Leliana’s Lament 6

For a moment, Harwen thought about protesting… but then again, Marjolaine’s ideas for violating this red-haired beauty had been excellent so far and he doubted that this would change. So, with a final slap to Leliana’s ass, he pulled out and pushed her to the floor where she remained, crying softly.

Please… haven’t… haven’t you had enough…” Leliana sobbed, curling into a fetal position. “You’ve had… your… way with me… you’ve… you’ve… fucked me…” she whispered, choking down tears.

“Enough?! You stupid bitch…” Marjolaine, contrary to her words wasn’t even angry — rather, the tone of her voice radiated with utter disbelief. “It’s not even close from being over…” the noblewoman circled the lying girl, smiling at the picture of misery that was the once confident girl. “You should know better than this. You will remain here until we and then every other soldier in entire Denerim is bored with you.”

“No…” Leliana whispered, more to herself or even the Maker than to her abusers.

“Yes… Imagine how many times you will be fucked raw… raped hard. How many times all of your tight holes will be used.” Marjolaine leaned forward, whispering to Leliana’s ear. “Quite soon you’ll be an obedient little fuckpet, you’ll forget all thoughts other than that of pleasing your masters. Won’t you dear?” she asked mockingly, but Leliana, unable to answer only broke into more sobs. Laughing slightly Marjolaine turned away and walked to one of the walls, disappearing from Leliana’s view.

The redhead somehow felt that she should look to Marjolaine with her sight, to know what she is doing, what she is preparing to do… but she simply had no strength left, she just wanted to lie down and rest. And besides, what good would knowing what new ordeal they have in store for her bring? Was there any way of preparing yourself to their new ways of degrading and humiliating her? Was she able to protect herself from pain or from the merciless rape? No, she was at their mercy, she knew that already and she knew that they had no mercy.

“I think we broke her,” Raleigh said coldy, approaching Leliana and landing a painful kick on her side, causing the girl to almost jump with pain. Disappointment was clearly heard in his voice. “I thought she would last longer. It’s less fun to fuck them when they accept their fate.” The cruel men said, spitting on Leliana’s tear-swollen face.

“Oh, no… you underestimate our toy here.” The redhead Marjolaine’s soft voice. “I assure you, acceptance is the last thing in her mind. She hates every minute of it, still can’t believe how she got into this mess and still thinks about getting away.” Leliana heard the noblewoman’s voice approach closer and closer. “And above all she remembers who she is… or rather who she was and she sees exactly how low she has fallen… and as for her being… uncooperative… I assure you, she will be wild and kicking in no time!”

Something in her voice alerted Leliana and made her look up, at her captor. A small whimper escaped her mouth, when she saw a big wooden dildo, strapped to the woman’s crotch. Immediately thinking about Brennya and the things she was able to do with such thing Leliana went to her knees and desperately started crawling backwards until she hit up the wall. “No… no… please… no… nonono” she kept repeating, watching with her eyes full of terror, tears flowing down her chin.

“Oh yes…” Marjolaine said slowly approaching “You’re gonna take it deep… and see this red thing?” the woman pointed to the smears of some red liquid. “Darkspawn blood. Hard to come by but it sure is worth it… there hardly is another thing as hot and stinging thing on the face of the world. You’ll see… and you’ll feel.”

“Nice!” Raleigh complemented. “You weren’t kidding about here kicking again” he laughed.

“I never jest in such matter,” Marjolaine winked at the soldier and turned to Leliana again. “Now lie down and spread your legs dear… and remember, when I fuck you… have the decency to act like a lover not a fucking whore you are… kiss me back, touch my tits… I may seem cruel but I missed that gentle touch of yours. Of course, I hope you’ll forgive me that I’m not going to be gentle. In fact… I’ll ram this thing down you snatch as hard as I can… sounds like fun, dear?”

Leliana shook her head, pressing herself up against the wall, her eyes wide with fear, her cheeks wet with fresh tears. Every time she had endured one ordeal, another horror was visited upon her… and now by the very person that she had once loved! “Leliana…” Marjolaine said, her voice soft but carrying an unmistakable warning, “I told you to lie down and spread your legs for your mistress… don’t make me wait too long!”

“Yes, you better hurry, whore… or I’ll get Gary to take you back to the torture chambers.” Raleigh chimed in, watching as Leliana succumbed to fear and anguish. “Maybe I ought to do that anyway… Donn has taken quite a liking to you… he begged me to let him have you again…” he mused, his face disfigured by a cruel, thoroughly evil grin.

Crying, Leliana looked for a hint of mercy in Marjolaine’s face but it was still absent. Everything she had said she meant. But she simply could not bring herself to submit to her orders, not if it meant so much more pain. “My dear…” Marjolaine said, standing above her, the wooden dildo threateningly jutting out from her crotch, the glistening liquid at the tip drawing Leliana’s frightened eyes towards it, “this is the last warning. If you do not lie down like a good girl and let me fuck you as you know you deserve, I’ll have you taken to the torture chambers again. Maybe after two days in there you will be more forthcoming! And, of course, I will do that after I’ve fucked you raw anyway.”

The noblewoman tapped her foot, her whole demeanor speaking volumes. She would tolerate Leliana’s disobedience not a moment longer and Leliana, feeling herself shrinking away under these cold, domineering eyes, finally gave in. “I… I’ll do it…” she whispered softly, letting herself slide downward until she was lying on the cold floor, her legs spread, inviting her former lover to take her sore cunt once more.

“That’s a good girl” Marjolaine said, kneeling down between Leliana’s spread, trembling legs, the tip of the thick wooden dildo pointed at the bard’s sore, abused opening. “Now hold still…” the noblewoman ordered, leaning forward, supporting herself with one hand next to Leliana’s head while using her other slim-fingered hand to guide the tip of the strap-on against Leliana’s cuntlips.

Suddenly, Leliana arched her back, screaming in pain. Even the smallest touch of the glistening cockhead against her outer lips sent a wave of pain racing through her lower body. She heard Raleigh laugh, her eyes spilling more tears. But for Marjolaine of course, a small touch wasn’t enough. She waited just for a moment more, watching tears swell in Leliana’s eyes as she grabbed her hips and, as she promised before, rammed the thick wooden dildo into the crying girl’s snatch. Leliana’s scream almost deafened the noblewoman as she seemed to cry her lungs out as terrible pain, emanating from her pussy radiated throughout her trembling, wavering body. As previously with Brennya, the huge dildo was stretching her inside beyond what she could stand. The hard wood hurt her more than any cock could have and it was big, very big, filling her pussy completely. And the lube, the disgusting stinging, burning lube was the worst – Leliana felt as if the dildo was made from pure fire or acid, searing pain filling her completely, almost making her go mad, shrieking and crying, bubbling incoherently as Marjolaine started to fuck her with long steady strokes.

Leliana’s sweet body thrashed madly, bucking, wavering, legs kicking wildly at the noblewoman’s sides, the pain so intense that it almost gave Leliana the strength to break free – even if for one moment. But Raleigh would have none of it, he approached the crying, screaming redhead and grabbed her hands above her head, pinning them to the floor. Marjolaine laughed softly as the commander’s actions made Leliana’s perky, abused breast stick up even more, pointing upwards. She began licking Leliana’s neck, stopping to bite it and moving lower with her tongue, finally reaching the wondrous globes of the redhead’s breasts. She took the girl’s nipple in her mouth and begin licking it, kissing, mauling it in her mouth, just to finally bite it hard, causing Leliana, if it was possible at all, to cry even more, almost choking down on tears.

But the best thing was how Leliana’s body writhed and fought against the searing pain filling her cunt, already abused so much that she couldn’t stand the dildo itself… not to mention the terrible liquid, filling like thousand of blades stuck inside… she kicked and wavered and writhed in absolute agony, each spasm of her body making herself impale on the wooden dick even more, all the time while Marjolaine was pounding her mercilessly.

“That is fun bitch…” she hissed finally, “but I wanted you to make sweet love to me. Now wrap those nice legs around me and fuck me back… and kiss me! Worship my breasts with your tongue!”

Leliana cried out again, the dildo driven deep by another mighty thrust from Marjolaine, the noblewoman’s flesh slapping against hers, her body looming over the bard’s, making her feel so small and insignificant, so helpless, her struggles pointless. She could only lay there and take it, cringing, whimpering and crying in agony while her former lover violated her in the most brutal, degrading way possible. How was she supposed to even try and pretend to be Marjolaine’s lover again instead of her victim? Marjolaine’s hips suddenly slammed forward again, ripping another pitiful cry from Leliana’s lips as the dildo plunged in as deeply as possible… followed by a vicious backhanded slap to her face. “That was NOT a request, you dumb whore!” Marjolaine yelled, spitting into Leliana’s crying face. “Make love to me while I rape your cunt!”

Now, with every thrust she made into the crying redhead, she slapped her face with increasing fury and ferocity, turning both cheeks bright red. “This… is… your… last… warning.” she snarled, her eyes alight with almost hateful anger, “do it or be punished worse than you ever have!” Sobbing, Leliana felt the burning glare on her. Marjolaine meant it… and given what was happening right now, there seemed to be no limit to the depravity to which the noble would stoop… also, there was still the unspoken threat of another visit to the torture chamber hanging over her.

She howled in pain the moment she tried to move her legs, feeling the dildo shift inside her, the gruesome fluid on the tip burning her inner walls. Crying loudly, she began to wrap her legs around Marjolaine’s hips, crossing them behind the noblewoman’s pumping, working ass. This allowed Marjolaine to push the strap-on even deeper, only increasing Leliana’s agony. But still, that was not enough for her tormentor. “Now fuck me back! And use your mouth on my tits!”

Leliana cringed at the words but began to slowly move her hips forward, crying bitter tears as she met Marjolaine’s violent thrusts, unwillingly urging the dildo to go deeper, feeling herself invaded even more than before, shame making her cheeks, still stinging from the slaps, burn red hot. Slowly, hesitantly, she parted her lips and bent forward a bit, her mouth only inches away from Marjolaine’s swaying tits, still firm and full, just as she remembered it… how often had she suckled on them, showered them with sweet, loving kisses, played with her beloved’s nipples… never thinking that one day she might detest the very act of touching them with her mouth?

Marjolaine grunted, happily plunging the dildo into her victim again and again, smiling cruelly as she felt Leliana finally obey her orders. Feeling the bard’s hesitation, she arched her back and pressed her tits against Leliana’s quivering lips, sighing at the touch. That was the one thing Leliana had always been good at… using her mouth. Even back then when she had still pretended to actually love the redheaded whore, Marjolaine had always enjoyed having her breasts and pussy caressed by these sweet lips and that soft, wet tongue. And now that Leliana was crying and suffering so horribly… it was a hundred times better!

How Leliana’s whole body shivered and trembled, wavering as waves of pain pierced her. Each time the dildo was pushed deep, Leliana’s hips matching the rhythm and basically fucking back, the redhead moaned in pain into Marjolaine’s perfectly formed breasts. Each time the dildo touched the walls of her tender, sore cunt, she gave a soft cry and her body tensed beautifully, her tits, rubbing Marjolaine’s flat belly.

Despite all this, she obeyed, as the little fuck slave and sex toy she was becoming. Crossing her ankles behind the noblewoman’s perfect ass, gathering all strength of will, Leliana’s kept fucking her rapist back, moving her hips in unison with Marjolaine’s thrusts, impaling herself even deeper on the vicious instrument. Burning pain filled her cunt, radiating throughout her body, but she nevertheless kept running her dexterous and nimble tongue over the mounds of Marjolaine’s tits, licking them, kissing, sucking on their nipples, caressing them as vigorously and as… lovingly as she could recall from their previous nights together. This was the perversion of those acts – in some way similar, in other completely different – evil, vicious and hateful.

But Marjolaine didn’t care – or rather she did and loved every moment of it. The dark haired woman cruelly cherished having her former lover shriveling and trembling beneath her body, aching all over, suffering to the utmost of her being and despite all this, still trying to satisfy her to the best of her considerable abilities, bucking her body, making sweet love, while she was being viciously abused. Her warm, soft mouth and wet tongue on Marjolaine’s breasts felt as good as always – or even better, seeing how she moaned in pain, caressing them with her warm breath.

“Oh yes, you whore… you don’t know how long I have waited for it… for having you like this. You whore… you’re such a good little fuck toy, I always knew that…” Marjolaine whispered into Leliana’s ear. As the redhead was kissing the noblewoman’s tits, Marjolaine becoming more and more aroused began running her tongue over Leliana’s face, licking her savagely, stopping only to bite her earlobes. “Oh how many times when we were making love… I fantasized about fucking you raw, making you squeal in pain beneath me like a bitch in heat!”

The words stung almost as much as the vicious liquid burning her tender flesh. The worst was the fact that even though the pain Leliana suffered clearly arose Marjolaine, she was far from reaching climax. Having cummed twice already, the noblewoman was ready to go on for long and she wanted to, prolonging her victim’s torment as much as she could, loving her soft cries and sobs as she desperately tried to keep kissing her tits. In and out, in and out Marjolaine kept pumping, pushing her dildo even deeper and deeper in every thrust.

And it did not stop for a long, long time. Marjolaine and Raleigh kept on abusing Leliana the entire night. Even when Raleigh had left, having spent himself after cumming into Leliana’s mouth once more, Marjolaine kept on going. For hours, she pumped into Leliana’s holes, whipped the redhead’s naked body as Leliana lay on the floor, weeping and exhausted, and forced her to pleasure her with fingers and tongue, relishing in every single one of Leliana’s tears.

In the end, when Marjolaine finally tired of her and had her brought back to her cell, Leliana was almost unconscious, only dimly aware of the terrible soreness of every single one of her holes, her flesh covered with Raleigh’s cum and bruises, her eyes long devoid of tears to cry. She did not even react when the two guards groped her, one even pushing his fingers up her cunt while they dragged her onwards. And when they threw her into her cell, she simply rested her head on the cold stones, not bothering to crawl into her corner, quickly falling into terrible nightmares.

When she was finally awoken by the guards, the nightmares went on. Eventually, Leliana lost count of the days, for what did it matter which day it was? Her waking hours were an endless row of abuses and rapes by the men and Brennya, who tormented her every single night while she herself was being raped by the others, channeling her pain into Leliana’s violent abuses. But even among all these horrors, one day she would never forget – the day when they dragged her down to the torture chamber again. When she’d learned where they would bring her, she rediscovered a tiny bit of fighting spirit, desperately struggling to get away, surprising even the guards – but in the end, it had not helped at all.

Only moments later, she was on the rack again, raped by first Donn – who had been ecstatic about having her again, then Gary. After that, she was whipped, beaten… and raped again and again, Donn constantly telling her how wonderful she looked, how sweet her tears tasted… and that he had gained the right to this new session with her as a reward for training her so well.

After a day of torment and another night full of abuse by the guards, Leliana found herself once more dragged out of the cell by the two guards. By now, she had no fight left in her, simply allowing them to carry her wherever they pleased. The last session with Donn had extinguished the last fires of resistance. So, when she found out she was brought to the visitor’s quarters again, she merely whimpered, cringing as her fears were confirmed by a familiar voice that echoed across the room even before the doors had fully opened.

“There you are again, my pretty… and guess what… I have something new for you today…”

Even though Leliana just was kneeling where the guards had thrown her, eyes fixed on the floor, she did notice that Marjolaine wasn’t the only person in the room. She didn’t even raise her eyes… at least not until Marjolaine approached and slapped her viciously.

“Look, ungrateful slut!” she hissed “Your mistress has something new for you! What do you say?!”

“Thank… thank you… mistress.” Leliana said silently, choking down tears. Finally she looked up and noticed a man – but to her surprise it wasn’t Raleigh. He was taller, though not as strongly built. His face seemed somehow older, even though there weren’t many signs of age on it. Maybe it were those piercing eyes?

“Let me introduce you to Mirentor… master Mirentor.” The noblewoman said.

Leliana noticed it, as she was trained to notice many things and even her ordeal didn’t take all of this from her… but undoubtedly the one thing that she noticed immediately and filled her with the biggest fear was the apparel the man was wearing – a robe. And even despite the fact that it looked quite plain, had no insignia of the Circle, she instantly knew that the man was a mage – probably an apostate… if not a maleficar.

“Yes… quite a specimen you got there.” The man said calmly, with a strange, foreign accent as he was evaluating her as if she was just a thing… and in some ways she indeed was. His eyes noticed every detail of her luscious body, the curves of her breasts and ass, the red stripes covering her smooth skin and above everything – the fear and resignation in her eyes. “You see little slave… Marjolaine is a women of many, many talents…” the man smiled to his thoughts in a creepy way and continued, “but even she sometimes needs assistance of those who posses skills even she doesn’t have.  Men like, for example, me.”

“A true mage of Tevinter…” Did Leliana’s ears mistook her or was there a slightest hint of admiration in her mistress’s voice as she spoke?

“Yes. And while we mages posses powers impossible to achieve for other mortals…” the man said, lust and pride visible on his face. “we still have the needs of other, lesser, men. And when I’ve heard about you I knew what price to name, when Marjolaine was again in need of my talents.”

“He means you, sweetie.” While the words were unnecessary, Marjolaine loved to see how Leliana blushed with embarrassment, as she was again passed around like a toy.

“You see, magic is a beautiful thing.” Mirentor stood next kneeling redhead and gently put his hand on her shoulder. “While normal torture is so… barbaric and unclean and messy… magic is so wonderfully… pure!” he exclaimed as he summoned his power and in an instant Leliana cried out in pain as burning pain spread over her shoulder.

It was pure, distilled to the point of white-hot agony that had her writhe on the floor within the time of a heartbeat. Through a fog of tears, she could see the mage smile down at her, obviously admiring his handiwork… as Marjolaine was. Already, she was licking her lips again, a sure sign of her arousal as her eyes took in every inch of Leliana’s beautiful, squirming body. “Oh yes… do it again…” Marjolaine said once Leliana’s body has stopped spasming, her voice a lusty sigh. Immediately the bard began to crawl away from the mage, afraid of another touch and more afraid of Marjolaine than ever before, the noblewoman’s beautiful face having taken on a sadistic quality beyond even that of her previous torture sessions. Leliana sighed in relief when the mage shook his head. “Please, my dear… I promised you a wonderful evening… if you let me do as I wish. Trust me on that, you will love what comes next even more.”

Leliana gasped, her heart pounding with the force of the torment she just endured. “P-please… no more… .” she managed to whimper, her voice barely a whisper.

The mage looked down at her, smiling a warm smile that nevertheless never reached his cold eyes. “What are you so afraid of, my plaything, hm?”

Leliana sobbed bitterly, her entire body trembling in unnameable fear. “No more… pain… no more… rape… please,” she stammered helplessly, knowing that this was all she could muster for defense against whatever awaited her.

The mage gave a humorless laugh. “Rape? Oh, please. I am beyond such base pleasures of the flesh. Do not worry about me raping you. I have other ways to make this… enjoyable.” Still keeping his eyes on the shivering redhead, he held out a hand, the fingers twisted in a gesture the Maker never intended them to make. As he began to intone a spell, his eyes rolled back in his head and Leliana felt a wave of power surge through the room, homing in on her, seizing her… and with dreadful clarity, she realized that, as of this moment, her body was no longer hers to command.

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