetic, agonized wailing. Once he had Sarevok’s attention – who kept on pumping his cock into Lina’s small mouth, her trembling lips stretched tightly, her throat spasming with heavy gagging, for he had just started to force the head of his cock against the back of her throat – he continued, „ Her ass is even tighter…than Mazzy’s…and Mazzy was more fit…and not much older….”
Sarevok shook his head, amused. „ Brother, with all due respect, but you are becoming a bit obsessed with her. Sure, she was a great fuck and I loved how she tried to fight us off and that she kept insulting Korgan…but really, she was one halfling. There are more than enough whores out there.”
Therion shot him an angry glare, all the time keeping up his thrusts into Alora’s clenching asshole, her cries alone bringing him untold pleasure. „ She escaped me! I will not abide by that! And my point was that, apparently, Mazzy has had cocks in her ass before. She must have! And I am very eager to have her tell us all about it…while we fuck her senseless, of course!” He laughed and kept on raping the halfling in front of him, his balls already churning with the impending climax. He decided to keep it up a bit longer, however, if only to hurt this thief just a bit more.
„ Cocksucking slut…bounce harder!” Kyon suddenly yelled, slapping at Lina’s tits again. The desperate halfling tried her best to please him – as much as she could concentrate on that task, given that Sarevok’s cock was already deeply impaling her small, tight throat. But it obviously was not enough. Therion smirked. The young guard would get to punish her later. Such a taste for cruelty, such endless greed for satisfaction…it had to be rewarded.
With those thoughts Therion resumed the brutal rape of the poor girl. He was driving his cock into her tight ass as hard and far as he could and even though his dick was too big to fit inside the tight hole that didn’t stop him from trying – and Alora’s exruciating screams were a testament how much did it hurt the tiny halfling.  
What probably was even worse for the young thief was being forced to witness as her younger sister is raped and defiled by those beasts. The young man was forcing Lina to bounce on his cock, basically forcing her to participate in her own rape. As if that wasn’t enough he kept slapping her ass and tits, urging her to go faster. Meanwhile the larger men kept fucking Lina’s face, his dick filling the girl’s mouth. Alora could clearly see when he was moving especially deep – the pitiful gags and gargling sounds made by her sister were a clear hint.  
Sarevok sighed with pleasure, pushing again. Lina gagged again, her constricting throat massaging the huge member filling her mouth. This time the man grabbed her head and held his dick in a lot longer. He could hear Lina’s muffled moans as she desperately thougtht for air. Her frantic moves aroused Kyon even more finally he began spraying his cum inside her abused cunt. 
“See this, whore? See your cute sister getting filled with sticky jism – again?” Therion whispered into Alora’s ear and the pathetic cry the redheaded halfling gave pushed him over the edge. He grabbed Alora’s ass, digging his fingernails into her soft flesh and while still fucking her with long strokes started cumming inside her bowels – only to remove his tool after third wave and shoot the rest of it all over her lower back.
As the halfling girl collapsed exhausted to the floor, her tiny ass radiating pain that she has never known before, Therion looked at Lina, who was gargling as Sarevok’s cock was shooting loads of cum into her mouth. “Watch it!” he ordered, grabbing Alora’s hair and forcing her to watch the cruel scene. 
“Swallow bitch!” Sarevok ordered, twisting Lina’s small and tender nipple but even though the girl tried to escape the pain by obeying his command she was far too inexperienced and the cock was too big… and the torture of her tits did not help her in concentrating – as more and more loads of cum landed on her cute face or dripped from her mouth. 
Alora could only listen in despair as her sister fell to the floor, sobbing and mumbling incoherently, trying to cough up strands of cum. “Please… no more… “ she said silently. The redheaded thief gathered all of her willforce, looked at Therion and whispered “You’ve done enough… let her go… I’ll stay… I’ll be good…” she offered.
Therion’s laughter buried all of her hopes. Looking at the girl as if she was mad, he simply slapped her hard before responding. “Why should I settle with one cunt if I can have two? And believe me… I prefer you unwilling.” He said and started to approach Lina. “But such offer should not be unrewarded.” He said and terrible feeling gripped Alora’s heart as he stood behind her broken sister.
“You can thank you redheaded sister” he said to Lina… “when I’m putting my dick… in… your… ASS!” he exclaimed as he grabbed Lina’s hips and after a brief and almost nonexistant struggle placed his dick at the entry to her virgin ass.
“NO! You monster! Let her go!” Alora screamed in terror.
“Shut her up” Therion ordered his two accomplices and they started approaching her, Sarevok taking a whip with him. Meanwhile Therion looked into Alora’s eyes and pushed hard, burying almost one third of his dick, hard again, in the poor girl’s ass.
“Aaaaieeee!” the scream Lina gave echoed throughout the passages of the Copper Coronet. Alora could see her sister’s fingers, digging into the floor, she could see her lithe body trying in vain to crawl away from the relentless and merciless assault as Therion proceeded to push his dick even deeper, bringing other tormented cries from the poor girl. “Alora… Mommy…” she kept crying in sobbing, her eyes wide with pain.
Therion laughed, feeling invigorated by her pain, feeling the agony he caused her, even though he could not even remotely fit his entire length into her ass, the hole being even more tight than her sister’s. „ Mommy is not coming….or maybe she will…”, he mused, chuckling, letting out a series of pleased grunts as he kept on raping the little halfling’s asshole, „ I’ve heard halfling girls stay quite tasty even when they get older…”
Lina did not even hear him, merely whimpering and crying out her pain and misery as he kept on raping her tight, clenching anus, his cock slamming into her again and again, making her tits sway underneath her while she nearly broke her nails, her fingers digging into the hard floor in an attempt to somehow deal with the pain or crawl away – but none of these efforts was successful. She was trapped, forced to endure whatever pain he wanted to visit upon her.
Alora saw this but she also saw Sarevok and the sadistic guard step towards her, Sarevok having grabbed the whip with which the man named Hendak had hurt the human girl they’d seen when they were brought i. For this moment, fear overrode her concern for her sister and she tried to turn and run, but she was already too weakened from the brutal rape and her shorter legs worked to her disadvantage. With one step, Sarevok was with her, his massive hand grabbing her left shoulder, jerking her backwards almost hard enough to dislocate her shoulder, making her cry out in pain. „ Oh no, bitch, you stay!” the young guard snarled.
Unwillingly, Alora’s eyes drifted down to their crotches. Their cocks were not hard again yet but she feared it would only be a matter of time…also, the whip in Sarevok’s hands made it very clear that she would not be free of pain in the meantime…
„ No! Let go! Haven’t you done enough?” she screamed and yelled, kicking and struggling, but it was of no use. Sarevok held her firmly, carrying her over to the ring in the wall where she had been chained before Therion had decided to make use of her ass. „ It will never be enough, little one…but you shall learn that soon enough!” Sarevok rumbled, grabbing the chains again, using them to first bind Alora’s hands, then tread them through the ring, leaving her hanging by her wrists again, facing the wall. „ And look over your shoulder at your sister”, Sarevok continued, slapping her ass, still sore from his brother’s slaps, to emphasize his point. Just then, Lina let out a terrible scream and collapsed to the floor as her arms gave out. Therion had just rammed his cock into her as deeply as it would go in one powerful thrust. Caring little that she was now half lying on the floor, he kept on fucking the little halfling’s ass with abandon.
„ Oh gods…” Alora whispered, knowing that the gods had abandoned them both already. Only evil ruled here. Tears in her eyes, she turned her head as she had been told, watching the brutal rape of her whimpering, sobbing sister continue.
„ That’s good…stay like this…”, Sarevok said…and then, without further warning, let the whip smack onto Alora’s bare back. The fierce pain forced a howl from her, much to her tormentors’ delight. The large man did not even wait for the pain from the first lash to subside, immediately delivering a second lash, grinning as the little halfling began to cry and squirm. „ Hmm…she has a voice made for screaming!” Kyon remarked, stroking his cock to the sight of the tormented halfling, now once again writhing as Sarevok delivered another series of lashes, this time to her ass.
Alora writhed and squirmed, howling and crying, unable to bear any more of this pain, of this horrible degradation. She barely watched anymore, but Lina’s whimpering, sobbing cries told her enough about what was happening to her little sister. Again and again the whip cracked, sending fire through her skin…but then, suddenly, it stopped and she heard another voice, belonging to the female with the scaled skin they had seen earlier.
„ My…master….forgive me for interrupting…but we have received news from…the paladin…”, she said, hesitantly. „ Finally!” Therion exclaimed, even stopping his relentless assault on Lina’s ass for a moment. „ That calls for celebration! Get korgan and Edwin here….let them have a piece of these whores, too! And hurry back…when i am done, i want you to lick the cum from her ass!”
Alora’s heart sank. For a moment, she had believed that maybe their tormentors would be too distracted to continue…but apparently, their torment was only just beginning….
And she was right, for during the rest of the night their screams would echo the loudest among the corridors of the Copper Coronet…

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