One – Introducing Viconia

‘Shar, grant me power. Shar, grant me power,’ Viconia de’Vir whispered in her mind, hoping that maybe this time Shar would hear her servant and give her power needed to escape and avenge what she had endured.

She was lying on the cold, hard floor of some peasant hut. Her slim, sensual body was curled in the corner. Bruises and small injuries were barely visible on her obsidian-coloured skin, but she sure  felt that they were there. The drow’s sexy back and legs facing the door of the cellar were covered in reddish stripes made by the peasant’s horse-whip and bite marks surrounded her neck and beautiful dark breasts, concentrated around her sensitive nipples. Her breasts were large for a dark elf and while it still made them seem barely medium-sized by human standards, they were perfectly shaped, round and perky.

Viconia’s face also bore traces of the abuse she sustained, even though her captors tried to be careful not to damage her beauty. Her full, pink lips, contrasting with her dark body where swollen and inflamed from all the slapping and biting and… yes, from the cocks she had been forced to suck, to take deep into her mouth. A small line of cum, already dry, was on her mouth, chin and had dripped on her breast. The drow’s long, white hair was tangled and sticky from the dirty floor she was lying on and even more from cum as her rapists used it to wipe their dicks clean. And finally, even though she had crossed her legs, a small pool of cum had leaked from her sore, pink cunt and her abused ass.

As her hands were tied hard behind her back she couldn’t dream of freeing herself. Additionally her legs were also tied together although this probably was an unnecessary precaution, as her legs hurt her so much after the whipping and she was so drained of power that any chances of escaping were next to non-existent. A dirty rag forced into her mouth and secured by the use of a laundry string made it possible for her just to whimper wordlessly, making sure that even with Shar’s help she couldn’t use any form of magic.

The door to the cellar creaked it was opened, causing the priestess to stiffen in sudden fear. That she was afraid of those pathetic surfacers, of what they would do to her was in her mind a clear evidence of how low she has fallen. Their tortures shouldn’t even be compared to those administered by the priestesses of Lolth, the Spider Queen, and the repeated rape she endured shouldn’t have been so different from the different kinds of rough sex she’s experienced. Even knowing this she could only think of the burning pain on her back and legs and about her sore cunt and ass. But what was the worst, was the certainty that she had another, seemingly endless session of rape and abuse to expect. The very thought of those people putting their filthy cocks into her, taking her against her will, sickened her. She was a drow priestess and while she was inclined to believe that she may eventually meet an opponent stronger than her, she couldn’t believe that three idiot, illiterate and dirty human peasants had outsmarted her. In her home she could have had such slaves flayed for looking at her in a way she didn’t like but here she was forced to suffer as they lied on her, moving in and out her pussy or making her suck their dick and brutally taking her ass – a thing she hadn’t  even tried during her numerous sexual experiments.  

Her thoughts were interrupted when half of a bucket of icy cold water landed on her back, making her cry in surprise and jerk her body, which made her bound hands and legs hurt even more. A man approached her, grabbed her by the neck and helped her to her feet. It was Alius, the father of the family, the most sadistic, vicious and clever from the three (although the latter wasn’t much of an achievement). His breath smelled of cheap alcohol as he licked her neck.

“Hi, darkie! Missed me?” he laughed with a series of barks. “We sure have missed you” he smiled evilly touching his manhood through the trousers. “Come, let’s have some fun” with those words he grabbed and without much effort lifted her, carrying her out of the cellar, upstairs.

Even as he carried her, every fibre of her being was disgusted at his touch, at his filthy hands soiling her body…not that it hadn’t been soiled enough already….but in the end, she despised herself much more than him…for being so horribly weak, too weak to even try and fight.

If she was honest, it was no surprise that Shar had abandoned her…like Lolth, the Dark Maiden only respected strength…not this.

The house – or rather, hovel, for the family was not exactly gifted with riches – was solitary, standing amidst green pastures and tended fields. Their next neighbour was an hour’s travel away and the next large village – Farthon – was more than 20 miles from there. So, no one could care about what went on here. That was why Alius had no qualms about bringing Viconia outside from the cellar in bright daylight, chuckling as he heard her moan under the merciless sun.

Even after months on the surface, the bright light hurt her eyes and made her skin feel as if flames danced over it. She just hoped they wouldn’t rape her outside again like that one day in the fields…she shuddered. It was better not to dwell on the past…or the future…both held only horrors that further eroded what little dignity she had left.

“ You’re filthy, darkie”, Alius mumbled while he carried her, one hand underneath her ass so he could grope and squeeze the round cheeks whenever he felt like it, “ time to get you cleaned up.”

Viconia noticed that he was carrying her over to the large water barrel next to the house and closed her eyes, knowing what was to come…Without much ado, the large human turned her and then dipped her head underwater, the freezing cold making her body go rigid.

Alius kept one hand on the back of her head, holding her head underwater until she began to struggle from lack of air, causing him to laugh at her plight, keeping her under for just a few more heartbeats before finally releasing her.

“ Much better now”, he said, grinning while she panted and gasped for air, shivering in the cold. She turned her head and glared at him, wanting to tell him to go to the Nine Hells so he could die the most agonizing deaths over and over…but all that came out was a muffled, weak groan sounding through the makeshift gag.

” Now we can have some fun…my boys will come back from the fields soon, so we better hurry…they’ll want to have a go with you, too..”, he said as he carried her inside, there to drop her on the wooden floor before unfastening his pants. Viconia shuddered at the mention of his sons…this would be a long session full of degradation and pain for her once more…

Another wave of disgust washed over her as she saw him free his thick, throbbing cock from his pants, an organ she had come to know better than she ever wanted. His one hand lazily stroked the erect member as he took a step towards her, looming over her menacingly. Reaching down, her undid the bindings that held the rag in her mouth, allowing it to fall to the floor. “ You know what I want, darkie…so get to it. I missed your lips!” Grabbing a fistful of her now wet hair, he forced her onto her knees, pressing his cockhead against her full, sensuous lips…

Viconia gritted her teeth and tried to move away from the cock but Alius was holding her by the back of her head. Nevertheless she did her best, trying to shake her head and keep the organ far from her lips. The man grunted impatiently and twisted one of Viconia’s dark nipples.

“Ugh!” she moaned in pain but managed not to open her mouth.

Finally Alius, infuriated, slapped her face hard and then hit her with an even harder back-handed slap. The drow cried out and fell on her side and the peasant, shouting “You bitch!” kicked her stomach. The priestess cried again and curled her body. Rape was one thing – disgusting and demeaning but being made to suck this filthy dick was a humiliation like no other. Viconia couldn’t prevent them from taking her pussy and ass (again!) but she could keep them out of invading her mouth – or so she thought for a second.

“Listen darkie!” Alius almost shouted to Viconia’s ear, but then quickly calmed himself. “Listen bitch, you’re gonna give me these sweet mouth of yours and you’re gonna do it nice and good. If not, I’ll make a thick wooden dick and ram it into your ass and then fuck your cunt. After this I’ll gag you and tie you up here. I’ll make you lie in the sun for days if I have to, only coming with my sons to fuck you and finally you’ll do everything, everything to make me let you crawl back to your cellar. So don’t piss me off and suck it and make it a good show, as I know you can!” he finished grabbing the drow’s neck and forcing her on her knees again.

Hating herself for this weakness, for this fear from the torture Alius described, Viconia de’Vir, priestess of Shar and a drow of formerly high standing, opened her mouth and started to lick the head of the human’s cock. She tried hard not to concentrate on the smell and taste of the dick, all the while moving her dexterous tongue up and down the shaft of the organ and around the head of it.

“Oh yes, that’s it darkie” Alius sighed with pleasure and laughed “It wasn’t so hard, was it? Why pretend, you’ve already showed us what a crafty little cocksucker you are.”

Hearing these words Viconia felt a sudden rush of anger. Her eyes blazed with hatred and she moved her head few inches away. She was rewarded first with hard twist of her nipple and then the peasant grabbed her hair and brought her face back to his crotch. Obediently, not wanting to anger the man even further she opened her mouth to lick the head but Alius simply rammed his cock deep into her throat, forcing her to gag on it.

“Suck it, bitch!” he barked, guiding her head with his hands.

Viconia obviously has never felt so humiliated before. She was kneeling in dirty ground, with her legs and hands tied, servicing a dirty surfacer peasant with her warm, wet mouth, taking his long cock and sucking it like some kind of cheap port whore. What was even worse, was the fact the he was right – she had showed them how good she is with her mouth. The idea of oral sex probably never entered the minds of these simpletons until during one of her rape sessions, her ass and pussy was so sore, that she literary begged her captors to allow her to bring them exceptional pleasure sucking their dicks and making them come with her mouth. She tried to do her best, making it last as long as possible, hoping that this would make them rape her pussy and ass less often.

“And what good it brought to me?” the priestess wondered bitterly. From the three men, only Alius developed a taste in this form of sex, his sons while still were using her mouth sometimes, preferred to rape her in other holes. Furthermore, she began to regret that she showed her skills to Alius, as sucking his dick was maybe less painful than rape but also far more humiliating than almost anything they could think of.

“Mpff!” Viconia gagged on the man’s hard cock as he started to enter her mouth deeper and deeper.

“Yeah, move this tongue darkie, suck me good!” he shouted but although she tried to suck on his dick the best she could, her efforts were in vain as he grabbed the back of her head and started to move in or out even faster, literary raping and fucking her face.

Viconia gagged hard on his cock as it pushed further into her mouth, the head hitting the back of her throat and even pumping in further, her constricting throat massaging it, much to Alius’ enjoyment.

She tried to move back, but his grip on her head was like a vise, never letting her move even an inch while he began to thrust back and forth, his hips slamming his cock deep into her mouth before pulling out again, but only so much, never allowing her to recover from his onslaught.

Her gag reflex brought tears to her eyes, tears she hated herself for…how could three lowly humans bring this out in her, degrading her in ways not even the priestesses of the Spider Queen could? She suckled as much as she could on the cock, hoping to maybe finish him off before things could get worse…if she managed to make him cum quickly enough, he might doze off and she could crawl back to the cellar and get a few more hours of rest and peace before his sons would come down to “play” with her. They always did…ever since she had become their…slave – the word felt like ash in her mind – there hadn’t been one evening that went by without them either brutally raping or whipping her to unconsciousness.

Her tongue ran along the underside of his shaft, tickling it, much to his enjoyment. Her cheeks had turned dark with shame, the thought of what she was doing here being even worse than the brutal use of her body…she was servicing a surfacer sexually….she was WORKING to bring him pleasure! Before she had come here, the concept of shame had been alien to her but now she understood it better than anybody…not that it helped her much…

” Oh, darkie!” Alius groaned, his grip tightening even more as he pushed his hips forward, burying the entire length of his cock in her mouth and throat, cutting off her air supply and making her gag so hard she nearly fainted, her throat constricting hard around the invading shaft. Her eyes bulged as she began to struggle to get away, even though her efforts werte in vain. She felt his heavy, hairy balls push against her chin as he forced her to deepthroat him, holding her head in place without pity, laughing at her gargling and gagging. “ Yes, darkie…choke on my cock…choke on your master’s cock!” Viconia’s eyes began to mist over as she felt the lack of air, her vision getting blurry as she slowly sunk into unconsciousness…maybe this was a good escape for now…yes…just let go…

But Alius would have none of it. Just heartbeats before she would sink into darkness, he pulled back, his cock slipping out of her mouth, only a thick strand of saliva connecting it to her lips. Viconia gasped hard, panting, her mind clearing as she filled her lungs with delicious air. Unfortunately, Alius wouldn’t let her rest, pushing her head towards his crotch again, his cock meeting no resistance as it slid between her lips again…and Viconia, knowing better than to disobey, began to suck again. ” Hm, yes…such an eager little cocksucker…this was the best find we ever made!” he chuckled, using his grip to turn her head to the side so he could rub his cockhead against the inside of her cheek, making it bulge obscenely while he pumped into her mouth slowly.

“ Oh yes, darkie…you know what….you’re making me…cum!” he finally said, feeling his balls churn with a heavy load. Viconia closed her eyes, preparing herself for the awful taste which she had come to know all too well. But still, when he groaned and the first torrent of cum splattered across her tongue, she nearly doubled over with nausea, fear of his anger being all that kept her where she was. Grimacing, his cock still pumping cum into her warm mouth, she began to swallow mouthful after mouthful before he finally pulled out, allowing the last spurt to hit her on her right cheek, the slimy white substance contrasting nicely with her dark skin…” That was good, darkie, don’t you think?” the man said, patting her hair while grabbing a strand of white hair to wipe his cock clean with. Viconia looked down, not wanting to acknowledge anything else but herself, her mind trying to shut out what she had just done….but her efforts were ruined when the door opened and she heard another voice, ” Hey, Pa’!”

A small whimper of terror escaped Viconia’s mouth as she saw Kalin, one of  the two sons of Alius entering the house.

“Hey, how was the work?” the father asked.

“Fine” Kalin responded but his eyes were already fixed on Viconia, who was still kneeling on the floor. “Ha! Seems you were busy, pa” he laughed, noticing cum on the drow’s cheek.

“Yeah, she gives terrific head. I’m surprised you two don’t make her suck your cocks more often.”

“What can I say” Kalin said approaching his slave and circling her a few times, admiring her body as she kept her head down. “I prefer fucking her cunt, it’s so tight. And how she squeals!”

“Well, I’m older I prefer her doing most of the work” Alius continued to speak about their victim as if she wasn’t there. “And when this dirty cocksucker is using her mouth, slurping and sucking and moaning around my dick… ah, wonderful feeling. By the way, where is your brother?” Alius asked and laughed as a Viconia let a small sigh of fear and shot a terrified glance at the door.

“He went to put the tools back” Kalin said, wasting no more time and releasing his cock. “I’d better fuck the bitch right away.”

“Yes, your brother sometimes is a bit too enthusiastic about lil’ darkie here.” Alius smiled evily.

“Who can blame him?” Kalin also smiled, approaching the kneeling priestess and touching her face with his half-erect cock. “But I’m not ready yet, what will we do about this darkie?” he asked mockingly and not waiting for the answer he pushed the drow hard to the floor.

Viconia gritted her teeth as her whipped back hit the floor. Soon this pain was replaced by an even stronger one as the peasant grabbed both of her nipples and began twisting them.

“Agh!” she cried out in pain as Kalin continued abusing her breasts. She knew there was no other thing that got his cock hard so fast as seeing her in pain. “Ugh, please stop…” it didn’t take her long to break her promise that she won’t beg, but the pain was becoming unbearable.

Seeing her misery Kalin just laughed and grabbed her tits hard, squeezing them with all his force.

“I beg you, stop, it hurts, it aaagh! Stop pleeeaaagh, goddess no, aaa!” Viconia’s pleads quickly turned into anguished wailing as Kalin twisted her nipple with one hand and rammed his second hand into her sore pussy, pinched her tender insides hard and began jerking and twisting it.

“You want me to stop? Take me in your  mouth bitch!” he barked an order kneeling near her face, withdrawing his hand and bringing his now fully erect cock to her lips.

Viconia hated herself for being forced to pleasure a man with her mouth for the second time but she simply didn’t think that she could bear her abused pussy being raped again. She obediently opened her mouth and when Kalin pushed his cock in she began licking and sucking it as though she was an eager participant.

“It feels good doesn’t it” Alius asked also kneeling near the drow and putting his finger inside her pussy, while she was pleasuring his son.

“Mpff” Viconia made a small moan around the large member in her mouth as she felt his finger enter her but didn’t stop sucking and slurping on his organ.

However, her hopes of bringing him to climax and avoiding a merciless rape were shattered as Kalin stood up and took his father’s place. He rammed his fingers again into her snatch, probing it and unbound her legs with another one. It took him no time to kneel near her and force her legs open with his knees.

“Spread them bitch, that’s what you’re good for!” he barked as he sensed her resisting and grabbed her breasts hard, causing his slave to cry out in pain again. He took off his clothes and knelt near her crotch, touching the outer lips of her pussy with his rock-hard member in a seemingly teasing manner.

When they caught Viconia, Alius used candle wax to get rid of her pubic hair so now a pink slit was clearly visible on her dark skin. Kalin grabbed the drow’s hips and plunged his cock into her warm, tight but also dry and sore snatch. He smiled evily as she cried out in pain, withdrew his cock so that only its head was in and rammed the entire length of his member into her in one strong thrust. He lied on her grabbing her left tit and squeezing and jerking it hard.

“Oh, please, leave me, get off” Viconia begged feeling his hard dick move in and out of her abused pussy, pounding her mercilessly. Kalin’s hand meanwhile was groping her tit bringing wave after wave of pain.

“Yes, you feel so good… you are a great fuck darkie, I love being in you, fucking your tight snatch, feeling your trembling, wavering body under mine” Kalin whispered into his slave’s ear as he continued fucking her.

As he loved the feeling of her gentle body pinned under him and feeling her abused breasts against his chest Viconia hated every moment of this. He was much too large, his cock was filling her tight hole, hurting her and his massive body weighted to much, crushing her under him. Kalin was still sweaty from his work on the field, his hands and skin were rough and breath foul as he licked her neck.

Through her pain and Kalin’s grunts of pleasure, she heard Alius laugh, slowly stroking his cock as he watched his son abuse their slave without pity. “ Son…I’m really proud of you”, he said, grinning. Kalin’s face practically glowed with pride and pleasure as he continued to rape Viconia, his cock stretching her already sore cunt wide, every single inch of it burning agony as it slid back and forth inside her tight and dry fuckhole. It shamed her a great deal, but in the beginning, Viconia had tried to gain pleasure from the rapes, to ease the pain by getting wet…but it hadn’t worked. It hurt her body and pride far too much to be a slave to these primitives, to feel their whip on her skin and their cocks inside her body…there was no way she could get aroused by this. Squirming underneath him, trying to get away, if not from his thrusting rapetool, then at least his hands which continued to squeeze, pinch and pull her bruised breasts…Viconia had always been proud of her larger-than average chest but she had regretted her pride by now as her breasts had become the center of attention for them…not just for their hands but for the whips as well…

Tears ran down her cheeks as she was forced to endure the pain of being raped for what must have been the twentieth time at the very least. Every single inch of her body hurt…her bruises, her tits…her lower body was a raging inferno as the massive cock continued to plunder it…her shoulders and hands ached terribly from being forced flat against the floor underneath her own body and that of her rapist…” Oh goddes, please…please let it stop…”, she whimpered between grunts and cries of pain even though she knew that Shar wouldn’t lift a divine finger to help her. She was paying the price for her weakness…for being trusting instead of behaving like a drow…and this was what she had to show for it…She well and truly was pathetic…

If it were not for the fact that some tiny speck of hope still remained within her, she would have prayed for a quick death days ago…but, as much as she cursed herself for it, she could not shake off the idea that there had to be some way out of this…maybe even some way to exact revenge. They were not the smartest people around and they were only human…” Pay attention!” Alius’ yell was accompanied by a hard slap to her face, tearing her away from any plans and considerations she might make. She looked up at him and noticed that he had begun to rub his semi-hard cock against her quivering lips. ” Lick it…I want to get ready for another round when my sons are done!”

Shivering with revulsion, Viconia parted her lips and allowed her nimble tongue to slide out and play across the shiny head of his cock, licking alongside it and teasing the shaft with her pink tongue while still crying from the brutal rape she endured. Kalin had begun to thrust harder and harder, increasing his pace, his balls slapping against her skin, her body rocked back and forth by the power of his thrusts. Viconia knew he was close…he never lasted long inside her…but this time, she did not even hope that he might be the last for the moment…Alius’ orders had been very clear…her tongue was still working to get his cock hard again for another session…would he take her mouth again? Or would she have to endure his hard member somewhere else?

“ Hey!” Another voice interrupted her thoughts and she looked to the side, unable to turn her head without stopping to tease Alius’ cock with her tongue. Doran, the younger son, had just entered the cabin and his face lit up with cruel glee as he watched the rape taking place. ” If I’d known we were going to play with darkie, I’d have hurried up!” Overeager as always, he immediately took out his cock and began to jerk, impatiently watching his brother abuse the drow, yearning for the moment when he’d be finished. Viconia shuddered…now it would get even worse…

“ Hnnngh..oh by the gods, yesss….darkie! I’m cumming..I’m cumming!” Kalin yelled, slapping her tits hard enough to make her squeal in pain right before his cock began to shoot wave after wave of hot cum into her sore pussy, the sensation making her whimper in shame and agony.

With his last spurts, he pulled out, allowing another thick line of cum to splatter right across her tits and flat belly, soiling her immaculate grey skin. Breathing heavily, he looked down upon the drow, his gaze travelling down her body and to her abused cunt from where a small puddle of cum was already leaking. ” I hope we’ll make her clean that up later”, he said but was interrupted by his brother, “ Yeah, whatever…now I want to have a go!”

Viconia suddenly felt Alius’ cock withdrew from her mouth. The man stood, stroking it slowly and turned to his younger son.

“Here, grab a piece of this ass” he laughed as Doran grabbed Viconia and effortlessly lifted her body which already began to tremble with fear at the anticipation of another rape.

What was even worse, Viconia knew all too well which hole did Doran prefer. While Alius liked her to suck or fuck him, doing all the work and Kalin got hard seeing and making her suffer, Doran had simpler pleasures in mind. This simpleton liked to fuck her, simple as that. But he used to rape her in the most brutal way of the whole three and took a special interest in the drow’s ass.

Her dark thoughts were interrupted when Doran placed her on a bench next to the table. He put her so that her ass was on it raised, while she was kneeling and her tits and face were on the  floor. Viconia’s worst fears proved to be true as she felt his cock touching her tiny asshole.

“No, not there, please – I’ll suck you, I’ll make it good” even as she was speaking those words, hating herself for saying this she knew that it would  be in vain and tried to brace herself and get ready for the coming pain.

Although she had experienced it more than once before, no amount of experience could make her ready for the pain that erupted when Doran began to force his long and thick member into her tightest hole.

“Noooo!” Viconia wailed like a banshee, when the man began slowly but steadily pushing his cock inside her ass. It felt like she was being ripped in two as he found a steady rhythm and began to pound her hole causing her lower part of the body to transform into a virtual inferno of pain. Her legs trembled and convulsed as the organ was moving deep in her body.

“Oh yes, you are so tight!” Doran laughed, moving in her sore hole.

“Goddess… stop… oh, please…” Viconia begged and pleaded, sobbing in agony and shame as her rapist continued to fuck her delicate body in the most painful way possible. She knew that if she managed to relax, the pain would probably be lesser but as she couldn’t arouse herself to make her pussy wet, even if it meant a less painful rape session, she couldn’t also do anything but fight the invading cock, as a reward earning a wave after wave of pain, radiating from her ass to her whole body.

“Damn, we fuck you all the time and you are still so tight!” Doran whispered, lowering himself on the drow’s whipped back and grabbing her tits.

“Why can’t you leave me alone?” Viconia felt her shame, pain and degradation transform into a burning rage and knowing she will regret it later she cried “Ugh, you sick bastards, get… aaaah, off me, you sick idiots… ugh, no, I beg you, leave me alone”

“You try to insult me you ungrateful bitch” Doran barked pinching and twisting Viconia’s nipples, creating new sources of pain on her already abused body “I’ll make you eat this words, you fucking whore” he whispered grabbing her hip with one hand and beginning to move faster in her and thrusting his cock even deeper.

Viconia let out a long, drawn-out wail of agony as he began to pound into her ass faster and faster. He was a strong man and even though her ass was still incredibly tight, even after dozens of rape sessions, he managed to force his entire cock into her with each thrust, the intrusion making her ass clench hard around him, adding to his pleasure but making the pain so much worse…she cried out as Doran pulled on her sensitive nipples hard, pinching them between his fingers as he rode her ass, snarling, ” That’s…what we get…for giving you…shelter…food…and for not killing you? You insult us?” He smacked the back of her head, releasing her nipples just so he could deliver a series of painful slaps to her perfectly formed asscheeks….

“ Oh goddess…please stooop”, Viconia howled, throwing her head from side to side in an attempt to somehow deal with the pain…but as usual, there was no way to deal with it…no way to escape the burning, the shame and the revulsion…she felt her tits scrape against the rough floor, her entire body rocked back and forth by his violent thrusts. ” Never…I’ll never stop….not when…I got such a perfect…ass to fuck!” Doran laughed. Alius was watching, stroking his cock which was slowly returning to full hardness again. “ The best thing is that she’s an elf…she won’t age!” he said, ” so we will always have a young slave to rape!”

“ Yeah, dad…life is good!” Kalin said, leaning down to spit in Viconia’s face, only adding to her disgust and shame. ” You hear that, darkie? We’ll rape you until we’re old men! Every single day!” Viconia barely listened. All her senses were flooded by the pain she was feeling, by the powerful thrusts into her tight, unlubricated asshole and the scraping, burning sensation the cock caused against her sensitive inner walls which had not recovered since the last rape….her fingers dug into the hard mud floor as she grit her teeth to keep herself from screaming again…but it didn’t help…only a moment later, she was once again howling her lungs out as had pulled out all the way…only to ram his entire length back in, his groin slapping against her asscheeks.

Viconia was desperate enough to consider knocking her head into the floor until she passed out…but she knew that, when she woke up, even worse horrors would await her. Intelligence these humans might lack…but they could be terribly inventive when it came to ways to rape and humiliate her….as if this wasn’t bad enough already! “ Hnnngh…hnnngh….please…you can’t do this forever….”, she whimpered, not exactly directed at them, more at the cosmos in general, in the frantic, desperate hope that maybe they would eventually tire of this….

” Oh, I can….hnnngh…that is…after I’ve cum thanks to your tight little ass!” Doran groaned loudly, pumping his cock into her a few more times before suddenly pulling out…just in time for his cock to shoot his enormous load all over her asscheeks and back, the white lines splattering across her bruised, dark skin, befouling her further….but at least this was over. Sniffling, trying to bite back the sobs, Viconia allowed herself to feel some relief…until she heard Alius say, “ Alright, boys…I think I’m ready again..what say you we enjoy her as a family?”

“Family is the most important, isn’t it bitch?” Doran laughed throwing Viconia to the floor in the centre of the room. “Maybe we switch her holes? Buggering her ass gets kinda boring!”

“I’ll  take it” Kalin smiled “It must hurt the bitch more than everything and I so love hearing her cry and beg…”

“You won’t hear much with my dick stuffed deep into her sweet mouth” Doran said, as he and his brother began to circle their victim like hungry wolves. “Of course if that’s all right with you, Pa?”

“Nah, no problem. I’ll take her cunt, she will do most of the work” Alius gestured towards one of the doors. “Take her to the bedroom, laying on the floor is good for dirty bitches like her, not for me.” Having said that he opened the door and entered the bedroom.

Like the whole hut it was rather poor, without even basic furniture, just some chests for clothes, a table with a chair (ropes still laying on it, a remainder of a session when the family tied Viconia to the chair and took turns whipping her) and a really large bed.

Alius climbed it at lied down on his back, stroking his erect cock. “Put the bitch here!” He ordered to his sons, who obediently lifted Viconia, each taking on of her arms and legs, spreading them wide.

“Leave me alone!” Viconia cried out seeing as she is brought to Alius’ erect cock, waiting for her. “Haven’t you had enough?! Leave me alone you filthy scum!” the drow shouted in anger, fury feeling better than shame. They’d rape her anyway, again and again so what use there was in begging? She could at least face them… but even as she thought this, she knew it to be a lie. As soon as they would begin another painful rape session, taking her sore pussy and her abused ass she would begin to beg for them to stop. And if they decided to whip her, hitting her breasts, back, ass and legs, she would promise them everything to make them stop.

“Darkie is quite feisty today, isn’t she?” Alius laughed and after his next words Viconia’s spirit sank even further “We will teach her how to address us, with a nice whip. Put her on already!”

The priestess tried twisting her body as she felt being lowered on his rock hard member. A small whimper escaped her mouth as she felt Alius’ dick entering her, her sore, tight pussy enveloping it. The peasant’s sons let her go then, leaving her kneeling on the bed, impaled on the man’s dick, her hands tied still behind her back which made her tits stand out even more. Alius wouldn’t be himself if he wouldn’t have grabbed her swollen breasts and began playing with them, groping, squeezing, jerking, pinching and twisting them which brought moan after moan of pain from Viconia’s mouth.

What was even worse, in a heartbeat Doran and Kalin were on the bed, the former moving his cock to her full lips and the latter teasing her tiny asshole with his dick.

” You know what to do!” Doran said, pushing his cockhead against her lips. His cock was hard again, despite him having just shot a load after raping her ass. Viconia scrunched her face in disgust, trying to turn her head away, but his hands shot forward lightning-quick, grabbing her head and preventing any escape. But still, she would not open her mouth, trying her best to keep at least a tiny measure of defiance…even though she knew it would not last long. “ Open your mouth, darkie!” Doran yelled at her, changing his grip so he could deliver a vicious backhanded slap to her face, turning her right cheek dark and bringing more tears to her eyes. ” Hmmm…yes, make her move”, Alius chuckled from beneath her, still molesting her abused tits. Viconia had to grit her teeth to avoid crying out, knowing that Doran would immediately use that to stuff his cock into her mouth…and she knew he liked to brutally throatfuck her, even more than his father, who was lazy enough to simply let her suck him most of the time.

“ Don’t worry, Pa…I’ll make her squirm enough for you”, she heard Kalin say from behind, the sneer on his face evident in his voice. He was grabbing her round, dark asscheeks, spreading them prodding at her tiny anal opening with his cock without actually entering her yet, simply loving the way she tensed up each time his cock touched the entrance to her tightest hole. ” Are you afraid of me, darkie? Are you afraid of my big hard cock raping your little asshole? Are you scared of how much it’ll hurt?” he whispered into her ear, leaning forward, his cock resting between her asscheeks. Again, Viconia felt rage rise up within her, despite the pain in her cunt and the humiliating position she was in…but she could not voice it without opening her mouth…and thus letting Doran’s cock in. Doran, meanwhile, was obviously losing his patience, brutally slapping her face before Alius caught his wrist from beneath. “ Stop it, son…don’t damage her beauty…she’ll get her…reward soon enough.”

This sentence alone sent a shiver down Viconia’s spine…she didn’t know what exactly he had in mind…but she feared it would at the very least include his dreaded horsewhip…

And then the time for reflections on her possible future was over…without any consideration for her, Kalin began to slide his cockhead into her asshole, groaning as her tightness gripped him hard immediately. Viconia’s eyes flew wide open and she opened her mouth to scream…but said scream was cut short by Doran mercilessly ramming his cock past her lips and down her throat, making her gag hard and tense up completrely…much to Alius’ and Doran’s delight.

” Yesss…ride our cocks, bitch!” Alius groaned, squeezing Viconia’s tits hard, reveling in the sensations of her tight cunt pleasuring his cock as she was rocked back and forth under his son’s violent thrusts. Kalin did not waste much time, immediately pushing his cock all the way in before starting a merciless rhythm that sent her lower body ablaze with agony. Viconia screamed and cried as much as she could but all that came out was a series of muffled gargles as her throat was pounded by Doran. He took her face just as he’d taken her ass…hard, deep and rapidly, leaving her poor throat sore within heartbeats. But the pain in her ass was so much worse…Kalin enjoyed riding her tightest hole with long, hard strokes, occasionally even pulling out, then ramming his entire length back in just to cause her more pain.

There was no way for her to relax now, her body tense and clenching all her holes, maximising the pain for her and the pleasure for them….Viconia was close to passing out from the constant pain and the lack of air caused by the cock violating her mouth and throat, sliding in and out between her stretched lips, Kalin’s heavy balls slapping her saliva-covered chin…but she never fully crossed over…still remaining conscious…still feeling all the horrible pain…still feeling how her very soul was chipped away at, thrust by thrust…she barely felt the hands grasping her tits anymore, the pain radiating from her lower body being so much worse…

“ Hnngh…I’m close…”, Alius finally announced, his cock throbbing hard inside Viconia’s tight, abused pussy. ” Me too…that ass is just…too tight for anyone…to last long!” Kalin grunted, slapping her round asscheeks hard. “ I know…”, Doran chuckled, grabbing her head to hold her steady as he sank his entire lenght down her throat and kept it there, making her squirm in panic, much to the other mens’ delight, ” And I…think I’m…oh yes…I’m cumming already!” he shouted, her convulsing throat having just brought him over the edge. Keeping her head steady, he closed his eyes as his cock filled her throat with his seed, making her gag so hard her entire body bucked…which gave Alius and Kalin that last speck of stimulation they needed…in the next moment, Viconia felt three cocks spurt their loads into her body…it was a truly awful feeling…terrible because it reduced her to a mere toy to them…and they always let her know that….each gangrape ended like this, with her being filled with their semen until she couldn’t take it anymore…

Doran was the first to finish, pulling out to leave her gasping and coughing,, strands of cum between her lips and his cock with a few drops slowly running down her chin…next was Kalin, who smeared the last few drops onto her ass and sank back, happy and exhausted…

Viconia was also exhausted by the repeated rape she had endured. She knelt, still impaled on Alius’ cock which finally began to feel limp. Warm cum was leaking out of her cunt as well as other thoroughly used holes. She was breathing heavily, grateful to Shar at least for today her ordeal was over.

She couldn’t have been more wrong.

One strong push was enough to make her fly out of the bed to hard floor.  “You’re soiling my bed, bitch!” Alius shouted, sitting on the bed and watching as his slave was just lying there, with cum leaking  out of her abused fuckholes.

“Shit, now she’s soiling the floor” Kalin cursed “You don’t know when to stop, do you darkie?” he asked approaching the drow with his hand raised.

“Leave her” no one was more surprised than Viconia that the father stopped his son from hitting her. She gave him  a shocked but grateful look and looked down at the floor again.

“What are we waiting for, Pa?” Doran asked.

“Now for nothing” Alius said with an evil grin and gestured toward a small pool of cum that has gathered under Viconia  “See what you’ve done? Lick it up!” he ordered.

The drow sighed, she knew it Alius protecting her was too good to be true. Nevertheless she looked at him disoriented, not believing or not wanting to believe what she had been ordered to do.

“Go for the horsewhip” Alius said to Kalin, but before the older son could even move Viconia knelt on the floor, stuck out her tongue and began moving it, licking the hard surface of the floor, reeling in disgust, although it wasn’t much worse than other things she had been forced to take into her mouth.

“Keep your nice ass high darkie, we want to see it!” Alius demanded and Viconia obeyed, raising her cum-soaked and reddened ass and offering it for everyone to watch. She didn’t stop licking the floor for one second, circling the pool of cum with her tongue. She knew that she couldn’t clean it all, it was a pointless effort on her part, on theirs– just another way of humiliating her.

She yelped in pain and surprise as Alius suddenly brought his hand on her ass cheeks, smacking her ass a few times, very hard. “Not bad darkie” he said, entering two fingers in her cunt and then bringing them, covered in cum to her mouth. “Not wanting to anger the man further, Viconia parted her lips and began sucking on his fingers as Alius put them in. “Not bad. But you hesitated…”

“And you were ungrateful” Kalin added.

“Exactly” Alius nodded, withdrawing his fingers and smacking her ass again “You have to be punished. I’ll go for the whip boys… the whip and a surprise. You tie her up well. She’ll be doing a lot of jerking and twisting of that fine body in a heartbeat!” with this words he left, leaving Viconia terrified as both men approached her.

Kalin and Doran grabbed the drow, taking their time in order to feel her up again, hands squeezing her tits and ass just to see her squirm again. “ You know where we’re going, darkie? To your favourite place!” Viconia gasped in horror and began to squirm harder, trying to wiggle out of their grasps but they held her firmly as they carried her outside. She knew very well what Kalin had meant by that and she abhorred the idea…. “You…you already raped me! I…I’m hurting all over! Why can’t you just…leave me alone now?” she whimpered. ” Because you’re filthy, ungrateful…and our fucktoy!” Doran answered, his hand smacking onto her left tit, making her howl beautifully.

Laughing and snickering, the two young men carried their writhing, helpless victim outside. Viconia whinced, closing her eyes tightly, feeling the rays of the sun stab her eyes even beneath tightly closed lids….the prickling on her skin felt like a thousand needles grazing her…” Please…at least…take me inside…”, she whispered, trying to turn her head away from the merciless noonday sun. “ No, no, no…you deserve going to your favourite place now!” Doran said, laughing at the irony in his words.

Viconia was blinded but she already knew where they were headed. Behind the hovel, there was a place out in the fields, far away from any prying eye…open to the elements and the burning sun. Alius had freed a circular area from any growth and built something there…

” And there we are!” Kalin said after a few moments of hurried marching had passed. Unceremoniously, she was dropped onto the hard, bare ground, yelping in pain. She needn’t open her eyes to know where she was…Alius, creative when it came to ways to humiliate her, had built a scaffolding to which a wooden wheel was attached. Four shackles were attached to the wheel, allowing someone – her, to be specific – to be placed in it in a spread-eagled position. Through clever use of joints and rods, the wheel could be turned either horizontally or vertically, depending on the situation…Viconia had spent quite a few days here, hating this place beyond anything else…and here, she was again…was there no end to her torments?

Roughly, Kalin cut open the bonds holding her hands behind her back. Viconia gasped as circulation returned to her wrists…but even if she wanted to, she could not escape. She was too weak….” Hurry up, boys!” she heard Alius’s voice echo over the fields, followed by a crack of the dreaded whip… “ No…oh goddes…please no…”, she pleaded but the boys didn’t listen, affixing her wrists and ankles to the wheel, leaving her in a spread-eagled position and possibly even more helpless than before….

“I beg you, don’t do it” Viconia whispered to Alius “You’ve raped me, you’ve fucked me already. I’m sore, it hurts so much…”

“Which makes it even better!” Alius laughed. Apart from his whip he had something else there, something he put on the ground outside of her sight.

“Listen to her! Where’s her feisty attitude now?” Kalin said with a smile and again began groping and grabbing her breasts. “Does a little wheel terrify you so much? Poor thing…” he ended mockingly and stepped back.

“Don’t do… aaah!” Viconia’s pleads were suddenly interrupted by the whip, landing on her flat belly, leaving a reddish mark, contrasting with her dark skin and the white cum on her. “Please, I… aaah, nooo!” she cried out again, as another stroke landed, this time on her right thigh, causing an explosion of pain that seemed to chase of all other thoughts.

“You really aren’t very smart, are you darkie?” Alius laughed touching her breasts gently with his whip. “Your begging and crying and pleading makes it even better. Hearing your trembling voice, seeing this pain in your eyes… it’s almost as good as fucking you raw!” he added, swinging his whip again, hitting the drow’s right breasts and bringing an exquisite shriek of pain and torment that turned into a long moan.

“Oooh, don’t… I can’t stand it, please, I just can’t stand it anymore” Viconia pleading, her spirit sinking again. How little it took to reduce her,  a priestess of Shar and an adventurer who dealt with threats in the Underdark to a begging and pleading wreck of a person. “Aaah!” she wailed as another slash landed on her breasts causing her to strain against her bonds in pain. They loved so much to hurt her poor tits, to grope and whip and jerk her wondrous, perfect globes, twisting and pinching her sensitive dark nipples, causing her to squirm under each touch.

“Watch this!” Alius shouted and slashed the whip, twisting his hand just before it hit the drow. The whip landed on her pink, sore pussy, exposed by her legs having been spread by the wheel.

Pain enveloped Viconia’s whole body, engulfing her in torment. She barely felt the another strike landing on her abdomen as she still felt the stinging burning pain on her most sensitive area. She simply couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Please… ugh… you’ve done… enough…” she gasped, swallowing her tears that run down her cheeks, smearing the dried cum. “I can’t take anymore, I simply can’t, no, not anymore, I can’t!”

“Maybe you can’t” Alius nodded slowly, observing the shriveling body tied in front of him “But you sure will get more!” he laughed hitting her pussy again.

Viconia gave a voiceless scream, her body tensing again as another wave of excruciating pain overcame her. She didn’t even realize that she was sobbing and crying in the most pathetic way possible. She couldn’t stop writhing in pain but each move she made caused her abused body to hurt even more.

Suddenly the world itself shifted for her and she found herself lying on the wheel, which was now placed horizontally. She closed and opened her eyes and was rewarded by large doses of cum landing on her face, hair, neck and tits. Alius finished jerking off on her, buckled his pants, and smeared the cum on her tits, his touch causing them to hurt even more. Then he wiped his hand in the drow’s hair and stepped back. Viconia noticed that Kalin now had the whip.

“I’m done, she’s all yours” Alius told his sons “You know what to do, when you’re finished” he ended with a smile.

She could see Kalin look over to the side, seeing something outside her view and grin. Whatever it was…it couldn’t be good.. Shivering with disgust at the sensation of fresh cum on her skin, she closed her eyes again, the sun still stabbing into them as if with daggers. But that pain was secondary to the torment she was already going through. Her pussy hurt more than it had during the rape, the whip slashes having been strong and vicious, causing a throbbing, hammering pain to radiate from between her legs. “ Think you can do that trick, too?” Doran asked, sounding eager. Viconia wished he couldn’t…she could not stand another hit at her exposed, sore pussy…she just couldn’t. ” Not sure…but I can certainly try!” She heard the creaking sound she already knew, followed by the sensation of the wheel being turned vertically again, causing some of the cum on her skin to disgustingly slide down her body, hanging from her chin in long, disgusting strands before falling onto her sore tits.

She heard Kalin take a step back but did not dare opening her eyes again…she was still afraid that she might go blind if her eyes got hit by the sunlight long enough, a danger that was actually real for many drow trapped on the surface for too long…blind, she would not be able to escape ever…and she could not let that happen. “ You can do it!” she heard Doran encourage his brother, now wanting more than ever to rip his heart out…but who was she kidding? She could be happy if she managed to escape eventually…

The whip slashed through the air and Viconia grit her teeth, her entire body tensing up in the wheel as she prepared for another stroke…but it hit the inside of her thigh instead. The pain was still fierce enough to make her howl in agony but at least he hadn’t mastered the trick yet. ” Damn! Darkie, don’t move!” As if she could, Viconia thought. All she could manage was turn a slight bit but that was not enough to protect her pussy…another stroke hit her, this time hitting her other thigh. Again, she screamed, trembling in her bonds. “ Oh goddess, please! Stop….I’ll…suck you again….you can even have my…ass…or…”, she swallowed, panting, ” if you want to whip me…hit me somewhere else…please!” The boys laughed…and then the whip cracked again, across both tits. Viconia grit her teeth, letting out another scream. “ I can have any hole you want anyway, bitch! And i want to learn Pa’s trick!” Again, the whip slashed through the noonday air…hitting closer but still only grazing the inside of her thigh. Viconia cried out again, sobbing and screaming as a series of slashes hit her, all of them aimed at her pussy but all of them just hitting her legs, her belly, the soft inside of her thighs…she lost count of how many times the whip had landed on her as all was lost in a daze of pain…but finally, she heard Kalin throw the whip to the floor with an angry huff. ” You’ll get the hang of it…we can try again tomorrow!” Doran calmed his brother, his words sinking Viconia’s heart.

She heard someone come closer and then a slap hit her face hard. “ I want to make you scream like Pa does…and when I know how, I’ll whip your pussy so hard it’ll feel as if you’ve been raped by a giant…”, Kalin whispered, reaching down to jam three fingers at once into her swollen cunt, making Viconia throw her head back, arching her back in pain. ” Want to whip her, too, brother?” “ No…not in the mood at the moment…also, Pa said never to overdo it. Even a bitch like that needs rest or she’ll die on us. Let’s just feed her some more cum and then…”, his brother responded, his steps approaching her. Again, the wheel was tilted and she felt the shadows of the two loom over her once she was horizontal again. ” Open your mouth for our cum…and open your eyes while you drink our…tribute”, Kalin said, laughing, “ or I’ll tell Pa you’ve been ungrateful again…”

At least her face was in their shadow now, she thought, opening her eyes to see the two brothers jerk their cocks rapidly over her face. Knowing that to disobey would bring even more pain…and she did not want Alius to return…she parted her trembling lips, waiting for their seed…

She didn’t have to wait long, the first dose of Doran’s cum landed on her face almost immediately. Seeing as her beautiful face was once again soiled by the sticky liquid Kalin began to cum as well.

“Aaah… stick out your tongue… aaaah… darkie” he said, gasping in pleasure. The drow did as she was commanded and felt the salty tasting juice landing on it.

Doran started move his cock, jerking cum on her neck and tits while Kalin continued to shoot load after load on her face, into her eyes and into her mouth. Luckily, after having cum twice before they didn’t have a lot of spunk left and it was quickly over. Viconia’s relief was short-lived as Kalin slapped her cheek with his limp cock and ordered her to “clean it up”.

She didn’t have to ask how he wanted her to clean it, just parting her lips and allowing Kalin to put the cockhead in. Viconia began to lick and slurp on the head, feeling the taste of cum in her mouth for third time today. On the other hand, once more – what difference did it make? – she tried to convince herself licking on the member. Finally Kalin withdrew it and Doran took his place.

“You really like doing it, don’t you darkie?” he laughed “You really are hungry for more and more cock. Don’t you worry, you’ll be getting it again and again, hope you won’t get fed up with it!” he mocked her as he stepped back. “Now we are done… almost!” he said.

Viconia wasn’t sure whether she would like to know what he meant by this but she suddenly felt Doran grab her hips, raising them in a way that exposed not only her pussy but also her asshole. Fear overcame her as she saw Kalin approaching her with two large… phalluses made of wood. He couldn’t have had in mind to put it in her?

“No, don’t please, just leave me, I’m all sore, all sore, please, it hurts, don’t do it” she began to beg as he placed the first of the penises near the entrance to her tight, abused ass. “Nooooo! Aaaah!” she screamed like a banshee as Kalin grinning evilly rammed the fake cock in her ass with two strong thrusts. She felt as if she was torn apart, the wooden phallus buried in her tight ass burning in pain like a torch. “Aaaaaa- mpfff!” her scream was interrupted as Doran pushed a smaller wooden penis connected to a leather belt to her open mouth, causing her to gag on it. He fastened this gag around her face, securing it.

“Nnn… tk ttt… nnn… gdddsss….” She tried to beg but only pathetic whimpers escaped her mouth. And then Kalin rammed another penis up her poor, abused, swollen cunt piercing her whole body with excruciating pain. She was all sore down below after the repeated rapes and even more after the whipping and the hard wooden penis stretched her even more. “Plsss…” she begged.

“We’re going to the city now, darkie” Doran said “See you tomorrow!”

“But we won’t you to get bored, we know how hungry you are for cock” Kalin added “So we are leaving these behind” he laughed seeing as Viconia started to twist her body against the ropes, begging with her eyes “Don’t you worry, we’ll give you real cocks soon. Have fun!” With these words both men turned to leave.

A terrible realization came to the priestess – they were going to leave her here, like that: tied spread-eagle to the wheel, with all her holes stuffed by long and thick wooden penises and worst of all – under the merciless Sun. Her pleading wails were so strong that they were hard, although as a whimper, even through the gag.

“Why all the shouting” Kalin said mockingly “Some time on fresh air will make you feel better.”

“Maybe she is worried about the weather” Doran suggested smiling.

“Don’ you worry then, darkie” Kalin answered “The Sun is shining beautifully and there are no clouds. Enjoy!” Laughing all men went back to the hut leaving Viconia trying in vain to scream, beg, even offer her holes to them just to be taken inside.

“Mpphhh… plsss…” small moans were the only thing that escaped her stuffed mouth until she had no strength left. Her holes were sore after repeated rape and from the thick objects brutally rammed into her, her tits and thighs reddened after whipping, cum covering her body and face, leaking from her thoroughly used fuckholes and the merciless Sun piercing her body with thousands of needles. Viconia just hoped that the night would come before she went crazy from the pain…

Time stretched to infinity as she hung there, helpless, her entire body one big bruise, each of her holes aching terribly from the forced intrusions, stretched wide around the fake cocks. The thought that Alius had made them especially for her sickened her…to spend so much time just to violate her in more creative ways…it once again brought home the fact that there was no way they would ever stop…not if she couldn’t somehow make them stop…and the chances of that were slim.

Feeling the cum slide down her face and body and dry on her dark skin, she hung her head, trying to ignore the stinging pain from the sun and the headaches it caused. Her temple throbbed and her eyes stung, the insides of her eyelids still way too illuminated for her. How could it have come to this? How could she have ever trusted them? Unbidden memories began to drift upwards through her increasingly clouded mind…

Under the guise of a dark hood and some disgusing spells, she had bought a lonely cabin close to the hovel of Alius…in fact, he and his sons had been her only neighbours. All she had wanted was to be left alone by then, to be free of her own people and anyone else, for that matter. But still, there had been a few occasions when she had met the man and his sons, having to ask them for help or helping them out in a bid to ingratiate herself. They’d always seemed nice, friendly and helpful…good people, if a bit isolated. It was during one night, when Alius had met her strolling through the fields, that she’d finally told him who and what she was. By now, she knew it had been the biggest mistake of her life, but back then, all had ended so well…he’d been taken aback at first, of course, but then had shrugged and said that, as long as she had no intention of sacrificing him or his sons to some dark goddess, then everything was fine. A day later, she’d found a letter on her doorstep inviting her over for a nice neighbourly meal now that she didn’t have to hide anymore. Viconia remembered being amused as she read the clumsy letters, clearly penned down by someone to whom literacy was only a distant acquaintance. And then she had made her second grave mistake..she had agreed.

The dinner had turned out nicely…with them being cordial and friendly enough…until Alius had barred the doors and told Viconia to strip, telling her in no uncertain words that she was theirs now,as “payment” for keeping her secret from others. Viconia, infuriated, had tried to strike them down with magic…but Doran had knocked her out cold with a wooden log. And her first sensation upon waking up had been pain…the pain of a man thrusting his cock deeply into her pussy. Alius had been on top of her, sweating, grunting, raping her with his big cock, causing her to scream out in pain and rage…and then in frustration as she found her hands bound tightly behind her back, preventing her from using her magic. His sons had cheered him on as he raped her right on the floor of their hovel, pumping his load right into her cunt before letting his sons take his place…

From that point forward, her life had become the miserable hell it was now., an endless series of degradations and violations….but still, some things stood out. Like the day she was brougth here for the first time, shackled to a frame that would eventually be replaced by the wheel…and then Alius showed his sons how to properly whip her, crisscrossing her back, tits and ass with painful strokes that left her wailing and crying for the first time…and she remembered this as the first time she actually begged them to stop…especially after his sons had been allowed a turn to whip her. But it had not ended then…they had, of course, raped her brutally…

And then, the most painful and humiliating moment ever…they’d come into the cellar where she was held and Alius had kicked her until she was on her stomach. Then, kneeling down, grabbing her asscheeks and spreading them, he had told his sons that there was another hole that was just great to fuck. ” No…no, not there…not there!” Viconia had yelled but there had been no point in resisting even then. Laughing, making sure his sons could watch, he had then begun to push his cock into her asshole…which had never been entered by anything, ever! Viconia had panicked, thrashing about and screaming to high heavens as he’d begun to rape her ass with slow, long strokes, enjoying her clenching as she hadn’t had any experience with this kind of sex before…Viconia had never felt more degraded in her life – which, for a drow priestess, was saying something. The way he simply used her asshole for his pleasure, not caring for lubrication, not caring how hard it was to enter her…his cock stretching her hole too wide to be comfortable…she’d howled, she’d pleaded, she’d sobbed…she had been utterly pathetic. But this had turned them on even more and moments later, after he’d cum over her asscheeks, Kalin had taken her ass, then Doran…and from that point forward, there was no day when she would get out of the rape sessions without her ass being violated…and she hated every second of it.

So much, in fact, that finally, when it was time for…that again, she had looked at Alius with her most pleading expression and asked him, “ Please…would you…maybe allow me to…do something else? Use my…my mouth on you?” After considering this, he’d agreed, much to her relief and, even though she hated herself for it, she’d done her best to pleasure him with her mouth and tongue…licking his cock, lapping at his balls with her tongue…sucking it, taking it deeply into her mouth and throat…until he’d cum, making her swallow his seed. She’d served his sons afterwards and for this day, she’d indeed been spared another assrape. But the next day, only Alius had allowed her to finish him with her mouth…Doran was still pounding away at her ass only moments later…

This and more degrading scenes flittered through her mind as the sun leeched away her strength…

Her on her knees, being forced to jerk them off into a cup which she then had to empty…and afterwards, a lengthy whipping because she had not been able to drink every last drop…

Bouncing up and down on Doran’s cock in her ass, crying in shame at being made to participate in her rape in this way while Kalin jerked off onto her face…

Alius beneath her, making her ride his cock while Doran used the whip on her back….

Oh goddess, when would she ever be free of them?

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