Morrigan’s Body 3

Morrigan was pulled from her state between sleep and waking when a bucket of icy water splashed over the already freezing witch. Her muscles locked and spasmed, everything in her body longing to curl up into a tiny ball and find shelter from the cold.

Flemeth stood before her, waiting with a bemused expression, an empty bucket slipping from her fingers to the ground. She wore a red garment of silk that clung tightly to her form, still showing off more of it than her daughter wanted to see as she stood ankle deep in the frigid water without sign of discomfort. “Good morning, daughter.  How did you sleep?”

“Drop,” Morrigan’s voice broke, and she swallowed to force the sour taste out of her dry mouth. “Drop dead, hag.”

Flemeth made a tsk-ing noise. “I had really hoped,” she said in a sorrowful tone, “that you had learned better manners than that by now.” The white haired crone walked closer to Morrigan and grasped her bruised tit by the nipple, twisting to draw a groan from the young witch. “I suppose you need to be taught another lesson already?”

Flemeth ran her human hand over Morrigan’s taut form, savoring every bruise and blemish she had suffered in yesterday’s indignities. The young witch shivered uncontrollable beneath her mother’s hand, trembling in the cold as she was molested, exposed to the frigid breeze blowing through the swamp.

“Cold, my dear?” Flemeth mocked as that damned bird resumed its cheerful song. How badly Morrigan longed to blast it to cinders, but bound as she was even that pitifully small effort was beyond her.

“How could I possible be cold,” Morrigan responded with narrow eyes, “when I’m so appropriately dressed for the weather?”

Flemeth smirked. “Ah, but you are!” she said, sadistic amusement in her tone that made Morrigan’s stomach begin to twist in fearful anticipation. “If you weren’t naked, I would have a much harder time warming you up.” As the young witch watched in barely restrained terror, lightning began to hiss and writhe around Flemeth’s human hand as her talon played along the lips between her legs, the sharp nail sliding along the edges of the sore hole.

With raptured eagerness, she slowly brought her hand against her calf, watching her gasp as the electrical current periodically leaped the short distance between her hand and Morrigan’s supple flesh to sting the younger woman. Eyes completely wide now, the Kolcari witch tried desperately to move her body further away from the burning torment, straining to gain even a more more inches of movement in her tight bonds. Flemeth’s eyes took in the wonderful fear on her daughter’s face, the abomination’s face alight with anticipation as her hand rested so near the helpless woman.

Then Flemeth grabbed her calve and Morrigan’ world exploded into agony. The current arced through her body, forcing strained muscled to continually flex and relax and flex again, the heat burning agonizingly through her shivering body. When her body stopped thrashing, Morrigan was panting as tears filled her eyes, refusing to fall… and Flemeth removed her hand and renewed the enchantment, summoning more blue-white streams of power.

“Feeling warmer now, my dear?” she spoke before moving her hand forward again, towards the thigh of Morrigan’s other leg.

“Get that away from me!” Morrigan all but shrieked, thrashing in her bonds harder than before, the demand turning into a stifled scream as Flemeth again gripped her, rubbing her hands up and down the back of the thigh while the noirette woman spasmed in anguish.  

“You’ve obviously learned nothing,” the ancient woman’s cold voice said before she touched her hand again against the girl, this time her upper arm.  Even before Morrigan’s previous pained movements had finished they began anew, and although she scream she gave was breathless, it was as unrestrained a shriek as she had ever given.

When at last the pain had vanished, the agony which had wracked her perfect body faded, she could at last catch her breath. “I’m… not good to… you dead… mother,” she said between pants, her breath coming unsteadily as her body still twitched in the aftermath of the shocks. “You’re… killing me…” she finished with a heave.

Flemeth laughed.  “Nonsense. It can only kill you if it passes through your heart, see?” She pressed her hand again to Morrigan, and again her entire body jerked, locking into place helplessly in the cruel sorceress’s grasp. “If it doesn’t,” Flemeth finished, “it only hurts.”

Morrigan panted without answering, and Flemeth made a disgusted noise.  “You’re still shivering, slut. I guess you need more help to warm up,” she said, her golden eyes shining in the dim light of the swamp. “Thankfully, I know just how to heat up a whore like you.” With a wicked smile, Flemeth began to again press her hard, ridged dragonic fingers into her daughter’s raw, abused cunt.

Morrigan shuddered, trying to buck her hips away from the painful and humiliating intrusion. “Please, not that.”

“Yes…” Flemeth hissed.  “That.” And she pressed her electrified hand against the witch’s thigh again.

When the shock was delivered, Morrigan’s entire body locked up and and moved, including her insides.  The abused, tight hole clenched tightly around the sharp, protruding digit, pressing the bruised walls of the raw channel to press painfully against the hard edges of the chitinous plates like they intended to crush the armored fingers. Morrigan screamed.

When at last she could speak again Flemeth was pumping her hand in and out of the clenched cunt of her daughter, savoring the extremely tightness of the orafice. “Please…” she whispered, tears flowing freely down her face now as her pain overwhelmed her pride completely.  She begged in earnest. “Please, mother. I understand now… I do…”

Flemeth moved her hand so it rested just about Morrigan’s blackened and bruised tit, the lighting occasionally arcing to her nipple to cause a painful small shock.  “If you did,” she said quietly, “you wouldn’t expect your pitiful begging to change anything.” And with that she moved the enchantment to her taloned hand.

Pain like Morrigan had never felt before erupted from within her, the burning heat of the electrical assault coursing through her tender hole, lighting every single nerve up with a blistering kind of anguish that overrides conscious thought completely. In a blaze like that, individual agonies completely disappeared to combine in a single raw wound that hit her brain like a warhammer, flattening it completely beneath the unbelievable agony.

When her bonds were removed and she dropped into the cold water of the swamp, Morrigan was little but a whimpering girl in her twenties, curled in a ball and vainly attempting to protect herself from further harm. The pitiful sight failed to inspire mercy in her cruel mother, however, who grabbed her by the her raven hair and began to drag the helplessly stunned witch effortlessly through the muddy water, back towards the hut and further abuse.

The young witch whimpered as her scalp flared with pain, her mother gripping her dark hair tightly.  She didn’t even look back at her but rather just kept walking, her superhuman strength easily dragging her daughter along. Flemeth’s pace was too fast for Morrigan to struggle back to her feet, or at the very least her knees, and the dark-haired abused beauty knew it was intentionally so.

Water and mud sloshed around her limbs and naked body as she feebly struggled to free herself – a fruitless effort. She was too weakened by yesterday’s brutal abuse and the position she had spent the night in. Once more, she was helpless in Flemeth’s grip as the old witch dragged her towards the hut and literally threw her through the door, a pained grunt escaping Morrigan’s throat the moment she hit the hard floor inside.

After a brief moment of pain and disorientation, Morrigan looked around, fearful of seeing the hulking form of Cormac again, ready to abuse her yet another time. But he was nowhere to be seen and the hut simply was not spacious enough to hide him. She would at least be safe from him. “Cormac is taking a rest, my dear… it seems we exhausted him last night…” Flemeth confirmed, her choice of words and the ironic wink she threw at Morrigan both infuriating and shaming the black-maned witch.

With an almost dismissive gesture, the ancient being closed the door behind her, stepping towards the younger witch. Morrigan was already scrambling backwards. As Flemeth stepped closer, she shrugged off the garment, exposing herself to her daughter again, still immaculate and proud. Morrigan knew the looks to be a facade, however. Flemeth could make her body tight and strong and young… but somewhere within her, the ember of life was slowly guttering out, the natural order not wanting to be denied. That was why Flemeth needed her… though within this last day, the old witch’s cruelty had taken on another aspect she found almost as terrifying.

Smiling, the old witch looked down upon her daughter, her human hand lightly playing with her own tits. Morrigan glared up at Flemeth, a tiny spark of anger rising again upon seeing the smug expression in the abomination’s eyes. “What now? Want me to lick your cunt again? Make me say how sorry I am for disobeying you?”

“I thought about that… and I’d certainly like your tongue between my legs… but no, we are going to do something different.” Flemeth stepped closer again, leaning forward to cup Morrigan’s chin, forcing the witch to look into her eyes. “Remember that one chieftain’s daughter I had in here when you were ten?”

Of course, Morrigan remembered. The girl, barely 18 but already lean and strong, had been brought to Flemeth by her own father when Flemeth had demanded it. Morrigan had been told to stay out of the hut and wander a bit… but of course she hadn’t. Curious as she was the young Morrigan had stayed within earshot, not daring to go nearer but also not wanting to miss too much. The barbarian girl had gone in with her head high, her beautiful face set in an expression of pride.

The door had closed behind her… and from that point forward, the entire day long, terrible screams and pitiful sobs had emerged from inside the hut, together with loud grunting and the sound of skin slapping against skin. Back then, Morrigan had not understood what was going on… but when the door had opened again in the evening, what had stumbled out was a frightened, trembling girl, sobbing almost mindlessly, her skin bruised and her face dripping what she now knew was a mixture of cunt juices and sperm.

They had never talked about it, but Morrigan had feared her mother just a bit more. And that fear had festered into the mistrust and hatred she felt to this day. “Yes, I remember… is that what awaits me today? Boring stories from you? I’d better take my chances with Cormac.”

Flemeth was lightning quick, the back of her hand slapping Morrigan across the face so hard the young witch saw the stars dance for a moment. “So quick to forget the respect I taught you just moments ago? Careful, I might take you up on your words, cunt!”

“But not now,” she continued while Morrigan rubbed her throbbing lip. “Now I have something else in mind… close your eyes!” Her voice allowed for little disobedience, especially when she took aim again, this time with her taloned hand.

As her lids descended, Morrigan heard a little grunt from her mother and then a strange, slithering sound, as if dry scales rubbed against bare flesh. A moment later, Flemeth grabbed her left wrist and forced her hand against something long, hard and scaly, with a thick head… “Tell me what you feel, my daughter”, Flemeth commanded, sadistic amusement in her voice…

Morrigan’s eyes flew open. Her mother stood before her with her legs spread, and now staring the witch between the eyes was a big, monstrous cock. Thick and meaty, the shaft was as dark as the talon on her right hand, and lined with the same bumpy ridges of armor on all sides, one circling around the pole every inch from the tip to the base. The crown of it was especially thick and hard looking, the black-blue head with a curving, downwards slope and and a slickly pointed tip. The inhuman prick jutted angrily from between the crone’s thighs, and a pair of scaly, low hanging balls dangled beneath, each the size of an egg.

The look on Morrigan’s face was almost divine to Flemeth as watched her daughter’s shock clearly show on her face. At last, something had rendered the arrogant, caustic child speechless. Stroking a hand across Morrigan’s cheek lovingly, her thumb drew a gentle line across her brow, stroking an errant lock of hair from the witch’s face “Mmnn, what’s wrong dear? You look surprised.”

“What…” Morrigan said softly, then her voice returned. “What the fade are you?!” Morrigan demanded, her voice a cocktail of confusion, horror, and awe.

“Privilege of being a shapeshifter,” Flemeth chuckled as she wound her hands through her daughter’s hair. Dragging Morrigan closer, her knees shuffling, the evil mage gripped the base of her slowly hardening member in her other hand, guiding it towards her prey’s face. Her face was still red, and Flemeth’s palm had left a hand print across her cheek. “Now let us see if we can find a more respectful use for that stubborn mouth of yours…”

Morrigan ground her teeth together and clawed at the old woman’s hand, trying to pry her hair free a few strands at a time. “If you even try sticking that filthy thing in my mouth, I’ll bite it off!” She spat, glaring up at her captor with fury in her eyes.

Flemeth actually laughed at the threat, and Morrigan hated her all the more for the reaction. “Not if you want to keep your teeth you wont.” She slapped her daughter’s face with her chitinous cock.

Morrigan didn’t talk back, and as far as Flemeth was concerned, that was all the co-operation she needed. The younger girl tried to turn her head away, keeping her mouth shut, but the shape-shifted witch’s grip on her hair kept her from twisting too far away. Her sharp fingers on her talon pinched the bridge of the Morrigan’s nose, forcing her to open her mouth if she wanted to breathe… and the moment her lips parted even a crack, the vicious witch forced her tapered, pointy cockhead past them.

Morrigan readied herself to bite down, every instinct telling her to hurt the bitch holding her hostage the same way Flemeth had hurt her pride, but as humiliated as she was right now, Morrigan liked living, and was afraid of what the monstrous woman would do to her. She could feel that thick, ribbed shaft resting against her tongue, and the foul taste of it made her eyes water. The taste of Flemeth’s rough, ashen scales tasted like oil gone bad with age, and the smooth texture made her want to gag.

At least while it was soft, it wasn’t too difficult to take into her mouth, though that meant that Flemeth forced her to clean every inch it with her tongue. “Give me pole a good tongue bath bitch, or I’ll just have to take matters into my own hands!” the abominable shemale snarled, glaring down at her.  She smacked the side of her head until she could feel the younger girl complying.

Morrigan’s eyes welled up with tears as she was forced to polish her mother’s unnatural prick, her tongue digging in beneath the wide ridges Flemeth growled, her voice growing softer as Morrigan licked her clean, occasionally sucking on her bumpy shaft with a lewd slurp. That ugly, inhuman pike throbbed against Morrigan’s tongue, thickening out once more as the thin layer layer of whatever foil oil coated the cock was replaced with the girl’s spit. Grinding her pelvis into Morrigan’s face, Flemeth groaned, mashing her scaled testicles up against her chin roughly, the teary-eyed girl’s nose crushed against her lower belly.

Looking up at her hated captor, glaring at her through narrowed, angry eyes, Morrigan did her best to swallow her pride as well as her mother’s dick. The large pole was growing both longer and thicker as it hardened. As Morrigan’s wet tongue scraped across her dark meat, what little skin she could see stretched and grew rough beneath her languid licks.

Before long, Flemeth’s tool had grown too huge for Morrigan to swallow the whole thing comfortably, and inch by inch it slid back out past her lips, the wide ridges forcing her lips taut and the whole thing glistening with her spit. The raven maned witch strained, feeling like the sheer width of it might dislocate her jaw. Resting her palms against her mother’s thighs she tried to push herself away before she choked on the thick, fleshy spear.

Flemeth allowed her to ease back until just the thinner, pointed tip was still resting on her tongue, spitting out a fresh glob of precum for her to taste. When Morrigan tried to pull back even further, Flemeth’s grip in her hair became suddenly firm, holding her daughter’s beautiful face steady. The whimpering witch looked up to her with pleading eyes, trying to beg with her gaze, but Flemeth just chuckled and started to drag her head forward, forcing her dick back into her wet mouth.

It was barely halfway in and already Morrigan was gagging, the tip jabbing at the back of her throat and making her convulse. She pounded her fists against Flemeth’s legs and tried to fight back, but the insanely strong woman just kept sliding her face forward like an avalanche, completely unstoppable.

The head was pushing inside of her throat now, her otherwise rigid, steely pole curving to continue the journey into her gullet. The incredible girth of it forced the girl’s neck to bulge slightly, making it look like she had a wooden staff sliding down her throat. The ridges of the scaled thing scraped at her esophagus painfully, making it feel as though she was swallowing a longsword whole.

The noirette witch tried to breathe through her nose, but her airways were completely blocked. She was going to suffocate to death on the dragonic cock and Flemeth didn’t even seem to care… and to Morrigan’s horror, when the invading cock caught one of her teeth on one of its ridges, and the hard armor almost tore the offending incisor from her mouth. If she tried to bite the murderous member it really would tear the teeth from her skull.

Flemeth shuddered in obvious pleasure, the motion running through her cock, the subtle, almost imperceptible shift inside her tortured throat nevertheless making Morrigan gag harder again, fresh tears running down her cheeks in reaction to the pain and degradation.

“ Very nice, my dear, very nice…but you have not yet taken it all”, Flemeth purred, obviously enjoying this violation of her daughter on levels beyond the mere physical. Morrigan tried to protest, the sheer idea of taking more of that monster in her mouth and down her throat utterly unfathomable to her.

Again, her hands beat against her mother’s waist and thighs, her fingernails attempting to scratch the immaculate flesh of the ancient abomination, but the old witch’s skin was impenetrable. The hands in her hair held her firmly, slightly pushing, forcing her to move against the slow forward motion of Flemeth’s hips, thus cramming more of her ridged, armored length down the young woman’s throathole.
As the cock went deeper, Morrigan began to retch loudly, her gag reflex becoming harder and harder to endure, her throat constricting hard around the invading member, thus only increasing her pain and discomfort. Distantly, she knew she could avoid the worst by relaxing her throat and just letting it happen…but how was she supposed to do this when the thick cock stretched her lips and throat so hard and brutally?

“ Yes…good girl…just a bit more…a tiny bit more…”, Flemeth continued, mercilessly pushing on, eager to stuff the remaining few inches down Morrigan’s throat, no matter the young witch’s pain. Morrigan gagged so hard by now that she almost fainted, her airways completely blocked by the monstrous draconic cock shoved down her throat, throbbing inside her unwilling opening, her lips stretched obscenely around the root of the shaft.

And then, suddenly, with one more brutal shove, Flemeth had succeeded…her balls were touching Morrigan’s quivering chin, her entire length buried inside the noirette’s mouth and throat. The kneeling witch mewled and gagged, helpless, her entire throat seemingly filled with hard, ridged cock. And still, the old witch kept her hands firmly locked behind Morrigan’s head, preventing her daughter from escaping. Morrigan’s eyelids fluttered, her head beginning to swim as she lost focus…

” Look at me, slut!” Flemeth’s command cut through the veil of darkness that a merciful nature was draping over her. Leaving one hand against the back of her head, Flemeth used the other to slap the young witch’s bulging cheeks brutally until Morrigan’s attention was back on her, her eyes wandering up to gaze at her mother’s face. Morrigan knew how submissive she looked now and she was furious at the ease with which the motion now came to her. But what choice was left for her? Obey…or suffer even worse…and there was no doubt within her mind that Flemeth could do much worse things to her.

“ What a good girl…that means you get to breathe!” And suddenly, with one equally brutal motion as the one going in, Flemeth pulled out, the ridges rasping against Morrigan’s throat, agonizing her even more. When the head of the cock had slid over her lips, Morrigan nearly collapsed, gasping for breath, a thick strand of precum and spit connecting her trembling lips to the hard dragon cock.

“ Please…”, Morrigan said hoarsely when she had finally found some of her voice and breath again, “ please…not again…I can’t take this…it’s too big…mother…” Flemeth laughed, slapping her face with the spit-slathered cock again. “ So…are you offering to lick my cunt now? Of your own free will?” Morrigan, hating herself the moment she did so, nodded slowly, shuddering with disgust at the thought.

“ How very considerate…but not now. Right now, I want a bit more of your throat!” And before Morrigan could plead any more, the cock was between her lips again…and rammed down her throat a moment later. What followed was nothing but a nightmare. This time, Flemeth did not go slow. Instead, she immediately began to push in deep and start to fuck her daughter’s throat just like a cunt, ramming her cock in at a frantic pace, ignoring or maybe revelling in the young beauty’s hard gagging and desperate and futile struggles.

Thick waves of drool ran down Morrigan’s chin as she was brutally faceraped, her throat an inferno of blazing, indescribable pain, the massive armored cock pushing into her time and again and again and again, seemingly without end.

Her tits jiggled as she heaved, retched and gargled around the cock punishing her. Even her tongue was sore, the thick ridges rubbing over it while the cock pushed it down beneath its girth. And Flemeth grunted in obvious pleasure, drawing as much from Morrigan’s pain as from the sensation of the young witch’s throat constricting around her rapetool.

Flemeth’s balls slapped against her chin loudly, though her gagging eclipsed the sound easily, the noise from her poor, abused throat filling the hut while Flemeth laughed and grunted, her hands buried in the black hair of her victim, holding her, making sure she did not leave her position as the old witch’s fucktoy.

No gasp of air could reach the witch as Flemeth raped her face. Her cock never withdrew far enough for Morrigan to breath, and the impossibly large and stiff cock was stretching her tight throat as her mother used her like a pleasure toy. It seemed the the closer she came to suffocating, and the more desperate her struggles for air became, the more violent Flemeth became, sadistic pleasure fucking the cruel mage’s mind as she used her arrogant, snotty daughter as a whore.

As Morrigan’s vision again began to fade, as the ancient abomination’s grip on her skull grew tighter and her thrusts more vicious, the noirette realized she was about to die. She was going to meet her end on the floor of the house she was raised in, raped to death by an unnatural cock.

She was never going to leave this swamp.  She would never escape this hut, or cast another spell, or make another sarcastic quip. She would never see her… friends again. Never give in to that maddeningly persuasive dog, or trade further insults with the blond moron. She would never see the Warden again.

Just then, as she was hoping despite herself that the obnoxious Orleisian was right about the Maker, Flemeth unsheathed herself from the witch’s mouth and dropped her.  Morrigan fell bonelessly to the ground, gasping and coughing as her bought fought to stay conscious. Wracking cocks filled the room, accompanied by unwilling rapid, shadow breaths, her throat making an injured weazing noise as she greedily sucked oxygen.

“I’ve always known you had quite a mouth on you, my daughter.” Flemeth smiled down at the hacking witch, an expression of malicious glee on her face that made Morrigan hate her more.

The cruel crone again lowered her talon to clutch at her raven mane, and a pathetic whimper escape Morrigan.  She grasped the limb with both her hands, but only accomplished a slight lessoning of the pain as Flemeth again pull her to her knees, that murderous cock right before her eyes again.

“Please, mother…” she whispered, desperation prying the words from between her bruised lips. “No more… Can’t you see… that you’re killing me?” Shamefully huge tears ran from her eyes like a river now, covering her reddened cheeks.”

Flemeth cackled, evil intent plain in the laugh. “Like that would be such a loss.” She rested her cock’s armored tip against Morrigan’s mouth, and the abused girl moaned softly. “But I am not completely free of familial piety. I can spare you…”

She twisted her hand in her daughter’s hair, drawing a pained hiss from Morrigan. “IF!” she said, her golden eyes glowing. She lowered her face until she was just inches from Morrigan’s eyes, glaring directly into them. “If you’re finally going to behave like a good little slave.  If not, I’ll just use your throat as a cocksleave until you really do pass out.”

Sobbing, humiliated, Morrigan nodded slowly, her voice weak. “Yes, mother…”

She smiled. “Then wrap your hands around my cock and pull me off, slut.”

Morrigan opened her mouth in surprise as Flemeth rose back to standing, her cock pointing unerringly towards the young witch’s eyes as it stood at attention.  “Is the task too difficult for you, daughter? Perhaps you would prefer your throat fucked again after all?”

“No!” she almost scream, disentangling her own hands from her hair, releasing her grip on the talon’s arm.

“Then jerk your worthless little fingers over my cock until I paint your haughty little face!”

Cursing herself for her own eagerness, Morrigan rushed to obey.  She could barely wrap a hand completely around the thick cock, but she gripped it as best she could with both hands and slid then up and down on it’s length, the bony ridges slick with her spit.

Flemeth made an unimpressed noise. “You’ll have to do much better than that if you don’t want to be gagging on it again.”

With a low whine Morrigan sped up her pace, pushing her hands all the way down to Flemeth’s scaly balls before reversing coarse and pressing back up to the pointed head, squeezing as hard as she could all the while.  The witch of the wilds did her best to mimic the pace Flemeth had used to fuck her face, hoping that she could make her evil mother cum soon so she could be left alone.

As she stroked the monstrous cock for many minutes her hands began to burn. The armored ridges, so slick with her spit minutes ago, had spent their lube on her palms and their rough surface now tore into her with each pull. She felt like she was rubbing her own skin raw, but Morrigan dared not stop for fear of provoking the evil witch into further abuse. Sobbing all the while at her submission, she willing brutalized her own hands to pleasure Flemeth’s scaled prick.

Flemeth was moaning now, and Morrigan dared to hope that she was close. Wincing she sped her own pace, pressing her sore hands down her harder on the chitinous plates. Her mother groaned again, moving her hips forward in time with Morrigan’s pulls.

“Listen to me you little whore.” As the noirette witch looked up at the sinister shapeshifter with wide eyes, she continued. “When I come, you keep your fucking eyes open.  Understand me?”  Morrigan nodded, and Flemeth groaned again.

When the abused girl pulled one last time, Flemeth’s cock jerked in her hands, a stream of sticky white cum lashing her lip and nose.  To her horror, the second jerk spat a line directly at her right eye and she reflexively shut her eyes… too late.  Her golden orbs burned as the basic slime tried to inseminate her eyeball, sticking and stinging as it went. Morrigan barely felt the rest of the goo cover her face.

Her scalp erupted in agony as Flemeth pulled at it again, pulling her up so that she dangled for a moment before she got her feet beneath her, awkwardly standing. “You dumb slut!” she yelled, spitting onto the cum covered face before her. “I try to let you off easy, but you just can’t follow even the simplest of instructions.

“I’m sorry…” Morrigan whimpered, tears running even more viciously now as they tried to protect her savaged eye. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” she just kept repeating over and over, her voice breaking as she felt more and more pathetic and weak. “I’m sorry…”

“Oh, so you do want to be an obedient fucktoy, do you?” Flemeth mocked, her finger running through the cum on her daughter’s face before pressing the digit between her lips and rubbing it clean on her tongue. Humiliated, Morrigan nodded, not trusting herself to speak. “Maybe this is my fault,” Flemeth said, her tone concilatory.  “Maybe I’ve just been expecting two much from a dumb whore, giving you too complicated of tasks.”

She smiled at her sobbing daughter.  “If you really want to show me that you are an obedient slut, I’ll give you something even you can’t fail at.”

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