Four: The Copper Coronet

Finally the team reached Athcatla. Therion didn’t worry that his slaves will slip away in the city – Imoen was under a powerful geas making her body writhe in agony if she tried to escape. With Viconia the case was even better – apart from the spell, she had nowhere to run, a drow caught in the city could face and even worse fate.

The party went to the Copper Coronet, a place known by Korgan as a part of the infamous underground slavers network. Once there, Therion sent Imoen, Korgan and Edwin to one room, this once allowing them to use her body – which naturally brought fear and tears to girl’s eyes – on the condition she remains reasonably silent. People from the Copper Coronet had to be used to different sounds, but there was no need to be careless. Then Therion, Sarevok and Viconia sat at the table.

“You wait here” Therion ordered and approached Hendak – the owner of the tavern.
“Welcome sir… I’ve got a lot of money to spend.” Therion said with a smile “Can you recommend some… entertainment?”

“Naturally, sir” Hendak was careful for a second, but there was something in Therion that made him sure, that he isn’t any guard trying to con him into admitting some crimes “Upstairs you can feel free to taste the pleasure given by our… ladies. And after this we recommend you to watch a little… fight. I hope you are in a mood for betting?”

“Of course. But first, let me try out one of your beauties” Therion winked to Sarevok and went upstairs. Viconia risked a short glance at Sarevok but he just told her to drink. It was strange that for once she wasn’t sent to the room instead of Imoen to serve the party with her… attributes. It was… unsettling.

Meanwhile Therion approached the madame that was in charge of the brothel and hired one of the prostitutes. The girl, slender and very pretty, with dark hair tied in one long braid and lovely tits, barely covered by semi-transparent material came and with an only slightly trembling voice she asked the man to go to her room.

“What do you want me to do sir?” she asked, not daring to look into his eyes.

“Strip” Therion ordered and watched with pleasure as the woman undid the stripes keeping her clothes and let her dress and tunic fall to the floor. Therion on the other hand just unbuckled his pants and lied down on the soft bed. “Suck” he simply said and watched as the woman slowly took his penis out and after his command kneeled in front of him and started licking the head of his cock.

He watched in pleasure knowing what she must feel – not only the total disgust at the perspective of pleasuring another client but also resignation to her fate. Therion moaned silently as Violet (this was the prostitutes “name”) lowered her head, taking half of his long shaft into her mouth and caressing it with her wet tongue. After watching for a bit as she moved her head up and down he finally ordered her to stop and mount him. The girl didn’t protest, just climbed the bed with a look of utter defeat in her eyes and lowered her body onto his rigid cock, making just a small sigh of pain as she felt his huge dick fill her cunt. She bit her lips and started to move up and down, moaning as all of her clients expected her to do. She couldn’t have known that Therion couldn’t care less – he knew how she hated her work and her slavery and this knowledge brought almost as much pleasure as the feeling of her pussy around his dick…

Finally, when they were done he asked, “You’re a slave, aren’t you? I thought it is illegal in Amn.” He said silently.

“Yes sir” Violet answered silently.

“Don’t you worry, I’ll do something about it” he said with a warm smile and left the room. When he approached the made he said “The girl was quite good, but you can’t have your girls tell every customer that they are slaves and beg to be released. You should be glad that she chose me” he lied with a small smile. “I expect her to be punished” he added, walking downstairs. He had a plan already.
„ Of course”, the madam said and rushed towards the door Therion had just closed. He couldn’t help but start grinning as, only moments later, he heard muffled screams and loud slaps from behind the closed door. Things were certainly going his way. The last few days, he had felt more and more energized, filled with a tingling of power he thoroughly relished. His commandments to the village certainly paid off.
Once down, he entered the back rooms where, much to his amusement, he was able to watch an unarmed dwarf being ripped apart by a troll in a mockery of a gladiator match. Not too impressive, but it would be nice as a little distraction on the side.
„ Alright…”, he said to Hendak once he’d reached the common room again, taking the owner aside, „ I…sampled your product and found out something rather…interesting.” „ And that would be?” Hendak asked, seemingly innocent but measuring Therion up with his eyes, wary for any sign of danger.
„ You keep slaves. And, before you protest…I am not from the Guard or some group of „heroes” who want to ruin your business.” He noticed Hendak’s hand play with the hilt of a cleverly hidden dagger. Let the fool try, he thought. If push came to shove, he would easily be able to overpower and kill the man within heartbeats.
„ What is it that you want, then?” Hendak asked, his tone carefull, his entire body tense like a jungle cat about to pounce. „ I have an offer for you. You see the elf at the table? The dark one?”
Hendak nodded. He’d eyed the drow for some time now, as had probably everyone else inside the common room. The huge man sitting next to her was probably the only reason the girl hadn’t been lynched yet. „ She’s a troublemaker. Got little use for her on the road…and she gets boring after a while anyway”, he lied. Viconia would never get bored for him, not while she still had some fight left in her. „ So what say you? You and some of your trusted employees can sample her and then we can agree on a decent price? You get a new exotic slavegirl and I’m one way closer to riches and fame.”
„ Hmmm…”, Hendak made, frowning, his gaze fixed on Viconia, noticing for the first time the collar she wore around her neck, half hidden by the shirt she’d been dressed in. Her face was beautiful in a strong, aristocratic sort of way, a face that spoke of a haughty personality used to a luxurious lifestyle. A grin stole upon his face as he imagined how deep she’d fallen…
„ Bring her to room 3 upstairs. I’ll be waiting”, he finally said. Therion, knowing very well that no sane man would have been able to resist the offer, simply nodded before returning to the table. „ Brother…take her upstairs. Room 3…darkie is to entertain a few…guests”, he said, reaching out to pat Viconia’s cheek. The drow, now realizing that Therion certainly hadn’t intended to spare her, spat onto the table before her. Therion shook his head, chuckling…then grabbed her by the throat. „ You better behave…if this goes sour, I’ll make you beg for death!”
„ Speaking of begging for death…I better get my dear sister…I’m sure Korgan and Edwin will want to watch this.” As Sarevok stood up, half dragging the drow after him, Therion made his way up the stairs again, opening the door to room 4 without knocking.
The sight before him made him grin. Imoen was a wreck. Her face and hair were covered in sticky fresh cum which ran down her face together with the remnants of all the tears she’d shed…her sobs were dry now, however, all tears had been cried already. She was sitting in Korgan’s lap, her legs spread, his thick cock buried to the hilt inside her abused asshole, the dwarf’s calloused hands squeezing her tits painfully, the many bruises on them already showing that the last hour had been hell for her. With shaking legs, she supported herself while slowly moving up and down on the dwarf’s cock, whimpering pathetically each time she impaled herself on his member. Edwin, a sadistic smile on his face, was standing nearby, concentrating as he mentally controlled a thick candlestick, pumping it in and out of the young girl’s pussy with his mind – and a handy telekinesis spell – alone….
„ Playtime’s over”, Therion stated calmly, turning around already just as Korgan started cursing, „ I hope she’s made each of you cum at least once…or else you’ll be in big trouble, sis…”
“Yeah” Korgan smirked throwing Imoen off his cock to the floor, watching as the girl sobs voicelessly. “I missed fucking her so much that I almost blew my load the second she started crying.”
“But why the hassle? Couldn’t we have played with her a bit more? (Always work, nobody thinks about my pleasure. And I had to share her with the dwarf, disgusting, most disgusting).” Edwin started mumbling again as he removed the candlestick with one gesture, causing Imoen to finally breath in relief.
“What are you complaining about again, eh mage?” Korgan said threatingly, buckling his pants and moving towards his axe on the chest.
“Silence you two” Therion interrupted before the mage could reply. “Little darkie is doing a show for us and some other gentlemen upstairs, thought you’d like to watch and maybe participate.”
“Good idea… you’d like that darkie, wouldn’t you?” Korgan laughed.
“But what do we do with her?” Edwin gestured towards Imoen, who curled herself in a ball and desperately tried to avoid any attention. “We’re taking her as well”
“Hmm, no. Vicky should be enough for them. “ Therion decided “Korgan, tie her to the bed and leave her.”
The dwarf effortlessly lifted the redhead, threw her on the bed and tied her spread-eagle to the bedposts. Imoen just whimpered silently whenever his rough hands travelled to her tits or “accidentally” probed her cunt. When she was tighly secured, Edwin gave Korgan a large, wooden, penis-shaped gag.
“No, no, no please, there is no need, you don’t have to… I’ll be quiet, I’ll be good, no, ple- umppfff… plsss!” Imoen started to plead, but with exhaustion in her voice instead of the usual desperation as she saw Korgan approach with the gag. Her eyes went wide when she finally was silenced by his rammeing the gag in her mouth, almost choking her on it and finally securing it.
“Oh and one last thing before we leave…” Therion smiled so sincerely to his sister that she immediately felt fear overwhelm her. “Someone must keep an eye on her. Edwin, summon some… company.”
He laughed as Imoen started desperately shaking her head, eyes wide in fear, strange muffled whimpers getting out of her gagged mouth. “Mmmm!” she moaned as silhouettes of three summoned orcs were beginning to materialize in the room.
“Remember: be silent” Edwin ordered his minions and soon the party left the room.
“So, now to your show darkie” Therion turned to Viconia “Don’t you worry… I am not willing to sell you just yet.”
“Damn you!” Viconia hissed “Everyone would be better than you, you…!” the drow snapped but wisely restrained herself from cursing her master.
“Yeah, probably you would have escapen easily… on the other hand if some dumb villagers managed to enslave you, I’m not so sure you have what it takes anymore.” Therion laughed as Viconia’s face darkened with hatred and shame. “But I’m glad you still remember I like you feisty. Sarevok, Edwin?” he said quietly.
Before Viconia could react, Sarevok grabbed two of her hands in one hand and used the second to grab her mouth, gagging her. Edwin whispered a spell and once again every inch of the priestess’ body arched with excruciating pain. She trembled in Sarevok strong embrace, struggling in vain to escape his grasp. Even despite the gag loud moans were escaping her mouth and Edwin had to stop the spell not to attract attention.
“I love when you are feisty and I love hurting you” Therion said almost politely “But that was just a small taste of what will happen to you, if you don’t do a good show. Understood?”
Still glaring with hatred, Viconia slowly nodded her head and only then Sarevok released her. The party went with her upstairs. In front of room 3 there was Hendak standing, his face clearly showing a struggle between distrust, lust and greed that was going in his soul. Next to him the madam from the brothel was standing but even her arrogant smile waned as Korgan made a rude joke towards her.
“Everything is ready…” he said, nodding to Therion “I hope I will be able to sample her… goods along with other clients.” He asked.
“Of course” Therion said “But I have a condition of my own. When it is decided that someone will buy little darkie, I want to speak with the head of the ring.”
“She doesn’t meet with customers” Hendak replied “You can do everything through me.”
“I must insist” Therion said, noting in his memory the “she”, Hendak used. “I can bring you more slaves of her quality… but I’d prefer to… cut the middlemen.” He smiled threatingly towards Hendak.
For a few heartbeats they were staring into each others eyes, but finally the owner of the tavern lowered his eyes.
“I think I can make an exception and arrange a meeting” he said “But it all depends how will she entertain us and if she will make the patrons happy.”
“Agreed” Therion said “But one more thing. She is only one and I don’t know how many patrons you have there. But you can be sure we won’t be just sitting and watching the show and I assure you she is so hot that most patrons will become hard as soon as they see her. I suggest someone to… relieve the tention as well.”
“It will be done” the madam raised her eyes “I have arranged two of my girls to keep them – and you – entertained.”
“Good” Therion smiled “One request though “Can one of those girls be Violet?”
“She is just being punished, there will be marks on her” madam hesitated for a second.
“All the better” this time it was Sarevok who smiled.
“Of course sirs, I will go for her immediately” the madam agreed and left.
“I think we can start” Hendak said and opened the door, letting the party in.
The room was a bit larger than the ones where Therion had enjoyed Violet and Edwin and Korgan had violated Imoen…apparently, it had been built with larger “parties” in mind. It was dominated by a large bed and a long, low table. A long wooden board hung on a wall with numerous sex toys and whips hanging from it. The bed itself had shackles attached to each bedpost. Therion smirked at the sight…it seemed Hendak had thought of everything a client could want.
The room was not unoccupied. Two young girls were already sitting on the bed, looking up with big, resigned yet still fearful eyes. One was a slender blonde elf, the other a big-breasted redhaired human girl. Both were quite pretty and utterly naked, their bodies showing very faint bruises. Thin leather collars around their necks bore tags with their names…the elf was called Lilly, the human Vala. Therion smiled. They would do nicely to relive any tension and keep the others from abusing Viconia overmuch…after all, she was supposed to serve him and his comrades for much, much longer.
From another side door, the madam approached, dragging a shivering, crying Violet with her and throwing her onto the bed unceremoniously. Therion admired her handywork…a row of fresh welts and bruises crisscrossed Violet’s tits and back. Every single movement must feel like hell for now.
Once inside, Therion stepped aside to let the others through, reveling in the slight rise of panic in the two slavegirls’ eyes as man after man entered. First Hendak, then three of his most trusted guards, then a burly half-orc, then a fat merchant…and then, of course, Sarevok with Viconia still on a leash. Behind her came Korgan, who wore the usual cruel, dirty grin on his face as he groped the drow’s ass as long as it was within easy reach, knowing and enjoying how much Viconia hated his touch. Even though he’d already spent one load on Imoen, he was already ready and eager for more. Behind him came Edwin who quietly scoffed at the assembled men.
“ Sharing again? Hmph…I do not understand why we have to go through this charade. I could find the hideout just as easily, if not quicker…”, he whispered, stopping only when Therion shot him a dark look.
“ Neither my reasons nor my plans are open to discussion, mage. Remember that. I cannot just barge in and take what I want. Not here. Not yet. So just stop your incessant whining for one moment and enjoy the show.”
Moving his attention from a grumbling Edwin back to the center of the room, Therion watched as Sarevok released his hold on the leash and proceeded to push Viconia forward, the drow landing right in the middle of the room. Still garbed in the coarse peasant’s clothes, her body nevertheless drew lustful stares from all the assembled. Quite obviously, she noticed the same, her cheeks turning a darker shade out of sheer shame.
“ So, drow…you’re going to keep us entertained tonight, then….”, Hendak began, stepping forward and gripping a fistful of her white long hair, using it to brutally drag the former priestess back to her feet, Viconia gritting her teeth to keep herself from crying out in pain.
“ You seem pretty enough…but it’s hard to say with all these clothes getting in the way. So why don’t you dance for us and lose them?” Stepping back, he waited for Viconia to begin, his eyes afire with anticipation…

Viconia shot a short glance at Therion who just nodded. The drow sighed and stood up. She closed her eyes for a moment, opened them again and started moving her body. She was fortunate that she was very dexterous and flexible and that court dances were taught in the highest circles of drow nobility. She imagined hearing the sound and started swaying to the imaginary music. The men stares lingered at her body, watching her gentle moves.
Hendak smiled and whistled. This was enough for Therion who simply ordered “Start stripping!”
Not wanting to anger her “master” – how she hated that word – even more, the priestess let her cloak fall to the ground. Underneath there was just a skimply outfit, revealing more than covering. Hendak’s gaze traveled up her long, slender legs, admiring her naked arms and stopping longer at her butt and barely covered breast.
“Damn, I have to find some outfit for her” Sarevok said.
“And if you are at this, get one for Imoen as well” Therion laughed and glanced at Violet. “I hope your punishment was nice” he smiled at the girl “You can thank me with those pretty mouth later, now service the dwarf!”
The leader laughed again as he observed first anger than disgust, when the prostitute knelt in front of Korgan and with a short hesitation began unbuckling his pants, as Korgan just sat there smiling.
Seeing this, as well as Viconia’s moves, Sarevok started to get horny again. “Elf, it was some time since I buggered one of your kind”
Lilly looked at Hendak, but he was watching Viconia. “Drow, drop the rest off!” Hendak ordered and the elf had no choice but to approach Sarevok. Edwin glanced at Therion, but the leader mercifully gestured at Vala.
“Yeah, you can take your turn with her” he allowed the mage.

„ Good…”, Edwin said, nodding, before turning his attention to Vala. „ Come here!” he ordered the redheaded girl, who, somewhat hesitantly, stepped towards him. Therion noticed the expession on her face, the unhidden disgust and resignation on her pretty features and gave Hendak an approving nod. The slaver had taken care not to take the most broken slaves for entertainment, instead choosing those who still were able to show that they did anything but enjoy this. Perfect. By now, the thought of consensual sex, even with a whore, sent shivers of faint disgust down his spine…possibly a result of becoming more and more attuned to his chosen portfolio.
From the left came a hard gagging sound as Korgan grabbed Violet’s head and forced her face into his crotch, his thick cock pushed into her mouth and down her throat without mercy or pause. The ugly dwarf groaned and began to thrust into the gagging, gargling slave’s mouth while watching Viconia’s performance.
Still dancing, the drow slowly removed the few skimpy articles of clothing she still wore, reluctantly and obviously ashamedly exposing her entire beautiful body to the greedy eyes watching her every move.
„ Can’t wait to have those lips on my cock”, one of the guards said, grinning, his eyes fixed on Viconia’s round, perfect tits, „ I’m going to choke her on my dick…” His musings were interrupted by a sharp cry of pain…Sarevok had just begun to push his cock into Lily’s ass, the elf’s face scrunched in pain as he proceeded to drill more of his cock into her, looming over her as she was pushed down on her hands and knees. Yes, this party would be very enjoyable…” Told ya, elven asses are the best!” Korgan said, laughing while he forced Violet to deepthroat his ever-stiffening cock.
„ Very good”, Hendak said, clearly intending to be the first one to use Viconia. „ Come here, drow!” Her cheeks still dark from shame and fury, Viconia stepped towards him…only for him to backhand her so hard she fell back to the floor. „ A slave shouldn’t walk upright. Crawl to me!” He said, sitting down on the bed and unbuckling his pants, waiting for her.
Viconia’s eyes shot daggers at him as she rubbed her stinging cheek. Only Therion’s imperious glare and the unspoken promise of worse things to come kept her from cursing at him. Every muscle in her body was tense, as if ready to pounce upon him…but she willed herself to keep still, hating herself for it even more.
Slowly, remaining on all fours, she crawled towards the bed, the way seeming to stretch almost to infinity. She could feel the greedy, lustful glares of the other men upon her body, wandering over her tight, round ass, her swaying tits, her entire body…she could almost hear them thinking about what they wanted to do to her…and knowing that they would be able to fulfill all their fantasies with her was almost enough to make her scream in impotent rage and frustration. But she didn’t…she merely obeyed like…like a good slavegirl. Oh, Therion would regret this. Not now, maybe not for months…but the moment their vigilance diminished, she would get away…and then they would die. Slowly.
Therion watched her crawl towards Hendak, nodding with approval. So far, things were going well. In his head, barely distracted by the sexual tension cloying the air, he was already making plans. Once he had control of the slaver ring, he would turn it to his own ends….specialising on female slaves to sell to underground brothels…maybe even create the first temple in his name. There was nothing he couldn’t do. Near him, he heard Edwin grunt as he pushed his cock back and forth between Vala’s big tits, forcing her head down so she could lick the head even as he fucked her tits, squeezing them so hard it must be painful for her.  He’d been lucky to find companions who share dhis vision…or at least wanted power enough to assist him.
Viconia had reached Hendak now and was looking up at him. He’d already opened his pants and freed his cock and balls from their confinement. „ I want to see how good you are with your mouth. Start with the balls. And make it good!”
“Oh yes bitch, yes!” Korgan suddenly started yelling as he grabbed Violet’s hair and pulled her face to his crotch, burying her face in his balls, pushing his thick cock deep into her mouth. “I’m cumming in your fucking face! Swallow everything! Swallow nooow!” he exclaimed loudly as the girl began gagging at the waves of disgusting, sticky liquid that were shot into her mouth.
This made Hendak even more horny. “Get working on my cock!” he ordered the drow and laughed as her eyes glared with hatred. “And don’t break eye contact , I want you to look at me all the time.”
Viconia opened her mouth and slowly took the the tip of Hendak’s hard, long cock in. With her eyes still focused on slaver’s face she began moving her head forwards and backwards, moving along the shaft of the dick in her mouth. As impossible as it seemed, the instrument began to grow even more in her mouth. From time to time she stopped moving her head and just licked the cock, then withdrew her head and began moving her tongue along its shaft. Soon Hendak was moaning heavily although he still had impressive control and didn’t seem close to cumming. He impatiently grabbed the priestess’ hair and forced her warm, wet, sweet mouth on his dick again.
The fact that Korgan already blew his load didn’t stop the dwarf from abusing Violet. He still ordered her to keep her mouth on his dick forcing her to clean it with her tongue and to suck him as long as it was needed for him to become hard again.
Near him Edwin just started shouting in pleasure “Yes, yes, oh yes, you bitch, you whore, take my spunk, take my cum, you were born for it, yesss!” the mage loud as ever shouted as his cock was moving between the redhead’s breasts. The girl tried to concentrate on licking the tip of his cock but his nervous hands twisting her nipples made it difficult to contain moans of pain.
Meanwhile Sarevok, stood up from his chair and threw the petite elven girl to it. As soon as she was bent over the chair he began forcing his large cock between her bowels again, this time overcoming her resistance in one thrust and beginning to ride her in savage fury. He pushed his cock hard, burying it deep in her tight ass, making her squeal in absolute agony. Her shrieks were so arousing that even Therion finally stood up and approached her. With one quick move he pushed his dick into her mouth, making her gag on his tool. With his gaze travelling between the elf’s tormented, crying face and the show the drow was doing while sucking Hendak’s cock deep, he grabbed Lily’s face and began fucking it in earnest, listening to her cries of pain turning into muffled moans around his member.

He fucked her face hard and deep, enjoying the sensation of her mouth and gagging throat around his cock, though he kept his eyes on Viconia. The whore was not near as good as the drow or Imoen but she would do for the moment. It was obvious Sarevok thought the same the way he simply rammed his cock into the elf’s asshole, not even bothering with slapping or verbally degrading her. She was merely a tool for release at the moment. The thought made Therion grin.  Exactly the right attitude… Watching the drow intently, he continued to punish Lily’s face with his long, hard cock…
Hendak resisted taking Viconia’s head in his hands and simply rutting away…instead, he let the drow do the work, looking into her hate.filled eyes as she worked on his cock, caressing the hated tool with lips and tongue and even throat, taking him in deep every now and then, opbviously hoping to get him off soon. And it was working. Even with all his self-control, he got closer and closer, feeling his balls tighten as they prepared a load for this pretty dark slave…
On the other side of the room, Vala was gagging in disgust as the mage suddenly erupted, his cock shooting a long, thick stream of white cum over her face and massive tits, tits Hendak liked to molest himself quite often…they were nicely sensitive and she squealed so wonderfully when he hurt them…though at the moment she was merely revolted at being the recipient of a cum bath by the wizard, who kept thrusting his spraying cock back and forth between her tits, holding her head in place so she could not avoid the torrent of cum.  „ Don’t fight it…”, the mage grunted, „ you’re a whore…this is all you’re good for! Take my cum….”
The sight of this was enough to send Hendak over the edge. Groaning, he grabbed Viconia’s head and finally forced her down on his cock utnil her face was pressed into his crotch, her throat convulsing around his dick as he began to spray a huge wave of cum down her gagging throat. „ Hmmm….yesss…drink it…drink it all…swallow it….”, he mumbled, keeping her in place with one firm hand, despite her attempts to pull back as she felt overwhelmed by the amount of cum he fed her. Some of it began to spill from between her lips already when he finally pulled back, his cock slipping out just in time to shoot the last few drops onto her left cheek, the white fluid contrasting wonderfully with her dark skin.
Grinning, Hendak motioned to the others to take advantage of the drow, who was on her knees, coughing and wiping excess cum from her chin, shuddering with disgust and hatred, at herself and her tormentors.
But she would not be getting too much rest, for suddenly, the half-orc, standing closest, booted her in the side hard enough to knock the wind out of her and send her sprawling to the floor. „ Get on all fours, darkie! I want your ass!” he grunted, delivering another swift kick to her backside, making her grunt in pain, her nails digging into the floor as she fought the urge to try and gouge out his eyes.
As she scrambled up to her knees again, she heard him utter another command, „ and make me want your ass! Offer it to me!”

„Would… would you like to take… take me” she whispered finally.
“Louder! And say it as you mean it!” Hendak ordered, watching her in amusement.
“Would you… would you honor… this slave… and take her…” she started but the half-orc interrupted with another kick.
“Take what?!” he roared.
“Take… my… ass” Viconia said, adding the brute to her list of people that will have to pay some day.
“No need to ask me twice!” the huge man laughed, pulled down his pants, grabbed the drow by the hips and without any hesitation rammed his tool in her tight ass with one rapid thrust.
The priestess couldn’t help but yelp and pain and twist her body forwards in a vain attempt to avoid the inevitable assault. It was soon stopped, however, as the half-orc grabbed her white hair and pulled it, yanking her head backwards. Still holding her hair as if she were a horse he begin riding her, pushing himself deep and savouring the tight warmth of her fuckhole.
“Ughhh… ughhh… aaaa!” Viconia moaned and cried silently each time he thrust himself into her. His moaning suggested that he won’t last long, but it wasn’t much of a relief as all other men began surrounding her, impatiently waiting for her turn.
Meanwhile Therion, growing impatient, finally shot his load into the elf’s unwilling mouth, moving his cock in and out, until his victim swallowed almost every drop. The gargling soud Lily made as the liquid was forced in her throat, while still sobbing and moaning of Sarevok’s assault made the man raping her ass move even faster and drive his cock even deeper. Watching it with satisfaction Therion finally withdrew his cock, so just a small drizzle of saliva and cum connected it with the elf’s beautiful lips. He laughed and approached Hendak.
“I hope you like my show… and my slave” he said.
“Indeed” the slaver answered, watching as the half-orc begins to cum, loudly moaning as his dick was unloading his jism between Viconia’s bowels. “But it isn’t over yet, I presume.”
Indeed it wasn’t.
“Ughh! Yes! Take it!” the half-orc finally made the last moan and withdrew his cock, but the moment he was done, three men lifted the petitre drow and threw her on the table, shackling her arms and legs. Their hands were all over her, touching, groping, probing, twisting and playing with her.
“After they have their turn, I’m willing to try her other… charms” Hendak laughed.
“Naturally” Therion agreed “But what about your part of the bargain?”
“Yes, you wan’t to meet the head of the ring” Hendak said “I can arrange a meeting with her. Providing of course you can supply us with more of such slaves.”
“Of course” Therion lied, this time noting not only that the head of the ring is female, but also some tone of disdain or hatred towards, almost hidden in Hendak’s voice. That could be useful.
“Nnn- mpfff!” the men watched as Viconia’s started gagging on a cock brutally driven into her mouth, as another man was mercilessly raping her cunt with fast, long strokes. Another man looked at Hendak and when he nodded, began whipping the elf’s breasts, still seductively thrust upwards. Each time the whip landed on the perfect globes the drow made a muffled, sobbing sound, much to the enjoyment of all men present.
“We’ll meet tomorrow at midnight in the old sewers.” Hendak finally said “From there I’ll take your to our base… but you alone. That is the condition.”
Therion slowly nodded. There were many ways in which he could make sure that he had back-up.

The…”party” went on for three hours more and when they werre finally done, Hendak agreed to buy Viconia – who, by that time, was barely recognizable. They had whipped her tits and back brutally in between rapes, laughing when she cried out, the other slavegirls kneeling in front of the men, sucking their cocks to get them ready for another go at Viconia’s sore, well-abused holes. Viconia had spent at least one hour on the table, her cunt pounded by one man after another before they undid the shackles…so they could make her dance for them again, her body already covered in their cum, which added another level of humiliation to her ordeal.
Afterwards, Hendak had taken her ass violently, at the same time making her lick the cum that had fallen off the floor, smearing her face in the puddles with delight.
While Viconia had to bear the brunt of the sexual assaults, the other girls didn’t fare much better, being passed around like toys…and even though they had been harshly trained to not show too much of their misery, by the end, they were huddled in a corner, crying and hugging each other….a feat which Korgan was especially proud of.
When they were finally done and Viconia was lying on the floor, shivering, her dark skin covered in so much cum she was barely recognizable, Hendak and Therion sealed their deal with a handshake: Therion would get to see the head of the slaver ring and, if an agreement could be brokered between her and him, Hendak would get Viconia…and possibly other slaves Therion could provide.
Afterwards, the group took Viconia back to the smaller room, where Imoen was suffering from a vicious assault by one of the orcs, his massive cock pumping into her cunt while she whimpered against the gag, her face sticky with their cum. „ Hmmm…shall we let him have his fun?” Edwin asked, but Therion shook his head. „ We need to make plans for tomorrow. No need for that whimpering and grunting.”
Edwin shrugged and waved a hand, making the orcs disappear in a puff of smoke, leaving the crying Imoen alone on the bed. „ Darkie…clean my sister!” Therion grumbled and pushed the drow towards the bed where she half landed on top of the redhead.
He then turned around, not even bothering with her anymore. For now, she would be safe…if she obeyesd The hesitating slurping sounds told him that she did, lapping up the cum from Imoen’s face like a good obedient slave. He grinned. She was too exhausted and in pain to even consider resisting.
„ Hendak wants me to go alone…and I will”, he began, smiling, „ but not for long, of course.”
„ So, what did ya have in mind?” Korgan asked, propping down into one of the chairs, watching the scene on the bed with a filthy grin.
„ Edwin here will place his  arcane mark on my armor. That way, he can scry on me. When I need backup…or I want you to join in on the…fun i am expecting…if the head of the ring is pretty enough…then you can teleport in.”
„ Teleport, eh? And what’s ta say he won’t just magic us into a wall or somesuch?”Korgan asked, looking over at Edwin, who glared back.
„ My considerable skill with the arts, of course. Not that you would show any appreciation for it, you dumb, filthy oaf…”, Edwin said. Korgan glared back and Therion expected to have to stop them fighting once more. But the dwarf, apparently too tired, simply grunted, „ Let’s hope you know what yer doing…”
The day went fast, with the party focused both on preparations for their “hostile takeover” as well as with making the impression that they aren’t preparing for anything. Women were raped, of course, Hendak has also sent his prostitutes to entertain them. Therion knew, that he did so to keep an eye on the team but he appreciated the gesture nevertheless. When the time was near, Therion took Sarevok to the side.
“You know that I rarely have second thought” he started “But the fact that I’m going there alone makes it quite tempting for you to… betray me.” He said looking in his half-brother’s eyes.
The large man didn’t respond.
“No need to deny… it is what I would be doing on your place” he said and a slightest hint of smile appeared on Sarevok’s face. “Remember this: you have nothing to gain by betraying me, your divine essence is mine now and you won’t become a deity.”
“If I were considering it, I could be doing it for vengeance. A payback.”
“That is something I can understand” Therion responded “But think: what do you prefer – payback or power?”
“Go on.” Sarevok said.
“Remain loyal and when I will complete my ascension I’ll grant you your wish and make you my right hand and the harbinger of my will” Therion said, suddenly his eyes glazing with power.
“What guarantee do I have that you’ll fulfill your promise?” Sarevok asked.
“None. But think: Where I’m I’ll need an ally. And who would be better? Them?” Therion said in digust, gesturing towards Korgan and Edwin who were arguing. “We have a deal?”
“We have” Sarevok simply said and walked away.
Therion was staring at the wall for few heartbeats more. They had a deal but only time would tell if Sarevok follows it. He knew he could defeat him in combat, but a betrayal? He had to make sure. And the price wasn’t so high – he didn’t lie saying he’ll be needing an ally. And raising Sarevok to such power would have one additional advantage – Therion would control the amount of power he’d grant. Enough for his brother to be useful, not enough to be a threat.
When the team was ready, Therion took Viconia and went into the canals, to the rendezvous point with Hendak. The otyugh he encountered wasn’t a threat, but Therion felt alarmed that Hendak didn’t warn him about it. Was it some kind of a test? Finally, navigating through the wet sewers Therion met the slaver and his two guards in front of a reinforced steel door.
“Where does it lead?” Therion asked.
Hendak watched him cautiously. Therion didn’t put much of an armour apart from a light chainmail and was armed only in his sword, without the shield. Enough to make him dangerous but not enough to make him look dangerous.
“You have seen a grounded ship in the slums, have you?” Hendak finally said “That’s the hide-out.”
“Nice plan” Therion agreed “By the way Hendak, I think you are terribly underestimated and underused on your current position.” He said calmly.
“What do you mean?” the slaver’s eyes narrowed. Was he trying to convert him? But Therion didn’t say anything else.
“Let’s go” the slaver finally decided and gestured the guards to open the door.
After a long case of stairs, the group was on the inner deck of a real grounded ship. Apart from them, there were five other guards, some female mage, albeit rather a weak one and Captain Haegan who apparently was the leader of the guards and head of the security.
“Why does he have weapons!” he barked “Mistress won’t be pleased.”
Therion wanted to say something but Hendak quickly interrupted. “He’s but one man and surrounded. What can he do? And I assure you that he is no goody hero and has nothing to do with the guards.”
“Mistress won’t be pleased.” Haegan insisted.
“Come on” Therion finally sighed “You want more slaves like her, or not?” Therion asked, pulling the cloak of Viconia, and revealing her beautiful although bruised and tormented body, covered only in an outfit that was cut so that it revealed her abused tits as well as her ass and pussy.
Soldiers whistled in approval, seeing the goods, even Haegan’s jaw dropped a few inches. Before he could answer a door on the other side of the “room” were opened and a half-breed yuan-ti slipped in, a large, green creature with the body of a snake but human hands and head. He whispered something to the female mages ear.
“What does… it… say Kashiara” Haegan asked the wizard.
“Mistress want’s to see them now.” She replied.
Having run out of excuses the captain shrugged and gestured Therion to enter the door. He did so, pushing Viconia in front of him. The yuan-ti, Kashiara, Haegan, Hendak accompanied them. While he was walking down the corridor he saw cages with slaves on both sides – in one place adult males, mostly gladiators, on the other cage women of many races, mostly quite sexy and in the third children. This last sight summoned faint disgust. He didn’t have many standards but he didn’t see a point in enslaving the youngest – they died to quickly, before they paid the costs invested into them and they posed no challenge whatsoever. Well, it seems they served to feed the trolls or to keep their parents in line.
The yaun-ti opened the door on the other side of the corridor and slipped in. Therion entered, quickly assessing the room. It was small, with a nice, expensive desk in the middle, a bed in the corner (with shackles attached). On the floor there was a whole in which a cage was placed – at the moment empty. Two soldiers stood guard on two sides of the room, while behind the desk the head of the slavery ring was.
“Welcome Therion” she said with a faint hissing sound.

Therion was pleasantly surprised now that he finally came face to face with the head of the slaver ring. What stepped around the table was a slender, tall woman whose every single motion spoke of grace and sensuality. She had raven-black hair that fell down to her waist, braided artfully so as to keep it from falling into her face. Which would have been quite a shame, for her features were exotically, exquisitely beautiful. Her narrow face and sllgihtly slanted eyes were complimented by high, somewhat arrogant-seeming cheekbones and full dark lips. She wore a scarlet dress that hinted at her perfect figure, showing off just enough of her well-rounded breasts and hips to keep anyone interested. The fact that her entire skin was covered in small, green-tinted scales, did not detract in any way from her attractiveness. Therion couldn’t help but smile. This evening would be most entertaining…
„ I am pleased to meet you…sadly, no one of your…underlings saw it necessary to tell me your name”, Therion said, noticing the sharp glare he received from Hendak but deciding not to care about it. He could sway Hendak to his side soon enough.
„ I am Ssatha of House Extaminoss”, the Yuan-ti said, her voice soft as scales sliding over silk. She had considerable presence and a certain allure that would turn most men into her willing servants. Therion, however, was immune to it. He would certainly not serve her…oh no, he’d much rather have her on her knees before him.
„ Again, I am pleased”, Therion said, speaking very much the truth. „ Hendak here hass told me of your…offer”, Ssatha said, nodding towards Viconia, who’d had received strict orders not to speak on pain of punishments much, much worse than death. „ I assume, she hass performed well?” she turned to Hendak, who simply nodded, glaring at her the moment she looked away. Oh yes, there had been some bad blood in the past, that much was obvious. „ Good, good…I am alwayss looking to expand…there iss a great demand for ssex sslavess, but thesse are hard to procure…Hendak here ssaid you could help out…”
Therion nodded. „ Indeed I can. There are plenty of pretty girls out there who would make a fine addition to any brothel. I could use my contacts…and considerable power to bring them to you. Of course, before that can happen, we need to have some changes around here.” As the Yuan-ti threw him a confused look, he readied himself for the inevitable bloodshed, slightly stepping backwards.
„ What are you talking about?”Ssatha hissed, her cold eyes fixating him. „ Very easy. The children will be set free. The men will be sold but there will be no more male purchases. You will begin to train soldiers and cutthroats to abduct girls and to set up protection rackets for the illicit brothels you deliver to. Agree to this and you can keep on managing the operations here.” Therion’s voice was calm, but the cruel glimmer in his eyes would make most people shudder.
„ You will not make demandss of me! It would be besst it you paid me more resspect if you want to get out of here alive! Or sshould we jusst take the girl and cut you down, human?”A forked tongue agitatedly snuck out between her lips as her eyes blazed with anger. Therion smirked. It was so easy to goad them…women in power…always the same.
„ You have no idea what else I will do to you…”, Therion said calmly…then, in one fluid motion, drew his sword and decapitated the half-breed. „ Edwin, now would be a good time”, he said into thin air as the head of the monster hit the floor and he was suddenly forced to fend of Haegan and another guard while the mage prepared a spell. The sudden screams from his left and the crackling of lightning told him that, at the very least, the others were punctual…

Therion was retreating, parrying blows from Haegan and another guard, while the third one tried to walk behind him. Hendak after short hesitation also drew his sword and began to approach him. With a sudden thrust Therion pierced the man who was trying to attack him from behind and managed to lock the doors to prevent any reinforcements from coming.  This made him vulnerable to the attacks from his front and while he parried the blow of one guard, Hendak managed to wound him in his thigh. Now every step was causing pain but it was too little to stop him.
“You’ll pay for your arrogance!” Ssatha hissed, watching him.
With sudden fury Therion began moving foreward slashing wildly, forcing his two opponents to move back. He felt a hissing noise and immediately stepped sideways, avoiding a crossbow bolt fired by Ssatha. He smiled but the lighting flew from Kashiara’s hands hitting him and throwing him to the wall. His magical chainmail absorbed the main force but still he gritted his teeth as sparks were travelling on his armour. Even with his wounded thigh he managed to stand up in time to fend off his attackers…
… and then his party was there.
There was golden light and they appeared from thin air. In a heartbeat Korgan was next to him, swinging his axe. The blow fell on the guards leg and when he fell to his knees the second blow took off his head. Sarevok approached Kishiara and as she was trying to conjure some spell, he knocked her unconscious. Edwin’s missiles hit Haegan and when the spell forced him to lower his both Therion’s sword and Korgan’s axe took his life.
One had to give justice to Ssatha in one aspect – she was very, very quick. With one swift motion she threw a dagger and Edwin and hissed in satisfaction as the wound to the mage’s arm deconcentrated him. Then she throw some kind of orb to the floor and immediately the whole room was dark with smoke. Therion could only here the sound of some secret door being opened and then closed, but when the smoke fell down, the room was empty.
There wasn’t time to think though. The door to the room quickly were destroyed and six soldiers rushed in. Fortunately seeing how the situation looks like they quickly threw their weapons to the floor and surrender. Nevertheless Therion lunged forward, decapitating one, lashing out in his frustration of Ssatha’s escape. Then he heard this sound again. A part of the wall moved sideways revealing a hidden passage… from which Ssatha was thrown out. When she fell to the floor, Hendak appeared from the entrance laughing.
“I thought you’d like to speak more with this bitch… boss” he said, trying to look calm but even he flinched when Sarevok approached him.
“Let him live” Therion ordered.
“Traitor! I’ll have you killed!” Ssatha hissed but quickly fell silent as Sarevok lifted her, bent over the desk and tied her hands.
“You serve me now. Betray me and you’ll be begging for death… but serve me well and you’ll be rewarded.” Therion said to Hendak, watching as Korgan is also tying down Kashiara… of course groping the women as he was doing it.
“I’m the new boss and Hendak rules in my name when I’m away” Therion said to the guards who were watching in silence. “Now get out of my sight.”
Not even looking at them he approached Ssatha, who tried to struggle in Sarevok’s arms.
“Now I think you’ll listen more carefully to my… offer. But first…” he said reaching his arm and with one motion tearing down her red dress and revealing her slender, exotic body, her nakedness covered only by tiny panties – which also were torn away quickly. “But first you’ll learn who is the boss here.” He said bending her again against the desk.
“No! What are you doing?!” she asked shocked.
“Oh come on, don’t act surprised… with all those female slaves you have, you have to know what comes now!” Therion laughed.
“No, we can have a deal! I’ll pay you, just release me!” at least the woman had enough sense to negotiate instead of threatening, but it was also to no avail.
“I already have your slavery ring… there is nothing more you can give me… except pleasure” Therion laughed as he took out his rock hard cock.
“I’ll… a!” Ssatha hissed surprised as Therion put two fingers in her cunt, probing it.
“Oh shut up! Maybe I see a place for you in MY organization but thirst your place will be under me, to learn what it does it cost to cross me!”

He pushed his fingers in deeper, making her cry out again, noticing how the inside of her pussy felt a little bit more…rough and warm than that of a normal woman. Fucking her would certainly be interesting.  With a vicious smile on his face, he pushed her upper body down onto the surface of the table, inkjugs, quills, oin and paper all tumbling down as he forced the Yuan-ti to bend over, easily overcoming her attempts to escape, his two finger still nestled comfortably inside her cunt. By now, arousal had washed everything else away, allowing him to ignore the pain in his leg and focus on what lay ahead…quite literally. After one more deep thrust with his fingers just to hear her cry out again, he pulled out, leaning over her.
„ Feel free to scream”, he said, noticing with delight that, behind him, Kashiara had started to scream amidst the sounds of ripping clothing….Korgan probably couldn’t help himself once again.
„ Don’t…I have more…influence than you…think! If you do thiss…I’ll make life very difficult for you…”, she hissed, her heavy, quick breathing somewhat lessening the impact of her threat. Therion’s answer was to laugh…and deliver a hearty smack to her scaled ass which made her cry out again.
„ I’m sure you know a lot of people…and I’m also sure they would gladly follow me instead for steady profits and a chance to have a go at your tight, hot holes!” he said, then proceeded to rub his cockhead against the entrance to her cunt, chuckling with delight as she gasped and stiffened. This was only the prelude, of course…and a moment later, he began to force his hard shaft into her dry, unwilling cunt.
Ssatha threw her head back and screamed as his cock began to stretch her tight hole, her inner walls dry and just a little bit more rough. Therion sighed in deep pleasure, her hole feeling wonderful around his cock. Fucking her would be a real delight. „ Hnnnaaaaaaaa! Nooo…no…”, she hissed, trying to wriggle out from underneath him, her movements sending shivers of pleasure along his cock as he pushed it in inch by inch. He had to admit, she was very flexible, almost managing to escape him before he pushed her against the table harder, smacking the back of her head hard enough to daze her. She whimpered as her sizable breasts were pressed flat against the wooden surface of the table.
„ Noooo…take it out! By Sseth! It hurtsss…”, she hissed, thrashing about while he held her steady, drilling his entire length into her, moaning as he felt her engulf him so warmly. „ Oh yes…you will be a great fuck…”, Therion said, laughing. Slowly, he began to pull back, then to ram his entire length into her again, his thrusts deep and hard and merciless, rejoicing in her screams of pain while he raped her.
Behind him, he heard Kashiara’s desperate plea, „ No, please, no…no, plhsssh” as her words were cut off, most likely by Korgan’s cock given her loud gagging only moments afterwards. But at the moment, Therion had little inclination to waste his thoughts on his companions. Fucking this arrogant bitch felt almost as good as raping Imoen or Viconia…and if he wouldn’t have need of an obedient slave to run this ring, he’d have considered taking her with them…but as things stood, he would have to simply take her whenever the group stopped by…
Ssatha writhed and squirmed underneath Therion, cringing in intensive pain whenever she wasn’t screaming. She had never felt so utterly powerless, so utterly…violated. People used to obey her! There had never been a time when she couldn’t have gotten everything she wanted from humans by simply glaring hard enough…but this man was different…he had no respect for power, or coin or connections…all he knew was personal strength…and he had used it against her in the most degrading manner possible.
Again, he pounded deeply into her, forcing Ssatha to scream out her pain and rage. Never before had she been fucked by such a big cock…it felt like he was ramming a log up her cunt, stretching it wide…not caring one bit that she was unprepared and unwilling…only caring for his own pleasure, using her like a toy….Another scream of rage and frustration erupted from her, her nails digging into the surface of the desk as she was helpless to prevent her brutal rape…
Viconia had hoped to remain unnoticed during the commotion and maybe use it to escape but Sarevok had kept an eye on her and the magical sigil branded onto her would make flight useless without killing the mage first…not that she was capable of thinking about that at the moment, for said mage had decided to use her to take out his frustrations…he’d simply pushed her onto her back and was currently punishing her cunt with his cock while at the same time casting spell after spell on her, bathing her entire body in absolute agony just to feel her hole squeeze around his cock as she spasmed in pain…apparently, getting hurt sparked his sadism like nothing else…

“Oh yes, you like it, yes you drow like pain don’t you, yes…” he continued whispering between invocations as he kept pounding her pussy. His assault was so surprising and so brutal that Viconia had no time to prepare herself for the ordeal. The mage was fucking her with the brutality on par with that of Korgan. All the time  her body was burning in agony and torment as his spells tortured every inch of her.
That aroused Edwin even more. He grinned as a madman when Viconia twisted her body, which almost felt as if though she was fucking him back. Her legs were kicking in vain and her tits were rubbing against the red robe. His arousal was so high that soon he began moaning heavily as he began approaching climax.
“Take it, whore, take it!” he yelled as his cock began shooting wave of cum while the drow’s pussy was squeezing his cock almost miling every drop of his jism. Finally he raised himself and spat at the face of the lying elf.
Viconia knew her fate well enough that she didn’t sigh in relief – and she was correct, as soon Sarevok was looming over her. He grabbed her arm and effortlessly turned her around. He grabbed her hips and without saying a word plunged his cock into her asshole, pushing himself deep in one thrust.
“Aaaa!” she cried, feeling burning pain radiating from her tight fuckhole. He began riding her, making her gasp and moan each time he buried himself.
“Yes, nothing gives such a desire to fuck as good combat…” he laughed “And nothing sates this hunger as well as raping some bitch’s asshole.”
As he kept pushing himself in, making Viconia scrape the floor with her tits, Korgan just erupted a move of his jism into Kashiara’s clothes.
“Try to cast a spell now!” the dwarf laughed as the mage was coughing and spitting cum from her mouth. He leaned over and began twisting her nipples, laughing as the woman cried in pain gagging on cum that still filled her throat.
Therion was watching this with pleasure as he kept raping Ssatha’s cunt. “Oh yes, you are so agile… I’ll have ways to test your… flexibility… to the limts.” He said gasping “But that will be later… now… take… this!” he grinned twisting her nipples and her cry of pain was what pushed him over the edge. The yuan-ti gasped in shame and agony as she felt gallons and gallons of cum into her cunt.

Therion continued to pound her abused pussy until he was completely spent, having shot his entire load into her while she writhed and cried out in shame and pain. Sighing, he pulled out of her, delivering another hard smack to her ass. „ That was decent for a start…but don’t think we’re done with you yet!” he laughed. „ Haven’t you…had enough?” she asked, her voice trembling with exhaustion and the residual pain radiating from her abused cunt. Therion noticed with some satisfaction that she was still looking him in the eye as she stared back at him, a tiny flicker of anger still visible despite her recent brutal rape.
„ Hendak, you wanted a few…words with her as well, right?” Therion said, unable to hdie the smug smirk on his face as he stepped back and saw Ssatha’s expression while she watched Hendak step forward and open his pants. „ Indeed…boss”, the slaver said, advancing on his former superior.
Turning around, Ssatha tried to move backwards but only succeded in bumping against the table with her well-formed ass. „ No…you won’t lay a finger on me, traitor…”, she hissed, her words making Hendak laugh at their sheer futility. „ I will…”, he said, reaching out to grab a fistful of her hair, yanking her head backward, the motion eliciting another yelp of pain from her lips. With his other hand, he casually slapped her…once….twice….thrice….six times until she was dazed, her scaled cheeks darkened. She’d brought up her arms to defend herself but she was agile, not strong and he’d simply swatted her hands away.
„ I watched you degrade me time and again, you stupid, snake-tongued bitch!” he snarled, spitting into her face. „ I watched you bathe in gold while I had to do with the scraps you left me! But the worst was when you said you’d rather fuck that Otyugh than let me touch you…while you let Haegan climb over you at every opportunity.” Therion felt his spirits heighten. So there had been unresolved tension between them. Very good…and always useful. He’d make sure his followers would never have to wait until a woman allowed them to fuck them…he’d give them the strength to take whatever they wanted…cunt, ass or mouth…
He turned around to look at the others. Sarevok was still busy ramming his cock into Viconia’s ass while the drow cringed, gasped and grunted in pain and Korgan made Kashiara scoop the overspilling cum from her face and tits and lick it off her fingers, kicking the crying mage in the side to get her to swallow faster.
Hendak had grabbed Ssatha and slammed her back onto the table, now looming over her as she tried to crawl backwards, allowing both him and Therion to admire her sinuous curves and the gentle play of of light on her scaled skin. If he wouldn’t have need of her organisational talents, Therion would be able to become a rich man just by selling her alone.
Ssatha’s cheeks were still dark from his slaps, her wind kncoked out of her as he’d slammed her back onto the table, making the pain she already felt that much worse…but even worse was the added humiliation of allowing the man she’d always loved to tease have his way with her…and she could do nothing to prevent it…especially not now that her first rapist was watching them….a scream of shame and frustration built up within her but she wouldn’t yet let it out…she would not give them the satisfaction yet again…at least for as long as she could hold out.
With strong arms, Hendak grabbed Ssatha’s legs and forced them upward, bending them over her body so that her pussy and asshole were both exposed for him, leaving her in a helpless and humiliating position as he leaned forward and whispered into her ear, „ From now on…you’ll call me master…and you’ll treat me as if I was a god…or you’ll suffer much much worse than this…”just as he guided the head of his cock towards the entrance of her cunt…

“Yes… god…” it was curious how similar Hendak was to Therion. Well, for his sake it would be better if he wasn’t too similar. All was it a completely different matter? Did all men feel like gods when they were raping unwilling cunts? A great orgasm sure felt like a bit of heaven and the victims resembled sacrifices. If it was true, then Therion’s domain had the possibility to become stronger than he thought it was possible. Contemplating this matters, he smiled as he watched Hendak drive his cock into Ssatha’s cunt.
“Aaaa!” the woman gave a piercing scream as she felt his dick fill her. After the previous rape she felt all sore and because of this the pain was even greater. Also, as the man began pumping her savagely, to her horror she discovered that with her legs raised like this, he could penetrate her to an enormous depth, making her squeal each time he pushed himself in. “Sstop!” she hissed, her face burning with pain from his slaps but burning with shame all the more.
She wanted to plead with him, beg for him to stop. She wanted to say that she’d give him everything, money, power, everything if he just drew his sword, summon the guards and order them to kill Therion. But as he continued thrusting, piercing her insides with pain with each shove, she realized that there was nothing he could give her, what Therion couldn’t reward him with. Correction: there was one thing she could give him but it seemed Hendak was taking it without her consent.
“You’re done with her?” Therion stood over Kashiara as she continued licking her fingers from the dwarf’s cum. She tried to concentrate and do it as quickly as possible to save herself from his vicious kicks that were falling on her.
“Yeah… but she squeals nicely” The dwarf laughed.
“Well, so enough with her already” Therion grabbed the mage’s arm, effortlessly lifted her and began dragging her towards the door. “Korgan, you’re with me.” He ordered and didn’t even look as the warrior stood and grabbed his axe. He opened the door and left the room, followed by the screams by Viconia, that were becoming louder as Sarevok’s thrusts were becoming more savage as he was approaching climax and by Ssatha’s piercing wails.
Yuan-ti’s screams became even more panicked as Hendak finally withdrew his cock from her cunt, grabbed her hard nipples and twisted them. As she screamed he rammed his dick into her exposed ass, violating what seemed to be a formerly virgin fuckhole and making her cry out in absolute torment.
“Take it bitch!” Hendak’s laughter was the last thing Therion said as he closed the door and began walking down the corridor.
He opened the door to the main deck and entered, not even slowing down as he noticed twenty or so soldiers talking angrily, surely discussing their present situation. He stopped only as four crossbows were aimed at him, but even then he didn’t show fear, just bend over and whispered something to Korgan’s ear. The dwarf vanished into the corridor behind him.
“There has been a… power shift here” he said with a loud, clear voice. “But it changes nothing for you… except that you will be paid MORE.” He exclaimed, which was rewarded by few cheers from the back – the majority of soldiers still stood silently.
“You will be given a choice of women, those that you were only allowed to look at” he pointed “There are two simple rules you have to follow: the first is: Obey me! The second is: Obey me! And if I’m not here obey Hendak. And to show you that I’m not lying…”
The door behind opened and six cute, nubile women run to the deck, followed by Korgan with his axe.
“They are yours” Therion said and threw Kashiara to the floor “As is the mage. Use them how you wish and after this you may decide what you will do. Either you stand by me… or try to stop me and die. The choice is yours.”
Without another look, Therion turned around and entered the corridor, closing door after Korgan.
“What a waste” the dwarf complained “after they’re done, the girls won’t be worth so much.”
“Their loyalty and the continuous operation of our business is worth more” Therion replied “We will cover these losses soon.” He said as he entered the room where the rest of his party was having fun.

Hendak had not yet finished with Ssatha, moaning as he pushed into her exposed anus with deep, hard strokes, the sound of her cries and squeals of pain pure music to Therion’s ears. Viconia’s ass was free of cock for the moment, the drow having crawled into a corner, hoping to avoid further notice, her back and ass covered in a layer of Sarevok’s cum. Him  and Edwin were content, for the moment at least, to watch the painful, degrading rape of Ssatha, most likely too spent to take Viconia again right now.
„ How did it go, brother?”, Sarevok asked after an aside glance before turning his attention back to the rape he was witnessing. „ No problems, I’d say. If a few of the slaves we capture go to them each time – and that shouldn’t be that much of a loss – I have their loyalty. Maybe even their prayers eventually.”
„ Yes…take it, you arrogant, selfish whore! Take my cum!” Hendak exclaimed, backhanding Ssatha time and again as he grunted, his cock spewing load after load right into her tight, clenching ass, eliciting new cries of pain and shame from his victim. Only when he had finished did he stop his slaps and his merciless pounding of her once-virgin fuckhole, releasing his hold on her. Gasping, whimpering, Ssatha slid off the table, covering against it. She did not cry, but Therion wasn’t sure if she was just holding the tears back, much like Viconia, or if Yuan-Ti couldn’t cry in general. But the expression of utter shame and misery on her face more than made up for the lack of tears.
„ You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that”, Hendak said, grinning as he stuffed his cock back into his pants. „ Oh, I think I do”, Therion responded, „ I can consider our deal sealed now?”
Hendak nodded. „ There’s no way I’m going back to the way things were…” A smirk appeared on Therion’s face. „ Good. Then get some of the guards that aren’t…busy with the girls at the moment and free the children. If I ever see another child brought in here, especially now that the ring serves a different purpose, I am going to kill every single one of you. I’m not that kind of monster.” Hendak nodded in agreement. „ Good…and after we’re done with Ssatha here, she is yours for the night..”
He turned back to Ssatha as Hendak hurried out to fulfill his new boss’ wishes. „ Uhm, boss?” Korgan said as Therion made another step towards the covering former ringleader. „ What is it, Korgan?” Therion asked, though he pretty much already knew what would happen next…and he didn’t mind it one bit.
„ Whaddaya think? We watched you ‘have fun with that snaky bitch, then your new mook and now? Maybe we ought to get in on tha action, too?”
„A good idea, actually. I wonder how different she will feel”, Edwin remarked. Therion considered it for a moment before nodding. Of course he wouldn’t keep them from having their fun, but he still needed to appear as if he considered saying no. „ Go ahead”, he finally said, much to Korgan’s pleasure and Ssatha’s horror.
„ No…no, pleasse sstop! Haven’t you done enough? I’ll do…everything you wishh…but I can’t take anymore!” she screamed, scrambling up to her feet even though she could barely stand after the two vicious rapes she’d already been through. „ My dear”, Therion calmly stated as his three companions advanced upon her, „ It is never enough. But you’ll learn that soon, I’m sure.”
No amount of screaming and pleading helped. Only moments later, Ssatha learned that all she had experienced up to this point was blissful compared to what she suffered through now, with Korgan ramming his thick cock into her ass from behind, Edwin making her deepthroat his cock in his usual, torturously slow way and Sarevok’s cock buried deep in her sore cunt, the horrible triple rape eventually finished with the three men spraying their cum all over her face and leaving her there, shattered, hurting and shamed beyond words….
Therion watched this with much satisfaction while having Viconia suck his cock which she did with the usual mixture of effort and disgust. Later on, when Hendak returned, he had Ssatha cleaned and gave her to Hendak for the night while he and his companions took their much-needed rest – after mercifully freeing Imoen from the orcs once more.
In the morning, the group gathered in the backroom again, waiting for Hendak and Ssatha to arrive. When they did, Therion did not even try to hide his broad grin. Hendak had procured one of the slave leashes and an iron collar and was walking Ssatha into the room, the once-proud Yuan-ti crawling on all fours before them. There were marks on her back indicating that the last night had not merely involved rape but also the liberal use of a whip. Oh yes, Therion approved…as a temporary base, he couldn’t have chosen better.
„ So, what now?” Hendak asked, completely ignoring Ssatha for the moment, who seemed rather glad about it. „ Fairly easy. For the moment and until we have a better place, this will become our home. I’ll leave the minutiae of the slave trade to you…after all, you’ve done well without supervision before. You already know the new demands…no children, no men. I also expect you to recruit capable men and women to act as hunters. I don’t trust the Yuan-Ti and besides, they’re much too slow.” He paused until Hendak had nodded in understanding before continuing, „ All the keeping, guarding and arrangement of sales will fall to her.” He pointed at Ssatha, then knelt down to take her chin in his hand, forcing the beaten woman to look into his eyes.
„ You will do the same as you’ve always done but now, Hendak is your boss and master. You will obey him in every way…but I guess he made that clear in the bedchamber already. When we are around and ask anything of you, you will obey us…especially if we desire one of your holes for a quick fuck. Disobey and flee and I WILL find you and I WILL make you beg for death. Is that understood?”
Ssatha didn’t respond, but just gulped and her terrified look told Therion that she will be obedient. That wasn’t good enough for Hendak. Relishing in his new power over his former boss, he slapped the woman hard.
“Say it!” he barked an order.
“Yes… massster…” Ssatha said “I won’t run… I’ll… I’ll obey” she said hating this word.
“Good” Hendak smiled “Now go and check our revenues again. And think about a way to deal with these pesky Ragskulls.”
“Yes… massster” the yuan-ti woman said and left the room. Soon, clothed again (but without underwear so Hendak could have an easy access) she went to her room.
“Ragskulls?” Therion asked “Is there a problem?”
“With such a pathetic name? I doubt that” Sarevok smirked.
“They are a rival slaver group, made mostly of orcs, hobgoblins and orogs.” Hendak explained “They are funded by lords of Calimshan.”
“Are there any problems with them?” Therion asked, but suddenly turned to the other woman in this room. “Hey, we are going to discuss something. Entertain us.”
“Hell yeah” Korgan smiled and stood up. “Darkie, crawl here and ride my cock” he said and laughed as he saw utter revulsion on her face.
“There are only two chicks here, let me call at least one more.” Hendak said and called one of his guards “Get Violet” he ordered and smiled to Therion, who in turn nodded with approval.
Later, when the terrified sex-slave came the orgy began. Korgan had already shot his load up Viconia’s ass and he merely had his dick sucked while Edwin was raping her cunt with long, steady strokes. Sarevok mounted Imoen, riding his sister from behind, laughing and mocking his sister each time she cried in pain and using her red hair like a harness.
Meanwhile Hendak and Therion were doing Violet from both ends, Hendak loving the feeling of the girls throat as she gagged around his dick, especially each time Therion entered her still tight cunt and twisting her tits.
“Mffff” she sobbed and tried to plead as she was continuously abused. Only when each person shot his round, Imoen and Violet were forced to lick each others cunts, in a 69 position, tasting their own cunt juices mixed with cum. Sarevok and Korgan where motivating them to go faster by whipping their already sore bodies. Meanwhile the drow was crawling from one man to another, sucking their cocks until her mouth was sore and lips swollen and even then she wasn’t allowed to stop.
“So, what was it with the Ragskulls?” Therion asked as the drows hot mouth enveloped his dick, her nimble tongue caressing him.
“They own the mountains, raiding villages there… and what is more annoying attacking our caravans and stealing our slaves.” Hendak almost spitted his words “We tried to prepare an ambush once but they massacred our group. We hired two bands of mercenaries but nothing again.”
“So you stopped? Whimps” Korgan laughed.
“Its cheaper to accept them as a cost of conducting business and tolerate some… losses than to prepare another actions.”
“Than we will deal with them ourselves” Therion smiled grabbing Viconia’s hair, pulling her face to him, burying her in his crotch, as his cock began to spurt another load of cum dwon her throat.  

Reluctantly, seething with hatred towards her masters, the drow swallowed, gagging hard on the semen spewed down her throat, Therion holding her head firmly, not allowing her to back away until he’d shot his entire load after which he pushed her backwards. Viconia gasped and sputtered but before she could recover, Hendak had bent down and grabbed a fitstful of her white hair, forcing her back onto her knees and pressing his balls against her lips which she reluctantly began to lick.
„ I’ll let this slide for once”, Therion said to Hendak, „ but in the future I expect you to deal with such a situation on your own. As I said, train capable warriors and hunters even if this will cut into our profits.” He waited till Hendak nodded. „ Good…but for now, we can deal with the situation. Do you know where their main camp is?” And amidst the sound of crying girls, cracking whips and the slurping of the drow, Therion’s mind was already cooking up a plan…

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