Nine – Back at the Coronet

The others were only too happy to return to their base of operations, being tired from the hunt and quite eager to sink their cocks into more unwilling holes, a pleasure that Therion had denied them and himself for the remainder of the hunt after dealing with Valen. And so, their moods, which had once again become rather glum in the last days significantly improved.

The Coronet was packed to the brim with all sort of guests, nobles through street thugs, word of mouth having made the Coronet the place to go when you wanted to vent your sexual frustrations on all sorts of unwilling girls. As a direct result, the inn itself ran well, providing an added financial bonus to Therion’s coffers. Speaking of which, he needed an overview of the kind of resources this little slavery ring now had at its dsposal. So, while Sarevok brought Viconia, Imoen and Aerie to their holding cells and Edwin and Korgan went down to the cellars to pick girls to violate, Therion himself sought out Hendak.
It took him a few minutes to actually find Hendak in the dungeons underneath the slums. Under Therion’s orders, the entire sewer system connecting the coronet with the former slaver’s hold was being remodeled with added secret passages and, of course, added dungeons, cells and „playrooms”. It was in one of these rooms that Therion finally found Hendak, a guard having informed him that he was busy „training” one of the new slaves.
A wide grin appeared on Therion’s face as he approached the door, already hearing the sounds of a whip striking flesh and the howls of a powerful, yet undeniably female voice. Having chosen Hendak as his stand-in had been a stroke of genius. The man was proving to be just as vicious a rapist as Therion’s comrades. Already, he felt a wave of power emanate from the room, vitalizing him with the taste of female suffering.
Therion’s grin grew even wider when he opened the door. The playroom was one of the smaller ones, a round room bereft of any furniture besides several lengths of chain and manacles hanging from the walls and from the ceiling as well as a wooden table on which several dildos, gags and whips were laid out. Shackled with the manacles hanging from the ceiling was an impressive young woman Therion was susprised to see. For all he knew, this had to be the only beautiful orcish female in all of Faerun. Her skin was of a rich dark green and her body, while muscled as befitted a warrior, was still feminine enough to cause his cock to stir in pure sexual greed. Her tits were quite big, bigger than Viconia’s and even slightly bigger than Valen’s had been. He could see the muscles under her skin work as she struggled against the shackles – which was pointless, of course, as they had been made of the strongest steel he could find. She was bald except for one long braid of black hair hanging from the back of her head, the only bit of hair on her entire body. Even her cunt was shaven. The tusks jutting from her lower jaw were present, yet small enough not to disfigure her, instead adding to the already-feral cast of her features to create a truly captivating image of wild, untamed beauty. A beauty not even tarnished by the drool running down her chin, the result of the large ring gag forced into her mouth, keeping it open.
A series of dark, crisscrossing welts ran down her back and her perfect, firm ass, the result of several vicious whippings she had received, most likely at Hendak’s hands. At the moment, Hendak was leaning against a wall, looking quite exhausted, the whip – a braided cat-o’-nine-tails – still in his hands. The man was panting with exhaustion, sweat glistening on his brow, just as it did all over the orcish girls’ naked body. When he saw Therion, he bowed to him, a sly grin on his face, „ Good to see you back, my lord. You’re just in time to see our newest addition to the slave pens. This whore here is named Grahka…a full-blooded orc. And quite a rarity, it seems…at least she’s the first orc girl I wanted to fuck the moment I saw her. And I did. Four times.” He laughed at the fond memories while Grahka snarled and howled something incomprehensible through the gag.
„ I suspect it was a lot more enjoyable for you than it was for her”, Therion said, chuckling. „ You can bet on that”, Hendak responded, offering Therion the whip. „ Do you want to have a go at her? My arm is getting tired and she just doesn’t want to break down!”
„ As much as I’d like to, I have some urgent business to attend to, so I’ll leave you to it for the moment. Where is Ssatha?” Hendak looked up, a cruel grin spreading on his face. „ Oh, she is in the holding room. She was mouthing off to one of the guards so I gave her to them to punish her as they see fit.” Therion nodded, satisfied. Hendak was worth his weight in gold. Reaching out, he grabbed Grahka’s left tit and gave it a rough squeeze that had the orc thrash about in her chains once more. „ When you are done with her, bring her to my room. I want her. Also, she might make a nice…playmate for Viconia once she’s been disciplined some more…”
„ Count on me, my lord…”, Hendak said, then turned his attentions back to Grahka. Placing the whip onto the table, he grabbed one of the larger dildos and held it up in front of her. „ Enough whipping for now…I think it’s time for this again…”, he said and Therion laughed, seeing how her thrashing and hateful howling grew ever more intense. But that could not save her and Therion watched with no small amount of satisfaction as Hendak spread Grahka’s asscheeks and slowly forced the dildo into her tight, clenching opening. Her howls echoed through the entire dungeon as Therion left for the cells.
He found Ssatha there, just as Hendak had said…and she was in a truly miserable state. Naked, her body covered in bruises and whip-marks, she was kneeling on the floor, a bowl in front of her, filled to the brim with cum. Her hands had been tied together behind her back and a group of guards stood around her, laughing as they watched her bend forward and lap at the cum with her forked tongue. „ Oh yes, there you are…”, Therion said, stepping towards her and pushing her head a bit further down while groping her tits with the other hand. „ Nice idea, men”, he said to the guards, nodding appreciatively. „ Try and make her eat it a bit faster….and once she is done, bring her to our office. I need to talk business with this whore.”
“You heard the boss, whore!” One of the guards yelled, landing a strong kick on the woman’s ribs, making her fall to her side. “Eat faster!” he ordered and laughed as he watched her struggle back to her knees, her bound hands making it much harder. Only Ssatha’s agility allowed her to rise quickly and after shooting one hateful glare at the solder, she obediently kept on licking.
As soon as she had finished, accompanied by the cheers of the guards, Therion grabbed her by her neck, lifted effortlessly and grabbing her arms led her out of the room.
“So, I see Hendak tries his best to keep you entertained. I will have to thank him for this.” Therion commented with a smile as he was pushing the woman down the dark corridor towards his room. “No, better. You will thank him for it.” He corrected himself “It is so nice that he keeps reminding you where is your place.”
“I was supposed to run the daily operations of this establishment!” Ssatha protested “It was your order! How can I do it if I’m not allowed to speak when those morons do something wrong?!” she cursed, forgetting herself for a moment.
Therion of course rewarded her by turning around and bringing his fist on her belly, making her fall to the ground again, gasping heavily for air. “Any way you wish… just make sure that you remember that you are a whore and as a woman you are inferior to even the lowliest drunk.” He said and finally lifted her again, pushing towards the stairs. “Or do I have to ask Hendak to whore you for a copper piece per fuck for any dirty slob who can afford it? That should cure your delusions that you mean anything here.”
“No! Don’t! You can’t!” she said terrified and only an almost bored slap by Therion reminded her that she made yet again mistake.
“Can’t I? You seem to have forgotten a lot.” He said opening the door to his room and pushing her inside. “Maybe such session would be required after all. I’ll have to inform Hen… oh well, what have we here.” Therion forgot about the yuan-ti as when he opened the door his eyes fell on a beautiful young woman, chained to his bed by a silver chain attatched to a neck collar.
It was a curious sight indeed.
First of all she had blue skin and green hair and eyes of the same colour. Second of all, she was completely naked, if not tiny pieces of transparent fabrik covering her crotch and tits, revealing much more than they were concealing. And there was much to reveal as the creature was extremely beautiful, with sensuous curves, long luscious legs and ample breasts. When she saw Therion’s lustful glare she just made a small whimper from her mouth, a thick penis gag in her sweet mouth silencing any pleas she might try.
“My Lord! As a token of my gratitude, each time you arrive, the finest of a new batch of slaves, will be waiting for you. Your servant, Hendak.” Therion read a note, attached to the collar. He touched the girl’s cheek and smiled as she shrugged terrified, even more pitiful whimper escaping her mouth.
“A true sirina, I’ve never fucked one of your kind, you know?” he said smiling. “I believe you must have wonderfully wet cunts! I must thank Hendak for this and reward him well. Don’t you think, Ssatha?” he turned back to the yuan-ti.
“Wha- yes, of course. It was very considerate of him.” The snakewoman replied almost immediately. “Now if my lord would like to sample the charms of- agh!” she cried loud as Therion slapped her again, causing her to fall the floor yet again.
“You dumb whore” the man said, with a slightest hint of contempt “You really thought I would forget about you? I have a couple days to rape and fuck the blue bitch in any way I want, to cover her in cum and bruises and test every whip I have on her smooth skin.” Though he spoke to Ssatha, his words were also aimed at the sirina, who curled into a ball hearing them. “But first, I’ll fuck your tight ass and all when I’m pushing deep into it, you will be reporting me how it the business was operating under my absence. And if it went well than maybe, just maybe I won’t punish you more.” He said.
Ssatha slowly nodded, certainly not happy hearing his command, but Therion knew she would obey…especially after having been gangraped and degraded as punishment for her last transgression. Still, her obvious reluctance and disgust at the idea of having to endure his cock in her ass gave him a surge of both pleasure and strength, his cock almost painfully hard in his pants. He quickly freed it, relishing in the shocked gasp by the sirine and the look of revulsion on Ssatha’s sensuous face. Oh yes, she detested him…and there were no words to describe how much he loved that.
Grabbing her by her shoulder, hard enough to cause a pained gasp from her, he turned Ssath around and finally freed her hands with a flick of his knife, putting it away again as he pushed the Yuan-ti to the floor without warning, chuckling as she landed hard, grunting in pain. Just one more bruise added to those the guards had given her. But Hendak had trained them well – none of them tarnished her scaled, exotic beauty. „ On your hands and knees, whore!” he hissed to the woman who quickly obeyes. Turning to the sirine, who had started crying, big fat tears running down her blue cheeks while she whimpered into the phallic gag rammed into her mouth, he grinned and added, „ You better watch this…soon, this will be you!” The young girl cried even harder at this and Therion sighed happily. He was not a god yet but sometimes he felt very, very close.
Getting down onto his knees behind Ssatha, who, despite a slight tremble that betrayed her fearful ancitipation of what was to happen, he grabbed his cock and aligned it with her puckered opening. „ Let us start then, shall we?” he asked, his voice ominously soft and gentle…while at the same time, he began to apply pressure, the thick head of his cock pressing against and finally pushing past her sphincter, making the snake-woman cry out in pain.
Therion grunted with no small amount of satisfaction the moment he slid into her. Wasting no time, he pushed on, forcing more of his large cock into the tight, clenching hole – she still hadn’t had the insight of just giving in and relaxing to make it easier for her, the dumb whore – relishing the heat he felt engulfing his member. Ssatha cried out again as he thrust in deeper, then settled into a series of pained grunts and loud panting. Therion grabbed her hips tightly and, driving himself even deeper, now having 4/5ths of his cock in, leant over her, saying, „ Now…hnngh…tell me…how many…new slaves…have been caught… hnnn….since we…left…?”
Ssatha did not respond at first, too overwhelmed by the pain of his penetration and his subsequent thrusts. „ Answer me!” Therion yelled after a few more hard and deep thrusts, showing that he still had no patience left to spare for his victims, emphasizing his command with a hard slap to her asscheeks. Yelping, Ssatha tried to gather her wits, about, gritting her teeth as she tried to push the pain of being assfucked against her will aside to remember the last weeks’ transactions.
„ Fourty…five…”, she finally gasped, just as he was about to deliver another smack to her ass. After hearing her, he did so anyway, at the same time managing to ram the last few inches of his impressive cock up her ass, ripping another pained howl from her dark lips. „ Not…nearly…enough! I…hnngh…expect…at least…double that…amount for such…a time!”
Ssatha turned her head, looking back at him, her pained expression mixed with clear signs of anger and frustration. „ But…how…can we…gather more…hnngh…without…rousing suspicion? You..expect..the impossible!” Therion snarled angrily, delivering a brutal backhanded slap to the back of her head. As he continued to ride her ass harder and harder, he said, „ Then find more abroad, you stupid bitch! Train more hunters if our man…power…is too low! I do not care! Next time I want to hear better numbers or you will regret it!”
„ Y-yesss…”, Ssatha more hissed than spoke, her voice laden with pain. Therion grunted angrily, slapping the back of her head again. „ You will…address…me…properly…!” he yelled at her, driving his cock deeply into her hot, tight hole again, his balls slapping against her scaly skin. Ssatha yelped, her voice hinting at not only pain but anger, but Therion only cared for her obedience…if she hated it, all the better. „ Yes…masster…”, she finally managed to say.
„ That is better…never forget your place…especially not in my presence! But I will decide on a possible punishment later…back to the business at hand”, Therion continued, reaching down to cup her dangling, shapely tits in his hands, squeezing them whenever he pushed into her, loving how she tensed up each time his grip tightened. „ Then…tell me…what races did we get?”
Ssatha frowned, trying to remember her notes . „ Do you…expect…me to…know everything…by heart?” she asked, swallowing back the tears which slowly began to collect in her eyes. The pain was immense, her asshole stretched widely, already sore after her previous gangrape at the guards’ hands. „ Yes”, Therion simply said, not even bothering to change his rhythm, pounding her sore opening with the same gleeful joy she had felt when he’d first raped her.
„ Twenty-six…humans…”, Ssatha began hesitantly, trying to forget the pain for just a moment, knowing that he would check her records later and find another pathetic reason to punish her if she got the facts wrong, „ ten…elves…seven…half-elves…one…orc…and one sirina…” she paused, looking at the pathetic, crying female bound to the bedpost, knowing that, no matter how much she herself suffered at Therion’s hands, the blue-skinned sea-creature would experience a hell a thousand times worse in the days to come. Therion nodded but remained silent for a while, content to fuck Ssatha’s ass with hard, deep strokes which had her grunt and whimper in pain the entire time.
Every now and then he would look to the sirina, who was sobbing quietly into her gag, horrified at the rape she was witnessing and knowing that he would do the very same thing to her all too soon. Therion was looking forward to having her…but first, there was business to attend to…” How many of those did we…sell?”
„ About…half…the others…are held in the cells…for brothel…duty. I…kept the most…promising ones here…to create a steady source of…incooaaaaaargh!” the last word ended in a scream as Therion grabbed her nipples and tugged on them viciously, groaning a second later when he felt her ass clench around his cock hard. „ Good…good…then the most important question now…how much did we make? And pray to your snake-gods that I like the number I hear!” To emphasize his point, he slapped her tits three times in rapid succession. He felt the hatred radiate from her, her anger at him loving how much she was in pain….and he intended to keep it that way. Only an unwilling slave was a good slave, after all.
For a moment, he stopped thrusting into her, keeping his cock lodged deeply inside her ass, his hot breath in her ear as he played with her tits, waiting for her to speak again. Ssatha hissed, feeling his cock throbbing inside of her, a sensation she had come to utterly detest. Still, disobedience would not help and she was certain that at least this time, she would be able to please him. „ Ten…thousand five hundred and thirty two gold pieces so far…”, she said, waiting for his reaction with bated breath. Therion considered the sum for a moment…then started his merciless pounding of her asshole again. „ That is more than the temple of Helm gets in donations in half a year! Very good!”
Ssatha allowed herself a little sigh of relief, now releasing a breath she hadn’t even realized she’d been holding, hating herself immediately for being so afraid of this man. People considered her race cold, emotionless monsters, but her evil paled in comparison to Therion’s…as she felt all too keenly at the moment, the pain from his constant pounding into her asshole ever-present.
„ A decent number…of course, with more slaves coming in, i expect our gains to increase considerably in the near future”, Therion said, his tone making it very clear that he had not just voiced a wish but a definite command – a command which she would better obey to the best of her abilities. „ Did anything else happen during our absence?” he asked, leaning forward again, his hands resuming their rough playing with her dangling, shapely tits.
„ Two…thingssssss…”, ssatha responded quickly, her words turning into a pained hiss as he once again pulled her nipples as hard as he could, sending a wave of pain through her chest. Taking a deep breath when he finally let go, she continued, her voice trembling with barely, constrained agony and tears, „ we…managed…to get a few…city guards…onto our payroll…for their…quiet support they can…sample middle-quality slaves…for free once a month.” She stopped, waiting to hear his reaction. „ I am pleased. This will help us avoid discovery until our power has grown enough to be immune. Whose…idea was it?”
„ Mine”, Ssatha said, not without a tiny bit of pride, despite the undignified position she was in. „ Good thinking, whore…go on like this, remember your place and you just MIGHT get into my good graces again. What else happened?” The moment he fell silent again, he rammed his entire length into her asshole, laughing as she tensed up in pain and had to bite her lips to keep from screaming.
„ We…received…a message…from a brothel…in Skullport”, Ssatha continued through gritted teeth, feeling her self-control unravel as Therion increased his pace, slamming his cock into her ass harder and deeper than before. It felt as if he was trying to impale her on his massive cock. Therion felt elated as he saw the first tears trickle down Ssatha’s scaled cheeks and heard the tremble in her voice as she continued, „ they…wish to…get into…closer contact with us…maybe exchange…slaves…”
„ Hmm…”, Therion made, „ this might be interesting. Given that they have a direct route to the Underdark, they might come across more exotic slaves than we do…” Suddenly, he slowed his onslaught on her tight anal opening, not fully stopping but slowing down to an almost gentle pace, which, to Ssatha, was still agonizing given his size and the fact that he pushed into her regardless of her clenching muscular resistance.
„ Alright, whore…I have a set of instructions for you. I will not repeat them so you better listen. I fully expect you to obey and do as I tell you. If not…”He paused, knowing that Ssatha understood the threat all too well. Quickly, she nodded, muttering a half-choked, „ Yes…master.”
„ Good. First, recruit more hunters and collect more slaves. Next time, i expect double the amount you got this time. Second, respond to the message with an invitation to send a delegation. I will be happy to accomodate whomever they send. Third, and this is the most important part…have our hunters scour the city for a red-headed halfling going by the name of Mazzy Fentan. She is in possession of a powerful artifact she stole from me. Have her found and brought to me. Alive and unharmed. This has utmost priority! Find her or you will pay!” Without waiting for her acknowledgement, he began to increase the pace of his thrusts and, within seconds, had her cry out in pain near-constantly while he continued his merciless anal abuse.
Ssatha soon lost all sense of time, her thoughts flooded by the intensive pain the anal rape caused her. Therion had stopped talking and was content to simply grunt in pleasure while he violated her anus to his dark heart’s contend. The yuan-ti didn’t know how long he’d really fucked her when he finally pulled out and yelled, „ On your knees, whore!” Whincing at the pain every movement caused her, Ssatha did as she was told, kneeling down in front of him…just in time to receive a huge load of cum all over her face, the thick, slimy drops splattering over her lips, chin, cheeks and her tits, the taste and smell making her gag hard, much to his delight.
„ That was good. Now, one last thing…I want you to remember your place. Lean forward and kiss my balls and my cock.” Shivering with disgust, Ssatha had little choice but to do as she was told, planting one kiss each to his balls, then another on the tip of his cock, thick lines of cum connecting it to her lips afterwards. „ Good whore. Now go and do as I told you. Oh…and do not dare to wipe the cum off. „ he grinned, knowing how much she hated the feeling of sperm on her scales. „ if you want it off, go to Hendak and eat it while he watches. And if you see Hendak again…do as you just did to him as well. Each time you see one of your masters, kiss him to show your obedience. Understood?” As ssatha nodded, a thick droplet of cum landed on her tits, causing her to shiver again.
„ Then go!” Grabbing her by her shoulders, Therion roughly shoved her out of the room, nodding to the guards posted outside. „ Tell Hendak I want the orc whore now.”
“Yesss… master…” Ssatha bowed low, partly as she knew Therion expected it and partly the hide the anger and humiliation, all too visible on her face. She left the room quickly as if eager to obey her masters command, while of course she was just eager to get out of his sight even for a moment. Without looking, Therion bent down and released the bindings that held the phallic gag inside the sirin’s mouth in place.
“You might consider yourself lucky, creature.” Therion finally looked at the sirin, who at the sight of his cruel cold eyes curled even more. “You are beautiful, you really are – and normally I wouldn’t think twice about fucking you raw and senseless… and of course marking this pretty blue skin with some red marks of my whip…” he stopped looking for a moment at the girl and then suddenly slapped her hard.
“Ugh…” she whimpered silently, falling hard to the floor.
“Are you dumb?” Therion hissed “I’ve just payed your worthless a compliment! Haven’t you been taught any manners?”
“Tha… thank you.” The sirina whispered but she was only rewarded by another vicious slap. As she opened her eyes she saw the man leaning over her.
“Call me master!” he ordered, his fingers groping the gentle blue flesh of the creature’s tit only to grab her dark-green nipple and twist it – hard.
“Aaiieee! Master! Thank you master!” she cried and only then Therion did release his vicious grip.
“I hope you learn fast… for your sake.” He said with a faint smile. “But as I was saying – normally, you’d already be fucked in each hole. But responsibilities come always before pleasure and I had to teach Ssatha her place. And now… I really want to fuck that orcish girl. That may be the only fuckable orc female on this side of the world.”
Saying this, Therion poured himself a cup of wine and drinking it, he studied his newest slave. “Of course that doesn’t mean that I’ll allow you to be bored, what a host would I be? In fact I do have some things on my mind.” He said, sitting on the bed and pointing on his limp but still large dick. “First you’ll suck me until the orc comes here.” He ordered.
The sirina looked at him, fearful but didn’t react. Seeing this Therion just sighed and smiled slightly. “Listen, all slaves think that they won’t obey and they fight to protect their free will and dignity. That’s good, because it allows us to use some of these instruments on them” he said pointing toards the wall with whips and chains. “But in the end they all end up begging for mercy and obediently obeying my every whim. So you’d better suck… NOW!” he barked an order and saw that slowly the girl began approaching him.
When she fell to his knees, Therion thought whether that wasn’t one of the reason he wanted Mazzy so bad – she was still unbroken and with a lot of will to fight still in her. Nevertheless she would soon be found and then he would check how long she can remain unbroken.
Therion moaned slightly under the caress of the sirina’s wet mouth, feeling his dick almost instantly becoming hard again. After all the fact he’d cummed wasn’t a problem for him. However the girl still wasn’t trained and she seriously lacked in oral skills. “Something to work on” Therion said, grabbing her hair and burying her face in his crotch, moving it up and down.
He kept on going like this, forcing her to gag on his dick for some time, becoming more and more savage as he was growing impatient. Finally he heard some noise outside the door and they opened. Two guards entered, dragging the struggling, kicking and fighting woman towards the room. Red marks still were covering her body and heavy chains bound her hands – still she had enough strength to keep both strong men occupied.
Therion grinned at the sight, his cock hardening just a tad bit more as he watched the naked orc girl struggle against the men, the motions causing her large, perfect tits to shake in very interesting ways. Quickly, he grabbed the gasping, teary-eyes sirina and shackled her back onto the bedpost, then turned to the guards. „ My…Lord…”, one of them said through clenched teeth, his brow sweaty from the effort of holding the wild, feral girl in place, „ sorry to…have kept you…waiting but this…bitch nearly…got away…”
It was only then that Therion noticed the pained expression of both men. The left guard – Torinn, if Therion remembered his name correctly – had a bloodied nose and was walking slightly hunched and the other – Aldwin, a vicious criminal and serial rapist in his own right Hendak’s recruiters had picked up near Baldur’s Gate – moved with a visible limp. „ What happened with you two?” A slightly embarassed expression crept onto Torinn’s face, quickly replaced by one of effort as Grahka tried to tear herself away from him again. „ As I…said…she nearly got…away…kicked Aldwin in the knee and…nearly killed me…got a few cracked ribs, I think…Lord, are you sure you do not want us to help you there?”
Therion nodded, reaching out to give Grahla’s left tit a hard squeeze that had the orc girl howl through the ring gag she still wore. „ I can handle her…you two get her to the bed and then go and see a healer. And afterwards, to…make up for that trouble…go down to the cells and look for my sister, Imoen. If you want to, have a go at her. Make her scream.” „ Thank you, My …Lord…”, Torinn muttered, then proceeded to drag the girl towards the bed, shoving her onto it before making his way out of the toom as quick as possible together with Aldwin.
Meanwhile, Grahka had managed to jump up and off the bed, her muscles propelling her forward…right into Therion’s fist which slammed into her stomach hard enough to send her reeling backwards. „ Not so fast, whore”, he snarled, moving forward and grabbing her throat in a vise-like grip, forcing her backwards until her thighs bumped against the bed, „ you are not leaving here until every single one of your holes has been thoroughly fucked.”
Her reaction was as expected as if was satisfying. Snarling furiously, Grahka lashed out with one leg, delivering a hard kick to Therion’s thigh, no doubt having actually aimed a bit higher. Therion grunted, taking the hit, barely feeling it amidst his growing arousal. „ There is nothing you can do, you green-skinned bitch…you WILL get fucked hard!”
It was very obvious that the young orc did not agree with this prediction, growling, snarling and yelling unintelligibly through the gag, the chains rattling and her muscles working as she tried to break free of her bonds once again. Tiny beads of sweat ran down her body, a testament to the effort she expended to break free…and to the torments she had already suffered. Therion felt another surge of arousal run through him. He needed this…oh yes…she was not Mazzy but for the moment, raping her would be just as vitalizing.
Pushing her backwards hard enough to send her flying back onto the mattress, Therion quickly climbed on top of her, straddling her chest, now firmly out of reach of her still-kicking legs. Laughing at the sight of unthinking fury in her eyes, he placed his large cock between her tits and pushed them together. „ We should start slow, I think…get to know each other…”, he said, slowly starting to move his hips, his cock sliding back and forth between her firm globes, her constant thrashing and squirming about exciting him even more.
She threw her head from side to side, a series of furious, hateful growls escaping her throat, spittle flying from between her stretched lips, but no matter how hard she struggled, she could not dislodge Therion, who was taking his time fucking her tits with slow strokes, loving the sensation of his cock sliding between those wonderful orbs, her skin just a tad bit rougher than a human’s, adding a bit more stimulation to this wonderful sensation. „ You have a warrior’s body”, he said to her, not even truly caring if she even understood him…after all, what did that matter?
„ I guess you never thought this could happen to a strong warrior such as you…captured like a common peasant and used like a street whore…” he laughed, increasing his pace slightly, his cock creating a shiny layer of precum in the valley between her breasts. „ But this is your life now…and it will never end…either you will be sold off…or kept here as a residential whore…and our plaything..”
He reached out to slap her just to enjoy the hateful glare she threw at him. Already, he felt close to achieving his first climax, her struggles arousing him beyond belief. „ From now on, not a day will go by without you having your holes filled with hard, thick cock…”, he grunted, humping her tits more frantic now, eager to release his first load across her face…or maybe into her held-open mouth…
His announcement did not please her much, her struggles never ceasing, much to his enjoyment. „ Already i can see why Hendak liked you so much…”, he muttered, thrusting and thrusting, precum leaking steadily from his cockhead, pooling at her throat, glistening on her body in the dim candlelight. Behind him, he could hear the sirina sob quietly in horror and it was that sound, together with the enraged growls from the orc that pushed him over the edge.
„ Oh yes…here I come!” Therion exclaimed with sadistic glee. Letting go of her tits, he leaned forward, one hand grabbing Grahka’s chin, holding her head in place while the other grabbed his cock and pushed it through the opening in the ring gag, past her small tusks and into her warm, unwilling mouth…only a heartbeat before his balls churned with release, his cock pumping his first load into the orc girl’s mouth.
Grahka howled before suddenly, her stream of feral snarls and muffled orcish insults was interrupted by gagging, the taste of Therion’s seed washing over her tongue. Therion actually had to put some effort into holding her head in place, resting his weight on her to keep her from twisting away, which she tried with so much force that the tneire bed shook and creaked. But he did not relent until all of his cum had been expelled into her mouth. Only then did he pull out, his cock still erect…and he kept his hand firmly around her chin, preventing her from turning her head to let the cum spill from her mouth. Laughing, he watched as her tongue moved around inside her mouth, her throat working as the orcish warrior girl tried to spit the cum out, a task which the gag made utterly impossible.
„ No way you are going to spit out my precious seed”, Therion stated calmly, resting one elbow across her collarbone to keep her upper body in place, „Either you swallow or it just stays in there forever. The choice is yours, whore.”
A surprisingly long time went by until she finally acquiesced and began forcing the thick glob of cum nearly filling her entire mouth down her throat. Watching her throat work, interrupted by periods of coughing and gagging, the girl’s beautiful feral face scrunched in obvious revulsion, he felt his arousal stir again. There was no other way to say it…Therion loved being himself, finding near-endless sexual strength from the sheer unwillingness of his victims. Someone like this was a prime piece of fuckmeat for him, nothing more…and he intended to use her well.
„ Now…what to do with you now…”, he said softly, „ I need access to your other holes as well, after all…” He mused for a moment, watching the orc girl squirm and struggle, her cheeks flushed with fury…or maybe just a tad bit of shame as well. Oh yes, there was shame…lately, Therion had managed to establish a limited link to his victims, allowing him to learn the feelings of the girl he was raping at that moment…and Grahka was ashamed. Her feelings were mostly eclipsed by her near-mindless rage, but she also felt deeply hurt by what she had allowed to happen to her. Oh, she would be so much more fun!
„ Ah yes…this will do nicely!” Therion finally exclaimed, having had a wonderful idea how to proceed with Grahka’s rape. „ I just need to get something…”, he muttered, delivering a hard knock to her temple, stunning her for a moment, long enough for him to get up and retrieve something from one of the shelves lining his bedroom – two more lengths of chain, each fitted with another manacle. Pushing Grahka back onto the mattress just as the orc girl tried to rise, he chuckled, „ Wouldn’t want you to feel too comfortable here, after all….”
Reaching down, he grabbed one kicking ankle and then, using quite a bit of strength, he bent her leg towards him, pulling it over her head despite her angry snarls and her frantic kicking and squirming, finally snapping the manacle shut around her ankle and trying the other end of that length of chain to the bedpost above the orc’s head. Quickly, he repeated the process with the other leg, now having her in a completely vulnerable, helpless and, best of all, exposed position. No matter how much she squirmed now, with her hands tied behind her back, her ass raised and her legs tied above her head, he could stand up again without paying attention to her. This time, she was not going to get up again.
„ You have a warrior’s body”, he casually remarked, striding over to the box resting at the foot of the bed, „ very well-trained. It reminds me of a paladin I raped a few weeks ago…right in the big temple.” he chuckled, opening the box and rummaging through the many sex toys and implements of torture inside, noticing with no small amount of satisfaction how wide the sirina’s eyes grew as she saw the contents of this container. „ Ah, there it is…”, he finally said, holding up a large wooden dildo only slightly smaller than his own cock.
Smirking to himself, he returned to Grahka, who had not stopped her thrashing about in the slightest. Therion sat down next to her, taking his cock in his left hand, starting to stroke it while his other hand trailed the dildo up and down Grahka’s spine, noticing her shudder at the touch. Oh yes, she knew what to expect…Hendak had used a dildo on her a few times when he’d grown too exhausted from fucking her. While Therion was far from spent, he preferred some variety in his rapes.
Placing the tip of the dildo against the entrance to Grahka’s cunt, he rubbed it back and forth along the outer lips, threatening her with what was soon to come. „ I guess it’s natural…after all, when you look like this, you have to become strong…otherwise the entire tribe will be fucking you day and night…and you did not want that to happen, did you?” Peering into her hate-filled eyes, Therion noticed that tiny flicker of insecurity that told him that he was right. Reading his victims became easier for him every day.
„ Too bad that it is now all for naught…”, he continued, smiling down at her in mock sympathy, still stroking his cock, „ since you are now nothing more than a fuck-slave…and we are all much more creative than a bunch of horny orcs, you can bet on that…” When he finally began to push the dildo into Grahka’s cunt, he kept a close watch on her face, drinking in her expression, the fury and pain showing in the way her eyes narrowed, then widened, her cheeks distended and her throat worked to produce yet another series of angry howls and curses, none of which she could utter properly, thanks to the ring gag.
Mercilessly, Therion kept on pushing the dildo further into the orc girl’s defenseless cunt, noticing that it actually took some time and effort to work it all into her. „ But for me…all your training…will provide a wonderful experience…you’re barely used…and so very tight…” With a grunt, he pushed the last few inches into her, letting it rest there for a moment, listening to her growling, before pulling it out again, letting half of it slide out of her pussy before ramming it down again, his reward being a loud howl from her. Slowly, Therion began to settle into a slow, steady pace of thrusts with the dildo, abusing her cunt with the toy while stroking his own cock, listening to her panting and grunting in obvious pain and discomfort…
„ I have to be grateful to you..for all that training and the hate you keep reserved for males…”, he continued, ramming the dildo all the way in and starting to twist it inside her cunt, listening to the rattle of her chains while she fought to get away from him and the torment he inflicted upon her. „ You see, this makes it so much better for me…a part of my divine heritage feeds on your anger and hate and defiance. Abusing you…raping you…is so much better than fucking someone who only fears me” He released his hold on the dildo for a moment to stroke and pat her asscheeks, so round and firm and enticing, then continued to fuck her cunt vigorously with the toy.
„ I only learned that later, though”, he mused, sighing, „ too late, if you ask me. When i first truly awakened to my divine heritage, I was so filled with greed and lust I raped my half-sister for days on end. It tore her divine spark from her as well, but I think i was too greedy. I did not think it through. In the end, she feared me more than anything in this world. I am not even sure she has any other emotions anymore, not even hate.” Leaving the dildo inside her, he reached out for her left nipple and pinched it roughly. In response, Grahka grunted, arching her back, trying to turn to the side, out of reach, but again, the chains kept her where she was. „ I still rape her almost every day…when i do not give her to someone else who does not care that much about her emotional state…but I think I spoiled her for myself. That drow we have now, though…she is perfect. Too smart to try escaping and yet still so full of hatred for me..fucking her is always such a pleasure.”
„ As it will be with you, I’m sure…though I fear you may not be as smart as Viconia…which means these chains will be with you for a long, long time…” he patted her cheek…and then went back to raping Grahka’s cunt with the dildo hard and fast, stroking his cock vigorously. „ Hmmm…what do you think…enough foreplay?” he finally said, pulling the dildo out of her cunt, holding it before her eyes. She merely growled and hissed, spittle flying from her held-open mouth. „ Hmm…yes…not completely, I see…”
„ I am sure you will…hate this just as much as the rest”, he said, chuckling. Letting go of his cock, he pushed two fingers into Grahka’s dry and tight cunt, marveling at how tight she was. This normal-sized girl was almost as tight as Mazzy! Her muscles tried to push him out again but that only increased Therion’s anticipation and enjoyment as he pushed his fingers deeper and began fucking her with them. This would not hurt nearly as much as the dildo going in but for the toy, he had other plans. „ I would tell you to relax…but I do not really care about you enough”, he said to her…and then began to work the dildo past the ring-gag and into her mouth, angling it a bit so it could easily go down her throat.
And that was where it was going quickly and, true to form, without mercy. Grahka’s massive tits jiggled as she gagged and heaved on the toy, which was not meant to go there so quickly, but Therion couldn’t care less. Smiling down at her, his eyes glittering with unholy desire, he began to fuck her face and throat with the dildo hard and fast, his fingers moving in and out of her cunt at the same rapid pace. He only stopped when he could see her eyes roll back, the constant gagging and lack of air beginning to make her faint.
„ Alright…now we are done with foreplay”, he decided, pulling the dildo out of her mouth, leaving her panting, sucking in greedy mouthfuls of air, her chin covered with a shiny film of saliva. Climbing onto the bed, he positioned himself so that he could easily reach both holes, his cock placed at the entrance to her cunt. „ This position is perfect…when i get bored with one hole, i can just switch…and now, time to get well and truly raped!” And, after one hard backhanded slap across the orc girl’s face just to hear her growl, he pushed his cock past her folds and into the tight, dry embrace of her cunt….
He pushed the head in and then stopped, leaning forward, so he could look into Grahka’s eyes. He didn’t expect to see fear in them – not yet at least – and wasn’t disappointed. There was only hatred and fury there, but it served him almost as well.
“We don’t want to rush these things, do we?” he said quietly, his hand reaching and touching the shapely globe of her tits… only to grab her nipple and squeeze and pull it hard, as if he wanted to tear it away from her body.
“Nnnn! Llll Kllll yyy!” Grahka moaned around the ring gag, her eyes getting wide from pain only to glare at Therion with even more hatred.
“Oh yes…” he continued speaking, not terrified of her even a little… and why should he? Despite the fact that he was a son of a god and she was a chained slave… how could a real man be frightened by a mere slut and whore? As trained as she was, she was only good in being fucked and taking pain. “I want you to feel it… slowly… every inch of my cock.” He said, sliding his dick into her dry resistant cunt.
“Nnnn!” even despite the position in which she was bound and the futility of her efforts the orc girl managed to find the strength to buck her body wildly, somehow trying to escape the merciless assault. This of course made it even better for Therion as he felt his dick shift and move in her cunt and her muscles clench around it as she fought him desperately.
“Why are you pretending? You’re hardly a virgin, not after what Hendak did to you” Therion laughed slightly as he began fucking her, first with long slow strokes, making her feel his dick entering her… but slowly increasing the pace his moves becoming more and more brutal.
“Ghh… aghhh… yyyy bstrddd!” Grahka cried in anger, her body bucking in the rhythm of her rapist’s rapid threast, each one sending waves of pain throughout her unwilling dry cunt. Pain she could take – she was no stranger to it, being a warrior. But this helplessness, humiliation… that was far worse.
She had been raped before, as Therion predicted – she became a warrior to learn how to protect herself from other tribe members – but before she started showing some skill her tent was frequently visited by brutal horny orcs. She endured it, allowing her rage to keep her and then took revenge on them. Now – much like Viconia – she was promising herself to make Therion and Hendak pay, but it began to dawn on her that she may be forced to endure much more humiliation and abuse before she could free herself than she previously thought.
“Yes, that is right” Therion smirked, somehow seeing these thoughts in her eyes or simply reading her again quite accurately “You will never escape and you will serve as our fuck-slave for ever… a proud orc degraded to the rank lower than a common port whore!” he laughed as his pushes became even stronger. He was fucking her hard and brutal, often leaving only the tip of the cock in to ram the whole length of it in one powerful thrust.
“I will have to fuck you together with Hendak… or maybe lend you to Korgan?” he mused “Would you like having a smelly dwarf pound that ass of yours?” he asked and laughed seeing the helpless anger in her eyes. “And since I am sure you would love to be double-teamed, its only fair from me to give you a preview…” he said moving his hand and touching the entrance to her tight asshole with the dildo, all the time while he kept pumping her cunt.
He laughed at her reaction, her renewed struggles, her wide eyes and her furious incomprehensible snarling. “ Don’t complain…I am only continuing Hendak’s work…”, he said to her, never stopping his frantic thrusts into her dry, tight cunt. Still, he knew this would hurt her a lot, especially since she most likely would do anything but relax her asshole. She would fight every inch going in..oh, how much he loved that! So, with a grunt of pleasure, he began to push the dildo in. It was much harder to push it into her ass than it had been ramming it into her cunt, her muscles clenching hard, trying to get it out. But Therion showed no mercy, inch after inch going into the tight opening he would have to test out properly soon.
Throwing her head back, Grahka let out a loud howl, her body bucking wildly underneath him, eliciting a pleasured grunt from him, every muscle in her body tightening, her cunt clenching hard around his hard cock. He chuckled. It seemed Hendak hadn’t yet introduced this whore to the pain of double penetration yet. “ Oh, is this new to you?” he asked her, letting go of the dildo, now halfway up her tight ass, and patting her cheek. “ Don’t worry…we will make sure you’ll get used to having all your fuckholes filled at the same time!”
While he proceeded to fuck the orc girl as hard and brutal as possible, Therion forced the remaining inches of the dildo into her asshole, pausing every now and then to twist the toy inside her, just to see and feel her squirm harder, reveling in the unabated hatred he saw in her eyes and the muffled curses she spewed through the gag. Was he imaging things or were there tears forming in the corners of her eyes? Making this proud whore cry, if only in shame and agony would truly perfect his day.
“ You should be grateful, whore”, Therion continued, slowly pulling the dildo back out until only the tip remained inside Grahka’s ass before ramming it in all the way again, sighing in pleasure as her cunt clenched around his cock once more, her loud howl filling the air, “ Or do you think Viconia or Imoen got a taste of having both holes stuffed beforehand? No, we just raped them. But you…you are getting the chance to become used to this. And all you do is curse, threaten and howl…ungrateful bitch!” He reached down and slapped her with his free hand a few times, his other hand beginning to fuck her ass with the dildo, all the while he kept pounding into her cunt. Other men might have problems with coordination, but Therion always knew what to do. Soon, he had reached a perfect rhythm with his cock and both hands, slapping the orc, raping her ass with the dildo and pumping his massive dick into her tight, clenching cunt.
When he finally paused in his relentless assault, Grahka let out a little relieved sigh, panting with exhaustion, beads of sweat glistening all over her fit young body. The dildo was still stuck deep inside her ass but at least it wasn’t being rammed in anymore. Same was true for Therion’s cock, which she could feel pulse inside her dry cunt. “ You know…all this fucking is nice and well…but right now, I think I need a..change of location.” With a grin, he pulled out both the dildo and his cock, leaving her sore holes free…but if Grahka harbored any illusions about her ordeal being over, the young warrior was soon proven wrong…as Therion simply adjusted his position, his cockhead now pointing at her asshole.
“ Hnnn….yrrr…ddd….kll…yyyy….” she howled, now truly noticing how large his cock was, larger than Hendak’s and the dildo by quite a bit. She did not want this to enter her tightest hole…not while she still drew breath. Struggling harder than ever before, she almost managed to break one of the chains holding her legs above her head…but almost did not mean completely and after a bout of rapid thrashing and squirming, she noticed she was still bound and helpless…and this human was merely smiling down at her even as he pushed against her sphincter, soon sliding the head of his massive cock into her ass.
Therion had to suppress a surprised gasp…this orc whore’s ass was just as tight as Mazzy’s. Her muscles clenched so hard around his cock it was almost painful, but to him, it meant purest pleasure. “ Now the fucking starts in earnest”, he snarled, delivering another slap to her face just to feel her ass clench in response to the pain and then began to push in inch after inch, hearing her depserate and angry howls…and now she was crying, fat tears running down the sides of her face as the pain and degradation was too much for even her to bear.
If it was at all possible, Therion fucked her ass even more violently than he had raped her cunt beforehand, his hips blurring as he rammed his cock into her time and again. Her cunt was soon stuffed with the dildo again, which he used to fuck her in perfect rhythm to his thrusts into her anus. Leaning over her, he used his free hand either slap her face or play with her tits, squeezing them, pulling and pinching her nipples or slapping them from side to side. The sight of her crying in pain, howling in rage and, finally, screaming in agony, lifted him up to greater and greater heights of arousal, his balls soon churning with a new load just for this whore.
Even like this, aroused beyond words, he managed to keep up the rape for more than half an hour, almost fucking her senseless, his climax building and building until it finally demanded release, the need stronger than even his divine heritage. Groaning loudly, he pulled out of her ass and knelt down next to the panting orc girl, stroking his cock as he aimed it at her face. “ And now…take my cum again! Cum will be all you’ll be allowed to wear from now on! TAKE IT!”
Of course, Grahka turned her head to the side – or at least tried to – but Therion grabbed her chin again, holding her head in place while his cock began to shoot a huge load all over her ferally beautiful features, his sperm splattering over her eyes, her chin, her cheeks, some dribbling into her mouth and some landing on her shaved head or in the black-haired single braid she wore. She gagged at the taste again, squirming in his grasp, though her motions had become weaker due to exhaustion after being raped for an hour, but in the end, she was forced to endure it, to take his entire load onto her face, feeling more soiled and degraded than ever before.
“ I’m sure you will never forget this night, hm? Even though in the future you will be fucked by more men, but Hendak and I will have made lasting impressions..” After cleaning his cock by rubbing it first against her left tit then her braid, he stood up and got dressed. Opening the door, he called out to the guards, “ I’m done with the whore for now. Take her back to Hendak…and tell him, if he wants to keep her for himself, he is free to do so.”
While the guards undid the chains and dragged the cum-covered, weakly struggling orc girl out, Therion turned to the sirina, “ I am going out to get a decent meal and a bath…and when I am back, it will be your turn to entertain me.” He leaned over and grabbed the crying mer-girls chin, forcing her to look at him, “ And I expect to be entertained well.”
And during the next days, she did entertain him well, though she made few efforts to do so, mostly cryin g and pleading for mercy while raped and tormented by him. During her first rape, he also found out that he had been right about her cunt – despite her unwillingness and her continuous cries of pain while he pounded into her, her cunt felt wet. Normally that would have ended it for Therion – he had found out soon after starting to pursue his new path that a willing partner was barely able to arouse him anymore – but he continued to plunge his cock into all her holes, taking her fear and tears as sure signs of her unwillingness. Of course, he also made sure that she would never grow to enjoy his company at all, whipping her furiously several times a day.
Of course, the others did not stay their sexual hungers either. While Korgan was happy to violate Aerie’s ass again and again – and occasionally sample one of the elvish or half-elvish slaves, Sarevok had taken a fancy to Violet and during the next days, there were few instances when the crying slave was not servicing him with her holes in one way or another. While he remained much calmer than Therion or the other two, he was no less violent in his rapes. Edwin spent much of his time ripping screams of pain from Viconia with his spells, using her as a lab rat for his pain-inducing magic when he was not raping her or sharing her with Sarevok. And Imoen…well, her brother was busy fucking the sirina, but unfortunately, that did not mean she was left alone. Instead, Therion granted several chosen guards access to her, making sure there was not a single day where she was not getting raped in all her holes.

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