Morrigan’s Body 7

Morrigan did not know what kind of “deal” Flemeth had made with the creature. She had no idea how long Flemeth had abused the poor girl to break her will and make possession easier. But she knew that the “celebration” the two monsters in the room had in mind involved her. And she definitely knew she did NOT want to be a part of it.

Slowly, driven by instinct and dread, she backed away, the lines of the circle forgotten for a moment – but then again, were they even still important, with the demon having found a host already? – but was quickly stopped by what was unmistakable Flemeth’s naked form. “ Leaving us so soon again, daughter?” the old witch chuckled, reaching around to grope her daughter’s tits. “ But we still want to play with you!”

“ Well, maybe I am not feeling playful…mother! Not after what your slaves did to me all night!” Somewhere, beyond the fear that had gripped her, Morrigan had found a tiny spark of defiance that had not yet been snuffed out by her abuses. “ Ohhhh”, the demonhost sighed, one clawed hand travelling between its legs to rub at her glistening cunt, “ I hope you can tell us all about it!”

“ I have better uses in mind for this stubborn mouth!” Flemeth grumbled, shoving Morrigan to the floor with surprising strength. Pain flared up in Morrigan’s shoulder as she landed on the hard floor, right at the demon’s feet. From behind her, Flemeth was groaning and for a brief moment, Morrigan wondered if Flemeth was jerking off over her. But then she heard the unmistakable, fleshy sound of bones, tendons and skin transforming. “ No…not the beast again…”, she whimpered, more to herself than to anyone in the room.

She heard the demon titter, “ You’re right, my dear Flemeth…and I will find out anyway.” Ashtara shuddered with delight, reaching down to grab Morrigan’s shoulder and drag her back into a kneeling position. “ Such a sweet one…I really missed you, Flemeth. 140 years without a summoning? I was afraid you had forgotten how much joy we had…and how much I missed the taste of your cum…or your pussy.”

Morrigan grimaced at the thought of Flemeth and this creature having sex. Consorting with demons…yes, it seemed Flemeth did not leave out a single clicheed accusation about apostates. “ This time you will have something to pass the time until I have need of you once more.” Flemeth’s voice was much deeper now, as if coming from a deep hollow mountain…or a much larger body.

A shadow fell upon Morrigan and a massive hand grabbed her shoulder, forcing her entire body around. This time, without even being further touched, Morrigan cried out in horror.

The thing that stood before her had to stoop over to fit underneath the hut’s roof. Sickly pale purplish skin covered a massive frame that would put a golem to shame, all rippling muscle and sturdy bone. From a beastly head sprang two massive horns…but what was worse was the huge, erect cock rising from between the creature’s legs. Morrigan had never seen such a member in her lifetime and she could have gone to her death without ever seeing one. The ogre’s – for it could be no other creature – cock was larger than Cormac’s, larger than Flemeth’s usual shaft and larger than the bereskarn’s had been.

The whole thing stank of corruption and vileness, but the demon clapped her hands and ginned happily at the sight, even as Morrigan shied away from it. “ Oh yes! Wonderful!” To Morrigan, it was certainly less so. “ Mother, no…I…I…” she gasped but simply could not bring herself to say anything else.

“ Quit your stammering, whore!” Flemeth growled, placing a massive hand against the back of her daughter’s head, inexorably pulling her towards the waiting cock. “ And worship my cock!” The hand reached lower, pressing against Morrigan’s upper back while the demon gave the noirette a nasty shove that had her stumble forward, the massive cock slamming against her tits, the head bumping against her chin, the smell of precum wafting from it making her gag.

Now the desire demon placed her hands on Morrigan’s back, holding her in place while the ogre grabbed her head again, forcing it down, her lips brushing against the fat tip of the cock. Morrigan did not think she could fit it between her lips, definitely not….

And then, the ogre started to thrust upward….

The beast’s cock slid unstoppably into her mouth. First the tip entered, pushing her lips wide and forcing her to strain her mouth to avoid tasting the foul thing as much as possible… but next, as Flemeth slowly pushed more of her enormous shaft into Morrigan the fit became more impossible. The as the cock’s tip began to flare her lips were forced tight around it, stretching painfully to fit around the mammoth thing.

The witch felt like her jaw was dislocating, so hard did the cock press down against it. She must look like a snake swallowing a meal, her mouth opened impossibly far to accept the cruel assault of the ogre cock. The shaft was thicker than the slender witch’s arm, and to Morrigan’s horror Flemeth kept pushing the thing further into her. The meaty tool tasted like rotting meat and it completely filled her small mouth, forcing her to taste it even as it spread her lips obscenely.

Her mouth was completely fully. The only way for Morrigan to breath was through her nose, pointed directly at the corrupted form of the ogre before her. The monster, like most of the Darkspawn, smelled like death and sulfur, and like blood and offal and dirth. The smell alone made her stomach heave with every breath, but if the witch wanted air, this was the only way to get it.

Pain erupted in her nipples, and without being able to look Morrigan could only guess… but it seemed obvious to the abused woman that Ashtara had locked her sharp fingers around the tender flesh and was pinching her nipples between the nasty points.

While her tits were brutalized yet again, Morrigan was beginnning to gag, the cock pressed far enough into her mouth that the cock tip was starting to make her protective gag reflex fight the choking intrusion. Flemeth, however, was utterly uncaring about her daughter’s suffering, and the cock slid still further forward until the head rested directly against the back of Morrigan’s mouth. She knelt there, held firmly in place by the inconcievably strong limbs of a woman who had been a slave like her mere hours ago, now an Abomination of the first order, with her mouth splayed wide around the most enormous, most vile member the noirette witch could imagine.

Morrigan’s only distraction from her struggle against the huge cock was the demon’s abuse of her. The witch’s nipples had long been abandonned… rather, Ashtara was now scratching them with her claws, just shy of hard enough to tear her flesh. Instead, focusing on the inner parts of the witch’s cleavage, her claws left swollen and painful whelts covering the surface, and the demon kept adding more and more on top of them until her breasts felt like a thousands ants were crawling over them, stinging and biting every available inch.

And still, that murderous ogre cock rested in the back of her mouth.

There was no way that tool could fit in her throat. There was simply no chance… it was hardly thinner than her neck. If Flemeth pushed further, if she tried to fuck her tight throat with that cock, it would kill her immediately, ripping her to pieces… surely that couldn’t be what even the man ancient sorceress intended for her daughter…

Apparently it was not, because Flemeth simply remained there, unmoving. “Worship… her…” Ashtara moaned into Morrigan’s ear, the sound making the witch wince like someone had shattered glass right against the side of her head. “Use your tongue… show me what a whore you are…”

Her clawed hand was suddenly at Morrigan pussy, sliding upwards until a pointed tip of one of her razor sharp nail rested directly against her clitoris. “Or perhaps you would perfer to disappoint me? I would prefer to…” she gave a tiny, horrifying laugh, “teach you the proper use of this… but if I am robbed of my fun I can be… vindictive.”

Terrified at the prospect of the pain the woman seemed eager to deliver, Morrigan started to suck the monsterous cock. It’s size pinned her tongue against the bottom of her mouth but the witch struggled it as best she could, rubbing against the bottom of the invading shaft. So stretched was the woman’s mouth that only the tiniest hollowing of her cheeks gave evidence of the suction she was applying, and the efforts of her tongue. She attempted to slurp as loudly as possible through the ogre cock gag, hoping the sign of her debasement might mollify her abusers.

It did not. “Stupid slut!” Ashtara yelled directly into Mrrigan’s ear. It sounded like a thousand people screaming at her at once, and the noise of it seemed to rattle around in her skull. “You are not making use of all your slutty assets.” The demoness wrapped a hand in the witch’s hair and dragged her until she was standing. So enormous was the cock that it did not leave her mouth or even slide out a little, but rather forced her to stand pressed against the ogre and tilted Morrigan’s head down until it pointed down at the earth, lips still stretched around the mammoth member.

Ashtara grabbed both of the abused girl’s hands by the wrists and brought them up to her abused breasts. “Here…” she whispered like the breeze of a storm, “let me help you…”

Then, using her to strength to make Morrigan’s fingers press into her own injured tits, she squeezed inward until the scratched flesh on each side pressed against Flemeth’s cock.

Feeling a sharp wave of pain rush through her chest, Morrigan moaned helplessly around the cock buried in her mouth. The desire demon kept forcing her own fingers to dig into her firm orbs, leaning in to hiss into her ear, “ And now…worship her again. Use these wonderful tits of yours…worship her with your entire body.”

It was quite obvious what the demon wanted and Morrigan had little choice but to obey. The sheer size of the cock in her mouth showed very clearly how much damage Flemeth could do if she wanted to. Groaning again, grimacing because of the pain flashing up in her chest again, she began to rub her body up and down against the massive cock, her tits sliding up and down along the hard skin of the shaft.

She seemed to be doing something right, if Flemeth’s slightly faster breathing rhythm was an indication. So far, the ancient witch had kept silent, leaving the “lesson” to her long-time demonic friend and apparently lover. Now, with Morrigan once again slurping on the cock, cheeks hollowing ever-so-slightly, a deep rumbling groan escaped her lips.

Even with Morrigan’s lips stretched so tightly around the ogre cock and her mouth pretty much completely filled, small dribbles of drool and precum nevertheless escaped, spilling over her taut lips and down her chin, dribbling onto and between her tits, providing some small amount of lubrication, for which Morrigan was actually thankful, for the ogre’s shaft had a rough, sandpaper-like texture which hurt her agonised tits even more.

The demon’s hands were still on her own, claws pressing against the noirette’s fingers, making her not only squeeze her tits against and around the shaft as far and as hard as possible but also grope and maul the injured orbs, making the entire act even more painful. And while Flemeth was somewhat silent, the demon made no secret of her own excitement, panting hotly into Morrigan’s ear, leaning over to kiss and nibble alongside her neck and her earlobes.

“My, what a sweet little whore you are now”, Ashtara whispered into her ear, her tongue lapping against her earlobe, “ sucking her cock and worshipping it with your body.” The demon was rubbing herself against Morrigan’s body, clearly aroused by the sight. “ And soon, you will be worshipping me”, she continued, sounding ready to burst with excitement.

Morrigan did not look forward for that moment, though she knew by now how inevitable it was. “Hmmm”, the demon moaned, licking up an errant drop of sweat that had trickled down alongside her neck, “ I can taste your thoughts…I know what Flemeth did to you…what she let these men and women do to you.” Her voice had taken on a clearly infatuated tone and for a moment, the demon’s attention was on Flemeth, allowing Morrigan some little respite from the constant groping of her tits. “ You still remember all the things we learned together!”

“We can talk about the past later, Ashtara”, Flemeth growled, now finally speaking again. Thrusting her hips slightly, she made Morrigan gag hard, the massive cockhead bumping against the back of her throat again – leading to another motion, the cock twitching in arousal to the sound of her obvious discomfort, making her gag and gargle again. “Let us finish with my whore of a daughter first.”

“You’re, of course, right”, Ashtara said with a slightly pouting undertone. They behaved like old lovers, Morrigan realized, which would simply have been bizarre…if it was not centered around abusing her! “ You heard your mistress, girl”, the demon whispered, “make her cum with that slutty body of yours!”

The cock on her mouth was swelling, growing even larger in the dark hair witch’s mouth. Already stretched to the breaking point, Morrigan felt certain that the growth would kill her, rip her to pieces beneath Flemeth’s brutal use. Instead, the cock exploded in her, shooting a gigantic load of filthy, stick slime that made her wretch. She could feel the the shaft between her abused tits pulsing with every shot, feel the contraction of muscles that sent the load flooding into her in gigantic spurts. Morrigan gagged in earnest now, drowning in the ogre’s cum.

Ashtara laughed into her ear while she choked, the sound cruel and hard and echoing in her skull. “Swallow, my dear…” Her cruelly sharp fingers were now rubbing Morrigan’s throat, encouraging her to swallow down the load as fast as she could. “It’s swallow or die, my little mage slut…”

Did she think Morrigan didn’t already know that? The prideful witch was already struggling for her life, swallowing the ogre’s cum as quickly as she could… it just wasn’t fast enough. Flemeth was shooting more into her mouth than a human woman could possibly take, the it filled her mouth completely, leaking out around her insanely stretched jaw and dripping down her body, agitating her cuts and scratches and making the whole front of her form slick with the sticky substance.

At last, when dark spots had begun to dance in Morrigan’s vision and she was about to pass out, Flemeth’s unnaturally huge cock at last ended its flood and was slowly, painfully dragged out of her taut jaw while the noirette tried desperately to breath in badly needed air through her clogged nose, still coughing and gagging. “Very good…” the demonhost whispered in her ear, the sound like a razor on her brain. Her tongue lapped the soft flesh on the side of her neck, her face, her sharpened teeth grazed her ear lobe. “Perhaps… you’re not as stubborn or foolish as your mother would have me believe.”

Flemeth laughed, and coming from the vast ogre the sound literally shook the flimsy hut. “She’s worse than I said, you’ll see…”

Ashtara moaned into her ear, both of her hands now again roaming the young witch’s body, while her tongue, hot a fire, stroked her wetly. “Mmmm,” she moaned, the sound delightfully decadent, and as pleasant to hear as her voice was horrific. “I can’t wait to find out all about it…”

As the still-hard cock was at last removed from Morrigan’s mouth, the abused witch found that her jaw would not close. Her entire mouth had been rendered numb by the assault, and would not do as she told it to… her parted lips staring provocatively at Flemeth’s massive bulk.

And slowly, the ogre began to smile once more. “I do believe my daughter is trying to seduce me,” the rumbling voice of the ogre stated, amused. “I think that she is looking forward to getting fucked…”

Frantically, Morrigan shook her head, trying to make her sore mouth function. “Nnng!” she muttered, unable to control her jaw or lips. “Nng eh dun!”

Ashara’s hands grasped her nipples savagely, pulling them away from her body with the sharp points digging into the witch’s much-abused flesh. “Nonsense…” she whispered, a hundred husky breaths in her eat at once. The demon’s painfully aroused nipples poked into Morrigan’s back as she pressed against her victim, the nubs diamond hard. “I always know what someone desires!”

The demon began to pull upward, forcing Morrigan to shakily rise to her feet or lose her nipples against the tearing force of the demonhost’s unnatural strength. “Flemeth, be a dear and take down this gauche prison, would you? It is so small a space for you when you’re looking so…” she trailed off, licking her lips. “…engorged.”

The coal ember shine in the ogre’s back eyes intensified as they narrowed. “You will behave, demon?” the growling voice asked.

Ashtara laughed. “I never behave, my dear mage… as you well know.” She smiled, and then her voice became husky again, as though a thousand women were being seductive at once. “But we have a deal, do we not?”

The demon again twisted Morrigan’s nipples, causing her to let out a shrill cry as the needles of her nails poked into the tender flesh. “If you can’t trust a me,” the demon-possessed woman said, her eyes wide and brilliant with lust shining in those blue flames. “Who can you trust?”

“I barely trust you enough to let your lips on my cock”, Flemeth growled, ignoring the demon’s snickering at her words, “ but it will suffice.” With another growl, she stepped forward, her clawed, massive foot deliberately drawing a line across one of the marks that made up the circle. There was a sensation like a gust of wind, though it moved not a hair on Morrigan’s body. Then, the demon sighed happily. “ Thank you, my dear…”

Suddenly, Morrigan felt the demon’s clawed hand on her chin. “ No point of leaving you like this…you’re going to need the use of your mouth soon.” Before Morrigan could even consider those words and what new degradations they implied, the demon gripped her jaw harder and yanked it upwards. An audible pop sounded inside the hut, shortly followed by an agonized cry from Morrigan. A fat tear ran down her cheek as pain shot through her face.

But at least she could move her jaw again.

“That’s way better!” the creature crooned. Its clawed hand did not leave Morrigan’s face. Instead, it began rubbing over her chin and cheeks, rubbing in and smearing the cum all over her features, keeping a tight grip on Morrigan’s head to keep her from flinching away.

“Stop playing with her…she needs to take this cock again!” Flemeth rumbled behind her and Morrigan felt close to crying again, just from the thought of what her words meant. She could not take that massive member…not in her cunt and definitely not her ass!

Before she could voice her protests, however, the demon shoved her forward, making her stumble and fall onto her knees, hands supporting her against the rough floor. Immediately, the demon uttered a few arcane commands – and, much to her horror, Morrigan found earthen hands grip her wrists, keeping her down, no matter how hard she tried to move away.

“What a wonderful position for our games!” Ashtara giggled, stepping around the terrified, shivering witch. With slow, languid and utterly sensual motions, she sat down in front of Morrigan, spreading her – Bethany’s – shapely legs to expose her hairless cunt to the witch. Reaching out with one hand, she grabbed Morrigan’s chin again and said, “ we are going to play now…and the rules are very simple. You are going to use that sweet, sweet mouth of yours to pleasure me. And while you do, Flemeth will ram that hard, big, beautiful cock deep into your tight cunt. And she will keep fucking you until I cum…and I am hard to please!”

Behind her, Flemeth knelt down, her cock looking ridiculously large compared to Morrigan’s slender, curvy body. The witch had no doubt that at least some of it would fit into her, but she could not imagine taking that huge thing without nearly dying from the agony alone! “ NO! NOT THERE! MOTHER…BETH…ASHTARA…! I CANNOT TAKE THAT!” Shaking her head so wildly she even managed to slip from the demon’s grasp, she looked back at her mother with teary, pleading eyes. Pride be damned, she would do anything in order not to get fucked by that thing! Already, she felt it rub against her sore folds.

“What an ungrateful bitch you are!” the demon snarled, taking discipline into her own hands. Her backhanded slap left Morrigan’s left cheek feel numb, stars dancing before her eyes. The demon snarled, spitting into her face. “ I would be grateful for such a cock to fuck my snatch! And all you do is complain!” She sighed. “ Unfortunately, this is not about my pleasure but your pain…”

“You always complain…no matter how hard I fuck you”, Flemeth commented. The demon chuckled softly, looking up at the ogre with a pouting expression. “ Why don’t you fuck her and leave me…almmmphhh…” Morrigan’s words were muffled as the demon grabbed the back of her head and forced her face against her cunt.

“Now lick me, you dumb whore… lick me while your mother fucks your cunt raw!”

The demonic woman tasted acidic, and Morrigan struggled to pull her face away from Ashtara with all her might. The demoness used her sharp, strong fingers to hold her firmly in place, gagging her with the flesh of her crotch as Flemeth continued to slide her cock up and down her well-raped slit… but it was still too small, far too small for what her mother planned to do.

Any protest the frantic witch tried to make, however, was almost completely silenced by the cunt pressing so firmly against her lips. That foul cunt slime and more of Flemeth’s semen seeped from Ashtara onto Morrigan’s face, and she dared not open her mouth even to cry out as the woman’s hips moved up and down over her face, painting with the demonic fluids.

With a rippling sigh of pleasure the demonhost shifted forwards, more of her true nature peaking through Bethany’s flesh as tiny portions of her skin rose to become more like pebbled scales, and a long, segmented tail slid from the woman’s tail bone, wrapping around the chair to come and stroke Morrigan’s cheek, smooth and steaming hot against her flesh.

“I strongly advice obedience, slut…” Ashtara hissed as she titled the witch’s head up in order to stare down into her yellow eyes. “This can get so much worse for you…”

Still Morrigan refused to open her mouth. They were going to do whatever they wanted to her no matter what she did, so there was no point is debasing herself further. It wouldn’t help her, so if she was going to suffer anyway she would prefer it if they had to struggle for what they wanted instead of simply getting it from her…

All thoughts of such resistance, however, were crowded out of her mind a second later, along with everything else in her mind, as that massive ogre cock began to press into her.

It started with discomfort as her cunt lips began to spread, then a warning signal of pain as they stretched taut, spread uncomfortably wide. Then the tiny pains vanished to be replaced with real anguish as the rest of the cock’s head continued to push in, spreading her further than a woman was ever meant to stretch. It was what giving birth must feel like, but in reverse… the most terrifying agony she could have known as the massive cock, at least the size of a child, was being impossibly pressed into her instead of out.

Morrigan’s world vanished into a scarlet haze, her entire awareness focused on her pussy as the pain took on a life of its own. She could hear someone screaming in a hoarse voice, and distantly realized it must be her, crying her agony into Ashtara’s cunt as her mother obliterated what was left of her dignity and sanity with the vicious assault on her womanhood. In and in and further in the log traveled, until Morrigan was sure it was passing through her belly and her lungs and going to force its way impossibly up her throat. Her abdomen must be bulging, like she was pregnant.

Then the massive intrusion began to retreat, emptying the woman of the crushing thickness that filled her entire existance. Someone her in her pain maddened head the raven haired witch cheered, for her mother must have realized that it was impossible… that the ogre cock would never fit into her, that this was a waste of time. Hated tears of gratitude flowed down her face and still she could not stop screaming, even though her voice had grown weak and hardly a sound came out anymore.

And then the cock rushed back in and Morrigan’s eye bugged out, unbelievably torment obliterating even the shreds of rational thought she had managed to hold onto as Flemeth began to fuck her sore pussy, the seed from her multiple rapes the only thing that kept her lubricated enough to avoid being ripped completely bloody by the vicious cock, tearing her insides out.

Time lost all meaning to the woman as her mother hurt her worse than she could have ever imagined. She may have fucked her for a minute or for a hundred before Morrigan finally realized that something was happening…

Ashtara slapped the noirette again and again, staining her cheeks with tiny lines of scarlet as he nails scratched the surface in their attempts to draw the witch’s attention. At last, on the sixth blow, her eyes at last focused and looked up at the demoness, smiling down at her sweetly. “Are you listening to me now, my dear?”

The demon slapped her again for good measure and Morrigan let out a tiny cry through her raw throat. “Ah, good. That’s better… now pay attention…” she whispered, the cacophany of a hundred voices barely audible past the vicious slaps of Flemeth’s rape of her pussy. “I am the one who decides how long this last, my dear… if I will it, I can give your mother the endurance to fuck you forever.” She smiled sweetly. “How would you like that, Morrigan? To spend the next weeks of your life being raped with a cock the size of a morning star, until at last your heart gives out?” She slapped the witch again. “Do you want that?”

Morrigan could only whimper.

“I thought not…” the saccharin smile on her face made the witch sick, promising kindness and tolerance and a dozen other emotions that the demon had never felt, nor had any intention to offer. “Lick my cunt, bitch. Suck your mother’s slime out of me… make me cum, and then I’ll let your torture end… and not a second before.”

Again, Ashtara pressed her head down against her crotch and this time Morrigan obeyed, parting her lips to allow her tongue to lap at Ashtara’s exposed, slick folds. The demoness shuddered at the touch of Morrigan’s tongue as Flemeth’s raping cock pushed her further against her crotch. “Much better…” the demonhost whispered, contented. As especially vicious thrust from her mother allowed Morrigan another weak scream, and Ashtara shivered at the sensation of her tongue vibrating inside her, the scream echoing directly against her sensitive flesh.

The demon kept her head firmly in place with the hand in her hair as she ground her hips against Morrigan’s desperately lapping mouth, her pained lips trembling against her possessed cunt. “Tongue my clit…” Ashtara moaned and the witch had little choice but to obey, her servile tongue caressing the woman’s button even as the foul taste of her juiced continued to flood her mouth. “Such an obedient cunt now… if only you’d been obedient early and done what your mother told you, this wouldn’t be necessary…” the demoness let out a tiny pant. “Oh, Flemeth? Fuck her harder, make her scream into my cunt!”

“With pleasure…” the cruel shapeshifted growled, the massive body turning the sound to a rumbling earthquake of noise as she drove her hips viciously against Morrigan’s sore ass, impaling her daughter’s much abused slit further on the unnaturally large cock and causing her to yelp in pain as her body bucked forward into Ashtara, screaming in pain into the demoness’s pussy.

Ashtara laughed, vicious and cold as she tilted her head back, tail lashing excitedly through the air and then snapping down on the raped witch’s back and drawing a new cry. The demonhost looked condescendingly town into Morrigan’s sobbing face as the girl wept in agony, her tongue still buried within Ashtara. “This will just keep getting worse until you finish me, you slut…” she whispered as the brought the tail whipping down again, drawing another angry red line on her back. She adored the very sight of Morrigan’s face, contorted with pain, crying and sobbing and all the time trying to do her best to make the demon come so her rape would at last stop, and forced to take the word of a demon that it actually would…

The pain of the whipping and rape were causing Morrigan to zone out again, her face resting limply against the demon-possessed crotch but no longer moving, just slowly breathing her warm breath directly into it. It all just hurt so much…

Ashtara slapped her again. “Focus whore!” she laughed, genuinely amused. “If you don’t hurry you might be too late to save your damn pussy…”

Sobbing, Morrigan began to lick at her again. She felt nothing anymore, nothing besides the torment of the over-large cock tearing her apart and the sulfurous taste of the demon before her. She could not longer dream of escaping… it was impossible. They would never, ever allow her to go… but, was there anyone in the world who cared enough about her to save her? Anyone who cared enough about a caustic apostate bitch who made friends poorly, and enemies easily?


Ashtara smiled as she arched her body against Morrigan’s lapping tongue, her hard tail slashing down on the woman’s back again and again. “Isn’t that adorable…” she laughed. “Our little toy is dreaming of being saved!”

She was in her mind. Ashtara was in her mind! Morrigan tried to make her thoughts go blank, but her usual discipline had all but evaporated beneath the neverending torment, and it was all but impossible to not think about something.

“Oh, oh, oh! Oh…” Ashtara’s body spasmed, going into deep paroxysms as she began to laugh uncontrollably, even releasing Morrigan’s hair from her grip as the raucus sound of amusement escaped her lips, filling the room with a thousand sounds of amusement, from chuckles to booming laughing, in a thousand different voices.

“What,” Flemeth’s booming voice called, “the fade is the matter with you?”

Ashtara could not contain her laugher… even her whipping of the whimpering witch had stopped, but Morrigan couldn’t let herself be pleased with that. She knew… oh by the dawn she knew…

“Your…” Ashtara managed to choke out between laughs. “Your… da… daughter… defied you… be… because…” she lost track of what she was saying for long seconds as she laughed again and again. “…because… she is… in love with… the warden…”

Morrigan flushed red as Flemeth began to chuckle as well, the motion making the cruel cock twitch inside the taut folds of her cunt. “I knew that she was weak…” said Flemeth, “but I had no idea she had been that foolish…”

Even as the shapeshifter’s rape resumed, Ashtara’s bemusement had not yet faded. “What kind of stupid slut,” she asked, “refuses to sleep with someone because she loved them?” She gave Morrigan that saccharin smile again. “That just doesn’t make any sense!”

Her smile continued as her tail slowly wrapped around the raven-haired girl’s throat, tightening slowly as it dragged her face back to the demonhost’s sopping cunt. “You clearly require education about how desire works… so I’ll make you a bargain. I’ll let you chose – pleasure or pain. You have until you make me cum to decide…”

The tail suddenly clenched around her throat, robbing Morrigan of air as she started to choke, her tongue spasming against the cunt before her. “Or until I choke you out, whichever happens first.” Ashrara smiled. “If I were you, I’d hurry.”

“ A good idea”, Flemeth growled, pumping her massive hips forward, driving the cock into her weeping slave of a daughter as deep as it would go without permanently damaging her, “ disobedience must be punished…and so far she has gotten off lightly” Both her and Ashtara laughed cruelly as they revelled in their own malice.

For Morrigan, however, there was no laughter. There was only blazing agony and utter misery, the feeling of being nothing but a toy to these two, her dignity and her deepest, most guarded feelings having been ripped right out of her by cock and demonic wiles. What did she have left to live for? More abuse, more degradation? Maybe she should just stop, close her eyes and let the demon strangle her…at least it would end then.

“ Tsk, tsk, tsk…suicide?” the demoness laughed, patting her head, her tail releasing its grip on her throat just slightly. “ You forget something…if you die, if an apostate dies…they go straight to the Fade. And guess what? I will be waiting…you will be my plaything forever!” The demon’s shrill laughter was joined by Flemeth’s booming snorts, her cock buried deeply inside Morrigan’s spasming cunt.

A new surge of tears erupted from Morrigan’s eyes as she wept bitterly, realizing that there truly was no escape. Not even death would free her. Nothing would. Trembling, her entire body shaking with heartfelt, bitter sobs, she continued lapping at the demon’s cunt, tasting Ashtara’s biting juices and Flemeth’s bitter cum on her tongue.

Sighing in pleasure, the demon leant back, resting on one hand while gripping her tit and squeezing it with the other, putting on a show for Flemeth while her tail slowly tightened the noose it was forming. Morrigan’s face was slowly turning red from lack of air, her tongue trembling and lapping desperately at the slick opening before her. Flemeth kept on pounding her almost mindlessly, driving the log of a member into her daughter’s overstretched cunt time and again, knowing that she would never tire unless Ashtara wished her to.

And then, suddenly, when Morrigan’s desperate tongue flicked against her clit again, Ashtara arched her back, throwing her head back and screamed, “ OH YESSS! YOU DUMB, DUMB WHORE! YOU’RE MAKING ME CUMMMMM!” Reflexively, the tail tightened again, now cutting off Morrigan’s airflow completely, choking the noirette even as she was forced to taste another rush of the demon’s juices. Panting, the demoness used her tail and her hand to force Morrigan’s head against her crotch, humping the young witch’s face obscenely as she sought to draw out her pleasure for as long as possible.

Morrigan barely heard her words, barely tasted the flow of juices and barely noticed Flemeth pistoning into her a few more times before a massive torrent of sperm splashed into her sore opening. She was close to losing consciousness. Already, black spots danced before her eyes, her field of vision becoming murky, her own heartbeat pounding into her ears. Was this it? Had the demon decided to kill her and toy with her in the fade? Was this the deal she had made with Flemeth?

Flemeth finished cumming before the demon did, pulling out her cock in a quick motion that would have drawn another howl of agony from Morrigan, had the making of such sounds be within her ability at this moment. But all that escaped the witch was a pained, rattling gasp, her body slumping to the floor as she finally gave up.

Then, the demon finally released her, just in time for inborn reflexes to force another breath into her. The sensation of breathing again hurt just as much as being throatfucked by Flemeth’s scaled cock had, but her body would not let Morrigan stop, making her draw in ragged breaths, each driving new tears to her eyes. Helplessly, she sagged to the floor, noticing the puddle of cum that leaked from her cunt…and the fact that the ogre’s feet shrunk until they were once again those of a woman in her best years. At least that was over now…

“ Now that was fun! That bitch has some talent with her tongue…if you’d allow me to teach her a bit more!” Ashtara exclaimed enthusiastically, stepping towards Flemeth and drawing the ancient witch into a passionate embrace. Their tongues battled for a moment, their tits mashing against each other, before Flemeth broke the kiss. “ In time, in time…now we should prepare for the ritual.”

“ Awww”, Ashtara made, pouting again, her clawed finger lightly trailing around Flemeth’s left nipple, “ isn’t there time for a good fucking? My asshole yearns for your cock again…” Flemeth grunted, no doubt excited, but shook her head. “ No time. Maybe later. Now, the ritual.”

The demon thought for a moment…then, a smile lit up her face. “ Wait! There is one thing we should do with her first!” She leaned over and whispered something into Flemeth’s ear. Through a haze of pain and tears, Morrigan noticed with no small amount of dread that Flemeth was starting to smile. “ Yes, that is good…for that idea, you deserve a reward…” There was the sickening, fleshy sound of the scaled cock forming between Flemeth’s legs, and the excited moan of the demon…and then nothing.

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