Leliana’s Lament 5

“Hello there, my pretty…”the noblewoman said softly, her eyes traveling over Leliana’s abused form… and a dreadful smile appeared on her face.

“Y-you…” Leliana whispered, staring in utter shock on the face once so beloved by her. “What are you… what are you doing here?”

“All you surprised my pretty?” Marjolaine smiled, coming a bit closer “That I can understand. What I can’t understand however is why you are looking at me in such anger, my dear.”

“You…” Leliana opened her eyes wide, completely astounded than Marjolaine could ask such a mocking question “You’ve betrayed me!” she hissed.

“Did I?” the noblewoman came even closer, smiling all the time. At different times this smile alone was enough to make Leliana’s day fulfilling… now it came out as creepy and terrifying. “In Orlais they see things differently. I seem to recall that they think you are the traitor who left us for these Fereldens… that is, when they think about you at all.”

“Why?” No better question came to the redhead’s mind.

“Because this is how the Game is played, my pretty.” Marjolaine said “Have you forgotten?”

“But… why like this… you have no idea what they did to me…” Leliana started to say, feeling tears swelling in her eyes.

“Don’t I?” Marjolaine almost laughed at the suggestion, “I’m sure the nice Ferelden citizens provided you with entertainment suitable to your… tastes.”

That was too much for Leliana, the sight of the person who she once loved the most mocking her like this, while she was the person responsible for the whole torment was simply too much. “They’ve raped me! They’ve abused me!” she cried rising to her feet and jumping at Marjolaine “They’ve tortured me, whipped me raw!” she shouted as she tried to grab Marjolaine’s neck… in vain. The noblewoman was quick as a viper and in her present condition Leliana was in no shape to challenge her. In no time she found her self lying on the floor again, kicked in the stomach.

“Yes, they’ve tortured you… and they will do even more nasty, nasty things to your sweet body if you don’t behave.” Marjolaine said, clearly amused. “So I strongly advise you to be nice to me and obey every one of my commands or I’ll arrange a date for you… what’s his name – Donn?” she said and laughed seeing absolute terror in her former protégé’s eyes.

“No… please…” Leliana curled almost to a ball, terrified by the very thought of what Donn would do to her if Marjolaine told him how disobedient she was.

“You’ve told me I don’t know what they did to you…” the noblewoman turned her back and walked to the large armchair in the centre of the room, slowly unfastening the holds of her dress, allowing it to uncover one of her shapely, beautiful shoulders. She turned to Leliana, a devilish smile on her mouth “So why won’t you tell me… in detail?” she said, sliding the gown down her perfect body. “So I may become hot for a wonderful night of lovemaking that is before us?”  

“What?” Leliana gasped, unwilling – unable – to believe what Marjolaine had just said, at the same time ignoring the inviting sight presented before her. As usual, Marjolaine did not bother with any kind of undergarments, already revealing her luscious, perfectly-formed body to Leliana. But with all that had happened, the bard could not take the slightest bit of pleasure in what she saw. Before all of this… before the betrayal and the rapes and the whippings… the sight of these full, round breasts had been enough to make her mouth water but now all she felt was horror.

“My pretty, my pretty… I’m sure the last days have been really awful for you but I am sure your ears work well.” Marjolaine responded, her voice soft as silk but with a dangerous undertone Leliana had only rarely heard from her. Slowly, the noblewoman allowed her body to glide into the chair facing the kneeling Leliana, shifting sensually before settling down and spreading her long, shapely legs wide, exposing her center to the bard’s eyes. Every motion was laced with a sensuality that used to arouse Leliana to near-mindlessness. But now, it held a predatory element that frightened her to the core… especially since she was beginning to realize that she was now glimpsing the true face of the woman she’d thought she loved.

“Why should I not also have some fun after doing my fair share for this wretched country?” Marjolaine asked with the same mocking smile. “Now…” she said, then stopped to bring her left hand to her mouth and lick along her fingers obscenely, “would you be so kind and stop pleading and do what you do best… follow orders?” Her voice was still pleasant, though Leliana knew her well enough to know that it wasn’t a request.

Even as she was waiting for her to begin, Marjolaine brought her left hand down, sliding it over her belly and between her legs, the slick fingers beginning to rub along her slit. Her right hand moved to her right breast, squeezing it slightly, her thumb playing with an already-hardening nipple. No doubt she was already aroused from seeing Leliana kneeling naked before her, on the verge of tears and so utterly devastated.

“After I… I was brought here, the… the guards chained me up in the cell… and then started to whip me…” Leliana began in a shaky voice, her eyes cast down as she knelt before her one-time lover who had now gladly taken place among the people who seemed to live only for the joy of abusing her.

“Hmmm… and where did they whip you, my sweet?” Marjolaine asked softly. Her voice did not rise about a sultry whisper but beneath it was steel and a sadism Leliana had never encountered in the noble before. “And please… look at me when you talk. Has no one taught you how impolite it is to look at the ground?”

It took a tremendous effort of will to raise her head and look at her tormentor but, fearful of being brought back to the torture chamber, Leliana did as she was told, looking into the now-unfeeling eyes of Marjolaine while the naked noble was rubbing her slit faster, licking her lips in arousal. “E-everywhere… my back… my ass… my tits… they tore my clothes off with the whip… it hurt so much…” she stammered, her cheeks flushing red as she heard a soft, whispered moan from Marjolaine.

“But that was only the prelude to the real torments they inflicted upon you, yes? Tell me about the rapes…” Marjolaine said, grinning…

“Please… don’t make me…” Leliana began, but one glance at Marjolaine’s face was enough to convince her how futile any pleas will be.

“Tell me!” The noblewoman licked her lips, while staring at Leliana with a devilish grin. “Describe, please. I want, I need to know what type of entertainment did you have.” She ordered, smiling as Leliana shrugged at the very memories.

“After the whipping… they’ve raped me. I was still chained to the wall…” Leliana said silently, needing all of her willpower to keep eye contact. “Raleigh… ser Raleigh was first. He took me as I was hanging by the chains. He was brutal, he boasted how many Orlesian women he had raped during the war… he hates Orlesians!” she blurted looking at Marjolaine with a betrayed expression again.

“Yes, I am well aware of what his soldiers did during the war,” Marjolaine smiled. “But as you can see, I still was able to make a deal with him… continue, my dear.”

“He kept boasting and calling me a whore… I had to… I had to… wrap my legs around him… the chains hurt me so much… but he mocked me how I want this… what a bitch I am.” Tear began swelling in the redhead’s eyes again but she continued speaking.

“Because you are, I know it the best… and you will have many occasions to prove it today, I’ll make sure of it”

“He kept fucking me… raping me…”

“How did it feel?” Marjolaine interrupted with a morbid curiosity.

“It hurt, it hurt so much… I wasn’t ready and he was so brutal… his… his penis… his cock… so hard and large, driving into me… it hurt…” Leliana kept going, “He wanted me to say… things…”

“What things?” Marjolaine leaned forward, as her hand was rubbing her pussy faster and stronger. The eyes of the woman were shining with lust, her lips parted a bit as her breathing became more rapid.

“He wanted me to call myself a whore… a bitch who deserves to be fucked…” Leliana almost whispered.

“Yes… yes… and did you say it?”

“No! I didn’t… I couldn’t…”

“But now you will, won’t you? Or it’s playtime with Donn again and you wouldn’t like that, would you?” Marjolaine teased her.

“Yes… I will say everything… don’t give me to Donn… I’ve said what he wanted! I’ve said it yesterday!” she cried, terrified at the very prospect of being given to the torturer.

“Good… but first, tell me what happened after Raleigh took you.”

“He… he came… he came in my pussy.”

“In your cunt!”

“In my cunt…” Leliana nodded, almost whispering. “Then it was Mirath’s turn… sergeant Mirath. He didn’t take my pus… my cunt. He wanted… he wanted to fuck my ass…”

“Ah, yes” Marjolaine commented, her sensuous lips pursed, her cheeks flushed with arousal, “now it gets really interesting… is my pretty going to tell me that she finally got her ass fucked properly?” Again, Leliana shuddered at the heartless mirth present in her former lover’s voice.

But fear kept her obedient. Nodding, she whispered, “Y-yes… he pushed his cock deep into my… ass… and then started to fuck me…” Marjolaine’s hand moved faster, a soft moan escaping her throat. Already her fingers were glistening with her juices. She was probably imagining the rape at the moment… and Leliana felt a wave of revulsion knowing that Marjolaine enjoyed the thought of her screaming at the mercy of some man… but she could do nothing but obey, no matter how much she wanted to stop, to get out of here… because if she got out before Marjolaine decided her time was over, she was only going back to Donn.

“How did he fuck your ass, Leliana? Did he take it slow? Or was it fast and hard? Please, be detailed.” Marjolaine said, her tone making it very clear that, once more, she was not making a request.

“He… he pushed it in… without mercy… and started to thrust… as hard and fast as he could… and he mocked me…” Leliana stammered before she had to stop, brought to tears and sobs by the awful memories of her first anal rape, the first of many.

“Hmmm” the noblewoman moaned, shifting in her chair sensually. Her left hand was still playing with her tits, her nipples now hard as pebbles, her breathing quick and gasping. Her other hand worked rapidly between her legs, every now and then stopping to dip a finger into her pussy and thrusting it in and out.“And tell me…” she whispered huskily, “how did it feel… to have something in your ass properly? To be assfucked like the little whore and plaything that you are?”

“It hurt… it hurt worse than anything else ever did… it was… it was w-w-worse than the first rape…” As she spoke, Leliana could almost feel her asshole stretched around the cock again, feel the pain radiating from her abused opening as Mirath violated her more intimately than anyone had ever done before.

“Oh yes… of course it did… after all, you got your ass fucked for the first time, my pretty…” Marjolaine leaned forward, her left hand leaving her tit for a moment to grasp Leliana’s chin and force the suffering bard to look up at her.

“If you’d allowed me to fuck your ass with the strapon like I wanted, it wouldn’t have been so bad,” she hissed, then slapped Leliana hard enough to send her to the floor again. “Get back onto your knees. I am sure your… entertainment wasn’t over… oh and while you speak… go ahead and play with your tits a bit.” Then, satisfied, she leaned back and resumed pleasuring herself. Stifling back a sob, Leliana got back onto her knees, reluctantly placing her hands on her bruised but still beautiful tits and began fondling and squeezing them for her tormentor’s pleasure. “And where did he cum, my pretty?”

“He… he came in my ass.” Leliana said, her nimble fingers caressing the curves of her breasts, touching her nipples. “He filled it with… with his cum.” With growing embarrassment she realized that speaking about her abuse in such dirty way is becoming more and more easy for her. Was she getting used to her torment and the constant humiliation? How could anyone get used to THIS? Tears began swelling in her eyes again.

“And then what?” Marjolaine asked, three of her fingers now inserted deep in her cunt, working in and out. “Oh, and pinch and twist those lovely nipples of yours.” She ordered.

“Two other soldiers raped me – ach!” Leliana yelped in pain, as she pinched her nipple. Even while trying to be gentle, her breasts were made so tender by the constant abuse and pain that another jolt of pain pierced her. She glanced quickly at Marjolaine, but the woman just gestured her to go on, so she obeyed. Her hands were squeezing her nipples, twisting them as Marjolaine ordered. “One took… took my ass again… while the second made me… made me suck his… his cock.”

“Oh yes, I remember the guards were supposed to train your… oral skills.” Marjolaine smirked. “I hope that your talents in this matter aren’t restricted only to cocks… and that you remember all I’ve taught you…” Leliana looked up, not sure how to respond to this remark. “Well, we will see that shortly. Keep speaking… and play with that cute, tight pussy of yours. It needs more love after all that hard cocks that fucked you raw.” She laughed.

“Yes… yes mistress,” Leliana said, her face reddening in a way resembling her hair. One of her hands traveled down her flat belly, touching gently her pussy lips. “They… they kept… raping me… both in my… my asshole and in my mouth. The kept raping me until… until they came… all over my face and body.”

“That must have been a pretty sight, a very pretty sight indeed.” Marjolaine smiled, watching as Leliana begins to rub her clit and caress her sore pussy. Meanwhile Leliana kept speaking, detailing every moment of the horrific abuse she sustained in the dungeon – the gang rape, Brennya, Donn and Gary, Raleigh and finally Mirath, Fenn and Brennya. All the time she kept squeezing her breasts, painfully twisting her nipples and rubbing her pussy in an perverse parody of pleasure. Meanwhile Marjolaine kept breathing harder in pleasure but before she could achieve climax she suddenly stood up, grabbing the whip.

“You will pleasure me in a moment, sweetie… but first, I decided I would like to see you dance for me, as you’ve used to…” speaking this she touched Leliana’s breast with the whip and the suddenly brought it on her belly. “Dance!”

Leliana yelped in pain, whimpering as the whip left an angry red welt on her flat belly. A teary, pleading look at Marjolaine did nothing, the noblewoman displaying the same cold, lustful expression she’d shown while forcing her former lover to retell and thus relive her horrible rapes. “Are you deaf?” Marjolaine snarled, raising the whip again. Quickly, Leliana began to sway her body but she was not fast enough and the whip cracked again, this time across the perfect globes of her ass.

Sniffling, biting back her sobs, knowing that to disturb the erotic dance Marjolaine expected from her would bring further lashes or, even worse, another audience with Donn and Gary, Leliana began to sway her slender hips to an unheard rhythm, just like she’d done when she still believed in the facade of love Marjolaine put up. Thinking back on those happier days brought fresh tears to her eyes so she snuffed out that thought quickly, trying not to dwell on the past… or anything except the dance.

Slowly, she swayed and turned, trying to tune out everything except the tune she heard in her head. Desperately, Leliana tried to forget everything around her… the constant threat of abuse, her former lover, the prison, Donn, Raleigh… and she did succeed, feeling the pain and fear fall away from her with each step she took, allowing the music to take over, just as she had learned to do as a bard. She had closed her eyes which for now were free of tears, humming the melody through her lips. As she turned and swayed, she presented a truly appetizing sight to Marjolaine, who licked her lips while she watched Leliana’s perfect tits and ass move. A sly, wicked smile crept onto her lips as her eyes wandered over these perfect globes of her former lover’s ass… “This time, your ass is mine” she whispered, cruelty glittering in her eyes.

Hearing Marjolaine tore Leliana out of her self-induced trance, making her wince as all the memories rushed back, assaulting her mind. For a moment, she lost her step… then cried out as once more, the whip lashed out, raking across her breasts. She’d never guessed Marjolaine to be so good with the whip, the stroke hitting both her nipples for extra pain.

“I did not allow you to stop! Dance!” The whip cracked again, making Leliana cry out as the next welt appeared on the inside of her left thigh. “P-please… Maker… stop…”she whimpered, only to be rewarded by another cruel stroke, this one hitting her other leg.

“At the moment, I’m the Maker!” Marjolaine yelled at her, stepping towards her to deliver a vicious backhanded strike to her face. Before she could recover, Marjolaine had grabbed her chin and pulled her towards her, their faces only inches away from each other. “You will treat every word as if it came from the Golden City itself, do you hear? And not just from me… but from every man and woman who wants to fuck you!” Before Leliana could even think about responding, she felt Marjolaine’s lips upon hers, her tongue exploring her mouth just as she’d done numerous times. But this time, there was no affection in it… it was a brutal kiss, taken against her will, plundering her mouth. Leliana wanted to pull back, but in her weakened state, Marjolaine held her in place easily, pushing her away hard enough to make her fall once she’d broken the kiss.

“Enough… you bore me already” Marjolaine spat, then turned to the door, shouting, “You can come in now!”

Frightened, sobbing, Leliana looked back at the door, gasping in horror as the familiar figure of Raleigh emerged. “No… no..” she gasped breathlessly, trying to scramble away, even though there was nowhere for her to go.

“Oh yes, my dear” Marjolaine responded with the same cruel smile she’d worn earlier. “And he’s here to make my biggest fantasy come true.” Two steps brought her back to Leliana while Raleigh was already opening his pants, freeing his hard cock. Grabbing a fistful of luscious red hair, Marjolaine brought Leliana to her knees while leaning down, whispering into her ear, “I always wanted to see you take a really big cock all the way up your perfect little ass!”

“No… no… not there… not again!” Leliana shook her head desperately, looking from Raleigh to Marjolaine.

“What did I tell you about saying no?” Raleigh said mockingly. “And to be honest you were so cooperative last time that I can’t believe you don’t like it.” He laughed.

“So, she fucked you back with this cute asshole of hers?” Marjolaine asked, leaning forward. “That must have been a wonderful sight.”

“No… please…” she whispered again, curling into a ball, as Raleigh slowly approaching, stalling it just to make her anticipation longer and all the more terrifying. “You’ve… you’ve… had me already… just leave me!”

Hearing those words, the commander burst into laughter as if this was the best joke ever. “Sure I had you! And I will fuck you raw whenever I want, for as long as you are here… which means forever, well, or at least until you’re too… used up.” He said, the last words somehow terrifying her even more.

“Please… not my ass… I’m… I’m all sore there…” Leliana said silently, but as the soldier grabbed her ass and jerked it up, exposing it, her pleas became more frantic and panicked. “Please… please… fuck my pussy… my… my cunt… or… or let me use my mouth! I can make it good… very good! Please sir, please!”

“That’s priceless!” Marjolaine laughed out loud “You really had to be very convincing, Harwen.” She turned to Leliana “Sorry sweetie, but I want to see you take it up your ass sooo much… you wouldn’t like to disappoint me, would you?”

Leliana shot a quick glance and her and unable to respond shook her head. When she turned her head to Raleigh, he unceremoniously slapped her and as she fell to the ground he lifted her ass.

“Ready, bitch?” he smiled and pushed his dick into her ass.

“Aaaargh!” the redhead cried with torment as terrible pain erupted in her lower part, radiating from her already sore and streached anus, as the soldiers thick, hard dick was buried halfway in. “Nooooaaagh!” she cried again as he grabbed her hips and with two rapid, vicious thrusts, until it was finally completely buried in her ass.

“So… ugh… tight… ugh… I love… ugh… this… hole…” he boasted between his thrusts, leaning forward to grab Leliana’s hair and push her face into the floor, her ass up as he was relentlessly driving himself inside her abused, tight fuckhole.

“Mmmm, how lovely to watch…” Marjolaine said, putting her long, shapely leg on Leliana’s head, pushing her even more to the floor, as her hand again started wondering around the entrance to her pussy. Her gaze was hungry as she stared at the merciless rape of her former lover, her fingers touching her cunt as commander kept pounding Leliana’s tightest hole, loving the sensation of her pussy clenching around his dick each time her body tensed with a wave of pain – that is every time he thrust deep.

“No… please… stop… don’t… make him stop… Marjolaine…” Leliana knew her pleading will fall on deaf ears but she couldn’t help but desperately try to appeal to some shread of fondness she believed Marjolaine still had for her…

“You should have seen her as she tries to fuck back” Harwen laughed.

“I’d love… simply… love to…” she said putting her fingers inside her cunt. “But make her bounce with it in her ass…”

“A wonderful idea!” Raleigh said and suddenly stopped pushing his cock into her, much to Leliana’s relief. But that relief would prove to be short-lived, for he suddenly grabbed her hips and forced her to move backwards with him as he said down onto the floor, taking great care to keep his huge cock buried inside her ass the entire time, each motion by him making his member shift inside her sore anus, tearing new sobs from the bard’s quivering lips.

Then, with a brutality that elicited another agonized wail from Leliana, Raleigh grabbed her hips and forced her down fully onto his lap, burying his entire shaft in her asshole once more, blinding-hot pain enveloping Leliana’s lower body, her anal opening stretched wide once more. She barely felt Marjolaine heartlessly kick her legs apart so she could see the cock vanishing up her former lover’s ass.

“Oh, so beautiful” Marjolaine moaned, pushing two fingers deep into her pussy, licking her lips with arousal. “Why, my dear Leliana, why did you deny me that view for so long? Don’t you know how beautiful you look with something up your perfect little ass? You should be ashamed of yourself!”

With her left hand engaged in pumping her fingers in and out of her cunt, she reached forward with her other hand to fiercely pinch Leliana’s left nipple, making the young bard wince, the pain easily felt even through the agony filling her stretched, sore anal passage.

“It hurts… it hurts so much…” was all Leliana could offer as an explanation. She knew it would do nothing to help her but she had to say something… had to voice her pain somehow… the constant abuse was driving her mad with humiliation and pain.

“And you look lovely when you’re in pain,” Marjolaine simply said. Her body was practically glowing with sexual excitement and her fingers were continuously at work pumping her wet, glistening cunt to the sight of Leliana’s brutal torment. This simple sentence, sounding so very much like Donn’s words while he had raped her, hit Leliana like a fist, a wave of misery crashing down upon her. Only Raleigh’s brutal slap to the back of her head kept her from giving in to it and breaking down, as he snarled into her ear, “Remember the orders! Ride my cock, you stupid whore!”

Leliana did not dare look at Marjolaine again. If anything, these last words had destroyed any shred of hope she had about the noblewoman having any compassion or affection left for her. Looking down, sobs wracking her form – much to her violators’ enjoyment – she rested her hands on Raleigh’s thighs for support and then began to rise from his lap, grimacing while she felt his shaft slip out of her asshole inch by inch until only the tip remained inside her.

She was tempted to rise further, to allow her tormented asshole some rest, if only for a few seconds, but Raleigh grabbed her neck and said, “It stays inside!” as if he’d read her mind.

So, Leliana had little choice but to lower herself onto his cock again, sobbing bitterly as she felt it enter her sore anus again, the massive shaft disappearing into her tight fuck channel inch by inch once more, stretching it so painfully. She heard Marjolaine moan in intense pleasure, the sight exciting her former lower beyond words.

Getting all the way down was not as easy as it seemed as Leliana simply could not bring herself to relax, her ass clenching hard around his shaft, resisting even her attempts to lower herself, the attempt causing her even more pain… but her tormentors would not allow her to stop, would not grant her pause… and so, under more tears and sobs, she brought herself down onto his lap again.

“Again! And faster this time! Make those tits jiggle!” Raleigh yelled immediately once she was down on his cock again.

“No…” Leliana whispered but she obeyed, moving her body upwards and downward, being cruelly forced to participate in her own rape. She found it the most disgusting, disturbing and humiliating experience she faced during her ordeal. “No…”

“Yes!” Raleigh hissed, licking Leliana’s neck and biting her earlobe, each time her trembling body was lowered. “Tell me you want it… tell me you want me.” He ordered and smiled evilly as Marjolaine pinched Leliana’s nipple again.

“Do it, sweetie.” The woman said, watching as the redhead’s beautiful face contorted with pain again, as her poor asshole was stretched even further. “I’d love to hear you beg for it. It would be so similar to these times you begged me for more… well, almost similar.” Marjolaine laughed out loud but her laughter quickly transformed into a loud moan of pleasure as her body began to tremble slightly.

“I… I want it… I want it… Oh, Maker, please make it stop… I want it…” Leliana began speaking, her sweet voice wavering, as she was simply fucking the man lying beneath her, her trembling legs supporting her weight with more and more difficulty. More then once she felt strength escape her, as her body went down, impaling her poor, tight ass on the huge dick in one thrust, making her cry out loud in pain and making Raleigh sigh in pleasure. Hating herself for it, she hoped that the sound of her voice pleading, saying those awful things will make the soldier… cum and as much as she hated the very thought of being flooded with his jism again, she just wanted the torment to be over. “I want it…” Leliana whispered again, almost sobbing.

She must have closed her eyes for a moment, as she kept praying that she may get through this unbearable torture. Suddenly, she felt a burning line of pain enveloping her tits. Line of pain she knew all too well… She opened her eyes just in time to see Marjolaine holding a whip in her raised hand as she landed another lash on her tender flesh.

“Nooo! Please don’t! You don’t have to, you don’t have to!” the redhead began to panic as Marjolaine was circling her. Leliana, still impaled on the hard dick buried deep in her fuckhole couldn’t follow her with her eyes. “I’ll be good, I’ll do everything, everything please! I want it, I want iiiiit!” she yelled as Merjolaine landed two lashes on her back, above Raleigh’s head.

“Tell me you love me!” Raleigh ordered.

“No… aaaa!” Leliana tried to protest but it was quickly cut off by another lash landing on her tits.

“Say it! Like you mean it… because you do!” Marjolaine said, sitting again and pushing her hand between her legs, moving her fingers faster and faster, breathing and moaning heavily.

“Oh, Maker… I love you! Oh, please! I really do! I love it! I love you!” she kept wailing as Harwen was smiling evilly, hearing her terrified words.

“Not convincing enough, whore!”

“I really love you… I love it… I love… I love your cock… in… in my holes… I love you!” finally, her cries were enough to push Raleigh over the edge, making him fill her ass with jism, as she continued to impale herself on it. That made also Marjolaine cum, she arched her luscious body, straightening her legs, grabbing her tit, moaning loudly!

“Yes… yes… YES!” Marjolaine shouted as the spasms of orgasm finally were gone. “No one made my cum as much as you… but this was even better. I hope you did cum, didn’t you?” she asked mockingly, watching as Raleigh pushes the redhead off his dick to the floor, white cum filling her ass. “You didn’t? No problem, you will soon… but first… get that cute face of yours between my thighs and start licking and slurping… I want you to make me ready again. And in case you need encouragement…” Instead of finishing she tossed the whip to Raleigh.

Raleigh nodded, grinning widely. “You heard her, get to it!” he snarled, giving the crying redhead a hard kick that had her yelp in pain and scramble back to her knees at least. Marjolaine, her cheeks still flushed with the excitement of her last orgasm, reclined in the chair again, spreading her legs, exposing her glistening pussy for Leliana like she’d done so often in happier times.

Giving her a sly smile, Marjolaine placed one hand on her breast, sliding it downward over her flat belly and between her legs where her fingers parted her outer lips. “Come here, my sweetie and show me you haven’t lost your skill with that sweet tongue of yours…” On her other hand, she crooked a finger in an unmistakable ‘come hither’ gesture that had Leliana shudder. How often had she made the exact same gesture lying on her bed, inviting Leliana to come join her in pleasure. Of course, back then, Leliana had had no idea that behind this pleasant, seductive facade was nothing but a cruel, ruthless and outright sadistic woman… a woman who had the bard at her mercy, and who had shown to possess no mercy at all.

Leliana crawled forward, biting back the sobs that shook her body, stopping only when she was practically kneeling between Marjolaine’s thighs. Marjolaine sighed happily, nodding to Raleigh as she placed one long-fingered hand on Leliana’s head, gently but insistingly urging her head down and forward, to her wet, eager center. Leliana did not resist, closing her eyes in shame as she parted her lips… then opened them again as the whip cracked across her ass!

“Yaargh! Please, no… I promise, I’m doing it, I’m doing it!” she whimpered, shaking her head, her body trembling in dreadful anticipation of another stroke.

“I know,” Raleigh said behind her, “but I just felt like it!” Both him and Marjolaine laughed at the misery displayed in Leliana’s face as she realized that not even model behavior could protect her from the whip’s cruel bite. Again, the noble bard pressed the suffering girl’s head down and Leliana obeyed, parting her lips to allow her tongue to lap at Marjolaine’s exposed, slick folds. There had been a time when Leliana had loved the taste of this woman’s juices on her tongue… but now, it only reminded her of her own shame.

Marjolaine shuddered at the touch of Leliana’s tongue and pushed her further against her crotch. “Yes, my pretty… lick me… get me ready to hurt you more…”the noblewoman whispered, her words ripping another heart-rending sobs from the bard’s mouth.

She did not see Marjolaine nod to Raleigh again but she felt the sting of the whip across her much—abused back again, her scream of pain muffled against her former lover’s cunt. The noble kept her head in place with one hand, grinding her hips against the trembling lips and desperately lapping tongue. He kept whipping her two more times, then stopped again. Tears stung Leliana’s eyes but she could do little to avoid the pain. All she could do was to please Marjolaine as much as possible, hoping to give her little reason to have her whipped again… as if she needed one.

“Oh yes… so sweet…”Marjolaine moaned as Leliana’s quivering tongue found her clit and caressed it. “This… hmmm… reminds me… of the game… we played… during the banquet… of the Marquis d’Arlant… remember? I had you sneak… under the table… and pleasure me… while I tried to… hmmm… keep a straight… face…” she shudders, either from current pleasure or from her just-as-pleasant memories.“But… to be honest… hmmm… I wish I could… have dragged you in on a… leash… even when I… pretended to be… your lover… I only wanted you on your knees… crying… a little redheaded slavegirl… oh yes… Harwen, whip her again! Harder! I want to her her scream against my pussy!”

“Gladly!” The cruel man smiled as he landed another lash on Leliana’s sore ass, causing the poor girl to yelp in pain as her body bucked forward, inadvertently pressing her face into Marjolaine’s wet cunt.

“Oh yes, yess!” Marjolaine laughed out loud as the lash fell again and again, causing the cute redhead to scream in pain into her cunt. She cherished the girl’s warm breath caressing her, the very sight of Leliana’s face, contorted with pain, crying and sobbing and all the time trying to do her best to please her captor in vain attempt to save herself from at least some pain. “Yes… lick me whore, use that precious tongue of yours, push into my cunt, do it whore… you have such a cute mouth… I can’t even decide whether I prefer… oh… oh yess… prefer it… licking and slurping on my pussy or… or crying in pain…”

Marjolaine’s body arched once more. Although she was never easy to satisfy, Leliana’s desperate efforts, her nimble tongue licking on the noblewoman’s clit, her nose almost being buried between Marjolaine’s legs with each vicious thrust… and above everything the pitiful sobs the slavegirl made – all this was making Marjolaine breathe faster and faster. Finally she had Leliana fully in her grasp, she could engage in any cruel fantasy she had ever had about her young protégée, and man such fantasies she did have. How many times she gently made love to the redhead, all the time thinking how she would love to sit on Leliana’s face and force her to eat her pussy or whip her heavenly body as she begs for mercy…

Now she could have it. All of it and more. She didn’t even mind that Raleigh was here, for while there was some pleasure in abusing Leliana alone the soldier’s presence allowed for so many new options to be explored. The dark haired woman moaned again and leaned backwards, almost pushing her cunt into Leliana’s still slurping mouth. With one swift move she moved one of her shapely legs, resting it on the back of the redhead’s neck while with the other she touched the front of the crying girl’s neck. Now, using her strong legs like scissors she pressed on, choking Leliana.

“Uggh!” the redhead opened her eyes wide in shock and gasped for air, only more desperately sucking on Marjolaine’s wet cunt.

“Isn’t that priceless?” Soft laughter erupted from the noblewoman’s mouth as she watched Leliana’s lithe body, with her neck trapped between Marjolaine’s shapely, strong legs, bucking widely trying to get some air. Almost as quickly as she grabbed the girl the cruel woman released the hold, finally allowing the redhead to grab some air… with her face all the time pressed against her captor’s pussy. In one swift movement, Marjolaine leaned back even further and spread her legs wide, presenting to Leliana and Raleigh her beautiful, glistening pussy. She reached forward, grabbing Leliana’s hair and face with both hands and pulling her, almost burying her crying face into her snatch. “Suck… suck!” she gasped and moaned as she felt Leliana’s tongue began caressing her slit again, reaching everywhere, touching every pleasure spot Leliana could remember.

“Damn it, I won’t just stand and watch!” Raleigh barked as he landed the last lash on the redhead’s back and grabbed his semi-erect cock as he approached the girl…

“Then have a go at her!” Marjolaine encouraged him, her voice heavy, trembling with barely-controlled lust. She would not last much longer like this… the touch of Leliana’s ever-so-dexterous tongue, the bitter tears the redhead cried and the simple fact that she was now in exactly the position Marjolaine had always wanted her to be – a frightened sex slave under her control – all this led the noblewoman to new heights of arousal. Soon, she would find her release… very, very soon.

Raleigh wasn’t about to be asked twice. Stroking his cock, he approached the miserable bard from behind, watching her trembling ass for a moment while he thought about which hole to use. When he’d finally decided, a broad grin appeared on his face and he knelt down behind her, his large, calloused hands gripping her hips, the tip of his cock pointing at the entrance to her sore pussy.

Seeing this, Marjolaine strengthened her grip on Leliana’s head, whispering. “You are going to get fucked again now… don’t you dare to stop working on my sweet pussy…” She shuddered as Leliana’s tongue reached another of her sensitive spots, her lips still tightly pressed to her pussy, her body shaken by sobs, her tears wet against Marjolaine’s thighs.

Raleigh grinned savagely as he began to force his cockhead into Leliana’s warm and still tight cunt, hearing her muffled cries against Marjolaine’s pussy. “Hmmm… still so tight… everything you told me of her was true…” he said to the noblewoman while pushing deeper, not stopping until he had buried his entire cock inside Leliana’s tormented pussy.

“Oh yes, Harwen! Fuck her hard! Rape her! Make her suffer!” Marjolaine screamed in the throes of ecstasy. Holding the poor bard’s head tightly, she pressed her hips forward, grinding her crotch into Leliana’s crying, miserable face, feeling her former lover’s tongue tremble as the pain came once more. Raleigh’s fingers dug into Leliana’s soft skin, his hips working back and forth, settling into a rhythm of hard, punishing thrusts that brought new cries forth from Leliana’s throat whenever he pushed in deep.

“Take..it… you… worthless… whore!” Raleigh grunted, his cock drilling deep into Leliana’s cunt, loving to hear her squeal against the noble’s pussy. He’d raped her several times now and did not think he would ever get tired of it. All he hoped was that Marjolaine would allow Leliana to stay here for a bit longer… he knew of her eventual plans to take her back to her estate in Orlais and keep her as a personal slave now that she had been broken properly. Well, as long as he’d get to fuck this cunt and ass a few more times, he’d be happy.

“ Oh yes… oh yes…” Marjolaine whispered breathlessly, “I can feel how he’s fucking you… raping you… like you deserve… oh, Maker… ..your tongue feels… hnnng… so good when you’re… crying…” She moaned long and loud, so close to her climax now. “I’ll… make sure… you’ll… always be… suffering now… when … oh yesss… licking my… cunt! Harwen… fuck her harder! I’m going to… cum…“

Harwen was all too happy to oblige, increasing his rhythm, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh filling the room as he pounded Leliana’s poor, abused cunt with all his strength, his cock pumping in and out so rapidly his movements almost became a blur. Leliana could barely concentrate on pleasuring Marjolaine anymore, her face constantly being thrust against her former lover’s crotch by Harwen’s brutal thrusts. Her tongue lapped aimlessly at the offered pussy while she wailed and cried bitterly.

But that was not necessary. The sheer stimulation of Leliana’s cries, her face pressed into her crotch and the knowledge that her former student was suffering terribly were finally enough to send Marjolaine over the edge.”Oh yes… OH MAKER, YES! I’M CUMMING!” she screamed pressing Leliana’s head into her crotch as hard as she could while the orgasm shook her, not caring that she cut off Leliana’s air supply while she rode out the waves.

When she’d finally finished and released the crying redhead, Leliana was close to fainting, gulping in greedy mouthfuls of air, her face wet with tears and Marjolaine’s juices. And still, Raleigh abused her pussy with his cock mercilessly… until Marjolaine held up a trembling hand, still feeling gloriously weak from one of the best orgasms she’d ever had. “Enough, Harwen… time for… something else…”

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