Thirteen – The Ravager

The young peasant Darina ran into her house in terror. She could feel the warm breath of her pursuer on her neck, the disgusting smelly breath of an orc. Her long blonde her – always her pride – now proved to be her downfall as the creature managed to grabbed them and with a brutal pull shove the girl to the floor of her home.

Everywhere around her she could see the cries of other townsfolk being butchered, despite any futile attempt to mount any kind of resistance. The combined orcish, orog and hobgoblin riding party, although only a small cog in the machine of the ogre-magi army, proved far superior to the nonexistent combat skills of the villagers.

She knew that it was the end, she was going to be killed then and there. There was already blood on the orc’s battle-axe – blood of her father, brother and her mother as those beasts killed everyone regardless of their gender. The orc raised his weapon to finish the girl of and swung it… hitting the floor just inches from the girl’s face.

Darina barely had time to sigh in relief as with a new sense of terror she noticed the battle-frenzy and bloodlust in the orc’s eyes being replaced by something different – a true carnal urge. The beast effortlessly grabbed her, lifted and shoved onto a wooden table, knocking bowls and mugs. In one move the orc was at her tearing the entire front of her cheap gown, revealing her shapely tits to its hungry hands and mouth.

“Aaaaiee!” Darina cried as the orc bit on her nipple, which only aroused him further. Not wanting to waste the time to strip her, the creature just pulled up the bottom of her dress, meanwhile liberating its own huge, bulbuous cock. “Noooeee!” the girl gave an ear-piercing cry as the orc drove his dick into her virgin pussy impaling her and starting a brutal fuck.

In its primitive tongue the orc yelled, beckoning his kin to join and as several other orcs entered the room, Darina, crying in pain between the brutal thrusts thought to herself that maybe death would have been a better fate…

Karin Sahn, a trader from Baldur’s Gate on his way to Athcatla, finally allowed himself to sigh in relief, seeing that the ambush was nearing its end. Of course he wasn’t happy that he was just being robbed by a band of highwaymen, three of his guards killed by their arrows… but as bandits went he could have had it worse then falling into the clutches of the Black Arison, a self-styled gentleman robber.

Apart from the casualties of the first attack, no one else was hurt, his untrained and poorly paid guards easily disarmed. Now Arison’s men were ransacking through the carts with merchandise, the bandit already stolen Karin’s gold… but all of this was not the end of the world. Good could be replaced and the merchant was grateful that his life was spared and even more so that his precious daughter – the last reminder of his passed away wife – was not even touched. In fact, Arison allowed her to keep her golden necklace and the young girl was already looking at the handsome rogue with awe in her large green eyes.

“What are you looking at?” Arison surely had noticed it as well “You like me? You like what you see?” these questions made Karin, who was already half-certain that the danger was over, hold his breath again “Well, if you want me, you’ll get me!” the bandit leader laughed as he grabbed the lithe, slender girl and pushed her on one of the carts.

“Leave her- ugh!” Karin tried to yell but was hit on his head by a bandits club. Colours whirled before his eyes as he felt to his knees, vision blurred… but he could hear all too well as his daughter began screaming and pleading for help.

“No… no… don’t… no!” those cries were accompanied by a sound of torn fabric. “No… I beg you… mpff!” the merchant could only imagine what was done that muffled his daughter’s cry… but he didn’t have to imagine what was happening then, as he heard his daughter’s muffled cries, rising in volume despite the thing that was gagging, coupled together with male grunts…

Karin couldn’t see his daughter on the cart, but he knew that her eyes, now filled with tears, were not looking in awe at Arison anymore. Worse still, even when the bandit was done, the nightmare would not end as the rest of his gang descended on the poor girl. When they were finally left alone, the young woman was left tied on the cart, covered in cum, babling incoherently like a madwoman when not crying pitifully.

But at least Arison did leave her the golden necklace. Stuffed into her cum-filled cunt…
Kyianna, the half-elf artist from Athcatla was travelling back to her house in Umar Hills. She couldn’t remain in the city, not since the break-in and the vicious rape that followed. She could not forget the disgusting touch of those men, the brutal, unnatural things they were doing to her… and the final humiliation when they forced her to lick the cum of her own paintings.

Worse, she heard whispers of some dark deals happening in the Copper Coronet, tales of lust and desires of different men that were sated in this place. If even half of the rumours were true, she didn’t want to live in a city than tolerated or even acknoledged such things…

She decided go back home, to the hut of their parents, poor but simple in a village with similarly poor but kind-hearted men. And to think that once she wanted to taste the city-life!

Of course Kyianna wasn’t so stupid to travel alone, she joined a group of few families and independent travelers who were also travelling in that direction. Soon after some of the departed, she was left with five men – a situation uncomfortable for her, especially concerning her experiences but not very frightening, as those men seemed completely harmless.

A clueless scribe, an old, even very old soldier, fat, loud but kind drunkard, messenger and a farmer returning to his family. Could there be a more harmless company? Only Baros, the drunk made her uncomfortable with his lewd jokes but she didn’t respond to them. Soon however, the others, even Nair, the scribe began joking with Baros, each joke being more lewd the the one before.

Kyianna did not feel comfortable but for couple of days stayed with the company, shrugging their increasingly sexist remarks, still under the assumption that she was safer in this company. Only when Baros started to grope and kiss her neck and the old soldier grabbed her ass, she did decide that enough was enough. During one evening, when everyone was asleep with Baros on watch – that is oblivious to anything except his bottle – she quietly packed and got up, trying to leave…

Only to see Nair standing in front of her.
“Going somewhere, bitch?” he asked, almost spitting the last word and as she looked at him, her eyes wide in surprise, shock and building fear, he drove a fist to her stomach, knocking her down. “I don’t think so” he said, venom in his voice as the other men got up and circled her.

“No… please…” Kyianna sobbed as she tried to grab her breath, all too well predicting what was going to happen “Not again… not again…” she begged, not knowing how could she cope with another rape.

“What do you mean, again?” Baros smirked as they all started grabbing her, tearing her clothes, spreading her on the ground, her desperate pleas falling on deaf eyes.

As soon as the lithe half-elf was stripped the rape began. Baros wasted no time, sticking his fat cock into her cunt, while her pitiful please were silenced by Nair, the kindly Nair, ramming his cock down her throat. As they finished with her and cummed in her holes, the other trio took her together in all of her tight holes. Of course that was not the end of it – the rape would proceed for many, many hours, during which each man took a shot on each of her fuckholes.

Finally, they left her exhausted, sore and completely broken, alone on the trail…

“Please, understand” Rana said slowly “I do like you, but as a friend… not like this.” she said once again, hoping that Bareth – the slow-minded village idiot who had a crush on her would finally understand. She would have been worried if his crush went past anything else than following her sometimes as a stray dog… and still it was Bareth, the large but gentle giant of a man.

The man simply nodded, his eyes still staring at Rana’s heart-shaped face, into her innocent blue eyes, watching her curly brown her falling to her shapely shoulders. More than once his gaze travelled to her full breasts, covered by her tunic but she knew she couldn’t hold it against him – the poor man did not know how to behave.

“I am glad you understand” Rana said again, hoping that indeed it was so, as Bareth’s face had some almost-hungry look that wasn’t there before. Dismissing it as her imagination, the girl turned away… and her world exploded as she felt something hit the back of her head.

Even though pain enveloped her as she drifted into blackness, it was also pain that brought her into consciousness… but a pain radiating from her lower body. It took her but a heartbeat to realize that she was in some dumpster in a remote alley, her entire body rocking back and forth… as she was being mercilessly fucked!

Despite the pain, she managed to twist her body just enough to notice that it was Bareth who was ramming his fat cock into her, raping her with a wide grin, drooling all over her back.

“Mmpfff! Nnn!” she tried to beg, but instead she gave but a moan, muffled by her… and Bareth’s dirty panties shoved into her mouth.

And the worst part was that each time he pushed, she could feel searing pain radiating from her asshole… the bastard was fucking her ass! So why did her pussy hurt so much? It took her a moment to realize, by the hardness and fracture of it, that she also had something – probably the same piece of wood Bareth used to knock her out, rammed in her pussy.

“Nnnn!” she wailed again, as the idiot kept fucking her ass, while pumping the wood in and out her abused cunt. What Bareth lacked in smarts he had in stamina as he kept fucking her for hours, cumming in her a number of times, even being able to figure out how to use her mouth.

As she was lying in a dumpster, sucking his dirty cock and licking his smelly balls, moaning as he kept pumping her cunt and ass with wood, she just begged the gods to stop this nightmare and let her wake up…

Therion growled, sucking in his first lungful of air as a demigod, trying very hard not to be overwhelmed by the sensations suddenly assaulting. The pain had passed, but it had left him with every sense sharpened to a superhuman degree, the sensations so intense they almost passed for pain in the aftermath of his apotheosis. He could smell the air outside the tower, feel the ground as if he was walking on it this very moment…he could smell the sharp tang of cum spilled in Viconia’s mouth yesterday, the sweat of the other girls as they were violated by his underlings…he could even taste their tears without being near them. It made him shudder with agony and ecstasy at the same time.

Everything seemed to stand still to his hyperaware consciousness, allowing his eyes to take in every detail of the scene in front of him.

There was Viconia, still untouched, her slender, fit body marked by numerous dark welts from the brutal lashing she had received, staring at him with a mixture of utter, blackest hatred and dread, unable to ignore his power. She had slung her arms around her, trying to hide her tits while drawing her knees underneath herself to hide her slit as well, more a gesture of defiance than actual protection, for she knew how futile that would be.

There was Mazzy, on all fours, her face dripping with Korgan’s cum, her expression one of desperate restraint and intensive pain while the dwarf drilled his cock deep into her tiny halfling ass, leering down upon her as he rode the tight hole, intent on finally drawing a scream from her throat, but so far, she had managed to deny him this pleasure, despite the intensive pain.

There was Elara, crying loudly while Sarevok plowed her cunt. It was without a doubt, only the second time in her life that she actually got fucked by a man and his brother enjoyed it immensely, pumping into her with all his might, his hands roughly playing with her firm, big tits.

And there was Kyon, who simply stared at him with wide eyes, showing both adoration and a healthy dose of fear. His cock was still buried to the hilt inside Ahara’s asshole, his hand clamped around her mouth to keep her silent, but for the moment, he was actually frozen by sheer awe.

He saw all that and knew that it was good…and within mere moments, his cock grew to full hardness.

Therion grinned, showing sharp teeth. “ Edwin”, he growled, a voice that seemed to echo with a thousand screams, “ bring me the drow. It is time for her to meet her new god.”

Navarra pushed aside the frozen trees blocking her view of the Thayan war party passing through the valley. The wychlaran bit her lip in concern. Since the mage nation was united under Szass Tam, the incursions were growing stronger and bolder with each passing day. Navarra felt an inching on her neck, like she was being watched from behind, but when she spun, only her two bodyguards, Runescarred barbarians loyal to the Hathran’s of Rashemen, were there.
She turned back to watching the warparty, ignoring their murmured conversation behind her until one of them put a hand on her ass. She whirled, her lip curling in outrage as she began to twist her fingers in the gesture of a spell. How dare he! The Hathran would have his head for such a dishonor to one of their number!
The other barbarian grabbed her throat and squeezed, silencing her spellcasting and instantly rendering the Rashemi witch helpless as the first man began to tear at her silken clothing. His limbs bulged as power flowed through his runes, his muscles swelling obscenely until her clothing tore like parchment and fell to the ground.
The blond wychlaran cried her first tears since childhood as she felt his similarly swollen cock press into her, afraid to scream lest the necromancers passing below hear the sound. Her rarely used cunt was stretched taunt, forcing pained grunts from the woman until the other man crammed his cock into her open mouth, silencing her.
The pair used her for the next hour, high on the ridge, until the end of the undead thayan army was in view. Then, after letting her cough up some of the slime shot down her throat, one kicked her over the edge, letting one of the leaders of Rashemi resistance slide down the icy slope in full view of the hateful Thayans, directly towards them.
Far further to the north, Talsea brought her warhammer down on the head of a goblin, crushing it like a grape. All around her enormous blonde barbarian, her companions brought death to others of the foul creatures fleeing from within the Spine of the World. With a suddenness that surprised the woman the goblinkin broke, feeling into the mountains and frozen passes as the barbarians roared behind them.
“Praise Tempus!” she roared, and the cheer was echoed by the rest of her companions as she wiped the warm blood from her form onto one of the rotten tunics a goblin had worn. “A celebration tonight!” She said, wiping her face with the flat snowflakes flew. “Song and Mead!”
As she spoke, Talsea realized that her companions weren’t talking any longer, but were all staring at the barbarian woman’s almost bare form. The party’s leader, a huge red maned man named Revjak, laughed into the silence, sheathing his enormous flMazzyge in the hard earth almost to the hilt. “A celebration, anyway,” he sad as I walked up to the barbarian woman and suddenly gripped her warhammer with both hands, tearing the heavy weapon from the unprepared blonde and hurling it across the pass like it weighed nothing.
Talsea’s eyes bulged in shock as his meaty arms pump, sending a fist into her gut. Immediately the other ten men were around her, beating down the barbarian woman and bearing her to the cold ground. She was strong, almost incredibly so, but she was no match for the combined raw strength of nearly a dozen other men. Soon she was pinned on the ground, spread wide as Revjak tore away her flimy leather clothing and pressed aside his loincloth, revealing a hard cock the size of her forearm. To her horror the other men did the same, beginning to bash at her cold-hardened skin even as Revjak began to rape her.

Within minutes every hole on the struggling woman was crammed full of cock while men sat on her arms and legs, leaving her to strain futilely against the strength and weight of four men both larger and stronger than her while her ass was used for the first time. Her companions, friends she had known for a decade of harsh conflict, used her like a piece of meat for hours before leaving her staked to the snow covered tundra, cum freezing on her exposed body as the wind buffeted her as the barbarian waited for rescue or for her maddened companions to regain their senses.

Voices came towards her on the wind, and she craned her head eagerly towards the source until they were close enough that she could hear that they spoke goblin…

Edwin, still amazed at his own success – though, of course, he had never doubted it – did not waste much time. Instead, he moved over to Viconia and grabbed her, dragging the whipped drow in front of Therion, who grinned down upon the shackled and bound dark elf.
While Viconia was tall for a dark elf, she was only of average size for a human, the crown of her head reaching only the chest of the huge creature Therion had become. Reaching out, he grabbed her bound wrists in one clawed hand and yanked them up, making her yelp in surprise and pain and bend forward, lest her shoulders be dislocated. Her cheek brushed the head of his enormous member, making her grunt in obvious disgust.
„ You know what I want, whore”, Therion growled, „ worship my cock with your mouth!” Again, he yanked her arms up again, drawing a cry of pain from her…and as she parted her lips, he jammed his fat cockhead between them, stretching them wide. „ That is a good start…now take it deeper…know that I am your god now, your only and true god!” Placing the other clawed hand on top of Viconia’s head, he began to push down, forcing the drow to take more of his enormous member into her mouth. Soon, her lips were stretched wide around his shaft, the tip inside her mouth, leaking precum onto her quivering, unwilling tongue.
„ You… hnngh… are no… god… just a… monster thinking… too much of itself…” That had come from Mazzy, who’d hissed the words through gritted teeth, interrupted by pained grunts as Korgan kept driving his thick cock into her anus. She was still not screaming and Therion felt a surge of arousal rise up as he watched her get assraped for a moment, her little body rocked back and forth by Korgan’s vicious thrusts. „ I wonder what you will say when it’s my cock up your ass, Mazzy…if you will manage to say anything amidst your screams…and you, drow…start sucking!”


The power of Therion’s awakening even reached into the darkest depths of the world, through the protections of Faerzress and ward alike. Brak’Thal Xorlarrin was hardly able to believe he hadn’t done this centuries ago. House Xorlarrin, third house of Menzobarrenzan, was already ruled by male wizards in everything but name, for they were where the house’s power truly lay… and in Menzobarrenzan, power was all that ever mattered. It was time that the power and responsibility lay in the same place as the privilege and recognition.
The drow mage watched as his sisters were raped, thrown down amid the beheaded bodies of their living whips and tied with the remains. Saribel, his youngest sister, was the most popular with the men of the house. While Brak’Thal watched, the young, stupid priestess had the house’s weapon master fucking her up the ass while another wizard was forcing her to suck his cock. Each time the dumb whore tried to pull away from her betters, the wizard struck her face with a flaming slap, and the uncooperative girl’s cheeks were beginning to grow violet under the strikes.

Nearby her lay Brellip, the eldest daughter of the house and the most powerful priestess. The holy symbol she used to call upon Lolth had been crammed up her ass while men raped her pussy and face one after the other, teaching the arrogant whore proper appreciation for the arcane arts that had brought this house to power. Brak’Thal smirked as he thought of the many times Brellip had threatened him, or demeaned the master elementalist’s work. Now she was just a cheap set of holes for the wizards she despised to use, and the Spider Queen would smile upon her no longer. After all, Lolth had no use for weakness among her followers. Her blessing would follow the mages now, granting them the prestige she had previous bestowed upon the failed priestesses.
All throughout the house Brak’Thal could hear the screams as his other sisters, priestesses of the Lady of Chaos all, were shown their place in the houses new hierarchy. If there was a single problem to the discrepancy between the number of arcane masters and priestesses in Xorlarrin, it was that there weren’t enough of them to abuse: from the lines he could see forming around Saribel and Brellip, they would be busy for hours before they had satisfied all of the waiting men even once, and Narbondel would cycle many times before the men’s lust had been sated on the arrogant women. Enough horny men had decided to tear down some of the houses female soldiers, sating their impatient frustrations on the drow women’s well-kept bodies. Of all the women in the house only the rare female mages were safe, protected firmly from any abuse by their arcane brethren… and they partook in the abuse of the damned priestesses as enthusiastically as any of the men.
Brak’Thal Xorlarrin had no need to worry about lines. He turned and began to walk deeper into the house, his boots striking the stone floor in absolute silence as he headed for the chapel were Matron Mother Zeerith waited for him… and after he finished teaching his beautiful, bound mother all about the new order in the house, he would plot with her how to use this change to increase Xorlarrin power.
After all, Xorlarrin was the fourth house. Three more remained above them, and Brak’Thal meant to bring the his house to rulership over this city… and claim whatever spoils he wished.
After all, such was the way of the drow.
Brak’Thal whistled as he walked, already imagining what Quenthel Beanre would look like on her knees…

All this power was coming from all corners of the world, along with muffled cries of countless victims, combined with grunts of pleasure of many, many men of different races. The raw sexual lust, rage and perchant of suffering of these males were filling every cell and fibre of Therion’s body with divine power. He grinned widely as he knew they were worshipping him in everything but name…

Still, until that last step was taken, until they consciously whispered his name and thanked him while raping their victims, his path to true ascension, to godhood would not be complete. Even now, he knew, he felt some orcish thug thanking Gruumsh for his spoils or a drow magician who believed that was a reward from Lloth for the power of his house. Therion knew his path was far from complete… but for now he could rejoice!

The horrible face of the monstrosity he became reflected another wide grin, as his long clawed hands pulled Viconia’s head even closer to his crotch. The drow could barely keep half of his cock in her mouth, the hard scaly tool jabbing her on the back of her throat, causing her to gag pitifully even though he wasn’t even fully in. Not that it stopped Therion from trying to push his cock as hard as he could, the feeling of the drow’s throat massaging his shaft as the woman thought desperately for her breath arousing him even more.

Finally he withdrew his cock a little – it still filled almost all of Viconia’s mouth but now she was at least able to suck it properly. Even though this task, gruesome before, has now become even more degrading and horrible, the drow began obediently working her dextrous tongue all over the meat in her mouth. She teased, caressed and played with it, trying to get him off, so he won’t suffocate with his cock or take her other holes. Still it wasn’t easy – not even because of the girth of the cock but from the horrible taste, both from it and the precum it was oozing… with the promise that the taste of cum would be even worse.

As Therion let his fuck-slave please him orally, he still looked around the other victims. He knew he would have to fuck all of them, mark him as his again, now spraying their mouths and insides with his divine seed. Thinking of all those things he would do to them, ways in which he could channel his sexual energies made him cum in an instant. He barely noticed Viconia gagging desperately, as load after load of stinging, salty and disgusting liquid filled her mouth. He simply held her head, forcing her to keep drinking his waves to save herself from literally being drowned in it. Finally he let her head go and watched as the drow fell to the ground, white and yellow cum drizzling out of her inflamed lips and even coming from her nose.

Therion still had a little of spunk left in him so he sprayed her face and tits, watching the contrast of the liquid on her bruised body that never ceased to amaze him. Only with an effort of will, he made himself hard again. He turned Viconia onto her flat belly and grabbed her asscheeks spreading them.

“No… no… don’t… “ Viconia begged frantically, knowing how worse it will be taking his huge cock now, especially in her tightest hole. Finally her eyes wandered to Mazzy, the little warrior’s face contorted with pain but still defiant, even as Korgan was fucking her hard. “Take… take her! You wanted the halfling so much!” she cried desperately in a last attempt to divert his attention.
“I wanted and I still want” Therion growled with a deep voice “I will take her in any way imaginable again and again along with the rest of bitches. But you… you have to pay for your foolish hopes that I will be really gone. You and the other Shar bitch…” he barked, looking at Ahara, whose entire body rocked as Kyon resumed fucking her with a fanatic glee in his eyes. “You two will form the foundations of my whore-clergy and you will be my high priestess… I am sure you will enjoy the privileges that come with it… the privilege of taking my cock in your holes very, very often!” he almost whispered as he rammed his dick into her asshole.

Viconia did not exactly have much time to contemplate his words when he took her, his massive cock drilling into her with the full force he was capable of. Her eyes wide open, she shrieked in pain, louder than she’d ever screamed before. When he’d been human, his cock had already been dreadfully large but now, it was a few magnitudes worse. And yet, he still eagerly rammed it in with just the same force as before, if not more.

Viconia hated admitting her own weakness by allowing these monsters to make her scream… she absolutely detested actually submitting to Therion by sucking him off, jerking his cock or performing one of the myriad other degrading things he and his cronies demanded of her. She consoled herself by repeating within her mind over and over that she was just waiting for the right moment. That she at least managed, unlike that weak bitch Aerie, to keep some of the screams inside. But right now, there was no defiance — There was only the pain, and no way for her to keep the screams bottled up.

Every thrust felt as if a red-hot iron spear was rammed up her tight anus, washing her entire body in new agonies. Above her, the demigod-monster Therion had become grunted happily, slobber splashing onto the drow’s shapely back while the beast ravaged her. “You’re.. .mine… mine!” it growled, rutting away at the defenseless dark elf, relishing both her pain and the sensation of her clenching muscles clamping around his cock, vainly attempting to expel it from her bowels.

“Your suffering… will increase a hundredfold”, he rumbled on, his clawed hands digging into her ass while he drove into her, the pain from her nearly-pierced skin completely eclipsed by the agony spreading through her body from the assrape. “ I… will never… get tired… never… need sleep… never need to rest again!” Even in her current state, crying, howling with utter torment, Viconia understood the ramifications of his words and they filled her with dread.

The fact that even he needed pause after a few rapes had sometimes been the only thing that had seen her and her fellow slaves through their degradations. If what he claimed was true… if he truly had transcended most of his already questionable humanity… then she’d probably rather be at Korgan’s mercy than his.

Of all the others, only Kyon was paying any attention to what Therion was saying. The young guard kept on ramming his cock up Ahara’s ass, trying to match his lord’s ferocity and strength, though he could never manage it. Already, he felt a surge of power seep from Therion and rise within himself. The others were too absorbed in their own pleasures to feel it, he was certain of that, but to him, it was clear as day. Now more than ever, there was no doubt about the true nature of his patron. And he would do anything to gain even a fraction of that power. “Praise…be to…Therion”, he muttered, the first true and honest prayer in his entire life, rutting away at the priestess.

Even that little prayer sent a tingling sensation throughout Therion’s reforged body, allowing him to experience not only his violation of Viconia but, for a brief moment, feel Ahara’s ass clench around Kyon’s cock, feel his pleasure build up as if it was his own. “Yessss… know that all the pleasure you feel is because of me…” he growled to his underling, “understand my work and my being and be my first true priest!”

“That is your role!” Therion hissed, still ramming is dick into Viconia’s ass “I’ll have a whole clergy of male priests serving and worshipping me… but you… you whore-priestesses… will have another role. You’ll be worshipping me with your mouths and all of your holes and you’ll be giving your bodies to whom I see fit!” he exclaimed as finally a torrent of cum erupted from his dick, filling the insides of the drow’s tight ass. “So that they are fucking you, they will be whispering my name, praying to me!”

Tossing Viconia aside as a rag doll Therion moved towards the other rapes. Now, almost drunk with his newfound power, he could only stand between the brutal fuckings, gathering power from his very presence in this place. Watching this abomination with terror, Viconia tried to crawl back at least a bit from the monstrosity Therion had become. She had to be away from his terrifying aura, she had to have the clarity of mind to think, to plan…

In all of her situation one thing was positive – it didn’t take him long to cum in her mouth and as excruciating as it was, the ass rape also did not last as long as it usually did. Did the change affect Therion in an unforseen way? Was the need to rape so large that it didn’t take him long to cum? That would only mean that she exchanged the length of the rapes for the frequency of them – however that was still some tiny consolation.

If Therion could hear those thoughts he would love at how naïve the drow was. He knew he could control his body better than ever, lasting as long as he wanted, almost indefinitely. Now he just wanted, desired, needed to fuck each of those girls with his new form, to mark them as his possessions. He would have long, long time to subject those slaves to his darkest desires, impaling their suffering bodies on the engorged member of his new form. He would take all of their holes, making them cry and beg in vain…

But now… he had to take them all. Looking around he saw that his party has finished their rapes, though he was perfectly aware that this was only the first rape of many. Korgan has just squirted a load into Mazzy’s ass, the cum already drizzling from her tight hole. Sarevok lifted his body from crying Elara, just stepping on her leg to prevent her from closing her legs, admiring the view of her abused cunt. Kyon withdrew his dick as he was cumming, spraying his cum all over Ahara’s back.

Who to choose? Therion’s blazing eyes fell on Mazzy. The desire to get this halfling bitch drove him too long to pass this opportunity and her taunts only made his blood run hotter.

“I believe we have business left unfinished”, he growled, reaching down to grab the panting halfling, lifting her up so he was face to face with her, his talons digging painfully into her sides, although he could not force a scream from her.

Therion had to give her credit for not flinching away. As his dark gaze bored into her eyes, she met his gaze with one of her own, showing little of her recent abuse by masking the pain with steely resolve. Still, as he gazed into her eyes and took in her defiant expression, he could feel that tiny ember of fear deep within her, guarded well and kept shackled within the depths of Mazzy Fentan’s soul. In time, he and his underlings would draw it to the surface, reducing her to the crying, cum-covered wreck she deserved to be.

“You should feel honored,” he hissed, his tongue shooting out to lap along the side of her face, which she endured without flinching, “I doubt there are many who could boast of having been fucked by a god.”

Even Viconia would have been intimidated by now. Mazzy, however, simply spat into his monstrous face. The demigod could not help but laugh, an ugly, inhuman sound, like a knife scraping against glass. “I have wondered this since you stole the stone from me… are you dumb, needlessly brave, or plain suicidal? None of my slaves would dare to do this… besides Grahka of course, but she is barely above an animal anyway.”

“She is not the only one,” Mazzy retorted, ice in her voice.

“You insolent cunt!” Kyon exclaimed, but fell silent when Therion shook his head. “There is no need to defend me, Kyon. I think I can deal with one halfling wannabe warrior on my own. After all, I have some experience in making the little whores squeal now.”

He leant in closer to Mazzy’s face, at the same time lowering her so that his cock brushed her thighs, its size obscene compared to her small body. Normally, Therion might be worried that he’d damage her beyond repair if he fucked her in this form, but there were a few additional perks to his new body, things he instinctively knew he could do… like make her feel his entire size while not truly affecting her body with it. “I have two halflings in the Coronet now… the bitches tried to rob me. Now they are paying the price. I made sure they got the most brutal treatment and the most violent clients… just because they reminded me of you,” he hissed into her ear.

“I am not to blame for the pain you inflict upon the innocent,” Mazzy said, deflecting his attempt at making her feel guilty. Still, there was a faint, almost imperceptible tremble in her voice, no doubt caused by the prospect of being forced onto the huge cock between Therion’s legs.

“Maybe not for what I did to them… but these cunts here…” Therion said, turning her around while repositioning her so that his cockhead was now at the entrance to her tight and dry cunt. “They suffer because of you. Without you stealing the stone, I would not have had to abduct and rape Keldorn’s daughters. And the dyke paladin would also not be here getting fucked again.” Grinning, he began to force her down onto his cock, grunting as he felt her lips stretch around the top of his cockhead, forced to accommodate this unwanted invader by virtue of his strength. “This is all your fault!” He hissed as he thrust upward, impaling the little warrior.

“I-it is not…” she stammered, her body exploding with pain as the fold of her sex stretched absurdly wide. “N-not my f-fault you a-are a monst-ter…”

Even the tiniest touch of the halfling girl against him was all that the demigod he had become needed to go absolutely wild… and he was not enjoying more that a brief feel of her. The massive member of the Ravager slid into the incredibly stubborn hole, squeezing him like a vice. The girl’s arrogance, how long she had defied him already, made him want to rape her with almost obsessive need, and he had to resist the temptation to immediately fill her with cum just to see how humiliated it would make her to take a dozen loads, one after the other. Instead, though, the godspawn guided the fat head of his cock deeper into the hot, tight slit between Mazzy’s quivering thighs… and with a brutal lunge forward, he rammed his entire length completely into the halfling’s dry slit, practically splitting her in two.

A normal halfling, impaled on a monstrous rod the size of this one, would be dead. She would be torn apart and bleed to death, a sacrifice for the newly born god… but instead, an even worse fate awaited her. The magic of his divinity allowed her to take the brutal shafting with elasticity beyond the normal bounds of her tiny body, making her feel every tiny fraction of pain but with no injury whatsoever. Knowing that he could use her as roughly as she desired, and that she would survive to feel every second of the horrible violation, he drove deep into her slim body. Mazzy was so petite, so small compared to the alien avatar, that Therion could actually see the bulge his cock shaft made in her belly as he rammed it into her.

Mazzy was unable to contain her anguish, screaming in agony despite herself as her cunt was savagely opened up without even an attempt to lubricate her. The halfling’s pretty face screwed up in pain and she shrieked her pain over and over as Therion began to shove his unholy tool in and out, rasping her dry hole with his cock. “But this is your fault, whore,” he laughed, the shudder of his body bringing new agony to Mazzy as she was shaken like a rag doll by the huge cock’s movement. “You chose to steal the stone from me when you escaped. As much as I may have regretted it, I would have been far to busy to pursue you as I chased after my heritage. Then, once you knew I was searching for it, you chose to involving the paladin and his family. You chose to bring Elana back to me. You chose not to ditch the stone and disappear to save yourself, yet again.” One of the avatar’s giant hands pressed down on the halfling’s belly, stroking his own cock through her bulging skin. “You did everything you could to ensure I would come after you… and you lack the strength to stand against me.”

The demonic visage of the ravage formed a smile, but it was completely devoid of happiness, satisfaction, or any other emotion humans normally associate with the gesture. It promised her unending agony, continual repayment for her defiance against the godson. “And strength is all that matters, halfling whore!”

Around him, her companions were beginning a second helping of their own. Korgan, uncontent to lose his holes to Therion without taking a new bitch for his own, pressed up against Ahara’s recently raped asshole and took it for his own a second time with complete disregard for the Sharran bitch’s cries of dismay. Edwin, for his part, wanted to tear off a piece of the paladin but Saravok shoved him away — he was not finished with the holier-then-thou bitch. Mumbling beneath his breath, the wizard made his to where Kyron was even now pulling a dazed Viconia back to her knees… and as the loyal retainer impaled her cunt on his rod, the red wizard pressed his cock between her lips. “Suck my cock whore, (or else we’ll have to see if we can make that cum in your ass boil, yes?)” he grumbled, and reluctantly the drow’s cheeks hollowed as she did her best to keep the wizard happy and away from his repertoire of spells.

Saravok, meanwhile, was gripping Elana by her blond hair and dragging her pretty face towards his own cock, fouled with the remnants of her own rape. “Clean me off, Torm cunt.” He saw the blonde girl’s eyes glaze over and knew what was happening… he had seen it happen with so many of their victims. It was that moment when each victim gave up on their hope, and realized how useless resistance to being raped was… that they could not listen to her pleas, and her struggles only aroused them further and made them more violent. Like a puppet on a strong, her mouth dropped slackly open and Saravok took advantage of the open hole, cramming himself as deeply into her as possible while she was unresisting. For the moment, Elana was broken and pliant now to anything her new owners might want her to do… and he had so much he wanted this dyke to do.

Therion had been constantly fighting the temptation to flood the halfling’s hole since the abuse started, but as the hard fucking dragged out for minutes the urge was becoming overwhelming. The sight of Mazzy screaming in agony, her diminutive body twisting helplessly in his grip and so brutally impaled on his shaft sent him over the top and with a final hard thrust deep into the defiant halfling’s hot, unwilling body, he shot his thick load of sperm deep into her. Mazzy felt the change in her circumstances as Therion shoved deep the final time and spurted his massive load of seed into her, blowing an incredibly large load of hot, thick man cream into her depths with enough force that the remainder flooded out around the brutal shaft. She gave a final shriek and collapsed.

Therion lay on top of Mazzy’s shuddering body, savoring the aftermath of his brutal rape with his cock still buried deep inside of her hot, tight, cunt slit. From time to time he could feel his cock spurt a tiny squirt of seed, shooting more of his unholy sperm into her. He knew she could feel it, too. Therion pulled out of Mazzy’s tight slit with an audible popping sound, watching as, now that she was freed from the terrible agony, the defiant fire in her eyes began to return. He growled in barely restrained lust for the halfling who had caused such a delay in his ascension to his birthright… but there would be more time for that latter. Right now, he had other matters to attend to…

Matters such as the paladin currently forced to deepthroat Sarevok’s cock. She would be next, his triumphant rape of the Shar priestess, currently raped so hard up her ass by the dwarf that she shrieked in pain and despair, her previous imperial tone completely forgotten, last.

Mazzy was beginning to stir again, biting back the pain with visible effort. “ You will stay where you are”, he hissed, “ and I will make sure of it.” Grabbing her while she was still weakened, he quickly gathered some rope left over and began to tie her wrists and ankles together, leaving her helpless and unable to move except writhe on the floor
That done and with the whispered curses of Mazzy clear as crystal sounding in his new and enhanced ears, he turned back to Elara and Sarevok. “ Hurry, my brother. She is next to suffer on my cock.” Both men truly enjoyed seeing how her eyes widened in open panic and how her struggles renewed now that she was sure to face something worse than a cock rammed down her throat. Her frantic motions and muffled protests helped only to make Sarevok climax faster, grunting as he kept his cock deep within her throat, force-feeding her his sperm before releasing her.

Landing on the floor, Elara coughed and sputtered, fat droplets of cum hanging from her lips as she heaved and gagged on the taste. “ And here I was thinking she might get used to it”, Sarevok muttered, swiftly kicking her in the side, making her cry out and land on her back. “ You will have to get used to it, cuntlicking whore!”

Having said that – and spat into Elara’s crying face, the huge warrior stepped away from the weeping, big-breasted paladin, watching as his now-divine brother stepped closer.

Therion’s form loomed over the prone woman, his toothed maw frozen in a permanent leer. With her, he would not be elaborate. She did not deserve it. Already, she was close to breaking. Growling in sexual greed and disgust at the same time, he knelt down and then leaned forward, gripping her limp wrists in his taloned claws, one knee pushing her legs apart so he could aim his inhumanly massive cock at her recently abused cunt.

Elara stared at him in helpless terror, her mouth moving, though no sound besides a soft whimper escaped her lips. “ So, we meet again, paladin”, Therion growled, “ but do not worry…this time, you are allowed to scream!”

And as he plunged his massive member into her, without any regard for her comfort or well-being, she did just that, howling out her agony to ears that either would not or could not care. As he pushed in deep, she arched her back, almost as if presenting her prodigious tits to him, writhing helplessly underneath him while he began to ram his length between her legs deeper and deeper.

She did not beg him to stop, much like Mazzy, but where the halfling warrior had been proud even impaled on his manhood, the paladin was merely too much in pain to mouth anything besides cries and screams of pain as her cunt was stretched wider than it had been by her previous rapes and most likely wider than she could have ever imagined.

“ You are weak!” Therion snarled at her as he raped her cunt, his drool landing on her face, his toothy maw only inches away from her teary eyes. “ How did they ever think you could be a paladin? A filthy fucktoy like you!”

She cringed, though Therion didn’t know – and didn’t care – whether it was from the charnel stench of his mouth or his words, which must certainly hurt her. “ You would never be able to defend others! You cannot even defend yourself!” He howled in triumph. “ And thanks to your weakness, I ascended!”

Increasing the pace, he watched as she sobbed and wept bitterly, his words getting to her and ringing so painfully true. She was worthless, good only in this one position, getting raped by this monster. She could never defeat the likes of him…she had failed twice now, allowing this horror to even happen…had she not been in the library but on watch, she might have stopped him and the mage….

“ I have to thank you”, he continued, his verbal assault as relentless as his physical violation of her hole, “ for you made it possible…your weakness…your need to pleasure your cunt to naughty pictures…instead of offering it to men like any whore should!” He spat into her face. “ If you’d become a whore, maybe I would not be your new god!” And laughing as she wailed, he felt his cock spray his seed into her, claiming her as his anew…

Therion’s mind had already moved beyond the useless blond slut, though. He dropped her, allowing her to fall limply to the ground with her legs splayed out, thick cum oozing from her ravaged hole to pool on the disturbed ground. The demigod was already preparing himself for the last conquest, making plans to take the Sharran priestess who had so nearly stolen his destiny from him YET AGAIN. His heavy, clawed feet tore gashes in the earth as he stepped towards the naked woman, the arrogance in her voice unnoticeable beneath the screams. Korgan was filling her ass now, beating on those pale cheeks of her with his fists as he flooded the uppity whore with dwarven cream, tears leaking from her eyes.

A hideous smile crossed the Ravager’s face as he stepped up next to her, gripping her head by wrapping his claws in her pale blonde hair. As Korgan contentedly pulled himself out of the priestess, Therion lifted her from the ground, letting her dangle painfully from his grip on her scalp. Her eyes, previously so sure and filled with power, now showed him nothing but terror as she looked upon his monstrous visage, her eyes repeatedly flashing downward to the hard cock between his legs.

“That’s right…” Therion growled, the smile widening as he looked at the final piece of prey awaiting him. “You know your fate…”

Ahara couldn’t respond, her mouth refusing to form words. It just kept opening and closing, soundlessly, as she thought of something to say and immediately thought better of it. Therion was disappointed. Her body was lovely enough, to be sure… every bit as beautiful as he had hoped it would be when he first heard her voice and decided that he needed to possess the priestess. He ran a clawed fingers over the curve of her breasts, pressing just hard enough to scrape pale skin to an angry red in a beautiful line, marking her body as his. But though she had as hot of flesh as any other whore he valued, the arrogance she had possessed that made his cock harden, the imperial nature and sense of command, had all but vanished already.

The woman had for too long be used to completely getting her own way. She had assigned too much value to herself, to her body and her sexuality, and used it as nothing but a weapon. She had wrapped herself in control for so long, that when it was taken away from her she was left with nothing… and she had proved to be incredibly brittle. Already, the cockiness and self assured nature she had possessed when she had attacked him just hours ago was fading, to turn her into just the kind of scared, useless whore Imoen had become.

Therion was disappointed… he had expected better from the blonde bitch. Then again, perhaps it was simply fate. Ahara, who had assigned herself so much value in the Dark Lady’s church, had now failed to protect the Shadow Stone and Shar’s power… and the punishment from her nihilistic goddess was to make her in truth as entirely worthless as Shar had always considered her to be.

Nevertheless, Therion intended to have his fun with her. Perhaps he would even manage to find some piece of herself she had managed to protect so far from Kyon and Korgan, some slight remnant of dignity that hadn’t be stripped away yet. He turned her head to the side, forcing Ahara to look at Mazzy, who was still struggling to rise from her prone position. It was unlikely she would manage it for some time, however… something perfectly evident to everyone there. Her legs were still spread awkwardly, and she seemed unable to close them to put them beneath her. The halfling’s tiny body simply was not meant to accept such a brutal penetration from a monster of Therion’s size, and the savagery with which he had used her must have all but paralyzed the girl for a time. Certainly there was almost no hope of her standing in the next few minutes.

As Ahara looked on at Mazzy’s pain, Therion whispered to her. “You see that stupid, tiny slut? She earned her treatment by stealing the Shadow Stone from me, attempting to forestall by birthright. That is the punishment I gave her for her arrogance, her presumption…” He smiled at her, though his eyes flashed with anger. “The very same thing you tried to do.”

Therion dropped Ahara, and her legs, weak from the repeated rapes, could not catch her. She crumpled to the ground, and the Ravage fell atop her, his massive form pinning her beneath it. One clawed hand wrapped to either side of her throat, digging into the soft dirt as he held her down by her neck. Ahara gasped. She shrieked and twisted against the restraining hold in a pathetic attempt to prevent the inevitable… but Therion was in no hurry to rape her quite yet. While in his current state he felt he could rape this bitches forever, the last series of assault had taken the hard edge off his hunger. He was willing to take his time with this pale whore, take his time and see how much he could make her suffer.

Drawing back one of his powerful hands, he slashed it across her form in an open handed slap. Even without trying to, his claws raked painfully across her skin, and if he had held them rigid the blow could have disembowled the former priestess. Instead, the hard points simply scraped at her, delivering wound after wound to her helplessly twisting, screaming body. He worked slowly, taking pride in his ability to direct each savage slap directly over a whip welt she had already been given by the previous treatment. Each cruel attack raised the dark red marks higher from her creamy white skin, made them stand out more and more. Therion delivered a dozen blows across each of her thighs, belly, tits and at last between her legs and against her swollen, raped cunt mound. Ahara screamed in pain over and over again, her slender body arching upward and straining against his grip, until Therion already hard cock was almost beginning to hurt.

After nearly a hundred blows Therion’s arm finally started to become tired and he decided that he was ready. As much as he enjoyed beating this arrogant, beautiful bitch watching her screaming, twisting, sweaty body turn red from his blows, it was time to make her his own on the point of his cock. Despite her dryness, his cock slid easily into her already raped hole, driven deep in a single thrust by the incredible power of his new body. Her bruised, battered pussy was completely unable to stop him, helpless against the assault from such a force. Ahara gasped as Therion’s bony body rubbed over her sensitive flesh, now red and hot from her beating, helpless tears coming to her eyes.

“No…” she whimpered, the sound defeated. “Goddess, help me. Give me your strength…”

Therion laughed, grabbing Ahara’s breasts in his hands and brutally twisted them as he shoved deep into her hot, raw cunt. “Shar has no use for someone as weak as you. Your time as a priestess is over… I am your god now.” He smiled as a though occured to him, a new cruelty he could inflict. “But I am not a merciless god… perhaps I could let you feel your precious goddesses power one final time…”

As he spoke, Therion reach in to himself and found the kernel of power he had so recently stolen from the Shadow Stone, allowing it to fill his presence as he pummeled her poor pussy. Ahara’s eyes widened as she felt the familiar presence inside her, but this time literally. To her mind, it felt like Therion was Shar, or at the very least her avatar… and to feel the familiar power to close to her, but unreachable — completely denying her access to strength while that strength was used to brutalize her body, was unbearable. She hoped that the abuse would kill her, that Therion would be careless and allow her to die… but she was not so lucky.

Ahara screamed again and arched her back upward in agony as the Ravager’s claws dug again into her soft tits, harder this time. It felt as if the monster were going to twist her tits completely off her body while his obscenely over sized shaft inflicted new pain on her raw tunnel. Therion leaned over and sucked one of Ahara’s large nipples into his fanged mouth, and with his next drive deep into her cunt the demigod bit down hard on the nipple between his teeth. Ahara shrieked louder than ever. He grinned and released the nipple, now dripping a few drops of bright blood across the curve of her tit.

Therion began to really ram her now, violently fucking her helpless nude body over and over again. After several minutes, with a grunt of pleasure, he rammed deep and shot his load of man seed into her. Therion collapsed on top of Ahara’s whimpering, shaking body. Her once flawless, creamy flesh was covered now with bruises and welts and leaking sperm and blood from her twice-ravaged cunt and blood from her bitten left nipple. Her abused asshole was twitching as well, a trickle of white slime escaping the spread pucker while tears coursed down her cheeks and spilled onto the dirt.

“I have a last favor to grant you, slave.”

As she weakly tried to look up, she felt her asshole spreading wide, impossibly wide! Smiling, Therion pressed the tapered end of the Shadow Stone into her asshole, pushing it in so deeply that Ahara would never be able to pull it out herself. The hard, unyielding black stone as much too large for her ass, of course, but the demigod was completely uncaring of the whore’s fate. Either she would recovered on her own, or he would have his new slave-priestess heal the ruined hole. One way or the other, he was content in her suffering now. “If you pray very hard, slave, I may let you meet a fragment of your precious former goddess… I think she would be most interested to meet the priestess of her thats sealed her fate by failing to protect the the artifact in your ass.”

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