Twelve – The Shadow Stone

Therion got up as soon as he woke up. He smiled to himself thinking about the abuse and rape of the halfling girls. As he decided before, he gave Lina to Kyon, to be punished for her lack of participation in her rape – and such enthusiasm as the young guard presented had to be encouraged and rewarded. Meanwhile Alora was given first to Korgan and Edwin and then to Hendak. As much as he knew she hated every moment of her ordeal, Therion took no small amount of satisfaction knowing that the worst torture for the redheaded halfing was to be separated from her younger sister and unsure what kind of abuse Lina is suffering… for she had no doubt her sister was fucked and raped hard, as hard as those men could.

Getting up from his bed, Therion shot a glance at the Sirina that was lying on it, her firm blue tits still covered in his teeth marks. When he came back to his chamber he thought he was spent, so he just went to sleep on the girl, treating the blue-skinned creature as his mattress.. but he woke up in the night and fucked her… twice. He even fell asleep again with his cock still in her cunt…

With a cruel smile Therion spat at the girl and ordered the guards holding watch before his door. They were more than happy when he allowed them to sample the charms of the sirina and as he was walking down the stairs he already started to hear the girl pleading with them in her song-like tongue.

It didn’t take his party much longer to gather – they learned already that when he gave a direct order it should be followed. He decided to take only Viconia – her knowledge of Shar and her rituals might prove to be useful… but it also could prove to be dangerous so Therion decided to keep an eye on the priestess. While her endless schemes to take revenge on him and her unwillingness to submit amused him, he didn’t want to take any chances – especially now as the Shadow Stone was almost in his grasp.

Of course apart from Viconia he was taking Mya and Veronica – Therion promised Keldorn to exchange them for the stone and he was a man of his word, wasn’t he? The girls look as if they had been through Hell (and maybe they were) – their hair tangled, eyes red from crying, lips swollen from sucking and their tempting bodies still having whip marks. After getting the message from Keldorn, Therion allowed the girls some rest – not from the goodness of his heart but not wanting to make their exhaustion slow them too much.

As the whole party was gathered they were ready to venture forth, their meeting place set to an ruined and abandoned watchtower in the hills not far from Athcatla.

“We must do it right!” Keldorn stressed once again, observing the watchtower where he was supposed to meet that devil, Therion.

“We will” Mazzy, the redheaded halfling, full of resolve and determination that almost put him to shame, said. But the old paladin wasn’t worried about the halfling girl – although not doubt she has suffered at the hands of Therion and his band, she still managed to outsmart him and take the stone. No, Mazzy would keep her head clear.

It was the other paladin, Elara that worried Keldorn. The girl was too young and inexperienced to take on such adversary but Keldorn knew he didn’t have much choice. He knew Elara earlier and now he saw the difference between the cheerful paladin from not so long ago and this girl whose blue eyes lost almost all of their innocence. Her hatred to Therion burned so bright that Keldorn knew that with or without him, she would try to take revenge – and he preferred to have an eye on her.

And was he so different? When Mazzy told him what that beast and his minions did to her, he felt digusted and outraged, now knowing that his precious daughters were in those beast’s hands made his blood run hot. But he had to keep cool, saving his daughters was a priority, revenge came second – he had to be ready for anything and everything…

But the paladin couldn’t have forseen one factor – nor could Therion. They couldn’t have predicted the arrival of Ahara, a servant of Shar and her dominated slaves. The priestess has been following Mazzy and Keldorn for long, still unsure if the time for a strike was right. It seemed that the paladins were preparing for some clash – maybe during the battle she could fulfill her goal.

After having finished yet another dark communion with her goddess, Ahara put her robe back on, the black silk smoothly gliding over her naked body, a body that would make any man burn with lust upon looking at it. With large, full and perfectly-proportioned tits, a firm ass and an overall build that was both fit and curvy, she was the stuff of a thousand wet dreams. And yet, the number of men who had seen her naked form was less than five.

For while Ahara eschewed any sort of clothing underneath her robe, completely relying on Shar’s protection to see her through danger, she did not consider any mortal man worthy of seeing her body. Only the goddess was worthy of gazing upon her naked form.

To Ahara, no mortal form of pleasure could equal Shar’s spiritual caress and often, the ecstasy of communion with her goddess led to a moment of frantic masturbation culminating in a powerful climax. Just now, her cheeks were still flushed from her recent orgasm, the goddess having sent her very clear orders and directions. “ Of course, I shall not fail you”, Ahara had whispered while frantically rubbing her cunt. And she had every intention of following through with her promise.

Shar cared about her a lot less than Ahara cared about Shar, the priestess harbored no illusions to the contrary, but as long as Shar kept on sharing her power with her most devoted priestess, everything would be fine. Unfortunately, even Ahara’s power was not enough to tear the stone from the paladin’s grip and so, she had brought with her a group of hobgoblin slaves as well as some hired swords, all in all a group of 30 men and monsters. And none of them had even seen her face yet.

A slight smirk appeared on her full lips as she took the cowl and put it on, obscuring her stern, almost arrogant features and her dark blonde hair, cut extremely short. These mercenaries expected to be showered with gold once she had the stone – not even thinking for one moment that Ahara had no intention of honoring the agreement at all. Once she had the stone, they would all die and she would be free to increase her own attunement to her dark mistress with the artifact. Oh yes….useful idiots, as always. Stepping out of the lightless cave into the hated brightness of day, she nodded to the mercenary leaders. “ Be ready to attack on my command.”

With Therion’s group now fully entrenched within the city’s underworld, getting in and out of Athkatla with the slaves was rather easy, as a series of old smuggler’s tunnels leading outside the city had been reactivated to facilitate the safe transport of slaves into the city.

Once outside, it took the group the better part of a day to get close to the meeting point, Therion urging them all on mercilessly, much to Korgan’s and Edwin’s chagrin. He even prohibited anyone of his group to have another go at Viconia or the paladin’s daughters, not wanting to waste any more time. Every fiber of his being sang in tune with the shadow stone. He wanted it. He needed it.

Once they were within sight of the old tower, Therion stopped the group. “ From here on onwards, everyone will do exactly as they are told. Is that understood? If anyone, and I do not care who, ruins this for me, they will die. Messily.” His gaze lingered for a moment on the girls and Viconia. All three had been forced onto their knees by Sarevok and were looking up at him, Victoria and Mya with fear, Viconia with open hatred and defiance. While Viconia wore the thin leather straps Sarevok had chosen for her, the other two girls had been stripped once outside the city. Therion wanted Keldorn to see them naked and degraded, just like they deserved to be.

After taking a moment to enjoy the sight, his gaze wandered over to Kyon, Sarevok, Edwin and Korgan, glaring at the latter two. If anyone would screw this up, it would be them, he was certain. “ Of course, of course, oh great and terrible master. This humble servant will not dare to interfere with your oh-so-brilliant plans”, Edwin grumbled…and yelped when suddenly Kyon grabbed his robe, pulling the wizard towards him!

“ You should watch your tongue when speaking to him”, the young guard snarled. “ Why, you little empty-headed ingrate, let go or die!” Edwin countered, raising one hand, encased in green fire.

“ SILENCE!” That was Sarevok, grabbing both of them and hurling them onto the floor. “ No bickering until my brother has the stone. Or your neck shall meet my blade.” He did not wait for them to acknowledge his warning, certain that they had heard and understood it.

“ Now that this is clear…let us move!” Therion commanded, putting an end to the argument. His destiny lay ahead any he would not allow anyone to interfere with it!

Now as everything was said and done, everyone knew their role and was told of the price of potential failure, Therion’s team was ready to move towards the watchtower, barely visible through the morning mists. The tower, destroyed during some conflict with the monsters led by the ogre-magi brothers troubling Athcatla, clearly has seen better days. The outer ring of walls was almost completely crumbled with large holes in the fortifications – either caused by siege equipment or magic.

The central tower still stood, just missing its top, almost as if it has been cut by a giant knife. Several holes were evident in its walls but nothing that would make it crumble… not yet at least. Even so, Therion turned towards Edwin:

“Be careful with your spells here, mage. We don’t want this place falling on our heads.” He said, observing the building and ordering the party to move in.

While Therion and Edwin remained with the hostages, Sarevok, Korgan and Kyon quickly and efficiently scouted the entire place.

“Everything is clear” Sarevok reported “Just few hobgoblins took residence in the ruins, already taken care of.” The huge man said wiping blood of his blade.

“So it seems that we are first.” Therion said “Good, lets take advantage of it and take position.”

Quickly the party moved to the upper levels of the tower and started watching through the windows, scouting for Keldorn’s arrival. Indeed it didn’t take long to notice three riders appearing from the mists.

“They are here!” Therion exclaimed and then, with satisfaction clear in his voice added “Mazzy is with them. Finally I’ll have the bitch again…” he said, observing as the trio of riders dismounted and entered and headed towards the tower entrance.

“And how do we have here… If that is not that paladin harlot from the Torm temple, I’m just a simple illusionist (and I am not of course)” Edwin said, noticing the third rider.

“This is going to get interesting. I admist I was jelaous of your trist with this bitch.” Sarevok said.

“If everything goes well, we’ll all have fun with her… but the stone is the priority here!” ending the discussion Therion turned towards the stair, hearing approaching steps.

First Keldorn appeared, clad in silvery plate mail, his old and weary face still showing strength greater than that of many younger men. It took his no more than one look to judge the situation and his gaze froze only for a moment when he noticed his naked daughters.

“It will be alright” he said simply, his voice almost not wavering at all. As much as he wanted to run towards them, he knew that calm was his best ally now. “And you will day, Therion.” He promised silently.

“Glad you know my name, as we haven’t been properly introduced” Therion said and then shifted his gaze behind the old knight “But you two… I know well. Very well and every inch of you” he said, noticing Mazzy and Elara approaching.

While Mazzy’s expression stayed almost unnaturally neutral – a testament to the incredible willpower of the little warrior – Elara’s entire body stiffened and she cast a glance at Therion that would have made lesser men quiver. „ You beast…today you WILL face retribution”, she snarled, attempting to make a step forward. Both Keldorn and Mazzy stepped slightly in front of her, blocking her path. „ No, Elara. Please. Think of my daughters”, Keldorn said quietly, „ the lives of innocents are at stake here.”

„ Indeed they are”, Therion agreed, reaching out to grasp Mya’s left tit and squeeze it harshly, making the girl whimper in pain, smirking as he saw Keldorn’s jaw tighten with repressed fury. „ Are you such a lowly…creature that you need to take advantage of those weaker than you?” the holy warrior asked sharply, his fury even growing when Therion merely laughed.

„ Spare me the sermon, paladin. Nothing empowers you to judge me. Unlike I, you are just a mortal man trying to live up to impossible ideals. With enough time, I could coax the darkness inside you into daylight and we would see you are no better than those who follow me.” While he spoke, he kept on fondling Mya’s tits, knowing how it infuriated the three righteous warrior in front of him. The girl cried quietly, big tears running down her cheeks, casting a hopeful glance at her father, just like her sister did.

„ Keldorn, sire, do not argue with him”, Mazzy chimed in, apparently being the most calm and collected of the group, which was especially admirable given how brutally she had been treated by Therion before. „ All we want is your daughters back. The time for retribution will come, I am certain.”

„ Oh yes, it will, you little whore!” Therion spat, „ trust me on that. Nobody steals from me!” Again, it was Mya who suffered his little outburst, as he almost casually backhanded her hard across her face. Beneath his armored gauntlets, Keldorn’s knuckles had turned white, so hard had his grip on his swordhilt become.

Still, Mazzy remained calm. „ The stone was never yours. If it had any owner, it would most likely be the Dark Maiden, the Lady of Loss. If I stole from anyone, it was from her.” Taking a step back, she opened her backpack and took out a small iron box inscribed with protective runes. „ The stone is here.” She opened the lid, allowing Therion to see the stone inside, shadowy smoke clouding its crystalline form. Immediately, Therion’s eyes began to glow with pure greed. For a moment, even the girls were forgotten, though Kyon more than happily took over Therion’s previous activity of mauling and groping Mya’s tits.

Sarevok had taken it upon himself to keep a close eye on Viconia. If things turned sour, it was almost certain that the drow slave would try to escape and Therion would skin him alive, brother or not, if he allowed that to happen. Edwin and Korgan were, according to Therion’s orders, watchful, keeping their weapons ready. In the event of an attack, they would strike first, not at Keldorn and his troupe, but at his daughters, their positioning making that very obvious, just as intended.

„ Then give it to me, cunt”, Therion hissed at Mazzy, holding out his hands, his entire body trembling with a desire that was greater than simply mortal greed. There, within that box, lay a future more glorious than anyone of these people could imagine. But even he could not fight his way through three accomplished veterans and paladins, people who had been gifted by the gods to fight people like him.

Mazzy ignored the name-calling, nodding at Therion, after a quick glance at Keldorn, who seemed content to let her do the talking for now, not trusting in his own willpower to remain calm while only a few yards from him, his daughters – who had been abused beyond his ability to believe, even though his wife had told him every detail of their ordeal before the abduction – were molested by these monsters.

„ You can have it…under the following conditions: You will release Keldorn’s daughters immediately. You will all return to Athkatla and free every single slavegirl. And after that, you will travel east for a year and a day, without raping a single woman. Wherever you arrive after that time, you will stay there and NEVER come back”, Mazzy explained, her voice cold with deep-seated anger without being clouded by it. Therion once again felt his cock harden at the prospect of having her once more.

But these conditions were unacceptable. What he did…it was his sole reason for being. He had to stay…and he had to keep abusing girls, for without that, he would quickly return to being just a normal fighter, his divine essence slumbering uselessly within him. But without the stone, it would never fully awaken in the first place. He needed that stone…but could never ever agree to such conditions. He simply could not.

His heart pounded, his head starting to ache as he remained still, trapped in this conundrum of divine need and human hubris, of lust and pure desire. He knew the eyes of his companions rested upon him. Neither of them would want to agree to these terms, their time with Therion having granted them a freedom they never had before. He did not care about them in the slightest – except maybe Kyon, who shaped up to be the perfect right-hand man once he got his lust under control – but knew he had to rely on them for a bit longer, if he wanted to realise his full potential. And no man would betray those he needed.

Forcing his gaze away from the box and Mazzy, he looked at Keldorn and then Elara. Keldorn was too experienced, too collected, even in his current state. But Elara…it was obvious that she was the weak link amongst the group. All the time, she had glared at Therion with a mixture of utter hatred and primal fear that made his heart sing. He and Edwin had truly ruined her back in the temple. And if he got the chance, he would gladly continue his work…

„ I see you have recovered, my dearest paladin”, he said, grinning as Elara nearly jumped the moment she noticed he was adressing her. „ I wonder how long it took for your holes to stop hurting…”

Elara bit her lip hard, visibly paling. „ Leave her alone”, Mazzy said, glaring at him. Therion chuckled. „ Awww…so you two have become…friends, then? Or even more?” He grinned. „ Have you licked her cunt yet? Or stuck your little tongue up her ass? You should do that…after the fucking we gave her, her asshole must still be so sore…”

Seeing Elara tremble, her hand inching towards the warhammer she wore on her belt, told Therion all he needed to know. He was on the right path. All he had to do now was continue provoking the paladin.

„ That is enough!” Keldorn’s voice cut through the air like a knife. A halo of light was beginning to form around his head as he began to collect his power. „ Agree to these terms or you will never see the stone again. Release my DAUGHTERS!”

„ Maybe we should get them again, put them side by side and fuck their asses…I’d like to know who screams louder”, Kyon mused, winking at Elara – who finally, predictably, snapped. „ YOU WILL NOT TOUCH ME!” she yelled in rage, releasing her war hammer from the sling on her belt and charged forward.

„ Elara, NO!” both Mazzy and Keldorn exclaimed, fearing for Mya’s and Victoria’s lives. Keldorn grinned as he raised his blade, ready to meet the paladin’s charge head-on…when suddenly, everything went dark around them.

Elara, suddenly robbed of sight, stumbled forward, thereby allowing Therion, who acted more by reflex then by sight, to slam his elbow under her chin, sending her crashing to the floor, gasping and gargling for breath. „ What kind of trickery is this?” Keldorn shouted. „ Not mine!” Therion responded, looking around.

A heartbeat later, the darkness receded…revealing a dark, hooded and cloaked figure standing next to Mazzy, holding the iron box in her hands. Mazzy seemed frozen in place, only her eyes moving, her body trembling lightly, as if fighting against invisible bonds – a clear sign of a paralysis spell.

„ Greetings”, the figure said with a voice that was clearly female, a sound that made a spark of lust shoot up Therion’s spine. The voice had a slighty throaty undertone to it, sounding like a piece of silk drawn over an old, soft piece of oaken wood. The cloak did not allow him to see even a hint of the figure beneath, but if it matched the voice…Therion HAD to have her.

„ I am Ahara, priestess of Shar. And, as you probably know, this artifact belongs to Her and Her alone. So, I shall leave you to your squabbles and return it to my beloved goddess. May darkness and loss be your constant companions.” Bowing, the figure cast a quick spell and everything was dark again. When the light returned, she was gone…but not far gone, for Kyon yelled, „ she’s outside! With a group of mercenaries!”

„ Edwin! Teleport!” Therion yelled, stepping close to the mage, who was already reacting, pulling Korgan, Edwin and Sarevok close. Keldorn was running towards his daughters, whom Therion had pushed against the wall when the darkness struck a second time. At least this would take the paladin off his back. The stone was of utmost importance now!

After a brief moment of disorientation, Therion and his group appeared directly in front of the group of soldiers, who were just ready to get back on their horses and ride. „ Slay them!” the priestess commanded. She had pulled back her hood, exposing strong, haughty features, full lips and a shock of very short hair. Her expression spoke of arrogance and absolute certainty of her powers. Oh yes, Therion wanted her badly!

„ Brother, take the left, Edwin, take out as many as you can. Korgan, you charge the right. Kyon, you’re with me. I want that stone!” As the group dispersed, meeting the mercenaries’ charge head-on, he suddenly turned around. Viconia just saw his mailed fist come closer before he struck her hard, knocking her out immediately. „ I don’’t need that cunt to backstab us now!”

„ Lord, do we kill her?” Kyon asked as battle was joined, exchanging blows with an older half-orc. „ Have you seen that face? Of course not! She and every attractive soldier here are to be…kept…alive, now get out of my face!” the last words he had yelled to a battle-scarred dwarf, who had blocked his charge with a heavy mace – and was, after a decisive strike with Therion’s blade, now dead, breathing out his last on the rocky ground.

For a moment, the mercenaries held their own, actually managing to halt the charge of Therion’s troupe…until Mazzy, Keldorn and Elara crashed into them from behind. Of course, neither of them intended to help Therion, but the stone was of equal importance to them. The evil artifact falling into the hands of the church of Shar again was almost as bad as Therion getting his hands on it.

It did not take too long for the battle to become a chaotic free-for-all melee. Edwin remained in the back, killing with fore and lightning. Sarevok waded through the mercenaries without much resistance, cleaving left and right with his large sword. Kyon proved a valuable ally, more than once willing to defend Therion at the cost of several injuries. And Therion fought like a machine, leaving death and devastation in his wake. Driven by lust, greed and the overwhelming desire to finally possess the stone, he was unstoppable.

Somewhere along the way, Sarevok managed to ambush Elara, slamming the broad side of the blade against the back of her head, dropping the paladin like a sack of potatoes. Edwin cast the Iron Bands upon Mazzy, capturing the halfling within the near-indestructible shackles.

Apparently, while Ahara had known about the stone, her goddess had either not deemed it worth her time to warn her about Therion or did not know what danger he truly represented, for the dark priestess had chosen keldorn as her primary target, blasting him with shadow magic and divine power, which he reciprocated with the power of Torm.

That was, until Therion stepped around the combatants and rammed his blade into the paladin’s back. „ Do not worry, Keldorn…your daughters are in good hands”, he said as the paladin, gasping for breath and coughing up blood, fell to the floor.

„ And now, bitch…hand over the stone!” Therion yelled at Ahara, who was panting just as heavily as him. The battle had taken its toll on the priestess as well, her robes being torn and tattered, exposing a truly delicious body for Therion to see, for she wore absolutely nothing beneath the heavy cloth. Her round, firm breasts rose and fell as she tried to catch her breath.

„ Never! I will not betray my goddess!” she responded, clutching the box to her ample chest like a mother holding a child.

„ Oh, you would be in good company. One of my favourite slaves was once a follower of Shar. Of course, these days all her prayers are for deliverance from me…”, he said, grinning, noticing with no small satisfaction that Viconia was still out cold.

„ Do not dare mock the Lady of Loss! Now, leave me or I will call down….” She never got to finish that sentence. There was a dull thud as the butt of Kyon’s favourite weapon, an old, trusty halberd, connected to the side of her head and she fell down, releasing the box. „ These whores should open their mouths only for cock, if you ask me, my lord”, he said coldly, shaking his head.

Within the same heartbeat, Therion was at her side, graping the box and reaching inside.

„ FINALLY!” he shouted, triumphant at last. „ I have it! A shard of divine power, in my hand!” Turning his head, he gave an approving nod to Kyon, then turned to Edwin. „ You prepare the rite. By nightfall at the LATEST I want this power within me!”

“So we have a lot of time to do some catching up” Korgan sneered, looking at Mazzy.

“Catching up? You mean we met? Oh, I’m sorry I forgot, it must have been a totally unremarkable experience” the little halfling responded calmly, watching the disgusting dwarf. She didn’t waste her strength to free herself from chains – but she was far from broken. Therion once made the mistake of underestimating the little warrior and he knew better than to repeat it.

“Oh believe me, you’ll remember my dick ramming up your ass soon enough!” Korgan spat at Mazzy and approached her.

“Yes and it will be a pleasure to sample you, sweetie” Sarevok said, at Elara, who just woke up into a nightmare.

Therion watched the entire scene. Finally he had Mazzy in his hands and he wanted to make her pay… and after all there was still time to the ritual, so why not to spend it by raping those bitches raw? However he eventually decided against it. They were victorious but not unhurt, most of the party, especially Kyon who, although a capable fighter in his own right, wasn’t as skilled as the rest of the team.

They needed to rest and recover from their wounds and now when Viconia has been knocked out they had to rely on potions – Therion didn’t want to risk Viconia when the ritual wasn’t prepared, even a small chance of the priestess gaining access to the power of her goddess was a risk he wouldn’t take – not when he was so close to his goal.

And as soon as the ceremony is complete, he could spend as much time as he wanted raping and punishing those whores, especially the halfling wench who dared to escape him and was almost succesfull in stopping his plans.

“Not yet” he ordered “After the ritual. Brother, there is one more thing: ensure that the old paladin is no longer a threat and bring his daughters.” He turned to Sarevok, who just nodded and ventured off. “And you mage… how is the progress?”

“Well, it just primitive divine magic, nothing as subtle as my arcane powers… but with my staggering intelect I’ll be able to untangle the threads of the jewel.” Edwin responded, not turning his gaze away from the black stone for even a moment.

“Good… start thinking already what would you wish from me as you will be rewarded… if eveything works as you say.” Therion said. As much as he demanded discipline and obedience on the pain of gruesome death, he knew that people like his party could not be led only by fear – he had to keep them rewarded and content. The same was with Hendak – only Kyon seemed different, he loved the benefits of his job but his devotion was something more, was it possible that it was a first true believer?

His train of thought was interrupted when Sarevok returned hastily, concern visible on his usually cold and stern face.

“Let me guess…” Therion started, savvy enough to expect what he will hear.

“The paladin is gone. So are his daughters.”

“How could you let him get away?” Kyon started to say but Sarevok interrupted, by shoving him to the ground.

“Do you want us to search?” he asked.

“And leave the mage unprotected?”Therion responded “No, the stone is a priority – after all Keldorn will first of all try to return his daughters to safety and I also doubt he is in condition to attack us. Either way – hurry mage!” he ordered.

The time was passing slowly, as Edwin was preparing the ritual.

Finally he was ready. As Therion lied down on the ground, the mage

began chanting incantations with a low voice.

Breathing in a slow and controlled way, Therion began to feel

lightheaded, the entire surrounding beginning to swirl around him.

Grey mists were covering everything and no longer he could see

anything, even the flames of the fire set by the party well dull.

Soon, Edwin’s voice was everything, brimming with forgotten power.

Therion could not see it any more, but he sure could feel the

Shadowstone pulsating in the rhythm of the mage’s chanting. Suddenly

he felt as if he was pulled to wards the stone and flew there, leaving

his body behind.

And then there was… quiet.

He was standing in a dark corridor, black marble floor below his feet,

his walls and ceiling disappearing in the darkness above. He was

completely naked but for some reason that didn’t disturb him much –

even though he knew it was just some form of astral projection, the

thing that worried him more was that he was unarmed.

As there was no much he could do, Therion started walking down the

corridor, his bare feet somehow echoing on the cold floor. In an

instant he found him self in a large, circular chamber. He turned

around just to see the corridor disappeared and there was no way back.

In the middle of the room there was a simple stone altar and when he

approached him a swirling vortex of energy appeared.

“So… the source of the power of the Shadowstone” he whispered, his

goal finally at hand. But when he did approach it, suddenly there was

a flash…

… and the vortex was gone, replaced by a woman lying on the altar.

At first she took her for a drow – as she had ebony black skin. Her

raven hair and glowing red eyes suggested otherwise. She was

beautiful, that was apparent – and he could see this as she was

completely naked. Her breasts were large but perfectly firm with

nipples darker than the darkest night. Therion’s gaze travelled down

her flat belly and noticed her tempting sex and long slender leg.

“So.. another fool” she said and it sounded almost like a promise of

untold pleasures “I’m…”

“I don’t care who you are” Therion hissed, trying to break free from

her charm “I don’t care if you are Shar’s avatar, manifestation of the

power of the Shadowstone, my mind playing tricks on me or a demon from

a backwater brothel in the Abyss. I am Therion and the power of the


“Will be mine!” suddenly Therion’s voice was joined by seven other.

Surprised he looked around only to see himself surrounded by seven

ghostly figures of warriors and mages, they attire suggesting they

came from ages past.

“They came here for the same reason you did. The also were arrogant

and full of themselves. And now… they are gone. As will you be.” the

woman whispered.

Without wasting time for words, Therion lunged forward. He grabbed her

neck, squeezing it hard.

“I will pump you hard, you supernatural bitch… as you will pump me

with power!” he hissed strenghtening his grip…

Only for the avatar to laugh out loud.

“Spirit is commendable… but you are just a mortal” she said and made

a small gesture with her hand, making Therion fly to the back of the


“You…” Therion yelled getting up… only for her to hit her with

another wave of power, pushing him towards the wall…

This time, the power did not relent, keeping him pressed against the wall while the avatar smiled at him, swinging her feet and shapely legs off the altar, her glowing red eyes burrowing into his very soul. He strained, trying to fight against the invisible force, but to no avail. He was helpless. For the first time since Sarevok showed him the path to glory, he was helpless. And he did not like it one bit. Maybe this was how his slaves felt…not that he cared.

“ Let…go of me…or regret it!” he snarled, only to hear the avatar’s throaty, amused laughter.

“ Poor little man…his dreams of power so easily shattered…”, she whispered as she came closer, her enticing hips swaying invitingly. Her skin was glistening slightly in the non-light of their surroundings. Normally, Therion would find such a sight arousing but at the moment, he was consumed with impotent rage.

“ You wish for this, do you not?” she asked him coyly, one hand sliding over her full breasts, her flat belly and between her legs. “ Oh yes…your dreams are dark and full of torment…you love to abuse and control…how awful this must be for you.”

“ I will have you beg for mercy as I thrust into you”, Therion growled, still unable to accept defeat. Again, he strained, his muscles nearly snapping with the effort. But the invisible bonds were unbreakable. And by now, she had almost reached him.

“ On the contrary, my dear…”, she said…and thrust her palm forward, her hand sinking into his chest without any resistance whatsoever!

Pain flooded him, pain unlike anything he had ever imagined. It raced through his veins like liquid fire, tearing at his strength, his very soul! Gritting his teeth not to scream, he thrashed in her invisible grip, his muscles cramping in absolute agony.

“ How sweet…a young godling…did you think it would give you any advantage in here?” she laughed again, driving her hand deeper, fingers flexing as if looking for something. Through his pain, Therion understood all too well what she was searching for. His spark. The thing that made him more than just an adventurer and rapist. He must not give it up!

“ You are but a whelp compared to me. But you will nourish me for the long wait until I will be reunited with the goddess.” And as she spoke, she thrust deeper. And this time he did scream.

Therion’s scream echoed across the small room as he arched his back, veins standing out on his neck as he grit his teeth, every muscle tense as if about to snap. Tendrils of black shadow were crawling up from the floor, snaking up his body. Sarevok looked at Edwin, who furrowed his brow.

“ This is not going well”, the mage muttered, shaking his head, his hands still forming arcane gestures.

“ Then do something, mage!” Kyon growled, glaring at the Red Mage.

“ How about those who have no idea about magic shut their traps? There is little I CAN do! It is all in his mind now. And if anyone here barks at me like that again, I will show them I still have a fireball left!” The mage quickly turned back to Therion, who was writhing helplessly on the floor.

“ Finally…”, Viconia said, grinning, “ finally that son of a whore dies…and once he is gone, you will be next.” The drow did not even try to hide her joy. “ Shar will not be pleased with his attempted violation of her holy relic. Once he is out of the way, there will be no place left for you to hide…”

“ SHUT UP, BITCH!” Kyon roared, whirling around, his hand grabbing the whip in one fluid motion. Half a heartbeat later, Viconia cried out as he struck her across the chest, the blow hard enough to make her fall backwards.

Suddenly, piercing the omnipresent agony, a sound reached Therion’s ears. It was a scream, unmistably so…and it had not come from him. But from Viconia. He knew that voice intimately, especially when she was in pain.A surge of raw strength flowed through his body, her agony vitalizing him. With a roar of defiance, he yanked his right arm free, backhanding the avatar so hard she staggered backwards…though his other limbs were still bound. “ MORE!” he screamed, hoping the others could somehow hear him…

They didn’t hear him, or at least not his words – the only sound Therion’s body made was a muffled groan. But still they could see that for a moment agony retreated from his contorted face and the faintest sadistic smile was not to be mistaken with anything else.

“More!” Kyon shouted as he raised the whip and lashed at Viconia once again. The blow fell on the drow’s thighs making her squeal again in pain. This time there was no mistake – everyone could clearly see that Therion’s body relaxed and immediately afterwards but this time due to resolve, not pain. The party of course could not know that at the moment,

Therion’s mental avatar finally freed himself and with a strong shove almost made the manifestation of Shar fall to the ground.

All the party could see was that hearing the tormented screams of women gave Therion strenght – which in hindsight seemed only natural taking into consideration… though no one realized until now how far did Therion merge with his chosen area of influence.

“More!” Kyon repeated whipping Viconia, again and again, the lashes falling now on her arms which she used to shield her breasts as well as on her shapely shoulders.

“Mppff!” the proud drow tried to stop herself from screaming in agony as the burning hot pain spread throughout her body, intensifying each time the whip fell. It was not only her pride preventing her from screaming – as others, Viconia did notice how her screams were bolstering Therion and she was willing to go to any lengths in order to keep him from sapping that power.

Summoning the last reserves of her resolve, aware that this may be the best chance to escape from Therion, Viconia bit her lips, muffled groans being the only sounds escaping her mouth…

Therion moved forward, approaching Shar. He grabbed her full tit, digging his nails into her soft skin, hard enough even for her to moan in pain. He reached with his other hand… which was almost effortlessly stopped by the manifestation grabbing his wrist. Therion could feel the torrent of power coming to him decreasing but it was too late, as another blow shoved him hard against the marble wall.

Meanwhile as Korgan grabbed his whip and approached Mazzy, Sarevok did not move. “Help me!” Kyon yelled, whipping Viconia furiously, still not enough to make her scream. He could see a triumphant look on her face already… what would he give for the mage to shower her in his green flame spell… but the wizard was too busy holding the threads connecting Therion’s body with his astral self.

Sarevok meanwhile, still was not moving – but he was thinking hard. If he had wanted Therion dead, if he wanted vengeance for ruining his ambitions… there wouldn’t be a better moment. Kyon would not stand a chance, as for others – he wasn’t sure if they were going to defend Therion. He wasn’t in it for the girls and rewards – at least not as much as the others, as he was certain he would be able to take over the ring, even with Therion gone.

No… he didn’t need Therion… which was probably exactly why his half-brother made him the offer, before they went to the sewers to confront Ssatha. Being raised to the status of a god… that was something Sarevok could no longer achieve on his own. Of course he knew his brother was probably as prone to treachery as he was… but still, there were means of ensuring Therion kept his end of the bargain. And as a god, even a lesser one, he would have whole eternity to plot Therion’s demise and take over his power…

Finally reaching a decision Sarevok grabbed his whip. Viconia was stubborn and sure of her imminent victory, Kyon was wasting time trying to break her now – time for her punishment would come later. Mazzy already proved to be resilient but the other women…

“Kyon, take the other Shar-whore” he ordered the young guard pushing him towards Ahara, hoping that she won’t have Viconia’s resolve – but even then, he knew quite well she didn’t have Viconia’s motivation born out of utter hate for Therion. Sarevok meanwhile approached Elara – paladins were also made of steel, but she proved to be the weakest link here… and he really did want to make her scream.

The priestess of Shar had still been unconscious when the first lash hit, but that changed immediately when the whip struck across her fill, round ass, her eyes flying open wide as she shrieked in both surprise and pain.

“ Good morning, cunt!”, Kyon snarled, not even giving her a chance to react before smacking the whip against Ahara’s bare back with an audible crack, drawing another cry from the bewildered priestess.

Mazzy already saw Korgan coming, her eyes locked onto Therion, her face just as defiant as Viconia’s, though there was precious little hatred in her eyes. Instead, the dwarf saw only iron determination…and he instantly knew he could whip her until his arm fell off and would not get a single scream from her. Of course, that did not keep him from trying, the whip slashing down again and again.

The redheaded halfling’s arms had been tightly bound behind her back, not granting her any defense against the furious assault as Korgan thoroughly whipped her tits, belly and thighs, laughing as she grit her teeth to avoid letting out precious screams.

“ Go ahead…be brave, cunt! All the more reason to whip you raw!” the dwarf bellowed with delight, using his other hand to jerk his cock while he whipped the small knight vigorously.

Elara had been bound as well, her hands shackled so tightly behind her back she could not move them an inch. The young paladin was sitting with her back against the wall, her long, shapely legs spread, her tits unprotected, heaving with every breath she took. Of course, her positioning had not been mere accident but a careful choice on Sarevok’s part, who wanted the paladin to be as exposed as possible for further use…and to increase both her shame and fear.

Already, signs of dread were showing in her eyes, despite all the discipline the temple of Torm had taught her. And he had to smirk at the thought that his brother had managed to undermine her mental fortitude forever. Still, she tried her best to simply meet his gaze as he stepped in front of her, whip held at the ready. “ Do your worst, blackguard…I won’t give you what you want!” she hissed, though she could not hide the slight tremble in her voice…and by now, Sarevok was good at noticing things like that, especially in a victim.

“ We shall see about that”, Sarevok calmly responded…and began to rain down blows upon her tits and between her legs, making her first grunt, then squirm, then cry and finally scream in absolute agony as he began to alternate between blows to her tits and her exposed cunt, stepping onto her ankles whenever she tried to close her legs.

Inside the mind-realm, Therion suddenly felt a rush of strength, of sheer power course through him, well-noticed by the avatar before him. “ Well played, whore…but it seems my comrades understood what I needed…” he said…before effortlessly tearing himself off her enchantment and slam a hand against her chest, pushing her against and halfway onto the altar with one mighty shove.

Within a heartbeat, he was on her, grabbing her shoulders and dragging her onto the altar proper, her head hanging over the edge just below his cock, which had begun to stiffen. “ Open your mouth, slut…now you are going to pay for resisting me!”

“No! You’ll pay for it!” the being cursed trying to get up from the humiliating position, only for Therion to keep her down by grabbing a fistful of her raven-black her. As he twisted his hands, she opened her mouth to scream… which of course he used to ram his dick up her throat.

“Nnnmpfff!” the manifestation of Shar, so mighty not long ago now moaned pitifully as the fat cock was forced into her mouth, sending waves of pleasure up Therion’s erect shaft. She tried to get up again, but he simply hel her still, as his hips started pushing forward, fucking her face with rhythmic thrusts, slow at first but soon growing in pace. Shar’s next attempt to free herself was punished by Therion leaning forward and with his other hand grabbing her large nipple, darker than even the smooth skin of her tits.

“Aaampfff! Nnnn!” the being wailed against the dick in her mouth as Therion squeezed the nippled hard and yanked it as if he was going to tear it off. The slender black body of the avatar bucked and jumped on the altar as hot searing pain traveled from her abused tit, enveloping her entire being.

That was unbelievable. Only moments ago she held all the cards, had all of the advantage and now not only was she losing – for some reason she was completely powerless. It came as a terrifying revelation but she didn’t have the strength even to close her jaw and bite on the cock filling her mouth as if all possibilities of resistance were taken from her as this cruel man was empowered by something coming from his plane. How pitiful did she feel, lying on the cold altar as Therion kept fucking her face, the unbearable stench and taste of his large cock filling Shar’s mouth as he kept moving, driving himself deeper and deeper into her mouth, fucking it faster and faster as if it was her cunt.

The worst part was that she completely couldn’t fight, only could lie there, taking his dick, allowing this brute to keep abusing her breast as if his one hand in her hair was enough to subdue her. What was even worst, that each time she mustered her power and tried to free herself, he effortlessly pinned her down, her pathetic attempt and the feeling of her body struggling only arousing him further… and thus granting him more power – at her expense.

And Therion was surely a man who did notice it.

“Oh yes… you really thought you can face me?” he said as his thrusts became faster and deeper. The warm breath of his victim caressed his dick, her unwilling tongue licking it as he kept pushing into her wet mouth. The once haughty being now gurgled in a pathetic and all too familiar way as he pushed his dick up to the back of her throat, feeling it gag against his shaft. “Well… I’m going to take all your power so its only fair if I’ll give you something instead… also something divine… like my divine cum!” Therion said with a wide smile as his cock started spurting wave after wave of jism into his victim’s mouth.

“Mpfff!” the horrid feeling was unlike and worst anything the manifestation felt in its existance, filling her mouth, overcoming her. Still Therion did not keep his dick long in her, removing it to spray his white cum all over Shar’s black face and large round tits.

“You look almost like darkie when I first cum on her… well, no wonder if Shar’s priestesses are nothing else than pathetic fuck-slaves if their goddess only has the power to take cock” he mocked.

At this moment Sarevok’s whip landed exactly between Elara’s legs, hitting her exposed pussy. The young paladin gave an ear-piercing excruciating shriek as her entire body bucked and jumped, filled with unbearable pain. Sarevok couldn’t take it anymore – seeing her helpless body so exposed, in such pain brought lust that he couldn’t resists. Effortlessly he turned her to her stomach and then rammed his fat cock into her whipped abused cunt, making her wail pitifully as horrible pain seared her at the brutal intrusion.

“Scream, whore!” Sarevok barked, whipping the paladin’s shapely back as he started fucking her dry tortured pussy. Seeing this, both Korgan and Kyon decided to follow moving towards their captives with their cocks already erect…

And Therion’s manifestation felt another surge of power as his dick immediately got hard again. Grinning widely, he pushed Shar off the altar so that only her stomach remained on it, her large tits dangling on one side while her ass on the other…

When she tried to rise again, he easily placed his hand on her back and slammed her back down so hard, he knocked the breath from her lungs, if she even had such things. It was almost ridiculous how quickly the fortunes had shifted. A moment ago, he had almost been killed, his soul absorbed by this being… and now, he had her bent over, with his cum already drying on her face. Therion could not help but laugh.

Standing behind her, his hard cock rubbing against her perfect dark asscheeks, he leaned over her and, still pressing her down, whispered into her ear, “ And now I am going to fuck your tight little asshole…and while I do, I will drain you of your divine energy… just like you tried to do with me, you little fuckslut. But do not worry… I will not take everything. I will leave just a tiny sliver behind, just enough to keep you alive in there… so I can come back whenever I want. You are a great fuck and I will gladly rape you again and again…”

“ No!” she screamed, trying to get up once more, thrashing in her position, not capable of accepting her impotence at the moment. Therion merely laughed, calmly keeping her upper body down while he grabbed his cock and began to aim it at her tight puckered opening. “ There is no way you can resist me now, bitch…you are mine…and so is your….power!”

With his last word, he rammed the head of his cock against her sphincter, grunting loudly as he felt her resistance. It almost did not get in, her anus tighter than he had anticipated…but his lust would not be denied and within a heartbeat, the head of his huge cock plopped into her tight canal, her anal muscles immediately gripping it in a vise-like embrace. “ Hmmm….so tight…your asshole has never been used! You’re almost as tight as that halfling bitch…”, he said, pushing onward, wanting to hear her scream.

But in the beginning, at least, the aspect of Shar denied him that pleasure. Gritting her teeth so hard it hurt, she dug her nails into the cold obsidian of the altar, her head shaking back and forth as she tried to deal, not just with the pain but the shame of being used like that. She, who had crushed countless souls that sought her power…had destroyed their hopes before snuffing out their very essences for the greater goddess she was a part of…and now, she was being used like a common port whore, raped up the ass by a wanna-be god. That simply fact was even harder to endure than the pain alone. Though the pain kept growing worse and worse as he pushed and pushed, ramming inch after inch of his hard tool into her tight, clenching backside.

“ Oh yes, I’m definitely going to keep you alive…your ass is better than the drow’s!” Therion exclaimed, meaning every word. Gripping her hips with one hand, he leaned over again, reaching around her to grasp her large, round tits and start mauling them, fingers digging into the firm orbs while his cock slammed deeper into the avatar’s fuckhole. And as he kept on thrusting, as he felt her writhe around his cock, he felt something else….power.

Raw, unbridled power. Just as it had been with Imoen that long time ago, it was not a conscious process. It was something that simply happened as a result of the brutal rape he inflicted upon the hapless avatar, his cock punching into her bowels with all the strength he could muster. Power flowed into him, enriching the spark of godhood that dwelt within his heart, fanning the embers of might into a bright flame while dimming her own power, flooding his victim with weakness.

The moment the avatar noticed it as well was when she began to scream…and, a moment later, to cry. And soon, Therion was pounding her asshole to the sound of her sobs and screams as pain, shame and existential fear overwhelmed her. Each thrust increased his own power by a fraction, but as the rape progressed, the surges of divine might came faster and faster…until, when he finally came deep inside her anus. A torrent of divine energy bathed his spiritual form as he shouted out in triumph, his voice easily eclipsing her pathetic wail, his entire body trembling and shaking…

And then, suddenly, his eyes flew wide open. A terrible pain wracked his limbs, but it was a glorious pain, an exquisite agony, for he knew a mortal body could never contain his newfound power. He needed to be reborn to fulfill his ascension!

A loud groan escaped his lips as he rose to his feet, making everyone of his followers stop the rapes they were conducting, even Kyon, who had been furiously rutting away at the cursing priestess’ ass like nothing would ever make him stop.

“ Lord…?” he asked, but a glare from Therion silenced him.

Groaning, he felt his limbs lengthen, his skin stretching as bony protrusions formed underneath it. His face elongated, all hair withdrawing from his skull, his teeth growing and sharpening themselves while he grew in size, his entire body convulsing upon being forced to take on a new, bestial form, fury and lust personified. And, of course, his cock grew as well, much to the horror of those who already hated its size. Finally, after a few agonizing moments, the transformation was finished.

“ BEHOLD! THE RAVAGER!” Therion shouted, his voice deep, guttural and utterly, supernaturally terrifying for all the females present. Throwing his head back, he howled again, louder this time, uttering the birth cries of a demigod, a wave of unseen malice sweeping the lands…

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