Morrigan’s Body 2

Morrigan’s eyes narrowed angrily even as her mind raced. “You wouldn’t dare!” she hissed.

Flemeth smiled at her, the expression full of a cold contempt. Her hand continued to stroke the cock beneath the barbarian’s pathetic clothing, and Morrigan found her gaze drawn to the act despite herself. “Wouldn’t I?” Her mother laughed. Flemeth’s hand made a disgusting meaty sound as it slid up and down the hidden shaft… a long way up and down, she couldn’t help but appraise.

Her hand held onto the barbarian’s member even as she twirling her talon in a circular motion and the barbarian started forward, slowly pulling her hand from his cock as he walked towards the black haired witch, rope in hand.

“As I thought I’d told you, daughter,” Flemeth said as she watched her thrall begin to wrap the rope around one of the young witches ankles. “There is nothing but what I can do to you, and what you can stop me from doing.”

She made a gesture and the spell holding Morrigan in place vanished. Her limbs fell limply to her sides as the magical hold of them was released without warning. “So stop him?”

Morrigan turned, her hand raking out at the barbarian with her fingers clenched in the shape of a slap. She had been aiming for the man’s eyes, but he twisted out of the way and her nails tore at his cheek instead of blinding him.

No matter. Morrigan had been taught to shapeshift when she was just a child. Closing her eyes, she visualized the sequence of magical energies that would transform her into a swarm that would fly out of the hundreds of holes in this ratty shack and out into the swamp, where Flemeth would never find her.

Nothing was happening.

She opened her eyes, the yellow orbs widening is panic. “What…?” she muttered.

The distraction cost the witch. Cormac had recovered from Morrigan’s attack and grabbed her outstretched arm, pulling her forward and kneeing her in her flat stomach. As the air left the noirette in a rush, the barbarian grabbed the mage by her throat and lifted her entirely off the ground before hurling her against the wall.

Morrigan collapsed hard on the bed, her hair completely spilling from its braid as she gasped to regain her breath. Almost immediately Cormac was at her again, pressing her down to the bed as he flipped the witch onto her belly and and grabbed both of her arms. She tried to struggle again him, but her body was too busy heaving, desperate for air, and he was too strong.

“No changing form for you I’m afraid, my dear.” Flemeth’s cold voice mocked her from across the room. “You really should not accept food from strangers… you never know what might be in it.”

So that stranger on the road had been her after all. ‘Stupid, careless, idiotic,’ she thought to herself. ‘Thats the kind of thing a naive fool like the warden would do.’ “What did you do to me, mother?”

She laughed, the sound hard and cruel. “Oh, nothing permenant. I wouldn’t want to damage by ability to use magic once I take you, after all. Just a poison I know from the swamps with a little lyrium dust.”

The rope Cormac carried was now being coiled around her wrists and up her arm, dragging her elbows painfully together as he rested his weight against her injured ass. “Get off of me you mentally addled freak!” she shouted as he turned her back over, pressing her back down to the mattress, his cock furiously hard beneath his barely sufficient clothing. “Does every muscle in your body work but the one in your head?” Morrigan saw a tiny flicker of anger in the man’s soulless eyes, and it gave the witch hope that maybe there was some small piece of him left. Quickly though, the emotion vanished and he began wrapping another coil of rope around her neck. “I said, get off me! You look like you bathe in swamp water, and you smell like the wrong end of a mabari!”

The noose around her throat was tied up to the head of the bed, against the wall. When Cormac’s weight lifted from the raven haired woman’s slender form, she kicked at him. He contemptuously grabbed the leg and pulled, sliding her down on the bed until the robe around her neck was tight and she stopped struggling so hard. Then he reached for the rope already tied to the other ankle and wrapped it around this one as well, pulling until the rope was taut beneath the bed, spreading her legs wide.

The spread position further ripped open Flemeth’s slash in what was left of Morrigan’s leather pants, and she knew that her pussy must be fully exposed now. Cormac stood at the foot of the bed, his face showing neither anticipation nor lust as he looked down at the spread girl, his face completely blank.

Flemeth was standing her her face again, the ancient abomination leaning down to cup the cheek of the furious bound witch. “Don’t worry about your shape shifting, girl. The poison will wear off in a few days, unless I need to dose you again by then.” She twirled her taloned finger again and Cormac untied his thin loincloth, exposing the massive meat behind it. He climbed on the bed. “That’s the least of your problems right now,” she whispered in her ear.

The bed creaked as Morrigan strained against the bonds, throwing her body around as much as the rope would allow it – which was not far, much to her dismay – and glaring at her mother, who merely met her gaze with that unnerving bemused expression. “No! No, you won’t! Let me go, you withered old hag!” Morrigan yelled, but Flemeth paid her no heed. “Go ahead,” the ancient witch said to her barbarian, “go ahead, and do not stop until I tell you to.”

Again, the bed groaned and the barbarian began to lower himself on top of the helpless witch, who kept on struggling to no avail. His musky scent assaulted her nostrils as he loomed over her, the odour of sweat, earth and the ever-present miasma of the swamp. For a brief moment, Morrigan wondered how Flemeth could stand him as a lover but she quickly remembered that he had obvious other… qualities.

And one of these she was about to experience firsthand. A tight, short gasp escaped her lips when she felt the tip of Cormac’s impressive cock touch her nether lips, already sore from the rough taloned fingering her mother had visited upon her unwilling and unprepared snatch. Flemeth’s gaze wandered away from her daughter’s face, keenly interested in what was happening between her legs, a small cruel smile upon her lips.

The barbarian ignored Morrigan’s angry glare, staring at some point above her head, supporting himself with one mighty-thewed arm above her shoulder while using the other to guide his massive rod into her tight snatch. A slight grunt escaped him as he began to push, the sound accompanied by Morrigan’s pained groan, which was followed by an even more pained yelp when the thick head finally went into her.

Morrigan threw her head back, gritting her teeth to swallow the next cry of pain that threatened to spill out over her lips. Her mother had already hurt her there… but this was so much worse. She could feel the thick head stretch her wide, a sensation accompanied by terrible discomfort and a strong burning pain unlike anything she had felt before. Her body bucked, her muscles cramping as, once more, she struggled to escape the bonds that held her, making her a victim to this act of defilement.

Through a haze of pain, she felt her mother’s hand on her cheek again. “This is so much better than that arrogance of yours… Cormac is going to teach you a little lesson in humility now, “ she said, her voice almost gentle.

Morrigan gasped, feeling another inch slide into her tight, unwilling hole. “DROP DEAD, HAG! MONSTER! I AM… NGGG… YOUR… DAUGHTER!” she screamed at the older witch. For a moment, the pain lessened somewhat, allowing her to articulate her hatred more clearly. “And you… let him… rape me… are you… enjoying this… you old… bitch?” Then he thrust again, harder and deeper, and this time she did scream, shamefully loud.

“My daughter by choice, not by blood… which would have been much harder to achieve”, Flemeth calmly said over the creaking and groaning of the old wood as the barbarian settled into a rhythm of ever-deepening thrusts into Morrigan’s defenseless snatch. The taloned hand soon found her way to Morrigan’s breasts again, groping and scratching them while the other slid between her legs, rubbing obscenely and in clear view of her daughter. “And yes, I am enjoying this… even more so than I imagined I would, in fact.”

Morrigan barely noticed the scratching as the burning, flaming pain between her legs being much, much more intense, eclipsing everything. But even worse than having that large cock push into her again and again, driving deeper without mercy or regard for herself was the simple fact that she was being RAPED. Morrigan had been brought up to the ways of power, knowing that there were few who could stand up to a witch and live, let alone a shapeshifter. A situation like this had been utterly alien to her. The sheer idea that she would one day be at the mercy of a man who simply took her without her consent… it had never crossed her mind. Never until this very moment.

She felt more than heard another pained cry escape her throat when he finally pushed his full length in, his throbbing member now completely sheathed inside her tight opening. “Good, good… you took him all”, Flemeth said from somewhere beside her, her form obscured by a veil of hated tears having gathered before the noirette’s eyes. “Now fuck her hard, Cormac.” And with that command, the pain began anew.

Cormac was like a golem, tireless and ceaseless in his assault, his hips slamming down upon her again and again as he drove his cock deeply into her snatch, ripping pained cries from her whenever he filled her completely, sending another stab of searing pain through her lower body. When he pulled back, his cock almost seemed to pull her inner walls with it, adding to her pain and soreness. But he never uttered a single word of pity or concern, even though his every motion brought tears to her eyes. And after a while, she almost considered it a triumph whenever she managed to simply grit her teeth and not scream, the pain stabbing into her being almost too intense to bear.

Next to her, she heard a wet, sliding sound, no doubt her “mother” pleasuring herself to the sight of the brutal, unrelenting rape. But no matter how much this sound stoked the fires of her hatred, it would not help her get free. She was well and truly helpless beneath this man and under the assault of his cock.

Morrigan lost all sense of time, feeling nothing but the pain, hearing nothing but her own screams, the groaning of the old wood underneath them and the unnerving sound of Flemeth’s fingers rubbing her own, no doubt wet, slit. On occasion, a soft moan would escape Flemeth’s lips, but those were the only sounds that came from either of her violators. Cormac did not even grunt, his breathing heavy but strangely even as he kept on pounding her cunt.

Sweat dripped down onto her from the barbarian’s massive body, mixing with her own, drenching the old sheets beneath. How much longer would this go on? Maybe Flemeth would make him stop if she repented and asked for mercy… but despite all the pain, Morrigan knew she could not do that. She could not sink that low. Never.

And she did not have to. For suddenly, no doubt ordered by her mother, Cormac pulled out of her, leaving her cunt sore, aching and gaping for a moment before it began to close again, a sensation that provoked another pained grunt from her. Blinking rapidly to get rid of the tears, she saw Flemeth kneel down next to the barbarian and place her lips around his engorged member, her normal hand, slick and glistening, cradling his balls, squeezing lightly.

Even with all that had happened, Morrigan felt a certain sense of strangeness at the way Flemeth conducted this… business. For even in a situation that smacked of submissiveness to anyone else, Flemeth exuded an aura of power that made it very clear who was in charge. Even with his cock in her mouth, she was still Cormac’s mistress…

In mute fascination, panting with exhaustion, Morrigan stared at the sight, noticing that the barbarian went rigid, a single grunt escaping his lips as he came, filling Flemeth’s mouth with his seed. But her mother’s throat did not move, indicating she had not swallowed one single drop. Instead, before Morrigan could react in any meaningful way, the taloned hand had graped her chin, the sharp points of Flemeth’s nails digging into her cheeks… and then, just as she had to part her lips, Flemeth’s mouth was on hers… and the old witch’s tongue pushed Cormac’s entire load into her mouth!

Morrigan jerked her head but Flemeth pushed her down firmly to the bed, gravity pulling more and more of the white syrup into the young sorceress’s mouth. She spat but the ancient crone’s tongue pressed against her own, pinning her mouth in place while her mouth filled with Cormac’s cum. The salty liquid from the cruel barbarian tasted exactly like she would expect swamp water to.

The moment the abomination pulled off of Morrigan’s lips the talon grabbed the womans chin, forcing her mouth up and closed. Fire burned golden in Flemeth’s eyes as she glared down at her daughter. “You don’t get to open your mouth again until you’ve swallowed.” Her normal hand reached down the young girl’s perfect body and wrapped her narrow fingers around one her breasts with stunning strength, the seemingly frail limbs crushingly strong.  Morrigan wanted to scream as she felt the bony grip dig deeply into her soft flesh, but the gag of cum that her mother had fed her silenced the caustic witch more surely that anything else had ever done.

Cormac just stood there on the bed, his eyes still fixed on the wall above Morrigan’s head. Flemeth removed her hand from Morrigan’s breast much to her relief and returned the hand to between her own legs. “Slave, come over here and abuse her tits for me,” Flemeth said, her voice taking on wry tone.  “I’m afraid I’ve run out of hands.”

The barbarian shifted on the bed and Morrigan again writhed in her bonds in a pointless effort to escape the enormous thrall. His hands firmly wrapped around a breast apiece and he started to pull at them, switching between pulling at one nipple while he bit the other, grinding it between the flats of his teeth.  The noirette mage squealed quietly in her throat, the sound barely making it back her tightly sealed and full mouth. She could do little but look up and Flemeth as the older witch watched her daughter’s abuse, a satisfied look in her pale yellow eyes.

“Harder, Cormac,” Flemeth said, her voice coming slightly huskier than it had before. “Teach her a lesson for me.” The huge man complied, leaning more and more of his weight against the buxom witch and smashing her tits flat to her chest.  Morrigan screamed into her own mouth, the pool of cum and saliva bubbling.  “You can make this end, my dear daughter,” Flemeth moaned, three of her fingers now buried in her own cunt. “All you need to do is swallow.”

Morrigan viciously shook her head, closing her eyes, and Flemeth chuckled. “A pity. Cormac, I grow bored of this.” She reached out, and the abused witch could feel his cock harden against her chest.  “Rape her ass for me.”

Morrigan’s yellow eyes flew open as Cormac began moving on the bed. Surely she couldn’t have heard her mother right. Obviously the old hag had wanted to teach her a lesson in obedience, and to humiliate her rebellious daughter, but far enough was far enough.  She couldn’t let this go on.  Grimacing, Morrigan swallowed the vile mixture of fluids, feeling the warm seed flow down her throat as she gulped. She tried not to think about it.

Flemeth removed the taloned claw from the daughter once her throat had swallowed all of Cormac’s cum, and the beautiful young witch opened her mouth.  “Ok Mother,” she gasped slowly, choking the words out. “You win.” She had to constantly make an effort not to vomit in disgust.

Cormac slid his knees beneath her bound legs, raising her ass off the bed. “Enough Mother! You win! I did it!” Morrigan practically screamed out as she felt Cormac press his hard cock against the struggling witch’s dry, small asshole.  The head of the massive shaft  looked to be at least four times the size of her opening, and seemed a highly improbably fit.

“Wait,” Flemeth said, removing her hand from between her legs. Instantly the pressure on her sphincter ceased, and Morrigan silently sighed in relief until her mother pressed the fingers of her normal hand into Morrigan’s mouth. The digits were coated with the old hag’s juices, and it tasted like rotting fruit gone sour. She did not pause or even ask the witch to clean them, but simply wiped the fingers clean on the inside of her mouth while she spoke.

“I told you, I was done with waiting for you to cooperate,” she hissed into her daughter’s ear. “I tried doing this kindly already, and you spat in the face of my generosity. Now I’m taking whatever I want from you.” She smiled. “You will obey instructions when they’re given to you, or you will suffer.  Do you understand?”

Feeling ashamed, Morrigan nodded. The raven haired witch was finally beginning to understand that she may be in much deeper trouble than she had anticipated.

Flemeth smiled. “Good…” she whispered before looking at Cormac, her smile transforming into a sinister sneer.  “Continue.”

Morrigan began to scream as Cormac started pushing at her ass again. “No!” she protested, struggling in vain against the ropes than held her to the bed. Her pressed himself against her, clenched and dry as a desert. It felt like someone was trying to shove her staff up her ass… there was no way Cormac’s thing would fit up her tiny little ass without killing her, Morrigan was sure. The huge barbarian strained against the panicky witch’s tight hole for several minutes until the tip of his cock had finally began to spreat her asshole just a little bit.

Morrigan was too busy worrying about her asshole to notice as Flemeth lowered her mouth to the poor woman’s abused breasts. When her mouth clamped down on one of her battered nipples, catching it between a pair of dragonic fangs, she moaned and her entire body jerked. Cormac took that moment to thrust forward with all the strength in his muscular body, burying about a quarter of his massive cock in the tight virgin shitter of the witch of the wilds. Morrigan froze for a second, her struggling stopping as her pale yellow eyes went wide, her mouth forming a perfect “O,” opening in a silent scream of denial; unable to believe what was happening to her tender young body.

Then, her pride and self control thrown to the wind, she let out a wailing primal scream and began shaking uncontrollably. Morrigan began to thrash her body to the side as much as the tight restraints would allow to try and escape the horrible cock tearing her apart. Cormac continued to forcing his way in completely dry, causing her the greatest possible amount of pain, as Flemeth instructed. She wouldn’t want the slut to find any enjoyment in her punishment at all, that would defeat the point.

The chasind barbarian shoved, lunged, and pounded his way into her dry, stubborn fuck-hole a quarter inch at a time, never yielding a bit to her rapist’s assault. The savage violation couldn’t be comfortable for him either, but as Flemeth watched her daughter writhe on Cormac’s skewer, screaming in agony and beginning to cry anew from the humiliation, she did not care. Some pain to the massive barbarian would vastly increase her daughter’s suffering… and to the white haired witch, that seemed like a good trade.

Once he had managed to cram a couple of inches in, the battle was as won. With no more worry of Morrigan’s struggling dislodging him he could start fucking her properly, every thrust forcing a little further into her body. Cormac pulled back a little and thrust forward hard popping The rest of his cock into the girl’s obscenely stretched, virgin asshole. The black haired woman was almost beyond sanity now… Cormac’s cock seemed thicker than her arm and perfectly determined to rape her bloody, her asshole stretched further than her mind could take.  Despite herself Morrigan started hyperventilating in short, panicky, pain-filled bursts as Cormac began slowly forcing his cock slowly in and out of her tiny rear.

Flemeth smiled at the abused witch’s screams as she straddled her daughter’s face. “You sing so well, little girl. I think you wish you had obeyed me when I’d given you the chance now, don’t you Morrigan.”  Her voice turned harsh.  “This is what is going to happen, daughter.  You are going to behave, and you are going to lick your mother’s cunt while my thrall fucks you like the whore you are. Understand?”

Morrigan felt like puking, the last thing she wanted to do was lick the stinking pussy of the evil hag of a mother who was orchestrating her torture. The reeking cunt hung just above her face, with each trust of Cormac’s huge cock driving her closer to the wet hole. She shook her head between Flemeth’s thighs, and she could hear her mother’s sigh.

“So foolish… when will you realize that you have no choices anymore?” The timeless shapeshifter grabbed Morrigan’s head by her loose black and hair and pulled in up into her crotch.

Morrigan’s vision was swimming through glazed eyes as Cormac pulled back in a full long stroke. Morrigan’s wailing went up an octave as it felt like her ass was being ripped from her body. The pain of having this huge cock stretching out her ass was incredible… the worst thing was the terrible fullness in her ass, stretching her in ways her young body was never meant to be stretched.

“Eat that pussy you stupid, arrogant slut!“ she growled.

Morrigan turned red from humiliation as the savage thrusts of the slave drove her face against the crotch of her true rapist, and Flemeth clenched her thighs tightly in place around her daughter’s head, holding her firm. A pitiful whimper escaped into her mother’s muff as Flemeth again fastened her hands tightly around Morrigan’s abused tits.

Every nerve in her tiny little shitter was on fire. Her ass spasmed and convulsed as her muscles were pulled out of shape by the brutal invader. When Cormac next thrust back in viciously, he had changed the angel of the violation to push upward, stretching her asshole in a new way. Morrigan almost blacked out… she was screaming almost constantly into her mother’s cunt now as the evil witch rubbed herself up and down on Morrigan’s snotty, perfect face, all but smothering the beautiful girl between her legs.

Cormac stopped for a second, and when thrust in again Flemeth had again made him change angle to make sure that Morrigan received the most pain her slave could give her. The white haired hag was pulling savagely on her tits as the abuse continued, and Morrigan was glad he could not see what the abuse was doing to them. They burned so badly that she was afraid Flemeth was driving her claw trough the pale, bruised flesh while she used her daughter’s face to masturbate, savagely rubbing her pussy and clit across the girl’s sharp nose and soft lips.

Her two abusers worked together to keep Morrigan on the edge of consciousness, Cormac driving the air from her with brutal, damaging thrusts up her tight ass while Flemeth kept her from breathing in new air, her mouth unwillingly filled with cunt. Whenever it seemed that the witch would be too pressed and pass out, Flemeth would loosen her hold on her daughters head and Cormac would slow to allow the ungrateful bitch to breathe.

It seemed to the girl like her rape went on for hours before Flemeth began to cum, soaking the crying girls face with her juices.   She grabbed a hold of Morrigan’s hair and mopped her face back and forth on her sopping pussy, making sure to wipe the girls nose and eyelids good. Her own release achieved, Cormac immediately drove himself as deeply into her ass as possible and came, filling the screaming witch’s raped ass with wave after wave of cum before Morrigan was finally permitted to pass out.

She awoke to blazing pain in her cunt and her tits some time later, her the smell of Flemeth’s cunt still overwhelming, her juices still on her face. Her ass still burned from the terrible rape, but at the moment, the pain in her tits and her cunt was worse…not to mention the fact that, obviously, her abuse was not ending.

On top of her, the barbarian sat, straddling her chest, his massive cock between her abused, reddened tits, his ham-sized hands pushing them together while he kept on thrusting his member back and forth, putting terrible strain on her chest, his cock feeling like sandpaper rubbing against her tits, despite the glistening trail of precum between them.

On the foot of the bed, Flemeth sat, smiling down at her while she pumped two of her taloned fingers in and out of Morrigan’s well-abused cunt, sending sharp pains racing up the young witch’s spine. Had they even cared that she had been unconscious…or had she simply become a toy for Flemeth to play with, beyond the old witch’s desire to punish her?

She wanted to speak, to yell at her, to tell her to stop this, to ask if she hadn’t suffered enough…but all that came out of her throat, sore from the constant screaming, was a hoarse groan, leading Flemeth to notice her awareness. “ Oh, you are awake, daughter”, she said, shoving her a smile that made Morrigan want to kill her or hide somewhere in fear in equal measure, “ don’t mind us.” She laughed…and began to increase the pace of her finger’s thrusts, ripping a tired, miserable squeal from her daughter’s throat.

Weakened, Morrigan could do little but sink back onto the sheets and allow this renewed abuse to happen, already feeling her consciousness fade again. The last thing she noticed before darkness washed over her again was the stench of fresh cum and the sensation of it splattering against her cheeks, lips and chin…

She woke up to the chattering and buzzing of insects and the stench of the swamp, unhindered by walls this time. Immediately, she felt the cold assault her, her entire body shivering. Her tits and thighs were itching, her eyes almost glued shut by the remains of what had to be Flemeth’s juice… and somewhere close to her, some demon-possessed bird has begun to chirp its happy melody, completely oblivious to the torment she had gone through.

Groaning, she fought to open her eyes, her vision returning with agonizing slowness as she blinked rapidly to clear her vision. Rubbing her face was not an option… once again, she was bound to something. Her arms had been tied to two young, yet already crooked trees that stood about a hundred yards behind the shack. Morrigan remembered them from her childhood, remembered having called them “the two hags” for their stunted, crooked appearance.

Her legs had also been tied to the base of the trees, leaving her in an exposed, spread-eagled position. Her mother had removed the last remnants of her clothes from her, leaving her body for all to see. And it was fortunate no one in their right minds ever came near the hut – no one except overconfident young witches…

A night must have had passed, for she had awoken to the dim light of morning and a biting cold that made her tortured nipples stand up. During the night she had been used as a buffet by seemingly all the mosquitoes in the entire swamp: her thighs, her snatch and breasts marked by dozens, if not hundreds of little feeding spots, itching terribly.

Her muscles had cramped during the night, the pain only now becoming obvious to her, making her groan again… and, to complete her discomfort, there was something stuck up her ass – her hole slightly stretched around the foreign object Flemeth had put there. It wasn’t large, but given her earlier abuse, it still hurt.

For a while, nothing happened, nothing except for this damned bird singing its inane song, mocking her misery as she hung her head, trying to think of a way to get out. Flemeth obviously had further uses for her, but Morrigan dreaded to think of what those might be…

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