Morrigan’s Body 6

Morrigan’s eyes widened as a wave of sheer, mind-blasting panic overcame her. Shaking her head in desperate denial, she tried to crawl forward, fighting in vain against the hands that held and widened her. The transformation was complete now, Flemeth having turned into a huge, tainted monstrosity, a thing that simply SHOULD not be.

And it was grinning at her, a massive cock dangling between its shaggy legs, the organ as malformed as it was huge. For a moment, Morrigan could not utter a single sound, panic having gripped her tightly. Then, the thing started to move towards her and she shrieked. “NO! Mother, please! Please, don’t do this to me! I’ll do everything… I’ll suck it if you want me to… I’ll jerk it off and drink all your cum! But PLEASE… not that! I beg you… have mercy this ONE time!”

The bear-thing lumbered closer, its muzzle inches away from her body now, a huge tongue lolling out and lapping at her dangling tits, the rough texture making her whince with pain as it scraped over her sensitive, abused flesh. The thing stank of corruption and foulness, much worse than Cormac and much worse than the swamp. Morrigan flinched, tears of pure dread running down her face.

“Please…mother…” she whimpered again, grimacing as she felt the stone fists hook their thumbs into her asshole while spreading her cheeks, stretching the already-abused hole for its new attacker.

“Stop wasting your breath, daughter,” the thing growled, its maw not made for human sounds, though Flemeth forced them out nevertheless, resulting in a voice that was half a growls and half a bestial gargle, “You will need it to scream soon.”

As Morrigan hung her head in defeat and began to sob in anticipation of the torture to come, the beast’s toothy grin widened. Flemeth felt her heart speed up as she looked upon her violated daughter, finally brought down to her rightful place. She really should have started raping her on a regular basis earlier. Back then, she had spared her out of a sense of convenience, but that decision she regretted now.

Feeling the massive cock harden, she got into position, placing her massive body atop Morrigan’s, her shaggy legs next to the witch’s arms and legs. She did not yet rest her entire weight upon her victim, wanting to enter her properly first. Nevertheless, Morrigan groaned under the weight and the fact that even the bereskarn’s underbelly had bony protrusions that scratched against her beaten and bruised skin.

Morrigan tensed up, feeling the massive cockhead brush against her puckered opening, still held open by the stone hands. Then, suddenly, amidst the despair, an idea came to her… a possible salvation. “Mother, please wait,” she said, her voice almost choked with tears, “if you do this… you’ll stretch me out… and it won’t be any more fun to fuck me like that…” She blushed and tried to choke back more tears of despair, a despair that came from the knowledge that this might be the only reason Flemeth might back off.

But a rumbling laughter from the bear-thing shattered her hopes like the finest china. “I am thousands of years old… I have raped countless girls, some who were tighter than you… You think I would not have found ways to return their fucked holes to tightness?” Again, the creature rumbled with laugher… and then, it suddenly surged forward, burying the tip of its massive cock in Morrigan’s anus!

Flemeth growled into her daughter’s ear, the sound brutal as she pressed into Morrigan’s spread ass. In a signel savage motion, she buried eight inches of the savagely thick cock into the witch’s bowels, with just as much left outisde. The raven haired girl screamed as the pain hit her, ripping through her asshole as the enermous cock opened her up. She felt delirious – nothing, not her chain of previous rapes, not even the cruel fisting, could have prepared her for the bereskarn’s mammoth girth sliding into her tight backdor.

Flemeth started to fuck her in long, hard slides, pushing a tiny bit more of her cock into the untouched depths of her daughter’s abused asshole. She pulled out all the way to the head every time she drew back, then shoved inside again as deep as she could, grunting with the fiction that dry hole was providing on her cock as she fit another inch in. Every hard thrust rocked Morrigan’s whole body against her bonds, and her toes and fingers curled every time she fit a tiny bit more of the merciless rod into her, raping her ass with quick, hard thrutsts. She squirmed around his thick cock, whimpering helplessly as her nipples tightened and her ass clenched with the burning pain.

With a new scream, Morrigan realized that one of the stone fists was starting to slide back into her pussy. “Noooo,” she moaned as her pussy against stretched around the invading hard, beginning to wet itself in desperate defense against te abuse. The intrusion into her pussy made her ass even tighter for Flemeth’s new form, and hurt the black haired witch all the more. The ancient monster didn’t care if it hurt to have her ass pounded while she had a fist up her cunt, however. It was her own fault for having a body that could fit the intrusions, if only barely.

“I knew from the moment I saw you that you were a born fucktoy,” the bereskarn growled above her, the voice deep and menacing and not at all like that of a humans. “That’s why I chose you, and I have to say daughter, you don’t disappoint.” Morrigan sobbed, making a series of protesting noises as she drooled and moaned, her screams transitioning to broken sobs of defeat.

When the cock in her started to grow, the noirette at first thought it was her imagination, an illusion from the mass filling her cunt and her ass swelling under the assault… but then to her horror it began clear that she wasn’t wrong. Slowly but steading, the base of Flemeth’s transformed cock was swelling as growing thicker. Helplessly she strugged against her bindings, reaching a free hand to push against the bereskarn’s intruding form. She might as well have tried to hold back th ocean, and the beast continued to press deeper into her, in a quest to bury the entire length of meat in her tight asshole.

Rocking, she lay her passive paws on Morrigan’s hips, forcing the cock forward. The ass, as tight as it was, was no match for the strength of the rutting animal, and at last Flemeth finally forced the last inch of the huge bear cock into Morrigan, and not a second too soon. The flesh on the cock was still growing, buried in her ass as she hilted herself completely, forcing herself in until the ring of her ass clamped on the otherside of the swelling and stuck. As the bereskarn waited, completely enveloped in the agonized witch, the bump grew into a bulge, and then into a knot the side of a grapefruit.

Through it all, Morrigan screamed. She screamed until she was hoarse, and still it didn’t stop. The knot in her grew, forcing her dick deeper into her cervix and opening her up she felt her ass was entirely ruined. The shapeshifter’s dick was so big that it was impossible for her to grow accustomed to the size, and once the knot had fully groaned Flemeth resumed rocking her hips, the huge balls slapping against her ass while her pussy was filled with the stone invader. With no warning she came, wave after wave cum erupting inside of her completely filled ass. The orgasm took so much longer than a human’s and she came so much more, gushing come into the witch for several long minutes, filling her rectum completely with her seed.

Morrigan moaned and whimpered underneath her, jerking as she filled her so completely with her disgusting, blighted cum. She felt bloated and cramped and she gasped, struggling to get away from him. It seemed like it would never end… but then Flemeth finished with a low sigh. His hips jerked a few times before he settled, locked deep in her bitch daughter’s ass, her knot stopping even a drop of her come from escaping.

The stone fist continues raping Morrigan but she could barely feel it. Her senses were completely overloaded, and the entire bottom half of her body felt numb. She was positive that her mother had broken something, and the most defiance she could muster was to hope that it ruined her body badly enough that the sorceress no longer wanted it. Flemeth didn’t want to rip the knot out of Morrigan and ruin her completely quite yet, so instead she waited for the swelling to diminish, lapping her enormous tongue all over Morrigan’s neck and face and back, her claws pressing into her soft skin painfully but not quite hard enough to rip it open.

Drooling, the abused couldn’t do anything but whimper, grunt and moan as she abused her, playing with her bound body until the shapeshifter decided that the swelling had reduced enough, and she eased the bulge, now only the size of the stone first, out of her tight pucker. Morrigan would have screamed if she had voice left, but instead she just lay there as the knot lid out, and a flood of cum followed it out of her gaping ass, hitting the soft earth in humilating splashes.

“I’ve been waiting to do that,” Flemeth said, her voice human again. The naked sorceress walked in front of Morrigan, finally dismissing the stone spell holding her up and letting her abused daughter drop to the mud, collapsing into the puddle of putrid cum seeping from her asshole, and laughing the entire time.

Morrigan simply lay there, trembling, gasping for breath, her entire body wracked by sobs as the horrible abuse she had just suffered played inside her mind again and again, resisting any possible attempt to push it away. She knew she should be furious at Flemeth, who was still laughing at her plight, or afraid of more abuse, but at this moment, she simply did not have the strength for it.

All she felt was deep, utter exhaustion and absolute despair…and that paralyzed her better than any spell or rope Flemeth could have used on her right now. She did not feel it when Flemeth spat down on her and barely heard it when the old witch said, “ I am sure you will not leave any time soon…so be a good girl and wait till I come back. And if you should somehow find the power to actually get up…remember that I am everywhere. And should you escape…I will make you beg for death.”

Morrigan would have already beggd for that by now, if she could find the words. But all that made it out of her throat was a soft whimper and Flemeth merely sighed in obvious, satisfied pleasure, turning around and leaving the clearing, her ass swaying hypnotically, the golden rays of the sun playing across her firm, magic-enhanced body.

Any painter worth his salt would have loved to paint this image of utter beauty…but to Morrigan, it merely highlighted Flemeth’s natural cruelty. With this body, she could have as much male and female companionship as she ever desired…and yet, she enslaved and raped, taking even greater pleasure in dominating others than simply fucking them.

Eventually, Flemeth was out of sight, leaving Morrigan to the mercy of nature. The witch had hoped that maybe her strength would soon return, at least enough for her to get away from the exact place of her rape, but she simply could not gather herself enough. More mosquitoes made a meal of her and she did not even have the strength to swat at them. All she could do was lie there, crying quietly, feeling the last drops of cum seep from her anus, the opening not even fully closed again. Flemeth must truly have damaged her.

Maybe, at least, this meant that those horrible assraped would now finally stop…

Eventually, after a while had passed, she simply passed out right on the spot, exhaustion taking its toll. But just as darkness had overtaken her, it seemed, she was awakened again by a swift kick to the ribs that made her groan weakly.

Again, Flemeth was standing over her, holding a small clay flask in one hand. “ I did not allow you to sleep, whore!” the old witch snarled. Apparently, seeing her daughter so miserable had not triggered any notions of gentleness within her dark heart. Without waiting for a plea that could not even escape the young witch’s scream-hoarse throat, she grabbed a fistful of black hair and forced Morrigan’s head back, pressing the rim of the flask against her lips. “ Drink!” Flemeth snarled, tipping the flask.

Morrigan felt the fluid touch her lips and almost gagged right then and there. The smell alone was awful and it felt warm and slimy against her lips. “ Drink, slave! I will NOT ask a third time!” The unbridled fury in Flemeth’s voice at her hesitation was enough to bring Morrigan to open her lips and let the fluid slide in.

The taste was even worse than the smell, a mixture of a variety of herbs, swamp water…and cum, if Morrigan was right. Her stomach churned and she gagged hard, but Flemeth simply grabbed her by the throat and tilted the flask a bit more, making more of the disgusting stuff flow into her mouth. “ I want to see you swallow!” And Morrigan did.

Immediately after it had arrived there, her stomach cramped, warmth spreading out from it, filling her entire body. It was not a pleasant feeling, but it…energized her, filling her with renewed strength…all the hurts from the day disappeared, only remaining in the form of memories that would haunt her forever…even her asshole and cunt closed up, ending up as tight as she had been when she had come to Flemeth. When Flemeth finally took the flask away, Morrigan felt like she could actually survive this day.

“ See? I told you I could undo anything I do to you”, Flemeth snarled. “ And now, daughter…you will prove to me that you are an obedient slave and no longer an insolent brat.”

Morrigan just stared at the old witch for a moment, her heart racing as her mind contemplated what horrible things might be in store for her next, already taking into account that any renewed rape of her holes would be just as awful as the first had been. “ How, mother?” she finally dared to ask.

In response, Flemeth simply turned around and bent over. “ I want you to tongue my asshole.”

Morrigan was silent for a moment, simply staring at Flemeth – that was, until the old witch turned her head, infinitely old eyes boring into Morrigan’s teary orbs. “ When you next open your mouth, daughter, it will best be to stick out your tongue and lap at my ass or else I will get really creative when fucking your ass next time. Understood? Now get to it. Be a good little slavegirl.”

Then, she looked away again, no doubt knowing that her daughter would be afraid enough to comply…and after the brutal anal rape of only a moment ago, who would think otherwise? Morrigan certainly did not. With trembling hands, she reached out, her long, slender fingers cupping Flemeth’s firm, round ass, spreading them slightly to expose the ancient witch’s puckered opening. It was a pale shade of pink and absolutely clean, almost pristine, a fact for which Morrigan was now infinitely grateful. Beneath, Flemeth’s cunt was glistening. No doubt the continuing degradation of her daughter turned the old witch on beyond words.

Tentatively, sniffling back a sob, Morrigan stuck out her tongue and let the tip graze just slightly over the puckered opening, hearing a soft moan from Flemeth as she did so. Her cheeks flushing with shame, she repeated that motion, the tip of her tongue lightly tickling Flemeth’s anus. “ Yes, daughter…lick my asshole…I’m curious if you are better than that elven girl…” Flemeth moaned while Morrigan worked behind her.

New tears ran down Morrigan’s cheeks at the new humiliation while she continued in her degrading task, knowing that she could not dare to stop, not without risking even worse than what had happened to her already. Slowly, knowing that Flemeth would not let her stop at this act, she began to lap at the opening faster, more of her tongue running over the old witch’s sphincter. Flemeth shuddered in pleasure, reaching between her legs to pump two fingers into her cunt.

“Harder, whore”, she snarled, her voice laden with arousal. Morrigan did as she was told, trembling, sobbing while her tongue caressed Flemeth’s tightest hole. “ Kiss it!” the white-haired witch growled, reaching behind her with the draconic hand, taloned fingers burying themselves in Morrigan’s hair, dragging her face against the presented ass, the noirette’s lips upon the quivering orifice.

For a while, the clearing was filled with nothing but Morrigan’s muffled sobs, her smacking and slurping while she pleasured her mother’s anus, lathering it with her spit, and the wet, sucking sounds of Flemeth fucking her own cunt with her fingers. Only after an awfully long time did this culminate in Flemeth roaring out in orgasmic bliss…

To her surprise, this time Morrigan had no difficulty keeping up with her mother as she was dragged through the swamp. At first she suspected it was because the healing potion Flemeth had fed her, but the more she thought about it, the more the raven haired witch was convinced it was something else. Certainly the potion helped – not since she had returned to these fade-cursed swamps had she felt so energized, so rested, and so intact – but that only accounted for a tiny portion of her ability to crawl fast enough through the fetid water to keep up with her mother.

The truth, the humiliating real reason that was dawning on the abused mage, was that she could keep up because she was eager.

As awful as it was to be in that fetid cave, filled with soulless abusers and pathetic slaves, Morrigan found herself looking forward to her return if only it would mean escaping Flemeth for another day. Tears dripped down her face as she crawled, and the proud witch barely concealed the sobs, strangling them before they could pass her throat… if her mother were to realize just how much she preferred the company of even her harem of abusive thralls to her presence, the young witch had no doubt that the crone would adjust her plans and then the young witch would never leave her side again.

Is this what the mighty Morrigan had been reduced to? Her entire life shrunk down until the choice between complete abuse and mere nearly-complete abuse could provoke such eagerness from her? Had she really become so pathetic that choosing between two such agonies was the most dignity that she could muster?

She swore to herself that it would not be so. Morrigan was growing less sad and more furious with each dragging step she was forced to take through the swamp, her tears evaporating as she wound closer and closer to that foul smelling cave. She was going to get free of this idiocy, and soon, she promised herself as the fetid water beneath her limbs became hard ground, and then the rocky floor of a cave. The sounds of female suffering were sufficient to let the witch know that they had arrived, and Flemeth stopped, smile as she watched the actions of her slaves.

Morrigan looked up and saw what had so transfixed her mother. The current session of rape and torture was fairly imaginative by the crude barbarian’s standards, she had to admit. The women had been up up onto crude tables in pairs, and had their limbs tied together as they dangled over the edges. The noblewoman rested in the sixty-nine position on top of Fiona, and both of them had barbarians deep in their cunts with a clear view of the other’s rape. On another table the blond dalish elf was likewise bound on top of the other chasind girl, Bridget. Cormac was enjoying the brunette chasind girl while another of the men was abusing the elf from the other end.

Flemeth cleared her throat at the room stopped completely, all of the empty eyes turning towards her at once. “I’m sorry my pets, but I need to borrow Bethany for a while. Don’t worry, though: I’m sure my daughter would be happy to take her place.”

Two of the thralls began to untie the noblewoman as she madly struggled against them. Two strong chasind quickly overpowered her however, and dragged her over to Flementh who looked on her with disgust. “Oh, what a mess you’ve made,” she said, drawing her finger through the thick layer of cum covering almost every inch of Bethany’s face before opening the girl’s mouth and wiping it off inside the dank hole. “Morrigan, get up here and clean this off.”

Morrigan didn’t even have time to decide if she would obey or no before one of the other barbarians grabbed the witch and pulled her to her feet, pressing her face right up to the dark haired human noble. She had to remind herself not to cry as she slowly dragged her tongue through the disgusting slop, all the while the blooded human was continuing to struggle, terrified eyes locked onto Flemeth. Disgusted, the noirette mage using her mouth to bathe the other girl clean from enough sperm to fill a cup.

When her face was mostly clean, Morrigan’s mouth was crammed full of the foul spunk. No doubt Flemeth intended her to swallow it. Defiantly she instead pressed her mouth against Bethany’s and spat the entire load into her mouth. The other girl squealed in dismay as Morrigan pushed all of the cum deep into her mouth, ridding herself of it while the intimidated girl helplessly swallowed.

When the witch pulled away from the freshly sobbing girl, still struggling against her chasind captors, Flemeth was smiling at her and chuckling in a low voice. “Come with me,” she said gesturing to the two men holding the noblewoman, then gestured to another pair of thralls. “Make my daughter comfortable.”

As the struggling girl was pulled screaming from the cave, Morrigan was quickly bound into her place atop Fiona’s body. Shortly thereafter the night of rape resumed, a cock pounding its way into, thankfully, her pussy rather than her asshole while before Morrigan’s eyes the ginger chasind was not so fortunate. When the man in Fiona’s right asshole started to accelerate, the noirette woman was surprised when he suddenly pulled out and jerked his cock in her face once before erupting, beginning the process of covering the young witch’s face as thoroughly with cum as Bethany’s had been.

Grinding her teeth as she felt the cock in her pussy pull out before coming, Morrigan prepared herself for a long night.

And it turned out to be very long, just as she had feared. For a while, the girls were all raped in the same way, cock after cock plunging into their holes, always in plain view of their unfortunate partner. Fiona was nearly constantly assraped, but none of the barbarians ever came inside her.

Instead, as if on command, they always pulled out before cumming, spraying their load all over Morrigan’s face, which was soon dripping with white, sticky seed, thick drops of which landed on Fiona’s body – which always prompted the barbarian currently raping the poor chasind girl to force Morrigan’s head down, making the noirette lick the cum off again.

Morrigan herself was not spared from further rape either. The first three cocks simply plunged into her pussy, their violent thrusts forcing whimpers and grunts of pain from her as they drilled into her unwilling cunt before erupting all over Fiona’s crying face.

But the two after that elected to fuck her asshole again. For a while, Morrigan’s howls of agony eclipsed all the other crying and sobbing in the cave, being loud enough that it scared away a group of wolves who’d come to rest near the cave entrance. In between screams, she cursed Flemeth for making her drink the potion, thereby returning her anus to practically virginal status, making this rape all the worse.

After that, she was finally unbound and dragged off the table…but her ordeal was not over yet. Now, the barbarians dragged the girls close to her and began to rape them again…and Morrigan was their cum dump. Whenever one of them was close to cimax, he climbed off the crying girl he had and jerked off onto the kneeling Morrigan, either onto her face or, after forcing her lips apart, right into her mouth. After the first time being beaten up immediately after she spat out the glob of sperm, she even swallowed, fighting to keep the cum down while she took load after load.

When they were finally done, they made the other girls lick her face clean, feeding the cum to the crying victims while Morrigan simply lay there, shivering, hoping for it to be over now. And, for that day, it actually was.

The rest did not last nearly as long as she would have liked and her wake-up call was a cock rammed down her throat. Before she had even opened her eyes fully, Morrigan was already being faceraped, gargling around the massive meat between her lips – which, by the size of it, must have belonged to Cormac. He barely gave her time to breathe between thrusts, pounding her poor, sore throat so hard she nearly fainted again. But that mercy was not granted to her. Instead, all she received was a load of warm cum right down her throat before he pulled out, dragged her onto her knees and slapped her a few times.

Later, when she was screaming again, another cock plunging into her asshole while she was on her back on the table, forced to jerk off two other barbarians while one of the female tormentors groped her tits, one of the two barbarians who had taken Bethany came back. Without the girl.

Patiently, he waited until all of her tormentors had cum either onto or into her, then dragged her out of the cave, past the howling Dalish, who suffered under a violent double assault, Cormac underneath her, his cock spearing her cunt while another barbarian’s cock assaulted her tight ass.

Without a word, he dragged her onwards, the direction unmistakable… the hut. And Morrigan felt the icy hand of fear grip her heart once more…

When she arrived at Flemeth’s hut once more, Morrigan had to fight to stop herself from hyperventilating. It had begun to rain and she was incredibly cold, which did not help matters. The barbarians seemed completely unaffected by the freezing rain, the drops bouncing of their muscular for that as they dragged the lightly struggling witch forward until one opened a door to the hut and pushed her in…

…to the middle of a abattoir.

The hut stank, even worse than usual. Blood filled the room, covering the floor and the walls, drawn into arcane circular patterns and vague diagrams that Morrigan did not recognize specifically… but she understood there purpose. This foul hut had been turned into the hub for an arcane ritual.

She began to struggle fiercely now, throwing her entire strength and weight against the two barbarians holding her. She may as well have tried to move a mountain – the raven haired witch simply was not strong enough to move their muscle bound forms. It didn’t matter: She couldn’t possibly allow Flemeth to take her body, not willingly. The old hag would have to work for it every step of the way.

Flemeth laughed from the center of the room, her voice callous and cold. “No, it’s not your time yet daughter,” she said. “Soon… but not yet.” Morrigan, slightly calmed by the tiny reassurance, finally noticed that Flemeth sat in the middle of the room, in the perfect center the large innermost ring, and outside of absolutely none of them. The blood was all burned now, and not of it flowed with arcane energy. Whatever ritual this arcane construction has been intended for, it had already been performed.

In between Flemeth’s legs knelt Bethany, her ass in the air towards Morrigan, and the witch could immediately see the noblewoman had been through hell. Her skin was coated with purple bruises, and her back carried hundreds of savage whip welts. Cum dripped from both of her holes, and her thigh had blood on it in a series of tiny cuts, like Flemeth had repeatedly cut at her with a knife in a small area. As she knelt there her head bobbed up and down on Flemeth’s cruel, scaled cock, and Morrigan could hear obscene slurping noises as the girl put effort into sucking the prick.

Morrigan was shoved forward and the two barbarians waited by the door, standing firmly by the door,the witch’s bare feet scraping at the disgusting rings on the ground as she stumbled past them and into the center ring where Flemeth and her slave waited. Further inside the hut, the air smelled like Ozone rather than the foul iron smell of the blood, and up close the signs of Bellany’s mistreatment seemed every more horrific. From the amount of cum flowing from the woman’s ass Morrigan would have expected the hole to be gaping but instead both it and her cunt seemed tight and virginal, pressed firmly closed… which made absolutely no sense to the witch, but she wasn’t about to start really caring about that right now. Instead, she stood as far away from the pair of women as she could without leaving the ring.

Flemeth tapped Bethany’s head. “Dear, you’re being rude. You should stop and see to our guest!” With a regretful sounding moan Bethany slowly pulled backwards off of the ancient crone’s monstrosity of a member, her lips reluctant to break her grip on it until the last possible second. Slowly she rose to a proper kneeling position, and then to her feet… then she turned to Morrigan.

It wasn’t Bethany any longer.

To Morrigan’s horror, what she had taken for bruising was actually the woman’s skin color, covering her face in a slight purple tint. Her hair, black as the night, seemed to drift continually with a non-existent breeze, and her fingers had elongated and were now tipped with slender claws like razors. Morrigan suddenly understood the significance of the bloody scarification on the woman’s back – she was suddenly sure that if the dried scabs were cleared away, they would reveal a name written in the demonic alphabet.

Worst of all, however, were Bethany’s eyes. Gone were the wide, sad, terrified eyes that the noblewoman had possessed. In their place, a cold inferno of blue fire burning, wisps of smoke rising from the corners of her eyes. Those eyes told Morrigan clearly that there was nothing left of the poor woman that she had suffered beside, and the purpose of the ritual she stood within was abruptly clear.

Flemeth had created an Abomination.

“My, my,” the woman said, and her voice made Morrigan wince a breath further away from the demon-possessed slave. It sounded like a hundred voices speaking at once, but out of synch… giving the monster’s voice a horrifying echo. The Abomination took a step closer to Morrigan. “You picked well, Flemeth.” She laughed, as the sound was like glass being dragged against glass. “Come closer, my dear, so I might see you better…”

Coming closer was the last thing on Morrigan’s mind – she knew too much magic to try to cross back over the rings of the ritual circle, but within the constraints of her prison she circled to stay as far away from the advancing demon as she could. Desperately her eyes flicked around the room, searching for anything she could use as a weapon.

“Don’t be rude, Morrigan. Say hello to your mother’s friend Ashtara…” Flemeth said, watching Morrigan without rising from her seat. The shape shifted cock vanished back into her body with the disturbing sound of squishing flesh.

Like most Apostate mages with a thimble worth of sense, Morrigan lived in terror of Abominations. Attracting the attention of a demon and being possessed was an ever-present danger without the protection of the Circle, and the noirette had spent her life learning to avoid their attentions.

Now, her insane hag of a mother had summoned one right into her very house. The woman was completely mad!

The demon Ashtara bared her mouth in a snarl, revealing a maw of pointed teeth. Her eyes flared at she looked at Morrigan, a cruel noise erupting from her throat in a cacophony of echoes. She curled one of the her stolen hands into a fist “I said, come!” she yelled, her voice imperious, and her eyes met Morrigan’s…

The next moment Morrigan was kneeling before the demon, looking submissively up at the blazing blue eyes. Her cheek burned from where Ashtara had slapped her – the hand was still traveling back from its cruel trajectory. Of the previous seconds before the slap, the witch remembered nothing, but she was now across the circle and on the floor before the demon, hands on her thighs. “Oh yes, you are lovely…” the demoness said, one of her sharp fingers trading the edges of the beautiful witch’s throat.

Morrigan was forced to continue staring into the Abominations eyes, and the longer the contact was maintained she felt a pressure on her head grow as thoughts that weren’t her’s invaded her mind, pressing into it and browsing through like a Chantry library.

“So we are agreed on terms, then?” Flemeth asked from out of Morrigan’s sight.

“Yes…” she said. The sound was probably supposed to be a purr, but it sounded more like someone had strangled the cat. “You’re terms are acceptable. I will empower the ritual for you.” The Abomination broke eye contact with Morrigan at long last, leaving the witch to breathe in relief as the woman looked over the noirette’s shoulder towards Flemeth. “Shall we celebrate our pact, then?”

Her mother chuckled. “Lets.”

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