Fourteen – Just Deserts

That done, Therion shoved the cringing, weeping priestess into the corner, motioning to Korgan to bind her and the other slaves. “Make sure they will not slip out”, he snarled and Korgan was quick to nod. Of course, the ugly dwarf took the time to fondle and grope the raped slaves again, using rope to tie their hands together behind their backs, their wrists then tied to their ankles, forcing each of them into a kneeling position, leaving them helpless and motionless.

“Edwin, you will devise a way for the Sharan cunt to meet with her goddess… but that will come later. Now, all of you, come here”, Therion continued, stepping into the center of the room. Once his minions had gathered around him, he closed his eyes and concentrated.

This time, the transformation was far less painful than his change into the Ravager had been. Grimacing, he felt his bones settle into their old shape, his body reforming as a human, though idealized, more powerful than it had been before… for, what place did mortal weakness have in a demigod?

“My comrades”, he said, letting his eyes wander over their faces as they stared at him: Kyon in rapt fascination, devoted to him already, his features marked by fanatical certainty. Sarevok with a curious, yet reserved gaze, cognizant of his power yet unsure of his new role. Edwin, fascinated, though in a much more clinical, discerning way than Kyon. And Korgan, scratching his crotch as he came closer, his bearded, ugly face showing little but cruel amusement and obvious satisfaction.

“I would not call you friends, for our relationship is not one of this kind.” An amused snort from Korgan commented his sentiment. “However, I am grateful to have you at my service. And this here, my ascension, my first real step to true godhood, would not have been possible without any of you. I do owe you a lot. And, if you know me, then you are aware that I do not take such responsibilities lightly.”

He paused for dramatic effect, a slight smirk curving his lips as he let his enhanced senses wander over the squirming forms of his slaves, smelling their fear, hearing the creaking of rope as they fought against their bonds, knowing that it would be futile. They were his. He had marked them. And he could already feel parts of his own power at work within their abused bodies. By filling them with his seed, he had granted them a small conduit to his power, enough to gift them with a semblance of priestly magic, though it was greatly limited and would never serve any other purpose other than to further his goals of rape and domination.

“Which is why you are to be rewarded, each in their own way. It would be unwise for me to leave you without your dues.” The others nodded, certainly glad and eager to hear these words. Especially Edwin, who muttered, “ ‘twas about time… if all this work were for naught, I might have just tried to see if a demigod could still die…”

Ignoring the wizard, Therion continued, “Those of you who will worship me as their lord and god…kneel.” Of course, Kyon immediately fell to his knees, which was nothing Therion had not expected. He was, however, surprised that Sarevok knelt, too. Surprised and certainly amused. “You, too, my brother?”

“Why deny such obvious power?” Sarevok asked curtly, as if there was no other option than what he had chosen. Therion nodded, stepping forward and placing a hand on each of their heads.

“By my glory, you shall be glorified. By my power, you shall rule. By my might, you shall conquer and dominate. And by my virility, you shall ravage and violate. And so, I grant you the power to work miracles in my name.” The words had come naturally to him, his own blood whispering of the secrets of divinity. Even as he spoke them, he sensed a tiny portion of his power leave him and join with the two men before him, though it would take different forms within each.

“Kyon, through your devotion, you have earned the right to be the first among my clerics, High Priest of my cult, first member of the cult of the Ravager. Stand and praise my name.”

The young man did as he was told, standing up on legs that shook with nervousness and said, “You are my god, my lord and master. My every action shall serve to glorify you and your deeds.”

Therion nodded in appreciation, then turned towards Sarevok. “Sarevok, my brother… by accepting my supremacy and your guiding hand, you have allowed me to walk this path in the first place. I thereby grant you the power to wield your weapon in my name and slay the enemies of my faith. From hereon forth, you shall be called Blackguard, first defender of the cult, master of the unholy circle of the Bloodied Shackle. Stand and praise my name.”

Sarevok rose, with somewhat more dignity than Kyon, an invisible aura of power concentrating on him now, a miasma of dread that affected the slaves but not the followers of Therion. “Brother, I accept my role as your sword. I will wield my weapon in your name and stand by your side whenever you have need of me.”

Therion smirked. “That was fine… although you did not exactly praise me, did you?” After sharing a knowing look with his half-brother, he nodded. Sarevok would never worship him, but Therion would live with that. As long as his Blackguard raped in his name, it would be all the worship he needed.

“ Edwin…”, he began, turning to the wizard, who shook his head.

“I am not kneeling before you. No one is my master but myself…”

“Be glad that my mood is as good as it will ever be, mage. Despite your lack of respect, you have earned a reward for your services, maybe even more than the others. Therefore, you shall be free to choose another slave to own, provided that you do not slay her again.”

While Edwin muttered his thanks, Therion stepped towards Korgan. “What is your wish, Korgan? A new slave? Coin?”

The dwarf looked into the demigod’s eyes for a moment, completely fearless and not just a little insane. Then, he burst into laughter, his foul breath wafting upwards to Therion’s nose. “No need for that, boss. Just give me plenty of pretty girls with tight asses and nice screaming voices and some coin and beer and I’ll be right with you till the end. This is the best time I’ve ever had.”

Therion was almost moved by that, despite the fact that Korgan was an ugly little creature and might still seek to betray him if those comforts were ever taken away from him.

“So, boss, what now?”

“ Simple. We stay here for the night, then, in the morning, we take the cunts back to the city. We should be there in four days, enough time to prepare for the delegation from Skullport…”

Fortunately for the girls, while Therion’s appetite for their abuse was unlimited his general fortitude was not. Divine though he was, the process of ascending had been as exhausting one, and he was too tired to abuse them further tonight. Almost before he reached his bedroll, the newly risen demigod was asleep, with vision of his growing church dancing gleefully through his mind. For his victims, no such comfort was available. After the rest of the party had forced their slaves to clean the filth from their cocks, they were bound with their hands behind their backs. Collars were closed around the throats of the four victims, and a chain was attached to them and spiked into the ground, driven in by seemingly inhuman strength by Saravok.

Viconia, Elara, and Mazzy were forced to lie awkwardly on the ground, unable to stretch their sore, bound limbs or to crawl away from their restraints. Only Ahara was missing — Edwin had taken her to his tent when he retired, ostensibly to find a means to make Therion’s will for her to meet Shar’s avatar into fact… but the sounds of agony coming from inside the cloth structure told of more sinister happenings.

Hidden from view, on the other side of the cloth veil, the former priestess of the Lady of Shadows was suffering the brunt of Edwin’s excitement to be once again permitted a slave of his own, a piece of meat that he would never need to share with that smelly, stupid dwarf. Not since Dynaheir’s demise had he had that privledge… and it wasn’t like it had been his fault that the Rashemi bitch had been so weak of fortitude that she would up and die on him. Therion had been very angry…

But that was all behind him now. He slammed his hips against the blonde woman’s crotch, driving his cock deep into her again and again as he imagined the perfect slave, one that would make even his unholiness flush with envy… and where he could acquire such a toy. The entire time, he kept his hands roaming over her body, agonizing surges of electricity surrounding them like halos. Ahara tried desperately to squirm away from his touch, screaming pointlessly into her gag. The thick ball he had pressed between her lips kept her almost entirely silent, which was a shame — he would love to hear her screams, but the other’s would not be amused to be woken so soon into their rest. The crystiline form of the Shadow Stone still filled her ass. Therion had commanded it not be removed, but Edwin didn’t care. The way it stuffed her rear hole full made her cunt all the tighter, and made her wriggle so beautifully when he pressed her down harder on the blocking plug.

Ahara could hardly believe how far she had fallen. Earlier this very day she had been a chosen servant of the one true goddess of Faerûn, the leader of a small army and a powerful priestess. She had hidden her body away, unwilling to allow the unworthy to even see her visage, let alone touch her. She had been strong, arrogant, and in control of everything. Now she was in control of nothing at all, and everything she had ever valued had been stripped from her. Her dignity had evaporated as she screamed for her captors, her suffering strengthening Therion. Her army, her position as a leader, had all been taken away by his party and the cursed paladin. And her body…

Any pretense of her control and ownership over her own body had vanished at the point of her rapist’s cocks. Even now she was being raped yet again, a brutal fucking that stripped any sense of self worth from her one abraded patch of cunt skin at a time. She realized, to her horror, that this new rape now meant that she had been taken against her will more times that she had lain with a man by her own will, and the thought made her break into true, enormous sobs as Edwin continued to use her.

Outside, Viconia listened to the priestesses abuse with callous disdain. It meant nothing to her that another priestess of her order was being abused. The goddess had no use for softness and tenderness, and Ahara would show the drow no consideration if their positions were reversed. If she was unable to hold up under the abuse, so much lighter than what the dark elf priestess had already experienced, then she was beyond any help that Viconia could offer anyway. As she settled down and made herself as comfortable as it was possible to be on the rocky ground, she was just grateful that it wasn’t her in the tent.

Mazzy stood equally unmoved, but for every different reasons. Her entire life had been one of trials and hardships. Her rape at the hands of this new, foul religion, the death of her husband and the loss of their party, these were just the latest set of challenges to be overcome… perhaps a higher barrier that any that had come before, and certainly a more painful one… but not one sufficient to take the heart from the bold halfling. Her entire life, people had been telling her that she couldn’t do something, that it was impossible. She had always proved them wrong, shattering any expectations. She had been underestimated for most of her life, and she was very well accustomed to using it to her advantage. Her heart ached for the priestess, for even a soul as vile as hers deserved more mercy that those monsters would show her.

Elara was much worse off.

The young, big-breasted Paladin was sobbing quietly, staring at the floor while tears ran down her cheeks, falling onto the floor or her heaving tits. Seeing her like that hurt Mazzy just as much as her own violations had.

She had known the young woman for a while now, and while her brashness had often irritated the halfling knight, it was obvious that it had been born from a terrible trauma – her first rape at the hands of Therion, in a place where nothing was supposed to be able to harm her.

This young woman had been almost destroyed before she could even come close to realizing her destiny. In time, she might have become a shining beacon of goodness in the world… but Therion had shattered her soul with his cock, just as he constantly tried to do with Mazzy herself.

Only that she would never give in, would never give him what he wanted – which was a plea for mercy. He could have her body, but he would never have anything but that. She would never beg. But Elara, on the other hand… it was only a matter of time before she broke completely. And that would have been a loss for her, for Torm and for every single good and decent being on Faerun. Mazzy was determined not to let this happen, not if she could prevent it. If she could save Elara from despair, she might just deny Therion one more victory.

“Elara…”, Mazzy whispered, careful not to alert their tormentors, even though it seemed they had already gone to sleep. “L-leave me alone,” was the tear-choked response, but Mazzy paid no heed. “Elara… please… you have to trust me. I am going to get you out.”

“H-how are you going to do that? It’s over…” Elara muttered, her tits quivering as she sobbed again, nearly drowning in her own misery.

“I don’t know yet… but I escaped from them once… and I will get out again… with you.”

“Oh, please”, Viconia snarled. “As if he’s that stupid to let you get away again. Face it, halfling… you and that cow-titted bitch over there are going to end up just like the rest of us… happy for even one day without a cock in our holes. I can already see her… crawling along, hoping not to get noticed like the bastard’s sister or that dumb Avariel cunt.”

“There really is not one single bit of decency within you, is there, drow?” Mazzy shot back rhetorically. Then, she turned back to Elara, speaking to her calmly. “It might take a while, but I swear, upon all that is holy, upon all the gods of goodness, that I will get you out. But until then… be strong. Please.”

Elara did not respond, but Mazzy detected a faint nod from her in the dimness of the only torch left burning after their violators had gone to sleep.

The morning came way too quickly for them all and it started, how else could it be, with a quick, yet still brutal rape. Mazzy got fucked in her ass by Kyon, Viconia got her cunt pounded by Therion, Ahara took Edwin’s cock up her cunt and Elara was roughly facefucked by Sarevok. Shortly afterward, the group packed their bags and forced their slaves to get going, starting a gruelling march that lasted for days, only interrupted at night for rest and more violations.

Elara, much to Mazzy’s satisfaction, tried her best to harden herself against the constant assaults, doing her best to remain stoic and calm even when repeatedly raped. But each new degradation chipped away at her resolve until, three days from Athcatla, she simply broke down after that night’s round of rapes had ended, staring into space.

Thankfully, they had been granted a bit more leeway by their ropes this time, so Mazzy could squirm over to Elara and nudge her gently, cum-splattered hair rubbing against the human woman’s shoulder. “Shhh…it’ll be ok…” she whispered, wishing desperately that it were true…

“Well ain’t this fucking sweet!” Korgan raucus voice grabbed the halflings attention immediately. It was too late to take herself from Elara’s side and hide what she’d been doing, so she instead put her most defiant face on as she glared at the dwarf, a huge leer spread across his face. “I thought you had a husband, cunt. You a pussy licker too?”

He walked over to the blonde paladin and Mazzy, and Elara started to tremble. She seemed only barely aware of her surroundings, but she was alert enough to notice Korgan’s interest in her and how poorly in boded for her future wellness. She began trembling in the halfling’s arms, shaking like a terrified animal waiting for its owner to strike it.

“So, what’s this about sluts?” he asked, amused lust clear on his face behind the dirty beard. “Trying to get in a little bit of fun between your masters finding a use for you? Or are you just forgetting what your good for?” He reached down and grabbed at Elara’s blonde hair, pulling her head upward and forcing her vacant gaze to his face. “Or is this dyke cunt just corrupting you, Mazzy? Is her aversion to cock perhaps contagious?”

Mazzy couldn’t help herself any longer, even though she knew it would just make things worse. “Leave her alone, Korgan.”

The ugly dwarf thought this was hilarious, and laughed all the harder. “You must have caught it, because you clearly don’t remember what your purpose here is. You think you’re her lover, you dumb bitch?” He released his hold on Elara and gave the halfling a backhand that knocked her out of the paladins mindless grasp. “I think you both need a reminder of what you are here for!”

He left Mazzy to pick herself off the ground while he dug around in one of Therion’s bags of “toys,” smiling as he returned cradling a thick dildo in his hands and the necessary straps to make one of the girls wear it. Elara didn’t react other than to shudder harder as he approached, the dwarf grabbing her face by the chin and looking into her eyes. “Useless whore isn’t even awake, but this will get her attention…” he said, then chuckled as he looked over at where Mazzy was just coming back to her knees.

“Well,” he said, a vicious edge to the humor in his voice. “Wake her, tiny bitch. Why don’t you show your little cunt licking friend how much you care about her?”

Mazzy’s gut went cold. She couldn’t do that… her own humiliation and sexuality aside, it would destroy Elara for her protector to do that. She couldn’t… “Please,” he begged, hating herself even as she said the words, disgusted with herself but seeing no other option. “That can’t possibly be fun for you. Wouldn’t you rather just fuck me again?”

The dwarf laughed. Even the none-too-bright dwarf wasn’t fooled by the transparent attempt to spare the blonde girl further torment, and sparing her was nowhere in Korgan’s vicious agenda. His smile widened as he looked back to the big titted girl. “Well that’s just a shame then.” He waved his fingers in front of Elara’s face, and her eyes didn’t follow the movement. “She’s useless to us like this. If you can’t get her to pay the fuck attention…” He drew his finger across his throat, the stubby digit brushing side his beard.

Mazzy froze. He wouldn’t, would he? It didn’t really seem Therion’s style… but then, she had been there when Korgan had refused to give his own other to the dark god. And if the woman was no longer good for suffering at the hands of his followers, might Therion truly have no further use for them? Was the dwarf insane enough to do it anyway on his own initiative, even if his “master” disagreed?

Was it really her place to make that choice for Elara?

“I’m so sorry…” Mazzy whispered as she crawled over to the naked blonde, tears starting to build in the halfling’s eyes despite her best efforts to hide them away. It wasn’t her own humiliation that was getting to her, really, but the thought of hurting the paladin who was relying on her was almost as painful to her as anything else she had ever suffered. She felt like the dwarf’s eyes were boring into her as she knelt between Elara’s legs, staring into the swollen, reddened cunt of the raped girl, and reluctantly opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue…

Korgan was in heaven as he watched the humiliating display, the amazing show as he forced the defiant halfling to munch on the thoroughly raped hole of the lesbian slave. Elara was starting to protest now, slowly beginning to realize that some new suffering was being thrust upon her. To the dwarf, it was just incredibly hot. He happily rubbed his cock as he stared at the erotic sight, enjoying it as Elara began to cry again.

Abruptly he removed his hand from his own cock as if bitten. He felt stupid – what was the point of stroking himself when there were so many available holes nearby? Ahara still had that crystal up her ass, so…

Korgan chuckled. “Don’t think you’re getting so that easily, darkie. Get over here…”

Viconia’s hateful glare did not even penetrate the fog of drunkenness and vile lust that surrounded the dwarf’s mind. Knowing that she could do little but obey, the drow crawled towards him, her eyes shooting daggers at his ugly countenance.

Grinning, his eyes still fixed on the scene in front of him, he grabbed the drow’s arms and forced them behind her back with a brutal yank, hard enough to make her whince in pain, her joints protesting against this rough treatment. He had almost dislocated her shoulders, no doubt on purpose. Pressing one calloused hand against her shoulder, he forced her upper body down until her tits and face were scraping against the rough ground. “Just like that, yes…” he grumbled and Viconia could not suppress a shudder as she felt his cock at the entrance to her ass.

The moment he had looked at her, she’d known what was coming… that did not mean she could truly prepare herself for it, however. Each time his thick cock slammed into her tightest hole, it hurt much worse than she remembered. And this time was no exception. Having put her in a position he enjoyed, he immediately began to force his manhood into her anus, laughing as he heard her grunt in pain.

“Time to enjoy the show,” he muttered, drool splattering across Viconia’s shoulders. With swift strokes, he started to rape her while taking in the sight in front of him, where Mazzy was still licking Elara’s cunt. “Good… good… what a great cuntlicker you must be!” Korgan laughed, “Do you like that? Do you like the halfling licking your cunt, dyke?” But no response came from Elara save from another fit of sobs as she lay there, helpless, awash in misery.

Mazzy trembled, not with fear, but with utter revulsion and disgust. To be honest, this was not the first time she had intimately touched another woman — back when she was younger, she had… experimented with another halfling girl in her village — but it had merely been a pleasant experience, not a way of life. The act itself would not be that bad and, if given time, she could probably have even made it enjoyable for the poor paladin.

But Elara’s cunt still had the taste of cum in it, a taste which reminded her, lick by lick, of the indignities she and herself had had to endure. And the more often she tasted it, the more determined she became. So, even as she performed this degrading act with the crying paladin, her mind raced. Like all of Therion’s underlings, Korgan had the keys to their shackles.

The dwarf was obviously drunk and too absorbed with lust to truly pay attention to his surroundings. The other tormentors were inside, either sleeping or discussing further plans. If she could somehow get close to him…

Suddenly, something hard struck the back of her head, distracting her from thoughts of escape. Looking up, Mazzy realized it was the dildo Korgan had produced earlier. “Here! Put this on, whore! And then give the dyke the fucking she deserves!”

Mazzy raised her head to stare in horror at the thick black shaft, turning her gaze back to the swollen, sore cunt she had been licking. It was reddened and bruised, and obviously painful… and the shaft was almost absurdly thick. “You can’t be serious…” she whispered, her voice low and not really intended for Korgan’s ears.

The halfling wasn’t sure if the ugly dwarf had heard her, or merely noted her hesitation, but one way or the other he slowed the speed with which he was raping his dark elf whore and glared at her, pointed one emphatic finger at her in drunken rage. “Listen, midget cunt. You put that wooden cock on and give her the fucking she has coming, or we’ll find out how far it fits up her tiny, Torm-loving ass… You follow me?”

Unfortunately, Mazzy did. Her eyes couldn’t help but follow back to the abused asshole of her unwilling lover, noting how abused it was… and how much smaller the hole was than the shaft in her hands. It would kill the girl for certain… and she knew better than to think the dwarf was bluffing. Even if he might normally be reluctant to hurt one of them so badly, in his drunken state he wouldn’t think twice… and Therion’s rebuke, if any, would come far too late for the blonde paladin.

A tear dropped down her face as she gripped the buckle with shacking hands, slowly wrapping it around her thin waist. She didn’t see what choice she had… but gods only knew what kind of damage her betrayal would do to the fragile woman on the ground before her. She winced as Viconia screamed, and the slapping noises of Korgan’s brutal rape resumed. Mazzy spit onto the wooden shaft, hoping that the smelly dwarf wouldn’t notice the microscopic kindness.

Elara seemed to come out of her pathetic trance as Mazzy moved up to her, her eyes focusing for the first time and staring at the cruel weapon now suspended between the halfling’s legs. “No…” she whispered, her voice weak. Mazzy could barely hear it from less than a foot away. “Please, Mazzy, don’t…” Her weeping grew stronger, thick rivers of tears flowing down her cheeks and making her blond hair stick to her face.

Mazzy was crying too now, not for herself but for Elara. “I’m so sorry…” she wait, her voice breaking. “I don’t have a choice.” Relucantly, she pressed the head of the shaft against the paladins raped hole, thankfully lubricated by her tongue’s less than enthusiastic efforts. Elara whimpered as the dildo touched her, making sound like a wounded animal as the halfling reticently pressed into her. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” she whispered over and over again as she pushed slowly, trying to make her entrance into the abused woman as painless as possible.

“Oh, get on it with it!” Korgan roared, then his boot stuck her ass and she fell forward as he kicked her… and the thick shaft buried itself deeply into Elara. The blonde woman screeched, the sound loud enough to wake Kelemvor’s dead from their slumber. Mazzy’s eyes were wide with horror at the expression of agony on the human’s face, the wide, anguished look of her eyes. “That’s better!” the dwarf roared.

Mazzy snarled, turning her head to look at him. Viconia’s eyes were closed, her face locked in a grimace as the ugly, bearded monster stabbed into her again and again, but Korgan looked delighted. “I’m doing it!” she hissed, frustration and pain overwhelming her good sense. “I’m doing what you asked, You didn’t have to do that!”

“Then you shouldn’t have taken so fucking long,” he laughed, gripping his drow fuckdoll’s ass hard enough that he must be driving the blood from beneath his hands as he raped her with long, hard strokes. “Now I don’t see any fuckin’ going on over there… and I wasn’t kidding about her ass. I’m kind of curious how far it will go… how far do you think?”

Mazzy wanted to die, but she set her jaw in a determined line and slowly drew herself out of the whimpering paladin before pressing back in. Elara cried out with every movement, and Mazzy tried to find a pace fast enough to satisfy the dwarf but gentle enough not to hurt her friend… but it wasn’t possible. She realized, to her disgust, that unless the lesbian fucking was agonizing to the paladin, it wasn’t what the dwarf wanted. By the god’s how she longed to kill that monster… but first, she needed to find a way to get Elara out of here. She needed to keep her promise… somehow.

And suddenly, amidst the grunts from both the drow and the dwarf and the desperate, agonized cries from Elara, she noticed a soft metallic sound. The keys! The dwarf had to have the keys! They were still attached to his belt and every thrust he did made them clink and jingle softly. If she could only reach them…

She kept on thrusting, her little, firm ass moving as she fucked the helpless, crying paladin, who weakly writhed underneath her, every tear, every whimper and pained moan another dagger stabbing into the brave halfling’s heart. But, while she still allowed, even forced herself to feel the pain she caused this innocent woman, a part of her mind was racing.

There needed to be something, some way for them to communicate without the smelly, ugly dwarf noticing. Some language they maybe both shared…

Of course! Mazzy remembered something from her early adventuring days… back then when they had traveled with a paladin of Tyr, way back before she met Patrick. He had taught her a few smatterings of Celestial, the language of the good gods and angels. Mazzy was fairly certain someone like Korgan had never heard of it.

When she thrust into Elara again, eliciting another whimper from the thoroughly abused woman, she leaned forward, using their forced closeness and the fact that Korgan was busy ramming into Viconia at an absolutely devastating pace at the moment to whisper in Celestial, “He has the keys. Sooner or later, he will make us come to him and service him. If you play along with me… I can take the keys and free us once he’s done with us. But I need you to play along until then…”

Through a haze of what she now realized were her own tears of shame and anger, she saw Elara nod. “Hey! No talking behind my back, you two! What was that? The secret tongue of dykes?” Korgan spat, slapping Viconia’s ass simply because it was the closest thing he could reach. With another mighty thrust, he impaled her ass fully, leaning over to grab her tits in calloused hands, squeezing them brutally while breathing his fetid, alcoholic miasma into her pain-scrunched face. “Better do something else with that mouth, halfling… how about you suck on her titties while you fuck her? Get to it!”

Sighing, Mazzy whispered another “Not much longer now, I promise,” to her unwilling partner, then leaned down to slowly caress Elara’s large breasts with her tongue and lips, remembering enough of her own lesbian experiences to at least try and make it somewhat pleasurable for the human, even though it was all ruined by the forced fucking she had to deliver.

Fortunately, her own prediction came true, as Korgan began to fuck into Viconia faster and faster, feeling his balls churn. Normally, he would have cum already, probably twice, simply because of the incredible tightness of the drow’s ass, his knowledge of the pain and degradation she felt and the sight of the halfling forcibly fucking the weeping paladin.. .but Therion was close and the mere presence of the demigod, asleep though he probably was, allowed Korgan an amount of control over his sexual prowess almost as great as the Therion’s own.

With a pleasured grunt, he pulled back until most of his thick shaft had left the tiny hole, with merely the head still inside the panting, groaning drow. “What a great fucking!” he said, slapping her ass again, then looked to where the halfling was still thrusting the dildo into the paladin, her mouth locked onto Elara’s right nipple, small cheeks hollowed as she suckled.

“Hey, halfling! Give your lover…” he chuckled maliciously, “…some rest and get over here! I want your tongue on my balls! And hurry!” He laughed, already imagining the sensation awaiting his ballsack in a moment, slapping Viconia’s ass again, his laughter gaining more mirth as she glared back furiously, tears in her eyes, a testament of the brutal treatment he’d given her.

Disgusting though it was, Mazzy was actually glad for his new command, since it allowed her to finally stop hurting the poor paladin even more. Planting one last kiss onto Elara’s heaving, trembling tits, mostly to reassure her, she pulled out and stepped over to the dwarf, quickly removing the dildo. Though he had not ordered it, he did not decide to punish her for it, merely pointing between his legs. Disgusted, hearing the whimpers of the wounded paladin before him, she dropped to her knees and crawled the remaining steps to between the smelly dwarf’s legs.

Her chain just barely reached, the length taunt behind her next as she stretched for his balls while he rested his cock just inside the drow elf’s ass. Disgusted, she nevertheless extended her tiny tongue out to flick at his balls. It smelled and tasted even worse than she could have imagined, bad enough that she wanted to wretch and vomit, but she refused to allow herself to do so… it would draw too much attention to herself.

Because, while she waited on her hands and knees, her upper body out of sight of the dwarf, beneath his bulk… her tiny, dexterous hands were loosening the cord that held his keys to his belt.

Korgan was having the time of his life. The feeling of Viconia’s always tight, always clenching asshole around his cock, able to see her crying, humiliated face, while the arrogant, trouble making halfling licked his balls, driving him even closer to cumming. To his alcohol fogged mind, nothing could be better – he didn’t even need to do any work to be serviced by his captives, his orgasm rapidly approaching despite their wishes, despite their hatred.

His balls churned on Mazzy’s tongue, swelling along with his cock the second before he came. Viconia gave a tiny scream of disgust as the head of his shaft swelled just inside her ass, pumping her bowels full of foul slime while he roared with pleasure. The simple dismay of the drow elf was enough to keep him creaming for almost a minute, the hate in her eyes and the grimace on her face a work of art.

Finally sated, he removed himself and looked down to see Mazzy staring up at him, fire in her eyes. It annoyed him. “What are you looking at, cunt!” he bellowed, the booze on his breath wafting over the halfling as he kicked her, hearing her whimper as she curled into a ball. He kicked her again, smiling as she completely clenched herself into a fetal position, helpless beneath his assault. “Sleep well, sluts!” he laughed as he stomped off, intending to finally get some sleep now that he’d finished teaching the whores their place.”

Time passed, and the camp slowly went silent except for the slow sobs of Elana. Viconia at last lowered herself to the earth, finding as comfortable a place to lay as she could hope for. No one else stirred. No further noise came from the tents. And after a full hour of making sure there was no noise, Mazzy finally uncurled from her position on the ground, the keys clenched her fist.

Her chains made only a whisper of sound as she worked the key in the lock, and she lowered the shackles to the ground. Creeping along the ground, she crawled towards Elara, wincing at every tiny noise, terrified that it would give her away. “Shhhh,” she whispered into the blonde’s ear, touching her hand lightly to prevent her from moving them as she unlocked the chain from around her neck, holding her to stop her from trembling. “It’s ok now…”

A harsh whisper cut through the dark, startlingly loud to the halfling. “You best be unlocking me too, or I’ll scream,” Viconia hissed, voice cold.

Mazzy all but raced across the distance between them, holding her hand over her mouth while she waited, seeing if they’d be heard. When a minute passed without a whisper of sound, she snarled back at the drow elf, quiet as she could. “I always intended to, you psycho bitch.” The key danced in her fingers as the halfling undid the collar, leaving the drow free of bonds for the first time since they had left the Copper Coronet.

Viconia was elated as the metal fell away from her. Finally! At last, she was free of those animals. Her first instinct was to look for a weapon, to murder that dog Therion in her sleep, but at the thought a wave of terror washed through her. No, she convinced herself. Now was the time to flee. She would come back for him, with the favor of her goddess once more and a band of her own. She would slaughter him for his arrogance.

Her eyes, glowing red with infra-vision in the darkness, watched as the halfling supported Elara, the pair limping off to the south. She scoffed at her stupidity. The paladin would only slow her down… she should be focusing on making good her own escape. Certainly, Viconia had no intention of traveling with them. She wouldn’t allow herself to be held back by their weakness. She crept off to the north, towards the large cities of the coast. From there, she could steal clothing and find a way to safety in the shadows, where Therion would never find her… then she would do what she could to see the Copper Coronet burned to the ground, and then…

Anguish flooded through ever single fiber of her being, all at once. Before she could help herself, she screamed, the noise echoing. It was like someone had whipped every inch of her skin at once, harder than she had ever been struck before… yet somehow, her mind didn’t let any of the sensation bleed together, didn’t let any of it fade into the background. She felt every single instant of pain.

The Geas! The fucking geas! How could she have forgotten it! The moment she got too far away from Therion or one of his places of power, the spell kicked it, making her hurt would than she had imagined possible. Even over her agony, she could hear commotion back at the camp as the band stirred, roused by the agony of her screaming.

About half a mile away, Mazzy heart Viconia scream as well. She froze for just a second before she pushed the paladin. “Run!” Elara stood for a moment, frozen in panic, prompting Mazzy to give the human another shove. “I said RUN!” Mazzy yelled at her to break her out of the spell.

Behind them, she could already hear Therion bellow, “WHERE ARE THEY?” followed by another agonized scream from Viconia.

“Run, Elara… run as fast and as wide as you can… I will hold them off,” Mazzy said. One of her hands was still in the shackles on purpose. The length of chain attached to it made a very useful weapon in a pinch.

“But I can’t… leave you here!” the paladin retorted.

“Yes, you can! There is no point in the both of us getting captured again! Go! Find help! Tell the churches what is going on here… and then… find a girl and settle down. You’ve been hurt enough.” Mazzy could see the tears in Elara’s eyes, tears of pure gratefulness after so much suffering.

“Thank you…” the paladin stammered, but when she opened her mouth to say more, Mazzy cut her off. “Now RUN or this has been pointless!” Finally, Elara nodded, turned and started to run, her naked body almost radiant in the pale moonlight. “Please, Torm… help her! For the sake of all that is good and holy… lead her out of this, I beg you.” No direct answer was forthcoming, but Mazzy had not expect there to be.

Soon, the pursuers would arrive. Mazzy thought she could already hear the heavy, somewhat clumsy footsteps of the dwarf and the even heavier trod of Sarevok. There was also something… big moving through the forest. Therion must have turned into his Ravager form again. Mazzy shivered. She stood no chance against them. Not like this. And when they had found and beaten her… she would be punished. All this she knew. And still, she did not care. If Elara managed to escape, it would all be worth it, no matter how much she herself had to suffer.

It was this, she knew, that would forever set the likes of her apart from monsters like Therion and his supplicants. It was this why they had called her a hero back home. Girded with that knowledge, Mazzy Fentan grit her teeth and slid into the shadows. If they thought her helpless, they would be in for a surprise.

The first one to arrive on the scene was Kyon, apparently all too eager to please his new god. Mazzy’s expression hardened. He was still so young and yet already so committed to evil that only a paladin would still try to save him. Unfortunately for him, she wasn’t one. As he raced past her little hideout, a small nook under the roots of an old tree, she threw the chain at his feet, wrapping them around one of his ankles and pulled. With a startled cry, he fell to the ground and Mazzy was on him before he could react. The chain rattled and clinked as she threw it forward again, the iron links smashing into Kyon’s face, costing him a few teeth. The young man howled in pain, covering his face.

“Not so good when you’re on the receiving end, is it?” she snarled, remembering him on top of her, cursing and grunting while driving his vile cock between her legs again and again before feeding her his cum. As she kicked him, it was with all the anger the memories stirred up. Her foot struck him in the side of the skull and knocked him out.

For a brief moment, she thought about either strangling the man or bashing his brains in, but both would take too long. From the sounds of it, Sarevok was close. Quickly, Mazzy climbed up into the tree, ignoring the bark scraping against her bruised, bare skin. She reached the end of a low branch only a heartbeat before Sarevok found Kyon’s body. A slight smirk appeared on the huge man’s face. “You crafty little bitch…” he muttered, carefully looking around.

When he stepped underneath the tree, making the obvious mistake of not looking up, she allowed herself to fall down, landing on his back, the chain in front of her, wrapping around his neck. To him, she said nothing, instead pulling and pulling, listening to him gargle as he tried to grasp her. It was harder than expected, trying to strangle him. Mazzy had thought him strong, but the muscles in his neck were like steel, unwilling to yield.

But thinking of Elara and what they had done to her had granted her additional strength and so she hung on, even clinging to him after he’d slammed his back and her against a tree, knocking the wind from her for a moment. For a brief moment, he appeared to slowly weaken and she wondered if she might actually manage to kill him… when a gigantic hand grabbed her and tore her from his back. “You little cunt… you have no idea how much we will make you pay for this…” Therion growled…

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