A Pirate’s Life Chapter 6 – Sabreport


Eliana woke with a start, bolting upright in bed and halfway jumping out of it before she realized where she was. She was in her cabin, aboard the Imperial Home Fleet Fortitude. Not on Constantos, under attack. Not aboard the Banshee’s Wail. Not with Celia. Eliana gripped the sheets of the bunk, bringing them closer to her chest, folding her arms over it… suddenly feeling very cold despite her clothing, the blankets, and the sweat coating her skin.

The red haired girl sat up, breathing hard for long seconds, steadily growing to feel more ridiculous with each passing breath. She was a grown woman, armed, dangerous, and free. She was safe now, and more than safe… she was going back for revenge, and to get back Celia. There was no reason for her to be shaking like a leaf…

But the dream had been so real. She could almost still hear the pirate’s cruel voice in her ears, ringing still.

In a flash of anger, she ripped the sheet off and strode from the room, barely stopping to grab her sword first as she stormed out, up the stairs and out onto the deck. The sky was beginning the lighten, but the work shift hadn’t changed yet… the men working the sails and the officer of the watch looked exhausted but were still doing their jobs acceptably. It might have made her feel better to criticize some of their work, but it wasn’t her job… she was a boarding officer on this vessel for now, and none of these men were Marines.

She stared out over the sea as they cut forward, grateful that the sailors ignored her. She could still just barely see the reflection of the setting moon on the water before her, and she tightened her hand momentarily on the hilt of her sword. Just hours now… if the charts she had brought to the Admiral were accurate, the secretive Sabreport should be just a few leagues over the horizon.

That was where Banshee’s Wail would be.

Behind her, Imperial Marines moved across the ship even at this late hour. They knew, just as well as she, that tomorrow they would see combat… and they were preparing. Fresh tar on the deck. Buckets of water to use to drench her down… fire was among the largest danger to a ship in action. The rigging was being trimmed away, the lines attached to clefts to keep them from swinging free. Even hours before the fighting could start, there was so much that could be done to prepare.

And none of it was for her. These men and women were Marines, skilled soldiers to fight the Empire’s battles at sea or in landing. She wasn’t a marine. She wasn’t even a sailor, really… certainly not on this ship. She could sail, of course… of course she could. But she had never been in the navy as an enlisted sailor. She had never been below an officer… but this wasn’t the Golden Dawn. She was somewhere in the armada, out there concealed by the black of night. And the Sacred Star… her ship was gone. Raudur had destroyed her… just before he had destroyed Elianna too.

She swore beneath her breath, and tried not to notice how pale her skin looked, how her hands shook. She felt useless. Celia… Celia was a marine. She was a warrior. If Eliana were captured, and Celia free… the blonde woman wouldn’t be standing alone at the bow of a ship, watching others prepare to fight. She would be… doing… something.

Her eyes focused on one of the Marines… a blonde soldier who was sharpening her sword. The woman was sitting on a barrel, grinding a whetstone over the edge of her saber as she watched some of the other marines move water. Elianna was struck by just how easy it was to imagine that it was Celia sitting over there, watching her Marines drill and prepare on Constantos. Maybe just a few years before Elianna had met her. She looked so much like Celia… strong, beautiful, bright eyed… just younger.

If Elianna were the one captured, that would be Celia. Sharpening her sword. Leading her marines. She wouldn’t rest until she had her love back.

The wood of the railing creaked beneath the redhead’s fingers.

“I’m coming for you, Damara,” She hissed. “Celia, hold on… I’m coming for you…”

  • – – – –

Sabreport was burning.

The bombardment that preceeded the invasion must have hit something flammable or one of the incendiary shells must have landed on old wood, but the fire began spreading uncontrollably. Eliana stood on the deck of IHF Fortitude, watching the reflection of fire dancing on the coastal waters as black smoke spiraled upwards, towards the dark clouds, becoming almost indistinguishable with them. The attack took the pirates by complete surprise, just before dawn. The main defense of Sabreport was always considered to be secrecy, not walls, sentries and cannons. The imperial ships made short work of the pirate batteries and soon marine boarding parties were landing in various spots along the beach and docks, establishing beachheads for further assault. Through her scope, Eliana could see how the attacked port resembled something like a barrel of rats with a torch thrown inside. Utter chaos and disorganization, allowing Imperial soldiers to cut through the resistance with minimum effort and losses. She watched groups of soldiers rushing forward towards the building of Sabreport, trapping the pirates between the invaders and the fiery inferno.

Sure, some would be able to escape inland, but the Imperials were determined to remain and round up as many pirates as possible. Eliana looked at the fires burning in the port once again. The bastards didn’t deserve anything better than burning to death… but Celia was also somewhere in Sabreport. Sure, Eliana didn’t see the Banshee’s wail yet… but she knew that the ship and her lover were here. She just knew.

She glanced over to find the marines preparing for their own landing. The Fortitude was supposed to remain on station here, as part of the blockade… but they wouldn’t need all of their marines. These soldiers would be part of the push further inland to locate any pirates that fled the port into the jungles. She wasn’t going to let them go alone. This wasn’t her ship. And she wasn’t a real marine boarding officer. The Fortitude didn’t need her… Celia did. “I’m coming,” she said, not giving room for a question as she slipped down into one of the ships.

The soldier – a tall young sergeant showed surprise on her pretty face for but a second before she straightened up. “Yes, m’am!” she said saluting and immediately she was passing the order to the squad leaders, rearranging and assembling the troops, making sure the chain of command was clear. It was a credit to their training that no one else showed a hint of surprise. Imperial discipline was legendary, after all. And she wasn’t going to wait here for news about Celia. She was going in.

For a second, as Eliana put on her leather armor she looked again at the young soldier… the same she had noticed the night before. She had been introduced briefly when she had taken command of the Marines here… Alayne was her name, she thought. Tall, strong, young, blonde… and beautiful… she reminded her of Celia. She reminded her very much of Celia. It didn’t matter though. She was going now to get her lover.

Eliana screamed in rage as she splashed through the water, taking care to keep her pistol and powder from being submerged as she leaped from the landing ship, surging through the water the remaining ten feet to land. Saberport was already burning… the smell of smoke and cordite sharp in her nose. A trio of pirates, wearing bandannas in the scarlet and sable of the Pirate Queen Kiera, were already dead on the beach on either side of her, shot by muskets by gunners on the boats.

The sounds of fighting were thickest further in, around the bend of what seemed to be a warehouse. Even over the ringing in her ears, Eliana could hear that. “Come on!” she shouted. She might not be a Marine, but it seemed that the marines did respond to her authority anyway, treating her as near enough to one of her own since she had grabbed her sword and insisted on climbing in one of the boats. She pelted across the sand, kicking up sprays of wet muck as she left the beach, boots thudding as the ground changed to cobbles… and then an ugly man with one eye was right in front of her.

For an instant, she thought it was Raudur… the missing eye… but even as her muscles began to tremble she knew it to be false. This man was nothing like the pirate first mate from Widows Wail… far more disgusting, if no less evil. As if in slow motion, she watched the pirate raise his pistol… but hers was already there, faster. Her shot took the man in his good eye, crumpling the socket as it popped out the back of his head with a wet spray of gore.

There were more behind him. More red and black garbed pirates. More pistols. Eliana flung herself to the side, her shoulder crashing against the rotten wood of the warehouse, feeling it splinter beneath her shoulder in the second before the sound of further gunfire. Then Imperial Marines opened fire behind her, and she heard battle cries as three marines charged past the cracked wall of wood she had pushed through, and then the sound of steel ringing on steel.

Cursing, Eliana pushed herself up, disengaging the lock on her pistol as she began to reload. In truth… even since Raudur had bested her with the blade, she was wary of crossing her sword with another pirate. It seemed better this way. She loaded her pistol again as quickly as her fingers could fly, finding comfort in the familiar task. Her sidearm was one of the finest in the Empire, capable of being loaded quicker than most, and her hands moved quickly, comfortably. Barely twenty seconds has passed when she burst out of the warehouse, pistol leveled, looking for a target…

And almost ran directly into the pretty blonde she had noticed aboard the ship. Her eyes widened again, momentarily taken off guard once again by the similarity to Celia… but only until she saw the pirate behind the woman. There was no clear shot. Eliana didn’t think, didn’t hesitate. Her sword came up smoothly, her saber catching the descending flintlock at the guard. The blonde marine didn’t pause… she spun, falling to her knees to slip below the clashing blades as she came across with her own saber, slashing open the pirate’s belly with a single cut that doubled back to take the man’s sword arm off at the elbow.

“Thanks,” the blonde marine said with a dazzling grin that, again, shocked Eliana with how much it reminded her of Celia. Then she was running off after the other marines. At least her sword arm had done what she had told it to. Shaking her head to clear it, Eliana did the same.

It was like fighting through a nightmare. Smoke and fog and flame obscured nearly everything, but even so it was clear to Eliana that the pirates were being routed. At every turn, she saw more and more marines flooding the streets, more and more dead pirates. Through the smoke it was hard to tell how the battle in the harbor was going, but she could hear repeated cannon fire now without the detonation on land. Most pirates wouldn’t be able to flee without running a hail of cannon fire that would tear them to flotsam. Still, she could hear the evidence as plenty of the cowards attempted to flee. It was as clear to them as it was to Eliana that the port was lost.

Sabreport was still burning. The fighting raged on. Eliana was glad that she made it into the fray. As Imperial soldiers pushed forward, the pirates had some chance to reorganize themselves and prepare defensive against a crumbling wall of the old Imperial watchtower built here when the world was young. Apparently the Pirate Queen who ruled this shithole had mustered his or her personal guard and they served as the backbone for the rest of the group. The thunder of muskets and pistols was almost deafening and the smoke was ever present, but Eliana knew that the battle has already been lost. The assault was slowed down only because Eliana – although she almost burned to find Celia immediately – didn’t want unnecessary casualties that charging the watchtower would bring. No, it was enough for her soldiers to push cannons from pirate batteries here and they could easily use them to pierce the pirates’ defenses.

A soldier appeared next to her, young, wide eyed but still in control. Blood has splattered all over his cheek, but he didn’t seem to notice. She didn’t recognize him but he seemed to notice that she was the highest ranking officer in the vicinity, even if he didn’t seem to realize her rank insignia were Navy, not Marines.

“Ma’am.” he said, saluting, “Unexpected resistance in the southern quadrant of the port. Captain Claydane’s men are requesting assistance.”

Eliana knew that probably she should just sent a detachment of her men… but her swordhand was singing. The whole frustration she was feeling… she needed to vent it somehow. Immediately she gathered a reinforcement squad and led it to where the soldier said.

Claydane’s men were infamously poorly disciplined and got ambushed while trying to plunder some buildings in the “commercial” part of the pirate hideout. The pirates had them squarely pinned down, but they didn’t expect an attack from behind and Eliana’s men cut through them like a well-forged saber cuts through a poor fabric. Two pirates jumped at Eliana at the same time and she kept defending herself with lightning fast parries and dodges. At one point the larger of the two pirates swung too strongly and went after his blade, loosing footing. She quickly positioned herself so as the pirate was between her and the other opponent. With one slash she cut through his neck and then she jumped from behind him and pierced the other one.

She looked around and noticed that in her fury and impatience, she went a bit ahead of her forces and they were now struggling to keep up with her as she was attacked from all sides. She disarmed one pirate, shoot the other in the face, cut a pretty redheaded female’s neck and left a dagger in the thigh of a hulking brute. Suddenly Alayne was next to her, protecting her back. They stood, back to back, parrying blades from opponents coming from all sides… just as she had watched the womans back earlier. As they thought, Eliana couldn’t stop herself from noticing Alayne again, so strongly… Sure, they weren’t in a position for her to look at the woman, but to Eliana, at this moment, the woman almost seemed to be her lover. Even if the way she fought was like Celia… not as skilled as the blonde commander perhaps but still, good enough for the two of them to defend themselves until reinforcements came and the pirates were routed, chasing them up the hill and deep into the commerce district.

Then Eliana crested a hill and managed a glimpse through the smoke and fire… and her heart fell. Throughout the armada, she saw a half a dozen crippled pirate ships being boarded, and another half dozen as burning, sinking wrecks… but she also saw a few sails disappearing into the distance, chased by ships of the armada. And one of them was a black ship with crimson sails. Eliana hands shook with rage as she watched Banshee’s Wail flee towards the horizon, even chased by a pair of imperial schooners. Somehow, she knew that the ship was gone. Gone.

She didn’t care if they got Kiera, if they got every other pirate on the entire damn island… not if Damara and Raudur escaped with Celia.

Then she heard the scream. Just like that, the female cry of agony brought her back… on her back, laying atop on pirate’s muscled chest as his cock impaled her ass, as another lowered himself down on top of her, crushing her between the two of them as he forced himself between her muscular legs and into her tight little pussy. She could see herself… sweat-streaked, dirty… pathetic and weak. She shuddered.

The second shriek brought Eliana out of it, and she went rushing towards the screams.

Later Eliana couldn’t tell why she sprang to action. Even if she hadn’t seen the Banshee Wail leaving, she would have known it couldn’t be Eliana screaming… and judging by how the battle went it was much more likely it was a pirate whore getting hurt than one of her female marines. Still, the scream made her flashback to her time with the pirates, to the image of cocks pistoning in and out of her holes as cruel fingers slapped her and pinched her tits. Of brutal man laughing as she was being raped, hurt and degraded. Made to beg.

It filled her with absolute disgust… and it was this feeling that made her run forward.

That, or maybe the fact that when Eliana froze, flooded by unwanted memories of her torment, Alayne rushed forward. Like Celia would. Once again it was almost as if she was back with her beloved. And she couldn’t let her go alone.

The shouting, screaming and crying went from a part of town that seemed to be full of alehouses… and brothels. That’s at least what was suggested by the various signs showing woman with exaggerated bits of anatomy bending and writhing in a way that was supposed to make man horny. The names of the placed also suggested the type of business that took place there: Pirate’s Pleasure, Pirate’s Booty, Pirate’s Relief (most weren’t terribly original, it seemed), Silky Delight, Sigh of Pleasure…

Now however what was going on had little to do with pleasure. Several of the brothels were burning and the escaping whores ran straight into the hands of the looting soldiers. Several more marines ran into the building that weren’t burning and the sounds coming from them told Eliana they also were having their “fun”. However, she didn’t have to listen to anything to know what was going on as the scene in front of her told her everything.

The women that ran out of the burning buildings were being raped.

Most soldiers didn’t waste time even stripping them completely, other whores apparently where in a state of undress when the attack came. The men seemed content with just removing enough clothing to get to the women’s holes. One girl, a petite blonde with long hair, two shades darker than Celia’s was on all fours, being fucked from both ends – one cock pounding her pussy while other was being pushed deep into her mouth, making her choke on it.

Eliana remembered the times, the many times, she was being fucked like this. She remembered the pain of her nether hole being raped, she remembered the taste of an unwashed cock in her mouth and the man laughing about how good it feels when she cries around a cock or how her pussy gets tighter when…

“Fuck! Her cunt gets so much tighter when she chokes on your dick!” the marine fucking the blonde’s cunt laughed.

Eliana clenched her fists so hard that her knuckles went white.

A black-skinned whored wasn’t being fucked yet… for now three soldiers that surrounded her, where slapping her hard, while laughing at her crying.
“Please… stop!” she wailed.

Eliana remembered how often she was being slapped, hit, how the pirates enjoyed causing her pain…

“Stop it!” Alayne screamed at the soldiers, but no one paid any attention to her. Eliana didn’t recognize any of them, they must have been from another ship.

A tall woman, with a two long braids and really impressive breasts was screaming her lungs out as she was riding a cock with her ass. That however wasn’t enough for the soldiers as the one she was servicing found great pleasure in hurting her tits, pinching and twisting her nipples as she moved on him.

Eliana once thought that while the pirates may be able to rape her, they will never break her enough to make her assist in her own rape. Countless beatings, abuse but mostly despair and helplessness proved her wrong as she finally broke… she remembered how they laughed when they made her ride a dick with her ass. For them as well the agony of her impaled hole wasn’t enough and whenever they thought she wasn’t doing a good enough job they also motivated her by hurting her breasts… though contrary to these soldiers, they preferred to whip them.

“Stop! At once!” Eliana screamed… but the voice that came out of her dry throat was so hoarse that no one noticed… except for Alayne who probably took it as an approval from her captain to intervene as she ran forward.

She approached a guy who has bent a red-haired prostitute over a table and was fucking her ass with short, brutal thrusts as she dig her fingers into the wood, her mouth opened in a silent scream.

“Stop it!” Alayne screamed grabbing the soldier and pulling him away.

“Let me go, bitch!” he barked backhanding her hard enough to make her stagger back… but immediately she retaliated by hitting him with the handle of her sabre, knocking him down.

“Thank… thank you,” the red-haired pirate whore wept “We’re… we’re not pirates… we’re… just… entertaining them…”

“Yeah, and now they’re entertaining us,” a soldier said, spitting down, while a few others – those who weren’t currently busy with the women approached him, blades drawn “Besides, they’re whores. We’re not doing anything to them that they haven’t done before.”

“Leave them be,” Eliana said taking a step forward. “Do they look like pirates to you?”

“They took stolen, bloody gold to spread their legs,” the soldier answered. “That makes them close enough in my book.”

“Do you see them armed?” Eliana countered, “Yeah, I’m sure this is the type of ‘pirates’ you prefer fighting. Less chance of getting hurt.”

A snarl crossed his face. “Listen up,” the soldier said.

“No, you listen!” Eliana interrupted him. “Who’s your captain?”

“Elias from the Storm Warden,” the man replied, “And before you ask, yeah he knows. In fact he is over there,” the soldier pointed towards of the other brothels further down the street.

“Then get him to come here.”

“Fuck no!” the soldier said, “I’m not getting between him and any whore his fucking!”

“And you shouldn’t get between us these whores!” another soldier said. His cock was already out, hard and ready. “Unless you want to literally get between my dick and a whore. If so just spread your legs and…”

More of Eliana’s squad of marines was arriving, pouring into the room with every passing second. One of the larger men… she was relieved to see that it was Stantis, pushed to the front. “Listen, you maggot,” Stantis, Eliana’s longest serving comrade said standing behind his classmate.

“Maggot?” the soldier laughed shaking his cock. “I have a maggot here just for her! Or rather a true snake! Come and…”

Eliana didn’t say anything, just took her pistol, aimed and shot the man straight into his groin.

Everyone went silent and still… apart from the soldier who collapsed onto the ground screaming in agony…

Stantis recovered first. “Don’t even think about it,” he snarled as a few soldier from the Storm Warden reached for their weapons. “Take in the lay of the land.” There were more marines here now than there were sailors… and the Navy’s elite marines were worth more in a fight than any vile, rapist of a drunken sailor.

“And what in all nine circles of hell is going on here!” A voice called out, stern, furious. And a bare-chested, handsome man with short blonde hair stepped into the room. Eliana knew him… had met him at the academy. The swill sucking prick. Elias had been a rival of hers, once… before she had blown past him and left him behind. He glared around the room even, his eyes narrowing further when he found Eliana, spitting to the side briefly before his eyes flicked down. Only then did the redhead register that she was still holding a smoking gun.

“Did you just shoot of my men, red devil?” he said quietly, ice in his voice.

Eliana opened her mouth to answer, but it was Stantis… thankfully… that beat her to it. “Your man here,” he said, nodding at the man writhing on the ground, got shot by a pirate, while he was heroically rescuing these poor girls. Quite the hero. I shudder to think of what a foul, desperate pirate might have done to these poor women.”

She took her hint. “He’s lucky the pirate’s have such bad aim. Otherwise, they might have hit him somewhere… important.” She stepped closer. “Even so, though… I think he needs some medical attention. You should get him to a doctor, Captain.” Her voice dropped lower, for him alone. “Be smart, Eli. Walk the fuck away. Before you do something you’re going to regret.”

The captain looked left and right, taking in the half a hundred marines milling about, every one of them already blooded today, every one of them heavily armed. Then he smiled. “Right you are. I thank you for taking such good care of my men Cap…” He paused. “I forget. Do you still call someone a captain if they don’t have a ship?” He shrugged. “Men… get Thomas here to the cutter. We’re leaving. We’ll let her take care of these… poor… women. She has so much in common with them, after all.” And he turned and strode off, his men following after him like a pack of kicked dogs, carrying their screaming and crying companion with them.

Alayne waited until they were gone to explode. “Why the hell did you let them go!” She whirled on Stantis. “After what we caught them doing!”

“Did you forget that shooting another members of the empire’s armored forces is also illegal?” He asked her, slapping Eliana on the shoulder. “The best she could expect was a court martial. My captain deserves better.”

Eliana sighed. “He’s right,” she said glumly. “He might have deserved it, but…”

“He definitely deserved it,” Alayne said, surveying the pirate whores crying and slowly putting themselves back together.

“No argument from me,” Stanis said.

A dark chuckle came from Eliana. “Stantis, think you can take over for a bit? Don’t let them start executing everyone they find. We need captives… and they get a fair trial. It’s better than they deserve…” she said softly. But it’s what Celia would do, she thought to herself. “But we need to make an example of them.”

“I’ll take care of it captain.”

“I’m not anyone’s captain anymore, old friend,” she said sadly.

Stantis shook his head. “You’ll always be my captain, captain.” And he started leading some of the marines away.

Eliana reached down and righted one of the fallen stools by the bar, grabbing an unmarked bottle behind it, and ripping the top off, taking a deep drink. She could feel Alayne’s eyes on her for a moment before she nodded, and turned to follow Stantis and the other marines, leaving Eliana to her misery.

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