Slavecraft: Ghost

A Long-form story Sarah Kerrigan and November “Nova” Terra of the Starcraft Universe.

Co-authored with Eridan and Dhemius.

My name is Sarah Kerrigan, and you’ve probably heard of me. They call me a monster – the single greatest murderess in the history of humanity. Billions of lives can be laid at my feet, their blood staining my hands, their souls judged and found wanting by me and me alone.

But what you’ve heard isn’t the whole story, not even close. No one has ever told you how I ended up like this. Men like Mensk, and the Confederacy before him, have hidden almost all of the truth, so that the girl I once was has been left behind, discarded, forgotten, and all that is left is the weapon.

The weapon they turned me into.

I don’t seek absolution. I don’t want it, and no one who reads this could grant it to me if I did. This is about the truth. This is about actions having consequences. This is about people paying for what they did, so I hope you’re listening, Michael Liberty, Kate Lockwell.

My name is Sarah Kerrigan.

I am the swarm.

This is my story.

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