A Pirate’s Life Chapter 5 – Tension

Celia tested the shackles binding her to Damara’s rack, despite the iron biting into the flesh of her wrists and ankles. She knew she wasn’t going to get free… she did it more out of stubborn defiance and her private oath not to lose spirit – ever – than out of any legitimate attempt of breaking free. In the month or so since Eliana had escaped she had spent a lot of time on this rack and if she wasn’t able to break her bonds then, she surely wasn’t able to do it now. Besides, even if she did free herself, what would she do? Fight of all those pirates and escape? Protect herself from the incoming blows of the whip and the endless line of cocks that were pushed into her already sore pussy, ass and mouth?

Still, she hated how defenseless she felt tied like that, her arms above her head, making her breast stand out enticingly – making them a wonderful target for whips. The red welts covering them and bite marks concentrated around her sensitive, aching nipples showed that the pirates did not waste any opportunity to abuse her tits.

Her legs were spread wide and she knew that soon her thighs will begin to feel the strain of this unnatural position and will start to ache dully with annoying pain that would not leave her for the entirety of her abuse. What was worse, both her pussy and ass were now clearly available for those brutes.

The worst part though was that Damara was still talking. This woman clearly thought her speech was striking terror into Celia’s heart but in truth it was only annoying. No matter what Damara would say, Celia knew what was to happen to her – she would be raped and hurt, as she was countless times before, and nothing could change that. Eliana was safe, she knew it, and nothing else mattered besides that fact. Meanwhile Damara spoke as she was revealing to Celia a new cruel fate the latter would suffer. “I loved having the other whore here,” Damara said, continuing a tirade she was on that Celia had long since stopped paying real attention it. “She deserved all the pain she got!” the pirate captain said, touching the scar on her face. “It was a pleasure to hear her scream!”

Celia would love to tell Damara to just shut up and get on with it, but she knew that there was no reason to antagonize the pirate captain even more. She was going to be raped and hurt – there was no reason to make them hurt her even more than they intended. Gods Above and Within knew that Damara was pissed off enough already. The entire crew – maybe apart from Tahm and Raudur – was afraid of speaking to her as since Eliana’s escape her temper, already far from nice, became a hundred times worse.

“You must be cursing your lover for running away and leaving you here,” Damara kept speaking. “Before there were two of you for the cocks of the entire crew and she was the one I spent most of my time with here. Now, I get to hurt you and only you. So tell me, whore, do you curse her?!”

“No,” Celia said flatly. She would not antagonize or mouth of to Damara, but she would not make her thing for one second that she managed to turn Celia against Eliana.

“No? Don’t worry! Sooner or later you will curse her! You will curse the day you met that whore!” Damara hissed, in a lightning fast motion grabbing one of Celia’s nipples and twisting and pulling it hard.

“Mpfff!” the blonde woman moaned in pain, her body bucking against the shackles. Why did all those brutes love so much to hurt her breasts and nipples?

She did take some comfort from the irony of how Damara was wrong – yes, before, there were two of them for the cocks of the entire crew and now it was only Celia… but Tahm’s cock, and Damara’s toys, were the only things that were used to ravish her. As a form of punishing the crew of letting Eliana escape, they were forbidden to even touch Celia, forced only to listen to Damara hurting their captive. Raudur had it even worse as he was present during each session with Celia but was forbidden to do anything but watch with a dark face.

Still holding the blonde girl’s nipple, Damara jammed two fingers into the captive officer’s pussy. Celia twisted in pain a little, but tried not to move too much. It always made it worse when she did. “It’s actually kind of funny, whore,” Damara said as she twisted her fingers inside of Celia. “You think you’re so noble. You think your pretty girlfriend is safe, and comfort yourself with that. You’re an idiot.”

Damara finally released Celia’s nipple, her hand reflexively going to her throat to finger the golden medallion she wore… in the entire month she had been the guest of the deranged pirate captain, Celia couldn’t remember ever seeing the pirate without it. “Raudur,” she said without turning. “The whore captain sailed off into a storm on a dingy. Did she make it?”

“No captain,” Raudur said. Celia watched him out of the corner of her eye… his face was flat, without an expression, and as untouched by genuine emotion or life as his voice. It was all he ever said while he was here… ‘Yes Captain’ and ‘No Captain.’ She could force him to be here, force him to obey, but not to actually play her games to her satisfaction. More than once however, when Damara’s attention was elsewhere, Celia caught a look in the pirate’s eye that scared her… darkness and rage and a grim determination. Damara never saw it, Raudur made sure of that… but Celia did. The blonde had begun to suspect that…

Her attention was brought back to Damara by a cruel twist of her nailed inside her cunt. “Bah,” Damara complained as she pushed another finger in. “Dark Dwellers but you’re a baby Raudur. You ever seen anyone survive a storm like that without a Water Witch?”

“No captain,” Raudur responded again, showing no reaction to the captain’s taunt.

Damara smirked as she pushed a forth finger into Celia, reaching up with her other hand to slap at her tits one at a time. “To hell with her. The bitch is Leviathan food by now. Such a waste of cunt you let escape Raudur… if you hadn’t you could be getting your cock wet right now.” Damara started to push, working her whole hand into Celia. It didn’t matter what the woman said… Celia knew the truth. Eliana had gotten away, she was sure of it. She felt it deep in her bones, could smell it in the wind off the sea. In her heart, she was sure they were wrong, and her lover was safe.

The dark haired captain was working her thumb into her pussy now, and Celia had to moan with the pain. The blonde had heard that this was a thing lovers could do, but she had never tried it with Eliana before. Damara had fisted her for the first time earlier this week, but her cunt was still sore from it… she wasn’t anywhere near prepared for something so large. Supposedly, this could be enjoyable… but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t imagine it was Eliana touching her instead. Eliana would never hurt her… she was nothing like this monster.

“Nnn…” another soft, quiet moan escaped Celia’s mouth as Damara began pumping her hand faster and faster, each move sending ripples of pain through the blonde’s body.

Damara probably never realized that but even as a prisoner, Celia figured out how to behave so that her pain would be lesser. Fighting, resisting – that would cause the pirate captain to hurt her, a lot. Similar case was with begging and pleading for mercy – though at the beginning Celia was certain she wouldn’t give Damara this satisfaction, a couple of times, when both her mouth and ass were so sore that she could no longer think straight and they were still raping her, hurting her, her resolve did waver. The worst thing she could do, however, was to remain completely stoic and calm, not showing any reaction to the pirate captain’s abuse.

At first Celia thought that made her seem strong, but quickly she realized that this infuriated Damara like nothing else, making her fly into a rage in which she almost destroyed her whip by hitting Celia’s body with reckless abandon, before proceeding to assrape her with the biggest object she could fit there. Celia still shuddered when she recalled that terrible day. No, the secret was to show that she was hurting but apart from that take the abuse without trying to beg for respite or trying to fight. Of course that wouldn’t stop Damara from hurting her… but would at least make the worst kinds of torture less likely.

Sometimes Celia wondered if Raudur realized what she was doing.

“Nnnn!” she moaned again, her body tensing against the bonds as Damara showed her hand as far as she could before yanking it back.

“Your lover is leviathan’s meat and you… you whore will wish that you could get off so easily. I won’t let the rest of those useless idiots fuck you, don’t you worry about that… but that won’t mean you’ll have it easy. I personally vow to make your life living hell.” she said, her fingers touching the amulet once again. “I doubt how long it will take you to beg me to let you die?” she asked as her two fingers found grabbed Celia’s clit and she pulled it hard, twisting it as she previously did with the blonde’s nipples.

“Aaaaieeee!” this time Celia couldn’t stop herself from giving an ear-piercing wail, her eyes going wide with this new sudden pain, her body twisting and bucking against the bond in a way that made her muscles ache even more.

Smiling evilly Damara leaned over and not stopping the abuse of Celia’s clit she closed her teeth on the blonde’s right nipple, gnawing at it as her helpless victim moaned and writhes as much as the restrains allowed her to.

Finally, after what felt as eternity of pain, the pirate captain released her grip and her bite, straightening up with a sadistic smile on her lips.

“You liked that? I know I did. And it will hurt you all the more when Raudur fucks you now.” she said, turning to the surprise pirate. “Go on, fuck her cunt raw!”

For a second Raudur didn’t react, looking from Damara to Celia and back. He suspected something was going on, but the temptation of taking this blonde again, against her will, claiming her again was too great to pass up. Quickly he pulled out his cock, already hard from watching the scene in front of him… and surely enough Damara just laughed out loud.

“I apologize, Raudur” she said mockingly “I forgot that I promised her than none of you useless idiots will fuck her again. You shouldn’t have let the other whore run away. You can watch Tahm fuck her, though.”

She turned to Tahm and nodded. Because of that she did not see Raudur’s face darken with rage.

Celia did notice that, however. For a moment she even thought that she might be able somehow to use it in the future but soon her mind became occupied with the upcoming rape. Tahm didn’t see to care that he was used as a pawn by Damara to punish her first mate. He wasn’t going to pass up on raping Celia.

The blonde, having nothing but time in her captivity, spent a lot of it thinking about various pirates on the ship, weighing their strengths and weaknesses. As much as she hated to admit it, the way they raped her provided insight into their minds. At first, after the gang rape below the deck, she saw them as a mindless mass of hands, faces and cocks. Now, after so long, she could easily tell one from the rest by the way they spoke, behaved and… fucked.

At least it gave her mind something to do while they were working their cocks in her, hurting her, fucking her, raping her. Besides, it would be of use in the future. Knowing which pirates had what fantasies, which one wanted her to do what when fucking her allowed her to have at least some degree of influence on her predicament. At least she knew how to avoid angering them so hard that they would punish her more than usual. Already when arranging the escape with Eliana, she used this knowledge once and if she ever had another chance it would also prove invaluable.

Tahm was in some ways an enigma to her, in some he was the most straightforward of pirates. He thoroughly enjoyed hurting and raping her, that was evident. But besides the thoroughly pleasurable feeling of having his dick buried in her tight, unwilling pussy he didn’t really make her the target of his actions. No, it seemed to her as if the only thing Tahm wanted was to pleasure Damara in any way he could.

He fucked Celia, hurt her, because her knew that was what Damara wanted to see. He knew she wanted to hear Celia scream in pain, so he made her scream… or rather she screamed knowing that it would probably mean that he won’t feel that he has to hurt her harder. Tahm adored Damara and wanted to serve her in any way he could – and if that way involved raping Celia and rubbing it in Raudur’s face – that only meant double the pleasure for him.

Now he placed himself between her legs. Unlike some pirates – like Raudur for example – who used to tease her by rubbing the head of their cocks against the entrance to her holes before plunging in, Tahm wasted no time. He pushed in and almost immediately began fucking her hard, making her body move in the rhythm of his thrusts straining against the bonds holding her.

“Agh! No!” Celia cried in pain, feeling his cock pounding brutally into her tight, already sore pussy.

Unfortunately the fact that the pirate didn’t really care for her, didn’t make the things he did any less painful. He was… very well endowed, larger than any other pirate on the ship and she could feel every inch of his cock as it was fucking her pussy. Unwanted tears filled the blonde’s eyes but she didn’t even fight them, knowing how pointless it would be… and knowing that it was what Damara wanted to see.

Celia shook beneath Tahm, battered to the limits of her bonds over and over again by his vicious thrusts. He hammered into her with violent enthusiasm, her cunt clinging desperately to the sides of his shaft with each thrust in a desperate attempt to stop or slow the devastating onslaught of her rapist’s cock. Her breasts swinging back and forth wildly in time with brutal slams apparently were too tempting of a target for Damara, however… the cruel captain delighted in slapping them one at a time as they swung towards her, waiting for Tahm to thrust again, and slapping again. After a barely minute of that treatment it felt to Celia like her tits were one big bruise, burning all over with the stinging of Damara’s hands.

Tahm was a violent rapist, but there was at least one good thing about him… he lacked patience. Where Raudur or some of the others would slow down fucking her to delay their climax, so that they could enjoy raping her longer, Tahm never paused or hesitated in the least. Already she could feel his cock growing inside of her, and hated herself for feeling relief even as she braced for the awful sensation of him shooting a load of hot jizz into her unwilling cunt.

It didn’t take longer than fifteen seconds before her expectations became reality, and he gave his most violent thrust yet, burying himself into her so hard that the rack creaked violently beneath them. Even as his cock began to spit its slime into her, however, Damara grabbed the blonde woman’s tits in each hand and squeezed violently, hard and suddenly enough to provoke an abrupt cry from Celia.

She could feel Tahm’s slimy cock pulling out of her, but Celia’s attention was on Damara as she moved to undo her shackles. They were honestly more symbolic than effective at the given moment anyway… after being violently fucked like that, beaten and fisted and deprived food and water, she was unlikely to be able to overpower even Damara without a weapon, much less Tahm and Raudur as well. “Tahm, be a dear and unhook her legs, would you?” Damara said in a faux-kind tone, even as she grinned a sadistic smile down at Celia.

The moment her legs were free, she kicked out at Tahm… not in serious attempt to escape, but because she knew Damara would like it. Showing a reaction to the woman was always better than making her work to provoke one. Besides, she had barely started resisting before the huge sailor had gripped both of her legs and pushed them together, making her helpless again.

“Give her to Raudur,” the captain commanded. Celia’s eyes went a bit wide, and she didn’t need to look to know Raudur had done much the same. This was new… she was under no illusions that the captain was finished with her first mate’s punishment yet. Damara seemed like to type to hold a grudge for a very, very long time. Whatever Damara had in mind, it wouldn’t be good for her… but just maybe…

Tahm all but threw her into the arms of the seated Raudur, who immediately grabbed both of her arms and pinned them to her chest in font of her. Celia could feel the pirate’s hard chest against her back, along with every button in his shirt pushing into her soft skin… it was uncomfortable, but she still struggled anyway, even when it just dug them deeper. “Tahm, grab a leg,” Damara ordered again, and once again the huge pirate moved unquestioningly to obey his captain. Celia’s left leg was quickly grabbed and subdued, pushed to the side to spread her legs once again even as Damara put herself between the spread legs of her captive, holding onto her right leg as she spit onto her other hand.

“Nothing like tender meat,” Damara said with a smile… just before she started to force her fist up into Celia’s cunt for a second time. The fact that she had already been stretched out and fucked since last time helped Damara’s hand go in slightly easier, along with the lube from Tahm’s spunk, but it made it no less more painful… in fact, the brutal treatment her cunt had been subjected to was just making it swell up painfully on the inside, and it felt like the woman’s fist was sandpaper on her insides, rubbing it raw.

Celia screamed, not only because it hurt but because by all the gods, how much more would Damara try if she thought it wasn’t hurting enough? “Stop!” she cried. “Emperor preserve me, it hurts… you’re killing me!” Damara, of course, only fisted her harder… but probably not as hard as she would have if Celia’s hadn’t shown her pain.

“Oh this? No, this isn’t going to kill you,” Damara mocked. “Rearrange your insides a bit, sure, but you’ll be plenty alive long enough for me to sell your ass.” Celia kept trying to get away from the fist pumping in and out of her sore pussy, but she was too firmly held by Raudur and Tahm to more more than a few centimeters. Every thrust of Demara’s fist ground her against the sitting pirate, and she could feel his cock hard beneath her, grinding into her ass through his pants. “Go ahead Tahm,” the captain insisted. “She’s not going anywhere. Make the slut clean your cock up.”

Tahm didn’t wait any longer. With one of his large, meaty hands he grabbed Celia by her hair and turned her to the side. He pushed the woman down, which brought another scream out of her mouth as Damara’s fist shifted painfully inside her. Now, when she was lower, she could feel Raudur’s cock pressing against her lower back and even in all her pain she took some measure of satisfaction as she heard Raudur hiss with pain as well as her body now squeezed his erect cock.

A slight smile on Damara’s face told Celia that the captain did not fail to notice that as well. Soon however the blonde had something else on her mind as Tahm pulled her head towards her crotch. She could strain on her body as it was being bent uncomfortably between the three pirates bent on hurting her but that too was nothing in comparison to the pain of her abused pussy.

“Open up!” the pirate ordered.

Even if Celia wanted to resist her, she was powerless to do so as at this moment Damara pushed her fist back in, ripping another tormented scream out of the abused blonde.

“Aieee! Nooo! Nnnn!” the cry was cut short as Tahm pushed his cock into Celia’s open, screaming mouth, gagging her with his dick.

He already came but just watching her abuse made him grow hard again and his cock was already half erect. Even in that state it was filling Celia’s mouth and with each scream she made it was growing larger and harder. The pirate must have enjoyed how her warm breath caressed his dick as she screamed around it for he began moaning in pleasure as if she was a port whore who was pleasing him orally for coin.

Celia was conscious enough to think dryly that she indeed was a port whore, the only difference being that she wasn’t paid and couldn’t say ‘no’. True to what Damara said, Celia could feel Tahm’s cum and her own juices on the pirate’s dick but by now this revolting taste didn’t even touch her. The pirates often jested how they are turning into their trained whore and she knew there was truth in those cruel words – being here, raped on daily bases, she couldn’t help but learn how to best satisfy their urges… and though she hated them for using her, she learned long time ago that making them cum quickly usually meant less pain. She was neither proud nor ashamed of those newly acquired “skills” – it was simply a fact of her life.

She was the wise enough to know that empty defiance would be just that – empty. While she still felt angry at the ways they were embarrassing and humiliating her, at her very core she managed to retain her dignity, knowing that this position they put her in was not who she really was. And while Celia knew that even if she escaped on the next day, she would never be the same as she was before… she also knew that none of it was something that she should blame herself for.

“Mmpfff! Nnnn! Plsss!” she screamed again as Damara began pumping her even faster, a brutal, sadistic smile not leaving the captain’s face for a second.

With the cock in Celia’s mouth, only pitiful moans escaped her lips and under her unwilling administrations Tahm’s cock became fully erect. The pirate was not moving his hips back and forward, almost gently but Celia still thought desperately for air each time his dick reached the back of her throat. Even when he pulled back, her tight throat was constricting around his meat, massaging it and bringing him even more pleasure… and her even more discomfort.

“The bitch was getting bored! Had to spice things up,” Damara chuckled and Tahm followed, his own amusement joining his captain’s. “Hope you are enjoying yourself, Raudur?” the captain asked her first mate with mock concern.

“Always happy to watch a good show, captain,” Raudur said. He tried to keep his tone as blase as possible, but between how painfully hard as he was from the show and the pressure of the blonde pushed against him, he couldn’t help but let some of the pain slip into his voice.

“Poor baby,” Damara mocked. “Then again, if you hadn’t let my whore escape, you’d still have this one for your own, so I can’t bring myself to feel too badly.”

Tahm was raping her throat with enthusiasm now, now that he was completely hard, and that was even worse for Celia… the man had a mammoth cock, and it just didn’t fit easily down her slender throat. The angle was even worse for her, and it made her gag and wretch with every thrust. If she had been able to focus enough, she could have found a small silver lining at least… the desperate struggle for oxygen made it almost impossible to appreciate the job Damara was doing on her poor pussy.

“Gluk gluk gluk gluk,” Celia gagged with each thrust, her body spasming in the grip of both the captain and her armsman but unable to escape, trying desperately to twist her head away from Tahm as he forced her to take his fat cock down her throat over and over again. It made her ass writhe against Raudur’s cock, made her squirm with her pussy impaled by Damara, all in a desperate bid to escape and just breathe… she didn’t need to fake her reactions or emphasize them now, she couldn’t do anything but suffer and struggle to stay conscious.

“Give it to the whore,” Damara ordered as he pumped her fist back and forth inside of Celia, trying to stretch her pussy out by the most brutal means available while she watched the blonde marine fight and fail to breathe as Tahm raped her. “Cum down that slutty throat.”

Tahm fastened his hands in the dirty, blonde hair of his fucktoy and shoved hard, forcing her all the way down on his cock until her nose banged painfully on his hip. Right now, Celia wanted more than anything for the big man to cum, to cum and leave her alone before the black edges to her vision swallowed her whole. She could feel the cock swelling painfully on her throat, choking her even more… and then his balls were pulsing against her skin, dumping shot after shot of cum down her tight throat while she desperately tried to pull her head backward and breathe, uncaring of the pain in her hair as she tried.

Then Tahm let go of her, and she yanked her head backward fast enough that the back of her head struck Raudur’s. Celia didn’t care. She was taking rapid, gasping breaths now, frantic for air. Celia became aware that Damara had stopped fisting her only slowly and was now just staring at her, the painful bruising around her sex becoming clear to her in the wake of her catching her breath.

Damara’s eyes were narrow as she stepped away, grabbing her cat-o-nine-tails off the desk. “I’m thinking this whore has about outlived her usefulness,” the captain said as she strode forward. “But I bet Kiera would have a use for an Imperial Marine officer. She’s always happy to look for leverage against these fuckers… and we’ll be well rid of her.” She turned her gaze to Raudur. “Better hold her there,” she instructed her first mate as she hefted the whip. “You don’t want me to miss…”

Raudur gritted her teeth, barely keeping himself from responding. Once he was very patient with Damara, humbly ignoring her frequent insults. Now he almost seethed as he looked and listened to his captain. To be completely honest with himself, he had to admit that a lot of the frustration he was feeling had to do with the fact that she kept Celia from him. Not only Celia’s body – though Raudur desired… no, needed to fuck her, to fuck her hard and empty his balls into her. No, he was angry that Damara kept CELIA from him.

Being forced to watch Damara and Tahm rape and abuse his captive and not being able to dump his load into her hurting body was one thing… but he honestly thought – and that thought at first surprised him – that Damara simply did not deserve to have Celia, she did not deserve to be hurting Celia. It was more than just the fact that it was Raudur who secured the capture of the beautiful marine captain. He sincerely believed that Celia was too precious to be wasted on Damara. Sure the pirate captain could keep on hurting the marine, she could keep finding new ways to rape and hurt her body… but she would never break Celia, that much was obvious.

Only Raudur had any chance of achieving that and he was aware that it was quick becoming an obsession for him. No person should be that… pure. He just had to try bending her to his will, to see if he could break her.

Which only meant that the plan he has been considering for some time had to be hastened. Damara wanted to get rid of Celia. While rational part of Raudur’s mind knew that giving the marine captain to Kiera was the right choice… and with Damara’s mood and anger being what it was, he was frankly impressed that she had even realized that – but that would stand in the way of him trying to test himself against Celia. Twice their duels were interrupted… and he couldn’t shake the feeling that, for him, it was for the better. Still, he had to know if he was stronger than she was if he was smarter and able to find a way to shatter her spirit.

Which, of course, meant that he just couldn’t let Damara get rid of Celia.

For now, however he had to be quiet as Damara was playing her petty little games. With his feet he pushed Celia’s legs to the site, exposing her thoroughly hurt cunt. With his arms he blocked her hands, which at the same time exposed her breasts to Tahm’s stares… and, of course, Damara’s whip. Menacingly the pirate captain brandished her whip in front of Celia’s eyes, the anticipation making it all the better for her… and all the worse for the captive… or at least that is what Damara chose to believe. Truth be told, Celia’s eyes did follow the whip as it was being moved around.

“No…” she whispered, knowing what was going to happen… but that was the only weakness she allowed herself. Quickly she gritted her teeth and waited for the lashes to come.

She didn’t have to wait long.

The first lash landed squarely on her right tit, leaving red welts on Celia’s soft, creamy skin.

“Aieee!” the blonde didn’t even try to stop herself from screaming her body jumping reflexively, which caused the second blow to miss its target and hit her flat stomach.

Damara of course quickly corrected her aim and started hitting her again and again. Her blows were concentrated on Celia’s firm breasts – no surprise there seeing what enticing targets they were. The two first blows landed on Celia’s left tit, with the third and fourth landing on both, crisscrossing with the previous welts. Damara even tried hitting the blonde’s raped, sore, thoroughly abused pussy but with the awkward angle it was hard… though she landed a couple of good blows on Celia’s thighs, ripping more screams from the beautiful marine’s mouth.

“Aieee! Stooop! Arrrrgh!” Celia screamed, her body twisting so hard that even Raudur had troubles holding her.

Once he hissed in pain as one of Damara’s blows hit his arm… and seeing Damara flash her teeth in a feral grin he began to suspect if that was by mistake. By far a bigger source of pain and discomfort was Celia’s beautiful body, now twisting and writhing and jumping on his cock, almost squeezing his dick between their bodies.

Even hurt as she was, Celia could feel the tiniest bit of satisfaction from that…

It was about all she would have to feel good about for the next three hours.

Celia was too exhausted and pained to give more than a halfhearted cry of surprise as Tahm simply dropped after he had finished with her. The sweat-slicked blond fell easily the second he stopped holding her up against him, gravity tugging his cock free of her ass with a sickening sound of suction. She barely had time to tiredly think about the foul things that sound implied before she hit the deck hard, and lost the breath that the raped beauty had been only slowly recovering.

“You done over there, Tahm?” Damara said disinterestedly from her chair in the cabin. The captain had more or less lost interest in Celia, at least temporarily, after taunting Raudur had lost its charm. She had instead began working on her charts, swearing loudly occasionally as she tried to remake the ones that Elliana had apparently stolen from memory, cursing Celia’s escaped lover every minute or so.

Above her, Tahm grunted as he put a booted foot on Celia’s ass and shoved her with it. The huge pirate armsman was both strong and heavy, and as he put his weight into the push Celia found herself flopped over onto her back, left to feel every disgusting, slimy pulse as his cum dripped free from her ravaged ass. “Aye, Cap’n. That’ll do.”

“Good…” Damara said, rising, a cruel grin coming over her face again as she looked over at where Raudur still sat. “What are you waiting for, first mate? Take her down to the hold… you know what you’re supposed to do.”

Celia was looking the wrong way to see the pirate get up, but she heard his footsteps as he approached. As quickly as her tired body would let her move, Celia tried to get her feet under her to make what was coming hurt a little less… she was only partially successful. Raudur grabbed her by her dirt crusted blonde hair and pulled her roughly upward… at least she managed to assist the lift a little bit, so it felt only a little bit like having the entire top of her skull doused in oil and set ablaze. “Ah!” she yelped before she could stop herself.

“Get the slut out of here. I’m tired of smelling her. Maybe I’ll have you clean the nasty bitch before you bring her back tomorrow,” Damara continued with a wicked grin. “Then I believe you are on watch until the midnight bell, are you not? Going to be a long day for you, Raudy.”

Raudur didn’t say anything, but Celia could sense his anger as he shoved her ahead of him out of the door, out into the sun. Pirates were moving around in the rigging, and more than one stopped to stare appreciatively at the beautiful captive before they were yelled back into action by the blonde woman manning the command deck she had seen earlier… on a navy ship, she would be called an officer of the watch, Celia believed. She wasn’t a sailor, herself, so she got confused sometimes, but the woman was clearly fufilling the duty of watching over the ship while the captain was otherwise occupied… the same way Raudur was going to be for the rest of the day and most of the night.

Celia bit her lower lip. If she was going to speak to Raudur, she would have to do it fast. She wouldn’t get another opportunity today, and it wasn’t a long walk back to the area of the hold she had been confined to, but something warned her to wait until they were out of sight of the rest of the crew… she felt sure it would be easier to plant the seed in private. So instead of speaking now, she waited as they walked down the first staircase, then down the second, before she paused and knelt as though catching her breath just below the bottom step. There was no one around… perfect.

Raudur noticed instantly, of course. “What’s this, then?” he asked. His voice was calm… mostly. There was a definite hint of a growl beneath it somewhere. Good… his anger was still hot. That could make this painful, but that would help in the long run. “You think this is a leisure cruise? Get moving.”

Celia bit her lip, trying to stay calm, to make her voice even, before she turned her head to face him. “Or you’ll do what? I seem to remember that you aren’t allowed to lay a hand on me. I supposed you could march me back upstairs and have Tahm punish me, or you could let me catch my damn breath a moment.” It was a gamble, but she felt sure that he would rather drown himself that take her back to the captain and her dog for punishment. Pretty sure.

She only needed to hold her breath for a second before his narrowed eye returned to normal and he shrugged. “True… but I’ll remember this. I’ll take it out of your ass later.”

Celia laughed. It hurt to do so, and she didn’t feel any real amusement whatsoever, but she tried to make it sound as genuine as she could, fill it with all the scorn she could muster. She thought it came out rather well. “You think she’s going to let you touch me every again?” Celia asked when her laughter had passed. “I’ll be gone in less than a week, but even if I weren’t, I don’t think she’s ever going to forgive you. You’ll always be the one who let her prize captive get away. A useless cuttlefish.”

This was the part where she would be hit. It was a necessary part of the plan… stirring a egotist’s anger could be a painful process, but she wasn’t going to get out of this alive unless something dramatic happened, unless she could use the building animosity between Damara and the first mate to her advantage. Orders or no, punishment or no, Celia’s experience with pirates and prideful men in general told her that there would be a painful price to pay for her words.

It surprised her when it didn’t come. Raudur’s fist just twitched once, then he clenched and unclenched his hand before he started spinning one of his rings with his thumb instead of forming the fist again. Instead of hitting her, he just glared at her. For an instant, Celia feared that maybe he wasn’t as angry as she had thought. As silent breaths passed, however, she became convinced that if anything, he was more furious that she had judged.

Finally, he stopped spinning his ring and spoke softly. “You never know. Now get up.”

Celia did. Moments later, Raudur had her locked in the tiny brig within the hold, and was walking away. Quickly, the pirate was out of sight. The blonde let out a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding… she wasn’t sure if that had gone better than expected or much, much worse. She needed to drive a wedge between her captors if she was going to have an opportunity to escape. Maybe even cause some violence to ensue between the pirates. It was clear to her that Raudur and Damara were not close, and that their animosity could be made to grow further. Maybe, just maybe, she could find a way to escape this mess.

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