Morrigan’s Body 4

Morrigan looked at her, still blinking rapidly, not daring to wipe her eyes, no matter how much she might want to. The sensation of choking on that monstrous cock was still too fresh in her mind… and she had noticed that, even after climaxing, Flemeth’s draconic member was not softening completely, instead staying semi-rigid, no doubt ready for another rape. “W-what?” she asked, a thick strand of still connecting her lips together, long, disgusting strands dangling from her chin, some of it having already fallen onto her tits.

Flemeth smiled, showing just a hint of fang beneath her lips. “It will be very easy indeed… you will simply take this big hard cock up your tiny asshole and scream for me until the sun goes down.” She lightly rubbed her own cock as she said this, her eyes flashing with renewed cruelty. “A task that fits your abilities perfectly, my little whore.”

For a moment, Morrigan stared at her mother, speechless and utterly horrified, her mouth opening and closing without a sound, more cum dripping from her lips. The young witch could not believe what she had just heard. If Flemeth did this… if she jammed that huge member up her asshole… it would destroy her. Literally! She still hurt from the assrape she had received from Cormac the day before… and his cock had been smaller… and not armored.

When she had found her words again, the first thing she did was shake her head, stumbling back from the shapeshifter until she bumped against the bed, unelegantly falling to her knees again. “ No… no, mother, no!” she cried out, fresh tears of panic running down her cheeks, making more cum slide down her face and land on her tits and belly. Flemeth snarled, taking a step towards her, her scaled cock bobbing angrily, already hardening again at the sight of her daughter’s fear. “Did you just deny me… again?” the ancient witch hissed, reaching down with her clawed hand to grab Morrigan by the throat, squeezing. “How often do I have to punish you before you learn?”

Morrigan gargled, her face reddened as the witch tightened her grip around the noirette’s throat. “N-no… b-but… I won’t… survive… please… mother… you’ll… destroy… me… I can’t… take it… up there…” Her strangled, choked words were cut short by a brutal backhanded slap that sent her to the floor again.

“How ungrateful can you be?” Flemeth barked, spitting down on her daughter’s trembling form. “I ignore your poor performances, I even show mercy and stop my plans of fucking your throat again… and you continue to deny my wishes! After you promised to do as I said!” Angrily, she kicked out, her foot catching Morrigan in the ribs, drawing another pained cough and whimper from the abused raven-haired witch.

Weakly, Morrigan raised a hand in a feeble attempt to defend herself, but all it got her was another swift kick that knocked her against the bed. “ Please… mother… I’ll… do as you say,” she pleaded, too fearful and desperate to hate herself for it at this moment. “But… I just… can’t do that. You will kill me… PLEASE!”

Again, Flemeth kicked her… but then stopped, looking down upon her crying, pathetic daughter in silence for a moment. “Alright… you will get one last chance to prove yourself. And you better hope that this time I am not disappointed again.” Reaching down, she placed one talon underneath Morrigan’s chin and tugged, forcing the young witch to either look up or have her skin pierced. “ I will spare your asshole… for now… IF you climb onto the bed and spread your legs for me. You will let me fuck your cunt for as long as I wish… and you will not say “no” or defend yourself in any way. You may still scream and cry and beg for my amusement, but other than that, you will take my cock like the whore you are. Is that understood?” The last sentence she emphasized with yet another kick to Morrigan’s ribs.

The young beauty hurried to nod, sniffling as she attempted to stop her tears, still not daring to rub away the cum on her face for fear of angering her mother again. “ Good”, Flemeth said softly, almost gently, “then climb onto the bed and spread your legs for me.”

And Morrigan did. With trembling legs and shaky, unsteady knees, she got up to her feet and proceeded to get onto the bed, lying down on her back, her young shapely body fully exposed yet again to Flemeth’s cruel eyes. At a motion of Flemeth’s finger, she spread her legs, feeling her heart speed up at the sight of Flemeth’s cock stiffening a bit more. She already knew she would suffer terribly with this in her cunt, but if it was the only alternative to have it inside her ass… what choice did she have?

She could not help but stare at the hard, rigid cock bobbing slightly as Flemeth climbed on top of the bed and knelt down between her legs. It was hard to believe that it had been buried deep inside her throat only moments ago, but the pain and soreness she felt helped to prove the reality of it. Already expecting the pain of what was to come next, she grit her teeth as she saw Flemeth lower her upper body on top of hers, the old witch’s firm breasts crushing her own globes uncomfortably flat.

With the taloned hand lightly cupping Morrigan’s chin, Flemeth used the other to lightly rub her hard cockhead against her daughter’s slit. “And now,” she whispered, “invite me in… invite your mother to rape your cunt, my dear girl…”

Morrigan wept, but managed to choke out the words. “Please fuck me mother.”

Flemeth sneered, bouncing the cock against the witch’s pussy lips. “Put your hands on your legs and hold them wide open. No matter what,” she growled, “you do not move your hands.” When the witch hesitated, her voice became an angry snarl.  “Do it!”

Moving slowly in her humiliation, Morrigan reached her hands down and gripped her own thighs.  “Further!” her mother commanded, and the abused mage worked to obey, pulling on her legs until Flemeth smiled at her. She coud feel her lips being spread wide by the posture, but she was too terrified of the thought of that cock up her ass to disobey.

“Such a beautful little slut,” she muttered, running the sharp points of her talon across the soft flesh of Morrigan’s pussy, grabbing her tiny bud of clit and pulling firmly. “But I have to say, girl, your asshole looks so tempting.”

Morrigan’s eyes widened as a singled clawed finger suddenly forced itself into her ass, ripping past the pucker at its entrance before the young witch could even realize.  She moaned in dispair, “No, mother, please… you said…”

“I said,” she hissed, grapping one of her daughter’s swollen nippes and twisting it until the girl interrupted herself with a high pitched noise of pain. “That I wanted you to beg for it. How am I to choose your cunt over that tight ass of yours with such a pathetic attempt from you to convince me?”

“I don’t-” Morrigan stammered, “I don’t understand what you want…”

She snarled and twisted the finger in her ass, sending its sharp tip scraping across her sore insides. “It’s simple you stupid whore! I’m trying to tell you that unless you convince me that I ought to fuck your slutty pussy in the next minute, I’m going to rape your asshole until I rip you in two!”

Horrified, her eyes widened until they seemed to take up her entire face, Morrigan started to stamming desperate, debasing pleas. “Please, fuck my cunt! I’m a whore with a g-greedy… a greedy c-cunt that needs to be filled! I need you to fuck my p-pussy raw until I l-learn my place as your slave.  Please teach me by ramming your hard cock up my hole until you want t-to stop.  P-please mother, your daughter needs it in her cunt…”

While Morrigan’s silky voice was forced to utter such profane pleading, Flemeth enjoyed the rest of her.  Never removing the offending finger from her asshole or releasing her bruised breast, she took the other nipple into her drooling maw and started to slurp and suckle on it lewdly, teasing it with her tongue, letting the stiff, raw button slide beneath her carassed and vibrating her slimy tongue against it. She kept up her perverted teasing, tormenting Morrigan while hee daughter plead for her own abuse, her other hand mauling the exposed flesh of her other tit, groping it roughly and grinding her sore nipple against the palm of her hand.

Warm, sticky saliva was spilling from the shapeshifter’s lips, soaking that lovely chest pillow until it glistened, spit running down the sides to pool in between her cleavage. Morrigan groaned, interrupting her own begging as the disgusting slime making her feel ever more filthy. Wincing as Flemeth took to nibbling on her breast again, her fangs indenting the soft flesh and leaving bite marks, peppering her bosom with vicious kisses.

Flemeth’s bumpy girlcock pulsated, her blood pumping and keeping her fleshpole stiff and needy. It stood at attention and bobbed in the air, and each time it throbbed it would smack Morrigan’s sensitive lips lightly, reminding the witch of the reason for her pleas. Mauling those enviable tits aggressively, the ancient evil purred and started to nibble a little bit on her toy’s collarbone, flicking her tongue across it Her hips shifted awkwardly, letting her hard maleness slide back and forth again across Morrigan’s sore labia. The ridges were a bit thicker on top of the shaft, and the stiff bumps hurt the noirette witch just by thinking about them.

“Ask me to rape you,” Flemeth advised her daughter.

With a deeper blush spreading across her face than the time that red-headed whore had come on to her, Morrigan complied. “Please r-rape your whore of a daughter up her cunt, I n-need to be taught my place…”

The dragoness tugged her finger from the asshole of her unwilling lover, gripping her shapeshifted cock with the scaled hand. The cum-slick crown of her shaft prodding insistently at Morrigan’s hole, toying with it until she had spread what little lubrication the pole had onto the tight whole in front of her.

For just an instant, Morrigan’s urge for self-perservation overhwelemed her sanity, and her hand moved to Flemeth’s wrist, grasping it weakly. “Please, don’t do this to me mother…” she begged, her voice pathetic and small.

Flemeth just glared down that te witch, her eyes blazing like an infero as she crushed Morrigan’s breast in a powerful grip, her raspy voice raging.  “Don’t even think about struggling now… You put that fucking hand back where I told you or I swear in five seconds I’ll be finding out if you ass is as tight as it looks!”

Morrigan quickly returned her hand to her leg, and Flemeth started to press her cock harder against the dry hole. Morrigan flinched, and the white haired witch slapped her. “Your destiny was written before you ever even born whore, but this didn’t have to be painful for you my dear… it’s your insistance on your foolish pride and disobedience that has made it so… but I am growning TIRED of you. If you don’t stop squirming I’m going to make you stop struggling… permenantly.” Flemeth’s eyes flashed with menace, staring into Morrigan’s watery pools as if trying to burn a hole in her skull.

Whimpering softly, the mage stopped thrashing, her eyes wide in sheer terror. Spreading her legs wider in surrender, she arched her back and turned her head away, cheeks burning red in humiliation.

“There now, that’s better. Just lay back and just maybe I’ll take it easy on you.” Hissing between clenched teeth, Flemeth stared down as her humiliated daughter. The haughty look that had so oftened graced the witch’s face was nowhere to be seen now that she was about to be raped by her mother, a hunted abomination. Her armored member sawed back and forth over Morrigan’s sore slit, eliciting short little cries from her daughter’s bruised lips.

The tip of her ribbed staff finally pressed into the tight hole, stretching the raw cunt wide as the monstrous cock pushed further in. Growling in pleasure, those tender pussy lips parting for her at long last, she pulled the witch closer to her by a rough tug on the girl’s shoulder, squeezing her eyes shut and moaning from the tightness enveloping her prick.

Letting her jaw hang open, Morrigan gave a pained whimper like a kicked dog as she was speared by that hot, thick weapon. It split her cunt open wide around it’s generous girth and probed deeper into her core. The hideous lines and ridges that covered it rubbed against her innards, the ugly bumps scraping her vaginal walls making her writhe in pain.

Never before, not in everything that had happened to her, had Morrigan felt so humiliated. This was wrong, this was so wrong… this couldn’t be happening! This was her mother, a woman who had sought to rob her body from her true, but this… If she had the power, she would murder this ancient freak of nature in an instant, and the fate of her body afterwards be damned. Her chest still ached from Flemeth’s rough treatment of her much abused tits, and her hips constantly twitched in a weak attempt to escape the arduously slow push into her depths.

Snickering as the beautiful girl beneath her and her bodies pathetic attempts at salvation, she shoved herself in savagely, hilting herself completely. The suddenness of the thrust made the captive noirette scream, throwing her head back in a call that echoed through the swamp. Again, the sorceress pulled back at an agonizing pace before jabbing in deeply, drawing another cry from the abused piece of meat. She repeated herself again and again, making Morrigan scream with each thrust of her shaft into the girl’s dry snatch. Everytime she impaled the girl, the sharp edges of her cock’s armor sunk a little bit deeper into tender flesh, driving her entire length into the tight little flower of her daughter over and over.

Morrigan’s eyes watered from being stuffed so full, her petals never having been stretched so wide before. She swore she could feel the pointy, inhuman cockhead battering against her cervix, it dug so deep into her sex. “God… T-too biiig…” She whined loudly, tossing her head back and forth, her knuckles going white from gripping her own legs so tightly to keep them spread.

Flemeth snorted and growled, the nails of her hand biting a bit harder into her hostage’s breast.  Morrigan’s cunt spasmed so delightfully when she did that that the evil hag repeated the process, crushing first one tit and then the other as she raped the screaming girl, feeling her tight hole milking the unnaturally damaging cock. The witch of the wilds had her eyes wide and looking down to watch the monster’s cock splitting her open and plunging deep. Her tight sex was like a vice, her muscles clenching, trying to resist the harsh intrusion, but that only seemed to spur her monsterous mother on even more. The rigid bumps scraping away at her inner walls, wearing away at them until they loosened up some, allowing it pillage her cunt without mercy.

Flemeth moaned hotly. It had been so long since she’d had such a nice, tight hole to plow. Too much of her time was spent either fending off the templars who always sought her and scheming for how to turn the blight to her best advantage, and anyway none of her other slaves could match the wonder of this amazing body, the body she had chosen to keep for herself. It had been so long since she had had an adequete opportunity to sate her desires… and her daughter incredibly tight, hot pussy was perfect.  She was not going to last much longer in this screaming slut, not with the way her writing, agonized body was squeezing her cock. Already she could feel her balls churning with the need to spill her seed. Her hips pumping as she pressed into the whore spread bfore her, her wild thrusting sped up. Getting close now, soooo close… Just… A few more…

Flemeth came hard enough that Morrigan actually slid backwards an few inches on the bed, the raping cock erupting a massive torrent of slime into her cunt until the foul slime spurted out around the armored price, her cunt burning with the heat of the vile fluid that her mother was filling her with. Morrigan’s screams turned immediating to enormous, wracking sobs that moved her entire body and shook her tits, her dignity momentarily shattered completely under the humiliation and pain of her abuse. She hardly noticed when the woman slid out of her, the cock melting away into nothing with a slimy sound.

“I’ve waited decades for that…” Flemeth moaned in pleasure, her normal finger wrapping a lock of Morrigan’s dark hair around it. “Not bad for an ungrateful, whoring brat.”

Morrigan was panting, blinking rapidly to clear her vision again now that the reason for her tears was finally gone from her tight hole, now sore and aching. For a moment, she just remained like this, on her back, breathing heavily, trying to recover from her brutal rape as much as possible.

Not that Flemeth would let her. Suddenly, the grip on her hair tightened and the young witch found herself brutally dragged off the bed and to her feet againm whimpering as pain exploded in her scalp.
Within seconds, she stood face to face with her mother again, who was completely female once more, idly rubbing her slit with one finger as she looked her bedraggled daughter up and down. “Such sweet despair… such delicious tears… you really spurred me on there…”

Morrigan was almost transfixed with fear, staring helplessly into her mother’s hard, cruel eyes. “Please, mother… give me some rest at least… I can’t take anymore…” she whimpered, hoping that the ancient thing might actually be more merciful now that she had sprayed her load.

Flemeth growled, using her grip on Morrigan’s hair to yank the witch’s head back, spitting onto her face. “You still plead to be spared, you dumb cunt. Even though you know it will only make matters worse for you…” Again, she spat, this time aiming for Morrigan’s trembling lips, the spit mixing with the drops of cum and sliding down her chin. “But I will grant you your request. For today, you will be safe from my cock, because your performance actually managed to satisfy me in the end. Now turn around!” After she had punctuated her last few words with a series of hard slaps, first to Morrigan’s cheeks, then her tits, the noirette did as she was told, turning around.

At first, Flemeth simply grabbed the young witch’s ass and squeezed, making her victim yelp and fear that she might have changed her mind about the assrape… but then, Flemeth merely grabbed Morrigan’s wrists and forced them up, binding them together so tightly that her daughter’s shoulders were nearly dislocated, every motion sure to hurt. Morrigan whimpered softly, not daring to protest, despite the pain… not now, not with the agony of her last rape still in her mind.

Another moment later, she felt a metal collar snap shut around her neck, tight enough to be uncomfortable while still allowing her to breathe normally. “Mother…?” she dared to inquire, but received nothing but a sharp slap to her ass in return. The collar had a ring attached to its front and through that, Flemeth pushed a leash. “Now you will come with me, my dear.” And, without further words, she opened the door and dragged Morrigan outside, back into the swamp.

For what seemed at least a good hour, Morrigan was once again dragged through the swamp, unable to do anything but stumble on while Flemeth led her on the short leash, not brooking any hesitation or disobedience. While Flemeth was as naked as Morrigan, the mosquitoes did not bother her at all… while they soon feasted on the younger witch who could not even swat at them. Once, she had timidly asked where they were going, which Flemeth had responded to by a backhanded slap so hard it had cast Morrigan to the floor. Then, before she could get up, Morrigan was dragged on again, forced to crawl on all fours for a good while before she finally managed to find her footing.

Finally, after a seeming eternity, they stopped at the entrance to a cave. A series of pained womanly cries and shrieks emanated from it and while the sound filled Morrigan with abject dread, Flemeth’s lips curled into a heartless smile. “We are there, daughter… your new home.”

Morrigan’s eyes widened in terror as she was lead down in the cave, lit only by the flickering torchlight. Cormac was here, she realized to her horror, the chasind barbarian laying atop a sobbing red haired girl as he drove himself in and out of her… and they weren’t the only pair. The dank cave was filled with barbarians, crowded around three other sobbing girls while they cried and scream, the sounds muffled by the cocks in their throats.

And every single one of the men had that empty, soulless look of one of Flemeth’s slaves.

Flemeth cleared her throat, and all activity in the room abruptly stopped, all faced turned towards the ancient crone and her trembling noirette captive.  None all the barbarians were men, she saw… at least two of the soulless abusers were women, one of them sitting on one of the bound women’s faces while the sobbing girl was fucked.

All the faces of the chasind looked directly at her naked body, shivering in the cold and utter terror. When their faces showed any emotion at all, Morrigan could only describe it at… eagerness.

Flemeth smiled, and pushed Morrigan forward into the cave.  “Fresh meat!” she said, laughing all the while.

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