Leliana’s Lament 1

The heavy wooden door behind her slammed shut with an echo of finality as the guards dragged the Orlesian forward. Leliana cringed at the smell of the dungeon wafting up the stairs… sweat and sickness and other, even more unpleasant odors… the scent of misery. The two guards holding her arms didn’t exactly smell like roses either. She definitely had to get out of here before that smell began to stick to her, too… but Leliana was confident that she would manage. She had been in awful situations before and gotten out.

Doing her best to ignore the guards dragging her down the stairs, she focused on the bindings they had used to tie her hands together behind her back. Thick, sturdy rope tied in multiple knots… nothing she could squeeze her hands out right now but in time, she could at least get one hand free.

Suddenly, her focus was drawn away from her bindings and to her guards, as one of them had said to the other, “Why are we dragging that Orlesian bitch anyway? She some kind of royalty?”

The other one chuckled. “Fenn, you’re a lazy bastard… ”

Leliana looked back and forth between them as they exchanged a look and a grin… and then threw her forward, down the stairs.

Leliana shrieked and curled into a ball as much as she could to protect her head and face from the fall as she bounced down the stone steps, each step giving her a new reason to cry out in pain. It was mere luck that she landed at the feet of the stairs with all her bones intact but her head swam and she felt as if her entire body would soon become one big bruise.

The guards were laughing as they casually strolled down the steps after her. ‘Ferelden swine!’ She thought and tried to scramble to her feet. Maybe this would be her chance to escape!

“Ah, our new guest has arrived…” the voice from behind startled her… and ruined any chance of her flight. A rough hand grabbed her by the nape of her neck and forced her back onto her feet, holding her up. She felt hot, stinking breath on her skin “Ah, yes… the spy…” the man said, chuckling softly while one of his hands reached around her and proceeded to cup Leliana’s left breast through her tunic. The bard remained still, trying to hide her disgust. In such situations it was best to play along…

“I was framed. There is no evidence. I’m certain someone will take notice…” she said as calmly as possible.

The man behind her laughed and his hand squeezed her breast uncomfortably hard. Leliana bit her lip to keep herself from giving them the satisfaction of hearing her cry out. “You know what? I don’t care. I’m not being paid to think. They say you’re a spy so you must be a spy… and for pretty spies, we have special accommodations. Take her to the cell and chain her up. I’ll get the whip… .”


This word made Leliana freeze for an instant. She was aware that she had less time to escape than she previously expected. The guardsman groping her must have sensed her fear as he laughed and pushed her into Fenn’s arms. She noticed that he was wearing the insignia of a sergeant. “I wasn’t charged nor did I stand a trial yet” Leliana decided to try again if not speaking her way out, than at least to gain time. “Where is your commander?” she asked hoping that this might slow the men down, even as Fenn was dragging her through the dungeon corridors.

“Don’t you worry about commander Raleigh, sweetie,” the guard laughed. “You’ll see him soon enough, and you’ll learn that he really likes Orlesian whores such as you!”

Leliana managed to catch glimpses of silhouettes behind some of the cell doors. She couldn’t be sure as they moved far away from the peepholes in the doors when the guards were passing near them, but she would have sworn that most of them were female. This thought filled her with new fear.

After a short while they stopped and while Fenn was holding her, the second guard took out a large iron key and opened the door to one of the cells. She wanted to protest again but her speech was cut short by an anguished scream coming from one of the doors further in the corridor.

“Yeah, that’s our little playground” one of the guards laughed “I think it may be one of your companions, but we’ll make sure that you are a frequent visitor there.” He made a short gesture and Fenn pushed her hard. She fell on the dirty, hard and cold floor, with her fall softened only by a thin layer of straw covering the cell. Her fall caused two rats to escape from beneath the straw and vanish into a small hole in the wall. The only two objects of note in the entire cell were a small hole in the corner, designed to function as a lavatory and four chains hanging from the wall opposite of the door.

The sergeant took out a set of shackles and threw them on the floor. “Chain her to the wall” he ordered. The other guards’ Strong arms lifted Leliana, pushed her to the cold wall and almost immediately she felt one of the chains lock around her wrist.

“I am innocent!” she insisted, but before she could add anything else Fenn slapped her face… Hard. She fell on her knees, with the chained hand hanging. Her cheek was burning with pain, but as she gently touched it with her left hand, the second guard grabbed it and locked in the second chain.

“You…” she begun but wisely decided not to finish the sentence.

Nevertheless the sergeant was next to her in an instant and he hit her stomach hard with his fist. Leliana cried with pain and gasped for breath. She felt his rough hand grab face hard by the chin. He moved his face only few inches in front of hers. “Shut up, bitch!” he barked. Leliana smelled his foul breath, mixed with some kind of cheap alcohol. “I’ll want to hear you in a moment, but your screams… not this chattering!”

With these words he grabbed the front of her tunic and pulled hard, ripping a large stripe of cloth from her chest and exposing one of her breasts. Leliana shrieked as he grabbed her left tit and squeezed it hard.

“Damn! I can’t wait to fuck this bitch” Fenn exclaimed admiring her.

“All in due time” the sergeant smiled, took a few steps back and showed his whip. His smile made her heart freeze in her chest. It was the smug expression of a man with no conscience at all. Her stomach and face were still hurting thanks to him and Fenn – an unpleasant beast of a man, rank-smelling and obviously of low breeding and morals – but she knew what would come now would prove to be even worse.

“Right now, we need to show our newcomer her new place here…” the sergeant said, raising his whip and preparing to strike. Leliana grit her teeth and closed her eyes, mentally preparing for the pain…

Then, the whip cracked, and she learned that nothing could have prepared her for the blazing agony that flared up across her chest. Leliana raised her voice in a pained cry as an angry red welt began to form right across her exposed breast. He had aimed well and Leliana suddenly was very aware that he might have had a lot of opportunities to practice. Tears welled up in her eyes and her vision became blurry. But still, she saw his indistinct form raising the whip again… right before another stroke hit her chest, this time aimed for her other breast. Her tunic tore like parchment and a new welt formed on her immaculate skin, perfectly crossing the first. She screamed again, rattling her chains as she sought to escape her bonds against her better knowledge.

Fenn and the sergeant laughed, gleefully and dirty. “I’m going to strip her tits with that,” the sergeant bragged… and the whip cracked again. Again, Leliana cried out, the pain taking her breath away, the stroke aimed right between her tits and down to her stomach, ripping another piece of cloth away. Amidst the pain, even the thought of what else the guards had said was lost. Right now, all she could think about was the pain… the awful, blazing pain that drowned her rational mind.

The sergeant didn’t give her any time to recover from the blow, immediately aiming again, the whip descending upon her tits again, hitting both, sending them jiggling, much to Fenn’s amusement. Tears were running down Leliana’s face, smearing her carefully-applied make-up. Her knees would have given way already if not for the chains holding her up. The whip cracked and cracked and cracked… the strokes tearing open her tunic, exposing her now-bruised breasts to their greedy, lustful eyes… and then it stopped.

Panting, Leliana looked at them, unsure of what was to follow now, hoping desperately for this to be over. But then the sergeant easily crushed all her hopes with one sentence as he handed the whip to the other guard.

“Alright, Fenn… your turn. But have her turn around first, I don’t want you to mess up her tits anymore.”

“No… p-please…” Leliana whimpered as Fenn stepped closer, “p-please… stop…”

The guard laughed… then slapped her bruised tits hard enough to draw fresh tears from her eyes and a cry from her lips. “Not so haughty anymore, are we now? Turn around, my whipping arm needs some practice.”

When Leliana hesitated, he grabbed her hips and roughly turned her around, the chains giving her barely enough room to move, her new position twisting her arms somewhat and leaving her face only inches away from the dank, slimy, dungeon wall.

“Alright, then, Fenn. Go ahead and work her over good. I am going to look for Raleigh… he’ll want her first.” When the sergeant left, another soldier entered the cell. Leliana struggled and twisted her head to see him and recognized the man who with Fenn brought her to the dungeon. She didn’t even notice that he must have been standing outside of the door.

“Damn, you were busy.” the guard said admiring Leliana’s trembling body.

“Wait till you see her whipped tits.”

“When we’re gonna take her?”

Leliana gulped with fear hearing those words again, her chances of getting out were becoming thinner and thinner.

“First the boss.” Fenn answered.

“Will she be any good when he finishes with her.” second soldier inquired which filled the Orlesian with even more fear.

“Think so, he wouldn’t like to spoil such a beauty.” Fenn approached Leliana and grabbed her ass.

“Please, leave me, it is all a misunderstanding” she tried again, hoping that without the commander the soldiers will be more complacent. All she achieved was that Fenn took three steps back and slashed her back hard with his whip. “Aaargh!” Leliana cried with pain.

“Stop speaking and start shouting” Fenn barked whipping her again. This brought another anguished cry and another stripe of her tunic, this time on her back was ripped, revealing a red stripe.

“I heard Orlesian spies were called bards” the second soldier noted. “She sure can sing!”

“Please, I’m not a spy, don’t…” Leliana tried to plead once more, even though she was aware how in vain it was. She even managed to control her voice so it wasn’t trembling as much, but when she than she felt another slash, right across her ass cheeks and jerked forward, straining her bound arms, as though she was trying to merge with the cold, hard wall.

“May I try?” the second soldier asked Fenn.

“I beg you don’t do this, you don’t have to, please…” Leliana was beginning to panic, only wanting the pain to stop. She twisted her head again and noticed that Fenn gave the whip to his comrade who was now preparing to hit her. “Aaargh!” she shrieked again when the lash landed on her back. The hard stones of the wall scratched her abused breasts as she involuntarily jerked again towards it. Almost immediately two more strokes fell, landing on her legs and causing them to bend. Her chained arms prevented her from falling, but twisted as they were in this position they begun to hurt even more.

“Please… in the name of the Maker, I beg you, stop…” Leliana was begging, but her pleading fell on deaf ears.

“What is all this fuss about sweetie?” Fenn laughed “Wait till the boss takes you to the torture chamber and lets the sergeant play with you there!”

Leliana couldn’t even respond as the lashes begun falling on her sore back, ass and legs one after another. Each was causing her to shout even louder, beg even more desperately and twist her body in an even more painful way. Finally she begun to feel as if her pain was somehow subdued, the sound of lash become more silent with each strike. Her sight was failing her but now even the wall was feeling nice and soft. How had she got here? Scenes of her last mission filled her mind even as everything was becoming dark…

The beautiful face of Marjolaine, Orlesian noble, her employer and even lover, filled her vision as her mind skimmed the ocean of memory, the pain having brought her on the verge of unconsciousness. They had jested and flirted while sowing chaos among the nobility of Ferelden as part of the “Game” the dangerous web of intrigues the nobility busied themselves within Orlais… all had been going according to plan until Marjolaine, all smiles and dirty, seductive promises, had suggested one last mission before they could “rest” for the night. And Leliana, excited, her blood pumping from the dangers this night carried, had hurriedly agreed.

A mere hour later, she was skulking through some noble’s mansion, there to plant incriminating papers of some kind… not that she’d cared as she felt the thrill of the forbidden arousing her while she stalked, avoided and occasionally delivered a stealthy kill to the guards of the place. This feeling was better than anything… well, besides a sweaty, passionate night in Marjolaine’s bed-chambers. The blood rushed within her veins, her heart pounding, every fiber of her body on edge…

The small wooden desk was before her and she was just ready to place the papers there… when she took a closer look and saw the Orlesian seals. Military records? This wasn’t something to anger a few nobles… this was… treason! But all Marjolaine had said was, “We’ll discuss this later, Leliana…” before practically dragging her away to their hideout within the city. There, her desperate pleas had, after a heated argument, gotten Marjolaine to change her mind and try to correct her… mistake. Of course, Leliana had agreed to come with her – if only to make sure Marjolaine did indeed go back on her plan.

Her heart froze as suddenly, the alarm bells went off and every guard within the mansion was instantly alerted, racing towards their weapons and seeking the invaders. Panicking, Leliana turned to Marjolaine… only to find her lover gone… and mere moments later, she was fighting for her life, trying her best not to get killed and starting to wonder what exactly Marjolaine was up to… secretly dreading that something very very sinister was going on here…

The moment she found her again, she spoke in a rush, her voice almost inaudible beneath her panting breath. “Marjolaine! I fought everyone I could but there have to be others… I… I am sorry… I shouldn’t have brought us back here…” Leliana said, her heart still pounding after her desperate flight and her search for Marjolaine.

“Shhh..my pretty… shhh… no need to be sorry… you were perfect… ” Then, a hard punch in the stomach, robbing Leliana of her breath… as she sank to her knees, another figure entered her view… the guard captain, a smug grin on his face.

“What do we have here? An Orlesian spy trying to steal secret documents? You’ll get me quite a profit… after I’ve had some fun with you…” And Marjolaine stood there… smiling.

A harsh slap to her face pulled her back from her painful memories… and back to her even more painful present. She whimpered as her body ached all over, the many welts on her skin bringing themselves back to her memory with angry, agonized pounding.

“Ah, she is awake,” a familiar voice reached her ears. Groaning, Leliana forced her eyes open again… and her heart sank as she saw the guard captain standing right in front of her. “Hello again, my pretty… sorry to have kept you waiting for so long. But no matter! Now I’m here and the fun can begin…” he said, chuckling and reaching out to grope her bruised breasts.

Leliana made a small whimper as the captain brutally grabbed her abused tit. “Please ser, I’m innocent…” she began to say for the nth time this day. She saw this captain with Marjolaine when she was betrayed and so she knew that no matter what she said he wouldn’t listen or even care. But she felt a desperate need to delay whatever was going to happen.

The captain hit her with a back-handed slap. “I guess she must be saying this all the time, aren’t you tired of this?” he said to the sergeant and the two guardsmen, who began to laugh as a response. The captain grabbed Leliana’s neck and said almost softly but with barely controlled hatred filling his voice. “My name is ser Harwen Raleigh and the only thing that matters to me is that you are a filthy Orlesian whore.” He chucked, amused with himself. “And I’ll see to it that you are treated as both an Orlesian and a whore deserves… As I did to many of your kin during the war!” He finished ominously and released his hold on the prisoner.

There was no need to repeat the order. The two guards looked first at their sergeant and when he nodded, eagerly rushed to Leliana. First they began to grab and feel up her breasts and ass but not wanting to make their commanders waiting they quickly proceeded to the stripping part. Fenn grabbed the left part of the tunic — or what was left of it — the second guard the right and they pulled hard, ripping the delicate fabric and revealing all of the woman’s beauty. As her brassiere was destroyed by the whipping, her panties were the only thing left that was covering anything.

All four men were admiring Leliana’s trembling, bruised but astonishing beautiful body for a moment but quickly proceeded to grope her even more. The poor victim bit her lip, trying not to cry out in pain whenever they grabbed her bruised tits or ass or when they pressed her whipped back to the hard stones of the wall behind her. Finally with one fast motion Fenn torn away her panties and brutally pushed two fingers into her dry pussy.

“Ugh!” Leliana cried out in pain as she felt the guard’s hard fingers enter the most intimate part of her body. “Stop! Ple-” she began to plead, feeling Fenn moving his hand in and out her tender snatch but the second guard silenced her slapping her again. She tried to twist her body away from the probing fingers but it was no use, especially as the second soldier held her, groping her breasts. Only after Raleigh ordered the soldiers to stop, did the groping and probing end and she was let go. Leliana’s relief however, was short-lived as she saw the commander approaching, already with an unbuckled belt and with his long, erect cock released from the trousers. He stood in front of the girl, grabbed one of her sore nipples and twisted hard.

“Argh!” Leliana wailed as a terrible pain filled first her breast and then her entire body. When she cried, Harwen kissed her, forcing his tongue deep into her mouth. He grabbed her ass with one hand, with the second still twisting one of his victim’s tits. “Mpff” Leliana’s cried into the commander’s mouth as he continued to kiss her, to explore her mouth with his tongue. Her muffled sobs aroused him even more and she felt his throbbing cock touch her crotch.

With one swift motion Harwen raised Leliana’s legs and ass. She cried out again, releasing her head for a moment, as she felt her arms strain against the shackles holding them. Her cry was cut short, and then redoubled, when the soldier rammed his hard cock into her tight pussy. “No, please I beg you, stop!” Leliana pleaded in vain, feeling his hard organ start moving in and out of her snatch, savouring her. “No, please, plss” she tried to beg when Raleigh forced his tongue into her mouth again and then began to bite her lips, all while viciously humping her snatch.

Not only did the pain radiate from her mercilessly pounded pussy, but also from her abused breasts and arms as well as she was virtually hanging from the shackles. Finally, when the pain on her strained hands was becoming unbearable she subconsciously wrapped her long, slender legs behind her rapist’s back, crossing her ankles. Immediately when the pain on her hands decreased she became aware of what she’d done and tried to release her legs but it was too late – Raleigh already grabbed them.

She tried to twist her body away or to push her rapist somehow away but all of her writhing and twisting make her an even better fuck, arousing and pleasuring the soldier as he continued the vicious rape. “You like it, you Orlesian bitch, don’t you…” he hissed, admiring her lips inflamed from his bites “You are made for it, like any Orlesian whore you are just a fuck-meat, good only for spreading her legs and taking cocks.” He whispered and began to lick her face and bite her neck.

How miserable Leliana felt hanging there by the chains, wrapping her legs around her rapist as if he were a gentle lover while he continued to move in and out, in and out, in and out her already sore pussy. She has been an Orlesian bard, one of the best but now she was reduced to fuck-meat and a sex slave of these soldiers and could only beg and whimper in pain as her rapist grabbed her breasts or pushed her against the wall. Leliana whimpered under his cruel attentions as her body was pushed back and forth by his brutal thrusts. She could feel every single inch of his hard, throbbing cock slide in and out of her dry, unwilling pussy, stretching her most intimate place painfully. Already, after the first few thrusts, it felt as if her entire lower body was in flames. And no matter how much she squirmed and twisted, there was no escape from his grip.

She cried out as he suddenly bit her neck hard, his teeth almost drawing blood but stopping short of it, only leaving an ugly bite mark behind. The guards behind him were laughing, laughing at her plight and her pain.

“You like this?” her rapist whispered into her ear, “You like finally having a real man inside you? I know you like women… like having your tits and cunt kissed and licked by girls… but I’m going to rape that out of you!”

Tears were streaming down Leliana’s face as she was banged into the wall again and again, crying out with each thrust into her sore cunt. “Stop it…” she eventually managed to whimper when his pace had decreased somewhat and his tongue was licking at her neck, “please… .just… stop…”

All she received was laughter, from him and the guards. Grunting, he reached out to squeeze one of her bruised tits so hard she shrieked. “That’s what I think of your feelings, whore! You know what I… hnng… was famous for during the war?”

Leliana could only wince as he began to nibble on his earlier bite marks again, her tits jiggling from his constant thrusts. He was relentless in his assault on her unwilling, tight pussy, each thrust chipping away at her dignity.

“ I… had the highest… rape count… in my entire… unit! I used… hhnnng… whores like you all day long… every day!” He laughed and the two guards did the same. Over his shoulder, Leliana could see both of them having already pulled out their cocks, jerking them lazily.

The bard knew that this would be the most horrible event she ever experienced, worse than anything she could fathom… and there was no way out! The thought brought another wave of tears to her eyes and her cries grew louder and more desperate, much to her rapist’s enjoyment.

“Of course they… hnnng… didn’t do it officially… but in secret… our commander… lauded me for that… he knew that all you whores were good for was a good rape!” He leaned back a bit, his cock deep inside her… and backhanded her face again, aiming for her already swollen lips, the blow hard enough to throw her head to the side, making her dizzy. “Isn’t that right, Orlesian bitch?”

Leliana didn’t answer, her heart pounding, sending waves of pain through her cheeks and lips.

“I asked you a question!” This time, he used the other hand, sending her red hair flying as her head was rocked to the other side. Pumping into her, he leaned in and said, “I’m going to beat you to death if you don’t answer…” and the cold sincerity of his voice send an icy shiver down Leliana’s spine.

“Screw yourself” as terrified as Leliana was, the words Harwen wanted her to say were so disgusting that she managed to gather some last reserves of inner strength. Soon she regretted it as she saw his hand coming and after this another wave of pain surrounded her face. “Ugh, stop! Stp!” her cries were muffled as Harwen forced his tongue again into her mouth, twisting her nipples all the time and savoring as she cried and tried to plead to his mouth with his tongue deep in her throat.

“Say it bitch! You Orlesian whores are good only for being fucked by real men,” he grunted out between his thrusts.

“Please… Ugh!” Leliana sobs turned into moans of pain as Harwen continued abusing her tits.

“Say that you are an Orlesian whore,” he ordered. “I can beat you to a pulp!”

“I’m an Orlesian… Orlesian… whore” Leliana whispered, her face burning with shame even more than with pain.


“I’m an Orlesian whore.” Leliana screamed.

“You were born to be fucked and raped!” Harwen barked pushing his hips into Leliana’s tight, warm snatch even faster and faster. She felt great, hanging there, hurting all over her body, her delicious cunt embracing his rock hard member as it moved in and out her, her legs wrapped behind him trying to get at least some degree of balance and ease the pain to her hands, her mouth whimpering and sobbing as he did what he wanted with her… “Say it!”

“I was… born… ugh… to… ugh, stop, please, to be, mercy, please, to be fucked… and…” Leliana began to say, grunting at the increased strength of her rapist’s thrusts, sobbing each time he pushed into her. “I beg you… to be fucked… ugh… and raped… To be raped! Please, leave me alone!” she cried desperately.

Harwen laughed at her, never wavering in his strength or the speed of his thrusts into the helpless girl. “How could I? You hnnngh… said it yourself… you… .were born… to be raped… so why should I… defy the Maker and… stop fucking you?” She heard the other guards laugh at his words again.

The cell was filled with the wet slapping sounds of his cock into her unwilling, tight cunt, her sobs spurring him on, his cock throbbing to the sounds of her misery. Leliana shook her head as his cock slid in and out of her rapidly, wanting to forget it all… she didn’t want to be here, she didn’t want this… she just wanted to go back… but back to what? Marjolaine had betrayed her! There was no place she could go now… the thought was like a dagger straight to her heart and a part of her wished that her mentor and lover used such a blade. Anything would be better than this.

Sobbing loudly, she didn’t notice that Harwen had spoken to her again… only realizing it when his hand hit her face once more. “Do you want to die?” he snarled, slamming her into the wall with the force of his thrusts, “Answer my question!”

“I… I didn’t hear it… p-please… let me gooo… .I’m innocent… .please…” she whimpered, gritting her teeth as she prepared herself for another slap… that didn’t come.

“I asked you if you were hungry for my cum, whore!”

Leliana swallowed… she knew what he wanted to hear… she knew all too well now… but she didn’t want to say it… she didn’t want to degrade herself further. “Haven’t you done… enough… please… just…” she began but stopped when he raised his fist this time, glaring at her.

“Say it!” he barked.

“Please leave me alone… ugh!” she cried as he brought his fist to her tit causing a wave of pain.

“You are hungry for my cum! Say it!” he shouted, pounding into Leliana even faster and more viciously.

“I.. am…” Leliana began to say but her words were drown in a flood of sobbing and moaning. Harwen, infuriated, grabbed her breasts again, jerking them in all directions. “Please… just… just… leave me… have… mercy…” the girl begged as her rapist tormented her breasts and raped her pussy.

“Say that you are hungry for my cum!” Harwen shouted again, but seeing the girl breaking into sobs each time she opened her mouth and feeling the warm, tight comfort of her cunt around his cock was too much for him. He grabbed Leliana’s ass with both hands and pushed deep into her with one powerful thrust. “Take it bitch!” he laughed maniacally.

“No, don’t… not in… mpfff” there was no need to tell Leliana what Raleigh meant but her protests stopped as the soldier forced his tongue again in her mouth. “Yghh!” she gave a long moan, muffled by the forceful kiss, as she felt his throbbing cock release waves of hot cum in her pussy. Never before has Leliana felt so humiliated and dirty. This man took her brutally, not even acknowledging as a person, just treating her as a some kind of toy or a Tevinter slave. As a bard she frequently used seduction to achieve her aims but she always controlled the situation, but here she was powerless – at the mercy of those cruel, lustful men.

“Ahh, you’re great fuck, bitch” Harwen whispered as he pushed his cock few more times, with each thrust becoming slower, shooting the last drops of his cum. He withdrew his dick, and let Leliana go. The girl gasped in pain as her legs hit the floor and pain again filled her chained arms. A small drizzle of cum came out of her snatch and came down her thigh and leg.

“You were a great fuck, bitch” Raleigh repeated grabbing Leliana’s breasts for emphasis “But you didn’t say that you were hungry for my cum. You will be punished for it and when we’re done you’ll say and do everything I want. You’ll take cock in all of your hole again and again and then beg for more!” he promised silently and turned to the sergeant “Mirath, she is all yours” the commander said and left the cell.

“And us?” Fenn asked.

“Shut up, it’s called the chain of command! Or the chain of fucking in this case” Mirath laughed unshackling Leliana. When her hands were released, her trembling legs couldn’t support her and she fell to the floor. “You’ll have her when I’m finished”

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