Five: Introducing Aerie

Gurog grunted in frustration as he watched the terrified slaves huddled up in the large rothe-hide tent. There were some strong specimens among them, those who had put up a fight but were no match for his warband. Those he would sell to his usual contacts down south when they had recovered from their battle wounds. They were not the reasons for his frustration, though…after all, their presence here indicated his earlier success.

No, the worst thing was the request Lord Yaddir had made, the demonologist who supplied some of the better arms and equipment the warband used to defeat even more powerful enemies….he’d wanted girls. Now, that would not have been a problem as such, but he had specifically stated that he needed virgins. So, even though they had raided another village only recently, they were forbidden from sampling the spoils of war as they usually did. The Orog cursed in his brutish native tongue as he let his gaze linger on a particular captive…a young, frail-looking elven girl whom they’d caught a few days earlier and who’d since existed in a perpetual state of utter horror and misery. Gurog liked that. He’d have liked it even more to be allowed to plunge his cock into that tight elven snatch, but that would negate all his dealings with Yaddir..and without magical arms and potions, the Ragskulls would be just as weak as any other.
He’d considered tearing off her clothes at least but that would make his frustration even worse…looking without touching was of no interest to him. Grunting in anger, he turned around and left the tent again. The night was chilly here, up in the mountains, but no one seemed to mind. Orogs were used to much worse climates, his hobgoblin soldiers has their fur and the normal orcs were probably too dumb to notice.

They’d set up camp close to the road – in fact, from their vantage point, the smoke from the last settlement that had suffered through a „visit” from the Ragskulls could still be seen. Since Amn was by no means a unified country, Gurog had no reason to be afraid. He had 120 men at his disposal, far better equipped than most other warbands.

As he made his way through the camp, Gurog noticed all too clearly that he was not the only one suffering from Yaddir’s edict. As always, when tensions could not be relieved, fights broke out…and a lot of them. He had to break up two alone on the way to his own tend, one by smashing in one of the troublemakers’ skull…a very satisfying experience but ultimately lacking.

The two hobgoblin guards saluted as he approached and Gurog went past them without sparing another thought about them…he just wanted a good drink and this trip to be over so he could once more force himself onto some luckless girl.

Gurog hesitated as he stepped into the tent. Something was wrong…something tickled his sensitive nose. He sniffed the air and growled. The scent of a human…

He instinctively drew his sword as his eyes searched the tent. There was a sudden gust of wind and a man was standing in front of him. But not any man. A true warrior and a killer. Armored in plate mail with shield bearing some foreign sigil and a exquisite longsword.

“I don’t usually talk with dead people… but who in Nine Hells are you?!”
“Name is Therion and I’m the man who will kill you, destroy your ragtag band of misfits, oh and steal your slaves.” The man answered approaching slowly “Nothing personal, really. You just made the mistake of crossing the wrong person.”
“I only have to shout and my warriors will be swarming over you.” The orog smiled.
“Unless they have something else on their mind” Therion answered and his words were followed by an explosion.
Gurog immediately turned his head but quickly realized his mistake and turned to Therion again, raising his blade. The man however was not attacking, just spoke some strange words.
“Guards!” Gurog yelled… or he wanted to yell as no sound came out of his mouth. Therion only smiled and lunged forward slashing with his sword.

Meanwhile Edwin’s fireballs hit the mercenaries, killing at least ten of them and what was more important set the tents on fire adding to the confusion. Rain of flaming arrows, fired by twenty summoned hobgoblins and ten mercenaries borrowed from Hendak.
The Ragskulls were well organized however quickly regrouped and run towards the archers positions. Almost thirty of them died but quickly they swarmed their position. The hobgoblins died and while the mercenaries resisted longer they also were defeated. Accidentally those ten soldiers were the ones who were most loyal to Ssatha. Meanwhile, ten soldiers who guarded the cages with slaves died almost instantly as Korgan and Sarevok came upon them.

Gurog slashed with his sword, the impact of his blow forcing Therion to his knees. Another slash was blocked with the shield but it sent it flying to the other side of the tent. When the orog prepared himself to deal the killing blow, green light emerged from Therion’s hand and hit the slaver leader. He felt lifeforce escape him and at the same time Therion’s wounds were becoming less serious. He raised, parried two blows, dived beneath the orog’s blade and finally pierced Gurog’s heart.
As the Ragskull survivors returned to the camp after defeating the archers, they found all the guards left at the camp dead. Instead Therion, Sarevok, Korgan and Edwin were standing there, backed up by another ten summoned orcs.
“Your leader is dead” Therion said, tossing Gurog’s head. “We’re taking the slaves and you may leave. Don’t ever cross me again.”
“And if not?” One of the soldiers asked. He quickly calculated the odds – fifty mercenaries left, vs. Therion and his team.
“You die.”
“So be it!” he laughed and run forward, only to be struck down by Korgan’s throwing axe. Two fireballs quickly hit the mercenary group and as soon as flames vanished, Therion, Korgan, Sarevok and the orcs were among them – slashing and thrusting their blades. The Ragskulls had the numerical advantage but it wasn’t enough.
Soon the members Therion’s party – injured but victorious – drove the slaves to the place where they left Viconia and Imoen tied. The girls were laying on the ground, tied tightly together with connected by a double-ended dildo rammed down their cunts. This time Edwin couldn’t spare any spell to summon guards, but there were tied well enough. As his lackeys were tending to their wounds, Therion began to evaluate the “liberated” slaves.
Aerie’s heart was still racing, hammering in her chest as she stared at their „liberators”. All the time she had hoped that a hero would come to save her, had prayed to all the elven gods that they might send someone. But she hadn’t expected something like this…the group had torn through the camp like a thunderstorm, massacring the slavers…and even though a hopeful murmur had arisen among the huddled slaves, it quickly died down when the intruders came into the tent and dragged them outside. Something was wrong with them…they did not help the weak or injured, merely dragged them forward or even punished them with well-placed kicks if they didn’t move fast enough.
The one in the elaborate plate armor seemed to be their leader, carrying himself with an aura of power and desire so strong it was almost tangible. Each time Aerie laid eyes upon him, her heart pounded inside her, her body almost going rigid with primal fear.  He’d led the small trek together with another huge man in dark plate, his face covered by a horned helmet, a wizard who kept muttering to himself…and an incredibly ugly dwarf who had thrown lustful, leering glances at some of the half-naked girls in the group of slaves. Aerie, still somewhat fit despite her fear, had done her best to keep herself hidden amidst the crowd, her slight frame and lithe build helping, even though she still felt clumsy, earthbound as she was now. In her dreams, she was still flying and tears covered her cheeks each time she awoke to this cruel reality once more.
But there was no dwelling upon this at the moment, for all her attention was taken up by the sound of horrified gasping among the slaves and the sight that greeted her when she snuck between them to see where they had been taken. What she saw there made her heart skip a beat. The small clearing was surrounded by three wagons laden with large cages, fit for taking in a dozen or more people…this alone told her that her „rescuers” were anything but…what she’d hoped to be a group of heroes coming to their rescue full of righteousness and fury was instead just another group of slavers…
And if that wasn’t worse enough, there was the sight of the two women lying in the center of the clearing….a human girl, redheaded and crying softly and a drow, her expression one of helpless fury. Normally, the sight of a drow would have struck fear into Aerie’s heart but at the moment, she just felt pity….for both women were bound tightly, their hands tied behind their backs, their mouths stuffed with makeshift gags…and a large wooden wand or somesuch had been placed into their…their cunnies, joining them together obscenely. Their most intimate holes, exposed for all to see, were stretched tightly around the intruding object in a way that couldn’t be comfortable…
Aerie could hear several of the women cry out, trembling in fear, but there was nothing they could do. One man tried to fight his way out together with his young daughter, a sweet half-elven girl of maybe 18 years but he was brutally knocked down by the dwarf, the girl pushed back into the crowd, crying out as the dwarf used the opportunity to squeeze her breasts painfully. Aerie shuddered. She’d never lain with a man but she knew enough to know what the other girls were afraid of….and what she should fear, too…
„ Alright now, stop the whining and chatting!” the man in the plate armor said, stepping in front of the crowd. „ My name is Therion and I am your new master! Yes, you heard me right…I am not going to save you! What I AM going to do is give you a few orders. If you obey, you will live. If not, you will die just as easily as that orcish scum at the camp! Now….”, he said, his words like knives prickling Aerie’s skin. Every word dripped with pure malice and a certainty that allowed no dissent. Even as the  other slaves moaned and groaned, some of the younger girls and children even crying, no one else dared make the same mistake as the father and his daughter. No, just like Aerie, they were waiting for his next words, with bated breath and pounding heart.
„ Men, old women and children move over there!” he said, pointing at a spot near the treeline. Immediately, the other companions of his started prodding and kicking at the slaves until they were beginning to move. As the crowd thinned, the others began to survey the female slaves who were left, shoving the ugly ones into the same direction as the men. Aerie, her palms slick with sweat, tried to make herself seem as unassiming as possible. Maybe, if she could avoid their attention entirely, she could sneak away later…
But that little dream was shattered all too soon when a grubby hand reached out and grabbed her by the hem of her dress, dragging the Avariel out of the crowd, squealing in surprise. Falling to her knees, she looked into the eyes of the dwarf…and the fire that burned in these eyes was anything but wholesome. „ Boss…from now on, you can keep your sister to yourself…if I get her!”
“I can keep her?” Therion asked with a threatening calm.
“Yeah, poor choice of words” Korgan barked “Can I have her?” he insisted.
“Sure, help yourself” Therion shrugged.
“See sweetie? You’re mine now!” the dwarf laughed pushing her to the ground. He quickly leaned forward, grabbed her gown and tore it from her with swift move. The girl cried in shock and then in pain as Korgan pinched her breast. “I’m going to fuck you raw.”
The poor elf trembled as he pulled out his thick dick.
“I’m gonna fuck you until you can’t move a part of your body” he repeated.
“No, please! Pleasee!” she cried as the stronger assailant began forcing her legs apart. “No… I’ve never… never… been with a man before!”
“What?” Therion suddenly turned his head. “Get off her, dwarf”
“What? You said…” Korgan protested in anger.
“And I’m changing my mind. Leave her alone.”
For a heartbeat it felt as if the dwarf was going to attack his boss but he finally relented and took a step aside.
Like a true gentleman Therion offered his hand to the girl. She hesitated for a moment, but not wanting to anger the man, she accepted it.
“You are really a virgin, girl?” he asked.
“Yes… yes sir” Aerie’s face blushed beautifully with shame, unaccustomed to speaking about such intimate matters with a stranger. But she had to, perceiving her virginity to be the only thing protecting her from a horrible fate. “We all are” she said, hoping this will protect also the other women. How little did she now?
“All?” Sarevok, who along with Edwin was pushing women to the carts laughed. “That sounds like fun”
“Be careful not to spoil too many of the goods. The price drastically goes down” Therion ordered. Aerie watched in horror, hearing the completely emotionless voice of the man, whom for a heartbeat she thought to be her rescuer. “I’ll let you have her dwarf” Therion said slowly, observing the elf’s face go pale with the terrible realization. “But since she is… so innocent it is only fair that I’ll sample her goods first.”.
“Sounds right” Korgan said with an evil smile “I wanted her ass nevertheless. Elves are so tight…”
“What… what do you mean… please don’t… let him…” Aerie started pleading, but Therion silenced  her efficiently by slapping her. When she fell to her knees again he just stood admiring her body and a nasty grin appeared on his face.
She was truly the greatest prize among the whole bunch. Her long blonde hair was the colour of gold and her face spoke of youth and innocence, her delicate elven features emphasizing her innocence even more. Wide, fearful eyes the colour of the sky itself looked up at him while her soft lips trembled as she knelt there, unsure of what to expect now, only knowing that it wouldn’t be anything good. One hand reached up to cup her cheek as the first tears began to spill from her eyes.
It got even better, Therion thought, as he let his gaze wander further down. Her breasts were perfect, a bit smallish but well-rounded, just asking for a belt or a whip to slash across them…or hands to pinch and squeeze…Therion felt himself getting harder and harder with each passing moment. As she knelt there, he could not take a good look at her cunt but he could see that, like all elves, she had no pubic hair whatsoever, making her seem even younger…
„ Stay where you are…don’t dare to move!” Therion ordered her, then began to circle her, looking down to catch a good glimpse of her ass. And what a perfect, bubbly ass it was! Oh yes, it was almost as good as Viconia’s and he wondered if it would be even tighter…but he would find that out later. It was almost a shame he had promised her to Korgan but the dwarf did deserve some part of the loot after tagging along somewhat reliably. Besides, as the lord and master of them all, he would have the opportunity to have her whenever he wanted. Like right now…
„ What’s your name?” he asked when he’d rounded her, smiling down at her in a manenr that sent icy shivers down her spine. „ A…Aerie…”, she said, still rubbing her stinging cheek. „ I am Therion…it’s a pleasure to meet you” Therion smirked…if only she knew how much more he’d hurt her today…
Aerie tried to be brave and swallow back the tears but she was way too afraid. Her heart raced and she could practically feel their hungry, leering gazes on her, especially the dwarf’s…what had he meant by his comment about her ass…did he really want to…the mere idea made her shudder in dread. „ Please…”, she whispered to Therion, hoping to appeal to his better nature…after all, he was a human, not some wild, savage orc, „ Please…let us go…we’ll always be grateful and the favour of the gods of light will surely be with you…”
„ You know what?” Therion said after a moment’s consideration. Aerie, already relieved that he had not hit her again, allowed herself a flicker of hope as she gazed upon his thought ful expression…hope that was about to be crushed when he responded to his own question, „ I do not give a damn about the gods of light…if they had any real power, would they have not struck me down? Yet, here I am. So, I couldn’t care less about their favour! I care about other things…much better things…like making you do something else with your mouth instead of talking!”
He’d already loosened the codpiece of his armor and now let it fall to the floor, pulling out his manhood. Aerie’s heart skipped a beat. She hadn’t lied…she truly was a virgin…she had never touched a man’s member, nor ever allowed a man to touch her in her most intimate places…and now this monster would defile her? Panicking, she tried to scramble backwards, mouthing a desperate, „ No, nooo”, until she bumped into Korgan who was still watching the scene. Laughing, the ugle dwarf pushed her forward again with enough force to make her fall against Therion’s legs, his cock slapping against her cheek.
She shrunk back from the sensation but by then he had already grabbed her by her golden hair, holding her head in place. „ Now be a good girl and open your mouth. I promise you…”, he began, his sentence finished by Korgan, „ It’ll be worse than you can imagine!”

“No, I won’t” she shouted in defiance. She used all her spells trying to protect herself from the Ragskulls attack and she had no way to replenish them, but what Therion was forcing her to do was so disgusting that she managed to scramble some shreds of strength.
Of, course Therion only laughed. “Well since you are so protective about your… innocence, I’m going to make you a deal.” Aerie looked up, fear fighting with hope on her face. Therion loved the naive ones. Like his sister, the first time he took her, how she begged him, not believing what he was about to do… “If you will take my cock in your sweet mouth and suck me off, I won’t fuck the brains out of you and rip your precious virginity.” He smiled sadistically.
“No… I… I can’t…” Aerie almost whispered, lowering her eyes.
“To bad. Well, for you that is.” Therion said “Spread your legs then, whore or I’ll spread them for you!” he ordered and as Aerie didn’t react he pushed her to the ground and grabbed her knees. Only when he began forcing them apart, did the elf girl finally shout.
“I… I agree. I will do it!” she said with a trembling voice. The mere thought of this filled her with disgust but she simply couldn’t allow those beasts to take her virginity away, especially not in their cruel fashion.
“What will you do?”
“I will… put it in… my mouth” she slowly said.
“No. You will suck my cock. Understood?”
“Ye… yes.”
“So say it!” Therion barked raising his arm to slap the girl, but finally decided against it.
“I will… I… I will… suck… your… oh, gods… your cock.” Aerie finally whispered.
“Louder!” Therion ordered feeling unbelievably horny just hearing the poor girl to struggle with saying those words.
“I will… suck… your cock! I will suck your cock!” Aerie almost shouted in shame, tears running down her blushing face.
“So do it!” Therion grabbed Aerie’s hair and moved his cock next to her mouth.
Slowly and hesitantly Aerie opened her mouth. She didn’t know what to do, but fearing retribution she just took it into her warm, wet mouth.
“Ah, yes… so nice” Therion smiled “Now move your tongue bitch! And suck me good!”
Obeying his order Aerie began moving her dexterous tongue, caressing the undershaft. She almost gagged with disgust at the horrible feeling in her mouth and at the horid taste of the pre-cum.
For a while Therion cherished the feeling of this innocent girl semi-willingly humiliating herself by worshipping his cock. Her sobs aroused him even more, especially as their sounds were muffled by his dick in her mouth.
Meanwhile he watched as Sarevok, impatiently pulled the young half-elf from the cart and pushed her to the ground. It was a sweet girl, with a lithe figure, long brown hair and sweet, large eyes. She just managed to shout in surprise, shock and terror as the large man torn the lower part of her dress and with one rapid mouth plunged his huge dick into her asshole. Without giving her any time to adjust or prepare he defeated the resistance of her tight muscles, burying himself deep in her tight hole. Her shrieks of pain filled the air. Other girls in the cart stared at the scene with terror in her eyes or turned their sight in shame.
“Leave her alone!” the girl’s father shouted from his cart, but the thought that the rape is observed by the victim’s father seemed to just arouse Sarevok even more as he began plunging himself in even more rapidly and furiously.
Seeing this Edwin approached the tied slaves, pulled out his cock and simply sat on Viconia’s flat belly, causing her to gasp around the makeshift gag in her mouth. Mage’s hands radiated green light and when he grabbed the drow’s breasts she wailed in pain around the rags and strained against her bounds, her tits burning with magically induced pain. Edwin couldn’t care less, he put his cock between her perfect globes, squeezed them around it and began fucking the tits while Viconia still struggled. For the drow it was as if those Edwin’s hands were made from pure fire, mere touch hurting her as if her breasts were flayed.
As Therion was watching this show, he began to grow impatient with Aerie’s inept sucking. It was something refreshing at the beginning but his need of sexual release was growing. He grabbed the back of her head and pushed himself deep into the girl’s small mouth.
Aerie opened her eyes as she felt the huge penis fill her mouth, causing her to gag on it. “Mpfff!” she tried to gasp as Therion withdrew his organ… a bit.
“If you can’t even suck what good is your mouth? You’ll regret you weren’t better with your tongue!” the man barked and pushed himself in again. This time he went even deeper and as he withdrew his cock he basically began face-fucking the poor girl.
“Mpfff! Plsss! Nnnn!” she tried to beg and plead around the invading cock but only muffled sounds escaped her mouth as Therion was pushing himself in and out, pounding her mouth as if it was her cunt. Sometimes he pushed himself so deep that he blocked her from air, but as soon as she was feeling dizzy he withdrew, allowing her to gasp around his dick.
For him it was pure heaven, fucking her unwilling mouth, so warm and wet… As she gagged, her throat consctricted around his cock, massaging it, only adding to the pleasure. And all the time she sobbed and tried to beg. It wasn’t a surprise that he came pretty quickly.
“Take it, whore! Take… every… ugh… drop!” he shouted as his dick began shooting waves of jism into her mouth and directly to her belly. The poor girl gagged even more at the foul, horrible taste filling her mouth. Only when he withdrew his cock she fell to the ground, gasping for air, a small drizzle of cum running down her chin.
“You’re useless with your mouth, but we’ll teach you… and for your sake lets hope your cunt is better.” He said menacingly.
“But… cough… cough… you… said…” Aerie tried to protest.
“I lied” Therion said flatly and forced her knees apart. The terrified girl looked at his cock, which was fully erect again as if he just didn’t flood her with his cum.
Panicking, Aerie tried to kick at him but her attempts were feeble and utterly futile given that he still wore most of his armor. Mercilessly, he forced her knees apart, exposing her most intimate place for everyone to see,adding even more shame to what she was already feeling. Her eyes were fixed on his cock, the huge, long thing that would soon defile her. „ P-please…”, she whimpered, tears streaming down her cheeks, the last few drops of cum from the terrible mouthrape drooling down her chin, „ please…dooooon’t!”
„ Better get used ta it! It’s all youre going ta do now!” Korgan laughed from behind, tapping his foot impatiently. He couldn’t wait getting his hands on his new slave, to feel her ass clench around his cock while she screamed…but as the boss of this whole gang, Therion had the right to take her first. And even though Korgan would have loved to take this right and his head from him, he knew he had no chance…so, he waited…for a moment, he considered taking one of the other slaves but he didn’t want to waste his stamina and his cum on some random slave. Not with such a prime victim in front of him.
Therion did not waste more time with words. He wanted her now and he would have her. So, looming over her, ignoring her feeble attempt to defend herself, he guided the head of his cock towards the entrance to her virgin snatch…and then took her virginity with one powerful thrust that had him moan with pleasure and tore an ear-piercing wail from her throat.
Aerie had never felt such terrible pain in her life. Even when her wings were wounded and needed to be taken off, it hadn’t been this bad, this…intimate. With one single thrust deeply into her, this monster had taken her innocence away forever, not caring about her own wishes or comfort…Aerie wailed and sobbed, new tears springing from her eyes. She could feel him inside her, drilling deeply into her defenseless sex, his cock stretching her unwilling, unprepared opening torturously.
She couldn’t even plead anymore, all that came out of her mouith were pitiful cries and sobs as this man violated her, hurt her more than she ever thought possible. Squirming, writhing beneath him, she thrashed, throwing her head from side to side even as scream after scream escaped from cumstained lips. Aerie tried to fight him, to kick and punch at him, but he did not even register her efforts. All he did was grin down at her, his eyes blazing with lust and power while he punished her pussy with hard, deep thrusts, forcing his cock deeper into her each time he pushed.
„ She as tight as she looks?” Korgan asked, grinning at her obvious misery. He didn’t think he could get any harder but watching his future slave in so much pain and dismay made his cock throb so hard it almost hurt. „ Even…more…”, Therion said simply, not really wishing to hold a conversation now that he was brutally deflowering their newest catch. He could feel Imoen’s eyes on him, her horrified looks as she witnessed her brother do to another girl what he’d done to her so long ago.
A loud groan, followed by „ Here…take it…take my tribute, whore!” signalled Edwin’s climax as the mage’s cock sprayed a huge load all over Viconia’s pain-stricken face and her chest, soiling her dark face with white, thick drops and smears. Only when he’d finished did he release her tits from his grasp, ending the spell he had created himself for just such an occasion. It would be useless in a fight but who said all magic had to have combat applications? Getting up again, he looked at Viconia and Imoen, still lying in front of each other, the double-ended dildo connecting them at their cunts. „ How about you two entertain us some more?” he asked, grabbing a fistful of Imoen’s hair to get her attention, „ Ride that toy…fuck each other with it!”
„ A…hnngh…great idea!” Sarevok commented even as his cock shot the rest of his load up the half-elven girl’s asshole before he pushed her towards the wagon again, grinning at her father who was caught between insane rage and despair at his helplessness. „ Don’t complain, old man…she’s still a virgin, after all!” he laughed, then turned to watch as Viconia began to use her hands for support behind her back and thrust herself onto the dildo, driving the end deeper into her own and Imoen’s unwilling cunts, making the younger girl cry out through the gag she wore.
Therion didn’t notice yet. He was rapidly approaching his climax, Aerie’s misery and pained screams fuelling his arousal as he plunged his thick cock into her again and again, not merely taking her virginity but plundering her completely. „ Ohhh…yes…you’ll make a fine…slave…”, he muttered though he wasn’t sure if Aerie could hear it…she seemed way too lost in her own world of pain and degradation at the moment. But in all honesty, he didn’t care much. He closed his eyes as he felt his balls tighten while her cunt clenched around him, milking his cock against her will.
„Hnnngh…oh….take it, whore! Take my load again like a good….little…slave!” Holding her down, he felt his cock spray another huge load deeply into the helpless girl whose cries became more shrill as she felt his hot semen splash against her tormented inner walls. Therion, as usual, did not stop raping her until his load was all inside. Only then would he pull out and step back, leaving Aerie a sobbing wreck on the ground, curling into a ball to protect herself. A bit too late, he thought with a twisted smirk.
„ She’s yours now, Korgan. Anyone but me who wants her has to ask you first…in exchange for your loyalty”, he said to the dwarf. „ No more second guessing, no more threats. I give an order, you fulfill it.” Korgan nodded hastily, eager to find his own release. „ Good, then enjoy her.”

“No… you… you CAN’T” Aerie cried “You just… violated me. Leave me ALONE!”
“Of course I can” Korgan laughed grabbing Aerie’s arms, squeezing her breasts and pushing her to the ground. “And we’ve just fucked two of your holes… there one tight hole left…”
“No… you don’t mean… you… it’s… wrong! Unnatural!” the terrified elf tried to protest but her pleas fell on deaf ears.
“Its only natural that a whore like you,” the dwarf said grabbing Aerie’s sweet, curvy hips and raising them so that her ass was up “will get a big cock up… her… ASS!” he shouted as holding her hips he pushed himself in.
Even though he plunged himself with or his fury, her unbelievably tight ass allowed him to bury only so much of his cock in the first thrust. Korgan laughed loud as Aerie’s agonizing shriek silenced all other sounds coming from the camp. As impossible as it might have seemed, when Korgan pushed himself in, burying his cock completely, her second shriek was even louder.
“GODSS! NOOO! MERCYYYY… NOOO!” The girl wailed and cried in agony, feeling as if she was being literally torn apart. Her ass felt as if though it was on fire and this, connected with the excrutiating pain radiating from her sore, deflowered pussy made turned her gentle, fragile body into an inferno of pain. “NOOO… LEAVE ME… AAAA…” her pleas transformed into a wordless scream as Korgan started fucking her ass with rapid, savage thrusts.
At first he wanted to treasure this fuck, taking her ass slowly… but he was never patient and after seeing her raped by Therion he just wanted to fuck her brains out. Besides, she was his – he could fuck her anytime he wanted. The girl tried to struggle, thrashing her body, twisting it in a vain attempt to avoid the relentless assault and her moves aroused him even more. This of course caused him to rape her even more violently, savouring the tenderness of her tightest asshole and the knowledge how it must hurt his victim.
Meanwhile the rest of the party surrounded Imoen and Viconia as the two women continued their forced lesbian show. While Imoen still resisted obeying this disgusting command, Viconia was more into it. Either was it because she had such experiences before, either because this time she had at least this satisfaction that as she is pushing her body, humping the dildos and pushing them even deeper… she is not the only one who is in pain. In fact her drow nature let her draw some degree of comfort from the fact that for once she was partly the abuser, fucking this stupid, naïve redheaded bitch. That didn’t mean she accepted her situation – each time she pushed herself, she had to grit her teeth as the pain radiating from her cunt, stretched by the large dildo was becoming more intense.
And if that wasn’t enough suddenly, she felt the stinging pain of the whip, hitting her breast.
“Faster!” Sarevok ordered, hitting the drow again.
Fortunately for her, Therion saw that she was the more cooperative one and began to hit Imoen with his whip, again and again. Each blow landed on her breasts causing the girl to shriek loud apart from the moans caused by the hateful feeling of the wooden dildo drilling in her most private part.  
“Faster sis! You don’t want to anger me…” Therion threatened, hitting her few times again. One of the tails of the whip landed on Imoen’s pretty face, causing her to cry even harder. Tears were running down her face as she closed her eyes and desperately tried to obey the orders and fuck back. She simply couldn’t – not only was it disgusting for her, but her whole body protested from pushing herself harder which made her hurt even more.
Meanwhile, in a last desperate attempt Aerie tried somehow to crawl away from the terrible pain and the dwarf’s assault. She only managed to get on all fours, which was only better for Korgan. He grabbed her long hair and began to pull it, yanking her head back as he continued to piston her tender, sore ass.
„ Yes, take it, you elven whore!” he yelled as he pounded into her savagely, each thrust ripping another hoarse, tortured scream from her trembling lips. He grunted and groaned as his pleasure mounted, looking over to the terrified slaves who could not help but watch the ordeal and gave them a terrifying grin while his hips slammed into the helpless, howling slave before him. Finally, with a load groan of purest bliss, Korgan’s cock began to shoot its load into Aerie’s abused ass. „ Take it, take my cum! Take it deep like you deserve!” Korgan grunted, pulling out to spray the last drops over her quivering asscheeks before releasing her from his grip, allowing the exhausted and tormented girl to fall to the floor, sobbing, unable to move, trapped in a world of blazing pain. „ Pah”, Korgan said, spitting onto her tearful face, „ I’ll make a good little ass-whore out of ya yet!”
The two girls were forced to perform for quite some time, Viconia suffering from the occasional hit with the lash whenever she slowed down to give her aching cunt some rest while Imoen was whipped practically constantly, unable to perform as well as her brother and the others wished, sobbing loudly against the rag in her mouth as the slaps and lashes rained down upon her, angry red welts soon criscrossing her chest and belly. They were not allowed to stop for one moment and eventually, even Viconia slowed down, no longer able to derive any pleasure from Imoen’s pain, the constant drilling of the wooden dildo into her cunt too uncomfortable by now – which led to another series of lashes raining down upon her defenseless body.
It only ended after both girls had received a load of cum across their faces from Sarevok and Edwin, respectively, after which they were untied and the dildo finally removed from their aching cunts. While Viconia was then able to enjoy at leats some rest, chained to one of the wagons, Imoen’s torment was not over. Therion, infuriated at her unwillingness to perform as she was told, first had her kneel before him, fucking her face as brutally as possible before cumming down her throat. Afterwards, he chained the exhausted girl to one of the wagons filled with girls and women and whipped her brutally, telling them all that they would suffer the same fate if they ever disobeyed.
Then, he had her bound again with another dildo stuffed into her cunt and fastened there, her punishment not yet over. Thrown into the wagon with the other female slaves, they were forbidden to touch her bindings or do anything else to ease her torment. One woman tried to make her more comfortable over the course of their 3-day journey and was severely whipped, then raped for hours while the others were forced to watch. The men were left behind trapped in the wagon, left to starve or to wish for a hero to come their way. Triumphant, the group traveled back to Athkatla – or, better, to the secret meeting point where the slaves could be taken into the sewers and the hideout. After all, slavery was still illegal in the city, something Therion wished to change some day.
For Aerie, sweet, innocent Aerie, these three days were pure torment. Korgan did not waste a single opportunity to violate her in any way he could imagine. Every time the group rested, the air soon filled with her screams as his thick cock pounded into her sore cunt or, even more often, her tight asshole. He didn’t allow any of the others to sample her but he alone ws more than enough to make Aerie wish for a swift death. But that would never come. Edwin had placed a geas on her the next day that kept her from escaping and from regaining her spells. Her spellbook was gone anway and prayers were hard to utter with a gag in her mouth or Korgan’s cock down her throat. When she had refused her first meal – mixed with a healthy dose of cum, as always – he had whipped her and forced her to go hungry, only feeding her a load of his cum in the evening.
There was no comfort to be gained from the other slaves either. The newly collected slaves were all too afraid and the other two…Imoen was bound, but at least threw her a sympathetic glance every now and then while the drow regarded her with a cold, indifferent stare, occasionally even smirking when Korgan raped the younger elf, as if being glad someone else had to endure him – not that he didn’t participate in Viconia’s rape sessions. Aerie, gentle soul that she was, took pity on them, but there were few times when she could dwell on how horrible this must have been for them when she felt nothing but pain and shame most of the time.
At the secret hideout, a small cave that led to the city sewers, the slaves were unloaded and brought to the slaver’s base. Five were chosen as „entertainment” for the guards to ensure their loyaltsy the others would be sold soon. While still seething with rage at her new position, Ssatha was still competent and Therion knew she and Hendak would run the business nicely. Already, contact had been made with a few underground brothels in Waterdeep, Baldur’s Gate and the undercity of Skullport.
That left the group to their own plans for a while. Sarevok contacted a leatherworker to finally procure the outfits the group’s slaves would wear from now on, eventually coming up with three different outfits:
Imoen would now wear a simple leather bra and a matching leather thong that would keep her perfect ass uncovered for all to see. It was also crotchless, the opening hidden only by a layer of cloth in the front that could easily be tucked away anytime soneone wanted access to her cunt.
Viconia wore what amounted to three leather straps, two covering her nipples, then running down to unite before her cunt, covering it but also tight enough to painfully push into it, then running up between her asscheeks again to join the straps at the collar around her neck. It was barely enough to fulfill even the smallest standard of decency, but that was exactly what the group wanted.
Aerie, on the other hand, received an outfit made from spider silk treated to be almost completely transparent. From the right angle, everyone could see her tits, her ass and her cunt uncovered even though from a distance it looked like a normal clerical outfit, a cruel mockery of her former standing as a priestess.
But clothes were not the reason the group was back in Athkatla.
„ So, what do we have regarding the shadow stone?” Therion asked, casually forcing Imoen’s head into his crotch to deepthroat his raging cock. „ Nothing…nothing but a few vague hints”, Sarevok muttered. In front of him, Ssatha knelt, her forked tongue playing over Sarevok’s balls while she regarded the tall man with a hateful look he found amusing. „ Not entirely true, as always”, Edwin said, „ but you can be glad I am actually adept at using my mind.” He was sitting next to Viconia on a bed, a thick wooden dildo in his hand, which he pumped in and out of her cunt while she grunted in pain, forbidden to move and shackled to the bedpost. „ I heard of a rare volume, the Delights of Darkness, locked away in the nearby temple of Torm. And no, it’s not a porn book. It is an extensive work on the shadow plane along with treatment on the crystal. If we were to find any useful hints, it would be there. Drow, lean back. Time for the other hole…” And while the group made plans for a breakin, he violated Viconia’s ass with the dildo while the drow spat death wishes to him, much to his amusement…

“Temple of Torm…” Therion pondered the news.
“We are not strong enough to assault it, brother. Not yet.” Sarevok warned “Perhaps we should wait until our power becomes greater.”
“No.” Therion hissed “I am getting tired of waiting. Besides, we need… I need the shadow stone to increase my powers in the first place.”
“So what are your plans?”
“Fortunately there are other ways than brute force” Therion turned to Edwin who was abusing Viconia’s ass with a bored expression on his face. “Mage… I guess you have invisibility spells at your disposal? As well as those that make our steps impossible to hear?”
“Of course I have such spells. (This is child’s play, almost too demeaning)” the mage grumbled, venting his frustration by pistoning the drow’s dildo faster and faster.
“An infiltration?” Sarevok raised his brow and suddenly gasped as Ssatha’s tongue caressed his balls again. He grabbed the surprised yuan-ti and rammed his dick down her throat, so deep that his balls hit the woman’s face. He began pumping it viciously, with each push releasing a wave of salty liquid into her mouth.
“Yes, an infiltration” Therion said, idly twisting Imoen’s nipple.
“Mpfff!” the girl gasped in pain, her voice almost completely muffled by the cock in her mouth. Although Therion began playing with her nipples, abusing them she kept sucking, not loosing the rhythm even for one heartbeat.
“You will go with me mage, you’ll recognize it first” Therion ordered “The rest of you will wait… but be prepared to flee town if something goes wrong.”
“At least they acknowledge my mental superiority!” the mage said to himself, watching as Therion begins to flood Imoen’s throat with his cum, forcing the redhead to swallow load after load of his jism…

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