Chapter 3: Where Angels Fear to Tread

Alassiel stood on the ridge, conscious of the presence of Liam and Liriel just behind her as she stared out into the oncoming storm. The multi-hued sky seemed to boil with the angry clouds and bursts of thunder, shattering the air in front of them with jagged lines every few seconds.

The plain before them was different from any terrain they had passed already. Most of the previous land had been lush and green, filled with unchecked growth and verdant forest. Just beneath this ridge, however, the biome changed to something else entirely. The earth was almost featureless below, a gray and mostly flat plane marked only by slight hills and valleys, and without a single growing thing as far as her eyes could see. The lightning slashed down at the ground multiple times a second, marking the plain hellscape with a plethora of blasted craters and scorching burns.

This was no ordinary stretch of land. This was Acherus, the battlefield between good and evil. It was here that the war between the angels and demons was fought, and had been fought since before the birth of mortal races. Only a fool would cross this desolate, deadly field of blood soaked gray dirt… but the Veil lay on the other side, and it would take Alassiel weeks to travel around it… weeks that Silas did not have.

Picking her steps carefully, Alassiel found a the first foothold on the long climb down into the madness of a war more ancient than any other.

Thousands of years ago

Lightning flashed over the carnage as eternal armies clashed without a chance of victory… for what victory could possibly be achieved when a soldier, killed, would be given a new body and sent back to the fight mere moments later? Each side fought with an inexhaustible supply of combatants, locked in a hopeless, unwinnable struggle that nevertheless had to continue… for if it ever ceased, the demons would be free to race onward to the mortal races, consuming their sin and drawing them into the service of evil. The celestials could not permit that, so they fought on… not with a thought of victory, but merely a goal of stalemate.

In the center of this whirling madness of bloodshed and destruction, a lone warrior tore her way through anything that approached her blood soaked form. A whip of braided flame scythed blazing arcs through the battlefield, striking with force enough that any angel hit by the leashed inferno would be torn asunder if he was not instantly burned to ash by the heat. Unlike most of the demonic horde, she appeared human in almost every way… a spiked tail the only concession to her monstrous nature. She wore armor formed of the bones of fallen foes, her head topped with the ruined skull of a fallen dragon. Long hair hung down from the back, once platinum blonde but currently crimson with gore and ichor, her eyes the blue of a frozen ocean and nearly as cold.

She was the demoness Kardas, a warlord without parallel and one of the mightiest of hell’s masters, and anyone who stood in her way was slain… until there was one who was not.

Her whip crashed against the fulcrum where two blades met, catching the lash of flame and deflecting it away from the angel’s person. His mighty wings beat the air furiously though he rested on the ground, driving the superheated air away from him rather than allow it to scald his form. He held a curving blade in each hand, each glowing with holy might. She could feel her shadow flinching away from that bright glare, as though burned by the light. She snarled, and struck at him again.

The two danced the deadly struggle for hours, their conflict carrying throughout the battle until nearly every being fair and foul was watching rather than fighting. For an eternity they fought in perfect balance, neither making a single mistake, neither able to injure the other. Never before in Kardas’s centuries of existence had she been so matched, never had she known a foe that could equal her.

But in the newborn Caer, she had met a foe that, for the first time, she could not overwhelm.

Lillian knew she was in trouble.

As she rested upon the hard, cold earth, her eyes blearily focused on one of her might wings, the one to the right, where the agony was coming from. The demon’s blow had practically sheered it off, crippling it beyond easy recovering. It would make weeks for her to heal from this injury… and the monster that had swatted her from the sky like an insect was unlikely to wait.

She tried to struggle to her feet, but her body was reluctant to work. She could feel little but pain. An angels wings were the core of their being, and the injury to hers was enough to send her into a pained filled stupor, fogging her mind when she most needed to focus and be strong, to prepare to fight. She was separated from the rest of the host, alone and unprotected… and the demon would find her soon.

Then she heard the thump of a heavy impact with the ground, felt he weight of a clawed foot resting on her throat, and she knew it was already too late.

She forced herself to look up. Bakkal was a monster, she knew, but he looked almost human. He had arms and legs and a head, in familiar, humanoid proportions… but the skin shifted unnaturally, resting unevenly on his form as though something too large to fit comfortable beneath it was fidgeting, struggling to burst free. Cruel, shard wings of blades erupted from his back, shining in the reflection of the lightning storm.

He smiled down at Lillian, viciously. “Well there you are, my pet,” Bakkal whispered dangerously, his voice filled with menace. The angel waited for her life to end… but the demon had a worse fate in store for her. With but a gesture and an effort of will, tendrils of blood shed long ago snaked up through the cold ground to wrap around her wrists and ankles, pinning her to the ground. More of the monstrous tentacles of animate ichor wrapped around her wings and neck, holding her thoroughly… and in as much pain as she was, the normally mighty angel could not marshal her own power to oppose his. She was helpless as a newborn before the demon as he reached a clawed hand down and, almost casually, tore through her clothing.

Lillian gasped as she was left naked on the cold ground. She had heard of this happening, of course… what celestial had not… but she had never expected to see it, much less have the fate befall her on the soil of Acherus. Far better to die a clean death than suffer this abomination.

“So nice of them to send us such lovely playthings,” Bakkal whispered. He reached between her legs and grabbed hold of her clit, pinching it between his fingers. “It is nice of your masters to make this war so… enjoyable.” Lillian couldn’t hear Bakkal’s taunt over her screams. Her torment was just beginning, and already her throat was sore from vocalizing her fear and denial. He tugged on the little nub, lifting the angel’s small ass off the ground by her most sensitive flesh. She hit an almost painful pitch on her scream, and even the demon winced. The bitch certainly could scream for such a delicate slut, he thought.

Still, he enjoyed the sight of her anguish, her screams holding her mouth open as she shouted her denial to the sky. Past her screaming lips he could see her tight throat, her perfectly straight, white teeth. She shook her head frantically in denial, but Bakkal smiled in his knowledge of the truth. He was going to fuck that throat, rape the holiness right out of it, and there was nothing she could do to stop him.

The angel’s continued struggling was thrilling to Bakkal. She could not escape him, no matter how hard she tried… she was totally under his power, and her writhing would just heighten his pleasure. He wondered where to start, in Lillian’s screaming mouth? Her freshly bared pussy? Those big firm breasts that poked up even with her laid on her back? No. He was going to rape her ass first.

“Time for us to add more blood to the ground,” Bakkal told his captive, holy whore.

Lillian kicked desperately, but she was no match for his power. With no apparent effort, the binding tendrils of blood tugged her legs upward, pinning the petite angel’s legs back while the demon’s cock grew rock hard, tiny plates of hard, leathery armor covering its cruel crown and shaft. Lillian shook her head desperately as she felt the hot shaft rub between her buttocks. She was saying no over and over, the words panicked and interrupted by her own screams. Lillian tried to clench her little puckered hole closed as Bakkal’s swollen purple head pressed in. She had no idea at all that that would make it hurt so much more. He felt her legs struggling against his chest.

The girl had been moaning and begging, but her scream steadily increased in pitch as Bakkal entered the celestial bitch. He had to grit his teeth and push hard to get just the head past Lillian’s resisting spincter muscle. The pain was incredible for her, and they were both sure something tore before the tight ring pressed around Bakkal’s crown. He could see in her eyes how much she hated her first ever cock.

The angel’s scream of agony was music as Bakkal forced his thick monster of a cock inside her as fast and hard as he could. Lillian’s ass burned like it was on fire, and she felt a trickle of blood slide down a pale buttock to stain the gray ground, which absorbed the blood thirstily as it had so much before. She realized her screaming aroused her rapist, her ineffectually attempts to kick him off brought him closer to climax… and yet she couldn’t stop it as Bakkal roughly pulled his shaft out, and forced it back into her ass. It hurt so much…

“Do you feel that, you holy cunt? That’s what you angel bitches were created for! Oh by the flame you’re so tight.”

Lillian’s only reply was a fresh scream. Her throat hurt, but was nothing compared to the raging pain of the cock sawing in and out of her rectum. Bakkal’s cock felt like a sword inside her formerly virgin orifice. He sat back a little, and bent his head down, and then she felt his sharp, pointed teeth nibbling one of her big nipples. The demon wasn’t gentle, and the hard jabbing fuck thrusts of the anal rape meant he pulled Lillian’s nipple back and forward in his teeth.

It wouldn’t be too long before he erupted into the whore, polluting her… the carnage of the battle, of claiming his prey, had him too worked up. He didn’t mind though. He had time to take her many, many more times. Bakkal simply concentrated on fucking Lillian’s ass as hard as he could. He hurt her with his cock, their bodies digging a furrow in the dull earth with each full stroke into Lillian’s core. Her screams were near continuous, only choked off as she fought for more air to scream freshly.

Bakkal shouted, his demonic voice filled with rage and pleasure as he tugged free from the girl’s gaping rectum and pushed himself forward, aimed his jerking cock at Lillian’s shuddering breasts. She felt Bakkal’s thick blast of cum splash against her chest. He made sure to splash both large tits with his boiling black seed, jerking his cock hard. He felt his heart pounding in his chest and a euphoric sense of pleasure as Lillian took his spunk across her perfect, abused mounds.

The feel of the semen dribbling down her breasts made Lillian physically ill. The angel pressed her knees together tightly as the pressure the blood tendrils exerted on them faded and disappeared, praying for the strength to never part them again. The monster slid off of the angel and looked at Lillian’s slowly closing ass from the side. Blood leaked steadily out, as if he had punctured her with a blade rather than merely his cock.

Lillian wept. She couldn’t help it… all the disciple of combat and her pride, her heritage, seemed so woefully insufficient against the disgrace of what had just been done to her. She hardly noticed as Bakkal slid back atop her and wrapped his cruel claw of a hand in Lillian’s bright, golden hair. The feel of the angel’s ass wrapped around him had destroyed any slim chance of mercy from the demon… he wanted her again, and wanted her now — Lillian’s body shook as she realized her torment was not over, but just beginning.

“Wait, what are you do-” she had time to sputter before Bakkal forced Lillian’s face onto his hard, leathery cock. Her teeth scraped against the shaft as he pushed the thick head onto her tongue, utterly unable to find vulnerability in the armored monster of a rapetool. The demon held it there so she could experience the full humiliating taste. Dribbles of semen, blood, sweat and filth pressed against her tongue as Bakkal slid his shaft into her gullet. The angle was wrong for a true deep throat, but he could force Lillian to gag miserably on his fuckstick.

The demon rested his legs on Lillian’s arms as her mouth was pulled onto a cock, the pain seeming only a minor torment compared to the foul taste. Bakkal’s semen dribbled onto her tongue and seemed like an especially vivid, cruel defilement to the angel, who tried vainly to pull her head off, to spit out the cock.

The demon reached down with his clawed hands, wrapping them each around one of her fat tits. “Use your tongue or I’ll rip these udders right off you, slut,” Bakkal’s voice trembled with pleasure that increased as the terrified angel reluctantly complied, shocked into compliance by the terror.

He felt the big titted angel’s mounds up roughly, slapping and groping them. He was thrusting his cock inside her mouth by then, little humps that pushed as much of his thick shaft into Lillian’s tight and sore throat as possible. It was an almost restful period of peace and quiet, with her screams regularly choked off into small gags, before he planned to spear her cunt.

Lillian felt Bakkal’s slaps and gropes on her breasts grow rougher and judged he was about to come again. She realized to her own horror that she was too terrified to do anything but swallow if he came in her mouth. The idea of Bakkal’s black, foul seed repulsed her, even the small amount she’d already tasted was disgusting beyond imagining. She coughed as he stiffened and fired a fresh load into her mouth. She could tell he wanted her to taste it, and then she was coughing hard. Her only choices were to swallow or choke, and Bakkal knelt back to watch with malicious amusement as the red faced angel coughed his sperm down her chin and across her tits while she tried to swallow the rest.

Never before had two such implacable foes existed.

The war between the celestial realms and their demonic foes continued as it always had… and yet it was different now, for it had grown personal. Kardas, first among the warlords of hell and the mightiest of them, was dedicated now to the destruction of a single angel, the one foe she had ever met that could not be felled by her hand. Caer quickly rose to prominence among the angels, so great was his reputation as the one who had met the unstoppable demon queen in combat and fought her to a draw, a feat never achieved in history. He used his status to lead Elysium’s armies in campaign against Kardas, defying her at ever turn.

As before, the war continued, unwinnable and eternal. Nothing had changed… and yet everything had changed.

Because now Kardas had an enemy.

Because now it was not a matter of principle, of status between her and her rivals, of the corruption of the mortal races.

Because now it was a matter of pride.

She was Kardas. She was supreme. Caer must fall.

The demon was still hard as the rocks beneath them, so arousing was the broken angel beneath him. He wiped her silky hair over his wet cock, cleaning off saliva and cum while Lillian dribbled more of the mixture down her chin. He lent forward and slapped his cock against her face, over and over while the celestial wept silently.

“You know what’s coming next?” he said, cruel amusement in his tone. She did know what would be next… she just didn’t want to think about it. Lillian tried to turn her face away from the demon’s hulking form, but he grabbed her by the hair and forced her head back towards him. “I’m going to fuck your tiny little cunt so hard you’ll think you’ve been split in half. You’re such a petite little bitch, I’d bet it’ll batter your lungs!”

Lillian was still crying, so he slapped her tits again to bring out a yelp, and then pulled hard on each thick nipple. Lillian whimpered as her breasts stretched in Bakkal’s hands, and even her back pulled up from the blood soaked dirt. His splattered cum ran even faster down her chest, and she thought the nipples would tear. It wasn’t as bad as tugging her clit had been, but she was still in agony. Thankfully for her, he only held the grip for a few seconds.

Bakkal smiled as he gestured, and the tentacles went to work again. The thick tendrils of crimson ichor pulled the angel’s legs up and held them wide. Lillian felt her bared pussy lips spread slightly her legs parted, and she blushed with the humiliation of being so exposed. The demon climbed between those spread legs once more, rubbing his cock between her puffy red lips. Licking a clawed finger, he rubbed it around Lillian’s clit, the sharp point tracing lines around the sensitive flesh. Still whimpering, the angel hung almost limp from her bonds, legs high in the air. The position felt unnatural, and disgraceful.

Bakkal pinched Lillian’s clit between thumb and forefinger, and twisted hard. He put all of his hand strength into it, and fresh pain exploded in the angel’s crotch. She screamed her rawest yet. Her legs kicked out, or tried to — the tight grip of the binding tentacles prevented them from doing much more than thrashing around his solid body chaotically. Bakkal slammed into her at the same moment, taking strength from her suffering, pleasure from her agony.

Lillian’s voice was already losing strength, but she kept up her sobbing screams as a monster from beyond her darkest imagination stuffed her tight, innocent snatch. Years of innocence were thrown away in the space of a single, violent rape thrust as her hymen broke, virgin blood the only lubrication she could hold for to ease her abuse. Love making was supposed to a gentle act, filled with tender embraces and sweet nothings. There was nothing sweet or tender in what was being down to her now, though; Bakkal raped Lillian as if he had a knife instead of a cock.

As the burning pain in her cunt grew to match her anus, Lillian felt her sobs reach a plateau, a point where her sore, abused throat simply could not give sufficient voice to her agony. She would be screaming loudly enough for the entire untamed lands to hear her if she could, but instead she could only make sounds of anguish that, although loud, would hardly penetrate the din of the war raging throughout Acherus. Bakkal gribbed her legs fiercely in his clawed grip as he tightened the hold of his tendrils, drawing her ankles painfully to each side of her head. His heavy balls slapped wetly against her as he rhythmically raped her snatch.

When next the angelic girl screamed, Bakkal spat right in her mouth, and he smiled as she began to cough again. The wracking motion make her cunt clench on him. She was so exquisitely tight and hot, Bakkal thought she might have the best cunt he’d ever felt. Every now and then, when the angle was right, he slapped one of her tits or chewed on a nipple. Lillian, he realized, was built to be fuckmeat for a demon. Her body was designed for a rapist’s pleasure. Huge tits, small ass, slim belly, pretty face and golden hair – mixed with an innocence that any man would love to strip from the whore. Bakkal grinned at the thought, loving the feeling of blood around his cock.

The pale skin of Lillian’s calves was an angry red around the demon’s sharp-nailed, torturous grip. He squeezed tighter as he felt the familiar tightness in his balls again. He was panting too hard to taunt the angel, but he saw her looking into his eyes as he stiffened and fired deep inside her cunt. Bakkal’s sperm swam for the angel’s womb as he collapsed heavily on top of her. His left shoulder pressed against her face, while his head was just above her own. With her ankles still pinned down, she hazily realized that her rapist’s semen would be drained into her womb, rather than out onto the bloody ground.

Bakkal pulled his cock out when he’d finished cumming, and slapped the rod against the lips of her cunt to shake off what was left of his cum. He watched, entertained, as her stretched fuckhole slowly closed, leaking cum and blood. Bakkal thought that the ache in Lillian’s thighs and calves was apparent in her face as she was finally able to stretch her legs out properly again… but it could have been her raped raw ass, or hoarse throat or cum-stained cunt making her wince. Maybe even the rough treatment he’d given her perfect, huge breasts. As he settled his weight on Lillian’s stomach, and pressed his heavy legs into her sides, he thought it high time to play some more with those fine breasts. She wanted to scream, she really did, but her voice was gone, screamed into nothingness during the savage violations.

“You know…” he said slowly, smile spreading maliciously over his face, “Maybe I’ll just tear these fat tits off anyway.”

Lightning flashed…

The two knelt in the circle as far from each other as they could, each expecting betrayal from the other. After thousands of years, it was in their nature to seek any advantage over one another that they could, so neither expected the other to pass up this opportunity to attempt foul play. At the same time, however, each knew what they were doing was too important to disrupt by initiating hostilities of their own, so they each, independently, prepared for a betrayal that would not come… yet seemed inevitable.

Four other beings knelt beside them, between them, a buffer between the two volatile forces as they wove the most complex magic the world had ever known. Xith lead the enchantment, guiding each of their hands as each wove together their parts of the spell, working in perfect harmony despite their animosity. One at a time each spoke the laws they had agreed upon, each sealed the contract they had formed.

Caer was certain that betrayal was inevitable… after all, everyone knew why he was here. The celestials had long striven to protect the mortal races from enslavement and corruption by the forces of hell. The creation of their own land, shielded from the ravages of immortals, was merely the logical next step… but Kardas was a demon, one who had for countless centuries sought to extend her dominion over the mortals, to be the enslaver, the corrupter… after all, was that not why they fought?

But to Kardas, it no longer mattered. She cared not the slightest for the mortal races… live or die, it was the same to her. The other demonic warlords did not feel the same, however. Starving their realms of the influx of mortal souls would keep her the mightiest of them, and allow them to focus on what was truly important.

Kardas continued the war that had been fought since the beginning of time, only now she fought not for riches, or slaves, or principle.

She fought to make Caer fall.

Steel flashed in the lightning as Menelrûth struck out, taking the beasts head from it’s shoulder. Bakkal never even knew what had happened so fast was the goddesses strike, his existence obliterated in his moment of triumph. Moving with deliberate grace, Alassiel wiped the blade on the fallen demon’s corpse before drawing a cloth along its edge and sheathing the mighty blade once more as she considered the angel before her.

Lillian was half dead, or at least felt like she was. Her body was sore everywhere, the chain of rapes having battered her most of the way into the grave. Even more, the light in her eyes seemed dull, unresponsive, like her mind had retreated elsewhere… it was a look Alassiel had seen before, perhaps even one she had worn once. Wordlessly she took a blanket from her pack and wrapped the abused angelic warrior in the cloth, the regular breathing of the woman showing that she had, at some level, recognized her safety and her strained body had been allowed to fail and pass out.

Liam kept a respectful distance away, keeping a watch as the newborn goddess knelt over Lillian. She didn’t have time to use much of her magic here, but she wanted to at least ensure that the woman would recover… or at least that her body would. Her mind, she would need to recover in her own time, by her own will. She would have to be strong. She would need to make peace with what had been done to her.

Just as Alassiel was slowly coming to.

Perhaps this was Lahk’s influence on the world, it growing darker in the presence of such a force of destructive suffering. Maybe the rape would not have happened had not the balance of power shifted with the god’s rise… but in her heart, Alassiel doubted it.

Evil was eternal, and needed no excuse, and it never had.

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