Chapter 1: Madness Calls

Jessica Deveraux reflexively ran her fingers through her long dark hair, as she knelt with her binoculars behind a tree stump, observing the unnerving scene below. Around a large bonfire, with flames taking different colours as some substances must have been thrown into the fire, a group of fifteen men from the nearby village was dancing. They were naked apart from large masks on their face, fashioned into a visage of some disgusting fish/reptilian/amphibian monsters.

Being on excavations in this forgotten part of the world was exciting – new findings were dug up on a daily if not hourly basis. Even though Jessica thought of herself as a no-nonsense woman, she somehow could stop but shudder as she recalled two such findings an uncharacteristically hard clay sculpture of some creature resembling a winged humanoid with a head of an octopus, the second one being an artistically crafted jade sculpture of a squid-like being.

But seeing those sculptures was one thing and observing those rituals was something else entirely. Of course Jessica was an archaeologist not an anthropologist so she shouldn’t be interested in it… but this tribe – called Mugawi, which meant Tentacled-People – all but separated from the outside world, cultivated their traditions from prehistoric times, so looking at them was the closest an archaeologist could get at piecing together the past. And from what she understood, once a sprawling civilization stood here, with cyclopean buildings and jade statues… now all the ruins were on the bottom of the sea, long forgotten and destroyed… with those people as the last remnant of the civilization.

Of course Jessica was warned not to approach the locals – especially alone – as the could be a bit savage… but her curiosity got the better of her – as always. Besides, she was careful not to be seen. Her train of thought was broken as the scene in front of her has changed. The fire grew larger and became emerald green. The singing of the tribesmen became louder, faster, more intense as they were chanting in a language unknown to her.

There was a commotion and from a tent near the shore the men dragged three naked women. Jessica saw the entire tribe once, when her camp approached them to exchange tokens of good will, and couldn’t help but wonder how this group of obviously inbred people, with ugly, almost misshapen males could have such beautiful women, with copper-bronze skin, large breasts and almost noble faces.

Jessica could see that two of the women one tall, with long raven black her, the second shorter with auburn hair falling to her shoulders went peacefully, though not willingly but rather without any hope that resistance would change anything. The third – definitely a few years younger though almost as tall as the first one, but slimmer and with a bit smaller legs but a wonderful ass – which even Jessica had to acknowledge – kept struggling and fighting… but the men held her firmly. She was almost as tall as the first one, but slimmer and with a bit smaller legs but a wonderful ass – which even Jessica had to acknowledge – and hair dark hair fell only to her neck.

The first two women lied down on the beach, their legs aimed at the see. The taller woman spread her legs, apparently exposing her pussy to the coming waves. The shorter one hesitated for a second, but one of the men grabbed a whip and hit her breasts with it, making her scream in pain, though even that cry barely pierced the frienzied chanting. The man lifted the whip once more but lowered it as the woman spread her legs as well. Jessica watched it all with disgust on her face. She tried not to be judgemental but it all looked as if the tribe was preparing to an orgy… with the woman not being entirely willing participants. Jessica wanted to run to her camp, tell them what she saw, make them come with guns and save those women… but she the expedition leaders would only tell her that they had no right to intervene… and then chastise her for coming here in the first place.

The third, youngest woman – or rather a girl, of no more than sixteen – kept struggling all the time but the men tied her to some stakes they have dug into the sand, already spreading her legs so that her body formed a letter “Y”.

Jessica held her breath, unsure what to do – run away, go for help, stage a distraction, run to help the women… If only she had a gun or at least a flare… but without it she didn’t fool herself that she was able to save any of those women from the inevitable gang rape that was to take place. She tried to calm her conscience by telling herself that there was nothing truly wrong in the scene in front of her, that this tribe has been practicing those rituals since the dawn of time… but she couldn’t convince herself. She could only three women that were to be abused, nothing else.

However despite her fears, the men did not descend on the women, on the contrary they were even more focused on their frenzied dancing and singing, ignoring the women entirely. The females however did not try to escape, just – apart from the youngest one, struggling and straining against her bonds – kept lying on the beach paralyzed either by fear or resignation.

Then the scene changed again. To Jessica’s surprise, as the singing became louder, a couple of silhouettes appeared on the edge of the light, given by the emerald flames. It seems the newcomers came from the direction of the sea and were heading towards the women on the shore. Were they members of a different tribe? If so, they seemed to be even more misshapen than the Mugawi tribesmen. Soon, as they entered the circle of light, Jessica realized how wrong she’s been and couldn’t contain a short scream of surprise, shock and terror… fortunately it seemed that it wasn’t heard.

The newcomers were monstrous… and that wasn’t a metaphor.

Even though Jessica’s rational mind told her that what she saw was impossible, that these men had simply even more elaborate masks than the Mugawi… she immediately understood the truth. These were monsters from the depths, only vaguely humanoid. No two were the same, though they were all equally hideous, with their features being a mixture of reptilian, amphibian and fish characteristics, including fins and tails. There were fifteen of them, with one of them, larger than the rest being the only one dressed in anything… and to Jessica’s surprise it was an exquisite robe with an artistically crafted jade tiara. The entire group moved towards the women naked women… and through her binoculars Jessica could see how were endowed they were… as each one was sporting a very impressive erection.
The tallest women didn’t react, though Jessica could see how her face became pale with fear. The shortest one closed her eyes and began muttering something to herself, while the youngest redoubled her efforts to free herself… to no avail. Jessica watched as the misshapen monsters approached the girls, observing the scene with disgust and terror but somehow being transfixed and unable to move…

Jessica wanted to stop watching, but the scene had captured her with it’s sheer absurdity and grotesqueness. She knew she had to do something, to stop this madness…but the mere sight of the monsters and their massive erections paralyzed her, rendering her unable to do anything but watch with morbid fascination.

The fish-like beings quickly approached the women and despite their alien appearance, Jessica could see their eagerness. The two unbound women awaited them unmoving but filled with fear while the youngest one screamed desperately for help, struggling against her bonds, but to no avail.

The first of the monsters knelt down between the open legs of the tallest girl, aiming its massive erection at the girl’s pussy. The woman looked at the creature with a mixture of subdued resignation and fear, but did not make any move to resist, although Jessica could see that she had balled her hands into tight fists in expectation of what would follow next.

The fish-thing did not waste much time. With one powerful thrust, it buried half its length inside the girl, letting out a bubbling grunt as it did so. The girl grit her teeth, throwing her head back, trying not to scream, but not fully succeeding. A soft whimper escaped her lips and another, louder cry as the creature shoved the remaining inches of its massive cock into her, immediately beginning to fuck her with a hard and fast rhythm that shook her entire body.

The shorter one still had her eyes closed, apparently trying to imagine herself to a better place – somewhere without fish creatures about to rape her. The moment she heard the whimper from her companion, she freezed, gasping…but a second later, all thoughts about the other girls became unimportant for her, as she, too, was impaled with a massive cock. The creature crammed its entire length into her, not caring for her comfort one bit. Unlike her taller companion, she cried openly as her body shook from the monster’s thrusts.

Jessica gasped in horror. She could not imagine how it must feel for these poor women to be fucked by such huge cocks – not to mention how horrifying their rapists were. The creatures leered down at the girls while they forced their cocks into them, drooling saltwater and saliva onto their beautiful bodies.

The creature looming over the bound girl took its time, making one thing very clear to Jessica: these creatures were at least close enough to human to possess a notion of cruelty. This one seemed to have quite a sarcastic streak. While the poor girl screamed and tried to wiggle away, the creature rubbed its thick cock over the insides of her thighs, then her pussy lips without yet entering her, watching as the girl’s struggles became more and more frenzied. Only then did it enter her and imemdiately, her screams eclipsed the sounds of the others and even the frantic chanting from the villagers.

The three mer-beasts rutted away at the poor girls, raping them with punishing, deep strokes, eager to achieve release, it seemed, heedless of how much pain they caused their victims. All three girls were in incredible pain from the brutal fucking, that much was obvious to Jessica. And there were six more of the creatures waiting, each watching the scene, stroking their own erections….

For a moment there, Jessica was almost willing to believe that this whole thing: her trip to this place, the frienzed ritual, the beautiful girls and – of course – those hideous monsters were a part of some long, twisted nightmare. She must have been sleeping, dreaming right now. The scene before her eyes was impossible, it couldn’t exist! There was no such thing as monsters!

But even as she tried to convince herself that it couldn’t be true, she knew it was. It was just too real. The ridiculous details of the monsters’ anatomy, the strange ritual and this creepy chanting and above all – the agonized screams of the three beautiful women – the innocent Jessica’s imagination – or even the imagination of Heronymus Bosch – wouldn’t be able to bring such horrors to life.

Suddenly the bound girl’s scream became even higher and louder, bringing Jessica back to this horrible reality. If possible, the scene in front of her became even more horrid and disgusting and it was become worse and worse for the poor girls.

The mer-creatures were fucking them more and more viciously, with a savage, animal fury that was increasing with each thrust. Neither girl managed to remain silent during her ordeal. The bound one of course was screaming her lungs off, almost overshadowing the sounds made by the other two girls. The tallest one still just grunted in pain and discomfort in the rhythm of the creature’s increasingly faster thrust. As the beast was driving itself into the woman harder and harder and reached with its hands and grabbed the woman’s perfect breasts. Immediately it began mauling and squeezing them hard, adding another source of pain to the woman’s agony. The creature must have relished in it as it gave a satisfied groan when the woman finally broke into pitiful sobbing and whimpering. Finally, with a load moan of pleasure, indicating that it has achieved climax, the creature buried its cock in the woman’s snatch, cumming into its victim.

The shortest woman was now screaming as well, with the beast raping her so hard that her entire body shook in the rhythm of the thrust. This woman was unable to maintain even the pretense of being calm, her legs kicked in vain on the sides of the creature as it was driving its cock into her defenseless pussy.
“Aieee! Aaaa” she cried, shaking her head making the hair fly wildly.

The creature just granted something, grabbed the woman’s head in one hand and planted a wet kiss on the woman’s mouth.

Jessica gasped in disgust as she saw an inhumanely long tongue moving into the woman’s unwilling mouth, gagging her as it kept probing her mouth.

“Mmmmm! Mmmm! Mmmmmm!” the woman’s muffled sounds, along with her struggling became more and more desperate as the creature was nearing orgasm. “Mmmmm!” the woman moaned into her abuser’s mouth, as her body shuddered when the creature began emptying it’s balls into its victim cunt.
The youngest girl still had it the worst. The creature raping her seemed by far to be the most cruel of the three. Often it would withdrew its cock so just the tip was in, and then, with it’s hands on the girl’s hips, it would shove the cock in, burying the entire length of the thick, hard, scaly dick in it’s victim’s unwilling pussy. Each time the creature did so, the girl responded with a high-pitched, agonized scream of pain, making Jessica with she could just cover her ears… but she was so totally transfixed that even that motion was beyond her.

As a testament to the creatures’ innate cruelty, the suffering of the youngest victim seemed to attract the most attention. Two of the watching creatures approached the bound, struggling victim and knelt next to her. One covered her mouth with her, licking her all over the face with its disgusting tongue. The other grabbed one breast and began pulling and twisting the woman’s nipple as its tongue caressed the other tit.

Jessica covered her mouth, as the beast bit on the struggling girl nipple, making her give an inhuman howl of pain… that was cut short as one of the beast forced its tongue into her mouth. The girl’s body shuddered and writhed arousing the beast raping her even more, making it cum as it rammed its entire cock and held it until it finished cumming… and as soon as the beast withdrew the one who was biting on the tit took its place, without further deliberation pushing its cock into the raped woman’s sore pussy…

“Aiiee! Aaammmpfff!” the woman cried in pain but that scream was almost immediately cut short as the second creature pushed its erect cock past her lips and into her warm, wet, screaming mouth…

As if this had been a signal, the other creatures, who so far had “only” been stroking their cocks to the sight of the three poor women getting raped, sprang into action, impatience finally getting the better of them. While the one inside the bound girl’s mouth rutted away at her head, slamming his cock deep into her mouth and down her throat, making her gag and turning her screams into helpless gargles, the others descended upon the two unbound girls, their “freedom” giving the mer-beasts more options on how to violate them.

One of the mer-beasts placed himself on the ground, his cock sticking up in the air, like a scaly, obscene flag pole. Jessica whinced as she realized how huge his cock was. The creature currently fucking the short girl stood up, muscular arms simply lifting the struggling, screaming girl up with him, his cock never stopping its merciless assault on her pussy. Effortlessly, it stepped towards the creature on the ground.

“ Oh god…”, Jessica whispered to herself, gasping in horror as she realized what was about to happen. The girl seemed to have realized this, too, for her frantic struggles only increased, her screams shrill not just with pain, but with panic. But, it was of no use. The creature was apparently many times stronger than a normal human, given how effortlessly it managed to maneuver the poor girl over his comrade on the ground, then lowered her and himself down. The creature underneath grabbed the screaming girl’s hip with one hand, while the other guided his massive cock between her asscheeks.

A loud howl of pure pain erupted from her mouth as the massive cock drilled into her tiny anus. The girl must have been half made with pain, shrieking herself hoarse while the creature on top of her continued its assault on her cunt, each thrust impaling her asshole on the cock of the beast underneath.

Another creature stepped closer and if Jessica remembered right, it was the beast that had only moments ago raped the bound girl. But its cock was already erect again and without further ado, it rammed it into the girl’s mouth. Now, all three of them subjected the poor girl to an ordeal of merciless fucking, drilling their massive, oversized cocks into all her holes as hard, deep and brutally as they could.

Meanwhile, the other girl, who had so far refrained from screaming, fared little better. While her asshole was untouched – though Jessica suspected that it would not stay that way for much longer – her cunt was still brutally assaulted, the second mer-man having already dumped his load into her. Another one had straddled her chest, pressed her tits together and was fucking them at a rapid pace, his clawed hands leaving red marks on her tits. Her mouth was occupied now, too, with another creature ramming his cock down her throat.

Whereas before, there had been screams, now, the chanting once more eclipsed the sounds of the violent fucking on the beach – though Jessica believed that she could hear the choked gargling of the three facefucked girls.

By now, it had become obvious that this ceremony wasn’t just about procreation. These beasts wanted sexual release and they seemed to derive it not just from the act itself but also from the pain and suffering of the poor girls they were raping.

The scene was horrifying, but it was also transfixing in its horridness. Jessica could not imagine how it must be for these poor girls, to be used and abused to violently…and so often. The creatures seemed to have nearly limitless stamina, pounding their holes again and again. Strangely, despite the fact that she was the most deeply affected by the horrors around her, the bound girl got off the lightest, since they did not remove her bindings and thus were mostly limited to fucking her cunt, tits and mouth. Still, they made these next hour hell for her, too.
Unable to move, unable to avert her eyes, even unable to cover her ears, Jessica spent the next hour watching the horrible scenes taking place before her eyes. The creatures’ stamina proved to be matched only by their cruelly. Jessica watched in horror as the monsters subjected the poor girls to the most cruel forms of rape their sick, alien minds could imagine.

The short girl was fucked most brutally of them all, being continuously fucked by three cocks at once, taking one in each of her holes. Some part of Jessica was almost grateful that the woman was being facefucked as well, as this muffled her earpiercing and heartbreaking screams…

Maybe the tallest girl’s strategy to fight as little as possible seemed to be working for her… but her situation wasn’t much better then the others’. As Jessica predicted, the woman was eventually turned over and her ass was being impaled as well… and though she managed not to struggle too much her screams of pain were clearly audible – until she was facefucked of course.

At one time the beautiful girl was being held almost upside down as two creatures were pounding both her cunt and ass… and as the came, their jism overfilling her holes began dripping down her body to her breasts…

The bound girl also was spared the anal assault only for sometime. The impatient creatures tore the bounds holding her and even though she immediately redoubled her efforts to free herself, a half a dozen of creatures held her, making any attempts to escape doomed to fail. Quickly the fighting, crying, screaming girl was forced to the ground and a cock was rammed up her ass…

This time the creatures did not even facefuck her and Jessica had a feeling that it was because the cruel beasts wanted to cherish their victims tormented screams. The rape went on and on until finally, even the monsters began to stop – but not before all three girls were lying on the ground, exhausted, sore and covered in cum and sweat.

Jessica just prayed that they would be now left alone.
And for a moment, it appeared as if they would be. The mer-beasts had stepped back, watching the girls as they gasped, wept and, every now and then, coughed up some more sperm. The villagers, meanwhile, kept up their insane, frantic chants, with some actually beginning to dance around the three raped girls.
But none of them touched them anymore – at first.

Then, the chanting stopped. Jessica hoped, prayed to whichever god might listen, that this would actually be the end, that this awful ceremony would stop now. Silently, she watched as several of the stronger-looking village men stepped towards the girls and began to lift them up. The three, stunned and exhausted by their terrible ordeals, did not put up a fight, not even the girl who had been bound. Limply, they hung in the grips of the men like lifeless dolls, only the occasional sob or motion betraying that they were even still alive.

Maybe they would be brought back to the village now, she thought and hoped. But, to her surprise, the men and the rest of the villagers did not move towards the village. Instead, they began to make their way further down the beach. And the mer-things followed them. Soon, they were out of sight and Jessica struggled with herself.

After the horrors she had already seen, she should run away. She should get as much space between herself, the village and these monsters as she could and then think about what to do with her findings. Yes, she should. But she was already in the grip of curiousity. And she knew she just had to find out what else was going to happen. A part of her was convinced she was doing this in the hopes of finding a way to save the girls – but in reality, and she knew it all too well, she just wanted to know.

Slowly, making sure that no one else was still around, she climbed down from her vantage point and made her way to the beach. The footprints of the villagers were easy to follow, allowing Jessica to keep out of sight even as she followed them.

Between the footprints, she could also see a few drops of white on the sand and she shuddered, knowing that this was sperm that was still leaking out of the girl’s abused holes and dripping from their soiled bodies. She had never seen anything as awful as this gangrape and she hoped she was never to see such a thing again.

The footprints eventually led her towards the cliffs, rocky outcroppings similar to the one which she had been on earlier. But hidden among them was a structure. Jessica gasped as she finally made it out. Someone – or something – had carved a massive temple into the cliff. But there was something wrong with it. Its angles did not align. In fact, it seemed bigger or smaller depending on how she cocked her head….and, if viewed right, the reliefs on the outside, depicting nothing even remotely occuring in the animal world, began to slither and move. It hurt her eyes to look at the temple for more than a few seconds and so, with a groan of horror, she averted her eyes.

The villagers had moved into the temple, accompanied by the beasts, that much was clear. If she really wanted to find out what was happening, there was only one way. Shivering, dreading what she might find, Jessica went in…

She knew she’d made a mistake almost immediately, as after making a couple of steps a stone door closed behind her. How could she have missed it? Though probably it looked as if it was a part of the temple wall… and due to the dizzying effect of the temple she wasn’t looking at it very long.

Trying to calm herself down, though still feeling her heart beat fast, Jessica approached the massive door. Without much hope she pushed with all her strength but surprisingly nothing happened. After a briefest moment of hesitation she took her flashlight in her hand and turned it on. The light could have attracted unwanted attention but she was careful to shine it only on the door itself.

She wished to find something – anything – that could allow her to open this door. A lock, handle, lever, anything that would hint on some mechanism that she could use… but all her searching was unsuccessful. Finally giving up, she decided to look for another way out.

She just hoped there was one.

Slowly and silently she went ahead. Even though she didn’t see anyone – or anything – she was on constant alert, trying her best not to be seen. In the surrounding, almost unnatural silence she could hear strange sounds – barely audible whispers and some inhuman sounds, like made by thousands of crickets.

Suddenly an agonized, tormented scream pierced the silence. Jessica almost jumped at it, trying her best not to shout. Even though her imagination was telling her what probably had been the cause of the sound some part of her was grateful to hear it – as horrible as it was, it was still more natural than those creepy sounds around her.

She kept on walking, trying not to think about how she seems to be passing the same place over and over, even despite the fact the corridor was going almost straight ahead. Also she seemed to be going for hours, she should have already left the temple… but she knew that dimensions as well as angles were not to be trusted here.

Finally though she went to a open chamber, dimly lit by a sickly green light, emanating from a pool of some disgusting liquid. She almost turned away in the disgust but then she noticed something – a tiny window far above the floor next to the ceiling. She didn’t know if she would be able to climb there, she didn’t know if she would be able to fit through it… but she was desperate to try. Her desire to know what was going on here turned into a desire to get away and maybe return with reinforcements, police, military… She didn’t care what lies she would have to tell to make them act – maybe that there were drug smuggles or weapon traffickers hidden here?

Slowly, hesitantly she moved forward… and then a slimy hand shot from the poor, grabbing Jessica’s ankle…

There was a strong pull and with a surprised cry, Jessica fell to the cold, damp, hard floor.
Jessica gasped in horror, turning around to stare in disgust at what was grabbing her. The hand that had closed around her ankle was larger than a human’s and attached to an arm that was too long to belong to anything remotely human. The mere touch of the thing sent shudders of instinctive revulsion through her.

Panicking, Jessica pulled frantically, freeing herself with adrenaline-fuelled effort. The arm was still there, grasping blindly. She needed to get out of here, quickly, before whatever was in the pool decided to rise and come after her again. She knew that, whatever it was, she did not want to see it in its full disgusting glory.

But already, the pool was…moving, the slime rising. Jessica’s heartbeat quickened as fear, primal and uncontrollable, rose within her. Desperately, she scrambled back to her feet and began to climb once more…only for something long and thick to slide out from the pool, wrap itself around her midsection and brutally pull her back.

The landing knocked the air out of her lungs and it took Jessica a moment before she could regain her bearings. When she did, when she saw what had risen, she screamed…

The thing had not been hiding underneath the slime…it was the slime. The entire surface of the pool was disgustingly, squamously alive with movement. Thick, rope-like tentacles rose from it, slashing through the air with mad, blind exuberance….arms rose and fell, each of them too long, too flexible, to be normal, the hands attached to them too large, with too many fingers.

And as she screamed, she saw…a face emerge from the horrid mass – her own face, mouth wide open, eyes rolling around idiotically, shrieks which mirrored her own emanating from the thing’s mouth. “ No….NOOOO!” she howled and the thing repeated her words at her, but in a cadence that was not meant for human ears, as if someone inhuman was trying to emulate a woman’s voice.

It was then that she felt something in her mind give way, something simply overwhelmed by primordial fears.

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