Six: The Temple of Torm

Fortunately for them, recently there were some problems with a cult of the so-called Sightless Eye. This meant that many adventurers and mercenaries were visiting the temples of Helm and Torm, eager to gain the favor of the Gods by destroying the evil sect. In this chaos, slipping into the temple was as easy as raping a dumb peasant girl.

Inside it was enough for them to stay out of sight for a heartbeat when Edwin whispered the spells and soon their sight became clouded as if it was a foggy day – a minor side effect of the invisibility spell.

Quickly they approached one door standing in the back, leading to the heart of the complex. The door was locked, of course, but Therion pulled out a strange looking wand and touched the lock with it. Sparks appeared on the device and soon the door was opened and the trap disarmed. Therion hid his “skeleton key” – he bought on black market and it cost him a great deal of gold – this and a night of abuse for Viconia, as the seller accepted her as part of the payment – but it was worth it. As soon as they passed the door, Edwin cast the spell rendering their steps impossible to hear. Then the mage threw some dust in the air and it began to glitter, pointing the way to the stairs in front of them.

The library wasn’t far but it took them some time to reach it – even protected by their spells they wanted to avoid necessary attention. Once it was impossible – one paladin stood guard in the middle of a narrow corridor, so not wanting to waste time Therion simply creeped next to him and broke his neck and Edwin cloaked the corpse in an invisibility spell – there were no traces left and it would take quite a lot of time for other guards to realize that one soldier is missing.

Few steps and one flight of stairs more and the pair stood before the ornamented door to the library. They entered it, as quietly as possible. Three clerics looked at the door when it opened, but seeing no one they turned their attention to the books they were reading, thinking that it was the wind.

In the room there was a group six clerics – one a very cute half elf girl – not a problem if they were to be killed, but Therion wanted not to attract any attention. They passed the main room quietly, passed another flight of stairs to the balcony where the door to the Forbidden Manuscripts were. Fortunately, bookshelves hid this door from the sight of clerics below and Therion had no problems in using his skeleton key again. They quickly slipped inside, closing the door behind them…

… and looked at each other in surprise.

The library was supposed to be empty, but there was one person inside…

Elara bit her lip to stifle a moan of pleasure. She knew she wasn’t supposed to be here and the fact that she was doing something forbidden excited the young paladin even more than the pictures on the pages before her did.

She’d snuck in here some time ago, having heard that among the „Forbidden Books” were some that were not dangerous in themselves but contained…certain drawings and descriptions the High priest considered too lewd and vulgar…Elara had sought and found exactly this. She knew she should be ashamed of what she was doing but in all honesty, she felt she needed the release. She wasn’t required to be celibate, the church wasn’t that strict, but it had been so long since she’d found time to take a lover… and none of the other female priests or paladins shared her…tastes.

So, it was this…sitting in a darkened library deep in the night with a book in front of her and two fingers in her cunt, pumping as she imagined how the beautiful, playful nymphs depicted on the page might taste between their long, shapely legs, how firm their breasts might be, how dextrous their own fingers and tongues…it was kind of pathetic, she shouldn’t have to resort to this…if only Chloe were still around. But her lover had gone off on her own when Elara had taken her vows.

And since then, it had been loneliness, weapon drills, endless hours in the seminary and a rather unfortunate and embarassing attempt to seduce the pretty blonde priest always sitting next to her…no intimate touches no loving kisses…only her own hands between her legs.

It was simple bad luck, certainly not a result of a lack of good looks. Elara had always been described as beautiful. Full-bodied, with a rather large chest and a warm, friendly face, her short, tousled hair was the colour of fresh, golden corn and her  soulful eyes were a deep, gentle blue. More than enough men had tried to woo her before noticing that she was not interested in male companionship.

Her legs were spread slightly, her hand tucked into the simple pants she wore, the soft slapping sounds of her fingers pumping in and out of her pussy the only sounds alongside her ragged, rapid breathing. She would achieve what she’d come here for soon and would then sneak back, half relieved half ashamed knowing that, in a few nights, she would be here again, maybe this time looking at drawings of a succubus or frolicking fairies.

Therion watched the girl, motioning Edwin to stay silent. It took him a moment before he noticed what she was doing and he couldn’t help but grin at the thought. Again, fate was playing in his hands…it seemed as if victims were coming to him faster than he could enjoy them by now…maybe it was his budding divine portfolio slowly unfolding to draw others in.

In the end, he cared little for an explanation. The sight before him excited him enough as it was. Carefully, he stepped up behind the girl and suddenly placed a hand over her mouth, whispering in her ear, „ Don’t move. No sound. You scream and you die…as well as everyone else who can hear you. Edwin…undo the invisibility.”

Elara gasped surprised, the sound muffled by the hand holding her mouth. Nevertheless, although young and inexperienced she was a paladin of Torm and reacted accordingly. The book fell from her hands to the floor as she brought her elbow on Therion’s neck – or at least she tried as the man grabbed her hand by the wrist without slightest effort and twisted it until she moaned in pain under his hand.

“I’ll repeat how will it work” he whispered to her ear “If you make a sound, I’ll kill you, everyone who comes through the door and leave. If you fight, I’ll kill you and everyone else. Understood?” Therion asked and when he didn’t get any answer he twisted Elara’s wrist again. “Understood?”

“Mmm!” the paladin struggled against his firm hold but finally nodded.

“Good… “ Therion released her mouth from his grip “No shouting…” he reminded the girl.

“What… what do you want? Take what you want and leave…” she asked with a slightly trembling voice.

“Well we came here with a particular goal in mind… but there is now something else that I want as well. And yes, you can be sure I will take it.”

“What do you… mean?”

“You sweetie.” Therion said licking her ear and suddenly biting her earlobe.

“Ygh!” the girl yelped shortly but quickly fought the urge to cry, biting her lower lip.

“Yes… you have to be silent… it won’t be easy.” The man holding her said, his tongue tasting her chin and neck.

“If you didn’t understand… and how I dumb whore could understand… we will fuck you.” Edwin said moving his face just inches in front of her face. “We will fuck you and torment you and if you make one louder sound it will end in a bloodbath.”

“No please… I have never been… with a man.” She whispered.

“Really?” Edwin said amused then grabbed the front of her gown and pulled it hard. There was a tearing sound and soon her large, round breasts were exposed to the eyes and hands of the two assailants. “Well its hard to believe seeing your… attributes. But I see you have your own tastes.” He glanced at the book at the floor, his hands wandering to her breasts, grabbing them and squeezing them hard, so hard that Elara hissed with pain.

“Another virgin… fate is kind to me.” Therion laughed as he grabbed Elara’s hand and bent the girl over, forcing her on the table. “And how can we deny you this… pleasure. After the show you’ve put it seems you need it. You desperately need the real deal.”

“No… you… don’t.” she said, not wanting to humiliate herself by begging but terrified at the very thought of the ordeal that she was going to be subjected to.

“Oh yes, we will” Therion said leaning forward, grabbing her panties and tearing her off, leaving her completely naked. He pushed his finger into her virgin cunt. “Mmm, you’re wet and ready for me… aren’t you?” He said pulling out his cock.

“You won’t dare” even as Elara said this she knew how helpless she was.

“Just savour it… yes, savour it.” Therion said pushing her a bit of the table, so her big tits were dangling off it. He grabbed her hips, placed his cock at the entrance of her pussy and shoved it hard, tearing her virginity in one powerful thrust.

“Yghh!” the paladin gasped, fighting with all her power to contain a scream of pain, as she felt the huge cock bury into her tight snatch.

“Yes… keep quiet” Therion said as he began to fuck her.

The table creaked as Therion began to push his huge member into the tight fuckhole presented to him, setting into a hard, brutal rhythm of thrusts that set Elara’s tits nicely in motion, her big breasts swaying back and forth while her hands clawed into the table. Elara had never before felt such pain, such humiliation, such shame…and she could not even give articulation to it!

She bit her lip to keep another scream from leaving her throat, her eyes swimming with tears. „ Oh yes…keep quiet…”, Edwin said, a cruel smile on his face, „ remember…one sound and all your friends die…we got in here…and we can get out of here without anyone noticing. There will be no help for you…or your friends. Only death for anyone who opens this door.”

He had taken his cock out and was slowly jerking it to the sight of her miserable expression and pained grunts, the only thing she was allowed to utter.

„ Don’t…stuff her mouth…that would…take the fun out of…it”, Therion ordered, reaching out to grab a fistful of her short golden hair, jerking her head back so that her tits were dangling more freely. At the same time, he increased the pace of his thrusts, filling the small chamber with the slapping sounds of flesh meeting flesh while he raped the young paladin to his dark heart’s content.

Elara trembled on the table, her body rocked back and forth just as this monster’s cock drilled back and forth inside her tight, once-virgin pussy. Sobs shook her, quiet, soft sobs as she remembered the threat well.

She had never expected something like thit to happen…here, in the most sanctified of places, she had lost her virginity, her purity – her very innocence. Only scant moments ago, she had been immersed in erotic illusions, close to achieving some release from her loneliness…and now she was bent over the reading table, brutally raped, a massive cock pumping into her defenseless pussy, her entire lower body erupting in intense pain…

The worst thing about it, however, was the spiritual defilement these two men put her through. As a paladin, she could feel the evil radiating from them like a miniature black sun, their malevolence staining the air around her…and her rapist’s evil penetrated her, filling her brutally. She was tainted.

„ Hnnngh….hnnngh….” was all she could make, the mage shooting a glare in her direction whenever her grunts and whimpers of pain became too loud. Casually, he reached out with one hand to touch her tits, squeezing her big breasts and rubbing his cock along it, spreading a slimy trail of precum over her soft flesh.

„ So, you prefer girls, hm?” Edwin asked, looking at the open book which still showed the picture of the nymphs playing in the forest. „ Don’t speak…just…ugh… nod or shake your head”, Therion hissed into her ear, his balls slapping against her flesh as he buried his cock deeply inside her again, making her whimper softly. „And remember who holds the power here at the moment, my little paladin”, Edwin added, smirking. Defeated, seeing how pointless resistance would be, Elara nodded, tears drawing softly glistening trails over her cheeks,

Edwin chuckled, then looked at Therion. „ We should have brought the drow…let her do the fucking. Maybe this dumb whore would enjoy it more.”

Therion laughed, though his voice was hushed as well. „ I like the idea, mage…maybe I let her have a go at my dear sister some time.” The thought was all he needed to achieve his climax, his cum erupting into the helpless, crying paladin, who cringed and let out a soft, yet clearly audible cry.  Immediately, Edwin slapped her face brutally. „ This is the last warning you’ll get!” he snarled while Therion kept pumping more cum into her young body…

“That was good…” Therion said, finally withdrawing his cock from her tight snatch. As he did it a small line of cum drizzled out of it and run down her leg. Both men watched Elara for a few hearbeat, admiring the sight of the beautiful paladin laying on the table, crying silently, choking on tears. “Wasn’t it good? Finally feel a dick of a real man in your untouched cunt? To get it filled with jism?” Therion said grabbing one of Elara’s nipples and twisting it. The girl gasped but managed to hold down another cry. “She’s yours, mage” he said, slapping the girl’s ass.

“Good, good… she will see, oh yes, she will see…” the mage chuckled, forcing Elara to turn on her back. He climbed on the table and sat on Elara’s flat belly, making her catch her breath desperately as she felt his weight. Grinning widely, Edwin forced his cock between her wondrous globes and squeezed them around his dick. He started moving it back and forth, fucking her titties.

“Nice tits… like bigger bags, you can… hurt them… so well…” he said, then whispered something under his nose. His hands started to blaze with green light and searing pain pierced Elara’s body.

“Ughh!” the surprise and shock as she felt her breasts burn with torment made it impossible for her to contain a short, piercing moan. Therion immediately turned to the door, drawing his sword, Elara surprised by the fluidity and speed of his moves. He stared at the door for some time and then, seeing no one is entearing he hid his weapon.

“That was a close call bitch…” he hissed “Next time you scream I’ll use your cunt as a scabbard”

“Whore… whore…” Edwin barked, grabbing Elara’s nipples. Sparks came out of his fingers and another jolt of pain pierced the paladin’s tits.

“Uh…” she managed to contain another cry.

“Stop moaning start licking, whore!” Edwin ordered, pushing his cock further between her perfect globes, so it almost touched her chin.” The woman just stared at him, not understanding. “Lick! Lick my cock!” he ordered, his hands filling her with pain again.

Elara obediently pulled her tongue and each time Edwin moved his cock forward she began licking the head of this, the horrible taste of his flesh and pre-cum filling her with digust. Nevertheless she obediently slurped on his dick as only then did the pain diminish.

As the mages moves were becoming more frantic and rapind he began moaning heavily. Light covered his hands again as he began twisting and squeezing Elara’s tits, abusing them savagely, sparks of power tormenting the poor girls body.

“Ugh… ugh…” Elara began to moan, biting her lower lip in a desperate attempt to contain her cries. “Ugh… nnn…” she didn’t know herself whether tried to plead or to keep herself from shouting.

“Poor thing…” Therion laughed “I’ll help her… I’m a hero, am I not?” he laughed and when she parted her lips for another moan he pushed his dick into her mouth, pushing it deep.

“Glrrrg!” Elara’s gagged at the huge member. “Mmpfff!” the organ muffled her sounds.

“Yes, take it… take it…” Edwin hissed, standing up and spraying his cum all over her tits and belly, soiling her immaculate skin.

“Nice…” Therion said, releasing his cock from her mouth.

“In fact pity you shut her up… I like to see her struggle” Edwin sighed.

“No problem” Therion gestured towards his cock, rock-hard again. “Now she knows what will happen if she refuses to cooperate… so lets see how well she will do when I’m pounding her ass… you can play with her tits again.” He said and smiled as Elara’s face went pale with terror.

Therion laughed at her expression. „ What…you didn’t think we were done with you already, did you?” he chuckled. „ Believe me…I’m known to be quite..thorough…” Again, he grabbed the helpless, teary-eyes paladin and turned her around on the table, her tits and belly smearing the surface with cum. „ P-please…stop…this isn’t…right…”, she whimpered, her voice merely a hoarse whisper.

„ Of course it is! And you and all the other whores will soon realize it…when I have finished my ascension…” He pushed her a bit forward so her tits were hanging over the edge again, then spread her ascheeks. The moment she felt him expose her puckered, virgin anus, she struggled against his grip, trying to escape from the fate he’d in store for her. The table began to creak ominously and Therion smacked the back of her head hard. „ Quiet! No whining, no screams and no struggling if it makes noise! Now take that cock up your ass like a good whore…one more brutal assfucking and it’ll all be over…”

of course, this wasn’t any consolation for her. Elara was beside herself with despair and pain, feeling ultimately soiled by their touches and the awful slimy cum all over her body. They’d already deflied her…but still, they wanted more. She had never considered taking anything up her ass before…not even during the most passionate bouts of lovemaking with Chloe…it was something that was simply not done…and now this monster…this avatar of evil…he was about to violate her there, too! The thought alone was enough to make her want to scream but she couldn’t…his aura of evil was strong, speaking of great personal might…maybe an anti-paladin or blackguard. She couldn’t risk her friends…

Therion had to apply quite a bit of pressure before his cock slid past her sphincter and into her warm, clenching hole. Immediately, her muscles clamped down around him in a futile attempt to expel his cock, the sensation sending shivers of pleasure through his cock. Elara threw her head back and opened her mouth, but her scream was soundless, a choked, tortured sound that made both his and Edwin’s cock twitch in arousal. Grabbing her hips, he began to push in deeper and deeper., loving how her asscheeks twitched in pain, clenching around him. „ Does it hurt? I hope it does…befits you, after all…never letting a man touch you…”, Therion whispered as he thrust into her defenseless asshole, listening to her choked sobs and subdued grunts of pain. „ If you’d allowed someone to use your…ghnn…ass before…it wouldn’t hurt so…much now!”

Edwin felt his own cock twitch again. Ever since they travelled with Therion, they had all experienced a raise in sexual stamina. Most likely, his aura was working on them, too. Heh, maybe his devotees would never tire, just like him, eventually. Smiling cruelly, he approached the crying Paladin, taking her big swaying tits into his hands again, pinching and twisting her nipples. „ Hnngh…ughh…”, she made, biting her lip hard again to keep from crying out while her ass clenched each time a new jolt of pain travelled through her body.

„ Hng…yes, mage…go on like this!” Therion encouraged him, pumping more violently into his victim.

Edwin was quite happy to oblige. He was just glad he had memorized the spell a few times alongside his carmouflage and combat spells…originally he had expected to celebrate their success with Viconia or Violet. But this was even better. Closing his eyes, he muttered the incantation again, his hands flaming green, watching her face as he turned the already brutal rape of her ass into a true nightmare of pain…

For Therion it was pure paradise. Not only he had this wonderful feeling that he was raping this hot, unwilling body but also he had this wonderful sensation of her ass clenching around his cock, each time jolts of pain pierced her body, travelling from her tits through her body. And Edwin didn’t need to be asked twice to continue abusing her tits. He kept squeezing her tits viciously, twisting her nipples, with his hands all the time shining with magical power. Each touch of his skin on Elara’s gentle breasts felt like hell and he kept abusing them, grinning cruelly as the girl moaned quietly, biting her lower lip to contain the sound so strongly that it was all sore and inflamed.

Therion was also grinning as he held the paladin’s hips, driving himself deep into her ass, plunging his dick between her bowels, burying it deep, up to the shaft in her tight hole. He relished in her muffled sobs, feeling her tormented body buck against his own. Feeling the victims’ pain was always an added bonus to the wonderful feeling of raping a whore’s hole.

“Mmm…” it was more and more difficult for Elara to keep quiet, the terrible pain overcoming her resistance engulfing her body. It radiated from her abused ass and pussy, enveloping her whole lower half of her body as well as coming from her abused tits and consuming her upper half. “Nnn…” she sobbed.

The muffled sounds she made aroused Therion even more. He began gasping in pleasure as he was approaching climax. Suddenly he withdrew his cock and before Elara could even feel any relief he turned her to her back. He approached her face stroking his cock. The mage also pulled his cock, hard from watching the abuse the paladin sustained.

As Therion’s cock started shooting cum, so did the mage. Waves of their jism started to cover the poor girl landing on her belly, her large, sore tits and beautiful face. More than one dose landed in her hair and then the men wiped their cocks in the strand of her hair. Therion grabbed her wrist and holding it, used her hand to smear the cum on her tits.

Both men stood there, looking at the abused girl with satisfied grins on your face. “Lovely” Therion said. “Now… so others will learn how pleasantly were you spending your time… and what your interest are. Bring the rope mage!” Therion said.

“No, surely you can’t…” Elara started to protest but only could gasp as Therion grabbed her neck, choking her.

“I didn’t give you permission to make noise, cunt!” he hissed. “Tie her up mage… “

Edwin tossed the rope at the helpless girl who was still choking in Therion’s grip, muttering a few arcane syllables upon which the rope began to lope around her wrists, tugging them roughly behind her back. She struggled against Therion’s grip and the ropes but she was too exhausted and hurting from the brutal rapes and her struggles were in vain, her pleas choked by Therion’s iron grip.

Another rope tied itself around her ankles, forcibly spreading her legs as it loped itself around the legs of the table on which she had been raped, leaving her utterly exposed and unable to cover herself. More tears ran down her cum-covered cheeks as her predicament became obvious to her.

„ Now…the book…after all, why hide your true nature…Paladin? Why not show everyone what interests you so much that you spend night after nicht in here with your fingers up your cunt…when it should be cocks that go in there?” Therion smirked down at her, slowly lessening his grip but keeping his hand loosely around her neck in case she decided to become noisy again. Last thing he needed was a disturbance now!

Edwin reached for the book, thumbing through it, grinning at the imagery. Quite obviously, the book was intended as nothing but pornography. While it was supposed to detail the beauty of the creatures of nature, its focus clearly was on the large drawings showing naked females of various species, from limber nymphs to elves to what was obviously a frost giantess. He considered keeping some of the pages for himself but then shook his head. What did he need that for? Whenever he felt like it, he could have his pick of the slaves in the hideout…or Viconia, if she wasn’t currently used.

„ A good idea to cover her properly with our seed…that way the pages will all hold”, Therion said, malice flickering in his eyes as he reached for the book. Elara was beyond struggling now. Bound tightly and facing even more humiliation by these monsters in human guise, she simply lay there, sobbing, wishing that they would just disappear and leave her to her shame and pain.

There was a loud ripping sound as Therion tore the page with the ice giantess – naked and touching herself much like Elara had done when they’d surprised her – and plastered it onto her tits, the cum smeared onto them holding the drawing in place. Another drawing, this one of a succubus reclining naked on a throne before the fires of the Abyss, was plastered to Elara’s trembling belly. And a third drawing, showing two naked elven girls sharing a passionate kiss, he slapped onto her cheek, laughing at her tears and her quiet, soft sobs.

„ This was a really wonderful opportunity”, Edwin said, putting the book away, when Therion suddenly stopped him, shaking his head, his gaze wandering from the book – at the moment showing the same page Elara had viewed when pleasuring herself – to Elara’s abused cunt. Ripping the page out, he rolled it into a tight bundle and turned back to the sobbing girl on the table.

„ I’m sure now that you’ve had something decent in your cunt you don’t want to be without that feeling again”, he said, enjoying hoe she cried harder at his words, „ and, as you’ve seen, I’m a real hero.” And so, under her muffled, pained protests, he stuffed the rolled-up drawing into her cunt, stopping only when he was sure it wouldn’t fall out again.

„ Now let us look for that book”, he said to Edwin and together, they quickly managed to procure the tome, sneaking out the same way they’d come, both relishing the knowledge that tomorrow, everyone inside the temple would be able to look upon their handiwork…

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