Chapter 1: The Fall

Last Edited – 4/8/19

Ariadna, Goddess of Fortune

Ariadna felt like she was in shock. The changes today had brought, one after the other, were coming too fast with no time to recover from one shock before the next one came at her. It had all gone so wrong.

The goddess fell to her knees, the white silk of her dress billowing around her legs as her hair obscured her face as she collapsed to the marble floor – but she didn’t even notice the pain, and the tears that fell from her bright blue eyes weren’t for herself, but for her followers. They were dying, dying by the hundreds all around the world with little warning to tell of them being in danger. Every single death of a man or women dedicated to her, she felt – felt like a stab of a knife in her heart. Their prayers, their pleas for help called to her, Ariadna could hear them – she longed to grant her power to her followers. To use her blessings to give her priestesses the might to lay waste to those who would harm the helpless, but she could do nothing.

It started just an hour ago. Today had begun no different than any other, but then her link to the mortal world had been suddenly, shockingly severed. After hundreds of years of seeing through her followers’ eyes, hearing through their ears, feeling through their fingers, it had left her suddenly blind and weak. She had sent servants to learn of what had happened, but by the time he had come back with an answer the slaughter of her followers had already begun, and Ariadna wasn’t overly concerned with the reason for the trouble – she was too focused on the reality of the deaths. She had immediately dispatched every Siren who answered to her, all her servants, and sent them down to the mortal realm to assist her followers in whatever way they could, cursing herself for her inability to do the same.

Now she was alone within her temple of marble in the heavens, feeling the pain of her worshipers but unable to help them, and she had nothing else to do but think. The enormity of what had been done was almost too much to believe. When Taelin had crafted the world and the heavens an eternity ago, he had carved it from chaos – he had crafted Law and given the World Order. He had written those laws down, passed them down to his children – both the gods and the mortals. The original scroll he had used was the core of the mortal world, the pillar holding it up – and it had been stolen.

That wasn’t merely unthinkable. It was insane. The law of Taelin was the only thing that kept the world from literally collapsing back into chaos and nothingness. Its loss could herald the end of existence. True, that was unlikely – her servant had reported that even now Taelin was crafting a new scroll, planning to use it to put order back into place, but what fool would risk such a thing? No one stood to gain anything, and everyone stood to lose everything. That explained why she couldn’t reach out to her followers – the order of the world had been disrupted, along with the rules that governed it. Their faith in her no longer meant anything – but every other god would suffer the same. The Goddess of Fortune was hardly unique in her sudden weakness.

Which meant that whoever was killing her followers had known this was coming. Their patron god would have had to tell them beforehand – which meant he was responsible for the theft…

Ariadna’s blue eyes snapped open as she heard the snap of boots on the hard floor of her abandoned realm. “Dry your eyes, sister,” a voice called out as he walked between the pillars of her sanctuary and into sight. “You will need your tears soon enough.”

Her tears blurred her vision, but she didn’t need to see to know who had come into her home. They weren’t siblings, not really – to be siblings they would have had to have been born. Still, it left her no doubt who had spoken.

“Karn,” she whispered, blinking the tears from her eyes to focus on him as he walked towards her. He was her mirror image, the male version of herself in nearly every way. Hair whiter than snow, eyes blue as frozen ice, and skin as fair and flawless as the surface of a still lake. Neither of them was beautiful like mortals – they were perfectly beautiful as only an immortal could be, idealized and utterly without flaw. Short for a man just as she was tall for a woman, they each stood precisely as tall as Ariadna rose to her feet, her surprise and pain vanishing as fury slowly replaced them.

Karn, God of Misfortune

As she was the Goddess of Fortune, Karn was her mirror. The God of Misfortune. The woe to her weal. His worshipers were nearly as many as hers, and his presence here only meant one thing – that she had found who was murdering her followers. “You…” she hissed, her fists clenching as her fingertips crackled with power yearning for a release. “You foul, plague-ridden thrice-cursed murdering mongrel. Begone from here! You will pay for this – if Taelin hadn’t forbidden the gods to clash, I would kill you were you stand you pathetic waste of Ichor!”

Her twin’s smile was poison. “Would you now?”

Ariadna had no warning before she was struck from behind. She stumbled forward, her concentration failing from the surprise and pain, her power held ready vanishing like morning fog before the sun. Blue eyes wide, she caught only a glimpse of Karn before her brother’s fist struck her in the stomach. She staggered backward, away from him – right into another attack from behind her and to the left. She might have fallen then, taken so utterly by surprise, if a pair of hands hadn’t grabbed her arm, holding her up – just in time for Karn to wrap his hand around her slender throat.

She felt her skin crawl as his magic flowed over her, a sensation that felt like something ice cold climbing up her skin like a thousand insects. She tried to summon her own magic, every bit the equal of his – but she had been taken too thoroughly by surprise. She was being bound, her magic sealed away by his. She fought back as hard as she could, but it was going to take her time to wiggle free of the damning enchantment – time and focus which she was not going to have to spare. “You sent everyone away, didn’t you Ariadna?” her twin mocked her, voice amused as he shook his head. “Of course you did. So predictable. You should have kept a few – like I did. I didn’t need to send them all to destroy your temples.”

“How – how did you…” she struggled to choke the question out, but the hold of his strong fingers around her neck made it difficult.

“Attack you?” he asked as his smile grew wide. “Stupid bitch. Father’s scroll is gone. There is no law anymore – not until he finishes crafting new ones. I can do what I please.” His left hand reached out to grab the hem of her white silk between her large breasts, yanking it down hard enough to tear the silk. Her nipples, growing hard from the sudden cold, looked to him like frozen strawberries against the perfection of her skin.

“Can we make her sssuffer more, my lord?” a raspy hiss came from behind her. Ariadna barely kept herself from shuddering at the cruelty and hatred that voice contained, whispered directly into her ear. It was a Fury, one of her brother’s favored and most powerful servants – spirits of spite and anger who bestowed dark fates and ill luck on those who had angered Karn. Famous for their cruelty, the last thing she wanted was to have her magic bound and be nearly helpless before not one of them, but three.

“I don’t see why not,” he brother said before picking her up and throwing her across the temple for her back to strike one of the pillars. She hit hard enough to crack it, but the goddess was far tougher than the stone – where it broke, she didn’t even bruise. She got her feet back under her, turning to face the three Furies as they approached her. Three men walked towards her, fanning out as they came to surround the hunted Goddess. Mostly humanoid, naked as their kind ever was, their skin was grey and scaled – they reminded her of nothing so much the skin a snake shred that had been used to make a puppet.

Her brother was focusing on keeping her magic bound, so it seemed that he wasn’t going to interfere – but also that she wouldn’t have the time to break free of his dark binding. Fleeing wasn’t an option, not from Furies – they were hunters who were all but incapable of letting their prey escape. Besides, this was her home. Even without her magic, she was a match for them – At least as long as her brother stayed out of this…

“I warn you Karn – stop this madness and call of your dogs or…” Ariadna didn’t get to finish, as one of the furies lunged forward. She instinctively raised her hands for a block but that was but a feint – the creature moved backward, and another came at her from her side.

She hissed in pain as his sharp claws cut through the fabric of her robe and bit into her flesh, leaving long red stripes. Ariadna was taken by surprise, and her blow missed its target, although barely.

The three Furies retreated a couple of steps, looking at her with hungry eyes. They could clearly see the wounds on her arm healing and disappearing, leaving no trace that they even were there.

“She heals,” one said in a lazy voice “What’sss the point of hurting her?”

“That’sss even better,” the other one said, “We can keep hurting her, and she won’t die from it.”

“I would like to see you try,” Ariadna said, raising herself up and settling her feet to prepare for them.

They did. The Furies attacked her at once, one marking a blow, just to retreat and leave delivering it to the others. This time however Ariadna wasn’t surprised. She knew they had an advantage – they were trained and experienced in fighting, they worked as a team. She was never comfortable around violence – but she was a goddess and no matter how fast and strong the furies were, she was faster and stronger. Furthermore, they would need to be fighting literally for years for her to begin to feel the slightest signs of exhaustion.

One Fury gave a surprised cry as Ariadna grabbed him in a vise-like grip and spun around, throwing it at the other one. That Fury dodged the projectile she had turned his brother into but was too slow to avoid Ariadna’s kick that broke his arm and sent him flying against the wall. The goddess moved to finish him, but at this point the third Fury attacked her, slashing her back with his claws, cutting the robe and leaving a deep wound – that lasted less than a couple of heartbeats before it was healed.

Her furious attack forced him onto the defensive but before she could finish the other Furies were on her again. One jumped on her shoulders one arm grabbing her by the neck, with the other slashing at her breasts. Sensitive as they were, her skin protected her better than any armor, and even though the blow was painful, she barely allowed herself to notice it. She threw the Fury of her and kicked at another one. He dodged and her leg hit a pillar, breaking it in two without her noticing.

Seconds later the Furies gave a cry of victory as a piece of the ceiling fell on her, pinning her to the floor. Before they could jump on her, she rose to her feet, the giant stone in her hands. She threw it at one creature and smiled at the sounds of bones breaking. At the moment she looked terrifying – with her face and disheveled hair covered in dust, the remains of her robe barely hanging on her curves and fury in her eyes. Two of them jumped at her simultaneously, trying to keep her busy for their comrade to regenerate his wounds.

This time Ariadna was faster. She allowed him to slash her and just pushed him hard, making him fly through the room. Then she grabbed the other by the arm, hard enough to feel the bones break – but that wasn’t her plan.

“Let’s see if you heal this,” she said in a cold voice, so unlike her usual tone. Then she plunged her thumb into the Fury’s eye.

The creature’s scream of pain echoed through the chamber. Another Fury jumped at her, but Ariadna was ready again. She let the partially blinded creature fall to his knees and turned around grabbing her attacker by his shoulder and arm.

This time she didn’t say anything, didn’t taunt him, just began to pull, trying to rip the creature’s arm off his body. She detested violence but with all what was happening to her followers she was determined to fight for them – even if she had to tear the furies into pieces.

She didn’t manage to complete that plan, though. A second later, a powerful blow landed on her back, sending her through a pillar and into the wall, with enough force to crack the stone.

She lifted herself seeing her brother standing behind the wounded Furies, evidently having joined the fight. He did it in his way of course – hitting her in the back.

Ariadna rose a bit slower this time. She wasn’t tired or running out of energy – even with her brother binding her magic, she had more than enough power to keep herself going. Her body was simply being broken faster than it could heal. Karn’s attack had been sudden and vicious, and she was going to need time to recover from it – time he wasn’t going to give her. She hadn’t made it all the way to her feet when he was on top of her again. She hated to admit it, but he was better than she was and nearly as strong. Physical confrontation had never been a thing she enjoyed – there had been no reason to prepare for it. Her brother evidently had.

His first two hits were barely shunted to the side by the injured Goddess. The third caught her in the sternum. Ariadna heard more than she felt the crack of bones breaking and almost immediately reforming, her magic keeping her whole even as the injury taxed her magic further and made her even slower. She didn’t even see the next hit coming before it hit her right cheek, sending her spinning back down to the ground. The goddess put her hands back beneath her, but his boot landed on her outstretched hand, grinding down for a moment for apparent sadistic pleasure before he kicked out, hitting her in the chest with enough force to send her crashing into another wall ten feet away.

“Fucking whore!” one of the furies snarled as he stalked towards her, bleeding from an empty eye socket. “Why don’t we find out if your eyes come back – maybe with enough tries, we can take something from you that you need.”

“You can’t,” Karn growled. “Enough with you – mind your place. You want to be useful? Do your task and destroy this place. When you’re finished, I want it a pile of rubble.”

The scale-skinned fury slowed his approach, growling, but he nodded subserviently to his god before whirling, his fist slamming into a column like a sledgehammer, sending it flying in several different pieces.

Arianda was trying to force herself to rise again, but her body just wasn’t doing what it was told – she could barely roll over. The motion cost her what little was left of her dress, already hanging off of her in tatters, her naked body exposed all but completely. Her brother came into her view, staring down at her and smiling a smug, cruel smile that she longed to wipe off of his face – but she now doubted she was going to be able to. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this, do you?” he asked her, the expression on his face never changing.

“What do you want!” she hissed back. It didn’t come out as strongly as she would have liked – she was weaker than she thought.

“I want my birthright. There was only supposed to be one god of fate and fortune – me. Your very existence has stolen from me half of what I was meant to be. I’m taking it back – and something extra for my trouble.”

Ariadna was starting to really hate the way he was looking at her. “What…” Her question was cut off as he knelt down over her and grabbed onto her breasts with each of his hands, mashing them brutally between his strong fingers. “What are you doing! Get off of me!”

“I’ve always wondered,” he spat at her, ignoring her words entirely, “Why destiny decided to give you such amazing tits. It’s not like you use them. Thousands of years of life as an immortal, and you’ve never taken a single man between your legs. It’s like you have huge tits just to taunt us with what we can’t have – a pretty face, tits, long, strong legs, a tight ass – you’re a walking wet dream and you’ve never bothered to put out for anyone.”

What was his damned point? She hammered at his hands on her breasts with her own, but her blows felt weak even to her – to him they must be laughable, pathetic. “You can’t do this! Taelin will…”

“Taelin won’t do shit. No one knows what’s happening to you. Everyone is busy with their own crisis. No one is left to protect you, you little cocktease. By the time anyone is going to pay you the slightest attention, I’ll be long gone, and you’ll be nothing.” He released her breasts just to smack her hands away hard enough to smash them into the marble floor before slapping her three times to punctuate his words. “So shut the hell up!”

Ariadna’s head was swimming from her brother’s blows, and the continued pain of her followers dying wasn’t helping – it made it hard to focus. She shook her head, trying to clear it, and by the time she did, she saw him undressing. His cock stuck out hard as stone from his naked crotch. She couldn’t help but stare it is with wide eyes – nudity was no surprise to a millennia old goddess, but this was the first time she had seen one planning to be used as a weapon against her. Her brother’s ideas become abruptly clear to her. “NO!” She screamed, kicking out at him. She caught him in the side of his knee, a blow that would have crippled a human.

Her sudden desperation gave her more strength than she thought she had left, and it staggered her brother. “You bitch!” he roared, cursing, but Ariadna didn’t pause to watch what happened to him – she had to get away from him. She couldn’t rise all the way to her feet, so she half ran, and half crawled away from him as fast as she could, her bare hands and feet having difficulty finding purchase on the smooth marble. She knew it was hopeless before she tried, but she had to try – she couldn’t let him win…

His kick caught her in her midsection, lifting her a foot in the air before she crashed back down bonelessly, her limbs no longer supporting her weight as she crashed down on her stomach. “You’ll pay for that,” Karn growled as he grabbed onto her hips, lifting her up off the ground. Ariadna shuddered with disgust as she felt his hard shaft glide across her smooth thigh, but she could do little else – she felt like she could barely move, barely wiggle her ass in an attempt to writhe away from him. She felt his hand reach out and wrap her while hair around his fingers, pulling her face up off the ground to mock her. “You should thank me. I’m finally putting your wasted body to use.” He smashed her head back down against the floor, hard enough to break a mortal’s skull – for his sister, it was the marble that broke instead, cracking from the impact of her eternal body.

Then, holding her head down against the floor, he began to press his cock against her. All around them, the walls of her divine temple were falling as the Furies tore it to pieces and scraps of ruined stone, and her twin god was raping her. It had barely begun to slip into her, and already it hurt as badly as her beating had – she couldn’t imagine a way her body could be less prepared to take the huge cock. There was no way that thing was going to fit into her, there just wasn’t – it would rip her apart! Completely dry, utterly unwilling, and far too small and tight of a virgin hole to fit her Karn inside of her. He shoved, he lunged, he pounded his way into her dry fuck-hole a quarter inch at a time, never yielding a bit, until he finally rested against her virginity.

“Ready to become just like any other whore?” He mocked her.

“No!” she screamed even though she was certain that Karn didn’t really expect an answer to her question. She redoubled her struggles, trying to break free from his grasp but to no avail. They were both equally strong or at least they would have been if Ariadna hasn’t been weakened by the fight and the injuries she provided. The splitting headache after her head was rammed against the floor also wasn’t helping.

“What are you doing?! Stop!” she screamed again. Obviously, she was furious, but as much as she hated to admit it, her voice quivered with the slightest hint of fear – and Karn didn’t miss it. Ariadna wasn’t afraid of him, but her very soul cringed against the inevitable assault that he had planned for her.

She didn’t want to be taken, to be defiled by him like that. Unfortunately, it seemed she didn’t really have a choice. Karn seemed to relish in her disgust, her revulsion, her utter helplessness as he chuckled. “Didn’t you always think you were the smart one? Shouldn’t you figure it already? I’m raping you, sister!”

“No! Stop! This is wrong!” she protested, realizing too late how ridiculous her protest sounded. With the scrolls with the divine law stolen, her followers being attacked, her temple in her own realm being razed – Karn didn’t seem to care about what was right or wrong. Indeed, with his fingers digging into the flesh of her ass, he pushed his hips forward, pushing his dick deeper and tearing away her virginity. “Arg!” Above all else, Ariadna didn’t want to give her brother the satisfaction of hearing her screams and seeing her tears, but she failed at least in the former. As resilient as her divine body was, it wasn’t prepared for the sudden and sharp pain in her most intimate place.

“Wonderful, sisters, simply wonderful! How do you feel being finally treated like the whore you are?” Karn mocked and when she didn’t reply he withdrew his cock a bit and pushed in, with all his force, burying the entire length of the shaft in one powerful thrust.

“Nnnn!” Ariadna moaned through clenched teeth, feeling the hard, thick shaft pushing into her unprepared and unwilling pussy.

“How does the saying go – ‘Luck does not belong to any one man?’ Is that why you chose to never let anyone use that beautiful body?” Karn continued, as he withdrew and pushed his cock back again, finally settling into a vicious rhythm, pounding at his divine sister’s hole. “Well, I guess you could stay true to it by sleeping with many men, but maybe you didn’t want to be a whore-goddess? Never mind now, it seems I’ve made luck my bitch!”

Ariadna resumed her fight against him, time slowly returning some of her strength to her and fury adding to her power. That was still not enough, her brother pinning her to the ground. “Oh yes – I love how you struggle – you’re basically fucking me back. Or maybe you are? Who would have thought that my whore sister would fuck her brother like a bitch in heat?”

The goddess of fortune cried out like a slaughtered animal, a scream less of the pain than of sheer frustration and helpless rage. Her brother was enjoying her failing struggles, she knew that without being told, but how could she not fight against the pig? To yield to him would be even worse, the most disgusting thing she could imagine – it was unthinkable. She was pinned to the ground by his weight and the cock impaling her, skewered like a prized butterfly to a board, unable to move far enough forward to escape him, but she had no other direction in which to struggle.

Flailing out, her hands gripped around a chunk of marble, a piece of a shattered pillar. She swung it backward, behind her, but she could barely stretch to see properly, and she had no angle – even with her strength, the attack was no danger to Karn. It did, however, make him shift to take the hit, giving her a second to wriggle away from him, his disgusting shaft coming free of her ravaged cleft and freeing her from his dominant rip. Ariadna half rise to her feet to run before he grabbed her ankle, pulling her flat once again. She kicked out at him, flipping onto her back so she could see to aim, but she only got his outer thigh before he was on top of her, holding both of her legs now as he split her wide, his weight landing between her spread thighs.

“You should learn when you are beaten,” he said with a mocking smile, smacking her raised hands away to wrap one hand around her slender throat. The retort she had been building died in her lungs as her air was cut off, his fingers squeezing her throat shut as her legs kicked helplessly around him, her own fingers clenched down on his. She didn’t need to breathe to live, of course – but the lack of air still burned her lungs, and her squeezed neck made her head pound with the pressure of her own blood. She felt his cock slide back into her as she clawed at his hand with her fingernail, scratching him but not forcing him to release his grip.

Her wide blue eyes were forced to stare directly into his expression of manic glee as he raped her, strangling her. This was an even worse violation for Ariadna – the pain of her head aside, being forced to see her hated brother as he ravaged her made the entire thing worse. Her strong fingers were just beginning to pull his from her neck before he slapped her, the impact turning her head and infuriating her. A small snarl escaped her lips with the tiny bit of air she could pull through his loosening grip, evidence of her rage as he raped her, his thick cock slamming into her sore body over and over, painfully stretching her tight hole until she felt torn and ruined.

Ariadna had just gotten her fingers beneath his and finally pull him off her neck when he groaned and thrust deeply inside her, feeling his cock somehow grow larger within her for a second – then her blue eyes went horribly wide as she felt his hot cum spilling into her. She tried to shout, to scream in protest, but her weakened lungs could barely choke out a pathetic “No!” as he pumped shot after shot of seed into her cunt. A single tear escaped from her eye, the goddess unable to hold it back any longer through the pain and humiliation.

The goddess stayed still on the ground, slowly breathing in ragged breaths as he disgusting brother pulled out of her, rolling off of her naked body. What was the point of resisting now? The foul deed was done. Instead, she redoubled her efforts towards unraveling the binding he had placed on her, eager to be free of it and turn her full power on him, showing him the penalty of angering one such as her before she told Taelin of his theft and violation. She would enjoy watching his exile.

She shuddered as she felt his hand on her skin again, recoiling away from his touch before he gripped her hair and held her still. “What a worthless fuck,” he said with a laugh as he brought her long, pale hair to his cock, wiping his cum and bloodstained shaft clean with her locks. “Really, Ariadna – for having the body of a whole, you don’t know how to use it as well as the dumbest, cheapest lay on the docks. Pathetic, really.”

She narrowed her eyes but refused to look at him. “I don’t know if a god can die, brother,” she said icily, her temper boiling just beneath the calm surface of her words. “But if it can be done, I will see you dead, your very memory destroyed until no one even remembers you to curse your name.”

“Not a bad idea.” Karn rose before kicking her in the side. She groaned as she rolled over with the kick, curling to protect herself. The effort made some of his foul seed leak out of her violated cunt – she could feel it on her thighs. She wanted to rip off her own skin to be rid of it. “I’ll have to remember it. It’s a fate you deserve.”

As Ariadna moved, she realized that she felt different – that she wasn’t moving as quickly, or with quite the same unnatural grace. She felt weak, weaker than her injuries and even the binding would explain. It was like some of her power was just gone – torn out of her when he finished inside of her. Ariadna was so caught up in her thoughts that it took her long seconds to realize that the constant sound of demolition around her had ended, even though the dust and pulverized stone was still thick in the air. “Isss it our turn now, my lord?” She couldn’t see the fury, but she could visualize him glaring at her with his one remaining eyes, filled with hate and violence and lust, ready to try to abuse her naked body. Let him try – as angry as she was, she would rip him limb from limb and see if he healed from that.

“Not yet. I’m not done with her – not until I’ve drained my sister dry. You’ll do as I tell you and keep ruining everything she prizes here, or I’ll rip out your other eye myself.” Her brother’s hand reached down to squeeze her tit as he spoke, and Ariadna was too frozen with the shock of his words to pull away quickly. He was going to rape her again? Again! The nine hells he was! And what was that about draining…

Ariadna felt like her blood froze as it suddenly made sense to her, the cruel savagery of his plan becoming clear. “No!” She shouted, surprisingly loud as she rose in a wild attack – but not quick enough. She was slower – and he was even quicker.

His hand wrapped in her hair as he let her own movement push her into the ruins of a crumbled pillar, smashing her against it. It hurt, hurt more than it should have. “Yes, sister. Again. And again – until you’re nothing but a hollow husk, a fucked out whore with nothing left for me to take. Then maybe I’ll let the Furies play with you, and see how much you like them when you’re too weak to walk.”

“What – what did you do to me,” Ariadna asked, in vain trying to keep fear from her voice. Her abuse was one thing but this – she did feel different, weaker and she didn’t understand it, which terrified her. “What are you doing to me?!”

“Wouldn’t you like to know” Karn chuckled “Don’t worry sweetie, you’ll learn soon enough.”

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!” Ariadna screamed, fury and fear combined in her voice. She twisted out of her brother’s grasp and lunged at him again, but once again she was too slow.

He grabbed her by the arm and slammed her into the floor. Even as the pain hit her, Ariadna did not fail to notice that he did use less strength then before – as if he knew he could hold back or as if he was worried that he would permanently damage her. The last thought made a shiver run down her spine. That shouldn’t be possible. She was a goddess, just like he was. They were supposed to be equal in strength.

She didn’t have time to dwell on that though. Karn’s hand once again grabbed a fistful of her hair and dragged her to her knees.

“Now, dear sister, if you don’t want to suffer even more you will take my cock into your sweet mouth, suck me off like a good whore and swallow my cum,” he said with a lusty grin.

Ariadna shot him an angry glare, but then she obediently opened her mouth. He pulled her head towards his crotch – but either it was something he saw in her eyes or her sudden obedience made him suspicious as he pushed her away.

He was lucky as her teeth closed just inches from his cock.

“You bitch!” he hissed slapping her so hard that for a moment she fell to the floor completely motionless. Grabbing her by the neck, he rammed her into the wall, no longer holding back.

“You whore! I give you a chance to service me without pain, and you try to bite me! You will pay for this! I’ll make sure that a day comes when you beg me to let you suck my cock – but you can forget about that now. I will make you scream!” he yelled as he threw her to the ground.

“Ugh…” Ariadna moaned, almost stunned by the constant blows. But even dizzy as she was, she could clearly feel his hand grabbing her hair and pushing her head against the floor, while with his other hand he lifted her ass.

She could clearly feel his cock rubbing against her thighs before going further – but it didn’t touch her pussy but her ass.

“What – what are you doing?!”

“You’re asking that question a lot, aren’t you?” Karn asked “You ever wondered why Father made it so we can be fucked in that hole as well? And if it was his design, who am I to find it wrong? After all, unlike you, I am a good, dutiful child of Father.”

Ariadna was innocent, not stupid. She knew mortals sometimes copulated in such a way, but even so, the goddess was slow to make the association. As a virgin who had planned on remaining one eternally, it never occurred to her that it would be a thing to happen to her. Given her perspective, her brother’s plans seemed alien to her.

Whatever her innocence, whatever her denial, she couldn’t miss his cruel intentions as his hard, bulbous head began to push hard against her tiny back hole. “No!” she screamed, suddenly trying to struggle even harder. Her brother didn’t need to push against her while she struggled, however – he merely held her down, waiting until she stopped for a second, effortlessly holding her in place – more damnable evidence of her reduced power. She could struggle nearly forever, but with her power reduced Ariadna found she needed a moment of hesitation between attempts to shake his grip loose, and Karn took advantage to lean forward and wrap his strong arms around her neck for leverage. Then his cock was at her puckered entrance again, her tiny asshole being pushed at by his ruinous prick.

“N-n-no! You can’t! Brother, be sensible – there is no way that will fit! This is wrong, come to your senses! You can’t poss-” Ariadna protests died as he tightened his chokehold on her, stealing her speech from her even as he shoved at her resisting hole, his cock worked diligently at prying the tiny, virginal ass open. It hurt, by Taelin it hurt, but she couldn’t simply let him take what he wanted, she had to fight it! Ariadna clenched her ass shut and gritted her teeth as she struggled to prevent her brother’s invasion – but his cock was lubricated with his own cum, and his strength was, impossibly, suddenly greater than hers. With a wordless, breathless cry of pain, Ariadna felt her resistance failing and her asshole spreading open before him.

“No…” she breathed, quiet for the lack of breath she could push through her brother’s hold. “No, no, no, no, nononono!!!”

With a victorious grunt of effort, Karn gave one final push, and her resistance collapsed, his thick cock pressing inside of her ass. Her tight hole bloated around his invading shaft, clinging to it as she squeezed in a continuous effort to close her widened hole. The pain was greater than that of the broken bones from the fight, very nearly as great as that of her followers’ deaths – it made it hard to breathe for reasons that had nothing to do with her brother’s choking hand. Now that he was inside her, Karn was quick to force the length and girth of his iron-hard cock deeper into her virgin ass, squeezing his dick further into the tight passageway that was Ariadna’s tight ass, parting her hole apart like it was nothing.

“And you thought it wouldn’t fit!” Karn mocked her as he released her neck. Now that he was inside her, he didn’t need to keep her so completely still, and while Ariadna knew he enjoyed her struggles she couldn’t keep herself from offering them, trying pointlessly to wriggle away – but with him already partially inside he just needed to keep pressing forward. His hands gripped her hips, preventing her from moving the only part of her that mattered to him. “It fits just fine. By all the gods Ariadna, it feels amazing. For me, at least – I hope it hurts you as much as I imagined it would.” He shoved again, finally forcing the entirety of his length into her, his heavy, vile balls slapping against her raped cunt. Ariadna wanted to cry, wanted to so badly – she felt impossibly stuffed with cock when just an hour ago she would have never dreamed of what it could feel like. She felt filled to the breaking point with his rape-stick.

Perhaps her brother had been expecting her to cry, to scream – he seemed disappointed with the lack of reaction his sister-goddess was giving him. “Perhaps it doesn’t hurt enough after all. That’s a shame – I can’t have you enjoying yourself, even if you are a stupid slut with little use but getting fucked – the worst kind of useless whore. I wish I could offer your holes to every man who had ever prayed to you and had your fickle cunt abandon them when they needed you most. The least I can do it show you what it feels like…” Her brother started to pull out of her, and Ariadna bit her lip, under no illusions that his withdrawal could be a merciful act – not from him.

She wasn’t disappointed as his raping cock smashed back into her. He forced his way all the way back into her, his balls swinging against her as he hilted himself in her once again, burying his cock deep inside of her asshole. “It feels like that, you unfaithful cunt. That’s what pain feels like!” He pulled back again and slammed into her again, starting to fuck her rapidly, her virgin orifice stabbed and hammered into repeatedly by his stone hard cock until it felt more like he was stabbing her ass with a sword.

Ariadna just barely choked off a scream as her body and mind were assaulted by the nerve-wracking thrusts, his hips continually striking against her ass with a wet slapping sound. The entire time, Karn kept hurling insults at her, not slowing down his brutal rape in the least. “This won’t stop until you are battered, loose, and useless. After I’m done, my Furies will take you, and then who knows what fate has it store for you – can you see your own fate, sister? Your luck has finally run out – You’re my fuckslut now, and I can do anything I want with you.”

“To the void with you!” she hissed through her gritted teeth, but her brother only laughed at her.

“By all means, curse me – that is the only thing you can do. Curse me – and take cock like the slut you are!” Karn said, deep satisfaction in his voice and he withdrew again, just to ram his cock with one powerful thrust back in.

“Nnn!” she moaned, using all of her willpower not to scream and pain and give him the satisfaction. As degrading and painful as this ordeal was, she didn’t expect it to hurt her SO much. She knew that her body should be dealing with the agony better than that – which only made her even more certain that something very wrong – even apart from the rape – was happening to her.

Still, even with the sudden weakness of her form, she still had the strong will of a goddess and would never submit to her brother – or that it what she hoped.

At the moment though it was hard for her to remain defiant as Karn was doing his best to make her scream by pounding into her as savagely, roughly and brutally as he could muster. Her sensitive nipples, erect from the cold, scraped against the hard marble floor as her entire body was rocked in the rhythm of the god’s thrusts.

Every couple of thrusts Karn changed his rhythm making it impossible for Ariadna to prepare her body for the pain. He could be fucking her savagely, ramming his cock into her in rapid thrusts only to suddenly switch to long thrusts, at first slow and then rapid as he plunged his cock in one push. That would then change to pulling her body towards him, impaling her ass on his dick.

Ariadna’s senses, still supernaturally acute, made the ordeal all the worse as despite the entire lower half of her body turned into an inferno of agony, she could still clearly tell the difference between the types of pain caused by each different push.

Raped like that, she couldn’t imagine that any mortal woman would agree to be fucked in such a way of her own free will. That stretched to the very sexual act itself. Ariadna never wanted to give her virginity to any male – man or god – but she was aware that if she wanted she could. Now, not only was that option taken from her, but she knew she would now never be able to think of sex as a union of two lovers, her thoughts defiled forever by the experience of this rape.

“How does it feel, you fate-kissed bitch? How does my cock feel up your shit hole,” he growled into the goddess’s ear as he slowed down for a moment, sliding his way mercilessly in and out of her, his cock slowly working to hollow out her ass. “I know you Ariadna. Perhaps someday, you would have taken a lover and stopped being such an icy bitch, or perhaps you never would have – one way or the other, however, I know one thing for sure – You never would have let them do this to you. How does it feel to have me take what you would never have given willingly to any lover? How badly does it hurt?” He slid his hands around Ariadna and gave her nipples a hard pinch each.

By Taelin did it hurt – As he sped up fucking her again, each thrust seemed to burn more and more with each passing second. It was like with each hammering attack of her pristine body, she grew weaker, more vulnerable. Ariadna didn’t understand, couldn’t understand, but somehow he was raping her power right out of her, stealing it – growing grander even as she shrank and became less. The white-haired goddess tried so hard to give him no reaction, but despite herself, small whimpers were escaping her throat now – evidence of the agonies she couldn’t entirely ignore, no matter how hard she tried.

Karn laughed as he raped her. “Yeah, it hurts plenty. Get used to it – soon, you’ll look forward to this kind of attention. After I’m done with you, the only worship you’ll know is taking a cock into your filthy body – you’ll take any man’s dick up your holes and be thankful to be being paid any attention at all.”

Ariadna tried to block out his words, even as she tried to block the sword-thrusts of stabbing pain in her rear. Neither effort was very successful. She had never felt so humiliated, so helpless. She had considered herself brave, strong, intelligent – which of those traits had lead to her being held down on the floor of her own temple, raped by her most hated enemy even as she failed to even stay stoically silent through the abuse, losing her virginity in both her holes?

Then the worst pain she had ever known flowed through her core.

Ariadna screamed, the sound of pure agony – it was the scream of children watching their parents die, the crystalline crash of a breaking stained glass window. It was the sound of a dying woman. It lanced through her gut like a flaming sword. It was the feeling of her follower’s death – but she had almost grown used to the constant agony of their deaths, as they had grown somewhat slower. This was a thousand times worse.

Ariadna knew what it meant – the human closest to her had perished. Her high priestess had been murdered by one of her brother’s wretched followers.

“Take it, you bitch,” Karn snarled into her ear, biting down on her lobe. “Keep screaming for me! Suffer on my cock!”

Ariadna grimaced against the pain, squeezing her eyes shut. Her brother thought his rape had caused her pain – she would never give him the satisfaction of knowing the truth, not while she drew breath.

His hands gripped her tits harder, fingers digging into her pale flesh as he bucked against her. As the goddess’s virgin ass became more stretched by his penetration, he could plow into her with even more force, drilling into her utterly. “Take it and know you are nothing more than a whore, a set of holes to please me!”

Ariadna felt the tears leak from her shut eyes and hated herself for it. She could only comfort herself that it wasn’t her brother’s assault that had driven the tear from her, but the sorrow of losing her faithful. Still, as she silently sobbed, she desperately wanted Karn to shut up, just to shut his void-spawned mouth.

When Karn finally went tense against her and grunted out his climax, his cock stiffening to a red-hot rod of iron for a moment before he filled her ass with hot seed, Ariadna was almost glad. When he pulled free of her violated hole, she could feel her ass continue to gape open as it drooled his seed back out.

“Now that is a beautiful sight,” Karn said with a smirk as he kicked Ariadna’s stomach, making her bend in pain as she coughed and gagged for air “Seems you are so pathetically weak that I need to restrain myself more. It would be a shame if I killed you before I take everything from you.”

“What – what are you doing to me?” Ariadna managed to whisper “How…”

“Oh come on sister, by now you surely figured out what I am doing to you.” Karn shrugged and with a lightning-fast motion slapped his sister’s face “As for how – well, I prefer to keep some things for myself.”

Ariadna shot him a fiery glare, but he only chuckled. “So good to see you still have some of that spirit left,” he said, “It wouldn’t be fun otherwise.”

“Fun?! You twisted…” Ari’s words were cut short as he slapped her again before viciously backhanding her in a blow that dazed her for a moment. Her vision spun from the hit, going dark around the edges, and she had to close her eyes to avoid becoming ill – her ears were ringing from the hit, further evidence of her mysteriously growing weakness. It took her a few moments before she realized that he was still talking.

“As I’ve said – you look so nice like that – defeated, broken and covered in cum. Like a true whore goddess. I was wondering, sister, if you end up selling your body to mere mortals for the faintest amount of appreciation and worship – would that make you a literal whore -goddess? Or maybe you could branch out and become a goddess of whores?” Karn chuckled again “I believe that niche is yet to be filled.”

Gritting her teeth, Ariadna tried to ignore the terrible pain radiating from her two raped holes and got first on her knees before finally rising up. It took Karn one push to make her fall to the ground again.

“I prefer you on your knees. Or lying on the ground taking cock. Speaking of which – I think I am ready for another round. Just so you know, as you may not be experienced when it comes for fucking, usually it is uncommon for mortal men to be able to fuck again and again – but fortunately, that doesn’t apply to me. I could rape you for a year – father gave us nearly endless stamina. I wonder what Father was thinking when he created us like that.”

“Go to the Void!” Ariadna hissed.

“Now, now sister – I am willing to give you a choice. I believe you want to avoid another ass-rape – so I’ll spare it and fuck your hungry whorish cunt – but only if you beg me to.”

“You are out of your mind!”

“Last chance: beg me to fuck your hungry whorish cunt, or my cock goes into your crapper.”

“Never!” Ariadna hissed. He may have raped her, siphoned her power and had her followers killed – but she would never, NEVER degrade herself like that before him. Weak or strong, she was a goddess, and no one would make her beg.

“Suit yourself, sis,” Karn said before grabbing Ariadna, pushing her face to the hard, cold ground and lifting her ass up. “To be honest I prefer it this way,” he said as he touched the entrance to her ass with his cock.

“Leave me – Ugh!” Ariadna once again had to grit her teeth to contain a rising scream of pain, as he pushed his cock up her ass.

Immediately she could feel pain exploding in her behind. Her ass was more stretched now, and it accommodated around the huge tool more easily – but it was also sore after the previous ordeal, and she was even weaker now which made the agony even greater.

This time, Karn didn’t take his violation slowly in the least – instead, he began fucking her right away, hard and fast. It burned, the feeling agonizing as his stiff skewer of cockmeat sliced its way into her like a knife. Ariadna refused to scream for him, but she couldn’t keep completely silent either, a muffled, slow grunt forcing its way from her throat with each savage thrust while tears ran down her dust-covered face, cleaning a path down her cheeks and over her chin. Behind her she could all but sense her hated brother’s pleasure, could hear the way he groaned as his cock penetrated her asshole and thrust again and again into the tight, hot hole of the drow’s ass. Her body kept clenching around him, throbbing with the pain and trying to expel him from her body no matter how much she wished she could stop, knowing she just pleased him more.

Ariadna shook herself from side to side, trying to heave his weight off of her – he was as strong as she was, as strong as a titan, but he didn’t weigh any more than a man. She should be able to lift him easily and get him off of her – yet she was finding her strength insufficient to the task. She didn’t feel as strong as a goddess anymore – she felt pathetically weak. “It’s useless to fight,” her brother mocked as he raped her, and she could only give an outraged growl in response, the effect of which was mostly ruined when she whimpered involuntarily at the end, the pain overwhelming her.

One of Karn’s hands curled around Ariadna’s body to continue groping her tits as they were pressed against the cracked marble floor while the other slid up into her silvery white hair. He gripped a clump of her hair and yanked her head back so he could lean forward and nibble along the side of her throat as he pumped into her. His fingers pinched at her rose nipples, teasing them to stiff buds so that he could tug on them and make the goddess wince at the abuse. By now the sound of her moans of pain were completely drowned out by the sharp sound of flesh slapping against flesh each time Karn drove his way up her ass.

Her rape continued for a while and remained the central source of Ariadna’s pain, although the rough tugging at her hair, the awkward way her neck was pulled back, and tweaking of her nipples only made the experience worse. She kept herself from screaming, but only barely – her throat felt agonized from the effort of keeping the pain in, the fatigue wearing on her. By the time Karn tensed and fired his cum up her ass, she felt like he was going insane.

“I told you it was useless, you stupid whore,” Karn growled into her ear before pushing her head back down against the ground again. “Do I need to demonstrate further for you?” His cock slid free of her ass, and even as it slid against the bare slit of her pussy again, Ariadna was already shuddering with the thought that he was still hard, still ready to rape her further.

As much as her ass burned, the humiliation of feeling his cum-slick cock slide home into her cunt again was almost worse – it felt like he was violating her core. The pain as his thick cock stretched her swollen, sore hole was an accent on top of that, adding additional, painful flavor to her suffering. With her head held down, her ass in the air against him, she couldn’t struggle anymore – she couldn’t even fight against his grip. Tears of frustration overwhelmed the tears of pain and loss that she was already weeping.

Then his hands were on her, pulling his cock out of her as he roughly manhandled her body, flipping her onto her back. Ariadna tried to kick out at him, but he caught her hand and pinned her legs back down to the floor. Karn spread her legs without noticeable effort. The smug look on his face made her want to hit him so badly, but the slap she suffered a second later drove every other thought from her head as his cock thrust back home into her, skewering her cunt in a single punishing advance. He dragged his hands over her body, playing with her breasts, pushing them together and then letting them fall apart, then slapping them just to see them flop around while he raped her, laughing at the helpless discomfort in Ariadna’s teary blue eyes. “Suffer for me, cunt. Serve me with your body, you fate-stealing bitch.”

As Karn drove into her with growing force, one of his powerful hands wrapped around her slender throat, making her eyes go wide. Her hands were forced to stop pushing at his chest and shoulders to both go and grip his fingers, trying to pry them off of her neck – but even both of her hands lacked the strength to overcome even one of his fingers. The horror of her weakness striking home to her made a fresh wave of defeated tears slip from her eyes even as she tried to blink them back, and the sight made her brother smile harder. “You’re coming along nicely sis. At this rate, you’ll barely be different from a street walking human whore soon.” Karn kept her pinned helplessly to the floor by her neck as his thrusts into her grew harder, other hand twisted her nipple savagely as he pounded into her already cum-soaked cunt, his cock hardening inside her as Ariadna felt him just moments from release. He groaned as he flooded her pussy with yet another load of jizz, his hot seed pooling deep inside of her.

Karn pulled out of her almost immediately this time, finally releasing her neck before gathering up her hair in his hand, pulling her to her feet. One of Ariadna’s hand flew to her hair, trying to alleviate the pain of being pulled up – the other drew back and punched at her brother, her fist smashing into her abdomen – pain flashed through her own hand as it hit. Ariadna felt like she had hit softer mountains – her hand burned, broken even as she felt the bones crack as her divine healing began to knit her back together – but not as quickly as she was used to.

“Stupid, weak cunt,” Karn snarled as he stared down at her. “I can’t believe father ever could have found a useless thing like you worthy of his time and attention. You aren’t worthy of sharing the air we breathe – you pollute it with your presence.” He punched her in the stomach in a mirror of the attack she had made against him, and his hand flashed almost too quickly for Ariadna to see and far, far faster than she could react to. The attack actually lifted her feet off the ground, sending her swinging like a pendulum from her white hair.

Before she could come back down to the ground, Karn swung her around to smash her against the crushed ruins of a pillar. She hit it, and the pillar broke further, then her brother forced her down onto it, her bare tits pressed against the rough, ruined stone that had once been a wall of her temple. From here, she could see how bad the devastation was – the furies were still demolishing it, shattering stone, statue, and sacraments alike with apparent glee. Soon there would be nothing left of her home.

She didn’t have time to mouth long, however, before her brother’s hips nestled against her pinned form, his cock still hard against her bare ass in the second before he aimed and thrust into her again, skewering her asshole yet again. The terrible routine of pain and humiliation that had suddenly become Ariadna’s existence began again, her divine brother raping her again, and again, and again. It was only by sheer will that Ariadna wasn’t screaming with every thrust now – the goddess all but prayed that at some point her ass would become too numb to experience the cruel violation of his cocks, but it never did. He raped her ass, and her pussy, and her ass again, over and over and over.

By the time Karn was finished, Ariadna had lost track of the number of times she’d been raped. Her sphincter felt as if it was never going to tighten back up, oozing a near constant stream of cum down the backs of her thighs, joining the white river slowly seeping from her sore cunt. She’d never felt pain, degradation, and fatigue so powerfully consuming before in her life, and she wanted nothing more than to be left alone to simply lie flat on the ground and just sleep until the end of the world.

Karn pulled out of her, letting Ariadna topple back down to the ground. She was already waiting for him to position her again, perhaps beat her before he raped her yet again – by now, she had no doubt she couldn’t fight him. Whatever he had done to her, it had made him impossibly strong and made her weak, far too weak to stop him. Taelin would set it right, Ariadna was sure of that – but for now, she hated herself for it, but she knew she could do nothing. Karn, however, simply stood over her, silent for a long moment.

“I think that’s about all you have to give for now,” he said with a bit of regret in his voice. “And I’m afraid I’m out of time. As much as I’d like to sit here and rape you until I was truly satisfied – until I had cum in you once for every single day of my birthright you stole from me – I’m afraid this is going to have to do.” He pushed her with his foot until he had flipped her over. Perhaps she could have resisted, but Ariadna didn’t really see the point. She just felt so exhausted. His smug, self-satisfied face stared down at her as he flipped her onto her back. “Goodbye, sister. I promise I’ll put my birthright to better use than you ever did. At least one of us can amount to something – because you certainly never did.” A small chuckle escaped his lips as he kicked out one last time, kicking her in the side and drawing another groan from the abused goddess. “Have a nice life.”

Then he walked away, the sound of his footsteps fading as he simply left, leaving her temple – and her – behind.

Ariadna just lay there for a few seconds, until the sharp footfalls had faded at last. Then she pushed her arms beneath her and pushed herself slowly to hand and knees, moving to rest her back against a shattered pillar – and freezing as her head came up.

The three furies leaned against the ruins, their gray skin glistening in the sunlight as they looked at her, jet black eyes sparkling. “Did you forget about usss?” one of them said slowly. All three gave hissing laughs in response, and Ariadna tightened her hands into fists. She still felt weak, felt exhausted. She needed time to recover – but she wasn’t going to get it.

And Ariadna didn’t care. She had been helpless too long – it was time for that to stop. Her blue eyes narrowed as she pushed herself to her feet as gracefully as her tired body could manage. “Leave, while I’m still even a little inclined to let you.” Ariadna parted her lips in a feral smile, letting her frustration and rage boil to the surface. “Your master isn’t here to save you this time, petty animals.”

The amusement vanished from their faces as all three of them detached themselves from the broken pillars. “Caged birdy thinksss she can ssstill fly?” one of them mocked as they gracefully stalked through the ruins towards Ariadna, spreading out as they went. The socket where his eyes had been earlier today was a dark shadow on his face. “Pretty bird is going to wish he hadn’t ssssung in a sssecond…”

Ariadna didn’t answer. She just got up and rose to her feet, determination clearly seen on her face. Rarely she let negative emotion influence her actions and to be honest in her life rarely there have been situations in which there was an opportunity for anger to overwhelm her. Of course, she knew she had to defeat them to escape, but there was more to it. The furies served her brother and were similarly vicious. She wanted them to pay. She needed them to pay.

Even as she jumped at them, she was disgusted with how slow she has become. She was, probably, still faster than a mere human – but definitely not by a large margin. She chose the fury without one of its eyes, trying to attack it from its blind side. The creature was faster than she and immediately turned to her. It didn’t even try to avoid her attack, it just landed a powerful kick that knocked the goddess from her feet. She struggled to get back on her feet as soon as possible, but the monster grabbed a fistful of her hair and knocked her at her back again. As Ariadna’s head hit the marble floor the sudden explosion of pain dazed her for a moment.

As she opened her eyes again, she saw the three furious standing over, grinning in a way that even Ariadna found creepy. She was a goddess – or at least she had been. She shouldn’t be afraid of those lowly monsters but somehow watching their maws full of sharp teeth made her feel a cold shiver run down her spine. And then she looked down to see their three engorged erections.

“You bring those pathetic sticks near me, and I tear them off,” she hissed.

“Letsss see how those ‘sticksss’ feel once they’re being rammed up your ssslutty holes,” the fury without the eye spoke.

Ariadna glared at the creature – but when she attacked, she chose a different target. One of the furies cursed as she kicked it suddenly in the groin, making it bend down from the sudden pain. Quickly she rose, landing a vicious elbow blow to the chest of another creature. This blow would break the monster’s bones, rip through its internal organs and sent it flying across the room – if she had been at her full strength. Now the fury only staggered a bit backward.

Before Ariadna could strike again, the last fury hit her – only once but with enough force to make her fall to the ground again. Seconds later she was backhanded with a powerful blow that made her fall on her back again.

She wanted to fight, to struggle, to hit and hurt them – but stunned by the pain of the multiple blows and previous rapes she couldn’t muster her strength. “Leave me alone, or you’ll pay!” she could only curse at the furies as the three monsters descended on her. She kicked and writhed, but one monster managed to grab both of her wrists in one of its hands, pinning her hands to the ground above her head as he used his second clawed hand to squeeze roughly one of her breasts. Another forced itself between her kicking legs, it’s engorged cock ready to assault her sore pussy.

“Take thisss you whore!” the fury snarled as he used his weight to drive his dick deep into her raped cunt. Something halfway between a scream and a snarl boiled from Ariadna’s lips. In many ways, this was even worse than her brother’s abuse. As much as she detested her fellow god, he was still a god in his own right, nominally her equal. These furies were nothing – cruel human souls transformed by death, spending time in her brother’s service to forestall their afterlife. If being fucked by her brother made her feel unclean, being raped by one of his furies made her feel positively worthless. Even if they lacked the size and crushing strength of Karn, the cock slamming into her now felt even more disgusting to the goddess.

The one-eyed Fury sat down on her chest, his cock in his hand as one of the others took over holding her hands down. With one of the monsters between her legs already, and with her arms and chest held down, Ariadna could barely wiggle, much less effectively struggle as she was raped. The fury’s clawed hands scraped her breasts as he gathered them up, holding the firm mounds of meat and wrapping them both around his own cock. He spat down at her, the slimy wad landing on her already hurting tits with a splash as he rubbed it around with his dick before sliding between her breasts.

Ariadna’s blue eyes all but glowed with rage as she stared up at the single remaining eye of her rapist. “I will kill you all for this. Every last one of you – and you will pray for a more gentle afterlife than the misery I make of your end.”

The fury laughed, his cock sliding between her tits. “Pretty wordsss from a ssslave,” he hissed, shaking with laughter as he came, groaning before his cock erupted all over her face. Ariadna turned her head away as hard as she could, but the third fury caught her head in his other hand and pulled her back into the stream, letting the pearly strings land across her pretty features. “Now the ssslut on the outside matchesss the whore within…” he mocked. Ariada opened her mouth to respond but only gasped as she felt the Fury inside her cum as well, hot seed spilling into her formerly pristine body.

The goddess began struggling harder again as he started pulling out, hoping to struggle free, but they kept their weight on her even as they started to flip her over – right onto one of them. Her legs landed on his for a second before he kicked her legs further spread, so he was still between them. It meant she was glaring down at him – Ariadna tried to slam her forehead into his nose, but he reached out and grabbed her throat before she could, holding her up and off of him even as his “brothers” grabbed onto her ass and shoved her down onto his dick, impaling her on him from above.

Then the one with one eye stepped behind her, his still hard cock pressed against the cum-stained entrance to her ass. “No!” She gasped through her closed throat as she finally realized what they intended, but it was far too late – with a vicious shove, he impaled himself in her rape-lubed asshole. This time, Ariadna couldn’t help herself – she screamed. “Take it out!” she shouted, her body burning as both of her holes were filled with cock. She had never felt so full, her holes stretched to the limit as the furies pumped in and out of both of them at once.

“One hole left,” the third fury mocked as he stepped up, slapping his cock against her cum covered lips as she was fucked up and down on the other dicks impaling her. She could smell the cum on his filthy cock, could smell her own taint of blood and pussy on it from when he had raped her just minutes ago. “Can you guessss where this goes little ssslut?” Ariadna’s mouth was open with the pain and shock of being double fucked from behind, so he had no difficulty pushing his cock into her stunned mouth.

“Aghhh! Ah, Oh, noouuummmpph… AARRRUUMMMPPHH!!” Ariadna’s cries of pain were silenced by the dick shoved into her mouth even as the two furies brutally crammed their cocks into her pussy and ass. The pain in her body was incredible – she didn’t feel so much like a goddess now as a tortured animal. Ariadna was rocked between the three furies as they both drove into her from either end, each one forcing her onto the other as they thrust forward.

The thought made her furious. How dare they – how dare they – she was a goddess, no some worthless puppet for their fucking amusement…

Then a flood of power flowed through her like an electric shock. It was like being blind and suddenly able to see – she could feel her followers again. Taelin’s law had been restored. Hope flowed through her like a river – and Ariadna’s eyes narrowed in rage.

The Fury abruptly screamed as her teeth found his cock. Before Ariadna could effectively bite down, his fist slammed into her head from the side, dazing her and pulling her head from his shaft as she collapsed to the ground. She felt hot seed pour into her ass even as the bit fury snarled in anger. “You worthless fucking cunt!” he spat, drawing back and kicked her across the face with all the force he could muster. It felt like being kicked by a horse – It would have killed a human, but Ariadna was made of far stronger stuff. The kick rattled her, but it broke nothing. The second kick to her ribs was probably worse, and she felt something give beneath the blow. “You ssstupid little whore!”

Ariadna couldn’t remember in the one-eyed fury had finished in her or not – all she knew was that suddenly all three of them were kicking her while she lay on the ground amid the ruins of her temple, battering her between them with their rage and hatred and lust for violence. If she were mortal, she would have been beaten to death in the first few moments, but she was immortal and was able to suffer for as long as they could beat her, the pain of their assault joining with the dwindling pain of her followers’ deaths.

Then when her senses returned through the pain, Ariadna was alone. She was empty. No one was inside her. She lay sprawled across the marble floor, gasping for breath as her body slowly worked to heal itself from its broken state. The goddess could taste the cock that had polluted her mouth yet, still taste the cum that had coated her lips – could fee more of it leaking from her ravaged ass and pussy. Her rape had lasted nearly five hours since she had been attacked, and during all that time there had only been a little more than five or ten minutes when there had not been a dick buried in some part of her perfect body. Ariadna tried to move, to rise, but her legs wouldn’t support her, and she collapsed on the floor. Laying naked on her back, she felt the cool air begin to dry the sweat that coated her body as she closed her eyes once again, blinking away the tears of pain and loss as she let the world slip away for a few moments, letting herself slowly recover from her injuries.

Time passed – Ariadna wasn’t sure how much, but the pain had faded to something manageable. It hadn’t gone away – she wasn’t sure if it would ever go away. Slowly, Ariadna picked herself off the ground. It hurt to move, hurt to think, hurt to feel, but the goddess could feel her followers again. She pushed every bit of power she had through that link, empowering her priestesses and enabling them to fight back. It left her weak and exhausted on a level even beyond what the rapes had done to her, but she could do little else. Moving with extreme care with her sore body, Ariadna crawled over to one of the broken columns, pressing her back against it, and closed her eyes, hoping the world would just go away.

She wasn’t sure how much time passed, or if she’d lost consciousness at some point – but at some point, the stabbing pain of her followers’ deaths had slowed and nearly stopped, returning to something almost normal. Her temple was fighting back, surviving. That knowledge made the pain and humiliation almost go away. Almost.

Her pained blue eyes gazed back and forth across her ruined home. There was almost nothing left. The furies had done a thorough job of destroying her realm – everywhere she looked barely two stones remained atop one another. In the space of a day, her divine temple had been reduced to a ruin. ‘Along with its goddess,’ she thought bitterly. The cum staining her formerly pristine skin had dried by now, and with the exhaustion passing Ariadna was slowly realizing how disgusting she felt. The effort of climbing to her feet almost felt like a heroic task, but she managed, walking carefully over the broken, shattered ground to the stream and submerging her naked body in the clean water.

As she stood waist deep in the chilled water, scrubbing her brother’s filth from her breasts and legs, Arianda began to shake. Not with cold or fear or even her impossible exhaustion, but with rage. How dare he. How dare he! He had stolen Taelin’s own law from its home, attacked her, raped her! He had destroyed her home, massacred and enslaved her followers, stolen much of her divine heritage and power – he had made an unholy mockery of heaven’s law. Taelin would see him banished for this at the very least, if he survived simply being executed by the Elder God. It wouldn’t bring her slain priestesses back, or restore her home or dignity, but vengeance was good enough for Ariadna for right now – The time for sorrow would come later. Right now she wanted blood.


Taelin’s voice didn’t so much carry through the air as it shook the ground. The water in the stream trembled with the fury in his words, spraying into mist in the air as the Goddess rose from the water even as the elder god walked around the ruined temple, coming into her sight. He had looked better. Taelin was an old man, old enough that even his immortality couldn’t conceal his age any longer. Lines had been creased into even his immortal face by the passage of eternity, and it was obvious that the weight of the entire world he had created rested on his shoulders. His form was lean, ancient – but only a fool would mistake it for weak. His muscles may be atrophied with age, but even in her weakened state, Ariadna could feel the power of the ichor pulsing in his veins from all the way over here.

And right now, it pulsed with a rage so deep that the Goddess of Fortune felt she could drown in it.

She opened her mouth to speak, to condemn her brother for his crimes, but he spoke before she could. “How could you, you insolent child! To feud with your brother is one thing, but to steal my law – you have broken, no, shattered every rule the gods abide by. You have threatened the very existence of this world – and for what!!!” As he spoke, his voice had only increased in volume, and it had started loud enough to tremble the ground. By the end, her hair was being blown as if by a hurricane, and if her temple had not already been destroyed it almost certainly would be risking collapse. Only her complete shock kept her from cringing away from the rage of his accusations.

“Why! What do you have to say for yourself?” As he finished, the sudden lack of noise was stunning. It was like the surface of a reflective pond – still and calm but somehow filled with tension, waiting to be broken.

Every accusation on her tongue, everything she had been prepared to say, had fled from her mind in surprise of his anger and accusation. It felt like someone was squeezing her lungs – she couldn’t breathe. “But – I didn’t! Karn – he…”

“If you brother arranged the theft of my scroll,” he roared, “Then why was it one of your priestesses that stole it!”

It was all too much – too fast, too unexpected. Ariadna could feel her brother’s trap closing around her. When he had raped her, not only had he been stealing her power somehow – he had also been keeping her busy, keeping her focused on her pain and suffering instead of discovering what had been happening, discovering the trap that had been prepared for her and finding a way to escape it. She could see the trap now… but for her life she couldn’t find a way out – couldn’t even find a word of protest but to stand there with wide eyes, gasping for breath as she tried to understand where it had all gone so wrong.

“Do you have any idea what you have done!” Taelin shouted at her as he stepped towards the naked girl. “You are no child of mine. You are undeserving of your place, your power, your name.”

He took a deep breath, the outrage vanishing from his face to be replaced with cold calm. “I take them from you. For your crimes against the gods, for the war you have bought upon your followers, for for the theft of Order and exposing the whole world to annihilation, I name you Nihilium.” He took a deep breath, his voice quiet as he met her blue eyes without feeling. “You have no place here. BEGONE!”

And the world shattered around her.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 1: The Fall

  1. Ok, so this is one of those stories where there’s a little progress made toward a better future in every chapter.


    I had to push myself a little to get through this starting chapter, given that it’s probably 75-80% rape scene, but it is important as the thing that starts the entire story.

    Given that this is part of the Lights in the Void setting, I am curious about how the gods here fit into the wider universe. Are they sort of minor deities, somewhat less important than the six Aspects (and thus not present on the diamond)?

    Well, as you might expect, sympathy is immediately drawn for Ariadna, as it’s clear she really strives to be a good goddess, cares about her followers and hates what’s happening to them. It was really upsetting (and sometimes frustrating) to read all the moments of false hope throughout the chapter (I swear you did like five of those), like after the scroll is put back into place and Ariadna actually feels hope and fights back against the Furies, and then they just pulverize her and eventually bash her unconscious.

    Of course it did kind of amuse me to find out that their master, the betrayer, is named Karn.

    I hear he’s a hell of a guy. 😉

    Actually, while knowing your stories I’m sure the truth of this is going to turn out to be horrifying, for now I couldn’t help but smile wondering what the priests (seems the clergy have to be the same sex as their deity, so priestesses of fortune and priests of misfortune, though presumably both have worshipers of different sexes) of the god of misfortune would be like. Do they walk down crowded streets and trip people at random? Do they carry the holy banana peels of the Church of Misfortune to drop in people’s way? Is their sacred phrase “shit happens”?

    Like I said, I’m sure this will turn out to have a horrifying, rapey and possibly murderous answer, but for now it was funny to ponder.

    Finally, Taelin happens upon Ariadna after she’s been raped for five hours straight, sees that she can barely walk, her temple has been shattered into tiny pieces, her robe has been so destroyed it’s just little shreds of cloth hanging off of her, there’s probably still semen leaking out of her, he knows shit just went wrong, and knows that her brother is literally the god of shit going wrong…

    And because there is one piece of evidence that points the other way, he blames her?

    …Seems legit.

    Well, we’ll see where this goes in the next chapter, coming up…right now! 😛


    1. “I couldn’t help but smile wondering what the priests of the god of misfortune would be like. Do they walk down crowded streets and trip people at random? Do they carry the holy banana peels of the Church of Misfortune to drop in people’s way? Is their sacred phrase “shit happens”?”

      I know this is tongue in cheek, but…

      You know how I have my philosophy of “bad things are the fire that tempers steel and builds strength” in these types of stories? At their best, the Priests of Misfortune are followers of that philosophy – trying to make people strong and tough and kindhearted by making sure they are able to handle whatever life throws at them. At their worst, though… they are what happens when you take that philosophy to the logical extreme, and are also a psychopath.

      For the record, MOST of Karn’s priesthood are male, and MOST of Ariadna’s are female, but neither is exclusively either and they definitely both have worshippers of both sexes.

      “And because there is one piece of evidence that points the other way, he blames her?

      …Seems legit.”

      Out of a flaccid sense of fairness to Taelin… it is a pretty strong piece of evidence. He doesn’t seem to care about the rape, the war, the violence, the death… no, he is single-mindedly focused on the damn scroll and the “safety of the world.” No follower of Karn stole it, a priestess of Ariadna did (or so he claims, anyway,) so to him this is Ariadna’s responsibility.

      I DID say it was a fairly flaccid defense.

      “It was really upsetting (and sometimes frustrating) to read all the moments of false hope throughout the chapter (I swear you did like five of those), like after the scroll is put back into place and Ariadna actually feels hope and fights back against the Furies, and then they just pulverize her and eventually bash her unconscious.”

      It wasn’t intended to read like that, but I can see how it does. The intention was to show that she never stopped fighting back, and even weakened and battered she was still tried to fight back and had some success at it, even though she was ultimately defeated.

      “Given that this is part of the Lights in the Void setting, I am curious about how the gods here fit into the wider universe. Are they sort of minor deities, somewhat less important than the six Aspects (and thus not present on the diamond)?”

      Big ol’ RAFO here. What I can tell you is that there are plenty of gods in LitV, but consider them local Gods that can’t really leave the world they were created on… as opposed to the 6 Eternals, which exist across all of time and space at once to one degree or another. The rest you will figure out as you go.But, for once, Zaasteroth has nothing to do with this one, right?




      1. The Church of Misfortune thing was obviously tongue in cheek (though I contend that the Holy Banana Peels of the Church of Misfortune need to be a magic item in somebody’s D&D game). I figured I was going to RAFO there, but it is very cool to hear the different interpretations of what such a church would be like.

        “It wasn’t intended to read like that, but I can see how it does. The intention was to show that she never stopped fighting back, and even weakened and battered she was still tried to fight back and had some success at it, even though she was ultimately defeated.”

        I hope it didn’t come across like I was criticizing your writing. It actually did make me admire her more that she never stopped fighting back. It’s just rough to read about her being put through that. Again, no disrespect was intended. 🙂

        “he is single-mindedly focused on the damn scroll and the “safety of the world.” No follower of Karn stole it, a priestess of Ariadna did (or so he claims, anyway,) so to him this is Ariadna’s responsibility.”

        That does make sense, and I get that this was literally a matter of the entire planet, at minimum, just sort of unraveling, so I understand his focus on that. But BOY is he going to need to apologize to Ariadna at some point.

        “But, for once, Zaasteroth has nothing to do with this one, right?”




        1. It didn’t come off as criticism… or at least not NEGATIVE criticism. But yeah, that was sort of what I was going for with setting up early on in the story that no matter how bad things look she wants to find a way to keep resisting.


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