Eight – Introducing Valen

“Nine Hells! how could we have expected that?!” Sarevok yelled in fury as he leaned over tree, breathing heavily, his dark armour stained with an acidic blood.

“I’ll rip this traitor Halfling to shreds!” Korgan joined the tall man, tossing Edwin’s unconsciouss body to the ground. He gladly would have left the wounded wizard to his fate but Therion said he had further plans for the red mage.

“She didn’t lie” Therion said slowly, panting heavily. “She wouldn’t risk the lives of those whores.” He shook his head. In part, he was lucky that he decided to chain them before entering the lower level, before they had to suddenly face a… “A thrice damned shadow dragon!” Therion hissed, anger staining his usually calm voice. “How did a dragon get there without her knowledge?! And where in Nine Hells is the Shadow Stone?!” he yelled, his tenuous self-control eradicated in a moment as he recalled how he sneaked into the lower sanctum as the rest of his party were holding the dragon at bay only to find the bejeweled box on the altar, the box being exactly like the one described in the book in the temple of Torm, opened and the gem missing.

„ Maybe it was hidden somewhere else?” Sarevok suggested, watching his half-brother closely. He could feel the wrath emanating from him, semi-divine fury enveloping Therion as he seethed, trying to force himself to calm down again.

„ No…if it was, the shadows would still be there. Haven’t you seen them withdraw?” Therion remarked through clenched teeth, his fists clenching and unclenching. He had been so close! The tingling of power he’d felt the entire time was still there, as if mocking his inability to attain it.

„ We were a bit too busy with that dragon”, Korgan rumbled, spitting blood on the floor. He was as furious as the rest of them – though a good part of that anger was directed at Therion for abandoning them in the middle of combat to get his hands on the stone. His beady eyes glared at the leader of their party but Therion ignored him.

„ Well, things look a lot better, that is true”, Sarevok said, looking around. Indeed, they were. The darkness surrounding everything around the ruins had disappeared, leaving only a normal wood and a few scattered walls and stones. Gone were the stalking shades and the darkness-touched beasts that had roamed here only scant moments ago.

„ They do not…and they will not until I get the stone!” Therion slammed his fist against a nearby tree, watching it almost topple. „ You are just mortals…you have no idea what this means to me!”

„ What do you mean, just mortals? You know what, I may be mortal but at least I am no damn coward!” Korgan spat.

„ What did you just say?” Therion’s voice had dropped a few registers as he turned to the dwarf, his eyes suddenly devoid of the burning fury that had radiated from them a heartbeat ago. His hand casually rested on the hilt of his blade but Sarevok knew that his brother was, if anything, more enraged than before.

„ You heard me…great leader. Leader, my ass! Leaving us to fight a damned dragon and sneaking off so you can grab the loot! You want to be a god? You don’t even have enough guts for a man!”

„ It appears, dwarf, that you have a death wish. Alright then, let me grant it to you”, Therion calmly stated, drawing his blade in one fluid motion. The dwarf immediately brought his axe up, grinning savagely through bloodied teeth. „ Come on then! I’ll piss on your corpse before the day is done!”

Sarevok shook his head. This was definitely not good. He looked back at the slaves. All of them had a look of glee on their faces he did not like. The drow smiled openly, not even trying to hide her obvious happiness about the probable death of their tormentors. Aerie’s lips were moving – she was most likely praying that Therion would slay Korgan, who had raped and tormented her ever since she was given to him by Therion…and Imoen stared on, her face neutral, probably too afraid to smile but certainly hoping for her half-brother to meet a messy end.

The clash of steel against steel brought him back to the combatants. At the moment, they were exchanging careful blows, testing each other, probing for obvious weaknesses. While Therion had the powers of a god slumbering inside him, Korgan was, all ugliness and decadence aside, a veteran of a hundred battles. The outcome of this battle, if Sarevok allowed it to happen, was not as clear as Therion would have admitted to anyone.

Sarevok could not allow this to happen. He had no loyalty for the dwarf and no love for his brother but he remembered Therion’s words quite clearly. This man was the only chance for him to ever attain the power he so desperately wanted.

Again, sword and axe clashed…and a huge blade slammed onto both of them, driving them to the ground. „ Stop this madness!” Sarevok hissed, using his massive frame to separate the combatants.

„ How dare you…”, Therion hissed, wrestling his blade out from underneath Sarevok’s greatsword. Sarevok looked at him, enduring the baleful glare. „ You are both making yourself look ridiculous before your slaves! Brother, this setback is terrible for you but we can find the stone again. And we will! As for you, dwarf…” He turned his head to Korgan, who glowered, looking as if he might strike at him now, „ you agreed to follow Therion and you were well rewarded! You were hired to fight and so you fight! You don’t question your commander!”

He stared at the dwarf until Korgan finally lowered his gaze and, muttering insults in every single language he knew, put the axe away. Therion let out a deep breath, finally calming down. Maybe they both had needed this brief exchange of words and steel to vent their frustrations.

„ We all need something to cool our moods, it seems…”, Therion said after a few more deep breaths. This time, Korgan was very much agreeing with him, nodding and casting a sideways glance at Aerie, who paled the moment she noticed it. „ Aye…how about we unchain the whores and have a good fuck? Maybe after having some elven ass we’ll all feel better!”

He proceeded to advance towards Aerie, but Therion shook his head. „ Let us get back to the cave first. I am in the mood to have another piece of our brave halfling warrior. Also, it’s much more fun to make her watch!”

The dwarf frowned, opening his mouth to argue the point but Sarevok interrupted him with a sharp, „ You are not going to tell me you can’t wait until we’re there? Get a hold of yourself, dwarf!”

„ Alright, alright…will have your ass later, then”, Korgan said to Aerie, who broke into tears again upon hearing his announcement, then kicked the still- unconsciouzs Edwin. „ I am not carrying that wimp again, though. You want him with us…you wake him up or carry him yourself!”

He kicked the mage again…only to scream as suddenly, green flames erupted on his leg, making the dwarf howl in agony for a moment before the magical flames died down. „ You kick me again, I’ll let it rot off…any maybe other parts of your body, too”, Edwin grumbled, groaning as he stood up and steadied himself.

„ Since this is neither the Abyss nor one of the Nine Hells, I reckon we survived?” the mage asked, looking around. „ Yes, we did…though the stone was gone”, Sarevok informed him, „ Therion just suggested we head back to the cave for some rest and to blow off some steam.”

“What?! What do you mean ‘the gem wasn’t there’?” the Red Mage winked surprised. “So I got wounded by that overgrown lizard for nothing?!”

“Silence mage!” Therion barked, angered by being reminded of his failure.

“Yeah, better keep silent.” Sarevok nodded “And lets go to the cave and use some cunt!” the large man said.

“Yes…” Edwin began to smile but suddenly he arched forward, his eyes wide from disbelief. “Wait… WAIT!” he shouted to nobody particular.

“What mage?” Therion turned to the Thayan, narrowing his eyes.

“The cave… the minions… are gone!” Edwin muttered in surprise.

This time Therion didn’t ask anything, just turned his head, breathing slowly. Then, with cold fury in his eyes he began walking towards the cave, not saying a word. Sarevok wanted to add some sarcastic comment but even he was silenced by the look on his brother’s face.

“I wouldn’t like to be in your shoes mage.” He whispered to Edwin and yanking Viconia’s chain followed Therion.

Not a long time later the party entered the cave. Even Edwin was there, panting heavily from the pain of his half-healed wounds and excertion of the forced march. Despite this, even the arrogant mage didn’t say anything, wisely assuming that it would be better not to anger Therion anymore.

“Nothing…” the man said. “No guards… and absolutely no Halfling. They were six of them… they were supposed to keep her entertained… but above everything to keep her… HERE!” the last words were almost roared as Therion, angered by the unexpected setback turned towards him, grabing his damaged robe and raising him above the ground. “Why do I keep you here mage?” he hissed, suddenly growing deathly calm and pushing the mage against the stone wall.

“You… you…” Edwin began to mutter, but Therion silenced him with a glance.

“Not one word more mage, not one more.” He said slowly. He just kept standing there, towering over the wizard, watching him as if ascertaining his value. Suddenly he turned his head and yelled “Sister!”

Imoen, as terrified as she was, knew then it was better not to resist, not now. She quickly went to her knees and crawled to her brother. He just reached for her arm, grabbing her red hair and pushed her face towards his crotch as he pulled out his cock. The girl was wise enough to open her mouth just in time for him to push his already hard dick into her warm, wet mouth, so deep that Imoen gargled and opened her eyes wide as she desperately gasped for air while Therion began mercilessly fucking her face.

“Damn you sister… you’re good… and you have a sweet unwilling little mouth… but I want to fuck that halfling’s mouth again!” he said as he kept literally facefucking her, cherishing as he felt her throat constrict around his dick each deep he pushed it deep in, massaging his cock, her unwilling throat only adding to the pleasure. “Yes… take it you fucking redhead…” it was unclear whether he meant the girl he was raping or the mental image of Mazzy…

“Grlllg!” Imoen gagged as he pushed his dick inside once again, this time burying her face in his crotch and held her like this, laughing as she gasped and fought for air. For some reason the very thought that even fucking her, Therion may fantasize about someone else humiliated the girl even more.

“I’ll say you what mage…” Therion said as he finally pulled his cock out and pushed Imoen to the ground, kicking her legs apart. “We’re getting back to Athcatla… there you’ll dig in the books, consult demons or do whatever to devise some spell to locate the jewel. Understood?”

Edwin opened his mouth for a sharp retort – by Bane’s Blood, how he hated to be bullied around by a mere warrior, aspirations to godhood or not – but then closed it again. He could feel the rage and fury radiate outward from their leader as Therion knelt between Imoen’s legs, slapping the girl’s face hard just for good measure. Sarevok had been right…now was definitely not the time to protest. Nevertheless, Theron should better watch his back. If he kept on failing…Edwin might well be willing to take over his operations… „ Understood”, he finally said curtly, glaring at their leader’s back as if his gaze was a dagger.

Therion couldn’t care less. Without any further words, he leant over the already-crying Imoen and rammed his cock all the way into her tight, unwilling cunt. How he wished it would be Mazzy squirming underneath him! But already then, he vowed that he would find her again…and the stone…and then he would make her pay!

Imoen let out a cry of pain and bitter despair, writhing underneath her brother as he began to pound into her cunt with hateful violence. This rape was not fuelled by his dark lusts but by his rage and hatred alone and he made her feel it…thrust by thrust and slap by brutal slap, her cheeks already red from the abuse and her cunt sore…so very sore…

„ Ah, well…seems like we’ll at least get the chance to cool our own moods now…”, Sarevok said and advanced towards Viconia while a frightened Aerie was dragged towards Korgan on her leash. For the next hour, the cave filled with gargling, wails of pain and the sound of flesh hitting flesh as the slaves faced the wrath of the group. Therion raped Imoen the entire time, not tiring despite cumming four times into her cunt. Each time she hoped it would end now, he would simply start ramming into her again after a few deep breaths, making her howl in misery and pain.

In the meantime, Aerie’s ass was brutalized by Korgan before he came onto the floor and made the crying, trembling elf lick up his cum, whipping her abused asscheeks when she was too slow for his liking. Even though Viconia was glad not having to deal with the ugly dwarf this time, she was hardly in a better place, suffering under the hands and cocks of Edwin and Sarevok who took turns violating all her holes, making her choke on their cocks or suffer under pounding anal and vaginal assaults which made her cry out with pain, though she was not lowering herself to beg for mercy like Aerie or Imoen.

Therion was oblivious to anything else while he vented his frustrations on his sister’s unwilling, sore cunt, raping her harder than ever before – except for the first time which still caused her nightmares – though he slowly began to feel his senses returning. It was as if his rage drained out of him each time he splashed his cum into his slave, allowing him to think clearly again, formulating a plan. The stone had been there…so it must have been removed only moments before he and his group arrived. There had only been one other entrance into the chamber…a small hole where a badger or some other tunnelling animal had burrowed into the ruins some time ago. That hole would have been far too small for a human…but not for a halfling.

„ She has the stone!” he snarled suddenly, just as his cock spewed his fifth load into his crying sister.

„ Huh?” Korgan made, having already discarded the whip and using Aerie’s long, golden hair to clean the last drops of cum from his cock.

„ The halfling has the stone…she was the only one who could have taken it! She squeezed through that hole and stole it in her ridiculous quest to do good…” Therion said, pulling out – which was responded to with a deep, heartfelt sigh of relief from Imoen, who curled up into a ball on the floor, trying to stomach her pain.

„ So we better go after her quickly”, Sarevok said, pushing Viconia – who’d licked his balls for the last few minutes – to the floor and grabbing his armor. „ Even with this little…delay, she can’t be too far…she’s small, she’s naked and without weapons.” He grinned. „ Who knows, maybe she came upon a group of brigands or goblins…”

„ Ach, that bitch would probably kill them all…after all, she managed to take out my guards unarmed”, Edwin remarked.

„ Your guards aren’t worth shit”, Korgan spat, his chainmail rustling as he put it over his head. Edwion was just about to respond when Therion put up his hand, silencing him. „ Enough! We have a whore to find!”

It took a few more moments before everyone was ready to leave, the slaves leashed once more, cum drying on their miserable faces as they had been denied the opportunity to clean themselves. There was no time for such luxuries at the moment. And so, the group made haste. Edwin summoned a fiendish dog that followed Mazzy’s scent, the men following them, dragging their slaves with them at a brutal pace, driven by Therion’s inhuman desire to find Mazzy and the stone and to punish her for what she’d done. He would not be denied. She would learn that…oh yes, she would learn…

They travelled in haste, hurried on by Therion whenever it seemed as if their progress would slow down. To make sure the halfling had not gotten help from somewhere, Therion had Edwin summon an invisible stalker to scout ahead and report back to him. But for two entire days, there was no sign of the halfling anywhere. And Therion felt his anger rising again. The fact that they had not even stopped to rape their slaves in the meantime also began to eat away at him. By now, he had started to identify with his future portfolio so much he needed an unwilling whore to suffer in order to think clearly again.

On the second day at dusk, Therion finally allowed the group to stop. Everyone of them was near exhaustion and that, of course, included their slaves, who had been forced to carry most of their baggage. Viconia had held up admirably, her fit physique still serving her well, while Imoen and Aerie had collapsed during the second day, forcing Sarevok and Korgan to carry them respectively. Therion intended to punish the girls fully for this later, probably with a severe whipping. But at the moment what they needed most was a good rape. Besides, only an hour ago, Edwin’t stalker had returned with news of unmistakeable traces of a halfling coming their way. His guess had been correct – Mazzy was on her way to Athkatla.

„ What now?” Sarevok asked, dumping Imoen to the floor without a second thought about her. She fell and yelped in pain but no one cared about her. „ We rest. If we make good progress tomorrow, we can get the halfling by nightfall. No need to exhaust ourselves now…besides…I do not want to give out three whores here the idea that we are neglecting them.”

For the next few hours, the woods echoed with the pitiful cries of the three girls as the group did their best to show that they had no intention of ever neglectiing their slaves. Edwin had, of course, sent out his stalker again, this time to watch over them as they abused their slaves to their dark hearts’ content. Still, despite having planned for it, they were all rather surprised when the etheral being returned, whispering urgently into Edwin’s ear while the mage was busy jerking his cock over Viconia, who, exhausted from hours of rape, was sitting in front of him, leaning against a tree, her naked body and face already covered in copious amounts of Therion’s cum.

„ What is…hnngh…it?” Edwin snarled, displeasured at being interrupted…even though the interruption did not prevent him from cumming a second later, his cock shooting yet another torrent of white sperm across Viconia’s face, the cum splattering across her cheek and lips which were already glazed with a fair amount of the sticky fluid. The drow merely closed her eyes, glad that the rapes were over for the moment. This she could endure but every single hole in her body hurt like the Nine Hells themselves.

The ethereal spirit continued its urgent whispers, its voice inaudble to anyone except Edwin, who nodded, his face growing ever more serious. „ That sounds…interesting…”, he finally said, frowning.

„ What…is it now…hnngh…mage?” Korgan grunted. He was lying on the floor with Aerie on top of him, his rough hands on the slender elven girl’s hips, forcing her petite figure to bounce up and down on his cock which was painfully stretching her asshole, as usual. Every now and then, hen slapped her ass, delighting in the pitiful squealing she uttered whenever he did so.

„ We are being watched…”, Edwin said, quickly wiping his cock clean with the unwilling help of Viconia’s soft, white hair, then gathered his robes as quickly as possible…

“Who?” Therion barked but Edwin only shrugged. “The bitch?” he said. Was it possible that they had already caught up with the cursed Halfling?”

“I don’t know” the wizard said “But I doubt it… I was able to imprint her pattern on my pet quite well… he would recognize her. And these… are good. Even my pet hardly noticed them.”

“Yeah, if the pet is as good as the guards you used to watch that bitch…” the dwarf began, but Therion quickly interrupted.

“Them? How many?” he asked.

“Hard to say… he noticed two. But there can be more, they are good…” the mage started to explain but Therion waved his hand. “You’ve said that already.” He concentrated. His Blackguard abilities were detecting some presence… deathly cold presence. “Undead” he whispered.

“Did Ninde manage to get out and go after us?” Sarevok frowned as he started putting his armour back again.

“I am not sure… drow!” Therion turned to the priestess, approaching her and lifting by her hair. “What kind of undead are those? Ninde’s spawn?! Answer and don’t dare to lie!”

“Yes! Alright!” the drow hissed, stopping her struggles and letting Therion push her on her feet. She closed her eyes. She wanted to lie, she really did… but she could see no use of it… not right now at least.

“And?” Edwin hurried her but Therion silenced him with a look.

“No… stronger than Ninde’s wights. Much stronger… Maybe ghosts… wraiths… or.. vampires?”

“Vampires…” Therion said slowly. Was it a hint of satisfaction in his voice?

“Yes, finally some real action?” Sarevok asked with a smile.

“What?! Real action?! Wasn’t the dragon real enough for you?!” Edwin almost yelled causing the huge man to laugh.

Only Therion didn’t respond, watching the forest, trying to find some hint of movement between the branches.

“How many?” he asked.

“Two… No! Three!” Viconia answered.

Therion turned again towards the line of trees. Something was there, watching, waiting… and Therion surely didn’t want to allow it to strike first. He needed something… a trap.

“Mistress… their creature has found us” the young vampire said, bowing before Valen.

“Good. I assume that you led them in the false direction?” she asked, without lifting her eyes from the leader of the group. There was something about him…

“Of course…. Neveon and Aril are waiting there.”

“They should know about you… and only you.” She stated.

“They won’t see you coming, mistress.” The vampire bowed again.

“Perhaps…” she slowly said, unsure. She was quite certain even the drow couldn’t sense her, but there was something in that man that made her feel he won’t be easy to surprise. Slowly she ran her hand down her tight black dress. Unlike any stereotypical vampires, her dress was quite proper, with only a large cleavage being an immodest part… but Valen just couldn’t stop herself from showing her shapely breasts. Apart from this it was quite formal, flowing almost to the ground… but despite the seemingly impracticality of such attire for the forest, there was not one sign of dirt on it. It exquisitely complemented her figure and the modesty of the dress, connected with Valen’s sensuous look, otherworldly beauty and seductive smile only made every men wonder what is under it… and most of such men were willing to give everything to have one look of her voluptourous body. Everything and anything… including their blood. All of the three vampires accompanying her had been created in this way.

With an almost delicate move she picked up a white wild rose from a bush nearby and held to her face smelling. It was so sweet… she wondered whether the blood of Therion, the child of god will be as sweet. Even without it, she would do it for Bodhi… her mistress… her love. With a silent sigh she put the rose in her raven black hair. “Go, get ready.” She whispered to her companion.

Striding through the nightly forest, she slowly and carefully closed in on the campsite, her steps falling without a single sound, her nightvision-blessed undead eyes fixed on the tall man who was still standing at the campsite. He’d sent his companions away to chase her own underlings, leaving him alone…and vulnerable. Divine spark or not, Valen was confident that she could take him on by herself…after all, she was more than 150 years old! She would taste his blood…and afterwards feast on the female slaves the group kept with them. Her minions had told her how the slaves had been abused by the group and the sheer cruelty they reported brought a smile to her lips. Bodhi wanted him out of the way so she could take over his new slavery operation – otherwise he would have made a fine addition to her ranks, Valen was certain of that.

She stepped closer, stopping at the edge of the clearing where she knew she would still be hidden by the shadows cast by the raging bonfire in the middle of their little camp. Not too far from her was the young redheaded slave, resting against a tree, knees drawn up against her naked, bruised chest, crying quietly to herself. Valen considered taking her first but then decided against it. It would only alert the god-child to her presence and she wanted to catch him by surprise. Fighting fairly was just not in her nature.

But at the moment, everything appeared as if it would go exactly as planned. Therion stood with his back to her, his drow slave kneeling before him, a fistful of her long, white hair in his fist…apparently, he was once again forcing the dark elf to provide oral pleasure to him. There simply was no better moment to strike. Swift as lightning, Valen strode onto the clearing, her fingernails growing into claws as she struck out at Therion, hoping to disable him quickly with her draining touch….

Her hopes, however, were dashed in an instant. Before she could strike, he whirled around – showing that he had not been pleasured, being fully armored – and released something from his hand…a silvery metallic orb. „ Ashazarr!” he bellowed the command word and, much to Valen’s horror, the sphere disintegrated into a number of metallic rings which flew at her and ensnared her limbs so tightly that even her supernatural strength did not allow her to escape. Within a mere heartbeat, her arms were pinned to her sides and her legs shackled together, resulting in her dropping to the floor in a rather unelegant fashion.

„ For a vampire, you are quite the simpleton, it seems…”, Therion mused, letting his eyes wander over the vampire fate had so unceremoniously dropped at his feet. She was a tall, raven-haired beauty, her midnight-black hair contrasting wonderfully with her pale, ivory-like skin. Her features had an exotic touch to them, being narrow and angular, suggesting just a hint of elven blood. Her body was slim but fit and rounded in exactly the right places, her long, clinging dress emphasizing her curves even more than it hid them. Usually, female vampires tended towards revealing attire. While Therion, like any other man, preferred this in general, it would have cheapened this beauty. She was indeed rare – but that did not mean he would not want to look what was underneath that dress…especially as her cleavage already hinted at full, shapely breasts.

„ How…how did you…?” Valen stammered, completely taken by surprise and not just mildly horrified at this turn of events…especially since she and her minions had watched Therion long enough to know what he would possibly do to her now…if he was not above violating the undead, that was..

„ Iron Bands of Bilarro”, Therion responded smugly, „ a very useful item I bought at the Adventurer’s Market in Athkatla. These iron bonds are designed to withstand even an ogre’s strength so I doubt you’ll be able to break them. I also made a few adjustments to them…” With these words, he made a few gestures and Valen felt the iron bands holding her shift. Her arms were forced backwards as the iron bands drew tighter and together, each binding her wrist until her hands were securely tied behind her back, giving her not even the slightest bit of leverage to escape.

But much worse was the motion her legs were forced to make. Magically, the bond that held her legs together parted, each ankle encased by one metal brace now, moving apart a considerable length before attaching themselves to the very ground, leaving her legs spread so wide it was more than a little uncomfortable.

„ Now I want to know a few things from you”, Therion continued, kneeling down next to her, his eyes wandering over her long legs, the soft curves of her hips and, of course, her large breasts, half exposed by her dress’ cleavage. „ Who has sent you to spy on us?”

„ Do you really think i would tell you?” Valen asked, staring up at him with blood-red eyes. „ You cannot be serious.”

Therion laughed. „ Of course not, but asking never hurt. Drow!” he yelled and the dark elven slave came closer, eyeing the vampire cautiously but then keeping her eyes fixed on Therion. „ What do you want?” she asked…and was immediately slapped so hard she fell to her knees. „ Do I have to remind you every time? You are going to call me Master!”

„ Yes…Master”, the said, rubbing her cheek, the word laden with so much anger and pure hatred it made Therion grin. He would not punish her for that…he liked that she would show her hate at every turn – her perpetual unwillingness to fully submit fuelled his power immensely. After he’d taken Imoen’s power and frightened her into submission, raping her had become something he did because he enjoyed it but no longer for power…but violating Viconia always granted him new strength, refreshing him.

„ You were a powerful priestess before becoming our whore…and as a priestess you can command the undead.” He tossed her a small symbol showing a black disk surrounded by a purple ring. „ I took that from Alius. It’s your holy symbol, I believe. You know what you have to do now. Make her tell me whom she serves.”

Viconia hesitated, staring at the symbol, remembering the power it held in her hand. Too bad Therion wasn’t one of the undead. This symbol was a prerequisite for many spells…and for her other priestly powers. The constant rape and Shar’s ignorance of her desperate situation had kept her from reneweing her spells but her other powers were still present.

„ In the name of the Night Maiden, I command you to obey me!” she finally, after a sharp, impatient look from Therion, intoned, her symbol glowing in a dark non-light that bathed Therion and the vampire in its negative glow. The vampire shrieked, trembling as she felt the power grasp at her mind…and suddenly remained still.

Therion looked at Viconia, who nodded. „ Then make her answer!”he said, „ and do not even think about siccing her on me. She cannot move and you will regret it!” Viconia nodded reluctantly. „ Answer his questions truthfully, vampire!”

“You… can’t… make… me…” Valen hissed, feeling some kind of force try to break into her mind. An almost unresistible urged filled her, urge to obey the drow, to tell everything there was to tell… but gritting her teeth she managed to fight it off, fight off the compulsion the cleric tried to force on her.

“Do better, drow!” Therion barked as he grabbed her breast and twisted her nipple, causing her to cry shortly with pain… but she managed to keep her concentration – as she knew she’d better do.

She looked deep into the vampire’s coal-black eyes and resumed the mental assault. Her effort was rewarded by a muffled cry of pain that escaped Valen’s lips. The vampire felt her entire body being covered in waves of pain, as if she was subjected to the merciless sun.

“I… won’t… tell!” she said, but with each word the pain became more and more intense. The urge to tell, if only to lesser the pain was becoming unbearable.

“Tell me!” the drow repeated, her voice echoing in the dark “I command you! In the name of Shar, Lady of the Night!” If Valen hadn*t been concentrating on defeating the pain, she would have noticed that when Viconia called her goddess’ name, Therion looked at her strangely, as if some vicious idea began forming in his mind. But the vampire could not concentrate on anything else than the battle with unbearable pain, filling her body, making her tremble against the magical bands holding her…

“Bodhi!” Valen finally whispered “I serve the vampire lady Bodhi! My only mistress, sire and… and lover…” she said.

“Finally we’re getting somewhere” Therion smiled “What does Bodhi want from me? I’ve never heard of her.” He ordered.

“Tell him what he wants” Viconia told the vampire.

“I don’t… don’t… know…” Valen tried to whisper, but waves of pain again kept flooding her body. “She didn’t tell me… but… but I know… that… that her brother… the mage… Irenicus… wanted… to… to…”

“To do what?” Viconia asked, without Therion having to order this.

“To… to… kidnap… you… and… the redhead… and if… if it isn’t possible… to… kill… kill you…” she finally blurted out as it felt as if revealing each word was becoming easier and easier. Though the horrible realization that she was betraying her mistress, her beloved mistress, was dawning upon her.

“So… it is about the Bhaal’s blood” Therion mused “Well, sorry to disappoint your mistress.” He said, and suddenly turned around backhanding the vampire so hard she almost fell back… or would’ve if not for the Iron Bands folding her in upright position. “Hmm… a curious application of this device…” he smiled as he placed his hand on Valen’s hip and moved it first down, along the curve of her shapely leg, covered by the dark, extremely tight dress, and than again upwards, rubbing her inner thigh through the material.

“When my minions will deal with your lackeys they will come for you… and we will make you… die… slowly… draining… every drop… of your… cursed… blood!” she managed to say, each word making the pain more intense.

“You can release her now…” Therion turned to Viconia “I like them more when they have the will to fight… when they are fighting. As you know” he smiled viciously to the priestess and turned to the vampire again. “The question is… what can I do with a vampire… never had a thing for undead… but you look so… well ALIVE…” he smiled as his hands began wandering upwards, finally resting on her breasts. “I can either stake you… or lets say… impale you in another way… Well, it seems it depends… how I like… THOSE!” Therion laughed out loud as he pulled the front of the dress down, tearing the fabric and exposing her tits, covered by a lacy bra. He smiled as he admired their beauty…

After having abused and violated so many women, Therion had become quite an expert in judging the actual size of a woman’s tits and whether she tried optical trickery to entice men. With no small amount of satisfaction, he noticed that valen did not have to resort to such measures. Her tits stood out proudly from her chest, shapely, round and certainly firm.

„ And I can honestly say I do like them”, he continued with a sarcastic, lecherous grin on his face. Valen snarled, baring her fangs as she struggled against the bonds holding her. Despite her being undead, Therion did like her…her vampirism exposed gave her features a feral cast that nicely complimented her vaguely elven features. Quickly, he reached for a small dagger and hooked the blade between the cups of Valen’s silky bra. A small tug and the cups fell away, exposing her round mounds to his eyes. They were just as pale as the rest of her body but no less appetizing for it.

„ Oh yes, keep on fighting…I enjoy it so much”, Therion whispered, then began to use his knife again, cutting away the black gown that hid Valen’s body from his greedy eyes. And, despite the fact that she was undead, something that struck fear into even th most seasoned warriors’ hearts, the more of her form was revealed the more Therion felt his cock stir in his pants. Yes, he would „ stake” her in his own way…

„ Stop this!” Valen snarled, throwing her head from side to side in helpless fury, hissing with her fangs bared, her eyes alight with pure hatred. „ Bodhi will tear out your heart for this, godson or not!” Therion laughed at her words, continuing to cut. He did not have to worry about aciddentially cutting her as the blade was nonmagical and would normally be useless against a vampire. It gave him all the time he needed to cut away the last vestiges of cloth until only small straps hung from between the iron bands. Appraisingly, the godson let his eyes wander over her now-exposed form once more.

While Valen’s features had a certain elvish cast to them, the rest of her body was all too human. Her entire body was curved at exactly the right places, her tits standing out proudly from her chest, her back seductive in its own right, especially since it was absolutely immaculate. It ended in a beautiful heart-shaped ass that Therion already dreamed about fucking later on…Beneath, long, shapely legs befitting a dancer joined together in her midst where a carefully shaven patch of dark hair throned above her slit. While she had worn a bra, nothing had prevented her groin to be uncovered. He grinned evilly. As if she’d been expecting him..

„ Very nice”, Therion mused, „ if you weren’t undead, I would have considered taking you with us and either selling you or keeping you as another slave of mine. But the dead would probably be too exotic for most tastest…” He smirked, seeing how his words infuriated Valen even more. „ You will not touch me if you wish to live! I have power, i have minions…and Bodhi will not tolerate my violation!” the vampiress hissed, her tits heaving nicely as she took in the necessary breaths to speak.

„ Ah, yes, because she is your lover…”, Therion said calmly, „ why do I keep running into lesbians? Fate is dealing me quite a strange hand here…speaking of which…” With these words, he forced his hand between her thighs after magically rearranging the iron bands once more. Two fingers found her slit and pushed in immediately, plunging deep while Valen grunted in pain. „ Stop this…now!” she ordered through clenched teeth but Therion ignored her, beginning to slowly pump his fingers in and out of her cunt.

„ Hmm, tight…but a bit cold…”, he said, pushing deep again, hearing her sharp intake of breath…and a moment later an all-too-familiar voice. „ Seems the boss made the best catch of all again!” Korgan bellowed, laughing. „ I cannot fathom your good mood, dwarf”, Edwin grumbled, „ I am covered in vampire dust all over!”

„ Ah, it seems now we can get started properly”, Therion said, a wide grin on his lips as his eyes locked onto Valen’s…

“Indeed…” Sarevok said, approaching the helpless vampire, admiring what was already exposed of her luscious body “I must say your vampires were a disappointment. Especially we knew they were coming. I just hope you won’t to be a disappointment as well… for your sake!” he threatened.

“Don’t worry, brother” Therion smiled slightly, his fingers still probing the gentle insides of Valen’s cunt. The cold didn’t bother him, the thought alone of how uncomfortable must she feel, how helpless and humiliated, was enough to warm him up and send his blood flowing faster. He kept pumping it,watching Valen’s cold arrogant aristocratic face turned into a mask of disgust and shock. “See that body? How can she disappoint us?” He said, his other hand running up and down her perfectly formed tits… until he leaned over and bit her nipple hard, keeping it in his mouth for a while, gnawing it as the vampire finally gave a soft sigh of pain.

“Yeah, that’s going to be fun.” Korgan approached as well, circling their captive, stopping only to grab her asscheeks and squeeze them hard. “I’ll be ramming my dick there in no time, bitch” he promised.

“You know the rules, dwarf” Therion interrupted sharply “I have her first”

“Whatever… but don’t expect me just to sit and watch. Battle gets me hot… elf! Crawl your skinny ass here and get your mouth around my dick!” he ordered, turning to Aerie. The elf girl, with a terrified expression on her face almost jumped and then hastily approached her master. She hesitate only for a second before she opened her mouth and took his dick in, like a good obedient little fuck-slave she was becoming. She didn’t even choke on the awful tool as her soft, warm mouth enveloped the already rock-hard, thick pole.

“Mmmpfff” red with exertion and embarrassment, the elf began moving her mouth along the shaft of the dwarf’s disgusting cock. She hoped that she was only getting him ready for Valen, but somehow she knew that it won’t be enough, that she would be forced to swallow the load of his jism or get it sprayed all over her face.

Meanwhile Therion was slowly loosing his patience, the need for sexual gratification becoming insatiable. As his hand kept probing Valen’s cunt he began savagely tearing the remains of her classy black dress from her gorgeous body, exposing her curves. Every couple moments he stopped just to twist the vampiresses’ nipples or sink his teeth into the cold, sensitive flesh of her breasts. Valen kept strong but with each bite, louder and louder moans and sighs of pain escaped her trembling mouth.

“Not so mighty anymore? Stopped threatening me?” Therion mocked “Lets see… your vampire reinforcements bit the dusts… or rather became dust. I don’t see your mistress Bodhi coming to the rescue as well…”

“If my lady was here, she would’ve…” Valen hissed with anger, her words interrupted by Therion’s angry slaps.

“If she was here she would’ve been fucked and raped raw as well” Therion said “Now… I’m wondering… which hole of yours should I use first. That precious slit…” he said, finally pulling the fingers out of her snatch, running them upwards her body, circling around her full breasts and finally touching her lips. “Or to test your sucking skills… you vampires should be good at it.”

Valen glared up at him, snarling, „ Try it and lose your precious manhood…I would love to turn you…” Therion chuckled at her words. „ Let me meet that challenge, then”, he said and turned his head to glare at Imoen, who, at the moment, was glad she wasn’t the center of anyone’s attention. „ Sister! Get over here and give me the box! ”

Imoen hurried towards said box, hoping her quick compliance would spare her further indiginities that day. Quickly, she grabbed it and almost ran back to her brother, who accepted it with a nod before a sadistic smile crossed his lips. „ Good, sister…now go and serve my brother…he has more than earned it lately.” Imoen swallowed but knew she had little choice. Already, Sarevok was freeing his hard cock from his pants, nodding to Therion in thanks. Sighing bitterly, the young redhead knelt down in front of Sarevok, who wasted no time and shoved her face against his crotch. „ Lick!” he hissed, his balls rubbing against Imoen’s trembling lips.

Therion reached into the box even as he studied Valen’s body closely, noticing how her breasts jiggled while she fought and strained against the iron bonds. Yes, he would need release soon..and he would get it from her, one way or the other.

„ When you spend a good deal of your time raping every pretty girl you see, you are bound to come upon one who bites eventually. But since I do not want any whore to deny me her mouth and throat, i always carry this with me…”, he mused, taking several items out of the box merely for effect, among them a strapon, a double-ended dildo, a whip…and finally, the ring gag he’d used on Mazzy only hours before. Grinning savagely, he held it up so she could see it. „ Now be a good girl and open your mouth…you only have to do it once, afterwards, this will do the job for you…”

Valen closed her mouth so tight her teeth hurt, glaring up at her tormentor with glowing eyes. She would certainly not give in to his demands and allow herself to be raped! No, Bodhi had trained her better than that! She was strong, she had willpower and she would not give in! Never!

Therion shrugged. „ I figured you would be uncooperative. Poor thing, you really do not know your place in this world, do you? Edwin, would you help me remind her?” The mage, who had been circling the kneeling Viconia, wondering how to fuck the drow first, turned his head, rolling his eyes as he came closer, an expression of patient sufferance on his face. „ Of course, of course…being the only one with half a brain here means that I get no entertainment at all…what do you want?”

Therion did not respond at first but instead gave Valen a brutal shove that landed her on her back, now fully helpless. „ Hurt her. Make her scream”, the godson simply said, kneeling down next to her, the iron ring gag in hand.

Now Edwin’s expression changed…to one of ultimate glee. „ Gladly…”, he simply said before raising his hands and muttering a few arcane syllables which had his fingers erupt with the green flames the slaves had all come to fear and dread. „ Now where to begin, where to begin…”, he mused, moving his hands over her body, the flames and his fingers only inches away from her pale, immaculate skin. He appeared to relish the prospect of hurting her as much as actually doing it. Valen was slowly starting to realize that she may have found something even she had reason to fear, Bodhi’s favourite or not.

Therion sighed at Edwin’s teasing, snarling, „ Get to it, mage! Just make her open her lips wide enough for this to go in and then you can have your fun with darkie.” Again, Edwin grumbled, „ Rush, rush, rush…never taking time…i really need a slave of my own…” But he obeyed, ramming two flaming fingers into Valen’s cunt hard and deep. A pain unlike she ever experienced lanced through her body, every inch of skin and tissue suddenly feeling aflame. Valen arched her back, gritting her teeth to keep herself from screaming…but she lost the battle and the moment her lips parted to let out a loud howl of pure agony, Therion jammed the ring between her teeth and fastened the leather belt around the back of her head. „ Good…now go, mage. I want to savour her mouth….”, Therion commented, already forgetting about Edwin as he began to rub his cock over Valen’s lips…

“Yes, have your fun… always: Mage this, Mage that and then…? Everybody forgets and ignores.” Edwin kept mumbling, angry not only at his treatment and perceived slights but mainly that he had to stop hurting the vampire.

However, as Therion wasn’t listening to him anymore, he turned his attention and anger towards Viconia and grinned as he saw her entire sweet dark body go tense with hateful anticipation. As he approached the priestess he muttered another again formula and smiled as the air began to shimmer around the dark elf. Quickly, two half-ogres materialized on both sides of her and as she just managed to mutter some short curse, they grabbed her arms, pushing them to the ground, making her abused tits scrape the dirty ground. But worst of all, was that her ass was raised, almost as if inviting Edwin to use it.

“Good… good…” he muttered to himself, as his hungry hands began groping her asscheeks and his fingers were pushed into her sore cunt, probing her tender insides. If Viconia hoped she would be able to suck him off as he usually preferred and escape another brutal ordeal, she couldn’t be more wrong. This time the red mage, willing to vent of his anger, decided to go for her cunt. His fingers quickly disappearing from the drow’s abused fuckhole but the relief was short lived as she felt his dick touch the outer lips of her cunt.

“Aaaaa!” Viconia cried loudly and arched, as his hands on her asscheeks suddenly were surrounded by the familiar green flames and as the drow’s slim sensuous body tensed with pain, he pushed his deep, burying it almost entirely in her pussy in one savage thrust. He allowed it rest there only for a moment more, as still keeping his hands on her ass, he began pumping her cunt.

“Take it drow… take my cum… take my dick… and this pain…” he hissed, loud as usual as he kept raping her sore opening.

“Yeah it…hurts a bit…” Viconia managed to whisper through gritted teeth, somehow finding power and strength of will and for a brief moment returning to her older, stronger persona. “But is your dick in? I thought it is still… agh… your little… finger…” she hissed with mock disdain and was rewarded by a grunt of frustration and anger.

Soon her satisfaction faded however as the mage began pushing his burning fingers into her sore ass, filling her body with waves of pain.

“Such a whore like you… must be addicted… to big cocks…” Edwin snorted “After I’m done… I’ll have those… two brutes… fuck your ass… together!” he promised angrily, the very mental image of such situation arousing him even more as he kept fucking her with short but very hard strokes.

Meanwhile as all the girls were getting raped brutally, Therion concentrated his efforts only on Valen. He needed this release and needed it to be provided by her – to make her suffer for her arrogance. Even considering all those, he still controlled himself to an amazing level and took time rubbing his dick over Valen’s cold mouth before finally, slowly, very slowly, pushing it in.

“Grrllg!” even though inside Valen was burning with rage, she could only gargle helplessly as she felt the man’s huge cock entering her mouth, the tip of his dick smearing a disgusting line of precum on her unwilling tongue. Before being turned Valen was forced to work her living as a port hooker, the lowliest of lowliest… that was when and how Bodhi found her, when she burst into the chamber where Valen was entertaining some highup of the Shadow Thieves. Bodhi quickly disposed of the man but for somereason decided to spare and sire Valen. Since that time, the vampiress did everything to distance herself from her past – the full, strict dresses she was wearing stood in stark contrast to the revealing outfits she had to wear before and instead of being forced to suck the sperm out of dirty sailors’ cocks she sucked blood out of royalty and heroes… until now that is.

“What a nice mouth” Therion complemented, moving his cock in and out, at first slowly but faster with each push. He held the vampire by her hair, pressing her head towards his crotch, though his cock was only halfway in.

“Grrrrlg! Nnnn!” Valen moaned around the meat in her mouth, suddenly remembering every detail of her ordeal as a whore along with the sickly feeling of having cocks pushed into her mouth. The gag opened her mouth extremely wide, straining her jaw painfully, as it allowed even Therion’s mighty cock to be pushed inside with ease. And push he did, beginning to thrust it quicker and quicker, the arousal and need for release defeating the last remains of his self-control. He still was calm enough not to fuck her face savagely… yet. Instead Therion pushed his cock in deep strokes, relishing in the feeling of her nimble toungue unwittingly caressing his dick. Then he pushed his cock all the way, filling the vampiress’ entire mouth with it, burying her face in his pubic hard, pushing his dick up to the very back of her throat. While he loved how her throat constricted around his meat, he discovered that although making women choke on his tool always aroused him… he also did like the fact that Valen, not needing to breathe, could keep his cock as far as it would go, almost indefinitely. Ad though he sure missed the feeling of her fighting for air, he instead cherished the fact how it must have hurt her poor constricting throat to hold his dick like this for long minutes.

A low growl escaped her throat amidst the near-constant gagging while he kept his cock firmly embedded inside. Her eyes flashed a furious red and her face began to turn more feral as Valen, desperate to be free of this degrading torment, assumed her full vampiric appearance. Not that it helped her in any way. Her clawed hands were still bound tightly to her sides and even her fangs were useless with the ring gag holding her mouth wide open. In fact, their emergence even enhanced his pleasure, his hard, throbbing cock scraping ever-so-slightly against them while he began to withdraw, then push down her throat again, laughing at her helpless fury and squirming attempts to escape.

„ Yes, keep on struggling…don’t want a reason to go easy on you, after all…”, he said, chuckling, using her long hair to pull her head towards his crotch, his cock drilling deep down her throat again. He felt his pulse quicken as his arousal grew, knowing that he would soon find release – the first of many – and knowing that his victim would get no pleasure at all from it. „ The taste of cum will be quite a change from all the blood and cunt juice you’ve had…”

Over her muffled protests, he suddenly heard Aerie sob and cough as Korgan had finished using her mouth and was holding her head while his cock sprayed her entire crying face with his foul, thick sperm, his cum dropping onto her heaving tits as she cried out in shame and horror, once again realising that this was her fate for the rest of her miserable life…” Why the tears, elf? Don’t you like my cum?” Korgan laughed at her, then reached out and grabbed her right arm, forcing her hand up towards his cock. „ Get me hard again for that vampire lass…and better do it quick!” he yelled at his frightened victim, who closed her slender fingers around his thick, cum-dripping cock and began to jerk it.

Sarevok, too, had already climaxed once, Imoen’s miserable face and most of her hair now stained with his cum, but he had no intention of allowing her to stop, merely pushing her mouth against his balls again, jerking his cock while barking orders at her to continue licking while her tears dropped onto his heavy balls, already shiny with saliva from her unwilling tongue.

Edwin was still busy fucking and torturing Viconia, ripping truly delightful screams from her dark lips while he worked towards his own xlimax, even though he took his time, remaining much more disciplined than the other two, despite his constant grumblings and apparent dissatisfaction. And even though he would not follow through with his threat – damaging the slaves permanently was still the only taboo they had – the very thought of having the dark-skinned elf impaled on these two monstrous beings’ cocks was added fuel for his own arousal.

Tightening his grip on Valen’s dark hair, he pulled back again, keeping her head in place close to his crotch so she could not escape, no matter how much she strained her muscles and applied her preternatural strength. „ I bet you never thought this could happen…all your powers and you are still getting a cock shoved down your throat like a two-copper whore!” Laughing at her obvious discomfort, though he did not know how close to home he’d struck, he began to ram his cock down her throat again. He did not keep it down there this time, however, instead finally beginning to fuck her face as hard, fast and viciously as he could, delighting in the desperate gagging, growing and gargling emenating from her. Being a vampire made this all the more horrible for her because even if he drove her past all human tolerances, she could not faint. Valen, proud, regal Valen, favourite and beloved of Bodhi, was forced to endure having her face raped more brutally than anyone ever had before.

Even at this pace, it took some time for Therion to cum, his self-control and willingness to see and feel her suffering overriding his need for release. But eventually, he could no longer stand it. With a loud roar, he shoved his cock all the way down her throat just as his member began to spew a torrent of sperm. „ Swallow…this! You…hnngh…were so…eager to drink…my blood…now drink my cum! All of it!”

He kept his grip on her hair tight, not letting go until he saw her throat working and her face scrunch in disgust. Valen shuddered with pure revulsion, the taste of cum on her tongue bringing too many dark memories…not to mention the fact that she never particularly liked the taste… „ That’s a good little vampire”, he laughed, finally pulling out his cock and unfastening the ring gag, letting it fall off her face.

Valen coughed and sputtered, spitting to get the taste of cum off her tongue. „ Are you…urgh…finished with your games now, animal?” she hissed at Therion, who merely shook his head in amusement. „ Still feisty…very good. Now, before the others have a go at your holes…and I can tell you they are quite eager…”

The others were indeed, even Edwin, who had just climaxed inside Viconia and was wiping his cock clean with her long, white hair. „ I think we should have a little more entertainment…”, Therion mused, reaching down to hold up the double, ended dildo so everyone, including Valen, could see it.

„ Viconia, come over here!”

„What?!” Viconia raised her head, asking sharply… which was after one gesture from Edwin rewarded by a lazy, though hard slap from one of summoned beasts .

“Watch your mouth darkie” he threatened… not that he cared how she spoke to Therion but every excuse to cause her pain was good.

“Crawl your ass here, darkie!” Therion ordered and smiled as Viconia shot a quick glance at the two ogres and obediently, an all fours, started crawling towards Therion. When she was at his feet, he simply bent over, just to squeeze her swaying tits after which he slapped her again, this time hard enough to make her lose balance and fall to the dirty ground.

“Now, before we begin…” he said slowly, after which he turned to Valen, grabbed her tits into his hands and pushed hard, causing her to land on the ground as well.

“You… you!” Valen wanted to curse him, insult… but all words she may have said would be meaningless and she knew it well. Instead she just stared at him with burning fury in her eyes, only fueled by shame.

This time Therion didn’t waste breath or strength on punishing her and just turned his hand, making the Iron Bands on the vampiresses legs to move even further, exposing her pink slit, continuing to spread until her legs formed almost a straight line. If Valen hadn’t been a dexterous vampire, it would be impossible to bear for her in such position but even now it was very uncomfortable… which Therion knew and apparently was eager to test her dexterity and the flexibility of her body.

“Darkie!” he shouted, throwing the double ended dildo to the drow, who, being still on the ground, didn’t manage to catch it. “For your clumsiness you’ll get ten lashes” he stated calmly, as Viconia grabbed the tool from the ground. “Now… put that in your fuckhole and fuck the brains out of this vampire.”

Viconia hesitated only for a briefest moment, but thinking about what punishment she might be subjected to, she decided not to protest. Letting only a small whimper escape her trembling mouth, the drow spread her pussy lips and slowly pushed one end of the tool inside. “Agh…” she sighed as she felt it stretch her sore insides.

Even though pain and discomfort was clearly visible on her classically beautiful face, she was much to slow for Therion’s liking. Quickly he leaned forward, grabbing the dildo and pushing it as far as it could go in one brutal thrust.

“Aaa!” Viconia shrieked her body tensing with pain at the cruel assault when Therion kept pumping it in and out for few more hearbeats, just relishing in her moans. Finally he let the dildo go but just as Viconia sighed with the slightest hint of relief, he grabbed her hair and pushed her towards Valen.

“Lick her first” he ordered “We wouldn’t want for it to be uncomfortable for her, would we?” he smiled mockingly as Viconia bend forward, bringing her face to Valen’s exposed cunt. “And make sure you keep the dildo in all the time… you will be punished if it falls out…” he said, watching how the tool stuck out of the drow’s sore fuckhole, as she bend over.

Viconia felt the greedy, lustful stare of her hated masters on her but tried to ignore it for the moment, focusing on the task at hand, even though every time she moved, the dildo shifted, sending another wave of pain through her sore cunt. But it could have been worse, he could have chosen to stick it up her ass instead. And in her position, Viconia was grateful for any small favour fate still granted her.

Slowly, hesitantly, she stuck out her tongue, lapping at the dry folds presented to her. Valen’s cunt was cold to the touch, an altogether unwelcome sensation, though she did not taste differently than the high priestess Viconia had once owed a „ favour” to, except that Valen’s cunt was completely dry and that, even though the vampiress gasped, she certainly did not enjoy this intimate touch. All she did was bite her lip and glare at the drow with hateful, glowing eyes.

„ Not so timid, bitch”, Therion snarled, raising his foot and pushing it against the end of the dildo sticking out of Viconia’s cunt, ripping another pained moan from her dark, sensuous lips, „ you can do better!” Muttering a curse under her breath, the drop began to lap at the offered vampire cunt faster, dipping her tongue between the folds. Behind her, she could hear the pleasured moans of one of the men – probably Edwin or sarevok – as they jerked to the sight. Suddenly, there Therion pushed the dildo in deeper again, sending another shockwave of pain through her. „ More slurping sounds!”

Viconia, seeing little choice in the matter and not wanting the dildo to be rammed in even deeper, obeyed, slurping and letting her tongue wander around the cunt before her messily, slathering it with her saliva, all for the hated aim of satisfying her oppressors, who, given the sounds emanating from behind her, certainly enjoyed the show…until Therion grabbed her and pulled her back. „ Don’t enjoy the taste too much…get to fucking her!”

„ You perverted little piece of offal!” Valen snarled, but Therion’s only reaction was a bout of hearty laughter. „ Perverted? You love to be fucked by other women! I am just granting you your heart’s desire here! Now, Viconia, get to it, don’t make me wait! You already have 10 lashes to look forward to, do you want it to be more so bad?”

Sighing in endless frustration and impotent anger, Viconia shook her head and began to clamber on top of the helpless vampire whose eyes shot daggers at her. „ Don’t you dare…”, Valen hissed but Viconia did not allow it to deter her. Reaching down, she grabbed the other end of the dildo – hissing in pain as her end shifted inside her cunt – and placed it against the saliva-slick entrance to Valen’s tight fuckhole. „ We both have no choice here…so why don’t you shut up?” Viconia hissed back, finding at least a tiny portion of relief in venting her anger on this other victim.

When she began easing the dildo in, both women groaned in pain, the unwilling intrusion into Valen’s tight, dry cunt feeling just as awful as the sensation of Viconia’s end of the dildo being driven deeper into her. Even clenching her inner walls around it to keep it where it was only made it worse, her cunt being so terribly sore after the recent rape by Edwin.

„ Very good…now push it deeper!” Therion commanded gleefully, „ I don’t care how much of it goes up your cunt or that of the vampire…I just want it to disappear completely!” Gritting her teeth against the pain, Viconia pushed against her unwilling partner, driving both ends of the dildo into their respective fuckholes, much to the men’s delight and to their own discomfort. Looking down, she stared into the hateful eyes of the vampire, who trembled with pointless fury and Viconia could not help but enjoy the fact that, even in her own misery, she was able to share some of it with this undead bitch underneath her.

It took a few agonising seconds and much grunting and groaning from both women until the dildo had completely disappeared into their cunts, now resting there, fat and painful. Viconia sighed with relief when it became apparent that it simply would not go any deeper, that she had finally sunk it all in, though she knew any rest she could get was temporary at best.

She was right about that, as a few heartbeats after the dildo has torturously disappeared into both unwilling cunts, Therion delivered a swift kick to Viconia’s backside. „ Don’t get lazy, there…fuck her! Hard!” And with a sadistic grin, he added, „ Like we fuck you every day…surely you can’t have forgotten!” And as Viconia began to move, grunting in pain when she felt the dildo shift inside her, she heard the others laugh at her plight. Leaning over the naked, bound vampire, the drow began to work her hips back and forth, driving the dildo deeper into the vampire’s cunt before sliding back on it, soon settling into a slow but nevertheless painful rhythm that had both women grit their teeth and moan in discomfort.

The vampiress writhed underneath her, glaring at her with venom in her eyes, but to Viconia, it made no difference. She hated this act at least as much as the vampire, but at least she was able to pass on some of the pain. It gave her a feeling of…elation, of satisfaction, something she hadn’t felt in a long, long time, ever since she first stumbled into sexual slavery. And, even as she groaned and shuddered in pain, she wondered if this was what Therion felt every time he raped a girl. She would never be willing to submit to him, but the ruthless part of her mind was beginning to understand why he did what he did…and she was sure that, if she’d been wearing a strapon instead of this intrusive dildo, she would be able to thoroughly enjoy this…except that Therion would never allow her to enjoy the act. That notion was against everything he stood for, after all.

„ Faster! You are not making love to her, you are raping her!” Therion commanded and was soon rewarded by the sight of the drow’s ass working faster, both women panting, their faces scrunched with pain as the dark elf rode the vampiress faster, the dildo disappearing deeper into both their cunts. It was a wonderful sight, seeing their stretched openings move on the thick object impaling them.

„ Hrrm…”, Korgan mused behind him, stroking his cock with one hand while using the other to grope Aerie’s left tit. The crying, cum-covered elf was kneeling next to him, afraid to move while he touched her. „ Hrmmm…maybe they should be kissing each other…I mean, they’re already fucking like they’re in heat!” He guffawed, his eyes fixed on Viconia’s ass as it clenched each time she pushed down.

Therion shook his head. „ No…not with a vampire. One nick with her teeth and Viconia will be one of the undead, too…and I like her warm when I’m in her…but I think we can do something else you’ll all find equally exciting…” Stepping forward, he grabbed Viconia and pulled her back, making her fall to the floor, the dildo slipping from her cunt and remaining in Valen’s. He removed it from there as well and then, without further explanation, began to magically rearrange the iron bands once more. Unable to escape, the vampiress was suddenly forced around and onto all fours, her legs spread, her ass high up in the air.

„ What now?” Viconia asked sharply, knowing that he felt her beginning enjoyment of the act and would not stand for it too long. Already, she expected him to slap her for her tone alone, but he refrained from doing so, merely pointing at her and sayind, „ Now I want you in the same position, your asscheeks against hers…and guess where this goes…” He pointed at the dildo, knowing full well she understood. And Viconia knew all too well that she would certainly not be able to enjoy the next act.

Nevertheless, she knew she would have to obey, unless she wanted to be as miserable as Imoen and Aerie, who were still in tears after their last round of abuse. So, grabbing the dildo again and loathing even this simple act, she assume the same position behind Valen, their asses only inches away from each other. As she reached behind her to insert her end of the dildo, she heard Valen protest once more. „ You will regret this moment forever! I will turn you all so i can torture you for all eternity! I will not allow this!”

Therion and the others ignored her, their eyes fixed on Viconia, who amongst loud gasps and groans of pain, forced one end of the dildo into her asshole. Even now, she was unable to relax and make this easier, feeling the same pain as when Korgan or Therion chose to fuck her ass, the dildo stretching her anal hole wide. Grunting, she pushed it in a few inches more, resisting the tears that threatened to well up in her eyes and then grabbed the end still outside. Viconia cried out as she felt it move inside her fuckhole but managed to align it with Valen’s anus, pushing it in in one motion that ripped forth a delicious cry from the vampire.

The cry was rewarded by a wave of laughter from Therion and his cohorts, as they’ve watched tears of pain swell in the drow’s eyes, as she braced herself and pushed the her ass once again, impaling herself even more on the hated dildo and simultaneously driving it even further into Valen’s ass, causing another loud moan of pain from the vampire’s throat. Gritting her teeth, knowing all too well, what Therion would expect from her, she began moving her ass, pushing it in and withdrawin, literally raping Valen’s ass – all the while raping herself against the tool.

“That’s my girl… “ Therion smiled in mock affection as he saw Viconia’s face turn into a mask of pain as she did best to comply with his orders, driving herself on the dildo again and again, each push driving a weak moan out of her lips and a loud cry from Valen – the only thing that gave the priestess the strength to go on.

However the vampiress was in a slightly better position – if such expression could be used here. Viconia had been experiencing prolonged and repeated rape and abuse of all of her holes at the hands – and cocks – of Therion’s party. Her holes, especially her tight asshole, were all sore, radiating with pain with each time the dildo even slightly shifted – not to say about the drow raping herself on it. Valen’s hole, on the other hand, were untouched – as of now. Although each time Viconia impaled her tender ass on the dildo it hurt her like hell, it didn’t stir any old injuries.

“Who do you think will pass out sooner?” Edwin asked, laughing.

“I say the drow, the vampires is fresh.” Sarevok said.

“Nah, darkie is more used to it. Me thinking she likes it even!” the dwarf protested.

Viconia tried not to hear their stinging comments but there was no use in it. She wondered if Korgan was really so stupid as to believe she could get any kind of twisted pleasure from this act. In one he was right – although she was already sore, she was kind of experienced with the whole ordeal of having her ass brutally taken and only this gave her hope that she would endure. As much as passing out seemed like liberation now, she knew that Therion would punish her severly for this.

“You!” Therion’s shout, interrupted Viconia’s thoughts and she froze for a heartbeat – but fortunately he turned to Valen. “You lazy whore! I know the drow is a great fuck-slave but she can’t do it on her own… fuck her back!” he hissed.

“You’ll… pay… and… she…” Valen mumbled, moaning heavily as she felt her tight asshole being spread by the vicious tool.

“Wrong answer!” Therion replied slapping her than leaned forward and said threateningly “You want me to look whether I don’t have some scroll of Sunburst here?” he asked ominously.

Valen didn’t even respond, she just shook her head wordlessly and then braced herself and slowly, obediently began fucking the drow back, maching her pushes to the prietstess’ rhythm. Again and again she pushed together with Viconia, which only caused the hard, thick dildo enter her almost virgin asshole deeper, making her cry and curse with agonizing pain. Not that she would agree – but it seemed she was more like Viconia then she could predict. As in the case of the drow, for Valen hearing Viconia whimper in pain each time she pushed the tool deeper into the priestess reddened, sore asshole was the only measure of comfort she received in this ordeal.

And so it went for a time, both women fucking each other, raping each other for the viewing pleasure of Therion and his party. No words were muttered – they just whimpered and sobbed and cried and moaned as pain was filling their bodies, radiating from their abused fuckholes.

Of course Therion wouldn’t be himself if he’d allow the girls to keep on doing this without introducing any new kinds of entertainment. He stood before Viconia, presenting his partly erect cock.

“Get me ready, whore” he ordered and the priestess, obeying yet another of his humiliating orders parted her lips and took his cock in, caressing it with her proficient, nimble tongue, her warmth breath and muffled moans and cries only adding to Therion’s pleasure.

Imitating his brother, Sarevok stopped jerking off for a moment, forcibly opened Valen’s mouth and without wondering too much simply rammed his dick up her unwilling, constricting throat. “Just try to bite and you are in a world of pain” he hissed threateningly and for some reason Valen believed him.

“Hey! And us?!” Korgan yelled but Edwin silenced him, by throwing him a whip. A vicious smile appeared on the dwarf’s face…

He did not waste much time. The first smack hit Viconia across the back, her skin darkening where he’d hit her immediately. Therion groaned in pleasure as she screamed out around his cock, sending a shiver of pleasure along his shaft. Korgan grinned and then proceeded to whip both girls to his heart’s content, the whip blurring as it struck again and again, drawing cry after cry of pain from the girls who were still raping each other anally with the dildo.

Sarevok grinned down at Valen, knowing that, right now, all she truly wanted was to bite down on his cock and drink his blood, maybe even turn him, just to spite her violators…but her instinct for self-preservation was stronger, making her take it without struggle. He sighed in pleasure, feeling her unwilling tongue caress him, her gagging throat massaging his throbbng length. Each new lash with the whip brought new waves of pleasure to him, too, but even more than that, he revelled in the vampiress’ helplessness.

Looking over at his brother, he saw the unholy light in Therion’s eyes while he fucked Vconia’s mouth. Yes, it was good the way it was…and the power Therion radiated every time he raped some unlucky girl quickly dispelled all doubts about his destiny or his power. Even Edwin and Korgan failed to complain, though Edwin was currently without a warm hole to stick his cock into, both Aerie and Imoen being unavailable to him except under command from their respective masters…and he had no intention of begging Korgan for time with Aerie…he was not THAT desperate!

They kept this up for a while until Viconia’s and Valen’s backs were covered with criss-crossing welts and both girls barely had any strength left to move, not to speak of continuing their self-abuse with the dildo. It was then that Therion pulled out his cock and motioned Sarevok to do the same. „ Alright…enough, you two!” he said, grabbing Viconia and pushing her to the floor, the dildo sliding out of her ass, commented by her with an audible sigh of utmost relief. Grinning, Therion took the other end and rammed the dildo into Valen’s asshole one more time just to hear her ear-piercing howl, then pulled it out and threw it to Imoen, who quickly stashed it away again.

„ Now…I promised you a piece of this vampiric whore…have at her!” he said, nodding to Edwin and Korgan…and as one, the entire party descended upon Valen, who quickly learnt that so far, she had been treated gently…

Viconia, who had clambered up to her knees, panting with exhaustion, could not keep the sadistic grin from her face as she saw what her „masters” were doing to the vampire. Were she anything else but a drow, she might have even felt pity for the undead. For the next two hours, Viconia and the other two slaves were blissfully free of the men’s violent attentions, all their sexual cruelty being vented on Valen.

They assaulted her almost continuously, invading all her holes again and again. There was not a single moment when she did not have at least one cock pumping into one of her openings hard and fast. She was quickly hoarse from screaming, though in the end, she found her voice again when both Therion and Sarevok violated her asshole together, a display Viconia still found hard to watch and still vowed never to let happen to her.

Of course, she also got to feel Edwin’s green flames of agony again while the mage slammed his cock into her cunt so hard his balls loudly smacked against her cuntlips. In the end, Therion slightly loosened the Iron Bands, allowing her to fall to the floor, panting, her body stained with numerous drops of sperm, tears streaming down her cheeks while she desperately tried to recover.

When Therion knelt down next to her, a vicious, triumphant grin on his face, Viconia saw that the once-proud vampiress had been utterly ruined and degraded, since all her efforts to escape the bonds holding her were no longer geared towards attacking him but to escape his grasp. „ W-what more do you want?” she asked, hating herself for sounding so utterly pathetic.

Therion laughed, grabbing her chin. „ I want you to run back to Bodhi as fast as you can…and when you are there, I want you to tell her everything we did to you. Every. Single. Detail. Every thrust, every insult, every drop of cum that landed on you. And one day, when we get Bodhi herself, I will ask her what you told her. And if I do not like what I hear, then you will learn what TRUE suffering is. Now run!” A simple gesture and the Bands suddenly fell away, leaving the abused vampiress staggering away, whincing at the pain radiating from her holes with each step.

„ And we are going to pack our things and find that halfling. This was an amusing interlude…but I still want that little slut’s lips around my cock again…and I want the stone!”

Once more, the group adopted its hurried pace, hastening to find Mazzy once more, urged on constantly by Therion, who grew increaisngly frustrated the onger the hunt lasted. Until the tracks finally lead to Athkatla, a face which immensely improved his mood. „ Let us head back to the Coronet for now”, he said to the others, his left-hand squeezing Viconia’s right tit absent-mindedly whenever they were not watched directly, „ the little whore has no idea that she set her foot into a city-sized trap…if she is here, we will find her, one way or the other!”

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