Leliana 3

Images of her rapes haunted her during the night, forcing her to relive the terrors again and again, just as she was forced to relive Marjolaine’s betrayal time and again. She still couldn’t believe her beloved Marjolaine had betrayed her… had left her to these… monsters. Did she even know what was going on here? Sobbing gently in her sleep, Leliana twisted and turned, her cum-stained body glistening with sweat as she squirmed in the grip of her night terrors.

It was mere hours later when she woke up again with a start. Someone had opened the cell door. Even though her mind was still foggy, the first thing she did was to scuttle back against the wall, her frightful eyes looking at whoever had entered, her trembling lips forming a soft, “please… no more…” But as she was able to make out the silhouette of the person standing within the door frame, she breathed a sigh of relief.

It was another guard, yes… but a woman. Blinking her eyes a few times, Leliana could clear them enough to make out a few more details. The woman was tall and looked quite strong, although not bulky. Her face was angular, looking somewhat exotic with high cheekbones and slightly slanted eyes. Long black hair, tied into a tight ponytail, completed the image of a woman who could be very beautiful… if not for the cruel glint in her eyes. But Leliana barely noticed. At least she wouldn’t rape her again.

“So you are the new one, hm? Seems the others already made a plaything out of you” she said in a soft, smoky voice, eyeing the trembling, dirty girl kneeling with her back against the wall. Leliana crossed her arms in front of her chest, suddenly feeling very exposed. “Please…” Leliana whispered, her voice hoarse from all the screaming and the brutal throatfucking she received, “please… water…”

The woman sighed as she came bent down to lift something up… Leliana could see it being a bucket full of water. Right now, to her, it was more valuable than any gold or silver. “They really abused you, hm? A pity I wasn’t there…” she said, stepping closer to Leliana while grabbing the bucket more firmly. “They do it with all the girls who come here… and thanks to them getting the good shifts, all I ever get is the scraps they leave behind…” As she’d said these words, her voice suddenly became much harder and colder, sending a shiver down Leliana’s spine. Suddenly it dawned on the red-haired beauty that something was not right at all… The woman’s eyes had narrowed and before the violated bard could say anything else, the bucket full of ice cold water was emptied right over her head. The Orlesian screamed in shock and gasped, her heart thudding in her chest.

“I heard you like women… prefer them to men…” the woman continued, reaching behind her to grab a small bag, opening it without looking at the panting woman kneeling before her, “let’s see how much you will like this woman when she is done with you…” Opening the bag, she turned it so its contents could fall to the floor… and Leliana’s shocked eyes saw that the bag had contained a multitude of strap-ons and dildos.

“No… you don’t mean to… you can’t…” Leliana sobbed as sthe terrible realization of what is going to happen came upon her.

“Sure I can” the woman laughed dryly seeing as Leliana is crawling to the corner of the room as far as her one chained hand allows it. “What’s wrong? Not so turned on by women anymore? Don’t like me? Not attractive enough for you?”

“No, please don’t, they… they used me… I’m… sore…” Leliana begged but her pleads were interrupted as in an instant the guard was next to her grabbing and twisting her nipples.

“I’ve asked you a question you Orlesian whore! Am I not attractive enough for you?!” the woman yelled, her calm demeanor disappearing suddenly. She twisted and jerked Leliana’s nipples causing the girl to cry out in pain.

“No… aaa! You are… aaa… beautiful!” Leliana finally managed to shout what the female guard wanted to hear.

“Good… so you will make this a good fuck, right?” this time the soldier didn’t wait for the answer and just began putting on one of the strap-ons, a very large wooden dildo with a smaller part designed so that when it is used it rubbed the clit of the woman wearing it.

“Please… its… its too big… I’m sore… I can’t… I just can’t… You have to understand me…” the redhead pleaded as the guard fastened the belt of the strap-on and approached with a nasty smile.

“Sure you’re sore. That’ll make an even better fuck… can’t wait to her you screaming!” the woman was unswayed but the pitiful pleas of the Orlesian girl. “Now spread your legs… spread them or I’ll ram this hard, wooden dick in your ass!”

“Please… I beg you…” Leliana pleaded but began spreading her legs, hating herself for giving in so easily… but she had to do everything not to have this hige dildo rammed in her sore asshole. The the pain would’ve been worse than anything she’d experienced. She whimpered as the woman undressed and lay on her, her hands groping Leliana’s breasts. She leaned further, the two women’s breasts pressing against each other. “Nooo… aaaaa!!!” Leliana tried to beg again when the guard rammed her strap-on into the Orlesian’s poor, unlubricated pussy.

The girl’s whole body arched as a jolt of pain pierced her. She began squirming and writhing as the guard began fucking her with the strap-on pounding it in and out rhythmically. The pain was greater than during any of her previous rapes, her pussy being already sore and the dildo, wooden and not relenting or adjusting even by one inch felt as if it were made from hot metal. Each thrust caused Leliana to cry and howl and beg in pain. She tried to push her assailant off, but the soldier was much stronger and Leliana’s one hand was still chained to the wall.

“Ugh… please… take it out… aaaa! It’s to big… it hurts… it hurts so much” the redhead pleaded in vain, her body tensing with pain each time the guard pushed the dildo deep. What was even worse was that it seemed as if this woman could go forever. The strap-on rubbed the raping woman’s clit, but it seemed that Leliana’s pain turned her even more.

“Yeah, practice saying that bitch… the soldiers like it when you beg them.” The woman laughed and withdrew her cock from the pussy, making Leliana sigh in relief.

“Thank… thank you… aaaa!” The relief was short-lived as the guard rammed her strap-on again, with one thrust and began fucking her again, mercilessly, hard and painfully. She leaned and began licking Leliana’s face like a dog in heat, tasting tears, running her tongue all over Leliana’s neck and face.

“You know… during the war… ughh… with fucking Orlais, your soldiers killed my fiancée,” the guard barked between rapid thrusts, “And they’ve raped me… again and again… been waiting for payback so long…”

“I’m sorry… I’m aaaa!” Leliana was ready to apologize just to lessen the torment but it was cut short when the guard bit her nipple and than began biting her breasts, each hard bite causing the redhead to jump in pain once again.

“The took me… again and again… plunging their filthy Orlesian cocks… into my… my tight cunt… raping me… taking it, fucking me… just like I’m doing to you… just like this… like it, whore? Like it? They asked me whether I liked it as they pushed their hard cocks in… but this dildo is larger… yes… its larger… and you are begging even more… begging.. and pleading… and crying… as they raped you… raped me… yes, yes, yes!” the guard was gasping heavily, her terrifying tale turning her on in some way even more. Her moves became even stronger and deeper as she pushed herself in and out with brute force. “Hmmm… revenge is always such a delight…” the woman grunted, lustfully pounding into Leliana. Her hands were squeezing the Orlesian’s tits, sighing softly between thrusts when she moved her hips, allowing the small nub on the other side of the dildo to caress her clit. “They… raped me for days… without end… I thought I would die!” She looked down at Leliana, who was averting her gaze, sobbing underneath her. “But I… didn’t… and now… now I know how it must have felt for them…” she laughed, spitting into Leliana’s teary face, her anger at the Orlesians rising to the surface again.

“P-please… I’m sorry… I’m sorry… but that wasn’t my fault! Maker, please leave me alone!” she gasped and whimpered… and the woman’s only response was a hard slap to her face before she buried her face between Leliana’s tits again and began torturing the soft orbs with her teeth, eliciting a series of pitiful screams from her victim.

For Leliana, this was probably even worse than the rapes she had to endure before, simply because it was so… brutal and yet so familiar at the same time. The strap-on currently violating her cunt hadn’t been the first, not by far. She remembered hot, passionate nights when she’d be underneath Marjolaine, squirming and moaning in passion while her lover drove the toy deeply into her with those perfect hips. This was almost a mockery of those nights, a travesty of passionate lovemaking… and that made it all the worse. That and the sheer size of that thing — it was made to hurt, Leliana was certain of it — and if that was its purpose, it did its job all too well. Just then, she threw her head back to let out another howl of pain as a powerful thrust buried it all inside her brutally.

“I know! And I… don’t care! It just feels so good… to be on the other end of the cock for once!” The woman laughed cruelly, humping Leliana’s cunt harder and harder until Leliana felt as if she was about to spear her entire body with that awful wooden cock.

“Please… p-please stooopp… .I can… I can… make it worth… your while…” Leliana pleaded, “I’m good with… aaaa, Maker… .it hurts… .my tongue… I can… make you c-cum… again and again… aaaaaghhhh!”

“Filthy whore!” the woman snarled, slapping Leliana’s face again. “I don’t want your disgusting tongue in my pussy! I want you as you’re now… crying and screaming… but hnngh… it’s good to know… how eager you are to… serve…” she chuckled, then roughly pressed her lips onto Leliana’s forcing her tongue into the crying girl’s mouth while she pounded her pussy, moaning louder and louder, giving Leliana hope that maybe her ordeal would be over soon.

For the next, eternally long, moments, the guard raped her pussy so hard Leliana continuously screamed against her mouth while the guard moaned loudly, pleasured by the dildo’s rocking back against her and her victim’s cries of pain… sweat glistened on their bodies as they writhed on the cold floor, one in pleasure the other in sheer agony. The guard’s breasts were pressed flat against Leliana’s, rubbing painfully against the bite marks the woman had left there… but eventually, much to Leliana’s relief, the woman shuddered and, after a few more violent thrusts, finally laid still, quivering in the aftermath of a powerful climax.

Leliana breathed heavily as well, not daring to move. The thick dildo was still buried deeply in her cunt and every motion made it scrape against her sore inner walls, sending new pangs of pain through her lower body. She was only glad it was over for now… she didn’t even notice the guard plant an almost gentle kiss on her lips before finally pulling out and removing the strap-on. “You’re a great fuck… and I’ll certainly come back later” she said, much to Leliana’s concern. “And to make sure you won’t forget about me… i will leave something here…” With these words, she bent down and grabbed three of the larger dildos lying on the floor. Placing them before frightened Leliana, she said, “These will go either into your cunt, mouth or that sweet little ass of yours. You can even decide where each goes… am I not merciful?”

“No, please… just go… please just go…” Leliana said in an almost audible voice.

“In your dreams, bitch” the woman hissed. “You either choose… or I take the largest one I have and ram in into you tight ass again and again… how does it sound? Am I not merciful?”

“Please… Maker help me… I’ll choose…” Leliana struggled to gather her strength but the woman slapped her again.

“When will you learn to answer questions?! Are you really that dumb, bitch?!” she yelled “I asked you, whether I am not MERCIFUL!!!” she shouted, her face again twisted into a mask of fury, anger and hatred.

“Yes, yes… you are merciful, thank you…” the redhead managed to calm the guard down. She slowly reached her unchained, trembling hand and pointed towards the smallest, slim dildo. “Put it… in my… my rear.” She whispered.

“You meant ass, yes?” the guard asked mockingly.

“Yes… put it… in… my… ass” at this moment Leliana knew better than to argue with the cruel woman. “That one… in my… mouth” she chose the largest one. Leliana knew that it would be extremely uncomfortable to hold this in her mouth, but she couldn’t have it in her abused pussy again. “And that one… in my… in… in my pussy.”

“You mean your raped cunt? Oh, and say please.” The soldier mocked Leliana again.

“Pleas… put it… oh, Maker… in my raped… raped… cunt… please!” the redhead cried again, her spirit on the verge of breaking.

“Who am I to deny you if you ask so nicely?” the guard laughed, approaching Leliana and taking all dildoes. “Grit your teeth!” she smiled and rammed the dildo again to the recently abused pussy, causing the cute girl to cry in pain despite gritted teeth.

When Leliana opened her mouth again to cry, the soldier inserted the largest dildo into her mouth, fastening leather straps to keep it in place. As Leliana started to hit her with her free hand, the soldier effortlessly chained it to the wall. Leliana gagged at the huge dildo inserted in her mouth, afraid that she chose one too big, fearing that she will choke on it. And then she felt the soldier turn her around and reach for the third dildo.

When it was rammed and plunged in her ass Leliana’s cry of pain was audible even through the huge member in her mouth. Finally, exhausted, hurting on her whole body collapsed on the floor, not able to keep her tears. She didn’t even notice the guard leave the cell and she fell asleep, having nightmares of what tomorrow would bring.

She was woken up with another bucket of ice-cold water emptied over her, startling her… and immediately bringing back all the awful memories and sensations of the last day starting with the three big dildos still stuck inside her body. Looking up through eyes that were already starting to fill with tears again, she looked at two guards leering down at her. “hmmmphhhh… hmmmph… pllsss…” was all she could utter around the gagging wooden phallus still securely stuck in her mouth.

“Is she trying to tell us something?” one of the soldiers asked with a crooked grin.

The other one shrugged and turned back to Leliana. “Is there something you want to tell us?”

Leliana met his gaze even though her cheeks burned with shame. “Hmmphh… lllt… g… plsss… hmmm…” was all she could make, her plea so muffled by the cock in her mouth as to be unrecognizable.

“Maybe she is telling us to let her go… what do you say?”

The other guard shrugged again, a cruel glimmer in his eyes. “She looks so desperate and helpless… I might even feel merciful… if she asked properly… I might even let her go.” He turned back to Leliana, his face a mockery of compassion. “If you ask nicely, I hereby swear that we will undo the shackles and you can go away… I am sure your… lover is waiting for you outside…”

How could they be so cruel? They knew she could not speak properly if her life depended on it… not with that huge dildo in her mouth. But they also knew she had to try, that she was desperate enough to undergo this new humiliation just for the slim chance of being freed… to be able to forget this torment. “Pllshhh… ltmm… g…” she tried to articulate her wish, her efforts only causing her to droll down her chin as she attempted to speak.

“I didn’t hear her… did you hear her say something?” the guard asked in a fake puzzled voice.

“Nah… hey, maybe she enjoys being here!”

Starting to panic at seeing her one chance of freedom slip away, Leliana literally screamed into the dildo, “LTTTTT… .mmmmphh… .goooo!”

The guard shook his head and sighed. “You know what’s a pity? I could have gotten her out easily. But it seems she enjoys her stay too much… see? Must be tears of joy.” Both guards laughed as Leliana started to sob uncontrollably again.

“Seems Brennya worked her over good last night” one of them said, approaching her to free her hands from the shackles.

“Yeah… makes me all hard just thinking about it… you think we got time to fuck her?” Much to Leliana’s relief, the guard who undid her restraints, shook his head. “No… we’re supposed to take her to the chamber before Donn gets there. And you know it’s extra shifts in the deeper levels if we aren’t punctual.

“Ah, damn” the other guard said, genuine disappointment on his face… before he suddenly grinned.“But we got time to blow a good load… let’s remove that thing from her mouth and she can tell us what Brennya did to her… then, she can drink our cum and we can be on our way!”

“Let me go, please, just let me gooo…” as soon as the they took out the dildo gagging her mouth Leliana broke down into sobs, as though she was clinging to the hope that they will listen and release her.

The guards, of course, would have none of it. “Too late missy” one soldier laughed “We gave you a chance, you’ve wasted it.”

“Now… tell us what Brennya did to you… and maybe, just maybe we will allow you to take those two large things from your ass and cunnie” the second said, slowly taking out his cock.

Leliana wanted to beg, to kneel before them and plead to be released or at least stand an honest trial. She wanted to cry and sob to let her despair be seen and move those hard hearts and make them feel pity. She wanted if not to be released, than at least be fed and allowed to drink something and for one day be free from the merciless abuse. But what she wanted even more, was to get rid of those two dildoes inserted into her, that were stretching her insides, hurting her for the whole night, making her twist in pain and wake up she moved them during her sleep. So the readhead licked her dry, swollen lips and obediently, almost whispering started to speak.

“She put on a large… a huge strap-on…” she almost whispered, looking down in shame. “She… she pushed it into my… my pussy…”

“Your cunt!” one soldier interrupted angrily “And speak louder for the Maker’s sake!”

“She pushed it… into… my… my… cu… cunt…” Leliana whispered and broke down into sobbing. But not wanting to anger the guards even more, she tried to continue “She pushed it… and pushed it… she was… was… raping… oh, Maker, she was raping me!” the girl cried hysterically but quickly resumed “She pushed… and grabbed my breasts… it was so painful… she was biting my breasts…”

“Like that?” one soldier asked suddenly, grabbing both of her hands and before he could react the second lunged forward and sunk his teeth into the tender flesh of her luscious but abused mounds.

“Aaaa!” the girl shrieked in pain “Yes, yes like this, please don’t, oh Maker, like this!” she yelled in desperation until the soldiers finally let her go.

“Continue!” the soldier laughed, kissed her nipples gently and stepped back. He and his comrade had their cocks already rock-hard, stroking them slowly. “And remember, whores like you don’t have pussies but cunts and tits instead of breasts!”

“Yes, I’m sorry! She… she was biting my tis… and… and raping me… and it was so huge… so hard… so painful… I couldn’t take it… I begged… and pleaded… I offered…” Leliana stopped suddenly but the evil, lustful glee of the soldiers made her continue, “I offered that I’ll use my… my tongue… that I will… will bring her pleasure… but she didn’t want to… she just pushed and pushed saying… saying how the… the… Orlesian soldiers… raped her… and she did that to me… she did that to me… I was begging… but she did that to me… and when she was finished… when she… she cum… she made me choose… those… those wooden… and she put them… in… me… Oh, Maker, free me, Maker!” Leliana finally broke down into tears.

“Well, well, well” one soldier smiled “Brennya got raped… who would’ve thought… that sure explains a lot… she will be very happy to learn you’ve told this to us” he said looking at the terrified girl as the second soldier finally took out the dildoes out of her… but not before pushing the one in her pussy in and out two times. “Oh, she’ll be very disappointed with you… I can only hope that I’ll see how she will punish you…”

“No! Please! In the name of the Maker don’t tell… ugh!” Leliana’s words were interrupted as the soldier slapped her.

“Shut up and open your mouth” the soldier laughed “It’s time for you to drink our cum, the best drink for filthy whores!”

“And don’t you worry… we won’t tell Brennya. We’ll just drop a hints while drinking, soon the entire unit will know… I wonder how soon Brennya will learn that everyone knows her little secret… and that all this is your fault?”

“ Please… please no…”Leliana whimpered breathlessly before being interrupted by another slap to her face.

“I told you to open your mouth!” Trembling, her body shaken with sobs, she closed her eyes as her lips parted. “Now stick out your tongue!” She yelped as she felt one of them deliver a kick to her side and quickly obeyed, sticking out her tongue while waiting. Still having her eyes closed, she could only hear their groaning and the slapping sounds of cocks being jerked hard and fast.

“Hmmm… isn’t it… great… we got her before… she was all used up?” one of them said, laughing.

“Oh yes… .still so pretty… and so… responsive… I just love it when they cry!”

Leliana could do nothing but sit there, awaiting what might come, her heart aching with fear and shame, her body shaken by sobs and heart-rending cries. These last two days had destroyed her utterly. All she wanted now was some measure of peace… sleep undisturbed and maybe one day without abuse… her wishes, once much more grandiose, had turned to this…

Suddenly, she heard one of the men groan loudly and a moment later, something thick and vile landed on her tongue with more of it spraying into her mouth. Flinching, she gagged at the taste but did not dare move away while the man continued to shoot his load right across her tongue and into her mouth, filling it slowly. Seeing this, the other man groaned as well and a split second later, a thick line of cum landed on her cheek before more splattered over her lips and chin. Obviously, he was not aiming properly but did not care.

Leliana had to hold onto all her self-control in order not to move. This certainly wasn’t the first time she had tasted cum but this situation was probably among the most humiliating she’d ever been through. And, to her, it appeared as if both men would never stop cumming into her mouth… until they finally did. She heard the satisfied sighs from both of them… and then the dreaded command, “Swallow it. Now.”

The Orlesian shuddered but did as ordered, withdrawing her cum-laden tongue and trying to gulp it down. It was hard to swallow and she had to try three times before finally getting it all down, the sensation of the thick glob of cum sliding down her throat making her feel nauseous. She heard the guard clap mockingly when she’d finally downed it and shrunk back against the wall, crying softly.

“Good girl… you might make a good entertainer yet…” one of them laughed, unfastening her shackles and dragging her onto her feet. “Time to go now…”

“W-where are you taking me… ?” Leliana asked fearfully. She was pretty sure they didn’t plan on releasing her now. “To the torture chamber, of course. Donn has been waiting to get his hands on you ever since he heard of your arrival here.”

“What… torture cham-… why?” Nothing better came to the girl’s mind “Why?! Don’t do it! I… I was good, I… I gave you pleasure, don’t do it!” hating herself for saying this but unbelievably terrified by what she heard.“

“You gave us nothing, whore. We took everything by ourselves!” one of the guards laughed as they were dragging Leliana out of the cell and down the corridor. As the first time she was here, she noticed woman in the cells, trying their best to move away from the view windows as the soldiers were passing. Their looks, full of fear and… relief made Leliana struggle even more. They were relieved that it was Leliana who was chosen for… whatever was in store for her, not them.

The small door at the end of the corridor was opened and Leliana was pushed into the torture chamber. The first thing she noticed was a woman – an elven female hanging from the ceiling by a hook attached to the her shackled hands. Her toes were at least half a feet above the floor, making the strain on her hand unbelievably painful, threating to dislocate her arms. But not that was the worst – it was how she twisted and wiggled, even knowing that it only makes her hands pain even more – as her torturer was slowly touching her lithe, slender body with hot piece of metal.

“Iiiii… no, please no, please, I beg you, nonono… aaaiiiiii!” another loud shriek escaped her mouth as her classically beautiful face contorted in pain as the man touched her breast and held the red-hot bar for a second before withdrawing it.

“So, will you do it?” the man asked in an almost pleasant tone, when the woman finally stopped wiggling and just hanged gasping loudly.

“Yes, please don’t hurt me…”the elf began begging, tears flowing down her face “I’ll do everything… I’ll crawl to the arl and his friends, I’ll ask them to… to fuck me… I’ll take their cocks in my ass and ride them as they are twisting my nipples and whipping my back… I’ll lick their feet and their cock… I’ll do anything!” she gasped.

“Good. You two, take her and clean her up. Then send her to the arl.” The man finally turned to Leliana. “Welcome sweetie. My name is Donn and I’m the head torturer here,” he introduced himself as if her was saying that he was a simple villager or a baker. For her part Leliana was astonished to see that the dreadful head torturer was a pleasant looking, slightly fat man with a fatherly smile on his face. “Gary, please – prepare our guest.” As the guards took the elf out of the chamber the torturer’s assistant approached Leliana. Being concentrated on the screaming elf was the only excuse why she didn’t notice him before – he was absolutely huge, with a face of an idiot brute. Effortlessly he grabbed Leliana and before she could think about fighting placed her torture bench. As he began to shackle the Orlesian to it, Donn moved closer.

“As you can see, I perform many… duties,” he said calmly, showing different torture tools. “I like burning, cutting or, yes, even flaying… But they damage the body. It was a pity I had to do it to this Adaia… but the arl was getting impatient and I made sure there was not much lasting damage.” Finally he gently touched Leliana’s chick “But, as I am a true master of my profession, I can cause a great deal of pain without damaging your pretty body… you’ll see.”

Leliana shuddered at his touch, even though there had been no roughness in the gesture. Donn even seemed like a sensible, normal man, unlike those animals who had violated her so savagely. But his words made it pretty clear that he enjoyed his work.

“Please… you don’t have to do that…” she whispered, catching his gaze with her eyes, trying to hold it so that he would have to focus on her face instead of her body which by now was tightly secured on the rack, a fine layer of sweat glistening seductively in the firelight. “I… I can serve you… use my… mouth… or my pussy…” she continued as she saw the hesitating frown on Donn’s face, “If your… torture leaves no trace then we can just say you… tortured me. Please… don’t… don’t hurt me…”

Donn sighed as he looked down, at her well-formed curves, her skin still bruised from the brutal rapes she already endured. His large assistant drooled at the sight of her but said nothing, waiting for his master’s orders with bated breath and an idiotic grin. “That sounds very promising, dear Leliana” he said softly, letting his hand wander lower to her breast, his fingers circling the darker patches on her skin where her breasts had been squeezed hard enough to leave painful bruises. Leliana took in a sharp breath as she felt his hands there, prodding and probing, small pangs of pain shooting through her body as he slightly squeezed the bruised flesh of her tits.

“ But” he continued, these three letters almost casually shattering any hopes she might have harbored about her proposal, “I have a job to perform. A job I very much like to do… especially when I can work with beauties such as you. Also… I have two requests for proper… treatment for you. One from Raleigh… he complained that you were uncooperative during your… session with him. Of course, we can’t have that.” He smirked slightly and gave her left tit another painful squeeze that had Leliana whimpering and gritting her teeth against crying out.

“Please…”Leliana began again, straining against the bonds that held her… but Gary, no matter how insipid a fool he might otherwise be, knew how to strap a victim down on the rack, “he wanted me to… say… degrading things… while he was raping me!” The horrific memory of the brutal rape brought new tears to her eyes.

“And you refused” Donn calmly continued for her, sliding his hand down until it was resting on her flat belly. “That’s why he complained. I’m going to make sure that next time he fucks you, you will do exactly as he says.”

Leliana opened her mouth again, but before she could speak, he raised his hand as if to warn her. “I am not finished. He wants you to learn obedience. Like with Adaia here. The standard fare. The other request came from someone else… someone who wishes to remain anonymous at this moment. That someone asked me to… and I quote… ‘stuff her good’ and to do a few other things I want to leave as a surprise for the moment. Hmmm… my second client must really hate you.” Leliana gasped at his words, her mind racing. Who could it be? Someone else from the guards? Brennya? But could lowly guards tell the head torturer what to do?

“Who…”she began but he shook his head. “I am not telling you. I am sure you will learn soon enough. Now, we should really get started, we have a lot to do… and a lot to learn.”

Gary guffawed as he saw Leliana start to panic as the realization that there was no diplomacy and no way to avoid the torture that was about to take place. “We fuck her now?” he asked, an impressive bulge in his dirt stained pants showing that he was more than ready to do so.

“No, Gary… that’s for later. Right now… crank the wheels on the rack a bit. Give her a taste of the things to come…”

“No, don’t do it, please don’t, no, no, no!” Leliana’s voice was becoming increasingly panicked as she felt the shackles attached to her wrists travel, stretching her body. With each turn of the large metal wheel operated by Gary she was beginning to feel more and more uncomfortable. She had just enough time to wonder why the machine wasn’t pulling her legs down as well but it wasn’t much of an upside. “Please, you don’t need to do it… I’ll be good!” she finally promised.

“Now, now,” Donn smiled. “I believe what you are saying, of course. I wouldn’t dare to imply that a bard and a spy is lying. But still… we have to make clear what happens in case of… disobedience.” He said, watching as Gary was turning the wheel.

The redhead tried to struggle again against her bonds but not only were they holding her tightly but also now each move caused her pain. Each turn of the wheel made her body stretch even further, beyond the point where she only felt pain. Suddenly the wheel stopped moving and Leliana opened her eyes, with vision still blurred from tears. Finally she recognized Donn’s head over her.

She shrugged, when he started touching her chin – his hand was gentle but his very touch was disgusting and terrifying for her. Unfortunately in her position she couldn’t even try twisting her body away – not only was it futile but caused only more suffering. So, when the torturer’s hand began traveling downward, she could only grit her teeth and whimper in protest. She felt him stop for a moment near her breasts but a second later two of his hands were caressing her tits, rubbing her nipples, playing with her perfect mounds.

And then she screamed. His hands were gentle in one moment, a heartbeat later he grabbed both of her nipples, twisted them and jerked upwards. Leliana shrieked again and her body jumped in pain, causing another wave of pain to travel through her joint and spine. Donn smiled sadistically as he kept on twisting, jerking and grabbing her tits, causing her to scream and beg him to stop – which he did, but only after her throat was almost horse and her face wet from tears again.

“No more…” she whimpered as she felt his hands finally leave her tits and travel down further, touching her flat belly and finally stopping near the intimacy of her pussy.

“Now, what have we here” Donn’s smile again was very pleasant, even as he was touching her thighs. He gave a nod to Gary who began turning another wheel. Now Leliana felt the shackles around her ankles to move – but not downward, straining her further, but to the sides, causing her legs to spread. Finally when her legs formed a almost a right angle Donn told Gary to stop.

“You see… this wheel can spread your legs much, much further. In fact it can spread it so far that your legs will form a straight line… and then even further. But all in due time…” he said menacingly as he started pushing his two fingers into her dry pussy. “Gary… stretch her a bit more. And then bring the whip.” He said, pumping his hand slowly.

Leliana shrieked and cried as she has never done before. Each blow that fell on her caused her to shout in pain and her body tensed and jumped, straining against the shackles. As her body was stretched to the limit, each moved caused her muscles and joints to radiate with pain. Donn took greatest delight in hitting Leliana’s breast, marking them with red stripes.

“No, please, stop, oh, Maker, Maker, please don’t” the redhead continued wailing with her lovely voice almost becoming hoarse. “In the name of the Maker, please, have mercyyyy, aieee!” she cried again, as tears were running down her face.

“Oh yes, you look so lovely as you cry, so lovely” Donn stopped the whipping, run his finger down Leliana’s cheek and then tasted her tears. Lovely…” he whispered as he gave Gary instruction to continue stretching.

“No, oh Maker, please… you’ve done enough… haven’t you done enough…” Leliana was whispering, as she felt her legs spread even further. “Please… just leave me… alone… please…” finally her legs were spread so hard that they created a straight line. Although she was always dexterous and flexible, she had no doubts that spending any longer amount of time in this position, her whole body stretched, would be pure torture. And it didn’t seem that Donn was going to stop. All her thoughts instantly vanished and her mind was filled with pain brought the whip with full force, hitting her exposed, defenseless pussy. The cute redhead gave an ear-piercing scream and her whole body arched, the strain filling her with excruciating pain.

“Aaaah!” she gave a deep moan of anguish as Donn hit her three times again, landing two of the blows on her inner thighs  and the third one on her pussy again, causing her again to cry out in wordless pain.

“So sweet, so sweet…” Donn continued whispering as he stopped the torture, his hands impatiently wandering over Leliana’s abused body, touching her curves, grabbing her sore breasts and squeezing her hard, so she could only whimper. He pushed one finger into her swollen pussy and began pumping it, while he forced two fingers of his other hand into Leliana’s sweet mouth, forcing her to suck them.

The redheaded bard was too terrified of the prospect of further whipping to protest or bite and began obediently running her tongue over her fingers, tasting her own salty tears. It wasn’t as though worse things weren’t forced in her mouth recently. She tried to fight the pain filling her breasts and pulsing in her pussy. The strange, hungry and lusty gaze in Donn’s eyes terrified her even more than the usual remarks of the guards who raped her. Finally he withdrew his hands and Leliana had just a heartbeat of relief as she felt pierce her again, as Donn fulfilled his threat and in one vicious thrust, pushed the whip handle into her tight ass.

“Ohh, not there!” she cried.

“Don’t worry, our… session will continue soon… but first” he said unbuckling his pants and pulling out his large, erect dick.

“No, please… don’t…” Leliana whispered as she saw the torturer climb over the torture bench, looming over here.

“It’s this or the whipping dear” Donn smiled, lowering himself on her and forcing his tongue in her mouth, kissing her almost like a lover.

“Nnnoo,” she managed only to whisper as she felt him place his hard cock over the entrance to her abused pussy. “Don’t… I beg you… don’t aiiee!” she cried, her body tensing again as he pushed himself in, burying his cock in her abused fuckhole.

He quickly found a rhythm and began fucking her mercilessly, savoring the the feeling of her sore, tense body, writhing in agony below him. Each push caused her to tense even more, piercing her shackled body with pain.

Leliana wailed pitifully, unable to do anything else but endure this horrible ordeal. Each time he thrust into her already-sore and punished cunt, her body rocked back and forth on the rack, each muscle practically shrieking with white-hot pain, being already stretched to the limit.

Donn seemed to love every single second of it, his cock rock-hard as he pistoned in and out of her violently, his balls slapping against her bare skin while he invaded her abused cunt over and over and over again. His eyes shone with a disturbing fire, true joy apparent on his face as he caused her so much agony.

Almost out of her mind with pain, Leliana threw her head from side to side to avoid his other attentions as he kissed her crying face, tasting her tears and forcing his tongue into her mouth whenever possible in a twisted parody of a lover’s kiss. By now, she would almost prefer Brennya’s attentions again… or even Raleigh’s… nothing could be worse than this!

“Oh yes… please… scream more…” Donn whispered into her ear, his heavy body pressing down on her, putting additional strain on her muscles, forcing an agonized whimper from Leliana’s trembling lips, “You’re so pretty when you’re in pain…” he muttered, his voice soft and almost tender while his cock raped her defenseless fuckhole brutally.

Gary was laughing at the display in front of him, having snuck one huge hand into his pants to play with his own cock to the sight of the beautiful redhead being abused yet again. Donn didn’t pay him any attention… all his efforts and attentions were focused on the crying girl underneath him. After stealing yet another rough kiss, he pushed himself up so that he could look at her face better, never stopping his assault on her tight, unwilling cunt. “You’ve got such a wonderful voice… you should… cry much more… often…” Donn said admiringly, cementing the fact that he was pretty much insane… but that hardly improved Leliana’s fate. If anything, it probably made things even worse… if he got off on making her scream and cry that much, what else would he do to her?

Unfortunately, she would soon get an answer to her question as he supported himself with one arm and reached underneath her to grasp the handle of the whip tightly… beginning to slowly pump it in and out of her asshole! Now, Leliana could do nothing more than howl in absolute agony as both her lower holes were filled, stretched so painfully her entire lower body felt ablaze… tears sprang from her eyes like a flood while she desperately tried to deal with the pain, stammering desperate pleas and uttering pathetic cries for help that would never come. Instead, all that came was pain and merciless thrust after thrust of the handle and the cock punishing her sore holes, giving her not a second of rest. All the while, Donn loomed over her, looking down at her miserable expression with lust and pure sadistic joy.

Time seemed to stretch into infinity with no end in sight. For what seemed like hours, Donn humped Leliana’s helpless body, urged on by her increasingly hoarse screams, his cock drilling into her tight opening while he violated her anus with the whip, never slowing down, never showing mercy… Leliana now understood why he was a priced torturer, especially when it came to women. But finally, just as she feared she might finally lose her mind, he pulled out and climbed off her, rounding the rack to stop next to where her head was, stroking his cock rapidly. “Now be a good girl and open your mouth… you deserve your reward” he said softly…

“No…” the redhead’s voice was barely audible as she saw the head of her cock next to her head.

“It’s this or the whip again… whipping your fucking cunt!” Donn hissed, gasping hard in arousal.

Slowly, hesitantly Leliana parted her lips, opening her mouth. Just as she did it, Donn pushed his cock inside her warm mouth and began shooting his jism into her throat.

“Glrrrg” the girl gagged and made a gurgling sound as she felt the horrible taste in her mouth again. With as little water and other food as she was given, she felt as if this horid taste would remain on her tongue forever.

Finally he withdrew his dick and the last two loads fell on Leliana’s face, stinging her eyes which were unfortunate enough to be opened.

“Good… you did good,” Donn patted Leliana’s hair with an almost playful gesture. “Let’s hope you will be a nice obedient slut and do what you are told… or we’ll see each other again.”

“I’d like to see her again” Gary said, staring the Leliana’s tormented body.

“No… I’ll be… good.” Leliana finally managed to find strength to whisper.

“It wasn’t so hard, was it?” Donn smiled and started to uncuff Leliana. As soon as she was free of the shackles she rolled into a ball, trying to ease her muscles, that were still burning with pain after the horrible stretching. “But now… it wouldn’t be fair if Gary wouldn’t get a taste of this fine body of yours. Isn’t that right?” Donn asked, grabbing Leliana’s wrists and forcing her to her feet.

“No… haven’t you done…” the girl started to resist but one glare from Donn – that and the unspoken threat of more whipping and more time on the rack – made her go silent. She didn’t fight even as Donn cuffed her hands behind the back. Only when she was pushed towards a bloody meathook, hanging from the ceiling, she began to fight.

“What… what is it?! What are you going to do?!” she demanded to know, her eyes wide with terror.

“Well, it goes under your ribs” Donn smiled “We pierce your body and hang it by this chain.”

Leliana wanted to plead, to beg, to do anything to protect her from the horrible fate but no words escaped her mouth. She just rapidly shook her head, feeling as if she was going to pass out from sheer terror. Suddenly she heard Donn chuckling. “Did I scare you sweetie? That was a joke, I wouldn’t spoil such… goods.” The man smiled and drew the hook through the chain of Leliana’s handcuffs. Then he made the hook go higher, which forced the redhead to bend forward. The girl knew that forcing it a bit higher would dislocate her shoulders – now it was “only” extremely uncomfortable and painful. “Now Gary… she is all yours” Donn said, stepping back.

Leliana could only tremble as Gary began circling her, grabbing her buttocks, her tits, squeezing them hard and causing her to moan in pain. As if she needed more suffering – she was hanging by the cuffs for only a couple of heartbeats but the pressure and strain on her arms was already becoming unbearable. Finally Gary stopped moving but it was a small relief as he grabbed Leliana’s ass and began to force his dick into her tight asshole. As humiliating as it was, the Orlesian tried to relax her muscles to protect herself from at least part of the pain but her tries were interrupted as a Donn suddenly grabbed the whip and slashed her across her breasts, dangling as her chest was exposed in this position.

“A small incentive to keep you focused… and to make sure you don’t forget what you’ve promised!” Donn said and prepared to land another blow.

Leliana didn’t know what was worse..the anal intrusion she suffered or the brutal whip lashes, delivered masterfully by Donn. She shrieked, her body wiggling, much to Gary’s delight, who grunted happily as her ass clenched around his cock, massaging it as jolts of pain lanced through her ass and breasts. “Maker, noooo!” Leliana whimpered, gasping in pain, then screamed as the whip lashed home again, hitting her nipples, once more a testament to Donn’s aim with the whip. “P-please… don’t… whip me… again,” she said tearfully, her words interrupted by pained sobs and grunts while Gary drilled into her ass with his thick cock, slapping her ass with one meaty hand whenever he felt like it. “I’ll do… everything… I promise…”

“Gary, don’t stop,” Donn said, halting the strokes for a moment, looking directly into Leliana’s eyes, his gaze hard and without mercy. “Will you do everything the guards tell you to?”

“Yes… hnngh… please… it hurts so much!” she whimpered softly.

“Will you call yourself deserving names when told to?” Leliana nodded, crying out again as Gary rammed his cock deeply into her, stretching her asshole wide. “Good. I hope you’re true to your word.”

Then, without warning, he struck again, the whip lashing against the inside of her right thigh, then the left. Leliana howled, Gary’s fetid breath surrounding her as the dumb henchman grunted. “Make her scream more… I like to hear it!”

And Donn happily obliged, raining down blow after blow onto her defenseless body while Gary raped her ass with wild abandon and joy. He used his cock like a weapon, pounding and pumping in her tight fuckhole, his hands slapping her ass until it was red and sore. “Hmmm… I love you…” Gary whispered, his tongue licking over her earlobe which made her shudder in disgust, his words turned to a mockery by the brutal thrusts with which he punished her abused asshole.

The constant whip lashes made it impossible for her to relax her ass, her muscles clenching involuntarily each time the whip hit, much to Gary’s delight. Her pleas, promising everything so the torment would stop, became more and more intelligible until she was simply bawling and screaming in absolute pain. Through teary eyes, she could see Donn’s manic grin as he made her scream, producing the sound he loved so much. Gary continued to kiss and lick her ears and neck, raping her ass even as his teeth sunk into her soft skin, making her erupt into an even louder scream. He found this incredibly funny, leading to more bites as Leliana struggled and wordlessly cried for mercy.

But eventually, when she had given up all hope, when her body was just a blazing source of pain for her, she heard Gary grunt blissfully, shortly before a huge torrent of cum shot up her ass. Then, it was over. Donn stopped whipping her at once, smiling at the artwork her body had become, all crisscrossing welts and bruises. “Take her down and get her to her cell. I’m sure Raleigh is already waiting for her.”

She was unshackled and more dragged than led to her cell. Gary opened the cell door and looked inside. Despite what Donn said, Raleigh wasn’t in the cell yet. Leliana was pushed inside and she fell on the hard, cold floor.

“You’re lucky bitch… boss isn’t here yet. Use this time to regain strength – boss will get furious if you’re not… cooperative enough.” Gary bend over and whispered to the girl’s ear “He will fuck you, yes… but he doesn’t appreciate you as I do… he doesn’t love you as I do… we’ll see each other soon. You will learn to appreciate my love, you will…” with these words Gary left the building.

When the cell door closed behind her, Leliana curled into a ball, breaking down into tears. She didn’t know how long did she spend like this – but not long enough. Soon the door opened again and Fenn came in. He stared at the redhead for a moment. “Damn, you really are a filthy whore. That’s why the boss wanted you to clean up.” He said, giving her a bucket of ice-cold water. “And I’d hurry if I were you. One more thing: we’ll see each other tonight.” He laughed as he went out.

Tears were running down Leliana’s face as she began to clean the cum stains from her face. She spilled a lot of water as she couldn’t keep her hands from trembling. Raleigh, Donn, Gary, Fenn… many others… it seemed that everyone in this dungeon wanted only to have a piece of her cute body, to rape and abuse her according to their own sick needs. And with every passing moment, with every degradation she suffered she lost hope that she may leave this place. She began crying even more as she began to clean the cum that dried on her pussy, ass and legs. She has just started when the door opened and commander Raleigh entered.

“Well, well, well… I love when I whore doesn’t forget to clean herself.” He smiled evilly “Don’t stop, I’ll watch.” He said.

Trying to fight the trembling of her hands, Leliana continued to do as he ordered, feeling his glare running down the curves of her body. Finally she finished and looked at the man, with pure terror on her face. “Well, I’ve heard you have been… conditioned. You are said to be… obedient.” He said, emphasizing the demeaning words. He sat on the ground, unbuckling his pants. “But don’t worry… I won’t fuck you today. Well, at least not now. Because first – you will fuck me… and you will do it good. Won’t you?”

Leliana hesitated for a moment, tears running down her cheeks. Staring at him as he freed his raging cock from his pants and leaned back, glaring at her impatiently. “Do you want more time with Donn, whore?” he snarled, “Get over here!” Leliana stifled a sob. No, she didn’t want to go back to this awful room, to Donn and his toys… but to debase herself like this… it would be worse than simply being raped… then again, what other choice did she have? There was no escape… only degradation if she complied and terrible torture if she didn’t.

So, heartbroken and filled with nothing but misery and despair, she made her decision. “I… I will fuck you…”she whispered, stepping towards him, her legs trembling with fear, her heart pounding in her chest, anticipating more pain.

“Then get to it already!” Raleigh’s voice told Leliana that his patience was almost over. Biting her lower lip, the Orlesian knelt down, straddling her abuser’s hips. She leaned forward a bit, using one hand to support herself, then descended upon the hard cock waiting for her. The moment she felt it enter her, she let out a pained whimper, her cunt still sore from all the abuses she’d been through within the last few hours and her legs still hurting from the rack.

Raleigh grunted, his grin widening, feeling her tight and dry cunt envelop his cock, stretching to accommodate him. “Deeper, whore! I want it all inside you!” He snarled, reaching up to deliver a brutal backhand slap to her face that had Leliana sob in pain. But still, she obeyed, tearfully, lowering herself onto the cock impaling her pussy, every inch bringing new blazing pain to her tender body. Having closed her eyes, she didn’t see the next slap coming, connecting with her face with a loud smacking sound and throwing her head to the side.“Look at me! Don’t dare close your eyes when you have my cock inside you!”

Shuddering, raising a hand to her stinging, burning cheek, Leliana opened her eyes again. Through a veil of tears, she could see Raleigh’s leering visage, his cruel eyes meeting hers. Whimpering, Leliana continued to lower herself onto his cock until, in one final, painful moment, he was fully embedded inside her, throbbing inside her sore fuckhole. Raleigh moaned, fully enjoying the sensation and sight of the sobbing woman impaled on his cock, trembling and oh so very, wonderfully, afraid. Reaching out, he grabbed a hold of her impressive, full breasts and began to grope and squeeze, noticing how she cringed each time he touched her tits which were still red and sore from Donn’s brutal whipping.

Taking her nipples between his fingers, he pinched and pulled hard, his cock jerking as a loud, beautiful scream came from her mouth. “We’re not done yet, cunt! Don’t get lazy! Fuck me… fuck me like a lover!”

“Oh, Maker” Leliana whispered, now crying openly, her heart-rending sobs seeming to excite Raleigh even more. The worst thing about the whole thing was that she had nothing to look forward to. Even if she satisfied him, she would still be in her cell… and if Fenn’s words were anything to go by, in a few hours she would be raped again… and again… and again… there simply was no end in sight.

But there was always the possibility of worse things to come as she’d realized during her time with Donn…

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