Chapter 3: The Throne of Caladwen

One month ago, Caladwen

The city belonged to him now, and with it his destiny.

Lahk stood on the balcony as the city burned beneath him. The barest hint of smoke and the screams of civilians beneath him brought a smile to the high priest’s face as his army ransacked the city of his hated adversaries. The defense of the elves had been a pitiful thing, easily shattered. They had relied on their secrecy for too long, and once within the crater itself, Caladwen had been ripe to be plucked.

The palace was pitifully insufficient next to his temple in Maithum Falls, but it was the grandest structure in this backwards crater. The wooden structure was shaped from the largest tree in the crater, and the thing was still alive. Pitifully primitive, but it was where Sirae had made her home when she had existed among her pathetic people, so it was where he would live. It had fallen with barely a fight, the remnants of the Sirae’s royal guard having almost entirely left for other pursuits after the goddess’s fall rather than remain to guard an empty throne. The few that remained had been swept aside, easy prey for the powerful priest and his followers.

And the throne was beautiful. Everything that he had imagined it to be and more… if only he could sit upon it.

Amid the gang rape of the surviving members of the royal guard, Lahk had attempted to sit upon the seat of power, and its carved surface had soundly rejected him.

It went against everything he had been taught, but the power would not willingly serve him. Sirae had been too wise, too careful. It wasn’t the death of his plans, Lahk was sure, but just another obstacle that had to be overcome. He had to find someone in this backward civilization with a right to that power, and needed her to give it up to him. Another setback.

Lahk had joined the others in taking out his frustrations on the royal guard. He was tired of setbacks.

Setbacks. The city had been conquered in a matter of hours, but after a month it still had not been secured. Too many elf soldiers had realized the course the war was going to take, and blended into the civilian population. Rebels moved through the city, and while Lahk controlled every military asset in the city he was still outnumbered in an absolute sense. It would not work to put the entire city to the sword, no matter how tempting the act may be.

Instead he had his soldiers repeating atrocities on them, seeking to smoke the rebellion out into the open, to make them face his forces openly and be crushed. Or, failing that, perhaps their inability to protect the civilians of Caladwen, especially their woman, from the invaders would cost the rebels the population’s faith in them. That would be nearly as effective a means of destroying them, but it still took time. It was another delay. Another setback.

On the balcony, Lahk watched one of this troop barracks burn. The reprisal for the act was brutal, and the screams could be heard from this far away from the site, but Lahk had no illusions it was anything more than the soldiers venting their frustrations. They hadn’t caught any of the rebels who had struck out against them.

Lahk wondered how many of his men had died.

And deep down, Lahk worried that the elven faith in their rebels may not break before his own soldier’s faith in him.

Caladwen, Spring

“Is this her?”

Lahk stared down at the elf woman in barely concealed disgust. The beautiful elf woman lay strictly bound at his feet where Cormac had thrown her, gagged and blindfolded. Flowing brown hair, interwoven with metal leaves, cascaded around her head and veiled her face from the high priest, but naked as she was Lahk could tell that there wasn’t a mark on the woman.

“This is the great warrior? Did she surrender? Lahk said with a sneer at the unwounded elf.

Muffled noises came through the gag, but the dwarf ignored them as he spoke to his high priest. “It wer just like you say,” he said, revealing a long, slender sword from beneath a cloth. The crosspiece glowed a savage red, and the blade practically hummed with its enchanted power. “Ther’ta’traxx was still innit, and he obeyed yer command.” The dwarf smiled as he handed the sword to Lahk with a small bow. “When her own blade not stand with her an’ fell from her hand, she defenseless.” Cormac leered at the naked woman. “Easy ta subdue.”

Lahk laughed. “The great warrior Elide, steward of Caladwen… taken without so much as a fight.”

“Well…” the dwarf said, “I wou’n’t quite say dat. We idin’t have to hurt her, but she sure a feisty one.” He nudged the elf with his boot and leered as she thrashed violently, trying to strike out at the offending appendage with any part of her bound body. “That’s why we have’r gagged.”

The high priest smiled as he admired his prize. Feisty was an understatement, he could see. The tanned elf practically trembled with rage, violence just waiting to boil to the surface. “What did she do?”

“Bit Geoffrey’s nose off, she did,” he said, his expression somewhere between a grimace and amusement. “I bet ‘e can’t wait to tear off a piece o’ the slut.”

Muffled noises came from the elf woman again, but Lahk talked over them. “He’ll have to find another outlet.” Lahk grabbed Elide by the hair and pulled her upright, ignoring again the cries of pain through the gag. She wore a crown and necklace of the same metal leaves she had braided into her hair, and her body was absolutely perfect. She would make a beautiful canvas for him. “She’s just for me.”

Cormac looked disappointed, but dutifully nodded and turned to leave.

“Cormac,” Lahk called, and the dwarf stopped. “I’ll be busy. Take command of the city garrison. Take whatever you want for yourself.” When the dwarf again turned to leave, it was with a smile on his face.

Lahk was about to start dragging Elide to his quarters when an impulse got the best of him. Moving quickly, he unstrapped the gag from behind the woman’s mouth. Immediately she bared her teeth at him in a furious snarl. “Release me, human!”

Lahk ignored her once again, smiling although the blindfolded woman could not see it. “Did you really bite off a man’s nose?”

“I couldn’t reach his eyes.”

Smiling he picked up the elf woman’s sword, and was not at all surprised when it spoke in his head.

“Long live Sanguinar,” Ther’ta’trax whispered to him, and Lahk smiled.

One month ago, Caladwen

“I’m tired of the whores in the palace.”

The soldiers around the table generally agreed, drinking the shitty, watered town elven ale the tavern had. It would take months before a sufficient quantity of alcohol to their liking was available, so they had to drink the elven swill… and it made their foul mood all the fouler.

The problem, of course, was that all of the best quality women were either for the higher ups of the church, or working in one of the brothels back in another city. There was no business for an establishment like that here, in occupied territory… so the soldiers had to content themselves with the second rate whores they were given.

But Tedrin, the squad’s sergeant, was sick of it. “Fuck this,” he said loudly. “We’re living in an occupied city… why don’t we just find some bitch and have some fun?”

Again, all of the soldiers agreed, but this time the cheers were halfhearted. More than one of them pointed stared at the Inquisitor sitting a few tables over, where he could not help but hear everything Tedrin said… even if the sergeant was too drunk to realize or care. The Inquisitors were the priests in charge of the occupation of Caladwen, and made the rules… as far as the soldiers were concerned, they spoke with the voice of High Priest Lahk himself.

But to their relief, the Inquisitor, a huge man named Brennan, just smiled and shrugged before returning to his meal. Growing excited with the prospect now, the soldiers of the church began to discuss prospects in earnest now. There were no women in the bar, either working or being served — no female was foolish enough to go somewhere where the Sanguinites congregated — but they had seen plenty of tasty bits of flesh during their patrols, and began to compare them. The farmer who worked on the edge of town, a priestess who worked trying to heal the diseases in the war-ravaged city, a young elf just out of puberty and still as innocent and ripe as it was possible for any being to be…

But in the end, the elf they decided on was one they had all seen by this tavern before. She was not the most beautiful elf they had ever seen, though she was extremely lovely… but she had one thing to recommend her than none of the others had.

She was the one who brewed the swill they were being forced to drink.

Wearing licentious grins, the soldiers streamed out of the tavern and into the night, heading for her home after forcing the barkeep to tell her where the girl lived.

Similar events played out hundreds of times during the occupation, with soldiers taking whatever they wanted from whatever woman caught their fancy. Under the rule of Sanguinar’s church, the city of Caladwen was being systematically raped and brutalized under their stewardship. Usually, the women were helpless before the might of the occupying soldiers…

But this time, unfortunately for Teldrin and his men, the woman they had chosen was a member of the resistance… and she was nowhere near living alone.

Their bodies were found the next day, icons of Sanguinar cut from their armor and crushed, in the center of town. Though the occupiers searched, they could find no one who had seen them being placed there.

After Lahk took Elide to his chamber, he dismissed all of the soldiers. The tightly bound, beautiful elf rested on the smooth wooden floor of the palatial tree, her limbs straining against her bondage… and by Sanguinar she was beautiful. Elide had darker skin than most elves he had ever seen, the kind of skin tone a sailor would develop after years baking in the sun at sea… only for her it was natural, and covered her entire body in a flawless complexion save for a single scar on her left shoulder, a white mark that betrayed the location of a long ago wound. Her breasts were small, but swelled firmly up from her chest and barely moved with her constant struggles. Her body curved in the most delightful ways, but there was no softness to her form at all, but instead a feeling of firmness, like her skin was leather stretched tight over hard shapes. Even beneath her gag and blindfold Lahk could see enough of Elide’s face to betray her aristocratic features. They were not the almost fey features of Athuum or Liriel, but rather hard and sharp, defining her face into a permanent scowl.

Her arms and wrists were tied behind her back, pulled so closely that her entire arm was pressed together from just above the elbow. Her legs were bound at her ankles, calves, knees, and thighs, preventing her from moving her legs at all to do anything but bend at the knee. The ball gag in her mouth rendered the woman silent, and the blindfold robbed her of any sight. The bondage was extravagant for a woman in the middle of a stronghold of enemy soldiers, and Lahk could clearly see why in a glance at her — Elide was no mere soldier.

She was a warrior.

Every muscle in her body writhed, clenching and clenching, but not at random: Rather, she flexed her limbs in sequence, and each movement caused her bonds to slip slightly. Not much, maybe a millimeter at a time, but slowly, they loosened. Every part of her body was strong and muscular, but not the kind of muscles a show off develops. No, her muscle was flat cords of steel that ran beneath the supple skin of her arms, her legs, her abdomen. It was the kind of muscle you gain from swinging a sword for hours every day, the kind of muscle you developed from years of training and practice that taught your body to respond with hardly a conscious thought.

Lahk had been training to fight since he was five, and with real opponents since he was nine. For more than twenty years he had drilled and trained, turning his body into a weapon for the glory of his father. The elf laying before him was not a priest. She would never have the additional strength and speed his faith provided him with, and never know the absolute assurance given to him by his heritage… but she had been training to fight for centuries. Every inch of her body had been honed into a lethal weapon.

Lahk would have to take extreme care with her and he knew it, but there was no one else who could give the priest what he needed. She was the steward of this throne, and if it was to be his, Elide would need to give it to him.

Lahk approached the elf woman and picked her up, her body squirming in his grip as he threw the elf onto his bed. “This was the nicest room here, elf. Was it yours?” A snarl bubbled up from beneath the gag, and the high priest laughed. “Are you a woman or an animal? I can’t tell.”

Lahk produced an iron collar with a screw on its front and while the Elide lay face down on his bed, the high priest tied it around her neck. Turning the screw would tighten the collar and press on the arteries in the elf’s neck, so her blood flow would first be restricted and then obstructed. It didn’t matter how tough the woman was — if air wasn’t reaching her brain, she couldn’t fight. A quick few turns of the screw would have her face turning pale and her limbs weak until the screw was turned back. “This will keep your spirits in check,” he growled, “Until you’ve learned to behave.”

With a few turns, the high priest completely robbed Elide of her strength and began to untie her legs. As soon as he had cut the ankle and knee bonds she tried to kick at him, but he knew that she would, and her limbs were not moving with the serpentine quickness of which Lahk knew she was normally capable. Moving quickly, he pinned her legs down to the bed and sliped manacles over each ankle, binding her legs and spreading them to the bedposts.

Lahk loosed the collar, and instantly the woman’s thrashing resumed. He tore off the blindfold and let her see him for the first time. Her eyes made the priest want to cum right then. Her brown eyes were filled with so much hate, disgust, rebellion… and fear. Masked beneath everything, Elide was afraid, and Lahk could sense it. He would nurture that fear, cultivate it and let it breed, until it was all she felt. “Hello, cunt.” The high priest lay his hands on her inner thighs, sliding them up her toned skin and close to the spot where her legs met. “My name is Lahk, and I am your god.” Lahk saw Elide’s legs start to shudder as he stroked his hands closer and closer to her sex, his probing fingers reaching towards her vulnerable pussy but never quite reaching it.

Then he drew back his hand and punched her, right in her spread cunt.

A loud grunt escaped the gag as her eyes widened, caught by surprise by the blow. “You’re not deserving of such subtlety,” Lahk whispered at the warrior beneath him as his fingers pressed into her tight hole. “You’re no one. Just a slave for me.” Her whole body convulsed when Lahk pressed a thumb against her clit, grinding it down as he pushed his digits deeper into the woman.

She was saying something through the gag. Lahk couldn’t make out the words, and he didn’t care anyway. His hand roamed up her body to play with one dark nipple, and the high priest could hear the voice grow louder, more insistent, and more enraged. “That’s right slut,” Lahk mocked as he continued to play with the beautiful elf’s body. “You can’t do anything to stop me. All your training, all your status, and all your strength — completely useless.”

He couldn’t effectively lash her with a whip from here, but the knotted flogger he had ready had no such difficulty. Elide was still talking useless through her gag when Lahk hefted the ugly series of leather ropes that formed a Cat-o-nine-tails, and her eyes narrowed when she saw the worn tool come into sight. It wouldn’t hurt as badly as a well applied single tail, but it would seem brutal enough for his purposes now, and would give him the intimate control he needed at the moment.

His hand rose, taking the flogger with it. Elide’s body writhed, trying to avoid the blow that she had to know was coming, but she had nowhere to go. The leather struck her exposed cunt, and Lahk enjoyed the sight of her eyes going wide when she felt its bite. He brought it down again, hitting almost in the exact spot as before. The pair of blows tore a small, stifled scream from the warrior, almost made silent by the gag… but Lahk heard it. He continued bringing the flogger down on her vulnerable body, marking her thighs, chest, breasts, and cunt an angry red, flushing her dark skin with the sign of his violence.

The sound of the leather on her skin was robbing him of his control, pushing him over the edge. He wanted to beat her forever, hearing her soft cries, but right now…

Right now he needed a piece of her

Lahk lowered himself onto Elide, pressing her back firmly against the bed until she could arch her back no longer. She struggled, of course — Lahk would have been disappointed if she didn’t — but with her legs bound so widely spread and with no use of her arms, there was precious little she could do. He brought the cat down on her tits a few more times, savoring the way the firm mounds rippled under the impact, before he tossed the leather lash to the side and placed his hips against her crotch. Elide yelled something through the gag. It sounded like elvish — no doubt the helpless bitch was screaming dire threats and insults. He smiled at her and the screaming grew more vicious.

His dick was hard and Lahk felt practically ready to blow already. She was still shouting when he pressed his cock against her dry cunt. He grinned sadistically as he spat on the rock hard tool, sliding up and down her pussy lips as he ached to slide deep into Elide’s tight little pussy. Reaching up, he roughly grabbed two handfuls of soft tit flesh and brutally squeezed and twisted them, getting a moan of pain and rage from the elf steward as her helpless, naked body shuddered under the abuse.

“Now we’re gonna have some fun, bitch,” he hissed at the woman beneath him. “I’m going to show you what that precious perfect body of yours is actually useful for, you rapeable little whore.” Elide viciously shook her head, her narrowed brown eyes promising death at the first opportunity.

Lahk laughed again, a cruel, humorless sound, when he saw that fierce look on the elf warrior. ‘Soon,’ he thought to himself, ‘she won’t be able to remember what ever let her think she could withstand me.’

Lahk shoved forward, rubbing his cock head one last time up and down the silky smoothness of Elide’s pussy slit before he began to press steadily forward into the tight, dry hole. Rage was steadily mounting in the dark haired elf, and the high priest was positive she would be frothing at the mouth if not gagged, overwhelmed with that hatred that came from knowing that she had no way to avoid being raped. The warrior, who prided herself on her perfect control, was going to have all shreds of that control torn from her, going to suffer the ultimate violation of her slim body. Lahk pushed his cock an inch inside of Elide, savoring the warm, dry press of flesh pulsating around his member. He shoved a little more and encountered a barrier.

Lahk barely kept his mouth from dropping in utter amazement. “Impossible, you little bitch!” He laughed to cover his shock. “You’re a fucking virgin? What are you bitch, three hundred years old? Fuck, that’s just pathetic.” Never in his wildest expectations had the high priest expected something like this, but he couldn’t say he was displeased. He squeezed harder on her tits until she moaned with pain. “Sure, maybe a cunt like you likes girls, but even that shit doesn’t explain this stupidity. What the fuck are you, just plain frigid?”

Lahk laughed as Elide snarled into the gag, her eyes threatening violence in defense of her cherry. This was going to be amazing. “Shit, cunt! You’re a real help. You spent hundreds of years training your body into shape, making yourself perfect fuck meat for Sanguinar’s flesh, and you even saved yourself for me.” He sneered down at her and spat on her face. “How thoughtful.” Lahk was so hard it hurt, and wasn’t intending to wait another second. The high priest spat on his cock to lube himself. “It’s about time you got your worthless little body opened up by a man.” Lahk began pushing in and out a little and then suddenly drew back and rammed forward as hard as he could, thrusting brutally with his hips.

Elide screamed into the gagging strap, twisting her sweat slick body under him as his steel-hard weapon pierced into her dry cunt, punching through her hymen. He drew back just a touch and looked down, smiling at the trickle of bright red blood leaking from the slit around his swollen cock. “Congratulations, cunt! You’re finally a woman!” He slammed his hips forward again, burying himself deep and penetrating all the way to her womb.

Lahk laughed again, scornful, as he began pumping his hips hard and fast, fucking Elide savagely while she twisted and moaned and gasped under him, trying fruitlessly to escape. The elf had already rubbed her wrists and ankles raw against the bonds, but she didn’t care — the pain was nothing next to the savage agony of Lahk’s thick tube of flesh sliding in and out between her sweaty, straining thighs. Again and again Lahk slammed his prick into her virgin cunt. The high priest felt her stomach muscles contract under his as he drove all the way inside her, his balls slapping against her ass.

The high priest loved the way he could feel her thighs against his hips. He grabbed her hair and clamped his mouth over hers, then licked her face as she thrashed away from the rapist on top of her. There was nothing she could do to stop him from slamming into her over and over in his lust to hurt her as he fucked her. Lahk knew she’d remember her first time forever, and if he made it bad enough it could assist him in what followed. “I think I figured it out, slut.” He buried himself to the hilt in Elide before he slapped her flashed face, drawing new angry screams from the warrior woman. “You never let anyone fuck you because no one was ever good enough for you.”

She glared at him as hatefully as ever, but somehow Lahk felt sure that her reaction proved him right. He leaned down further and slapped her again. “Well, guess what slut. I’m better than you.” He slapped her again, and then returned it with a backhand. “You were wrong about everyone. You’re worthless. Pointless. Useless.” He slammed his cock into her with each word for emphasis. “This is all you’re useful for, and believe me —” he sneered. “I’ve raped a lot of woman, and you are by far the worst.” Lahk smiled as she was insulted despite herself, resuming the elvish cursing. It wasn’t true, but the steward certainly didn’t need to know that.

Lahk yelled in triumph and pleasure as he raped Elide, her struggling serving only to make it a better fuck for the high priest. Her hips moved with her rapist’s strokes as she tried to dislodge the priest, and her tight cunt was spasming as she flexed every muscle she had, massaging Lahk’s massive rod while her rapist grunted with pleasure like an animal at the sensations. A single tear escaped her brown eyes before she shook her head and cleared it away — the elf felt like she was dying, but she was determined not to let it show, no matter how humiliated she was.

Lahk crushed her tits in his hands as he drove his full weight into her crotch again and again, sighing in pleasure when he felt his victim shudder in pain. Impaled as he was, he could feel every movement of her body, and as worked up as he already was, the feeling was quickly driving him to the edge. When he looked down at her face again though, and saw her disheveled hair laying over her glaring eyes, the hatred she felt was enough to bring Lahk off. He shoved deep one last time to spurt his hot, thick sperm deep into Elide’s untouched womb. Spent, Lahk collapsed on top of Elide: both of them exhausted and bathed in sweat, gasping for air in the overheated room. Their sweaty limbs tangled with one another’s, and Lahk left his softening cock inside Elide’s freshly raped cunt, savoring the warmth and softness of her body wrapped around his meat.

Lahk rolled off of Elide, his softening dick pulling out of Elide’s tiny, abused cunt with a sucking sound. He stood and looked down at the helpless, naked girl on the bed. Her body was bathed in sweat, glistening in the light of the lamps. Her inner thighs were smeared with cunt juice and sperm, and just a touch of blood.

“By Sanguinar you’re a terrible fuck,” he lied. “No enthusiasm, no talent. You couldn’t even get wet.” He grinned. “But you can make it up to me, slut. You can make it up to me right now.”

Three weeks ago, Caladwen

A mage had done this.

Lahk stood among the smoking ruins of what would have become a temple to Sanguinar. Religious icons lay charred in the soot, still releasing steam in the wake of the fire that had torn the structure to the ground. The blaze was too sudden, too hot, for it to be naturally started. A wizard had conjured this blaze, and a powerful one.

Elves rarely became wizards, Lahk knew. They had the talent for the profession, but not the tradition for it. Any elven child of true magical talent would be instructed as a druid, and so the power of the mage who had struck against him indicated that he was not an elf.

It was a human.

Lahk’s enemies were multiplying.

Behind the high priest, Cormac and Helios waited. The dwarf mercenary had seen too many battles not to draw the same conclusions from the scene he had, and while Sanguinar alone knew what the wizard thought, Lahk could not imagine he would be fool enough to miss the implications. Lahk’s fists clenched at his sides as he spun back to the pair of them, waiting in the ashes of the temple.

“Find him,” he growled.

Another tear ran down Elide’s face and she wished she could die. As she lay on the bed, panting into her gag, the agony of her brutal rape rolled over her again, cramping her body and robbing it of the perfect reflexes she prized. She felt soiled, more so than ever before. She was dirty, used, and humiliated. She felt like her people would hate her now for her weakness. How could she ever face them after this horrible night?

Lahk leaned over her and removed the gag from her mouth. Immediately she began shouting at him.

“Amin delotha lle ar’ amin d’sie lle a’ peri lle ‘ksh tar! Lotesse ni jil d’sei a’ anta vee’ t’sea’la e’a i’ kare en’ i’ kemen a’ be tir e’a nir’ desh’re!” She breathed in, then continued. “Tir ier i’ ya ‘ksh e’ svatar! Amin estela Lahk lle fale, Sanguinar a’ ar’ i’ kelvar en’ i’ palurin ba’te illuri utthe!”

“I don’t think any of that is likely, slut,” he said, reaching down to tweak her nipple. “But you if you repeat that first one again, I assure you that it will happen to you.”

Hatred overwhelmed the elf warrior and Elide spat at him. It struck him in the chest, and his eyes flashed with rage. He spat back at her, the glob sticking just beneath her eye for a second before he followed up with a powerful slap. The high priest had put all of his weight behind the blow, and stars swam in her vision for a long moment afterward.

“My, but you’re a stupid cunt.” He put his foot against her pussy and shoved the sore patch of skin roughly with his heel. She winced. “It’s no wonder your people wanted to get rid of you.”

Elide ignored the taunt. She was sure it made no sense.

“Here’s a deal, Steward. We are going to play a game.” He grabbed her hair, twisting it around the metal woven into her braids. It twisted, but she managed to keep her face blank. “You are going to suck on my cock like a good like whore.”

Elide started laughing, the sound cold in her throat. “Even you can’t be stupid enough,” she managed to say between dying chuckles, “to think that is every going to happen.”

Lahk pulled harder on her hair and Elide felt some of it tear from her scalp. The priest was shockingly strong, and her head burned under the assault. “You didn’t let me finish, whore. But since I’m generous, I won’t hold you to that answer. He slapped her again, holding her head straight with her mane. “I am going to ask you to suck my cock. If you refuse…” he smiled. “If you refuse, I’ll gag you again. Then I’ll flip you over and rape your ass until it bleeds. And then tomorrow, we’ll play this game again. And the next day. And the next day, until you finally grow a brain. Understand how the rules work?”

“Never!” she roared, although her wide eyes gave a lie to her defiance. The threat of having her ass ploughed by that massive cock was frightening, but… she would never do what he asked. “Do your worst you son of a bitch!”

For some reason Lahk almost completely lost his composure as he fell into laughter. It seemed almost like he was unable to breathe, so funny did the high priest find the what she had said. Elide didn’t understand why that had been funny, but goddess knew that the man was a damned lunatic. Finally, Lahk regained control over himself and reached down to tighten the collar around her neck.

She could suddenly feel her heartbeat pounding I hern skull as she almost instantly grew lightheaded. As if from a great distance she could hear Lahk speak. “This is why stupid sluts like you should wear a gag. It prevents you from saying something that stupid.” Her mouth was pried open and another gag was slid in, this one a ring that would hold her mouth open. Then she felt a tube being pushed past her open lips and to her throat. Immediately she began gagging, but as some wet substance poured out of the tube and into her mouth she reflexively swallowed, rather than choke.

Just seconds before she would have blacked out Lahk loosened the monstrous iron collar. “See? You can be cooperative.”

Elide burned at his words. ‘Untie me for just a second and I’ll show you cooperative,’ she thought bitterly. ‘I’ll turn your skull to paste.’

Lahk picked her up by her hair and, without untying her, threw her off the foot of the bed. Her shackled legs turned the lateral throw into an arc that send her crashing face first to the wooden floor, her ass hanging in the air off the bed. Her vision exploded into white lights that took long seconds to fade. “Time for you to learn your place you stupid cunt! You could be comfortably on the bed right now, lapping at my rod like an obedient dog, but you chose this instead,” he mocked her, voice ringing with scorn. “You’ll regret your choice in a second.”

She felt his rough hands rubbing her small, round ass cheeks, prying them apart to finger her tight backdoor and probe a finger into her rectum. She wiggled desperately, her instincts screaming to escape the source of the attack, but she was too tightly bound, and had too little leverage. His hands continued to rake up and down the firm gloves of Elide’s ass. Elide moaned and squirmed as she felt Lahk using his hands to pry her ass cheeks wide, revealing her puckered hole to the air. Roughly he jammed his forefinger down into her asshole, wiggling it around while Elide moaned in discomfort at the invasion of forbidden hole. ‘This isn’t right,’ she screamed inside her own mind, ‘This isn’t right!“ The elf remained silent, determined to deny him the pleasure of her cries, even though she couldn’t stop low moans of discomfort from escaping through her open mouth.

Lahk grinned and moved forward on the bed so he could run his stiffened cock in and out of Elide’s stretched and abused cunt slit a few times, spitting on it as he did. Once it was well lubricated with the remnants of his cum and saliva, Lahk moved the head of his cock until it was rubbing against the outside of Elide’s tight little anus. Elide felt the cock head rubbing her ass and she choked back a gasp and tried to seal the hole with her muscles, clenching as tightly as she could. That cock was never going to fit in there, she knew, not if she could help it.

Lahk realized what she was doing and smiled, pleased that his new slave was going to make this fuck so pleasant for him. Planning to intensify her resistance, Lahk reached down and grabbed the steward’s clit with his fingers… and then squeezed savagely, digging his nail hard into the sensitive flesh.

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!” Elide screamed despite herself. The agony was overwhelming, and it crushed her will that instant like a ship crashing against the stone reefs of Caladwen. No discipline or will could have overcome the pain in that second… and then Lahk made it worse. While the sickening waves of agony were still surging though her body he grabbed her hips, thrusting hard against her virgin asshole. A new pain merged with the pain from her mangled clit, as her rectum was brutally stretched, torn, and entered by the thick, hard rod of the priest’s tool. It felt as if her cunt and rectum were both on fire as Lahk savagely forced his cock inch by savage inch into her ass until all but the last bit of his cock was buried deep inside Elide’s hot, pulsating rectum.

Lahk groaned with pleasure even as Elide screamed again and again in agony, her slim body writhing on the wooden floor. She coated the hard wood with her sweat, her brutalized body arching as spasm after spasm of pain surged through her helpless form.

Lahk began to thrust in and out after a couple moments of enjoying Elide’s agonized struggles, fucking her tight little ass as he ripped it open for the first time. It hurt worse than the steward could have imagined — she’d had arrows through her guts that had hurt less. Over and over again, Lahk brutally pumped her ass, fucking her with a savage strength made all the greater by his lust and hatred for this elf, the one miserable obstacle left between him and his destiny.

Elide’s head started to swim, and it wasn’t from the pain. She was sweating more now, her vision swimming as her pupils dilated. What had Lahk made her swallow? The disorientation only made that assault hurt worse, and Elide gasped and groaned in agony with each savage push into her body. She realized suddenly that she was crying and she couldn’t stop herself, the helplessness and humiliation finally overwhelming her. She felt Lahk push deep once more and then stiffen, to be followed with the sensation of her bowels being flooded with hot thick fluid. Then, Lahk was gone, pulled out of her body and climbing down off the bed. Elide collapsed, exhausted and weak from the strain of bearing the almost continual agony of her brutal torture for so long a time.

She almost didn’t mind when Lahk slipped the blindfold back over her eyes. At least it hid her tears.

Two weeks ago, Caladwen


That was all Lahk felt at the moment. Pure, undiluted rage.

He held the tiny metal disk in gloved hands, turning it over and over. It was this sliver of silver that had been found pinned to the door of the palace by a dagger, hanging by a leather cord long enough to make the disk an amulet. Red stains covered the gleaming metal, tarnishing it with a coat of dried blood. The workmanship of the piece was incredible. The interwoven blades that formed the crest of Sanguinar were carved in crisp, perfect relief on the precious metal, despite the small size of the sigil.

Lahk didn’t need to examine the amulet to know what it was. It was a twin to the disk around his own neck, the holy symbol both he and his half-brother had been given by the priests who had raised him.

By the time the high priest realized what he was doing, he had already crushed the amulet into a tiny ball of silver, smashing the workmanship out of existence in manifestation of the rage that dominated his mind.

He was being baited… that’s what this being here was, a taunt for him. Aion’s killer was taunting him, that bitch.

His brother had been found dead in Haven’s Ford shortly after the invasion had begun, and the slave he had been breaking was missing. Alissandra, she claimed her name was.

And now she was here, mocking him.

Lahk threw the tarnished ball of silver to the ground and crushed it to powder beneath his boot.

The moment Elide was properly bound again, Lahk summoned the guards to take her away, and as soon as the elf was dragged off the high priest called Cormac back into the room. He did not waste time, but immediately started barking instructions to the dwarf.

“I need you to arrange something for me. Get a crew working on transforming the next room into the most secure cell in the palace. I’m going to want her kept there from now on, so I want it finished by tomorrow.” Lahk started pacing, hand on his chin as he thought. Plans were forming in the cunning priest’s mind, and he knew he had to hurry. “I need to break her, Cormac. I need to break here more thoroughly than any woman we’ve ever possessed, and I don’t have time to take it slowly.” He spun back to the mercenary. “From tomorrow onward, she doesn’t sleep except when I tell her, and never enough. She never eats except when I tell her, and never enough. She never sees, hears, or touches another living being but me.”

Cormac nodded slowly, a skeptical look on his face. “And who gun run this city while you off with yer fucktoy?”

Lahk smiled. “You are.”

The dwarf did not smile. “You dun pay me e’nuff for the pain ‘n me ass.”

The high priest continued staring at him. He was still smiling, but there was a danger in his eyes now. It was a look that promised amusement, but delivered only death. “I think that you need to keep up with the times, dwarf,” he said calmly.

A grunt from behind his red beard. “Mean’n?”

“I don’t intend to be a high priest much longer, Cormac,” Lahk said slowly, as if embarrassed at needing to spell out such a simple concept. “I will take my father’s place soon, and who will rule when I am gone?” He smiled. “Aion is gone. And if you think I would trust the wizard with the position…” Lahk let his voice trail off.

The dwarf’s gruff face became pensive, as if the thought had occurred to him for the first time. Lahk didn’t believe it for a moment — Cormac was not that foolish — but he was content to play the game. Finally, he spoke. “I’m no priest.”

Lahk laughed. “Obey me. Rule this city as I would have you do. Find and crush the rebellion.” Lahk clenched his fist by his sides. “Do this for me, and you will be high priest. You will have such power, wealth, and women as you can’t imagine.”

The dwarf left then, a savage smile upon his face, and Lahk was left to plot how to break Elide and convince her to give him the right to that throne he so badly coveted.

One week ago, Caladwen

Her name was Serenity.

When Steward Elide had been captured, Cormac had hoped that the loss would break the rebellion’s back. Instead they had formed instantly around a new leader. This elf woman was named Serenity, and she had smoothly assumed control of the entire rebellion scant hours after Elide had fallen. The dwarf didn’t know the least bit about her but her name. No appearance, no reputation, and no location. Just Serenity.

Cormac was certain that the woman had been the one to tell them how to find the elf steward, but he couldn’t prove it. He could only hope she would prove to be a less formidable leader than Elide had been… or else Lahk’s wrath would likely fall upon him next.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

Everything was dark. What was happening? Where was she? Elide’s mind was numb. Somewhere in the back of it, she could feel a dull thud, but she couldn’t focus on it long enough to figure out what it was.

Whatever it was, it hurt, and it wasn’t stopping. The drug. Lahk had drugged her. Her ears were ringing, her skull pounding, and it felt like somebody had tossed her body off a cliff and broken every bone. Something was shaking her pretty hard. She tried to move her limbs, but nothing was responding to her. Opening her eyes, everything was a colorful blur, and her tongue was dry and tasted like ash.

Elide felt groggy, exhausted for some reason. Was she even alive? That dull, pounding sound followed each rough jerk of her body, and as her senses were slowly returning to her, it was growing higher pitched, more like a wet slap.

Thwack. Thwack. Smack. Smack.

Elide let out a guttural moan as more and more feeling returned to her. She couldn’t see, and cloth rested against her eyes. Her arms and legs still weren’t answering her, but she could feel wood beneath her, the familiar cold feeling of the living wood firm against her body as she was rocked against it. She was definitely alive. Passed out? Her mind was still fuzzy and she couldn’t remember, but for some reason she was face down on the floor. Electricity coursed up her spine as more of the numbness faded, and… oh Goddess!

What had been a dull pounding was now a searing pain. It felt like her guts were on fire.

Her hips were up in the air, and something wet was slapping against her behind. No, her rump was what was wet. She was completely drenched in something. Sweat? Mostly, but there was more. She felt warm, hot even.

Something was beating against her plush, cushy cheeks, leaving bruises across the round globes from the force. Her eyes opening wide, Elide’s pupils dilated as all the memories surrounding her situation slowly returned to her through the drugged haze. She groaned, gagged, and heaved, lifting her head and coughing up a thick wad of spit. She tried to use her hands to lift herself up but they were still bound savagely behind her back. Her knees were folded and pinned under her, still tied together in multiple places. She could feel someone’s weight against her, and something soft, warm, and slicked with sweat mashing against her spine.

“Finally remember where you are, whore? Good, Astaria can do strange things to a mind, and this is much more fun when you can feel it.”

Elide recognized that voice, that evil, growling voice. High priest Lahk, still abusing her. The pain grew more intense as her mind returned to full consciousness… Something was pounding at her behind and her asshole burned, forced to stretch wide as her opening was being used again for something other than it’s intended purpose. His hard cock was again scraping away at her innards.

Elide screamed in fresh agony. The beast was raping her ass again!

“It’s good to know I haven’t broken my new toy too quickly,” Lahk chuckled darkly, whispering into Elide’s ear as he viciously plowed her backdoor.

Elide remembered what had happened now. She had been taken to a cell, where she had, aided by the addling drug in her system, had fallen asleep. She was still groggy though. She couldn’t have been sleeping for long. Sometime between when the girl had passed out and now, the high priest returned to wake her up and use her again, and she wept again into the blindfold. Lahk’s chest ground against Elide’s spine as he raped her ass for the second time today, sweat rolling down them in little rivulets.

His mocking voice filled the air while he used the elf girl. “You think you’re so special. But you’re not. You aren’t a real queen. You aren’t a hero. You aren’t a leader. You aren’t even much of a warrior.

His fingers prodded at her cunt while he raped her, the fingers spreading to play roughly with Elide’s nether lips whenever the dark priest lunged his hips forward. As he traced the outer edges of her folds the girl winced. Her slit was so sore still…

“A warrior wouldn’t let herself be defeated so thoroughly. She would die first. A leader wouldn’t let her people fall like you have. And a queen…”

The high priest groaned, gripping Elide tightly around her bound arms and yanking on them harshly, until the steward was forced to arch her back, lifting her upper body off the ground so the priest could use her arms as leverage to buck his hips. Her ass was delectably tight for the priest — almost too much so. Despite the ample lube slicking his length, Lahk had to really work to squeeze past her clenched pucker.

“A queen? Don’t make me laugh. Your own people despise you for what you’ve done. I know all about you, Elide. I know how many people you’ve stepped on, how many you’ve destroyed in your ambition. You may be the most powerful politician here, but that’s what you are. A politician. Not a warrior, not a hero… and certainly not royalty. You are despised.”

Astaria. He has forced her to take astaria. Her blood ran cold… the drug was a powerful stimulant, preferred by the wealthy and decadent in Silas. It intensified physical sensation… and was extremely addictive. Given her brutal rape, it was quite literally the last substance she would want to take.

“Do you know how we caught you? Your own people betrayed you.” Lahk laughed coldly. “Your second in the resistance, an elf named Serenity, gave us your location. And do you know what?”

The air in the cell absolutely reeked of sex, the musky scent of Lahk’s arousal seeming to stick in her nostrils, and droplets of her sweat flew in every direction when the priest hilted himself balls deep in Elide’s behind, impaling her on that fleshy spear. His pelvis mashed the soft globes of her ass flat, grinding against them so hard that his balls were smacking against Elide’s sore sex.

“She’s been in charge for barely days, and they’re already stronger than they ever were under you. More destructive, more organized, more united. Your people love her, and hate you. And this is what you’re sacrificing for.”

Lahk’s abdominal muscles flexed, showing off his strength as he drove his cock forward as hard as he could. With each thrust, Elide’s ass was forced that much looser, and the priest’s pace increased. He reamed her tight hole mercilessly, the dark skinned elf’s small breasts bouncing slightly with every impact.

“Do you know what your people already call you, whore? They’ve named you Uthielle. The traitor. That is how despised you are.”

Abandoning self-consciousness, Elide was screaming herself hoarse as Lahk used her. She wished that she could pass out under the abuse, to feel that comforting numbness overtake her and block out the pain. She couldn’t escape exhausted like this, or this bound. She couldn’t even fight… and she was so tired…

“Your so called service to Sirae has given you nothing but failure, nothing but suffering. It’s made you weak. It’s made you hated by your people, and it’s made you alone.”

She wasn’t sure she could take any more brutal a pounding than she was now… it felt like Lahk was tearing her open with each thrust past her anal ring. The only comfort she took was in her own degradation – Lahk’s hand was still teasing her cunt lips and occasionally her clit, flicking it and sinking fingers into her even as he raped her. In her addled state, it actually felt good. She was so humiliated, to feel any pleasure at all from the high priest’s ministrations while as her ass was being fucked raw. Elide felt like a whore. Exactly the way Lahk wanted her to feel.

“Do you know why I’m doing this to you Uthielle? Do you know why I can rape and abuse you all I want, taking all the time away from ruling this city to focus on a worthless whore?”

Lahk was like a machine, ruthlessly pushing in and out of her, driving his hips into her ass cheeks as hard and fast as he could, their bodies colliding into one another with enough force to bruise.

“It’s because, in this entire city of people you tried to rule, not one person cares enough about you to try to save you from me. The rebels have been very active since you’ve been caught, killing my soldiers and destroying buildings… but not one attempt to get into the palace, to find you. They don’t care about you. They know just as well as I do that you’re worthless, Uthielle!”

Grunting from the exertion and the tight sleeve gripping his cock, Lahk could already feel another load ready to fill his sobbing fucktoy. He moaned, the sound punctuated by loud smacks and the lewd squish of her tight hole being stuffed. Lahk’s orgasm threatened to overtake him at any moment, but he pressed it down, suppressing it as hard as he could as he continue hammering Elide’s ass. Only once his pet was screaming again did Lahk finally allow herself to cum, feeling the pressure release almost immediately as the thick load he’d been doing his best to keep bottled up shot out like a geyser. Bubbling cream shooting into Elide’s guts, filling her rectum for the second time today, and even then the high priest didn’t stop his rape until he could feel her jizz oozing out of the taut hole each time he pulled back, the viscous white syrup spilling down Elide’s crack.

All Elide could feel was heat, like she was being roasted alive. Lahk let go of Elide’s wrists, releasing her to collapse in a heap on the ground that pulled him from her ass.

“Sleep well slut. I’ll see you again in an hour.”

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