Chapter 2: Retribution

Tir looked away from the distasteful spectacle of the arena sands. The woman had certainly brought it upon herself – and as one of the oldest residents of this damned prison he knew it better than most – but even so he was good to the core. As an angel of justice, he could see no shred of it here… merely a desire to repay past wrongs and to show power of their previous abuser – the abuse leveled against her disgusted him.

But he didn’t want to leave… not until he had finished burying the martyred goddess before him.

Sirae lay cold on the black stone, but the grim look of death about her could not overcome the smile she wore in her final moments. She had sacrificed herself, dying for something she had believed in the deepest places of her soul. She hadn’t seen it as an end, but rather a return to the benevolent earth that had befriended her so long ago.

If there was truly any justice in the world, Caer’s song, the song of the god of justice, would agree. Such was the fate Sirae, god queen of the elven people, deserved.

25 years ago

Sirae was supposed to be dead, and she couldn’t understand why she was not. She lay in the tender embrace of a rack, shackled naked to a sturdy construction of stone within black cave walls, with the shifting hued sky of the Untamed Lands flickering above her. She felt cold, and uncomfortable… but she was not in any pain, unlike her last memories of burning from within, consumed by Blackwand’s fire at the conclusion of her mutually fatal duel with Sanguinar.

One moment she had been looking into the eyes of her daughter, wishing her farewell… and the next she was here.

“Welcome to hell, Whore Goddess.” The words came from nowhere, grim and watery as though spoken in bubbles from the depths. The voice startled Sirae, as she felt sure that she had been alone in the cavern. She felt no other life, and as attuned to the flow of nature as she had been for thousands of years she had taken that as evidence of her isolation. The dead goddess was only slowly coming to realize that here, wherever she was, her connection to the earth was all but vanquished.

“Only Sanguinar ever dared call me that. Have you returned that I might kill you again, scum?” Sirae laughed, her voice mocking, scornful.

Out of the darkness two figures materialized. The first was a woman, at first glance beautiful… until the viewer saw her eyes. Milky white, glowing with a malevolent light, she figure stank of cruelty. She was naked beneath a robe of rags hanging from her form, but the enticement her body offered seemed to be as much a part of her danger as the sharp nails of her fingers or the sharp teeth of her smile.

The second figure was a behemoth, seemingly ripped from the bottom of the ocean. Gray, mucus-covered muscles lay exposed, uncovered by skin as the knotted coils of tissue twisted together. Tentacles covered the lower reaches of his face, three pairs of black gleaming eyes staring at Sirae’s bound form. The massive figure was hunched over, his legs unable to keep the weight of his form upright, and he supported himself on one of his massive, taloned hands.

It was he who had spoken with the watery voice, for he spoke again, face tentacles writhing as he did so. “We are Cerec,” he said by way of answer. “You are now a permanent guest inside Blackwand… and we rule here.”

Scornful laughter came from the pale, dangerous woman as she ran a hand along Sirae’s cheek. “Sanguinar is dead, and Caer has already sung for him and bound him to his fate… but that should be of no comfort to you.” She smiled, the expression chilling to the elven goddess. “Soon, you will wish we were only Sanguinar.”

Sirae’s face lunged her Cerec’s fingers, her teeth snapping, but the Avatar had pulled them back. More derisive laughter, then a contemptuous slap. “Defiant…” she said, amused. “We’ll see how long that lasts.”

Moments later, the first rape of many in her afterlife began.

Cerec lay on the sand, as ethereally beautiful as ever despite her injuries. The wound inflicted on her by the damnable priest burned like the sun, but it was no threat to her itself – even if she was mortal, it would not likely have killed her. What the wound signified was far more important.

Blackwand had fallen. The absolute power she had once wielded here had vanished, shattered in an instant as nature’s power blasted open the prison’s walls to come to the thrice-damned Alassiel’s aid. Cerec had lived her entire existence within the confines of the black-steel word, tormenting prisoners to feed power back to the blade. She had never existed without power, never been powerless.

She didn’t know how to handle herself without it. It made her helpless.

And the hundreds of monsters she had tormented for centuries knew exactly what to do with a helpless beauty like her.

Cerec screamed with helpless rage as monsters of all kinds crowded around her, raping her viciously as they had been for hours. Elrek, the legendary traitor monster of the elven people, slammed his hand against the back of her head and forced her face into the wet sand of the arena, slamming down his cock brutally into her already sore pussy, pushing Cerec’s face down into the mess her earlier rapes had created. He fucked the Avatar, his former tormentor, from behind with short, hard strokes, wrapping one powerful arm around her tiny waist to pull her back against him while he ground her face against the ground with his grip of her hair.

Other monsters out of a madman’s imagination shouted and danced around the straining, kneeling body of the dark haired Avatar. One kicked her in one of her heavy, swinging tits and Cerec arched up against the elf’s restraining hands, wailing in agony. She had never known pain herself, and how completely unaccustomed to it she was enraged the men she had tortured all the more. Elrek slammed her back down, bruising her face against the filthy ground and allowing the demon to kick her again. Hundreds of nightmares gathered around her and joined in with the first, kicking and gouging at her silky flesh with their feet as they waited for their chance to rape the sexy slut, or in some cases rape her again.

A crimson demon straddled Cerec’s bowed back and rubbed his long, spiked cock against her until he came, his jism pouring over her shoulders to splatter in the large pool that already spread beneath her. While he still sat atop her, another of the boys kicked her hands out from under her and Cerec’s pretty face and big lush tits splashed fully into the mire of jism soaked sand beneath her body. Cerec looked up at them, flames of helpless rage burning her eyes as she searched for any sign of mercy in the crowd surrounding her, and finding nothing but rage and cruel lust in their stares.

Elrek jolted her exhausted, helpless body with his hard fuck thrusts as she was dragged through the filthy sand of the cave’s arena, pushed along by the brutality of his thrusts. Tears began to escape her milky white eyes, and she was glad that her long dark hair shielded her face from the eyes of the crowd, hiding her humiliation. The agony was causing her hips to twist and her pussy to clench in spasms around the elf’s long, destructive prick.

Another being from the crowd, a heavily scarred dwarf with a dirty beard, pulled her up by her hair and all the others laughed at the way her chin and lips were stained a sold shade of pasty yellowish-white goo, covered with the cum of a dozen rapists. They forced her mouth open and laughed as the dwarf painted her tongue the same color with his cock, jerking it into her face until he came. A pale read demon pushed the dwarf aside as soon as he had finished, jerking off against her face, rubbing his filthy foul-smelling cock back and forth over her pretty, fouled features, then holding his rod’s head directly against her cheek as he came, so that his jism bubbled out in a circle around his cock. Cerec groaned, tears streaming down her cheeks.

There was so much cum, covering her and making her feel filthy – it coated her like a second skin, gooey and salty and sticky and awful. She couldn’t bear to look up at the boys who were surrounding her, laughing at her, and she closed her eyes rather than see the faces of her victims turned abusers as they taunted her, raping her as they came up with creative, degrading names for her one after the other.

Just hours ago, she was the master. This was her domain, her realm of absolute power. All trembled at her presence, and the merest hint of her displeasure would send this scum running with their tails between their legs. Now she was groveling in a foul pool, her face being dragged through the muck left behind by a hundred previous rapes. Other men and monsters moved in and rubbed their cocks on her face. One male demon fucked his cock deep into her throat and fired his jism straight down her windpipe, causing her to shake and cough violently.

More cum showered down on top of her, tainting her creamy skin with sticky cum. Then they plunged her face against the wet, packed sand, banging it painfully. They laughed and shouted as they slid her face through the puddle of slime on the ground, then tried to wipe it up with the shining dark silk of her hair. Somehow, it was that last act that seemed the most disgraceful. Cerec gave a full throated sob as they forced her to rub her hair over the filth. More than once the laughing monsters slammed her head against the ground, making her wail or cry out. A mortal woman would have been knocked unconscious by the force of the blows, and more than anything Cerec wished she could have been as well.

She gasped with surprise when the elf behind her slapped her ass viciously with his palm. Cerec shrieked when she felt his cock press against the crack of her asshole, the head prodding against the tiny bud of her unused hole. The feeling was enough to bring renewed struggle to the immortal Avatar, but it was as hopeless as it had ever been. She felt his cockhead press against the tiny bud of her asshole. She tried to bring herself back, to truly struggle then, but it was far too late for that.

The elf repayed her modest struggles with violence, slamming his hand into her ass and back over and over again. “Take it you worthless bitch!“ Elrek growled. He had dreamed of this for centuries – the thought of raping this stuck up, arrogant piece of trash had been all that got the traitor elf through the darkest periods of torment he had experienced. Cerec was no stranger to sex – she’d had her inmates, slaves really, fuck her plenty of times. Elrek had even had that dubious honor before, though the lay was just another form of torment for him… but to his knowledge, the immortal whore would never have allowed anyone up her ass. Elrek growled, then stuck two fingers and his thumb into Cerec’s cum drenched, swampy pussy. He gathered it up before tucking the fingers into her asshole, lubricating her with the seed of her prior abuse right before his other hand pinched down on either side of her slit with all his strength.

Cerec squealed and bucked her hips frantically, then cried out as he twisted her clit. It hurt unbelievably. Somewhere in the back of the Avatar’s mind, her own experience as a torture fed her useless fact after useless fact, forcing her to think about exactly how many nerve endings the vulnerable nub had to abuse. Screams tumbled out of her mouth one after another. She’d never felt pain like she was feeling it now. He was tearing her clit out, and pulling her whole pussy out by the terrible grip of his thumb and fingers on her. She threw her head back and forth, her long dark hair flying about her face. She jerked her arms helplessly against the hands of her captors, kicking her legs and bucking her hips like a lunatic beneath Elrek’s torture.

Elrek released her strained clit, smiling dreamily at the flexing cheeks of Cerec’s ass. Her ass was absolutely perfect – two beautiful globes of silky, creamy teenage flesh, made completely by her tiny asshole, smaller by far than her pussy, winking out at him from between her spread ass cheeks, just begging to be fucked.

Cerec squealed like a slaughtered animal when the elf’s huge cock banged against her tight little asshole. She squirmed frantically as he leaned his weight against her beautiful virgin ass, but the horde of demons and mortals held her wrists and ankles immobile, and Elrek’s powerful grip on her hips sealed her fate. He used one of his powerful hands to spread her taut ass cheeks far apart, and he fucked forward with all the strength in his lean, toned body.

“Nooooo!” the Avatar shriek insanely, lights flashing in front of her eyes. It was as though the pain he’d been causing in her pussy had been transferred back to her ass without pause. It felt as though her asshole was being torn apart. For an instant, all pride and dignity vanished beneath that horrible pain, wiping her mind clean of every thought but the perfect agony “No, you can’t do this! Stop, please!”

Elrek the Vile, Elrek the Merciless, Elrek the monster laughed along with the crowd as this sexy, powerful slut, so utterly without mercy of her own, begged for him to show her some. He loved hearing her beg, and he drove his long thick cock even harder into her rectum, spurred on by her pain and degradation. His large cock pressed against her tiny incredibly tight opening. The little hole was very small compared to his large cockhead, but with every thrust more and more of it was being wedged into the flexing opening of the vulnerable Avatar’s virgin ass. He lunged forward again and watched the whole fat plum sized head of his cock punch into her tiny asshole.

Cerec gave a strangled, high pitched screech and jerked violently. It was like a knife was being plunged into her ass. The Avatar began to shiver uncontrollably, her eyes rolling up in her head, her tiny hands clenching tight. She shook her head, trying to pretend she was somewhere else. The agony in her slowly tearing asshole prevented her from any escape. Elrek leaned over her and drove the rest of his cock home. He bit her ear as he fucked, then grasped her big tits, gouging them with his powerful hands. She thrashed against him, and his cock jerked as he fucked it inside her.

Cerec screamed as she felt her asshole split along its seams. She began to shake, realizing that the elf had driven his cock inside her tiny, helpless, virgin ass. She could feel the huge long hot slab of meat, deep inside her. She could feel it throbbing and jerking inside her, pushing against the walls of her bowels. Cerec gasped, not able to get enough air with the monstrous cock plunged into her rectum. She looked out at the crowd of hungry monsters surrounding her, almost as unable to believe the lust and cruelty in their face as she was the pain in her restrained body. She groaned with the pain in her lush tits as he dug his fingers into the plush meat.

With a final heave of effort, Elrek stabbed his thick cock balls deep into her virgin asshole. Cerec screamed, and she began wheezing loudly. She couldn’t breathe. Nothing she did seemed to get her the oxygen she needed. Three demons crouched right before her, laughing at her distress, laughed at the desperate, pitiful sound of her panting and squealing for breath as the cruel elf tore her ass open. The beautiful immortal had never felt pain like she was feeling now, and she wasn’t sure she had caused it either. Every shove of his cock deep inside her bloated rectum was making her squirm with agony. “Oh Sanguinar, it hurts! Please!” she muttered weakly, tears running down her pretty, cum soiled face. She hitched and bucked as he slammed into her again.

“Take your punishment, you worthless whore,” Elrek said as he pounded his cock back into her again. He liked the way her ass cheeks bounced when his groin pounded against them. And he loved how the wrinkled, tom opening of her rectum was pulled out of her body when he backed his long cock out of her. He bucked his hips, brutally jamming his prick back into the bleeding hole, thrilled at the tremors across her full asscheeks. He started slapping her full, creamy moons so they would bounce some more.

Cerec was out of her mind with pain and humiliation and terror. He was killing her, ripping her tiny rectum to pieces, stabbing hot meat into her again and again, and now he was beating her ass. The monstrous elf, more demon than mortal in her eyes, fucked her harder and slammed his palms against the silky round humps of her ass. They were stained bright red with his handprints now, and he was aiming his blows more carefully so he could cover every inch of her ass in beautiful red welts. He watched her asshole clamp so tightly around his cock stalk that it stretched obscenely from her body. Blood striped the length of his long stiff prick. When he pounded back into her ass he pushed her crinkled ass mouth up inside her, so deep it vanished completely from view.

“Take it cunt!” a demon snarled. His hulking form compressed as tightly as possible as he ducked and knelt before Cerec’s body, looping one leg around one of hers. “You were born for this!” Cerec’s mind tumbled away from her. This was insane and impossible, but the demonic brute looped his other leg up and around her and then heaved his body at hers, grabbing her large, fleshy, tanned tits. She screamed as her body was pulled lower, her arms tugged painfully hard. Then she felt the scalding heat at the demon stabbed his long fat cock into the already beaten, savaged hole of her pussy. His hand grips on her big tits were tearing cruel lines of red through the soft ample flesh. And the violent intrusions of his cock beside that of Elrek’s made her body’s pain burn all the brighter.

She screamed wordlessly, random syllables tumbling her her pain numbed tongue, only able to half-mouth words. Her mouth wasn’t working right with the pain that was filling her body completely, overwhelming her and covering her in a deadly, pained haze. They were both fucking her harder than a mortal could live through, battering her from one side to the other, making her sway drunkenly between their abusive forms. First one cock and then the other would plow up inside her, hammering the twin holes of her groin until she thought they’d torn down the wall that separated them. Her crotch was on fire, and the flames were coming from the white-hot pokers searing her pussy and shithole.

They were killing her with their cocks, punishing her by fucking her, using her as a dumping ground for their hatred of her and her brother, revenge for the pain they had themselves felt. Elrek was sweating on Cerec’s body, and he bit his lip to try to keep from blowing his cum up her tightly squirming asshole. It was no use. Her rectum was too tight and her pain too precious for him to hold back. He blasted his cum up the narrow, straining passage, pounding his hands down on her ass with every jerk of his cock in her tormented asshole.

“You cum soaked whore!” he screamed, slapping her ass so hard that the impacts sounded like gunshots. “You’re making me cum, you filthy, worthless, big titted tramp!” Practically the same instant the demon’s balled boiled forth their own issue, flooding her already filled cunt with yet another load of rape-cum.

Cerec twisted against the jerking cock in her asshole and cunt, feeling each rhythmic impact of jism in her holes like the blow of a hammer. Every burst of their foul seed set her whole body twitching and trembling. She gyrated her hips in tight circles, desperately to take her abused pussy and too-tight ass from the raping cocks, but succeeding only in milking more cum from their hard, cruel members. She wept and screamed and wished she could die.

25 years ago

After the monsters were gone, hours later, Sirae lay bruised and abused in her bondage, left to suffer in the cold air until they returned for her… and they had promised to do so soon. The goddess believed them. They seemed, in fact, almost irrationally eager to abuse the goddess in their charge. Perhaps her torments fed the sword better than a normal, mortal woman’s did.

If so, it was all the more reason not to give them much to work with.

Sirae immediately understood the rules of this place. She had died within the Veil, so her soul should have been subject to Caer law – it should have gone to the God of Justice to be evaluated, and sent to its fate. The fact that it hadn’t, combined with her inability to access the earth any longer, showed her clearly that the magic on Blackwand was almost absurdly strong, capable of generating an imprisoning ward that was, in its own way, nearly as strong as the Veil itself… if nowhere near as large or as flexable.

Nothing could get out or get in, not even a soul.

That had a few implications. Since she was in the untamed lands, and her soul could not go to a final rest in an afterlife, it would linger and rapidly generate a new body. In effect, she could not die within this prison.

Of their own will, Cerec would never free her – she knew that immediately – but they also couldn’t leave. Despite their almost godlike power here, they were as much a prisoner of the ward as anyone else.

But that combined to mean that there was nothing they could threaten the goddess with. Death was never something she had been afraid of, and here it wouldn’t even be permanent… although it would mean they couldn’t hurt her for a time, which might actually make it preferable. They could not leave, so they could not threaten to bring consequences to the living for her defiance, and she had no freedom or privileges to strip away. The goddess had lived for thousands of years, and she had known pain unlike most other beings the world could even imagine… pain both spiritual and physical. She would happily challenge the Avatars to find something that hurt her more than watching all of her children, one by one, die. Thanks to Sanguinar, damn his hide, she wasn’t even a stranger to rape.

No, the only thing they had to torment her with was her own humiliation… and knowing that, she could fight against it.

Another being entered the room where she was imprisoned, and Sirae began to brace herself for another round of abuse… only to realize that it was not one of the Avatars, but an angel. Radiant wings of pure white feathers flowed behind him as he walked, even with some many of the feathers ragged and torn. His skin was crossed with thousands of welts, many of them still bleeding. The angel left bloody footprints as he approached her, so the mere act of walking had to be torture for him… but still he came closer.

Sirae looked at the angel, even more abused than she was, as he never-the-less took a piece of cloth in his hands and began to wipe it over her face, removing the filth and sweat and blood from her skin. Working in silence, he cleaned her inch by inch, removing what evidence of Cerec’s assault upon her as he could. When the rag was too dirty to be of any use, he brought it to his eyes and cried into it, and it quickly became clean and pure again, allowing him to resume.

Neither being spoke a word, and then the celestial was finished he turned to leave, as silently as he had come. Sirae wanted to speak, to ask him a thousand questions, but more than anything she was curious if he would speak to her first… so she remained silent and watched until he was out of sight.

As strange and alien as the encounter was, it was also liberating to the fallen goddess. She felt less isolated than she had a moment ago. Whatever else she was here, within Blackwand, she was not alone… so let Cerec come up with torments of her, and let them try to break her if they thought they could.

Into the darkness, Sirae smiled grimly.

Cerec fell limply against her the hands of her captors, helpless to move or struggle as cum bubbled from both of her raped hole, joining the slime already pool on her thighs and on the sand. Elrek pulled his cock out of her tightly clasping, bleeding rectum, and wiped it clean in her once lustrous hair before stepping back.

The Avatar felt like dying. Her asshole had been torn open – it felt as though it had been hollowed out, and it burned with the pain. Cerec hung her head. She didn’t think she could take anymore… but when she lifted her head and saw the line of monsters gathering behind her, she screamed, despairing as she never had before. Long tears dropped from her eyes and she wailed with horror when she glanced behind her to see a line of dozens, waiting for a turn at fucking her reamed out asshole.

Cerec felt more than saw one kneel behind her and forced his cock into her sore throbbing asshole… but she had seen the man. She remembered him. Four hundred years he had been here, but never aging a moment past the time of his death as a teenage boy. He had come here several centuries ago, all moony eyed over his betrothed. She had taken pleasure in showing him that his beloved had wound up in Blackwand as well, forcing her to watch as her twin brother brother raped her ceaselessly for a week. The anguish she had extracted from him during that had been exquisite, but the experience had broken him too quickly, leaving him nearly useless. Now, however, he planned to take his vengeance on the milky skinned slut. Cerec tried to plead, but the agony that filled her mind garbled her begging. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway – there was no way her asshole could escape being ruined and destroyed by the procession of stiff dripping cocks.

He might have been only a young man in body, but he fucked her with enough fury to make up for it. It felt like a stallion was raping her as he dug his knees even more cruelly into the backs of her legs, hurting her terribly as he fucked his cock inside her. The long, lean muscles in Cerec’s silky legs stood out like steel cords, almost vibrating with the terrible strain of taking the hellish assfuck. This boy brutally abused her large creamy tits, too, and Cerec gasped, her eyes wild with panic and fear. She squirmed, trying to escape, tugging on the hands imprisoning her, but she couldn’t free herself. The struggle did make her soft skin thrash against the claws of her demonic captors, however, gouging her wrists deeply enough to draw blood.

Cerec moaned pitifully while a mere boy was brutalizing her ass, fucking it so hard that it felt as if he was scooping sizzling lava into her savaged rectum. Many more men were waiting to take turns shoving their cocks up her vulnerable ass. The boy screamed happily as he spurted his cum up her clasping asshole. He bit Cerec’s shoulders, and let his slobber dribble down her neck. He bit down so hard on the back of her neck that the helplessly writhing avatar screeched with pain. He kept biting, tasting her sweat and her blood, turned on by her sudden, violent thrashing against his large body. He fired blast after blast of jism inside her shitter, filling up her stomach with creamy, salty warmth. Then he rubbed his cock clean on her before he stepped back to give the demon next in line his turn.

“No! No more!” the enslaved Avatar whimpered as a human sized demon buried his cock to the hilt in her asshole. His entire form was covered with barbs, including the cock he so savage buried within her. She twisted desperately to pull her raw asshole off his cock, but he was so strong and she so weak, so injured, that she didn’t have a chance. “M…my pussy, please fuck my pussy! Fuck my pussy, please! I can’t stand any more, please! Please!”

The demon just laughed, a horrible, mocking sound like steel scraping against stone, and began thrusting as hard as he could, bringing more anguished screams from the tormented Avatar. The pain was so awful Cerec’s head was spinning. Each thrust tore her lines into her abused asshole, each impact of his pelvis caused barbs to poke new, slender holes in her asscheeks.

When the monster came, his cum burned into the torn flesh of her back door. Cerec screamed with the burning agony as the sizzling, demon filth shot deep into her, sinking into the wounds made by the assfucking torment. Cerec wiggled and cried and the boys began cheering. Her insides were being drenched by his savage seed, and the burning pain was awful.

A dragon, hulking and menacing even in his humanoid form, was the one to get Cerec screaming again. He jammed his cock up her sloppy shit hole and began fucking, but then he put his arms around her neck and leaned all of his seven hundred pounds on her as he fucked her ass like he was a battering ram. Cerec grunted with the brutal thrusts up her rectum, but she screamed as his weight yanked her down. The demons restraining her didn’t yield even the slightest bit, so the cruel impacts were almost jerking her arms out of their sockets. The luscious, gangbanged immortal keened with agony, her head shaking from side to side as if she couldn’t believe that the universe could be this cruel, even though she should know better than anyone how cruel it could be. She twisted her torso, tried to buck her hips away from the hellishly violent anal fuck, but she couldn’t escape the dragon.

Kry’toll’yex laughed and fucked wildly. He had never fucked a lesser being in the ass before, and he’d never stuck his cock into anything as beautiful as Cerec. The fact that she was the one responsible for his suffering over nearly a thousand years simply made him want to hurt her worse, as much as he could. He slammed his foot long cock, as thick as the Avatar’s wrists, up into her, then gyrated his hips, trying to tear her sphincter as wide as possible. He looked up and grinned when he saw the blood trickling down her thighs, and his cock jerked at her cries and at her pitiful struggling against his body. He pulled his cock out only a couple or three inches, then powered it back in, almost cumming when Cerec’s whole body convulsed as if he were breathing flame directly into her belly.

Cerec’s eyes closed as the pain overtook her. Terrible, shooting, tearing agonies ripped through her asshole and exploded into her abdomen, making the Avatar feel as if she was being torched from the inside out. Her ass clenched against her will and the tearing pain was three times worse. The dragon Kry’toll’yex kept up the violent ass fuck, and Cerec swayed against her captors, the stretching rending pain in her arms, shoulders and wrists, the burning scorching fiery iron of Cyrus’s cock searing her asshole and bowels ravaging her mind as well as her body. She swayed and groaned, grunted and mumbled, screamed and blubbered mindless begging. Soon the dragon came and got a new response from Cerec. She thrashed and bucked like a woman possessed, screaming like a murdered girl as the cum pumped into her, heating to a blaze by his inner fire. Before she had even stopped screaming, a new demon already has had his cock buried in her ass.

Cerec was in a world of hideous pain, sure her insides were being cooked by hot cock, burning jism her rapists were putting into her, one by one. She was absolutely certain her former captives were assfucking her to death. The helplessly struggling, shapely Avatar tried to plead for her life, but her voice was almost inaudible. Not even she could hear her own words, but nevertheless she couldn’t stop begging them to spare her asshole. It seemed like the pain was making her pride vanish in a desperate bid to make it stop, to make it stop at any cost. Each cock seared like a red hot iron poker. She couldn’t help but bleat and whine, writhe and twist in desperate agony. Her asshole was just a mass of flaming, burning agony now.

Cerec’s crotch throbbed and burned and she was sure that at any moment the agonizing assfucking would tear her asshole apart. And every one of her rapists hit her, smacking the length of her back or the back of her head, the soft globes of her ass or her tits. They all bit at her shoulders or the sides of her neck, wanting to add marks and bruises to the ones already there. Each of their cocks added more searing pain to her Cerec’s torn asshole. Their cum shot very far and deep into her bowels, burning the tissues with heat, searing the flesh of her rectum. The once tiny, defenseless hole was raw and bruised and red from the vicious anal gang rape.

One rapist, a human man who’s face she remembered but who’s name had vanished the moment he stopped being relevant nearly a thousand years ago, grabbed her throat and began choking her as he brutally drove his cock into her ass, smashing her hips forward. Cerec gagged and sputtered, gasping for breath. Her eyes began to bug out and she grunted with the powerful bone crushing thrusts of his thick rod into her sore pain-drenched rectum. The helpless Avatar began to wheeze again and that brought a new burst of laughter from the cruel sadistic monsters all around her.

The man began slowing down his vicious fucking. He prepared for each thrust, then powered his cock in as hard as possible, trying to give her a fuck she’d never forget. He went at her from a different angle with each stroke, and tightened his grip on her throat.

Cerec’s mouth opened, and her eyes were wild with panic and terror. She tried to speak, tried to cry, tried to plead, but she couldn’t get any sound out. Dark spots danced before her eyes. Her arm muscles stretched to the breaking point as they struggled against the grip of the demons holding her. Explosions of pain greeted her with each ass-tearing buck of the man’s hips as his cock was driven violently deep into her. Drool leaked from Cerec’s hanging mouth as her eyes closed and her head dropped. She was dying from lack of oxygen and from the devastation of her body.

The man screamed and clamped even more tightly on her throat. He forced his cock to the hilt inside her ass, holding it there, bucking his hips forward until he thought he’d snap her body in half. Her hips were jammed painfully forward, her legs trailing behind her. He groaned and began shooting his burning cum into the torn flesh of her ass chute.

Cerec’s body flushed, and she trembled like an Astaria addict in withdrawl as she took his cum. She wheezed pitifully, her struggle for air leaving her more dazed than ever. She tried to scream as the man grunted, shooting her clenching anus full of white cream while she shook violently.

The man pulled out and another rapist, a demon, went to his knees and fucked his fat cock into her ruined asshole. Collected cum squirted out around his cock, but the monster didn’t mind at all. He knew he was going to be adding his own load inside the hated slut soon, so what difference did it make? He stabbing his cock into Cerec’s ruined gaping sphincter, almost unable to believe the transformation of her body. So perfect such a short time ago, several hours of gangrape had ruined her… yet left her more attractive that ever, a sight that could bring a man’s cock instantly to hardness. He slammed his fists into her stomach to get more of a response from her as he raped her ruined shithole. She groaned and would have fallen over were she not forced to stay up by those holding her. Satisfied by the way his brutality made her asshole clench on him, he began to fuck her properly, using fast strokes that sent more blazing pain through her ass and prevented any chance of relief.

There was no chance of relief, at all. Cerec began to cry again, painfully aware that each and every demon here wanted to assfuck the bitch they hated more than anything else in the world. They each wanted to see her scream and cum as they shot their jism into her.

The brutal demon who was assfucking her shot his cum, laughing as he brutally beat her stomach with his fists while she thrashed. Cerec shrieked and cried as he beat her, her asshole involuntarily milking him as he sprayed cum deep into her bowels, setting of more cramps and feeling of horrible pain, like her insides were being tied into knots. The Demon finally stopped and pulled out, grinning as a stream of cum shot out of her. Another monster mounted her. And another. And another. And another. It went on and on, and as it did, Cerec’s wounded mind became more and more unhinged.

Her guts began to swell as more cum was shot into her. Her rectum was so full of her rapist’s issue that it felt like cum was squirting out when a new abuser slammed his cock into her. The sludge coated the backs of her thighs and dripped heavily onto the sand, forming new puddles to sink her into, new evidence of their violence against the Avatar. It was almost like Cerec was shitting out a thick, slimy disgusting puddle, a big pond of dirty cum from her savaged asshole.

Some of the beings had small cocks compared to others, but they fucked her with all the strength in their bodies, jamming their cocks up inside her as deeply as they could. Others, especially some of the mightier demons and the dragons, had truly monstrous members, and when they fucked her it was as if they were trying to rip her body open. They’d shift and wiggle their hips, trying to split her asshole as wide as they could. Some of them fucked her with a rapid rhythm, while others fucked as if their cock was a battering ram or a hammer driving nails. They all laughed and sneered as their brutal assfucks made Cerec scream and convulse and struggle hopelessly against the grip of those holding her down, holding her helpless. They all laughed and grinned, hitting her or choking her or brutally abusing her heavy tits as they spurted cum into her over-worked shithole.

One by one, her former charges did their best to wreck her asshole. Her ass and thighs were drenched with the cum of a hundred rapes or more. A huge puddle was beneath her. But still the delirious, big-titted Cerec suffered beneath their cocks, unable to lose consciousness, unable to die or escape, held helpless as mortal after mortal, monster after monster raped her ruined ass. By the time the last being who wanted who stayed got a chance at her asshole, she had taken well over five hundred cocks. The last of them pulled out of her ass and Cerec just gaped her mouth, her voice long since having abandoned her. A huge load of cum shot out of her ass, sinking into the foul puddle below her even as she was finally released and allowed to fall into the tiny lake her rape had created. More thick slimy lines of cum trailed down from the stretched, torn, gaping hole of her rectum. Boys groaned with lust at the sight. It was one sexy image, that of a gorgeous busty bitch devastated by the fucking of a lifetime… and they weren’t done with her yet. They would never be done with her.

10 years ago

Tir, for Sirae had long since discovered that to be his name, was the best friend she could have hoped for here. He was always present, no matter how hard the Avatars strove to keep them apart. In this hell, he was someone she could talk to, an ear she could bend not to talk about survival or the suffering inside Blackwand, but about life beforehand – about family, love, children. The things they had left behind, the things they had to live for still.

They leaned on each other for more on and more for years. They didn’t care that their closeness gave Cerec a new way to hurt them, because it kept the pair of them sane to see a reflection of themselves in the world, a friend. Nothing the Avatars could do to them meant more than that.

Sirae was fairly sure she loved him, and had for years now.

With a heave of effort, Tir overturned the last heap of earth over the elf queen’s still form. Already plants were beginning to grow up through the soil, the planet’s tribute to its fallen champion. Sweat creased his brow as he finished, the effort coming unsteadily to the angel after his years in bondage and captivity, but at last the work was finished.

Sirae would be happy.

Tears blurring his vision, he again looked at the shadow of the arena, far away. Cerec’s suffering continued without pause. Virtually every prisoner who still had their mind intact had fled the prison by now, running into the untamed lands. Those that remained were the broken ones, the demons and mortals and monsters who were too shattered by the ages of torment to be whole beings anymore. The only thought remaining to them was revenge, revenge on the Avatar who had destroyed them, who had hurt them until they had shattered.

Revenge was the domain of Kardas. He should, as a good servant of justice, put a stop to this madness… but with the grave-dirt from Sirae’s burial still cold beneath his finger nails, he didn’t feel so inclined.

He turned his gaze to the shifting sky, and out from there into the vastness of the untamed lands. He wasn’t fit to return to Elysium, he knew that well enough… but the world was far larger than this corner of it. Perhaps he could run someplace far enough away that this hell was nothing but a memory… and he wouldn’t see golden eyes each time he closed his own.

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