Fifteen – Visitors to the Coronet

With Mazzy and Viconia back in his grasp, Therion set his sights on recovering the third of his escaped slaves. He hadn’t had too much trouble finding the halfling… to his happy surprise, his enhanced senses were now incredibly powerful. He could smell her and the path she had used to escape from the camp. After he had finished with Viconia, he had turned to pursue the other pair, and Mazzy had been easy to track down. Elara, on the other hand, was proving difficult.

Perhaps she was simply lucky, or perhaps she had done something clever to block her scent from him. Perhaps Mazzy had used some trickery to ensure her escape, or maybe Torm himself was shrouding the paladin from his senses. One way or the other, after a day of searching, he was forced to admit that the blonde bitch had escaped his grasp. His first impulse was to punish the fool of a dwarf who had allowed them to slip away, but he had promised a reward, and the warrior had not claimed one. As far as the demigod was concerned, this evened the scales between them.

His next plan was to take out his rage on Mazzy, and this time he did not stop himself. The first thing he did was have the damned wizard putted the same Geas on her and Ahara that Viconia wore, that bound her to them or to the Copper Coronet. Why hadn’t he done that himself… he, who had the audacity to consider himself the brain of the group, needed Therion to do everything for him, even think. By the end of the next day, Mazzy was unconscious on the ground and even his divine skin was sore from the friction of the repeated rapes. He had fucked her until he couldn’t even think about the lesbian paladin any longer, and he had completely convinced himself that he didn’t care about her any longer… and it was even mostly true. After all, the halfling was the one he had really wanted.

Things did not get better for the halfling as they made the trip back to Athcatla. It took several days more, and by the end of it Mazzy was barely holding onto life – only the fact that Therion did not want her suffering to end prevented him from taking her punishment further. Viconia, herself being punished by almost unending assrapes from the dwarf and his brother, had been made to use her healing on the halfling several times in keep her capable of walking, rather than needing Therion to drag her behind him. The rest of the group needed to be content with using the two former Sharran priestesses, because at the moment the demigod was not about to let go of Mazzy.

Entering the city went easier and easier with each time he did it: Each time, the guards were more his creatures than those of the city, and each time they looked the other way while he slipped his band through the tunnels that lead into the coronet. Still, he was in a black mood as he entered the brothel. “Someone get me Hendrak,” he ordered, and it didn’t take a second glance as his face to send one of his guards scurrying off into the depths, looking for Therion’s manager.

He picked up a bottle from the bar and poured himself a glass while the others headed into the Coronet, no doubt headed to their rooms. Saravok, he knew, was planning to take Viconia and Ahara to a cell where he would later enjoy “training” them in their new role as slave priestesses of Therion before slipping off to enjoy some quality time with Violet and a whip. Where the wizard and the dwarf were going, he had no idea, but hoped they wouldn’t cause him additional trouble at the moment. His ascension would not have been possible with their loyalty and their add, but his patience with them was not infinite. Kyon, on the other hand, had a specific assignment. What he lacked in intelligence he made up for in enthusiasm… his first priest was going to find others that might be interesting in joining him on that dark path, and bring them before his master… soon. But not now.

Mazzy, for her part, rested on her knees as his side, aware of the gaze of the patrons on her and shocked. They were inside a major city of the realm… surely this was impossible that such a well of darkness could exist inside the walls of Athcatla, that he could parade naked and raped slaves through a crowded, public room and no one seemed the least bit interested in helping. Still, she was not being abused practically for the first time in a week, and had a moment to rest, so she enjoyed it. Had she know what Therion had in store for her, she would not have rested so easily.

“Yes, my lord?” Hendrak said as he appeared at his side, a slight pant in his voice betraying the way he had run. He had been warned that, for whatever reason, the master of the Copper Coronet was not happy, and he prayed it was no fault of his services.

Therion turned toward him and smiled. “Hendrak. I have a project for you,” he said, and kicked the halfling towards him, sending the bound captive sprawling. “This one is being punished. I want you to find the dozen or so most painful and humiliating things you can keep her doing for the next week or so without killing her. By the time the week is over, I want the cunt to have to work to remember her own fucking name, understand?”

Relieved to learn his lord’s anger was reserved for his slave and not himself, Hendrak met Therion’s smile with one of his own. “I think I have some ideas already, my lord.”

“Good,” Therion said, returning to his drink. Sadly, it was becoming clear that his newfound, godly stamina was going to make getting properly drunk a challenge. “And when your done, I want you to prepare our guards. The delegation from Skullport will be here soon, and I want us prepared, in case they are… incompatible… as allies. Oh,” he said, almost as an after thought. “And send Ssastha to me. The snake slut owes me a report, then I need to have her prepare rooms for our guests.”

When she arrived, crawling on all fours as usual, he took his time taking in her beautiful curves, from her full, dangling tits to her hips, covered in fine scales. “ She is a lot less bruised this time”, he remarked to Hendak while sitting down and motioning Ssatha to come closer. Hendak nodded. “ Recently, she has mostly behaved herself.” Which had made his job a lot easier.

“ Good. It was about time, after all”, Therion responded, taking another sip with one hand and using the other to free his cock from his armor, noticing full well Ssatha’s fearful and disgusted glare. “ I want a report, cunt”, he simply stated, reaching out for the Yuan-ti and lifting her up with preternatural strength, settling her down on top of his cock, the tip brushing against her dry cuntlips.

When he let go of her, Ssatha knew well enough to take the hint. With a grimace of discomfort and pain, the scaled woman lowered herself onto his cock, hissing through her teeth as Therion began to stretch her pussy. “ Go on”, Therion said, steel in his voice, one hand resting on Ssatha’s shoulder, pushing her down until, with a trangled cry, she fully impaled herself onto his length.

“ Now, Ssatha…your report, if you please”, he snarled mockingly, motioning her to move on his cock, which she did, under much cringing and whimpering, feeling that, somehow, his size had increased after the last time he’d had her.

As the Yuan-ti fucked herself onto his cock, Therion listened to her report, uttered amidst a series of grunts and truly delightful squeals, and found his mood lighten considerably. Things were going quite well for the Coronet. By now, he easily had as much gold as the wealthiest merchant families in Athkatla. Their slaves were efficiently broken and either sold or kept here and the hunters were getting more and more effective. It could truly be the start of a golden age for him.

Suddenly, his hand shot forward and closed around her throat. Therion smirked at the sight of her slitted eyes widening in fear, her tits jigging as her breathing became quicker. “ Has she displeased you?” Hendak asked, frowning. He was not going to question his lord, but the news had been good so far…

“ No”, Therion stated, shaking his head, “ I just want to hold her in place for the grand finale…” And then, before Hendak could ask what he meant, Therion transformed into his ravager form. For a moment, Ssatha simply stared wide-eyed at the monster that now held her in his lap…and then, she began to scream, as she felt his cock stir within her, not almost double his old size.

Therion laughed and grabbed her hips with clawed hands, using his grip to slam her down onto his cock, using her body just like it was meant to be used – a masturbatory aid, fucking the screaming, whimpering snake-woman onto his tool until he erupted with a loud groan inside of her, pushing her off after a moment to spray the remaining cum over her prone, trembling body.

“ L-Lord…”, Hendak gasped once he was certain Therion had finished. The massive head of the Ravager swung towards him, the rows of teeth and gaze from those black, soulless eyes sending a shiver down Hendak’s spine.

“ Have her prepare rooms for our guests. Have her put the best and most exotic slaves on display. And, most importantly, redress the large common room in the lower levels. By the time they get here, I want a throne worthy of my new form!” Therion’s voice made the glasses tinkle as if in sympathetic fear and awe.

When Hendak did not move, still transfixed by his master’s new, monstrous form, Therion growled, “ Stop staring like that. No matter my form, I am still your lord, master…and god. Do not forget that, ever. Now, MOVE!” Now, Hendak did move, reaching down to grab Ssatha’s wrists and drag her out of the room.

Snarling, Therion grabbed the bottle and emptied it in one go before sitting back down. As the chair creaked under his weight, he roared after Hendak, “ Use oak for the throne!”

After all, it would reflect poorly for the god of slavery and rape to crash through his own throne in front of guests, wouldn’t it?

Within the next days, nobody really came to rest within the Coronet. Wanting to be prepared for all eventualities, Hendak had the guards train and patrol incessantly – with, of course, the occasional break to make use of the slaves to keep up morale – while craftsmen fashioned the lower chamber into a throneroom for Therion. Hendak also made sure that Mazzy received her proper punishment. The redhaired halfling never got one moment of rest. When she was not raped and beaten, she was whipped and tortured to such an extent she was very close to death before Viconia or Kyon, with his newfound spellcasting abilities healed her so the whole torment could begin anew.

Therion, as was his right, partook of the newly arrived slaves to his heart’s content, though this time there were none among them who truly caught his eyes for more than a few hours of rape. He still kept the sirina locked up and chained up in his room, making a point of raping her every day and at least once a night, making sure she awakened him with her lips on his cock every morning.

And, of course, Imoen got a taste of her brother’s new form only an hour after he had finished with Ssatha. Where she had been terrified of Therion before, after he was done with her this time, it took a few days – and some whippings to teach her to obey again – before she stopped screaming inanely each time she saw him. Still, he made a point of ONLY fucking her in his Ravager form from that day onward.

The training of both Viconia and Ahara went reasonably well, although Ahara was a bit problematic and more stubborn than Viconia, who had learned when resistance was simply a bad idea. Of course, for Sarevok, this made training them both much more enjoyable.

When the delegation finally arrived, the entire lower levels of the Coronet had been polished, cleaned and staffed with a number of guards, not for intimidation, but as a show of strength. Therion wished no quarrel with his guests, but he was cautious enough to prepare for it. He himself had retreated to his new throne room, where he waited in his Ravager form, sitting on an impressive throne of dark wood with silver and gold inlays.

Before him, Imoen, the sirina – he had never bothered to learn her name – and Viconia knelt, each of them positvely miserable and busy pleasuring him. Imoen, whose cheeks were stained with tears once again, was bobbing her head up and down on his cock, the sirina and Viconia were alternatively licking his balls or his cock whenever Imoen lifted her head.

For all their efforts, however, Therion barely noticed them. He was much more interested in the four figures which entered the room, accompanied by Hendak and Sarevok. Kyon was standing by his left side, Edwin by his right. Therion had allowed Korgan to stay away from the proceedings on account of the dwarf not being presentable.

Therion was both pleased and surprised that the delegation consisted only of females. The first one was a dark-haired human, tall and fit, her impressive body encased in a tight leather corset and pants which hid nothing at all. Her darkly coloured lips curved into a sly smile as she laid eyes on Therion and his slaves. If she was surprised by his form, she did not show it.

The second one was, surprisingly, a full-bodied drow female, who was dressed in the typical manner of drow nobility, which meant that she wore as little as possible, a few leather plates and straps concealing her crotch and her nipples while showing everything else. She had quite an interesting number of silver piercings and a series of white swirling symbols tattooed onto her dark flesh. The drow frowned at the sight of Therion and especially Viconia but said nothing yet.

The third was a young human woman with blonde hair and a rather open, friendly-seeming face. She wore her hair in a tight ponytail and was dressed in a combination of leathers and chains which suggested much but showed little. She was almost as tall as the group’s leader, which led Therion to believe her to be of northern stock, especially since her eyes were of a sparkling blue. In her right hand she held a chain which went to the collar of the fourth figure, a female slave.

Demurely keeping her eyes on the floor, the slave was obviously not fully human. Two small ram-like horns curled from her forehead, framing a pretty, narrow face. Short red hair sprang from her scalp and a small tail dangled from her bottom. She was, of course, naked, her body covered in sigils and symbols which glowed faintly, possibly a result of her ancestry instead of a tattoo. Rings had been inserted into the bridge of her nose and her nipples which already gave Therion quite a few ideas…

“ Greetings and welcome in my humble abode!” Therion bellowed out to them, nodding his massive fanged head in their direction. “ It is truly a pleasure to meet such illustrous guests. I am Therion, Lord of Slavery, the Ravager, Defiler of Women, The Rapists’ Messiah.”

The noirette bowed. “ It is our pleasure, my lord, to meet the newest Power in Faerun. I am Ryla of Skullport, owner of the Bleeding Rose brothel. This beautiful drow here is my friend, confidante and lover Yae’raya. And to my left you see Shandra, our youngest acolyte. She begged me to allow her to come with us and see you personally so how could I resist? In our name and the name of Loviatar, Mistress of Pain, we extend out warmest greetings. And, of course, we did not come without a gift.”

Therion looked at the gift, submissively standing there and beautiful. A tiefling, if he was not mistaken… and if his admittedly spotting knowledge of the markings was accurate, they identified her as of high demonic lineage. No small prize they had brought before him… as was fitting a god. He growled his approval. “Bring the cunt here,” he commanded, though almost as an afterthought he softened his tone to make it sound more like a request.

The initiate, the blonde introduced as Shandra, practically skipped towards his, so excited where her steps. The slave was nearly dragged from her feet by the enthusiastic tug on her collar, scrambling forward to catch up… although as she got a good look at the monster sitting on the throne, her steps did slow a little bit, eyes widening. Shandra, for her part, gave him a happy, entranced smile so wide that it seemed to split her face. She reminded him of his sister, so cheerful, so happy… it made him instinctively want to break her, to crush that happiness. He disliked the blonde on sight… but then, he didn’t need to like her. She was just bringing him a new toy.

“Does she have a name?” he asked as he brought up one clawed hand, tilting her horned head up so that she was forced to look her new god in the eyes, seeing the terrified tremble that she was trying so hard to hide.

“Not one that matters, my lord,” the happy acolyte announced, voice as perky and happy as the rest of her mannerisms. “Call the hole whatever you like.”

“Hmm,” Therion rumbled, thoughtful, as his hand went to the cleft between her legs, probing, findings the cleft between her legs and slipping a finger into her. To her credit, the slave did not ground, or do anything but make a tiny, almost momentary grimace. Considering his finger was as wide as a man’s cock, and as rough as sandpaper even were her cunt not dry, it spoke well to her training. She was delightfully tight, and would make a wonderful plaything.

Still, business before pleasure. He shoved her suddenly, tearing the leash from Shandra’s hands as she stumbled into the arms of Kyon. “Take the demon slut to my room and bind her. I’ll see to her later.” Turning back to the priestesses of Loviatar, he shuddered, his flesh rippling as he shrank to his human size once more, armor emerging from his demonic leather skin. He smiled at them, showing a mouthful of teeth. “Your gift is well noted. Do you require rest, or would you prefer to see the Coronet first?”

The dark haired woman, Ryla, gave a smile smile. “We are well rested already.”

Therion clapped. “To business then! Guards, take the cunts back to their cells, and pre…”

“Excuse me.” A melodic, elven voice interrupted. He was not used to being interrupted… it irked him. Never the less, he turned politely to see the drow woman raising her hand in a pausing gesture. “If you wouldn’t mind, Lord Therion, I would like for her to come, as well.” Yae’raya pointed, and the demigod followed the finger to Viconia. The drow had noticed the finger as well, and the look on her face clearly showed that she wasn’t sure if the attention of one of her own kind was a good thing or not.

Neither was Therion, but he was content to watch and find out. “Of course,” he said, and gestured to the pair of guardsmen that had been preparing her to be taken from the room, calling them back to him as he walked towards the pair of women, Shondra following eagerly behind him. He could practically smell the enthusiasm coming from her. Behind him came the guards, holding Viconia, and Saravok followed silently behind them… his insurance in case anything went wrong.

“So,” he said, smiling, waving at the nude Yuan-ti until Ssasha came to his side, eyes down, waiting patiently for her master’s instruction. “what would you like to see first?”

  • – – – –

It took a few hours, but the group was given a full tour of his temple, guided by Ssasha. Generally Therion was content to allow the snake bitch to explain the operation and to speak about how it worked, while he spent his own attention watching Ryla and Yae’raya’s reactions… and also those of the enthusiastic Shondra. They started on the upper floors, where the bar and simple bedrooms where. The best behaved of his slaves were generally rewarded by being allowed to work as whores here… while they would be raped just the same, this was among the best of the fates they could hope so, and they sometimes even got to catch some sleep on one of the beds between the use of her holes.

Ssasha explained this as the group looked in on a particularly brutal gangbang. A group of sailors, pirates probably, had arrived in Athkatla earlier today, having sailed up the river and come to spend their won bounty. Violet and the elven Lily were entertaining the mass of thirty men, and the group could only barely catch glimpses of their bruised, cum-soaked flesh between the packed bodies surrounding them. While Ssasha spoke at length about the prices of services and emphasized the great profits the brothel brought, Therion could see that Ryla at least was far more interested in the obvious suffering of the women under the gang raped, and he could almost see the thoughts in her head.

If this was the easiest, lightest of the duties here… The owner of the Bloodied Rose was smiling as she was guided downstairs, passing a post in the bar where Ghraka, the green skinned orcish beauty, was tied up and drunken patrons where amusing themselves by throwing darts at her tits to the muffled roars of the enraged, gagged woman. Throughout the entire tour so far, Shondra had been annoying him with her bubbling enthusiasm over everything, but when she grabbed one of the darts from the flesh of her breasts and giggled as she drove it into the dark green nipple, he had to smile. Ghraka howled, and he laughed a bit more as she grabbed the nipple between her fingers and twisted, pushing out a single drop of blood. It was impossible for him not to be at least slightly pleased by her enthusiasm for causing pain, and for the first time he considered maybe a similarity between her and his sister might not be the worst thing in the realms.

In the lower levels, it became obvious why working upstairs was considered an easy assignment. The first girl they came across was the beautiful Vala, hanging by her wrists while one of the guards whipped her. She had apparently refused a client when he had wanted her to ride him, so instead she had a dull spiked dildo buried in her pussy from a pole, and every time the whip touched her she flinched, causing it to cause flaming pain in her hole all over again. The entire time she moaned, begging incoherently for her sister to save her. They looked in on several more, finding where Ahara was hanging in suspension, blindfolded and with her ass still plugged by the shadow stone, continually reciting the prayers Saravok had taught her to memorize. Of course, Therion had no proper prayers yet, but his brother believed you needed to start somewhere… and a logical place to begin was with a woman’s suffering.

In another room, Alora and Lina, the halfling sisters who had dared to try and rob him, were in a twisted parody of the gangbang upstairs. Their size presented an attraction for some of his… larger customers, and a group of them made a habit of stopping by every week to have a party with the pair of them. Ssasha explained that some of the cocks awaiting the tiny beauties were over a foot long, and thick as an arm… far too large for such tiny girls. Healing magic had to be used on them after almost every session, but even with that expensive the parties were extremely profitable.

The true measure of the darkness of this foul place, however, came at the bottom of the basement. Mazzy was here, enduring her punishment for Elara’s escape. She was bound face up to a table so tightly she could not move, her legs spread while one of the largest guards Therion had was buried in her cunt. He was more than half convinced the man was half ogre, but he used her with all the brutality that he himself as ever used. Meanwhile, a cloth was held over her mouth and jugs of water were poured on her face one after the other. Mazzy was thrashing violently in her bonds despite the fact that she had no leeway to do so, tearing at her muscles and ligaments… but she couldn’t help it. Her body was completely convinced by the treatment that she was drowning, and trying to struggle for air. From the quantity of water on the floor and cum dripping from her ass and cunt, it was obvious this treatment had been going on for some time, and would continue for even longer.

Therion smiled. Served the bitch right.

“Aww! How cute!” Shandra squealed in delight, stepping into the room, ignoring the guard, who stopped in his pounding of Mazzy’s cunt with his cock half buried inside her stretched snatch, and stared at Therion with puzzlement. His comrade appeared confused as well but did not hesitate to pour another jug onto the blanket over Mazzy’s face.

Therion shook his head, motioning both the men to go on with their abuse of the redheaded halfling. Shandra stepped towards the table and reached out to the tormented warrior, running her flat palm over Mazzy’s toned belly, then grabbed the halfling’s left tit and squeezed hard, although Mazzy probably did not even truly notice over the agony from her rape and the watery assault on her lungs. “I love halflings! They’re so small and tight… and they squeal so lovely! Is she always raped so hard?” She beamed at Therion, who growled in his throat. He was not sure if he should find her annoying or amusing.

“She usually deserves it. The cunt is one of the more unruly slaves we have here. Right now, she is being punished.” He left it at that, having no desire to explain that the halfling not only managed to nearly kill Sarevok and break Kyon’s nose and jaw but also allowed another slave to escape.

“When her punishment is over… could I play with her? I promise not to break her… too much.” Shandra gave Mazzy’s left nipple a hard twist that tore a pained yell from the halfling.

“We will see… now, come. The tour is almost over. Time for you to see the arena.”

Together, the group made its way back up and through the secret door in the back. This place was, unlike the other upper rooms of the Coronet, not open to the public but admittance to the arena was by invitation only. And only those with the wealth to make it worth Therion’s while were invited. He had simply, under advice from both Hendak and Ssatha, revived the old arena, although with a little… twist.

The guards bowed respectfully to their master as Therion made his way to a comfortable seat on a raised dais. His guests were motioned to take the three seats closest to him while both Ssatha and Viconia were told to kneel on either side of him.

“It is good that you have come, master,” a young man with a nasty-looking tattoo said to him reverently, “I was just about to announce the next fight.”

“And who will be fighting?” Therion asked.

“Lyssandra, lord.“

Therion cocked a brow. That could be interesting. “And who will try it this time? Rodrik again? Or has he still to recover from his broken arm?”

“A new challenger, my lord. Please watch, I am certain the fight will entertain you.” Therion nodded. He was fairly certain of that.

The announcer turned back to the arena, nodding towards the guards at one end of the circular room, then turned towards the audience, all of them well-off people, mostly men, although here and there Therion spotted a woman with the same hungry look in her eyes.

Absent-mindedly, he began to remove his codpiece as he listened to the announcer.

“Gentlemen and ladies! Welcome to the special entertainment the Copper Coronet will provide for you! Tonight’s first combat will feature one of your favourites: Lyssandra, the elven beauty from Cormanthor!” A sweeping gesture directed everyone’s attention to the arena, where the guards had just dragged in a naked elf. Her body was toned and firm, her skin a dusky colour, her face slanted in an exotic, almost feral way, marking her as one of the reclusive wild elves haunting the deep forests of the Realms. Looking around, the elf paced across the arena, no doubt awaiting with anger and dread her challenger.

“And here is her challenger! A mysterious man from the south, from Calimshan, a place where the women are as fierce as a desert storm! And here, tonight, he will prove to us that he can tame even such a rare and wild beauty as Lyssandra!”

From the door stepped a tall, dark-skinned man whose angular features and slender build betrayed a distant elven ancestry as well. Unlike Lyssandra, he wore leather armor and a cruel smirk on his face.

“They will fight until one is no longer able to,” Therion explained. “If the slave loses, the victor gets the right to rape her in front of everyone as well as have her for the rest of the night. If she wins, she will not be touched for the rest of the night by anyone except, if I will it, me.”

In the arena, the battle had begun, the man and Lyssandra exchanging feints and blows and kicks. Both of them seemed to be quite nimble and Therion knew that this battle could go either way. With quick, deft motions, he freed his raging cock from his armor and then grabbed Ssatha’s left wrist and Viconia’s right, forcing their fingers around his cock. Both slaves took the hint and started to stroke his huge member, to his obvious enjoyment.

He could feel their disgust waft over him, filling him with power. Power which he quickly shared with the challenger, granting him a minor blessing of endurance and speed with which he quickly overpowered the elf, dragging the screaming and struggling girl to the ground. The crowd cheered and booed in equal measure, which merited an explanation. “Of course, everyone invited to these events can place bets. From the shares we gather in one fight alone, a man could feed a family for a year.”

The guests nodded at this, not wanting to show that they were indeed impressed. Shandra, however, was barely listening, instead staring alternatively at the arena, where the man had forced Lyssandra down and plunged his cock between her legs, making the wild elf curse and scream as he began to plow her cunt, and at Therion’s cock, caressed by the two slaves.

“Isn’t he magnificent…”, she whispered under her breath, shuddering. Therion smirked. He was not sure whether she meant him or just his manhood, but he certainly enjoyed flattery…

The group of them watched in the arena as the beautiful elf was brutalized, the dark skin of the Calishite all but covering her slender form as her cries echoed along with the laughter crowd, the witnesses watching with rapt attention at the rape of one combatant by the other. Ryla and her lover swept their gaze between the spectacle below and the focus of the crowd, the drow especially knowing much about the profitability of arenas like this one. Not only would the house rake in a percentage of the bets, but no doubt most of these customers would want to take the edge of their own excitement with some “entertainment” afterward. The power, the profitability, of the Copper Coronet seemed promising.

“I’ve seen enough,” Ryla said, trying to keep her face impassive, slightly bored. “This is sufficient. I believe we can work something out… but in the morning.” She allowed a smile smile to creep onto her beautiful face. “This has been enough business. Time for pleasure.”

Therion couldn’t agree more, the hands of two of his slaves already stroking him, warming him up. “Very well then, tomorrow…” he growled, and Saravok grabbed Ssasha by her hair and pulled her to her feet, pushing her away from the demigod and sending her staggering away.

Therion was about to the same to Viconia when he heard Yae’raya’s silky voice. “My lord, if you would… what is her price for a night?” The drow woman was pointing at the former priestess, a small smile on her elven face. Again, Viconia turned, and when she saw that the other woman meant her, her blood chilled a little bit. She still wasn’t sure if this attention was a good thing or a bad thing… but there was a famous drow expression that no one could hurt one of them better than another dark elf. She feared she might be finding out soon.

Therion, for his part, was also unconvinced… but at least, if Viconia was with them, he could have Edwin use the geas to spy on her, to see what the two followers of Loviatar did when they were along. “For such customers as you,” he said, smiling, as he wrenched Viconia to her feet, his hand around her neck, and all but tossed her across the room into the waiting arms of the other drow, “No charge. Enjoy the slut.”

“I’m certain we will…” Ryla whispered with a sidelong look at Yae’raya, evaluating the shine in the woman’s crimson eyes, before she turned back to their host, the new god. “And I hope you enjoy our gift… I think you will find her lovely.”

“I’m sure that I will…” Therion said, already thinking about the tiefling with her dark marked skin, her curling horns. He wondered just how much demonic blood ran within her, if her blood would be hot, or perhaps she could bring fire… nothing she could possibly do could threaten someone like him, so he didn’t especially care what she did, but it would be entertaining to see how…

Shandra stood in his path, practically bouncing off the ground in excitement as she rose up on her heels again and again, her eyes stealing glaces at his majestic cock as he returned the weapon to his armor. “Please, my lord, if I might be so bold… I’m sure Ryla and Yae’raya will very busy with your present, so might I be permitted to help you enjoy ours? I promise I won’t get in your way, my lord…”

Therion considered, annoyance warring with amusement. It was hard to be anything but appreciative of her obvious appreciation of his glory and her enthusiasm for hurting the slaves, but at the same time her damned cheerfulness managed to annoy him just the same. It was, simply, balanced on the knifes edge between adorable and obnoxious, and he found himself wishing she would wall on one edge of the other so he could decide whether or not to put up with her. “I suppose…” he mumbled, regretting his answer almost instantly as she literally jumped a foot in the air.

“Oh thank you my lord, I will not disappoint. Now, to see to that demon cunt…” she smiled widely, already mumbling under he breath various ideas of what she could do to make her suffer. Therion could make out bits and pieces, but he had to confess he had no idea what plans she had for the slave that could involve an old boot, a deck of cards, and a holy symbol of Lothander.

He wasn’t sure he wanted to know either. It was almost a mercy when Kyon cleared his throat, requesting the attention of his deity. “Brother,” Therion said, taking as step forward, “would you lead the accolyte to my chambers please? I will see to my high priest now.” Saravok gave a tiny, almost microscopic bow and gave Shandra a tiny push forward, which the young, cheerful woman followed without question… much to the amusement of the Blackguard. He, at least, was amused by her behavior.

As soon as they were gone, and the pair of them were, at last, alone in the hallway, Therion turned to his first priest. “What?” he asked, not bothering with nicities. Kyon wouldn’t be offended, and even if he was he would think that it was proper that his lord was short with him.

“I was just wondered,” he said quietly, as though worried about over overheard, “When we’re going to enslave those uppity cunt. I would really like to wipe that smug, impressed look right of the madams face, and I know another drow bitch would do well with the patrons. In fact…”

“We aren’t.”

The simple, absolute statement was enough to stop Kyon’s rant in its tracks, and he paused, seeming to consider for a second. His brain, however, seemed to not be reaching the proper conclusion quickly enough, because he opened his fool mouth again. “Why not?”

Therion bit back a dozen retorts that it was none of his busy, that he should not question his god’s decision, and many more, but the truth was that if Kyon was going to be a useful disciple, he had to learn… and it would need to be his job to teach the priest. “I’ve already made enemies with one of the greater gods of Faerun, and once the Lord of Slaughter learns that one of Bhaal’s children is alive and chasing his legacy, there is little doubt that he’ll seek my death as well. We are unprepared for such an event… I need divine allies.” He paused, letting the truth of the statements sink in, daring the priest to disagree.

“Loviatar is a good match. She and I share many of the same interests… enough that we can help one another…” he paused before turning a fiery glare on the stupid priest, enough to make him step back. “And you will do nothing to jeopardize that alliance, do you understand?”

Kyon swallowed. “Yes, my lord.”

“Good,” Therion said, smiling, as he turned away. The truth was that he needed Loviatar more than he needed Kyon, or probably any of his current disciples. If the priest was going to cause problems, he would need to be replaced. It would be a shame after all the efforts he had taken to groom the man into a useful weapon, but sacrifices had to be made. “Besides,” he said as he began to walk away from the priest, heading towards his room where Shandra, and the tiefling, awaited his tender mercy, “My goal is to spread rape and the suffering of women as widely as possible. I don’t especially care whether a man or woman is making them suffer.”

“ Yes, my lord”, Kyon muttered, clearly not very happy about it – Therion could feel his desire to violate their guests like a distant vibration, very pleasant to his new senses – but he clearly was not going to act against his god’s orders. Therion smirked. No doubt some unlucky cunt would now suffer his brutal attentions. Speaking of which, it was time to play with his new toy.
On his way to his bedchamber, Sarevok crossed his path. “ Enjoy them, brother. I think this alliance will work out in more than one way.” Therion grunted. “ I have no intention of fucking that initiate, if that is what you are implying.” Sarevok chuckled. “ Why not? She certainly seems very eager for it.” Therion growled. “ Which is exactly the reason I will not do it. The thought has become revolting to me…”
Sarevok shrugged. “ I like it more when they suffer, as well…though if she threw herself on her knees in front of me, I’d fuck her face anyway. Think about it, brother.” “ Get gone”, Therion muttered, “ don’t you have a priestess to train?” With another shrug, Sarevok went his way.
The two guards standing by his door were obviously bored, although both stood to attention the moment they head his footsteps. He scanned them for a moment, marvelling how his ascension had improved his mental faculties, granting him near-absolute memory.
The left one was Yarvick, a refugee from Silverymoon. He had held his elven wife like a slave for years, degrading her constantly for his own amusement before neighbours had found out, forcing him to flee. He had a thing for elves and Therion knew of at least one occasion where he’d won Aerie’s services from Korgan in a game of dice for a night. He’d almost managed to abuse her as badly as the dwarf, which had caused Therion to elevate him to his personal guard.
The other one was Gornt, a large male with distant orcish ancestry, so it seemed. He had brutish features and a slight red tint to his eyes. He had also haunted the wildnerness near Trademeet for years, waylaying lone wanderers, killing the males and abusing the females for weeks before releasing them, scarred for the rest of their lives. After Therion’s recruiters had found him, he’d slain three of them before realizing that they were not there to end his life. He’d agreed to serve Therion immediately and was feared by most of the whores in the Coronet, especially the two halflings.
“ Yarvick, Gornt…I will not need you for the rest of the night. Enjoy yourselves. Gornt, if you hurry, you can partake in the halfling gangrape. Free of charge, of course.” He smiled as the two guards hurried away. He was in a rather good mood right now, just as he always was when it came to abusing a new cunt.
Quickly, he opened the door to his own sanctum, already willing his armor to disappear, a fairly easy trick. The first sounds he heard were rather promising – a pained groan which could only come from the Sirina, chained to his bedpost, as usual, and wet, meaty sounds which he also knew very well – and he could feel a grin appear on his face as he stepped further in.
The tiefling stood in the middle of the room, her eyes cast down, her hands chained behind her back, just above her round and very inviting ass, looking somewhat forlorn. Shandra had obviously chosen to ignore her in favour of a new toy she’d found. The initiate had also shed her own clothes, kneeling naked in front of the blue-skinned aquatic creature. Her body reminded him of Imoen, although her breasts were bigger. Currently, Shandra was leaning forward, cooing into the Sirina’s ear while her left hand was busy pumping three fingers in and out of the slave’s tight cunt.
The aquatic girl was crying bitterly while Shandra teased her. “ Ohhh, you’re so sweet…and all wet…you like this, don’t you? You enjoy it when it hurts? Want me to hurt you more? Yes?” Still, her voice sounded almost painfully cheerful.
“ Sirines are water creatures. She’s always wet”, Therion grumbled, his voice making Shandra jump a little. “ And I did not allow you to touch my personal fucktoy.” Shandra quickly removed her fingers from the girl’s cunt and practically jumped to her feet. “ Understood, lord Therion…now, shall we begin with this horned slut?” As she skipped across the room to come to stand behind the tiefling, who cast a glare of impressive hatred at Shandra, Therion noticed that the initiate wore small metal caps over her fingers, rough metal cylinders with long metal fingernails. He smiled. Having fingers with these shoved up her cunt must have hurt the Sirine pretty badly. Immediately, Shandra rose in his esteem.
Maybe something very enjoyable could come out of this evening.

Therion walked over to the tiefling, pausing before her while the initiate played her steel fingertips over her bare breasts from behind, playing the sharp edges over her sensitive skin. Already the demonic bitch was trembling, trying to stop herself from flinching at each delicate touch of the iron, trying to anticipate the pain to come. He appreciated the reaction… it meant the whore knew what she was in for, had been treated the way he would want a sexy piece of meat like her to be treated.

Still, the fact was that she showed no fear, made no protest and did no begging. The knowledge that she was in for pain and suffering at the hands of the pair in this room didn’t make her break down. He appreciated that, admired the strength that it showed… it would be so much more fun to break down.

Or then again, perhaps she simply was not afraid because she did not respect him, because she thought a night with only an initiate of Loviatar and an outsider to the church, she might be in for an easy night. He smiled at the though of how disappointed she would be… it was time to teach them better.

Therion slapped her, his hand crashing into her face hand enough to rock her against Shandra. She gave an immediate cry as the initiate fastened her metal-nailed hands against her breasts, holding her up. Her face quivered slightly as a red flush appeared where she had been struck, the tattoos on her face darkening as as blood rushed to the impact site, her long, almost elven ears twitching. The dark god was smiling at her, a cruel, cold smile that told her clearly that she had underestimated what she was in for as he grabbed at one of her ears, hanging just below her curling ram horns and tugging her head painfully to the side.

“So…” he said softly, his smile still solid on his face, “You are what they deem worthy of me, the cunt with no name…” He chuckled. “So what should I call you then…” He paused, but the tiefling didn’t answer, her breath quickening with the pain but otherwise not responding. Finding this whores limits would be so much fun. “Quiet…” he whispered, smiling.

“Answer your master, whore.” Shandra said, and suddenly her voice was not so perky, but rather furious. It was a voice he recognized very well, one that Kyon often had… the sound of a fanatic. The growl of fury was deep in her feminine voice as she smashed the tiefling’s nipples flat with her metal fingers, causing the girl to exhale sharply but make no other sound.

After a few seconds, at last, the tattooed girl winced. “I have no name,” she said, the word ‘master’ lingerings unsaid on the air, deliberately left out. Her voice melodic, almost like an instrument playing. It was an inhuman voice, but beautiful, and he was curious what her screams would sound like.

Therion was silent for long moments before he nodded to the initiate, and she released the girl’s nipples, and she seemed almost to deflate with relief, tension vanishing from her body almost instantly. He was impressed. “Tough… I like that normally, but you’ll learn to answer me.” He dragged his hands down her body, tracing over her dark tattoos on her flawless skin. The markings were clearly something she was born with, not something an artist had but there, but he had a hard time thinking of them as anything else so artistic were they, swirling in obvious patterns.

Then his hands arrived at her cunt, slipping two fingers immediately into her dry hole. She was warm… significantly warmer than a human girl, and smooth as silk. Despite how humanoid her appearance was despite the horns, it was obvious that she was nothing of the sort… and he thoroughly looked forward to finding out each of the differences, outside and in.

“So tight and sweet… it’s almost like you’ve never been used before…” he mumbled.

“That’s because she hasn’t, my lord,” Shandra said with a smile. When Therion looked up at her, surprised, she continued. “She’s been trained as properly as we could without popping her… brothel or not, we would never insult one as great as you by gifting you a used set of holes.”

It was almost frightening how earnest she was, how serious she took it saying such things… although he couldn’t be dismayed by the idea of a virgin slave being given to him, especially not one so exotic as this. “Holes…” he said, slowly, repeating what the excitable girl had said. “That is a good name for her… after all, it’s what she is. A set of holes.”

He grabbed her by the curling ram horns, holding her rigid as he took out his cock, already hard and excited. With a slave as feisty as this, he normally would need to be careful about being bit… but that was before his ascension. Now, if Holes was foolish enough to try to bite him, she would not like what happened to her teeth. She would learn to her dismay that “hard as iron” was more than just an expression. His other hand on her jaw, pressing into her cheeks, he squeezed until her mouth popped open. Her teeth reminded her slightly of the vampire bitch, whatever her name had been… with slightly fanged canines and bright, shining white teeth in contrast to her dusky skin and dark markings.

Smiling, growling his happiness, he pushed the head of his shaft into her mouth. Her tongue was rougher than that of a human, but not uncomfortably so — it was simply added texture, some more glorious friction of the bottom of his cock as he pressed forward, her mouth only offering token resistance to his conquest as he pushed to the back of her mouth, choking her. The tiefling showed her first sigh of distress as she started to gag, and behind her, Shandra smiled, standing back and rested a heeled foot against her upper back and neck. “Worship your new god, whore,” she said, voice amused.

Then she shoved forward, forcing her throat entirely onto Therion’s cock

Therion growled deep in his own throat. Originally, he had planned to have her suck him to examine her skills…but this was just as well. And, after all, he would have more than enough time to try her out fully. Right now, he enjoyed the feeling of her tight, warm throat clamping down around his cock as the tiefling gargled and gagged hard around his massive manhood…

  • – – – –

When Viconia entered the room that had been taken by the two priestesses, Ryla had just finished placing their…equipment on the table standing next to the bed. There, on a black cloth were arrayed chains, shackles, needles, knives, metal vises, dildos in various large and unpleasant shapes, two leather crotch-plates usable as strapons, a wooden ball gag and a variety of whips…including one of the nefarious tentacle-rods used by the priestesses of Lolth. The weapon shuddered and hissed gently in anticipation.

The drow was standing behind the human woman, cupping and groping her breasts through the leather, her red eyes lighting up as the guards shoved Viconia inside. “ Ah, there she is! Time for the entertainment to start in earnest.”

Viconia glared at them. She did not know what they had in store for her, but she had been Therion’s slave and fucktoy long enough to lose all hope for gentleness. And the toys and instruments of torture assembled on the table told her everything she had to know. Although she was still not sure why the drow had been so eager to have her for the night.

Her people loved to torment and abuse, that was for certain…but still, why had Yae’raya chosen her above all the other slaves available to them? Therion would have probably given them anyone, maybe even his prized sister… but the priestess had wanted her.

The question was… why?

“ That will be all”, Ryla said, gentle removing her lover’s hands from her breasts and stepping towards Viconia, idly twirling a cat-o-nine-tails in her left hand. “ Leave us.” With some reluctance, the guards left the room, their hopes of maybe getting to watch the session smashed.

The moment the doors had closed, the woman’s expression hardened, her eyes cold as a glacier as they bored into Viconia’s, attempting to stare her into submission, with only the drow’s hatred allowing her to withstand the glare. Both of these women reminded her of her own past…painfully so. She’d been just as sure of her own power, as certain of her superiority…and just as thrilled by the opportunity to hurt others.

How much she longed to be once again like them!

“ On your knees!” Ryla spat, punctuating her words by a quick slash of the scourge across Viconia’s flat belly. Biting her lip to keep from crying out, Viconia staggered and dropped to her knees, glaring up hatefully. “ Ohhh”, Ryla snickered, “ I see why your master likes you so much. You have fire!”

“ But that does not excuse you from doing as you are told”, she continued, leaning down, lightly tapping the straps of the scourge against Viconia’s bare shoulders. “ What say, we let her put on a show for us first before she gets her holes stuffed?”

Yae’raya nodded, prodding Viconia’s thigh with a boot. “ Spread them a little”, she said, but there was something in her voice that made the command quite different than that of her lover. Was there…sympathy? Certainly not for her as a person, Yae’raya would be incapable of feeling that, both as a drow and as a priestess of Loviatar…but maybe…she did not wish to see one of her own so humbled.

Viconia shifted a little, spreading her legs slightly while the two other women went back towards the bed, Ryla sitting down while the drow picked up a metallic-looking dildo, throwing it across the room to land between Viconia’s spread thighs. “ Tell us about yourself…and while you do, push that up your cunt, will you?”

Viconia, still glaring at the both of them, imagining how it would be like to flense them inch by inch, grabbed the toy…and dropped it again. It was searing hot! Not enough to actually burn her, but painful to touch…and if she put that into her cunt…

“ Oh…I should have told you…it’s a little invention of Shandra’s…it’s hollow inside and you can fill in hot water…now, try it out!” Ryla smirked as she watched Viconia…and barely managed to dodge as the drow grabbed the hot dildo and hurled it towards her, the toy clanging off the wall behind them.

“ You….”, Ryla snarled, jumping back to her feet, no doubt ready to visit unspeakable punishments upon the insolent drow…when Yae’raya interrupted her. “ Let me deal with her…”, she purred, kissing her lover’s shoulder teasingly. For a moment, Ryla hesitated, then sighed. “ I expect results…”, she snarled, walking past Viconia – stopping for a moment to kick her savagely in the side – and left the room.

Once she was outside, Yae’raya knelt down next to Viconia, who was still seething. “ You should not be here”, the priestess said to her. In response, Viconia looked at her…and spat right into her face. Yae’raya did not even flinch. “ As if you could insult me with that, you dumb bitch. But a drow should not be a slave to the lesser races, whether they deem themselves gods or not. Now…Ryla is in charge of our establishment and I would have to convince her…but if you do well and do as you are told…maybe I could get her to purchase you.” Gently, she ran a hand through Viconia’s white mane. “ You would still be a slave, but maybe, if you keep being obedient, you could earn your freedom…and a place in our temple.”

  • – – – –

Therion had to admit that he might never had had a better mouth. Oh certainly, there were mouths that he enjoyed fucking more, but it was because he wanted to hurt the person they were attached to. He loved how much Viconia hated him, loved humiliating the haughty slut at every opportunity, and his sister deserved the cruelest things he could do to her… but no whore he’d ever taken had a mouth she was better able to use to bring his cock pleasure.

Even with her face pressed against his body, her nose pressed flat against his abdomen, she continued to work her tongue on his shaft, working actively to suck on his cock even as he fucked her throat, impaling her completely. She couldn’t breath, she couldn’t struggle, she could barely even think through the pain of her slender throat being so brutally used by a monster of Therion’s size, but still she worked him like an eager whore working for a piece of platinum.

The tiefling’s entire body was shuddering against him, shaking in Shandra’s grasp as she dragged the exotic girl’s face back and forth, raping her every bit as thoroughly as the dark god was. Based on the enthusiasm she was showing for the task, he would almost think she was enjoying it… but her abject misery and hatred filled him, empowering him. She hated it, hated every second of what she was doing, hated that she had been so well taught to do it. She thought it was beneath her… but she was terrified.

Whatever else Therion could say about the followers of Loviatar, they knew how to train a slut. Holes was so terrified of what would happen to her if she disobeyed Therion that she was all but paralyzed, and he didn’t think her introduction to him as the Ravager had anything to do with it… but despite the intensity of her training and fear, they had managed to keep her hated and distaste for the abuse still perfectly strong.

The gagging and retching of the woman was massaging his head, constricting the tip of his cock even as her tongue worked the shaft, sucking him, making it amazing for him ever as he drove himself in and out of her. He had to admit he was already pleased with his gift… idly, he wondered if the followers of Loviatar knew something about the training of a sex slave that he didn’t, and he looked forward to finding out. The thought of Viconia forced to suck his cock even while he plowed in and out of her throat was a compelling one.

He threw back his head, laughing as Shandra abused the demon-born girl’s breasts, pushing her head even further down despite her gagging. He wondered if she might break the nose of the tiefling girl with the violence with which she drove him into his groin. The sirena was sobbing on the bed as she watched, crying like the pathetic cunt she was, and Therion turned slightly to allow her a better view of the bulge in Holes’s throat, the way it jerked and spasmed as she choked. It was amazing to him that she was still conscious, well trained enough to take the tiny gasps of breath in the short windows she had when his cock was not completely blocking her airway.

With a roar he came, his body jerking as he pumped his seed directly into her belly before pulling back, resting his cock on her tongue as he painted the inside of her mouth and the back of her throat, letting his new slave taste his boiling cream as she coughed and struggled for breath, trying to breath in the cum. Behind her, Shandra was laughing in her ears, a cruel, happy giggle that again reminded him of his sister.

“Did she please you, my lord?” she asked, a cruel, wide smirk on her face as she wrapped those metal nails around the tiefling’s throat, choking her for a few seconds before letting go, then choking her again, just for fun.

Therion smirked himself, looking down at the strangled girl while her eyes very slowly teared up. He admired the strength in this slut. “I’m never pleased by whores… they just sometimes manage to escape punishment.” The smiled grew wider. “But not this cunt… I’m not done with her yet. Your temple offers me a tribute of a fresh piece of meat, and I think its time I truly broke her in. Tie her up on the bed.”

Shandra looked over to the bed, where the Sirena was still pathetically sobbing. “…What would you like me to do to her, my lord?”

He snickered. “Nothing. Tie her crotch over her face… she wants to watch Holes here suffer? Let us give her a view…

  • – – – –

Viconia stood shock still, resting on the ground as she stared up into the other drow’s red eyes. She didn’t believe it, couldn’t believe it. As much as she wanted her freedom, as much as she’d fallen asleep dreaming of it every night for months, it seemed impossible… and she was no fool. She knew the reputation of her people, that they cared nothing for one another, and she had nothing she could offer to Yae’rae to make her want to help her.

And yet…

And yet she was desperate to escape. And yet, if the drow were known for anything more than their cruelty, it was their arrogance, and the sight of a drow being held by a human monster like Therion could inspire even a tiny desire to see her away. And yet, even if she would not be set free, surely being a slave even to another drow would be better than serving that animal for another day…

And yet, if there was even a chance that the other drow was speaking the truth, could she afford to pass it up?

Hesitantly, almost regretting her actions as she took them, she reached for the heated sex toy.

“Wait a moment,” Yae’raya said, sitting down on the bed, her eyes alight with malicious intent. A moment later, Ryla returned. The drow patted the bed next to her. “She will behave now. We had a nice and very enlightening… talk.”

“She better. Otherwise we might have to reimburse the dark lord here for one broken whore… beyond any means of repair.” Her voice was icy and Viconia shuddered, wondering if Ryla was truly human. These words might as well have come from a high priestess of Lolth. Then again, Loviatar enjoyed suffering, so the differences might simply not be that great…

After taking the chance to kick her again as she walked past – forcing Viconia to reach for the toy again once she had caught her breath – the human sat down next to her drow lover and placed an obscenely intimate kiss onto her dark lips.

Viconia felt a shiver run down her spine. A few days ago, she’d been forced to put on a much similar show with Imoen while a few guards jerked off over them. After which had inevitably followed an hour of brutal gangrapes and a whipping session for Imoen because of her ‘poor performance’ – ordered by Therion, of course – that had had the red-haired girl screaming herself hoarse.

“Now, where were we…” Ryla then said, tipping her chin, “ Ah yes, we want to know something about you. Your name, where you are from and how you came to end up here as a worthless fuckslave. And, to make it more exciting for us, you are going to fuck your cunt with that toy we provided for you. Am I right?” That last sentence she uttered with just a hint of steel in her voice, but Viconia got the hint.

Quickly, she nodded and said, “Yes, you are right…” The words felt like ash in her mouth.

Yae’raya motioned her to begin, a slight wink from her left eye reminding Viconia of their… agreement. Taking a deep breath, the dark elf placed the toy’s tip against the entrance to her pussy, gasping as the heat washed over her tender outer lips, always slightly sore from so many abuses day in, day out.

“ I am… Viconia… DeVir… from… hnngh… from Menzoberranzan,” Viconia grimaced, pushing the first inch into her cunt, the heat nearly making her scream. It felt absolutely agonizing against her silken inner walls. But all begging would not help… in fact, she noticed rather quickly that any notion of pain from her was met with a quickening of her tormentors’ breaths, a flush of excitement on Ryla’s face as she continued, pausing every now and then to let out a groan of pain, sounds she could not contain anymore.

“Go ahead”, Ryla said sharply, her left hand sneaking down and between Yae’raya’s legs, finding the drow’s center and starting to rub it roughly. The drow immediately returned the favor, both women pleasuring each other with visible pleasure as they watched Viconia degrade and torment herself with that awful toy.

Under constant pain, Viconia fought to continue her story, telling these hated women of her time as a priestess in Menzoberranzan, her flight from that city, her time as a lonely wanderer and her first time of slavery at the hands of these degenerate farmers. And all the time they forced her to push that heated toy into her pussy again and again and again until her entire lower body screamed in pain and she was barely able to continue…

“And there was not a single…day when you were not fucked by them? In all your holes?” Yae’raya asked with amusement, pushing her hips against her lover’s questing, rubbing fingers.

“ No… they… raped me… every day…” Viconia spat, pulling the dildo out once more. It was slowly cooling, but not nearly fast enough for her poor, tormented pussy.

“So, when Therion came, you thought he was saving you, hm? You already knew him, you said…” Viconia nodded, grunting as she pushed the hated toy into herself again. Ryla laughed. “Luckily for us… things turned our quite differently…”

  • – – – –

Therion watched, waiting, hungry, as Shandra worked. He had to admit, the initiate priestess was an expert with the ropes. With little effort, she picked up the tiefling girl and slung her on her belly over the sirena, pushing her face into the watery woman’s crotch and resting her own tight, virgin cunt before the girl’s sobbing eyes.

Holes gave no resistance whatsoever, despite the hatred in her eyes. She was too well trained, although clearly not yet tamed. He was looking forward to testing the limits of that training, even as he looked to see what he could do to break her. Shandra tied her swiftly, cinching the bond tight, letting it dig into her tattoos skin uncomfortably until her limbs reddened slightly with blood.

Therion nodded his approval. It would make her more sensitive, more vulnerable to pain. So far, no matter what had been done to her, she hadn’t made a sound of pain… no doubt something she’d been trained to do by the priestesses of torment in Ryla’s brothel. He smiled, already imagining what her scream would sound like.

“She’s ready for you, my lord,” Shandra whispered, and to his interest he noted that she was stripping as well, the remnants of her clothing removed. The young girl had a body to make any woman envious, and any man hard… certain the equal of any of the slaves he owned. He felt a moment of regret that she wouldn’t be spending the rest of her life tied up in the copper coronet and getting fucked.

Oh well. He needed Loviatar as an ally more than he needed just another whore.

She was really asked to get her ass plowed though, running around like that with her tits hanging out, practically rubbing them against him as she bounced up and down with excitement. “I’ve been waiting to see you split this virgin slut open since I knew I was coming here, my lord… I can’t wait to see her slim belly swelling as you cram that monster into her.” She was almost panting as she knelt besides the pair of slaves on the bed, looking at them with a hungry gleam in her eyes.

Therion came onto the bed, resting his knees to either side of the Sirena’s face as he put his hands on Holes’s pale and dark marked ass. “Get one of the whips. I want you to work this cunt over while she gets split.”

Shandra nodded enthusiastically. “First, my lord… may I do the honors?”

Therion wasn’t sure what she was talking about, but he could feel the thick sense of arousal and excitement from her, the hunger and enthusiasm for the slave’s pain. Hesitant, he nodded.

Shandra smiled brilliantly as leaned down, sticking two of her metal tipped fingers into the Sirena’s mouth and grabbing her tongue. “I saw you watching your god’s cock going down her throat. You’re a jealous little whore, aren’t you? Aren’t you?” Her eyes shined with malicious light. “Yes, you are… well guess what, cunt? It’s your lucky day. You might not be worth your masters cock right now while he has such a nice virgin to fuck to brains out of, but you get to participate, help him… aren’t you happy?”

The Sirena was crying, wracking, pathetic sobs like a whore, and Shandra smiled the grin of the insanely delighted as he wiped off her tears with the palm of her hands, then wrapped it around Therion’s thick cock, wetting him with the salt of her sorrow. “See? Your good for something – a handy lube machine for him to fuck a more worthy hole. You should be proud… it’s the most useful thing you’ve done with your entire pathetic existence.”

Shandra looked up at Therion, smiled, but only reluctantly took her fingers from his shaft. “Break her for me, my lord. I want to see how a god makes a worthless hole worthy of his glory.” The priestess initiate practically skipped across the room, examining whips one by one, looking for the one she thought would hurt the most. Therion shook his head in bemused disbelief. He was pretty sure the woman was insane… but she was his kind of crazy, and had a flair for the sadistic he appreciated. Her enthusiasm was somewhat growing on him.

  • – – – –

“ Alright, let’s do something else”, Yae’raya said, clapping her hands. “ Get up, whore.” Viconia, relieved beyond words to finally be rid of the painful toy, pulled the heated dildo out of her aching cunt and tossed it to the floor before standing up, grimacing at the pain that flared up from her sore cunt.

Yae’raya stood up and walked over to the table where the other… instruments were laid out. Viconia followed her every move with more than wary eyes, trying to keep her breathing calm. She knew that her torments were far from over.

“ Isn’t she a beauty?” Yae’rays asked with a wink towards Ryla. The human, who was slowly pleasuring herself with her own hand now that her lover had stopped doing it for her, nodded. “ Quite. Therion has a very refined taste in whores. In fact, I have seen only true beauties since we came here.”

Viconia followed this exchange with interest. Yae’raya was apparently really attempting to follow through with her plan, starting to get her lover interested in buying her from Therion. Despite the certain knowledge that her life as a slave under these two would still be painful and degrading, the thought of getting away from Therion and his disgusting cronies quickened her heartbeat.

A soft hissing sound brought her back to her actual situation and she could not help but utter a small gasp of shock and fear when she saw Yae’raya pick up the tentacle rod of all things. Inventions of the drow, these things were feared throughout all the Underdark.

As weapons of the priestesses of Lolth, these things reflected their sadistic nature perfectly. Their general makeup was similar to a cat-o-nine-tails or scourge, but instead of leather, each strap was an animated tentacle, tipped with a fang-filled maw that dripped venom. Each time the tentacles struck a target, the teeth would nick the skin and drip their venom into the bruise, increasing the pain a dozenfold.

Viconia had been whipped with one of these only once in her life and it had not been an experience she ever wished to repeat.

Right now, the tentacles merely hissed and lightly slithered over Yae’raya’s body, caressing her breasts. “ Ah, I see you remember these…”, the drow said in an almost friendly tone, stepping closer to Viconia. “ Great inventions, are they not? A shame the prieshood of Loviatar never got that idea…they would have been ten times as powerful if they had.” Right now, Viconia couldn’t care less about the merits of the torture weapon.

As the other drow stepped closer, the rods began to hiss and flail towards the slave. “ Ah, it likes you…these things get so morose when they cannot taste drow pain for a longer time…”

“ Make her dance for us”, Ryla suggested, grinning, her eyes alight with sadistic glee. “ And make it a good dance…make us want you”, she continued, turning towards Viconia.

“ You heard her, get to it!” Yae’raya said, all traces of friendliness gone from her voice. Her arm lashed forward and Viconia could only crie out as the tentacles struck her arm and her side. The pain was fierce, as if someone had poured molten iron over her. For a moment, she staggered…and was “rewarded” by another strike, this time across her back. “ Dance, I said, don’t stumble around like a drunken harbor whore!”

Biting her lip to avoid screaming, Viconia attempted to steady herself aain. Fortunately, Yae’raya did not yet use the whip again, instead just slapping her ass once with a hissed, “ Get to it…or I will flay the skin from your back and then have it regenerate. Either way, I am certain to have my fun.”

Swallowing an angry retort, Viconia blinked to clear her eyes and began to sway her hips, forcing her mind to dwell on some of the melodies she’d heard as a child. The drow were evil, but not without a taste for art, skilled sculptors or musicians were in high demand amongst the noble houses.

Steo by step, she began to ease into the rhythm she played in her head, hips legs and arms moving with more and more coordination…until the rod cracked against her ass, making her stagger again. “ Don’t stop”, Yae’raya said, “ but feel free to scream while you dance…”

  • – – – –

Just as the initiate was selected a barbed whip of sharkskin, he pinched the tiefling’s clit between thumb and forefinger, and twisted hard. Therion put all of his hand strength into it, and fresh pain exploded in Hole’s crotch. Her jaw twitched and her body jerked a little, but she didn’t scream… not yet. She couldn’t resist reacting to the pain, thought, not completely. Her legs kicked out, scything around his solid body chaotically, and in that same moment Therion slammed into her, taking strength from her suffering, pleasure from her agony.

Her virginity shattered around his cock, a pressure that snapped like a taut rope as he plowed through her, stuffing her tight hole with his massive rod. Twenty years without knowing a man’s touch was thrown away in the space of one violent rape thrust, one instant of her new owner’s cruelty. It pleased Therion to think of it. A second later, the first snap of the whip echoed through the room as it struck her back, marking it an angry red. As he stuffed her tight young snatch, he pressed her hips down, dragging the entire thing down against the Sirena’s face, continuing his rape right before her sobbing eyes.

He wondered if her mind was breaking under the constant abuse… it seemed like the elemental bitch did little but weep these days. Perhaps it was time to replace her with a new whore… of course, that would be little mercy for her. She would be thrown into the deepest perversions life as a whore for his brothel could offer her, and he doubted life as a fucktoy for as many dirty men as could walk through his door would be any more gentle to her. That would be the bitch’s problem, though… not his. He wondered what Thraka would be like chained to his bed for weeks instead, if no newer, hotter piece of slutmeat walked through his door.

Right now, though, he was enjoying his newest toy, the gift he was given and her exceptionally tight body. There was nothing sweet or tender in the violent act; Therion raped the tiefling as if he had a knife instead of a cock, slamming it into her, splitting her narrow slit wide open. As the burning pain in her back grew to match the agony in her cunt as Shandra continued her work, there was a small whimper that escaped her throat, and he smiled. She might be used to being hurt, tortured by the priestessed of the Goddess of pain, but this torment was a new one. She had been trained to fuck before – he could tell by the way she pushed her body against his even while he drove his way into her cunt. He could have almost mistaken it for her being eager if he couldn’t feel her hatred, her pain. She must have been trained by having her ass raped repeated in preparation for this one moment… but it was a different thing for her to loose the one precious piece of dignity and purity the demon cunt had left.

“I’ve made you a real woman now, Holes,” he mocked her as her virgin hole bled around him. “You don’t belong to them anymore… you’re mine now, and I won’t be as merciful as they were.”

“Oh yes, my lord!” Shandra screamed in ecstasy as she brought the whip down again and again, rubbing one of her hands between her legs as she worked herself in between slashes of the lash. “Break her! Break her like a cheap toy!”

Therion smiled. He was going to have her screaming by the time he was done, that was certain. She might think that she was tough, that she had suffered as much as she could… but he would teach her differently. The pale skin of the tiefling’s calves was an angry red around Therion’s unyielding grip, spitting down at her. She was so exquisitely tight and hot, Therion wondered if she might be one of the best cunts he’d ever felt. She was so unnaturally hot, it was an entirely new experience for his cock.

Over and over he thrust, timing his violations to the assault by Shandra’s whip. Every now and then, when the angle was right, he slapped one of her tits or chewed on a nipple. The tiefling, he realized, was built to be fuckmeat. Her body was perfectly designed for rape. Huge tits, small ass, slim belly, pretty face and fiery, heated skin that gave her exotic appeal… combined with an arrogance that would all but guarantee any man who could taking her.

“Take my seed, whore. You exist for no other purpose anymore, every bit of suffering you’ve endured, every second of your life is just to lead up to this one moment when you became a present to me. Suffer for me!”

He flooded into her all at once, cumming more explosively that he had since he raped his sister for the first time on the floor of the ancient temple. Somewhere, he felt a flood of power, more than usual, surrounding this violation. This was a deal he was making, sealed when he came in the whore Loviatar had provided him. He was making an alliance.

  • – – – –

Viconia could barely keep herself upright, her movements becoming more and more erratic as the pain claimed her. No longer could it be called a dance. Under the ministrations of Yae’raya and the brutal tentacle rod, she jerked back and forth, biting her lip to keep from crying out as the needle-sharp teeth of the tentacles bit her again and again, delivering their hellborn poison.

Ryla and her drow lover, however, apparently enjoyed her predicament. Both womens’ cheeks were flushed, their breathing heavy and husky with open desire. For them, seeing another woman suffer was the perfect aphrodisiac. Viconia almost rued the moment she had agreed to Yae’raya’s deal, knowing that her time as a slave to these two vicious women would be just as awful as her torments under Therion had been…but there, maybe, she could become something more than a fucktoy with time…

It was this thought alone that kept her from collapsing, her limbs feeling leaden with agony. “ She’s so perfect, love, is she not? How she accepts Loviatar’s gifts…”, Yae’raya’s sing-song voice drifted across the room to where Ryla sat on the bed, her lids half closed, her fingers dipping into her moist folds with abandon while she watched the torments before her.

“ Yes, yes…she certainly is…but I want to see more…I want to see if she can just suffer or bring pleasure as well…I want her to ride me.” She nodded to Yae’raya, who smiled and put the whip back onto the table, instead procuring leather crotch plate with a massive dildo attached to it. Quickly, she tossed it to her lover, who ran her hands over the length of the toy, caressing it almost tenderly.

Viconia nearly dropped to her knees with relief. Finally, it was over! After the ordeal, just getting fucked would be a mercy. Seeing the dreaded rod discarded, she stopped her movements and leaned against the wall, shivering, trying to regain at least some of her composure. Her ashen flesh was cris-crossed with numerous welts, especially on the inside of her thighs, her back, tits and ass.

Ryla’s dark eyes were fixed on the shivering, tortured drow as she put the strapon on and laid back on the bed. “ Come here and sit on it!” she commanded and Viconia slowly stepped towards her, her legs trembling with weakness. It was with agonizing slowness that she managed to climb onto the bed and straddle the priestess’ hips, preparing to lower her cunt onto the toy…but a sharp slap and a hissed, “ the other hole, dumb bitch!” made sure that Viconia’s relief took a massive dent.

Swallowing down the grunt of pain, the drow began to lower herself onto the wooden pole, grimacing as she felt her ass impaled, a sensation that had become disgustingly familiar to her by now. Ryla lightly placed her hands on Viconia’s hips, gently but insistently guiding her further down, her sharp glare making it abundantly clear that any motion other than further onto the wooden cock would not be permitted.

The pain was fierce, as usual, but at least it was something Viconia could deal with. With a barely-suppressed groan, she finally sat down on the cock, feeling its length fully embedded inside her often-used asshole, the burning sensation of her anal ring stretching still just as bad as her first anal rape had been.

Ryla sighed in pleasure, the tiny nub on the other end of the dildo pressing against her clit each time Viconia moved. “ Up close, you look even better in pain”, she whispered, reaching up to savagely twist Viconia’s nipples, a throaty laugh escaping her lips as she watched her drow victim whince in pain.

“ And now, ride me…ride that thick cock up your ass…I am sure you had plenty of training”, Ryla said, groping Viconia’s tits roughly as the drow began to grind her hips back and forth, grunting and whimpering each time the awful rod moved inside her tight, stretched ass.

She didn’t know what Yae’raya was doing, but as long as she did not feel the whip again, Viconia concentrated on getting this task over with as quickly as possible. Biting down the pain, she increased her pace, hoping to bring the human priestess to her climax soon.

Ryla moaned softly, her hands groping and kneading Viconia’s tortured curves, loving the view of the drow’s tormented face just as much as the feel of the drow’s firm body beneath her fingers. “ Such a good fuck…you have to try her, darling…”, she whispered to her lover, whose steps Viconia could hear behind her.

“ Lean down here”, Ryla said, grabbing Viconia’s shoulders and pulling her upper body down until their faces were only inches away from each other, the priestesses hot, lusty breath on Viconia’s pain-scrunched face. “ Now, kiss me…I want to taste your scream…”

Before Viconia could react to these words, Ryla grabbed her head and forced her further down, the drow’s dark lips mashing against hers, her probing tongue deep in Viconia’s mouth. At exactly that moment, Yae’raya climbed on top of the pair and, with great might, forced her own strap-on into Viconia’s ass.

The drow, now suddenly sandwitched between the two women, howled in absolute agony. Her ass had never been in so much pain, even when Therion had raped her in his demigod form. This was the one thing she had tried to avoid, ever since she’d seen Aerie subjected to this treatment.

Ryla greedily sucked in the scream, her body shivering as she experienced a small climax simply from Viconia’s pain. Her lover rammed the rest of the dildo into the drow’s clenching asshole, grabbing her hips to make it impossible for Viconia to escape the two cocks violating her anus together.

Through the haze of pain, she heard Yae’raya laugh. “Seeing another drow in pain is such a delight…a delight I would never wish to deprive our dearest host of…ever…”

  • – – – –

The scream was a thing of beauty. It echoed through the room, piercing and bright like the ringing of a bell, precious and rare. The first scream, the first very scream of agony that had ever escaped a person in true suffering, in true despair, had a unique sound to it in Therion’s experience.

This was one of those screams, unique and lovely, and the dark god had no doubt that this was truly the first scream that had ever been torn from the tiefling’s throat. She had spent the last hour strung up from the ceiling as the pair of them worked over her dark marked skin with one whip after another, spinning her around with the force of a thousand whip slashes. Shandra proved incredibly enthusiastic to rape Holes in her ass with the rough handle of the whip while Therion slashed his whip across the demonic girl’s tits.

They worked her over until her breasts were bleeding, her ass was more red that white, and her belly and back were covered with cruelly raised welts, and still she wouldn’t scream. The torments of the priestesses of Loviatar had trained her well, and she was a strong one. Therion approved… in recent days since becoming the Ravager, it had become to easy to reduce his whores to screaming tears and hysterics. Even Mazzy had been screaming for him, and Imoen practically had no strength left in her to resist.

Holes was a welcome change… but everyone had a breaking point. Therion found hers with the needles.

Only after she’s been whipped for more than a half an hour did the dark demigod take out the box he had ready on the shelf, waiting to be used. He had Edwin prepare them for him a few weeks ago, put the custom enchantment on the set of needles, but he had intended to use them on Grahka… still, they seemed perfect here. The box was misty as he opened it, filled with the dew of frost, and Therion picked up one of the needles, being careful not to touch any part of it but the end left he lose some skin. The smooth metal was covered with frozen ice as he held it up, looking at it with a smile on his face.

“What is that, my lord?” Shandra asked, breathless. She’d been breathless for the entire time she’d been whipping, although it was less from exertion and more from lust. She’d barely stopped rubbing her own cunt since they started. “Another gift for the little whore?”

Therion chuckled. “Yes, something like that.” He pressed the needle into the soft flesh beneath her breast, and even the strong, disciplined tiefling gave a hiss of pain. The shining point of steel was icy cold, and leeched all of the heat from the tiny wound. It was just a small wound, barely doing any damage, but it froze the nerves by it solid, giving her a flesh of pain before the icy chill numbed it, leaving her uncomfortable but not in any real pain, with no damage done to her body.

Another needle joined the first, then a third, a fourth, a fifth, a fifteenth. They slid into her breasts, between her fingers, into the soft inside of her elbows and knees, into her labia. Fifteen needles became thirty, became fifty, until her skin was dotted by a hundred shiny points. At this point, Holes had stopped grunting. She probably was beginning to think this was a foolish torture, that the cold was numbing her, not letting her feel the pain… and she was right. Therion knew it was doing more than that, though. It was causing her to shiver from the cold needles inserted right into nerve clusters, and the trembling was jostling the needles, causing more damage, agitating the piercings. The fact that she couldn’t feel it didn’t mean the injury wasn’t there, wasn’t waiting.

The final needle he took his time with, working it into her clit through the middle. She shook with this one, and he drew it out as long as he could, grinding the point deeper into her sensitive skin, but she didn’t give him the scream he wanted. It didn’t matter… she would soon. Therion waited patiently while she stilled, while the needle numbed her clit. Then, with nothing but a thought, he activated the enchantment.

Instantly, the enchantment freezing the needles switch, and they grew hot – scorching hot, like they had been in hot coals for an hour. Holes jerked once as she felt a flair of pain, but that was nothing compared to what was coming as the skin around the needle’s warmed up again. When it did, all of her nerves would reawaken to the injuries at once, the wounds in all of her most sensitive flesh flaring to life all at once, her mind being struck with a tidal wave of anguish all at once.

Then she screamed for him, and it was beautiful. He shoved his cock into her ass while she thrashed, spasming in agony, and Shandra amused herself by squeezing and slapping the tiefling’s needle impaled tits while Therion rode her as hard as he could, plowing her tight asshole.

And the entire time, she never stopped screaming.

“Yes my lord!” Shandra shouted over the tiefling’s screaming, “Show the whore what she’s good for! Show us all!” She leaned over the shoulder of the abused girl and, before Therion knew what she was doing, she had pressed her lips against his, hungrily kissing him…

  • – – – –

The next morning, Therion awaited his guests in his throne room again. He had taken on his Ravager form once more, a form he had yet to try out on Holes. He had not used it on her because it would have been too simple. They always screamed when he forced himself into them with his massive, oversized cock.

Said cock was, at the moment, being stroked by a kneeling Imoen and Ssatha, each girl kneeling to one side of him. Originally, he had wanted to put Viconia on display as well, but he knew she was in no shape at the moment. Ahara was tasked to heal her and Holes, which was truly necessary after the ordeals both slaves had gone through.

At the height of his pleasure, Therion had sent out his spirit, connecting with Ryla and Yae’raya just as they were anally raping Viconia. Just like the benevolent god to all rapists that he was, he had taken the energy of Viconia’s and Holes’ suffering and infused his guests with it, lending them even greater vigour with which they’d abused the screaming drow.

Still, when they walked in, both women looked positively rested, glowing, even. He smiled, showing his fangs. “I see you made good use of my slave.” The sound of his voice, deep and rumbling and filled with pure menace, made Imoen and Ssatha shudder, but neither dared to stop jerking his cock.

“Yes. It was a delightful night,” Ryla said, bowing. Behind her and her drow lover, Shandra stood, practically beaming with mirth. “We hope you enjoyed our gift?”

He dipped his head. “Yes, indeed. She will make a fine addition to my stable. Right now, however, I will keep her for myself. My other bedchamber slave is… used up.” The sirina had been taken away this morning. She would serve as a regular whore from now on, enduring degradations and pain on an hourly basis. Therion smirked. He had never even bothered to learn the whore’s name.

Ryla nodded in sympathy. “They never last as long as you’d want, do they?”

Therion growled in response. “Our alliance is in effect, then? I have felt your goddess’ touch upon my soul. She agrees with it.”

“Then there is little that could stand in our way,” Yae’raya said, smiling warmly. “We are officially aligned, then.” Therion stood up and stepped towards the women. Neither of them seemed to care that he was still naked, his cock still erect. No one except Shandra, who, thinking she was not seen, was staring unashamedly.

The deal was sealed with a handshake, after which Ssatha and Hendak were going to iron out the details with Ryla before the delegation would leave once more. The pact included a mutual protection agreement as well as an exchange of slaves. The Bloody Rose also had access to some expert beast handlers, who could recommend and send creatures… amusing to watch in the arena.

Therion was more than happy with the deal and he celebrated it by scheduling an arena event in which he himself participated, raping Mazzy and his sister in Ravager form in front of the whole audience, drinking in their sexual greed and violent thoughts like fine wine. These things were more and more akin to nourishment to him, even more so than food or drink.

In the evening, the delegation was ready to leave again and Therion personally met up with them to send them off once more. This time, he was clothed and in human form, Sarevok and Kyon by his side. “Safe travels”, he said, nodding to the three women.

“And may this place prosper. Our alliance will be fruitful, I can see it clear as day,” Ryla answered.

“We should be going then”, Yae’raya said, frowning when Shandra pushed her way past the drow and fell onto her knees in front of Therion. He looked down and was met with the most submissive gaze he had ever seen. Her face was only inches away from his crotch and he could hear Sarevok chuckle.

“Please, great Lord… would it be possible for me to stay? I could learn much more in the presence of a living deity…” There was unspoken promises in her eyes, although Therion could not care less about those.

He looked at the two other women, who shared an amused glance. “If she wants to, she can stay,” Ryla said, shrugging.

“Provided she does not disturb anything or jeopardizes the alliance,” Yae’raya added.

“Hrrm… in that case, I would kill her myself,” Therion responded calmly.

Ryla walked over to him with a smirk, leaning over to whisper, “She can be quite a handful… if she ever becomes too much of a nuisance… you have our explicit permission to discipline her as you see fit.”

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