Three: Playing Hero

“Wake up!” both slaves were woken by Korgan’s well placed kicks “Get your sorry asses up high and ready for fucking!” the dwarf yelled.

“Give them something to eat and drink” Therion ordered “We don’t want them to pass out in the middle of the march… or in the middle of fucking.”

The drow didn’t know why at the very mention of the meal, the red mage began chuckling madly but she soon learnt as both she and Imoen were presented with bowl of… something. Something that was mixed with sticky, white cum. She looked at Therion with fury in her eyes but he only chuckled.

“You won’t be getting anything else to eat… so I really advise you to eat it all like a nice doggie.” He smiled.

“You…” she started but quickly decided not to say anything. She didn’t want to give in and allow them to freely humiliate her, but escape had priority over any futile forms of resistance. She had to be patient. Startled she noticed that Imoen began eating her meal with a seemingly good apetite as if though she didn’t mind the cum. She must have become used to it…

Viconia sighed and began eating the food. It tasted horribly, the unmistakable taste of cum prevalent even among the terrible taste of the meal itself. At least when she was finished, they were given cold, clean water.

But then, when they were finished, camp had been disassembled the dreaded words were spoken: “So, let’s fuck!”

She didn’t even notice who said it, but as soon it was said Korgan grabbed Imoen by her hair and pushed her down, unbuckling his pants. Again, like yesterday Therion stopped him.

“Leave her!” he ordered, rising.

“What?!” Korgan pushed Imoen to the ground and approached his leader, a fight hanging in the air. Viconia fought a smile that was appearing on her face “Yesterday we couldn’t, now also?! You tell us when to fuck and when to piss?”

“Imoen’s mine now” Therion said “You have the new chick, take her!”.

Hearing this, Viconia’s smile immediately vanished, especially as the dwarf instead of pressing his issue, laughed hard and began approaching her.

“Wait!” this time it was Sarevok who stopped Korgan. Before the angry dwarf could reply Sarevok  said with a smile “Let’s tie her first to the trees and make her a proper welcome party” he explained brandishing a whip.

A hearbeat later Viconia struggled against the firm hold of two warriors as they dragged her to small trees standing next to each other. The tied one hand and one leg to one tree and another to the second tree. As they were doing it, Viconia glanced at Imoen. The cute redhead was at her knees thanking her brother for… rescuing her from the rape at the hands (or cock) of the dwarf.

“Thank you… thank you… master… thank you… aaa… ugh!” her shameless chattering was interrupted as she was slapped hard.

“Quit talking and use this quick tongue to thank me as a slave should” Therion snapped. “Lick my balls!”

Imoen glanced at him nervously, her protest going quiet as Therion raised his handa again. She shuddered, crawled to her brother and stuck out her pink tongue, obediently running it around the ball sack of Therion, running circles with her dexterous, nimble tongue, licking and sucking on it. She sucked and slurped, as Therion’s cock began to rise, becoming harder and longer with every lick.

Viconia observed it but her concentration was quickly broken as there was a crack and a whip lash landed on her back. She cried with pain and strained against the bounds, her whole body arching with pain. She quickly realized that this whipping would be worse than anything she had experienced at the farm. Not only because Sarevok was much stronger and more brutal than any of her previous captors… the worst thing was that while Sarevok was preparing to whip her back, legs and ass, Korgan was brandishing his whip, touching her pussy lips with it and Edwin was chuckling as sparks of light were flying between his fingers.

„ I much prefer fucking ya…”, Korgan said, grinning dirtily at her, showing his yellowed teeth, a wave of bad breath reaching her nostrils, „ but it’s always fun ta play with the whips a bit…” Viconia spat out. „ Only when the victim can’t fight back, hm? So typicaaaaaaargh!” Sarevok had landed another stroke against her back, his greater strength making her entire back erupt with blazing pain. Struggling, she fought the bonds that held her but Sarevok was an expert in bondage and they would not budge. Korgan laughed and took a few steps back. „ Let’s see if I can make ya scream louder’n him! Sar! You up for the challenge?” Much to her dismay, Viconia heard the other man laugh in twisted merriment. „ Of course! But you know I’m stronger…what do you want to bet?” He lashed out at her again, the whip catching her right across the ass, both men laughing as she shook in her bonds, gasping, tears once again forming in her eyes. Gritting her teeth, focusing on the rage that welled up in her, towering, impotent fury that felt as if it would consume her, she blinked them away. She wasn’t sure whether she could withstand this without crying but she damn sure would try!
„ One who makes her scream louder gets ta fuck her ass first!” Korgan grinned as he said that, inspecting the whip closely, getting into position to unleash his sadistic streak upon her. „ Deal”, Sarevok said calmly….
And then it began. Both started to rain down blows upon the drow’s beautiful body, Sarevok methodically striking her back, ass and legs, trying to create a pattern of criscrossing welts on her dark skin. Korgan was less sophisticated, as usual, laying on with blind, perverted lust, raining down blows across her tits, her bells, the insides of her thights…and her cuntlips, which he managed to hit with agonizing frequency. For Viconia, her entire world became consumed by pain as these two men tormented her, drawing out screams and agonized wails from between her lips, making her body jerk and squirm in her restraints as she sought to escape the unescapable.
She did not notice Therion starting to rape Imoen’s mouth again, did not notice both men having pulled out their cocks and jerking to her screams and did not notice Edwin standing aside with a smug smirk on his face….all she knew was the blazing pain that enveloped her entire body. Of course, even with her great willpower, she could not prevent tears from running down her cheeks eventually, the pain being way too great to be controlled by a mind alone. Her legs and arms had started to tremble uncontrollably and were she forced to stand, she would have collapsed immediately. But the restraints held her in place for the men’s twisted enjoyment.
She had lost all sense of time during her ordeal which had indeed been much, much worse than any whipping session she’d suffered through at the hands of the family, reducing her to a trembling, gasping wreck that could barely keep herself from sobbing uncontrollably. But eventually, it was over, with both men gasping and panting for breath. „ Now…who was the winner…?”Korgan asked, huffing, completely out of breath. „ I am…certainly…”, Sarevok said calmly. „ The hells you are….”, Korgan began but at this moment, Edwin chimed in.
„ I win”, he said smugly, smirking at them and at Viconia, his hands still forming arcane gestures.
„ Ya didn’t even play!” Korgan yelled, spitting out in front of the mage.
„ No one said it was over yet….” Edwin simply said and uttered a single syllable…and Viconia’s every nerve began to shriek in pain. It was as if every single part of her body received a whip stroke at once…though even that description failed to truly express what she felt. A burning needle was stuck into every inch of her body, inside and outside. Her muscles tensed up and she went rigid as she threw her head back and uttered a soundless scream at first before she let out a wail of purest agony.
It was over within a second but to Viconia, that single heartbeat had stretched into infinity and the pain receding was the most wonderful feeling ever. „ I guess that makes me the lucky one to have her ass, hm?” Edwin more stated than asked, chuckling.
„ Blasted mage!” Korgan spat, eyeing his axe for a moment. „ That was cheating!”
„ You have your muscles (and not much else) I have my mind. We all work with what we’re given”, Edwin responded, „ In that case, a simple spell used on thayan slaves to keep them in line. Now, let’s untie her so I can get my prize!!”
“That was clever mage” Sarevok smiled with the slightest hint of appreciation. He draw his dagger and cut the ropes, making Viconia fall to the ground. The drow only gasped silently as her body hit the ground, exhausted and powerless.
“Uuugh…” she only could moan as she felt Edwin place his cock on the entrance to her ass and began pushing it inside. Her ass, taken against her will again, started to hurt, burning with pain. No matter how many time she took their cocks, she couldn’t get used to this horrible sensation. They took her so brutally and violently that it always left her twisting and writhing with agony. She was sure that her rapists also noticed – and appreciated – that no matter how much they fuck her, her holes remained exceptionally tight, each thrust in her bringing exquisite pleasure, especially as her abused body squirmed beneath them.
“Yes… you’re tight… so tight… wonderful ass… wonderful… yes… so nice, warm and tight…” Edwin continued mumbling as he pushed his dick inside, each thrust rocking her body forward. Viconia realized that the mage must have subjected himself to some form of Bull’s Strength spell as his pushes were on par with those of Korgan’s. Nevertheless she was glad – if such word could have been used – that he won the “bet”. She knew Edwin won’t last long in her, the mage didn’t have such control over his impulses and body. It was confirmed as the mage began gasping and moaning loudly as he pushed himself in her with increasing pace. “Oh, yes, yes, I’m cumming in your ass… it was… oooh… it was made for it… you were meant… yes, yes, yes… to be fucked and fucked… fucked… I’m cuuuumming!” He finally shouted shooting waves of jism into her bowels.
“Uuugh… no…” Viconia only managed to moan as she slowly tried to rise. She saw Therion, who has just shot his load down Imoen’s throat and now had her lick his balls again.
“Can we go now?” he asked dryly.
“Let us at least fuck this bitch” Sarevok responded.
“Ok, but do it quick” Therion said and ordered Imoen to resume sucking his cock. The redhead, with her mouth already swollen from the constant sucking and face-fucking gulped but obediently began to move her tongue up and down his shaft. “Damn, I have to have this two bitches suck me together” the leader laughed.
Viconia didn’t notice anything more as Sarevok and Korgan literally jumped at her forcing her down and taking her pussy and ass, leaving her motuh to howl and cry as the pounded her tight holes mercilessly…
When it was over, finally they resumed their travel. Viconia was afraid that after the whipping she won’t keep up with their speed, but the even gave her a healing potion in a cruel imitation of good will – wanting her to feel better just so they can fuck her more.
And they did. Each time they set up a camp, the team took turns fucking her. During the first time Imoen was given rest as they ordered her to prepare a meal so the whole party raped and whipped the priestess, leaving her sore and covered with cum. At the morning she got Imoen’s stew (mixed with cum) and another turn of banging.
On the second night it was the same, at least this time Therion was fucking Imoen so she had one less cock to worry about. Finally when she was laying there, exhausted and abused she heard them talking.
“There is a village nearby… called Ghemia, Ghenia or something like that (not that I care about filthy peasants) ” Edwin muttered “A good bed would finally be appreciated (if there are any beds not ridden with bugs there)”.
“And we have to resupply our food and water” Sarevok noted “It is still a four-day travel to Athcatla”
“We can stay there for the night” Therion agreed “If they try to hinder us in any way we will burn the village down.”
“And rape the women!” Korgan laughed.
“Speaking of which…” Therion slowly turned over from the map to his slaves “What would you say about a little… performance . I feel our two slaves haven’t grown very close yet… its time to make them become much… much closer!” he said with an evil grin.
Imoen gave her brother a puzzled look while Viconia only sighed. She could well imagine what they wanted now…but at least this time it wouldn#t be something painful…”just” humiliating. „ Come on…crawl over to her!” He gave Imoen a sharp kick that made the redhed yelp in pain. Stifling another sob, Imoen slowly rose on shaky knees and arms to make her way over to where Viconia was still lying on the hard-rocky ground, trying to recover from her most recent ordeal. Groaning as her muscles protested, Viconia sat up, glaring at the men who had stepped closer and were watching the two of them intently.
„ I suppose I don’t have to tell the likes of you what to do now, do I, drow?” Therion asked, smirking, his eyes fixed on Imoen’s ass at the moment. „ No….”, the drow snarled. Of course he did not have to. In her time as a priestess of Lolth, she had had enough sexual encounters with women to be quite experienced when it came to such pleasures. But still, having to…perform for them was different than…thanking the high priestess for a favour. Still, Viconia decided to swallow her pride…once again. The settlement was only two days away and it represented her best chance of flight. Unlike Imoen, she hadn’t given up yet…but then again, she wasn’t struck with this abominable weakness anymore.
„ What…do they want from us now?” Imoen whispered weakly when she was within reach of Viconia. „ It’s easy, girl…these degenerates want us to act like lovers.” „ L-like…lovers?” The young girl frowned and Viconia rolled her eyes. How naive could the redhead be? „ Yes…kissing and touching each other like they do…only with the fingers and tongue.”
„ But…I don’t know how…”, Imoen said, slowly panicking, throwing a frightened look at Therion and the others. Her brother was already tapping his armored foot on the ground impatiently. „ Get to it, sis…if I don’t see some show of affection from one of you, it’s the whip again…for both!”
„ So I see…”, Viconia said, her voice practically dripping with acid. She certainly wasn’t going to suffer because of the girl’s ignorance. „ That’s why you will shut up now and let me take the lead. Just do as I do and we’ll be fine.” Before imoen could react or say anything, she had pressed her lips onto the redhead’s, forcing her tongue deeply into Imoen’s mouth. „ That’s better!” they heard Therion say, laughing. Imoen let out a surprised gasp as she was forced into the kiss, the drow’s slender dark arms embracing her, keeping her from moving away as Viconia deepened the kiss, her tongue pushing against Imoen’s in a mockery of affection. She felt their abused breasts press together and swallowed back a grunt of pain at the uncomfortable sensation.
„ A kiss is all nice’n good but we want ta see more!” That was Korgan, once more cementing Viconia’s plan to eviscerate him slowly the first chance she got. Breaking the kiss, she then slid down Imoen#s body while the younger girl was still gasping in surprise, trying to catch her breath. With deliberate slowness, she kissed her way along Imoen’s jawline and down her throat before pushing the younger girl backwards so that she was now lying on the floor. „ What…”, imoen began but Viconia cut her short with a hand clamped over her mouth and a snarled, „ Shut up! Just lie there and take it…it’s what you do best, after all”
As she began to run her tongue over the round orbs of Imoen’s tits, moving her face at an angle that allowed all three men to watch what she was doing, how she was circling Imoen’s nipples with her tongue before taking them into her mouth, her right hand moved down between the other girl’s legs. She could see that Therion was stroking his cock, his hardness already having returned…and even Sarevok, Edwin and Korgan were slowly getting hard again. The best she could hope for now was to get them off before they could stick their cocks into their – especially her – holes again.
So, still suckling on imoen’s breasts while the redhead alternatively watched her and, with a much more frightened expression, the other men, she began to slide two fingers into Imoen’s abused cunt, immediately starting to pump them in and out deep and fast, making the young girl cry out. „ Please…it still hurrtsss…i’m still sore….”, the redhead whimpered pitifully. „ I know…”, Viconia said, letting go of Imoen’s nipple for a moment, „ But that’s what they want to see…or do you think they want us to enjoy ourselves?”And then, grinning with just a hint of spite, she added a third finger…
“Ugh!” Imoen moaned as she felt another finger entering her pussy, pumping in unison with others, moving inside her soft, tender, tight hole. It wasn’t as violent as the rapes she endured at the hands of her brother and his party, far from it, but it felt so… wrong. To have this drow, this woman move her hand in her, hurting her just to pleasure their rapists. “Ugh… no… nnnn-“ another moan was interrupted as Viconia forced her tongue into Imoen’s mouth moving there, probing, making the priestess shudder only a bit as she felt the taste of Therion’s cum still lingering in the redheads mouth.
“That is great” Sarevok smiled.
“Yeah! More!” Korgan yelled.
Viconia didn’t know more of what did he exactly want, but she could safely assume that, as usual, more pain and degradation. She started licking Imoen’s neck, went down to play with girl’s cute, perky tits, licking them. She took her nipples in her mouth, at first gently sucking on them but then, suddenly biting it and pulling the nipple as though she wanted to bite it off. Imoen cried but her cries were quickly cut as Viconia once more forced her tongue into her mouth. Finally the redhead began twisting her body, trying to break free from the hand pumping her abused pussy and the pain on her breasts. She reached her hand and grabbed the drow’s tit and squeezed it, either to push the drow back or to retaliate for her pain.
The priestess moaned into Imoen’s mouth, not interrupting the kissing for one second, her tongue interwined with the redhead’s. It was strange but she felt… maybe not good, surely not good – abused and forced to perform – but a bit better now as she was the one giving pain. As a drow priestess she always ha a sadistic streak, although not as much as the priestesses of Lolth. In some way the moaning, trembling body of Imoen gave her… not pleasure… but some form of satisfaction and feeling of strength. Despite this, for one second she didn’t forget in what situation she is. Wanting to arouse the men even more, she starting rubbing her thigh into Imoen’s pussy, without withdrawing her hand and rubbing her crotch over the girl’s thigh.
“I’ve watched enough, lets do them!” these Korgan’s words instantly destroyed any feeling of strength and powers she had, especially as she was quickly grabbed and put into all fours. She felt the dwarf place his cock at the entrance to her tight ass and slowly push the head of his cock inside. In front of her Therion placed Imoen in the same position and began pounding her pussy, while Sarevok and Edwin were slowly jerking off.
“You two kiss each other!” Therion ordered as each of his thrusts made Imoen’s had rock forward towards Viconia.
Viconia cried out under Korgan’s brutal thrusts as the dwarf violated her ass for at least the tenth time since they had captured her. Despite her best efforts, it hurt too much to just bite back the screams, though she still managed to keep the tears at bay during all but the worst whipping sessions. Not so with Imoen. As her brother brutally pounded into her, the redhead was sobbing once more, mourning her innocence probably as much as lamenting her pain. „ Didn’t you hear me?” Therion grumbled, grinding into his sister with all his strength, causing a loud cry to erupt from Imoen’s soft lips.
Sighing, Viconia shifted so that she could rest her entire weight on one hand, reaching out with the other to grab Imoen’s head and bring her even closer, roughly pressing her lips onto the redhead’s. „ That’s it!” she heard Korgan cheer, feeling his cock twicth inside her ass at the sight, a sensation that made her groan into Imoen’s mouth as her tongue entwined with the crying girl’s. Moaning and crying out into each other’s mouths, the two slaves continued their obscene sapphic kiss even as the men cheered and raped them hard and brutally. The entire session lasted for more than one hours, with Therion spraying his load into his sister 4 times, his divine heritage simply allowing him to keep going even after climaxing…while Viconia was raped by the three others in turn, leaving both her ass and pussy feel sore and swollen, causing her incredible pains as she tried to walk after them once they had finished.
Later the same day, the rooftops of the village – it’s name, according to the roadsigns, was Ghenia – apepared in sight and the men stopped. „ Good, finally!” Korgan said, „ Can’t wait to see if they got some nice bitches there!” Viconia shook her head. „ You think about nothing else? Degenerate scum…” „ I can think about killing as well…you want me to, elf?” Korgan snarled, placing his hand on the hilt of his axe, but a laughing Therion stopped him. „ Don’t let her rile you up…at this point, she might even want to die.” Then, lightning-quick, he lashed out at Viconia, his backhand sweep sending her sprawling to the ground. „ And it is never going to happen. You will not escape us so easily, Viconia…even your soul belongs to me now.” Holding her burning, darkening cheek, Viconia glared up at him, grunting in pain as she stood up once more. „ We’ll see…”, she muttered but before Therion could react, Sarevok spoke up.
„ We should prepare. As usual, unless we see something we like too much to leave behind…”, he looked at Korgan, then at Edwin, „ we should simply act like adventurers. Our two slaves here…will be captured witches we bring to Athkatla to be judged. Just like the last times. Imoen…”
Upon hearing her name, the young girl stepped forward hesitantly, settling down the bag she was forced to carry. Quicjkly, Sarevok took out several chains and manacles and proceeded to restrain her hands behind her back before fastening a metal collar around her neck that was both connected to the manacles holding her hands as well as another chain serving as a leash. „ Now you”, Therion said to Viconia. Before she could chose whether to try and resist or to obey, she was pushed forward by Korgan, the dwarf’s hands lingering on her ass a bit longer than necessary.

With quick and expert movements, Sarevok grabbed her hands and forced them together behind her back in a manner that painfully reminded her of the way Alius had restrained her when throwing her into the cellar. „ You speak in the village…I’ll cut your tongue out. We can regrow it in time for your next mouthfucking but it won’t be pretty…you understand?” Sighing grimly, Viconia nodded to Therion’s words. „ Good…then let’s see if we can get a decent meal for once…”
The party finally entered the village. As humiliated as Viconia was, being paraded there in chain, she was partly relieved as before they entered the village, both girls were given some clothes to cover their nudity. Of course, the villages still gathered around them, but Therion quickly explained – lied –  who they were and who their “prisoners” were. The crowd quickly dispersed as Korgan and Sarevok were a very unsettling company.
The party quickly went to the tavern. It wasn’t hard to notice that the inn was almost empty, with the few people inside more drinking to drown their sorrows than to celebrate something. The villagers almost didn’t raise their eyes, when the party came. The atmosphere of mourning was clearly visible. Korgan of course, not caring about this immediately spotted one really cute serving girl and began ogling her. She was lovely, petite, with long brown her and innocent, though sad blue eyes. Korgan wouldn’t have been himself if he didn’t try to grope her ass through her tight apron when she came to bring the ale. The girl shrieked in surprise and retreated.
“Calm down, dwarf” Therion hissed “What did I say?”
“Did we should act like adventurers and I surely behave like one” Korgan grinned.
“That’s not what I meant” Therion sighed.
“Oh, and you said that we should be good unless we really want something… I really want this bitch!”
“I said: calm down” Therion’s voice became dangerously calm, but before the argument could escalate. Edwin grabbed Therion’s hand and hissed, silencing them. An old man was approaching their table.
“Greetings adventurers. I’m Tarin and I have the honor of being the mayor of this town” he began “I am sorry but I have to ask, my doom looms over our village and you seem to be the only ones who could safe us from utter darkness”.
“We’re not interested” Edwin smirked.
“Utter darkness? What peasant talks like this?” Korgan laughed but Therion just raised his hand.
“We’re on an important mission to transport this witches to the prison of the Order of Radian Heart. The paladin’s want to question them immediately, they may even be necromancers” he said slowly but before he could add something more the mayor interrupted, almost jumping in joy.
“You defeated a necromancer?! What a joy! Our village is plagued by one, many of our best men fell in the confrontation with her vile minions and she might be poising her legions as we speak to annihilate us, please… we beg… help us!”
“Get lost old man! (What a fool, as if we wouldn’t have enough to do!)” Edwin turned back.
“Hmm, we may be able to help” it seemed as if Therion was changing his mind. “But we need to know more.”
“And we want this wench sent to our room!” Before Therion or Sarevok could silence him Korgan suddenly laughed pointing at the serving girl.
The mayor blinked, unsure whether he had heard the dwarf correctly. „ Pardon?” „ Yeah, you heard me correctly!” Korgan said, greedy eyes leering at the serving girl who was shrinking back towards the nearest wall, unsure how to react. „ One moment here”, Therion calmly interjected, placing a hand on the dwarf’s shoulder with just enough force to make Korgan stop talking. „ Tell us more about this necromancer that has you all riled up.”
„ Uhm…yes, yes…”, Tarin mumbled, gathering his wits, „ she came to us about a week ago…of course, back then we didn’t know what she was, so we just treated her like another traveller…we get a lot of these, being on the main road from Athkatla and all that…” Sarevok and Korgan both rolled their eyes at the man’s blabbering. But if Therion wanted to listen to him, what could they do? Even Korgan, as much as he might want to, wouldn’t act against the group leader. Therion had what he respected most in the world…power.
That power had granted him more cunts and asses to fuck and more heads to split open than he’d ever thought possible already. And if this crazed human actually managed to become a god…the rewards for his mortal followers would be tremendous. And as insane the dwarf was, he would never risk that reward. As for Sarevok…during the talk they’d had after that fateful battle and Sarevok’s resurrection, Therion had made him an offer no one could refuse. Sarevok would not betray his brother…his chance at divinity was gone. Forever. But travelling with Therion had given him enough distractions to make him forget that loss.
„ She said her name…name was Ninde…and well…she acted like any other traveller…until Old McDurn made a lewd comment about her that she didn’t like. She…”, Tarin took a deep breath, a shadow passing over his face, „ she…made a gesture and suddenly, he just…fell back and died. Of course, we tried to restrain her…but she…she killed Brann and Jorgan just as easily…”
„ So you settled for driving her out of town”, Therion finished the narration for the older man. Tarin nodded hurriedly. „ Yes, yes…but she said she’d be back…that she wouldn’t tolerate being shown such disrespect…and the next night..the dead started to rise.” he shuddered, looking over his shoulder as if a wight might have snuck up on him.
„ The spell…sounded like Finger of Death to me…rather powerful, though she’s certainly no match for me…if you really intend to waste our time with this”, Edwin mused, giving the mayor a cold side-glance.
„ I have to ask, brother…why are we agreeing to help them?” Sarevok asked „ I mean, i do not mind cutting down undead but still…what do we care?” He completely ignored the mayor, even though the man was following their conversation with bated breath. „ It is simple”, Therion responded, turning away to whisper into his brother’s ear without the mayor listening in. „ We cannot just trample our way into Athkatla like we did in Beregost and the Friendly Arm. The city is guarded by a cabal of powerful wizards. To get in without anyone being suspicious, we need to seem like normal adventurers…heroes, even. Also, as a necromancer…maybe our…villain here may have some information on that shadow stone that I seek.” Sarevok frowned but nodded, following, if not agreeing, his brother’s reasoning.
„ We will help you…for the right price, of course”, Therion said, turning back towards the mayor. „ of course, of course…we do have some gold and…maybe a few magical trinkets…”, he hurried explained, his relief visible in his eyes. „ That is good for a start….but there is one more thing.” Therion nodded towards the serving girl. „ What is her name?” „ Uhm…Dany…why?”
„ Because she’ll serve us while we’re here!” Korgan laughed. Viconia had trouble believing this…they already had two slaves with whom they could do as they pleased…and the dwarf still wished for another? By the gods, castrating that mongrel would be a saintly endeavor…
„ What? I mean….why…how…”, the mayor began to stammery taken by surprise. „ Calm down. It’s very easy. Dany…does she have any family here?”Therion asked, his voice deathly calm, the way it always was when he planned murder.
„ Uhm…no…she’s an orphan…but I can’t just…give her to you! That is…monstrous!” Edwin chuckled. „ isn’t it a bit late to find your guts again, old man?” the wizard asked, sarcastically.
„ You can and you will”, Therion said, still as calm as the air before a summer storm, „ because otherwise we will just leave you all to be devoured by zombies. Remember…Amn has no ruling house at the moment…this area is lawless. Help won’t come. So, what say you? We promise…we won’t hurt her…much.”
“I… I will talk to her” the mayor said with a trembling voice, turned and moved towards the girl who was trying not to draw any attention.
“Damn you, Korgan” Therion hissed “For once you may do as I command and not as your dick commands?”
“What’s wrong, we’ll have a fresh fuck-meat and when we leave the village they will even be thanking us” the dwarf shrugged.
“As much as I hate to admit… the dwarf may be right” Sarevok slowly said “Those peasants are clearly desperate, they will allow us to do everything. And the more accepted the notion of rape is… the stronger your future domain gets, brother” the last words were almost whispered.
“Let it be” Therion sighed but and turned to look at the terrified Dany. She was shaking her head violently, not moved by the pleas of the mayor, not wanting to have anything to do with the team, least of all to… serve them.
Suddenly two of the villagers rose from the chairs, still swaying because of the large amount of alcohol they’d drunk.
“What is this shit is… shit!” one blubbered “I’m not leaving to die my house to die… to those… goblin hobs!”
“Zombies, not hobgoblin” the second more sober man corrected “But yeah, I’m not going to die here, just because you dumb wench can’t hide your pride and serve those gentleman who want to save our village.”
“I won’t!” the girl nearly cried “They’ll hurt me, I know it!”
“Yeah, better you than all of us” the man said as he and his friend grabbed her hands.
“Leave her alone… now! Please?” the mayor started to protest “I’m sure… Dany will… will listen to the… voice of reason.”
“I shit on reason” the drunk blubbered again “We’re taking her to their room, they have fun and save us!”
Very soon Dany, her face wet from tears, crying loud was lying on the bed, with hands and legs tied to the bedposts as Therion was fucking her tight, just deflowered cunt. She had never thought that her first time will be… like this, with some brute taking her maidenhood with one violent thrust which filled her with pain and then pounding her tight pussy as she begged him and the gods to make it stop. Not only he was her first, but his cock was huge, with her limited knowledge in this aspect she would have never guessed that anyone can be so endowed. Sure, she heard gossips of women in the village about male dicks and she couldn’t understand why they thought bigger was better. This man’s hard prick was stretching her to the point when even keeping it in her motionlessly was hurting her not to mention when he pounded her with savage fury. Finally he has finished, groaning as he filled her with his seed, the sensation making her strain against the bonds in pain and disgust.
And then it was the turn of the others.
Later, Dany was on her knees, sucking Edwin’s cock, moaning around it as Korgan pushed bottles in and out of her abused holes, each pumping move making more cum drip from her filled pussy and sore, abused ass. Therion was sitting in a chair while Imoen was moving up and down, with his cock in her tight ass, riding him, fucking him as Viconia was licking her pussy, trying to concentrate on it, even though her whole body was rocking in the rhythm of Sarevok plunging his cock in her ass. Viconia was in fact quite content and even grateful to Korgan that he wanted to take Dany, another, fresh slave meant that at least this time she wasn’t abused so much. Still it wasn’t much of a upside, she pondered as with each thrust of Sarevok’s cock her ass was feeling more and more as though it was on fire. How could she concentrate on licking Imoen in such position? How could she move her gentle, dexterous tongue by the girls pussy lips, licking her clit, moving inside and tasting the girl’s juices mixed with cum…
Only then did the team start to plan their strategy against the undead…
Ninde cursed under her breath, even though no one besides her two wight bodyguards could hear her…and they could care less, all their intelligence smothered by their hatred for the living. The necromancer strode across the large room, her lithe frame trembling with anger. Why did this have to happen to her? „ Our whole lot must be cursed”, she mused through gritted teeth, her hand sweeping an ornamental urn off the sarcophagus next to her, „ it’s always these thrice-cursed adventurers…” She sighed in frustration. It had begun so well…all she had wanted to do was to pay the town back for their insolance, their audacity. To throw HER out…HER, a prodigy, gifted with eceptional talent when it came to the sorcerous arts…especially the art of necromancy.
First, the Cowled Wizards cast her out…for a minor infraction…”stealing from our archives”…pah, she’d meant to return the books in due time. And now THIS! Was she not even permitted her revenge? No, after only four days of sending the undead to massacre the town, a band of adventurers appeared…and , of course, they were all too eager to take her out.
Now half her undead troops were dust and bone and the rest mounted a desperate defense against their attempts to enter the old mausoleum she’d taken as base. And no matter what they threw at her…it had to hold. It just had to.
Her defenses were masterfully crafted, traps of flesh and bone and curse and spell. There was no way they could get through….at least that was what she told herself again and again. If they did, however, she had to be ready…and blind fury would not help her….taking a few deep breaths, Ninde forced herself to calm down. Reaching up, she rearranged the silver circlet on her head, the only „normal” ornamentation she wore.
Her long black gown clung tightly to her figure, a figure which she was quite proud of, for unlike other necromancers, she did not appear gaunt, emaciated or half-dead. Her skin was pale, albeit still healthy and she was still full-figured with round, nicely shaped breasts and long, slender legs which had initially been the reason for that comment that started the whole affair, leaving her once more as the villain of the piece.
She’d modified the gown which had begun its life as an ordinary wizard’s robe to accentuate her body, leaving long slits in the sides to reveal her legs up to her hips – and grant curious onlookers a small glimpse of the scant, high-cut silken panties she wore. The entire front of the robe had been cut away, leaving her midriff bare. Her breasts were covered and cupped by an artfully construction made from finger bones, looking like two grasping hands. After all, why not provoke? She was already seen as evil…
Bones and amulets hung around her neck and from her wrists and ankles, the macabre items providing her with a few minor magical effects. Of course, in a possible battle – not that she wanted to consider the possibility that these invaders would get that far – these were not what she relied on but an array of the most potent necromantic spells she had gotten hold of. No to mention her two wight bodyguards, corpses once belonging to famous warriors, their skills at arms still intact, even though they had lost all personality by now, driven only by single-minded hate. As it were, that was how Ninde liked men best.
She closed her eyes, concentrating on her minions in the fron part of the mausoleum. She shivered at the realization that her front guard was already not responding to her mental commands. She concentrated on other sparks of her power, animating the corpses. She could almost see, almost sense as another group of her zombies was quickly and efficiently. But the thrice cursed adventurers had to still defeat the column room, with the series of Death Cloud spells traps she placed and an ambush of shadows waiting for their pray.
She felt the spells in the room fire and she sensed the deathly cold brought by the shadows. A small, dry smile began forming on her full, but a bit blue lips. Then, it vanished as she began loosing contact with the shadows. Not long after this, a lone skeleton left by her to serve as a scout outside the trap room was destroyed. The only obstacle between adventurers and here, now was the group of skeletons, armed with longbows and frost arrows and lead by one ogre skeleton. Even through the heavy closed doors, she heard the bowstrings sing and then slashing sounds. And then… silence.
Until with a loud blast the door was simply annihilated. Through the hole that once held the great stone portal, the adventurers began entering the chamber. A man with an exquisite plate armour and a shield with some strange symbol was leading them. Next: a dwarf warrior, a red mage from Thay, a tall man in spiked armour and… two women, bound in chains, gagged and shackles.
Ninde took a breath, conjured a protective spell and hissed with anger in her voice:
“How dare you enter my sanctum and seek to deny me by rightful vengeance!” she said, gathering her power. “You just made your last mistake! Prepare to serve me for eternity!” she shouted as a ghostly finger flew from her hand and hit the party leader.
He gasped, made a step backwards but despite her plans didn’t fall down to the ground.
“That’s all you’ve got, bitch?” he hissed.
“Yeah, I couldn’t best him and you think you can?” the spiked man laughed coldly.
“My minions! Tear this fools to pieces! Drain their life-force, transform them into my faithful slaves!” she shouted as her wights moved for the kill and skeletons began rising from the bones on the ground.
“Damn, I’m beginning to think all those evil mages like talking so much” the man in spiked plate said, avoiding the wight strike and bringing his two-handed sword on the undead, virtually shattering the corpse. “Ha! Nothing like a Deathbringer strike!” he laughed.
“Nice… but I can do better!” the dwarf laughed, bringing his axe again and again, cutting parts of the second wight so in a few hearbeats only the beasts carcass, devoid of legs and hands, was writhing on the floor.
Meanwhile the leader was just approaching Ninde, the skeletons surrounding him, but staring just with their sightless eyes on the symbol on the man’s shield.
“Attack him! Attack!” Nine cried in anger, weaving another Finger of Death spell, as she felt the man’s power dispel her control over these undead. Finally her minions began to raise their weapons but then a fireball consumed both the undead and the approaching man. The strength of the blast threw Ninde to the floor, making her gasp as she hit the sarcophagus, loosing her spell. “Blasted Red Mage” the necromancer thought, but soon the flames disappeared revealing the party leader still approaching her, seemingly unharmed by the flames.
Ninde was staring at this warrior for a heartbeat to long, because as she reached for her Dimensonal Door scroll he just forced it out of her hand with his sword and when she opened her mouth, either to speak, beg, parley or to cast a spell – he simple hit her with his shield. The woman fell hard to the ground, her bone talismans rattling.
“Damn, here I thought we’ll have a challenge… for once” her opponent said.
“She wasn’t a match for my power. (Noone is)” Ninde heard the mage mumble before the darkness overcame her and she lost consciousness.   
Ninde was actually surprised to still be alive when she opened her eyes. Usually, „heroes” tended to simply kill their enemies in the name of all that was good and holy…but she was still breathing. Starlight fell into her eyes as she stared up into the dark skies – clearly, she had been brought out of the mausoleum…and possibly beyond the range of any of her minions. Slowly, the rest of her senses returned…but none gave her any reason to be particularly glad about being alive. Her head felt as if someone was pounding against her skull from within, her mouth was dry and each bone in her body seemed to hurt. As her lips parted and she let out a pained groan, a harsh, gruff voice answered, „ Hey, seems the bitch is awake!”
She remembered the voice…it had belonged to that dwarf, whose stench had assaulted her nose even above that of the undead she’d had surrounded herself with. So her attackers were still around…not a good sign…
Ignoring her blazing headache as best as she could, she rose…or at least tried to. It was then that she realized that she had been shackled to four tentposts standing in a field not too far from the graveyard she’d occupied. Her wrists and ankles had been tightly secured with her hands above her head and her legs spread slightly.
Even more cause to worry came from the fact that she had been partially stripped. The entire lower part of her dress was missing, having been ripped away, leaving only her skimpy silken panties to cover her most private places. The front was also torn away with only the bone-sculpted bra left in place. She hated to admit it, but at the moment she looked much like some sort of exotic pleasure girl…
Turning her head, she took a glance at her surroundings…and wished she hadn’t. Obviously, her attackers had decided to make camp for the night right here, having set up tents and a small campfire. Dwarf had been sharpening his axe until he’d noticed her awakening and was now walking over to her, a crooked, disgusting smile on his ugly face. The man in the spiked armor looked over at her with a mixture of mild, amused curiousity and cruelty she found especially unsettling. The mage…most infuriatingly!…was currently rummaging through her spellbook and component pouches, mumbling, „ Useless…useless…amateurish….idiot’s attempt at metamagic……”
„ Who….are you?” she weakly said through parched lips, her anger at this fool’s treatment of her magical equipment giving her the strength to speak. „ We are your new masters…at least for a short while…”, she heard another voice she remembered…the voice of the man who’d knocked her out. Turning her head – whincing as the pounding increased – she saw him standing on the other side. The two girls she’d seen with them were kneeling in front of him, hands still tied behind their backs, their tongues licking along his erect cock and his balls…while the redheaded human was crying softly and looking down in shame, the other, the drow, was performing her task with determination and distance born of utter hatred, her tongue dextrously moving alongside his shaft…
“What are you… doing?” Ninde asked in surprise, seeing the two beauties working their tongues on the man’s huge cock. What she really wanted to say was: “What are you going to do to me?” but her voice failed her.
“How does it look like?” Therion laughed “I’m having my cock sucked by two slaves, who live only to please me! Isn’t that right sister?” he grabbed the redhead’s hair and yanked her head up. Ninde saw the drow stop sucking only for one heartbeat and then the dark-skinned woman took almost the entire cock of her “master” into her mouth, making a strange gargling sound as her throat enveloped the hard member.
“Yes master! I live to serve you! To please you!” Imoen gasped and sighed as Therion finally threw her to the ground. He waited for a few seconds, watching Viconia work on his cock and finally withdrew his dick and slapped the drow, hard enough that she fell to the ground.
What was even more terrifying for Ninde, the man began approaching her, circling her tied, helpless body. She tried to follow him with her eyes fearing to loose him from sight even for one second, but being tied down successfully prevented that. Suddenly some noise distracted her attention as she looked at the place where the two slavegirls were lying. With absolute terror she behold as the dirty dwarf approached the dwarf, took out his cock and without much deliberation began spreading the priestess’ asscheeks.
The drow began fighting trying to crawl away or at least turn from lying on her stomach to her back so she could kick, but Korgan would have none of it – he was simply too strong for the woman, much too strong. She struggled, but she could only cry in anger as the dwarf began forcing his cock inside her ass… all the while as the redhead was watching it in despair and fear.
“Slow down, dwarf!” the tall man laughed, stripping from his plate armour “We’ll be fucking the dark chick in a heartbeat, the drow will be always at our disposal.”
“The boss will take the mage first… ughh!” the dwarf grunted as he pushed his cock inside the drow’s tight asshole, making her almost jump and cry in pain. Then Korgan grabbed both of her hands and pulled to himself, essentially rising Viconia’s chest, as she was still impaled at his cock. “I don’t want to wait, I have to shoot my load or I’ll get mad! And… ugh… I’ll… have… plenty… ughhh… oh yes, darkie! Plenty… of… spunk…. Left!” he yelled pushing his cock in with vicious and brutal thrusts, each making the drow grit her teath, her beautiful face contorted with pain as moans of torment escaped her mouth.
But what terrified Ninde the most were the tall man’s words “We’ll be fucking the dark chick in a heartbeat” he said. Before she could fully understand the meaning of those cruel words, the party leader entered her sight again after speaking with the Red Mage. He leaned over her with a nasty grin and that crouched as the mage began helplessly strugglind against her bonds. His hand began wandering along Ninde’s leg, thigh and finally reaching her panties…
“Let me go… or I’ll kill you!” Ninde hissed with her anger barely overcoming her fear, the grunts of the dwarf and moans of the drow making her tremble “I’ll put a curse on you! I’ll… ugh!” she gasped as the man slapped her face twice. Hard.
“Shut up bitch!” he hissed and put his hand under her skimpy panties “Lets what have we here…” he said with a smile, putting one of his fingers into her warm, dry cunt.
“I’ll kill you! No, I’ll make you beg for the mercy of death!” Ninde shouted with an already trembling voice as she felt the intrusion, the man’s fingers entering her most intimate place, probing inside. “You’ll… aaaa! Stop!” she cried in pain as Therion pinched her clit but her cries were interrupted as the man grabbed her neck and squeezed hard, choking her for a second.
“I said: shut up!” he hissed as he torn away her panties, revealing her defenseless pussy for everyone to see… and abuse. “I like those bony things you have on your tits” Therion said leaning over, his tongue running over Ninde’s neck “But no need to make fake hands… we’ll see that your tits get plenty of attention he said” putting two more fingers into her tight cunt…
Ninde threw her head back, a cry of pain escaping her lips as the man rammed all three fingers into her unprepared and quite unwilling cunt, brutally stretching her. „ Hnnnaaaaaarghh! Stop it….stop it…or you’ll…regret…”, she groaned before being silenced by first another slap to her face and then the unwelcome sensation of his tongue invading her mouth as he kissed her, his fingers starting to pump in and out of her dry pussy while he forced his lips onto hers, probing her mouth with his tongue.
For a moment, Ninde considered biting him, but it would probably only serve to make him more angry…a group that had managed to kill all her minions and make a slave out of a highborn drow certainly had other nasty tricks up its sleeve…
So, writhing in her bonds, shouting muffled protests against Therion’s mouth, she endured the kiss and the painful probing, praying to great Velsharoon himself that she’d find a way out of this situation before it became even more dire and humiliating for her.
Eventually, Therion pulled away both his mouth and fingers, laughing. Gasping for breath and cringing inwardly at the pain radiating from her abused cunt, Ninde watched him warily as he idly began stroking his already erect cock in front of her.
„ Nice and tight…I think I’ll enjoy you…a lot”, he mused, his words causing an icy hand to clutch her heart. „ No…no, you can’t….”, Ninde began, only to fall silent as he raised his hand, clearly with the intention to slap her again. Her cheeks still stung from the first few hits. „ I can and I certainly will. In a way, I even must.”
His eyes met hers and in that moment, she noticed the raw power and ambition behind them, seeing a soul that was consumed by only two things…might and raw lust. It was then, that Ninde truly began to fear this man, fnot just the things that he could and probably would do to her. The others were thugs, whether in robes, chainmail or plate armor…but this man was almost saintly in his uncorrupted darkness.
All of that, however, did nothing to lessen the shame and anger she felt as he lowered himself on top of her and began to slowly push his thick and hard cock into her pussy, spearing it without mercy. „ Nooooo….noooaaaaaarrrrrrhhhh!” she screamed as white—hot pain filled her lower body, the long shaft plunging into her deeply with but a few hard thrusts. While she wasn’t a virgin, it had been a long time since she’d last deemed anyone fit to share her bed and this new and violent intrusion came upon her unprepared. Blinking to keep the tears from her eyes, she squirmed and writhed underneath therion who was starting to rape her with long, deep strokes, moaning softly as he enjoyed the tightness of his newest plaything.
„ Nnnngh…nnngh….stop…please…I can serve you….”, Ninde whimpered breathlessly, her voice trembling as the pain overwhelmed her, the remnants of her gown fluttering in the dirt while Therion took her violently, laughing at her plea. „ You already are…in the only …hnn…capacity…a woman should!” Reaching out, he then grasped the bones making up her bra and crushed them easily with one hand, now freeing her tits for all of them to see. „ That’s…better…no need to hide…such beauty from me…”, he said, grunting as he kept pounding her already sore cunt, squeezing her tits with his hands so hard it felt as if he wanted to crush them, too, adding even more pain to her ordeal..
„ Nice! Can’t wait to play with them!” she heard the dwarf over her rapist’s grunts and her own cries of pain. The nauseating odour of him wafted over to her and she suddenly found him looming over her, stroking his thick cock above her face. Nearby, the drow was still on the floor, gasping and trying to withdraw from the attention, still whimpering from her brutal anal rape.
Without further ado, Korgan began to stroke his cock harder and harder and, within mere heartbeats, erupted with a wave of cum that landed on her trembling lips, her cheeks and her chin, the thick drops splattering all over her features, obscuring them, some even sliding past her lips, forcing her to gag at the awful taste.
„ Korgan…now you’ve soiled her”, Therion laughed, then turned his head to yell, „ Sister! Come here and clean that whore’s face!”
“What… you don’t mean…” Imoen began protesting with her weak voice but soon just gritted her teeth and began crawling on all fours, as a good slave, towards Ninde. The necromancer couldn’t even think about what Therion said – the horrible feeling of cum on her face and the pulsing pain in her pussy, radiating with each deeper thrust were all she could think of now.
“Ughh!  Oh, yes… you’re a good fuck…” Therion moaned, pushing his hard cock in her tight snatch. Ninde trembled at what she saw in his eyes – the insatiable hunger for power growing with each push, each scream of pain made by the helpless woman. “Clean her sis!” he ordered and grinned, watching as Imoen crouched next to Ninde’s face.
For a brief second the redhead was looking at her brother’s newest victim, seeing her once pride pain twitch in pain each time Therion pushed himself in, burying his cock deep inside his victim. She knew this feeling all too well – the helplessness, the humiliation and, of course, the torment and pain growing stronger each time he entered her, claiming her, taking in most brutal way. Overcome with fear of what will happen if she fails to please her brother, Imoen slowly began moving her tongue all over Ninde’s face, licking the disgusting, sticky cum left by this horrible dwarf.
Ninde felt a new wave of shame as she felt the girl’s tongue caress her cheeks, cleaning her face of the sticky mask with which she was covered. She wanted to protest, but finally decided to give in – nothing she could do and especially not her moans of pain and protest, nor her straining in vain against her tight bones could stop Therion if he wanted to see this disgusting show. And on some level she was a bit relieved that at least for now her face will be to some degree clean from the liquid.
Imoen now, with her eyes closed was running circles with her tongue, trying to lick as well as she could every drop that was on Ninde’s face. “Ugh… yeah, what a show!” Therion gasped watching his sister lick his victim’s face. “Kiss her sis, kiss her deep!” he grinned as his moves were becoming even more frantic, each push making his whole cock enter the mage’s cunt, stretching it and filling with even stronger pain.
When Nine opened her mouth to gave another wild moan of pain she suddenly felt the redheaded girl’s tongue entering her mouth, tasting her. She tried to protest, this was too much of a humiliation but she only moaned to Imoen’s mouth. “Aaammmppfff!” she wailed as she felt Therion move faster, while Imoen’s gentle tongue was caressing her lips.
It seemed that seeing his new fuck-toy and Imoen kiss and tongue each other, Therion was getting closer to his climax. He thrusts became more fervent, making Ninde twist her body, jerk around in a last hopeless attempt to protect herself from having his disgusting seed sprayed inside her abused pussy. But it was all in vain – Ninde could only moan and cry, even as Imoen continued licking and kissing her mouth and face.
“You wanted evil?! You wanted power?!” Therion laughed maniacally, grabbed the mage’s hips and pushed his entire shaft in, with one strong thrust. “Here it is! Take it! Take it! Take it ALL!” he shouted as his cock started to spray wave after wave of cum inside Ninde, making the necromancer gasp wordlessly each time she felt a load being shot in her. Finally, he withdrew… and with total despair Ninde saw the large figure of the tall man lean over her…
His sword cut all the bonds and Ninde squirmed in pain as blood began flowing to her hands and legs. She didn’t have time to relax as Sarevok lifted her effortlessly, turned her and pushed her again to the ground, this time of the stomach. He grabbed her hips and raised them, without even saying a word placing his cock at the entrance of her pussy.
“Don’t you dare to try!” Ninde yelled “Please!” her voice suddenly broke down into sobs.
“Yada yada yada” Sarevok only sighed, grabbed her hips strongly and pushed himself hard inside, filling her already abused pussy with one thrust. “You didn’t think we had enough with you?” the man grinned and leaned forward, his hands grabbing the necromancer’s tits as her body rocked with the force of his rapid pushes.
“Ughhh! Aaiiii!” Ninde tried saying something but her words transformed into a wordless shriek as Edwin made a small gesture. The woman felt as if she was on fire, as though thousand of flame tongues were touching her entire body.
“That’s real magic, you dumb bitch. (Although still a minor sample of my power)” Edwin chuckled as he stood in front of Ninde, releasing his cock and watching as her body twisted, tormented by the spell.
“Yeah, that’s great” Sarevok laughed, feeling as she twisted on his cock, her body rocking forwards and backwards basically fucking the man back. “I love as you squeeze your pussy, one can tell when each wave of pain hurts you.”
“I know, I know, I’m great. But enough of it, I want this bitch to suck me well and I don’t want her pain making her bite on everything” the red mage laughed, dispelling the spell and moving his cock to Ninde’s full lips, as she gasped in pain. “At least you’ll use those mouth on something useful, as your spells are an utter waste of breath.”

„ Who…arrrrgggg….says I’m hnnngh…oh gods….not going…to bite it off…anyway?” Ninde managed to gasp between cries of pain as Sarevok lustfully continued his violation of her cunt with long, hard strokes. He wasn’t as well-endowed as Therion had been but his cock hurt her terribly nevertheless, her cunt still sore after the initial rape.
She hurt terribly, but this arrogant son of a bitch wouldn’t get the satisfaction to have her participate…” I say it. Because if you do, you pathetic excuse for a wizard, I will use the spell again…and again…and again…then, tomorrow, I will use that arsewipe you call a spellbook to summon a few undead servants. That is not my style, but it will do. These undead I will then allow to take you just as we are doing now. Do you understand?” The arrogant grin never disappeared from the bearded man’s face, making Ninde positively fume with anger…anger that was at least slightly dampened by fear. His words had been sincere…and she had seen his prowess with magic. Deciphering her spellbook would be an easy task. So, presented with little alternatives, she nodded.
„ Good. Then stop wasting my time!” Edwin snarled and pushed his cock against her lips again. This time, Ninde dutifully opened her mouth and allowed him in.
He fucked her with long, deep strokes, taking his time to get her to suck him off instead of just raping her face like the others enjoyed doing. It was so much better this way, to have her humiliate herself by partcipating and granting pleasure to these men she surely detested.
„ How’s she handlin’?” the disgusting dwarf chimed in from the side, watching the spectacle with beady eyes. One hand clutched a small mug of ale, the other his cock which he lazily stroked. Every now and then, just for fun, he kicked at the drow who was still half sitting half lying on the floor, kept from moving by several chains atached to stakes rammed into the ground not far away.
„ Warm and dry…just like I love it!” Sarevok said, squeezing Ninde’s tits hard while at the same time sinking his entire length into her aching, tortured cunt, making her utter a gargled scream around Edwin’s cock. „ She hasn’t been used in quite a while…we have a lot to make up for!” The tall man laughed together with the dwarf.
„ Hmmm…I’m not impressed. Her skills with her mouth are just as lacking as her spellcasting…”, Edwin said, holding her head steady so he could drive his cock all the way down her throat, making her gag for a moment before pulling back with a sigh of pleasure, „The drow is way better…even Imoen was….”, he mused.
The dwarf spat out at the mention of the name. „ The one who’s ‘taboo’ now? Who our lord and master only wants for himself? Pah! He’s keepin’ the best things for his own cock…”
„ Don’t argue with me, Korgan”, Therion calmly stated from the fireplace where he was sarting to eat, watching the rape and the discussion with mild interest. „ If it’s any consolation to you, once we are in Athkatla, we’ll seek out a young and innocent girl for you.”
„ Aye, we better do”, the dwarf grumbled, then watched the rape continue. „ Oh, by tha way…do we keep ‘er, too?”
„ No…tomorrow we will take her back to the village and give her to them. I’m sure all the men will be pleased to have something to fuck other than their butt-ugly wives….”, Therion said, chuckling, „ Maybe they’ll even become my first followers.”
“Mpppfff… nnnn!” hearing their plans Ninde tried to plead around the cock in her mouth  as Edwin was pushing his member deep, relishing in the pleasure her mouth and gagging throat provided. It was enough to bring the red mage over the edge. He began gasping and moaning heavily as he held her head, shooting wave after wave of his jism into her warm mouth, making the necromancer gag at the terrible taste filling her mouth.
“At least you’re good for something!” Edwin exclaimed after he withdrew his member and stood with a grin, watching as Sarevok was filling Ninde’s pussy with long, deep strokes, still twisting and jerking her boobs.
“Yeah, for fucking… for being raped over and over by those better than her… for being filled with… ugh… my… seed!” Sarevok laughed as he grabbed her hips and pushed himself deep, causing Ninde to yelp with pain, drops of cum mixed with saliva running down her mouth. She felt the awful sensation of having her pussy filled by another dose of cum, making her cry in pain, humiliation and despair.
Finally she was released from the man’s grasp and fell almost lifelessly to the ground, just staring somewhere with a blank expression.
“Please… enough…” she managed to gasp. “Just… let me… go…”
“Let you go?” Therion smirked “The good villagers need some compensation for their troubles, don’t you think so? This is only just and I support justice and righteousness with my whole heart” the man mocked her.
“Why..?” Ninde said in an barely audible voice “Why… this? Why… me?”
“Well, there are few answers” Therion smiled almost pleasantly “But the one you would understand the best is: because we could. You have the power – you take what you want. Surely it isn’t all that different from your philosophy… or from what your philosophy used to be.”
“I…” Ninde opened her mouth and closed them, not knowing what to say.
“You see? You wanted the same thing I did… I just had the power to grasp it… and it proved to be out of your reach.” The man pointed at the dwarf “Enough of this talking, the day isn’t becoming any longer. Korgan, do with her as you please.”
“Please don’t! Don’t give me to HIM!” Ninde shouted, almost regaining some of her strength, subconsciously feeling that being taken by the dwarf will be by far the most disgusting experience. “I’ll … I’ll do everything!” she pleaded.
“There isn’t anything you could do or give that we couldn’t take on our own” Therion said and turned away, as Korgan began lifting her ass.
“Don’t you worry… I’ll be a lover you’ll remember for the rest of your worthless life” he laughed touching the entrance to her asshole with his thick cock.
Indeed, she would probably never be able to forget the awful sensation of his thick shaft stretching her asshole wide, taking her anal virginity with a brutality that made her first rapes seem almost gentle in comparison. Her screams and shrieks echoed over the fields as the dwarf violated her at his leisure, granting her no rest, no respite until he was completely spent. Only then would she be allowed to rest…chained next to the two other slaves who avoided her, either out of fear, in Imoen’s case, or disgust.
The next morning brought new degradations as she, too, was forced to eat food that had been mixed with cum – in her case that of the dwarf, as if to make it even more revolting – but at least she was not raped again, any such attempts being stopped by Therion, who was getting increasingly impatient, reminding his companions that dawdling around in the middle of nowhere would not help anyone, especially him.
And so, after some grumbling from the mage and the dwarf, the group made their way back to the village. Ninde was gagged and restrained tightly with Therion himself holding the leash affixed to the metal collar they’d made her wear.
They marched at a brisk walking pace that had Ninde out of breath within the hour, ready to collapse, her body still weakened after last day’s ordeals. Each time she swayed and her legs gave way, however, she received a brutal kick from either Sarevok or Korgan that had her stumble forward once more.
It was noon when the group arrived in the village once more, triumphant and grinning. Ninde noticed grimly that this time, they did not bother dressing Imoen and Viconia. She herself was still naked as well, but that came as little surprise to her…
Therion smirked as he saw the glances of the townsfolk, especially the men, who’d fixed their stares on the three naked girls they led with them. Most of the younger townsfolk did not even try to hide their greedy, leering glances and the few women or older people who scoffed at this „scandalous” display were negligible.
Without any words, he led the group into the town square where the mayor was already waiting for them, a look of gratitude and slight confusion on his face. Therion raised his hand as he started to speak, motioning him to be silent with one imperious glare. „ Korgan…get Dany. Brother…loosen our little mage’s bonds. Edwin…”
„ Yes, yes, almighty leader”, the mage responded with a scornful look, then closed his eyes and started an incantation. Within seconds, a large pillar of rock erupted from the earth, solidifying and darkening until it had the composition of granite. Sarevok undid Ninde’s bonds dragging the panicking, gagged mage towards the pillar and then refastening them around it. Only moments later, Korgan dragged the naked and crying Dany out of the Inn where the group had left her. Tears ran freely down her face and her mouth was stretched wide around a phallic gag Therion had rammed into it. Upon seeing the crowd gathered and her tormentors, she began to struggle fiercely but Korgan nevertheless bound her to the pillar. Only then did Therion adress the crowd.
„ People of Ghenia! I present to you the necromancer that has plagued your fair village! As you see…she is no longer a danger to you. Now, you may ask why we did not kill her outright….after all, shouldn’t heroes do that?” He waited a moment until the first mumbling had ceased, relishing the terror in both Dany’s and Ninde’s eyes.
„ Well, we could have killed her easily, yes. But would that make for good compensation? I think not. And so, we have decided on a different path. Here she is…and sweet little Dany, of course, take her as a little…bonus. Use them in any way you wish, they are yours!”
„ That…that is horrible!” someone yelled, a matronly woman with a scowl on her face.
„ Ah, shut it, old cow! I like the idea!” another villager chimed in, his grin showing full well that he was already imagining the things he would do to her.
„ That is the right attitude….now, my good friends, I only have one small request for you. Each time you take one of these…remember my name. Therion. Say it in your head, like a prayer, and thank me for it.” Therion smirked. Whatever would happen now, these little prayers would strengthen him…
As the party was leaving Ghenia, the last sight they saw, was a huge line of men forming to Ninde, man thirsty for revenge, punishment but most of all thirsty just to fuck the bitch raw and needing no excuses for it. Even the woman whose husbands and sons were killed by the undead were gathering broomstick and other such tools and waiting for their turn, after the men would have their way. Some more impatient villagers, not wanting to wait in the huge line gathered around Dany, deaf to the helpless girl’s pleas.
“No, I beg you! You have known me for your whole life! I’m supposed to be your friend, no- mpfff!” Therion didn’t even turn to watch the show behind him but he smiled as he heard Dany’s pleas cut short as the poor, betrayed girl was silenced, either by a gag or a man’s cock. And even as the village was long out of the party’s sight, Ninde’s piercing screams were still to be heard.
Therion knew that the necromancer would be the main entertainment for a while. She will be taken by the men again and again, her screams and shrieks filling the air along with men’s laughters and cheers. They will fuck her in all her holes, without end, laughing as her arrogance is melting, turning the haughty and once terrifying sorceress into a trembling, cum-covered shadow of herself. When they will get bored with her, most men will start turning to Dany, savoring the girl’s young, gentle body, completely uncaring for the fact she had been once one of theirs. Each villager that once lusted about Dany but was scorned or even fantasized about her in drunken haze will now have the possibilities to fulfill his fantasies and to do even more – to fuck her in the most degrading and painful ways possible, ways about which he once wouldn’t even dare to think. The girl’s tears and pleas, her asking for mercy, begging them to let her go would arouse them even more and finally she would have no strength to beg any more, her spirit broken as a endless line of men, her formers friends is taking her again and again for ever.
And all this in Therion’s name.
The rest of the travel to Athcatla was quite calm and pleasant (for the men) and painful and degrading (for the woman). Each night the girl’s screams combined with the men’s laugh created an exquisite symphony of pain and lust and Therion was quite annoyed that as the approached the city, his slaves had to be gagged most of the time. Fortunately, cocks were very good tools for gagging slaves that were being fucked, muffled screams and warm breath arousing the cocks along with the gagging of their tight throats…

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