Leliana’s Lament 2

“Please… leave… me…” the girl said silently, looking down.

“After the show you gave?” the sergeant laughed, “Not a chance. Now lay down!” he ordered pushing Leliana to the straw that served as a mattress in this cell. “Lay down and spread your filthy legs like a whore you are!”

Leliana fell onto the mattress, sobbing quietly as she overheard their words. The other guards would violate her, too… but then again, was she really surprised? She knew the moment Raleigh had spoken that she would be in for a nightmare… and right now she knew no way to escape. Looking up through tearful eyes, she saw the man named Mirath loom over her. Already, he had freed his rock-hard cock from his pants and was leering down at her. “P-please…”she whimpered… even though she knew deep inside that they would not stop, that they would not let her pathetic pleas get to them, she had to try. It was all she could do, for the Maker’s sake! “P-please… let me go… I shouldn’t be here…”

Mirath laughed, “Oh i think you should… in fact, I know no better place for such a whorish Orlesian bitch than right here. This is perfect, except for one thing… YOU STILL HAVEN’T SPREAD YOUR LEGS!” Even though Leliana tried to curl up to protect herself, his kick was too fast, hitting her painfully in the ribs, making her squeal in pain before she had to gasp for air. “Spread them. Now!” Mirath said, much, much more calmly this time, his initial rage obviously vented, “or you will not make it out of this alive.”

Looking up through the veil of tears, she saw Mirath look down at her, at her teary face with the runny makeup, her beaten and whipped body and her abused cunt… there was no pity in his eyes, no mercy. “Do you understand?” he asked, almost casually reaching behind him to take out a sharp, slender knife, more a stiletto than a dagger. “or do I need to… clarify my orders?”

“N-no…” Leliana gasped, her eyes fixed on the knife. “I… I’ll do as you s-say…”

“Good!” Mirath replied, nudging her with his foot again, “then spread your whore legs for me… I’ll do the rest.” Under his leering countenance, Leliana turned onto her back again, wincing as her whipped back was touching the straw, and spread her trembling legs, allowing the three guards to look at her leaking, abused pussy. “Very nice… I bet it felt awful when Raleigh fucked you, hm?” He glared down at her until she nodded, watching him closely as he knelt down between her legs and grabbed her thighs. “I bet the idea of having another hard cock pump in there scares you right now, hm?” Again, she nodded, a soft whimper escaping her lips as he bent her legs forward so that they were above her, thus not only exposing her pussy but also her puckered anus to their view.

“Luckily… that’s not what I’m going to do… I’m going to spare your poor, abused cunnie.” He said, the tone in his voice so cruel it made her feel as if icy fingers had grasped her heart. “Instead… I am going to fuck your ass… and you better be grateful for it!” With these words, he began to force the head of his cock into her ass.

“No! Not in there!” Leliana suddenly started to resist, close her legs but he held her too strongly.

“Grab her hands!” Mirath ordered, and soon each hand of the girl was pinned to the floor by one soldier. The sergeant smiled as he pushed her legs even further above her, completely exposed her virgin ass. Again he started to force his cock into her… “Hnnnff… you’re tight there… hnnn… sooo tight bitch…” he gasped as he pushed his dick, inch by inch, into her tight hole.

“Agh! It hurts!” Leliana cried which only caused the soldiers to laugh “I’ve never… I’ve never done this, please stop!” her pleads fell on deaf ears as the only reaction was another wave of cruel laughter. She involuntarily clenched her muscles trying to somehow prevent the soldier’s huge member from invading her, but the struggle was completely in vain.

“Yeah, fight me bitch, hnnn… make me push into this tight… hnnn… hole!” Mirath only smiled, continuing his relentless assault. “It must hurt you so much, you poor thing” he said mockingly, “But this must hurt… hnnnn… even… hn… more!” he shouted, plunging his cock forwards in one strong motion, overcoming any resistance.

“Aaaaah! Makeeeer! Noooo!” Leliana wailed and twisting so hard that both soldiers had to use all her force to restrain her. The pain was excruciating, it turned the lower half of her body into an ocean of torment and became even more intense as Mirath found a rhythm and began to steadily fuck the Orlesian girl as she begged “No, stop… in the name of the Maker… aaa! Stop, I beg… I beg… aaa!”

Leliana’s cries of torment, the twisting and spasms of her writhing body beneath him, all this aroused Mirath even more as he plunged his hard cock into her tightest fuckhole, that has never been used by a man before. Each thrust was rewarded in a load shriek as Leliana jerked her body pointlessly trying to find a way to stop the assault. In this position she felt exposed as never before and the invasion of her ass was much more painful than even the merciless rape she endured at Harwen’s hands. The invading cock penetrated her deep, stretching her tight hole and hurting her each time it was pushed in. To make matters worse, as her strength to fight began to leave her, both guards started to grope her breasts adding to the torment of the rape.

“Damn, so tight!” Mirath cursed “I can’t keep going long… I’ll cum in you soon bitch,” he shouted into Leliana’s face, his moves becoming stronger and more frantic. “I’m going to cum in your tight ass, I’m going to fill your stuck-up Orlesian fuckhole with my seed!” he shouted as he felt climax approaching.

The closer he got the harder and more violent his thrusts became, his balls slapping against her soft skin as he violated her ass hard, pounding her hole with all his strength, making the Orlesian bard writhe and wail in absolute agony. It felt as if someone had rammed a burning steel rod into her… and the fact that she could do nothing to prevent the rape of her as — that she was helplessly trapped while the men held her — made it even worse. The guards laughed at her suffering, their greedy hands playing with her tits, still sensitive and sore from the whipping. But Leliana barely noticed their hands, the waves of torment radiating from her ass being that much worse.

“Ohhh… oh yes… hnnngh… you’re making me cum, bitch! Did you ever think you’d make a man cum with your asshole?” Mirath laughed. He’d raped many women in the ass before but this was by far one of the tightest and most enjoyable. Her hands had balled into tight fists, her knuckles white, her head thrown back in what was a continuous scream of pain.

“He won’t be the last one,” Fenn said, laughing, pinching her nipple between two fingers and pulling until she squealed. Her skin was covered in sweat, glistening in the dim illumination of the cell.

Mirath nodded, grunting as he felt his balls churn, ready to release their load, “Not… hnnngh… by far… I’ll… make sure to… stop by… every day… at least once!” he said. Leliana could only mouth a wordless denail at the prospect, shaking her head, her teary eyes closed tightly as she felt his cock expand ever so slightly… before it began to shoot its load into her ass, wave after wave of sticky cum splashing her bowels from within. Mirath groaned loudly, pushing his cock in as far as possible. “Yesss… take my cum… worthless… bitch! Take it all in your tight asshole!” He continued to punish her ass with a few more hard, deep strokes until his balls were finally empty and he pulled out, a torrent of cum leaking from her abused asshole.

“That was… decent… but you’ll have to work on your performance… I thought bards were such artists.” Mirath commented, laughing.

The two guards released her hands now, allowing the helpless, raped girl to curl into a ball, her body shivering as she sobbed. “P-please… I can’t take anymore…”

“Oh, but you will!” Mirath responded, leaning down to slap her ass hard. “She’s yours now. Treat her well…”

“We’ll sure will,” Fenn laughed. “What do you say Laen? Maybe we’ll just give her some rest and a blanket to cover herself with?” He asked the second guard.

“Nah, I think we’ll just fuck the shit out of this bitch.” Laen answered.

“Yeah, I like your idea better,” Fenn laughed and kicked the curled legs of the girl. “Get up bitch!” he ordered.

“I’ll leave you to your… fun,” Mirath said, leaving the cell “Just be sure to lock her up when you’re finished.”

“So, its just us now bitch,” Fenn grinned and kicked Leliana again. “Get up I said!” Leliana just shot him an empty look, laying on the floor motionlessly. “Laen, give me the whip,” Fenn asked. Fear was visible in Leliana’s eyes for a second as she struggled to get up. Too slowly. The whip cracked and hit her back causing another cry of pain. “On all fours, whore!” Fenn barked again, watching eagerly as his victim struggled to take the desired position. “Ass high!” he ordered still dissatisfied and cracked the whip near her ear, like he was taming an animal.

Swallowing sobs, Leliana went on her knees and elbows and raised her ass. It didn’t take long to grab it and start groping it. “I’m first!” he shouted and Leliana shivered as he began to spread her asscheeks and force his cock into her.

“No, please not there” Leliana began begging again “It hurts to much, it just hurts so much!” she cried.

“All the better!” Fenn laughed and pushed his cock inside. This time her ass was stretched a bit by her previous rape and lubricated by the cum, so it was easier for the soldier to enter her tight hole. For Leliana, however the pain was only slightly less excruciating, she felt as if her back was on fire again. Still on all fours she tried involuntarily to crawl forward, escaping from the invading organ. Suddenly there was a crack and another lash landed on her back, destroying any ideas of escape.

“Aaagh!” Leliana wailed, her beautiful bardic voice becoming hoarse from all the shouting. “Please, not there… I’ve never…” she suddenly stopped realizing that it wasn’t true, that she has been raped in the ass just moment before.

Fenn noticed it and laughed. “Never?! I’d say sergeant… hnnnff… fucked you… hnff… pretty well there.” He said between gasps as he pushed his cock deep into her bowels with a series of strong thrusts. “You’re not a virgin here anymore!”

“If she doesn’t remember already, I think we must take her ass more often” Laen said stroking his cock. “Fuck that, this whore is too loud!” he approached Leliana and touched her full, sensuous lips with his cock. “Suck it whore!” Leliana closed her eyes and turned her head away, not wanting to even look at the hard, thick organ.

“Aaaagh!” she cried as Fenn once again pushed hard, entering her sore ass. “Aaa- mpff..” as she opened her mouth for another scream, Laen grabbed her head and rammed his cock into her mouth, reaching the back of her throat almost with his first move. When he withdrew a bit to push it again, she felt a few drops of salty pre-cum land on her tongue. “Nnnn… plsss… ghhh…” she moaned in pain as Fenn continued the restless assault on her ass, her cries of anguish muffled by the large member filling her mouth.

“Suck me bitch!” Laen ordered but Leliana could only sob around the member in her mouth. Nevertheless, her body rocked forward in the rhythm of Fenn brutal thrusts impaling her throat on Laen’s cock. As it entered her deep, her throat constricted around it, massaging it and bringing further pleasure to her rapists. “She won’t suck,” Laen complained. “But her mouth is sooo hot!”

“She will learn,” Fenn laughed. “All Orlesians whores are great with their mouth, so boss says,” he said between his thrusts and smacked her ass. Then he reached forward and grabbed one of her tits, dangling above the floor, swaying as he fucked her and began to play with her tormented flesh. “Her ass is also great, tight and warm. I guess she really isn’t used to being buggered in it,” he smiled and twisted her nipple hard. He groaned in utter pleasure as he drove his manhood into her clenching asshole again and again, loving every second of it… especially hearing how she sobbed and squealed around Laen’s cock.

“Then I should try it sometime!” Laen responded, pushing his cock deeply into Leliana’s gagging throat, enjoying her tight warm hole.

“You hear that, bitch? I’ll make… hnn… sure everyone will learn what a great ass you have… so you’ll get assfucked by every single guard!” Fenn laughed, smacking her ass, beginning to ride her faster. Looking at Laen, he grinned and began to sync his thrusts with his comrade so that she was always being impaled fully at the same time, her gagging causing her to clench hard around his massive member.

“By the Maker, Mirath was right… no way anyone can last long in this ass!” Again, he slapped her perfect asscheeks, turning them glowing red with his handprints though Leliana barely registered it amidst the pain of her ass being raped for the second time. “And to think… hnng… she never allowed any man to… take her ass before!”

“Yeah… what a miserable bitch! Always wandering around, swinging hips and shaking ass… and never letting a man push his cock inside!” Laen agreed, his words turning Leliana’s cheeks red with shame. She never considered taking it up the ass since it hurt — Marjolaine had once asked her to push a small dildo up there because she just liked to watch it, but Leliana had refused after the first attempt and Marjolaine had let the matter go. But now, she had lost her anal virginity and would probably be raped in her ass more often if she didn’t escape… oh Maker, what did she do to deserve this?

“We’ll make sure… to punish her for that later… right now… I just want to fill… her ass with cum again!” Fenn grunted and, while still fucking her, reached down to push three fingers at once into her cunt, pumping them in and out a brutal pace… and the knowledge that he increased her pain by doing so was enough to send him over the edge, his cock flooding her bowels with his seed while he continued to pound her ass as hard as he could.

Laen, who’d just at this moment forced her to deepthroat him, suddenly pulled out, leaving only a thick strand of precum and saliva between her lips and his erect cock. “I’m going to paint your face… white… whore!” he said, jerking his cock rapidly into her crying face. Sobbing loudly, Leliana tried to avoid his gaze but he grabbed her chin and held her head in place as a huge load splattered across her beautiful features. Cum landed on her forehead, her nose, her eyes, her lips, her chin… a few globs even landed in her red hair, gluing the strands together, making her look even more disheveled than before.

Fenn also withdrew his cock from her tight ass, allowing the girl finally to fall on the ground, crying, tears coming from her eyes and smearing the cum on her face. “Damn, she looks pretty like that,“ he commented.

“Yeah, why waste your time on make-up, you can get one from us for free?” Laen agreed. “I have the feeling you’ll be getting a lot of it.”

“Yeah, a lot of our sweet Ferelden love juice for each of your holes and on your whole body,” Fenn added “We’ll rub it into your skin and hair and you’ll drink gallons of it. Hell, I don’t know if we’ll give you anything else to drink! It depends how good you are!”

Leliana barely heard was he was saying, concentrated only on her misery, burning pain radiating from her ass to whole her body. But Laen’s next words made her concentrate again.

“You’d better be good bitch,” he said “We had a stubborn Dalish here once. Yeah, we’ve fucked her alright, but she was wild — even tried biting. So we’ve burned her on open fire and branded her with iron until she wasn’t pretty any more. Then we’ve gave her to an illegal brothel… and she still was feisty there so they fed her to the dogs.”

“Don’t you worry, pretty,” Fenn laughed seeing as Leliana opened her mouth in disbelief, her face pale with terror. “We won’t do it to you… it would be a shame to ruin such a beauty. But better be a good girl…”

“Or rather a good, naughty girl” Laen corrected laughing, secured her hands to the lower chains, so she was allowed to lie down, and left the cell. The girl’s voiceless sobbing followed the soldiers.

Leliana was laying down, for Maker knows how long, trying to regain her strength after the merciless rape. She didn’t even have the strength to think about her escape. She knew that this was a priority, that worse things would happen to her if she didn’t manage to get out, but she could only concentrate on the burning pain she felt. Finally she fell into a light sleep, interrupted whenever she heard a scream somewhere in the dungeon. What terrified her the most, was the fact that most of the long, piercing screams, were women’s wails, not dissimilar to her own. “What monsters are these people” she thought. “But maybe it’s better that they have other victims to… play with” she thought, feeling guilty.

Next time she woke up she felt tickling on her legs. When she opened her eyes she gave a small scream as she saw two rats sniffing her bare feet. Fortunately her rapid movements caused them to flee. “If only I could escape so easily,” she thought seeing as they disappeared in a tiny hole. With these thoughts she closed her eyes again…

… and when she opened them hands were all over her body. She tried to scream but someone kissed her deep, while at least three hands were touching and grabbing her tits. Another hands unshackled her hands, while another fingers were rammed into her pussy.

“Damn, they said they have a hottie, but didn’t know that she was this hot,” one soldier said.

“Yeah, a real Orlesian bitch!” another added, “Feel this soft skin?”

“Aye! Feel the skin and feel the whip marks. Wish I’d been here when they were doing her!”

“Damn, she’s tight and soft down there! Try it!”

Without delay she was pushed to the middle of the cell, and five guards surrounded her. Scrambling to her knees, Leliana looked at the men… all of them leered down at her, their cocks already out, pointing at her like weapons. Again, she felt tears well up in her eyes… couldn’t they at the very least give her some rest? First the four gurards… now this… oh, Maker… there had to be an end! But it didn’t seem as if that end was coming any soon…

“Stop staring at me, you dumb bitch! Lick!” With that, the guard directly in front of her grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head towards his crotch. Tilting his cock up, slowly jerking it, he pushed her mouth against his heavy, sweaty balls. “Come on! Surely you’ve done this before!” it wasn’t untrue… but then again, Leliana had done a lot of things before. That didn’t mean that she wanted to do them now. Keeping her lips tightly closed, fresh tears running down her cheeks, she tried to turn her head away, only stopping when the guard said, “Someone get me the whip… I think she needs to learn obedience…”

Leliana gasped in horror and quickly parted her lips, mumbling, “No, no… not the whip… I’ll do it, I’ll do it…”

Slowly, she began to run her tongue over his balls, shuddering at the taste of his sweat and the stink of him. “That’s better… use that tongue… bards have to practice their oral… talents, after all…” he chuckled while she lapped away, feeling his cock twitch every time her tongue touched his sack.

One of the other guards was jamming his boot between her legs, prodding at them. “Spread them! I want to feel up your cunt!” he yelled at her. He didn’t wait for her to comply, but instead simply prodded and kicked until her legs were spread wide enough for him. Kneeling down, her began to roughly probe her pussy with two fingers, pumping them in and out at a rapid and very painful pace, especially since her pussy was still sore from the earlier rape. Leliana whimpered and cried against the first guard’s balls, much to their combined delight.

“Hmmm… don’t want to be left out here!” one of the others said, reaching down to grasp her right wrist, bringing it to his hard cock. Inspired by him, another guard did the same with her other hand, forcing her fingers to wrap around the shaft. “Now move them, jerk us off!” Leliana could barely concentrate on one thing at a time, the man’s heavy balls in front of her, the right one currently resting on her tongue… she felt so utterly miserable, so… used… at the moment, she wished it was possible to die from shame. She was only glad Marjolaine wasn’t able to see her like this. Slowly, clumsily, she began to stroke her tormentor’s cocks even as she cringed at the task she was made to perform.

“Hmm… seems there is only one thing left for me…”the one behind her, a guard whom she’d almost forgotten about, said, reaching down to spread her asscheeks… and a moment later, she felt something hard press against her anus… it wasn’t a cock but something else… probably a handle, a weapon’s grip.

“Nnnn… plssss…” she groaned in pain around the large member in her mouth as someone began raping her painful ass with some object. It shouldn’t have been as painful as being raped by a cock, but to her abused ass it felt like hell. With each thrust she moaned more and more, her sobs and cries arousing the man fucking her face even more.

Finally it was too much for him, he grabbed her head in both hands and pushed hard, filling her whole throat with his long dick. His balls slapped Leliana’s chin as he began shooting waves of jism directly to her stomach. “Mpfff!” Leliana tried to struggle, to wiggle away, but the soldiers held her firmly. For a second there, she felt relief as the man, who has just cum withdrew his limp dick and the hilt of the weapon was also taken from her ass. “Please… no more…” she managed to whisper, before strong hands lifted her.

“No more?!” one of the soldiers, whom she had been jerking off lied on the floor, with his cock pointing upwards. “Only one of us had you, surely you won’t allow the rest of us to go unsatisfied?”

“Typical for those Orlesian whores, they only think about themselves.” Another man responded as he and his comrade began to lower Leliana on the laying man rigid cock. Leliana tried to twist her body but it was of no use. She made a small whimper as the penis touched her pussy lips and again a loud sob when she was lowered on it, feeling as the hard fuckpole immediately filled her tight, warm and abused pussy.

“What are you waiting for, you dumb bitch?” the laying soldier shouted and twisted Leliana’s nipples, causing her to cry in pain again “Ride my cock bitch, you can’t expect us, tired men to do all the work. We’ve been working all day while you’ve been laying around,” he squeezed her swollen breasts again, causing her lithe body to jump in pain again. “Oh, yeah, like that whore!” the man sighed with pleasure.

“Maybe she needs an incentive?” another soldiers asked and before Leliana could think what she had in mind she heard a crack as whip hit her back and she jumped in pain again. “Yeah, that’s more like it!”

“No, no, no, please… not the whip again… no… aaaa!” Leliana jumped again as the second lash hit her back “I’ll do it, I’ll fuck him, I’ll do it, please, no, not the whip, no, nononono… aaaa, Maker!” she gave another ear-piercing scream as she felt the whip hit her again.

“Oh, yes, yes, you bitch, you fuck like a real whore, you are a real whore, oh yes…” the soldier beneath her moaned in pleasure, while Leliana on top cried in agony. She moved up and down, riding the hard cock inside her, burning with shame as she basically helped the men rape herself but not wanting to anger them further. Suddenly one of the soldiers stood next to her and when she opened her mouth again he rammed his prick between her warm, soft lips and steadily he began literally fucking her face, not even allowing her to use her tongue and suck him.

“Yeah, I prefer her slurping to her cries” he said with a grin.

“Nnn… plsss… nnnn… nnn… n…!” Leliana’s muffled cries began more frantic as she felt the man who had probed her ass with the weapon, now slowly insert the head of his cock at the entrance of her tightest fuckhole.

“I think the dagger stretched her a bit,” he said. “I don’t believe she could take my giant without it,” he laughed, filling Leliana with fear… and as he slowly pushed in, fighting against her reflexive resistance, she knew he wasn’t exaggerating. His cock was far bigger than Mirath’s or Fenn’s had been. The intrusion stretching her wide, actually making her glad that the handle had stretched her a bit before… but still, the pain was fierce, worse than ever before.

Howling around the cock in her mouth, Leliana squirmed, trying to get away… much to her rapists’ delight, as she rode the cock in her pussy even harder now. “HMMMMMPFF… HNMMM… PLSSS… N… !” she gargled as the cock in her mouth was pumped in and out. Leliana was in a world of pain. The whip marks she just now received on her back burned and her cunt and ass were sorely overstretched by unlubed, thick cocks pumping and and out. Crying openly, she no longer even needed to rise the cock in her pussy, the thrusts of the one in her ass rocking her body back and forth as his huge cock drilled into her, forcing itself into her despite all resistance, making this so much worse for her.

“Hey! You’re having all the fun and I’m supposed to just stand here?” The last guard who was not raping her at the moment and had yet to cum, stepped in front of her. “Move aside!” he said to the one currently fucking her mouth.

“You…”the man raping her mouth grunted angrily, raising his hand as if to strike his comrade.

“No… you can go on with her mouth… but no one’s doing anything with that whore’s tits at the moment…” the man quickly said, “I just need to do something… my balls are bursting here!”

The way they talked about her turned Leliana’s smeared cheeks red with shame. It was as if she was merely an object for them… not even a person, but just a set of holes and curves designed to get them off. Only scant days ago, she’d been a bard, beloved for her singing voice… loved by a beautiful woman… playing a game so dangerous and exciting it actually often aroused her. And now this… trapped in a dirty cell, being raped in more disgusting ways than she could have thought of… what had she done to deserve this? How could she have angered the Maker like that?

“I’m going to step to the side now, bitch… and if my cock slips out of your mouth for even the blink of an eye, you will get the whip again… worse than ever before… you understand?” he did not wait for confirmation from the raped girl, instead grabbing her head with his hands and then stepping to the side, forcing her to turn her head to keep his cock between her lips, the tip leaking disgusting precum onto her quivering tongue.“Good girl… good girl…” the man said..right before resuming his merciless rape of her face again, pumping into her mouth and throat even more violently than before, his balls slapping against her chin as his cock made her gag around it, her convulsing throat massaging it.

Amidst all the pain and degradation, Leliana barely noticed the other man grabbing a hold of her breasts, squeezing them together around his cock. “Hmm… so nice and soft..this really is a prime catch… her tits are great!” the man muttered and Leliana felt his cock push against her chest, sliding up and down between her tits. The sensation was awful… his hands mashed her tits painfully against his cock and his organ left a shiny line of precum between them, making Leliana feel filthy for allowing this to happen to her. Slowly, the man increased his pace, slamming into her chest and between her tits hard enough to make her groan in pain… as if the blazing inferno in her lower body wasn’t enough… Fortunately, the guard was rather young and a bit overeager, and he didn’t last long. Groaning loudly after only a few hard thrusts between her breasts, his cock sprayed his seed all over her chest, coating her perfect tits in his cum and making her shudder while the one raping her mouth laughed.

“And there’s the reason the whores only charge you half price, Brannon!”

Although Brannon withdrew his cock and stepped down, it was only a small relief for Leliana. She was still being gang-raped, fucked by three men at the same time, again taking her in the most unimaginable, painful and humiliating way possible, treating her like a mindless fuck-toy. The worst, of course, was the man raping her tight, unlubricated ass. He pounded hard into her, not only making her squeal in pain but also causing her whole body to rock forward and backwards in the rhythm of the thrust, effectively making her fuck the man who was laying below her. He cherished his situation, watching Leliana’s round, perfect boobs, covered in Brannon’s cum, swayed above his head. The redhead’s pussy squeezed his hard cock, each time the man raping her ass pushed himself deep only adding to the sensation. And even more arousing were the sounds of slurping and gagging, interrupted only by her moans of pain, muffled by the cock in her mouth. The girl was forced to deepthroat the man’s cock, gagging on it, her throat constricting around it.

Finally the man fucking her face reached his climax. He shot the first few loads to the girl’s throat, laughing as she gagged on the taste of the vile fluid. Then he withdrew his penis and began spraying his jism all over Leliana’s face, with more than one dose landed on the girl’s red her. The hair beautiful, perfect was still no less appealing although now strands of it were glued together by the jism that was shot there.

Seeing this the man fucking Leliana’s as began to cum. Her ass was still so tight and her cries of pain so sweet that it was impossible for anyone to keep going long. He began pumping faster at first flooding the girl’s bowels with cum, but then pulling out and cumming on Leliana’s sexy back, smearing his jism over the red stripes which remained on the skin after whipping. As Leliana began to cry even louder and tears began flowing down her eyes the man below her also started cumming. The Orlesian sobbed in desperation as she felt another doses of the filthy, warm liquid filling her most intimate play, each drop causing even more pain and humiliation.

And then… it was over.

The solder threw Leliana off him and got up, while the second chained one of her hands to the wall. “Nice, sweetie,” one of them said.

“Yes, really nice”

“We will do it more often… much more often.”

“No… you can’t… you can’t… not anymore” Leliana curled into a ball and sobbed.

“Oh, yes. We can. And we will.”

“I can’t take anymore…”

“But you will… Oh yes… you will” with these words the soldiers laughed and left the cell finally letting Leliana to fall asleep.

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