Morrigan’s Body 5

Flemeth had left a moment after she’d performed a horrible speech in front of them, “This is my sweet daughter Morrigan and she is going to spend a while with all of you. And I want you to make her feel welcome.” The moment Flemeth had spoken, the rapes had stopped, all of her thralls staring at the ancient witch while the crying victims turned to look away. “Touch her, beat her, whip her, rape her… but whatever you do, make her scream!”

As one man, those barbarians who did not yet have a cock rammed into one of the victims turned and stepped towards Morrigan, who had fallen silent from pure shock. Only her mother’s cruel laughter brought her out of it. “No… mother, please! I’ve been a good girl! I let you fuck me!”

In response, Flemeth shoved her so hard the young witch fell onto her knees in the middle of the room, now surrounded by these barbarians on all sides. “Yes, you did perform alright in the end. But you need to learn something… it does not matter how a slave performs. When your mistress decides you deserve further abuse, then you are going to suffer through that. Enjoy their attentions until I get back.”

And with that, the old witch had turned around, her naked ass swaying seductively, her laughter echoing down the cave as Morrigan felt the barbarians start to grope her body, whimpering pleadingly to a mistress that could no longer hear it.

Morrigan felt like her tits would be ripped from her body.  The already sore globes were being pulled different directions as a dozen hands mauled her body, pushing her first one way and then the other as she was tossed between them. The slaves spat in her face, pinching her nipples and her clit, or slapped her before passing her on to the next abuser in line like a bottle of cheap Orleisian wine.

Someone stuck his fingers up her ravaged cunt, drawing the first scream of the evening from the poor witch. They seemed to enjoy that enough that everyone who followed made sure to at least stick a few digits into her poor hole.

No one said a word the entire time.  In a way, that simple act scared Morrigan more than anything else.

Someone eventually pushed her over, and she collapsed on top of the ginger girl that Cormac was raping.  To the witch’s horror, she discovered that she knew the girl. The years of abuse had not been kind to her, but a decade ago the sobbing face she now saw had been the haughty and arrogant, the face of the chieftain’s daughter Flemeth had summoned.

The girl was now a cum covered wreck, having been kept as a slave for years upon years until she could barely remember another life.

The girl she was now lying on top of shuddered under Cormac’s brutal thrusts, wailing loudly each time the massive barbarian drove himself into her all the way. Another grabbed Morrigan and pulled her back until she was lying with her own tits atop the girl’s, which were also smeared with cum, creating a slimy, disgusting sensation as Morrigan’s orbs rubbed over them.

The young witch was utterly, absolutely helpless, unable to do anything but lie there and fear what might come next. She knew they would violate her and she knew that no matter what she said, they would not heed her. Flemeth’s thralls were empty vessels for her mother’s will, their own personality eroded and destroyed over weeks when they came to her. And it spoke of Flemeth’s cruelty that she actually let most of her female slaves undominated just so she could enjoy their tears as they were raped. The two female thralls she had seen were chasind, as were two of the victims, counting Fiona – the chieftain’s daughter – among them.

Another was a petite elven girl, Dalish by the looks of her, with a shock of short bright blonde, almost golden hair. She was kneeling in front of a thrall, suffering under his cock as he pumped it in and out of her poor, gagging throathole, her tits bouncing as she heaved, gargled and sobbed.

The other had the haughty features of a noblewoman, Morrigan thought, even though those features were almost obscured by a mask of sperm mixed with tears. The woman’s body could best be described as elegant, with softly rounded hips and breasts. A few barbarians stood around her as she was lying on the floor, stroking their cocks which were already dripping cum from their last load. One of the female thralls knelt at her head, lapping at the cum on her face just so she could spit it right back onto the crying woman’s features.

Again, Morrigan felt a sharp pain in her cunt, followed by the unmistakable sensation of fingers being pumped in and out at a rapid pace, making her wail, though she was glad it was not a cock yet. Apparently Flemeth chose her male slaves for their… endowment, with all of the males being almost, if not just as, well hung as Cormac. The huge barbarian was now finishing his thrusts into Fiona and pulled out, grabbing Morrigan’s hair to force her head back… a moment before his massive load hit the crying witch right in the face.

The furious, terrified young mage tried to pull away from the spewing cock, but Cormac’s grip on her hair was strong as an ogre, and she would tear out here mane before she budged her face an inch. Sobbing, she took the entire load on her face before Cormac finally let go of her, Morrigan’s body shaking in time to the finger thrusting into her used cunt. They pushed her around, using her hair as a mob to clean the cum from Fiona’s tits while the rough fingers scraped her sore walls.

The fingers were removed from her just before another cock pressed into her, stretching her well-raped cunt again. The barbarian, however, pulled out of the young witch after only a few strokes.  Morrigan understood when seconds later he pressed his now well-lubed cock against her puckered ass.

She screamed into the chasind woman’s tits, but she was shown no mercy as the hard cock plowed her tight ass, ripping her open for a second time as her almost-virgin ass stretched taut around the tremendous invader. While she wept and screamed, her asshole raped raw by the ravenous slave, Morrigan felt a tongue on her cunt. Someone’s lips pressed hard against the abused hole, tongueing it even as the mouth sucked hard as the filled hole.

Another man was raping Fiona again now, and the crying girl was forced to suck the witch’s tits while her ass was reamed. She was hardly aware when the mouth was removed from her cunt, but she certainly noticed when the chasind women stepped up to her face and spat the load of Flemeth’s cum over her face. She dropped back down and resumed her sucking, emptying Morrigan’s pussy even while the barbarian was so busy filling her other hole with inch after inch of hard cock.

Three times more the woman spat the cruel shapeshifter’s spunk on Morrigan’s face before she was satisfied that she had gotten it all. The thrall in her ass grabbed a single leg and stretched it high into the air, turning the noirette on her side without ever removing himself from her. The chasind woman wrapped her hand around Cormac’s cock, her soulless eyes glinting with some tiny fragment of amusement as she led the huge dick to Morrigan’s newly dry hole.

“Please, no!” she sobbed, even knowing it would do no good. “Not him! I can’t take it again, I ca-” her tirade of useless begging was cut off as one of the other chasind drove his length into her mouth, the cock sliding deep into her in a single thrust. It muffled her scream a second later as Cormac bludgeoned his way into her unready cunt, making the sobbing which completely airtight. The twin cocks in her holes made them even tighter, hurting the witch more with every thrust than anyting that had come before until the barbarian in her ass finally filled her with slime…

Hours passed like that before the slaves were finally done with her. Fiona was made to lick the nearly-comatose witch’s face, her golden red hair sticking to the cum, before the young mage was permitted to curl up on the stone floor, her leash held by Cormac in one enormous hand as he slept. With nobody watching the prideful apostate any longer, the tears came freely to the raven haired beauty. Morrigan cried for a long time on the floor before her exhaustion finally outweighed the pain of her bruised flesh against the hard floor, her mind empty of hope that tomorrow would be any better than today.

– – – – –

If anything, it was worse. From the moment she woke up the barbarians found one degrading use for her after another.  First she had to join the other abused women in trying to clean up the leftover fluids from the night before, dragging her tongue over the dry stains on the hopelessly filthy floor before sometime decided to assrape her while she cleaned. Soon after that, the pitiful attempt at cleanliness devolved into another gangrape, which continued until the men used the four women like toilets until all of the thralls were relieved.

The mixture of piss and cum in her belly made Morrigan feel sick, but she dared not throw the mix up for fear that would make her swallow it, the way she had made the noblewomen just a few moments ago. She desperately fought to control her nausea as she was raped yet again. The men and woman used her in complete silence, never speaking – the only sounds were the occasional grunts, and the sobbing of their poor victims. They didn’t even seem to enjoy the act of abusing them… in fact, Morrigan was not sure they were even capable of feeling pleasure or joy anymore, in any regard. They simple used them like machines, puppets dancing to the sadistic will of their controller.

After two days of this, she could hardly remember what she had done to deserve this treatment from her mother.  Her pride was slowly shattering underneath the barrage of cocks, and she had lost count of how many times the thralls had fucked her. She couldn’t remember why she had been so reluctant to suck their cocks, or be fucked. Such stubborness seemed completely futile against the unrelenting tide of men that came at her, using Morrigan’s body to sate their cocks until they were too exhausted to continue.

She was on her knees when Flemeth returned on the third day, licking at Cormac’s cock while it plunged savagely into the gold-furred Dalish cunt beneath him. His heavy balls slapped her in the face with every thrust, his sweat mingling with Morrigan’s tears as he made the elf scream with each thrust. The elf was almost impossibly tight, and black haired witch couldn’t imagine the level of force the huge barbarian required to fit his cock into the narrow opening.

As soon as the thrall planted himself as deeply as he could, Morrigan felt a familiar taloned hand press her face firmly into the girls raped cunt. Sobbbing is despair, she obediently drive her tongue into the hole and lapped at the warm seed, hoping against hope that her mother would take her away from this place, even if it was to abuse her further herself.

“That’s so much better, daughter,” Flemeth whispered into her ear, the first voice the witch had heard in many days. She was irrationally glad for the words, even as she hated the woman more than ever. As soon as as the ancient sorceress decided that the Dalish girl was as clean as Morrigan could make her, she began to pull the noirette witch away by the leash, crawling on the ground as another man climbed on top of the golden haired elf.

The poor girl’s whimpers followed her as she was led outside and into the swamp again. Flemeth was once again just as naked as Morrigan, apparently having no small amount of pride in the way her body looked, her shapeshifting powers keeping her as firm and young as she wished. Once again, she took on a rapid pace, making Morrigan follow her on all fours without giving her time to stand or speak. And for the next while, Flemeth uttered no sound as well, silently leading her new victim onward.

Only when they were about halfway back to the hut did Flemeth slow down suddenly, waiting until Morrigan had caught up to her. “ Stand”, she said, actually offering a hand to her abused daughter. Morrigan, too glad to be out of this degrading position, took it and grunted as her knees popped…she had spent so many hours on all fours or kneeling these last few days, standing was almost a new experience all over for her. When she was finally standing upright again, she looked at her mother. “ Your face is a mess”, Flemeth snarled and Morrigan knew what she meant. Her dark hair was a muddled mess, swamp water and cum having ruined it for now…and her face showed many lines of white seed all over her features. “ May I…clean it?” Morrigan dared to ask, hoping to have gauged Flemeth’s expression as one of disgust right.

But the ancient witch shook her head. “ I like that look for now. It speaks of what a whore you truly are. Now walk, and keep up with me!” After having heard that shattering remark, Morrigan had to bite back another stream of tears, palpable dread gripping her heart. And as she walked on, she wondered if Flemeth had always been this evil and she had simply not seen it…or if it had been a recent development. But one thought about Fiona’s fate was enough to answer that question for her.

Up until now, she had never known Flemeth’s true heart.

Eventually, after they had walked a few more paces, she felt Flemeth’s hand grope her ass, the talon digging into her roundness, making her whince. For a moment, she tried to obstruct her mother’s grip with her hand, but as she grabbed the scaly wrist, Flemeth shot her a look that killed all defiance within her. Flemeth’s taloned thumb rubbed between the cheeks and over the much-abused puckered opening, a soft chuckle escaping the ancient evil as she saw Morrigan flinch.

“Still tender, hm? I hope they all got a go at your tight asshole, daughter…”, Flemeth commented. Instead of a response, Morrigan sucked in a sharp breath, just feeling the tip of the talon press against her sphincter, sliding into her sore canal. “ Keep on walking”, Flemeth snarled, forcing Morrigan to ignore the pain while the finger slowly thrust back and forth inside her anus.

“It is still tight… very good. I had feared Cormac might have loosened you too much to be of use. Did he have his cock up there?” she asked, pushing her thumb all the way in, ripping a tortured groan from Morrigan. Even while waiting for an answer, she did not remove her finger, forcing Morrigan to walk, each motion making her asshole shift slightly, the talon rasping against her sore, stretched walls. “ Y-yes, mother… three times,” she finally said, not wanting to think about it too much.

Flemeth nodded, apparently satisfied by those answers. Walking on, she kept on violating Morrigan’s backdoor with the talon, sighing in pleasure at the witch’s obvious discomfort. “ Hmmm..I should have started sticking things up your holes earlier…”, she mused, giving her daughter a fang-filled grin, “ you are so much more enjoyable to have around when you are in pain.”

In the distance, they saw the hut, but, much to Morrigan’s surprise, did not go there. Instead, their path led them towards a small hill in the swamp where the ground was more firm. “Where…are we going?” Morrigan dared to ask, though she knew she would probably hate the answer.

“Oh, some quiet place over there. I feel like fucking you outdoors today.”

With a tiny gesture a pair of stone hands sprung from the the ground, holding Morrigan’s ankles in their earthen grip. With inexorable strength they pulled at the pale witch, spreading her legs wide until she was forced to drop to her hands as well to prevent herself from falling over completely. The hard armored digit shifted painfully in her raped rectum as she bent, being pushed deeper by the woman’s forced motions.

The stoney appendages started to slid up her slender legs, a perverse use for a simple spell that Flemeth had taught her more than a decade ago. They wound further and further up her body, arms of packed dirt flowing unerringly behind then. Morrigan could hear Flemeth chuckling as the rock fingers reached her ass and began pulling it wide, allowing her to drive her talon in and out of the tight hole with reckless abandom. The witch sobbed while Flemeth raped her with the digit.  It’s sharp nail pressed painfully into her with every stroke, and the hard ridges of armor scraped at the sore blisters that the barbarians had opened up in her rear.

To her horror, one of the stone digits began to press into her cunt, sawing roughly into her tender pussy while Flemeth did the same to her ass. Another finger followed, and then another, opening the young witch as far as she has even been stretched… and then a fourth of the fingers pushed its way in. Her cunt was completely taut around  the earthen hand now, and Morrigan gave a pitiful whine as the fifth finger painfully ground into her clit, smashing it flat against the unyielding digits within her.

Flemeth’s talon withdrew from her ass, only to be replaced by the other stone fist slowly cramming extremity after intrusive extremity into the tightest hole on her body, pressing into her until she felt she would split… and then the thumb of the first hand finally pressed into cunt.  Flemeth stood by her daughters face, drinking in the expression of pain as the stone hand curled into a fist within the noirette and began to press into her further.

Morrigan screamed. “Too big!” she yelled, begging, pleading for help from anything that could hear her. At this second she would swear her soul to a pride demon if only he could make the agony stop, make her cruel mother leave the hurting, wounded witch alone. Again the hand twisted and pushed and the stonefist spell slowly began spreading open her delicate teenage fuckhole. Morrigan gasped out in disbelief as she felt his hand prying open and penetrating her abused pusy, fucking in and out in an attempt to stretch open her tiny cunt more. Then once again the hand twisted and pushed, vanishing inside Morrigan’s little slit, her cunt lips wrapping tightly around the filthy shaft of the animated arm. Morrigan screamed and twisted her hips, but she was held firmly in place by the spell while her body brutally invaded.  

Flemeth began stroking her own slit as she enjoyed the sight of her daughter’s tiny holes been invaded by the magical automotons. Morrigan was breathing heavy and scared to death – even among her other abuses, she never felt anything like this. She could scarcely imagine what damage Flemeth was doing to the insides of her lovely body.  She had the earthen hands fucking her hole slowly, the fist bottoming out inside her cunt. She made sure Morrigan felt the fingers probing deep inside her and made sure she felt completely humiliated. “You like that you whore?” she whispered to her.

With a savage scream from the witch, the fist came almot entirely free of her cunt before plunging entirely back into her. Morrigan made a deep grunting sound as she tried to bear the agony of her cunt being overstretched. She let out a whimper as she feared the constant stretching of her hole might simply kill her, and she began to wonder if Flemeth even thought about that. Each time it withdrew and pressed back in Morrigan’s cunt lips spread wide, allowing the dark stone hand to pull out and re-penetrate her petite cunt hole.  Flemeth pressed her lips to the sobbing Morrigan, muffling her screams and allowing the cruel shapeshifter to taste her suffering as she was violated in a new way.

Morrigan just cried harder and moaned hysterically, now. She had lost track of how many times that savage construct had plunged into the deepest parts of the precious pussy… but hen the other hand began to pressed its thumb into the witch’s asshole. “Oh no, please…” she mumbled into Flemeth’s mouth until, with one hand still buried in her cunt, the other stone fist twisted and pressed its entire girth into Morrigan’s tiny ass hole at the time time. Morrigan’s entire body wracked in an agony she never would have been able to imagine previous to her captivity. The young noirette felt like her body was ripped open, spread wide enough that she would never recover. Her entire body was taut around the invading fists, and she felt there was no slack in her skin anywhere on her body – the invading hands had pulled it all tight. Morrigan’s anus stretched and stretched beyond belief for such a tiny girl. She screamed from the extreme pain as her anus felt like it was tearing apart, then broke into despairing sobs. Tears poured from her eyes as the excrutiating pain overwhelmed her body, and Flemeth’s golden eyes glowed as they watched the spell ream out her daughter’s asshole.

She wailed and thrashed, her body bouncing uncontrollably between Flemeth’s grip and the bonds of the constraining spell. When finally the fist was far enough into her that the sphincter cold close on the narrower “wrist” of the magical limb, the pain subsided slightly… but not much. She felt so full with two fists buried inside her body. Both holes felt like they were ready to split her body wide open from stretching so much. Morrigan looked over her shoulder to see what they had done to her. Two arms of packed earth protruded from her behind. She could feel them begin moving inside her, probing at each other from the other side of the delicate membrane… it felt like snakes crawling up deeper and deeper inside her body.

Her mother removed her limps from the blubbering mouth of her daughter and smiled at her agonized contenance. “Are you ready to be properly fucked now, my dear?”

Morrigan, her voice gone, could only silently mouth no as the full size of the fist in her ass began to pull back, and she whimpered silently just before it pounded back into her, causing her entire body to spasm so hard that her shoulders ached… only seconds before the hand in her cunt repeated the motion. Then the other, and then the other, over and over, fist fucking her cunt then her asshole.

“Please, mother…” she moaned, finding some tiny shred of her voice. “Mercy…”

To Morrigan’s horror, Flemeth smiled, the expression heralding suffering that the witch’s exhausted brain could not comprehend as the woman’s talon slid across her face and traced the outside of her throat. “I am being merciful, daughter. If I were truly cruel…” she whispered, her fangs nippling at Morrigan’s earlobe. “…I would not have stretched you first.”

Then Flemeth’s skin began to ripple, as though it had come unattached from her body and was sliding around her form. Her eyes widened and her nose and mouth began to lengthen into a muzzel as dark smoke rose from somewhere deep in her throat, and emerge from gaps in her squirming flesh. Tufts of black fur emerged frm beneath her skin even as that skin peeled away, exposing the red muscle beneath. Savage spikes of bone broke the surface of her back, covering it like the quills of a hedgehog as Flemeth growled and dropped to her hands and knees, her hair melting away to be replaced by ursine ears.

A bereskarn, Morrigan realized in some corner of her mind. Flemeth was transforming into a bereskarn, a hybrid between a wolf and a bear that had been corrupted by the blight. But why would she…

Both invading fists removed themselves from her stretched holes and resumed spreading her asshole… and horrified revelation came over the witch.

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